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Libraria and Ausitoria
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Postby Libraria and Ausitoria » Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:02 am

Pax Prosperitas - Gloria in Maere

I feel it would be advantageous for me to write this for general consideration. After this decision to abruptly bring to an end my freedom to express my dreams, in my despair I drafted a suicide note which I have now been deliberating over for four months. It is only because I prefer to improve nationstates (and perhaps save a life other than my own) with Ausitoria - and because of the very kind encouragement of Allanea, Ardoki, and my region-mates - that I am still here sharing this reality. Stealing a person’s history, especially when they have poured considerable time and effort into it, is not something that anyone should attempt lightly.

Moderators in particular have a duty of care to protect people from bullying, not to pile on pressure themselves. Of course moderation is difficult, and is hard to judge intent (especially when divided by a common language), and therefore I shall make no charge (unless this turns into a pattern).

But please be more careful. In an alternate universe I am aready dead. And other people may yet join me. And those who have vanished in the past may be gone for good. That is the weight of responsibility: people who believe in things, ‘mere’ concepts though they may be, are willing to die for them, and may have no reason to live without them.

I also understand there is an ugly simplicity for moderation to short-sightedly assume expressing a divergence in canon is harassment, whether that is the intention or not. Of course a better and more precise solution would be to recognize the reality of split canon and the possibility for any divergence to be respectful. Until then people like me shall have no alternative but to avoid forming deep canonical relationships unless they fully trust the other people involved. And nationstates will be worse for that restriction on RPing.

I also have no intention of discussing this - it is self-evident. Moderation will address it within the next few decades - hopefully before an actual suicide happens - and then people like me will be able to get back to normal RPing.

So until then, I would like to announce my new RPing standard, the full version of which is here:

Until moderation adopts the sensible attitude (and realizes the actual reality) that any canon can be split and politely disagreed and diverged, anybody who RPs with me must agree:

1. All mutually created canon may remain canon for any participating party irrespective of the desires of any other participating party.
2. Where any other party does not preserve that canon, any party in maintaining it shall make it clear that they respect this difference in canon, and shall allow the multiple canons to co-exist.

And that, as far as I am concerned, is that. Hopefully I will now be left in peace to contribute here once more. But if you are so foolish as to object, to the contents, or even its mere presentation, I will have no remaining alternatives I have not already exhausted except to finally publish my suicide note: the worlds we dream here are the best part of any reality, and I will not let them be taken from us.

Over my dead body.

Except of course if any moderator wishes to make a final response, which I will not reply too, I hereby ban everyone else from this thread - it is not a place to discuss anything as important as life and death.

If moderation thinks it suitable, they may lock this thread, although they may not remove this post without becoming accessories to suicide.

If any reader feels similarly suicidal, there are people who will help, e.g. here.
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The Aestorian Commonwealth - Pax Prosperitas - Gloria in Maere - (Factbook)

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Postby Reploid Productions » Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:37 am

Thread locked per OP's request.

As it is clear Nationstates has caused extreme distress that potentially presents an emotional and psychological danger to yourself and other users, the appropriate steps have been taken to minimize said risks. We encourage you seek the aid of professionals who have the training, education, and experience to assist you, as site moderation are not licensed nor trained crisis and mental health professionals.

We sincerely wish you the best and hope that you are able to resolve your present difficulties quickly. Please use the Getting Help page for further communication.
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