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Postby Abetton » Sun May 08, 2022 1:06 pm

House of Delegates Votes to End Luxury Tax


Stock Photo: Lower Chamber of Parliament

by: Art Chase

SAUVILLE - The House of Delegates, Abetton's lower chamber of parliament, passed the Goods and Service Tax Review Bill proposed by Delegate Arthur Cressida of the House of Cressida, in April and after debate and discussion finally passed with a vote of 220-203 where it will now go to the upper chamber, House of Lords, where it is expected to pass, for final vote and approval before making way to the King whom is expected to sign it. The bill among other things, reviews the taxation of goods and services of the GST bill of 1877, a bill which placed various taxation on many different luxury goods history which today includes things like personal cars, personal electronics, mobile phones, internet services and other matters and in history, electricity, travel and so on. Each taxation has a various range and each price has been adjusted over the years but Sir Cressida proposed an outright repeal of all luxury taxes to bolster Abetton's economy and empower the consumer to be able to buy more items.

"Our Provence, for example" Mr. Cressida said, "Electricity is often still considered a high luxury as are phones, I think this long dated tax code has held Abetton back from emerging as an economic power."

The bill's co-delegate, Ms. Scarlett Mayne, agrees the bill needed a major reworking. "My co-delegate's concern is economic, mine is more historical justice. The bill was really first made as a means to restrict former slaves and segregated classes from obtaining wealth or a workable lifestyle, continuing a cycle of incertitude and often involuntary slavery. It's a good time for us to rexamine the bill."

The hope of abolishing all luxury taxes seemed to stall the bill's progress, with opponents arguing it would shift the burden further into income taxes and result in a gutting of Social programs. Delegate Arthur Loundsberry of Sauville raised the concern. "I feel my co-delegates are thinking from a good place and the bill has promise but I feel repealing the taxes would cause further economic issues that we weren't ready to handle. Thus I proposed a compromise that would bring the rates down significantly thus we don't have to lose all income and don't have to shift a greater burden onto the income taxes"

Further opposition of the bill erred concerns about the effect this would have on society. Outside the House, Lord Rieden of Sudburry, said he would oppose the bill when it comes up to the House of Lords. "This kingdom is built on hard work and studious duty. Last thing we need is more nonsensical outside ideas to further dilute this fine nation of ours." Lady Annabelle Dowager of Lillah, the home domain of Delegate Cressida, also opposes the bill. "Our area of the nation is very agrarian, it's a lot of smaller farms and homesteads and villages across. Some call this dated and old fashioned but I think it's what retains Abetton's class and culture. Besides that, a reduction of abolition of the luxury taxes will mean higher income burdens on the working farmers across the land, expenses they can ill afford."

By contrast, Lord Ignatius of the same Provence disagrees with his fellow Lady, feeling this will only benefit the working peoples of his Lillah. "The bill is proposed by members of our Lordship family of Lillah, it must be a good mill and I agree with many aspects. I feel we can always iron out newer details as they are needed but this is a great start."

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Postby Agar-Na » Sun May 08, 2022 1:42 pm

Palace Dispatch

Foreign Minister, Eitoan Undersecretary to Parley in Agar

Prince Harold has assented to talks between The Principality and The Republic of Eitoan with regards to potential membership in the Northwest Mutual Assistance Agreement. I today's letter to Prime Minister Shapira, Prince Harold commented "Based on your presentation to me of the costs, risks, benefits and opportunities of Agarese participation in the NMAA, I therefore approve of you tasking the Foreign Ministry to engage in talks with representatives of The Republic of Eitoan to that end. This note serves as formal endorsement of talks to both the Royal Council and to the Popular Assembly."

Count Abravanel, the Foreign Minister will meet with the Eitoan Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Marilyn Stegman in Agar. Talks are planned next week at the Ministry's Villa Alba. Mrs. Stegman is expected to return to Vladarsik for presentation of results to Eitoan Foreign Minister Falkowski. Talks will include discussion of lease conditions for Eitoan bases in Agar-Na, and possible transportation infrastructure improvements for The Prinicipality under NMAA membership. Agar-Na has hosted Eitoan bases since Eitoan forces ousted the Ralkovian invasion here in the First Ralkovian War It has been noticed at the Royal Council, and mentioned in the Popular Assembly that NMAA membership carries a reduced risk now since the recent armistice demilitarizing Regime Ralkovoia following the conclusion of the recent Alliance initiative.

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Postby Phibeta » Tue May 17, 2022 5:13 pm


Former Prime Minister Lord Sir Rodger Heston, the Baronet of Pran

One of Phibeta’s most influential and controversial prime ministers, Lord Sir Rodger Heston died today in his manor home in the city of Pran from heart failure at age 82. Today, he is a baronet of Pran, back in the eighties, he was one of the most active Nationalist politicians that deeply impacted Phibetan politics today and was the first and only Nationalist politician to hold the job of Prime Minister.

Born in 1940, during the height of the Phibetan Empire, Rodger Theodore Heston was born to a well-off middle-class family in Flattenshire. His father Michael Heston was the owner of the automobile company Xanadu, a well-renowned car manufacturer. He attended the local school having an interest in football and played for many youth leagues. In the 1950s, his family moved to Pran during an economic downturn in the country which caused Xanadu to lose more than 20% of its stock price. He was still able to attend the school there and began to show a new interest in politics, earning himself both a seat on the school’s student council and a seat as a member of the youth parliament.

As the 1960s and 1970s rolled around, Phibeta began to shrink as an empire and by 1963, Xanadu filed for bankruptcy, being bought up by Olympia Motors. Mr. Heston was a college student enrolled at the University of Korngold and had to take up odd jobs to not only pay off student loans but to provide for his now impoverished family. He graduated in 1969 with a master's in law and began working as a lawyer. In 1977, at the fall of the Phibetan Empire, he began to run for local offices in his hometown of Pran, getting elected as a Conservative council member, and serving as the Education Minister. He had a way of making speeches that were intelligent and clear-cut which led for him to get his way in council. He put an emphasis on business and sports, particularly on Football and on the new imported sport of Senshadou. It did cost the city of Pran the free school meal program. Many opponents of Mr. Heston’s policies called out that his policies took away milk from the students' hands and empty brains in classrooms.

In 1980, he took his chance to run as a constituent for Pran under the Conservative party, but that was already led by the incumbent MP William Didelittle. But upon searching through new parties to join, he caught the attention of the newly formed Nationalists Party, which aims to bring glory to Phibeta once more, either through their wit or through force if necessary. He joined the Nationalists and through his speeches and promises replaced Mr. Didelittle as the MP for Pran. These were the earliest years of Phibeta no longer having an empire, so many wanted the glory of the empire once more and that was what the Nationalists stood for. The 1980s started off with only a few Nationalists in parliament. But by 1985, the Nationalists were able to gain a majority of seats in the House of Commons.

Around this time, Rodger Heston rose through the ranks to become the party leader and King Clarence V, the ruling monarch at the time, asked him to form a government. Through his leadership, he began to nationalize various industries including mining, transportation, and farming. He also introduced high tariffs to keep foreign competition out of the homelands. He dropped the free school lunch programs for children over five years old, and began to emphasize the importance of the sport senshadou in schools. He commissioned artists from sculptors, painters, and musicians to create art that glorifies Phibeta as many did back in the 19th century. He began a peacetime conscription act that recruits citizens 16 years of age into the armed forces, the first time a conscription act has passed since 1935.

He also waged a war to keep control of the Gilligan Isles in 1987 from outsiders and was successful. His senshadou policies and conscription act have created a large reserve of military forces to win back control from an invading force, which ultimately won him a second term as prime minister in 1990 with a strong majority in the House of Commons, forming a super coalition government with the Imperialists. But that was not to last, however. High tariffs and unregulated stock trading led to the largest market crash since the Great Depression. Mines and factories were shutting down and a lot of jobs were lost to nationalized industries. Unemployment was at an all-time high, and returning veterans had no way to claim their pensions. That is not also counting for the thousands of citizens being processed to be deported either back to the north countries, Isla Exila, or anywhere else to create a true Phibetan society and the expulsion of many different embassies which hindered Phibeta’s relations significantly.

There was also the fact that leaked documents indicated another war was being planned by the majority government to invade the upper northern countries that left the Phibetan union, Isla Exila, Cartoonia, AHSCA, Abetton, Katase, and a few other nations in Greater Dienstad and former nations of the empire. This could have been a largely devastating war probably not in Phibeta’s favour. The leader of the opposition, Abigail April, Conservative MP for Creeton, asked the house for a Vote of No Confidence amid the protests to kick Heston out of office. The house voted to agree and a snap election was called in 1993. In the end, a hung parliament was declared and a Conservative-Labour coalition was formed, the first time in years as the Nationalists and Imperialists have once again minority parties.

Rodger Heston would continue to be seated as the Nationalist MP for Pran until he was voted out of office in the 1995 General Election. He may have left Phibeta in terrible shape, but entered parliament trying to fix it up during the post-empire years. For that reason alone, in 2001 he was given the peerage as Baronet of Pran by Queen Diane II. In his later years, he was less nationalistic and more conservative in years. From his retirement pension, he continued to fund schools to support the growing senshadou movement and arts programs. His contributions to education were inflatable and was knighted by Queen Diane in the Order of The Phibetan Empire (KPE). This honor was met with controversy, especially with the Democratic-Socialists. This was one win for the right, and a loss for the people one said.

