Help Me Through The Night [Closed, Astyria Only]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Help Me Through The Night [Closed, Astyria Only]

Postby Consular » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:30 pm

OOC: Restricted to Astyria members and invited outsiders.

The Assembly, Speaker's Office

"It's raining." Eli clasped his hands behind his back, and looked out across the bay. The large windows in his office gave him an enviable vantage point, though at this particular moment he couldn't see very far at all really. The storm had come in faster and harder than they had expected, and while it was nothing unusual for this city, the heavy rain and fields of mist did a good job of obscuring his view. The light was starting to leave the sky, as the sun dropped beneath the horizon.

"Isn't it always?" Zhi offered. Being his Chief of Staff, she usually ignored his tendency to state the obvious. "It certainly feels that way sometimes." She added idly, checking her watch.

"I'd hoped it would be clear for tonight at least. Vigil is a beautiful city, it would've been good for our guests to see it at its best."

"They're here for a few days. I'm sure they'll get the chance."

"...True enough." He replied eventually. In the distance he could see Zenith Tower, only just visible through the columns of rain. Zenith was 118 stories tall, making it the tallest of the many skyscrapers in the city. Its mirrored outer plating reflected light like a mirage, and made the tower glitter against the already bright city skyline. A very recent construction, Zenith was state of the art, in terms of architecture, design, and of course, security.

The top 18 floors of the tower had been set aside for government use. For the next few days they would be hosting dignitaries from across Astyria, who were attending an international trade summit. Tonight was to be the opening party, hosted in Zenith's penthouse event centre. It was arguably the most prestigious venue in the city, and inarguably home to the best views in the city.

Eli turned to face Zhi, who gestured briefly at her watch. He nodded, picking up his suit jacket off his chair and folding it over his arm for now. Eli had dressed for the evening in a crisp three piece suit, coloured entirely jet black, including the shirt and tie. It was a modern choice which accentuated his more youthful looks, and it played well with the cameras, which was important for his media following.

Without any further discussion he left the office, putting on his jacket in one smooth and obviously well practiced motion, and moving down the hall towards the elevators. Zhi fell in a few paces behind him, her perfectly cut and slightly revealing red dress flowing gracefully as she walked. The dress was sleeveless on one side, deliberately leaving visible an elaborate dragon tattoo that snaked down her arm.

A few steps back, just far enough to not cause discomfort, a pair of bodyguards followed, their weapons comfortably concealed under their carefully tailored suits.

A few moments later the elevator reached the roof. More guards appeared with umbrellas, to shelter the Speaker and his Chief from rain as they walked the short distance to the helicopter. From there it was only a few minutes of flight to Zenith.

* * *

The Keystone, Command Centre

"Eyes up, Peacekeepers." The murmuring in the room slowly died off, as all eyes eventually settled on Deputy Director Kang Hammond. The command centre was not unlike a Greek auditorium in shape, with multiple tiered semi circles of computer stations surrounding a central open space, pressed up against a high wall covered in various displays. Hammond stood in the centre.

"Righto, let's keep this simple." He hated speeches but it was going to be a rather busy evening, so best he get this out of the way now. "Dignitaries from across the world are today entrusting us with their safety. I expect you to make good on that trust." He paused, expecting the officers to take a moment to dwell on their responsibilities, and making eye contact with a few of the different officers around the room. "No mistakes. Not today. Let's get this done right, yeah?"

He nodded his thanks as an officer handed him a mug of coffee, and loosened his tie a bit. "So let's get to it. I want eyes on all primaries at all times." They had been keeping an eye on things all day of course, but if there was going to be a major incident, it was going to happen tonight. This was the only time every dignitary would be together in the same room.

There were maybe four dozen officers in the command centre. The large displays on the back wall were mostly occupied with showing the current locations of all foreign dignitaries, as tracked by their assigned Peacekeeper escorts. Other displays showed live images of key locations, primarily Zenith, and feeds from circling helicopters which were rotating between the different dignitary escorts. A final display confirmed SOUTHERN CROSS had detected no aerospace intrusions.

Security had been escalated across the city for the duration of the event. Additional Police and armed Peacekeeper officers were on duty, and emergency response teams had been placed on standby. An AWACS equipped jet circled the skies above, supplementing ground based radar. It was joined by two pairs of Daredevils, already airborne and ready to intercept threats. The major routes between Valiant airport and Zenith Tower had been preemptively swept for hazards, and would be temporarily closed when dignitaries were in transit to reduce traffic concerns.

