Fortnouveau Summit [IC, Invite Only]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Fortnouveau Summit [IC, Invite Only]

Postby Midrasia » Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:24 pm


NOTE: The events depicted within this thread took place IC'ly between the 26th of February and the 4th of March regardless of publication
Republic of Midrasia
République de Mydrazia

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that your presence is requested at the upcoming summit in the city of Fortnouveau.
Across this world, we currently live in trying times. No nation on the face of this planet is not touched, in one way or another, by the problems of today's world. Be they conflict, inequality, terrorism or environmental issues. Perhaps never in the history of our peoples, besides perhaps the global conflicts which devastated this planet and the people who live upon it, have we faced such a monumental task of bringing peace, stability and prosperity to our respective countries. The instability of the past few years have made it clear to us that we are unable to conquer this challenge alone. Thus, we must look to each other. Only through the strength of our common endeavour and co-operation between our respective states, may we overcome the issues facing our world. As a result it is my belief that these times necessitate an international conference and agreement to ensure that we are able to restore peace and harmony to our world.

The current state of international relations is an unfortunate one, and I will not deny that the nations of this world do not see eye to eye on all issues. However, this does not mean we cannot agree on anything at all. In many ways, cooperation between our states and respective power blocs is within our vested interest for creating a peaceful coexistence and tackling issues we both face such as international terrorism, climate change and the use of inhumane weaponry.

As a result, it is my hope that this conference may form the basis for further international cooperation. I believe that by reaching an international agreement within this conference and repeating such summits on an annual basis that we may be able to overcome our differences and co-operate in pursuit of a more peaceful prosperous world.

Yours Faithfully,
Melcion Portas, Consul of Midrasia


Invitees to the event have been selected by the Republic based on a range of considerations.
In an attempt to foster constructive discussions, the number of invitees to the event has been limited. Nevertheless, the initial nations invited to the event may also invite one other nation to attend discussions.
It is expected that the head-of-state, or government of the invited country will attend the summit, though if this proves impossible a suitable replacement may suffice.
It should be noted that the conference may act as an opportunity to foster relations with nations across Aeia, and as a result full diplomatic etiquette is expected.

The following nations are invited to attend the Fortnouveau summit based on their international status, relation to discussed issues, or by invitation from an existing invitee:
  • Alydian Republic of Aramas
  • Aquidneck
  • Carcossica
  • Crylante
  • Democratic Federation
  • Hipasia
  • Midrasia
  • Newreyan Kingdom
  • Ovandera
  • Onza
  • Rohst
  • Saraibia
  • Ternca
  • tir Lhaeraidd
  • Torroso
  • Volgaria
  • Vvarden


The conference will be held in Fortnouveau, a cultural hub within southern Majula.
Fortnouveau has been a Midrasian territory since 1507 when the surrounding area played host to little more than a fishing village. The region soon expanded due to the rising influence of the Midrasian Oriental Charter and soon became a thriving trade port. Today Fortnouveau remains the jewel of Majula with a thriving trade scene with links throughout the world. The city of Fortnouveau boasts a unique blend of Asuran and traditional Majulan cultures, evident in the areas architecture, cuisine, language and people. The territory of Fortnouveau also plays host to the launch site of the Midrasian space program, which benefits from the territory's proximity to the equator. Temperatures in Fortnouveau can reach an average of around 28 degrees Celsius in March so be sure to pack your sunscreen.

Attendees will be staying at the Hotel Lac Mirebeau for the duration of the summit.
The hotel is a state of the art facility within Fortnouveau, iconic for its environmentally friendly, rural aesthetic. The Lac Mirebeau prides itself in high quality service, which is why the hotel is recognised as the highest rated in Majula. The hotel regularly plays host to wealthy international patrons travelling from overseas, however the hotel has been cleared specifically for the summit.

The hotel features a plethora of facilities including tennis courts, numerous swimming pools, bars, restaurants, cinema, casino, gym, spa, gardens and a banquet hall that will be used for the finale of the event.
For the duration of the summit, security at the hotel will be provided for by local Fortnouveau security services, in co-operation with Midrasian special forces and gendarmes.

The summit itself will take place in the recently constructed Fortnouveau Convention Centre at the heart of the city.
Just a short drive away from the hotel, the newly built facility features over 100 conference rooms, a number of lounges and bars and a main hall which the majority of the event will be taking place.
Attendees will be transferred to and from the convention centre and hotel by staff as and when they request.

Arrival and Registration

It is expected that national representatives arriving to take part in discussions will arrive on site by around 10am on Saturday March 3rd, local time.
Representatives arriving to take part in the discussions on the Volgarian-Vvardeni Settlement are expected to arrive twenty-four hours in advance so that discussions may be settled before the beginning of the conference itself. The summit is expected to last for a maximum duration of seven days, though this may be extended or shortened as necessary. Arrivals will be met by staff at Fortnouveau International Airport where they will be escorted to their lodgings for the duration of the summit. All essential costs will be covered by the Midrasian state.

Day 0 - Volgarian-Vvardeni Settlement

Discussions for the Volgarian-Vvardeni Settlement are expected to take place on Friday 2nd of March and will involve diplomats from the nations of Volgaria and Vvarden, with discussions being arbitrated by officials from Midrasia and Rohst.
Issues to be discussed include the outlining of an official peace treaty between the two nations, an agreement regarding the status of Vvardeni minorities within Volgaria, and the creation of a mechanism to arbitrate over similar future conflicts.

It is expected that an agreement will be reached by the end of the day, however discussions may be extended into the Saturday if required.

Day I - Introductions

The majority of arrivals will take place on the 2nd or 3rd of March.
No official events will take place on these dates, besides the Volgarian-Vvardeni discussions. All other nations may use the first day of the summit however they wish.
Access to both the Hotel and Convention Centre will be provided by staff.
Attendees may wish to use the free day to explore the hotel, convention centre or surrounding city and area of Fortnouveau. A security escort will be provided to all attendees who wish to explore outside of the hotel or convention centre grounds.

Day II - Aramas Civil War, Saraibia and Kavo

The first official day of discussions will encompass the ongoing civil war in Aramas and the related conflicts in Kavo and Saraibia.
Of particular consideration will be:
  • A resolution to the ongoing refugee crisis
  • Agreements for a de-escalation of the conflict and post-war normalisation
  • Discussion of the Muscat government's usage of chemical weaponry
  • Resolution for post-war Kavo
  • Discussion of the current Hipaso-Saraibian War

Day III - Newreyan Civil War

The second day of official discussions will encompass the ongoing civil war in Newrey. The Newreyan delegation will be invited to give a speech regarding the current conflict and its expectations from the international community.
Furthermore, nations directly affected by the conflict in Newrey will also be invited to provide their input on the ongoing crisis.
It is hoped that through discussions a solution may be drafted to limit the impact of the conflict itself, whilst also potentially moving towards the creation of a ceasefire agreement and the future rebuilding effort in the country.

Day IV - Tackling International Terrorism

Day four will encompass discussions of international terrorism and how Aeian nations can better cooperate against further attacks.
It is expected that an agreement will be drafted allowing Aeian nations to better combat the threat of terrorism through limited intelligence sharing and law enforcement co-operation.
Expected discussion topics include:
  • Combating the Nation of Irsad and related organisations
  • Protecting international borders
  • Law-enforcement co-operation

Day V - Tackling Climate Change

Day five will be given over to discussions on how Aeian nations can better combat climate change through the setting of emissions targets and co-operation in moving towards green energy solutions.
It is hoped that nations will agree to set an emission target, limiting the environmental impact of each nation and providing a path towards a pollution free future.
It is hoped that an international charter may be drafted to ensure that nations stick to defined emissions target, whilst also providing a basis for future environmental co-operation.

Day VI - Restricting the usage of Inhumane Weaponry

Day six will see the discussion of how to combat and restrict the usage of inhumane weaponry, weather used by national militaries, or rogue organisations.
It is hoped that within the discussions nations will agree to a charter which will define what qualifies as an inhumane weapon, whilst also providing provisions to prevent the production and distribution of such weaponry, similar to the existing treaty on nuclear non-proliferation.
It is hoped that such a charter will be adopted by all nations of Aeia, thus preventing the use and distribution of inhumane weapons, whilst allowing authorities to co-operate to enforce such measures on rogue organisations.

Day VII - Finalisation and Banquet

The final day will be given over to any existing unresolved discussions.
It is hoped that by the final day all attendees will be signatories to the drafted agreement covering each area of discussion. It is hoped that this agreement will subsequently be ratified by each attending nation as per the relevant legislative proceedings within the specific polity. It is also hoped that the finalised treaty will outline a future summit of similar substance to take place on an annual basis.
Following the finalisation of the treaty, all attendees will be invited to a banquet at the Hotel Lac Mirebeau before departing the following day.
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Postby Tir Lhaeraidd » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:08 pm

Teyrnas tir Lhaeraidd

Formal Communique to the Midrasian Government

The Taoiseach wishes to personally accept the kind invitation from our Midrasian friends and shall be in attendance with the Princess Gwynyth, heiress to the throne who shall attend to act as a goodwill ambassador and to demonstrate the commitment of tir Lhaeraidd's government to the diplomatic process. It is our hope that these negotiations and talks shall be fruitful and come to a mutually acceptable conclusion.

Yours in Trust,
Alfred D. Hayes
Personal Secretary to the Taoiseach

Líadáin Síomha had travelled throughout Asura in her youth; two week holidays mostly, with her parents and siblings. Midrasia was nothing new to her, the cosmopolitan cities and high culture everywhere - the kind of culture born of centuries of tradition giving way to Nationalism and then, later, liberalism. Few places in the world had such a diverse history. As a born and bred Lhaeraidh it was an alien world to her; sure the people looked more or less the same and the landscape was identifiable, but the culture was wholly different. People dressed differently and acted differently, had different customs, were more materialistic. Capitalism had thrived here. Back in tir Lhaeraidd there was capitalism of a different kind, tempered by a tradition and culture almost as ancient as the land itself; where Midrasia control and commanded nature even down to the design of their great cities and buildings in tir Lhaeraidd it was allowed to do its own thing.