He died in his townhouse in Pran and will be given full death honors in Weston where he will be laid to rest. There has been debate about whether or not he should actually be honored after all that he did in office. “In his later years, he became a philanthropist who helped bolster our education system,” says Milan Griffiths, the Nationalist MP for Wigglestien (and the Nationalist Party co-chair). “His contribution to education is a most memorable one indeed”. His opponents would disagree.

“He ruined our relations, our economy, and divided our parliament,” says Elenor Wilson, Labour MP for Dunwich. “He has polluted our good name in front of the whole world. It is bad enough he got a peerage and was knighted by Her Majesty, why honor this man who almost ruined us?” Whether or not his contributions will be remembered over his controversies remains. But today marks the end of an era of politics only recognized by its older generation.

Richard Boston, head-editor for The Weston Mail

OPINION COLUMN: The Culture of The Proms

Submitted by: Rosaline Holmes, MP for Eberbruck

The PBC Promenade Concerts, or The Proms, is an annual tradition of classical music at the William’s Concert Hall in Weston. For two weeks, orchestras from all over Phibeta perform music of all genres from jazz, to baroque, to something for the children. Then at every last concert of the Proms, a selection of patriotic tunes is selected to be performed as one last hurrah before next year's performances. This includes Sir Matthew Rodgermann’s Coronation March “The Empire’s Might”, Baroque composer, Wolfgang Fortmann’s Prince of Tallyman March, and of course, the march where our national anthem comes from, Sir Henry Weddall’s March No.1 in D Major “Imperial Glory” or The Land of Hope and Glory, there is even an arrangement of Phibetan Sea Songs including James Kardigan’s song from his opera Glory!, Rule Phitannia.

This year, The PBC has announced that they were considering dropping many of these patriotic tunes from their last concert to tone down the nationalistic appeal of the last night. Many, including those in my constituency, have shown great outrage for this disappearance. I for one believe that what the PBC has done was a huge mistake.

By doing this, they are acknowledging that these songs, our National airs belong to only the Nationalists, meaning they are furthering the cause of the Nationalists, to preserve culture, and to kick the foreigners out. Music is the tying point for all people everywhere. It helps build the identity of the people and sprouts patriotic pride. Taking away the music all Phibetans love so dear and making it a rallying cry for the Nationalists will only further their reputation.

Besides, what is the harm in reminiscing on the glory days of Phibeta’s empire, of which the sun never set? Is it wrong to remember well that Phitannia ruled the waves? Are we still the Land of Hope and Glory to which many immigrate every year?

The fact of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with a little patriotism once and a while, PBC would find it very wise if they change their attitudes immediately. They will continue to find the reason why Phibetans forever-ever-ever shall be free!

Mr. Reginald George Davidson, The New Ambassador To AHSCA, And His Family

Her Majesty Appoints New Diplomat To Friendly Post In South Seas Island Nation

Her Majesty appoints Mr. Reginald George Davidson as the new ambassador to AHSCA. Mr. Davidson has a reputable career in politics and in international law, serving as the chair of the House Commission for Central Intelligence in the 1990s. He alongside his family will be placed on Embassy Isle close by to AHSCA proper. Mr. Davidson has been a longtime Labor MP since 1985, during a precarious time when the Nationalists had a majority of the House of Commons. He has served on the chair of the treaty council during the Gilligan Wars and his skills as a diplomat came through in the early 2010s when he served as High Commissioner of The Commonwealth for the Territory of Jabutii.

Before becoming High Commissioner, he was a Member of Parliament for the constituency of Bornet, a member for the Labor Party. Even before then, he served on the Bornet County Council as the commissioner for health and human services. Before that, he was a student at the University of Heroshire in the field of International Politics.

He stands on a proud tradition of ambassadors and consulates that have appeared throughout the island’s history. In the 1870s, in order to bolster influence in the South Seas of Greater Dienstad, Their Majesties appointed the aging and retired Lady Dame Eliza Crimson, the 1st Countess of Fairehaven, as the Phibetan consul in the Auroran Empire with the sole mission to oversea trade and stability of the seas following the Peninsula War of 1861. The Phibetan Consulate has changed hands, even during the persecution of many missionaries, the Phibetan consuls made sure to negotiate for missionaries of the Cardinal faith to pass through.

Of course, this changed in the 1980s, once the empire dissolved and with communist movements, independence crisis and what felt to the consul at the time, Sir Richard Picardilly, trouble brewing in Greater Dienstad’s South Seas, closed the consulate, which was also one of the last remaining symbols of Phibeta’s influence in The South Seas. Likewise, this coincided with the Nationalist agenda in Phibeta of isolationism, with numerous embassies closing left and right. In the 1990s, the AHSCA War for Independence began, and the newly crowned Queen Diane II wished the help this fledgling nation procure its’ right to self-determination. The government granted £25,000,000 worth of military equipment to the different island duchies that were up against Stevid, and when the United Island States were declared, Her Majesty made sure parliament paid attention to financial and military aid to AHSCA, formally recognizing their statehood. In the months following, an envoy and military attache were established on Aurora Island and after the war, were appointed by Her Majesty the title ambassador to the envoy there in 2000, Mr. Louis Wiltcareman, and following the establishment years later, were stationed over in Embassy Isle.

This year also marks the first time an embassy from AHSCA will be established in Phibeta, 29 years since they along with many other embassies were kicked out due to the Nationalist agenda of the 1990s. Mr. Reginald George Davidson will join in the proud tradition of representation of Phibetan culture and pride throughout the world. Millions of people around the world have benefited from free trade, visa programs, and military exercises that Phibetan embassies entail. We wish Mr. Davidson luck for the progress he’ll make to bolster relations with our good friends.

Alexandra Clarke, international editor for The Weston Mail

Other headlines

Nationalist Minority in Beakdale Demand AHSCAian Ambassador’s Home Comply With Phibetan Architecture. City Council Defends Ambassador’s Choice

Her Majesty Receives Abettonese Ambassador, His Excellency, Mr. Thomas Wallace, and His Family, The First Abettonese Ambassador Received Since The 1860s

Prime Minister Douglas Sousa Denounces New Filipino Kingdom in Recent Weapons Test Misfire on The Visayan Confederation. Calls For Emergency Meeting With Cabinet
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Queen Diane II
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Minister of Foreign Affairs, Robert Bishop

The Grand Kingdom of Phibeta
Conquérants Du Monde
National Anthem: Land of Hope and Glory
Capitol: Weston

Headlines: Nationalists Respond To Ambassador’s Home in Beakdale. Big Blunder in Public and Foreign Relations! | The Prorogration of Parliament About To Commence The Summer Recess Season | It Is Now Confirmed That Her Majesty, Queen Diane Is Six Months Pregnant With Male Child | Prime Minister Sousa Grants Equipment Lend-Lease To The New Visayan Confederation In Ongoing Crisis | Weston Royal Opera Company Production of The Butcheress of Sauville Opens In Two Weeks

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Postby Xuanzhang » Sat May 21, 2022 12:36 pm

Right Faction Kuomintang Expected to Increase Majority in Legislative Yuan



While final results are waiting to be tallied, early exit polls indicate that Right Faction candidates from the Kuomintang (KMT) are expected to gain a significant majority in the Legislative Yuan. Of the 361 Members of the Legislative Yuan (MLYs), Right Faction held a narrow majority with 203 to the Left Faction’s 158. Perceptions of corruption and a surge of anti-socialist rhetoric on part of the Right Faction have had notable effect in recent years, along with the industrial modernization campaign championed by President Cao Li. Gross domestic product growth rates reached 17.990% in the previous year, leading to a notable improvement in purchasing power parity among citizens of Xuanzhang and increasing standards of living. The resulting groundswell of enthusiasm for the Right Faction has paid dividends with the Right KMT expected to gain twenty six additional seats in the Yuan. While Right KMT offices and Youth League supporters have been seen celebrating the expected victory, a much more sullen scene has broke out among Left Kuomintang members.
One such individual, Duong Bao, offered this comment, “This has been a deeply disappointing night, not only for the faction, but for the working class of Xuanzhang. The Right Kuomintang wholly ignore one of the founding principles of our organization, that welfare and security for the working class is a crucial component to our national development.”

Left Faction leader Du Zhenging offered this conciliatory message to faction supporters and members, saying, “This is the price of democratic institutions and liberty, that sometimes our honorable opposition gains, or strengthens, their majority. We can only strive to remind the population of why our policies are superior through sound argument and strength of character. We look to the future to grow our following and accept defeat in this election cycle with dignity.”

President Cao Li offered bipartisan congratulations to the winning delegates. Himself a long time member of the Right Kuomintang Faction, his satisfaction was predictably palpable as the strengthened majority would support his legislative agenda in the coming years of his presidency.
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Postby Abetton » Sat May 21, 2022 12:39 pm

The Sauville Trumpet
-Since 1700-

Saturday 21 May 2022

HRRH Queen Ophelia to Join House of Lords as Speaker
Her Royal Highness, Queen Ophelia Latimer in her official state portrait

SAUVILLE - The House of Lords, the upper chamber of Abetton's Parliament, is welcoming a new member into the chamber for the high rank of speaker, upon the retirement of Henry Henderson. That new member is none other than Her Royal Highness the Queen of Abetton, Ophelia Latimer, Abetton's one and only Queen. Her Majesty will assume her position at the start of the winter term in June. While unusual, it's not without precedent to have a monarch-consort sitting at the head of the House of Lords, though traditionally this position has been for distinguished nobles of any particular domain (hence the name) seven times in Abetton history has the Consort sat in the chamber as a ranking member. In 1845, Queen Beatrix I assumed the title before becoming Queen in 1855. King Hendri then assumed the role in 1898 after the ascension of Queen Annis. Other consorts include Queen Portia in 1925, Queen Marledia in 1962 and as recently as Queen Miranda in 1986. There are multiple ways a person can become head of the chamber, by consensus agreement among the chamber, by nomination of the ranking Lord, by decree of the Sovereign King or Queen or in the case of the prior sitting consorts, to request the position.

