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Costapunente Summit (Closed, Aeia-Only)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:46 am
by Crylante
The Costapunente Summit, 2017


The continent of Vestrim was one of ideological differences, with a long history of colonialism and revolution. There lay anarchists and socialists in Faldarun and Ovandera, right-libertarians in TKae, constitutional monarchists in Evethia and Nadelküste, absolute monarchists in Ardir, religious orders in Attimeka, segregationists in Luixiana and republicans in the Democratic Federation. Getting such an ideological mess to work together seemed almost impossible, but it was something that Emanuela Amatore planned to do. President of the almost-insignificant island nation of Isolaprugna, notable only for its unique economic ideology of Georgism, she wished to bring some order and peace to such a continent.

And thus, she sat there, alone apart from two bodyguards and the Foreign Minister, Velia Sartini, around a large conference table. The building had been commissioned by her father, Milo Amatore, to serve as a conference centre for Isolaprugnan officials to meet with foreign officials, and it sat in the city of Costapunente, Isolaprugna, across from the Assembly of Delegates, her nation's legislature, and the Transparent Assembly, a body of the Isolaprugnan government responsible for monitoring corruption and insuring freedom of information. She had invited heads of state and diplomats from nations across Vestrim to come and meet her there, and discuss regional relations and de-escalate regional tensions, which Amatore considered to have increased.

Looking out the window, she could see a plane touching down at Costapunente Airport. Whether this was a regular commercial flight or foreign officials landing she wasn't sure, but she hoped it was the latter. While tourists were constantly coming to Isolaprugna to enjoy its beaches and cultural scene, fuelling her nation's economy, they were hardly of use to her in this instance when what she really needed was to discuss the region's politics with other leaders.

She hoped holding the conference in Isolaprugna was a good idea; the nation's implementation of ideas from Georgism and market socialism along with its retention of a market-based economy had made it able to be somewhat agreeable to both socialists and capitalists, and that Isolaprugna's refusal to line up entirely with either economic system allowed it to be a neutral location for nations to meet in, as if such a conference had been held in Ovandera, which had just overthrown its monarchy in a syndicalist revolution, or TKae, where the market was so deregulated that the government may not need to exist, there would likely be tensions due to the ideological leanings of the nation.

When she was young, her father had told her that making enemies was hard, but ceasing to be enemies was even harder. Those words resonated sonorously around her head as she prepared herself for the conference. She had put on a plain, smart dress, and put on some formal makeup, which she hoped would be enough to present herself well. But her worryings were interrupted by the doors opening. She turned round, praying to St. Alydian in her head that the conference would turn out alright, and saw delegates arrive from one of the nations of this politically divided continent.


PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:39 pm
by Ovandera

Das Ovanitsches Gemeinstaat
The Ovan Commonwealth

Internationaler Flughafen von Costapunente, Pflaumeninsel
Costapunente International Airport, Isolaprugna

The plane shook as it descended, the deep blues of the ocean blending into the lighter hue's of the shoreline; Even from here, she thought the variety of arching-mountains, Island-tempered vegetation, and shallow coral reefs, stuck out like gunfire on a cold, northern night. "It really is like Alorenstadt," the thought to herself as she shifted in her seat, the Gear and Grain pin over her breast-pocket glinting for a few moments in the sun. She was of course dressed in full Communist Party apparel, a black-striped Red-Armband on her Right branding her as a member of the Military, and the letters K.A.O.K. (Kardinalarmee Oberkommando) showing off her heightened status.

As the plane made it's way toward the island, its own shadow became more and more pronounced, no doubt those below could see the obvious Commonwealth Emblem on its side.

"We've arrived, Kommissar."

The voice startled her out of her daze, looking up she saw the Commissar of Foreign Affairs Jakob Olstaden; The man himself was tall, sandy brown hair and eyes, the usual Party Uniform specialized with a blue-striped Red-Armband betraying his position as Kommissar für auswärtige Angelegenheiten. He was technically her inferior, however their current mission placed him as her temporary Commander. He was loving it.

"Any word from the Pflaumeninselisches?"

"Keiner aus dem Staat, but they've cleared us to land."

"Wunderbar, do we know who else is coming?"

"Well, no; Vestrim is a rather...diverse Continent so it's actually incredible that the Pflaumeninselisches are even attempting to hold a summit like this."

The Kommissar leaned back, deciding to fall back into her thoughts. Olstaden had a point, she would begrudlingly admit, she doubted whatever the Isolaprugnans had in mind would work. But if the Commonwealth was to survive, she needed international ties; The first Cold War was proof enough that Autarky was a failure.

Konferenzzentrum Costapunente, Pflaumeninsel
Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

After landing, the team of two Kommissars and four minor Commanders and Delegates (two of each) were escorted by convoy to the Konferenzzentrum awaiting them. The change was most striking to Commanders in fact, who had most certanly been used to the post-war desolation of Varshanka or Könixren. Upon arrival and escort to the building, they opened the door to the sound of accented Aquidish with the only other people being the Isolaprugnans themselves. Olstaden stepped forward;

"Grüße, ich bin Kommissar für Auswärtige Angelegenheiten Jakob Olstaden, und das ist des Kommissar-General Gabriele Abelkis von der Kardinalarmee Oberkommando."

He paused for a moment as their translator spoke;

"Greetings, I am Commissar of the Foreign Affairs Division Jakob Olstaden, and this is the Commissar-General Gabriele Abelkis of the Cardinal Army High-Command."

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by Isolaprugna
Commonwealth of Isolaprugna

Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

Emanuela Amatore saw the Ovanderan delegates as she turned around. A syndicalist confederation to the east of her small island nation, they had just been through a revolution and thus the full military gear one of the team was wearing didn't surprise Amatore. Another of them, a man standing at the front, dressed in apparel Amatore had only seen worn on television by Aeian Socialist Union officials when she was a young girl back in the 1970's, when her father was still President of Isolaprugna.

"Greetings, Jakob, Greetings, Gabriele. I am Emanuela Amatore, President of the Republic of Isolaprugna, and this is Velia Sartini," she pointed to the woman sitting to her right, who had a deep brown ponytail, "the Foreign Minister of Isolaprugna. Pleased to meet you." She tried to speak in Almannic to the delegates from Ovandera, although it had been a while since the days she'd learnt Almannic in school, and she'd spent the night before trying to brush up on her international languages. She also extended her hand out to them, with the intention to shake it, and her Foreign Minister complied.

"I have invited your esteemed selves to my nation today to discuss regional co-operation, as I'm sure you're aware. I am deeply concerned that the continent's current geopolitical situation is unstable, and I feel we need to have some sort of mediation between our nations to discuss and solve any issues that might arise due to the many ideological differences between us. I welcome you to take a seat and wait for the delegates of other nations to arrive so that the conference may begin; there is a selection of biscuits laid out on the table, and there are tea and coffee making facilities over there, next to the wall." she continued.

She then turned to one of her bodyguards, and in her native tongue of the Isolaprugnan dialect of Aquidish, requested a cup of coffee for her and her Foreign Secretary.

"Would you like my colleague to make you any hot beverages?" she asked, defaulting back to her limited knowledge of Almannic.

She quickly remembered to put her phone on silent. Reaching into her pocket, she got out her Aprikoosi I7 and put the settings onto silent. The phone itself was a masterpiece; its sleek design and range of features has proved useful many times.

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by Attimeka

The Brotherly Order of the Holy Flame, Regent of the Attimekan Concordat and Insula Alydian

Costapunente Airport

"By the Prophet of Truth, it's hot," the Minister for Agriculture muttered in Ignician Creole as he exited the airport, the man pulling at his collar in order to allow a little bit of air to reach his sweating neck. Luix de Montfort wasn't an attractive man, but he had a kind of homely charm about him, a man in his early thirties he looked more like one's endearing uncle than an up and comer in the world of Attimekan politics.

"Don't let the delegation hear you complain, Minister," The older minister admonished him in the same Creole, "the best weapon a diplomat can have is his demeanour." Jean-Luc Actalzan the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in contrast, was the longest serving cabinet minister in the Concordat. He'd served under four prime ministers and two deputy prime ministers of his own party. It was no surprise that the two ministers present represented the two governing parties. The ruling Social Democrats and the king-makers in the centrist Alydian Union.

The other two members of the Attimekan party weren't donned in the two piece suits of the Ministers, but rather in the garb of priests. The first was approaching middle age with gray in his black hair. Tehtum Haxhi was a middling member of the Order of the Holy Flame, a thoroughly inoffensive man of the most inoffensive faction of the Ignician Order. To his left stood a younger man with striking blonde hair and blue eyes, the kind of gentleman one would expect to be a Crylantian model rather than a priest in Attimeka. His Asuran features, rare in the mixed race nation of Attimeka, obviously showing his origin from Isula Alydian. Pietro Scallino, despite his boyish charm and good looks, was obviously there for a different reason. The young man was the heir apparent to the zealot faction of the Order, having rised through the ranks absurdly quickly.

