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Tanabiku Galaxy General RP Thread [FT | IC | Maintenance]

PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:20 pm
by Tanabiku Galaxy Administrator

In this galaxy, we all have stories to tell—stories about explorers who braved the empty void of space to venture into the unknown, politicians who engage in impassioned debates inside the hallowed halls of government, soldiers honoring the sacrifices of their comrades, merchants travelling to some far-off system to sell his wares, scientists that discovered new elements, lifeforms, or oddities about the universe. There's always something happening in this secluded part of the cosmos, on this spinning disc full of billions upon billions of stars. It's just a matter of time before someone comes along and tells us what happened.

Welcome to the Tanabiku Galaxy general RP thread. This is an in-character thread that serves as a repository for roleplaying interactions between players outside of closed or established IC threads, as well as serves as a maintenance thread for others who wish to develop their settings through writing. Only Tanabiku Galaxy members are allowed to write in this thread—you can join our region if you wish to participate as well. If you have any questions, please telegram our official admin account (Tanabiku Galaxy Administrator) or any of the regional staff or contact us on our official Discord. We're happy to assist you.

Here are the rules of this thread which will apply to all players participating:
  1. Only In-Character (IC) interaction is allowed in this thread. OOC interaction may be done elsewhere.
  2. Each story or mini-RP must have a distinguishable title, preferably as a header. This is so people don't lose track of everything.
  3. Posts must not be less than three (3) paragraphs long.
  4. If your post contains mature content, please put the [MATURE] tag.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 8:53 pm
by Vaetoria


Following the Ascendancy of Emperor Sestres followed twenty two years of expansion, war, slavery, and bloodshed. The doctrine of Sestres was a new strategy to forge Vaetoria into an indominable Empire by conquering it's neighbors and assimilating them as utilities of the Empire. To destroy the identities of civilizations and cultures to create one nationalist, imperialist, totalitarian, and homogenous culture that will sustain and help the Vaetorian Empire grow. By first conquering the smaller Robni system, then came the domination of Mesuan people, then finally the Asmeria, the biggest of the three.
Sixteen years spent fighting and pushing into Asmerian space had proven gruelling. Though the Emperor devised a plan. The numbers of Vaetorian Legions dwindled as they'd spent the last twenty-two years fighting a number of systems, Vaetorian armies were fatigued from war, and rebellion on systems conquered required reinforcements to suppress rebellion. Vaetoria had faced foes from all fronts, and lacked the resources and time necessary to raise new Vaetorian legions quickly. Though the Emperor's had then succeeded.
On this day, the Emperor had unveiled his secret slave army of synthetic soldiers, and unleashed them unto the battlefield. A suprise attack was launched on the Asmerian home world, Asmeria Prime, of which devestated both ground and naval forces, unable to hold back the waves of synths sent at them, being led by Vaetorian soldiers. With one savage strike, Vaetoria had brought Asmeria to her knees, of which sent shockwaves throughout the Empire, and likewise the Galaxy.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:01 am
by Azakayana
Directorate Emergency Meeting, Daiichi Quadrant — Cycle 28, Year 331

The meeting had just begun minutes ago, and all the Directors were seated around a long shimmery table. The ambient lights were partially dimmed, glowing with a warm hue of yellow. The Statesman put his finger on the rim of his glass and twirled it as the Whisperer was speaking. He was still wondering why this emergency meeting had to be called, especially since it was in the middle of an important celebration throughout the Ecumenes—the Festival of the Night Spirits. Then again, not even the night spirits could give him a break since he and his fellow peers were always so busy governing and maintaining Azakayana. His only consolation would be the colorful backdrop provided by the skyline of the Capital Citadel—its alabaster towers shining brightly through the night as the celebrations continued. For now, he was reminded, the Directorate had other priorities.

The Whisperer gave a detailed briefing regarding the recent annexations made by the Vaetorians, an interstellar empire on the other side of the quadrant that was causing waves throughout the galaxy. Holograms taking the form of tiny warships hovered above the surface of the table, attacking what appears to be a planet. Then the Whisperer moved his fingers, changing the projection to a map of the galaxy and everything therein. The ships were replaced by red blips that were flashing as they slowly moved tailward, appearing to head closer to the Daiichi-Daini periphery. As the Protector gazed at the simulation, his countenance began to change. Usually distant expansionist empires annexing one system after another were of no concern to the Azakayanese. After all, they didn't threaten their position in the galaxy or any of their extant outposts—something that the commander-in-chief of the Combined Arsenals would normally shrug off as another nuisance. Yet, why was the Protector feeling a bit uneasy tonight?

Before the other officials could try and discern the source of his uneasiness, the door slid open, revealing a tall figure behind it. The Overseer had arrived. All of the Directors rose from their seats to acknowledge his presence and bowed. As the Overseer strode past the Great Emissary, he raised his hand slightly and gestured everyone in the room to sit. The Whisperer returned to his seat and joined the others at the table. Slowly raising his head, the Overseer spoke, "My apologies for being late, fellow Directors. And thank you all for coming at this hour. Don't worry, we have more than enough time to join the festivities tonight. This is our last meeting for today."

"The pleasure is ours, Overseer," nodded the Statesman, straightening himself out of slumping in his chair. His Eminence better be right. "I believe you have been briefed on the matter regarding the Vaetorians' recent actions, as we all have."

The Overseer cleared his throat. "Yes, Statesman." He took a short glance towards the Whisperer, folding his hands and added, "Unless the current situation has updated during my absence."

"It has certainly updated, your Eminence," the Whisperer tapped his finger on the table, displaying the star map once more. As the projection zoomed in on a particular star, he added, "At around the 16th hour UTC, the homeworld of the Asmerian civilization, Asmeria Prime, has recently fallen into Vaetorian hands. The siege of the planet has concluded, cementing the Vaetorian Empire's control over that particular region of space. Should they continue their advance to other nearby systems, they may pose a threat to our colony in the Akawastehon System."

The Overseer than shifted his gaze towards the next person that he knew was reliable in situations like this. "Protector, what are your thoughts on the matter? What is the current situation at Akawastehon?"

He looked up from the holograms and furrowed his eyebrows. "So far the system remains in our control, your Eminence. I have already given orders to the Governor-General to place the entire system on standby. But the garrison stationed at the system is seriously undermanned, and there is only a token squadron of our warships stationed at Akawastehon IV. We may need to reinforce ourselves there if we are to keep Akawastehon and prevent the disruption of our trade routes, but there is a possibility that the Vaetorians may interpret this as an attempt on our part to mobilize our troops and vessels to challenge their fleet."

"Hm." the Overseer bit his lips and stared at the Protector. He could sense that something wasn't right with him. Before he could speak, the Statesman interjected, "I agree with the Protector's observation. We do not wish for the Vaetorians to see us in a hostile light, but we do not also wish for the rest of the galaxy to see us as weak and impotent." Glancing at the Protector he continued, "Should we decide to strengthen our spinward frontiers in anticipation of this threat, then let us do so cautiously. I propose that we wait until we have a clear sense of their motives. My staff will be investigating the matter and determining a viable course of diplomatic action, while I will be instructing our ambassador at Vaetoria to keep a close eye on developments in the Vaetorian government. Once their work is done, then the Protector may make the appropriate courses of action as he sees fit."

The Overseer nodded at the Statesman's words. Keeping up a diplomatic but firm hand seemed to be the right course of action, but he would need to hear from the Protector first. "Anything else that you would like to add, Protector?"

He gave a restrained sigh. "None, your Eminence. What the Statesman has proposed is good." Truth be told, he had little to object against the Statesman. His realm was making war, while his realm was making peace. It would be certainly prudent to act quickly, but he conceded that it would be a rash decision. He had no clue of the Vaetorians' motives or what they might gain from attacking Azakayana at this time.

And so the Overseer decided to conclude matters in this hall. "In that case," he spoke, "then you have my support, Statesman. Let us adjourn this meeting. Perhaps that is enough discussion for tonight—I feel that the Night Spirits would be displeased if we fail to honor them on this special occasion." He raised his hands slowly, and everyone rose. The Directors were about to leave the hall, and the Statesman picked up his slate and made his way to the door.

