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PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2021 10:07 am
by Cartoonia



In the wake of pro-child sentiments ever since the Crossoverian incidents, one can not forget the trauma that young folks had in their childhoods with abusive parents. With many older citizens coming forward with secret abuses, this one takes Cartoonia’s military by surprise. Shouto Todoroki, a former captain in the Cartoon Army before transferring into the civil service as ambassador, recounts the abuse forced on him by his father Enji Todoroki, commonly known as General Endeavor, in his autobiography “The Path Untaken”. General Endeavor was one of the top-ranking generals in the Cartoon Army since 1961, having served as commander in the Philippines back in the 1970s, North Korea in the 1990s, the Middle East, and Somalia in the 2000s. He has since retired with full honors and benefits since early 2010, even after retirement, he was still benignly praised by Cartoon House politicians, he was even assumed that he would have been appointed either Gran-General of the Army, or Secretary of Defense if Mr. Loud Kiddington of the Grand Old Cartoon Party was elected as Chancellor instead of Nigel Uno. In his lifetime, he has always strived to be the highest-ranking general over all others and establish a family dynasty in the military, expecting all of his children to serve as commanders, training them to their limits. Out of all of his children, he had his eyes on his fourth son, Shouto Todorki. “I remember how poorly my father treated me. I wanted to play with my siblings, but my father would take me away for training,” Says Todoroki in an exclusive interview with the Gallagher Herald. “His training methods were unorthodox, I would say that they were inhumane. He would push me until I was sick. I tried to tell him I didn’t want to go on, but he ignored my cries. My mother used to stand up for me, but she fell victim to the domestic abuse given by my father”. He goes on to explain how bad his abuse got, that his mother went insane, scarring the young boy at age 6 years old which made provincial news in the 1980s. “I never want to be like him” he adds. “I do not want to become like that pig of my father”.


Given the strong stance against child abuse, Cartoonian politicans have questioned the general that Enji was made out to be. Up and coming politician in the Western Pacifica Province, Natsuo Todoroki, Shouto’s older brother, came out saying “He would control the diet of my brother. Not allowing him to eat anything unfit for a military commander. He was kept away from my cooking and our sister’s cooking for a long time”. He was in the line to become a commander himself before rejecting his father and becoming a politician. He citied the hypocrisy and denial of freedom as the source of this animosity, he was even the reason Natsuo has been running on a campaign of absolutely no forgiveness for child abusers. With outrage from all persons and parties involved, a military council held in the Department of Defense building have voted to hold a tribunal with the cooperation of Cartoon House and interrogate the case and alligation. “While we encourage the youth to participate in the military through the boy-scouts like organization that is the KND Corps” says Secretary of Defense, Ludwig Belischmidt, “We do not condone of the forced muster of children to be raised as commanders. The KND Corps builds the youth of Cartoonia into strong leaders, but what General Endevour did was downright child abuse, and he must be strictly held accountable”. While the trial goes on, General Endeavor shall be put into custody with all of his assets frozen until the verdict is reached. If the trial finds guilty, he will be stripped of all his honors, medals, and his retirement pension, ultimately stripping him of his title and rank. While he may find a few supporters on his side, General Endeavor has proven that no matter how strong and great a general maybe, he can be easily disgraced for past actions.
-Lucy Heartfilia, Co-Head-Journalist for The Gallagher Herald


PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2021 2:33 am
by Holy Marsh

Holy Marsh to be Renamed

Mar'si- Arch-Bishop Luboski announced that the Holy Marsh as a nation would be undergoing a name alteration. "The Grand Theocratic Empire betrays an essential truth about us, for we are not a nation that colonized and controls others," she stated during a sermon. The Grand Theocratic Empire of the Holy Marsh became the official name of the nation in 1997 ALW, when Arch-Bishop Yusara declared it after multiple Marshite settlements chose to define their relationship with the Theocracy as more master-colonial than as part of the same territory, so they would have the ability to react better to local concerns. However, with all such territories having either been subsumed into the Theocracy in full or become their own independent nations, "calling us an Empire misleads the Faithful and our friends abroad, doing a disservice to us all."