Scallino chuckled and smiled to his colleague, "Say, Father, do you know who will show to this conference?"

Haxhi sighed, "I couldn't tell you, child. If the Luixianans appear then I will be mightily suprised. I dare say perhaps the Ovanderans and Faldarunics will come, such is their communalist nature."

"Are the communists heathens or athiests nowadays? I daresay I don't know which one's worse," Scallino replied, this time in Asur.

The delegation had obviously been chosen for political reasons, a way to keep all of the ruling factions and parties within the nation happy. Whether they were expected to achieve anything or not was irrelevant, the Attimekans didn't expect the conference to go anywhere of value, but it was protocol that they attended.

Their car ushered into where they stood before the airport, and the four men entered flanked by their bodyguards.

Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

One of the bodyguards opened the door and the delegation entered, the languages they heard a mix of Aquidish and Almannic.

Haxhi spoke in flawless Asur, as he was ostentiablly the leader of the delegation, "Blessings of the Prophet of Truth upon you. I am Tehtum Haxhi, and my young colleague here is Pietro Scallino, of the Brotherly Order of the Holy Flame. Here to serve in our Order's capacity as regents of both the Attimekan Concordat and Isula Alydian."

Actalzan followed as soon as the other man was finished, again in Asur, "I am Jean-Luc Actalzan, Minister for Foreign Affairs, joined by Luix de Montfort, Minister for Agriculture, as representatives of the people of the Concordat."

The Attimekan translators were obviously silent, they would make no moves to translate Asur as they would another language.

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by Ovandera

Das Ovanitsches Gemeinstaat
The Ovan Commonwealth

Konferenzzentrum Costapunente, Pflaumeninsel
Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

Gabriele began to look around as soon as they entered, noting the fundamentally Aquidish architecture that had apparently survived their transition away from Capitalism. The Georgists were an interesting bunch, she'd give them that. As they entered, She moved with Jakob to greet the Islanders, accepting an offer at Coffee despite the resulting glare of disapproval from her fellow Commissar. Jakob was Commissar for a reason, personally having a degree in Psychology and most certainly having the Geschenk des Gab. He was the first in their group to begin early conversation with the Islanders, happily shaking hands and being supportive of the Presidents attempts at Almannic. She hated him.

"I wholeheartedly agree," started Jakob after the President had finished, speaking slowly for both her and the Translator, "and while I understand the dire need for international cooperation, as well as the Ovan peoples cries to finally and freely traverse our world, I am entranced as to how you plan for us to work alongside those of Asur or Luixana..."

Gabriele herself was a Military woman, starting out as an early protest-orchestrator, she became involved in the Kardinals in late 2013. By 2015, after the declaration of the Särgahnic "Freie Volksrepublik", she had taken up position as Milizenfürher of a local Militia and beat the Royalist Police out of her city of Gehtz in Schweisein. Afterwards merging with the larger Schweisein "Volker-Militz" and taking command over supply lines and several raids. After the S.V.M. merged with the Särgahn-Noir Miliz to form the "Zweite Kardinalbefreiungsarmee" she was put in charge of the Battle of Arschaserrik in December of 2015 and afterwards was nominated and placed on the Oberkommando, before being promoted to Kommissar-General. She was battle hardened, eager for combat, and ready to command, all while being forced to the sidelines so a room of schwachkopf could dance like birds.

"A fascinating concept," continued Jakob, she was unsure what he was talking about by this point, "Ovandera is actually quite divided between Syndicalists and Communists, well Communists in the sense of the Aquidish term 'Anarco-Comunismo'..."

As soon as they had entered Jakob noted Gabriele's analytical behavior, her eyes instinctively shooting to the higher-windows looking for Sniper-holds, constantly expecting the entire summit to be an ambush. He only hoped he was the only one noticing that aspect about her, apart from the more obvious Asocial characteristics.

"Gottverdammt she accepted the coffee."

Despite these, at least in his eyes, setbacks he found he rather liked the Isolaprugnan President. He noted her modesty in terms of Nationalism, she didn't pretend to be the center of attention. She was also a stranger to leading meetings such as these, or at least between the truest of mortal enemies, and he could practically smell the her attempts at being as Inoffensive as possible. Such was Georgism it seemed.

After just a few moments of talking it seemed the real fun was about to begin. He could hear the Attimekans before he turned around, the sound of Asur was all but obnoxious, but he was for the first time actually surprised by who had walked in. The few members of the party who were dressed in the usual garb of Capitalist fashion were easily drowned out by what seemed to be priests.

"Guten Tag... ähm... Herren;"

Priests? He could only imagine what they were thinking of the rest of the Ovan's, 2 Men in Military attire, 2 lower Party members in Suits, with the Kommissar-General and himself in inner-Party Uniform. With that thought he turned slightly towards Gabriele, and he almost fainted. She had that look in her eye, the one where she might as well grow fangs, or when a Wolf sees a lone deer after 2 nights of hunting, and all he could do was pray to whatever gods existed that nobody else noticed. But while he prayed that nobody looked towards the Kommissar-General, he couldn't help himself but notice the spectacle before him. He was glad that the Attimekans brought someone to this meeting. But Priests?

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by Ardir

The Ardirian Imperium
Princess Andromeda von Ardor

Costapunente Airport, Isolaprugna

It was quite the unusual thing for the young princess, being abroad. To not even mention flying. But the offer had caught her attention, and so, before the ministry could scurry off with it, she had decided to attend this summit in person. In part due to her interest in these things, and in part due to the quite amusing panic it induced in her aides. There was a great deal of preparation to be had before a royal visit, after all. Security had to be checked, escorts arranged, bodyguards chosen... But it mattered not to her. The decision had been made. As she looked out onto the ascending runway, she couldn't help but wonder, would this be anything like the meetings at home, full of half-truths and tiptoeing around issues? She had heard of the barbarity of foreigners, but still...

It was the impact of the runway that shook her from her reverie. As the quite frankly massive private jet slowed towards a halt on the runway, one Karolin Lochte called out, very quietly and somewhat hesitantly. "We have arrived, your highness." The servant's demeanour gave her away. She wasn't used to being in the presence of royalty. Not that a whole lot of people were, but still. Moving to stand before the mirror, the Imperial Princess made the final adjustments to her outfit. Clad in a long, elaborate and almost medieval dress, she was sure to grab attention at a conference such as this. It was of course mostly white, with heavy tones of dark red and trims of actual gold, the colours of Ardir.

Once satisfied with her appearance, the royal finally made her way outside and into the warm air of Isolaprugna. Above, she could hear the distant sounds of jets, around her, the soft clanking of ceremonial guards standing at attention. And in front of her, a member of the crimson guard, one of those entrusted with keeping the royal family safe. She didn't doubt that several more of their number were scattered around the place. Without a word, the guard moved to her side and offered his arm. Without a moment of hesitation, she took it. And so, their slow procession to the limousine began. Aside from the rather large number of Ardirian journalists and paparazzi clamouring to get her image, the trip was mostly uneventful.

Costapunente Conference Center, Isolaprugna

Just as before, she was walking arm-in-arm with her crimson guard as they finally made it to the room where the summit was being held. The door was pushed open, and steps taken inside. Quickly, the sounds of Almannic, Aquidish and Asur reached her ears. Sights were taken in... The stern and militaristic woman, the attention-grabbing young man clad in the robes of a priest, and of course Emanuela Amatore, the instigator of this little summit... As was tradition, she did not introduce herself. Instead, she relied upon her guard to draw attention to her entry.

"Her Royal Highness, Princess Andromeda von Ardor, come to participate in the Costapunente Summit." He declared in by all accounts a rather brash voice. In Almannic, of course.

As was polite to do, she managed a small but guarded smile, and performed a small curtsy to those gathered before releasing her protector, whom took up position by the door. Behind her, two more guards entered the room, deciding to flank the very same door. The three of them made for rather intimidating figures, clad in the red cloaks and silver helmets of the Imperial Military elite. Although they seemed mostly ceremonial, the swords at their hips reinforcing that notion, the lines of their cloaks spoke of much more contemporary weaponry. And with how they constantly scanned the room, there was no doubting that they were serious about their job, if nothing else.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance."

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:54 am
by Popularis Societas

The Democratic Federation
Consul Cunégonde Soulougue

Costapunente Airport, Isolaprugna

Undoubtedly a important event in Soulougue Administration that would be a massive factor for the route the newly elected government would take for the next 4/8 years. Cunégonde Soulougue has made massive headlines after he election, being not only the youngest consul in DF History, but also amongst the youngest heads of state in the world. This was a defining moment for her, being the first major diplomatic mission the 30-year old consul will partake, with media outlets with their political orientation from across the spectrum closely monitoring this moment, getting ready all possible praises, or criticisms, on the young consul.