HRH Queen Ophelia asked to take on the position having wanted to since she was younger. "Long before I married, I always expected I'd join The House of Lords," HRH Said to the Trumpet . "My father served long and honorably and I hope to do the same. As Queen, I feel I can wield more influence to move the chamber along to work on legislation for the greatness of Abetton society." The role of Speaker in the Chamber is to set the legislative agenda and commence votes on bills that come up from the House of Delegates. Does the Queen have any high ambitions to how she will run the chamber?

"My ideal would be to go back to the glory days of this high chamber when it was indeed held by the Lords and Ladies of all domains." She said with a small laugh. "Perhaps that's asking a bit much in the modern era, but I do believe our good Lords and Ladies should come to the Chamber a few times a month to really see all the issues facing the country and all our respective domains. The chosen delegates do important work and ideally they do act on behalf of those who appoint them, however I feel it's easy to feel a disconnect. Those in Sauville are different than those in say Lillah but to function as a single kingdom it's important to know for yourself."

Other agenda items for the Queen to take up is organization of the courts, with many sitting Magistrates setting to retire of take on new jobs in government, many new vacancies will have be filled. Greater civil justice and rights bills are expected to be introduced by Her Highness. "Abetton has made great strides to overcome our dark history of slavery and apartheid but there's always more work to be done."

The recent buzz has been about the Luxury Tax reforms in Abetton society, which could grant access to greater goods previously considered prohibitively expensive. "Future legislation is hard to comment on until I see it for myself, I've been hearing about it but I need to see it and discuss it with everyone more before saying how I'll vote on way or the other. I intend to go into it with a fully open mind."

Other Headlines

HRRH Princess Chrysanthe Released from Hospital in Good Health
Abetton to Open Embassy in Phibeta
Luxury Tax Bill Heads to House of Lords
HRRH Princess Peri Travels to South Islands
Heavy Snowfall in Griffin Mountains Cause for Excitement

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Postby AHSCA » Sun May 29, 2022 12:26 pm

The Lantern Press, A Signpost in the Dark

The Lanterno Gazetaro is a privately owned news outlet based from Corona Island in the UIS. This story has not been independently verified by UNICIM or any Government agency.


Senators Marry!

-A Report from the Lanterno Gazetaro
Signostango en la mallumo -

by: Amiké, Reporter, Editor-in-Chief

Image Image
Senators Pacifica and Miela pictured

KINO - At long last, dear readers, our two sitting senators whom have been dating for some time have tied to the knot! Senators Miela and Pacifica two noted political rivals in the hallowed halls of Congress but a lovey dovey couple outside of it, announced today the two officially married in a quite private ceremony here on Corona. No press were allowed at the ceremony but it is confirmed both were married in the ordained traditions of Madokamisim, as was expected. The two have only given a brief statement as they've made a quiet retreat to enjoy the time as newlyweds:

To our colleagues and constituents alike,

We thank you for the happy wishes and good tidings to us in the wake of our sudden marriage. In time we will get back to our work in government, for now we're intending to spend time with our families and of course each other.
. In the meantime, their congressional aids will work and act on their behalf as Congress continues business as usual.

Meantime our dear readers, stay dry, stay safe and please remember for those of you in the purity villages, the Lanterno is better for reading than for covering.

Korono Senatanoj Edziĝu!

[size=150]-Raporto de la Lanterno Gazetaro
Signostano en la mallumo -[/align]

Ĉi tiu artikolo unue aperis en The Lanterno Gazetaro , kiu estas privatposedata novaĵejo bazita de Corona Island en la UIS. Ĉi tiu rakonto ne estis sendepende kontrolita de UNICIM aŭ iu ajn registara agentejo.

de: Amiké, Raportisto, ĉefredaktoro

Finfine karaj legantoj, niaj du sidantaj senatanoj, kiuj intervidiĝas de kelka tempo, ligis al la ne! Senatanoj Miela kaj Pacifica du konataj politikaj rivaloj en la sanktigitaj salonoj de la Kongreso sed aminda paro ekstere de ĝi, anoncis hodiaŭ, ke en sufiĉe ceremonio reen sur Krono, la du oficiale anoncis sian geedziĝon kune. Neniu gazetaro estis permesita ĉe la ceremonio sed estas konfirmite ambaŭ estis geedzitaj en la preskribitaj tradicioj de Madokamisim, kiel estis atendite. La du nur faris mallongan deklaron, ĉar ili faris trankvilan retiriĝon por ĝui la tempon kiel novgeedzoj.

Al niaj kolegoj kaj elektantoj egale,

Ni dankas vin pro la feliĉaj deziroj kaj bonaj novaĵoj al ni post nia subita geedziĝo. Kun la tempo ni reiros al nia laboro en registaro, nuntempe ni intencas pasigi tempon kun niaj familioj kaj kompreneble unu la alian.

Intertempe iliaj kongresaj helpantoj funkcios kaj agos en ilia nomo dum la Kongreso daŭrigas la komercon kiel kutime.

Dume niaj karaj legantoj, restu sekaj, restu sekuraj kaj bonvolu memori por tiuj el vi en la purecaj vilaĝoj, la Lanterno estas pli bona por legi ol por kovri.

News and Politics
Novaĵoj kaj Politiko

Ambassador Home Under Scrutiny


by Ventego, Reporter

The Weston Mail Newspaper out of Phibeta reported a headline on 25 of May: Nationalist Minority in Beakdale Demand AHSCAian Ambassador’s Home Comply With Phibetan Architecture. City Council Defends Ambassador’s Choice, in regards to the new post of AHSCAian Ambassador to Phibeta, Ambassador Admira and her family take up residence in the city of Beakdale in Phibeta.

Ambassador Admira newly appointed to represent AHSCA in Phibeta

Details of the exact complaints remain to be explained as we've reached out but not yet heard back but it's agreed people took issue with the ambassador styling her personal home for her family in the style of traditional Corona hut. The embassy itself is designed as any modern building as likely seen in Phibeta or elsewhere but the Ambassador's residence takes more from home, no doubt to keep a little of that with her in her new mission. Ambassador Admira spoke to the Lanterno in the issue, "I'm saddened not everyone can find the charm in my home, but I'm grateful for the local officials coming to our defense on the issue. My family is far from home, I want to give them a taste of it while here."

As an interesting aside, the Ambassador and her family packed up their belongings and on her husband's fishing boat set sail for Phibeta, without a doubt Madam Ambassador is very much a woman of the island and intends to retain that no matter where she is, thus no wonder she desired to keep her household in the style of home. "Our embassy is a place of business for all governments and nationals to conduct their needs with us, thus I allowed the local government to decide the design, but a home is where my family is, that's most important to retain some sense of normal."

As of now, it seems the issue is moot as no known plans to force the Ambassador to comply will be made from the Foreign Office. A spokesperson with UNIFRO said on the issue, "AHSCA always complies with the host nation's architectural and design requests, along with the appointed ambassador's desires. We've not received any change requests from the Phibetan government and we see this a little more than a singular protest not for immediate concern."

Ambasadoro Hejmo Sub Skrutinio

La Weston Mail Newspaper el Phibeta raportis fraptitolon la 25an de majo: Naciisma Malplimulto en Beakdale Postulu la Hejmon de AHSCAian Ambassador Comply With Phibetan Architecture. Urba Konsilio Defendas la Elekton de Ambasadoro, koncerne la novan postenon de AHSCAiana Ambasadoro al Phibeta, Ambasadoro Admira kaj ŝia familio ekloĝas en la grandurbo de Beakdale en Phibeta.

Ambasadoro Admira lastatempe nomumita por reprezenti AHSCA en Phibeta

Detaloj pri la precizaj plendoj restas klarigitaj dum ni kontaktis sed ankoraŭ ne aŭdis, sed estas interkonsentite, ke homoj maltrankviliĝis pri la ambasadoro stiligante ŝian personan hejmon por ŝia familio en la stilo de tradicia Corona kabano. La ambasado mem estas desegnita kiel ajna moderna konstruaĵo kiel verŝajne vidita en Phibeta aŭ aliloke sed la loĝejo de la Ambasadoro prenas pli de hejme, sendube por konservi iom de tio kun ŝi en ŝia nova misio. Ambasadoro Admira parolis al la Lanterno en la temo, "Mi malĝojas, ke ne ĉiuj povas trovi la ĉarmon en mia hejmo, sed mi dankas la lokajn oficialulojn, kiuj venas al nia defendo pri la afero. Mia familio estas malproksime de hejme, mi. volas doni al ili gustumon de ĝi dum ĉi tie."

