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Corporate Police State

Postby Amurria » Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:08 pm

Canberra, Ebrilond, 1st December 2019 CE, 2679 IY

"Sir, the streets are getting more and more peaceful, and the revolutionaries are amassing their militia, patrolling the streets, what should we do?" asked a lieutenant.

"Well, we did not receive the order to move out and enforce the peace, and the Imperial Navy is blockading the island. With the death of the Royal Family, there wouldn't be any royalty to restore to the throne. But from what I saw, there are some resistance groups in the deserts and more rural areas, there are some monarchists, maybe we could make them accept an Amurrian king on the throne. Granted, it would not be a dualist monarchy, but it will still be a monarchy. Either way, since we have no order, we'll just remain in our bases, and intervene only if they begin shooting civilians."

"Yes, sir."

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Postby Ebrilond » Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:18 pm

January 01,21:24,Ebrilond,Island of Tasmania,Hobart
George and another man were in a van,transporting something 'special' across town.
"Are you sure this will work?"-asked George.
"Of course,we will show that idiot what Monarchism really is."-said the mysterious man,whose name was actually Peter.
They parked the van near the Tasmanian Parliament. They both got out of the vehicle and opened the back door of the van.
In the van,a rather royal-looking figure sat. She had a small body,small shoes,and a small hair clapper in her brown,smooth thatch.
"We're here,little one."-said George.
"Where are we?"-asked the little one.
George smiled.
"We arrived at a place where you can feel safe,until daddy sorts things out."-said George.
George wasn't her daddy,in fact,he just made it up so that she won't cry about her dead parents.
The little girl was actually the last component of the royal family,Princess Ebrilon Tusson.
They entered the parliament and the Queen could only see tall gentlemen looking at her with a greet. However she didn't know what was that for.

"Have you got her?"-asked Caitlin Richardson,the Daughter of Luna White.
"Yes,here is she."-said Peter.
The Princess was standing behind Peter,with a slight alarmed face.
Caitlin smiled,and crouched down to speak to the Princess face-to-face.
"Meet your new home. This is where you will live until your previous one gets fully restored."-said Caitlin.
"When will it get restored?"-asked the Queen.
"Don't rush,we'll try to get it finished as soon as possible."-said Caitlin.
"What does rushing mean?"-she asked back.
"It's not important,now come,I'll show you around."-said Caitlin.
With that,the two went away,and later Caitlin came back.

"Oh my gosh,this was a really close one,didn't she hear anything,tell me everything!"-said Caitlin anxiously.
"It was a blast,when the royal palace was attacked,the protesters shot the building with an artillery gun. It shook vigoriously. The uprisers killed the King and Queen but we have found their daughter,Princess Ebrilon in her bed. She was presumed dead but we checked if she breathes and she did. We tried to escort her here as quick as possible. Michael Barran is turning this damned country into a psychopathic dictatorship with himself in the centre,and if he creates secret police forces,we're doomed. We need to conduct her somewhere reliable. Michael is heavily anti-monarchist and if he sees the Princess here,she will be executed publicly,along with us."-said George.

There was a silence,and then,George had an idea.
"Hand me a paper."-said George.

Dear Prime Minister of Amurria,Asano Isuzu!
In the name of Ebrilond,I would like to ask for permission to secretly carry the last remaining element of the Royal family of Ebrilond,Princess Ebrilon Tusson to the lands of the Empire of Amurria. Michael Barran is soon to be installing secret police forces and that would increase the chances of the Princess getting caught and executed along with myself. Ebrilond cannot be a rubbish Focusist! We shall remain a beautiful Monarchy!
--Best Regards,George Davies,Vice-President of the Focusist State of Ebrilond.

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Postby Candanadium » Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:19 pm

To His Excellency, Vice President George Davies of Ebrilond,

Candanadium would like to offer to provide a safe haven for the Ebrilondian princess. She will be an honoured guest in New Konigstadt until the turmoil in your country is over. We would also like to offer political asylum for all remaining monarchists in Ebrilond. The 3rd Atlantic Fleet's Aurora Borealis Carrier Strike Group is heading for the coast right now, and we can take her, as well as all those seeking asylum to Candanadium at the end of our deployment. Candanadium is dedicated to seating the rightful monarch of Ebrilond back on the throne. I hope you will consider our offer, and King Richard would like to send his best regards to the princess.

The Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Ethan Wagner
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Ebrilond » Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:33 am

Dear Ethan Wagner!
We would like to thank your support towards saving the Ebrilondian Monarch. I confirm the escort of Princess to the Kingdom of Candanadium. Best Regards from George Davies,Vice-President of the Focusist State of Ebrilond,soon to be demolished.

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Corporate Police State

Postby Amurria » Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:08 am

Imperial Palace, Edo, Empire of Amurria, 1st January 2019 CE/2679 IY

"We have received news from Ebrilond! The last remnant of their Royal Family is being taken out of the country! We may be able to restore the monarchy after all!" shouted the ambassador of Amurria to Ebrilond over the phone. A sign of relief could be heard coming from the communications room. "Apparently their princess is being taken to Candanadium, where she will be protected until the situation will stabilize in Ebrilond. I think I saw her a few times before, a small girl, you wouldn't say she is the last of her kind."

"Can you talk with the Candanadians? We will send two missile cruisers of the Imperial Guard to escort the Candanadian fleet that will escort her." said the Emperor.

"But why, sir?" asked the ambassador.

"Because I know the situation she is in, I was in the same situation too. Remember the panic from 2001 until around 2003? When everyone thought I was dead? And they kept thinking that until 2007, and even then some people truly believed I was dead, and thought I am a body double. Plus, the Ebrilondians do not know how the ships of the Imperial Guard look. We can hide the symbols of the ships quickly, and then send them. They'll reach the Ebrilondian coast in a few hours, I know because I sailed with them recently. We do not need to let the revolutionary government know we are helping the monarchists, although I am sure they would suspect it."

"I will try, Your Highness." said the ambassador.

"Thank you, and give the order to the Imperial Guard to send two of their missile cruisers to the Candanadian Fleet in Ebrilond." Jax said as he looked at the Admiral of the Imperial Guard Fleet.

"I shall." he answered.

Soon, the 2 Maya-class Missile Cruisers of the Imperial Guard were headed towards the Candanadian Fleet in the Pacifc Ocean, sending this message towards the Fleet:

Admiral of the Candanadian Pacifc Fleet, be advised. The Amurrian Imperial Guard will arrive at the position of the ship escorting the Ebrilondian princess. The ships will shoot two flares each, one red and one orange, signaling their allegiance to the Empire of Amurria. Beware, if they do not fire the flares, they are not of the Empire.

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Postby Ebrilond » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:09 am

January 02,2019,Ebrilondian Parliament,Canberra-13:50

Michael Barran was extremely frustrated,he was circling around his office desk for minutes. Everyone just looked at him with nerves.
One of the personnel of the secret police tried beginning speaking.
"Look-"-said John,the Co-Leader of the Ebrilondian Secret Forces.
"Sir,won't you think storming people's homes would cause even more trouble for this nation?"-asked John.
At that moment,Michael wanted to punch John,but he was in high-protection armor.
"Listen here. I don't care what people will do or what will happen next. You need to storm all houses,try searching everywhere in this goddamn nation. UNDERSTOOD? IF YOU RETURN WITHOUT HER I'LL EXECUTE YOU FOR TREASON MYSELF."-said Michael.
"Understood sir,Moving out!"-said John.
The Ebrilondian Secret Forces' HeadQuarters were a few miles away from the parliament. With a total of 30,000 Tanks,the Ebrilondian Secret Forces (ESF) began marching down the streets,forcing people to abondon their homes in search for the Princess.
Michael knew George has betrayed him,and he knew this era won't be an easy task for him to survive both mentally and physically.

After a While,Michael heard terrible manscreams and cries for help. Michael looked out of the parliament windows and all he could see was his troops mass slaughtering innocents in brutal ways.
Michael grinned,he enjoyed the pain of others.

Peter's House,Hobart,Tasmania,14:22
"Thank god they accepted. Now the Princess will feel safe than ever."-said George.
"Boom,that's a checkmate for you. Better pay attention next time,Georgie."-said Peter,laughing.
"Chess is a stupid game,plus,don't call me Georgie."-responded George.
Suddenly they both heard a forceful kick on their door understairs.
The banging continued.
George and Peter were shocked. There was no way they could escape. They were playing in the attic.
Soon,the door was bashed and the silent house was soon infested with the footsteps of a soldier.
George and Peter both stayed silent.
"I see no one here."-said one of the troops.
"Keep searching you dumbass!"-said another.
Peter accidentally hit down the Rum Bottle he was drinking,and the smash could be heard in the whole house.
"What was that?"-asked one of the troops.
"SEARCH THE ATTIC IMMEDIATELY!"-said their commander.
George knew that it's either to be killed or surrender.
"Quick,hide in that cupboard! I'll push that wardrobe in front of it!"-said Peter.
"But...they will kill you!"-said George.
"That doesn't matter. I know how to deal with them."-said Peter.
George was really short,so he could easily fit in the old,dusty cupboard. Inside of it he could smell the old spices his grandma gave to him when he was younger as a present for christmas.
After that,he couldn't hear anything,but footsteps and Peter speaking in a different language.
"FREEZE!"-shouted one of the soldiers.
"Шь ыўккнб црфе вшв нўг ыфнБ"-asked Peter.
"Huh? Wh-what did he say?"-asked one of the troops.
"Does anyone speak gibberish here?"-asked the commander.
"It's not gibberish you idiot,it's somekind of Slavic language... We must take him to Michael and see what escalates out of this."-said the Leader.
Two of the Troops grabbed Peter and took him away. After some passage of time,George crawled out of the cupboard and cleaned his clothes which were really dusty.
"I knew I could rely on him."-said George.