She walked out of the airport trying to contain her excitement and worries over it, can't waiting for the Conference while also hope for a few more minutes to be added before they have to go.

"I see your excited" said her Advisory of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs. Hadrian Pompus was one of the youngest members of the Board of Advisories, just nearly half a decade older then the consul, though this doesn't mean that he was also new to the job. He's served under the administration of the previous president and was part of a powerful political dynasty that has been active in Societae politics since independence. He was use to this stuff, and was ready to aid the Consul in this.

"Suggest you call down a bit, keeping your calm in front of the foreign leaders, and the cameras, is an important tool when in diplomatic missions" he murmured to her in Florintine. "Yes, of course!" she responded.

"I can't believe I'm actually here!",

"First time travelling abroad, Consul?" Hadrian asked

"Oh, no! Not really, its the conference I mean"

"I see that, Consul. I'm surprised we're even coming when there's such a high possibility that nearly no-one else is probably going to come. Vestrim is a... complex continent. One filled with ideologically diverse nations that commonly clashes with one-another over a wide array of things, to think that anyone besides us and the Isolaprugnans are actually come is very....... unlikely, consul"

"And what if must do? I understand where your coming from Hadrian, Vestrim's history isn't a ideologically unified or pacifist one, but this is the first major step made by virtually any nation to try and heal those wounds, why not help in the healing?"

"You can be very, unrealistically optimistic at times consul..... never loose such a trait, especially when having such a hard job"

"Heh, I can promise you that"

The two shared quick smile. Their car finally arrived after a quick wait, surrounded with various bodyguards and two other cars meant to escort them safely too the summit.

Costapunente Conference Center, Isolaprugna

After a short drive, the consul and her entourage is safely escorted to the conference. One of the guards protecting the entrance opens the door for Hadrian and Cunègonde to exist from. "Welcome to Isolaprugna, Consular" he said in Isolaprugnan Creole as a mix of Aquidish and Almannic rushes out of his mouth. "I hope you enjoy your stay" he continued

As she and her bodyguards exist the car, a massive crowd of Journalists, Photographers and Civilians were kept at bay at both sides of the Conference Building entrance by the body guards, cheering and clapping upon her arrival. Before a member of her entourage was able to open the door, a guard inside quickly opened it for them.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:50 am
by Isolaprugna
Commonwealth of Isolaprugna

Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

A cup of coffee was handed to the President as she mentally prepared a response to the delegate from Ovandera. The man's question made her think of the response from her Prime Minister, Federico Cho, when she told him about the summit. Initially, he had asked her why in St. Alydian's name she had thought it was a good idea, but after discussing the issue for a bit, many things, including their shared fear of ideologically based war in their geopolitical neighbourhood, had caused them to agree the summit was worth a shot to somewhat thaw relations across the continent.

"That is a very good question, sir. I have to say, no matter what you think of someone's ideological leanings, to me, the thought of us destroying Vestrim due to inflated tensions is not something I want to become a reality. At the end, you may have pushed your ideology, but the thousands, if not millions, of deaths you've caused in the process aren't worth a shallow victory for a set of ideas on how people should live their lives. Thus, it is important that the whole continent is included in this talk, to avoid such a costly and destructive ideological war from decimating the continent's population.

She had just had time to finish speaking and take a sip of her coffee when the Attimekan delegates arrived. A very interesting group of people they were; among the delegates there were a priest, politicians and someone who was dressed like a priest but looked like some model from a Mælkeagtig advert she'd seen way too many times on television. The four of them, however, were obviously sweating heavily; the warm climate of the island nation had obviously set them off guard from what they were used to.

Then the band of delegates introduced themselves; she was right in her assumptions of who were priests and who were politicians. They spoke in the language of the old Fiorentine Empire; while the language went under many names; Asur, Fiorentine, Hearthurian, it sounded like severely outdated Aquidish to Amatore. However, as the liturgical language of Asuran Alydianism, she expected it to be spoken by a theocracy such as Attimeka.

"Greetings to you all." she began. "I am Emanuela Amatore, President of the Republic of Isolaprugna, and this is the Foreign Minister of Isolaprugna, Velia Sartini." she pointed to the woman on the right. "I welcome you to the city of Costapunente, and invite you to take a seat. These are the Ovan delegates, Jakob and Gabriele, and I assume that the delegates from the other nations will be on their way soon. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to make yourself a drink; tea and coffee are available over there, and there is a selection of biscuits over there."

The Ardirian Princess was next to arrive. From the nearby isolationist nation of Ardir; which retained elements of Rennekkan paraphernalia that other nations such as Ovandera had tried so hard to shake from themselves; it retained the absolute monarchy that was known for its use in Rohst and Volgaria; the latter of these especially had not set a good tone on the system of government with its mass human rights abuses and ruthless persecution of minorities and homosexuals, which Amatore found absolutely disgusting. However, just because such awful abuses happened in Volgaria didn't mean that Ardir would be the same; they'd sent over a woman as a delegate, which would never happen in nations such as Volgaria. The Princess herself was introduced by her bodyguard; royal formalities meant that the Princess likely did not want to introduce herself.

"Greetings, and welcome to Costapunente, your majesty." From summits with the constitutional monarchies in Asura, Amatore knew that a curtsy was traditional for greeting a monarch. However, as the monarch had given one herself, she was not sure of its appropriacy, but she did it anyway. "I have invited you here today to discuss the issues of our continent; we are divided between many different ideologies, and I feel it necessary that we discuss the situation we are in so we may avoid the threat of war based on these ideologies. If I may interest you in a hot beverage while we wait for the other delegates, please notify me, and feel free to help yourself to the biscuits that we have in stock."

The delegates from Popularis Societas, also known as the Democratic Federation, were next to arrive. A very unique nation, Amatore found their history very interesting. The nation had been founded by settlers and refugees from Asura, who had based their government on the government of the Fiorentine Empire and adopted a common culture based on that Empire. She could see some elements of Isolaprugna in it, although to a lesser scale; a new culture had been created in Isolaprugna from a fusion of former Aquidish convicts and religious dissidents, Cheonsamese merchants and the native populations.

As she had done with the other arrivals, Amatore welcomed the delegates from the nation, and asked them if the prospect of a hot beverage interested them. She felt as if she were repeating herself constantly, each time the concentration of the tension in the room increasing; while there had been little tension between her and the Ovanderan delegates, as the Attimekan, Ardirian and Societae delegates arrived, the tensions in the room grew; it was not natural for syndicalists, religious orders, the heirs to absolute monarchies and republicans to meet together.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:15 pm
by Ovandera

Das Ovanitsches Gemeinstaat
The Ovan Commonwealth

Konferenzzentrum Costapunente, Pflaumeninsel
Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

'Mein Gott I'm in a madhouse' Gabriele thought to herself as several other Delegate teams marched in. Although she had to admit that she didn't know which she found more amusing, the arrival of priests to a diplomatic meeting or Jakob's face when they walked in. A glorious mix of defeat and dejection.

"Was ist los?" she whispered over to him, "Silver tongue turned to lead?"

Sadly though, her attitude changed as the next delegate walked in; she was a young woman, potentially Almannic or Asuran, but it was the outfit that caught the Kommissar's attention. She had seen the dress' of the super-wealthy before, perhaps this one was from Tkae?
Ardir wrote:"Her Royal Highness, Princess Andromeda von Ardor, come to participate in the Costapunente Summit." He declared in by all accounts a rather brash voice. In Almannic, of course.
"A pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"The Vhizen* sent a princess?" Jakob whispered

"So it seems." She replied, teeth gritted

The Größervhizen* didn't even care enough to send a Delegate, she thought, so they sent some Royal in ones place? Some ignorant Drecksau whose never heard anything but Aristocratic dribble and half-truths? What're they expecting to happen to happen, us bending over with sympathy? Her mood didn't exactly improve as the delegates of the Föderationdemokratisch* marched in, although she was glad they weren't Kings or Priests. But by this point, she wouldn't be put it past them.

Jakob was much better prepared after the Attimekans had arrived, keeping a smile on his face he nodded his head as they walked in while simultaneously hoping that they didn't immediately notice his confusion. After greeting them he stepped back for a moment to recompose himself as discreetly as possible, although he'd be soon thanking them for the Feuerprobe because it left him adequately prepared to handle the next entry.

"Grüße Fräulein, I'm glad the Größervhizisches understand the necessity of this meeting." Moving forward he continued, "My name is Jakob Olstaden, Commissar of Foreign Affairs for the Ovanitsches Gemeinststaat; The woman behind me," he gestured to Gabriele, "Is Gabriele Abelkis, Commissar-General of the Cardinal Army."

