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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:29 pm
by Confedracy
All RP for The Democratic is to be submitted here. Try to refrain from overly brief RP and no God-Modding or anything beyond the realm of possibility
2-3 Paragraph minimum is ideal.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:58 am
by New Karelograd
Alright if everybody remembers that me and my military alliance are about to go to war, we should probably get that started :arrow:

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:02 am
by Letskia
OOC: I do believe the canon has been reset, we're starting from scratch.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:10 am
by New Karelograd
Letskia wrote:OOC: I do believe the canon has been reset, we're starting from scratch.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:52 am
by Amurria
Esteemed leaders of the UDSR and 青難夕露, or Akarea,

I, on behalf of the Empire, propose the following:

The Empire of Amurria would like to re-new the trade agreement with Akarea and Union of Dominican Socialist Republics on the following terms:
1. Amurria will buy necessary metals from the United Provinces of Akarea, and in turn will allow Akarean companies to open in the Empire.
2. The Empire of Amurria will export food to the UDSR in exchange for oil.
3. The Empire of Amurria will not engage in activities that could harm the trade between the nations part of this agreement.

In addition, the Empire would like to propose a non-aggression pact with the UDSR.

Signed by
Emperor Yamato
of the House of Edo

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:16 pm
by Akarea
On the sixtieth floor of the Diamond Building, door A113 opens once again, and through it walks one of the Diamond Building's many secretaries, tightly clutching a padlocked briefcase - standard protocol for transporting important, sensitive documents in person. The door is none other than the A113, the door behind which dreams have turned to reality just as baseless ambitions have been stricken to the ground; A door of opportunity, importance, and authority, so great in quantity and strength that it has spawned a great many urban legends. Such rich political folklore surrounds door A113 that its rich mahogany construction, exquisite joinery and elaborate carvings are almost as famous as the man who sits behind it.

Door A113 is the door to the President's Office, considered to be the most important room in modern-day Akarea. Inside the President's Office sits the President of Akarea, M'yen'aôya Zazs'vūt', as he performs his bureaucratic duties.

The two guardsmen stationed outside A113 close the door as the secretary passes through, gently so as not to ruffle their immaculate suits or flawless haircuts, yet swiftly as to re-instate A113's protective seal as quickly as possible. Zazs'vūt' looks up from the papers on his desk - an except from the RK-TASET Route 8 proposal - and turns to face the visitor. His casual allure seems to reflect off of the impossibly shiny wood panels on the walls and spotless marble floors, soaking the room in a dense charismatic glow so dense one could almost cut through it with a butter-knife; A stark contrast to the secretary, new to the role and overwhelmingly red in the cheeks.

"Good Morning, Mister President. We have received a telegram from Emperor Yamato." She politely bows before approaching the President's desk and setting the briefcase down before Zazs'vūt'. She was short, perhaps five feet and two inches, with a head of easy-flowing brown hair and a perfectly composed face, lightly accented with tasteful make-up. Before Zazs'vūt' can offer so much as a single word, however, she has returned to the door, still facing him, before excusing herself out of the room.

"Bless," Zazs'vūt' whispers to himself, as he opens the briefcase to retrieve its contents: An orange envelope, addressed to the Diamond Building, complete with the Amurrian red seal. Zazs'vūt' reaches into his desk-draw for his letter opening knife, which he uses to carefully open the letter from beneath the seal so as not to damage its intricate patterns. He lifts the message out of the envelope and reads its contents.

Amurria wrote:
Esteemed leaders of the UDSR and 青難夕露, or Akarea,

I, on behalf of the Empire, propose the following:

The Empire of Amurria would like to re-new the trade agreement with Akarea and Union of Dominican Socialist Republics on the following terms:
1. Amurria will buy necessary metals from the United Provinces of Akarea, and in turn will allow Akarean companies to open in the Empire.
2. The Empire of Amurria will export food to the UDSR in exchange for oil.
3. The Empire of Amurria will not engage in activities that could harm the trade between the nations part of this agreement.

In addition, the Empire would like to propose a non-aggression pact with the UDSR.

Signed by
Emperor Yamato
of the House of Edo

A simple proposal, muses Zazs'vūt', although that is what Yamato is known for. It is true that Akarean economic expansion into Amurria would be incredibly beneficial, but I can only wonder what on earth he means by "necessary metals"... It is true, though, that this proposal has come at an opportune time, especially following last week's Asian Powerhouse proposal, and with all this Route 8 business. We shall have to work out the specifics; What metals he needs, how much metal, and to what extent Akarean businesses would be free to operate in Amurria. He releases a loud sigh, and takes a minute to stretch his fingers. Let's do this traditionally, then.

He retrieves his fountain pen from its stand, and writes a short message on a fresh paper from the stack sitting on the ornate basket at the end of his desk.

楠 汝 匂 賑、

藤 誰 俺 岡 頃 奈 阪 韓 弥 那 鹿 斬 虎 狙 脇 熊 尻 旦 闇 籠 呂 亀 頬 膝 鶴 匂 沙 須 椅 股
眉 挨 拶 鎌 凄 謎 稽 曾 喉 拭 貌 塞 蹴 鍵 膳 袖 潰 駒 剥 鍋 湧 葛 梨 貼 拉 枕 顎 苛 蓋 裾
腫 爪 嵐 鬱 妖 藍 捉 宛 崖 叱 瓦 拳 乞 呪 汰 勃 昧 唾 艶 痕

黎 齊 堯 槇 遙 凜 熙。

He then presses a small button on the front of his desk, summoning one of the guardsmen into the room. Placing both the telegram and his short message in the secure documents briefcase and locking it once more, Zazs'vūt' asks for the case to be delivered to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kuse Che'yung, in room B063. The case is taken, and the door to A113 closes once more.

Your Majesty, Emperor Yamato of the House of Edo, Amurria (帝国デアムリア)

Greetings. I trust you are in good health? After all, autumn can bring many unfortunate illnesses onto oneself, yet we have much to discuss.

This is a time of great change in many ways; As the seasons rotate, and summer is exchanged for winter, the leaves of Amurria's cherry-blossom trees turn brilliant colours, spectacular hues of red, yellow, orange and amber. They fall with such grace and decorate Her streets in the most wonderful types of natural confetti, fitting of the fanfares that ought to ensue. Your proposal to introduce new trades between our esteemed nations has come at an opportune time, and the President has expressed utmost urgency that they are implemented in a manner which is fitting of our joint excellence.

