Lhedwinic Cooperation Summit

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Lhedwinic Cooperation Summit

Postby Glanodel » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:26 pm

For Residents of Aeia Only.

Seeking to formalize continued, open cooperation and warm diplomatic relations among all nations of the Lhedwinic Isles; to facilitate the formation of new, more extensive multilateral economic, diplomatic, and military coordination and cooperation among Lhedwinic nations; and, to provide a platform through which Lhedwinic nations can collectively wield greater international influence, more quickly and effectively respond to crises, and better protect itself from external threats, the nations which reside within the Lhedwinic Isles shall be holding a summit in the Glanish city of Vænholm, capital city of the attending nation of Glanodel. This meeting will entail deliberations regarding the nature of Lhedwinic cooperation by addressing economic and geopolitical concerns as they effect the Lhedwinic region, opportunities for greater economic and political cooperation between Lhedwinic nations, and potential international peacekeeping forces to aid in defending the sovereignty of Lhedwinic nations.

All nations which reside within the aforementioned area are invited to attend, along with any and all nations with sufficient Lhedwinic cultural ties, as well as any nations outside of the Lhedwinic cultural sphere that wish to attend as observer nations and aid in legitimizing the Summit and any organizations which may form as a result.


Hygge Vænholm is located right in the very heart of the Glanish capital. Situated just opposite Svengarden park – the ideal picnic spot in the summer. There are many popular restaurants, bars and nightclubs just around the corner. Vænholm's best shopping with high-end fashion houses all within walking distance.

The city's tourist attractions such as Heritage Building are all within easy reach of our hotel. Jump on a tram, catch a boat from the harbour or duck into the metro station – all no more than a few minutes' walk from our hotel.

Olga's Delights is perfect for relaxing with friends and indulging in delicious experiences inspired by native Glanish culinary traditions, as well as some adapted imports. Whether you order our famous, homemade lefse, our savory, Terncan, smoked salmon, or a sinfully good, Midrasian deserts.

Choose from 2 bars if you want something to drink, such as Eftermørke (Afterdark), which is just as suitable for lively after-work drinks with music and classic bar meals as it is for informal meetings with laptops. Enjoy the view over the rooftops and the National Library from our wonderful roof terrace.

Then, after your meal, you can take it easy in our popular relaxation suite with jacuzzi and sauna. We also have bikes which you can borrow. Perfect if you want to combine sightseeing with a little exercise. You can also book meeting rooms for 2–200 people, and we can arrange events for up to 500 guests.


Arrival and Registration
All delegation teams are encouraged to check-in to their suites no later than 04:00 PM, 19 August 2017. Hotel staff will conduct all check-ins to hotel rooms while government staff, located near the front door of the lobby will be readily available between the hours of 08:00 AM and 08:00 PM from 15 to 19 August to make note of arrivals and collect an accurate count of the delegations that will be in attendance.

Identification will be required to verify the identities of those in attendance and all hotel staff, spaces, and equipment that will be used during summit meetings have been cleared in accordance with Glanish intelligence security standards. All delegates and delegation staff are encouraged to bring personal funds to spend on exertions into the city. Summit meetings will not be longer than eight hours a day and there will be opportunities to explore all that our capital has to offer.

Appeciations and Acknowledgements
Beginning at 10:00 AM on 20 August 2017, public discussion over the mission statement, purpose, goals, and overall requirements and obligations regarding the formation of any official international body between Lhedwinic nations shall be held for public viewing. Glanish State Secretary Lasse Mikkelsen will make the opening statements, thanking all attendees, acknowledging perspective members, thanking observers for their offers of legitimization, and stating the goals of the Summit.

Public Discussions

Public discussions will begin following the end of the State Secretary's opening statements. Public discussions will pertain primarily to broad statements, suggestions, proposals, and individual goals. Delegates are encouraged to speak generally so as to avoid unnecessary overtime and to enable more time for more in depth discussions during closed door Summit meetings.

All of those wishing to attend are advised that the event shall be streamed live video via numerous forms of media and should assume that all comments, statements, and actions can and will be viewed by the public.

Open Forum and Press Conference
At 5:00 PM, designated speakers from each of the delegation teams in attendance who stand as perspective, full members of the Lhedwin Summit will host a press conference. All members of the press in Glanodel, along with any members of the press from neighboring Lhedwinic nations and observer nations will be allowed to participate. It will be during this time that members of the press and representatives from approved, non-governmental organizations will be invited to ask questions and voice any concerns they may have or topics they wish to be suggest.

Upon the conclusion of the conference, the public portion of the Summit will end and Summit meetings will convene the following day.

Closed-Door Sessions

Beginning at 10:00 AM, the remainder of the Summit will be held behind closed doors between the primary representatives of each delegation and essential personnel. Observer nations are invited and encouraged to attend the closed-door summit meetings to both voice their concerns and to ease any misgivings that some Great War participants may have regarding Lhedwinic unity.

These meetings will occur each day from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM, with time for lunch, as well as periodic breaks throughout. Members are invited to speak with journalists regarding talks but are encouraged to avoid specifics until final decisions are made. The Summit is set to continue until all participants are reasonably satisfied with its conclusion.