"Grüße." Gabriele replied

He was glad when the Delegates from the Föderationdemokratisch arrived, at least somebody was send people of Meritocratic value. Much like with the Princess he moved forward to introduce himself and Gabriele before standing back to allow more Delegates to arrive.

*Größervhizen - Ovan word for "Ardir", it was the original name of the largest Rohstian Viceroyalty in the region
*Föderationdemokratisch - The Democratic Federation

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:38 pm
by Nadelkuste
Nationengemeinschaft Nadelküste
Aartshertogdom Naaldküste | Yuxiupan Ajawate

Costapunente International Airport, Costapunente, Isolaprugna

Atmosphere inside the governmental jet was perceptibly tense. Not only had its' departure been postponed because of technical problems, it was also forced to fly uncovered over northern regions of Ovandera. That meant going through turbulence-abundant airspace over the Valheimer mountain range and, perhaps most disconcertingly, passing relatively close to an area of active combat that is controlled by royalist insurgents.

"This is preposterous! How come had I not been told of your blatant incompetence before I boarded this plane?" - complained Mathilda I, the relatively young and short-reigned Archduchess of Nadelküste. Albeit very charismatic, Her Majesty is by no means lenient or regardful towards others. Known for her fervently conservative beliefs and devotion to tradition, she is the exact opposite of Ajaw Yuknoom Chen II and Prime-minister Albrecht Hochdorfer - both progressive social-liberals.

"Accept my utmost apologies. I'm sure..." - an apologizing servant was interrupted by a message from the flight captain who announced that the jet was soon to land. The Archduchess waved at the servant to spare his words and leave.

All three officials were comfortably seated in different parts of the modern jet, waiting for it to land. There is only a vague sense of unity amidst the Nadelküstian delegation. A part of it represents the civilian government of the Commonwealth, a part the Archduchy and a part the Ajawate. This, combined with the tense political atmosphere back home, does not make an atmosphere for fruitful diplomatic arrangements.

It did not take long for the aircraft to be processed by airport authorities, as they made sure to treat it with priority. Nadelküstian heads of state and government walked out the jet together and were given a red-carpet welcome by the small Nadelküstian community of Isolaprugna and the national Ambassador to the country. Subsequently, they slowly started the process of entering the Nadelküstian-made Sternwagen limousine that awaited them. There was a group of journalists and paparazzis on scene, but the delegation made it to Costapunente undisturbed.

Costapunente Conference Center, Isolaprugna

The delegation was moving through the conference center in dire silence. Sounds of a plethora of foreign languages started to be heard and the volume amplified with every step. Now, as the entire delegation was getting close to the door, a couple of senior aides rushed to open it. "You know what to do" - the Prime-minister asked in a hushed tone in Nadelküstian Almannic, gazing at the diarchic heads of state that accompanied him. They silently consented, resuming on entering the conference room.

"My name is Albrecht Hochodorfer, and I am the Prime-minister of the Commonwealth of Nadelküste. It is an utmost honor to introduce You to Her Archducal Majesty and His Ajawal Majesty." he spoke in Aquidish - a language he had spent many hours of his life trying to learn. He scanned the room with his eyes, specifically looking for characteristic uniforms of Ovanitsche officials. Albrecht, a member of the left-leaning Progressive Party, wished to lay ground for future cooperation during the upcoming meeting. He smiled politely in hopes of making a good first impression.

The Archduchess and Ajaw nodded at foreign officials that were in the room - it is a customary way of showing respect in Nadelküste. They did not introduce themselves as that would be classified as faux pas.

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by Luixiana

The Republic of Luixiana
République du Luixiana

Le Nouveau Bâtiment, Fort Douaumont

Running his hands through his salt-and-pepper coloured hair, Jean-Marc Dubois sat as he listened to his two ministers for foreign affairs, Antonin Dubreuil and Albert Dreyfus, argue over the invitation received from the Isolaprungans earlier in the day. To the detriment of Jean-Marc, both men were as stubborn as their families were powerful and neither were keen on losing this argument, especially in front of a Dubois president. Had it been a Huret, it may have been different, given the relatively forgiving nature of the family and its men.

"Mr. President, we can't actually expect to show up in an island that's only known as a holiday ground for miscegenists and miscegenation! It would go against erverything the République stands for!" Albert put forth with a clear sense of disgust in his voice, a vein beginning to show in his neck.

"And appear to reject any sort of peace or decorum on Vestrim? Have you gone mad?" Antonin shot back "If we fail to show, how does it look for our image, already damaged by our customs and traditions!" Jean-Marc nodded at this point. Luixiana was not the most universally loved of nations owing to its practice of Séparé Mais Égal, which kept many institutions separated within the country by race lines, with the whites benefiting to most from the system.

"And? We are a proud people, why should we concern ourselves with how we are perceived in the world? This nation has had these laws longer than any of us have been alive, changing them now would create unneeded social shift, not to mention the likely degeneration of our country. Imagine it, blacks in government. I shudder at the thought."

"I agree with the sentiment, I still must argue that we attend, for no reason other than to appear like we want Vestrim to have some sort of peace. The Guerres Navales are still a recent memory for many in not only Luixiana, but the wider continent as a whole and we were the instigator of them, it's only right that we would also want to bring about peace with the DF" "Antonin said, his voice conciliatory. Giving a short clap, Jean-Marc leaned back in his dark leather chair.

"Wonderful arguments, gentlemen, however I must agree with Monsieur Dubreuil on this matter. Our part in the Guerres Navales has led to a deterioration in relations with our fellow Vestrim nations and, quite frankly, we still need them so that trade and other benefits can come from them. However, considering the time, I will choose some men to go to this summit in the stead of Monsier Dreyfus. Afterall, we must appear invested, but not overly eager. Now, I believe that concludes today's issues, goodnight gentlemen." Jean-Marc said, ending the issue on the spot, with both men nodding their heads before departing the room.

Lucien Haccoun had not been expecting to be assigned to the Isolaprunga Summit, given the majority of his 30 years of service had been spent more on the management of the
Département des Affaires Étrangères instead of actually making diplomatic overtures to other nations. Despite the gratitude that would've been expected by any other politician, Lucien was deeply disgusted. The island nation of Isolaprunga was absolutely revolting in a moral sense. Looking out of his vehicle's window, the sight of whites and coloured being near each other, or the presence of mixed couples almost made him retch as he tried to maintain the diplomatic presence expected of any Luixiana, which was general friendliness to anyone similar to them.

Regardless, there were two other men sent with them. François Cendrars had been a longtime associate of Lucien and they were very similar in appearance. Both had short mousy hair that was slicked back and both had an imperial style moustache, but after that tey were quite distinguishable from one another. Lucien maintained an impressive physical shape for his age, with his large shoulders being noticeable even through his hand tailored suit, while Francois had gone the common route and had let himself go slightly, with a belly being noticeable whenever he sat down.

The third person in the car was Simone Arnault, Sénateur for Belle-Bourg and one of the few women that had managed to get themselves into Luixian politics, largely by exploiting her position as an Arnault, a powerful banking family in Luixiana, as well as tempting lesser willed men into doing what she wanted. A formidable woman whom made Lucien pleased that she was in the Nationalistes-Sociaux Party. She looked like a typical Arnault woman, with black hair that stretched to her waist and a heart shaped face and a small button nose.

Arriving at the summit, Lucien stepped first out of the car, followed by François and then Simone. From the crowd that had gathered near the location of the summit, boos and cries of hatred could be heard coming from the crowd, but Lucien paid them no mind. Turning his head he said;

"Looks like we've brought a crowd", which elicited a small laugh from François and Simone. Straightining his dark blue, hand crafted Clement-Bayard suit, which had a small lapel pin depicting the flag of Luixiana, he began walking forwards, with his entourage following in tow. Entering, he looked at the delegates that had already arrived. Ovans, Attimekans, Ardirians, and even some delegates from the Democratic Federation. Quite the party.

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by Attimeka

The Brotherly Order of the Holy Flame, Regent of the Attimekan Concordat and Insula Alydian

"The pleasure is all our's, Madame President," Actalzan responded to the Isolaprugnan president's greeting in Aquidish, his Attimekan accent noticeable but not unintelligable. His command of the tongue sounded like one from the western border regions of Midrasia, "it is a great honour to be a part of the peace process on our shared continent. We cannot allow ideology to come in the way of peace, for we are all brothers under the Lord. Some coffee would be quite pleasant, thank you." Aquidish was a simple enough language to understand for the two priests, it was fundamentally similar to Asur, the language that they had studied through their training. De Montfort, on the other hand was happy to engage the use of his translator for the speech, the man could speak a sentence or two of Asur, and not a word of any foreign tongue.

The four men each had a coffee, all black, as they sat together, the two priests next to each other and then the two politicians. Haxhi was the very picture of an Attimekan priest as he sat, prominent native features offset by some small amount of Asuran blood as he sat looking almost bored. Scallino on the other hand was eyeing off the Ovan delegation, his eyes locked on the woman in military uniform, Gabriele was it? An amused look in those blue eyes of his.