Now she was here, in Midrasia again only on official business. She hadn't had the opportunity to travel overseas since her election last year but now she was and there would be little time for sightseeing.
Teyrnas tir Lhaeraidd
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Postby Onza » Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:28 pm

The city of Fortnouveau was something remarkable in the eyes of Onza's Vice President, Rahim Pretorius. Its existence as a gem on an otherwise-unremarkable continent mirrored Onza's status in Arabekh, sans the sole exceptions of Troping and Hipasia. A blend of cultures, a hub of everything that makes the world an interesting place to live in, Fortnouveau was an exceptionally appropriate backdrop for the summit which would commence in a matter of days within the city boundaries. To Pretorius, it was a paradigm of what wonders could be achieved when cultural, social, and political boundaries are put aside in the interest of mutual progress. As a career diplomat, Pretorius knew that such idyllic talk was important in the pursuit of cooperation. Everyone knows in the back of their minds that it is quite the exaggeration, but it seems good to work towards such a thing nevertheless.

He generally preferred to stay out of the spotlight, and had managed to successfully do so for all of Ihejirika's presidency so far. Rarely seen and rarely heard, but always making things happen -- that was his modus operandi. He didn't mind doing work that others got credit for. The personal satisfaction of completing the task was enough for him. With that, however, came a degree of perfectionism that in a career in diplomacy translated into a relentless pursuit of closure. Peace discussions left unfinished were worthless to him, and seeing things to the end seemed a good enough goal for him to make it his focus in the majority of his diplomatic dealings.

An unorthodox style, sure, but one that nevertheless got results -- results that established his reputation as one of the most capable and skilled compromisers in Onza. Couple that with his worldliness, charisma, and ability to read people and the perfect compliment to an Ihejirika presidency was born.

Still, he was hesitant to embrace the publicity that would come with speaking at such a summit. Furthermore, carrying with him the burden of delivering the news of how Onza would react to the Hipaso-Saraibian war made embracing the trip even less likely. Nevertheless, Pretorius would be doing more than reciting a speech announcing Onza's move; he was to observe the Saraibian delegation and communicate with them, and he possessed the unique power to overturn the decision he was carrying in if his diplomatic instincts said Saraibia was more or less cooperative than assumed in the deliberations preceding his trip.

While the President would be responsible for making the case for the decision back home, Pretorius was entrusted with making the case to the nations of the world -- a task he took seriously, and one that he would not abdicate under any circumstances.
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Postby Newrey » Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:49 am

The Kingdoms of Newrey
Cynedom Newrey

Golden Gate House, Wyllcombe

Running his hands through his recently greyed hair, Ceowulf Corpus sat as he listened to his two subordinates he'd placed in charge of foreign affairs, Richard Campbell and Albert Khosrua, argue over the invitation received from the Midrasians earlier in the day. To the detriment of Ceowulf, both men were as stubborn as each other, both refusing to concede even the smallest piece of their stances. Ceowulf simple sighed.

"Speaker, we can't actually expect to show up to the Summit! It would serve only to distract us from the current war and would prove a waste of resources is nothing valuable was to come of it. Our forces need that fuel more than some diplomat." Albert put forth with a clear sense of disgust in his voice, a vein beginning to show in his neck.

"And appear to reject any sort of peace or decorum? Have you gone mad?" Richard shot back "If we fail to show, how does it look for our image, the Asurans already hate us after the Wingham Papers, imagine how we will appear if we fail to show to a summit designed for peace!" Ceowulf nodded at this point. Newey was not the most universally liked nation before the civil war started, or even before the extent of government corruption was revealed, but to appear willing to peace would certainly help on the path to a forgiveness of sorts.

"And? We are a proud people, why should we concern ourselves with how we are perceived in the world? This nation has withstood worse challenges for longer than any of us have been alive. I cringe at the thought of disrespecting our ancestors by placing some diplomatic effort above the safety and security of our nation, no matter how torn apart we are."

"I agree with the sentiment, I still must argue that we attend, for no reason other than to appear like we want to have some sort of peace, if not in Newrey then definitely in the wider world. Our nation did not act quite like a friend should in the past and facilitated some of the ongoing conflicts to this day. We must appear to be a new breed of Newreyan leaders if we are to get any assistance" "Richard said, his voice conciliatory. Giving a short clap, Ceowulf leaned back in his dark leather chair.

"Wonderful arguments, gentlemen, however I must agree with Mr. Campbell on this matter. Our parts in the ongoing conflicts, and social policy for that matter, has led to a deterioration in relations with our fellow Asuran nations and, quite frankly, we still need them so that trade and other benefits can come from them. However, considering the time, I will choose some men to go to this summit in the stead of Mr. Khosrua. I may be interested in peace, but I still need capable generals and leaders to continue to fight the war. Now, I believe that concludes today's issues, goodnight gentlemen." Ceowulf said, ending the issue on the spot, with both men nodding their heads before departing the room.

Field Colonel Archibald Hayton had not been expecting to be assigned to the Fortnuveau Summit, given that his role in government was little more than the minor voice of discontent and argument with current military plans, to act as a sort of voice piece for the opposition. Despite the gratitude that would've been expected by any other politician, Lucien was somewhat unhappy. That was not to say he wasn't please with the assignment and the career progression it offered, but it was the fact he was away from the war and his home, planning the fight and whatnot. That's where he belonged.

Regardless, there were two other men sent with them. Francis Darby had been a longtime associate of Archibald and they were very similar in appearance, though this was more so the case in their youth than now. Both had short mousy hair that was slicked back and both had an imperial style moustache, but after that they were quite distinguishable from one another. Archibald managed to maintain an impressive physical shape for his age, with his large shoulders being noticeable even through his hand tailored suit, while Francis had gone the common route and had let himself go slightly, with a belly being noticeable whenever he sat down. The third person in the car was Simon Alby, one of the few parlimentarians that weren't guilty of offensive crimes against the populace and was acting rather instrumentally in securing the political landscape of the Kingdom, preparing it to take on a new form following the war, not that he shared what the classified plans were.

Arriving at the Fortnouveau, Archibald stepped first out of the aircraft, followed by Françis and then Simon. Straightining his dark blue, hand crafted Clement-Bayard suit, which had a small lapel pin depicting the flag of the Kingdom of Newrey, he began walking forwards, with his entourage following in tow. Being greeted by an awaiting car, the group entered and were whisked away to their destination, with the group practising the pre-arranged speech in preparations for the second day of the Summit.

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Postby Hipasia » Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:16 pm

A great burden weighed upon the shoulders of Jonah Lavan. In his first term as Hipasian Prime Minister he had overseen an escalation of tensions with Hipasia's CSS neighbour, Torroso, the covert deployment of troops to Aramas via Aquidneck, and now an invasion of Saraibia. He kept telling himself it was necessary ─ hell, it was necessary ─ but he knew that posterity would either remember him as a hero or a villain. He prayed to Shemeshel that it would be the former.

Now he was in Majula of all places, in some far-flung colony of Midrasia called Fonuvo or some such. Hipasia had received the dubious honour of being invited because of that invasion of Saraibia, and indeed the Saraibians themselves were also expected to attend. Awkward. Well, at least Lavan would find allies in the Onzaian and Carcossican delegations.

The King would be taking direct command of military matters while Lavan was out of country ─ an usual move, but not exactly unprecedented in the circumstances. Meanwhile Lavan's deputy, Daniel Yeroq, would be in charge at the Knesset. A bit young, but apt enough. Indeed, if he were to worry about events anywhere, Lavan would worry about those right here. Even then...

"Prime Minister, you think the Onzaians will come through for us?"

Aluf Aryeh Yaar, commander of Hipasia's army, was seated across from Lavan in the back of the car. Lavan had specifically requested a military official accompany him here, and with the army as yet undeployed in Saraibia, Yaar was the obvious choice. As one of the most senior military figures in the country, his knowledge could be second only to the Raal, but the Raal was preoccupied.

"I do, Mr. Yaar. I think everybody can see that for all their talk about how the decision could be reversed, Onza is pretty much certain to join us in war at this point. And Carcossica with them. Valuable allies in war and in peace, don't you agree?"

"Of course, Prime Minister."

The Aluf was a man of few words. Fortunately for his Prime Minister, it wasn't his words he needed; it was the head on his shoulders.

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Postby Carcossica » Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:05 pm

The United Ksaiist Republic of Carcossica
Fecass-Ksaiine Aun Karcoja

Houses of the Chancery, Shuhvoiren

Carcossica's Chancellor had seen much over the course of her term. Three years ago, Adriana Cajuks had not only became the first woman to gain a national executive office in the Ksaiist Republic's history, but she was handed an economy that was still in relative shambles after four years of total control of the state by the anti-globalist firebrand Fabean Ajashad and his Red Dawn compatriots, a property market barely recovering despite years of intensive public works projects, a front-line position to the greatest refugee crisis in Asuran history, KRA troops in Troping, and the Saraibian threat in Babarania making a resurgence. "Thank the Saints for fine wine and the Onzans" she would often find herself saying. While Cajuks hadn't had trouble with drink since her days in Lillehavn at the university, the missing Embassy Staff in Cyningburgh saw her coming as close to the edge as she had in years. That particular incident resulted in Cajuks taking her only extended period of leave in the whole of her term. Echoes of her father rang in her head - "If you want to survive in politics, don't ever let anything become personal" he would always say. This, it seemed, had gradually become more and more impossible as she advanced in her career, all the way from being a junior staffer in the Hou campaign back in 1977 to her own term in office. And yet, she'd been doing pretty well for herself in the position. She managed to piece together agreements with the Babaranians and Ghagnusuthnans to solidify their status as autonomous communities within the Republic and end the 50-year long insurgency among the latter, a battle her predecessors had struggled with long before the establishment of the Parishioners' Council. She also managed to oversee the response to the Houd-19 Oil Platform explosion surprisingly well, bringing sweeping reforms to the Carcosse Petroleum Corporation and bringing the nation in a much-needed green direction. It certainly didn't help that she had to hide the fact that there was likely some Saraibian meddling in that affair, but her administration certainly wasn't ready for a war in 2014 just after she came into office. Of course, she is extremely notable in the country for leading the charge of the near-clean sweep of the government following the breakdown of the Ajashad chancellorship, going toe to toe with shady lawyers, ill-willed politicians, and many a violent detractor of hers in its wake. Not bad for the daughter of a district clerk in the backwaters of the pastoral alpine country to the north of Carcossica who started off as a secondary school history teacher.

