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The Search For Prosperity (APSIA ONLY/IC)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:43 pm
by McFreedomstan

Three Paths to Prosperity

The decades after the second Great War have been marked with dozens of micro conflicts as the major ideological movements: Communism, Fascism, and Democracy fight for dominance. In recent time significant victories have been won by the Communists in the Balkans and the muslim world. By Democrats in South Africa. By Fascists in Central Africa. Arms spending is at record highs. Resources like petrol are being consumed and stockpiled with never before seen fervor. Previously non-aligned nations are picking sides, be it by choice or subversion.

It remains up to each individual nation to choose which path it will take, and the consequences that come with it. In these coming years there will be no bystanders.

Global Powderkegs

Ambitious Vostravian forces have fully occupied Odabin and defeated the Zaporizhie counter-offensive, devastating their industry in the process. With such great success against not one but 3 formidable nations, Vostravian high command has been contemplating a full "cleansing" of the Zaporizhie state and is rapidly rearming in the event that another provocation is sent to them. Zaporozhie, surrounded by reds on all sides, must maneuver carefully if it wishes to weather the storm.

The Great Arabian State has suffered several large scale terrorist attacks. Though their validity has come under scrutiny, the State remains steadfast in their claims that the attacks were carried out by Judean groups. Judea was quick to act, ushering the Levant and Jazira to join a defense pact now known as the "Semitic Front". On March 3rd, 1983 President Fahmi al-Molla of the Great Arabian State issued a warning that if Judea did not forfeit its southernmost province, its workers would be given the tools needed to rise against their oppressors. This is in the face informal guarantees by Clanzia and a peacekeeping force from Songjiang.

A violent coup has left Songjiang at a fraction of its former strength as most of its army joined charismatic communist general, Mao Zedong, in his mission to return strength to the Songjiang people. While Japan and the Chinese People's Confederation have remained relatively idle, there's no doubt in anyone's mind that they'll fight tooth and nail to protect their interests.

Emboldened by the victory of Deutsch-Afrika, Emperor Samuel Macron Cambre has devoted a large amount of state resources into spreading the reach of the "Norman Empire" beyond West Africa. Using "pure" Norman culture and the fledgling Empire sets its sights all over the globe.

Sitting comfortably as one of the most powerful nations on Earth, Fascilia's government is torn on what to do. Two major political factions debate endlessly over the merits of expanding its soft power versus simply using their military might to consume its neighbors. Such dangerous rhetoric has the Americas on high alert as they look on.

The Age of Subversion

As giants beat each other senselessly, nations with the right amount of tact have found another way to ensure victory: subversion. Why spend tens of billions of dollars fighting wars to flip a government when the right amount of pressure could force any nation to do as you command? While practiced in more relaxed forms by both Vanavoy and the Norman State during the Fascist Wars in Africa, new techniques and technology have made subversive tactics readily available to all but the poorest nations.


See the effects of your subversive programs in real time.


  1. Only members of the APSIA region are allowed to participate in this RP.
  2. Any RP-related secrets in Discord, telegrams, or any other medium must be disclosed when asked. No exceptions. Note that disclosed secret information cannot be used in-character by anybody except for those who know it in-character.
  3. You must use APSIA time and every post you make must include at least the date. Failure to use APSIA time will result in your post being nulled.
  4. No godmodding. If you think it's godmodding, it most likely is.
  5. You must clearly state with OOC tags when a post is not in-character.
  6. Weapons of mass destruction (including nuclear weapons) are not allowed to be deployed unless all damage is self inflicted.
  7. If you are using a puppet, you must clearly state who the puppet belongs to. Failure to do so will result in the nulling of any posts related to that puppet and you getting removed from the RP.
  8. You must have an account on Discord and be on the APSIA Discord Server in order to participate in this RP.
  9. Your posts are allowed to be humorous, but the tone has to fit with both your nation and the APSIA region as a whole.

Important Links

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 4:48 pm
by McFreedomstan

      March 23rd, 1983

      Oil Price Hits $73.50/Barrel - Deutsch-Afrika Holds Talks with K'tuuj Royalty - Iran Federation Projected to Outgrow Panjal by 1986 - Thrace Stands by Its Neutral Stance - Clanzian Troops Land in Barqah Free State

      Arabia Enacts Suez Canal Fees for Supporters of Judea

      Arabian Liberation Navy

      In a drastic new development, the politburo of the Great Arabian State has passed a policy that would require merchant and military vessels from states currently supporting the Judean government to pay a flat $150,000 fee for one-way entry to the Suez. This marks the first direct punishment carried out by the GAS against foreign states, and our analysts are concerned that more will follow in the coming months, should foreign interference not dissipate.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:57 pm
by Vanavoy

      March 23, 1983

      Formation of the Second United Front

      As many expected, the recently elected Chairman of the CFSP, Alex Vanhilter, reached an agreement with the GUAP to form a Second United Front to serve as a successor to the original United Front which existed for much of the 20th century. With the Supreme Council, along with nearly every republic's governing council, now firmly controlled by the Second United Front, the government is now more unified than it has been for decades. Parties, or in this case the United Front, are required by UFSCR law to vote in blocks, holding to the idea of democratic centralism. This means that General Directors Linssen and Vanhilter now serve as the two most powerful men in the UFSCR. The people of the UFSCR are very lucky to have some of the wisest and most well-learned men in the world as joint leaders in the struggle against imperialist-capitalist oppression. This can only lead to a massive expansion of rights and democratic freedoms for the people of the UFSCR.