"A pleasure to meet you," Actalzan spoke to the Ovan party in heavily accented Low Almannic, the Rohstian dialect was uncomfortable on his tongue, "I am sorry to hear about the ongoing conflict in your nation. I hope you do not mind if I employ the use of a translator, I find my Almannic is rather rusty."

The next party to arrive was the Ardirian princess, two Almannic delegations of two opposite political persuasions was an amusing sight. Amusement that was evident on the eyes of the younger priest, whilst the three other delegates seemed to be keeping it under wraps.

"Your highness, a pleasure to meet you," The Attimekan translator this time spoke for Haxhi, "I do hope that you find this foray into Vestrimi politics insightful. I'd hate for you to lose your head." The last comment whilst addressed to the princess by the translator was painfully not intended for her, the older priest shot another look at the Ovan delegation.

The Democratic Federation were the next to arrive, the runners up to the title of most inoffensive nation in Vestrim, de Montfort remembered his notes. A mixed republic, probably one who would fall comfortably in the centre of discussions. Again Haxhi introduced the party to the new delegates in Asur, and was followed by Actalzan in the same language. Finally another party of good Alydian stock, Almannic heathens would be frustrating to deal with. If they refused to understand the teachings of Alyidanism, then how could they understand the principles of peace?

"St. Alydian bless you," Scallino added in the greeting to the Republican delegation in Asur. A move that saw gritted death by Actalzan.

Nadelküste was the next nation to arrive, another Almannic monarchy, and another sign of amusement for Scallino. Again the Attimekan delegates went through the official motions of introducing themselves in Asur. What was shocking was that they'd also sent their heads of state, it seemed that the more southernly nations had truly thought that this conference would be one of utomost progress. The Attimekans honestly expected to devolve into a shouting match, regardless of the good will of the Isolaprugnans.

The sound of boos from outside heralded the arrival of the Luixianans before they enterred the room, and they were revelling in it. Another Mydraphone nation was a blessing, even if association with them would probably draw the ire of every other party in the room. The greeting to them was again the traditional one in Asur. Scallino was the only member of their party who would be classified by the Luixianans as white, whether that mattered more than their shared religion and language was another question entirely.

"Who else are we waiting for?" de Montfort spoke to Actalzan in Ignician Creole, their translators not bothering to translate the tongue to Aquidish or Almannic for the other parties, "The room is becoming more crowded by the second, I half expect a riot to occur."

"That is for the Prophet of Truth to decide," the older Minister shrugged, "I daresay I don't even know what I'm expecting from this here gathering anymore. Be on guard, lad."

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by Popularis Societas

The Democratic Federation

Costapunente Conference Center, Isolaprugna

The duo were surprised to see that they weren't the only ones coming to the summit, quite amused to see Anarcho-Syndicalists, Monarchist and Theocrats under the same roof, is was an amazing feet but also a massive disaster waiting to happen once actual talks begin. Journalists filled the room with massive flashes of light, trying to record and photograph anything they can before talks actually begin.

"Remember, try to maintain your posture. Body Linguists will analyse every single movement you make once these videos and picture have the green light to be available to the public" Hadrian whispered to her in Florintine. "I'll try" she replied.

After quickly scanning the room, the first delegates that met their eyes were those from the Ovan Commonwealth. Cunégonde was shocked with the amount of protection and equipment their escorts were wearing. "Ovans?" she asked to Hadrian, who replied with a quick nod. "They brought heavy escorts", "Not to be surprised consular" Hadrian replied. "They just finished going through a revolution and a total transition to Anarcho-Syndicalism, this amount of protection is somewhat justified". Cunégonde was quick to pull out her hand, "It's an honour" she said in flawless Low Almannic. The DF is a extremely multilingual nation, a reminder of the nation's diverse history and the peoples from across the world who came together to make the massive boiling pot of cultures and peoples that the country is today. The average Societae speaks 4 languages, Cunégonde speaks a total of 7 with varying levels of fluency, and Hadrian even more.

Next was the heir-apparent of Ardir, Andromeda von Ardor. She was hard to miss with all the flashes of light bombarding and the deliberately attracting dress she was wearing. "Since when was a model invited?" the consular jocularly whispered to Hadrian. "Ardirian Princess, its her first time travelling for some time" he answered. "Expected for a royal" she continued. The DF has historically had a dislike for monarchs, while relations with Ardir aren't aggressive, the general public has always had a distaste for the ruling family and their absolute rule over the nation.

"Nice to meet you, your highness" Cunégonde said the princess in Almannic while bowing her head and shaking her hand, trying to hid her disgust while doing so.

Her mood slightly improved upon the arrival of the arrival of the King of Nadelküste, who at least had the decency of not dressing up like they're about to go to a extravagant ball. "Good to see you've made it your highness" she said to him in Low Almannic.

Then there was delegates from Attimeka, which slightly worsened her mood. The DF and Attimeka weren't aggressive to each other, with the populace of both nations claiming a close relationship to whichever god they worshipped. Though Attimeka's theocratic docterine has been accused for its radical nature by both members of the public and government, and the consular was no exception. "Glad you could make it, my St. Alydian bless you too" said the religious consul.

Though, the atmosphere started getting tense as a loud noise of people booing was heard from the Conference Building Entrance. Cunégonde and Hadrian turned around in surprise and disgust at the sight of entering Luixianan Delegates. The DF and Luixiana have historically had a rough relationship. The Luixianan Government has always held a racial disgust for the Federation due to it being majority mixed race, often see the nation as one filled with Whitened Half-Negro/Yiddaon Bastards whos' Asuran ancestors betrayed their heritage with the mixing of their blood with that of non-whites. The DF's perspective of the nation was also quite hostile, seeing it as an aristocratic authoritarian apartheid regime awaiting liberation, and the naval war between the two in the '80s worsened such. The fact that Hadrian was 1/8th black and Cunégonde was visibly not a white probably wouldn't help at all

"1Huicereus" Cunégonde said. "I'm surprise they came" Hadrian replied. The two decided to keep their distance until talks begin, especially with all the cameras watching them. Knowing that it was for the best

1Huicereus - An Societae Ethnoracial Slur used to describe White Luixianans

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by Isolaprugna
Commonwealth of Isolaprugna

Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

Next to arrive were the delegates from the Commonwealth of Nadelküste. They arrived at the room just as Amatore's bodyguard delivered a cup of coffee at the request of the Attimekan delegate, and Amatore turned her head round to meet the delegates in the eye. They'd brought both their monarchs; while Amatore was not sure of the difference between the two, she knew it was a good idea to respect them, and thus she gave a bow. The Prime Minister was there as well; she found many points with their Prime Minister that she could agree with them on, and thus she respected him.

"Welcome, your majesties, welcome, your honour." she started. "I have called you here today concerning regional tensions and relations. If I may interest any of you in a drink, please feel free to ask, and do not hesitate to take a seat."

Next to arrive were the delegates from Luixiana. Probably her least favourite country on the continent, the government of the nation consisted solely of vile racist thugs with an over-inflated sense of self-entitlement due to the nation's aristocratic social order being perpetually stuck in the 1800's. She could only imagine the disgust they felt in her nation, where it was a relatively common sight to see Yidaonese-Asuran mixed-race relationships. Her own daughter, 19 this summer, was in a relationship with a man of native origin, and it didn't concern the President one bit.

She found it hard to hold back her own disgust at the nation's delegate as he arrived, giving him a half-hearted welcome. While she had tried her best to be pleasant with the others, she just greeted him and asked him to take a seat, not asking if he wanted a drink. To her, the racist thug should make his own drink if he wanted one, she was not going to aid him. He'd probably be scared at the colour of the drink; it was definitely way too brown for his liking.

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by Ovandera

Das Ovanitsches Gemeinstaat
The Ovan Commonwealth

Konferenzzentrum Costapunente, Pflaumeninsel
Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

"Thank you," Jakob replied to the Attimekan Delegate, "We were fortunate that the Varshankan Provisional Government surrendered when it did, although it's disheartening to see organizations such as the Vorhut and Königemänner continue to terrorize the Northern territories. And you shouldn't worry over your Almannic, I doubt my Asur is any better."

It took almost all of her energy not to laugh as the Attimekans floundered in the Conference room. She couldn't tell at this point if it was Paranoia or Inquisitiveness that drew their eyes towards her and her entourage, perhaps it was seeing a Woman in military uniform? Or just seeing a woman at all?
Theocrats were an odd bunch.

Her eyes met theirs again, this time with the Größervhizische Prinzessin standing beside them. Gabriele could never get a read on the woman, she lacked the pompousness usually attributed with Royals; And she had this look about her, and Gabriele truly couldn't tell if the girl understood just how stratified the groups in this room were. That ignorance makes her dangerous, she thought, unless I'm just paranoid.