The Peacekeepers had already spent a good week leading up to the event methodically sweeping the city. All outstanding leads were chased down, and large amounts of suspect persons were temporarily detained for the duration of the event, somewhat indiscriminately and not entirely legally. The courts would object in due course, but they would deal with the legal fallout afterwards. For now it was better for everyone that anyone capable of threatening the event was contained.

* * *

Zenith Tower, Penthouse

The main room of the function centre was a large square space spanning the entirely of the 116-118th floors of the tower. The higher parts of the walls curved inwards as they approached the ceiling, with different sections curving in at different angles and in different directions, in a complicated floral inspired design. The inside of each curve was lit up from hidden lights in wildly different colours. The whole effect was that when one looked up, the ceiling was a confusing but mesmerizing cacophony of colours. The lower sections of the walls were lined with large windows, which looked out upon the bay and the city surrounding it, though the view tonight was mostly rained out.

In the centre of the room the floor started to slope down into a sunken circular space, where an orchestra had set up to provide the music for the evening. Before the slope, most of the rest of the room was filled with tables and comfortable seating. Off to one side was another sunken space, this time a long rectangle, which curved inwards slightly as though wrapping around the orchestra space. The sunken rectangle was where one would find the bar, stocked with almost every kind of drink imaginable, both alcoholic and otherwise. A pair of pillars on the opposite side of the room housed the elevators to the roof and lower levels.

The room was already fairly busy, with various corporate guests and other important peoples having already arrived and settled in. Wait staff circled attentively, but otherwise were mindful to be invisible until needed. There were no visible security elements present, aside from a pair of guards beside the elevators.

The entrance foyer at the bottom of the building was another story, having been converted into a full security checkpoint. All guests were to be comprehensively checked by Peacekeepers before being allowed into the elevators. Recognized dignitaries were not to be physically searched but were still to be scanned for weapons, as were all their staff. Foreign security escorts had been permitted until this point but were not allowed upstairs.

Calo allowed himself to lean back against the table as he surveyed the room, grateful for the reprieve. His knee was very seriously not cooperating with him lately. The doctors had said he needed surgery, and while he had every confidence in their ability, he simply didn't have the time to spend a week recovering in hospital. He had also refused use of a walking stick. He may have been getting up there in years now, but he was fairly fit for his age, and his pride wouldn't let him limp around relying on a silly stick for balance.

"Drink?" Benji offered a tumbler, but was waved off. "It'll calm the nerves." He said, undeterred by the slightly disapproving look he got from his father. When the Secretary continued to show no interest, he shrugged and rapidly downed the contents of the tumbler himself.

Calo watched in mild wonder as his son emptied the entire glass of god only knew what in mere seconds. "You've spent far too much time abroad." He observed. "Nowhere else would you learn a skill as concerning as that."

"You admit it's a skill then." Benji grinned broadly, turning and wandering off in search of more interesting company, before the man trapped him in a death via lecture scenario.

Calo said nothing, and was actually quite thankful for the distraction when one of his staff waived him down. Everything appeared to be in place for the evening's event. All that was left to do was await the arrival of their foreign guests. He stood up and carefully buttoned up his dark grey three piece suit. It was going to be a long night.
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Postby Consular » Fri Oct 19, 2018 8:12 pm

Zenith Tower, Penthouse

"Why do you always look so worried?"

Calo didn't need to turn, he easily recognised the voice at his side. "Perhaps I always am." He replied with a heavy sigh.

Elaine was about to tell him to relax, but thought better of it. It would probably just come across to him as condescending. "It's not like you to refuse a drink." She said instead. She herself was holding a glass of red wine, having decided many years ago that she would drink whatever she wanted, and that the hypocrisy didn't really bother her.

He grunted. "I fear you were right. I've been a bad influence on him..." His voice trailed off, as he resolved to stop worrying about his son, at least for one night.

"Oh you're being silly, Benji is his own person, and he's not a child any more." She realised he wasn't entirely listening and followed his gaze to the elevators, where the Speaker had just arrived. He was hard to miss, being apparently incapable of making a subtle entrance.

Eli eventually casually snaked his way through the room towards Calo, shaking hands and making idle conversation with various guests on the way.

"Mr Faber. I trust everything is going well?" He offered his hand, which Calo promptly grasped.

"It is, Mr Onasi." Calo replied confidently, immediately throwing off whatever exhaustion had been growing on him moments earlier.

Eli smiled and chuckled. "How are you, Calo? How's the salmon? I haven't tried it yet. That is, of course, the real reason I'm here."

Calo almost laughed. Zhi inwardly rolled her eyes. "Calo, Elaine, a pleasure to see you both again."

