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Afrika-Reich (APSIA ONLY/IC)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:41 pm
by McFreedomstan

Fallout of the First Great War

When the Vanavoian Empire and its despotic allies in Europe were eventually forced to capitulate to the free nations of the world, their high-ranking members of government and society were given two options. Option number one: flee to somewhere where nobody would expect to find you, or option number two: die at the hands of a Gold Union firing squad. Although many leaders of the Vanavoian alliance were arrested and sentenced to death, and while new regimes were installed in formerly autocratic European monarchies, the most radical members of the alliance's officer corps fled to various developing countries.

Most notably, General Schmidt Burg von Kleppenhauzer, who was the chief of staff in the Vanavoian Empire, was an extreme right-wing radical who seeked to establish the Empire of old once more. The General and his close associates, exiled from their European homeland, found a new home in the various chiefdoms and former colonies in Africa. Spreading the good word of their home culture, the General and his colleagues raised a class of "Ideal Germans" in Africa -- native Africans who were destined to reign like the old Kaisers.

Fallout of the First Great War - The Fuhrer

Former Fuhrer of Brandenburg (now Lukasovia), Josef Handelwitz Goburgblatt von Schmeideldorffstein, fled to Eswanti (now Sudafrika) with a substantial amount of forces and began to carve out a new nation with the very same fascist ideals as the motherland. Unfortunately for the ousted leader, Josef found himself being constantly ousted by foreign intervention task forces and surrounding nations leading him to bounce from nation to nation, establishing over 45 short lived regimes in the 1920s. Josef eventually died from complications brought on by Malaria.

As decades passed a new crisis emerged. While the poster boy of early european fascism had died, his ideology of had struck a chord with rising anti-colonial and nationalist parties in Africa. Due to Josef's promiscuous nature in the continent, a large amount of up and coming politicians and military leaders claimed that they were sons of the great Fuhrer and their respective nations were the true heirs of the Brandenburg Empire.

Japanese Containment Efforts

The Japanese Federation, having overthrown fascists elements in their own government during the 1882 coup, is fiercely committed to shutting down fascist regimes wherever they rise. When far-right governments began springing up in Africa and expanding their would-be empires the Japanese Military decided to act decisively and invaded the fragile state of Merina and it's neighbor, Botswana. It quickly overthrew the quasi-democratic government and integrated the states as protectorates of the Japanese Federation.

The move was, and still remains, highly controversial. Even though Botsuwana (former Botswana) and Merina have democratic elections with fair outcomes, the state media is immensely biased towards the Japanese government and actively undermines independence movements. In recent years, Japan has increased its military presence in its African protectorates and actively denounced the fascists on their borders. There is little doubt that another wave of "liberation" is coming soon.

When Kaisers and Fuhrers Clash

Kaiser August Wilhelm XII of New Burgundy and Reichsfuhrer Hans Adolf von Mutumbo of New Memel-Ndongoland. Two titans in Africa, both claiming to be the true heirs of the unified German Empire: A pet project that Axis high command never put into action. The two leaders have adorned themselves with Great War relics. Granted themselves increasingly ridiculous titles. And instilled a sense of dangerous rivalry into their vast armies of ideologues. With daily exercises on each other's borders and streams of ultranationalist propaganda, its seems like the powderkeg is ready to burst anyday now.


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Important Links

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:51 pm
by McFreedomstan

      March 11th, 1980

      Institute for State Integrity

      Report: Priority II

      Known Intel on Relevant African States:
      1. Bulgregia - Ruled by Spanish mulatto master race
      class. Very small population where blacks are mostly
      slaves. Tourism dollars from islands off coasts where
      boomers go to sip monster and recline their feet on
      the backs of an african

      2. Tuareg Coastal Merchant Republic - Highly semitic

      3. North Africa - Irrelevant Prisalian and Clanzian
      colonial failures. Keep an eye on Al-Apayayah

      4. Niamey Imperial State - Large empire mostly
      funded by trade routes through Africa. Several
      tributary states. Observe.

