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Postby Shackley » Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:45 am


From: Lord Protector Jeremy Rimmer, Imperial Fiefdom of Shackley
To: Cassiopeia Blaken-Kazansky, Empress of Greater Prussia and the Thousand States, Queen of Allanea, etc.; General Secretary Fikatsia Latrova, USSR
Encryption Level: High

Worthy peers,
I feel it is necessary to provide an update as to the state of affairs in Shackley. Since our last talks I have been able to convince a great many members of my government of our need for cooperation. As it stands I am able to provide the following concessions:

The genetics research facility currently housing the gene-soldier experiment dubbed the "Neogrenadiers Regiment" will be opened for inspection by an independent team of experts. It is hoped this will demonstrate the professionalism and morality of our researchers to the world. Findings concerning the location of this facility, details on the scale and production capacity, identities of all personnel involved (including test subjects) and specifications of equipment used will remain classified until further notice. The independent examiners will be delivered safely to the facility at a time and date of your choosing and personnel from your respective nations will be allowed to interview them individually, overseen by Shackleyan intelligence officers of course. We assure you that this is simply to protect the sovereignty of our research programme and ensure the safety of our servicemen. Transparency, where practicable, is our aim.

The National Bank of Shackley has set aside a lump sum of 12 billion Shackley Shillings to be transferred at your discretion to the Soviet Union. We hope this will satisfy the demand for reparations and set up those on the receiving end of last year's attack most comfortably.

In the North Atlantic the islands of Johnson's Bluff, Last Horizon and Colston are to be ceded to the Free Kingdom of Allanea. These islands are uninhabited but known to possess in small quantities some mineral resources you may find valuable.

The Armed Forces of Shackley have been ordered to cease all hostilities and have been reduced to secondary alert. You can rest assured that no further actions will be taken against your own forces unless provoked.

That is all for now. I hope that this will mark the beginning of the end of our conflict together. Our quarrel is one of unfortunate circumstance, but not one which cannot be rectified by yet more fortunate occurrences.
I thank you for your cooperation,
With Dignity and Persistence
Lord Protector Admiral Jeremy Rimmer
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