15:58,Ebrilondian Parliament,Canberra
Michael Barran was watching an episode of The Boondocks on an old TV while everyone was away
"B-but I'm finished!"
"Nah nah nah,n*gga,yo ain't finished nothin'. Yo didn't wash behind yo ears. Just call me the 'Medical Inspector'. NOW PICK UP THE SOAP!"
Suddenly,Michael heard the doors open. That moment,he quickly turned off the TV.
"Have you got her?"-asked Michael.
"No sir,but we got this uh...guy who speaks in a different language we guess."-commenced the Leader.
"Wow. Atleast you returned with something."-said Michael.
Everyone thought Michael was going to yell again,but he didn't. And Peter was George's Assistant,and he knew everything better. Michael stared at him with an unpleasant face,and then ordered.
"Take him to the underground cells,and get a translator."-said Michael.
"Aye,sur."-said a Scottish Agent,who was actually undercover.

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Postby Candanadium » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:42 am

Aboard the RCNS Aurora Borealis, somewhere in the Indian Ocean, two days since the last port call in Cape Town.

Admiral Michael Steiner had always been a man who belonged at sea. He was born on a ferry, when his parents had returned to Iqaluit from a vacation in Nuuk. Growing up near the harbour, he had loved to close his eyes and listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

His dad had owned a small boat. The Baffin Bay, he’d named it, after the submarine he had served on for seven years. Michael had gotten his fishing licence at age 10, and his boating licence by age 14. At 16, he was proficient in the art of sailing and could name all the parts of a submarine. That’s when he decided he would enroll in the Royal Naval Academy, a mere 20-minute walk from the harbour. His dad had taught there before he retired, and sometimes, he would take Michael to see the RCNS Baffin Bay, which was moored at the pier owned by the Academy. His dad would tell him stories of the men who had served with him and of the places they had been. He would tell Michael of the busting port of Hong Kong with its vibrant night life, the solemn city of Manila, with Akarean flags hanging from every building, and of the historic ports of Copenhagen and Vladivostok and Murmansk. That was when Michael decided he would want nothing more than to serve on a ship in the Royal Candanadiumian Navy.

At age 17, he applied for the Royal Naval Academy and was accepted with a full scholarship. By age 25, he was a young Captain aboard the frigate RCNS Hood as chief navigator. Now, at age 35, he had been all around the world. Michael had sailed past the ruins of Old Taipei and shuddered at the sight of the bombed-out buildings, he had sailed through the freezing Northwest Passage, he had spent many a night drinking and sharing tales with his crew in the pubs and alehouses on the English coast, and he had glimpsed the shimmering northern lights from the bridge of a destroyer. So when he was informed that he would be promoted to the rank of admiral and be given command of Candanadium’s newest ship, a Konigstadt-class aircraft carrier, he had named it Aurora Borealis without a second thought. Since then, he had sailed across the seas, seeing it all from the bridge of his carrier. The Aurora Borealis was his home, and his crew was his family. With the induction of Greenland as a Candanadiumian province, the Aurora Borealis was given the new home port of Nuuk, so that it could sail to either side of the Atlantic on short notice. It was mid-afternoon on the Indian Ocean, and all was calm on the bridge. A CF-18 Hornet fighter was being lowered below deck into the hanger, and nothing was out of place, until the radio suddenly blared with life.

“Aurora, Aurora, this is Hotel Charlie Delta Romeo oh-oh-one with multiple VIP on board, requesting permission to land, over.” A helicopter. Thought Michael. What’s that doing out here on the open sea? The radioman sent a response.

“This is Aurora Bridge. Please specify your purpose and type of VIP.”

“Aurora Bridge, negative. That is on a need-to-know basis.”

“Hotel Charlie Delta Romeo oh-oh-one, you do not have permission to land. Please alter course. This is your first and final warning.”

“Negative, Aurora Bridge. We are under direct orders from New Konigstadt.”

Something suddenly clicked in Michael’s head. The callsign of Charlie Delta was only reserved to aircraft with members of the royal family on board. Michael picked up the command station radio.

“Hotel Charlie Delta Romeo oh-oh-one, this is Aurora Actual. You are cleared for landing.”

“Affirmative, Aurora Actual. Much appreciated.” The radioman looked at him with confusion.

“Sir? With all due respect, why did you give them clearance to land? We have no clue what their purpose is. They’re one of ours for sure, but who’s to say they haven’t been hijacked?”

“If you would recall your time back in Basic Training, Petty Officer Goldberg, you will remember that all aircraft with members of the royal family on board may choose to use the callsign of Charlie Delta. That chopper clearly has a legitimate purpose here.”

“Understood, sir.”

“Very well. Commodore Rosenbaum, you have the bridge. I will receive our unannounced guests myself. Captain Eichstatt, tell the steward to prepare the guest rooms.”

“Aye, sir.”

Michael put his officer’s peaked cap back on, adjusted it, and headed down the stairs to the flight deck. When he had arrived, two shipboard Marines, a corporal and a private were already there, waiting for him. One of them extended to Michael a pair of earmuffs and gestured to the hovering white and blue chopper. The noise was deafening, so Michael took them eagerly. He waited for the helicopter to complete its landing before taking off the earmuffs and walking up to it.

The royal seal, the three maple leaves and crown inside a blue border, was on the tail rotor, with the words KINGDOM OF CANDANADIUM stencilled in blue on the side. The doors opened, and out came a tall, clean-shaven young man in the pixelized camouflage fatigues of the Royal Candanadiumian Marine Corps, complete with beret. Behind him was a girl of fourteen or fifteen, and a civilian in a suit and blue tie. Michael glanced to the Marine’s chest to check his rank, however, in place of a rank badge was the three maple leaves and crown of Candanadium, which identified him as a prince of the royal family. Michael bent the knee.

“Your Highness. I am Admiral Michael Steiner, commanding officer of the RCNS Aurora Borealis.

“Rise, Admiral Steiner. May I introduce my royal sister, the Princess Ella von Magnar, and the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ethan Wagner. I am Crown Prince Herman von Magnar, of the Royal Candanadiumian Marine Corps.” He gestured to the girl behind him and the man in the suit, respectively.

“Your Highness, Minister, welcome aboard. Prince Herman, may I inquire as to the purpose of your visit?”

“You may. Minister?” The minister passed over a brown envelope with the globe, anchor, and wreath of the Royal Candanadiumian Navy on the front.

“These are new orders, straight from the Naval High Command in Iqaluit. If we could discuss matters in private?” The prince asked.

“Certainly. Corporal, escort the princess to one of our guest chambers. See that nobody is informed of her presence.” The princess glanced at her brother uncertainly, who gave her a nod. The marines strode off with her between them. Michael headed to the elevator which led to his quarters, right below the bridge.

“Is this your first time aboard the Aurora, Your Highness?”

“It is, though I have served briefly on the King William as shipboard security. I see that she’s in the strike group now?”

“She is. A fine ship, named after a fine man.” The elevator arrived, and they were greeted by the sight of the Admiral’s spacious quarters. A steward approached Michael.

“Sir, there’s been a message from the Amurrian fleet blockading Ebrilond.” The steward handed over a printed page.

“They’ve sent us two additional missile cruisers as an escort. They’ll launch two flares each, one orange and one red when they approach. Seaman, stay. I will be writing a response. Your Highness, please excuse me.”

“Of course.” Michael briskly strode over to his desk and wrote.

To the Admiral of the Amurrian Fleet,
I have received the message. Our carrier strike group contains three surface ships, which are the aircraft carrier, RCNS Aurora Borealis, the RCNS Konigstadt, a destroyer, the RCNS King William, a supply ship, as well as two submarines, the RCNS Longclaw and the RCNS Polaris. Once we have observed your flares, we shall launch four flares from the RCNS Aurora Borealis, two blue and two red. We are two days out of Cape Town, and we are currently in the Indian Ocean.

Admiral Michael Steiner, Commander of the RCNS Aurora Borealis and Admiral of the 3rd Atlantic Fleet.

“Have this delivered to the Amurrians.”

“Aye, sir.” The steward left. The prince and the minister came in and pulled up chairs at Michael’s desk.