      5. Bing - Close ally of Niamey. Strong central

      6. Kingdom of Ouch(!) - Ancient monarchy
      that has survived every attempt at colonization.
      Chad warriors.

      7. K'tuuj - Ruled by cannibalistic clique inspired
      by the old norman empire. Eternal regency because
      nobody can afford a crown.

      8. S'sek't - Social democratic presidential republic

      9. Zionist State - 50,000 ashkenazi jews in the
      jungle and nobody else

      10. Wakastina - exiled natives from the
      territory now occupied by the ZS.

      11. B'rk - President banned vowels. Rogue
      element. Agents fear to enter the nation.

      12. Punu-Fang - child slave capital of africa

      13. New Memel and Ndongoland - Powerful fascist
      state. Major economic potential.

      14. New Burgundy - It's literally just poor Vanavoy,

      15. Botsuwana - Japanese puppet. Nice enough

      16. Merina - Japanese puppet.
      Strategic location.

      17. Nyanza Commune - Reds.

      18. Hargeisha - Rising power. Semitic.
      Smell of clams.

      19.Mombasan Empire - Minor player.
      Some vassal states.

      20. Rabak Federation - A bunch of
      LARPers that don't know when to quit.

      21. People's Republic of Guinea - Shithole

      22. United Socialist Nigerian Republics -
      Rising world power. Major oil exporter.
      Vulnerable to capitalist interference.

      23. Ashanti - Shows potential. Will
      continue observing.

      24. Sudafrika - Fascist powerhouse.
      Large military, massive mineral
      reserves. This one is worth the

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:30 pm
by Songjiang

      12 March 1980
      · Wuxing Stocks up · Engineers arrive in the Khanates to help build oil Refineries ·

      ​Colonel General Huang Xiaoming Announces Intent to Conduct Joint Training Operations with Songjiangs Allied Nations
      ​Colonel General Huang Xiaoming

      ​Colonel General Huang Xiaoming announced this morning that he will be attempting to conduct a large scale joint training operation with any interested nations who are on friendly terms with the Empire of Songjiang this training event is to continue for 3 months. each nation is limited to sending only 5 companies of personnel and is suggested they send them from different branches each with two from whatever equivalent they have to the army.

      The exact location and date of this large scale training event has yet to be determined, and it is expected that it will be determinate on how many nations attend.

      Though the exact location has not been set it is known that the General is heading to the Khanates in relations to it as such speculation is that it will possibly be taking place somewhere there.

      Nations joining will be expected to provide equipment, pay and food to there own personnel but lodging and simulation munitions will be provided by Songjiang and any nation that wishes to help sponsor the event. A food court will also be set up so soldiers can mingle with one another and buy non standard food from civilian sources. Companies interested in setting up a food booth should contact the Imperial Department of Defense.

      ​Colonel General Huang Xiaoming was recently made the leader of the Militarist party in parliament and is a popular figure in the military, he is also strangely a large supporter of the Empresses recent efforts to scale back military spending and focus on trade and international cooperation in Asia.

      He is a huge critic of the current prime minister and is known for suggesting that the 90 year old politician retire, this has made him unpopular with older members of Parliament who dislike the 25 year old General who represent a newer view on world views than the old guard are used too.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:03 am
by McFreedomstan

      March 12th, 1980

      Japanese Federation Denounces Siamese Imperialism - Luson to Songjiang Command, "We want in" - Xeng Diaoping visits Gulf Federation - Hargeishan migrant ship sinks enroute to Macau - I can't face myself in the mirror

      B'rk Declares Itself Superior

      B'rk Troops on Wakastina border boasting their supremacy

      In a stunning shift of policy, the once dormant state of B'rk made a rousing televised speech absoluting denouncing the existence of Wakastina and declaring B'rk as the eternal ruler of "Fr'c". Thousands of citizens and troops paraded around the border of the small native state jeering at the border guards and demanding they leave their posts (though they were rare to begin with). King (K'ng) Z'mb XI (no royal family lineage could be found), ruler of B'rk and the only man allowed the use of vowels, was recorded saying the following:

      My gracious subjects, when Herr Stasser Hans XCII of Lukasovia gave me the knowledge of the light bulb I knew that one day I would reach his magnitude. His grace. His fragrance. Listen to me for you cannot speak with my pathos. I will take this Bongiku pit of Fr'c and sculpt it into the holy land for all my citizens. The yellow brick road WILL be paved. But first the subhuman race traitors of Wakastina must be ousted like the rats they are! I do not allow their tomfoolery in my Bonanza! I say to arms by people! To hell they go, to B'rk we come. Yes! This is our judiciary! Come with me, we march!

