Between Ice and a Cold Place [MT, OPEN]

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Postby Sevevill » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:17 am

The Green Union wrote:
Sevevill wrote:From the desk of President Joseph Henry
To: Military Leadership
Encryption: Low

I thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I would like to offer the support of the Imperial Army Core of Engineers to help rebuild your cities in this time of war. It would be our pleasure to assist in helping reconstruct. Along with adding more opportunity for Sevillian corporations to help boost the economy in this time of hardship.

Thank you,
President Joseph Henry.

The Congress of the Green Union has respectfully declined Sevevill’s generous offer for imperial military personnel in the Green Union. The government of the troubled country has stated that its own Congressional Security personnel and private industry efforts are more than capable of handling reconstruction at present.

Sevevill wrote:Sevevill Dayly News. 8/26/35

Today the Empires famed aircraft manufacturer SG has announced plans of opening a helicopter factory in the Green Union. The company is looking to add factory workers, developmental and engineering staff along with many more positions. They will also be putting a grant towards engineering colleges around the nation to help more people go to university throughout the nation and get a education. The factory will be building everything from advanced civilian helicopters to highly advanced Military helicopters. Production of the factory will start in Mount Coulon later this month after contractors are hired and security is put in place for the construction site.

On the other hand, the CGU and municipal government of Mont Coulon have both responded positively to SG Aerodynamics’ moves to expand operations in the Green Union. Elements within the country’s government used the announcement to explain how the GU is still an attractive place for foreign business, while the mayor of Mont Coulon has lauded it as “yet another well executed step in our plan for rebuilding our city.”

Soon to be the CGU HQ of the SG Aerodynamics company. Mont Coulon
Lukas Martiviant. Head of SG Helicopters Devision

This should be a perfect spot for the new building he thought to himself as a architect they had brought along with them to survay the peice of land plotted out by the company for the main HQ off a main road not too far outside of the city. The building would be fenced in from the outside with a 24/7 security team. The actual superstructure would provide future employees with a indoor heated parking garage that lead directly into the office building for the cold winters that would prove difficult and a task needed to be tackled by builders. They also did not want to remove too much wildlife from the area just enough for what they needed. A small heliport in the back of the main five story structure. And a heated building to keep snowplow trucks and other general need pickups, Along with the helicopter tug and a small hanger attached onto it for easy commute of important SG executives from the airport along with providing the needed tranport to the actual manufacturing plant that was being built a little further outside of the city but some employees will have to commute between the areas. Both plots of land already had fences being constructed with a security company being hired to protect the construction workers and site from possible disaster. The Imperial Government offered a grant to help pay for scolarships and help the company pay for a PMC to protect the compound until they could get their own set up. SG Aerodynamics was also paying for grants to local police and fire departments to assure that they had equipment and training to handle a possible situation at the HQ. Mostly fire but they were paying for the police to be trained by retired Seve City Police officers and a set of shiny new AWD tahoes for the officers as a show of gratitude for allowing the foreign company into their homes and protect them just like any other citizen inn the city.

Imperial News Network.

Today another company from the Empire has announced plans to expand into the Green Union after the large SG Aerodynamics sudden move to go to the nation. Multiple Sevillian Companies are now interested in purchasing land. A much diffrent turn of events than after the Hunter National Gas companies move. CGL or Connor Global Laboratories has said they are planning on building a cold weather laboratory in the nation. Also interest form the University of Seve City who are planning on opening a branch of their school in the nation providing multiple new opportunities to people living in the CGU helping them advance into the future.
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