It is under these pretences that I would like to extend a friendly, welcoming hand towards Your Majesty. I hereby cordially invite you to the United Provinces of Akarea, so that we may meet under the natural beauty of Var'xe's foothills, as they dispel the stunning equatorial sunshine to bathe the Imperial Palace in an otherworldly allure. We shall enjoy a traditional tea ceremony and meal, after which it is imperative we calculate the specifics of your proposal. I hope that we may meet soon, so that the prosperity of our nations under your to-be alliance may be set in stone with haste.

Signed by
Emperor Da'yao'zô Kim'xaô'nio
of Akarea

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:09 pm
by Amurria
"In the Imperial Palace, things have changed alot since the reign of the Autumn Devil, whose rule was maintained only with force and through fear. The date of his death, 4th of May, 1972, marked the end of the Ancient Regime, and the beginning of the Yamato Dynasty.
The current Emperor, Jax Yamato was a visionary, seeing Amurria as a future economic and military power, but for that he needed strong allies. Under his, and his father's reign, the Empire evolved from a 19th century monarchy into a 21st century developed nation, among the world's greatest economical powers." read one of the Amurrian tabloids, as the shōji to His Majesty's room opened, a messenger holding an envelope entered the chamber, and bowed before the Emperor:

Your Majesty, the leader of Akarea has sent us a letter, addressed to the Imperial Palace.
What did I tell you about the formality, friend? They are not needed.

The Emperor took the envelope, opening it and reading the letter marked with the Akarean seal.

Akarea wrote:
Your Majesty, Emperor Yamato of the House of Edo, Amurria (帝国デアムリア)

Greetings. I trust you are in good health? After all, autumn can bring many unfortunate illnesses onto oneself, yet we have much to discuss.

This is a time of great change in many ways; As the seasons rotate, and summer is exchanged for winter, the leaves of Amurria's cherry-blossom trees turn brilliant colours, spectacular hues of red, yellow, orange and amber. They fall with such grace and decorate Her streets in the most wonderful types of natural confetti, fitting of the fanfares that ought to ensue. Your proposal to introduce new trades between our esteemed nations has come at an opportune time, and the President has expressed utmost urgency that they are implemented in a manner which is fitting of our joint excellence.

It is under these pretences that I would like to extend a friendly, welcoming hand towards Your Majesty. I hereby cordially invite you to the United Provinces of Akarea, so that we may meet under the natural beauty of Var'xe's foothills, as they dispel the stunning equatorial sunshine to bathe the Imperial Palace in an otherworldly allure. We shall enjoy a traditional tea ceremony and meal, after which it is imperative we calculate the specifics of your proposal. I hope that we may meet soon, so that the prosperity of our nations under your to-be alliance may be set in stone with haste.

Signed by
Emperor Da'yao'zô Kim'xaô'nio
of Akarea

With the family's pen, used for generations as the instrument for writing letters to diplomats and close friends, he wrote on one of the envelopes in his room:




He then stood up, marked the letter with the Amurrian seal, and gave it to the messanger.

Esteemed Emperor Da'yao'zô Kim'xaô'nio of Akarea(青難夕露),

I thank you for your concern, I am well, and I don't plan on getting ill while my people need a guiding light.

I agree with your request that we shall meet, and I hope we will reach an agreement, after all this would benefit both of our nations.
I am looking forward towards visiting Akarea, a country so great in so many fields, from science to art, Akarea is surely an economic success, and we are looking forward towards learning from you.
May the Divine Goddess bless you, Your Majesty.

Emperor Jax Yamato
of Amurria, House of Edo.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:46 pm
by Sudardes
24th June, 2017, New Constantinople, Sudardes, Baxton's Quarters
Baxton awoke in the middle of the night. She got up and looked at the clock beside her bed. 3:02 AM. Her room was built above the fifty seventh floor of the government complex, with the sprawling city below her. The wall her bed faced was one large sheet of four inch thick reinforced glass, capable of withstanding a few hits of 30mm, but offered a crystal clear view of the industry and economy booming around her. Lying in bed, she could study the stars, or see flashes of lightning, or watch the rain smashed into furious, glittering sunbursts in mid-air, against the unseen protection. She sat up and took a few tentative steps towards the transparent wall across her. Tonight the sky was unnaturally clear, devoid of the normal industrial output she was so familiar with, revealing for the first time in many months the sparkling stars in the heavens. "I am going to die," she said aloud--and yawned. People always speak of a black death or a red death, she thought; yours, Elizabeth Baxton, will be a gray death. Why hasn't anyone ever said that this is the ultimate horror? Not screams, pleas or convulsions. Not the indifference of a clean emptiness, disinfected by the fire of some great disaster. But this--a mean, smutty little horror, impotent even to frighten. You can't do it like that, she told herself, smiling coldly; it would be in such bad taste. Without, wasting a moment, she tore herself away from the window, put on her officers uniform, combed her hair, and headed out of her quarters, down the impeccable white corridor, to the cabinet elevator.

24th June, 2017, New Constantinople, Sudardes, Cabinet Meeting Room
People said that Elizabeth Baxton's greatest deception, among many, was her appearance. She looked like the decadent, over perfected end product of a long line of exquisite breeding--and everybody knew that she came from the gutter. She was tall, too slender for physical beauty, as if all her womanhood had been bred away. It was not necessary for her to stand erect in order to convey an impression of hardness. Like a piece of expensive steel, she bent, slouched and made people conscious, not of her pose, but of the ferocious spring that could snap her straight at any moment. This hint was all she needed; she seldom stood quite straight; she lounged about. Under any clothes she wore, it gave her an air of consummate elegance. She stood in front of a group of men in the executive board room on the eightieth floor of the government complex. It was a glass cage on the roof of the tower, its walls and ceiling made of huge glass sheets. There were dust-blue suede curtains to be pulled across the walls and enclose the room when it was needed; there was nothing to cover the ceiling. In the middle stat an ovular mahogany table, large enough to seat twenty four people, with two seats on either end and eleven on both sides. On the table in front of each seat was a bottle of water, a fountain pen, and a notepad. Four security guards stood in each corner of the room, armed with carbine rifles. Behind Baxton was a holoscreen displaying the Sudardesian seal.

"This better be important," said Smith, Secretary of the Treasury. "I'm fucking telling you I'm sick of getting called into the fucking office at 7AM twice a month to hear about you various contingency plans about invading the Entente and the North West Alliance and begging for the public dime."

Smith was part of a twenty four man cabinet, part of the executive organ of the Sudardesian government. Eleven members of the cabinet were here in front of Baxton today. The standing committee of Sudardes. All of them were graduates from elite private highschools that went on to attend elite private colleges. Most of them went to business school or law school afterwards. Few had even seen what it was like to live in the squalid Sudardesian underworld. None had gone through any kind of formal military training. These men were the eleven most powerful people in politics, and now they were sitting in front of the most powerful person in the country.