But despite these accolades, she still felt very much overwhelmed by the state of the world around her. In the past, the Chancellor would have defaulted to the Secretary-Executor and his Heads-of-Office for guidance and authority, but given her political capital, that position as simply being the head of the secular government would no longer be enough to sate the audience she had developed over the years at home and abroad. For the first time, the Chancellor was truly a world political figure, the de facto head of state outside the clergy. She emptied the last drops out of her crystal decanter which sat at the end of the desk and took stock of the afternoon's latest briefs while she awaited her guest.

Raul Isish, the Secretary for External Affairs, entered the room as quiet as a shadow in late afternoon. A holdover from the Ajashad days, he was a far cry from the rest of his former Red Dawn colleagues. The man would scarcely speak in public when not at a podium during official press conferences. But privately, that was another story. It was no secret among the higher echelons of Carcossican government that Isish bemoaned his position, as prestigious as it was. His heart was still in the hard sciences of computer engineering and rocketry, attitudes held over from his days as working for the Space Program in those tenuous early days, hot on the heels of the Midrasians and ASU when the Carcossicans were sending out the first of the probes that were just now exiting the solar system in search of what lay beyond. Cajuks was certain that if it were up to him, he would have remained the Science Advisor as he was prior to his elevation to External Affairs. But alas, he was a close confidant of Ajashad's, the one silent eminence grise among a backdrop of bombastic and outspoken rookie statesmen he had amassed at his feet during the campaigns of '07 and '08. And he certainly conducted himself well, a true voice of reason for an unreasonable chancellorship, the lone executive officer who survived the Clean Sweep. Without Isish and his ace management of public opinion and foreign policy, the Ajashad government would have lapsed far before the end of the term, and certainly would have changed the Chancellorship for the worse.

"What's the news of the day, Raul?" Cajuks asked plaintively, her voice deceptively authoritative beneath its smooth and relaxed timbre as she waved the Secretary to sit across from the desk. "I trust you recieved my Office's briefing for the afternoon, Madam Chancellor," he curtly responded. "Nothing we haven't seen before, I don't think." "Indeed," she replied. "Still nothing on that Embassy, it seems. That's a shame." "Madam, it's been months already, if they aren't dead they're in far worse shape. You know how people can be over in the Old North even when they're not trying to blow each other to pieces." The Chancellor turned away from him, pouring him a glass of a silky red wine out of the decanter and passing it off to the Secretary. "For a clergyman you certainly have a grim streak." The silence was a wall between them for a moment. "Yes, but I am an engineer as much as I am a man of the cloth. It's not a particularly pretty idea, but I have to be rational at the very least in these kinds of situations." She waved a frustrated hand, still not making eye contact. "Madam, I really don't want to keep treading over this exact same ground with you every time we have a meeting. I know this whole deal has you seriously affected, but we need to keep a clear head if we want to make sure it doesn't happen again at the ve-." She stopped him mid-sentence."Then shall we try and keep a level head with the next topic, Secretary?"

Isish sighed."Well, it looks like Secretary Mafrig wants us to head out on the next flight to Fortnoveau to see what this conference is all about," Isish spoke, voice gravelly and tired. "Seems like this is our chance to really get some support from the rest of the chaps in the Commonwealth and elsewhere to get all those Saraibian affairs dealt with once and for all, and to actually give the refugees we've got held up in the Babaranes a chance to go back home at some point soon." He paused, considering another thought. "The Hipasians will be there too. I know you've really been gunning to have them get into the Organization with the Onzans and ourselves. This could be our chance to get them to commit." She was clearly trying to have the Secretary backtrack. "Sounds like we've got a lot on our plate." Isish smiled wryly. "Oh, that's not all, Madam. We've got sessions on climate talks and the whole affair down in Renneka too to worry about it seems." She turned back to him, her own wry smile still cool and professional. "If that's the case seems that you and I should try and get the Ajerri to come. If we're gonna do a Climate Agreement the right way, we need them with us." Isish nodded with confidence. "Way ahead of you Madam. We should be arranging to have the same block of rooms to ensure we get to the talks as soon as we can, if only between the two of our delegations." Cajuks shrugged. "Good enough a place to start as any."

"We should have a flight ready before sundown, Madam." She nodded, finishing off her glass of wine. "Very well, I'll make sure my detail is all cleared and ready for departure."

Cajuks and Isish stepped out of the plane in Fortnoveau, the moist, hot air reminiscent of somewhere between a proper midday roaster in Secondsummer on the mainland and a brisk late afternoon in the Babaranes. "Haven't been here since I was part of the engineering staff for the Program" he reminisced aloud. "Back in the old days I worked with the boys from Mattez when we were just figuring out how to set it up. The Midrasians send up their rockets from here, you know." Cajuks nodded sternly. "And how long ago was that, Mr. Isish?" "1971" he replied. "Sure didn't have all this going on back then," Isish continued, gesturing vaguely at the developments around the airport, architecture indicative of construction erected in much more recent years. "Sure doesn't look like public sector work, I can tell ya that much." Cajuks nodded again, stifling a chuckle. "Yeah, they don't seem so keen to use as much cement as humanly possible." Isish scoffed, and waved in unison with the Chancellor to the cameras awaiting them just behind the barricades and KRA Security Detail.

"Just remember we're here on business, Madam. It's very nice but we're here to do some very important work," the Secretary continued. "Don't tell me how to do my job, Raul. I appreciate your input but let's not get into patronising territory. The people like you, and I wouldn't want them to lose such a statesman of yourself for acting too far out of line."

They promptly descended the stairs, the two of them headed over to greet the reporters, many of them familiar faces from back home among many others they did not, surely a good portion of them from Midrasia and Onza. Isish stepped to the front of the line of aides and representatives, but found himself surprised as a wiry hand gripped firmly to his shoulder: that of the Chancellor. "Let me take this one, Raul. I'm sure you could use a break from the camera just this once." He smirked. "Very well, Madam. Maybe getting your personable attitude and sense of immersion in your position on screen might help you stay a bit more impartial when we start the conference." She smiled politely for the cameras while her eyes screamed at the Secretary. "We'll see."
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Postby Vvarden » Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:32 pm

The Vvardeni plane had arrived at the airport just in time. The private jet had the colours of the Vvardeni flag, which had the unintended side effect of looking like a clown had vomited rainbows on it. Despite this, the occupants inside were readying themselves for what would come next. This would be Vvarden's first attendance at an international conference in this century, and the Vvardeni would never want to jeopardize that by looking inexperienced and nervous. They were nervous, yes, but also hopeful. Hopeful and trusting in their ideals that brought them here, ideals for peaceful co-operation, and most importantly the issue on most of Vvarden's mind; Volgaria. The Grand Speaker's toughest challenge would be trying to negotiate with them. He had hope that the Rohstians and the Midrasians would be able to find something beneficial for both parties, but it was only hope. It was more than just something to feel proud of and go back. It was something more than just sitting at the table and returning home so that people would judge him a great ruler. This was the first time in a long time that a native Rennekkan nation and an Almannic nation had sat down at a table as equals. There had been a rather unfortunate history of unequal treaties, of puppet states and kicking the Vvardeni states whenever they tried to do something independent for a change. This will be a new beginning, a new page, a fresh start.

The Grand Speaker felt as if he was making something good happen to Vvarden, something needed essentially. The world didn't understand the Vvardeni situation. Back in Vvarden, the DDSP and the KVP were at odds more than people would think. All it would take is one political crisis, for example, losing face in an international summit, and the two would leap on him like wolves. And then what? Neither would tolerate the other, and Vvarden might become embroiled in civil violence as supporters of either side clash. Secessionist movements like those with the Vokun and the Saadalnimic might cause them to break away from Vvarden, father of the Native Rennekkans, and drift towards the Almannics forever. Would the Almannics tolerate a communist republic on their doorstep better than they would an ultra-nationalist autocracy? If war ever broke out, it would undo everything Vvarden had done for the past century. The Grand Speaker Ralos Nivastar Zorosh ran his hands through his hair, shuffling the papers he had been reading for the past half an hour into a small folder, before gazing out the window. This was important, and he must not ruin it. The Volgarians are stubborn, he thought, but perhaps we can reach an agreement. That's all I need, an agreement, an equal agreement so that I can appear to have won. But somehow he thought that was far from possible. Sometimes we must try and hope for the best. The Universe has a knack for sorting out things that might just be seen as impossible. He smiled slightly.

"Worried?" Thalassa raised an eyebrow as she sat on the chair opposite his.
The Grand Speaker adjusted himself to face her. Thalassa was always there for him. "Only slightly."

"Makes sense. This is quite an important event. But you'll do great Ralos, you always have." She replied.

He smiled mournfully. "I do wonder sometimes if your faith in me is misplaced."

"The majority of Vvarden can't be wrong." Thalassa draped her arm over the back of the chair, the other scratching her hair. "You're a larger than life figure, Ralos. A royal claimant supporting democracy over autocracy. The blood of the Venerable Emperors and all that. That stall in Zoroshthurvan Ralostrolvaroni* has even named a new dish after you."