Kiel interesa flanken, la Ambasadoro kaj ŝia familio pakis siajn havaĵojn kaj sur la fiŝkaptista boato de ŝia edzo ekveturis al Phibeta, sendube Sinjorino Ambasadoro estas tre multe virino de la insulo kaj intencas reteni tion ne gravas kie ŝi estas, tiel ne mirinde, ke ŝi deziris konservi sian domanaron laŭ la stilo de hejmo. "Nia ambasado estas komerca loko por ĉiuj registaroj kaj ŝtatanoj por fari siajn bezonojn kun ni, tial mi permesis al la loka registaro decidi la dezajnon, sed hejmo estas kie mia familio estas, tio estas plej grava por konservi iom da sento de normalo. "

Ĝis nun, ŝajnas, ke la afero estas nediskutebla ĉar neniuj konataj planoj devigi la Ambasadoron plenumi estos faritaj de la Eksterlanda Oficejo. Proparolanto de UNIFRO diris pri la temo, "AHSCA ĉiam plenumas la arkitekturajn kaj dezajnopetojn de la gastiganta nacio, kune kun la deziroj de la elelektita ambasadoro. Ni ne ricevis ajnajn ŝanĝpetojn de la fibeta registaro kaj ni vidas tion iom pli ol unu. singulara protesto ne pro tuja zorgo."



Inside The Desert Inn, Kino's Best Kept Secret

by: Zenito, reporter

Off the beaten path in the busy village of Kino, beyond the dozens of rows of stilt houses and huts that line the narrow streets we come to the junction, one road takes you to the harbor, one back to the town, and one to the red light district. But this isn't a report of one of the legal brothels but something a bit unusual in this part of the town, that is the Desert Inn, considered Kino's best secret club. Well maybe not a secret and maybe not really an inn either, but a building that gives the facade of both, curiously enough. You see, it does take a special secret password to enter, which if you know whom to ask, you can find out and every so often they openly tell the password.

You see the Desert Inn, is an entertainment club, a club styled around the handmaiden culture seen in the Sultanate of Kyrenaia. While you probably won't find actual handmaidens here, you will find people who seem to really admire the idea of them. Women and men alike dressed in colorful garb parade about to serve, dance and entertain guests sometimes deadly serious and in-character other times a bit lighthearted. The interior is decorated like many kinds of buildings you might find in Kyrenaia and everyone operates under a stage name, names that'd be native to the desert lands of Kyrenaia.


It all began a year after Kyrenaia set up its military base in AHSCA as apart of a new mutual defense pact, a young spirited woman from here in Kino, Utila (pictured) found herself a wayward traveler in Kyrenaia for the first time as tourists began visiting the country. For Utilia, she found herself enamored by the people, the culture and the aesthetic of the place esepcially hearing how the handmaidens closest to the royal family work.

"I was able to get a small glance of them at work, not much given it's a pretty exclusive organization and hard to really see much of their day-to-day but based on what I saw and people's testimony and with that I themed my business all around that." Utilia practices under the name of Saida in the workplace and it's not uncommon to see her among the other "maidens" as they're called in her employment, serving customers and entertaining in general. The manager and owner of the business she has plenty to do day in and day out with rotating days off for store closures. Why pick this particular area of Kino?

"Honestly it's not a bad place, I know areas like these tend to have seedy reputations but it's probably as well maintained as any place in the village. We are next door to the other kind of businesses so we all really benefit from the clients of all kinds." Why an inn when it's really not an inn, I asked her next.

"At first I was going to offer room and board on top of our showroom, similar to how The Kitan on Aurora, but I decided this was already plenty upkeep but the name stuck." Currently a dozen or so maidens are employed here, as mentioned both men and women work but it's also a certain kind of man, the kind that can get away with cross dressing. One man I spoke with who goes under the name of Fadwa, real name Hans works here with his wife Helena, both transplants from Stillestando who moved to Corona just to work here. "I like it, I like the theming, it's like acting in dinner theater" he chuckled for me. His wife agreed, having visited Kyrenaia before, she feels they're "utter fanatics of the land." She replied.

Characters, Fadwa (left) and his wife Tara (right) lovingly embrace for our camera in costume

As mentioned the club has a bit of secrecy theme also tied with it. To enter the club you have to know a password that changes up every so often, a bit counter intuitive perhaps for a business that openly wants to be a destination for fans of Kyrenaian culture. "Having a bit of a air of secrecy to it adds to the appeal I think. " Utila said "The passwords are simple and easy to come by so it's not like it costs us a lot of foot traffic but we also want people to kind of work for their entrance and to really appreciate the place."

Of course some wonder about the recent chilling of relations between the nations might affect the Desert Inn. "What governments do are what governments do. It's a shame but it doesn't stop us. I think culture and appreciation of goes beyond feuding politicians. I'd like to think maybe in Kyrenaia there's a little AHSCA themed club, perhaps not but I'd like to think they feel as I do in regards to the whole incident."

Two maidens pose in front of a painting to give the feel of Kyrenaia

For now, the little club nestled in the heart of Kino will remain a hidden gem a place for those who might want a taste of Kyrenaia right here at home in AHSCA. Lovely maidens to serve at your beck and call but still in a way that is only that. "Again the other services were considered but it's a whole other issue and set of responsibilities to undertake, so I leave it to the good ladies next door to worry about. We only do your typical services you would find at any establishment outside the red light."

Ene de La Dezerta Gastejo, la Plejbone Gardita Sekreto de Kino

de: Zenito, reporter

For de la trafikata vojo en la okupata vilaĝo Kino, preter la dekoj da vicoj da stilzdomoj kaj kabanoj kiuj vicas la mallarĝajn stratojn ni venas al la krucvojo, unu vojo kondukas vin al la haveno, unu reen al la urbo, kaj unu al la ruĝluma kvartalo. Sed ĉi tio ne estas raporto de unu el la laŭleĝaj bordeloj sed io iom nekutima en ĉi tiu urboparto, tio estas la Dezerta Gastejo, konsiderata la plej bona sekreta klubo de Kino. Nu eble ne sekreto kaj eble ankaŭ ne vere gastejo, sed konstruaĵo kiu donas la fasadon de ambaŭ, sufiĉe kurioze. Vi vidas, necesas speciala sekreta pasvorto por eniri, kiun se vi scias kiun demandi, vi povas ekscii kaj ĉiufoje ili malkaŝe diras la pasvorton.

Vi vidas la Dezertan Gastejon, estas distra klubo, klubo stilita ĉirkaŭ la servistina kulturo vidita en la Sultanlando de Kyrenaia. Kvankam vi verŝajne ne trovos realajn servistinojn ĉi tie, vi trovos homojn, kiuj ŝajnas vere admiri la ideon pri ili. Virinoj kaj viroj egale vestitaj en bunta vestaĵo paradas por servi, danci kaj distri gastojn foje mortigaj seriozaj kaj enkarakteraj alifoje iom gajaj. La interno estas ornamita kiel multaj specoj de konstruaĵoj, kiujn vi povus trovi en Kyrenaia, kaj ĉiuj funkcias sub artista nomo, nomoj kiuj estus indiĝenaj de la dezertaj teroj de Kyrenaia.


Ĉio komenciĝis jaron post kiam Kyrenaia starigis sian armean bazon en AHSCA kiel krom nova reciproka defenda pakto, juna vigla virino de ĉi tie en Kino, Utila (bildigita) trovis sin kaprica vojaĝanto en Kyrenaia por la unua fojo kiam turistoj komencis. vizitante la landon. Por Utilia, ŝi trovis sin enamiĝita de la homoj, la kulturo kaj la estetiko de la loko precipe aŭdante kiel la servistinoj plej proksimaj al la reĝa familio laboras.

"Mi povis ricevi malgrandan ekrigardon de ili ĉe la laboro, ne multe pro tio, ke ĝi estas sufiĉe ekskluziva organizo kaj malfacile vere vidi multon da ilia ĉiutagaĵo, sed surbaze de tio, kion mi vidis kaj la atesto de homoj, kaj per tio mi temigis mian komerco ĉirkaŭ tio." Utilia praktikas sub la nomo de Saida en la laborejo kaj estas ne malofte vidi ŝin inter la aliaj "junulinoj" kiel ili estas nomitaj en ŝia dungado, servante klientojn kaj distrante ĝenerale. La administranto kaj posedanto de la komerco ŝi havas multon por fari tagon post tago kun rotaciaj libertagoj por fermoj de vendejoj. Kial elekti ĉi tiun apartan areon de Kino?

"Vere, ĝi ne estas malbona loko, mi scias, ke areoj kiel ĉi tiuj tendencas havi malbonajn reputaciojn, sed ĝi verŝajne estas same bone prizorgata kiel iu ajn loko en la vilaĝo. Ni estas apud la aliaj specoj de entreprenoj do ni ĉiuj vere profitas de la klientoj de ĉiaj." Kial gastejo, kiam ĝi vere ne estas gastejo, mi demandis ŝin poste.

"Unue mi ofertos ĉambron kaj manĝokupon supre de nia ekspoziciejo, simile al kiel The Kitan on Aurora, sed mi decidis, ke tio jam estas multe da prizorgado sed la nomo restis." Nuntempe dekkelko da junulinoj estas dungitaj ĉi tie, kiel menciite ambaŭ viroj kaj virinoj laboras sed ankaŭ estas certa speco de viro, tia kiu povas sukcesi kun kruc pansado. Unu viro kun kiu mi parolis, kiu iras sub la nomo de Fadwa, reala nomo Hans laboras ĉi tie kun sia edzino Helena, ambaŭ transplantas de Stillestando kiu translokiĝis al Corona nur por labori ĉi tie. "Mi ŝatas ĝin, mi ŝatas la temon, ĝi estas kiel aktorado en vespermanĝa teatro" li ridis por mi. Lia edzino konsentis, vizitis Kyrenaia antaŭe, ŝi sentas ke ili estas "tute fanatikuloj de la tero." Ŝi respondis.

