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New Island forms near Goverwal (MT(ish))

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:07 pm
by Greater Goverwal
To the great excitement of geologists, cartographers and politicians alike, a new island has formed in the Pacific Ocean due to an underwater volcanic eruption. It lies within the EEZs of both Greater Goverwal and Tonga. Greater Goverwal claims the island, which it needs desperately to cope with its expanding population, while Tonga sees Greater Goverwal as a micro-nation, and wants to expel it from the region.

Here are the rules:
Post only:
-Leader's (or other official's) speeches (public addresses)
-News reports (reporting YN's actions or responses)
-A description of YN's action or reaction
Modern technology shall (mainly) be used, however I reserve the right to deploy a system which can contain nuclear blasts (I'll find info on it later) or East Goverwal's space station (as used in the war with F799 which led to the vaporisation of the Smith Residence)
TG me before using FT weapons
I will make opening posts from GG and Tonga, before allowing others to join.

Speech by Joseph Smith, Prime Minister of Goverwal

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:22 pm
by Greater Goverwal
"...We are very excited regarding the latest geological developments within our EEZ. [nation=long]Greater Goverwal[/nation]'s population growth in recent years has far outstripped our capacity to produce food. Therefore, we will immediately capitalise on the gift of rich agricultural land within our EEZ to reduce the poverty rate and ensure that every Goverwalian has a true chance of success...
We have dispatched helicopters in order to begin the establishment of agricultural settlements and military airbases on the island. This is purely to secure the island from potential aggressors, and should not be seen as an expansion of Goverwal's military presence overseas..."

Government Statement

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:39 pm
by Tonga rp
The Kingdom of Tonga is shocked and appalled by the invasion of Tonga's sovereign territory by Greater Goverwal. Therefore, Tonga will be deploying the VOEA Late (C315) and VOEA Neiafu (P201), a landing craft and a patrol boat alongside 200 men in order to prevent the conquest of the Island.


PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:59 pm
by Greater Goverwal
In response to the threat by Tonga, The Confederacy of Greater Goverwal has deployed a single submarine, which has torpedoed both of Tonga's ships and killed all of the troops deployed. The Confederacy urges Tonga to cease its unnecessary efforts to invade Greater Goverwal.

(OOC: There are also W2 bombers, which you should know of IC, but you should not know their abilities yet)

Government Statement

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:57 pm
by Tonga rp
The Kingdom of Tonga is abhorred by the recent attack on Tongan security personnel and calls upon the international community to respond in defence of Tonga and its sovereignty from this hostile act.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:20 pm
by Basnia


The television flicks on, and the ever enthusiastic reporter begins reading the propaganda-ridden daily report.

Comrades of the Eternal Chairman, today speaking on behalf of the Central Committee, the First Secretary and Head of State spoke on behalf of our glorious nation. The Glorious Marshal Erhard Eckmann has announced that he strongly condemns the aggressive actions against the sovereign territory of Tonga. He said he will watch the situation closely, and will debate at the Central Committee to garner support for financial aid and possible military intervention. The wise Glorious Marshal has always defended the rights of all people, and will stand up for the small nation of Tonga.

The People's Revolution always grows in strength, indefinitely, and unstoppable. Aggressive Goverwal, take care with your actions!

The National Anthem plays again on the television, and then the regularly scheduled program of propaganda and music continues

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:08 pm
by Greater Goverwal
Speech by Félix Mendoza-Rodríguez hijo, President of East Goverwal, Commander of the Military of The Confederacy of Greater Goverwal

"The Confederacy would like to express its total condemnation of the threats of military action by Basnia. Since the island in question has formed within the EEZ of The Confederacy, it reserves its right under international law to claim the territory. Therefore, it urges the government of Basnia not to become involved in this conflict on the side of the aggressor. East Goverwal's forces have established a number of airbases on the island in order to protect it's territory, and it has dispatched five submarines to surround the island [OOC: We've got nothing else to do with them] to prevent a naval assault, and one thousand troops have been dispatched and stationed in secure bunkers which have been constructed by the early helicopter crews.
We need this island for its agricultural resources. If we allow this enemy to succeed, your children will be starving on the streets of Puentegrande, of Goverwal City, of Imperial City, of Bechaka. Unless we want our children to die slow and painful deaths at the hands of famine we must act to maintain our position! We must act to defend our people! We must act to defend our sovereignty! And we must act to defend this island!
In accordance with The Confederacy's established procedures, the island has been named Taylor Island, and incorporated into East Goverwal."