      We are currently trying to decipher this message and will offer HKD$15 to anyone who can help us.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 2:53 am
by Songjiang

      13 March 1980
      · Gas prices up nation wide · Hyundai Rail Group formed as subsidiary of Wuxing in Korean Provence's ·

      ​Wuxing, Samsung, Kia merger approved by parliament

      ​Wuxing Industries Samsung Telecommunications, Samsung heavy Industries and the Kia Moter Group were all merged into the Wuxing Corporate Group the previous companies will live on as subsidiaries of the Corporate Group, and Wuxing has announced more subsidiaries to be formed in Songjiang and around the world.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:42 pm
by Nationalist Gold Union

Union Ministry of Foreign Affairs

March 18, 1980

Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the Barcelona Treaty Organization

​Mr. Secretary-General,

Neuburg appreciates the noble goals and intentions of the Barcelona Treaty Organization (BTO). The Union originally signed onto the treaty with the intention of sharing common defense between our nations.

However, the recent internal developments in the BTO have lead the government to question our position within the organization. The purpose of Neuburg's foreign policy is to ensure our national sovereignty, to safeguard Europe and the world from the spread of communism, to promote European unity and integration, and to enforce and respect international law and agreements.

Neuburg therefore sees the actions and intentions of the BTO as contrary to our foreign policy goals and therefore the Union will be suspending our membership within the Organization for the time being.

Neuburg remains committed to the safeguarding and defense of our continental allies and friends, but the government will not be associating itself with any dastardly plans to fight abroad.

Instead of participating in any perverse plots, the Gold Union will be engaging in friendly diplomacy with the nations of the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, Asia, and beyond. Additionally, we will continue engaging in friendly diplomatic and economic relations with the nations near and far from our borders.

Ion Grigorescu
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Empire of Neuburg

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:04 pm
by Norman State

Your Daily Parisian Paper, March 20th, 1980

Dubois Launches New African Initiative

The Premier Minister, in coordination with Alban Rousseau and the Ministère des Outre-mer, has launched a new diplomatic effort in Africa. Premier Minister Dubois says this program is designed to protect democracy in Africa following the increasingly militant exchange between New Burgundy and New Memel-Ndongoland. The Norman State was a bastion of democratic values during the Great War and Dubois says that we must remain true to those values as the cultural whiplash from the conflict comes face to face the democratic states of Africa. The plan, which the government refers to as "The Alban Plan", strengths our ties to Tuareg Coastal Merchant Republic and Al-Apayayah, two former Norman colonies. The plan is brain child of Alban Rousseau, a long-time Norman diplomat and head of the African Relations Program until his appointment to head of the Ministère des Outre-mer last month. The government has yet to release specifics on the plans, but trade ties, political support, and the possibility of foreign aid are all on the table. The plans also calls for moving closer to Mitzpe Judea, another former colonial state with whom the Norman State is cordial. Dubois says that the Ministère des Outre-mer will reach out to all of the aforementioned nations soon.

Mr. Rousseau released the following statement: "I believe promoting democracy in Africa is an important and long neglected part of our national security. We export several tons of manufactured goods to our former colonies, their trade is very important to us. Naturally its in our interests to help our partners, and hopefully these mutually beneficial relationships can become alliances."


Alban Rousseau, taken 1972

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:05 pm
by McFreedomstan

      March 20th, 1980

      Soy riots in Prisalia - Macanese Man Sells Daughter for Bucket of Chicken - B'rk Embassy in Mombasa turns out to be mud hut - Enron Investest in Network Technology - Judean Man Dies of Dehydration Waiting for ATM Receipt

      Sudafrika Seizes Foreign Mining Firms

      Sudafrikan Police forcibly evict foreign speculators from their homes.