"Gentlemen," Baxton began. "I had an epiphany last night. An epiphany that will set our nation on a course for greatness."

"Oh for fucks sake, woman!" Smith exclaimed throwing his hands up in the air. "Do I really need to be here for this?"

Baxton ignored him.

"As human beings, we are constrained by our mortality. Each person born into the world must eventually leave it." She paused and looked around the room lazily. "That is equally true of nations and culture."

There was a hushed whispering among then men in front of her, no doubt asking one another if they had heard the most zealous nationalist in the nation denounce her own country.

"You will realzse, if you look, what a miniscule section of this region can really be regarded as our property. For the land which we occupy is no more than half a tiny island. And I must disabuse you of any idea that your own fame, or the fame of any one of us, could ever be great enough to extend beyond these known and settled lands. Hence not only is the extent of mortal fame small in the grand scheme of things, but its duration is but a brief moment in the vast river of time. See beyond the opinions of other nations, for good or for bad, and to be true to our soul and the soul of our nation, strive on! Understand that we are Gods! The rule of reason and freewill over mind and body is like the rule of God himself over the physical universe. Use this eternal force, therefore, for the most splendid deeds it is in our nation to achieve! Sudardes is no longer to us a mere country on the map. Our nation comes within the dear and sacred designation of Our Country… other nations have undertaken to intrude themselves … in a spirit of hostile interference against us, for the avowed object of disrupting our policy and hampering our power, limiting our greatness and checking the fulfillment of our manifest destiny to overspread the continent allotted by us Gods for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions!"

"I've heard enough of this," Smith got up. "You're one crazy bitch, I'm telling you. You're gonna drive this country into the fucking ground." He took large strides towards the elevator while the rest of the standing committee looked on in horror. "You just fucking wait til I tell the public what you're up to!" He turned around and pointed at Baxton. "And you can get the funding you want for your 'manifest destiny' project over my dead body!"

Three loud cracks spilt the air and ushered a deafening silence upon the room. All heads turned to the source of the noise, one of the security guards stood with his sights trained on the Secretary of the Treasury, the barrel of his gun smoking.

"Jesus Christ!" The sound of chairs scraping the marble floor sounded around Baxton. Three large plumes of red began to spread on the Secretary's shirt. He looked in disbelief at Baxton before collapsing where he stood. By now all the standing committee were on their feet, but the four guards reacted quickly, training their sights on the scared cabinet. Baxton smiled. "Gentlemen, I have no time for defeatists in our government. I expect your full cooperation."

The Secretary of Industry tentatively raised his voice. "And what if we choose not to cooperate?" Another gunshot sounded. This time Baxton herself had drawn and fired her weapon at the Secretary. He slumped over and fell into the bullet proof window, a trickle of blood oozing from his forehead.

"You will go to your respective fields and organise them so that they feed the Sudardesian war machine. I want you all to remember what I said about the fragility of human existence. If any of you fail, not only will you be killed but your family and their family shall also be killed. Is that understood?"

The group of men stood in silence, like a group of scared school children.

"Is that understood?"

"Yes." They said.

"Excellent. I will make a statement today to begin the first phase of our manifest destiny."

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 3:50 am
by Confedracy
Athenia, Byzantine Commune
12 PM local time
Nikos Dimitratos Square
Κομμισάριος Kordatos Stood alone. His mighty allies fallen by the either counter revolutionary forces or capitalist snakes corrupting their hearts. Either way the Byzantine Commune stands alone against Imperialism. We can rely on no one. Trotskyite Internationalism has failed. Kordatos looked to history for answers. How can he save his people? He knew he must put the Communes welfare ahead of all else. The 7 Year Plan continued. Expansions of airbases and naval dockyards showed glimmers of hope for a true naval and air power in Europe. The legion stood as the backbone of military strength for the Commune. With modernized soviet gear and even home devolved weapons being mass produced. The Legion was a force to be reckoned with and the sole power of Asia Minor. There was fear of UN backlash. But The Byzantine Commune could never achieve its place on the world stage as the shining example of Socialism if they remained a minor European nation. The gain far outweighed the risks.

Kordatos stood at the podium of the National Assembly
Greeks!,Turks!,Armenians!,Macedonians and Slavs! Comrades all. Today we reunited our lands of old. For to long the lands of Assyria lay in the hands of anarchists and fundemntalists. Around the world people suffer due to the lack of stablity since those lands were taken from us. But now we will reunite our kinfolk and bring about the liberation for the whole of the Arabic working class! I ask that the Assembly begin Operation Desert Liberation.

The vote was passed overwhelming Yes

Byzantine-Assyrian border
9 PM local time

Alexander Arventis was loaded into his chopper His unit was the 66th Red Airborne of The 8th Legion . FOB Helios had gotten Code Aries. The liberation of Assyria was at hand. Reports indicated a lack of much organized resistance. The initial invasion was expected to be met without much resistance. However the occupation and assimilation would be a bloody and long road. However the people had demanded it and Kordatos demanded it. And so it shall be done. Cruise missile and air strikes hit any strongholds along the path of the armor. Enemy forces did not have access to more then a handful of shoulder launched AA missile launchers. Keeping the bombers safe. The chopper began whirred up. Arventis's headset buzzed. "AWAS here callsign Iris do you copy?" "Copy Iris" shouted Arventis over the sound of the choppers blades and men talking.
"Your callsign is Mobius One and I shall refer to you by this name at all times. Sector 340 needs to be sercured for the advancement of the rest of the Legion to march on the city of Mosul. Today's my birthday" joked Iris "A victory should be nice"
after a brief helicopter the chopper arrived overhead of a small village about 3 miles outside of Mosul. The first objective of the campaign
"Mobius One engage. Jump! Jump! Jump!' Iris blarred in the ears of Mobius Squadron. When from the cliffsidea flash light lit the night and a comet of fire sped towards the chopper. Mobius One and his men. Having been prepping to jump into the town were knocked from the chopper. The ground rushed towards Mobius One quickly who desperatly pulled on his shute.
Before he hit the ground he noticed how beautiful the moon shone on the sand...

The Democratika RP Server

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:36 am
by Rostokia
1PM Local Time.
Location: Somewhere in the bushes of Southern Africa.
Unit: Rostokian Special Operations Task Force Team I.
Callsign: "Locke".

"Get ready to open your chutes! We'll be dropping down in 5 Minutes! So hold on to your small sacks." said the Team Commander.

