GothWatch [Gholgoth|Interest|Closed] (Mature)

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GothWatch [Gholgoth|Interest|Closed] (Mature)

Postby Pax Gothica » Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:50 am

Original idea by Kyrusia. Based on the original text and formatting with his permission.

#GothWatch on Goth.NetOFFLINE

GothWatch is a simple, online forum based on the original bulletin board system and dedicated to the compiling of information, news, and bulletin reports regarding fringe or under-reported stories of interest originating from the region of Gholgoth. As such, users are invited to post first-hand accounts of incidents of various natures (as detailed below), re-publish links to news articles, and generally discuss the nature of the unseen and unheard in Gholgoth. Due to the nature of the content of this website, user may remain anonymous or opt to utilize a WatchCode identifying themselves as a specific user through the use of a unique and original identifying series of twelve letters and numbers.

In order to increase functionality and grant an easier means of communication between users, GothWatch maintains an active and lively Internet Relay Chat channel on Goth.Net which can be accessed here. Further communication is granted through the Watchmen Instant Messenger, an in-built program that each user – anonymous or otherwise – has upon first posting, with all messages tied directly to the utilized Internet Protocol address. Even so, all protocol addresses of users are housed on a private and secure server network outside of the region in order to maintain the security and confidentiality of all Watchmen.

Even so, GothWatch is not liable for any information posted herein; each post and its content are the responsibility of each user. All posts published are, as such, to be considered works of fiction; only a fool would believe otherwise.

Good luck, Watchmen!

[tomb]##!6Bc77FA8t423 (Administrator)        


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       • Rule Zero: Information is a right, not a privilege.

       • Rule One: User privacy is paramount due to the nature of the content of this website. Some portions of the international community would, quite willingly, attempt to shutdown or deny service to GothWatch were it not for the ardent and continued support of our associates, friends, and family. The staff asks that you respect the sacrifices made for the continuance of freedom of information and the right of dissent.

       • Rule Two: GothWatch maintains a strict user-age policy. Any individual under the age of thirteen is asked to leave immediately. Users who are found to be under the age of thirteen will immediately and permanently be banned from accessing GothWatch.

       • Rule Three: Do not post the following outside of /we/: trolling, flaming, flame-baiting, griefing, racist epithets, off-topic replies, unrelated catchphrases, macro image replies, grotesque imagery, or any other content deemed inappropriate.

       • Rule Four: The posting of personal, user information is strictly prohibited.

       • Rule Five: Quality of input is extremely important to the GothWatch community. Please strive to post relevant images and intelligent input at all times. This rule may be ignored in the instance of /we/.

       • Rule Six: Abuse of GothWatch systems, to include but not be limited to the Watchman Instant Messenger and reporting system is highly frowned-upon. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent ban.

       • Rule Seven: Impersonating a GothWatch staff member – regardless of intent – will result in an immediate, permanent ban from accessing the site.

       • Rule Eight: Spamming and flooding is strictly prohibited.

       • Rule Nine: The use of bots, programs, scrapers, and any other, third party program Is strictly prohibited.

       • Rule Ten: Lastly, ban evasion will result in an immediate permanent ban – no exceptions.


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The post body should go here.

Looks familiar, doesn't it?

That is, somewhat, the point. Such is the glory of satire and parody.

This is, by-in-large, an attempt at a re-hashing of the over-done and often-seen “regional news threads.” In effect, this thread is meant to be written from the perspective of individuals in a given nation or national entity, and not from the perspective of the government or media corporations. Each user and each post is, in effect, a small insight into a part of the region of Gholgoth, much like normal news threads; however, unlike them, this thread is meant to be largely dominated by the sort of “fringe news” that lurks in the dark and often-ignored parts of the Internet and social networking spheres. Such things as conspiracy theories, insane paranoia, and various forms of hideous and horrific information is likely to surface here.

In short, this is a “TIN FOIL HAT ZONE.”