Karakteroj, Fadwa (maldekstre) kaj lia edzino Tara (dekstre) ame brakumas por nia fotilo en kostumo

Kiel menciite, la klubo havas iom da sekretemo ankaŭ ligita kun ĝi. Por eniri la klubon, vi devas scii pasvorton, kiu ŝanĝiĝas de tempo al tempo, iom kontraŭintuicia eble por komerco, kiu malkaŝe volas esti celo por ŝatantoj de kirenaa kulturo. "Havi iom da sekreteco al ĝi aldonas al la allogo, mi pensas." Utila diris "La pasvortoj estas simplaj kaj facile troveblaj do ne estas kvazaŭ ĝi kostas al ni multe da piedtrafiko sed ni ankaŭ volas, ke homoj afablas. de laboro por ilia enirejo kaj vere aprezi la lokon."

Kompreneble iuj miras pri la lastatempa malvarmigo de rilatoj inter la nacioj povus influi la Dezertan Gastejon. "Kion faras registaroj estas tio, kion faras registaroj. Estas domaĝe, sed ĝi ne malhelpas nin. Mi pensas, ke kulturo kaj aprezo de iras preter kverelaj politikistoj. Mi ŝatus pensi, ke eble en Kyrenaia estas malgranda AHSCA-tema klubo, eble ne sed. Mi ŝatus pensi, ke ili sentas kiel mi rilate la tutan okazaĵon."

Du junulinoj pozas antaŭ pentraĵo por doni la senton de Kyrenaia

Weather Forecast


Sunny skies in the forecast for this week for the greater Corona island area with moderate breezes gusting up to 20 km/h (10 knots) at times, with off days of little to no breezes be prepared for warm stagnent humid air. Next week out, prepare for on-and-off showers, heavy at times with evening thunderstorms.

Hurricane forecast: A weaker tropical storm system is moving across Animalpolis and isn't expected to makelandfall on Corona but for those traveling to the island or fishing nearby should be careful of turbulent waters. A major system has developed out in open waters and is being watched my UNIMO but no immediate information about if a path will take it to AHSCA proper in the coming weeks. UNIMO has been predicting an above-average season for storms this year so people are urged to prepare and go over their emergency plans.

FIshing forecast: For shallow water fisherman, currents remain strong across the greater AHSCA observation area along the coastlines. Northern currents are running swift and erratic and it's advise fishing should be done in the calmer southernly waters around the island. For longhual fisherman, as mentioned with the above hurricane forecast, certian areas are expected to be more prone to sudden changes in weather, please consult with the Fishing Beauru's charts before embarking about areas experieincing turbulent seas.

Sunaj ĉieloj en la prognozo por ĉi tiu semajno por la pli granda Corona insula areo kun moderaj ventetoj blovantaj ĝis 20 km/h (10 nodoj) foje, kun malpezaj tagoj de malmulte aŭ neniuj ventetoj estu preta por varma stagna humida aero. Venontsemajne, prepariĝu por pluvegoj, pezaj kelkfoje kun vesperaj fulmotondroj.

Uraganprognozo: Pli malforta tropika ŝtormsistemo moviĝas tra Animalpolis kaj ne estas atendita fali sur Krono, sed por tiuj, kiuj vojaĝas al la insulo aŭ fiŝkaptas proksime, devus esti singardaj pri turbulaj akvoj. Grava sistemo disvolviĝis en malfermaj akvoj kaj estas rigardata mia UNIMO sed neniu tuja informo pri ĉu vojo portos ĝin al AHSCA ĝuste en la venontaj semajnoj. UNIMO antaŭdiris pli-ol-averaĝan sezonon por ŝtormoj ĉi-jare, do homoj estas instigitaj prepari kaj ekzameni siajn kriz-planojn.

Fiŝkaptado-prognozo: Por malprofundakva fiŝkaptisto, fluoj restas fortaj trans la pli granda AHSCA-observareo laŭ la marbordoj. Nordaj fluoj estas rapidaj kaj nekonstantaj kaj oni konsilas ke fiŝkaptado estu farita en la pli trankvilaj sudaj akvoj ĉirkaŭ la insulo. Por longhual-fiŝkaptisto, kiel menciite kun la ĉi-supra uraganprognozo, certaj areoj estas atenditaj pli inklinaj al subitaj ŝanĝoj en vetero, bonvolu konsulti kun la leteroj de la Fiŝkaptado Beauru antaŭ ol enŝipiĝi pri areoj spertas turbulajn marojn.

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Destroyed Valo'Kap air defenses in southern Killia, during the 2031 war.

The government of His Imperial Majesty Fedor I has opened a historic lawsuit against the leadership of Valo'Kap's former constituents: Canus Security, Jeh'Ti, Huron Authority, Koman Services, and Finkirk.

The lawsuit is historic because it is the first time that the Imperial Bureaucracy has filed a civil suit against a Tarn-based private military contractor. For over a decade, the free city of Tarn has seemingly lived on the precarious edge of extra-legality to protect and foster a bourgeoning industry centered around security contracting. However, this time, the companies headquartered in the city have gone too far. At least, that's what the Fedala government has said in commentary delivered with its lawsuit documentation.

In the court documentation, the lawsuit's core challenge is that the five constituents of Valo'Kap broke federal anti-monopoly laws. They did so, according to the same documentation, by combining their market powers to garner monopoly privileges in the Killian Republic. What makes this line of argumentation controversial in and of itself is that it is a ruling over actions taken in foreign markets. The Imperial Bureaucracy claims that ultimately the monopolization action in the Killian Republic was meant to leverage acquired power to fundamentally alter markets in Tarn, and therefore that the action is subject to regulation by the Golden Throne. If so, the individual firms that constituted Valo'Kap may be liable for hundreds of billions of ríokmarks in fines and damages. It will also change how companies operate moving forward, now that they know that they can possibly be fined for anti-competitive practices taken in markets not traditionally regulated by the Imperial Bureaucracy.

Equally controversial is that the civil suit is at least partially motivated by the new base agreement with Free Killia. Some see it as a legal case instigated and motivated by a foreign government and, therefore, it's seen as a dangerous overreach that threatens the sovereignty of the empire. While this opinion is relatively muted because of the special situation that exists in Free Killia, that it has surfaced points to significant resistance to the idea of binding the government's domestic policy to foreign policy.

Winning the civil case against the five companies will not be easy. First, they are offered certain protections by their method of incorporation. Because Valo'Kap was organized as a consortium, the chain of liability back to the constituent firms is heavily restricted and, essentially, almost non-existent. If the government were to succeed in this case, it could change the legal rules that bind imperial markets and therefore change the shape of these markets. Second, the firms are offered protections by virtue of their legal incorporation rooting in Tarn, which as aforementioned has enjoyed special rules to allow the PMC industry to thrive in the first place.

The PMC sector is extremely profitable and a source of significant revenue for both the city and the Imperial Bureaucracy. Currently, Tarn PMCs operate in countries like Potthan, Samarasta, Irat, Sorofi, Istoloa, and Krasnova. A satellite PMC sector is now growing in Sofiatsyn and Fedorograd, to better service eastern Greater Díenstadi markets while Tarn can focus its operations on the western half of the region. Because the government hardly has an interest in cutting this source of expansion, many have questioned just how aggressively it will pursue this lawsuit. The criticism and skepticism are especially acute Free Killia, where few people believe that Valo'Kap will be brought to genuine justice. It is understandably a very precarious line that the Golden Throne toes, on one side seeking to protect its markets and its players and on the other side looking to dispense justice for the sake of its society and that of its allies.

Thusly, the lawsuit represents a major watershed moment in imperial history. The Golden Throne has for a long time been known for its relative lack of market regulations and centralized market management, most represented by the lack of a central imperial bank. Fedor's imperial tenure has seen a gradual erosion of this hardline pro-market attitude, with significant growth in the size of the bureaucracy and the role that it plays in society. Much of this has been fueled by imperial expansion and the need to provide basic services to people much poorer than the citizens inherited along with the core provinces. Relatedly, managing and protecting the empire's new place in the region, a geopolitical shift that accelerated after the end of the War of Golden Succession, has come to require great bureaucratic involvement. The lawsuit could be another inflection point in that curve.

Although the individual Valo'Kap constituent firms may be liable for civil damages, they will not be subject to the criminal case against Valo'Kap. The parallel criminal case that is developing will only affect Valo'Kap's corporate leadership specifically. Most of these figureheads were arrested during the war in Killia and have remained incarcerated, with their trials now underway. If found guilty, they all will see minimum prison sentences of 10 years.

The criminal case against Valo'Kap is given substance by the precedent set with the Imperial Bureaucracy's case against Tarn Defense Solutions in 2026, when TDS' corporate leadership was arrested for the assassination of Panooly dictator Dominic Templeton. The government won the case on the basis of an illegal market action taken against the foreign policy interests of the Golden Throne. In that situation, the weakening of the central Panooly government led to the country's south's occupation by the Ordenite Reich, and thus is very similar to the Valo'Kap and Killia case today. As a result, the criminal case is likely to end in a government victory.