Operasie Princeton or Operation Princeton, is the codename for the training exercise invloving multiple units of the Rostokian Defense Forces. A Few of these units have participated in the recent Bush War against Terrorist Guerillas in the State of Zonas, therefore experience made the exercise much more easier for them.

"Locke" Jumped off the transport aircraft. He then opened his chute, which kept him in the air for a good 10 Minutes. Afterwards, he landed on the ground. Grunting, he picked up his heavily modified Rokcter R4 Assault Rifle and went onto prone position. His teammates soon joined up with him, and a passing APC picked them up. "We need to push up! Use the APCs for cover!"

"Not yet!"

"Don't Fire!"

"Its firing!", The Rocket Artillery took Aim.

"Go! Go! Go!" Multiple Troops stormed up the hill with their Default R4 Assault Rifles. Donning Nutria Brown Camouflage Colours, they look like a bunch of soldiers covered in mud rushing up the hill. The Rostokian Army is Diverse, with no segregation at all.

"You are holding the glory of the Orange and Blue Flag! Push Forward!" Shouts the Sergeant.

Meanwhile, "Locke" and his team climbed the hill using an alternative path. Their objective: ELIMINATE THE ENEMY COMMANDER. As they reached the top, they quietly moved around to look for the Enemy Commander. After a good 5 Minutes, they located the commander. "Locke" Goes into prone.

Locke: "Enemy Commander Spotted. Proceeding to take him out."

High Command: "Cleared for shot."

Locke Pulls the trigger.

Locke: "Clear."

The exercise is a success. Objective completed. The Special Operations Task Force team all board the APC to head back to base.

2PM Local Time.
Location: Zanderberg, the Capital Building.
Notable People: President Oswald Hendrik.

Standing in front of the Capitol Building on a podium is President Oswald Hendrik. He clears his throat as he prepares to give a speech.

"My Fellow Rostokians. I know that we have seen a long time of peace and tranquility in our nation. However, outside of Rostokia, there is a bigger threat looming around. Now I won't say that I want to declare war on these nations. However, The Pretorian Circle and The Ministry of Defence has all agreed on sending a few troops as part of an International Peacekeeping force. All I ask for you is your support,I know times have been slighty tough but I believe we can do this. We can prove that we can have a name in the International Stage. For Generations, our ancestors have fought off multiple invaders and we are the living proof of that. Those sacrifices made during the Bush War are also examples of our countrymen giving their lives for their country and peace! If they can do it, why can't you! My Brothers and sisters, let us prove ourselves on the world stage! Together, we can make Rostokia great Again!
Glorie Aan Rostokia!

The crowd cheers on with glee. Some of them declaring this as a form of "Nationalist Act".

"Thank you." The President Replies.

On the same day, the Rostokian Government Sends a letter to the UN requesting to join their Peacekeeping Force.

6PM Local Time.
Location: Camp Bulawayo.
Unit: 45th Armoured Battalion.
Profile: Henri Alan Djrik, Corporal, Tank Gunner

From a text from a young man to his family.

Dear Mother, how are you doing? It has been a while since I last texted you. I hope you and Papa are okay. Anyways, have you heard the President's speech in the Capital this Afternoon? It was amazing to me! In fact, I volunteered to join the Rostokian Peacekeeping Forces should it be ever needed. Training is actually kind of tough to me, we had to spend countless hours in the Bushes of Rhodesia. We suffer alot as a tank crewman especially, since the tank is very warm! Also, we been training in Amphibious warfare tactics, which makes it even fun because our Tank can float! By Also Joining the Peacekeeping Force, I feel proud as we are Serving the Country! Anyways, I have to go now, you won't hear from me for another 3 Months. Bye!

More young men like Henri joined the Defense Forces after the speech made by President Oswald. For now until confirmation, the Rostokian Peacekeeping Forces or "REOPEF" is formed in Bulawayo as a temporary group until given approval by the United Nations.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:01 am
by Union of Dimonian Socialist Republics
Amurria wrote:
Esteemed leaders of the UDSR and 青難夕露, or Akarea,

I, on behalf of the Empire, propose the following:

The Empire of Amurria would like to re-new the trade agreement with Akarea and Union of Dominican Socialist Republics on the following terms:
1. Amurria will buy necessary metals from the United Provinces of Akarea, and in turn will allow Akarean companies to open in the Empire.
2. The Empire of Amurria will export food to the UDSR in exchange for oil.
3. The Empire of Amurria will not engage in activities that could harm the trade between the nations part of this agreement.

In addition, the Empire would like to propose a non-aggression pact with the UDSR.

Signed by
Emperor Yamato
of the House of Edo

The UDSR accepts wholeheartedly and would like to propose in return to both Akarea and Amurria a military alliance

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:16 am
by Letskia
6:32 AM
Parliament Hill
New Eden
The Federation of Letskia, Central Arm

The skies were clear and the weather was immaculately warm and tropical. Such weather was typically unusual for the harsh and rainy climate the Federation usually experienced, but today seemed to be an exquisite exception. Outside parliament hill, activity was bustling. Vehicle horns, footsteps, and voices filled the streets as Letskia collectively woke up from its slumber and society emerged for a new day. The Chancellor was in his private quarters sipping a mug of coffee as he spectated the very center of New Eden; a cultural and economic icon. He wore a generic suit and tie with reds rims lining the collar and sleeves.

The Chancellor was a modest man; short disheveled brown hair and piercing blue eyes, average height, fair skin and a not-so-imposing stature. His greatest criticism was not of his political activism and policies, but rather of his failure to assert himself as a courageous and blunt leader. The Chancellor was well aware of these criticisms, although under the economic and cultural prosperity of a welfare state; statistically, Letskia was undergoing a moderate golden age, one he feared would soon come to an end. He could hear officials walking and talking outside of his quarters, inevitably reminding him of his duties he had briefly forgotten about as he got lost in the lifeblood of the nation he led. Leaving his quarters, he was met with a short hallway lined with portraits of esteemed officials, clerks, rushing politicians desperate to attend to their duties just as the Chancellor himself had to as well. Desks, potted plants, and the like crowded the generic hallway as Jacob Henderson, the aforementioned Chancellor of Letskia, greeted his aides as he walked to an assembly meeting with the legislators of the nation to address the growing concern of competition and pressure abroad.

The Federation of Letskia was just one of many sovereign nations that coexisted along with other nations of various ideologies, leaders, people, and societies. The rise of western imperialism and growing tensions with European nations, specifically the Armed Republic of New Karelograd, had given rise to a new coalition that had gained significant power in the government in recent years. Letskia has been, historically, a pacifist nation relying on economic and military allegiance with neighbouring nations for defense against foreign aggression; one such example is the Union of Dimonian Socialist Republics, a socialist nation with a long and complicated relationship with the Federation but nonetheless strong allies in facing the brave new world.