      Today is a bad day for commodities investors. The Sudafrika Ministry of Labor passed a motion to seize all foreign mining assets and properties in an attempt to, "return Sudafrikan funds to the Sudafrikan people."

      Famed Clanzian economist Luigi Culo di Patria criticized the moved and called it, "self destructive and a clear signal for other foreign investors to hell out of Sudafrika." While our staff can respect the Sudafrikan people's autonomy, we can't help but point out that foreign capital was the only thing sustaining many of the large digsites and refineries. Prior to European and American investment Sudafrika was a minor exporter of gold and other rare metals. Perhaps "Uberkaiser" Utz Jonathan Rompa could reconsider the policy.

      What do you think, readers?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:33 pm
by Norman State

Your Daily Parisian Paper, March 21st, 1980

Dubois Pulls Away From Prisalia, Calls Them "Incompetent", "Dangerous"

Following contentious debate in the Premier Ministers cabinet, the PM has opted to move away from the BTO in order to improve its Asian relations. In a speech before the National Assembly, Dubois derided the Prisalian leadership, calling their hidden intentions to invade the Caribbean "Totally inconsistent with the beliefs of this administration and the Norman people we serve. The Prisalian leadership is evidently dangerous at worst, and incompetent at best. I won't have them soil our good nation" The Premier Minister went on to deny any and all Norman knowledge of the plot, and elaborated on the importance of our diplomatic mission in Asia. The conservatives have long pushed for greater involvement in Asia, and were able to act on their diplomatic goals following the appointment of Abel Mersault as foreign minister. The future of Norman diplomacy in Asia has been thrown into the air as a result of what Dubois has called "Prisalian aggression and reckless militancy".

Foreign Minister Mersault confirmed for the press that he received a memo from Premier Minister Dubois that instructs his ministry to not engage Prisalian diplomats, and to explore the option of leaving the BTO if the Prisalians don't change their course and issue an apology. Mersault has also stated that he will seek a meeting with his Chinese counterparts.


PM Dubois Speaking For The National Assembly, 1980

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 7:00 pm
by McFreedomstan

      March 21th, 1980

      Japanese Investors Double Down on Computer Networks - Republic of Sopa de Macaco Markets Tank 5% - Palauraya Ranked Number 1 Suicide Destination - Heinz Islands Acquire Coronado From Gran Arizona For HKD$90Mn

      Kingdom of Ouch(!) Demands Reparations

      King Chad V, 1979.

      King Chad V of the Kingdom of Ouch(!) used what limited electricity he still had today in order to broadcast a televised speech where he grilled the Norman State, Vanavoy, Clanzia, and Prisalia for ruining their economy through the innumerable invasion they attempted in the centuries past. Through a barrage of insults about their "pasty skin" and "Judean noses" the King demanded that they pay their fair share to undo the needless damage done to their Kingdom.

      King Chad also vaguely hinted at "turning to the East" for any future economic development if the "Milkskins" refused to cooperate. The Kingdom of Ouch(!) is the 3rd poorest nation on earth with an average annual income of $175.56/yr. It seems likely that the nation, despite its radical nationalist and racist rhetoric, is willing to play nice with anyone who can dig them out of poverty.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 2:36 am
by Besgaria


March 25th, 1980

Khanates added to the ADI

Following meetings with the Khans of Karikiliclar Khanates, Besgaria will extend the benefits of the Asian Development Initiative. We've formulated a 5 year plan regarding the development of the nation.
⦁ Begin the construction of over 1,500 educational facilities- Including over 500 primary schools, 500 high schools, 150 Youth Army Cadet stations and 350 specialist facilties, allowing adults to gain modern knowledge on everything from agriculture to indsutry.
⦁ Construct a large highway network in both countries- With a more connected country, transporting goods is far easier. This will increase the economic output of the country
⦁ Construct power grids- Many parts the Khanates are severely lacking in the electricity department. This will improve the quality of life in rural areas.