The Protector was about to do the same before he heard the Overseer call out his name. "Creek," the Overseer spoke, "I wish to have a word with you."

The Statesman caught the Protector at the corner of his eye. He paused and turned his head around, watching him take his seat at the table next to the Overseer. What could he have had in mind?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:20 pm
by Atmora-Arcadia
Imperial Palace of Wolfina
Wolfina, Lythame, Atmora, Daiichi Quadrant

2351 CE

Supremacy, Act I "Shockwave"

Empress Naomi IV had requested an audience with the Chancellor, Minister of Defence, Minister of Foreign Affairs, along with the Chief of the Defence Staff and the Director of the Imperial Intelligence Agency to the Imperial Palace after hearing of events unfolding in the Akawastehon System. The Empress was sitting in a dimly lit room overlooking at projection of Azakayanese controlled space, awaiting for her guests to arrive. Until a servant knocked on the door and let in the light from the Palace halls into the room letting her five guests in, before the servant left he gave a slight bow to the Empress before he closed the door.

As soon as the doors closed behind them the five officials bowed on one knee, until the Empress gave them the sign to get up. When they got up the Empress spoke first
"Ladies and gentlemen, I have called you here today to discuss the events unfolding between Vaetoria and Azakayana. As you may well know already Vaetoria the fledgling empire who has been rapidly expanding towards the center of the Daiichi Quadrant. So happens to have caused the Azakayanese to do a show of force. I believe this is a great opportunity for us."

Chancellor Ornières asked "Your Majesty, may I ask what exactly do you see in this"

She responded "An opportunity to see the Combined Arsenals capabilities, if say they were to be overrun at Akawastehon not only would it be a great military embarrassment but also a sign that maybe the Combined Arsenals isn't up to the task of defending Azakayanese Space."

"I see ma'am, what do you want us to do?"

With a grin on her face she looked at Director Lucas Nesselrode "Director! I want a Winter-class stealth corvette in that system as soon as possible, it shall be our eyes and ears in the Akawastehon system"

Director Nesselrode nodded "It will be done your Majesty!"

She turned her attention to Grand Admiral Claus von Rosenzweig the Chief of the Defence Staff "Grand Admiral Rosenzweig prepare for stage 2 of Operation Bloedwraak."

"Yes your Majesty"

Finally she spoke to Foreign Minister Stéphanie Toussaint "Minsiter Toussaint, I want the Ambassadors in Azakayana and Vaetoria ready in case they must deal with the fallout of the stealth corvette being found out. Also I want the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence to draw up a plan to see how we can use Vaetoria to our benefit and cause a proxy war between Azakayana."

They both nodded, the Empress spoke to conclude the meeting "That is all ladies and gentlemen, you are dismissed"

Supremacy, Act I "Shockwave"

PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:01 pm
by Mercanus

“The Sarnars are late again, those Sarnars are always late”, it has been a running joke throughout the galaxy. But they are wrong. The Sarnars are never late they are just…solitary. Everybody sees it when empires and entire solar systems prepare for war, but not the small planet of Mercanus. You see, Sarnars are sentimental and except for some research facilities and mining colonies on other planets in there solar system and a few beyond, they like to stay on their home-planet and its rings. That is how it has always been, and that is the Sarnar way.

Every Sarnar knows the Sarnar-way, it is what they are taught. The Sarnars can respect what Vaetoria is doing, to them the Asmerians have always seemed weak. How is it even possible to lose your homeworld, it feels wrong just thinking about it. Why didn’t they have a defence system like Mercanus, that’s just careless. As soon as Sarnars were capable of interstellar travel and, because of this, knew of other intelligent live they build a system that is now infamous in the galaxy. Every medium and larger sized piece of debris in the outer ring has a laser canon build on it, capable of delivering up to 10 megatons of power with every single blast. That will surely keep them of the planet.

The thing is you really can’t see Mercanus preparing for war because it is always prepared. Every Sarnar is trained to fight from the moment they can walk. And from the moment a Sarnar is able to conceive a child they are required to have full military training. Only the best can then receive the honour of joining the Mercanian Protection Forces, who are always ready to do whatever it takes to protect Mercanus. It doesn’t seem like it has come to that, yet.

The Council and the Overseer await formal peace talks…or other proposals.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 10:38 pm
by Vaetoria


Thoughout the entireity of the universe, the blackened spacial expanse of the Universe and everything within it has never once been tamed by a superior, overarching dominion, this is an idea the Empire of Vaetoria sought to achieve through the relentless troughing of time. It is said that since the beginning to time itself, Vaetorians have always been at war with those that sought to opress them, so they fought little by little- a few raids here, a little pillaging there, never has it evolved into total warfare, not until the birth of the Empire, with the ascendancy of Emperor Sestres. Under the command of the new Emperor, he first unified the warring tribes of Vaetoria to form a single monolithic expansionist, and totalitarian Empire that would then go on to forcibly devour all within it's sight.
Ghozji Prime, the capital world of the Federation of Zei Roh, is the next system in line to be placed behind the recticles of the Empire's march to control the galaxy, like the Asmerians, they were more or less a humanoid race of people- but insufferably inferior to the combined might of the Empire. From Asmeria Prime, the Emperor's First Imperial Legion, aswell as the third and seventh Legions, have been mobolized to once again conquer in the name of the indominable Empire, the three Legions are under the command of High-Marshall Khyr 'Muram who the Emperor trusts will lead his armies to further the Expansion Campaign.
Several Vaetorian warships warped into Ghozji Prime system, their fighters and ships immediately firing upon what appeared to be formidable, but ultimately weak Zei Roh Federation mercenary vessels- a holographic display of the battle was being broadcasted in real time to the Emperor's councillors within the Council Chamber on the Imperial Capital world of Enthorr.

A total of ten Councillors sat in a circular chamber whilst the battle played out before them, "My Lord Sestres has undoubtedly exemplary intuition- the appointment of Khyr to High-Marshall has yield fruit against these decadent dissolutes." one of the Councillors said, "Indeed, the development of synthetic warriors proved quite useful- the idea of making each member of our Vaetorian Legions to command these synths into battle has pre-determined the fate of those who oppose us. The Emperor is most wise." another enemy vessel was blown to smithereens as it had succumbed to the damage of indirect fire from Imperial ships. "It seems that our victory in Asmeria has been quite the rumor, our triumphs have apparently become rivets to the profligates." a Councillor said, another Councillor looked up from the display and spoke, "I've heard evidence that our future slaves' quake in fear as they prepare their armies and tighten their defenses." and the council did laugh.

Ghozji Prime has fallen after a swift and merciless ground assault- their refusal to surrender after the destruction of their defense fleet has given cause for the High-Marshall to slaughter all government and military personnel, and enslave the rest of the population. And thus, the Federation of Zei Roh has ceased to exist- their long time capital world now bears the emblem of the Vaetorian Empire.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:31 pm
by Kiith Gaalsien
"No one would have believed that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space. No one could have dreamed that we were being scrutinized as someone with a microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few men even considered the possibility of life on other planets. And yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this Earth with envious eyes, and slowly, and surely, they drew their plans against us." ~ H.G. Wells.

Rising Sun Act I.
Felhauzt Colonial Sector, Alpha System.