The Next delegates to arrive were from Nadelküste but what she found surprising, was that they too had brought their heads of state. Both of them; Nadelküste was of course a Diarchy between the Almannic Archduchess and the Native Ajawal, but for both to arrive alongside their Prime-Minister? Perhaps she should have vied for the Ratskanzler to travel with her as well, although she doubted either the Syndicalists nor Anarchists of the Party would have found that idea pleasant in the slightest.

Before she could even hope to reach them, however, the roar of the crowd outside reached an all time high as the Luixianan delegation moved in. Surprisingly enough the Luixianans weren't the most hated group in the Commonwealth, decades of good ties under the Viceroyalty had kept personal relations up, and the majority of Northern-Ovan's viewed their regime favorably while the south saw them as less terrible than say Ardir, Attimeka, or Tkae.

It took only a moment to realize the window before everything devolved into chaos was closing, so she took a second to compose herself before moving up towards Jakob, gesturing towards the Nadelküstians. She realized all to late however that this would be a bit more difficult than she had hoped, the Diarchs, specifically the Archduchess, were notoriously Conservative. Had it been the Archduchess who threatened her to reinstate the throne? Or was it the last one? She was torn out of her thoughts as Jakob started talking;

"Welcome, I'm glad that you're delegation understood the need for this meeting. Ähm, I don't believe we were introduced, I'm Jakob Olstaden, Commissar of Foreign Affairs for the Ovan Commonwealth."

Not waiting for an immediate response Gabriele moved to introduce herself;

"Gabriele Abelkis, Commissar-General of the Cardinal-Army High-Command."

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by Nadelkuste
Nationengemeinschaft Nadelküste
Aartshertogdom Naaldküste | Yuxiupan Ajawreich

Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

Ajaw Yuknoom Chen II Yuxiupan was pleasantly surprised when an official, who he supposed had been the Democratic Federation's newly elected head of state, decided to greet him in Low Almannic. As an ethnically Native Vestrimian, he had always been quite fond of the multicultural, democratic nation - yet the sympathy he held for it only increased when its representatives decided to address him over the Prime-minister and, most importantly, the Archduchess. "It is an honor to make Your acquaintance, esteemed Consul." - he answered the greeting, speaking in fluent Low Almannic, before turning to greet the Isolaprugnan President and Foreign-Affairs Minister.

"We sincerely appreciate the warm welcome, as well as your dedication to the utmostly honorable cause that is peace." - Ajaw Yuknoom Chen addressed the summit's Isolaprugnan hosts, and the delegation sat down. The country hosting the summit, even though not-Almannic, is similar to Nadelküste in various ways(especially in terms of its diversity), and the nations have a record of cordial mutual relations.

Her Majesty was too absorbed with the presence of Ardir's heir to the throne in the room to pay attention to the Isolaprugnans. Mathilda glanced at her(princess Andromeda) with visible aversion. Whilst she has never missed an occasion in her life to officially denounce Ardir and its archaically absolutist political system, Archduchess Mathilda has secretly always envied the Ardirian Princess. Albeit the similarly aged Andromeda von Ardor is still a mere princess, she shall become an Empress with absolute power at some point in the future. Mathilda, on the other hand, is destined to forever be a puppet in the hands of her so-called "subjects" under the parliamentary democratic system. Not to mention she is not even a monarch, but a diarch, and a vassal of the Rohstian crown.

Not too long after the Nadelküstians had sat down, a noisy entry by what could only be Luixiana's delegation disrupted the atmosphere. Luxiana is merely a distant nation of minor significance in the eyes of the average Nadelküstian. Perhaps luckily, as the nations are shockingly different. Nadelküste is a melting pot for Almannic, Native Vestrimian, and Cheonsamean cultures/ethnicities to blend together. Strong civic nationalism is what has always been holding the nation together in one piece. Whilst the Prime Minister(ethnically half Cheonsamean) and Ajaw view Luxiana with contempt, the Archduchess is simply ambivalent as to its existence.

A delegation from Attimeka was also present at the summit - an even more faraway nation with an even stranger political system than Luxiana. Great differences in moral systems between Almannic and Alydian nations were bound to hamper potential mutual dialogue at some point.

Nadelküste's Premier(Prime Minister in Low Almannic), Albrecht Hochdorfer, seemed nervous as Ovan officials approached him. He might have been the most powerful person in the government of Nadelküste, but that didn't change the fact that he, formally, was a subject of both royal Heads of State that were sitting beside him and thus was obliged to show them utter respect during official meetings. Albrecht knew for a fact that Archduchess Mathilda would not miss any chance to hinder relations with Ovandera and ruin his attempts to normalize relations. She had openly expressed her support for the Vizekönigreich insurgents' cause and scorned the Kardinal revolutionaries uncountable times in the past. This distressed him. He realized that an insulting sentence or two would be enough to obstruct talks with Ovan representatives.

Nonetheless, at least the Ajaw had been successfully persuaded by the Premier to support reestablishment of mutual relations with Ovandera prior to the meeting. He had decided to simply smile, supporting whatever the Prime Minister was about to say.

"I'm delighted to meet you, Commissars. I assure you that our government has foreign policy issues at heart. May this meeting be mutually beneficial. - the Prime Minister answered greeting Ovan officials, not feeling the need to introduce himself nor the diarchs as he had done that just a moment earlier.

Unfortunately for the poor politician, the ferociously anti-communist Archduchess decided to stop her inner contemplation at just the moment he was finishing addressing Ovan representatives. Mathilda didn't waste the chance to strike with a witty, sarcastic remark. "Ovan Commonwealth? Unglaublich! I've heard of your outstanding dedication to the Monarchist cause, incredibly honorable of You."

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by Ovandera

Das Ovanitsches Gemeinstaat
The Ovan Commonwealth

Konferenzzentrum Costapunente, Pflaumeninsel
Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

Jakob was almost startled when Gabriele appeared out of the corner of his eye, the woman had experience moving unseen he'd giver her that. But it quickly clicked when she gestured toward the Nadelküstian Premier. The Nadelküstian Commonwealth was one of Ovandera's only non-hostile neighbors and the need to establish groundworks here was obvious even to the ideologically-charged Commissar-General. The only thing that worried him however was how she would act in the presence of the Commonwealths Diarchs, specifically the Archduchess who was notorious in Ovandera for her constant praise for the Vizekönigreich and threats toward the Kardinal Rebellion. Regardless, he had just enough faith that her internal chief-strategist that had guided her so far could hold the reigns for just a few moments.

Nadelküste wrote:"I'm delighted to meet you, Commissars. I assure you that our government has foreign policy issues at heart. May this meeting be mutually beneficial.

Just the moment he was finishing addressing Ovan representatives, Mathilda didn't waste the chance to strike with a witty, sarcastic remark.

"Ovan Commonwealth? Unglaublich! I've heard of your outstanding dedication to the Monarchist cause, incredibly honorable of You."

This was going to be a disaster. Jakob could already hear his Comrades breath in, wether to retort or to kill the Diarch where she stood he didn't know. And in that split second his arm jerked back, hopefully hidden by the rest of his figure, invisibly yet sharply elbowing Gabriele before she could react. He had to salvage the situation. Now.

"We must share a common perception of monarchs in that case," he snapped; hoping to quicken the situation he turned back toward the Premier, "Regardless, thats good too hear, Premier, and I'm hopeful that these talks can build up a proper groundwork for future Cooperation. And I hope for future, äh-commentary, even after the Summit has concluded."

After finishing he turned around to move toward a seat, the sharp click of boots behind him was assurance that Gabriele was moving in turn. Well, at least she could be trusted not to cause a diplomatic incident.

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by Motsvara
Människors Republik av Motsvara

People's Republic of Motsvara

Costapunente International Airport, Costapunente, Isolaprugna

Over the coastal waters of tropical Isolprugna, a lone private jet streaked across the blue Columbian sky. It's hull read Sovjetisk En, or Soviet One. It's journey had been rather peaceful in the short hop from the Större International Airport, apart from a small bit of turbulence, but the interior atmosphere conveyed the exact opposite. "Stortalman, are we sure we will be safe here?" One of the bodyguards of Allan Ekström, Speaker of the Grand Soviet, spoke up. "A gathering of so many leaders is a magnet for all kinds of trouble. We have no-"

The Grand Speaker held his hand up to quiet him. "You are being paranoid, Övid. We have had good relations with Isolprugna, and even then, our socialist brothers will be there. No matter what happens, there is no reason to be so worrisome over such a trip." A voice over the intercom halted conversation. "Apologies in interrupting you, Mr. Stortalman, we are making our final descent. Welcome to Costapunente."

