Nach-Exil Joint Occupation Negotiation [FanT/IC/Private]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Postby Remnants of Exilvania » Wed Nov 13, 2019 2:23 am

The Exilvanian ZZ Officer seemed unimpressed by Angelika's words. Below the mask, Klersk Vormyn grimaced, asking himself why the hell he had to deal with such a fury. Her tirade was grating to his nerves and he wondered why she hadn't bee made to shut up yet. That was when he noticed that his men were hesitating to Approach her. Oh, it was definitely not because of any concern for their own health. Angelika was not in any condition to put up much of a fight, not that the Xers had cared if she had been armed and at full health. But some of the words within her tirade were aimed at hearts and minds rather than organs and bones. Doubt over wether they were doing the right thing had formed. They didn't want to be in the service of some sort of splinter group. It appeared that he had to make his orders clear again.

With an annoyed grumble he grabbed one of the nearby grunts by the collar and pointed at the Oberste Führerin, hissing:

"I said. Take! Her!"

, before letting go of the grunt and nearly throwing him at Angelika. The grunt did, after stumbling forward a few feet, regain his balance before levelling his weapon at Angelika and saying:


Considering that the gas thrower pointed at her or the Exilvanians around her hadn't made the Oberste Führerin relent yet, it was an entirely unnecessary thing to do as it was unlikely to yield any results. True to that, the rifle grunt only received a death glare from Angelika as well as some of her spit onto his visor as she spat at him in contempt. The grunt wiped it away, grumbling about it:

"Alright, the hard way then."

He secured his weapon to his back and approached Angelika slowly, carefully. While Exilvanians were ready to take pain if it came...why tempt fate too much? Two other troopers, who had so far remained at Angelika's side, mirrored his movements. She was surrounded by them, wounded and tired after beating the Yeuzuishan filth. But Angelika was a born warrior and tyrant and would not go down without a fight. With her dress already practically torn apart completely and her heels pretty much broken and gone, she was not hindered in her movements at all anymore. And despite being vastly outclassed here, she put up a valiant fight. When one of the Exilvanians made the first attempt to grab her arm, she immediately retaliated, using his hold to pull him close and smash her knee right into his crotch, releasing his hold of her hand again as the Exilvanian sank towards the ground, holding his mangled privates.

She didn't have the time to finish the downed trooper off, the other Exilvanians already exploiting her opening towards them. One of them delivered a brutal kick into her left leg's popliteal, making her bend the knee on that leg and nearly fall to the ground. The other Exilvanian tried rushing her from the front to perhaps push her onto her back but she used her other leg to catapult herself forward and upwards, smashing her head right against the Exilvanian's chin and making him tumble back as well. Another one taken out for a good while.

However, this maneuver was what ended her futile resistance as the next thing she felt was a weight coming down on her from behind. Already not standing steadily on her legs and with a lot of forward momentum still in her, the final Exilvanian's tackle brought her down, with her landing hard on her front and the weight of an Exilvanian pressing down on her. The grunt on top of her acted quickly, positioning himself in her Center, grabbing a hold of her arms and pulling them there while staying mostly out of reach of her legs which she kicked back for a while in a futile attempt to hit him. But that was already the end. And she knew. Though she'd never admit or concede defeat, instead spewing insults at the Exilvanians.

Meanwhile her Hands were cuffed on her back by their wrists, her feet were cuffed by their ankles and then a chain coonected the two cuffs forcing Angelika to form an 0 shape with her arms and legs behind her back. Lastly, when the Xers grew annoyed of her words, they snuck a ballgag into her mouth when she inhaled air for the next wave of insults, quickly forcing it in and fastening the straps belonging to it behind her head.

Now that they finally had Angelika securely packaged, someone new, who must've entered the basement while Angelika was distracted with fighting, approached quickly. It was a female Exilvanian, the first one Angelika had seen aside from the Ordo's assassins ever since she had met the Exilvanians in person. She wore a blue uniform, much like her male compatriots though hers clearly was less combat oriented. That aside she wa also wearing a white armband with a strange mark, a red drop of blood with two red batwings. The Exilvanian grunts quickly made way for the woman as she headed for Angelika, next to which she knelt down and set her bag on the ground. Angelika couldn't do much more than issue muffled grunts and moans what with the restricting gag in her mouth as the woman started looking her over. She seemed to spend a lot of time on Angelika's broken arm, at first just looking it over, then touching it, carefully, and applying pressure to certain points. Whenever she pressured a point that seemed painful to Angelika, she pressed on it three times. First when she found it, a second time to make sure it wasn't just a mistake...and a third time apparently just for fun, though Angelika couldn't quite tell since she wore a mask.

The woman gave the ZZ officer a thumbs up who then motioned for his by now recovered infantrymen to continue with their work. Angelika was quickly placed in some sort of plastic sack, not unlike the ones in which bodies were placed. Then the Xers used the zipline to close it, though they stopped just before sealing her in completely, letting her face remain. Above her appeared now the soulless gasmask of the ZZ officer who said:

"Who ordered this? The ZZ Reichskommandant himself ordered this should the opportunity arise. Aw, of course he didn't tell you. The good hunter never tells his Prey that he is looking for it."

And then the zipline was closed and Angelika was surrounded by darkness inside the sack. She could feel herself being lifted up by a pair of massive hands and carelessly slung over an equally massive shoulder. And then they were moving. She could feel it as the shoulder she was on went up and down.

Meanwhile down below, Vormynsk checked his pocket watch, cursing at the time. Far too much time had been wasted here. He looked around and saw Clementine in the Corner. His first thought was to kill her...but then he thought why? Clementine was additional leverage against Angelika as long as she was in their custody. It wouldn't hurt having her either. He motioned for the nurse to check up on Clementine, which she did without a comment...though she did roll her eyes at that. Already just a cursory glance seemed to be enough for the nurse for she quickly retrieved a scalpel from her bag before looking up at Vormynsk.

"She's dying. A precision cut or air injection into her throat is required. Should I?"

Klersk nodded.

"We might still get some use out of her. Do it."

The cut was made swiftly and with a precise hand, almost too fast for the normal eye to follow. In one moment metal flirred over Clementine's neck and in the next blood started to seep out, though in manageable quantities. Vormynsk looked over at his subordinates, commanding:

"Bag her up as well."

Meanwhile up above Angelika was carried through the gas filled house, past ZZ grunts who were already retreating from the compound, retreating back to where they came from. The bag she was in acted as her protection. It was relatively simple plastic but it had been proofed with a spray the Exilvanians used to protect their protective clothing from the effects of their own weapon. Much like waterproofing spray other people put onto their boots.

Once they were outside the house, they also left the gascloud and got onto the street, which was littered with the corpses of dozens, no, hundreds of Yeuzuishans. Many of them showed clear signs of having been killed by the gas though there were also many others who had been killed by bulletwounds instead. Exilvanians stood around, chatting with each other and keeping an eye out while the massive Veteran carried Angelika over to a truck that was standing ready.
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