The Prowler slowly moved by through the asteroid field in the Alpha System of the Felhauzt Sector, though Adenia only knew it as S1E5T2. The Prowler, a ".- .---- -..."-class[1], was actually quite large for a stealth ship, being around 600 meters long. The ship had its stealth plating out and shielding up, which left it vulnerable but hidden. Using it's massive array of sensors it tracked every object in the system with pinpoint accuracy.[2]

That was when Adenia, the Sensory Officer and an Alsighar[3], noticed an issue, and alerted the Commander of the vessel. Unlike Adenia, the commander of the vessel was a Gaalsi[4], another cephalopod yes, but an Octopod. The Commander was alerted of an unsuspecting cargo freighter about to enter into a Red Zone[5] on the Prowler. This frightened the unseasoned crew, which caused them to fully turn the vessel on, raising the magnetic shielding, and reorienting the dozens of antenna-like wings of the ships into a combat configuration. The Prowler darted out of the asteroid field on an intercept course with the Cargo ship, the 4 CPEC[6] batteries glowing blue with plasma. The ship's drive signature was nothing like any Human or Eionian drive signature, Though the Eionian crew knew the stories of the Black Wardens, a mysterious set of stealth ships rumored to roam the unknown regions. The Prowler sent a hail to the Eionian ship. The only thing on the view screen(if there is one) is a set of dots and dashes, similar to morse code.

".. -.. . -. - .. ..-. -.-- -.-- --- ..- .-. ... . .-.. ..-. ...- . ... ... . .-.. ·-·-·-"

The Black Warden slowed its approach as it waited for a response, sitting at a distance of 500k kilometers away.

[1] ".- .---- -..."-class translates into A1B, The numbers and letters being a complex system of iterations.
[2] The A1B-class Prowler has over 640 sensors on it, making it very effective at tracking system traffic.
[3] The Alsighar are a species of Sentient Sepiida(Cuttlefish) in the Gaalsien Empire, and are most notable for their ability to communicate through color.
[4] The Gaalsi are another species of Sentient Cephalopods, but are Octopoda(Octopi) instead of Sepiida(Cuttlefish). Like the Alsighar, they communicate through color or a series of two symbols(seen above).
[5] A Red Zone is a section of a Prowler's field in which it can appear briefly(Albeit less than microseconds) on a ships sensors.
[6]CPEC's are Plasma Cannons that accelerate plasma at high near-light speeds, capable of causing extreme damage and making tell-tale streaks of Blue or Green across space.

Supremacy, Act I "Shockwave"

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:23 am
by Mercanus

‘What did they call us?’
‘Slaves, Sir,’ said Bar-el.
‘How dare they, we are Sarnar! This of course changes things.’ replied the Overseer. ‘I truly find it remarkable how you were able to get aboard of a Vaetorian ship after the taking of Asmeria Prime, Bar-el. But I shouldn’t be surprised, you are an Elite after all. I’ve already had multiple meetings with the Council, but I also want to hear your take on what We should do. So, tell Me Bar-el in your professional opinion; what should We do?’
Bar-el didn’t know what to think, it really wasn’t his place to discuss important matters as these with the Overseer. Although this wasn’t the first time Overseer Kaajl broke from protocol. The people demanded a new generation, one that still valued tradition and the Sarnar-way and could make decisions that aren’t always popular within the Council. Then-Council-representative for Central City Kaajl was elected the new ‘Overseer of Mercanus and the Sarnar-race’ after the death of the previous Overseer, overseer Grandul. And He would remain so till the end of His days.
After a short pause he replied ‘I think we should focus on the newly appointed High-Marshall Khyr, he is not only very intelligent, but he also serves as a mascot to the emperor lifting the spirits of the troops. We should also construct a plan on disabling those synths that fight for them.’
‘And how do you think we should handle this?’
‘Well, Khyr is…’
‘Not Khyr’ interrupted the Overseer, ‘the synths.’
‘As far as I know they are both made of biological en mechanical parts, so an EMP will not do the trick.’
‘And to think that we even had the slightest respect for those dirty Vaetorians. Letting those things fight in their place not even risking some of their own blood, where is the honour in that? At least we have real soldiers standing beside our bots,’ the Overseer said. ‘As I understand it these synths are controlled by their Legionary forces.’
‘Correct, Sir.’
‘So by killing these Legionaries the synths wouldn't know what to do.’
‘Indeed, Sir. They would still fight, because it's the only thing they know, but it would be a chaotic mess. And that would be easier to deal with, even if it's just slightly.’
‘Very well, spread the message and We’ll send out some IADF ships to assist other militaries. And send some more to the Ghozji System. Let’s bomb those ships,’ The Overseer addressed his Council, as soon as He ended his sentence the councilmembers sprang into action. ‘Now Bar-el, return to your previous assignment,of posing as a Vaetorian guard, and get as close as possible to this Khyr and when the time is ripe rip the Vaetorian from their mascot!’
‘Yes, Sir!’ Bar-el responded, while putting on his appearance-changing mask which made him look Vaetorian in an instant.
‘Now, the refugees…’ the Overseer spoke to the council the moment Bar-el left the room. He did not have time for brakes.

Act I: "Supremacy"

PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2018 3:53 am
by Ostt Imperium
// Hold on, I have been reborn. //

Act I, Supremacy

PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2018 11:42 am
by Haeclym
Supremacy - The Hour of War in a Land of Peace

Daisan Quadrant, Haeclymian Space

The Lord Impetus unfurled the hand-delivered letter and bade his aide farewell for the moment. Now unaccompanied on the observation deck of the HCN “Auguska Blue”, he dedicates his attention to this critical communique.





The stars seemed to burn the letter through the window, through the hands of a monarch, and divine the gravity of the situation upon his burdened shoulders. The Lord Impetus nearly faltered, but caught himself. Was it possible that the Silicon Crown was malfunctioning? He dropped the letter and his trail of thought before reaching for his flask of coaska. Although the caffeinated drink invigorated him, it alone wouldn’t ebb the tide of war. That was his duty. The Lord Impetus, name of Rouven, stepped closer to the monolithic panes of fortified glass protecting him from the dark expanse beyond. In far-off lands did Haeclym’s destiny lie, and in far-off lands did Haeclym’s enemies roam. He smiled a little; the first leader of his nation was in a similar predicament.

Rouven decided that the Silicon Crown wasn’t malfunctioning; intelligence reports from the Naval Division of Intelligence supported the letter’s details. In that case, Arco-Atmora and Vaetoria were becoming threats to Haeclym and its allies. Because Haeclym is currently woefully underprepared for naval combat, any negotiations with either, if possible, would result in unfavorable treaties. The Silicon Crown’s recommendation made sense, even if it would divorce Haeclym from its constitutional values, even if it forced it back to the horrid days of the Imperium.

Battle Plan Red was the only course of action that would save the Confederation from inevitable doom.

Under starlight did the Haeclymian Confederation elect to go to war, rally the troops, and fund the war industries. Under skies of smoke and bombers did the Ordamieans submit to the rule of the Confederation, beholden no longer to twisted faith and conciliatory treaties, but to martial law; above the fighting the Confederation established defensive stations, supply routes, and counter-espionage devices. Their gaze turned outwards, across the galaxy, and held firm their determination to nullify the threat before them.

This was the hour of war in a land of peace.

Act I: "Supremacy"

PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2018 2:56 am
by Fargo Prime
"Supremacy," Or: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying, and Love the Nanochip."




Life began as it always did for most citizens on a sunny morning; the foggy atmosphere that usually surrounded the lower levels of the planet-wide metropolis had broken in some parts of the world, allowing the purple sun to shine through. There was exciting news-- not particularly for the babbitting everyman, or the typically-uneducated sub-class citizens that populate the lower reaches of the city's industrial core, but instead for the ever-important Archduke (the biggest Osttman in the room, naturally), his cohorts running the military (namely the aforementioned Astronaut Corps), a gaggle of geeks representing an interdemesne syndicate of scientists, the domineering vassalage of the House of Lords, and the throng of generalissimos, journalists, and industrialists that spread far among all of the above.