The populace of Letskia has been changing their cultural norms and values in response to these turbulent events by growing increasingly in support of more nationalist and militaristic politicians advocating for a higher defense budget and more solidarity and aggressive foreign policies. Letskia is a social democracy, traditionally economically centre-left with socially liberal policies. However, times were changing and irrefutably, so would the proud people of Letskia and the country herself along with them, despite the protests of the Social Democrats party; the political party forming the majority government. Today's national assembly was scheduled to address lawmakers' concerns of the Federation's place in the modern world as a military power. The Chancellor was well aware of the controversy that would surround this assembly, looming with the persistent threat and knowledge that social democracy was losing in all three branches of government. This would be the most important gathering in the history of Letskia thus far and would dictate her future for years to come.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:49 am
by Amurria
Union of Dimonian Socialist Republics wrote:
The UDSR accepts wholeheartedly and would like to propose in return to both Akarea and Amurria a military alliance

Receiving the letter, the Emperor stood up. He was at a meeting with the heads of each of the Great Houses, discussing the future of Amurria. The men were looking at him, awaiting a response. Jax, calmly, said
The Empire is on it's way towards greatness, but we shall not think that we have won already. We have just reached an agreement with Akarea and the UDSR. The House of Sina will accomodate our Akarean friends, while the House of Edo will be where our northern friends will reside.

With that, the meeting was finished and the Emperor told one of his servants, a close friend, "Bring me my laptop, we'll be writing history". Soon, he was sitting in his room, typing an email to the ruling body of the UDSR:

Esteemed members of the Federal Council,

I, Emperor Jax Yamato of the House of Edo, Empire of Amurria, accept your proposal of a military alliance.
May this bring us both fortune and prosperity, in exchange we are willing to trade our surplus of food,
and allow Dimonian companies to operate in Amurria,
in special Foreign Free-Trade Zones, such as Osaka, or Taipei.
I hope you all are feeling well, after all a healthy mind does wonders.
May the Sun Goddess bless you.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:25 pm
by Confedracy
Unnamed village miles from Mosul
Assyrian Frontier

Mobius One's eyes shot open. He looked around to analyze the situation. He glanced up and saw his shute had deployed and snagged on a cliff edge. Glancing down he say he was maybe 15 feet from the ground below. Scanning the village he saw most of the houses were pitch black. Either abandoned or the civilians were hiding inside. He reached for his knife and cut himself loose. a brief fall and solid thump to the ground. He sat up quickly and checked his gear. His semi-automatic rifle was in good shape but his backpack had a cut on the right hand side. He checked his comms link. "Iris this is Mobius One do you copy?" static. "Repeat Iris this is Mobius One can you read me?" more static before he heard a voice "Mobius One this is Viper Seven. We've set up a LZ at the nearby gas station head to Point Charles for escort. But heads up. Iris reports Militia units have been sighted nearby." "Roger Viper Seven. En route to Point Charles. Eta 20 minutes"
The buildings around him began to take on an ominous feeling. Windows peering into black voids with unknown dangers. He switched off the safety on his rifle and began to move to his objective. Ducking and sticking to the shadows made even a small distance feel like the longest march he had ever been on. Gunfire broke the silence of the sands. He turned the corner and saw the Gas Station were his comrades were pinned down. Pick-up trucks with jury rigged armor plating had surrounded the building and were lighting the building up with small arms fire. He heard the crack of return fire from the building. His squadron was a much better aim then these local terrorists. But without help his men would soon be overrun. He worked his way to a roof overlooking the scene and pulled a HE grenade from his belt. Quietly he pulled the pin and tossed it between two of the trucks. The men in the beds of the trucks couldn't hear it impact with the ground due to the exchange of fire. The explosion overpowered the firefight and flipped the overburdend trucks n their sides. The thin metal used to deflect bullets became nothing but fragmentation that ripped through the enemy fighters. Panic arose from the remaining bandits as the whipped around looking to see where the enemy was. Mobius One shouldered his rifle and fired. Two men hit the ground before the others routed down the road. Mobius One descended from the building and rejoined his squad. Viper Seven briefed him on the state of the unit. " We lost Yellow 13 and Rapier 6 in the crash. Fox 2 is wounded. Took a bullet to the leg. HIs armor plating stopped any penetration but the leg bone is broken from the impact." Mobius One went up to his wounded solider. "I can still march Sir. Don't worry about me." Fox 2's face was gaunt and shined with sweat. "No soldier. Stay here and let the medic treat you. Viper Seven and I will set up the emergency radio and contact Iris for Medi-Evac before pushing up" Mobius One raised his voice so his troops could hear him. "Strap in lads. We have a long night ahead" Mobius One took one more look at the injured mans face and saw the relief in his eyes before he rehardend his look into stony determination to not be a burden on the unit.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:42 am
by Amurria
As the day was slowly going by, a message appeared on the Emperor's TV screen:


Sighing, he turned off the TV and began writing:





He then stood up, and handed the letter to a messenger:

"Make sure this reaches the leader of Jazado."

Esteemed ruler of Jazado,
Blessings upon your nation,
I, Emperor of Amurria,
Request that you pull out of Manchuria
As it belongs to the Empire of Amurria.

Shall you abide our demands,
Great fortune shall await you and your people.
Should you not,
We will raise this issue to the UN,
And let the people in Manchuria decide.

May Her Highness grant you knowledge.

Emperor Jax Yamato, of House of Edo,
Empire of Amurria.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:44 pm
by New Karelograd
Today the country of New Karelograd is in shock and in disbelief.

On October 14, 2018, A terrorist attack occurred in the city of Krasnodar, located in the Karelogradian region of Caucasia.

During a business convention in the Krasnodar Convention Center, Three men snuck in, and planted bombs across the building, they then preceded to blow the bombs up. At the same time, small groups of men began shootings in the Public square. As this report is being typed, the Karelogradian Armed Forces and the Terrorists are in a hostage situation. The current death toll is 150 people, and 50 injured, and 10 in critical condition. The three terrorists who carried out the bombing have been apprehended and identified.

The three terrorists are immigrants as they have revealed, and say they are from the country of Swietz. They also claim to be hired by the Swietzian Government. They have not yet revealed their motives. As the situation develops, we ask the Government of Swietz to explain this outrageous act of terrorism and hatred. As this is being written, the KAF(Karelogradian Armed Forces) are mobilizing on the Karelogradian-Swietzian Border. If this act is not explained, harsh punishment will be given to the responsible country.