"I should stop there next time. It's the one with the red and green awnings, right?"
Thalassa nodded slightly. The smile on her face soon shifted to an expression of slight worry.

"You really must be worried. You've only had three conversations with me on the entire flight. For what it's worth, we wouldn't be here if we didn't believe you would help Vvarden."

The Grand Speaker let out a wide smile. "Thank you Thalassa."

Ambassador Douthas quickly stood up and walked down the aisle. The Grand Speaker let out a deep breath and had a quick look around. Talking with Ambassador Thalassa Douthas was Ambassador Essu Iltunipitashu. He had a bright smile, darker skin than the others and a Fiorentine-style nose, with a shock of red hair. The Vokun were often addressed in old Vvardeni records as "farias vavin" or "red-haired devils". Essu was dressed differently than the others, wearing traditional Vokun garb rather than Vvardeni clothes, mostly leather and a few furs. The effort was made to make it into actual formal attire, so he didn't look like he'd been abducted from the steppes. Sitting across from them was Field Marshal Zirnniu Maneishpi. His uniform was dark green, and his neck seemed to bulge out of the tight collar. He had a threatening demeanor, but he was one of Vvarden's best officers and a hell of a ferovi player**. If not for the Vvardeni military attire he was wearing, he could easily be mistaken for a member of an aristocracy in some Asuran nation. The plane quickly parked itself in the right position, and the doors opened. The delegation got themselves ready, and waited as security exited first.

The Grand Speaker would go first. He smiled back to the others. "We are dressed in our best, and we'll act kindly. With any luck, people won't be so hostile to us." He reassured them with his eloquent voice. Both soft, and also proud and confident. "Hilfiron!" Ralos called as the four descended down the plane steps, with the bright Majulan sun shining down on all four members of the party. The sunlight made their traditional garb shimmer in a blazing display of colour, but the heat did them no favours. All four quickly entered the car assigned to them, with miniature Vvardeni flags flying from the bonnet.

Inside, the Grand Speaker hoped and dreamed as the car began its journey to the Fortnouveau Convention Centre.

* Ralos' Trolvaroni, a large market area in downtown Zoroshthurvan, named after Emperor Ralos the Glorious.
** A traditional Vvardeni game of strategy involving dice and counters.
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The delegation had flown for hours, long tiresome hours, to the far away city of Fortnouveau. Finally arriving inside the airport the delegates got a secretary to get their bags and walked to the limo. To the Terncans this wasn't an extremely relevant summit so not many important officials had attended, however the Economic Minister and several major SOE chiefs had. The most excited visitor was Belcho Yankov, an economics major made chief of ATP. They made their way to a convoy of limos at the gate and weaved their way through the city.

The limos were shiny dark black, long, and with a Terncan flag on the top. Guarded by several security vehicles it was quite a long convoy compared to the others. A lot of the officals after a long flight and days of egregious study in preparation they were understandably tired.

"Shame Adams back in Terncow, this is quite a nice tropical city"

The Economic Minster would remarked as they drove through the city. His face showed the marks of fatigue, he was the most tired off all, being an old man quite used to such events. Talk was scarce in the cabins, most officials trying to catch up on sleep. Midway during the drive to make sure he questioned.

"Anyways, do wee have the final documents for ATP ?, oh and climate change, the two most pressing concerns for us. The Volgarian and Newreyan war is far away, not much of a concern, I guess we can mediate."

The awoken officials inside that limo nodded and signaled for an aide to give him a binder, marked on it "ATP Plans". The Economic Minister opened it and nodded through the pages. He gave a thumbs up as they arrived into the hotel. He led the delegation into the hotel, 20 people in total, some old faces some new ones such as ambitious Belcho Yankov, the planned leader of the Aeian Trade Pact.

While entering the hotel the Economic Minister signaled Belcho, and began talking to him.

"Do as you're told and don't cause any trouble, this is your first summit, alright? Just because Stoev is here doesn't mean you two need to fight. And prepare your speech, it was custom made just for you and if you don't know it we'll find another person. I'm sure if you do all of that it should be fine."

"Don't worry sir, I can handle myself".

The officials were extremely exhausted and walked over to their rooms deciding to take naps instead of convening with other officials. Belcho Yanko had gotten a room with ambitious chairman for Tersonos who was a suitor for his post.

"Know your place young man" he taunted him while entering the room "you're just a little newbie, and don't let good post blind you"

Belcho in response simply smirked at him and began to passively aggressively taunt him. The two men didn't get along, quite obviously.

The only general in attendance walked over to the Volgarian delegation's room quietly, and knocked very softy, he didn't want anyone to know. With him a folder marked "CLASSIFED, Hazardous Materials" he was welcomed in. Not many knew what they were meeting for...

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Postby Rohst » Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:29 pm

Fortnouveau, Midrasia
March 2nd, 2018
09:59 AM

Prince Lodewijk sat, legs stretched out in the limousine, absolutely abhorring the dreaded humidity outside. How people could bare to reside in such a horrid climate was well beyond him. He anxiously awaited the moment he'd have to step out of his air-conditioned box and out into the sticky, wet hell that awaited his fifteen second walk into the hotel. Some might call him spoiled, but he'd just say he had high standards; he was the bloody prince of Rohst, one of the grandest empires to bless Aeia. He deserved no less. If only Baron von Redeln could've had his trip Aramas after this whole ordeal instead of before... Alas, Father thought this would be a good chance for Lodewijk to interact with foreign delegation in a setting outside the Royal Palace -- and it was!

He recalled his conversation with Father from the night before. He spoke of how Lodewijk had been groomed for rulership his entire life, and he'd shown great aptitude in management of civil affairs, but he did little more but greet outlander diplomats when they came to the Fatherland. If he was to be the gregarious face of the nation, he would need to train his silver tongue and tailor it to those from lands far away. Eyebrows were raised when Father inherited Krieslen, and all heads turned when he quickly turned the Wusten invasion straight back into their homeland, seizing Schmendorf just after a few months of decisive skirmishes. The Kingdom's actions were under even more scrutiny than ever before, and it was Lodewijk's duty to convince, bribe, and cajole them to turn their attention away, or at least better learn how to. Unlike the Prince, Father was a silent, stoic man who few dared question, with gravitas fit for two kings or emperors. Lodewijk was a pup -- prim, proper, suave and handsome, but unproven to the wider world. This was a chance to exercise his talents and show everybody who the destined heir Rohst was.

As the vehicle eased to a halt, the security detail preceding it were already exiting theirs. While the Midrasians were to provide their own armed units to protect any foreign representatives, due to rising world tensions, Father would not allow Lodewijk to travel alone. When a local hotel worker began approaching the Prince's limousine, one of the armed escort shot him a glare that sent him recoiling back into the hotel in an almost comical fashion. Another agent came and opened the door.

Gods, it was hot, even at 10:00 AM. Prince Lodewijk beared it until he made it inside.
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Postby Aquidneck » Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:15 pm


The Kingdom of Aquidneck

Consul Portas,
The Kingdom of Aquidneck gratefully accepts your invitation to attend the summit in Fortnouveau. The Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and other officials of the Aquidish government will be in attendance. We look forward to discussing these issues with the nations of Aeia, especially those who under other circumstances we are unable to reach out too. The Prime Minister wishes to express his thanks to the Midrasian government for taking the initiative and putting this important summit together

As you are aware the situation in Aramas and Troping grows worse by the day and action is urgently needed to prevent further tragedy. We look forward to working with you and the other great nations of Aeia in searching for solutions to this problem and the many others that we collectively face.

The Office of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Aquidneck

Prime Minsiter Ruperto Petrillo entered the long stretch limousine with that was parked on the tarmac at the bottom of the stairs as fast as he could. The city was unbearably hot and humid and the airport, with its endless asphalt and concrete only served to amplify the natural humidity. As the limo drove away from the Airbus A319 that the delegation flew in on, one of the junior members of the delegation complained that had this summit taken place in metropolitan Midrasia then the delegation could have just taken a train.

Remo Mattei, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and longtime ally of the PM just smirked and replied to the junior delegate, "Well you know the Midrasians have the same problem that all of us Asurans do, we have far flung territories and every now and then we have to show up in them to make them feel appreciated and remembered. Speaking of which," He turned to the Deputy PM, "When this is all over we need to discuss your plans to visit Torcello. First Minister Loni has been up my ass about getting more resources out there. His complaints are never ending."

Renata Panzera, the Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister nodded in agreement, "Yes he has been asking me to upgrade the naval station there to a full base. The Navy is all for it, but I wanted to run it by your ministry first. However, we can discuss all that after the summit." She turned to Ruperto, "Have you all seen the latest out of Troping?"

Petrillo signed wearily, "Yes, it is getting worse ever day. The refugees are piling up and are just sitting ducks outside the border. We cannot possibly handle taking in thousands of people all at once, but if we don't they will most certainly be killed. Gabaretta is forcing our hand, I am going to float the idea of a CDN zone in the north part of the country. The cities of Valletta and St. Martius, and the surrounding territories... It always comes back to Troping though. That damn city is more trouble than it is worth. It is an economically stagnant dump with less than 50,000 people. Any who is able to leave does. Honestly we should just get rid of it, but we all know that would never play well politically. The Royalists would never stop talking about it." The PM leaned forward a bit and put his head in his hands. After a few seconds he leaned back against the seat and sighed. "Alright enough of that for now, what else do we have."

Mattei spoke up again, "The Volgarian-Vvardeni Conflict is first, honestly it doesn't matter to us who come out ahead. Vvarden is a CDN observer, so we are publicly pushing for their terms. We are not pushing to hard though, Rennekka is best left to themselves. Day two will be our big day. Saraibia, Kavo, and Aramas conflicts. Our three favorite former colonies are once more fucking everything up for everyone. Kavo looks to be winding down and our analysts are confident that we can have normalized relations with the new government there once it is formed. We discussed Aramas already, lets just leave it at that. As for Saraibia, Hipasia has recently declared war on them and I wouldn't be surprised if others in the region join in. The Foreign Ministry is got the best odds on Torroso or Onza getting involved. I would advise getting involved if it remains just Hipasia or if Torroso gets in. Neither country is our friend. If Onza gets involved we could jump in though with the rest of the CDN."

