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Saint Ryvern
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Postby Saint Ryvern » Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:35 pm

The Presidential Mansion
Local Time- 3:00 pm

Compared to the dwelling places of some national leaders, the Ryvernian Presidential Mansion is a modest estate. A classical two story, 80 room house is set on 25 acres of some of the nation's most picturesque countryside. From the air, depending on how far you go up, it could be any other mansion, but on the ground the heavily fortified fences and surplus of armed guards separate it from the abodes of the upper echelon of Saint Ryvern's society. Lush foliage and impeccably manicured flowerbeds lined the fences, shrouding the ugliness of security cameras and mounted guns in their human-enhanced natural beauty. The previous president's wife, a lovely woman who endeared herself to the Ryvernian people far more than her husband, was a great fan of shrubbery, so she always maintained the quality of every twig and thistle in all 25 acres of the estate. From the air, it made the view of the land more pleasing, something the guardsman who monitored the security satellite view of the mansion appreciated.

Most of the day the guards watching the satellite feed sat around, maintaining a strict code of silence, passively watching the same image, one that only changed minimally, if ever. However, in the past few minutes there had been a flurry of activity. An unannounced SUV had pulled up to the gate, and many of the guards on duty had turned their safeties off. No one notified the president, the SUV didn't appear to have violent intent, but everyone was ready to take action. After a few hectic moments the Minister of Foreign Affairs was identified as the driver of the vehicle, pissed off but even more intent on reaching the president. Back in their seats, the satellite guards watch the MoFA hurriedly pace along the paved trail that travels around the house to the Olympic-sized swimming pool that President Azebry had installed 13 months into his term.

President Chinua Azebry, his friends in university and law school called him "Zazbee," a nickname he hasn't heard in years, has been a swimmer since he was three years old. Now, at the age of 39, the young leader slices through the dark blue water like a hot knife through butter; like scissors gliding through paper. Goggles on, waterproof earbuds in, blasting rap music from his childhood in inner city Lagos, he puts all of his frustration and stress from running a country into his fourth mile of the day. Approaching the wall, he lifts his head slightly to prep for a flip turn, but instead catches sight of his Minister of Foreign Affairs, the tall and lean Mariana Ejaita. He comes grinding to a halt, causing a slight splash that lands on Mariana's designer shoes, painting her face with a grimace. "How are you doing, Ms. Ejaita? You aren't on my schedule, are you?" Chinua's voice is smooth, he is a fast talking and quick-witted man, which gave him a leg up in the debates against his elderly opponent.

"Get out of the water, Mr. President. Your guards almost shot me when I drove in here, and I don't intend to stay long enough to give them another chance to do it." Many national pundits and establishment politicians criticized Mariana's appointment to the president's cabinet. Chinua marketed himself as a young alternative to the gray-haired dead-eyed politicians that dominated Ryvernian politics for the past few decades, and once he was in office he had no intent of having his strings pulled by a cabinet filled with people old enough to be his grandpa. Instead he appointed people near his age, many of them from circles that typical politicians were not drawn from. Mariana Ejaita was 31 years old when she was made Minister of Foreign Affairs, but she was an easy pick in Chinua's eyes. A graduate of the nation's top university at the age of 15, receiving two master's degree in international business and global studies at the age of 19 from the same university, she was an up-and-coming executive for some of the country's largest international companies. Chinua fielded her before the national primary, asking her to keep his request a secret, and she was charmed by his vision for the nation, gladly signing on to his cabinet when he won the election in a landslide. Since then she remained charmed by his national vision. doing a good job contributing her work ethic and intellect to its achievement, but the grind of national politics had deteriorated the sweet resolve she used to charm her way up the corporate ladder.

"Alright, alright, Mariana. Give me a moment," the president takes his time breaststroking to the side ladder of the pool. When he climbs out her quickly dries himself, pulling on a robe that he left laying on a nearby armchair. "Walk with me," he says to Mariana as he heads towards the house, his intention the kitchen.

"New Karelograd has embarked on an unprecedented wave of aggression. They've killed two Letskian nationals and two Swietzian nationals, and destroyed both nation's embassies in one day. We are in the process of extracting the few Ryvernian national inside their borders, but we need to take some sort of official action. You have to release some sort of statement-Chinua, Chinua!" Reaching the kitchen, the president began looking through his fridge, striking an annoyed cord with his rightfully concerned Minister.

"I understand, Mariana. I understand. This is a tragedy, an ugly display by Karelograd that took the lives of four innocent people, that has enraged two nations that should not be enraged. I'll draft something, send it to your office for approval, and then send it along." He munches on a protein bar and drinks some disgusting looking green juice as he speaks, his brow furrowing with concern.

"There's more. Letskia is prepping for war, they're pissed off, Chinua." Taking a folded piece of paper out of her jacket pocket, she slides it across the island towards the president. It is a transcript of the speech that Chancellor Henderson gave to his people earlier. Unfolding it quickly President Azebry reads it carefully, his face like stone as he reads the words on the page.

"It's time to make some moves, Mariana. I hope you understand what I mean."

"I do, Mr. President, and I agree."

Later that day, a message was sent to the Chancellor of Letskia from the Office of the Ryvernian President. It reads:

To the esteemed Chancellor of the Federation of Letskia, Jacob Henderson

On behalf of the entire nation, people, and government of the Independent African State, I offer my most heartfelt and sincere condolences for the pointless loss of Letskian life that occurred yesterday in New Karelograd. Brutality of any sort cannot be tolerated, especially when it ends the life of an innocent person; this unforgivable offense occurred four times in New Karelograd less than 48 hours ago, and Saint Ryvern will not forget. The assets of the State are devoted to peace, but the Gorilla will beat its chest to intimidate and subdue when necessary. The Wolf has its claws; the Gorilla has its strength; together the two beasts may exert a great amount of power on any stage. The Independent African State would be more than willing to support the efforts of the Federation to react against the inhuman activities of New Karelograd. A machine needs oil; soldiers need bread; and boots need rubber. We have many resources that would help you, and we are willing to help you, as long as there are equal benefits for Saint Ryvern.

I would prefer to discuss these matters further in person. I understand the amount of stress on your nation, and I will gladly travel to Letskia to meet with you. My office awaits your reply.

Chinua Azebry, President of the Independent African State of Saint Ryvern

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New Karelograd
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Postby New Karelograd » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:05 pm

Krasnodar, New Karelograd.