“Admiral, what are your two highest ranking officers aboard this ship?” Asked the minister.

"That would be Commodore Rosenbaum and Rear Admiral Bjornsson."

"Very well. Summon them, as well as the head of the Marine detachment." Michael picked up his telephone.

"Send Commoore Rosenbaum, Rear Admiral Bjornsson, and Marine Captain Pullman to my quarters immediately."

"While they're making their way down, perhaps you'd like to look over the new orders?" Asked Prince Herman. Michael opened the brown envelope and drew out a sheet of paper.

To Admiral MICHAEL STEINER, Commander of the RCNS Aurora Borealis and Admiral of the 3rd Atlantic Fleet,

Your new orders are to sail to the Ebrilondian coast, but remain in international waters. You are to link up with the Imperial Navy in the region and conduct patrol exercises. Meanwhile, the Crown Prince has been sent to the Aurora to deliver these orders and to partake in OPERATION HUDSON BAY, which will be the code name for the rescue mission on Princess Ebrilon Tossa, last surviving member of the Ebrilondian royal family and rightful heir to the throne. You are to send a small task force comprising of around 20 seasoned Marines and naval infantry, including Prince Herman, to link up with the monarchist resistance in Tasmania in order to extract the princess. The Princess Ella von Magnar has been sent to keep her company. Nobody is to be informed of this operation except for your two highest ranking officers and the Marine commander on board. Good luck, and godspeed.

Supreme Naval Command
Iqaluit, Candanadium

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Postby Amurria » Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:39 am

Aboard the INS Yamato, 1st Imperial Guard Fleet, 2nd January 2019 CE/2679 IY

"Admiral, we received a response from the Candanadian Fleet. They will launch two blue flares and two red flares from their flagship. It will take them two days to reach the Ebrilondian coast, and we expect to reach Tasmania within 15 hours. The Imperial Army is beginning to set up safe zones in the Tasmanian cities, trying to stop the Focusist government from searching people's houses and executing them. Not so much success, but the government has nothing to do but to accept, since their armed forces are in chaos. The princess is in Tasmania, thus we must secure that island at all costs."

"Agreed, tell them we will station our ships off the coast of Tasmania, and will move them once the Candanadians locate and secure the princess. Until then all we can do is have the Army help identify the approximate location of the princess and secure it. We will meet up on the northern coast of Tasmania, in international waters."

Admiral of the Candanadian Fleet, we will meet up in international waters on the Northern coast of Tasmania. We will discuss further details when we will meet.

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Postby Candanadium » Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:45 am

(OOC: The new demonym for Candanadium is now Candanadian, since Candanadiumian is way too long. Please use Candanadian instead of Candanadiumian in future posts.)

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Postby Amurria » Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:52 am

Anna PavlovImage

While everyone is talking about politics, enjoy some pics of #Vladivostok!




12:12 AM - 01-01-19

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Postby Sudardes » Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:44 pm

Sudardesian Ministry of DefenseImage

Revolution has ushered in a new age for Ebrilond. The people have spoken! #PowerToThePeople



3:47 AM - 01-01-19

Elizabeth Baxton, 17th Sudardesian Rifles, New England Provincial Occupation Zone, Imperium of Sudardes, 11:52 PM, January 6th, 1999

The sound of an AR-37 carbine firing was unceremonious. Unlike the heroic thuds emanating from the full length rifles of brave soldiers in the propaganda films, each bullet that left the barrel was more akin to a slavemaster cracking a whip over some terrified victim, except perhaps a bit louder, both the crack and the screaming. Normally, the smell of burning powder becomes choking, but with their gas masks, the large muzzle flash of the short barreled carbines became the greatest environmental hinderance. The follow up shot in automatic fire became difficult especially in the dark environment as the projectile, flying at some one thousand meters per second, spat out at a cyclic rate of nine hundred rounds a minute, had their target obscured by blinding flashes of light. But what was lacking in precision was compensated for with sheer volume of fire and accuracy. Each full jacketed bullet was indiscriminate when it tore through flesh, bone, and sinew. A bullet did not care if it was tearing holes in men, women, or children.

Even after the gunfire stopped, their job was still not done. As the smoke cleared from her muzzle, Baxton could see through the panes, fogged around the edges, a silhouette running.

“I want that one alive!” Stepping over the bodies of the others, she motioned her hand in the direction of receding footsteps. “We need at least one of them alive!” They had come by the water purifier before catching up to a group of roughly a dozen hostiles. The droning sounds of churning water echoed off the high ceiling extending to street level. Baxton surveyed the dead and dying. None of her own. Good, she thought to herself. She set off at a run. “Maxim, Topfer, come with me. The rest of you stay here and secure the area.”

The three of them set off, their circular beam cast light just barely licking the circumference of the tunnel. They had pushed past the initial landing and are now deep within the labyrinthian system of sewers. At first, it seemed easy to avoid the raw sewage running parallel to the decrepit concrete walkways. But then the concrete gave way to rough hune walls of brick, webs of pipes and wires, and opened up into a brown stream of filth, it became impossible not to disembark and enter the ankle deep river. Although their boots were waterproof, it was still an unpleasant experience.

Through it all, it would seem coming from just ahead of them, where the flashlights beam just fell out of range, they could hear splashing footsteps in water. Two small quick feet dashing, always out of sight, but never out of earshot. The trio followed it, deeper into the seemingly endless labyrinth.

Each time they took a step, the water splashed loudly as soon as their feet made contact, sending circular ripples that fanned out slowly to encompass the entire width of the the tunnel, criss crossing mesmerizingly. Just the twelve of them in this particular section pitter pattering gave the impression of constant running water. Topfer suddenly stopped. He waved for Maxim to come close.

“Shine your flashlight here.” Topfer pointed at his wrist. Maxim pulled the cylindrical flashlight out of his breastplate. Topfer flipped open a map tucked in a waterproof wrist case. “It’s a dead end up ahead in the corner. He’s got nowhere to go.”

Baxton peered over inquisitively. Indeed, a rectangular corner cut off any escape.

“Maxim, you and Topfer should go from one side and I’ll go from the other. We’ll box him in. I want him alive, remember.” Baxton couldn’t hear footsteps anymore.

“Alright, Ma’am.” Maxim acknowledged. Topfer nodded in concurrence and the two of them disappeared behind the bright circle of their flashlight.

She pondered for a moment about what was going to occur. A classic pincer movement on one lone rebel, and her first mission in command would be a resounding success. All that was left to do was to make sure the two boneheads in her command did not get too jumpy with the trigger. She grimaced under her mask and stood up. They probably could have taken more alive if the rebels had just listened back at the water purifier. But in the heat of the moment, someone - it no longer mattered who - had fired a shot and a bloody massacre ensued. She tore down the right side of the passage, never letting go of her mission. She had to take the rebel alive.

Round another corner and there, no more than twenty meters away, illuminated under the penetrating spotlight of either Topfer or Maxims flashlight, was - a girl? She could not have been older than fourteen. Baxton raised the reticle of her carbine at the girl. She wasn’t looking at Baxton. Instead, she was gazing, petrified as a man in combat uniform moved closer. Baxtons squad radio crackled.

“Be advised, we have a hostile cornered and she has a bomb, over.” It was Topfers voice. The man approaching the girl took off his mask. It was Maxim. He laid his personal defense weapon down goaded her to come forward. “It’s okay,” Baxton heard. Maxims voice was echoey down the vast empty tunnels. For the first time since they entered the sewer, Baxton felt a cold dampness crawling under her ACU. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

The radio sounded again, splitting the quiet like a thunderclap. Someone from the garrison left behind at the water purifier had acknowledged their predicament and called for bomb disposal and the medic waiting on the surface.

“Put that down, sweetheart. Don’t do anything stupid.” Maxim cooed. He tried to imagine he was cajoling his own daughter to put down a toy and go to bed. “Think about what you’re doing.”

“What’s she holding, Maxim?” Baxton called. She took slow steps forward, never taking the reticle over the head of the girl. The girl turned. She saw Baxton and her eyes grew wide. A lively terror spread across her face. Her mouth hung, lips slightly parted, and her eyes stretched as wide as they would go. For a moment, Baxton saw a familiar girl from her youth. Petrified, scared, starring at an overbearing assailant somewhere cold and dark. Reflected in those wide eyes, even though they were so far away, Baxton saw the innocence and childishness of youth drain away right before her very eyes. It was probably true that this girl did not truly understand what she was signing up for until now, in the presence of masked men with guns, all her comrades shot within the time frame of seconds. Now the burden was upon her. There would be no one to tell her what to do. She was master of her own life. She had a decision to make. Baxton remembered what she would do, what she did all those years ago. She knew she had made a mistake.