"I should wander some more." Eli offered, saving Calo from having to answer. "We'll catch up again later." He wasn't going to stay the whole night, nor would he have any meaningful participation in the trade summit that followed. He left that kind of work to Calo. But he had been asked to make an appearance, so he would make every effort to be seen while he was here.

* * *

Across the room, Benji had barely managed to suppress a yawn when someone asked him about his work.

"Ah, you don't want to hear about that. The World Assembly isn't..." His mildly inebriated mind searched desperately for the right word. "Let's just say it's not really that interesting." He didn't add that he felt that was a massive understatement. His job much of the time involved doing absolutely nothing.

"You're in a room with some of the most influential people in the world. The thought of that doesn't excite you?" He looked him quizzically, apparently not interested in dropping the topic. "You're helping to change the world, aren't you?"

"I'm only in the room because nobody else wants to be. This Republic and the World Assembly don't always share the same values, and our involvement there is tenuous at best." The sentence came easily, he was used to fielding this kind of question. "I'm just there to observe."

Paying the lady a bit more attention, he realised he recongised her face. Aurora Metzger was very recognisable, she was the face of television news for most of the nation. He inwardly swore to himself. "Please don't quote me on that." The official stance of the government was not that the World Assembly was a waste of time, even if most of the Assembly did privately think it was.

* * *

"You insist that Lamplight Inc works for the people of Lamplight." Horatio waved his wands around for emphasis, being one of those people who couldn't help but gesture as he spoke. "So surely going public is a good thing? It would mean the people of your city could buy shares and have an actual real interest in the company."

"It would also mean people who have no interest in the city at all can buy shares. Remember, you can't control the sales process." Serena waved down a waiter as she spoke, raising her glass slightly to indicate she wanted another.

"You have to weigh the benefit of investment against the cost of giving up control. The benefits are immediate, the costs are long term. I just don't feel like that scale tips in our favour." Alec had considered taking the company public many times, but Lamplight Inc had been very successful as a private company for a very long time.

"Besides, we wouldn't want to end up like Evenstar, with shareholders breathing down our necks every time we do anything. No offence Frederic." He added.

"None taken." Frederic laughed. "Those animals are always dogging me over something."

"What we need to grow is international partners, not more investment from internal actors. Thats why summits like these are so important. I think it's very promising that the Assembly finally allowed this to happen."

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Postby Nikolia » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:01 pm

Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Maritime Affairs
Carigrad, Nikolia

"So, have we packed everything? The reports, please don't forget the reports, Ema!" Janko panically shifted through already packed briefcase, while his assistant, an attractive yet slightly clumsy brunette already skimmed at least four times through the checklist. Janko was, after all, as of lately in ministerial seat, and many even protested his appointment in favour of more experienced politicians. However, compared to them, Janko had what it takes to take the job, a perfect educational, and of course, family background.

" Minister, everything is packed, don't worry, i've checked it at least five times already" responded Ema, visually annoyed by the panic that Janko was unnecessarily making. She readjusted her glasses and looked on her wrist watch that was indicating that their driver is waiting for them for twelve minutes already.
"Mr. Veseli, it's six twelve, we're supposed to catch a plane, It is a real wonder that folks from the airport aren't calling us already."

"I am coming, lemme just go to the bathroom, all this fuss is making toll on my already weak prostate..." Janko said, while rushing to the bathroom to relieve himself. He wasn't going to use the bathroom only for that: he had a lifelong issue with flying, which he was curing with some suspiciously obtained antidepressants.

As Janko finished his "routine", the two headed to the backyard where their driver was waiting for them. Nearly half an hour later, the two arrived at the airport where the governmental aircraft was waiting for them. The two met with the rest of the ensemble that will attend the international trade summit. Among them were 4 CEOs and numerous of other high ranking businessmen from Nikolian companies. The flight is scheduled to last for 14 hours, and during that time, the delegation will not only have time to rest, but to prepare for the summit, as they will go straight from the airport to the Zenith Tower, a magnificent 118 stories tall skyscraper, a marvel of Conite architecture.

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Postby Trellin » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:32 pm

"This is where we make up some points," Tareman whispered in his duke's ear as the two men entered the spacious room at the head of their group.

The Kur'zheti delegation had walked the short distance from their hotel under a dense blanket of aide-wielded umbrellas: as usual, Duke Lerem Dargalos had spurned a car or taxi ("We're not here to throw away money") and was now, in spite of all the mats and carpets and ten dozen storeys they'd traversed, leaving footprints of dirty water on the room's floor.