Recent data has been collected on what happened to Igor Kivisto.

As soon as he heard the news, he was enraged. When he heard that Swietz had apparently carried this out, he had a mental breakdown. He screamed to invade them NOW and this order quickly spread to the Congress. Unfit to carry on, The decision was left to Congress. Some members argued that he went insane, and we should try to solve this diplomatically. The senator for the State of Krasnodar screamed at them ¨THEY ATTACKED OUR THRIVING, BEAUTIFUL CITY! THEY KILLED OVER 140 INNOCENTS! THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN SOLVE THIS DIPLOMATICALLY, THIS IS AN ATTACK ON OUR COUNTRY!¨. Senators cheered from across the room. When all had finally settled, the vote had been taken. The final vote was 25-10. With pro-war winning. The Armed forces stationed there were immediately notified, and within hours had begun the march to the border.

Hearing no reply from the Swietzian government, seven companies from the army have begun to march on Swietz, beginning occupation of the two northern areas of Swietz. Initial resistance was futile to the superior Karelogradian Armed Forces. However, Swietz troops have started to fight in larger numbers and has made it more difficult to push on. The air force bombs military compounds, trying to avoid civilian casualties. The first and second fleets of the Caspian sea missile known military positions, and bombard naval ports. Two other companies are moving towards the border, backing the seven companies already engaging Swietzian forces, along with four tank divisions who were also stationed nearby. New Karelograd will refuse to back down until further notice.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:49 pm
by Amurria
The Invasion of Vladivostok

Imperial Palace, 7:49 PM, Edo.

The War Council, made up of the Emperor, the Shogun, and the lower generals of the Imperial Army, decided that in order to expand Amurria's influence, they would need a foothold in Asia. Thus Operation Overlord was initiated.
They were looking at a map of Manchuria and the surrounding areas:

"Gentlemen, said the Emperor, we need to secure the city of Vladivostok by dawn. The ships are prepared, and the soldiers are awaiting orders"
"I oppose this idea. We should just deman the city their surrender." Said the Shogun.
"It would work, were we in the Middle Ages."
As he said that, the phone rung.
"The soldiers are ready to go. Shall we begin?"
Looking at the generals in the room, Jax said:
"Let's begin. Initiate Operation Overlord!"

10:23 PM. Outskirts of Vladivostok

"Sir, we have reached the position. We can see the city."
"Roger that Dragon One. What are the city's defenses?"
"No defenses, only the local police force."
"Copy that. Begin the infiltration."

Dragon One was the recon division assigned with the mission to capture the city. They began moving from 10 kms away from the city, on the coast, as to not be seen. By 10PM they were on the outskirts.
Now their objective was to conquer the city overnight.

"Dragon One, what's your position?"
"We have managed to get close to the town hall. Should this go south, we are planting bombs in it's proximity."
"Good to hear. We'll send a special squad to take care of the members of the local governemnt."
"Understood. We'll continue our mission."

To be continued

PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:20 pm
by Confedracy
The Assyrian Front Recap
Legion forces have pushed into Assyria and Arabia. Only token resistance has come up against the commune. The Primary objectives of Mosul,Bagadad,Jerulseulm and Kuiwait City are in various stages of occupation. The strongest resitance being centered in Mosul as local militias struggle under airstrikes and tank assualts with second hand weapons and black market goods. Mobius One and squadron had pushed resistance out of the nearby village and hunkered down for the night. As day breaks however. Iris sends the orders that the team is to link up with the armored brigade in the push to Mosul.

Mosul, Assyria

7 AM local time

The night had been rough. Fox 2 was not allowed to sleep for fear of him not waking up. The combat medic in the squadron had died in the assualt. leaving only 4 healthy men left in the squadron. The gas station had been turned into a inpromtu resupply station. Oil cans filled up and water redustributed around the unit. The unit stood on guard awaiting the Medi-evac for Fox 2. When finally an IFV arrived. Mobius One was irritated. It had taken them hours to get to his man. He stepped out of the station. "Well you pukes sure took your sweet time getting here! Lucky my man has died of his injuries." the two men bowed thier heads and rushed passed the glare Mobius One gave them. Getting Fox 2 on a stretcher and bringing him back to the vehical. "Fall in men. Time to move up" After a brief ride up to the front line they were dispersed onto the concrete hellzone of Mosul. A squadron of men stood around guarding a checkpoing securing the 4 way intersection. A man in an officers unifrom stepped forward to greet the men. "Sound off" barked the man. "Mobius One and squadron Sir" the officer glanced over the men. They were tired and in need of resupply. "Centurion Atakir. You are now under my command. AWAS this is C-127 Mobius One and squadron have arrived." "You lads get resupplied and move up to Postion Blue. We've got the enemy commadent pinned down in some temple. Orders are to capture him alive."

Mosul, Assyrian Occupation Zone 430

Fighting around the city had died down. Only the spordaic gunfight broke out. This final assualt would secure Byzantine control over all of Assyria. a mosque waving banners of green and black had been turned into an enemy stronghold. In front was a SAM missile postion that had stopped Byzantine airstrikes from turning it to dust. Windows bristtled wirth LMG's and snipers. Word also had it that the whole place was rigged to explode if the defenders thought they might lose the postion.

Mobius One and his men looked over the situaton with drones.
"five visable bandits outside the complex. at least another dozen in the buildings around the area"
Mobus One studied the images on the tablet he was holding. "Echo 6 you are clear to engage"
Two IFVS speed into the square and opened fire into the buildings. Shooting indiscriimantly at anything that moved. Men poured forth from the IFV's and the screen went black. "Thats our Cue men. Lets move in!" The squad ran down the block to the growing sound of gunfire and explosions. The men took cover behind a wall of stone in front of the mosque. Mobius one peaked his head over and began to fire at the towers. A man dressed in rags fell and crashed to the ground. "Forwad!"
the men rushed to either side of the doors and planted C4. "Stand back!" Mobius One shouted over the din of gunfire as the men ducked around the sides. The explosion rocketed the ornate doors inside and tore the front wall to shreds. Men poured in from all sides shooting through the dust. Rushing down the dazed handful of fighters still alive. They captured the men alive with no loss of live of thier own. The mosque never did exploded. A bomb squad was sent in and dound the bombs had been duds. The last battle of the breif war for Assyria was over. Now the long process of assimilation was to come.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:35 am
by New Karelograd
In absence of Igor Kivisto, the Congress has started to do his work while he is off.

The Congress officially states that New Karelograd will be annexing the Region of Georgia. The following annexation orders have been proposed.