      United Peoples' Navy Given Extended Autonomy

      Following a unanimous decision of the Second United Front, the United Peoples' Navy, which serves as the UFSCR's premier naval force, has been given greatly increased autonomy. In hopes that greater autonomy will increase the ability to make quick, decisive actions in high-stress, high-pressure situations, the United Peoples' Navy no longer requires orders given by the Supreme Council to be approved by the individual republic which is its de jure owner. What this means, in essence, is that a ship built and owned the FSCR of North Holland no longer receives orders from North Holland and no longer requires orders given by the Supreme Council to be approved by North Holland. While some fear this expansion of the all-union government's power, the United Front made a public statement addressing the decision, in which they detailed the need for a more centralized command structure for the navy if the Council Republics ever hopes to project its growing power (as a deterrent).

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:32 pm
by McFreedomstan

      March 24th, 1983

      People's Revolutionary Army

      Operation Lost Heritage

      The 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th PLA Corps are to prepare for an immediate strike
      into the Northeastern Territories under military control of the People's
      Republic of Songjiang. Ensure that all forces are involved below the rank
      of Lieutenant Colonel are instructed to prepare for the People's Revolutionary
      Parade in Shandong province in order to maintain low readiness. On the order:
      "The people will no longer bear this shame" forces are to begin immediate
      mobilization to carry out Operation Lost Heritage.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:32 pm
by Noorizadeh
The Mashhadi Times

Noorizadeh Recognizes Singapore as Rightfully Cantonese

    The Noorizadean Parliament has come out with another sleep-deprived declaration, this time that Singapore is an occupied Cantonese territory. We interviewed Helee Kwang regarding this, to which she replied:
    What are these nerds doing now...
    Cool, I guess?

    You read it here folks, the Wuxing Territories support Cantonese nationalism!
Written by Ali-Reza Arfa, Outspoken Social Critic, 2nd and 4th Mayor of Herat, Professional Skydiver, and former Unperson

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:05 pm
by The Miltonia


Coetus Virikas-Geo Corp. Merger Accepted by At Last

After months of negotiations the Coetus Virikas-Geo Corp Merger has finally been accepted by both parties. The new company, creativily named Coetus Virikas-Geo, will become the second largest company in Palawan, just being beaten out by CMI by 2 million dollars, and is expected to become the largest company in Palawan by 1986. In The two former companies occupied similar industries, so it was an obvious decision to merge, at least according to the former CEO of Geo Corp, now Co-CEO of Coetus Virikas-Geo, Geo Laba II:
It was an obvious choice. Instead of competing against eatchother and driving away business, why not pool our resources together and maximize profits? The only problem was settling the terms of the merger, and we obviously ironed out those issues.

The new company now holds a near monopoly on several industries in Palawan such as mining, logging, and arms manufacturing and hold massive amounts of market share in other Palawan industries such as Pearl diving and chemicals. Formally, however, Coetus Virikas purchased Geo corp, as Coetus Virikas Shareholders received 60% of the new company, as opposed to the 40% Geo Corp recieved. When asked about this Geo Laba II said:
Geo Corp was a smaller company than Coetus Virikas. It makes sense that Coetus Virikas would revive a larger share of the company; they began larger, they deserve to stay larger.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:46 pm
by McFreedomstan

      March 27th, 1983

      Fascilian Emperor to Visit Mormon Reich - Songjiang Oil Tankers Turned Away at Suez - Tens of Thousands Protest Besgarian Base in Kowloon - Japanese Reservists on Strike - Siam Executes 10 Communist Professors

      Palauraya Succumbs to Pressure, Agrees to Transfer Ownership of Singapore

      Photo courtesy of the Javan Star

      After the several nations backed the Cantonese Republic's claim on Singapore (supposedly backed by the original Besgarian charter of 1877), the government of Palauraya agreed to negotiate over the release of the Island. Eventually an agreement was reached: The Cantonese Republic's military equipment will be handed over to Palauraya and state arms manufacturing facilities will begin producing the Palauraya army's military equipment for the next five years. The manufacturing deal is estimated to be worth between $18-23Bn and would include anything short of heavy vehicles.