The people of Krasnodar gathered to the square, to mourn their lost neighbors, friends, and family. People all over the country gathered in their living rooms to watch the ceremony. People in major cities gathered to also mourn and watch the ceremony. It had always been the Karelogradian spirit that had pulled it through its darkest hours. And as the ceremony ended, the Karelogradian Anthem played. People all over the country sang. It did not matter what race they were. Karelian, Letskian, Russian, Belarusian, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian. They all sang along:

Native land—Karelograd!
Ancient and wise country.
One family of brother-nations,
Ring, lakes, and sing, Taiga!
Native land, you are dear to me.
High on your mountains, I stand
And a song to your glory I sing.
My native land—Karelograd!
You have been given to me for all time by fate.
Live long through the centuries, my country,
The heroes of folk tales, amidst the woods and mountains
Still, live on our land to this day.
Sing on, o song! Kantele, sing louder yet
In the name of the sacred Karelogradian land!
My native land—Karelograd!
The lively melody of runes and fables.
I see your bright dawn,
I see your radiant dawn,

And as they left, everybody knew in their hearts that no matter what challenge New Karelograd faced, they would march forward.

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Postby Rostokia » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:25 pm

12PM Local time
Presidential Pretorian Circle Building
Federation of Rostokia

Prime Minister Ian Joubert stood up and gave a speech.

"Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen of the Pretorian Circle. Today, I hereby state that we have a few "claims" on our neigbours. As a way to "expand our reaches" I would like to say that Lower Mozambique will be ours eventually. It was once a settlement for our Afrikaaner ancestors. During the Last war, it was taken away from us. it is time for us to claim in back. We also need the lands for our growing population, we need more land to sustain our agricultural fields. That is all."

Later that day, The Federation sends an Ultimatum to Mozambique, claiming the lower part of their country.

In Afrikaans:
"Beste president van Mosambiek. In 24 uur verwag ons dat u u troepe van die onderste helfte van u land onttrek. As u hieraan voldoen, sal u 'n aantreklike beloning kry, maar indien u nie die geval sal wees nie, sal u deur die Rostokiese Weermag se blote weerwraak gekonfronteer word."

In English:
"Dear President of Mozambique, In 24 Hours we expect that you withdraw your troops from the lower half of your country. Should you abide by this, you will be given a handsome reward, however should you not, you will be faced with sheer retaliation by the Rostokian Defense Forces."

Dave Manogwa, One of the Chiefs of Staffs for the Army, is called up to the President's Office.

"Mr President, you wanted to see me?"
"Yes,I have orders for you."
"Mr President, is that a good idea?"
"Trust me, it is."
"Yes Sir."
"Glory Aan Rostokia."
"Glory Aan Rostokia."

General Manogwa leaves the office.

The next day,
4PM local Time
In a Military Camp on the Borders of Mozambique and Rostokia

The Deadline was up and there was no response from the Mozambique Government. As said, the Rostokian Defense Forces begin mobilizing.

10,500 Rostokian Troops are called up into action. 90 IFVs and 50 Tanks are called in as well.

Soon, the Rostokian G-5 and G-6 Artillery guns began firing on the Mozambique border. With little resistance from the Mozambique Military, the Rostokian APCs and IFVs begin pushing up. Deploying their new Super Ratel IFVs into combat, they push through the defenses with sheer brute force. Combined Attack Helicopter and Armoured Assaults repel the Mozambique Military, which was unprepared to fight against the Rostokian Defense Forces. Infantry begin dismounting from their APCs and rush into the African Bushes to take cover from enemy infantry fire.

"FIRE!", an Artillery Gun fires a round which directly hits an enemy APC, blowing it up completely.


"OH SHIT!", A Rostokian APC Blows up from an Enemy Tank shell.



In Less than 24 Hours, the Rostokian Defense Forces have successfully pushed the Mozambique Army all they way back towards North Mozambique. The Speed and Precision of the Rostokian Defense Forces has been shown to the world as of this moment. As a show of Force, the Remaining Units of the Invading Force hosts a large parade involving Tanks, APCs and Helicopters. However, the Parade is interrupted by Guerillas who launch a surprise attack on the Formation, killing 9 Rostokian Soldiers. The Defense Forces successfully repel the attack, killing 20 Guerillas. At the end of the day, most fighting has ceased and the Rostokian Defense Forces begin securing towns.

They put up signs such as these:

In Afrikaans:
"Vir die Burgers van Mosambiek, is jy nou onder beheer van die Rostokiese Administratiewe Regering. As Burgers van Rostokia kry jy jou grond en besittings. Moenie bekommerd wees nie, 'n nuwe era kom. Ons wil ook graag alle burgers van Suid-Mosambiek vra om na die naaste weermag se hoofkwartier te gaan om vir Burgerskap te registreer. Dankie."

In English:
"For the citizens of Mozambique, you are now under the control of the Rostokian Administrative Government. As Rostokian Citizens you get your land and possessions. Do not worry, a new era comes. We would also like to ask all citizens of South Mozambique to go to the nearest military headquarters to register for Citizenship. Thank you."

Later that day, Prime Minister Joubert Arrives to greet the new people. Rostokian Engineers begin planning to reshape the landscape, by tearing down slums and replacing them with Modern Flats and Condominiums.

In Total, there were over 540 Casualties during the Rostokian Invasion. It is known, as the Rostokian Border War. As war reperations, the Rostokians pay 100 Million Dollars to the Mozambique Government.

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Postby Jazado » Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:50 am

Staring at the newly drawn maps the head of the PLA Zhang Fei 张飞 sighed, he turned to the Minister of Foreign Relations Liu Bei 刘备 and he sighed too. He asked him,
"War will soon start over Manchuria, but before this happens we need more men. I was thinking about the Hui in the Zhongyuan area, is it possible to reintegrate the house Ma into china?"

"The 西北三马 Xi Bei San Ma and the three families have helped us many times before and I believe that if we help them with their conquest of Xingjiang 行将, this will most likely allow us to both reintegrate the Hui and regain some of our western territories."

Then the two turned to Chairman Liu, the two had spoken but they both knew that the final decision was his to make and that afterwards his word was final. Then after a good while thinking Liu Bei spoke,
"Sir whats your answer? Do we have permission or not?"
Then he pulled out an old Chinese bank note and spoke.

"Can you see the five languages on the top right corner of this bill? Do you know what they are? Manchu, Uyghur, Tibetan, Mandarin and Mongolian. So my answer to your question is that we will march westward but not only westward. We shall march north south and west and when these five tongues and five peoples are united under one we shall liberate the Manchus."

"I will prepare my armies and set of at 0600 tomorrow." Said Zhang Fei

"March fast, and godspeed."

A quarter of the army was to remain north in Manchuria a quarter in Hebei, and another in Wuhan the last quarter was to see the front lines and fight.
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Postby Jazado » Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:12 am

Wuwei Oct 9th 17:50, Report from the new western front.