The Arch-Bishop has the right to rename the nation, with the only roadblock being the Cardinal Council giving final approval in a rare vote where a two-thirds opposition may reverse the Arch-Bishop. However, Lubiski has said that she plans to have the Faithful involved, informing the Church that a vote will be held. The exact names that will be placed on the ballot are not currently known, though it is expected that the Commune Shrine will feature in some manner in at least some of the choices presented. Marshites across the world will be allowed to vote regardless of citizenship status in the Theocracy, seeing as the name is important to all members of the Faith.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2021 9:37 pm
United Island Office of Culture and Information (UNICIM)

Sunday 24 October 2021

Holy Marsh to Change Name

by:Asuka Kotobuki, Sr. Reporter

The long time ally and friend of the UIS, Holy Marsh has made a stunning international announcement that it intends to formally change its country title for the first time in recent history. Arch-Bishop Luboski announced that the current title of "Grand Theocratic Empire" which was adopted in 1997 ALW (that's 1897 CE), must be changed, as she explained in a sermon "The Grand Theocratic Empire betrays an essential truth about us, for we are not a nation that colonized and controls others," she stated during a sermon.

The Arch-Bishop has the right to rename the nation with the Cardinal Council giving final approval in a rare vote where a two-thirds opposition may reverse the Arch-Bishop. However, Lubiski has said that she plans to have the Faithful involved, informing the Church that a vote will be held. The exact names that will be placed on the ballot are not currently known, though it is expected that the Commune Shrine will feature in some manner in at least some of the choices presented. Marshites across the world will be allowed to vote regardless of citizenship status in the Theocracy, seeing as the name is important to all members of the Faith.

AHSCA has a notably high population of practicing Marshites or Madokamists who profess some crossing over of their beliefs and vice-versa. Back in the late 19th Century at the height of the Aurora Empire, Marshism was the only religion outside the State Ordained Madokamism to be allowed within Duchess Tamura's mighty vice grip. At a time when Christians and others faced wide spread persecution, Marshism was treated as a secondary and even equal faith to Madokamisim. High Priestess Yukari Shimaki in 1889 declared herself to be a Pan-Madokamist-Marshite practitioner and called Holy Marsh (the God) the new incarnate of Yue the Moon from the creation story. This policy was de-canonized in 1900 and while the numbers of Marshites have come and gone over the years it still remains AHSCA's second most practiced religion outside the state ordained traditions, followed by Christianity in third.

During AHSCA's war for Independence, The Grand Theocratic Empire supplied weapons and troops to help in the struggle for independence and also stayed for the recovery and stabilization of the nation. Today they remain a close ally of the UIS. The Foreign Office provided an official statement towards the government of Holy Marsh stating well wishes and the intent to make sure all Marshites in the UIS would be made aware of this open voting process to change the name and a plan to expedite their ballots. Mail ballots and voting boxes are being set up at major points in all villages where Marshites have significant populations including the major ports.

For the smaller villages, volunteers are being asked to deliver ballots to citizens around, one I was able to talk to, Rin Asano, from the small village of Asaka in Aurora gave an interview to me. "I'm glad The Arch Bishop is letting us all vote even for those of us who don't live in Holy Marsh. Even away, we're still cared about." Asano's family moved to AHSCA from Holy Marsh just before the Shift and became full citizens shortly after. Rin is 15 though not declared an adult by AHSCA law still is taking the responsibility on herself to inform her fellow countrymen and the like about it. "It's fun, I jump on my bike and hand out ballots and collect them. Even my girlfriend helps when she's not at work anyway."

Big and small, every villager is getting their voices heard, times are changing for Holy Marsh but the winds of new change will bring forth new chances for the faithful Marshites who fly her flag.