"Welcome, Stortalman Ekström." An Isolaprugnan official greeted the Speaker at the runway, glancing at his small entourage of bodyguards and Counselors. "If you'll just follow me, we will bring you to the Conference Center to meet with the rest of the delegates." Ekström nodded absentmindedly, bored by these formalities, and wishing to move on to the summit. "Yes, of course. Lead the way. I must say, your nation is quite beautiful."

The official smiled and began to move toward a transit station near the main terminal. "Well, as your tropical nations go, it's quite average." A car waited at the terminal, and the Speaker's entourage entered, on their way to the Conference Centre.

Constapunte Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

The Conference Centre loomed overhead, casting a shadow on the car as it approached it's destination. It's white exterior sat separated from the many surrounding buildings, and the Isolaprugnan flag fluttered in the wind overhead. Ekström walked briskly toward the government building, ready to get on with this meeting. "Do we know who else has arrived?" His adviser rattled off some names. "Attimeka, Ovandera, Ardir, the DF, Nadelkuste and Luixiana so far." The Speaker nodded, absorbing this information. "It is good to know that one of our komrade states has arrived. We won't be the lone socialist representatives here." They stopped before the doors. "Stortalman, are we ready?" Ekström brushed off his suit and glanced at his adviser. "Yes. Let us proceed." They passed through the main entrance and approached the congregating group of representatives. "Greetings, fellow Vestrimi. I am Speaker to the Grand Soviet of Motsvara. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

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by Esrehet

En route to Conference Center, Costapuente, Isolaprunga
Late morning

Palm trees and low-rise office buildings sped past as the Prime Minister's vehicle pulled away from the airport terminal. As it did so, the sound of rubber against road and the low hum of the engine gave way to conversation between the Prime Minister and his advisors.

An aide had pulled up a map of the conference center on her laptop, and was running the Prime Minister through the itinerary for the day and the anticipated sequence of events.

"We expect that we'll take a right turn off the main road about here," the aide said, pointing to some grey lines on the laptop screen. "We'll park just beyond that green space and make our way indoors through the entrance there. When we get out, we expect there might be a press gaggle there to snap some pictures, but no representatives from the Isolaprungan government, so proceed straight to the entrance."

"Very well," the Prime Minister replied. "Do we know anything about who's already there?"

"Not much, Mr. Lander," another aide replied, glancing up from his smartphone. "I saw a photo on Chirper of Hochoberge and the Ajaw at the conference center."

"When we get inside, you'll have the chance to chat with some of your compatriots in the business of statecraft, though I know that you don't particularly relish that part of your job," the first aide said, grinning.

"Social outings are not exactly my strong suit," the Prime Minister said, returning the gesture.

"Anyhow, once we get there, it'll probably be an hour or so before the proceedings begin," the aide continued.

The Prime Minister nodded silently before turning to look out the window. The complex of office buildings surrounding the airport had given way to what appeared to be a residential area comprised of pastel-white houses constructed in a traditional style. Brief, coral blue glimpses of the Columbian Sea could be caught in the narrow alleys between buildings, while people walked and rode bikes on the sidewalk.

Though the usual glad-handing and politicking were sure to feature prominently throughout the conference, there was no doubt - whether within the Prime Minister's Office or among the Esrehetian punditry - that the conference would have a significant impact on both international and Esrehetian politics.

Prime Minister Ted Lander had first been elected in March of 2014, and the 2018 general election campaign — where he intended to expand the narrow majority held by his National Liberal Party — would officially begin no later than 7 February. In many respects, though, the election had already begun. The past fall and winter had been spent recruiting candidates for targeted seats, building up the party's war chest, and poll-testing slogans and advertisements. The opposition — the left-liberal to social democratic Cooperative Commonwealth Party, along with smaller parties such as the Lhedwin List and the socially conservative Cornflower Party — had been making similar preparations, but Prime Minister Lander had a plan that would hopefully catch them off guard. Using a successful Costapuente Conference to focus the political debate on foreign policy and the economy (an economy which was heavily tied to international trade), he would be able to wage the coming electoral battle on terrain of his choosing. Immediately after returning from the conference, the Prime Minister intended to visit King Valdemar III and ask for the dissolution of the Diet and the early commencement of an official election campaign. If the Prime Minister's National Liberals had the advantage in terms of preparation and organization that he suspected, an early election could catch the opposition off guard, perhaps yielding to the Prime Minister a renewed and expanded mandate for governance. Indeed, that was the plan, and in the mind of the Prime Minister, the very future —

“Next right,” one of the aides called out.

The aide’s directive to the driver was followed by a few clicks of the turn signal, after which the vehicle descended down a slight ramp into the entrance area. A few moments later, the vehicle came to a halt at the curb. Flanked by his advisors and security detail, Prime Minister Ted Lander stepped out of the car and made his way towards the entrance to the convention center.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:27 am
by TKae

Assembly Delegate Hakan Tohotan
Assembly Delegate Hakan Tohotan, TKae's diplomatic representative to The Costapunente Summit, arrived in Isolaprugna today at approximately 3:50 p.m. According to a press release issued by the TKae City Dispatch Office, "Delegate Tohotan arrived safely following an uneventful flight."

Delegate Tohotan was allotted and confirmed for the position last Wednesday following contentious debate between Confederate Congress delegates. Arguments focused on the appropriateness of participating in the summit rather than any concerns over Delegate Tohotan himself. Following his confirmation, Delegate Tohotan was granted the temporary assignment of Special Envoy. The status will expire upon his departure from Costapunente. As a Special Envoy, he is authorized to conduct diplomatic exchanges and to facilitate international policy discussions. Per policy, any agreements, diplomatic status changes, or policy changes must be confirmed by a majority vote in the Confederate Congress. Further, Delegate Tohotan will submit daily briefings for review and discussion by Congressional delegates.

In preparation of the diplomatic mission, Delegate Tohotan has led a weeklong Congressional panel of foreign policy concerns and agenda items that will inform his actions as Special Envoy. According to the Office of Administrative Procedure, "Delegate Tohotan has been assigned a contingent of audiovisual technicians to help record all diplomatic discussions for Congressional review."

In an unusual move, The Free Guard of TKae City has deployed a security escort for Delegate Tohotan. The deployment is being called "rarely precedented" by historians and policy experts, while others have called the move "confusing." According to an ex-Free Guardsman who preferred to remain anonymous, "It certainly wasn't a whimsical decision. Whether they know something the rest of us don't know or are preparing for an unknown, we'd all just be guessing. I certainly think it's possible that they're preparing for a threat that might come from the Aramas issue. An extraordinary act of international involvement followed by an unusual diplomatic meeting would be the kind of thing that would bring a Free Guard response. But, like I said, we're all just guessing." This will be just the third time that Free Guardsmen have been deployed internationally.

Free Guardsmen departing Delegate Tohotan's plane.

Prior to his departure, Delegate Tohotan made himself available for an interview:

"What results are you expecting from this mission?"

"I don't have expectations for this mission. I'm not psychic, I don't know what the other attendees are bringing to the tables. I certainly don't have precognition. My expectation is that we'll see what happens."

"What agenda items do you consider priorities?"

"We met as delegates and really chewed on what our priorities are. By and large, we're looking to discuss the organization of a regional security arrangement. Whether it be a regional defense organization or a non-aggression pact, our priority is seeing something in place to prevent military incidents within the region. It was specifically decided that it would be a regional effort, not a web of treaties. That item is the most pressing, and those are its parameters. Beyond that, we plan to advocate for the human rights of freedom and individual liberty, as we always have."

"There's been a lot of questions about Free Guardsmen being deployed as your security detail. Do you have any comments or insight?"

"I'm proud and honored to be accompanied by the finest men and women of our nation. They've made clear to me that they take my safety as seriously abroad as they do in the capital, and I think we've all had the cavity searches to know how serious that is. I'm as thankful today as I am every day that they serve our nation and its ideals with every fiber of their being."

"This is only the third time they've made such a deployment."

"If you're asking me why they've chosen to accompany me, the answer is that I don't know. They haven't informed me of their reasons and I haven't asked. Their business is theirs, and mine is to advocate for the ideals that guide our nation. All I can say is that I'm thankful and honored for their service."

PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:58 pm
by Isolaprugna
Isolaprugna wrote:
Commonwealth of Isolaprugna

Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

Amatore watched as the delegates from Motsvara had come into the room. They had taken the effort to bring their head of state, or the closest thing they had to a head of state, the Speaker of the Grand Soviet, to the summit. They were one of many nations identifying with socialism on the continent; Vestrim had been called "the home of socialism" by many scholars, and the role of socialism had expanded recently; Ovandera had overthrown its monarchy and instituted a syndicalist confederation. Even Isolaprugna had been classed as socialism by some; while it maintained a market-based economy, many of the nation's businesses were run collectively by the workers. However, to Amatore, Isolaprugna was neither capitalist or socialist; it was simply Isolaprugnan.