In the corner of the tunnel, just a few paces away from Topfer, a series of events happened almost instantaneously. The girl tugged the wire that was tied to the blasting cap that sent a shockwave into a bundle of plastic explosives packed with nails and spacers. When a bomb like this explodes, a jigsaw puzzle of steel shards fly through the air at up to eight times the speed of sound. Steel moving that fast doesn’t just kill people; it rearranges them. It removes appendages from torsos; it disassembles bodies and redistributes their parts. A sphere of expanding gas coming off the bomb, meanwhile, fills a body’s hollow parts with energy, rupturing eardrums, collapsing lungs, perforating abdominal cavities and making hidden things bleed. The blast wave pushes air to such extraordinary speeds that the wind alone can cast limbs off bodies.

Topfer — still trying to talk the girl out of it — was almost fully decapitated. The top half of his face was removed, leaving just an open lower jaw; the heat of the blast burned most of his clothes off and charred his skin, so he was left naked, his genitals exposed, his body actually smoking, rib cage crushed between two sheets of metal that would have in another situation perhaps saved his life. Next to him, Maxim was burning alive, his blood vessels expelling water and his body inflating. He began to scream.

Baxton stepping forward registered only a sudden brightness. She heard nothing. She was picked up, pierced with shrapnel, spun around and then slammed into the back wall, her left arm shattered— the explosion so forceful that it excised seconds from her memory. Metal had bit into leg, trunk, torso, neck; one piece entered under her armpit and exiting her shoulder, leaving a hole that air and liquid began to fill, collapsing one of her lungs. By the time she woke up, crumpled against stone, she was suffocating. Somehow she had survived, but she was killing herself with every breath, and she was bleeding badly. But she wasn’t even aware of any of these things, because her brain had been taken over by pain that seemed to come from another world.

She couldn’t think of anything except that she had to get out of the tunnel. As the dust began to clear, she saw that the water was littered with burning chunks of metal. The sewer had been turned into an oven, and she was trapped inside it. She felt as if she were in hell, as if it were Judgment Day. She had to get away, but when she tried to crawl over the burning metal, she fell down to her side because her forearms were pulverized. She began to roll, like a child going down a hill. She rolled over superheated metal, over the body parts of her men. She wasn’t thinking about her men. She wasn’t thinking about anyone. She wasn’t even thinking about her mission. In that moment, Baxton forgot what she was fighting for. She saw a burst of bright flashes in the air — tracer rounds, a S.O.S. — and knew someone was calling for help.

Karl Engelman, Aboard the SNV Anatolia, Approaching the Amurrian-Canadium Blockade of Ebrilond, International Waters, January 2nd, 2018

The events in Ebrilond came as a shock to even the most careful of international observers. It would seem overnight that a previously docile population had morphed into a pack of ravenous wolves, hungry for the blood of the monarchy. Given its own history, while the Sudardesian government did not usually condone revolution as a means of sociopolitical change, it made an exception for the Ebrilondians if only to oust the Amurrians from the continent. It was lost upon no one that Amurrian garrisons, like a bad case of the pox, protruded at uneven intervals across land. As if to put a cherry on top and spit even more on international norms, the Amurrians had also instituted a policy of naval blockade.

Insofar as the revolutionary government was concerned, Baxton regarded it as, in the very least, not pro-Amurrian. Certainly the Focusists were anti-monarchist, which received nominal Amurrian support. What was most troubling was the inability to place exactly what Imperial family truly intended to do. As such, restoring Ebrilond to a state of stability under the new regime and to engage in a campaign of deamurrification was of immediate interest to the Sudardesian government.

The warm wind of the Southern Hemisphere caressed Engelmans face. His skin was dark, singed by the sun until it was a deep, timbrely bronze, stretched tight over immaculate musculature. His face was almost rectangular in shape. Two parallel lines demarcated the sides of his head and his eyes were as cold and blue as the ocean itself. He propped himself up with his arm overlooking the starboard side of the vessel. Just over the horizon he could see what looked like a cruiser. Fluttering atop, an orange banner, too far to make out fine details. At home in Sudardes, he was part of the special forces. For now he was simply a tourist from Hawaii on vacation to Ebrilond aboard the freighter Anatolia. Travelling by freighter rather than conventional means, such as plane, was much cheaper and some would argue offered a different experience. In fact, it was a shocking coincidence that aboard this one freighter sending wheat, potatoes, cars, shoulder mounted single use target seaking rockets, and small arms to Ebrilond had on board coincidentally just under thirty military personnel all with various specialties.

The vessel was not modified in any way shape or form. In fact it was an actual freighter registered to Defence Enforcement Regeneron-Pinker. The only thing that was different about this freighter was that it was accompanied by two Skopos-class reconnaissance submarines, trailing behind and look out for hostile action. No doubt they will be noticed within range of the Amurrian blockade, and the central government was counting on it. They were here to make a bold statement, that Sudardes was not to be trifled with.

He pondered for a moment what he had been told at the briefing before stepping on board. Even though supporting the Focusists was key to Sudardesian foreign policy, the central government, and by extension command, had not masked the fact that their leader, one Michael Barran, was functionally insane. “Basically he’s a fucking edgy sixteen year old trapped in the body of a whatever-year old man.” The major had said, cigar smoke rising into the beam of the projector, distorting the face of a particularly unremarkable looking man. “Central wants him gone for long term security. But only do it if you can find a suitably pro-Sudardesian replacement.” Engelman had no idea what that meant: to be ‘suitably’ pro-Sudardesian. As far as he was concerned Barran was suitably pro-Sudardesian enough and besides, it was not as if he had done anything that Central would not have done in a similar situation. But, he thought to himself, that was probably why he wasn’t leading the operation.

“Calling all servicemen, calling all servicemen. Please report to the bridge for final approach.” The gravelly voice of the intercom erupted over the sound of the waves. Engelman spat bitterly over the side of the ship. No doubt they’ve been hailed by the Amurrian blockade. However, as they were still in international waters there was nothing Amurria could do that would not be interpreted as an unwarranted act of aggression.

Quickly, he made his way between the cargo and headed towards the bridge.

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Postby Candanadium » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:52 pm

Commander's Chambers aboard the RCNS Aurora Borealis, one day away from the Ebrilondian coast.

"Gentlemen, let me begin this meeting by clarifying the situation in Ebrilond. We all know what's happened there, correct?" Said Ethan, addressing the gathered group. Prince Herman was seated to his right, and Admiral Steiner to his left. Across from them were the RCNS Aurora Borealis's top ranking officers, Commodore Nicholas Rosenbaum, Rear Admiral Linus Bjornsson, and Marine Captain Jonathan Pullman.

"We do. A few days ago there was a coup d'etat in Ebrilond by a group calling themselves the "Focusists", and they stormed the royal palace and murdered the royal family. Then, they executed the president and his cabinet on live television before declaring Ebrilond a "Focusist state". Currently, the country is being run by a deranged dictator named Michael Barran, who served as vice president under the previous administration. We are sailing there to restore peace and order in Ebrilond, alongside our Amurrian friends. Is that correct?" Commodore Rosenbaum spoke up. Admiral Steiner shook his head.

"When His Highness arrived yesterday, he came with new orders, straight from Supreme Naval Command in Iqaluit. We are to link up with the Amurrian blockade and patrol the waters, but under no circumstances shall a Candanadian warship be spotted in Ebrilondian waters. We are to stay 12 nautical miles off the coast of Ebrilond, safely in international waters. We have also been informed that the royal family of Ebrilond has not been wiped out. There is one survivor, the Crown Princess Ebrilon Tossa, a young girl. Currently, she is under the care of Vice President George Davies, somewhere in Tasmania. We are to gather a strike force of 20 seasoned Marines, including His Highness, in order to rescue Princess Ebrilon. This operation will be named Operation Hudson Bay. Our Amurrian friends will be assisting us, they have already sent two missile cruisers to escort our strike group. The Amurrians are waiting for us in the Tasmanian straits. Captain, assemble your best men and report to the bridge. Commodore, get a transport helicopter on standby. Your Highness, if you would like to visit the barracks, now is the time. We must act fast, before the regime finds the princess. Remember, this does not leave this room."

"Aye, sir." All three men said in unison as they saluted the Admiral and left. The prince and Ethan began to rise, but Steiner waved them down.

"Minister. If we could have a word in private?" Ethan nodded. The prince got up, saluted the Admiral, and exited the room. As the door closed behind him, Admiral Steiner began to speak.

"Minister Wagner, we both understand that the real reason behind this operation is not to help out our Amurrian friends. Now, let's cut to the chase and tell me what exactly this mission is about, because I'm not going to risk the life of a prince of the royal blood and my best men in finding a six year-old girl."

Ethan was caught off guard, but he did not allow his face to show it. A lifetime of politics meant that his poker face was impenetrable, betraying not even a single thought.

"Admiral, all I will say is that His Majesty and the Chancellor would like to see the princess crowned. That is all I will disclose. I will not comment on our Amurrian friends."

"Thank you for your honesty, Minister. One last thing, how exactly did you manage to get from New Konigstadt all the way out here in a day?"

Ethan sighed. "We flew down from New Konigstadt to Salisbury, Rostokia, while the embassy in Addis Ababa flew a helicopter down to Salisbury for our use. We meant to catch you in Cape Town, but you had left before we could get there, so we flew out here, making a refueling stop on a Rostokian helicopter carrier."