While the civil case will be much tougher to win, there is in some sense more at stake in it. Free Killia will be awarded a percentage of the fine leveled by the judge, should the defendants be found liable under the law. This percentage, like the total, is likely to be a significantly large sum. The proceeds have already been guaranteed to flow into a redevelopment fund that distributes capital for community reconstruction and redevelopment projects throughout Free Killia. For a country like the Killian Republic, freshly out of a devastating war that as left it almost penniless, without a military, and in need of drastic reconstruction, this prospective source of additional funding is hugely important. It forms a lot of the pressure behind the Imperial Bureaucracy's decision to file the case, aside from the treaty obligations which holds the source of motivation in common.

The lawsuit promises to continue drawing attention to its implications. How the final decision will determine the future of the Golden Throne remains to be seen and studied, for it will surely impact domestic politics, economics, and foreign relations.

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Discovery that Poor People Do things Causes Recession

Postby Birina » Sun Jun 05, 2022 11:20 am

"Welcome back to the only blatant propaganda television broadcast that is also legally a children's show, 'Here, in Birina, In These Days, Today'. I'm Jack Zachman, the well-paid host that you like, and I'm joined by Gloria Lightly: the other one."

"Thanks, Jack. We are joined today by Christon Mills, the Vice-Chairman of the Windmill Committee who is most certainly not a body double. He's going to explain the dire economic woes that face Birina and what led to this situation."

Rather than cut to a different camera, the camera that was on Gloria physically swiveled to point at Christon, who was eating caviar out of a bowl with his bare hands like popcorn.

"Yes, well. First of all thank you for allowing me to force you to have me on the show and for dutifully regurgitating all the nonsense we put out. Basically, what happened, is as a society we kind of forgot that poor people were a thing and then we bumped into some and everyone was like 'Woah!' and things spiraled from there."

"The mere existence of poor people caused a recession?"

"Well, yes, in a sense. It's more that we realized we rely on poor people. For instance, they're where food comes from. It doesn't just materialize on grocery store shelves. Poor people literally work with cow shit to produce it."

"I see." Gloria said, nodding as though she actually understood words. "So we need poor people. That's the problem."

"Right, Gloria. Now look. I love the poor. I respect the poor. Some of my best friends have become poor under mysterious circumstances after making my acquaintance. So I would never, under any circumstances, disparage poors. That said, they are disgusting trash goblins whose very presence makes me feel unsettled. So obviously they are behind this recession."

"Did anything else cause the recession?" Jack inquired.

"Yes. People who don't look like us and don't behave like us."

"Yeah, they're always up to something. Well, there you have it folks. If you know someone who's poor and doesn't look like you, you can blame them for our current predicament and take any frustration you may have out on them, their neighborhood, and their way of life. And don't forget to take your opiates."

"Thanks, Jack." Christon said, "Now get out of my house."
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Eitoan Decides: Presidential Nomination Results
Haan, Curtis Selected for Civic Platform, Socialists
Elear to Carry Rightist Banner

With the conclusion of primaries in Civic Platform and Socialist parties, and the selection of Ghastaker Theresa Elear by the National Democrat Grand National Command, the five parties in contention for the presidency this year have selected their candidates. President Shrdlu, unopposed to run for a second term by the Free Democrats observed the proceedings occasionally. Upon the end of the National Democrat nominating decision process he issued this statement. “I congratulate my worthy opponents on their respective successes, and in the best tradition of this republic’s democracy look forward to a vigorous campaign where the Eitoan people can learn and decide on our positions of all issues of importance.” Vice President Paula Koubek, in the traditional role of partisan spokesman was less sanguine, aiming her vitriol at Kelso Mayor Kenneth Curtis, claiming that “Of course, we welcome all contenders to the fray, but I call on all voters to mark carefully Socialist claims this year. Expenditures for social programs, especially those of dubious value as promoted by Mayor Haan may sound great, and in some limited cases actually produce beneficial results, but when applied on a nationwide basis would easily lead to greater inflation and government meddling in the private sector. I demand, politely yet firmly that Mayor Hann spell out those areas where his health, education and transportation policies differ from the Communists.”

In June 1st’s winner take all primary, Curtis turned back three opponents with an absolute majority of 52% of ballots cast. Following him were the two Dashezniks in the race, Esther Henry with 25% and Jennifer Magormack with 13%. Neophyte Zikmund Magnab received the remaining 10%. Socialist party operatives have noted that in addition to Mayor Curtis’s personal popularity, personal differences between Henry and Magormack prevented a more vigorous opposition to his ascendance. Mayor Haan’s victory indicates a move for the Socialists in a more moderate direction, abandoning some of it’s more doctrinaire approaches to the financial sector and easing up on demands for increase government regulation of social media. It remains to be seen if the Communist candidate will be the beneficiary of leftists disgruntled with this direction of the Socialists this fall. In the Civic Platform primary, also winner take all Ghastak Leader Kenneth Haan, the former Vice President also scored a majority with 57% of the vote. His leading opponent, District Judge Jeffrey S’rev captured 33%. Late in the campaign Mr. Haan gave further attention to Judge
S’rev’s advocacy of greater attention to economic development outside major metropolitan areas, locations that have not traditionally supported Civic Platform. Party officials are urging Mr. Haan to consider Judge S’rev as his running mate, a move that would unify the party. The other challenger in the race, Jonathan Whiteford failed to gin up much support among the party rank and file, and his poor showing at 10% indicates the end of all but the most entrenched old guard within Civic Platform. Brenda Sanders, unopposed for the Communist nomination used the occasion of the presidential primaries to heckle all candidates to her right. Her approbation was harshest against Mayor Haan, who she repeatedly characterized as the “running dog of capitalist exploiters in the financial halls of Kelso”. For the most part, Mayor Haan shrugged off the attacks, and is expected to do so going forward into the fall campaign. The meeting of the National Democrat Grand National Command in North Kelso was contentious as always. Two camera crews were clubbed by members ot the party’s Youth Guard during the opening session as Ghastaker Elear and Mr. Ingersoll railed against recent immigrants and what they termed as “a cabal of transosexuals, dope fiends, girly men and communist agents polluting our nation’s education system”. North Kelso police arrested 42 Youth Guard in several bar fights outside the G’velsh’yn Convention Center, true to form for previous nominating conventions. At the end of the week Elear prevailed with 51 votes to 8 for Ingersoll.

Early Polling and Synopsis

Polling by Eitoan One News immediately after the National Democrat nomination places President Shrdlu ahead with 32% of those surveyed. 16% were reported undecided. He was followed by Curtis at 25%, Haan at 24%, with Sanders and Elear collecting 4 and 3 percent respectively.

Among the undecided the largest group represented are upper middle income voters. Experts cite general satisfaction in that cohort with President Shrdlu’s economic policies, in particular restraining inflationary spending. A factor among that group leading to uncertainty is the traditional favorability of Civic Platform financial policy. President Shrdlu’s greatest strength is found in smaller cities and in towns, residents there viewing his administration as being even handed with regards to big business, entrepreneurs, and labor. Mr. Haan, following, historical trends has traditional religious families as a strong base of support. The Socialist Curtis leads most in the larger cities, with much admiration of his record in Kelso. Sanders languishes behind in almost all demographic, geographic and economic groups, save among the usual university enclaves and unskilled labor.

Overseas: Stegman Returns from Agar
Falkowki and Foreign Affairs to Consider Next Moves With Inland Sea Neighbor

Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Marilyn Stegman has returned to Vladarsik following discussions with Agar-Na Foreign Minister Count Abravenel. Upon her return Stegman commented “ Our talks with Count Abravenel have been expect that we will formulate a proposal to The Palace soon and there will be a resumption of discussions.” Undersecretary Stegman had been in Agar to test out response to a proposed invitation to the principality to join the Northwest Mutual Assistance Agreement, either as an observer or full fledged member. Although the Agarese Foreign Ministry has been close mouthed, sources close to Prime Minister Shapira say that the administration views such participation favorably, and that there have been informal discussions with Prince Harold.

The issue in Vladarsik now centers around a possible dual proposal for NMAA membership for Agar-Na and Federal Ralkovia. Eitoan diplomats are expected to discuss the best path forward with NMAA members, with Secretary Falkowski likely to lead discussions with The Golden Throne. After analysis of allied response Secretary Falkowski would then take the lead in broaching the subject more directly with Agar.

Northern Territories: Tressel Collapse Kills 3, Injures 12 in Blue Island
Major Traffic Problems on National Road 1
Rail Traffic Impacted
Delays at Border Checkpoints

A railroad tressel overpass collapse this morning on National Road 1 in Blue Island killed 3 motorists and injured 12. 2 survivors remain in critical condition and 4 have been released from the hospital at this time. The tressel, owned by the Blue Island Outer Belt Railroad had been deemed in poor condition at last inspection 2 years ago, and was a candidate for legal action between the Department of Transportation and the railroad. Transportation Secretary Robert Machruim arrived at 11 AM Blue Island Time to inspect recovery operations. The department’s district engineer, William Germond expects the debris to be cleared in three days. The stretch of highway, 4 miles south of the T’grevnik Bridge across the Jin River has made bridge traffic inoperable, causing the T’grevnik border crossing with the Federal Republic of Czaslyudian Peoples to shut down for the duration, and both Czaslyundian and Eitoan officials have been rerouting international traffic to other border crossing points. Crosstown rail traffic in north Blue Island is bogged down, but cross border rail traffic is reported at normal volumes.