      Critics have both vehemently criticized the administration for using public resources to acquire territory and for continuing to breach the neutrality of the Cantonese Republic. Acting President Richard Ma is currently at risk of losing his position should enough citizens vote to terminate his term. Protests in Singapore have occurred on a small scale, but due to the Cantonese Republic's "hands off" approach to administering territory no serious violent resistance has been reported.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:42 am
by Zaporizhie

      April 6, 1983

      Zaporozhian Hetmanstvo

      Message to The Vostravian Government

      Chairman Blin Kavanaugh,
      After some consideration, we have decided to offer
      peace with Vostravia on these terms:
      -Odabin will be divided between Vostravia and Zaporozhie
      -Zaporozhie will pay 3 Bn in reparations
      -A 5 year truce
      -During the duration of the truce, Vostravia will have open troops movement through Zaporozhie

      If your government views this as unfit, you may request a formal diplomatic meeting.

      A map of our territorial demands has been attached
      OOC: I will send the map to McMan
      Sincerly, Hetman Zhovtiyy Holob

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:54 am
by Songjiang

      April 6th, 1983

      Sales of personal firearms at an all time high as nation prepares for a communist attack - Fires in refuge tent city kills 13 and injured 125 - Parliament decides to leave forces in Judea

      Wuxing Executive Board Found Guilty of Mass Regicide all Corporate Assets Forfeited to Ming Dynasty

      Empress Ming Lu-da

      In a drastic new development, the Songjiang Intelligence services uncovered evidence linking the Wuxing Corporation not only to the mass regiside of the royal family but to the attack that killed all of the previous parliament and led to the Songjiang Khanate war. As a result Empress Ming Lu-da has removed all claims the Ming Dynasty holds on former Khanate territory, and has declared all Wuxing properties to belong to the Ming Dynasty. this declaration was ratified by Parliament.
      The CEO and executive board of Wuxing have all been arrested, each charged with over 100 counts of regicide, 380 counts of murder, they have also been charged with treason, conspiracy to overthrow the government, war profiteering, and 1 million counts of accessory to murder. a sentence has still not been carried out but they could receive as much as 3 million years of hard labor, and removal from all historical and public records of there persons as a sentence if the maximum punishment is enacted.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 10:01 am
by Vanavoy

      April 8, 1983

      Premiere of Hölle auf Erden

      Two weeks ago was the premiere of Jörg Schemscheiner's Hölle auf Erden, an operatic drama film about the New Year's Revolution and the foundation of the UFSCR. With a score composed by the acclaimed Jakob Werner, many moviegoers were blown away by the grandeur of the film, which portrayed the events of the revolution over its nearly 3-hour-long run time. Earning just over 300 million dollars at the box office, it is by far the highest grossing film ever made in the UFSCR. Critics have nearly unanimously given it perfect scores and more than a few of those we interviewed said they had seen the film multiple times, with the highest reported number being 9 viewings. This is all part of a growing trend where the government has invested more in the national entertainment industry, both for the happiness of the people and to gain other sources of revenue. This was, of course, first seen with the development of the Spelcom, but as demonstrated by Hölle auf Erden and the recently announced construction of 500 movie theaters in major cities across the Council Republics, this trend won't stop at gaming.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 10:24 am
by Romuknee
Et Unitatis Fratrum

[Tuesday, 4/9/1983]

North America Trade Agreement

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Signe Ofélia, has just released information to the public announcing a new deal that the Republic has arranged between other neighbors on the North American continent.
A trade agreement has been arranged between the Kingdom of NovaSpecio and the Government of Okanogan to encourage trade between the three nations.
Minister Ofélia states that "this deal has taken the cooperation of several nations together in the hope to come to together in a mutual agreement."
This agreement is preferential among the members and prioritizes trade among the said members.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:19 pm
by McFreedomstan

      April 15th, 1983

      Imperial Intelligence Office of Fascilia

      The Monterrey Doctrine

      As of 15/04/1983 all efforts to edit, embellish, or counterfeit educational and enter-
      tainment materials in Gran Arizona to include ideals of the New Prisilia National
      People's Party at any expense. Emphasis on colonial era genocides and the use
      of force to purge degenerate behavior is to be actively suppressed in existing
      literature. Third Position literature is to be printed and supplied freely by the
      Ministry of Cultural Preservation.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:19 pm
by McFreedomstan

      April 20th, 1983

      Thelvynia Places Tariffs on NATA Members - Noorizadeh Oil Production Normalizes - Republic of Baghdad Denounces Arabia - Free Barqah State Speaks Out Against Jediraya - IPR Migrants Build Settlements in Eastern Panjal

      Chinese Reds Strike Against...Chinese Reds?

      CPC SPG firing at Songjiang (PR) Positions

      The past two days have left Northeast China in flames as overwhelming offensives by the People's Liberation Army have pushed the unprepared forces of the People's Republic of Songjiang entirely out of the Beijing quarter and into Manchuria. Chairman Xeng Diaoping had this to say on the matter:

      Communist or Capitalist, a parasite is still a parasite. We will no longer tolerate a lowly warlord's occupation of our ancestral homeland. We stand ready as Chinese revolutionaries to liberate our long lost brothers who've been forced to endure the rule of foreign Tyrants who exploit them to maintain their lavish lives. Mao Zedong and his 'communist' revolution is hereby rejected by the Han people. I promise the world that Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang, not 'Manchuria' as the traitors call it, will be flying a Chinese flag by the end of the year.