The PLA had joined with Hui soldiers from Qianhai, Ningxia and Gangsu. They had met up at Wuwei to discuss the terms of Chinese aid, and after an hour at roughly 18:52 all sides had agreed to become part of the People's Republic. Then the invasion had begun, the Uyhurs had been a nuisance for too long and now with a joint force of Han and Hui they were pushed back.

Oct 10th 10:32- PLA forces have successfully secured Kumlu and Turpan and took minimal casualties as the population there was mostly Hui and accepted them with open arms. Hui soldiers have taken Bayingol to the south with moderate casualties facing of against a somewhat well armed and organized Uhygur army.

Oct 10 15:53- Battle of Urumqi begins, PLA soldiers take moderate casualties and the battle is a stalemate for two hours before Hui soldiers from the south join from the south attacking through the mountains.

Oct 10 18:12- Battle of Urumqi ends with a PLA victory, both sides sue for peace.

Oct 11 07:23- Peace Treaty Signed Xingjiang is annexed by China and all Hui lands become part of the Peoples Republic.

Oct 11 08:02- PLA army fly back, Hui soldiers garrison the newly annexed lands.

Oct 11 10:15- Hui forces secure cities and borders, new police are set up and the region is secured.
Report Finished, Status Successful.
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Postby Amurria » Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:04 am

The Founding of the World Trade Organization

New Osaka is celebrating today as the WTO, or the World Trade Organization, was founded on the historical day of 15th of October 2018. It's HQ will be located in the business districts, and member nations are required to send two representatives in the quality control commission. Member nations shall abide the rules of the Organization.

A Call for an Alliance

In light of the Jazadoan militarist expansion, the Amurrian government decided that allies in Asia will be of great need, so they sent out a call for the establishment of an alliance to every Asian country:




Nations of Asia,

This is a call for help from the Empire of Amurria
The so-called "People's Republic of Jazado"
Is an expanding nationalist state,
bent on oppressing other nations' people.
We shall unify to stand against it.

The Empire is willing to carry the fight itself,
But then it it is need of strong supporters.
Any nation which is willing to help
Telegram the Amurrian Government.

OOC: By telegram I literally mean a telegram.

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Postby Jazado » Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:21 am

A response to the Japanese pretender Emperor,

I the Chairman of the Peoples Republic of China remember that it was you who had first invaded Vladivostok and threatened Korea, and that it is still you who hold onto Chinese lands, the island of Taiwan. The emperor had said that we were invading the Uyhgurs, no. The majority of people who live in Ningxia, the land that shares our border with Gangsu and Qianhai. The Uyhgurs have threatened them over and over never stopping, and their oppression of the Hui people has finally come to an end. We did not invade the Uyhgurs, we liberated the Hui.

You, pretender and bastard king of Japan. Why did you not stop in your invasion of Vladivostok the first sign of Imperialism in Asia. And where were your "Righteous deeds" when 300 thousand Chinese were Slaughtered! I say slaughtered in Nangjing? And what about your previous subjugation of the peoples in the South China Sea? You enslaved not only the people of Asia, but you also butchered them. You have shown us the people of China and those of Asia no mercy an so we shall show you none! And after all that suffering did you stop? No the only thing that stopped you was two nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So pretender, scoundrel, and imperialist dog! I say to you and all those that might stand by your side the Chinese to not take lightly to threats, we fought you off before and faced many imperialists and exploiter too so if will, fight us and withstand the might that is China!

Now I call to you brothers of the Revolution! Stand with me and we shall face the Imperialists and Capitalist dogs that stand against up, and with all haste telegram us and join our stand against imperialism and through such an alliance we shall truly spread communism to the four corners of the world and see it turn red!

Signed the Chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Liu Xuehao 刘雪浩
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Postby Dominance » Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:46 pm

"You don't seem to understand, Enforcer. It's not about what you want. It's about what I want."

The Lord Dominator rose from his throne.

The Enforcer immediately kneeled with a gasp; a fear in his voice to invoke the wrath of the Lord Dominator.

"It will be done exactly as I command, my Enforcer. There will be consequences if I hear of your failure. Do you understand what I demand of you, filth?"

"Yes, my lordship," spoke the kneeling and frightened man, "I will not transgress your commands. It will be done as you wish."

"Good. Very good. Away with you," said the Lord Dominator with a dismissive gesture. He was escorted by three heavily armed men, faces covered by dehumanizing masks bearing the Dot; the supreme symbol of authority in the Central Dominance.

The Lord Dominator sat back into his throne, elevated by a pyramid-shaped podium overlooking a wide and dark chamber riddled with the flags of the Dominance and burning braziers giving the chamber a sinister afterglow. It was all calculated. Every groove, every corner of the palace was designed to be as psychologically tormenting as possible. The Lord Dominator himself had carried out his duties and issued his supreme word from this very palace since the day of his coronation as Lord Dominator, the title his father had held. A great skylight bending over the south wall had overseen the sprawling metropolis that was Dominaria, the capital of the Central Dominance and the Dominance as a whole. The Lord Dominator was facing the skylight as he spectated over His domain. The streets filled with a stone-cold female voice reciting the doctrine of Domination through speakers installed on every street corner and the controlled and regulated toiling of her subjects along with constant and daily military patrols, a vast army of blindly loyal zealots tasked with carrying out the duties of the Lord Dominator, enforcing the Lord Dominator's every will through the medium of his faithful Enforcers; a privileged, or perhaps the most unfortunate, designated Dominarians at birth to spend their lives serving and governing the Lord Dominator's desire.

The Lord Dominator was a tall and thin man with pale skin. He was bald and had extremely sunken eyes accompanied by deathly dark bags. He wore long black robes with a striped cloak of red. The man who carried the title of Lord Dominator was surprisingly frail and looked quite weak and unhealthy. Perhaps it was these inhuman characteristics that were bred into the Family of Domination for millennia in order to produce the desired results? It was not known. Not by the common man, at least. The Lord Dominator's word was absolute, and his word was for the eternal enslavement and subjugating of Dominarians. The people worshipped him not as a man, but as a ruthless immortal god. Such was the purpose of the Domination, simply a tool to control the masses. Segregated at birth, placed into the confines of educational institutions serving the purpose of achieving total devotion and brainwashing of children, specifically selected and conditioned to serve their purpose in the Eternal Empire of Dominance: to work and produce all their lives for their one true master and god, the Lord Dominator himself. Every movement, every thought, every action and word, every blink and twitch, every drop of sweat; it was all accounted for by the Dominance. Lest they defy His will, they must be punished.