1. All current districts of Georgia shall be able to elect Congress delegates.

2. All people living in the Georgian Region shall have the same rights as any other person in New Karelograd.

3. K.A.F will be stationed in the region in order to enforce rule over the area. Any resistance will be put down.

4. Any form of protest will result in serious punishment or death of the protestors.

These are the orders of annexation

Congress of New Karelograd


Today, our great country of New Karelograd mourns the tragic terrorist attack that occurred in Krasnodar. We, Karelogradian News, pray for the families that have lost their loved ones in the attack. In other news, The Congress of New Karelograd has officially stated that they are annexing the Georgian area. We´ll dive into that in a second.

-News Intro-

Hi, I´m Ansa Kivato and you´re watching The State of New Karelograd with Ansa Kivato. Let´s get into today´s news, shall we?

Today, Our country is in shock and disbelief as a terrorist attack has occurred in our great nation. Our reporter Milla Leukov is on the scene. Leukov? Leukov? It seems she isn´t responding. In other news, The Congress has officially begun annexing the Region of Georgia.
-Cuts to a scene with Narrator and images and videos of delegates debating the topic-
The Congress of New Karelograd, without our glorious leader Igor Kivisto, has recently made the decision to annex the Region of Georgia. Head of Congress Stanislav Berustov claims ¨Will be better for our people, and theirs.¨. Karelogradian News also interviewed residents in the area. Most were happy that they were finally becoming something, while others disliked it.

-Transmission to commercials-


PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:47 am
by Jazado
An emissary from Amuria came in the late afternoon with a letter from the Japanese Emperor, everyone was ready to return home but it had to wait, what that messanger carried was too important. After reading it Chairman Liu picked up his pen and began to write, then when he finished he looked at the man standing in front of him, the very man that had handed him the letter. He then told him,
"Bring this back to your emperor and do so swiftly."

To the Emperor of Amuria,

We the Peoples' Republic of Jazado do not and never will recognize your claim to Manchuria. We are a sovereign nation that is more than capable of dispatching your soldiers, and when it comes to war we will show you no mercy. Manchuria is ours, all lands that are part of Dejure China are ours, and that island you control south of our border belongs to us. So upon receiving your message pretender, we the people of China and the Chairman would like to say no to your offer and instead we would like to ask that you return back our island and stay away from Korea. The People of Korea and the Joseon Empire are under our protection.

Signed by the Chairman Liu Xuehao 刘雪浩


Also, stop defiling our language and clean it of your trash.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:07 am
by Amurria
Vladivostok, 12:21 AM

After two hours of recon, the Imperial Recon Platoon "Dragon One" finally managed to secure the town hall of the city of Vladivostok. But the success was not to last, as the local police force, armed with modern equipment despite their old looks, began assaulting the building.

"Command, we're being attacked by the local authorities. It seems they use modern equipment, unlike the one we saw earlier!"
"Understood Dragon One, can you hold up into the building until reinforcements arrive?"
"Yes! But hurry up!"
As the leader of the platoon said that, a loud explosion was heard outside. A nearby building was destroyed by a T-72 tank, escorted by two Cold War-Era helicopters.

Imperial Palace, Edo, 12:30 AM

"This cannot be! What do you mean the platoon was killed?!" screamed in anger the Emperor.
"They were killed by the local police force." said one of the generals.
"I've got enough of this, send in the 4th Armored Division. We still need to secure the region by dawn."
"Your Majesty, I don't think it's wise to do that."
"And I don't think it's wise to talk against me. Give the order to deploy them."

Vladivostok Region, 1:23 AM

"Border secured. No one can get in or get out. The border with Jazado is also secured." said Isozaki Hidehira, the General of the 4th AD.
"Copy. Leave a few regiments to maintain the border and move into the city. Take it even if it means destroying it."

Soon, 10,000 tanks, trucks, and jeeps began closing in on Vladivostok. The city was fully lightened, as the local police force began patrolling the outskirts in old jeeps with mounted machine-guns. The Imperial Navy began bombing enemy positions on the coast, and the main attack force reached the city, eliminating every enemy in the way.

2:00 AM

The city of Vladivostok was almost captured, but civilians and what remained of the armed forces began a guerrilla war against the Imperial Armed Forces.

"Should we follow and kill the resistance?"
"No, let them be. But make sure the main roads and infrastructure of the region remain intact."

City of Vladivostok, 9:01 AM, ruins of the town hall

The Emperor came himself to see the aftermath of the invasion, helped the civilians, and soon gave a speech:

"People of Vladivostok, you are now a part of the Empire of Amurria, and that means you will only prosper. Although the ruins you see are our fault, we will help you rebuild, we will help you create a new Vladivostok, one in which both of us can co-exist. Do not listen to the lies said by your politicians or cops, they only want the power for themselves and ignore the people's opinion. Together we can build a better future, one which will benefit us both.

As the speech ended, he went to one of the make-shift military camps in the area and gave the generals the order to maintain the border and hunt down any resistance. "All roads will be guarded, all power plants and water pumps, everything that means a daily necessitiy will be guarded." was the order.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:44 am
by New Karelograd
Igor Kivisto has returned, and in time for the great military parade!

The crowds cheered around him as he stepped out into the open. He began his speech. ¨Today is a great day. Today we see our glorious military march on our square and show this nation has truly developed. The crowds cheered. However, today is also a day of mourning. A few days ago, our country was attacked by immigrants from Swietz. And now, we are at war with them. Crowds booed at that. A tank rolled by, towards a blocked off Swietz embassy, with the flag still flying. They had two of the terrorists held to the building. Igor Kivisto screamed, ¨FIRE!¨. There was a loud boom, and the building was blown to bits, along with the terrorists. ¨AND AT THE SAME TIME, OUR NORDIC BROTHER IS TRYING TO HALT OUR COUNTRIES PROGRESS! The tank moved to a closed off Letskian Embassy. It had Letskian spies attached to it. ¨FIRE!¨. A loud BOOM!, and the building was blown to pieces, along with the spies. At that exact moment, planes flew over the Letskian border, not harming anything, but flying the colors of Karelograd over cities and towns. The parade began, with the military alliance flags that New Karelograd had with it´s Northern American brothers flying over it. There were also some divisions from their army marching with them. Tanks carried burning Letskian and Swietzian flags, and people were waving Karelogradian flags in the stands. Everyone at the parade expressed pure hatred to those two countries and its people. Near or on the borders of Letskia, people burnt flags of Letskia in front of guards. After the parade was over, people in the streets of almost every city or town of New Karelograd burnt flags of these two hated countries In northern areas, even people who were Letskian burnt flags of them, as they had all hated Letskia for trying to stop their great nation. Thousands of young men and women voluntarily joined the military that night. Igor Kivisto arrived at the administrative district, politicians alike cheered and waved Karelogradian flags. It was a day to remember, and will always be remembered as Victory Day.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:48 am
by New Karelograd
(OOC:Flying into Letskian Airspace is void)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:08 am
by Amurria
Establishing of the Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

"Today, celebrations were held in Edo, Kyoto and New Osaka, the main cities of Amurria, with the conquering of the Vladivostok region. From now on, the Empire owned "colonies" and was thus in need of an administrative organization to manage them. So, the Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere was created. In today's celebrations, the Emperor gave a speech regarding the founding of this organization:

People of Amurria, today is a great day for all of us, we have gained new land in mainland Asia, and thus we are one step closer towards self-sufficiency! But we as a nation cannot maintain all these new territories, and for that we have created a whole new union, one in which every nation is equal! One in which every nation is represented! One in which every nation prospers! One in which all people of the world are welcome!