      As for Korea and the steppe, we have no claim to it. Though our brethren live there in some number they still remain a minority. I have no plans of war with the Songjiang Capitalists should they respect our new borders.

      Though his speech is certainly ambitious it remains to be seen if the now alert and mobilized army of the People's Republic of Songjiang will yield additional land as easily. They remain fairly well equipped and were among the best infantrymen in Asia. Even with next to no major manufacturing centers left they should be able to hold out for quite some time.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:07 am
by Songjiang

      May 2nd, 1983

      Songjiang Imperial Army

      Operation Rising Phoenix

      To General Hey Fong Wong
      We have 1,236,118 available rifles in storage that were not stolen by the traitors, you are directed within 3 months to have a trained man behind each of those rifles.

      *You are to have 3,000,000 moderately well trained infantrymen within 4 months
      *You are ordered to have helped complete the fortifications between our new borders and the communist world before the CPC reaches us.
      *You have authority to recruit any Songjiang citizen who has applied for financial aid or loans from the state, in compensation loans and depts owed to the state will be considered collected
      *Citizens working in critical industries are off limits for recruitment
      *Prior service veterans cannot be drafted however efforts to recruit should be taken
      *Recruits must be between the ages of 16 and 35 unless prior service.
      *Additional weapons, vehicles and equipment are being produced as we speak but you will have to make do with what you have for now.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 1:38 pm
by Songjiang

      May 6th, 1983

      Massive recruitment drive - penal battalions formed to build fortifications - Militia groups formed in most town for civil defense

      Songjiang Demands the CPC Leave Songjiang

      Prime Minister Hu Bing

      Prime Minister Hu Bing declares the invasion of Beijing and the sovereign lands of the Empire of Songjiang to be an act of war and demands that the CPC immediately leaves Songjiang sovereign territory.
      The CPC has never had ownership of any of Songjiang at any point in its history and has no rightful claims to it.
      This is a blatant invasion and act of aggression the land the CPC has invaded have been in Songjiang for longer than the CPC has existed.
      Invading the apposing faction of a nation during a civil war and taking its land as your own is still an invasion.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:46 pm
by McFreedomstan

      May 11th, 1983

      CPC Calls Songjiang Leadership "Delusional" - Vanavoian Migrants in Panjal Create the Gamer Caste - Anadolu Spy Executed in Adelesia - Vienta Holds Anti-Besgarian Parade - Thanos in India Thanos in India

      Swiss Issue Warning to Europe, "Neuburg Will Doom Us"

      Kcukorps preparing for potential Neuburg attack

      President Jean Abélia-Guitard Weinberg of Switzerland made damning statements of the Neuburg government this evening during a televised press conference:

      Now if you want to bring up 'european stability', why don't we examine the largest threat to it? Many will rant about Sietsk for ages. They'll point to Vostravia or Zaporizhie, but point to the Neuburg man and they cry foul. The Neuburg man has been banished from any nation that took him in. Every major european conflict had either Neuburg politicians or financiers behind it. Even now you can see their scheming reach new heights. What little democracy they had was thrown out the window in their referendum. What little savings they had have gone to militarization, rivaling even Japanese and Sietskan arsenals. They arm the Kingdom of Ouch(!) and house Sana'a royalty without a second thought for political blow back. It is time that Europe answer the Neuburg question.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:46 pm
by Panjal

Department of National Development
May 30th, 1983.

Build for Panjal

Due to the continued success of the Teach for Panjal campaign, the Department of National Development has decided to begin on a new, even bigger and more ambitious campaign-- "Build for Panjal," a campaign to completely overhaul all types of economic infrastructure across the entire nation. Like the Teach for Panjal campaign, we will again be working extremely closely with nations all around the globe on all B.P. campaign projects. The Vanavoyan government has already pledged to provide a yearly amount of $15Bn to Panjal in order to ensure the campaign is well financed, and has also pledged to send a Central Planning Committee made up of 100 Vanavoyan specialists in order to ensure all projects are effective and efficient. Vanavoyan oil firms have also begun working and building in Rajasthan and Gujarat, creating new jobs and wealth for the region.

The first project on the agenda for the B.P. agenda is to create and maintain a series of highways across the central agricultural heartland of Panjal, connecting these regions up with the rest of the nation. The interstate system will use Lucknow as a central city for connecting up the rest of the region, taking heavy inspiration from the world renowned Vanavoyan Großautobahn. As transportation infrastructure continues to be developed and maintained in these first two regions, the project will expand out and eventually create a nationwide interstate system.