She was quick to greet the delegates after they had announced themselves. "I welcome you to the Commonwealth of Isolaprugna. I am President Emanuela Amatore, and this is my Foreign Minister, Velia Sartini. I have invited you here today to discuss the political situation of the continent, and what we can do concerning regional tensions. If you would like a drink while we wait for the last few delegates to arrive, please do not hesitate to ask and one of my assistants will surely assist you. There are biscuits laid out on the table, which you may help yourself to."

Next, the delegates from Esrehet arrived. The Prime Minister of Esrehet, Ted Lander of the National Liberal Party, had come to represent his nation. The nation was settled by a dissident Alydian church called the Ormans, which had always reminded Amatore of the exiled Friends of St. Alydian, a church which had been created by Alydians opposed to the Orthodox branch's centralised organisational system, and thus had been transported to Isolaprugna. The Lhedwinic monarchy had fled there after the fall of their Asuran empire and the creation of the modern states of Glanodel, Navack, Vrnallia and Crylante in its place.

Amatore repeated the greeting and brief explanation of purpose to the delegates.

TKae's delegates were to arrive soon after. Like other nations on the continent, such as Faldarun and Ovandera's de jure status, the nation was not a centralised nation-state, but a confederacy. However, what made TKae different from the other two of these nations was its status; while the other two nations were outspokenly and unashamedly socialist, TKae was widely considered to be capitalist; while individual parts of the confederacy may have been socialist, most of the nation practised a particularly unregulated form of capitalism. Amatore was not particularly a fan of this; she felt it left it very easy for businesses to exploit their workers, and she disagreed with for-profit, private property; to her, the land was commonly owned by all of its inhabitants, and individuals merely rented the land they used to sustain themselves from the community as a whole. However, she found the nation much more tolerable than racist aristocracies such as Luixiana, and thus she welcomed the delegates as she had most other nations.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:12 pm
by Vafriales
República de Vafriales
The Republic of Vafriales

Aeropuerto Internacional de Costapunente, Isolaprugna
Costapunente International Airport, Isolaprunga

Ambassador Juan José Abellán had never been on a major diplomatic mission such as this before. He had been chosen by the Secretary of State simply because of his performance in Torrico. Now, enroute to Costapunente in the Department's brand new Learjet 60, all Juan could think about was his fear of letting his country down. Needless to say he was incredibly nervous. His mind was racing when the Captain's voice came over the PA system, "Damas y caballeros, por favor tomen sus asientos y abrochense los cinturones de seguridad en preparación para el aterrizaje." Juan peered out the window and took in Isolaprunga's beautiful landscape as the plane came in to land.

"Try to relax, Señor Abellán. I hear the Isolaprungans are quite friendly. There's nothing to worry about," said his assistant, a tall, striking woman whom the Ambassador had always been quite fond of.

The Ambassador smiled politely in reply, "Do you think they'll take us seriously? The President waited so long to send a delegation that I fear we will be seen as not-caring."

"Perhaps, but there's nothing you can do about that. Just focus on the agenda and don't let them push you around."

Abellán took a deep breath as the plane pulled up to the apron. All he knew was that Vafriales was in no position right now for him to fail. This had to work, or else. The jet's door was opened, and the Ambassador and his small team proceeded down the steps towards the convoy of vehicles awaiting them. There were no cameras or reporters, but Abellán was used to this; working behind the scenes was his specialty.

Centro de conferencias Costapunente, Isolaprugna
Costapunente Conference Center, Isolaprugna

As the delegation approached the double doors that led to the conference room, Abellán stopped, took another deep breath, then gave the nod to his security detail, who promptly opened the doors. Upon entering the large room, a myriad of languages could be heard, with translators firing off from every corner of the room. The room went silent for a moment, and Abellán took the opportunity to introduce himself, "Buenas tardes, me llamo Juan José Abellán, embajador general de la República de Vafriales, y esta es mi asistente Alina Costa."

His translator was quick to fire back, "Good afternoon, I am Juan José Abellán, Ambassador at large from the Republic of Vafriales, and this is my assistant, Alina Costa."

Abellán quickly and confidently moved to take his seat at the table, cautiously optimistic for the days to come.

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by Torrico

La Mancomunidad de Torrico
The Commonwealth of Torrico

Aeropuerto Internacional de Costapunente, Isolaprunga
Costapunente International Airport, Isolaprunga

"Señora embajadora, es casi la hora de aterrizar."

It was Ambassador-at-Large Angelina Navarro's Chief of Staff waking her for the imminent landing at Costapunente International Airport. The Ambassador shifted in her seat, tired from getting little sleep on the short flight from Pion to Isolaprunga. She admired the deep blue ocean as the Learjet 60 approached the island. The plane itself was mostly white, with a dark blue belly and large letters along the side spelling out "Mancomunidad de Torrico".

As the plane descended, the Ambassador and her staff buckled themselves into their rather plush seats. It almost felt like the plane was motionless as it glided over the runway, finally touching down in a rather violent manner.

"¡Maldita sea! As if running late wasn't enough, that was one hell of a landing!"

The Ambassador had her share of rough landings. She once was in a plane that needed to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff, which was not a pleasant experience for anyone involved. Once on the ground, she walked down the steps on to the tarmac where Hector Tasis, the ambassador to Isolaprunga, had a car waiting.

"Madam Ambassador! Come, come! We must be on our way. We are late as is!" he said.

"Yes, well there is no need to point it out..." Ambassador Navarro said to her staff, quietly.

Centro de conferencias Costapunente
Constapunente Conference Center

The Ambassadors and staff members drove from the airport to the conference center. The drive was uneventful, with Ambassador Tasis rambling on and on to Ambassador Navarro about many things in the Isolaprungan capital, which while fascinating, were not the focus of her attention at that moment. She was more occupied with her opening remarks for the summit. The President had given her open-ended instructions for the topics to be discussed at the meeting. Torrican interests were in her hands for the duration of her time here.

As they arrived at the conference center, Ambassador Navarro said her goodbyes to Ambassador Tasis and instructed her staff to enter the conference as quietly and unnoticeable as possible. This wasn't her first rodeo and she wasn't about to go in ruffling feathers, especially since they got in later than planned.

All went according to plan, until her chief policy advisor knocked into a side table and almost spilled a pitcher of water all over the floor. As heads turned Ambassador Navarro said plainly:
"Buenas tardes estimados delegados, soy embajador en general Navarro de la Mancomunidad de Torrico."

The translator, speaking up,

"Good afternoon esteemed delegates, I am Ambassador-at-Large Navarro of the Commonwealth of Torrico."

She and her staff found and took their seats.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:13 pm
by Isolaprugna
Commonwealth of Isolaprugna

Costapunente Conference Centre, Isolaprugna

The Torrican and Vafrialan delegates arrived almost immediately after. The two nations were both Colombian island nations with similar histories: they had both been Veleazan colonies which had been influenced heavily by Newrey and had gained full independence in the 1970's; however, Torrico was a tax haven with a rather libertarian policy, while Vafriales was a rather socially conservative social democracy. She welcomed the two delegates to the conference, and then started to address the room.

"I believe it is time that we start the conference. I have invited you all here to discuss our continent's future in regional relations. I am sure many of you are aware of the tensions between our nations, due to the vast ideological differences between the nations on this continent. Pacts such as the Union of Vestric Republics have been formed to align together members of socialist and republican values in the hopes of protecting the values they stand for. Now, I am given to understand that the President of the Union of Vestric Republics has come with the Motsvaran delegation, and I have a question to pose to him concerning what we have gathered here today for. I must ask him as to what potential for future relations in the continent the Union of Vestric Republics possesses."

PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:01 pm
by Motsvara
Manniskors Republik av Motsvara

Costapunente Conferance Centre, Isolaprugna

Stortalman Ekström took his seat at the conference table, glancing around at the recent arrivals. Motsvara very rarely interacted with Columbian nations, choosing to work on expanding their continental influence, and thus didn't recognize much about the delegates from Vafriales or Torrico, apart from photos or news. The Isolaprugnan President spoke up, addressing one of his associates, President Arvidsson of the UVR. He thought about her question, before deciding on the best answer. "Well, Fru Amatore, the UVR, since it's founding almost sixty years ago, has aimed to create ties between the socialist nations of this continent, but has expanded it's scope to be open to all nations in Vestrim, with a few exceptions. However, we also aim to create good relations with non-member states in an effort to keep close ties with nations that don't join the union. We create open trade between the collective alliance and other nations, as well as working to protect freedoms across the continent. While some nations may be less desirable to the Union as allies or partners, we still attempt to thaw cold relations between the UVR and our more conservative neighbors." He concluded his speech, Ekström nodding in approval. he looked over his notes in the meantime, deciding what the first topic he planned to bring up would be.