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Postby Analeuthocosia » Wed Jun 08, 2022 9:30 pm

x-posted to Scenes from a Revolution

[Excerpted from a MNA broadcast on 21 May 2037 (Kozanian calendar)]

“—but first,” said the news anchor, “this week on the Kozani War Report: Marielena Mendes travelled to Mezhgani Refugee Camp in search of communist paramilitaries. This is what she found.”

There was a brief, five-second transition featuring the ubiquitous dramatic music sting, before the scene settled upon the Kozani War Report. The graphics looked surprisingly retro. 2010s perhaps. The words "Kozani War Report with Marielena Mendes" remained highlighted onscreen for several seconds, before fading in onto the segment.

It began with a recording. The camera was focused on a young woman in dark clothing, ash blonde and round-faced, speaking into a microphone, on a makeshift stage fringed with portable speakers. Her voice was no different from that of many Analeuthians: very close to standard Received Pronunciation, with only a slight half-closing of the vowels to differentiate it from standard English. She was saying:

“...why does any one person—or one class of people—rule over another? The answer is class warfare.” There was a slight murmur from within the crowd. “For generations a war has been waged against us, the working peoples of the world, by kings, noblemen and capitalists alike, a war whose sole purpose is to enrich them at our expense. All that socialist revolution requires from us, is for us to begin to fight back...”

Her tone was not declamatory; it was gentle, almost dreamlike. There was at the same time something clear and compelling about it that made one want to keep listening. Perhaps in another era she might have made a good radio presenter. Towards the end of the excerpt, the image crossfaded into that of another woman, this one more recognisable to an international audience. Photojournalist and occasional TV presenter Marielena Mendes had an almost supernatural ability to report from deep within conflict zones and come out alive. Her English had, as always, a trace of a Mokan accent.

“These are the words,” she said, “of Serafina Nikhaia, a senior party official of AKILA—the Analeuthian-Kozanian International Liberation Army—speaking to a small group of supporters here in Mezhgani Refugee Camp, Kozani.”

The camera panned behind her, a wide shot of a sunny landscape crowded with uncountable mobile homes and prefabricated tiny houses, revealing that Marielena was standing beside a wide brown river and separated from the main body of the refugee camp by a narrow strip of pastureland alongside the river’s edge.

“A far-left militant organisation headquartered in Laurentia—some five hundred kilometres northeast of Y'Skarla—AKILA is a name that’s made international news lately for its military and political successes throughout the Analeuthian Independent States. Here in Mezhgani Camp, population one point one million, inhabited by refugees from the long Kozanian Civil War, it’s the only thing people want to talk about.” The image shifted to a still photograph of an older man, bald-headed and bearded, with spectacles perched on a severe face. “Thirty years ago, a man named Dzhamil Tulqari—today better known as ‘Chairman Bey’—had a vision: a united socialist republic not only encompassing the former Kozanian Republic, but also taking in the states of the western Analeuths. His Democratic Front for the Liberation of Kozani became one of the largest factions in the civil war. Now, with its successor organisation, AKILA, the reclusive Chairman is poised to make his dream a reality.”

The shot cut back to Serafina on the stage, still speaking: “...we have lived in darkness for too long. But between the darkness and the dawn, as someone once said, there rises the Red Star. Now is our time to realise the vision of a society that is truly free from want. There is no reason to settle for less.”

“Serafina Nikhaia herself,” said Marielena, the video cutting back to her, “is typical in some respects of AKILA officials: young—today is, in fact, her twenty-seventh birthday—idealistic, militant, and not particularly ideological. This party is, at its core, a group of socialists and communists that have decided to set aside the sectarian differences that have long plagued such movements. But in other respects, she is exceptional—at least in the eyes of her fellow party members. I was, unfortunately, unable to interview her myself, but I spoke to another senior AKILA official.”

The image cut to a different area of the camp, to an older man, grey of hair and beard but still handsome, with a definite if indefinable charisma and a military bearing. “My name,” he said, “is Khalil Taldan. I’ve been with the Democratic Front for nineteen years, and now AKILA.”

“I asked Khalil,” said Marielena, back by her riverbank, “about AKILA’s successes, and to what he attributed them. I also asked him about Chairman Bey, who, unusually, he knows personally—the reclusive Chairman has been rarely seen in public for over a decade. This is what he told me.”

“The truth is,” said Khalil, “we all do look up to Chairman Bey as a great revolutionary, of course. But increasingly, who we follow is Serafina. It is her leadership that brought us into Kozani, and it’s her leadership that will someday liberate it.”

“So was she handpicked by Chairman Bey to succeed him?” asked the unseen Marielena with the camera. “Or was she elected?”

“To hear Chairman Bey tell it, he just wanted to see what someone with perfect recall for faces and people would do if he put her in charge of ten thousand people,” said Khalil, with a laugh. “But I think he also saw that the movement needed a face; the volunteers, who are mostly young, needed someone like themselves to look up to.”

The scene returned to the riverbank: “And Serafina herself, in her speeches, credits her fellow volunteers above herself.”

The scene now cut once more to Serafina: “I rely, more than anything else, on all of the volunteers that make AKILA what it is, more than a million of us now. All of whom are also exceptional people...”

“Will a million volunteers be enough for AKILA to take over all of Kozani?” Marielena asked rhetorically. “We can’t know, but at the end of my interview with him, I put the question to Khalil.”

“Yes,” said Khalil. “Undoubtedly. Within the next few months, I think.”

“If his optimism proves accurate, within a few months, the world’s socialist states may well find their numbers enriched by one,” said Marielena. “And the long war in Kozani will finally be over. You’re watching the Marshite News Agency. From Kozani, I’m Marielena Mendes.”
Who we are, and how we came to be

A nation that can perhaps best be summed up with some questions: what might the Soviet Union or Yugoslavia have looked like in a world where idealism could be made material? What about a world where a vanguard party avoided backsliding into social imperialism or ideological deviationism? Is it even legal to run a communist nation where people don't call each other "comrade" or have "Five-Year Plans"? We'll find out (maybe).

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Postby Phibeta » Sun Jun 12, 2022 9:38 am


The Seaside Town of Beakdale, The Current Residence of The AHSCAian Ambassador

Following the establishment of the AHSCAian embassy in Beakdale, the Nationalists minority in Beakdale and in Parliament have been very keen to assert their cultural dominance over their neighbors, which in this editor’s opinion is completely ludicrous. The whole thing began when the home of the Ambassador, Mrs. Admira, was asked to be designed to be in the traditional Corona hut of their homelands. The Nationalists in the city began protesting the local City and County Councils to force the ambassador and her family to change the style of home immediately.

“It’s an eyesore to the Grand Phibetan Imperial Style that make our nation the greatest in the world!” says Mr. Arnold Palmerstien, the head of the Nationalists of Beakdale, which controls only one seat in the Beakdale County Council (of which is seated by Mr. Arnold Palmerstien). “If every nation wants their embassy in their certain way, then we would lose our national heritage! We are most proud and would do anything to protect our national identity”. He also points out how “impoverished” it’ll look beside the grand townhomes and apartments that line up the beaches of Beakdale, which is a small seaside town on the east coast.

“The ambassador may choose their own style as they wish, either for residence or for their embassy,” says Mr. Robert Bishop, the Minister for Foreign Affairs. “Not only do we want to reestablish warm relations, we just want to get a taste of their culture and what they have to offer to our citizens. We have to understand the ambassador’s wants and desires to make every ambassador comfortable during their stay here in Phibeta. The Nationalists have a short-minded agenda when it comes to foreign policy I believe, it may be the reason why they have been trailing in elections since the end of Nationalist rule in parliament since the 1990s”. To catch up on readers that have no idea what we are talking about, the Nationalists under Lord Sir Rodger Heston held a majority of the House of Commons only for him to resign as prime minister after the disaster of the Market Crash of 1991 and other failures under his premiership. Many citizens have been weary of Nationalist policies, but there has been a small rise in members once again, but with the upcoming local elections, these kinds of comments would affect the legitimacy of the party.

“I don’t think the Nationalists would gain more seats in parliament or in other local councils,” says Ms. Layla Hughes, MP for Loughcommon and the current Speaker for The House of Commons. “These kinds of insensitive comments are considered PR failures for the party, and that kind of xenophobic attitude to other cultures may hurt our international standing on the world stage. We are a nation that welcomes all cultures within our borders. Besides, I think that our kingdom would be quite boring if there is no cultural differences for each embassy or residency. I believe that once the general elections come around, the Nationalists would become a severely minor party. But one must not be too sure”. The Nationalist Party leader, Clifford Sellers, currently the MP for Mondola had no comment on the issue, except for “If nations want to do business with us, they should comply with Phibeta’s culture. Oh, and I want them to give us parts of their territories too!” Anyway, it is not up to parliament on what an ambassador’s residency should be, it is up to the foreign office and the City Councils to decide if there is any problem with the ambassador’s home, and as long as it meets building safety regulations, then there is no problem. In this editor’s personal opinion (that of a native Beakdalian), it is a wonderful addition to the landscape that is our little seaside town.