All this should help to improve the lives of millions across the Khanates. As well as the corporate incentives we've given out, the Besgarian government will also be giving direct monetary aid to the Khans to work with too.

The Honourable Janina Fornberg
CEO of Intelligent Research Computing, President of the ADI
United States of Besgaria

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:05 pm
by Palauraya

    April 4th, 1980.

    Palaurayan Government Denounces Neighbor

    During a press conference regarding Palauraya's neighboring country of Glosslan, Palaurayan President Ibrahim Rahayu denounced the oligarchic regime of Glosslan. Rahayu demanded that Glosslan's Council of Elders to embrace a democratic form of government or face harsher actions by the Palaurayan government. "All people deserve the right to vote for their government, this is a right that the Glossland government seems to be neglecting. This neglect ends now." said Rahayu.

    Karina Jayanti, Editor for the Jakarta Times.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:31 pm
by Palauraya

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:33 pm
by Palauraya
    Palauraya National Army Strategic Command

    April 4th, 1980.

    Palauraya National Army Begins Military Exercises.

    The Palaurayan National Army is planned to conduct various military training exercises mostly on the islands of Kalimantan and Java. They are meant to help build small unit tactics and inter-branch cooperation. Army, Marine, Air Force, and Navy units will be training side by side to increase the PNA's overall effectiveness in combat. The first round of exercises will take place in the State of East Kalimantan and will last from April to June of 1980. The second round is planned to take place in the State of West Java from August to September of 1980. The 3rd and final round of exercises will last from November to December of 1980 to January of 1981 in the State of North Kalimantan.

    Due to the lack of updated weapons for reserve units, 200,000 M16A1 rifles are being ordered to fill that void. This will not be the only weapons order as the Army has requested an additional 5,000 M60 machine guns. The PNA will be ordering updated versions of other combat equipment soon as part of a modernization effort.

    Rahman Umar, Commander of PNASC.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:18 am
by McFreedomstan

      April 6th, 1980

      Bengkel Secures Foreign Contracts - Man in the Khantes Spotted Reading - Japanese Federation Sends Battalion to Merina - Besgarian Businessmen Deported Enmasse In Niamey - Noorizadeh Duck President Actually Real What The Fuck

      Hundreds of Thousands Displaced As B'rk Artillery Strikes Decimate Wakastina

      B'rk forces fire at random over the border.

      Two days ago King Z'mb XI ordered his army to "scatter the vermin" along the B'rk border. The Imperial Army interpreted the order as a call for exterminating everything within 15km of their border and fired over 11,000 shells of various sizes (some so low power they only flew a few hundred meters). While no specific population centers were targeted, the sheer amount of bombardment practically exterminated all Wakastina towns, villages, and even rural tribes. Wildfires now ravage southern Wakastina and have forced entire cities to evacuate or face a fiery death.

      King Z'mb XI has applauded the efforts of his forces.
      The lightskinned apes have scurried away like the cowards they are. The so-called 'reporters' abroad should see the efforts of our troops for what they are: taking out the trash. Wakastina has achieved nothing. They have no culture, history, or language. They are beyond good and evil, and I know why the caged bird sings. Any sensible leader will undoubtedly support us.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:37 am
by Norman State

Your Daily Parisian Paper, April 10th, 1980

Following Negotiations African Initiative Shows Progress

According to anonymous sources from within the Dubois cabinet, Mr. Rousseau reported back to the Premier Minister with hopeful news: Al-Apayayah and Tuareg will cooperate... at a price. Today, Mr. Rousseau is set to meet again with the Ministère de l'économie to try and carve out the foreign aid requested by our former colonial territories; the foreign aid requested has been estimated to have a value of nearly 1 billion francs per nation. Several within the Dubois Cabinet are displeased with the prospect of more foreign aid spending, especially as they try and tackle the Premier Minister's expansive economic agenda: Bruno Cuche reportedly called Rousseau's diplomacy "weak". Mr. Rousseau has assured the Premier Minister that once our foreign and humanitarian aid reaches our African friends, they will offer continual support. Mr. Rousseau has also floated the idea of helping our potential allies with military modernization and training: a new idea that has come on the heels of a large military attack in B'rk. The Norman State has yet to take any official stance on the actions of B'rk's Imperial Army, but, in a late-night meeting with Foreign Minister Mersault, the Premier Minister called it "deeply concerning."