The Lord Dominator's eyes were that of a man who'd seen too much and not enough at the same time. His family was dead, purged by his order. He would not permit any man or woman to be too emotionally close to the one true Lord Dominator. The man who ruled over this wretched land bore no name, for he forgoed it at his coronation. He had been forced to partake in trials, the very trials his father, Lord Dominator before him, mercilessly mandated he must pass. It was those brutal trials that had ripped the innocent boy out of the shell that now contained only the Lord Dominator. No other entity existed, for no other entity would be capable of doing what the Lord Dominator could do. A slavemaster, an oppressor, a hypocrite, a genocidal maniac, a murderer. These were the virtues of the Lord Dominator, and the man before Him no longer existed. The Lord Dominator rested his weary head on the back of his palm, elbow resting against the armrest of his throne. His eyes narrowed as he stood and descended the steps of the podium to walk along the wide tables with the doctrine of Domination inscribed into them. The Lord Dominator dragged his palm across these words, feeling the indentations they made in the table.

"Enforcer!" yelled the Lord Dominator with the fury only he could summon. In response, the squadron of five armed men accompanied by two Enforcerss, indicated by their royal robes, had quickly entered the gates to the chamber. They paused in their tracks, not expecting to see the Lord Dominator Himself standing on level ground with them, but were pushed forward by the men behind them. They stood in front of the Lord Dominator and kneeled. "His lordship," they pleaded, "what is it you demand of us, benevolent Lord Dominator?"

"Rise, my subjects. I wish to receive news of our informants from the heretics."

"Yes, your lordship," the Enforcers said in unison as they rose from their submissive state and handed the Lord Dominator several thick documents detailed with classified information regarding the foreign activity of powers abroad. The Lord Dominator accepted the document, skimming over it with a lifeless expression.

"Very good. Gather up a few dozen Dominarians, accuse them of treason and execute them in the city square. Make a demonstration in the streets and ensure that the footage is leaked to the outside world. I believe the heretics conspire against us. No matter, for the flag of Dominance will fly over lands far and wide in due time. Those who do not submit will be slaughtered, their wives and daughters raped while their children watch, to be slaughtered afterward. I want the borders reinforced tenfold and production kicked into overdrive. Withhold rations if need be, and double the military presence. Am I understood?"

"As you wish, Lord Dominator," they spoke as they bowed toward him.

The Lord Dominator nodded to the five men. They kicked the Enforcers onto their knees, the Enforcers crying out in pain as they fell. The Lord Dominator stepped towards them and placed both hands onto their shoulders.

"You will kneel when regarding my name. Disrespect my authority once more and you will find yourselves without a head."

The Enforcers cried out in approval as they were forced out of the chamber by the five men, resembling more of war machines than man. The Lord Dominator returned to his throne and continued to spectate the city. He did not speak, he just watched.

He watched alone. He was always alone, for no being could see this man as human. No being could possibly bear the burden that the Lord Dominator could. He was eternally alone, condemned to an existence of absolute rule.

He was alone. So very alone.
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Postby Rostokia » Sat Oct 20, 2018 8:29 am

10AM Local Time
Capital, Zanderberg
Pretorian Circle Building

After Months of planning, it was time. Time for what? For Africa. President Oswald Harrington gave a speech.

"Good Day ladies and gentlemen! Today, we introduce to you a new Alliance! We hereby invite all African Nations to join The African Continental Alliance. This is an Economic and Military Alliance formed to protect and secure all African Nations Interests. No matter of what race or culture: White Africans, Black Africans, Asian Africans and more, we suggest you join our newly formed Alliance! We may be different, but we all have a common land: AFRICA! My African Brothers and Sisters, come forward! To join, telegram the Rostokian Government. Join the African Continental Alliance today!"

The President Sat down.

On that same day, the Government begins to issue out new National reformations. All Rostokians with Rostokian Citizenship will be given free education, all sponsored by the Rostokian Government. Permanent Residents and foreigners however, still must pay for school fees. A 10 year Compulsory educational system is also implemented.

Rostokian National Service is reduced to 20 Months instead of 24. With new technologies, the Defense budget would also go up by 1.1% in order to rearm certain Rostokian Military units.

All White, Black and Coloured segregated towns are demolished and are transformed into farmlands. Most farmers would be of black and coloured origin, while whites only make up the mere 20% of Farmers in Rostokia.

4PM Local Time
Bulawayo Army Base
3rd Regiment, 1st Rostokian Infantry Division.

The Sergeant looked at the new Super Ratel IFV that is right in front of his own eyes.

"Damn, that Super Ratel looks badass!" he remarked.

This Super Ratel is part of a mass modernization program for the Rostokian Defense Forces.

-The Army would recieves 200 of these Super Ratel IFVs. They would also get their hands on the Vektor CR-21 Assault Rifles and New Buffalo Main Battle Tanks. The Olifant would be replaced by 2025. The Vektor R4 is completely replaced by the Main Forces but is still in use by the reserves. The Nutria Brown Camouflage is reintroduced into service.

-The Air Force would officially acquire 1,000 Rooivalk Attack Helicopters and a few secretly designed Stealh Choppers. The Fighter wings begin receiving Heavily Upgraded F-15s and Denel Cheetahs, in which the Cheetahs are renamed into the Denel Eagle. A Stealth fighter prototype is also produced. A planned Missile System is also in the works. Air Force Anti-Air units also begin upgrading. Heat-Seeking Missiles would be widely used.

-The Navy would receive a HUGE upgrade, the Navy now recieves 30 More Ships from Destroyers to Aircraft Carriers. The Aircraft Carrier fleet expands as there are now 2 Aircraft Carriers. Rostokia now has 10 Submarines and 30 Destroyers along with 10 Corvettes and 9 Missile Destroyers. The Marines are given new uniforms. Each sailor is now given a small pocket pistol for self defense. Captains are given small pocket pistols as well.