"Hell of a journey. Get some rest, Minister. We have a long day-" The Admiral's words were cut off by a siren blaring over the announcement system.

"GENERAL QUARTERS, GENERAL QUARTERS. ALL HANDS MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS. THE DIRECTION OF TRAVEL IS UP AND FORWARD ON YOUR STARBOARD SIDE, DOWN AND AFT ON YOUR PORT SIDE. GENERAL QUARTERS, GENERAL QUARTERS." The television screen behind the Admiral's desk lit up, with the words GENERAL QUARTERS flashing over and over. The Admiral rushed up the stairs to the flight deck.

"STAY IN YOUR CHAMBERS!" He yelled to the Minister. He rushed up another flight of stairs to the bridge. The siren was still blaring, but the bridge was a mess. He found the Warfare Officer at the command station, and shoved him aside.

"GOLDBERG! What is going on?" He yelled to the radioman.

"Two unidentified pleasure boats, sir, 800 yards to the west, and a cargo vessel. They fly no flag, but the people aboard seem to be armed."

"Seven hells, pirates. Get me hooked up to the loudspeaker system. I will address our uninvited guests."

"Aye, sir." The admiral grabbed his radio.

"Unidentified vessels, you are heading for a Candanadian warship. Change course now." He spoke in a calm voice, before switching to German.

"Ausländische Schiffe, Sie segeln in Richtung auf ein Kandanadumisches Kriegsschiff. Änderen Sie ihren Kurs sofort."

"I say again, unidentified vessels, you are heading for a Candanadian warship, Change course now, or we will respond with deadly force." The bridge was silent as a flag was raised atop the bridge of the cargo vessel. It was black, save for the white skull and crossbones in the middle of the flag.
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Postby Amurria » Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:36 am

AU-02 Military Base, Ebrilond, 2nd of January 2019 CE/2679 IY

"Move out, soldiers! Load those weapons into the cargo ships! We haven't got all day!" the Lieutenant shouted at his subordinates, as they were loading military equipment into the cargo ships stationed at the base's harbor. They were preparing to do their part in the civil war. "I never thought we will see a civil war in an allied nation." he mumbled. "And now the Sudardesians are also helping the focusists."

"Sir, we finished loading most of the equipment, the helicopters have begun their patrol over the island of Tasmania, and the Yamato has reached it's destination."

"Good news then. I'm sure this base will be taken by the Sudardesian Army, they are not dumb enough to let the chance of capturing an undefended Amurrian base pass, so we will leave 30 soldiers here as guards. We will begin moving out in 30 minutes." As he said that, he began walking towards the command center, where he began shouting into the microphone, his voice being heard by everyone in the base.


Coast of Ebrilond, International Waters

"Unidentified vessel, identify yourself or we will open fire!" was the message sent by the captain to the unidentified vessel. The ships' guns were aimed at it, and a helicopter from the flagship was circling the cargo ship.

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Postby Candanadium » Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:23 am

Aboard the RCNS Aurora Borealis

"Aurora Bridge, this is Charlie Foxtrot niner-six-two requesting permission to take off."

"Permission granted." The CF-18 sped up and took off. It waggled its wings and then circled the pirate vessels.

"Unidentified vessel, you have twenty seconds to surrender, or we shall open fire." Michael spoke into the loudspeaker. The silence in the bridge was shattered by the sound of gunfire. The pirates were firing on the CF-18 with what looked to be a PKM machine gun, but the rounds of 7.62x54r did nothing against a fighter jet cruising above them.

"Aurora Bridge, requesting permission to fire."

"Permission granted." Almost instantly, the M61 Vulcan 20mm rotary cannon opened fire, lighting up the deck of the cargo vessel. The pirates flopped to the deck like fish out of water, before the whole boat went up in a fiery explosion from an AGM-65 Maverick missile. The remaining pirates turned their ships around and fled.

"Shall we give chase, sir?" Asked Commodore Rosenbaum.

"We don't have time for that. Send a message to Supreme Naval Command and issue a warning for pirates off the coast of Africa. We have a princess to rescue."
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Postby Candanadium » Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:34 am

Candanadian-Jazadoan Mutual Defence Pact

This is an agreement and a pact between the Kingdom of Candanadium (henceforth referred to as Candanadium) and the People's Republic of Jazado (henceforth referred to as Jazado).

Clause 1: Candanadium and Jazado shall never engage in open conflict.
Clause 2: Candanadium and Jazado shall come to each other's aid when called upon during times of war.
Clause 3: If conflict breaks out between Jazado and the Empire of Amurria, Candanadium reserves the right to stay neutral. Candanadian citizens will have the right to join foreign legions on either side of the conflict.
Clause 4: This pact will be valid for five years. After that duration of time, the two signatories may choose to either renew it, modify it, or void it.
Clause 5: Both Jazado and Candanadium will have the right to establish military bases in each other's countries, with prior approval.
Clause 6: Both parties may void the pact if one party attacks an ally of the other.
Clause 7: Jazado shall supply Candanadium with ammunition, and manufacture weapons of Candanadian design, due to a lack of industry in Candanadium.
Clause 8: Jazado shall assist in the construction of a new Konigstadt-class aircraft carrier, the RCNS Jade Dragon, which is to be shipped from Iqaluit to Hong Kong to continue construction.

The Right Honourable Chancellor of Candanadium and Lord of the Northern Isles, Maxime Bernier
His Majesty, Richard of House Magnar, the First of His Name, King of Candanadium, Defender of the Dominion, and Shield of the True North
His Excellency, the Jazadoan Minister of Defence, Zhang Fei
His Majesty, the Emperor Liu Kang, Jade Dragon, Defender of Jazado and ruler of the Middle Kingdom

Maxime put the pen down after signing his own name at the bottom. He summoned his secretary.

"Bring this to His Majesty, and bring a copy to the Jazadoans. We will need to ratify this immediately."

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Postby Ebrilond » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:59 am

January 04,2019,16:22,Ebrilondian Parliament's Underground System

Peter whas thrown into a cell and woke up during the night. The glimmer of moonlight was starting to disturb him.
"Michael Barran shall be destroyed forever,his crazy anti-monarchist movement is making me sick."-said Peter.
"Well well well,looks like I've got a new cellmate."-coughed someone.
Peter noticed someone sitting on the jailbed,slowly standing up and moving into a more lit area,where he could be seen. Peter felt his heart skip beats.
"Who-who the hell are you?"-asked Peter nervously.
"I'm...I'm the Father of Focusism,Clorg Sean,I invented that ideology."-responded the person.
Peter looked over at Sean,he felt reliefed. However,Sean was a tall,around 40 looking person with rather greasy hair,wearing ripped gentlemen's suit and a chewed bowler hat. He started muttering again.
"Once ago,I was the President of this beautiful nation...err,I guess it's called Abrilend?"-questioned Sean.
"Ebrilond."-corrected Peter with a smile.
"Oh yes,Ebrilond indeed. I was the President before Logan Harris. He was that kind of guy who was a complete sucker. No matter what the citizens asked for,he did everything but only in dumb ways. He once interrupted in a Police Case by saying that the cocaine found in a packet in someone's pockets after a car crash was simply 'sweet flavoured flour'. It was one of the many outrages he had done,and his assistant,Michael was the one who always dragged him out of many situations. I was thrown into this jail for 10 years for 'being a direct threat to democracy' with my new focusist movement."-he asserted.
"Well,Logan Harris is no more,he was shot like a wild animal and his body was burnt in public. Many other nations are shocked about this."-acclaimed Peter.

After a brief moment of silence,Sean took a deep sigh. His breath could be seen in the cold,dread chambers of the parliament,quite unexpectedly.
"Like I've said,I was the inventor of focusism. It's supposed to be an ideology which mixes the industry,agriculture and military of communism with free market capitalism. Basically the ideology is far independent from others,such as a Monarchy,Democracy etc. Focusism,on the other hand,does not only have one or two leaders of the country. It has five,each one of them have various jobs focusing on the ideology itself. For example,one of the five is the leader of industry,other of military,and it goes on. A Monarch can still live in the country itself but shall not have any privileges."-alleged Sean.
Peter was surprised,until they heard the door slam and a painful scream. The person stumbled down the old,rusty stairs and stood at the cell.

"Dinnae panic,i'm 'ere tae bust ye oot. "-argued a person with a thick Scottish accent.
Using his Cell Files,he cut throught the iron and then he shouted.
They all started sprinting as fast as they could,and got inside a van parked outside the building. Luckily no-one noticed them and the dead-body was hidden. For the Remainder of their time together,they both couldn't ask any questions to the two spies,and stayed silent. They were taken to a secret base hidden underground aswell. It was soon revealed it was the Base for the Monarchists. After Sean had explained everything,the Monarchist Rebels officially created the faction, The Free Ebrilondian Focusist Forces

Article 1: The Free Ebrilondian Focusist Forces shall be created.
Article 2: The Free Ebrilondian Focusist Forces (TFEFF) shall merge with the Monarchist rebels,and will be fighting against Michael Barran.