Any military practices or supply efforts could be difficult for Rousseau to organize on his own, given that all these requests would have to make it through the office of the skeptical Bruno Cuche: the Général d'armée. Although Cuche would have no choice in the matter if the Premier Minister provides him with a direct order. Mr. Rousseau has confirmed that he will make the offer to Al-Apayayah and Tuareg within the next few days.


Alban Rousseau in his office at the Ministère des Outre-mer, March 1980

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:44 pm
by McFreedomstan

      April 16th, 1980

      Norman Man Shot in B'rk For Using Fork - Sacramento Defense Firm Declares Bankruptcy - Besgarian Nationalists Slam PM For Foreign Aid Subsidy Program - Mormon Reich Denounces "Pollo Campero" Province

      Sudafrika Halts Exports to Europe

      Sietskman cargo ship forced to return home empty handed.

      Feeling threatened by the growing Norman influence in Africa, the government of Sudafrica has decided to cease all exports to Europe until the Norman government "removes his tendrils from the Motherland." "Uberkaiser" Utz Jonathan Rompa has remained steadfast in his policy that Africa should be for the Africans. He previously cut all diplomatic and economic ties with the Japanese Federation and even threatened the Gulf Federation after it integrated former Alexandrian territories.

      The Sudafrikan economy is already showing signs of weakness following the move. Overseas mining and energy firms are also feeling the impact as investors fear shortages in the near future.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 3:36 am
by Clanzia

      Saturday, April 19th 1980

      Olivetti strikes deal with North-American Movie Producer for Product Placement

      The Olivetti UltraShot

      Olivetti's first move after the fusion is a heavy blow at the North-American market: a 5 years $200M agreement with the biggest North-American Film Maker to use Olivetti equipment in the next movies and to use products from the clanzian company in some scenes of movies. The aim is to target the big North-American market and to open at Asia, continent that's starting to become more interested in the movie-market. This deal comes precisely with the new high-end 35mm and 70mm UltraShot model and its smaller (and cheaper) brother the SuperShot. This is a great notice for Rectaflex, the photography brand of Olivetti, wich was ready to take the market by storm since it was still part of Guidetti.

      Meranina Pharmaceutical strikes enormous partnership with Besgarian HealthCare system

      After an important meeting, Meranina Pharmaceutical signed a partnership worth several billion dollars with the Besgarian HealthCare system for supply of medical equipment and drugs. "We have very happy of this partnership" commented CEO Paganini, "This is the global recognition we were aiming at. This will give us more incentives to continue research and advance modern medicine; with the help of field results, the progression will be quicker than ever". In other news, the Vaccination Campaign against Influenzae type B promoted by the company was an enormous success, with clinics filled of moms ready to book a doctor's appointment. The Government, while releasing a statement declaring that "there is no national emergency whatsoever", has endorsed this public praise for modern medicine.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:46 am
by Norman State

Your Daily Parisian Paper, April 21th, 1980

Dubois Defiant, Holds Exercises With African Allies

Today the Premier Minister addressed the nation from the floor of the National Assembly. Premier Minister Dubois spoke out about the building South African crisis, his tone and rhetoric was defiant: "We will not be intimidated into handing over our control over our own diplomatic affairs!" The Premier Minster confirmed for the public that he has been in contact with several Norman Allies, including Besgaria and Clanzia, and announced his intention of looking to Japan, who also fell prey to the aggressive South Africans. In a more direct response to the growing crisis, the Premier Minister announced that the Norman State will continue its plans to go through with military exercises with allied African nations. The carrier Feux d'artifice, along with her full escort, a supply convoy, and an infantry battalion, are en-route to Dakhla, Tuareg to partake in a military exercise with Tuaregian forces. The Premier Minister praised Tuareg for their diplomatic openness and cooperative attitude. Dubois announced yet another bomb-shell in his address: the Norman State will be withdrawing from the BTO to help oversee and organize a new alliance system between other allied states. Our analysts are calling our move out of the BTO predictable, if not necessary.