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Postby Confedracy » Sat Oct 20, 2018 4:27 pm

Sparta, The Byzantine Commune
8 AM Local time
As the clock struck 8 the alarm went off. Dios sighed deeply and stared up at the ceiling for a moment before swinging his legs over the side. A soft voice rose from the darkness next to him. "Have a good day hun. Love you." It was his wife. A small smile crept across his face as he stood up to strech and turn off the alarm. After a quick shower and getting dressed in black jeans and a brown coat he walked onto the street. The wind from the north tossled his brown hair as the sun rose over the buildings. The grey sky being pushed back by the warm red orange sky that was blooming. His grey eyes shone like moonlight. Or at least that is what his wife always told him. He turned and started down the sidewalk. Cafes and coffee shops opening up and the smell of dark roast coffee and warm fresh baked bread rose from the stores. Dios thought to duck into one of the stores for a quick bite but decided against it for fear of being late for work. He came to the metro station where the train waited to zip him across the city to the arms factory where he worked. The Metro was free but he still had to swipe his ID card for security purposes. As he took his seat he thought of his wife. She worked in a steel mill on the other side of the city and would be waking shortly to begin her daily commute to work. The speakers overhead played soft classical music. After a brief ride he arrived at the sprawling plant where he worked. Clocking in at exactly 9 he went to work. By 11 he had his first half hour break. Sorely wishing he had stopped for breakfast he went into The Workers Hall where bread and fruit were laid out for anyone who got hungry outside of thier lunch hour. After a quick bite he sat down to read a book he had been picking away at for months now. When his phone began to beep at him he knew his break was over. He got up and returned to his job. He was a Tool and Dye maker and was considered a Tradesman. Whereas most of the assembly line jobs had been taken over from by machines he was still needed here. The floor union rep stopped by and asked how he was doing. Being to focused on his job to respond verbally he nodded. The union man. Stasified continued on to talk with the others. By 2 it was time for lunch. Grilled Chicken with Bread and mixed vegitables was served up free of charge by the kitchen staff. The food tasted well cooked by bland. Having to cook for hundreds of workers on this floor alone Dios understood. After he ate he contunned working till his shift ended at 5 o clock PM. He left and waved to the Production Commissar on his way out. After returning to the apartment where he and his wife lived he found the home dark. His wife worked later than him and wouldnt be home for another hour or so. He decided to get dinner ready for when she arrived. Getting a beef stew cooking on the stove. Finnaly he got to sit down and watch some TV. The news never stopped talking about the recent liberation of Assyria. All it meant was cheaper gas prices for those out in the country to him. The door shook and his wife entered. The dark smudges of machine grease couldnt hide the bright brown eyes or the smile across her face. Dinner was ready to eat and her husband (who worked to hard for her liking) was home. They sat together as they ate on the couch. Having switched over to the football (soccer) game. Sparta was playing Athenia. They talked about thier days. Both laughed when they discussed how boring it had been. Dios suggested going out to see a movie and his wife agreed. Beaming with execitment they put on coats and got ready to head out. As they walked out the front door Dios looked back to his apartment which once again was dark. And smiled to himself

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Postby A very mean nation » Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:07 am

I declare war on jazado. Their is no reason at all but I’m going to conquer you.

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Postby Letskia » Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:38 pm

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Postby Jazado » Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:22 am

Staring at the newly drawn map Chairman Liu stood up and further examined it. He was both outraged and intrigued, for his newly liberated lands were not made part of the Peoples Republic but seeing the expansion of the Commune and the sudden appearance of Donvia had particularly caught his eye.

"Donvia! Who would have thought of the Arabs forming their own nation? This peace we have now will definitely not last. Those oil fields will cause many conflicts between the Donvinians and the Commune, but this conflict must not bring us into it, if we enter a war the Ammurians and their allies will surely attack." After this he looked again at the map.

This new nation that had sprang up between Sudardes and Montgomre reminded him of a kingdom that came in an age long ago. As he examined the borders of Camokare he laughed to himself and once more thought of that perished nation.
'Middle Francia, I never thought that I would have one in my time, who would have thought that history could repeat itself so well?

But their strife is not of my concern it is their problem to solve for the Sufardesian and Montgomre will most likely attack.' He sat back into his chair, and thought to himself again.

'My concern is the well being of my people and the spread of Communism, wherever the revolution may be we shall support it but as of now I must reunite the Chinese peoples into one nation. The people of Tibet and Mongolia are still threatened by foreign powers and so we must protect them.'

He gazed once more at the map he held and then set it aside. He remembered a quote by Mao Zedong, "Politics is war without bloodshed." But he knew that sooner or later politicians will have blood on their hands and this peace shall be forgotten. He must prepare and ready his people. The safety of his people must be ensured before any more development can happen. He sat there thinking to himself and there he sat contemplating the future that awaited him.

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Postby Amurria » Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:21 pm

Today Amurria was in shock and awe, as a new government rose up in the nation of Korea. Hearing the news, the Emperor called for a meeting in the Imperial Palace.

"A new nation means a new start." Said the head of the House of Korea. "That means we can begin from scratch regarding our relations with them."
"I don't think so," said the head of the House of Kyoto, "they still are Korean. They know we have an interest in them. But what they don't know is whether we will act or not."
"We don't really have the best history with them, but we can try to make it up to them." said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Then, a silence fell onto the room, the sun's rays barely entering the chamber through the wooden blinds.

"We are in need of allies though."
"So why not make them our ally?"

And so the government sent a telegram to the head of the Republic of Minjok:






People of Korea,

I, Emperor Yamato, on behalf of the Amurrian Empire,
Would like to offer you the chance to enter an alliance with us,
We will try to help your new nation as much as we can,
But it will come at a price.

What we ask for is simple:
Loyality to us, meaning that
In exchange for our help,
You will help us during military operations.
What we propose is a military-economic pact.

May Her Highness grant you wisdom
To choose the right path for your people.

Emperor Jax Yamato,
House of Edo, Empire of Amurria

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Postby Jazado » Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:42 pm

After reading the message sent by Emperor Yamato to the Koreans of Minjok, Liu Bei the head of foreign affairs sighed and was filled with foreboding, an alliance with the Koreans would threaten our hold of Manchuria even more and put our nation in further risk.
"Zhang Fei come look at this, can you believe it! The Amurrians want to make an alliance with the Koreans! Ha no Korean would side with a Jap not after what they did."
Zhang Fei thought to himself and questioned what an alliance between the Amurrians and Minjok would mean but at last he came to a conclusion and spoke:
"I believe that the Koreans would not let the Amurrians walk all over them, never have they ever let a foreign invader subjugate them without a fight. Say do you remember the deeds of Admiral Yi? The Korean Admiral who sunk the entire Japanese navy and died fighting along side the Chinese? His death was a sign that Korea would never bow to the Japanese without a fight and we are here to ensure that."
Then Chairman Liu spoke after hearing his advisers speak:
"You are correct, the Koreans would never bow to the Amurrians and they were our faithful ally since the beginning and so we must seek to renew this ancient alliance with our longtime friends ."