The City Inner Chamber, a dark and circular room nestled deep into the heart of the planet's mostly-unseen crust and characterized by its large, towering holographic display at one side of the room, was abuzz with impromptu debates, stirring conversation, and (at one point,) a fistfight between the Federal Chairman and the Official of Saltminister. At the center of it all was the Executor, who was busy reading the reports from the listening post-- the tips of slim, dry tentacles that formed a human-esque hand at the end of an uncannily-human-esque arm tapped the counter of his desk. Very quickly, the room became quiet as the man stood up from his chair, and everyone else did the opposite. As the already-imposing figure cleared his vocalizers, the regal buzz bounced across the dome-like Inner Chamber with a booming resonance. "Alright; constituents, I am here to present the most exciting and terrifying news we have, as a species, come to recognize; it seems that, just in time for our trans-solar transportation theory to be proven a success due to the efforts of our satellites, we have also uncovered absolute proof of alien life-- specifically, that of foreign intelligence to rival that of our own."

Gasps all around.

In the two weeks that followed the emergency meeting of the minds, much work had gone into revamping old designs for FTL transport based on theory by considering the data gained by the experimental satellites. What transpired after that was a slog of twenty-four hour shifts, which cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of sub-class working citizens-- a sacrifice willing to be made on behalf of the city's upper echelons. Then, the device started to take shape-- "The Great Sail," they called it. The propaganda newspapers that reported on its near-completion left out the gruesome and unethical technicalities the next day.

But this is the story of one sunny day across the galaxy. The opposing nations across the veil wouldn't know too much about that. What they would know, however, is that (out of the twenty-two satellites launched by the Astronaut Corps,) two would land in civilized space, on a heading straight for the systems governed by Azakayana, and that of the Acro-Atmorans. Upon landing, there would be much surviving machinery, but no sophisticated computer devices, spare for a simple transponder in each-- fried from re-entry, it would seem.


Supremacy, Act I "Shockwave" + Rising Sun, Act 1

PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2018 1:32 pm
by Mercanus

Send by: [IADF - Intelligence office]
Received by: [The Overseer of Mercanus and the Sarnar-race Kaajl]
Subject:[History of the war]

The Vaetorian started their war for domination 22 years ago after the Ascendancy of Emperor Sestres. They did this by attacking the Robni System and the Mesuan people. After 6 years they won, making these systems part of their territory.
(info=Vaetoria Post 1)

They didn't stop after this. They attacked Asmeria Prime next, this proved to be a more difficult foe. The war lasted 16 years, The Vaetorians lost many soldiers, being tired of the never-ending war and having to supress rebellions on the previously conquered systems. But the Vaetorians had a trick up their sleeve and they send a surprise attack using their new synth army. This attack was the last strike they needed to win the war.
(info=Vaetoria Post 1)

From Asmeria Prime the Vaetorian advanced to other nearby systems. This grabbed the attention of Azakayanese because their colony of Akawastehon lies fairly close to Asmeria Prime and the garrison of the Combined Arsenal located here is seriously undermanned. The overseer of Azakayana ordered his statesman to search for a diplomatic solution, whilst also informing his protector to prepare the troops for a potential war.
(info=Azakayana Post 1)

The Vaetorians kept moving closer, forcing Azakayana to send reinforcements and the diplomatic communications. Atmora-Arcadia send in a stealth ship (Winter-class stealth corvette) to observe the capabilities of Azakayana's Combined Arsenal. They also informed their governors on Azakayana and Vaetoria to be prepared if the stealth ship would be discovered. If the Vaetorian warships proved to be superior, Atmora-Arcadia will invade Azakayana. This operation is known to them as operation 'Bloedwraak' (Blood revenge).
(info=Atmora-Arcadia Post 1)

At this time we were still prepared to offer the Vaetorians a peaceful solution. Attacking us would have been of no good to them as or defence system is always online and our military is always prepared.
(info=Mercanus Post 1)

Using its First, Third and Seventh Imperial Legions Vaetoria attacked Ghozji Prime, the capital of the Federation of Zei Roh. The attack took place under the command of High-Marshall Khyr 'Muram. He warped into Federation space from Asmeria Prime. The Vaetorian destroyed the part of the Federation's defence fleet that was protecting Gozji Prime and took Ghozji Prime.
(info=Vaetoria Post 2)

We also had reports of an encounter between an A1B-class Prowler from Kiith Gaalsien and an Eionian cargo freighter in the Alpha System of the Felhauzt Sector or S1E5T2.
(info=Kiith Gaalsien Post1)

Around the same time we received information from Elite Bar-El, who infiltrated a Vaetorian ship disguised as a guard. He informed us that he overheard some men talking about that the Vaetorians did not want to negotiate peace they even referred to us (and others) as future slaves. as a reaction we send a few IADF battleships too Akawastehon to aid the Azakayanese if would ever come to a direct confrontation with the Vaetorians. And we send some more ships to Ghozji Prime. We also send Bar-El in a speeder too infiltrate the crew on the main ship of the First Imperial Legion to get close to Khyr and assassinate him.
(info=Mercanus Post 2)

As a reaction to the thread of the Vaetorians Haeclym initiated Battle Plan Red and annexed Ordamiea. They also established defensive stations, supply routes, and counter-espionage devices.
(info=Haeclym Post 1)

The noise from behind the Veil is growing louder. Who knows what is lying beyond. We also received information that two unknown satelites crashed on Azakayana and Atmora-Arcadia.
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by Azakayana
Akawastehon System, Daiichi Quadrant — Cycle 28, Year 331

One week had passed. Two weeks. Three weeks. It was the longest four weeks for every man, woman, and child living under the blue skies of Akawastehon IV. At any moment, the skies would light up with the faint glimmers of ships and the mumbled thunder of guns. Time had to stretch itself out in its compassion towards the people of that unfortunate colony—otherwise they would be all annihilated by the Vaetorians in the blink of an eye. And to the planetary government, that time was essential if everyone was going to escape the impending apocalypse. A planet-wide state of energency was declared, orbital and deep space defenses were readied, the planetary garrison was mobilized, and civilians were evacuated to the nearest spaceports. Yet the evacuation process wasn't going as smooth as they had hoped. Some colonists refused to leave their homes and their businesses despite the pressing warnings made by the authorities, and there were too many civilian ships that were sent to the system to evacuate civilians—too many sitting ducks for the Vaetorians to pick off.

Other preparations were being made in Akawastehon IV's industrial centers. Ordnance was rolling out of the factories day and night, and transports were scrambling across the surface of the planet to deliver them to defense installations. These installations were capable of shooting down any target as far as deep orbital space, as well as intercept any attacks coming from above, but there was a worry that it would be inadequate in the face of systematic bombardment by the enemy. Yet the authorities were confident that they had an advantage in the number of ordnance that will be sent up to meet the Vaetorians. However, Akawastehon IV was not going to be the first to see fire raining from the heavens. Holding the line in the farthest regions of the system were the 27th and 31st Fleets of the Arms of Heaven. These ships guarded the most likely approach that the Vaetorian fleet will most likely take on their way to the inner system. On the other edge of the system was a smaller reserve force to watch for any jumps from the rear.

Admiral Lightfooted-Red-Antelope sat in the midst of consoles, systems, and operators monitoring the situation outside. His hastily-applied warpaint was dripping on his uniform, and his right arm was beginning to shake again. He and his crew were buckling down for an intense battle in this near-forgotten void, and he couldn't help but be anxious. He knew that such a battle would become chaotic—he had never traded shells and beams against the Vaetorians before, nor have they ever encountered the Arms of Heaven in a fight. But the Protector's orders were clear. Should the enemy strike first, his ships are permitted to return fire. But so far news of the Vaetorians' whereabouts was taking longer than usual to reach him. The scout drones should've come back with their current positions by now. Lightfooted turned his head and stared at the forward camera feed. "Lieutenant, any report on our drones?"

The operator turned to the camera feed on his console. As he opened up the first feed, it returned static. Opening up the four other cameras he reported, "We've lost contact with all of them, Admiral."

"Destroyed, huh?" Lightfooted muttered to himself. Good to know that the enemy was just at the door. "What did they see before being lost?"

The lieutenant rewinds the tape, stopping upon a certain still. In the image appeared a series of bright glimmers in the distance, and nearly all of them reflected back at the camera. "About a thousand objects located a million kilometers away. Most likely ships, but we can't make out their size or armaments."

"Any indication of where they may be headed?" the Admiral leaned himself forward.