Dargalos smiled and waved as he caught side of the head of the Cadenzan party, a recent appointee to that country's fisheries ministry. An odd choice for this summit. Dargalos couldn't even remember his name. That minister was joined by Temthal Klemais, a someone from Cadenza Financial. That would make him representative of both the banks and the Cadenzan duke. A sound choice.

For Cadenza and Kur'zhet, who went to these summits was usually more important than what the summits were actually about. Attendance was about diplomatic point-scoring, as the two island states vied for partnerships and concessions. Cadenza had won the last two meetings, which was why Dargalos was here in person.

"Let's see how Klemais acquits himself," he said to Tareman out the side of his mouth. They came to the Cadenzans. "Good evening, gentlemen. How are we tonight?"

Klemais rotated himself out of his group — there were two others with him and the fisherman — and proferred a hand to the approaching Kur'zhetis. "Duke Lerem, delightful to see you again. I hope you had a pleasant flight?"

"Pleasant enough for now, Temthal, but we'll see how I feel about it when that question's asked for the twentieth time tonight."

Klemais had the grace to laugh. That was good of him. "The long-hauls take their toll. We had the good fortune to be this far east on another errand; trade concessions in Maqtajer, all very hush-hush."

"Maqtajer? I'd heard you were out here wooing Kyashians."

A grin from Klemais. "That too, but that's not hush-hush."

Damn it all. The Cadenzans were two points up already. They'd have to hurry. "The Kamënus administration knows no bounds, I see. You're doing your duke proud." Dargalos seethed inwardly but returned Klemais' smile as beatifically as he could before extricating himself. "I shan't detain you from your wooing. Is that the Nikolian minister I see over there, Tareman? Lead the way."

Klemais platituded at the Kur'zheti duke's withdrawing figure and returned to his circle. "Busy busy," he laughed. "Everyone has something to be doing tonight, don't they?"

"I can't say I think much of the show," said Avur Taipor, the dour representative from Cadenza's fisheries ministry. "Even the security would rather be somewhere else."

Klemais gave a reassuring pat to Taipor's shoulder and smiled around at his delegation. "Well, let's capitalise on that and make them all wish they were in Cadenza, shall we? I don't want to hear anyone say tomorrow they didn't make tonight one to remember."

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Postby British Hifax » Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:15 pm

The day before departing to Conite, Federico Stauber, Minister of Finance & Economy of the Principality invited Juliana Arauco, Fernando Roca, María Ruiz de la Prada and Germán Mitre (all CEOs and Presidents of the largest Hifaxian companies) to have lunch at a private deck of the Yacht Club. The group was supposed to represent the Hifaxian flagships and each one had been selected previously to represent the pillars of the economy of the Principality, the tourism, the banking sector, the design and the science. Federico had a clear vision of what he wanted for the summit, together with Allan Telle and the Prince they agreed in reaching the most partnerships and negotiations with companies and representatives from nations outside the EATA.

The lunch lasted for many hours, and before the guests left the building to their places, a schedule was given to them with the details of the activities in Conite.

30th Floor
Torre Odeón
03:10 a.m.

Federico continued working on the last details for the summit in his office at the parliament and just before leaving, in his house. He was recently appointed by Allan Telle as Minister this year, it was his first time in the position and the nervousness could be easily saw in his face, however, both the Minister of State and the Prince, knew that he was capable of reaching far. To add more details about him, Federico was the youngest member of the council with 37 years old and the first being openly homosexual, he was not only an icon between the young generations but also a big revolution on the Principality that despite having the same sex marriage allowed since 2003, there hadn’t been a gay person on the council.

‘More coffee?’, said Alejandro, his boyfriend since 2001.

‘Yes, please… oh, honey, do you know where’s the folder with those security reports of the Carabiniers?’

‘Uhm…’, just when he was going to answer, the iPhone of Federico ringed, ‘... I think you left them in the bookshelf of the office, but answer, answer’, said.

‘Thank you… Yes?, oh Allan, how are you?’, said Federico answering the call, ‘...oh well, thank you, see you at the meeting in some weeks then, see you’.

‘What did he say?’

‘He just wished me luck and scheduled a meeting at the council just after coming back', he sighed, ‘well… I guess I should be leaving’, said standing up and closing the balcony doors.

Federico left the apartment and got in the Breuer SUV that was waiting at the entrance of the tower. The Breuer made its way to the airport escorted by a police motorbike and left the Minister at the hangar where the private A330 was parked, the Minister waited for the four business people that were supposed to travel with him as others Hifaxian companies had already sent representatives. The plane took off without any complications leaving behind the shining lights of Princetown in direction to the northern nation of Consular.
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