To the leader of The Federal Republic of Minjok,

The Japanese or the Amurrians as they are called now are preparing to fight,
They have strengthened their armies and called their allies and now stand ready,
I the chairman of The Peoples Republic would like to ask you to enter an alliance with us,
Like our forefathers we shall stand together once more to defend our nation against foreign invaders.
So let us renew this bond made by our ancestors and rise higher than the sun,
The Amurrians are craven and seek to bully smaller nations into submission,
So I would like to offer you and your people an alliance so that we may stand together once more.
You will owe us nothing but aid in our conflicts if need be,
You will not pay us like the tributary system of old,
but instead you will prosper alongside us and see splendor unlike before.
This offer stays open to you and your people.

Signed Liu Xuehao the Chairman of the Peoples Republic of China.

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Postby Kecril » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:23 am

To the President of Saint Ryvern, The country of Kecril wishes to work and cooperate with your nation for the benefit of both of our people and countries, to protect against threats which threaten the world we believe in, to serve liberty and justice for what’s right and to fight against the evils of this world,we wish to hear from you shortly and are hoping you are interested in cooperation. Sincerely
-President Doe

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New Osaka

Postby Amurria » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:35 am

"As you may know, New Osaka is among the most populated cities in the Empire, and one of the newest, the first brick building being built in 1979. Soon it became an economical center, and it's placement on islands has earned it the nickname of New Venice. While the city itself is beautiful, the lives of it's inhabitants aren't. The quality of life depends on which district you live in. For example, if you live in the Business District, your life is pretty good, enjoying many technological advances, meanwhile if you live in the Chinese District, you'll barely have access to basic needs, and your life will be spent working in the mineral mines, or countless vertical plantations. If you manage to somehow live a good life there, as in you have a roof over your head, running water and electricity, and a well paid job, by that District's standards at least, you'll have to put up with the sound made by the still working water pumps, or the planes landing or taking off from the nearby airport, the only airport in the city, named the Meiji International Airport. Overall, life in New Osaka depends on which District you live in. But there are also many things to see in New Osaka. For example the Imperial Palace there is one of the most modern ones in the Empire, and is also able to house almost 1 million people in case of a war. That's where you'll stay during this trip. You'll be free to visit the city once the government meeting is finished.

Anyway, enjoy the visit to the city, and I wish you luck.
Emperor Jax Yamato, House of Edo, Empire of Amurria"

She looked out the plane window as she finished reading the letter. As the plane was descending, the skyscrapers of New Osaka came into view, reflecting the light of the weakened autumn sun. "Always with the formalities. But well, I shouldn't complain. After all, this is the first time something like this happens." she mumbled. Asano Isuzu, the Prime Minister of the Empire of Amurria, was to represent the Emperor, who was on his way to Vladivostok, in a meeting with the heads of the Great Six Houses. The meeting was held in New Osaka, in the New Osaka Tower.

New Osaka, 28th October 2018, 13:04 PM

As soon as she got out of the airport, what could only be described as an army of journalists seemed to appear out of nowhere, asking her countless questions, most of which couldn't be understood because they were talking over each other, until a group of Imperial Soldiers got out of two black jeeps.
"The Prime Minister cannot answer questions at this time." said their captain as he escorted her to a short limousine.
"Why the escort jeeps?" she asked.
"We're going through the Chinese District."
When she got in, the convoy began moving slowly through the traffic. The main route between the airport and the city-proper was destroyed by what appeared to be a timed bomb, claiming the lives of 300 citizens. Thus the other route was through the Chinese District, so the army set up a clear route through the area, guarding the road. A clearing was made for the convoy to pass, away from the road used by the rest of the civilians. This route was going through the middle of the District, to the abandoned metro station.

As they reached the station a bomb exploded underneath the second military jeep, setting it on flames.
"N.O. Command, prepare to bring the metro, together with reinforcements, I suspect there are enemies in the area."
"Understood, Rising Sun, make sure the Prime Minister is not hurt."
"Roger that."

The convoy stopped, and, as silence fell, the cars were shot from all sides, almost penetrating the bulletproof cover. When the shooting stopped, the soldiers got out of the jeep and escorted Isuzu to the entrance in the metro station. As soon as the first soldier stepped inside the station, he was shot. The group took cover behind a wall, preparing to hold out until the metro arrives. The captain took out a detonator and, seeing that the Chinese gangsters were beginning to search the cars, detonated them. He then shot the closing mechanism of the metro station door, causing it to fall, creating a sound that echoed all around the station.
"You can look around, just don't get too far from the platform where the metro train will arrive."
"Sure." she said.
Looking on the walls of the station, there was a poster, almost ripped off, showing an Amurrian citizen, in the background skyscrapers, and a Chinese worker, with factories in the background, shaking hands. Under the image there was a text saying the following: Together, for a brighter future! We welcome the Chinese into our great city, in the great year of 1981! Banging was heard on the other side of the metal door, and looking into the tunnel, a powerful light appeared. The metro has arrived.

Out of it came a squad of spec-ops soldiers, who were quick to escort the P.M. to the metro.
"N.O. Command, the package is secure. You may start the train. Get her out of here."
The metro started moving, and a few minutes later it was outside the Chinese District, in the Business District. On a TV screen inside it were shown today's news. The most important of them was the following:

Breaking News: The M.I. Airport - New Osaka Business District Bridge was destroyed in what appears to be a terrorist bombing! 300 assumed to be dead! 920 wounded!
A provisional route for access to the city was created through the Chinese District, but minutes later it was attacked by Chinese gangs. Until the situation was stabilized, it is estimated that 26 people have died in the shooting.

Soon she reached the Imperial Palace, where she immediately was consulted by a special medical team. Due to this attack, the meeting was postponed until tomorrow, and the Imperial Island entered under lock down. A few hours later the bridge was repaired, and as soon as every Amurrian citizen was evacuated from the Chinese District, a bombardment of the area began, clearing out the possible hide-outs. Parts of the district were turned to rubble, and military patrols were deployed on the border between it and the rest of the city.

This is a dark day for the Empire of Amurria.
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Becoming a Socialist Nation

Postby Montgomere » Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:37 pm

The Treaty Of Portland
Montgomere has been batting off the imperalists for the past few weeks, and eventually, Imperalists came close to winning, until Socialists decided to bat Imperalists off. After Socialists beat the Imperalists, Socialists contained the capital, deciding to change Montgomere's government to a Socialist government. The Socialists decided to make the military stronger, knowing about how many imperalists there were. The Imperalists that were involved in the rebellion were 30% of the Imperalists, whom were executed. Socialists officially controlled the government on 10/28/18.
How it happened; Imperalists hated the government, including it was an independency nation, to a point where they decided to rebel on 10/7/18. Montgomere reacted wrongly, though, deciding to send 30% of their military over to where the rebellion was occurring, but the 30% was eliminated, then the Imperalists spread, killing thousands of innocent Montgomereans. Toward the end, though, Socialists decided to intervene. Socialists took up a great 32% of the Montgomerean population. From that point, Imperalists wasted about 70% of their army, then was eradicated easily. From that point, The following agreements were made:
- Montgomere becomes Socialist
- The Imperalist Alliance disbands.
Signed, The Imperalist Alliance, The Socialist Alliance.