"Negative, sir."

He bit his lip. Those scout drones haven't even gone a few lightyears from the system. He switched over to the scanners on his console. They revealed that there was a giant red blip moving slowly across the map, heading for the blue blip in the center. Looks like they are coming. He need not know when they will be arriving, for they are only a lightyear away from the Azakayanese positions.

It was time.

Lightfooted's fingers lifted from the map and onto a button. An audio channel was opened to all other ships of the two fleets. He spoke, "This is Admiral Lightfooted-Red-Antelope to all ships of the 27th and 31st Fleets. Contact is imminent with unknown force, estimated at 1000 ships. Remain on standby. Do not engage unless they cross the firing line or fire on our vessels. I repeat, do not engage."

Minutes pass. Two minutes. Three minutes. Everyone in the room was on edge, staring at the void for a sign of contact. The Admiral glanced at his map, pinching it outwards with his fingers. The two blips gave way to thousands of blips scattered across the display. The incoming fleet of red dots was of comparable strength with the Azakayanese fleet, comprising of a thousand vessels as his subordinate had reported. It may look like they would exit lightspeed a few moments from now. He hoped that this encounter would just be a naval standoff—that the Vaetorians would get the message from the presence of the Combined Arsenals. Anything short of a devastating battle that will herald the beginning of a war that will inflict millions of casualties on both sides. Not when the memory of an even more devastating conflict was still fresh in the Azakayanese psyche.

And then it happened. His eyes shifted from the console to the screeen as lights flashed rapidly in the distance. The lights of conflict. Emerging from those flashes were the shells of ships nearly unrecognizable to the Azakayanese, bristling with arms of unknown firepower and capability. It was them. They came in droves, gathering like a swarm of leviathans in the darkness, and they were coming closer. His ships were the only thing standing between them and the wide open spaces that isolated Akawastehon IV. Could he delay their advance long enough to make more time? With hundreds of thousands of kilometers separating the two fleets, Lightfooted opened a channel that transmitted to all known bands. Clearing his throat he said in the Galactic Common, "This is Admiral Lightfooted-Red-Antelope of the Arms of Heaven to the Vaetorian Navy. You are violating Azakayanese sovereign space. Turn back now." His voice became more stern. "Failure to change course will be considered an attack on the Ecumenes, meriting a full retaliatory response. I repeat, failure to change course will be considered an act of war."

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by Tisryne
// Hold on, I have been reborn. //

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Nanochip

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by Fargo Prime

Part II: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Nanochip"



The Fargo workers continued to toil at the command of their union bosses-- what for, they weren't sure. It was surely cause for alarm on their part, however; for the first time in decades, the City Heart, the industrial quarter of the city, was operating at full capacity as opposed to the fraction it had utilized before. Because of (possibly misinformed) concerns of over-utilizing geothermal power came to light some time ago, an executive order was made forcing the worker communes of the industrial quarter to lower production capacity to a fifth of what it could be. It seems that, unnerved by the possible repercussions of such a command, and encouraged by the need for such an astronomical amount of motors, the union's consul ordered full production. Though he was swiftly reprimanded, he returned to his post, implying some degree of sympathy on behalf of the Archduke.

The vast array of construction and synthesis machines, stretching miles across the industrial quarter, churned out what any seasoned linesman could tell you; a "gutload". While the marvel lasted for only a week, it demonstrated the vast industrial capability of the seemingly-backwards country.

With all that said and done, however, comes the actual construction of the expeditionary force's ships. For some time prior, the utilization of plasma into hostile weaponry had been theorized by many science-fiction writers for some time-- writers who doubled as scientists themselves. However, with armed conflict being several hundred years out of style for the Fargo citizenry, much of their existing weapons seemed defunct. A company with a history of armed weaponry has come forth to arm the new ships, and the astronauts uncover an ancient arsenal to outfit the expedition teams. New weapon concepts are currently under development, but largely revolve around the utilization of plasma technology, previously exclusive to industrial work.

Using short-range vehicles, large ship parts are towed out to the first moon, which is now being retrofitted for large-scale construction. As the new ships are largely lacking in digitized equipment (spare for mild electric shielding to protect from the dangers of interstellar travel, i.e space dust), they tend to be of a gargantuan size. Needless to say, the immediate space around Fargo is anticipated to be full of new model space craft.

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by Vaetoria


Seated quite comfortably in his throne-like command chair was a relatively young blue-skinned Vaetorian, adorn in a sleek white Vaetorian Uniform with gold epaulettes upon his shoulders with a modest amount of military awards and decorations upon his white uniform. The ordinary Fleet Admiral of the 21st "Rapid Truth" leaned back as he gazed upon the vast expanse of space, this Fleet Admiral was known as Venolian Callanis, a graduate of the prestigious First Naval Academy on Vaetoria, and among first of his year to be given an Invasion Fleet- though while there were other prodagies attempting to destroy as many enemy fleets possible, he happened to be quite carefree- some call him lazy, but he'd prefer not to be completely senseless. He's proven to be a progressivist, favoring ideals of compassion and mercy- orders are orders, though the way he conducts those orders that were quite pequiliar in the way he accomplishes his mission.

As they warped into the Daiichi Quadrant and into Akawastehon space, "Sir, our scanners indicate that there are roughly one thousand armed vessels located about one-hundred thousand kilometers front." the Admiral exhaled from his nose before sitting back upright, "Have they sent out a warning message?" he'd ask as though it was tedious to do so, "Yes Sir." came the response. From the Admirals right was a comment from his adjutant, "It appears to be one of those Civilizations," said a Vice-Admiral by the name of Advatus Macrelia followed by a snicker, Advatus being one of the more younger and eager graduates from the year before his graduation.

The Admiral grumbled as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, sighing audibly before leaning forth to give the following orders, "Begin jamming their communications, all ships advance at battle-speed, target command and capital ships." he'd say assertedly, before leaning back. The Vice-Admiral would dart his eyes towards the Admiral before speaking up.

"Sir- shouldn't we deploy the starfigh-"

"No, we aren't within effective range for them to be deployed- yet." he'd say, the hundreds of Ship captains confirmed his orders on the battle-net as the increased their speed and began opening up on their enemy.

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by Azakayana
Akawastehon System, Daiichi Quadrant — Cycle 28, Year 331

Lightfooted had opened up a holographic projection in front of his chair, showing the positions of the Azakayanese and the Vaetorians as they happened. The destroyers held the front line as they awaited the Vaetorian response, with the cruisers and battleships behind them. The red blips didn't appear to be slowing down or changing course. In fact, it seemed that their ships were beginning to speed up towards the line. Looks like they have chosen the path to war. Plasma and laser fire erupted from the ships as they approached the Azakayanese positions, announcing their intentions to do battle with the Arms of Heaven in this godforsaken region of the galaxy, but the Azakayanese guns remained silent. The artillery officers began to ask the Admiral for requests to return fire, but Lightfooted didn't heed their pleas. Not until the time has come.

The distance was beginning to close between the two fleets. 70,000 kilometers. 60,000 kilometers. 50,000 kilometers. Some of the ships were reporting near misses to the commander, but the signals began to flicker. He didn't seem too concerned—he calmly gave the order to "punch the holes". The Random Frequency Shifters were then activated, restoring some communication between his vessel and his ships. The gunnery officers began to press the Admiral to open fire on the Vaetorians, but he chose not to, remaining calm and steadfast. He waited for the opportune moment to strike, staring at the line he had drawn on his personal map and watching them about to cross it.

One of his liaisons was getting anxious. "Admiral, they don't appear to be stopping!" he cried, trembling as his eyes fixated on the large projection in the middle of the room. But Lightfooted seemed deaf to his call. The others that had gathered around the holotable held their breath, along with the operators that remained in their seats.