During Dubois defiant speech, many from his ruling coalition cheered during the critical junctions, and the leftist opposition was mostly silent for the whole speech. Dubois, with his usual strong rhetoric, decried the South African state for its, "Manipulative, cruel, and totally unjustified actions." The Premier Minister floated the idea of convening the Executive War Cabinet, "We will have to see how this plays out, but rest assured, for the time being, my dearest Mr. Cuche and his generals will remain a mere phone call away." We will continue to report as the story develops.


Norman Aircraft carrier, Feux d'artifice, January 1977

PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:08 am
by McFreedomstan

      April 29th, 1980

      Bulgregian Government Commissions First Special Forces Team - Standevian Tourists Run Over Papuan Man - B'rk Troops Push Into Wakastina - East Asian Gangs a Growing Problem in Besgaria - Sietsk Economy Up

      New Memel and Ndongoland Shuts Down Communications with NBR

      Reichsfuhrer Hans Adolf von Mutumbo.

      Earlier today Reichsfuhrer Hans Adolf von Mutumbo of New Memel and Ndongoland announced that the emergency line connecting him to the New Burgundian Reich was to be severed indefinitely. Reichsfuhrer Adolf stated that, "their refusal to disarm has worn out my patience."

      The enormous 2,000,000 man army stacked almost entirely on the New Burgundian border has began entrenching itself and air drills are being expanded. New Burgundian officials have called out Reichsfuhrer Adolf for his brash action and stated that they are, "prepared to put down this sick dog once and for all if it tries anything."

      Reichsfuhrer Mutumbo has reached out to Besgaria, claiming that as Aryan brothers they should stick together through these troubling times.
      The 'Kaiser' makes a mockery of our proud genetic heritage. As the Reichsfuhrer I am fully disavowing his bloodline. Only pure people like the New Memelians and Besgarians can even dare to call themselves Germans.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:24 am
by Noorizadeh
The Mashahdi Lights

The 2nd Noorizadean Briefing.

    In Noorizadeh, the civil war has ended on uneasy terms! The corporatist leader was assassinated, and upon an autonomy deal with the pashtun rebels, the war is over. The government too is straightening out, with the full recovery of the former leaders and Prime Minister Shapour Ioshaaf taking power and the duck family becoming private citizens. Relations are improving with the Khanates, and a deal is being planned with them. The Gendarmes, Mercenaries, and Waddle Regiments are all reorganizing the army together, and the economy is improving upon the implementation of keynesian reforms. The government is slowly pulling together, and private company Pessian Metal is beginning to do deals with other nations under government approval, including close friend Oabdin. Foreign companies are making strides in harvesting resources upon these deals. In a recent interview, various ambassadors from different nations echoed the same view on Noorizadeh, best summed up by the Heinz Islands ambassador:
    They fried the duck and stopped begging me to invade Iran for them, so things are looking up?
    All in all, with the end of Noorizadeh's civil war, the nation may now finally get it's stuff together.

Ali-Reza Arfa, skydiving instructor

PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:43 am
by Nova Blarazia


MAY 1st 1980


Providence- In the past week, high elechons of political and military establishments denounced and shamed both our neighbouring Garie Federation, and several chaotic african countries. It all started after the Vice President said at a Wells Fargo function in Newarrk, that "Garies are socialists that cooperate with New Brittany. They are not to be trusted, they hold our rightful territory, and they are equivalent to African nations like Guinea or New Burgundy." These statements were initally called drunk-rants, but gained wind when LibRep Senator from East Pennsylvania John Ditring said that the Vice-President made a fair point and that the land to the south of his constituency was all rightfully Eudocian. When questioned, many other politicians including the Secretary of State said they agreed with the stances taken by Vice-President Norford. On April 30th, President Walterrson said: "The Garie Federation has been at odds with the E.R recently. They posess the Virginia-Maryland-Delaware area, which is truely Eudocian. They are a threat. As for the afrcians, they are barbaric and must alter their ways for peace."