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The Letskia vs New Karelograd War

Postby Montgomere » Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:24 pm

A occurring war is going on, Letskia against Karelograd.
OBVIOUSLY, Letskia could just ban Karelograd, but let's be realistic.

My reasoning for being on Letskia's side: Karelograd hasn't been the bestest ally, and I then after learned, that Karelograd was suspended for breaking rules. Then, I started to know that Karelograd was a war-starting maniac. So I decided to choose Letskia as a person I ally with, and I want to help so this doesn't create a regional war.

Signed, Montgomere. ( No longer socialist )

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Southern kecril Independence claim

Postby Southern Kecril » Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:01 pm

The southern provinces (South Sudan) of kecril wil secede from kecril due to economic reasons (trades, industry,etc) and also due us feeling like our voice isn’t not being heard by the country.we officially declare war on kecril to be recognized as our own independent nation, if other nations could recognize our independence that would be much appreciated
-President Ford, Southern Kecrilian President

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The New Osaka Conference

Postby Amurria » Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:16 pm

A day after the terrorist attack, the government came to the conclusion that the nations of the Co-Prosperity Sphere need to hold a meeting, in order to discuss the future of the new-born alliance. Thus preparations for the "First Greater East-Asian Conference" were started. It will be held in New Osaka, on 1st of November 2018, and the matters discussed there will mostly be the state of the military, and maybe the creation of a join military, and trade of resources between the member states.

This telegram was sent to the leaders of all member states, and some external nations.






Nations of East-Asia,
The Empire of Amurria is calling you,
We will hold a meeting in New Osaka,
Regarding the future of the Alliance.

Federal Republic of Minjok,
We call you to take part in this meeting.
It will most likely be of concern for you.

Allied States of Emerits,
Take part in this meeting.
It will be of great concern for your nation's future.

United Provinces of Akarea(青難夕露),
Although you are not part of the Alliance,
We invite you to take part in the meeting
For we still haven't discussed our nations' futures.

Amurria wishes you all good fortune.
May She grant you luck.

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Postby Saint Ryvern » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:29 pm

Saint Ryvern Administrative Complex,
Lagos, Saint Ryvern
Local Time- 1:55 am

President Azebry never liked the name: "The Saint Ryvern Administrative Complex." It didn't do the gorgeous building justice, in his opinion. Ever since he had been a young boy, growing up on the streets of Lagos, in the dirt and squalor that the majority of the lower class lived in at that time, he admired the stunning architectural marvel. One time when he was a lad he managed to sneak inside with a tour group, tucked behind a large man wearing a trench coat, donned to protect himself against the rain. Young Chinua could afford no such rain jacket, so he tracked mud and puddles into the building. He managed to make it to the rotunda, underneath the giant dome, one of the largest in the world, that was painted with a series of immaculate images showcasing the history of the brave men and women who fought to make Saint Ryvern an independent nation. Eventually he was spotted by the tour guide and chased out by an angry security guard, the larger man would've caught Chinua but he slipped on one of the puddles the boy created.

Later that night Chinua admired the building from the hilltop by his house, so far away from the slums but it shined brighter than any diamond in the pale moonlight. The columns, seemingly endless, never ceased his young attention and imagination. The few windows that dotted the outside only magnified the moon's glare. Tonight, from one of those windows, President Chinua Azebry stared out at his nation's capital city, the view lit up by the pale light from a nearly full moon.

"Mr. President, I know we have worked hard today, but there is more to discuss," the voice of Secretary of Defense Emolohi Sinachi cut into Chinua's self-imposed state of silent contemplation. The secretary's voice was gruff, worn down into a sandpaper drawl from years of cigarette smoking. Secretary Sinachi was the oldest official that Chinua appointed to his cabinet. In other areas, like education and commerce, he wanted to deviate from the elderly norm and bring new voices into Ryvernian politics, but when selecting the individual responsible for managing the country's vast military and defense resources he opted for experience. Emolohi Sinachi, born the son of a lieutenant general in the Ryvernian Army, followed his father boot print for boot print after birth. His father was a brash general, moving his troops around like pawns, using them to achieve a goal with little regard for their lives. When Emolohi entered one of the top pre-military academy high schools in the nation at age 12, he had a similar mindset. This carried him to the top of his class, and into the Lion's Den, the nickname for the top army college in the nation, where he endured a program of rigorous study and physical training to prepare for his career as an officer. He performed spectacularly in his given role, quickly becoming a colonel; settling nicely into the role by the time he was 28. Everything changed for Sinachi in 1988 when one of the most violent conflicts in Saint Ryvern's recent history broke out: the Kano Conflict. Briefly, for eight months in 1988, the city of Kano was swept over by anarchists, who flooded in from the surrounding countryside and toppled the local and regional government, sending the whole state into a state of chaos. Sinachi's unit was the closest to the conflict, and moved in to get rid of the anarchists holding local leaders hostage. His bold, "victory first" strategy did not last long, and he was left with a quarter of his men after two months of fighting. The anarchists began executing local leaders when more federal aid arrived, so Sinachi had to fight the forces from the inside to reinstate order. It took six months, but with very little supplies and a great deal of heroism his men assassinated the key anarchist players and brought order back to the region. This altered his mindset about how war should function, and he became a more compassionate leader following his trials. Sinachi finished his tenure with the army, retiring with many honors and moving into politics. He served on many national security councils until he was appointed Secretary of Defense by Chinua. He admired the younger man, he held many of the same principles, and he was glad to be asked to serve with him.

"You're right, my friend, there is much to do," the President said as he turned back towards his office, sighing at the large stack of papers on his desk that seemed to multiply with every passing second. "What did you want to address first?"

"The rising situation in Kecril. Some secessionists have appeared within their borders. They should be squashed easily by the federal government there, but the situation is worth monitoring," the idea of rebels made the secretary a tad uneasy, some days he would hear the screams of his soldiers back in Kano as bullets ripped through them. He preferred a strategy of diplomacy first, the military should be powerful, but it was a tool to be used wisely, not a toy to be used irresponsibly and erratically.