The interstate project is but the very first project that will be apart of the Build for Panjal campaign-- plans are already in progress to begin work on new water, agriculture, and electricity infrastructure systems.

Amar Sonar, Secretary of National Development

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:43 pm
by Nationalist Gold Union

May 31, 1983

Conservatives and Nationalists win large pluralities in 1983 general election
Millions turn out to the polls to elect the new Congress of Deputies

Neuburg - The 1983 general election resulted in 226 Conservatives, 100 Nationalists, and 34 independent deputies being elected to the new Congress of Deputies.

The elections, which are scheduled to take place every 4 years, continued as planned, with no impediments in the democratic process. The Liberal, Democratic, and other small parties all failed to submit appropriate documentation and registration to participate in the elections, leading to a Conservative and Nationalist domination of the election.

Nationalists mainly won seats in the northwest region of Bavaria and other dotted-out areas across the country, while Conservatives won seats in most other constituencies and independents won seats in the south and cities.

Wilhelm-Alexander zu Elbestrand and Oscar Klotz, the respective leaders of the Conservative and Nationalist parties, are both supporters of Regent Josef Gulyás and accomplices themselves. In the coming weeks, the two leaders are expected to assemble a government together and present it to the Regent.

Blue: Conservative; Green: Nationalist; Grey: Independent

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:32 pm
by McFreedomstan

      June 27th, 1983

      National Intelligence Service

      Transcript of 05/29/1983 Meeting

      C.XENG: I was wondering when you Imperialists would come knocking.
      FM.IORI: Mr. Xeng, you're free to drop the act. There's no cameras around.
      C.XENG: What act?
      FM.IORI: The revolutionary hero act. Not even the Sietskans buy it anymore.
      Your policy makes it clear that you're no fan of communism.
      C.XENG: My policy has strengthened the revolutionary government to-
      FM.IORI: Your government, not the "revolutionary army."
      No audio is heard for several seconds
      C.XENG: What are you getting at, Jap?
      FM.IORI: Your early works sold you out Mr. Xeng. You're a populist. You want
      the history books to sing praises about you for centuries to come, at any cost.
      FM.IORI: The stern but benevolent father of China, am I right?
      C.XENG: ...You've misinterpreted my books.
      FM.IORI: I don't think I have, Mr. Xeng. We can help you, you know? The Politburo can be purged
      in a quick one-two punch. There will be protests, of course, but with our financial and technical
      assistance you could potentially lift the proletariat out of poverty. Maybe brand it Xengist Economics
      to further immortalize yourself...
      C.XENG: Assuming I were to entertain such a ridiculous proposal... What would your nation ask for
      in return?
      FM.IORI: Oh, not much I assure you. Remove your claims on Liaoning and help Songjiang reclaim the
      steppe. You take your slice of the pie and build a little good will by purging their traitors.
      FM.IORI: Should the royals of Songjiang get a little uppity, well, we'll deal with it. Brand it as
      "geographic austerity" or someone along the lines.
      C.XENG: When my forces take Manchuria... No, no the risk is too great. I need insurance.
      FM.IORI: We could relocate our fleets to Africa until you do your purge, if that's what it takes.
      C.XENG: Very well. See to it that it happens before Mao's army collapses.
      FM.IORI: The Japanese Federation thanks you for your cooperation. I'll be in touch.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:24 pm
by McFreedomstan

      June 28, 1983

      Official Ban of Extremism

      As per the decree of his highness, King Sayakebali Rhekord, all far left & right wing media, groups, and paraphernalia are officially banned in all territories of the Great Siamese Empire. The Royal Siamese Constabulary will be making an example of current known extremists by arranging the public executions of over 1,200 such individuals on the 1st of July. We hope to encourage our citizens to stray from destructive ideology and continue their heroic service to the crown.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:37 pm
by Besgaria
      June 29th, 1983

      Tourists in Canton: "what the fuck we didn't even want citizenship" • Street shitting officially banned • Military expenditure on the rise

      Unicorn Shipping™: the future of Besgaria?
      As the population of Besgaria continues to grow even faster than practically any other country in Europe, the transition from manufacturing to service based economy becomes important for the government and the citizens of Besgaria. A country like Besgaria simply cannot sustain our population with the space needed for manufacturing.

      Welcome to the economy of the 1980s: services. As the rapidly expanding and growing populations create millions of new workers, our economy continues to grow and prosper. One of the numerous new services that our country provides is in the realm of trade. Money makes the world go around they say, so what better way to make the world go around other than helping the flow of money.

      Unicorn Shipping™ is one of the numerous new companies taking advantage of this modern phenomenon. The company mans a huge fleet of ships that execute and control shipping across the world. The rapidly growing and expanding needs of the world's shipping needs is making the country as rich as a Vientan leprechaun.

      Will the rapid success of Unicorn Shipping™ inspire other similar companies? Is this the transition of Besgaria from a world leader in manufacturing to a global trade leader? Only the future tells.


