Pioneers of Aga[AEIA ONLY]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Pioneers of Aga[AEIA ONLY]

Postby Cuirpthe » Mon May 15, 2017 4:34 pm

"This is Flight Director. Begin launch status check."

The crew sat ready in the cramped capsule. The Duran 18, bound for the station, sat ready on the launchpad.

"Roger that, North Point. Give a go/no-go for launch. Talker?"

The Launch Status Check commenced. If all went well, they would be on the station within a day.

"Prop 1?"
"Prop 2?"

Mission control was quiet. Tension was high, as 7 years of work hinged on this launch's success.

"Launch Vehicle Director?"
"North Point, this is Launch Control. We are go for launch."

The crew tensed, as radio chatter continued. The launch process began. As the countdown clock counted -00.00.20, the engines slowly ignited.

"T-minus 10, 9, 8..." The Time Controller began.
"6, 5, 4..." The engines powered to full throttle.
"3, 2, 1..." The Launch Clamps disengaged as the vessel lifted off the ground.
"We have liftoff. I repeat, liftoff."
"CAPCOM, we are in range of station."
"Roger, initiating orbital control surfaces."
Small thrusters on the hull of the spacecraft fired, aligning it with the station port. The ship inched closer, as the docking clamps connected.
"Docking confirmed, we are docked with station. Mission success."
Mission Date 2(May 16th, 2017)- 6:00 AM Commander McDermott
The Commander drifted out of his sleeping bag. He may be eager to be up here, but weightlessness is hard to adjust to. He banked off of a wall toward the other end of the module. "Alright, everybody. Get up. We have work to do." The other astronauts followed groggily behind him as they drifted to retrieve breakfast. So far, they stayed on schedule, and it was John's job to make sure they stayed on that schedule. "Alright, let's go, hurry up. We have an hour and a half for leisure, and then we need to get ready for the daily conference with our respective mission controls." He left the crew to their devices as he drifted into a comfortable position to read the current world news and eat breakfast. A royal funeral stole his attention for a while, but he mostly focused on the Rohstian-Wustenland war. Hopefully that would be over quickly. The Johka situation was particularly alarming, but Cuirpthe was neutral, so all he could do was hope it all ended okay. He put down the news feed to find that an hour had already passed, so he rose. "Alright, half hour warning until DPC!" He rushed off to prepare communications.

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Postby Hipasia » Tue May 30, 2017 4:05 pm

Ram Nappoh followed his commander, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. After having a small, not altogether pleasant-tasting breakfast, he grabbed a tablet and read the news on haerev.hp as he moved towards the monitors where he could check the station's altitude. Now might be time for leisure, but Nappoh wanted to check everything was in order before the DPC.

The station's orbit was steady, and there was no sign of engine failure. He decided to postpone an in-person check of the engine's until after the conference, and turned back to the news. There seemed to be a bit of a situation between Hipasia and Torroso - Nappoh could but shake his head. At any rate, he was glad to be up here and not down there all things considered. Presumably so was the King, who was visiting Aquidneck.

He drifted back to where the rest of the crew was gathered and prepared for DPC.
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