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:35 pm
by Basnia

Seal of the People's Republic of Basnia

From the Desk of the First Secretary and Head of State Erhard Eckmann:

President of East Goverwal,

Our comrades are eagerly displeased with your readily aggressive actions in an attempt to bully this tiny nation of Tonga. In order to maintain peace and stability in the region, I ask your dispatched minor garrison to stand down. Fancy words will not mask the invasion of this nation's sovereign territory. I will only ask once for you to stand down the garrison, if you do not, we will not hesitate in delivering a swift and fatal blow to your invading forces.

If you wish to avoid the slow and painful death at the hands of famine, I suggest you stand down. Our officers have quite indiscriminate aim.

If you do decide to stand down, your invading force will surrender their weapons to Basnian peacekeepers, and they will be allowed to return to their home unscathed.

I await your reply, I am prepared to act as an intermediary in any negotiations between Goverwal and Tonga to prevent further grotesque escalation of conflict.

Glory to the Eternal Chairman!


Signed by the Desk of the First Secretary and Head of State

Message Encryption Level: High

This information is SIC, only the respective parties or those with decryption capabilities may attempt to intercept.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:10 pm
by Greater Goverwal
Dear First Secretary Eckmann,

It has come to my attention that you have expressed concerns relating to our presence on Taylor Island, which has recently formed within our Exclusive Economic Zone. According to international convention, The Confederacy of Greater Goverwal has the legal right to this territory. As a result, we will not be withdrawing our forces from Taylor Island.

Instead, I have been in contact with my fellow members of the executive council, and Félix Mendoza-Rodríguez hijo has committed a further 4,000 troops to the Island, and both he and the Supreme Leader of The True People of South Goverwal have readied their ICBMs for potential action, carrying both conventional and nuclear warheads. We have Velociraptors and Cyclones on standby both on our mainland and Taylor Island. A total of 12 submarines have now been deployed around each of our islands, however they will not be used unless there is a clear attempt mad to physically isolate or annex any part of Greater Goverwal.

Aside from this, I would like to draw your attention to the moral reasons why The Confederacy must be allowed control over Taylor Island. The population of Greater Goverwal is so high that millions are forced to live in underground shelters with no natural light and cramped conditions. Worse still are the conditions in surface slums, without even access to basic sanitation. Many of the people in both of these situations are starving due to the lack of availability of agricultural land. Taylor Island provides a beacon of hope for the impoverished citizens of Greater Goverwal's slums, and to deny them this hope and leave them in their degrading situation would be inhumane beyond the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

Therefore, I respectfully call upon Basnia not to force such suffering upon civilians in desperate need of aid.

Yours Sincerely,
Joseph Smith, Prime Minister of The United Republic of Goverwal, Chief of the Executive Council of The Confederacy of Greater Goverwal

Government Statement

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:17 pm
by Tonga rp
The Kingdom of Tonga encourages Basnia in its actions to assist the return of the so-called 'Taylor Island' to the rightful claimant. In a single strike, The Confederacy has cold-heartedly killed 200 martyrs who died protecting the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Tonga, as well as a large part of our naval fleet. This has left the Kingdom of Tonga open to attack, and we would like to thank Basnia for any assistance that it can provide.

Secure Transmission to the Kingdom of Tonga

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:01 pm
by Basnia

Seal of the People's Republic of Basnia

From the Desk of the First Secretary and Head of State Erhard Eckmann:

His Majesty of Tonga,

Our comrades in the Central Committee were wary about sending our own forces to engage in the fight, but we have come together with an acceptable arsenal as a means for the Kingdom of Tonga to defend itself, with some assistance. In two days to allow for transportation, you will receive the following:

  1. 9K35M3 Tural-10M3 SAM (10 Quantity)
  2. S-350E Vityaz LRM (10)
  3. PT-76 (200) Amphibious Light Tank
  4. BAS BTR 80 (300)
  5. AK-74 (4,000)
  6. PKP "Daminskev" (1,000)
  7. Dragunov (250)
  8. RGO (4,000) Hand grenades
  9. BAS Type 071 (3) Amphibious Transport Dock Ships
  10. CAIC Z-10 (75) Attack Helicopters
  11. RPG-27 (750)
  12. Ammo 7.62x54mmR (400,000) Dragunov/PKP
  13. Ammo 5.45x39mm (1,000,000) AK-74
  14. Ammo 105mm (1,250) RPG-27

This is our military supplies we are providing to you for the duration of the conflict, as it seems there is no room for negotiating with the aggressors. The LRM and SAM should take care of both aircraft and ballistic missile threat. The remaining can be used for a naval invasion to secure the island with relative ease.