Panzera jumped in "It would not take very long to get some of the Asur and North Opal fleets over there and the Royal Army could be on the ground in significant numbers within a week. This is assuming that we have Onza's support. On the third day is our friends in Newrey." The limo got silent for a beat as everyone in the limo tries not to look at Petrillo, if they had been looking that would see that his face had on an expression of absolute rage.

"I don't care what any of those jackasses have to say. I will not vote to reinstate them into the CDN unless they have purged their government and changed their way of doing business. I cannot believe that any of the other CDN members would even consider letting them rejoin." He looks to Remi "Make sure all our allies know that to entertain the idea of letting them rejoin CDN is akin to an insult to Aquidneck. Now whats next?!"

There is a brief pause before the conversation begins once more before Remi speaks up "The next three days are broader topics, international terrorism, climate change, and restrictions on inhumane weapons. Our positions have not changed since your last briefing on them."

"Good... Good." The PM pauses for a bit. "I am absolutely serious about Newrey. Make sure the others do not even bring up to us the idea of letting them back in." The PM leans back and closes his eyes. "Let me know when we get to the hotel."

Remi and Renata nod and then look at each other briefly. Remi shrugs, while Renata gives a single silent laugh. Once at the hotel the delegation makes their way to their rooms and sets up camp for the duration of the summit.
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Postby Tir Lhaeraidd » Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:28 am

Líadáin Síomha's Accommodation, Fortnouveau

"Several of the other delegations appear to have arrived, even one from Newrey." That would be a sore spot, Newrey and tir Lhaeraidd had enjoyed relatively warm relations during the direct rule of the Teyrn, even going so far as a royal engagement. This engagement however had been called off in the wake of all that had happened and the transition to democratic rule had well and truly ended the Teyrnas' tolerance of the Newreyan government's shenanigans. Síomha internally cursed her luck and hoped she would not have to deal too directly with whoever it was that was to attend on the behalf of Newrey, she was not after all a diplomat by profession and had little patience for Newreyan officials - their affected sense of self importance and superiority irked her no end; that and their insistence upon stiff formality.
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Postby Volgaria » Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:08 pm

The Kingdom of Volgaria

The Volgarian's had been quite late to the summit, though not by their own fault, It had been a busy week back in Constantia, for there were numerous things that still needed to be discussed, such as the status of the Royal Family, or the upcoming elections for the Grand Chancellorship. Marcus Adler had been effective leader of the nation after he took power in a de-facto military coup in early February, denying the heir to the throne, Franz von Muerl to ascend into power, replacing his father Konstant von Muerl I who had died of cancer on New Years Day. Most of the governments time since then had been spent building defenses on the border with Vvarden in response to their incursion into the southern territory as well as attempting to slowly begin recovery of the nations economy.

Adler was relatively confident that he could attempt to bring up an offer that could bring a quick and effective end to the strife with the Vvardeni's, after all he had significantly more important things to worry about. Adler was going to settle for nothing that would give the Vvardeni's land or money, as he felt they were to blame for the conflict in the first place. Infact, he thought that Vvardeni's should be paying the reparations due to their illegal incursion into sovereign Volgarian territory.

Field Marshal Marcus Adler, along with Grand Chancellor Einhard Dietrich and Minister of Foreign Affairs Günter Beckmann. They're plane had only just landed, and they we're currently on their way to the summit via limousine. They travelled with three armed bodyguards who were to be by their sides at all times.

The drive had been a long half-hour until they finally arrived at the hotel, where they would be meeting with Prince Lodewijk of Rohst to discuss some important matters before the negotiations with Vvarden. As the Limo pulled up into the parking lot of the hotel, Adler was the first to exit, followed by Dietrich and finally Beckmann, the trio made their way into the hotel, opening the front doors and being greeted by porters who offered took their bags to their respective rooms.

Adler was just about to make his way into the Rohstian delegates room, to have his discussion with Prince Lodewijk,when a young woman called out his name

"Are you Mr. Adler?"

"Yes that would be me."

"I was told to give you this message, someone had requested to see you on Sunday, I told them that unfortunately you had not arrived yet."

She handed him a small envelope, and quickly walked away, seemingly in a rush.

Adler opened and read the letter, It had been from Terncan delegates currently at the same hotel. They had requested to meet with Adler and his party as soon as possible for a "Extremely important" matter. Adler had debated wether he should postpone the meeting with Lodewijk and pay a visit to the Terncan's first, but ultimately he had decided that he would speak with the Terncans immediately after his short discussion with Lodewijk was concluded, which wasn't expected to be long anyway.

But before any of this he had to get to his room and settle in, maybe rest a little, for it had been a long day already, and there would be a long week ahead of him.
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Postby Torroso » Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:48 pm

The Consulate of Torroso
Consulibus e Torra

8 PM
Inbound to Fortnouvea International
The Consul's Aircraft
Sevso had sat in his office compartment, one that hasn't been housed since Gessius. The aircraft had recently been commissioned with Torroso's jump onto the world stage by the act of Gessius' coup. He took note of the various photographs Gessius had contained in his aerial office. "It does seem like old things never really do die, do they?" Sevso had asked himself. He paused for a moment, then turned to his window to notice the beaming light down below. A knock then had came to his door. "You may enter," Sevso commanded. "Sir, we're 20 minutes out from Fortnouvea International. Apparently a member of the Volgarian delegation is waiting for your arrival." Publius Strabo, Sevso's aide-de-camp reported. Sevso had sat for a moment - then replied; "Oh, really? I sure hope Reimann is present to greet me and not anyone else,"
"We're not sure if he'll be present, sir. They've just arrived recently." Strabo answered back. "Well, I do like pleasant surprises. Check with the Midrasians to see if they have our cars ready." Sevso had commanded of Strabo.
"Aye, sir." Strabo replies, then pauses for a salute, which is followed by the door closing. Sevso takes this time to review his itinerary.

8:40 PM
Fortnouvea International
From The Tarmac To The Hotel
With the aircraft finally arriving, Sevso was eager to make headway. Putting on what he called his 'golden smile', he stepped out from the aircraft and onto the passenger boarding stairs. He waved his hands, which was followed by flashes and flickering of camera lenses from the media section. At the bottom of the stairs stood Karl Reimann - a central figure in the development in relationship between Torroso and Volgaria. Reimann was in his evening dress - a formal attire accustomed to Volgarian officials. "Always good to see you, Reimann." Sevso said, reaching his hand out for a handshake. Accepting the handshake, smiling, Reimann replies: "As is with you, my friend. Come, we've got the car ready."

The two enter the car, with Sevso's aide tagging along.
"Now," Reimann begins, putting up the chauffeur's window, "I've been assigned to you for your assistance. But obviously for discussion on matters regarding the summit."
"I wish I was informed in advance, but I'm not bothered. Our states are one of a symbiotic relationship." Sevso replies.
Nodding his head in agreement, Reimann continues; "True. Unfortunately, when speaking of relationships, we have the issue of a parasite."
"You mean the Vvardeni situation." Sevso quickly remarks.
Reimann pauses, and again, continues: "Yes, among other things. But we won't be able to talk about it now of course, the Mirebeau isn't far from here."
For what is the rest of the ride, the two make small talk.

9:00 PM
Hotel Lac Mirebeau
The Lac Mirebeau
Sevso enters his room. He approaches the window, taking in the view.
"You can take in this view, but not the sights that lay behind it. It's truly a wonder how the Midrasians have this land the same as their own home provinces. Surely, for those wanting to make right in this world, you'd want to make right. But it's all dependent on who makes right, and what their ideal of 'making right' is... But no worry, my Torra. The world fails to recognize our achievements. I will make them known - resolution of conflicts do not belong to one single entity."

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Postby Aramatheria » Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:02 am

The Aramasians were the last delegation to arrive at the summit.

It was a surprise to many in both the army and government that Muscat had given the all clear for an official delegation to be sent, especially in light of the ongoing conflict and the fact that the nation and its current regime was the centre of an entire topic of discussion. Nevertheless, it was important to put on a friendly face for international summits such as this one. After all, it Aramas wished to succeed in the post war world it would need to show everybody that is what not a rogue state, and instead a nation willing to engage in cooperative diplomacy, and perhaps most importantly, international trade. Whilst the regime held friendly ties with the nations of the CSS, it would be necessary to reassure the CDN and wider international scene that it was not some tin-pot dictatorship. Aramas would need significant investment for it to reach the heights of the early 2000s when the country was seen as the new kid on the block and a rising star in regional affairs.

Nevertheless, it was decided that Muscat himself would not be attended the talks, for obvious reasons. Though there were rumours behind closed doors that the military had pressured Muscat into sending his Foreign Minister Guiliano Savona. These rumours were not exactly hard to believe. Muscat attending himself, having willingly deployed weaponry such as Sarin Gas was one thing, but the Aramasian Generalissimo was also known for his somewhat erratic attitude to foreign relations. A factor likely to have been a serious detriment to Aramas' standings in the conference. Therefore, the far more diplomatic Savona would be attending with his entourage of advisers and dogsbodies. Savona himself was a lean mean of very tall stature, around 6ft 5 inches, an elongated face, dark olive skin and cropped black, slightly greying hair. Stepping from his private jet onto the runway, the humidity was immediately apparent, though not far off what he was used to back in his native Aramas. Stepping down onto the tarmac, the man paced slowly towards his escort, hands behind his back and his head following the horizon as if he were surveying the landscape.

"Good morning Mr. Savona. Welcome to Fortnouveau. We will be your escort for today," stated the security chief.