"President Doe reached out to me recently, a personal correspondence with a nice, succinct message and a request to strengthen the bond between our nations. I'll reach out to him, fill the letter with pleasantries, but I will not shake his hand only to be yanked into his nation's internal turmoil. The Ryvernian people will not be held liable for Kecril's inability to maintain unity within their own borders..." When President Azebry first received word from the president of Kecril he was excited, the two nations had coexisted for a long time, but Doe's request was a great way to move the continent forward into a more unified and powerful state. However, a day later when news broke that South Sudan was attempting an exit from Kecril the president of Saint Ryvern was enraged. He questioned Doe's intentions, worrying that the request was merely a cry for help. Still, Kecril is an important nation, it is close by and its stability could affect Saint Ryvern.

"As of now, none of the Ryvernian nationals, an assortment of business people and students, have been negatively affected by this conflict, so there's no need to start shipping guns out yet."

"I'll reply to their will be a polite response but I will not let our nation be perceived as a pool for them to draw resources from only in times of trouble."

The next day, a telegram from President Chinua Azebry is sent to President Doe of Kecril:

To the esteemed President of Kecril

I would like to begin by offering my support for your nation in this time of crisis. In no way does Saint Ryvern condone or support the secessionist movement that has swept over the rash individuals who reside in South Sudan. Personally and professionally, I was overjoyed to receive your request to strengthen the relationship between our nations. Africa is a strong continent, full of life and beauty that few other places on this planet can match. Our two nations are fixtures on the African stage, and the development a strong bond between such key players in long overdue. A friendly relationship between our nations benefits not only those individuals in Kecril and Saint Ryvern, but people across the continent and around the globe. Likewise, our two nations should work together to protect each other from significant foreign threats that could destabilize each other's nations from outside our own borders. There is great evil in the world, it lies in every crevice and crack, and we should stand together against foreign forces.

In a similar vein, Saint Ryvern recognizes the great challenge and evil facing your nation now from the rebels. My administration and the Ryvernian people feel for your nation, but that must be the extent of Ryvernian involvement in the impending conflict. At the moment, a state that will continue, Saint Ryvern will strengthen trade with Kecril, but in no way will we pledge Ryvernian lives or resources to fight your nation's internal conflicts. I thank you for your timely and appropriate request, and wish prosperity upon your people and nation.

Chinua Azebry, President of the Independent African State of Saint Ryvern

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Postby Southern Kecril » Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:45 pm

To the president of kecril and saint ryvern,

I must inform you that war is not in your best intentions, I don’t want this as much as the next person,such a bloodbath between our men and women will be horrible and terrifying.we were willing to stay part of nation of kecril until a event occurred that hurt our people, jobs were lost and companies crumbled due to the economic choices made by the nation, when confronted about this issue we were simply ignored and pushed aside by the nation like dogs, we weren’t important anymore, we asked you Kecril to help us and instead you left us aside.also President Azebry, if you truly care about the future of kecril you will let this happen, this will determine if people of kecrils voice will be heard, interfering and trying to force the nation to be one way will make you a dictator, this will destroy your image and your country’s image, President Azebry I know you aren’t a dictator, I’m leaving you up to make the right choice, if fighting is what required for our voice to be heard then so be it
-President Ford, president of southern kecril

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Postby Southern Kecril » Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:04 am

Millions across kecril support our movement and millions more support it every single day,the movement is only growing stronger every single day, to fight is to take a poison that in the end will hurt you, President Doe recognize our independence or we make you recognize our independence, this isn’t a game of a chess, if you fight you are only putting your best pieces on the board for us to beat. Attacking us will not only hurt your economy and force you into a massive recession but will destroy your nations name

-President Ford

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The Peacekeepers

Postby Amurria » Wed Oct 31, 2018 10:37 am

Today, the government of Amurria came to the conclusion that allowing the unclaimed region, which was formerly controlled by A.M.V.N., exist any longer will only cause instability in the region. Thus Operation Rising Sun began, and peacekeeping troops were sent to the area, together with engineers, architects, builders and medics. The role of the operation? To stop the anarchy that took hold of the nation's former territory, and establish Amurrian control over it until it can become an independent nation once again.

The military units that take part in this operation are: 6th Motorized Division "Guiding Light", 4th Imperial Infantry Regiment "Purple Dragon" and the star of the Empire, the 1st Air Squadron "Death Witches".

Beginning of the operation, coast of Korea, "Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune" Aircraft Carrier, 06:47 AM

The General walked inside the relatively big metal room, looking at the men standing in line, saluting him.
"Listen up soldiers" he began speaking "as you may or may not know, you will be sent in Korea as a peacekeeping force, taking care of any anarchic resistance. Our infantry and motorized units' main purpose is securing of key areas and establishment of a functional infrastructure. Your role is to make sure they can do that, without having to worry about constant enemy attacks. At 0700 you will board your choppers and fly towards the chaotic territory, eliminating any resistance on the way. You will be given more details as the mission progresses. Your call sign will be "White Falcon". Understoond?"
"Yes, sir!" Shouted the soldiers.

Air Space of the former nation of A.M.V.N., 07:30 AM

"White Falcon One to N.O. Command, we have entered the area's air space, proceeding towards the coastal towns."
"Roger that, W.F. One."
Soon the squadron was over one of the small coastal villages, but as soon as they saw it a rocket was launched from the main village building. It almost destroyed one of the 12 helicopters, but it managed to dodge the rocket. The building the rocket was fired from was then destroyed in retaliation. The ships transporting some of the peacekeeping troops deployed them in the village, and soon it was occupied. A camp was set up, and the civilians were given food and treatment for any injuries. The main military units secured the border with the other nations, then slowly began expanding inwards. The coastal villages were already being rebuilt, and the roads connecting them were repaired, or rebuilt where necessary. This led to the rising of tensions between the local anarchist and the peacekeeping forces, which, in response to the rising number of terror attacks against the now-rebuilt villages, began a push for the former capital.

Coast of the newly built town of "New Seoul", "Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune" Aircraft Carrier, 19:12 PM

"Sir, we have secured the main foreign borders and also the coast. We own the skies. The only place we don't own is the capital. We will mount an assault to take it tomorrow, if they don't comply. But they should, I mean, we did rebuild their nation in the span of a few hours. The civilians are cooperating, but not the armed groups." said one of the majors who was overseeing the operation.
"Yes, they should. But I'm sure they won't. I hope that by tomorrow they will accept our troops, and our builders." The general stood up and looked out the window. "See that town? We built it in just a few hours, and that's where the homeless caused by the fall of the nation can live. But they still cling to their power because there is no government to regulate them anymore. They would give their lives for that much freedom. If they want it to be that way, then I'll happily take their lives."
"We shouldn't be that cruel. After all, we're here to bring peace to them."
"We'll see how tomorrow will turn out."

The following flag was created for the region:



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