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Postby Candanadium » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:37 pm

Flight deck of the RCNS Aurora Borealis, Tasmanian Straits

Prince Herman von Magnar stood on the flight deck, staring at the night sky. He could make out two ships heading towards them, but in the darkness, nobody could make out the flags they flew. He was fully geared up, clutching a Candanadian-made C8A3 select fire carbine in his gloved hands. Twenty-two Marines were there with him, alongside two Navy specialists. He had been given command of Task Force Alpha, and they were to land on the Amurrian flagship, a Yamato-class battlecruiser, in order to link up with the Amurrians and extract the princess. There was nothing on the flight deck except the usual MEDEVAC helicopter and an CH-47 transport helicopter. Suddenly, two orange flares streaked across the night sky and exploded, illuminating the flight deck. Two more flares followed, this time red.

"That's our signal. Get ready." He said to the Marine beside him, who nodded. The doors of the CH-47 opened as two flares were launched from the Aurora, blue flames racing towards the sky. They were followed by two red flares and a single blast of the foghorn.

"Task Force Alpha, board!" He yelled, as he climbed aboard the helicopter. The other twenty-four men clambered on behind him and the rotors began spinning. Herman could hear the pilot talking with the bridge as they took off, headed towards a larger ship in the distance. The helicopter turned on its search lights, and he could see the imperial chrysanthemum painted on the side of the Amurrian ship. Amurrian sailors were waving at them, and Herman waved back. The ride was a short one, as they soon came into range of the Yamato. The battlecruiser loomed ahead of them, an Amurrian flag fluttering over the bridge.

"Jesus, that thing's almost the size of the Aurora." He heard one of his men mutter.

"Yamato Bridge, be advised. This is a Candanadian aircraft, callsign Hotel Charlie Foxtrot niner-seven-one, requesting permission to land."

"This is Yamato Bridge. Hotel Charlie Foxtrot niner-seven-one, permission granted. Welcome aboard." A voice with a thick Amurrian accent responded as the helicopter hovered over the helipad and slowly made its descent. They were greeted by an officer in Amurrian naval uniform, and another who looked like secret police, or Kempeitai, as the Amurrians called them. They snapped into a salute, and Herman returned that salute.

"Gentlemen, I am Sadow Kinmochi, of the Kempeitai. This is my comrade, Captain Han Cho-son of the Imperial Navy." A Korean, Herman thought.

"Forgive me, sir, but I do not recognize your rank insignia." Sadow continued.

"This insignia is reserved for members of the royal family. In the Marine Corps, I was a Lieutenant. I am Prince Herman von Magnar, Crown Prince of Candanadium and commander of Task Force Alpha."

"Your Highness." Sadow said, respectfully. "If we could continue our talk inside? The Admiral will fill you in."

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Postby Candanadium » Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:05 am

Parliament Hill, New Konigstadt, Candanadian Capital Region, Candanadium

"Sir, the Jazadoans have made two more requests. They want permission to use our weapons for their military." Maxime's secretary reported. That hardly came as a surprise to him. The C7A2 was Candanadium's pride. It had a cold hammer-forged steel barrel, making it three times as durable as other rifle barrels. Sure, it was about half a pound heavier than other platforms, but it shot straight and it rarely jammed, even in the High Arctic. It even had a smaller version, the C8A3 carbine. Both of these weapons were chambered for the 5.56x45 round, much lighter to carry than other rounds like the bulky 7.62x39. It was also easier on the shoulders, which Maxime was always thankful for. The C9A1 Light Machine Gun had a picatinny rail and a quick change barrel made from the same cold hammer-forged steel as the C7A2's. The C6 General Purpose Machine Gun was of the same breed, hardy, accurate, and easy to use.

"I'll draft up a new clause. I'll tell you when it's ready."

"Yes, sir, but the Jazadoans have another request. They wish to rename the mutual defence pact to 'The New Konigstadt Pact'."

"I'll keep that in mind." Maxime pulled out his copy of the agreement, crossed out the title at the top, and wrote New Konigstadt Pact. He then went to the bottom of the document and added another clause.

New Konigstadt Pact

This is an agreement and formal military alliance between the Kingdom of Candanadium (henceforth referred to as Candanadium) and the People's Republic of Jazado (henceforth referred to as Jazado).

Clause 1: Candanadium and Jazado shall never engage in open conflict.
Clause 2: Candanadium and Jazado shall come to each other's aid when called upon during times of war.
Clause 3: If conflict breaks out between Jazado and the Empire of Amurria, Candanadium reserves the right to stay neutral. Candanadian citizens will have the right to join foreign legions on either side of the conflict.
Clause 4: This pact will be valid for five years. After that duration of time, the two signatories may choose to either renew it, modify it, or void it.
Clause 5: Both Jazado and Candanadium will have the right to establish military bases in each other's countries, with prior approval.
Clause 6: Both parties may void the pact if one party attacks an ally of the other.
Clause 7: Jazado shall supply Candanadium with ammunition, and manufacture weapons of Candanadian design, due to a lack of industry in Candanadium.
Clause 8: Jazado shall assist in the construction of a new Konigstadt-class aircraft carrier, the RCNS Jade Dragon, which is to be shipped from Iqaluit to Hong Kong to continue construction.
Clause 9: Jazado shall be given permission to manufacture and use Candanadian-designed weaponry, including but not limited to the C7A2 select fire rifle, standard issue of the Candanadian Forces, the C8A3 select fire carbine, the C9A1 Light Machine Gun (LMG), and the C6 General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG). In return, Jazado must provide Candanadium with these Jazadoan-manufactured weapons, and also manufacture the 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 rounds, for both Jazadoan and Candanadian use.

The Right Honourable Chancellor of Candanadium and Lord of the Northern Isles, Maxime Bernier
His Majesty, Richard of House Magnar, the First of His Name, King of Candanadium, Defender of the Dominion, and Shield of the True North
His Excellency, the Jazadoan Minister of Defence, Zhang Fei
His Majesty, the Emperor Liu Kang, Jade Dragon, Defender of Jazado and ruler of the Middle Kingdom
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Postby Jazado » Sat Jan 05, 2019 6:19 am

New Konigstadt, Canadium, December 29th

“We’re done” Said Joseph as he handed Candanadians the trade deal. “That’s our offer, take it or leave it either way we’ll find someone who will. Though your offer is something we have all agreed to accept me and the emperor and whatnot.”

“And what about the pact?” Asked Ethan Wagner.

“We accept!” Answered Liu Kang the Emperor, “But I think we should focus on more pressing issues, the Ebrilondians are in a civil war, their government has failed and are now run by a crazed dictator I think that we should restore stability in Ebrilond.”

“And how would do that?” Asked Maxime Bernier.

“I propose that we begin naval bombardments and deploy soldiers to help the Monarchists, Ebrilond is not a sovereign state it’s anarchy and something we should get back on track before it gets out of hand.” Answered the Emperor. “What do you say?”

1. The creation of a bilateral fiat currency used both for internal and external trade. Jazado will be the only nation that can print the currency and it will have to be bought in order to be used. This currency will be the currency to dominate international trade and shall be named the Käsespatze.

2. Candanadium shall give Jazado mining rights in their oil fields, Uranium, Gold, Diamonds and other rare earth metal mines in exchange Jazado will provide Candanadium with livestock, food and manufacture Candanadian weaponry and ammunition.

3. Jazado will be given rights to produce the C7A2 select fire rifle and will also be allowed to use them for the Jazadoan Armed Forces, Jazado will also be given rights to produce the C8A3 select fire carbine and will also be allowed to use them for the Jazadoan Armed Forces, in addition to that Jazado will also be given rights to produce the C9 and C6 light machineguns and will also be allowed to use them for the Jazadoan Armed Forces. Jazado will also be given rights to manufacture the 5.56x45 round and will also be allowed to use them for the Jazadoan Armed Forces.
It was getting late and Jazado was expected to act in the current conflicts that were happening in Ebrilond and it would soon everyone knew it.

The Mare Nostrum, 30km off the East Coast of the Philippines, aboard the Tianzi Carrier, present day

Admiral Zhang looked into the horizon, everything was calm the ocean waves were still and the 4th fleet headed to join the Candanadian blocked of Ebrilond. Orders came not from Beijing but from the Emperor himself in New Konigstadt that they were to help the Candanadians secure the Ebrilondian Princess and later intervene in the civil war if called upon. With the 4th fleet seven cargo ships loaded with Jazadoan Fals as well as water and rations came with them. The monarchists would need all the help they could get. The Chinese Intelligence Bureau had already deployed operatives in Hobart, the Jews were surprisingly good at their jobs, smuggling weapons and supplying the monarchists it was their nature and who could complain about that?

“Sir, we’ll be at the blockade in two days.” Reported one of the sailors.

Admiral Jiao trailed from his thoughts and came back to reality, “Two days? That’s sooner than I had expected.”