      In other news...
      • Hundreds of new fighter jets take flight:
      Hundreds of new planes will take first flight over the course of the next week. The airforce is becoming one of the best in Europe but people are concerned about budgets.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:41 pm
by Prisalia

    June 29, 1983

    Dihydrogen Monoxide Protestors Get Violent, 'Catalan Jesus' Still Missing, Man Accidentally Circumcises Himself on Can of Tadeu brand Pinto Beans

    Iberian Lynx Conservation Efforts Going Well

    Two Happy Iberian Lynx Cubs

    Government-run conservation efforts to save the Iberian Lynx, the national animal of Prisalia, is going extremely well. Ever since the efforts began in 81', Iberian Lynx populations have been growing tremendously. Thanks to the government, our national animal may have been saved from total extinction.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:11 pm
by Prisalia

    June 29, 1983

    Catalan Investigative Agency

    Andreu Garetta, AKA 'Catalan Jesus' 
    Requires Further Investigation,
    Possible Murder Suspect

    A CSPD (Catalan State Police Department) officer named Roger Jorda was gunned down on the highway near
    the Catalan-Aragonian border yesterday after stopping a man in a red 1960 Chevrolet Impala.
    Jorda's last transmission with the CSPD was that he had stopped Andreu Garetta.
    Upon further investigation, Jorda was found to have had his weapon stolen.
    A fight likely took place, as his right leg was broken, and a 45. pistol, likely the one stolen,
    was fired twice, one of the bullets hitting his forehead, which likely killed him instantly.
    The other bullet was found embedded within the asphalt.
    Investigators believe that one thing is certain:
    Andreu Garetta was stopped here, stole an officers gun and murdered him, and fled the scene.
    The Aragonian and Castillian police have been notified.
    Police continue to search the areas nearby for him, though they likely won't find him.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:36 pm
by Besgaria


July 2, 1983

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dossier on Major Countries

Note the following is only allowed to be read by those with Authorisation Level 8. In other words, Top Secret.

The following dossier is a complete and wholesome analysis of Besgaria's relationship and interests in the major countries of the world. These major countries include:
  • Norman State
  • Clanzia
  • Prisalia
  • Neuburg
  • Vostravia
  • Sietsk
  • Latvichka
  • Anadolu
  • Great Arabian State
  • Panjal
  • China
  • Songjiang
  • Japanese Federation
  • Palauraya
  • Standevia
  • Deutsch-Afrika
  • Palawan

This is in the opinions of Rikesprasident Westermarck and the upper leadership of the party, as well as the Council of Defence.

Norman State
The Norman State has been a staunch rival of Besgaria since the 15th century. Our nations have fought together more times than possibly any other European nation and even now we are still competing in many regards, like GDP, army power and general influence.

However, the 20th century as mostly marked a change to the rivalry. Our countries worked together, even if reluctantly, in the Great Wars. Co-operation and intelligence sharing were necessary during both wars against common enemies. This opened a detente in the rivalry. However, the 1980's has seen more than just a thawing of relations. The formation of the Western European Trade Community, where both Besgaria and the Norman State were founding members, brought the nations incredibly close both politically and economically. The Norman State is the largest exporter of food to Besgaria and Besgarian products are popular in the Norman State. After the formation of the Western European Union, our countries adopted a somewhat uniform foreign policy and are committed to working together for a better and more prosperous Europe. The Norman State is frequently called Besgaria's 'best friend'.

Clanzia and Besgaria go far back. The Italian Peninsula was a frequent battleground for Besgaria and Normandy to pit smaller countries against each other. The two countries were allied in the Guillamic Wars and have had somewhat close relations during the 20th century.

Like the Norman State, Clanzia was a founding member of the Western European Trade Community. This introduced large scale economic collaboration between the two countries. Behind the Norman State, Clanzia is a large exporter of food to Besgaria and Besgarian arms and armour are popular from Clanzian civilians and the Clanzian military. Much like the Norman State again, ever since the formation of the Western European Union, foreign policy and military collaboration have been important between the two nations and Clanzia is a good friend of Besgaria.

Prisalia and Besgaria have had an intense colonial rivalry in the past. The two nations had conflicting interests in the New World that frequently sparked conflict between the two nations, usually involving the Norman State as well.

Today however, the countries enjoy a very healthy relationship and are very close. Prisalian is a choice of language to learn in schools and is far and away the most popular. Prisalia is the second most popular tourist location for Besgarians, after the Cantonese Republic. The two countries are Western European Members and do frequent joint military exercises with the Norman State. Arms exports to Prisalia and great food imports from Prisalia to Besgaria are defining factors of the relationship between our nations. Truly a friendship that we cannot and should not lose.

Historically, Neuburg and Besgaria have mostly always had a common enemy in the Norman State. Especially in the Guillamic Wars, the countries worked together to beat the Norman Empire.