With this we are also providing 250 of our People's Liberation Army Officers who have been briefed of the situation and have drawn up several plans. They have been ordered to supervise and assist the operation, and to help educate your soldiers how to use the new equipment.

They will be protected in shipment by a modern, sizeable fleet of
  • BAS Chairman (1) Liaoning Aircraft Carrier
  • Chengdu J-10 (34) Attacker
  • MiG-29 (78) Air Superiority
  • Tu-95 (2) Propeller Strategic Bomber
  • SU-27 (12) Multi-role
  • Xian Y-20 (1) Jet Transportation
  • BAS Basian 1 (7) Nuclear-Powered SSN Submarines
  • BAS Type 52D (17) Anti-Submarine Destroyers
  • BAS Eckmann 1 (1) Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine

These units will not be received as military supplies, but will instead be protecting the shipment of supplies. These units will remain under control of the People's Liberation Air-force and People's Liberation Navy for the duration of the shipment. They will not be used to attack any of the agressors forces, but will solely defend their own integrity, and the integrity of the shipment, for fear of interception.

Glory to the Eternal Chairman!


Signed by the Desk of the First Secretary and Head of State

Message Encryption Level: Highly Secure

This information is SIC, only the respective parties or those with decryption capabilities may attempt to intercept.

Government Statement

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:17 am
by Greater Goverwal
The Confederacy of Greater Goverwal is shocked and appalled by the decision of the PR of Basnia to supply arms to the kingdom of Tonga, however it is grateful for the decision of the government of Basnia not to take direct military action. We will not be intercepting the shipment, however in light of the enhanced threat now presented by the Kingdom of Tonga, we are sending a further two submarines to Taylor Island to protect it from a naval attack as well as 150 armoured tanks, alongside 50 light tanks. We hope that this will send a strong message to the Kingdom of Tonga that they cannot undermine our sovereignty.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:17 am
by Scantarbia
Seeing situation building on the area, the Dictator of Scantarbia, Ivan Chavres, has no comment on the event and will rather see further development of the situation before taking action.

Scantarbian Government sent a pair of high-altitude stealth reconnaissance aircrafts (F-98R (Pluton-R)) to have real-time information on the developing situation.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:41 pm
by Tonga rp
The Kingdom of Tonga would like to thank Basnia for its generous offer of equipment. However, without active military aid to re-capture and secure the island, Tonga cannot hope to overcome the forces occupying its territory. Therefore, The Kingdom of Tonga urges all nations which value justice to act in defence of Tonga from the aggressive rouge state of Goverwal.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:48 pm
by North Prarie
The Democratic Republic of North Prarie supports Greater Goverwal's actions. The President notes that the island is in the economic zone of both Greater Goverwal AND Tonga, and, since Greater Goverwal needs it more, considering it's growing population, should get the island

The North Prariean Navy, Air Force, and Mission Forces have been dispatched to prevent conquest by Tonga or other nations.

Private message to North Prarie (unless intercepted)

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:49 pm
by Greater Goverwal
The Confederacy of Greater Goverwal would like to thank the Democratic Republic of North Prarie for its assistance in dealing with this issue. Could you please give further details of what forces (and how many) you are deploying to Taylor Island.

A Scene from the Palace of the Eternal Chairman

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:50 pm
by Basnia
Date: 01:01 January 22st, 2018
Location: Palace of the Eternal Chairman, Operations Room

"...But First Secretary, it is too early for a military strike, this would look bad internationally. What would our Comrades think?" The Head of Foreign Affairs, Fabian D'Marco motions with his hands, as he speaks to the several men gathered in the room, over several maps.