“Its sooner than what many of us expected.” Replied the sailor.

“Is there anything else to report?” Asked Admiral Zhang.

“We sighted some pirates, but they never attacked, they sort of just sailed off into the distance.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes sir, nothing else to report.”

Admiral Zhang started to stare at the horizon once more, the peace and serenity of the seas will be forgotten when the shore bombardments begin, and the quiet they enjoyed would be nulled out by the sound of gun fire, FALs flaring and men falling. It’s a bloody conflict but it was a good time to send over some expeditionary forces, if the men don’t see action then what’s the point of having them? Anyway they would see lots of action before they knew it unless orders changed.
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Postby Amurria » Sat Jan 05, 2019 6:53 am

Aboard the INS Yamato, Bay of Hobart, Tasmania

"Your Highness, follow me please." Said Sadow as he began walking towards the bridge. "The Admiral will brief you and your unit on your mission."

The sailors made way for the group, and some were looking out to the half-abandoned city, wondering when they will depart from this island. The group soon reached a spacious chamber, the flag of the Imperial Navy hanging on it's walls, and at the other end of the room, a projector screen. Besides the screen stood the Admiral, a man in his late 30s, who, seeing the Kenpetai officer enter, arranged his hat and saluted the group.

"I am Admiral Ueda Hirokazu of the Imperial Navy's 1st Battleship Group! An honor to meet you, Prince Herman von Magnar!" He said as he bowed. "I assume all of you are prepared for the briefing on Operation Hudson Bay?" He asked.

"Yes, begin the briefing." said Sadow.

On the screen appeared a map of the city, and the admiral began speaking:

"As we all know, the Ebrilondian princess is inside this city. Our Ghosts have managed to locate her location, but the Focusists' Army is beginning to close in. Due to mistrust from the people, if they will see foreign soldiers securing their princess, you will be dressed in uniforms of the Imperial Army, and will deploy to the area together with a squad of soldiers, and evacuate the whole building. We will hide the princess and her caretaker in the crowd, which we will escort in the Yamato. Once we are at sea, we will move the princess from the Yamato to your ships, which will be escorted by the two missile cruisers of the Imperial Guard that you can see outside. You will move out in half an hour. Good luck everyone!" the Admiral ended his presentation.

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Postby Ebrilond » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:02 am

January 05,2019,Headquarters of the FEFF,16:35
Everyone was longing casually,while Peter and Sean were playing chess.
"Hmm...That's a checkmate!"-shouted Sean.
"Aw,man! It sucks that I lost,I always beaten George..."-said Peter.
"You need to know how to lose,nothing lasts forever."-acclaimed Sean.

All of sudden,the underground habitat for the revolutionaries began to shake,and from the surface,heavy pounding-like noise was heard.
"Vhat vas zat?"-asked Dr. Daels,the German Medic.
"I'll check it out,don't worry."-responded Carl,one of the many scouts.
After a short period of time,he came back with a worried face.
"SIR! There are airplanes circling around our base and dropping bombs everywhere!"-maintined Carl.
"Zey must be dive bombers."-claimed Daels.
"Michael looks like stepped onto another level. He somehow found out our hideout."-said Jenkins,the Leader of the Rebellion.
All of a sudden,another one of the Scouts,Jay,had appeared.
"Sir,I have good and bad news."-he held.
"Start with the bad one."-remarked Jenkins.
"Well,the bad news is that Michael Barran has sent various dive-bombers across Ebrilond to destroy all unusual sights which would make his power unstable."-answered the exhausted scout.
"The good news?"-suggested Jenkins.
"The awesome news is that the town of Bowna was successfully captured,and the Special Forces are retreating towards Canberra."-expressed Jay.

The Free Ebrilondian Focusist Forces stabbed the new flag of Ebrilond on top of the half-destroyed temple. In the distance,various of the Ebrilondian Special Forces now were retreating.
"Nice job,everyone. We are now getting closer to end this god-forsaken war."-declared the Squadron Leader.
Suddenly the Radio Started speaking.
"Yes,boss. We've made Bowna our territory now. We're going to fight our ways to Tumbarumba the next day. Over."

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Operation Hudson Bay

Postby Candanadium » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:49 am

Armoury of the INS Yamato, Bay of Hobart, Tasmania

Prince Herman zipped up his Amurrian combat jacket and put his plate carrier vest over it. He made sure to remove the Candanadian flag and replace it with an Amurrian one before buckling it on. He then stuck his royal insignia on the jacket and plate carrier before putting the Amurrian helmet on.

"I don't know how they work in these things, they're so uncomfortable." One of the men joked. Herman smiled and tapped a magazine against his helmet before inserting it into his C8A3 and slapping the bolt release. He pulled back the charging handle slightly to check if the round was properly seated, then released it.

"Everybody ready?" Herman asked. The group of Candanadian Marines, now dressed like Amurrian soldiers nodded. There's no way they're going to think we're Amurrians, Herman thought. None of the guys speak a word of Japanese, and we look too Candanadian. Herman had the pale blue eyes of House Magnar that was rarely seen in East Asia, but his hair was a dark brown. Although it was not as dark as his father's, his Jazadoan blood still showed. He had a few words of Russian, so if questioned, he could just say that he was from one of the Siberian cities. Vladivostok, perhaps, or maybe Khabarovsk or Blagoveshchensk. His accent would give him away immediately, but that was a risk he had to take.

They made their way through the corridors and decks of the Yamato to a gangplank leading to a small speedboat. The Amurrian soldiers were already on board, seated rigidly and clutching their AMR-76 rifles tightly. The Candanadians boarded, and Herman found a seat next to a nervous Amurrian soldier.

"First deployment?" He asked. The Amurrian nodded. Herman held out his hand.

"Lieutenant Herman Magnar, Royal Candanadian Marine Corps." He didn't want to overwhelm the Amurrian, so he didn't introduce himself as a prince.

"Sergeant Yamamura Tomohiko, Imperial Army. Welcome aboard, sir." The Amurrian said stiffly.

"No need to call me sir. Where are you from?"

"Sapporo. It is on the island of Hokkaido, in the north."

"Ah, I'm from the north myself. New Konigstadt, born and raised. How long have you been in?"

"Six years."

"Six years and still a Sergeant? This is my fifth year, but before that I was in the Military Academy." It would have been Herman's fifth year if he had not left the Marines.

"It's hard to get a promotion in Amurria."

"I imagine it is." The boat pulled in to a small private harbour.

"Task Force, dismount!" Herman yelled as he stepped out. He flipped down the night vision goggles attached to his helmet and looked down the sights of the rifle.

"Left is clear." An Amurrian voice came over the radio.

"Right is clear." One of his own men answered.

"Move out, head for the building. The princess will be in a black dress. The vice president, George Davies will be with her. They are on the fourth floor, but comb every room."

"Aye, sir." Replied the Marines.

"Yes, sir." Said the Amurrians. Herman whispered a prayer as the group sneaked its way over to an office building.

Somewhere in an office building, Hobart, Tasmania, Ebrilond

Princess Ebrilon Tossa was scared. Once again, she was surrounded by people she didn't know, in a place she didn't know. Her daddy had told her that men were coming to rescue them, to take them to a land far away, with a name she couldn't pronounce. She clutched her daddy's hand tightly as she sat and waited.

First floor of an office building, Hobart, Tasmania, Ebrilond

"No sign of activity on this floor or on the floor above, sir." The Amurrian with the listening device said.

"Yamamura, take half your men and hold this floor. The rest of you, come with me." Herman darted up the stairs to the second floor, and then went on to the third. There were two offices on this floor

"We're running out of time. Imperial Army forces will remain on this floor and search it thoroughly. I will take the Task Force up to the fourth." He hurried up another flight of stairs, with his men following him. The night vision goggles lit up the hallway in shades of green as Herman listened for any sounds. He heard the sound of whispered conversations to the right, and gestured for two of his men to come with him. They stood by the door as Herman counted down from five. He made the hand signal for breach, then kicked the door down.

"IMPERIAL AMURRIAN ARMY! GET ON THE GROUND, NOW! DO IT NOW!" He screamed, as his Marines burst in, pointing rifles everywhere.




"Excellent. Begin search for target." There was a small crowd gathered in the middle of the room, and in the midst of them was a small girl, huddled up in the lap of a tall man in a black suit.

"Your highness, Vice President. Come with us." Herman held out his hand and pulled the man to his feet. The girl got up, clutching a teddy bear.

"Is this it? The rescue mission?" George Davies asked. His voice sounded distant, as if he was dazed.

"It is. You're safe now, sir. Follow us."

"The-the rest of the refugees, they need to be evacuated. Barran knows where we are." He stammered.

"My Marines and the Amurrians will see to it. For now, sir, you and the princess are our priority." Herman spoke into his radio.

"Yamamura, I have the target. Bring your soldiers up here to escort the civilians to the pier."

"Yes, sir."