Without comment, Savona simply looked the chief in his face, before sitting down in the back of the black Âge Quatreporte that waited before him.
The journey didn't take long, with the hotel not being far from the airport. After arrival and upon receiving his keys Savona journeyed to his designated room, opened his briefcase to pull out his papers and laptop, before settling down to study his notes, silently as ever.

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Postby Hergemoth » Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:01 am


The Kingdom of Hergemoth

The Rohstians had invited Hergemoth to Fortnouveau at the last minute. Although it required rushing and hast, none were angry at the Rohstians. They were 1 of two superpowers, the other being their host at the negotiations. A delegation had been quickly assembled from among the government. Prince Karl and Foreign Minister von Karmann, as well as many aides and attendants, would make up the official representation of the Konnigrijk of Hergemoth in these negotiations. The King insisted on involvement. Being ruler of an irrelevant and insignificant nation was an impossibility for Ernst II, his Royal Majesty.

The jet with the flags and symbols of Hergemoth landed with a dusty thud. Inside, the prince adored his luxury seating and whiskey while his ministerial comrade was looking through papers. Upon stepping out the prince felt a terrible wave of heat, and he winced. He missed the cold alcohol he had enjoyed onboard the GE510 Sky Palace. The delegation stepped down onto the tarmac to be greeted by a pathetic-looking group of Midrasians. "Welcome to Fortnouveau, your highness" and "Welcome, Minister von Karmann" was repetitive. The delegation walked out across towards the airport accompanied by their hosts. Of course they stopped as the limousine with Hergean ensigns pulled up in front of them. The prince and minister entered. It then drove to the hotel.

Upon entry Prince Karl was of utmost relief. Finally, cooling! This heat was nothing like the freezing snow of his castle in Cravor. The security chief appeared to greet him.
"Welcome, your highness. I am responsible for your security during the negotiations."
"Yes, of course. Where might my room be?"
"Right this way, Prince Karl" the security chief led the prince to his room. Von Karmann and his aides sat in wait and discussed the talks. Von Karmann himself was outraged this Midrasian pimp of a security chief had taken just the prince to his accomodation with no thought for the rest of the delegation!

After settling in Prince Karl called a meeting of the delegation in his suite. Surprising, thought most of the aides. They'd thought the Minister called meetings. Apparently not. Once everyone was comfortable Prince Karl laid out the week's plan. Topics such as Vvarden-Volgaria, Newrey, Aramas, Saraiba, climate change, they were all there. "What will our stances be, Walther" asked the Karl to the minister. "As has been discussed at home. We stand with the Newreyan Kingdom, Volgaria, Muscat, the PRA, Co2 reduction. You know your highness. Act in the interests of the nation."
Walther von Karmann thought the 23 year old prince was a drunk. That's why Walther was here. Must be sad for the king, for he clearly realizes. The plan for the negotiations was set out and everyone left for their own rooms.
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Postby Ovandera » Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:32 am

The news of their invitation had certainly been a surprise to most in the Abteilung für Außenpolitik in Vannerr, and while a response in support of the invitation was sent in haste, it had taken a while for a proper delegation to be assembled for the trip to Asura. To begin with, troubles chartering a flight to Midrasia came as a majority of major international airports had prioritized citizen flights above State-Envoy trips, and with everything the Party was dealing with currently it had little time to real in insubordinate factions of perturbed flight-management staff. Alongside flight difficulties, the actions of the Antiroyalist-Außchuß —Anti-Royalist Committee— had slowed down the Department tremendously. Implemented a few months after the war by the Communist Party, the Committee had set to work ripping the Foreign-Policy Department to pieces and making it exceedingly difficult for qualified applicants to join the organization, first by profiling every applicant for the department for ties to the previous government, then by profiling most of the qualified delegates.

Despite the setbacks, however, a proper flight was chartered the 12th and a Delegation of 4 was set up including the Representative of External Policy Cheryle Zahn, Central-Party Member Luka Aaij, Varshanka-Party Member Natalie Haar, and the Representative of Internal Affairs Christoffer von Freitag. The Twin Party Members were sent to represent the interests of the Commonwealth Central Party as well as those of the Autonomous Federation of Varshanka; while in regards to Freitag, the Party had requested he specifically represent the Commonwealth due to his chief involvement in the economic, scientific, and industrial capacities and plans of the nation.

The chartered flight itself had to be a perfect representation of the current state of the Commonwealth, a modern jet although not in the best condition, the national colors of the previous government hastily drawn over with Red and Gold, the Almannic Cross once along the aft clearly replaced with the Gear and Grain of the new confederation. Within, Christoffer had gotten into a heated conversation with Natalie, a common occurrence as the two had opposing ideas as to the Trans-Ovan Railway, while Cheryle Zahn herself had begun looking over papers regarding the plans of the meeting itself.

The Plane shook with a jolt as it landed, pulling Cheryle out of her thoughts and onto the task ahead, this was only the second international meeting the Commonwealth had been called too, and already it was gearing up to be the most important in the near future. Stepping out into the heat, Cheryle Zahn took it upon herself to introduce the delegation to a group of Midrasian government officials before them. Each of them were adorned with proper Party attire —Formal black shoes and pants along a dark-khaki tunic dress shirt— the two Department heads distinguished by Red Armbands with the insignia of either department on its center, and the breast-pockets of the Party Members adorned with a pin of the Gear and Grain.

Stepping forward, the Cheonovanitsche woman responded to the Midrasian greeting; “Thank you for your hospitality, I am Representative Cheryle Zahn, I believe you are our envoy to the resort?”

Few words were spoken after the first encounter however as the Ovanitches were taken first to the hotel and later to each of their Suites. The trip itself didn’t take long as the hotel wasn’t far from the airport, and upon arrival, the Ovan Delegation had a quick meeting with a Midrasian official to finalize plans for the event, before going their separate ways to each of their suites.
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Postby Midrasia » Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:54 am

Day 0/I
With the arrival of the international delegations at Fortnouveau it was time to begin the deliberations.

Turnout to the event had been good, though a number of invitees had failed to turn up for the event, most notably the Democratic Federation and Saraibia had not shown up.
The latter was of no real surprise. Very few had actually believed that the runt of the Arabekhi litter would actually attend an international conference, never mind one hosted by "Asuran Imperialists".
As a result this would mean any discussions regarding the recent declaration of war by Hipasia would take place without the presence of the targeted nation. Not that any attendees held a soft-spot for Saraibia. If anything, this may be the easiest issue to get everyone agreeing upon.
The non-attendance of the Democratic Federation was another issue. One of the most powerful nations in Aeia, refusing to attend an international summit. This one will probably be put down to the nations isolationist streak, though if an international agreement on anything were to be reached it would require the agreement of all major nations. It could only be hoped that the Federation would attend future summits such as this one.
One of the surprise attendances however was that of Aramas. Embroiled in a civil war and with a leader vilified by the democratic nations of the earth. However, Muscat himself had chosen not to show his face for obvious reasons. Instead the Alydian Republic's attendance was made known by Foreign Minister Guiliano Savona a relative unknown on the international scene.

The initial day of negotiations would be taken up by the Volgarian-Vvardeni ceasefire to be overseen by delegates from Midrasia and Rohst. Whilst this closed-door session will be taking place, other invitees to the event may use the time to explore their surroundings, chat with the other delegates or watch the proceedings. With the negotiations expected to finish by the end of the day, it will be hoped that the first official day of negotiations on the situation in Arabekh could begin in haste.

He awoke to his alarm at 8:00am. A late time for any member of the government, but it was thought that a good nights rest would be necessary before the deliberations. The humidity hadn't helped though. He could never truly sleep with the sound of the air conditioning so he left it off.
"What was that, five, six hours?" Still better than usual he thought, turning off his alarm clock and slipping out of bed. The natural light of the day was beginning to make its way into the bedroom, prompting the necessary morning preparations. Matthieu Marais had been appointed Midrasia's lead overseer for the Volgarian-Vvardeni negotiations, his role as Foreign Minister and countless years experience in foreign affairs made him the obvious candidate for such a position.

Stumbling over to the bathroom, Marais switched on the shower, undressed and set about cleansing himself of the sweat accumulated over his night sleep.
"I will never get used to this heat."
Marais had always despised trips to Majula. The heat and humidity was nothing like his native Oyonax where the cool mountain breeze made each day bearable. Stepping out of the shower and into his suit it was time to head down to the restaurant for breakfast. Nothing special, corn flakes and a croissant, his usual. The restaurant itself was empty. Most guests must either have awoken early or still be asleep from jet-lag.
With his breakfast finished, teeth brushed and flossed it was finally time to head out to the Conference centre. Awaiting him outside was a black Âge Quatreporte with tinted windows and all the standard security features of any Midrasian escort.
"Good morning Mr Marais," said the driver with a smile. "Will we be off to the negotiations now?"
"Where else?" said Marais with a wry smile. "Let's be on our way."

With everything having been set up beforehand for the days negotiations, Marais simply had to take his seats and await the arrival of the delegates from Rohst, Volgaria and Vvarden.

"Gentlemen. We are here today because we all value peace, harmony and prosperity above all else. It is my hope that within these negotiations we may find an adequate solution to our problems that satisfies all parties. As an observer it is not my role to dictate terms, merely to ensure that this process can formalise an agreement which both parties consent to and can be readily enforced. It is also my hope that these negotiations can be concluded in a concise and timely manner, so that we may move on to the other topics up for discussion at this summit."

"With that I open the floor to either the Volgarian and Vvardeni delegates who may wish to make their opening statements and aims for these discussions."
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Postby Crylante » Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:55 am

Jenný Anadottir looked out the plane window with an intrigued look as her plane started declining down towards the airport in Majula. She had been to many places in her life, but most of them had been in her home continent. The furthest afield she’d been was a trip to Vanir when she was a young child, and even then her parents had had to save up their disposable income for the past few years to afford it. It may be part of the Crylantian Federation as much as her home state of Kattinge, but it wasn’t like merely hopping on a train to Dybøll. It was a flight across a third of the world’s circumference before landing at St. Eysteinn International.