Richard Boston, head-editor for The Weston Mail

OPINION COLUMN: Why Nationalism

Submitted by: Clifford Sellers, MP for Mondola

I am the leader of the greatest political party in this Grand Kingdom, the Nationalists! We are a party that supports the continuation of our empire, one that all peoples shall bow down to. Many of you wonderful readers may ask why nationalism? We are a proud people that believe in our supremacy of the empire and our empire alone! It is Phibeta above all as we rule the waves with our naval supremacy. The Liberals have gotten their way in decreasing our naval supremacy (EDITOR’S NOTE: Currently, The Phibetan Navy boasts a very strong navy, with over 24,000 active personnel with 11,000 more in reserve), and sadly our reputation as rulers of the sea has diminished. Nationalism calls for a return for a navy that can challenge all others on the sea as we want to control the world throughout the corners of the world.

The Conservatives talk about commonwealth as if it was still our empire. We know that commonwealth is not our empire. What we want is a return to our proper imperial borders. From Xofrautan to the Cartune Isles. We have been working with the Imperialists to bring even more lands into our glorious empire. I know that the lands in the Southern Seas would look great as a jewel in our empire, and the Cartune Isles should be back in our fold. Lastly, the old lands towards the north of Great Phitannia belong to us. They believe they have self-autonomy, but they are stupid and we are right of our territorial right.

The Democratic Socialists claim that this recent wave of immigration is building our economy, but our empire has no room for non-Phibetans. These damned immigrants are taking our jobs, jobs that belong to good, wholesome Phibetans. We do not want these filthy immigrants ruining the pristine imperial lands. We are seeing a degradation in our architectural structure with a small, impoverished shack in Beakdale ruining our grand, elegant, decadent style. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Please see top article). Phibeta for True Phibetans. And on a further note, the true faith of course is the Cardinal faith. Kick out the heathen lords spiritual in the House of Lords. The Marshite Spiritual lords want to instate a terrible calendar system that messes with the good and honest Cardinal Calander System. Long live those great Cardinal Heroes who protect us from the heathens!

Our nationalistic pride has withered away. Gone are the days of the Land of Hope and Glory, here are the days of compliance and death of our great empire. Join the Nationalists to win back our pride and glory! We are Phitannia, and Phitannia rules the sea! Not Cartoonia, not those pesky islanders in the South Seas, not those we have defeated in the 1800s, not the cults of those Marshites, but us Phibetans, good Cardinal Phibetans. Phibeta who will forever be free!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The paper wishes to express how much of the values this company is extremely against. The views are not shared with the editors and the sole purpose of this publication is to inform the readers of how disgusting and horrifying the Nationalist’s agenda is.)

The House of Commons in St. Parington’s Palace, the home of Phibeta’s Parliament

The Prorogration of Parliament About To Commence The Summer Recess Season

Madame Speaker, The Lords, and Ladies who are authorized by virtue of Her Majesty's Commission to declare the prorogation of Parliament, desire the presence of this Honourable House, in the House of Peers to hear the Commission read.

On June 10, these words will be spoken by the Gentleman Usher of The Blackrod of Parliament signaling the end of the parliamentary session that took place from February to May of 2022. This is an annual tradition that gives members of Parliament some time to rest and perhaps go around their constituency to survey the well-being of their constituents. It is also time for the House of Lords and Ladies’ commission members to begin the process of scrutinizing bills and past laws. This tradition dates back to the 1810s, and even further back, when the ruling monarch would decide to shut down parliament for a couple of weeks when things got too unruly. Since the Tri-monarchy began in 1814, this tradition now is used to declare a recess for parliament to give politicians a break and to visit the constituency that they represent.

This time, things will be a bit different as these MPs will be on the campaign trail with local politicians to progress their party power in the upcoming local elections which are projected to be in December of 2022. “It is a time to bolster our numbers in terms of support,” says Prime Minister Douglas Sousa, MP for Shiledfried and Party Leader for The Conservatives. “We Always spend our time during the prorogation visiting our people and promising them all kinds of reforms and laws”.

“It is a time to recruit new members into our party,” says Clifford Sellers, MP for Mondola and the Party Leader for the Nationalists. “Nationalism is a part of everyone’s soul and with the upcoming prorogation, we can recruit new members for our cause”. There are many who adore this tradition, but then there are others who believe that this tradition only weakens the democratic force of our kingdom.

“It is an old institution that keeps the power to the few, which is the power to the nobility,” says Mr. Richard Harrison, Democratic Socialist MP for Ridderton. “It may have been a necessity when most of the educated populous belonged to the aristocracy, but now is an old tradition that has no place in our modern democracy”. Others believe that prorogation stalls parliamentarian debate and law-making.

“This bourgeoisie prorogation stalls the proletariat debate we have in parliament,” says Communist MP Lindsay Firth of Killbinshire. “We can not have a great debate or create new laws with these interruptions to the system!”. There have been referendums in the past for the House of Lords to be dissolved in favour of a senate or council.

Keep in mind that those who believe in the good of the prorogation of parliament also are aiming for favourable results in the upcoming local elections. The seats of the House of Commons will remain the same, but the local city council seats will, and it will also determine the outcome of the general elections set for 2025. The Nationalists claim that they will do well, but with the current PR disaster, it is expected for the support for Nationalists will decrease significantly.

Whatever happens, we can be sure that the current tradition will continue, even with the rejectors of this old system.

Hans Eric Wardolf, politics editor for The Weston Mail

Other headlines

It Is Now Confirmed That Her Majesty, Queen Diane Is Six Months Pregnant With Male Child

Prime Minister Sousa Grants Equipment Lend-Lease To The New Visayan Confederation In Ongoing Crisis

Weston Royal Opera Company Production of The Butcheress of Sauville Opens In Two Weeks
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Queen Diane II
Prime Minister Douglas Sousa
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Robert Bishop

The Grand Kingdom of Phibeta
Conquérants Du Monde
National Anthem: Land of Hope and Glory
Capitol: Weston

Headlines: Nationalists Respond To Ambassador’s Home in Beakdale. Big Blunder in Public and Foreign Relations! | The Prorogration of Parliament About To Commence The Summer Recess Season | It Is Now Confirmed That Her Majesty, Queen Diane Is Six Months Pregnant With Male Child | Prime Minister Sousa Grants Equipment Lend-Lease To The New Visayan Confederation In Ongoing Crisis | Weston Royal Opera Company Production of The Butcheress of Sauville Opens In Two Weeks

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Postby Agar-Na » Sun Jun 12, 2022 2:00 pm

World: Foreign Affairs Awaits Naming of Czaslyudian Supremo

Sources at the Foreign Ministry indicate that the Foreign Minister, Count Abravenel is ready to invite the incoming Principle Chairman of the Federal Republic of Czaslyudian Peoples upon his or her announcement to the office. The Agarese embassy in Sevyich confirms that relations between Agar-Na and it’s neighbor to the north continue on a steady basis, although discussions beyond the normal coordination of trade, river and flood control, and border security are on hiatus pending any change brought my Mr. Bezukhov’s incipient successor. The sudden departure of Principle Chairman Vadim Bezukhov caught the Foreign Ministry unawares, and at this time there is no clear sign of a successor in Sevyich. High level communications between the Palace and Sevyich remain intact, with Prime Minister Shapira updating Prince Harold periodically. Following the announcement of Mr. Bezukhov’s successor Foreign Affairs expect to extend an invitation for the new Principle Chairman to visit Agar, and have an audience with Prince Harold. This has been a mainstay of Agarese diplomacy since independence in 1975. The upcoming summit of Great Inland Sea states in September has not been delayed at this time, and is not expected to be be postponed.

Nation: Massive Drug Bust in Kvecany

An early morning raid by police in the Kvecany neighborhood of Agar netted 56 pounds of raw cocaine and methamphetamine valued at 750 million Credits. Upon a tip by informers at the National Police, 15 squad cars and two SWAT units swooped in on a large equipment shed on a lumberyard on Stare Misto street, largely unattended at 2 AM. Six men guarding the shed were injured in a shootout, with two gunmen on the loose. Kvecany and adjacent neighborhoods have been on lockdown since the raid. Two policemen have been hospitalized with light wounds and are expected to be released from the hospital later today. Agar-Na police spokesman Dominik Sklenár told the Star-Reporter “This looks like the tip of the iceberg for a major operation. We’re hoping that information obtained from records in this action can help resolve a lot of the drug dealing we’ve seen increase throughout the city, especially in the 10th and 11th precincts. My thanks go out to the National Police intelligence unit, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. We have additional information from the National Police that this transshipment point may be connected to larger foreign cartels, and they may have more to say about that later. Currently we have four suspects in detention, and there will be extensive investigation into their activities by both us and National Pollice intelligence."

Business: SJM Announces This Year’s Crop of Partners

Agar-Na’s leading accounting firm SJM announced twelve new partners, the largest class in five years. Seven partners announced serve in the Agar-Na office, with three in Lorinick and two in Myslava. All partners have attained their new status between the ages of 30 and 35, and have met the requisite 7 million credit sales over the last two years. There are 11 men and one woman in the cohort. Board Chairman Pavol Kollár made the announcement during the monthly directors meeting, saying “we look forward to the addition of these new partners, and congratulate them heartily on their attainment. I would especially like to recognize their contributions in the audit, international business and agricultural business sectors. SJM must continue to keep up with the times, and we think this class can contribute heavily toward that goal.”

The firm indicated that it is sticking it’s toe further into international business, planning to staff an office in Kelso, Eitoan. Chairman Kollár said at the meeting that there are also plans afoot to find affiliates elsewhere on continent, with Ladero being an area of interest in the near term.
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