OOC: To make sure we're all on the same page, these are the main things we'll be discussing:

  • The formation of a Lhedwinic Council.
  • A single market for all Lhedwinic nations to participate in.
  • The elimination of trade barriers, within reason, and the easing of immigration across Lhedwinic bodrers.
  • Coordinating and strengthening our collective representation within international organization such as the Asuran Council
  • Increasing cooperation among the various intelligence communities of Lhedwinic nations.
  • The formation of international criminal laws across Lhedwinic nations, international court systems, and international policing agencies.
  • Military modernization, increased power projection capabilities, and the coordination of defense strategies to ensure the sovereignty and safety of Lhedwinic nations and citizens.
  • And further suggestions are welcome!
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Postby Crylante » Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:26 pm

It was supposedly the height of summer this morning, but looking at the overcast sky and the temperatures, it did not look like it. Such was the case when dealing with the weather on the North Asuran island of Lhedwin. Jenný Anadottir was used to this, hailing from the small town of Norðkirk, KT situated at the foot of the Crylantian Mountains, which were not known for their good weather. The fact that she could see her breath in front of her in the middle of August did not concern her as she stepped off the CrylantAir plane into the runway at Vænholm, the capital of the Federal Republic of Glanodel. It was a beautiful city, one many would go to for an Asuran weekend getaway, albeit a cold one, but she was here for business, not pleasure.

Four months ago she made headlines as at 31 she was the youngest person ever to be elected as the Director for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. This gave her the prestigious role of being the head of the Crylantian Federation's Federal Department for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. While some had questioned whether her age meant she was experienced enough for such an important position, she had done a fine job so far, with many advisers surrounding her at every waking minute to help her decide what policy the government would go for. Two of them were behind her now; Katrin Johannasdottir, a Socialist Party politician from the chocolate-producing city of Dybøll and Sven Sigurdson, a Farmers' Party politician from the predominately rural state of Glostrup. They were there to provide a more rounded view to Crylante's contributions in the discussion; while Anadottir's strong humanist, pacifist stance had gained her much respect from her peers, it was certainly not the view of every Crylantian.

As she walked into the airport, she could safely walk through the "Nothing to Declare" door - she had nothing to declare and Crylante was a friendly country to Glanodel - she could just pass through easily after showing her special passport indicating she was a head of government/state - albeit collectively with six other people. She then used the efficient Glanish public transport system to get to as near as her hotel as possible, and walked the remaining distance. She had picked up a security guard from the airport, who followed her and her advisors into the hotel as she checked in.
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Postby Nausikaa » Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:01 am

It wasn't every day that Nausikaan officials would be invited to a multi-nation summit. Being a small, rather insignificant group of islands out in the south-west of Lhedwin; only really known for its fishing, insular customs and the fact that it used to contain a bunch of viking raiders, Nausikaa would be lucky to gain entrance to anything in which other nations were participating. Their recent Copa performance was indicative of this position. Last place, no wins, no points. Nothing but another obstacle, or blip on the map. Here though, they were equals. Or at least, sort of. Provided any foreign officials had a grasp of both Nausikaan and Lhedwinic. To gain a role in a new Lhedwinic council would be ideal for Nausikaa. Whilst various states in the region were already united, be it through the Drago Entente or Asuran Community, the island remained divided. The influence of WACO over Crylante, an organisation Nausikaa had once seriously considered joining remained a barrier. A barrier which a new unified council could overcome.

With Nausikaa being such a small nation, it was important for it to make a statement on this stage, lest it be left behind whilst the big boys talk business. As such, the President himself, Ahti Saaristo would be attending, along with a cohort of other representatives such as the Minister for foreign affairs, Talvikki Sammalkorpi, and the First Minister of Viikmaa, Pyry Halla. It was always important to appease Viikmaa with whatever Nausikaa did. Whilst their attitude could be confused with outright xenophobia by outsiders, it was perhaps more accurate to suggest Viikmaa was 'stuck in its old ways and customs', be it their international attitudes or their writing systems.

Arriving just in time to meet the August 19th deadline, the Nausikaan entourage checked in to their suite after the security detail and set about discussing their plans and aims for the upcoming session. All the while, the First Minister of Viikmaa, Mr Halla, went to find the bar. After a long night of discussion, or drinking in Mr Halla's case, the Nausikaan detail took a well deserved nights rest, awaiting the opening of the delegation on the morrow.

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Postby Vrnallia » Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:48 pm

Vrnallia's Second Minster, Heveksi Renaku, was tired. Not just because flying was increasingly wearisome for the aged politician, but because he had been grilled by reporters before leaving the country. One asked whether Renaku would be remembered for "the death of Critical Neutrality", the diplomatic approach which had characterised Vrnallia since its independence. And now those very words blared from the cover of the morning edition of Ustiena - THE DEATH OF CRITICAL NEUTRALITY. He cast the paper to the empty chair next to him and turned across the aisle to the Trade Secretary.

"This is your first time at one of these talks, isn't it Siaku?"

Chansa Siaku glanced away from the book he was reading in Renaku's general direction and gave a groan of affirmation.

"I'm surprised at the invite. You seem to have managed fine without me elsewhere," he added with a wry grin. "Have you finally met your match with the barbarians of Lhedwin?"

"Joke or otherwise, perhaps you should avoid calling our friends and neighbours 'barbarians', Mr. Siaku," interjected Premier Cismachà as she returned from a toilet break. "We are here, as ever, as vanguards of peace. I somehow doubt a comment like that will be much appreciated."

"Sorry, sorry..." Siaku replied, and under his breath, "wasn't a joke, though."

Jatkhulucicha Ljedi, the Security Secretary, leant against the car which the Glanish government had provided with a cigarette in his hand. Having arrived ahead of his countrymen following discussions amongst the Drago Entente, he was now waiting by the runway in Vænholm for the arrival of the Vrnalliair flight bringing his fellow cabinet ministers to Lhedwin.

The sound of a distant engine drew his eyes up, and in the distance he saw the small, but familiar sight that was a Vrnalliar international flight, red with wings painted yellow. This would certainly be the one. He put out his cigarette with a callused thumb, and had the driver turn on the engine in anticipation.
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