Majula was definitively a place she hadn’t been to. A place with much history, it varied from the dystopian city state of Sacemes in the north of the continent, a dark place which her Directorate was currently sanctioning, to the apartheid state of Kagon and the Midrasian overseas territory she was visiting: Fontnoveau. It was a rich trading post and cultural hub, presumably chosen for the summit due to its equatorial location near the meridian.

She was here for multiple reasons. She wanted to talk about her opinion on the Civil War in Newrey. The nation across from Crylante that refused to accept things that Crylante had been doing for decades, such as treating women and homosexuals as actual people, had been involved in a Civil War, because after the evidence had come out showing that Raymond Holt’s government was involved in election fraud and corruption, he had thrown a fit and led a fascist coup in Cyningburgh while the monarchy had tried to establish some sanity in the nation.

She also wanted to address environmental issues worldwide. A main focus for her when she had campaigned to be chosen as Director for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade was to focus on tackling climate change worldwide. It was a pressing issue that could result in a radical reshaping of the world and heavy restrictions on human life if it wasn’t addressed by the world.

These thoughts raced through her mind as the plane came hurtling down towards Fontnoveau. To relieve the pressure on the ears she sucked on a boiled sweet. It was an alright sweet, made back home, but Crylante’s talent for confectionary really showed in their chocolate. Hot chocolate, cold chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate; Crylante severely exceeded the rest of the world in production.

Jenný felt the plane come down to the ground of Majula with a jolt. The plane charged across the runway, slowing down as it did so, before it reached an acceptable speed which dissipated into a stop. A modern metropolis surrounded her and her colleagues like a monolith. She grabbed her suitcase from the rack on top, and dragged it across the carriage to the stairs, which she made her way down and waited at the bottom of. A procession of staff and delegates followed her. Natalia La Blanc, the Reform Party politician in charge of Energy, Environment, Transport and Communications, was next to get off. While it was not common for more than two Directors to be away from the country at one time, the summit would require both of them for various things. Afterwards followed a procession of staff and other delegates, one of which was a Vaniric delegate to her Directorate, who had come as part of a deal that Vanir could speak their minds at summits involving the Federation, another of which was a Glanish delegate who had come to present a sense of Lhedwinic unity.

~ * ~

It was now late evening in Fontnoveau. Jenný was playing a game of tennis with Natalia La Blanc. The two of them got on well together; they both shared strong views on the environment and were both supporters of Crylantian republicanism, and were both relatively moderate within their own parties and could thus often find a common ground; this specific one being a sports ground in a Majulan hotel.

It had been very hot outside: according to the Crylante 24 weather report Jenný had been watching before coming to the tennis court, the temperature was over 23 degrees hotter than back in Nebligen. However, they’d managed to get through border security easily and had got to the hotel quite soon, and were ready for the summit to start tomorrow.

Jenný checked her phone. She’d had one new text, from her partner Isak, asking her how the hotel was. She texted him the current situation, and went back to the game.
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Postby Volghar » Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:59 pm

The Volghari had little to gain from an international summit, and even less to lose. It was with good reason they had gone without invite, issues in Arabekh and Rennekka were of little consequence to the Khanate. Yet the extension of invitation had been granted by the Volgarians, and thus the Cataian state found itself sending a delegation to a far-flung Midrasian colony in Majula to discuss matters that would ultimately affect their state very little in the short term. The key goal of the Volghari delegation was simple, one of diplomacy. The 2017 election had been a referendum on foreign policy, one that the Nationalists had one handily, now they were ready to fulfill those promises. Their ascession to the Coalition of Sovereign States meant that the nation had an international obligation to assist its allies in Volgaria and Torroso in their conflcits, and their invitation would allow the CSS another voice and another vote at the table. Of course, the entrance to the alliance had not come without drawbacks, namely the growing cooling of relations with the nations of Asura. Midrasia and Aquidneck, in particular, were powerful economies and possibly vital trading partners, yet rhetoric had seen the Enlightened Khanate's foreign policy grow more hostile to the two states. This would be a chance to allow Volghar to emerge on the world stage as not only a stalwart member of the CSS, but one open to negotiation with the CDN.

Catai was the primary goal of Volghari foreign policy, the Forum was proof of that, but Aeia as a whole was not to be ignored. For that purpose Yul Adhragav, the Foreign Minister found himself on a plane to Fortnouveau. The title of Foreign Minister wasn't really much in and of itself, the Khan dealt with most matters of the portfolio, rather he was more of a deputy to the Head of State. A position, along with Minister for Defence, that was commonly seen as a position existing for the purpose of grooming for leadership. For that purpose, Adhragav was joined by Thomas Iterhkh, the Newreyan-Volghari Minister for Defence, a man with a chip on his shoulder larger than some small countries. The two men were in many ways rivals, from differing factions in the Nationalist Party. Adhragav closer to the centre, Iterhkh a staunch "Volghar First" hardliner. This was an opportunity for both younger men to prove their ability in leadership, and for both to appeal to different audiences. One to the CSS, and one to the rest of the world.

The plane came down smoothly, and within a few minutes the two men along with their numerous aides were on the tarmac. The formalities of greeting were passed without incident and soon enough the two gentlemen were in the back of a private car.

"Aramas is our key issue here," Iterhkh said matter-of-factly to his colleague, "it's the only thing that concerns or our allies that we have a say in."

"Yes, whilst you hardline on that, I'll make sure the Asurans see how enlightened our new government is," Adhragav sighed, "do you not wish to discuss the issues of democracy or climate change at all? This whole conference isn't purely defence."

"Leave that to the Forum," The Minister of Defence grunted, "we're here solely on invitation of the CSS."

"You forget that climate change regulations and sanctions imposed by Yidao or Asura would cripple us, brother," The Foreign Minister answered, "our primary source of industry would collapse in and of itself overnight. You also forget that this is a chance for us to bring investment from Asura, regardless of their histories."

"Then weigh the room, and earn allies amongst the Imperialists for our plight," Iterhkh muttered, "I shall ensure that our allies are not overrun by them."

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Postby Volgaria » Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:58 pm

The Kingdom of Volgaria

"We will begin, Thank you." Grand Chancellor Dietrich said as he stood from his chair with a paper in his hands

He cleared his throat

"First of all I would like to thank the Midrasian Government for their hospitality and hosting of the summit."

"I will begin and cut right to the chase, by saying that the Vvardeni intervention in the south of our border, violating our sovereignty over the unconfirmed actions of our now deceased King is nothing more than a ploy by their fanatic-irredentist group to seize our lands that had been under the control of the "Venerable Empire" some thousands of years ago.

Now. We look for nothing more within this discussion than for a solution which will not leave us at a disadvantage in terms of payment or land, all we merely wish for is a status quo ante bellum between our nation and the Vvardeni, our simple request is that the Vvardeni's agree to fully exit the Southern territory.

If the protection of their minorities within our borders are an issue, then we will gladly help the Vvardeni government in relocation of said minorities to Vvardeni lands under the supervision by Rohstian and Midrasian governments as well as international rights groups. We understand that there are allegations that our government was responsible for said persecution against minorities, as such we are also here to put these allegations to rest, As far as the current cabinet and government is aware, there was no evidence of ethnic-cleansing ordered by the state, and if there truly was, we had no participation or knowledge of its execution and was likely done by order of now-deceased King Otto von Muerl in relative secrecy from the government."

"Thank you."

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Postby Vvarden » Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:27 pm

The Vvardeni delegation had listened to the Volgarian speech with much interest, and the remarks of Vvardeni being fanatic irredentists held great amusement with them. It was the first time the two nations had sat down like this for quite a while, and not behind closed doors. Even though the Grand Chancellor was clearly speaking propaganda and not from the heart, he still proved an interesting challenge, a focal point for the diplomat's words. The Grand Speaker stood up, and took quick glances at people nearby. Volgarians, Midrasians, even a Rohstian prince. All of which came in search of a greater cause and for peace between our nations.

"I will start my argument with a note of gratitude for the Midphalian government, for allowing the Vvardeni government to be here among the representatives of so many other nations. It has been the first time in a long while that we have been invited to such a meeting, and it is something we will not forget."

He cast a smile towards the Midrasians. Calm and tranquil. He always admired them for what they were trying to do.

"Now, I would like to reply to the Volgarian delegation that has arrived here with great interest. But first, I will state what we Vvardeni actually want. Many here are under the belief that we seek land as if we were seeking to conquer and dominate the Almanns in some sort of retribution for an event that happened long ago. This is ludicrious. Vvarden seeks to restore the Venerable Empire no more than Midrasia wants to restore the Fiorentine Empire, or Crylante wants to unite Lhedwin by force of arms. Any Vvardeni that says otherwise is a radical and nothing to do with us." The Grand Speaker reeked of boyish charm as he cast a sly smile towards the Volgarians, who were sitting upright and expressionless as if they were carved of granite.

"Now, fact of the matter is that Vvarden, for all intents and purposes, has a right to protect its sovereignty. At many points in the past Almannic states have sought to subjugate Vvardeni lands, and I'm not talking about the ancient Venerable Empire that we're so obviously nostalgic about. Might I remind the Volgarians of their attempted interference in the Vvardeni Troubles, seeking to place a relative on the throne? Or shall I remind not just the Volgarians but also the Rohstian delegation here about the time that several key members of Rohst's parliament had conspired to fund terrorist efforts in Saadalnim? Vvarden obviously has a right to control its territory, and its people mean very much to us. Saadalnim for example, is considered part of Vvarden. I know that in the past we had discriminated against them for not acting against our arbitrary rules, but they have chosen to stay and we must honour that. Now, on the other hand, many Almannic states consider the Saadalnimic to be Almannic, and that they have a right to join the Almannic community. And because they are considered Almannic by the Almanns, Volgarian and Rohstian records have not recorded this. However, to the wider world and Vvarden, the Saadalnimic are a part of us, as the Vokun are."