"You're right, Comrade D'Marco, another approach must be taken." the First Secretary Erhard Eckmann replies to the Foreign Affairs Minister, then turning his attention towards the Leader of Government Harr Eckmann, the Secretary's younger brother, and the 1st People's General Dmitry Vladislav, who are sitting side-by side, moving rulers around the newly formed island on the map. "Comrade Eckmann, what is the status on the shipment of supplies to the Kingdom of Tonga?"

"Unfortunately, First Secretary, they have declined our most generous offer, they say they will only ask for physical forces to take the lead. The ships have been recalled and are only thirty minutes from our docks." the Leader of Government replies, looking up from his ruler.

"What in the Eternal Chairman's good name, are they thinking over there? Do they want to win?" the First Secretary hits the new island on the map with his fist. "These baby countries think they are mighty and powerful without our help, we should let them die."

"Comrade First Secretary, I have an idea. We can load a single Xian Y-20 full of leaflets, warning the enemy garrisoned on the island that they are to immediately surrender and this is their last chance. And we can also say if they chose to surrender now, they can be given more favorable terms at negotiation. I will immediately begin drawing up a plan of attack should they respond with hostile means, along with yourself and the Leader of Government, we can have this plan approved tomorrow by the Central Committee with your blessing." the 1st People's General takes his visor off and sets in on the table, then proceeds to show the First Secretary the path that the lone transport plane will take.

"Comrade General, this is risky, we have already predicted that Goverwal will respond with hostile means to 73% of diplomatic pleas. And what if they shoot down, our leaflet plane?" the First Secretary looks at the garrison on the map pointing to it with his stick with a concerned face.

"Then Comrade First Secretary, we will know they do not seek peace, only war is the viable solution, hence we will begin planning now according since we likely expect them to do so. We will prepare funeral letters to our Comrades' families if their children are shot down. The sacrifice of a few is worth this opportunity. If they survive, we will award them with the People's Award of Heroic Service for the crew that volunteers to go." the 1st People's General says to the First Secretary.

"Comrades are we all in agreement with what the 1st People's General has proposed?" the First Secretary asks as the members all raise their hands unanimously.
"Then let it be the People's will. Get the flight out during nightfall, within the next two hours, we want them to be back at sunrise. Strip the plane of any condemning information should it get shot down, and inform the crew that this is the ultimate service to Basnia and the Eternal Chairman." the First Secretary states as he stands up from the table and leaves the room.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:37 am
by Greater Goverwal
As the plane approached Goverwal, panic descended upon the strategy meeting.
"What the hell are they doing?" screamed Harrison Taylor, Supreme Leader of South Goverwal. "Shoot those idiots down now!"
"No," countered Félix MR hijo. "We need to find out what they're doing up there. Send some Velociraptors to intercept it, find out more and turn it away."
"I must agree with Félix, said Joseph Smith.
Pilot (to Basnian pilot): You are now entering the airspace of Greater Goverwal. Please state your intent or face the consequences

PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:35 am
by Scantarbia
Flying above the AO at around 90,000 feet, a pair of Scantarbian spy planes, reported the developing situation to the Jupiter base.
Ghosteye: "Jupiter, Ghosteye reporting in."
Jupiter: "This is Jupiter, come in Ghosteye."
G: "We're currently seeing a situation developing here near the island."
J: "Can you give further information?"
G: "We... uhh... have contact on the radar, the object appears to be a single Basnian aircraft rapidly approaching the island."
J: "Any information about Goverwal's action?"
G: "Radar information suggests that Goverwal scrambled several aircraft that appears to be heading to intercept the incoming aircraft."
J: "Affirmative, keep an eye on them"
G: "Suggest course of action."
J: "Maintain current stance, keep gathering information."
G: "Acknowledged, Ghosteye out."

PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:39 am
by Basnia
Date: 03:05 January 22st, 2018
Location: Over Taylor Island

*The radio crackles then an odd voice can be heard through the pilots radio unit* "You are now entering the airspace of Greater Goverwal. Please state your intent or face the consequences!"

Leytenant Vasilkaya looks at his co-pilot for a moment.

"What should we say?" the Leytenant asks the co-pilot.

"It is none of their business, don't respond to the transmission and stay on course." Co-pilot Michman Pavlova says as he switches off the radio, to avoid any other disturbances.