Due to the content that may be presented, as well, this thread is labeled as MATURE. Remember, however, to abide by the Terms of Service of NationStates as well as the “In-Character Site Rules” and the “Out-of-Character Stipulations” noted hereafter:

  • Currently, this thread is closed. Only members of Gholgoth may post. In the coming weeks, if this thread proves interesting and workable, it may be opened to other players.
  • A link to the Gholgoth Discord channel is provided above. Please feel free to discuss any aspects of this thread with us there (A potential In-Character sub-channel could be created to compliment this thread. More details to be posted soon.)
  • Remember that you can post “anonymously,” and that all posts should be formatted according to the code provided below. If you wish to use a “WatchCode,” create a random string of twelve letters and numbers as seen above; if you wish to post anonymously, leave the zeros after the “!” in the header of your post.
  • Images are strongly encouraged, and formatting for them has been provided in the code below. Please re-size your images to be no larger than 300×300 pixels. If you do not have a program capable of doing this, websites such as this will allow you to once you upload the image. If you want the image to be seen at a larger view, use the appropriate formatting.
  • While some posts in this thread may be humorous in nature, maintain a professional atmosphere. An overabundance of “crazy” is not needed; the occasional paranoid or generally “insane” post is acceptable, but only use that literary tool in moderation.
  • Post in English. I understand: it's more “In-Character” and provides more “immersion” if a document, image, or post is written in the native language of the character, but no one really wants to read it. Just assume that the GothWatch user-base is capable of using an online translator.
  • Remember to identify what board your post is meant to be from in the header of your post.
  • Remember to give your post a subject. If you are replying to another post, title the subject as: “REPLY: Original Subject”.
  • Remember to fill-out all provided information in the formatted code before posting.
  • Most importantly, remember that what is posted on GothWatch may or may not be entirely fabricated In-Character; what is posted may be entirely speculation or plain deceit. Even so, nothing in this thread is Secret In-Character. It is assumed if a character is capable of accessing the Internet, then they can likely access GothWatch.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to telegram Pax Gothica. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

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2013 Varathron Blood Plague a Biological Weapon?

Postby Drakonian Imperium » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:59 pm

[Truthseeker]##!5365656b6572 | Watchman Messenger | SUBJECT: 2013 Varathron Blood Plague a Biological Weapon?
Conspiracy · /c/

I can’t believe that no one else has seen this! Thousands die in a mysterious disease that eats its way across Varathron and Gholgoth and is just as abruptly cured and brushed under the rug and forgotten about. Of course, it’s a biological weapon! The only question is who did it, how, and why.

Was it the MSM’s current boogeyman of the month: the Kraven Reich? Was it some other entity of the Powers That Shouldn’t Be? Was it some secret hidden evil?

(We all know there is a rot at the core of Gholgoth. The signs have been there since the beginning of the Regional Alliance; secret meetings and secret orders. Many darknesses have been lurking in shadowy hiding places just waiting to strike at an open unprotected throat. Was this just such an instance?)

And how did this happen? Did some lab somewhere just let this plague out into the wild? Did they lose containment on it? Will we ever really know?

I am sure I sound really crazy, right now, so let’s go over the facts.

The first cases of what would become known as the “Varathron Blood Fever” were noted in January of 2013, just after New Year’s in Profuga City, Disia. (For those who don’t know, Disia is Drakonia’s colony in Varathron.) Health officials insisted they thought it was just the flu. (Bad flu season, they claim.) It was February before they took any action to stop it. By then the first cases had appeared in Gholgoth, in Mille Mortifere and soon after in Shen Almaru. By the end of February, the first cases were noted in Imbrinium in Greater Dienstad. By March, the disease had spread to Vetalia.

By the end of April, the crisis had burnt itself out just as suddenly as it had begun. A vaccine was distributed and the dead were buried. There were further unconfirmed reports of cases in Finium, Greater Dienstad. And the mysterious case of the Divine Passage, a Finian ship, carrying medicinal supplies, being allowed to leave Profuga City harbor without being inspected, despite the quarantine still being in place WITHOUT being inspected by Health or Port Authorities! Her cargo was NOT unloaded in Disia, so what was the Divine Passage doing there?

Another strange incident involved yet another Finian ship the Durian also reported carrying “medicinal” supplies. She was sited near Disia by a Newtdom Coast Guard Ship and did not respond to the Newtdomians hails. The Newtdomians fearing the worst attempted to board the ship, where they were met and gruffly shown off by the crew, some of whom appeared military. The Newtdomian Captain described the incident as “strange” in his logs (don’t ask me how I got my hands on those).

So was it the Drakonians, or some other Gholgothic power? (Vetalia was once known for its Biological Weapons Research Centers, until Crimmond invaded and put an end to them. Nevertheless, Vetalian labs were reportedly actively researching a vaccine.) The Finians? Someone else? UIR (that is Union of Independant Republics) sent a team to Disia to help resolve the crisis. The Eastern Roman Trading Company supplied the Disian government with antivirals. Some other dark and nefarious force lurking in Varathron, Gholgoth, or elsewhere? Who benefited?

There are far too many unanswered questions. Too many possible culprits. I’m still searching.

The truth is out there. We just have to find it.

~ Truthseeker

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