The Vaetorians crossed the line, and the Admiral's arm slowly began lifting from his armrest. This was the moment he waited for. "Now!" he swiftly brought it down, and immediately the first salvos were fired off into the distance. The guns of his flagship, the Wounded Bison, roared for the first time. A barrage of ordnance was sent flying at the enemy, beginning the first shots of a new war. The void lit up with flashes of light from both fleets, piercing space and racing toward the other like unbent bolts of lightning. Destroyers unleashed a large wave of missiles at the Vaetorian fleet, and cruisers behind them continued to fire shells upon shells on the enemy. Yet as the front was opening fire, the capital ships remained still, supporting the smaller vessels from the rear. A few ships were lost to incoming plasma barrages, but the Azakayanese remained undeterred.

The supercarriers began getting to work. The hangar bays openeed, and squadron after squadron of interceptors and bombers flew out like a flock of birds to harass the enemy. The Ironhorses had sufficient range, speed, and maneuverability to cross the wide gap between the two fleets. They approached the enemy fleet from both sides, hoping to draw their attention away from the center. However, when they reached the Vaetorian ships, they were greeted with more beams of light roaring at them. But they continued to press on—the pilots knew they were too small to be intercepted at this range. Closer and closer they got until they could see the enemy's alien ships for themselves, and the more intense the defense was getting. Ironhorses left and right were hit by incoming fire, exploding into balls of fire, smoke, and debris. Those that had made it through began coasting near the Vaetorian vessels and delivering their payload of torpedoes.

Lightfooted strode over to the rail and ordered, "Bring them in!" Immediately his ship began firing its bow thrusters and began drifting backwards. The other capital ships did the same, continuing to let the artillery sound off with deafening booms. Once the cruisers and destroyers had spent their ordnance, they began moving backwards as well. The Vaetorians would be seeing a large group of blue lights shining in the distance, slowly growing fainter as the Azakayanese began to move away from the battlefield. The Admiral hoped this would work, for the battle space was too open and he wanted the Vaetorians exactly where he needed them to be. He turned and sat back down, ordering the communications officer to alert the reserves at Akawastehon VIII. He had some difficulty in sending the message, for the Vaetorians' jamming would interrupt the broadcast intermittently.

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by Vaetoria


Their unconquerable fleet pressed the offensive, climbing in speed as they tried to close the gap between the two, the Vaetorians' Fleet-Admiral, Callanis, sat on a throne-esque chair, watching the battle take place on a large display. Standing at the fleet-admirals side, Advatus Macrelia, holding a holo-pad in his right hand to navigate the much bigger real-time holographic battle display on the ships command center. "We've traced outgoing frequencies to this ship, it appears to be their one of their largest." Macrelia said, looking over to the Callanis stroking his chin as he performed what was thought to be calculations in his head, "What of the enemies tactics?" he asks, to which Macrelia responded as though it was rehearsed, "They're attempting to draw us the heart of their fleet and surround us."

At that moment the Vaetorian fleet seemed to have immediately changed course, the entire fleet banked to their left in an attempt to engage and destroy one half of the enemies fleet quickly. As though a swarm of hornets were brought out from their hives to collectively attack their opposition, hundreds of thousands of teardrop shaped purple Star-fighters emptied out of their super carriers to bombard and attack enemy star-fighters. It'd seem as though the Vaetorians were attempting to close the gap between their fleet and the Azakayanese flagship. Torpedos and bright beams of energy erupted from the Vaetorian fleet as they tried to break through to the Commander's vessel.

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by Azakayana
Akawastehon System, Daiichi Quadrant — Cycle 28, Year 331

Lightfooted continued to observe the battle unfold. It seemed that the Vaetorians were being drawn in as planned, pressing on the offensive and attempting to try and close the gap between the two fleets. He was confident that his own fleet can maintain the distance and hold their lines until the time was right, but with the enemy slowly creeping closer and closer, this was starting to become an increasingly tall order. The Vaetorians had kept up a consistent barrage of attacks on their ships, and they had sent out starfighters to harass their Ironhorses. To pose a further challenge, the enemy seemed to be trying to escape the battlefield, or perhaps attempt to break through the Azakayanese flanks. "Don't let them escape," he ordered the other vessels, and so part of the fleet pointed their sterns starboard to match the movements of the Vaetorian ships.

From that point on, the fighting became increasingly fierce. Because the Azakayanese vessels had changed course, it had given time for the Vaetorians to close the gap. As a result, both sides were free to expend all of their arsenals on each other. Battleships fired barrage after barrage of kinetic rods, shells, and beams of energy at the enemy, and smaller vessels deployed torpedoes and rockets. Swarms of fighters emerged from each warship, firing their own ordnance at the enemy fighters. Some of these ship-to-ship engagements happened so close that each side could see the forms of their respective vessels—their outlines glistening against the light of the distant star.

As more fighting erupted on the right flank, Lightfooted heard an alert sound off on his console. "Admiral!" the Operator seemed to have noticed this new development as well. "We've got a large swarm of bogeys at Bearing 41 coming in fast, angle of elevation -24, range 1,200 kilometers."

It seems that they're trying to show their foolish bravery. "Blast them to pieces!" yelled Lightfooted.

The Wounded Bison's ventral guns turned in the direction of the Vaetorian ships and let loose their ordnance. Autocannons quickly shifted to match the enemy fighters' movements, while railguns and turrets sounded off like a symphony of explosions. His own complement of Ironhorses disembarked from the hangar bays and responded with their own ordnance. Some of them were hit by enemy gunfire, but the rest continued to fight on.

As the line continued to move towards the vicinity of Akawastehon VIII, Lightfooted swiped his screen to reveal a transmission screen connected to the commanding officer of the reserve fleet. "Task Force Desert Fox, we're about to reach your position," he pressed the button. "ETA is within 15 minutes. Ready the fleet."

"Task Force Desert Fox is on standby," replied the voice on the other end of the line. "Readying the Spitters."

Meanwhile, a faint humming noise could be heard from the orbit of the cratered Akawastehon VIII, growing louder and louder with every second. Towards the core of the reserve fleet were four large ships, no, four large cannons floating in the midst of space. Last used during the closing years of the devastating Tanabiku War, the Firespitters measured nearly three kilometers from bow to stern, and each one featured a large powerful railgun running across its length that can shoot at targets a great distance away. Around the giant barrel was a plethora of offensive installations including gauss cannons, laser turrets, and missile banks facing forwards, while autocannons protected the aft. In fact they were described to be a "giant gun with guns attached". It had been 100 years since their mighty guns destroyed fleets and scarred worlds beyond recognition. How would they deal with this new, mostly unknown enemy?

By this time, the 27th and 31st Fleets arrived within the vicinity of the barren planet and split to corral the Vaetorians towards orbital space. One by one, the Firespitters made a deafening sound that rippled across the cosmos, firing Avandite shells several meters wide. The shells flew off into the void and struck the enemy fleet in a barrage of explosions. It would take a while for the guns to reload, so the other Azakayanese ships began to open fire on the Vaetorians as well.

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by Vaetoria


What felt like a tremor rippled throughout the fleet, as a little less than fifty ships erupted in thunderous flame. Crackling in the void of space as the ships broke apart in twos or threes prior to combustion of purple flame. Indeed was this tremor felt, and felt it did upon a hundred other Vaetorian vessels, damaged by the Firespitters' shock wave. The Fleet-Admiral looked on a real time holographic display of the battle, watching the three-dimensional holographic displays of the ships that were destroyed dissipate from view. The Admiral leaned over the command console whilst gloved fingers were interlocked over his face, squeezing his eyes shut momentarily as he vents his frustration with a long breath. The Vice-Admiral stood at his flank on the command deck, his hands behind his back as he watched from the observation windows of the ensuing battle, he shifted his attention towards the crew members manning the console, and with a stern voice, he commanded.


"We've lost a hundred odd vessels, my Lord. Twelve Assault Carriers, Fourty-three Battlecruisers, Sixty Destroyers and several tens of Corvettes." reported a ship-mate from below the Lord’s platform. The Vice-Admiral then turned his gaze towards the Fleet-Admiral that sat upon the throne-esque command chair, staring at the back of his head.