Near midnight, on a street in Hobart

The large group of refugees made its way down the road, huddled together and whispering. Beside them walked Amurrian soldiers and Candanadian Marines. There was an overturned van down the road, and the remains of a police roadblock. George Davies shook with relief. Finally, he and the princess were safe. He could begin a new life in Candanadium, free from the clutches of Michael Barran. Someday, he vowed. Someday I will return, and see Ebrilond peaceful and free again. The silence was shattered by the sound of automatic fire, coming behind the road.

"CONTACT! CONTACT SIX O'CLOCK!" Herman barked. He hit the ground and looked down the sights of his rifle. He saw a the muzzle flash of an automatic weapon, and sent a few rounds downrange that way. An Amurrian soldier opened up with a light machine gun as a grenade was thrown by one of his Marines.

"Who the hell are these guys?" He yelled into his radio.

"Government troops, most likely, or a Focusist militia. Right now we need to get the civilians out immediately." Yamamura's voice came over the radio.

"I'll stay here. Take your Amurrians and go." Herman replied.

"I'm sorry sir, but that cannot be. It must be us who stays behind. We cannot risk losing you."

"Damn it Yamamura, that's an order!"

"With all due respect, sir, you do not command the Imperial Army. Go!" Yamamura said. Herman could make him out, crouched behind a car, firing his rifle towards the Ebrilondians.

"Royal Marines, fall in! We're leaving!" Herman ordered over the radio. His Marines retreated while firing, and they got the civilians moving again.

"Azura bless your soul, Prince Herman. Get the princess to the Yamato." Yamamura whispered. He knows who I am. Herman realized. Of course he knew. He fired a burst from his C8A3 before breaking into a run. The sound of gunfire was suddenly replaced by a tremendous roar, as the office building they had been in only moments prior burst into flames and exploded. A grenade exploded in front of Herman, throwing him off his feet and tearing the legs off a Marine. The Marine was still, but Herman could taste blood in his mouth.

"THE HELL WAS THAT?" Herman yelled.

"Barran's found us, sir." A Marine responded. Herman saw the pier ahead, with the INS Yamato waiting there. George Davies had grabbed a rifle off one of the Amurrians, and he was firing into the general direction of the Ebrilondians. Suddenly he crumpled onto the ground. Herman rushed to his side, to find that his shirt was quickly soaking up blood.

"I've been hit, haven't I?" George asked.

"It doesn't look that bad. Can you walk?" Herman lied.

"With all due respect, Your Highness, don't bullshit me. Guard the Queen. She'll be safe with you. Go! Leave me!" Herman slung his rifle across his chest and got George onto his shoulder in a fireman's carry.

Aboard the INS Yamato, Bay of Hobart, Tasmania, Ebrilond

Herman didn't know how he had gotten onto the ship. He remembered carrying George Davies through the streets of Hobart and onto a pier, and he was vaguely aware of a girl pulling at his sleeve and a Marine shouting something at him. George Davies lay on the deck, his shirt dyed red. The girl began crying as she shook George's body violently.

"Sir? Sir? We've left the Amurrians back at shore. What do we do?" The Marine asked him. Herman turned to him, still dazed.

"I... They'll make their way to the pier eventually. Tell them to prepare a helicopter for us." He managed to say, before grabbing the Marine and throwing up all over him. The last thing he could remember was the look on the Marine's face before he faded into darkness.

Aboard the RCNS Aurora Borealis

He woke up in a familiar room.

There was a Candanadian flag pinned to the wall, and a picture of his grandfather, King William, on the nightstand beside the bed. He sat up in bed and stepped out into the hall. The Marine he had thrown up on was there, now in a Candanadian corpsman's uniform.

"Where... What..." He stammered, before realizing how parched his throat was.

"Oh, sir, I did not realize you were awake. The princess is safe, she is in the chambers of your sister, the Princess Ella von Magnar. The Amurrians are back aboard the Yamato, and the refugees are en route to Amurria."

"I... threw up on you, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did, sir. No need to apologize, you were in shock. I will inform the Admiral that you are up."

"Could I have some water?"

"Certainly. I will call a steward."

Parliament Hill, New Konigstadt, Candanadian Capital Region, Candanadium

"It's done." Maxime said to himself. "It's finally over." He poured himself a glass of Jazadoan liquor. Moutai, the Emperor had named it. He gulped it down, and smiled.
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Postby Candanadium » Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:17 am

Maxime BernierImage

We welcome the Crown Princess Ebrilon Tossa of Ebrilond to New Konigstadt. Her coronation will take place on January 8th. Long may she reign! #Ebrilond #Coronation #Candanadium



6:17 AM - 01-06-19

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Postby Ebrilond » Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:17 am

January 06th,2019,14:55,Ebrilondian Parliament
Michael Barran was anxious and was walking across the entire room slapping his hands.
"Good job you idiots. You have broken the promise to not retreat. AND YOU JUST DID EXACTLY THAT!"-he shouted.
"Sir,the Free Focusist Movement is getting more and more popular,we're sorrounded. The two major cities we have are Canberra and Brindabella."-said their Captain.
"What the hell happened to Tumbarumba?"-questioned Michael.
The Captain took a sigh.
"Sir,they captured it today and they're pushing towards the capital. All we need is your goddamn orders because all we do here is guard your nasty-ass palace like a pack of dildos."-responded the Captain.
"How do you dare to speak to me like that?"-marked Michael,while his emerging insanity could be seen on his sweaty face.
"Sir,we don't care about this anymore. The war is terribly lost. People won't forgive you. No matter how many bombers will you send,no matter how many poor,innocent civilians will you kill,no matter how much do you grief,it's over. All because of you. We could have done those goddamn reforms on the first day,but guess no,all because you're nothing but a crazy dictator who wants everyone dead who try to make their power unstable."-said Private Jones.

All of sudden,two bodyguards entered the room,pulling a dead body with them. They layed him on the ground,revealing a knife in his back.
"We have found this body in the underground,and two of the important hostages are missing. The Free Focusists are also pushing heavily towards us and we don't have much equipment left."-said Agent-116.
"I propose you to write the instrument of surrendering,now. Only if you don't want us dead."-argued another Agent.
Michael was in doubts,he knew this time his men were right,but he only responded:
"Line up the whole fleet near Canberra. We can't let them in."-muttered Michael.
"Yes,sir."-stated Agent-166.
"CHARLY COMPANY,ARE YOU THERE,OVER."-maintained the Agent over a Radio.
"Sorry,we're in the middle of a clash,over."

"Guys! We need to fall back immediately! Leave everything behind!"-said the 2nd Special Armored Forces' Guardian.
"Yes,sir!"-shouted back everyone.
With that,the whole team started retreating,however they didn't notice they left some valuable gear and accoutrements behind,including jeeps,petroleum,firearms and explosives.
Michael was both furious and depressed,he knew that with the fall of other major cities he cannot be escorted to safety,and a bloody battle for the capital will begin.
Thus,the Siege of Canberra begins...

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Postby Amurria » Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:22 pm

Sapporo, 5th January 2019 CE/2679 IY

The alarm clock began ringing early in the morning, disturbing Takeru's dream. He slowly woke up and looked at the time: "7:15, and the dream was getting to the interesting part." He tried remembering it, but all he could make out was that he was on a battlefield outside Sapporo, in a trench, the artillery firing endlessly at only what he could count as creatures, the skies being full of giant robots. "I really gotta stop playing Earth Defense Force, it's gonna bring me down one of these days." He thought, grinning. It was the weekend after all, and, like through a miracle, he had no homework. His plan for today was to take a walk around the town, maybe hang out with friends. Getting out of bed took him a quite long time, unlike during school, when he has to wake up and get out of bed in ten minutes at most. Opening his phone, he noticed he had one unread message, from one of his classmates, Kagami Otome: "Hey, there's a film I know you'd like to see, and so do I, so I got us tickets! XD meet me in the bus station in front of my apartment building at 3 afternoon". He smiled, at least now he got someone to hang out with. Until that time, he took a shower, got dressed, ate his breakfast, and took a walk through his neighbourhood.

"This place is really quiet for this time." He thought as the weather only got colder, but soon he saw a few people celebrating, and some even crying.

"Excuse me, what happened?" He asked curiously.

"Didn't you hear the good news? The princess of Ebrilond is alive! She's alive! Thank God!" one of the men celebrating answered with a visible happiness. "I heard she was hidden somewhere in Tasmania, but the Imperial Army rescued her! I heard she is now en-route to Candanadium, but I'm not sure." He continued.

"That's some great news!" Takeru replied. "With the state of Ebrilond, rescuing the princess means a huge victory!"

Soon he left. Going around his neighbourhood, he also saw some vehicles of the Imperial Army patrolling the streets, especially those closer to the Shogun's Palace. Clearly they were preparing in case another terrorist attack happened. Although the weather was cold and most of the buildings and streets were snow covered, the city still looked great, and quite ironically, the sky was as clear as it could get. By the time he finished his walk, the time was around 1 in the afternoon. Takeru went home, ate his microwave-cooked lunch, then got ready to go out again.




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