Neuburg's rivalry with communist Vostravia matched up with Besgaria's anti-communism policy and a relationship between the two nations seemed likely and beneficial. The weather changed however after both Neuburg's military coup and the Vostravian War. It didn't seem right to align ourselves with a nation headed by a dictator (at least one who couldn't offer us trillions in mineral wealth). Neuburg, due to it's size, inhibits our access to Eastern Europe and thus prevents expansion of the Western European Union. Unless they can help against Sietsk or Vostravia, we would like Neuburg to split into a bunch of tiny states.

Vostravia is Sietsk's European puppet. The leadership is traditional communism; spending billions on their military instead of their citizens. The recent war caused the fall of Odabin, a prospecting WEU Member, and the further distance of Zaphorozie, another prospecting member. We're interested in attempting to flip them to democracy and capitalism, but that seems unlikely as of yet.

A once mighty Empire that fell to dark and pathetic grip of communism. Sietsk is the leading communist power and the world's second most powerful country. As benevolent as they claim to be, we don't buy it. We know that Sietsk has global interests and it is our sovereign and moral duty to curtail Sietskan and communist influence whenever and wherever we can.

Africa is of particular interest. Our newly acquired friendship with Deutsch-Afrika provides a unique opportunity to make said curtailing happen. Sietsk is also the primary reason for the drastic increase in military budget; to compete with Sietskan, Japanese, Neuburger and Norman stockpiles and equipment.

A nation of warrior culture; not much international relevancy but provides an avenue to anti-Sietskan influence. It's possibly the only nation that can challenge Sietsk on the ground. Keen to open up relations with the nation but the feeling does not seem mutual.

Anadolu is a nation that makes many things. It would be profitable to open up relations with the country, but given the whole fascism factor, we must tread carefully in the pursuit of relations. Potential WEU or EU member in the future, if things change.

Great Arabian State
A nation that strikes terror into the hearts of every capitalist. Communism reigns supreme in these parts. A worrying amount of oil is under this countries control. If the Arabian State and Sietsk became close allies, I fear for the future of the free world and our Besgarian lifestyle. Selective Suez Taxes are killing our export market and must be halted immediately. I would give anything to see this nation collapse.

Yes, Panjal. "One of Besgaria's retarded children" it is sometimes called. In a way, kind of terrifying. Imagine if those 900 million people all gained 10 IQ points. The world would be full of Panjali call centres and Panjalis running our convenience stores. Oh well, that will never happen.

We poured billions of dollars into those retards and they treated us like fascists. Of course, we were helping fascists but some bonds transcend a little few million Africans dying. We are interested in repairing the relationship but only if they can offer something back in return. Millions of Panjalis migrate to Besgaria and at the very least they grow out work force.

A powerful communist threat with ties to Sietsk. Large army and potential to establish Asian hegemony. A communist pact between the Great Arabian State, Sietsk and China is very very scary. Like Sietsk, we must curtail Chinese influence wherever possible. This includes reinforcing Songjiang and finding reliable allies in the region.

A nation that is remarkably similar to ours. Makes good weaponry, honourable soldiers, obsession with excellence. We're currently working together on a few military research programs and we're helping them out against their rebels and China with our excellent navy. Very interested in making them good allies of Besgaria and working together.

Japanese Federation
Japan is the world's leading superpower, as well as the greatest threat against communism. While we would like to work with them in-depth, we disagree with them on many levels. For now, our co-operation needs to be strictly ideological. Their African protectorates, while very hypocritical of the African fascists, are an inspiration to our own ambitions and admittedly do probably benefit the citizens there. A meeting with them would be ample.

Besgaria's "second retarded child". They too were part of the ADI and they too wasted billions of kassas. While we are not as eager to restore relations as we are with Panjal, Palauraya seems less inclined to accept dirty communist money. While a large scale development scheme is impossible and not worth it, we would like to help them out a bit.

Standevia. Our greatest former colonial achievement. An absolutely great place to live and a popular location for migration and tourism from Besgaria. Import-export relations are strong as well. We are interested in continuing to further relations with Standevia. We do fear they will side with the ''asia GANG" instead of other countries. Companies are interested in Standevia's wealth as well.

The Kaiser of Deutsch-Afrika is a very... interesting man. He leads a nation that is, while morally deplorable, is of immense power and wealth. Our position as "honourary Aryans" makes us good allies with the nation. While other nations do not look too kindly upon our friendship, it is vital that we get the most out of this friendship.

A small, corporate nation with possibilities for wealth and our own corporations to get involved. Interesting in starting up relations with the country. Seems like a nice holiday destination.

Georg Westermarck
Rikesprasident of Besgaria
United States of Besgaria

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by Songjiang


July 12, 1983

Imperial Division of Foreign Affairs

Dossier on Major Countries

Note the following is only allowed to be read by Members of Parliament, the current Monarch, and top level Intelligence Operatives Top Secret.

