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Catai-Yidao Economic Summit (CAYIES) [Aeia Only]

PostPosted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:43 am
by Ajerrin
    Catai-Yidao Economic Summit will be held in New Hope, Ajerrin and hosted by Queen Lani Kawana Nakoa and the Royal Family. All nations and their representatives from the regions of Yidao and Catai are welcome.

    CAYIES Nations & Representatives Attending
    1. [nation]Ajerrin[/naiton]: Queen Lani Kawana Nakoa, The Royal Hand Toko Konohiki, ECOFIN Senior Minister Daniel Akaka, SVP Darin Brooks of Puhi Pharmaceutals, CEO Bette Lymani of Kryker Corp, SVP Don Muraco of Crown Plaza Group, Majority Shareholder Johann Schuldt of Iron Ore Holdings, SVP Mark Tuinei of Darkwater Irons, CIO Keone Young of Sweet Crown Pineapple Company
    2. Ternca: Economics Minister, Economic Development Minister and executives from many firms in the Federation.
    3. Crylante: TBA
    4. Malban: TBA
    5. Newrey: TBA
    6. Pan-Slavic Nations: TBA
    7. Valatin: TBA

    Rolling Priority Agenda
    1. One Belt One Road New Jade Project
    2. CAYI Agreement on the Seas, Oceans & the Artic
    3. Trade & Investment of CAYI nations
    4. The Catisura Development Bank
    5. Energy Demand & Supply Outlook of CAYI nations

    PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 2:28 pm
    by Ajerrin

    Catai-Yidao Economic Summit Goals

    • Create open platform to strengthen diplomatic relations of the CAYI region
    • Develop new economic cooperation among nations of the CAYI region
    • Establish international agreements so the CAYI nations can collectively and effectively respond to crises and external threats