“Orders, my Lord?” he asked. The Fleet-Admiral slowly drew breathe from his nose, his chest expanding prior to straightening up.

“Initiate combat protocol N-6.” was what was uttered from the mouth of his hung head, from what seemed to be a defeated, sunken voice. Contrarily, the Vice-Admirals eyes expanded- and insidious grin grew upon his face before turning to echo the commands, the Command Deck’s lights changed from a light-blue hue to a dark red as a quiet alarm began to ping throughout the ships. The Fleet-Admiral sat watching, quietly.

“All ships, protocol N-6 has been initiated. I repeat, protocol N-6 has been initiated!” he said, trying to suppress his excitement- he couldn’t help but be excited.

A few moments later, all the larger ships from the Vaetorian fleet ceased firing and halted the advance. Have the Vaetorians been defeated? Where they willing to surrender? To confirm their enemies suspicious, the ships began to pivot counter-clockwise before revealing what seemed to be a strange purple hue that seemed to glow brighter and brighter from the underside of the Vaetorian ships.

With a single word, before anyone could react: “Fire.”

With that word, the titan vessels among the fleet fired its brilliant blue-white beam - hundreds of lances across space - zooming through the void to strike those that have earned their disfavor, to be bathed in a maelstrom of holy light. A volley of beams cutting clean through the ships, stem to stern, to dissect them with the raw power of plasma energy. Woe betide those foolish enough to challenge Vaetoria's fleets.

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by Azakayana
Akawastehon System, Daiichi Quadrant — Cycle 28, Year 331

The Vaetorian guns fell silent. Lightfooted motioned to his own crew to hold fire, though it didn't look like his fellow commanders onboard his sister ships were going to do the same. Something didn't seem right. The enemy's advance was beginning to slow, as if they were going to turn tail and head home. But the Admiral had a sneaking suspicion. He looked down on his console and began zooming in on a squadron of fighters that were itching for another go at the Vaetorians. It seemed that they were doing well against the enemy contingents, making quick work of the starfighters that dared approach them. And still the Vaetorians didn't seem to be doing anything. However, he moved his finger too far on the hologram by accident, and the camera shifted its focus to a lone ship in space, with a faint light manifesting beneath its hull.

And then it hit him. "PURGE PORT THRUSTERS NOW!"

Without warning, a bright beam of light pierced through the darkness. Bolts of plasma zipped past interplanetary space at near-lightspeed, as if by the light of creation, reaching the Azakayanese formation within seconds. Before the crew could react, the Wounded Bison shook violently as they hung on for dear life. Fortunately for them the plasma lance had just missed it, sparing them from their fate, but the bolt left a trail of molten alloy stretching the length of the hull. Other ships weren't so lucky—as the Admiral climbed back up to his chair he saw another plasma lance cleave a battleship in two like a hot knife cutting through butter. He was left astonished. At the aftermath of this spectacular showcase of Vaetorian might, a great deal of the Arms of Heaven's war vessels were destroyed.

Lightfooted lifted his head and shifted his gaze between his star map and his crew. "How many did we lose, lieutenant?"

His liaison swiveled his chair and began pulling up screens from his console. "About 100 vessels, Admiral, with another 200 possibly damaged."

"What about the Spitters?"

"The enemy has disabled two of them. They most likely had their vital components hit that prevent them from firing more rounds."

"I want them pulled out of here now," he ordered. "And get me Chief Marshal Rushing-River."

"Yes Admiral."

It didn't take long for a hologram to generate in front of Lightfooted. A bald man manifested in front of the Admiral, wearing what appeared to be a brown cloak. There was only one thing that he needed to know from this man. "Is the evacuation complete, Chief Marshal?"

Rushing-River replied, "Almost, Admiral. We still have thousands of people coming from the countryside that are coming to the spaceports. We may not be able to get them off the planet in time."

"Make it sooner. And what about the planetary defenses?"

"Defenses are ready and our planetside forces are on standby. But we reckon that our ordnance and supplies will be able to keep this fight going for at least a year."

With that being said, Lightfooted ended the transmission. Through all of this the Azakayanese continued to maintain a stiff resistance against the oncoming hostiles. But as the hours dragged on, it increasingly became apparent that they wouldn't be able to halt them much longer. His choices were beginning to narrow. The words "retreat" left his lips, and this left his crew puzzled.

"But sir," a liaison responded. "Much of our force is still intact. That would leave Akawastehon undefended."

"Better that than losing two entire fleets defending a far-flung colony," the Admiral replied. "It'll be a few months before Akawastehon IV capitulates, enough time for reinforcements to arrive."

The crew hesitated, but in the end the order was given for a general retreat. While the Azakayanese had lost many ships and men to the enemy, the Arms of Heaven didn't leave Akawastehon's space without taking down many of the Vaetorians' own vessels. Lightfooted wasn't sure whether his fleet had taken out a large portion of the enemy's own fighting potential, but that wasn't his goal. His goal had been to keep the Vaetorians at bay long enough to ensure that the civilian population were evacuated in time. Front thrusters from every ship fired off, and the fleet began to drift away from the battlefield, firing at the Vaetorian fleet until their guns were out of range. Their first battle against the fleets of Vaetoria may have ended in defeat, but these were the first deafening shots to herald the beginning of another war.

Azakayana shall slumber no more.

Chapter I: The Ashen Veil.

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by Free Jovian Republic
Year 147 of the Teikoku Era
The Ame - Ame-pattern Mothership.

The Kitsune Rise Again.

We once had a place among the stars like the rest of the Galaxy. Such was taken from us by a False Kami, イザナギ, who sought to take all we had for himself. We were known as the Kitsune and occasionally as the Kami by uneducated swine; Who didn't understand the origin of the vast power we held in our hands. We tried to show some the true path, posing as deities to guide them, benevolent. However some chose to disobey, intent on using their own, barbaric, methods. We showed them that we could climb so high up, reach the pinnacle of our technological advancement.

Then the day came when we fell all the way back down. イザナギ had caused the us to trip on the ladder of enlightenment, and force us to start over with the remains of the Forever Empire's broken body. The Ame-pattern and her escort were all of what we had left, all I had left. My people, shattered, our home, destroyed. The resources in the Void were gone; burned by the war that we sought to prevent. So we branch out, in such violent ways that our ancestors detest. We are ashamed to be who we are, but we can't have it any different. Our worlds were scorched by the flames of war; The worlds near the edge of the void corrupted by darkness. I pray for the day our people can step foot onto a world once more, however each passing day it becomes more of a distant memory. Our people forget our ways, our old language, our old practices. They forget what it is to be part of the Forever Empire, it has reached the point where even I can no longer remember.

However we push on, with the knowledge our ancestors gave us, technologies they left behind, the will to survive proving to be beyond our own reasoning. Such is the way of life, to always find a way to continue. However, many in the Galaxy would oppose such, the Kitsune were never well liked. We always were seen as some lost pillar of light, an example of what to avoid. We were forgotten, but always remembered in the back of the heads of the ancestors. We never died out. We will not die out.

The massive bulk of the Mothership sat in the vast gaseous expand of the Ashen Nebula. Her hull blended in perfectly with the dark blue-grey of the Nebula, scarred from meteorite impacts and dust. The ship's underbelly was abuzz with lights and small shuttlecraft as several Kitsune-pattern Battleships and Tenshi-Pattern Battleships laid docked in the cavity that was the Phased Assembly Array. Other smaller hulls floated around the Mothership, every single ship had their engines cold, to conserve energy.

As if they were all of the same organism, the ships powered up their engines in unison, and began to venture forth. Three smaller vessels, Valor-pattern Cruisers, each measuring at around 2 kilometers in length, screamed forward, before disappearing in three brilliant flashes as they ripped through the fabric of the universe itself. Their mission was highly important; To scout out yet another area for the fleet to move to and rest.

Their destination? A place the Kitsune only knew as Atomoraarukadia. Atmora-Arcadia.

Two days after initial Slipstream Jump. Edge of Arco-Atmoran space.