The following dossier is a complete and Honorable analysis of Songjiangs relationship and interests in the major countries of the world. These major countries include:
  • Norman State
  • Besgaria
  • Clanzia
  • Prisalia
  • Neuburg
  • Vostravia
  • Sietsk
  • Latvichka
  • Great Arabian State
  • Panjal
  • False Chinese State
  • Japanese Federation
  • Palauraya
  • Standevia
  • Deutsch-Afrika
  • Palawan

This is in the opinions of the Songjiang Parliment, as well as the Council of Defence.

Norman State
Another European Colonizer they took no action against any of Songjiangs claims in Asia however. We have not had many dealing with them in the last 200 years but we know they are an ally of Besgaria and as such we will consider them friends.

We have had issues in the past they were among the European nations that decided to colonize Asia with no consideration to the fact people and nations were already present. worse they took land from the rebels in china only to eventually loose it. Our modern relations up until recently have been good and mostly in the form of trade. The Mao Uprising and invasion by the rebels in China have changed that we are now close military allies and they are helping us retake our rightful lands from the rebels.

Clanzia is mostly unknown to us in the past 600 years we have had no relations with them or the states they have succeeded from they are an ally of Besgaria and until shown otherwise will be treated as friendly.

Prisalia is not well liked through most of the developing world do to there actions during the colonial eras, Songjiang has no particular opinion of them. Another of Besgarias Allies we treat them accordingly

Neuburg has had no significant contact with us in our entire history, our interest in the region is mostly do to our relations with Besgaria, who has a cold relationship with them. they dont seem to be enemies but they are not friends.

Vostravia is Sietsk's European puppet. The leadership is traditional communism; beyond that we dont know much about them. We have no issues with this nation at moment other than that they likely support the rebels in China.

Once ruled by a monarchy in direct opposition to us, our core rivalries ended centuries ago with Sietsk when we retook the land the Sietsk Empire took from us and helped rebels across there lands gain independence from them eventually forming the Khanates and Latvichkan States. Unfortunately they have in the past shared weapons and technology with the rebel state of China, and are likely continuing to support them with funding. Unlike our Ally Besgaria we are not super concerned about there status as a communist nation but we are concerned with there continued support of a rogue state in China.

One of Songjiangs oldest allies they are the decedents of those who originally forced us out of Imperial China we no longer hold this against them as they no longer make any claims to lands that are rightfully ours and the hated Yuon Dynasty is not there leadership. We helped them along with others during the Sietsk civil war to gain independence. our alliance has been of great advantage on many occasions and the so called greater nations of the world often underestimate them perceiving them to be crude barbarians rather than the honorable warriors that they are.

They have friendly relations with Sietsk and as a result we do not activly condemn Sietsk for supporting rebels in China.

Great Arabian State
A nation of bullies they claim Judea has been committing acts of terror against them but only produce easily faked videos of Jewish people claiming they want to destroy them. No credible evidence has been presented and until we see this evidence the wishes of the the late Empress Ming Shan Mai to protect Judea from them will continue. Selective Suez Taxes are affecting our ability to get cheap materials and goods. when we have regained our position in the world we may have to find a way to resolve this.

Panjal has always had good relations with Songjiang, but it is a nation of ill mannered whores with almost no honor, and even less dignity. There cities often smell of human waste, and the there government has so little dignity that they openly bug for scraps from the greater nations of the world, when they don't get it they scream like a child and threaten to find new tables to get scraps from. Remaining friends with them is worth doing but relying on them for anything would be a mistake especially if that something would entail any kind of risk to them.

We will continue to send educators, and martial arts instructors in the dim hope that we can teach culture and ethics to these wayward children. its hard to believe that the great Buddha was Panjali when he was mortal.

False Chinese State
Our greatest rival and greatest shame in 600 years we have not been able to retake these lands and though we were able to reclaim the ancient capitol city they once again possess it after they invaded us during General Zedong uprising, a ploy no doubt they created to weaken us for just such an attack.

For the last decade we have tried to get other nations to see the threat they represented to us, and even now some of them seem to think we are the aggressors in this war despite them invading us. The moment we were weakened they invaded. With all of our new allies we will regain what was lost or we will die, this centuries long war will finally end one way or another.

Japanese Federation
Japan and Songjiang have been at peace for several centuries especially after Songjiang lifted our claims to the island as a Chinese Colony 2 centuries ago.

Until the Africa campaign we didn't care much about this nation, they proved themselves during that war, and also answered our call to arms against China. there loyalty is to be commended and rewarded as soon as it is possible to do so.

We have traded with this land as far back as when it was a Besgarian Colony. They assisted during the Africa wars, but we have not called on them during our current war since our relations are mostly in the form of trade.

Besgaria's relationship with this nation leaves much to be desired how they can so adamantly hate communism and condone fascism is beyond us. Despite Besgarias relationship with them we will not be friendly with this nation.

With the recent issues related to the Wuxing Corporation we are wary of Corporations with too little oversight, a corporate nation state more so.

Hu Bing
Prime Minister of Songjiang
The Empire of Songjiang