In other news, E.R.M.C troops have been re-stationed on Bermuda after a Prisallian billionaire attempted to use his yacht and private army to take the island for himself, this coming shortly after the 3rd Withdrawal of Marines from the island. Local police killed 3 of the mercenaries, before Bekhel Corp. men from a nearby oil rig swept in, heavily damaging the 175 foot yacht, and thwarting the private attack. Tensions with Prisallia are at an all time high after their failed attack in the Carribean, with a battle almost erupting between outgoing E.R.M.C men, and returning Prisalian troops. President Walterrson said "The Bekel Corp men prevented a sad disaster. Prisallia needs to answer for all its actions."

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      May 7th, 1980

      Shipment of Clanzian Cheese Derails in Switzerland - China Slams Sietskan Model as Inefficient - Iranian Federation Voted No. 1 Summer Holiday Spot - Macau Gets Its First Jewish Temple - Vanavoy Not White

      New Burgundian Reich Denounces New Memel

      Kaiser August Wilhelm XII of New Burgundy

      The Kaiser of the New Burgundian Reich went before the African Fascist Council today and thoroughly denounced New Memel and Ndongoland:
      Die langen Nasenmänner müssen aufhören zu schreien. Wir sind die wahren Deutschen. Der Thron des Deutschen Reiches gehört uns allein. Warum zur Hölle wird meine Frau nicht mit mir reden? Ich bin ein Gefangener in meinem eigenen Haus. Nur der Tod des neuen Memel-Volkes wird die Leere in meinem Herzen füllen.

      Kaiser Wilhelm XII (a self appointed title) has started prodding the borders of New Memel with troops crossings and makeshift settlements. African leaders have urged for immediate mediation lest the posturing turn into a full scale war. Curiously enough they seem to be silent on the B'rk-Wakastina conflict. Is there something our correspondents are missing? We'll keep you posted.

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Emperor Juan Bautista to Meet With Cane’s President

Earlier today Emperor Dionisio of Pollo Campero

announced that he would be meeting with the
President of Canes Chicken Fingers, Todd Graves.
Cane’s Chicken Fingers and Pollo Campero have
been enemies for decades, they have had
two full scale wars against eatchother
(The 1st and 2nd Mexican Poultry Wars),
President of Cane’s, Todd Graves

numerous small scale skirmishes against eatchother, and previous Emperor Juan Bautista called Cane’s Chicken Fingers “the scourge of the Poultry World.” Emperor Dionisio seems to have an optomistic view on the future of Cane’s-Pollo Campero relations, despite the historical hatred, stating “Our interests and beliefs aren’t at all very different. Great things could come if we agree to work together.”

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      May 9th, 1980

      Investor Report - Q2 Projections 1980

      Europe: Stable outlook for Financial Sector. Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals seeing a downward trend. Commodities markets expected to dip 8% in response to African tariffs, embargoes, and overall resource scarcity. Service sector is expected to take a small dip, between 1-3%, due to damaged relations between eastern and western firms.

      Asia & Oceania: Commodities market experiencing large spike due to increased extraction. Services are largely being cannibalized by western firms, with low local growth outside of select nations. Manufacturing is seeing a slight boost thanks to Chinese participation (various Chinas). Gains not as generous as expected due to doubts in regional stability.

      Africa:General instability has made the region extremely volatile. Outside of the Northeast all sectors are experiencing a severe dip. Consider any investment in this region as unhealthy gambling.

      North America: Financial sector has taken a dip after the loss of major bonds in central Europe and Africa. Commodities are experiencing a minor boost as investments in Asia begin to pay off. Manufacturing & Pharmaceuticals are undergoing a spike as China begins permitting more imports. Regional tension has retarded overall growth.

      South America: High rates of isolationism in the South American markets makes it almost entirely unviable at the moment.