"Michman Pavlova, we are in range, open the cargo hatch. When I receive the notice the door has been opened, I'll give you the green light. Just pull the lever, then." the Leytenant says, as the co-pilot begins to get up.

Understood, comrade. he says as he climbs out into the cargo bay.

Within a few moments, the Leytenant looks down at his instruments, noticing that the cargo door has been opened. He lifts up a small glass cover over a switch, and flicks it. Green Light Engaged the instruments read.

Immediately following this, a cargo released message displays before the door closes and the co-pilot returns to his seat.

"Are those idiots still following us?" the co-pilot asks.

"Not sure, I see the readings on the radar still, maybe they will give up when they realize it was just leaflets." the Leytenant says.

"Start getting this thing home. the co-pilot replies, as the pilot begins a slow turning maneuver.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:41 pm
by Scantarbia
Meanwhile, at 90,000ft above the island

G: "Jupiter, Ghosteye reporting in."
J: "Jupiter here, come in Ghosteye."
G: "We detected that the Basnian aircraft dropped something."
J: "Can you provide further intel?"
G: "Firstly it's just single object and now there is thousands of it."
J: "Cluster munitions?"
G: "Inconclusive, but these objects doesn't act like solid objects."
J: "Paper?"
G: "Perhaps, we'll keep an eye on it."
J: "Keep up the good work Ghosteye, and please do, Jupiter signing out."

PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:38 pm
by Hashkin
Television Adress all over Hashkin
Transmitted from 173 Downey St, residence of Chancellor Tony Bakker

"My fellow Hashkinians, I am sorry to say that the situation in the Pacific has engulfed most of our news. Although we are both allies of Tonga and Greater Goverwal are our allies, this conflict is of our upmost importance. Unfortnaley, violence is plaguing both nations. That is why it why I was shocked when my friend, Quincy Wescott, the Director of the Hashkinian Research and Space Agency (HRSA), said he wanted to send a team of geologists to the Island. He said that he wanted to see where the Island truly belonged to. Despite the objections from my Joint Chiefs of Staff, I agreed. If anything is to happen to them, the nation responsible will face a barrage of unimaginable force by Hashkin. I will also send Secatary of Foreign Affairs Michael Dewey to help calm the storm in the Pacific. Good night, and let this crisis sort itself out."

PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:17 am
by Greater Goverwal
Greater Goverwal will be welcoming the HRSA to Taylor Island. Although we are sceptical about the authority of the HRSA to determine which nation the island belongs to, we appreciate that the formation of a stable island is rare, and therefore will be providing any assistance needed to the HRSA regarding equipment, personnel or transport on the island.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:24 pm
by Basnia


The television flicks on, and the ever enthusiastic reporter begins reading the propaganda-ridden daily report.

Today, the Marshal has reported that two valiant volunteers have returned from a special mission regarding the increased tensions around the new island formed in the Kingdom of Tonga. The island, currently being occupied by the hostile forces of Greater Goverwal, has continued aggressive military posturing on the occupied island. The Glorious Marshal ordered for the team of volunteers to disseminate leaflets on the island warning them that their last stroke of tyranny has been dealt, and the forces of freedom and people's liberty will be restored to the island.

The Glorious Marshall awared the two volunteers, Pilot Leytenant Vasilkaya and Co-Pilot Michman Pavlova, the People's Award of Heroic Service, a very high military honor. The Glorious Marshal personally pinned the medals on their uniforms before dismissing them back to their families.

During a short question and answer section, the Glorious Marshal hoped that Greater Goverwal would abide by the disseminated leaflets in quick time, before the People's Republic is required to act in defense of the Kingdom of Tonga, to protect them, against the bullying of larger nations.

The National Anthem plays again on the television, a program about the automotive industry begins.

GGC News

PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:09 pm
by Greater Goverwal
"Today, soldiers on Taylor Island were dropped a series of leaflets by a Basnian aircraft. Reportedly, the booklets are being used as kindling for fires. A soldier we interviewed had this to say:

"We can't even read this. They seem to want us to the military to retreat from the Island and surrender to Basnia. Why would we leave an island within our country at someone else's command? Ridiculous! The translation also looks poor."

While another said:

"Los folletos nos dicen que 'Debe retirar inmediatamente y veraneamos en Basnia'. Que tonta!"
(They say 'you must retire immediately and go on a summer holiday to Basnia'. Nonsense!)"