"Our demands for the Volgarians are simple. There will be peace along the border, a status quo. The Saadalnimic minority will have greater representation and will be safeguarded from any more harm by gangs and extremists, and any violation will be met with hostile force. The Volgarians will lessen the amount of hostile propaganda they make towards us, and we shall do the same in return. A small amount of compensation is also asked for, so that those that have lost their lives may rebuild."

The Rohstian prince was also like a statue. Almanns, faces of stone, hearts of stone. No semblance of humour. Hmph. The words rolled on his tongue almost melodiously, like a song. A song that would win over the Midrasians. Sounded rather like a children's story he heard as a boy. One about a lute player and a foreign king.

"Vvarden and its people have been the victims for a long amount of time, nobody is disputing that. We care about our own people, be they Vvardeni, Saadalnimic, Vokun or any other denomination. So why would we not extend our own care beyond our borders? We have a right to protect ourselves against threats. Surely the Volgarians can understand that with their rampant paranoia."

"And so when Volgaria entered it's recent momentary instability, and it's people became lost and confused, they started to blame those they'd always seen as scapegoats, as victims, Vvardeni. Yes, yes, the Volgarians may argue that there are no Vvardeni in Volgaria but then again, they count Saadalnimic peoples as Almanns, don't they? Saadalnimic people are Vvardeni people. One and the same. So some Volgarians, extremists no doubt, not government-funded terror groups as the Volgarians think we blame, thought that to rid the country of that instability, they would get rid of those that supposedly caused it. Seems appropriate in a logical way, eh? They're the problem, so why not...get rid of them? They did this with evil intent. They intended to crush, to destroy, to exterminate those that were not perfectly Almann. As for evidence, we have it. Several dozen testimonies, hundreds of photos, satellite pictures that show the clear destruction of Vvardeni farmsteads and Vvardeni populated villages near the border. All of which we are willing to share at this conference."

"If you all will allow me, I shall read a portion of a testimony. Be warned, it is graphic in nature." Nobody had moved. The Grand Speaker took that as a good sign and then proceeded to tell the story of the village of Relyn or Rehm to the Volgarians. He described the mass murders, the abuse and the rapes, every horrible event. He spoke from other testimonies, stories of parents being killed and babies snatched from them, of mass graves in the forests, of shootings in the streets. Throughout all of that, he said, none of them were meant to live. He stressed every consonant, perfect pronunciation of Vvardeni at a slow speed. His voice went deep, and though many couldn't understand Vvardeni and were relying on their translators, they could tell he was indeed deadly serious about this. The Grand Speaker continued reading, his eyes not leaving the words. He didn't know how the rest of the delegations were acting, but surely they were just as shocked as he was. The Volgarians probably were also shocked, but for different reasons. Stone faces, no expressions. The Vvardeni are proud and overly-emotional either laughing or crying as the stereotype goes, but the Almanns are stone faced with forked tongues. The Grand Speaker finished with a simple statement. "I apologise if it was more graphic than I thought. I hope this will help convince the Volgarians that it is no joking matter. People have died because of an intent to kill by a radicalised few, but they were allowed to operate with impunity."

His mood was sombre. He had known the contents of the testimony before, after all, he read the original report. But standing here, now, in front of those that deny the mere existence of the killers made it completely different. "I also have evidence from the other side, if the Volgarians think that that testimony was a lie." He picked up a small, leather book and flicked to a random page, before explaining to the crowd.

"One captured member of this "Volgarian Patriots of the South" kept a diary. We found it and read through it. The usual stuff, nationalistic slogans, talking about wanting to fight for his country and to stop anyone who wanted to tarnish his blessed Volgaria. Then the infighting started. 'The Vvardeni must be to blame of course. Our leaders are strong, and so are our people. The Vvardeni must be to blame, for no Almannic brother could attack us like this. I will join the Patriots, and we will have our fun.'"

"Here's a more recent piece." The Grand Speaker spoke aloud, clearing his throat. "'Yesterday, we and the Patriots were generous. Every Vvardeni we caught was shot. Today, it's different...They are beaten to death with cudgels and spades. Tomorrow, we hope to go to the village of Rehm. We shall wipe out every stain they have made on our sacred soil. For the fatherland and the Almann race, may they both endure forever.'"

"No evidence, they say." The Grand Speaker spoke sternly. "The photos are in this folder here. Take a look if you need further convincing." He placed a rather thick folder on the table. Edges of photographs poked out between the pages, some of which revealed grisly violence.

"The truth is, delegates, ambassadors, these atrocities have happened. We have proof of systematic killing, an intent to destroy, to massacre. It is there, whether the Volgarians are blind to see it or not. It is there, and they shall have to deal with it. It is there, and we would like a proper solution. I rest my case."
The Grand Speaker sat down, nodding to a few of his fellow delegates, eagerly awaiting what would happen next.

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Postby Midrasia » Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:37 am

The room grew silent as the Vvardeni delegation finalised their speech. Marais could feel the blood boiling within the Volgarian delegation and the response that was likely to come out of it. He was used to this sort of thing though. His previous postings as Sagalan and Kagonese ambassador were more than sufficient experience to understand that the last thing anybody wants at negotiations is a shouting match or a blame game.

"If I may interject?" Spoke Marais, standing from his desk.
"Whilst it is regrettable that the situation has deteriorated to this point, and that the common casualties of war may have taken place, I do not feel that it practical for us to debate the semantics of who is to blame for the start of this conflict. The fact of the matter is that a conflict has broken out across the Sadaalnim region and we need to ensure that we can de-escalate this conflict and ensure that this situation cannot occur again. Furthermore, it is important that such an agreement is acceptable to all parties involved within this negotiation."

Marais took a sip of his water. It was best to get these negotiations over and done with as fast as possible. It was clear that leaving the Volgarians and Vvardeni in a room together long enough would recipe for nothing more than a full blown war. If he wanted to get this done he had to overstep his mark as a neutral arbitrator.

"Whilst it is not my position to enforce any such agreement upon both parties, if I may make a suggestion?"

He took out a sheet of paper from a file on his desk, detailing his research and notes on Volgarian-Vvardeni relations, complete with scribbles of notes and highlighting from all colours of the rainbow.

"It is clear that a return to the status-quo would be the most ideal circumstance here. Though that something must also be done to prevent violence against border minorities through a transparent process which can be monitored by further arbitration. However, we must also recognise the rights of a sovereign nation over their citizens.

As such, I would recommend the following:
  • Both Volgaria and Vvarden agree to a ceasefire agreement, pulling their forces 50km from the border
  • Vvarden agrees to recognise the Sadaalnimics residing in Volgarian as Volgarian citizens
  • Volgaria agrees to protect the rights of Sadaalnimics residing within their country
  • Both parties agree to pursue similar international arbitration to solve any future disputes.

"I sincerely hope that such a suggestion will be agreeable to both parties."
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Postby Volgaria » Tue Apr 03, 2018 3:40 pm

The Kingdom of Volgaria

Adler had been more and appeased to hear the Midrasian recommendation. He looked to his left and met Dietrich both men smiling at eachother in delight. Both had known that their objective for this meeting had been completed, a common ground which would benefit Volgaria and it's interests.

Adler stood up from his seat

"In response to Sir. Marais requests, I wholeheartedly will agree to the terms suggested by the Midrasian delegation after discussion amongst my peers. We feel wholeheartedly that the terms suggested will benefit our nation and open up the possibility for healthy relations in due time."

"In regards to the troop removal, we are also requesting the right to build a demilitarized perimeter on the border as well as to mobilize an armed border guard in order to deter any possible hostilities that could occur in the future. Thank you"

Adler seated himself again, but as he did so, Dietrich whispered

"Do you think they'll accept such an offer? They could possibly feel "threatened" by our proposal."

"Nonsense, They should understand that we only request this purely for defensive purposes and to deter any future hostility."

"I hope your correct, or else we could have very well unnecessarily prolonged this situation."

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Postby Vvarden » Fri Apr 06, 2018 9:31 pm

The Grand Speaker had been listening with intent, arms crossed and curious. The terms were, for lack of a better word, sufficient. But there was still the little doubt, the little voice asking for a morsel more. Not that he was a greedy man, but he just felt more could be gained for Vvarden than a simple recognition of the Saadalnimic peoples and protection from extremist groups. So he asked.

"The suggestion...might work for us." The Grand Speaker stated. "We do give our thanks to Sir Matthew Marais for the quick agreement, but I feel there is one or two more things to discuss. The Volgarians have stated their desire for a border guard on a demilitarized perimeter. We, without intent to escalate matters, would like a similar agreement. After all, having one nation take up a large defensive position on their side whilst the other is practically undefended seems rather...opportunistic."

"We would also like for both Vvarden and Volgaria to set up some kind of joint agreement that will ensure the safety of the minorities along their border. A non-aggression pact between our two nations would also be a nice little addition, hopefully not a big demand of the Volgarians." A sly second-long smirk shot at the Volgarians.

"Other than that...everything is agreeable."

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Postby Volgaria » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:44 pm

The Kingdom of Volgaria

Adler, upon hearing the Vvardeni request had to think to himself for a second. Though he knew the terms weren't bad at all, infact they were quite agreeable and would benefit the Volgarian nation in the long run. What he had to think about was how he was going to go about such changes outlined within the terms.

Pondering for some moments he finally got up

"Upon hearing the request from the Vvardeni and Midrasian delegations, we have decided that the solution placed before us is agreeable and will be the gateway to a future of peace and co-operation between our two nations and people. We will recognize and protect the Vvardeni minority within our borders, but we will only recognized the "Saadalnimic" people not as a minority, but as ethnic Volgarians, of which they are."

"With this we will agree to these terms."

As Adler finished speaking and sat down he shot a short stare towards the Vvardeni delegation, not of anger or of frustration, but rather of "Victory"
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