The three cruisers appeared through a slipstream rupture, instantly forming a ring formation. They put their engines on a mild acceleration towards what their old maps said was neutral territory, little did they know they just jumped straight through the Arco-Atmoran Border. The ships, once having accelerated to a specified velocity, shut their engines down to coast on their own momentum. Shutting down the rather 'loud' engines provided an extra mechanism of stealth. The engines glowed brightly on Infrared when they were online, perhaps the most heat intensive object of the ship, other than the radiators. However these ships were not meant for stealth, and thus were not that hard to detect with Arco-Atmoran sensors. The ships had accelerated to a possible habitable world, one which the Kitsune could call home, not knowing that it was possibly already inhabited by the Arco-Atmorans.

The Valor Pattern was rather sleek, her angular nose sporting two sets of Minovsky Particle Cannons, with 2 more sets of torpedo tubes. Flanking the central structure were large thick wings, each with a launch tube. The entire set up was dotted with smaller Minovsky Particle Cannons, concentrated in small lenses that could move to hit small strike ships like Fighter craft and Bombers. The ships were usually protected by large I-field lattices forming ovular shields, however such was dangerous in this close of a formation so it was not operational. In its place was a thick hull plating, covered in a transparent resin meant to deflect Particle Cannon fire. The armor was flexible enough to not breach when hit by kinetic weapons, however it was not invulnerable. While resistant to heat, sustained plasma and other heat based weapons fire would eventually burst the hull too. However, that was negated by Magnetic shielding that was always online, that was meant to redirect any plasma fire with frightening efficiency.

The three cruisers were painted a dark blue-grey, the wings a slightly lighter color, with dim red lights blinking along it. The ships each were easily older than their crew, old scars and soot showing the age of the ships. Unlike most other ships in the galaxy, Kitsune ships aged rather well, however this was usually due to resilient construction and routine maintenance. The guts of the three ships were mismatched, broken if you will, replaced by quick repairs and whatever the crews could scrounge up. The Mothership had the ability to fix them, however it lacked enough resources to care for the entire fleet, such being dried up by the 2 trillion residents aboard. It was only a matter of time before the Arco-Atmorans found the ships, and whatever they did then, would set the Forever Empire either into a recovery, or a spiral into chaos and destruction...

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by Atmora-Arcadia


Rijkscommissariaat Masuren
Edge of the Masuren March,
Heian, Masuren System, Atmora-Arcadia
19 May 2251; 2145 hours

It had been a normal uneventful watch abroad the Slipstream Probe Relay station for Chief Petty Officer Evert-Jan Bossaert, since his position as a Slipspace sentry he couldn't take his eyes off the monitors in case of an Azakayanese preemptive strike or a pirate attack on the colonies, because of this fact he was wolfing down one of favourite foods Kapsalon; fries layed with döner meat, slices of gouda cheese and shredded lettuce. Half way through his mirror the sirens began to blare all the lights in the station turned off and a somber red could be seen over the coms the station's AI construct Janske could be heard repeating "All hands to combat stations, All hands to combat stations, slipspace rupture detected, slipspace rupture detected, slipspace rupture detected!"

Almost on queue Bossaert immediately called the situation to the Fleetmaster of 273rd Border Rapid Reaction Force (273e GSRM) Vice Admiral Fleurtje Lazoe, almost immedietaly four Kriemhild class heavy cruiser and six Philips van Almonde class destroyers began racing towards the unidentified ships weapons primed and fighters and bombers in the hangers awaiting the green light.

The lead ship of the 273e GSRM squadron HMS Haki a massive 1,425 long meter warship armed with 2 spinal Mk. IX Heavy Magnetic-Hydrodynamic Canon a large array of point defence coil-gun batteries ranging from 170, 50, 20 and 12.7 cm batteries. In addition to array of missile cells along the hull of the cruiser.

HMS Haki was flanked by her sister ships HMS Ingild, HMS Völsung and HMS Aliprand in a diamond formation, each side of the Cruiser squadron had 3 destroyers HMS Mannes Stoevenbeld, HMS Evert Kleinebuul, and HMS Reinier Elhorst on the left; HMS Koen Schlosser, HMS Janske Tiessens and HMS Liesbeth Broekhuis on the right.

Commodore Jocelyn de Cazenave ordered her ships to shadow the cruisers at distance of 50,000 km as to not allow the unknown ships the opportunity to land a successful shot on her formation. Commodore Cazenave was situated in the Combat Information Centre of the HMS Haki located deep within the hull of battlecruiser, as she overlooked her of squadron's formation in relation to the Kitsune cruisers, she turned over to her communications officer to begin hailing the Kitsune cruisers as a communications line was connected she spoke a calm but authoritative voice "This is Commodore Jocelyn de Cazenave of the Imperial Elven Space Force, you have entered into Atmoran-Arcadian sovereign space identify yourself and state your intentions here."

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by Free Jovian Republic
Year 147 of the Teikoku Era
Masuren System, Atmora-Arcadia. Cruiser Scout Formation 232.

The Kitsune Rise Again.

This is Commodore Jocelyn de Cazenave of the Imperial Elven Space Force, you have entered into Atmoran-Arcadian sovereign space identify yourself and state your intentions here.

The Captain of the lead cruiser, CA-129 'Azumi-no-isora', replayed it over and over again. As Squadron Captain, she had to make the decision on what the others needed to do. Eventually she came to the conclusion that the unknown warships may not enjoy the identity of the Cruisers.

"Spread out into a Combat Wedge. Don't charge your Cannons until we are sure they are a threat. I will respond personally, Comms Officer, connect me with the unknowns. Relay it through the Moreya." The Comms officer nodded. As he prepared to connect the Squadron Captain to the comm network, the three cruisers suddenly split off from their formation, using maneuvering thrusters to maneuver in a rather spread out Wedge formation, the lead being flanked by either cruiser. The lead cruiser then started spouting out Laser-based communications to the station, in the hopes that they had a system that could receive such.

I am Squadron Commander Kiyoko Akiyama of the Imperial Fleet. We are on a scout mission to this system to accertain whether it'd be safe for the 1st Fleet to relocate here. We are low on resources and may possibly require assistance. If you do not wish for our presence, we will be so inclined to depart.

She awaited a response, hoping that the Atmorans were kind enough to help out her people. If not, then they may need to hurry to find another system. Hopefully by the time they do, the fleet would still be around.

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by Atmora-Arcadia


The Kitsune Rise Again
Edge of the Masuren March,
Heian, Masuren System, Atmora-Arcadia
19 May 2251; 2145 hours

Commodore Cazenave had her arms crossed as she saw the three cruisers move into battle formation, contemplating "Lieutenant run the message again.", after hearing the message repeat once more she began giving out orders "Get in contact with the Office of the Rijkscommissaris for Masuren and inform Admiral Eelco van Bredehof we need his pressence immediately!" the communications officer gave a simple nod "Aye ma'am"

A few moments later Admiral Bredehof appeared before Cazenave through the holocommunications system, the Admiral had his arms crossed behind his backed "Commodore what seems to be the situation with the visitors?"

"Mijnheer it appears that are requesting to relocate their fleet here for assistance and to resupply, it appears however our database has trouble identifying the origins of this Commander Akiyama."

"A rather interesting predicament, to hold a fleet at your mercy." he gave a long pause "Patch me in Commodore, I must speak with these people myself."

"Affirmative Admiral, patching you in now."

Bredehof began to speak softly "This is Admiral Eelco Graaf van Bredehof, Rijkscommissaris of Masuren. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance today and I welcome you to Heian. It seems you wish to you relocate your fleet here, as sign of good faith between your people and mine, I will allow your ships to dock at the nearest spaceport, once you have arrived and dock at the port, please do not be alarmed when the Marechaussee request to inspect your vessels. After that is done, you may purchase as many supplies as you can carry back to your fleet.

And when you return to your fleet, let them know the Arco-Atmoran empire wishes to enter into negotiations for relocation into Arco-Atmoran space."