As his speech ended, military fighters flew over the great cities of Amurria, showing the colors of the Empire, red, white and orange. It truly is a great day for the Empire."

Amurria's Daily public broadcast

The founding of a trade union

While the people celebrated, the Amurrian government was thinking, how to gain enough resources until the renewable energy was finished. They soon came with an idea.
"Let's create an Asian trade union, like the European Union of the old. That way we'll be sure we'll have trade partners."
"It is a good idea, although we could extend it to the world."
"Sounds good. Let's set it in motion."
Thus, a telegram was sent to every nation of the world:

Nations of this holy Earth,
We, on behalf of the Empire of Amurria,
Propose the creation of a trade union,
It's headquarters will be in the business district
Of New Osaka, and all members will be free to trade with eachother.
This telegram will come with a signatory document.
If you want to join, sent the following telegram back:

Joining the World Trade Organization/East-Asian Free-Trade Association

The nation/empire/republic/kingdom/other name of ____________ will join the WTO/EAFTA and will agree to the following rules:

1. Member nations shall not embargo other member states without a good reason.
2. Member nations' sold products will be reviewed by a quality commission, in order to prevent overselling of, or overpriced poor quality products. The commission will be situated in New Osaka, and will be made of experts from each member state.
3. Member nations have the right to use the military to make another member state pay their debts, if they cannot repay them.

I agree with this document:
_________ (Signature of the Head of State)
I agree with this document
_________ (Signature of the Head of Government)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:55 pm
by Letskia
The sky was gloomy and grey. The nation stood in silence, all previous activity and bustling life that had once flown through the cities had silenced. Night descended upon the proud Letskian nation and dawned on a large gathering of Letskian citizens in the New Eden square. There was hardly any noise, save for the figure standing at the front of the overwhelmingly large population of Letskians facing towards the man who served as the icon of their nation, the Chancellor of the Federation of Letskia; Jacob Henderson. Esteemed politicians and advisors stood behind him, grim expressions on their faces as the reality of the situation had been made clear by recent Karelogradian aggression.

"Citizens of this proud nation, the prosperous and progressive people of our beautiful country; today we face down the reality of the very subject that had torn our country apart for the past several years. The imperial and oppressive government of New Karelograd has committed acts of war against our people, our nation, and our cultural values. They have made false claims regarding our nation and the Republic of Swietz. We will not suffer the same unfortunate fate as our southern brethren at the hands of the Karelogradian regime. Our nation may not possess a large military such as our aggressor's, and certainly we have failed to form the necessary relationships and agreements with neighbouring nations to put out the smoldering fire that is New Karelograd. That changes today, this instant. The dawn of a new day will rise upon Letskia, and I promise personally that every Letskian mother, father, child, labourer, doctor, and social worker will live to see the day that New Karelograd's reign of terror will come to an end. My people, I beg of you, hold your heads up high and look to the future, the bright future that waits our free and equal society. Stand with me as we take the forefront of the free world and assert our place in the history books against the oppressed, whom shall be liberated from their imperial overlords who want nothing more than to burn down the free world and her compassionate people. Stand with me, my people, fight for yourselves and your loved ones and for the Federation of Letskia!"

A loud and abrupt cheer erupted from the crowd as men, women, and children cried out in pride and hope as Jacob Henderson raised a fist into the air, the Letskian flag flowing freely and beautiful against the howling winds behind him. The wolf was fierce and and its fangs were never sharper. Fireworks were shot into the sky all around New Eden as people from all corners of the nation had coalesced into a single consciousness with a single purpose; to liberate their free society from the oppression of evil.

The Chancellor was furiously filing paperwork in his office as his district directors sat around him without a word, seemingly awaiting a response from the Chancellor. Henderson ignored the cramps in his wrist as he filled out the paperwork and handed them to an aide to be introduced to the bureaucracy that was so pervasive in the nation. He finally rested his arms and leaned back into his chair, eyeing each director individually.

"Chancellor, the nation has been ordered into a wartime economy and arrangements have been made to establish formal contact with the government of New Karelograd to potentially hold peace talks. The army is currently being mobilized, although it's an arduous process. We're not a militaristic nation, Chancellor, we can't face New Karelograd on our own. We need allies."

The man who spoke was RIchard Gregory, District Director of the Armed Forces of Letskia, an anxious and panicked yet understanding expression plaguing his face. The other directors sat aghast at the arrangements, stressing to recall the last time the Federation had ever found it necessary to take such rash action.

"Well done, Gregory. Remember my friends; we do this for our country's freedom. We will not cede to superior powers nor tolerate rampant imperialism against our people and the world. Has the navy and air force mobilized?", said the Chancellor.

"Yes, the 10th Letskian fleet is in the process of blockading supply lines and cutting New Karelograd forces off from reinforcements. The air force is on standby, awaiting further instructions. They'll be ready to answer the call at a moment's notice. The country is an iron fortress, sir."

"Very well," stated the Chancellor. "If need be, we will call on our less... reputable allies."

The entire office seemed to tense up at the mention of the ominous allies.

"Chancellor, how can we possibly permit something like this? Those so-called 'allies' you speak of stand against everything we are. We hold little in common with them."

The man who so suddenly stood up with a frustrated expression was the Director of Welfare and Social Services, Damian Clarke. Before the Chancellor could respond, he angrily said, "With all due respect, we cannot tolerate this hypocrisy. My part in this exchange is over." He stormed out of the office to rejoin a group of acquaintances.

The Chancellor sighed, "Has the assembly been organized?"

"Yes, Chancellor," said Henderson's accompanying aide.

"Excellent", Henderson said as he stood up and motioned for the directors to follow suit, shaking hands with each individual, "We have plenty to discuss."