SS Yuzu Sets Sail for Ridderli Ships Festival

by: Shino Asagiri, Junior Reporter

In 2018 the SS Yuzu a paddle steamer made history when it ran into every worse case scenario possible on her voyage from AHSCA to Mokastana, encountering a major hurricane, an outbreak of Fever aboard among passengers and crew and added to that, pirates! Something out of a novel suddenly became a frightful reality for everyone aboard. Well it's been three years since that, the ship has been repaired from damage she sustained between the storm and crooks and she's hitting the high seas once more with another full crew and cargo, this time bound for the exotic land of Ridderli a tropical nation based in the Someplace region. Once again at the helm was the Captain whom managed to get the ship to Lamoni safely, Aina Indou along with the newest member of the crew, the apporpiratley named, Yuzu Kotobuki, a young female from Animalpolis whom has just come of age and will be embarking on this voyage as crew. When she was aboard The Yuzu that fateful week, she was a passenger whom had fallen ill and was in a hospital intensive care ward for weeks after. Surviving but not without the lasting damage to her body but thankful to be alive.

"Am I scared? No not at all" Kotobuki told to UNICIM Press. "I'm actually excited for the voyage, I'm eager to start making my way in the world in AHSCA's time honored tradition of sailing the seas."
Kotobuki is a junior seaman (or sea woman?) thus she's a scrub who will be expected to do most of the regular tasks of her maritime crewmates. But her aspirations are high to become first mate under Captain Indou someday.

"She's lovely, beautiful and a seasoned skilled captain. I can only hope to be as good as she is."

Captain Indou who is again taking the helm of her ship also isn't weary about it. "Perils are apart of the sea, you have to accept that. What happened three years back was just a lot of bad things happening at once. I've been sailing since I was 12 and usually the trips are pretty uneventful." We also asked why she returned to the Yuzu as opposed to seeking another vessel to command, "The Yuzu was my first ship when I became a certified captain. I know her inside and out and know how to handle her. She's my ship and the only one I want to command."

The Yuzu incident was something of a norm changer, as since then every ship has carried on certified or in-training Priestess aboard to garner the blessings of the divine. This year, a Ranked Priestess from Corona is joining aboard, Priestess Notormo to lead services for the faithful tourists as well as to curious tourists in the Harbor. "This is terrific and exciting" Notormo said to us, "There are no cursed ships, only happenstance, sometimes it all piles up at once and sometimes it doesn't."

While in Ridderli, guided tours aboard the Yuzu are expected as well as open meal service and lodging services for those who wish to experience ship life from an islander's perspective. "The rest of the world has moved on from sea travel" Captain Indou stated, "But it's still so ingrained to island life. It's become a way for us to explore the larger world and for the world, it's a way for them to understand us." The Captain says she'll be helping with the tours but also is expected to enjoy some leisure time in the port itself along with any number of passangers and crew going abroad on holiday to escape the doldrums of the rainy monsoon season.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2021 9:31 am
by Morrdh


All Shipping Be Advised; Mutton Island, SW Of Mordent, Is Hereby Under QUARANTINE.

Henceforth, A NAVAL BLOCKADE Of One (1) Mile Round The Island Is Now Enforced.

Enquiries To Be Directed To The Office Of CiC Mordent Station Or The Mordentish Garda.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2021 12:18 pm
by Morrdh

MORDENT.- It has recently been announced that Mutton Island, located a few miles to the south-west of Mordent, has been abruptly placed under quarantine which is enforced by a naval blockade.

No further details as to why the entire island has been placed under quarantine have been forthcoming, though there are unconfirmed reports of a force of Garda officers and a platoon of Royal Morridane Marines being landed on the island prior to the quarantine and naval blockade being announced. Presently, warships currently patrol up to a mile offshore preventing any vessel from approaching the island. Those have been able to get a close look at the island report that they did not spot quarantine flags or any other signs of an outbreak, even person spotted on the island did not appear to be wearing hazmat suits or any other PPE for an infectious outbreak.

At first glance, Mutton Island's history seem to hold little clues as to what may have unfolded. The island is home to a small fishing village of insular folk, the vast majority of which make a living harvesting the bounty of the sea yet a piece of fish on the island cannot be brought for love nor money. Aside from this curious quirk, the island is better known for it's Fruits of the Sea Festival hosted during the summer months and the standing stones that top the lonely that rises behind the village. Tourists visit year round for the island is regarded by many cruise lines and travel agencies as a quaint place to visit.

There are rumours, dark ones, that something unsettling lurks behind the pleasant facade that the island puts on for visitors. Over the years there have been reports of persons going missing on the island, typically visitors that the locals insist foolishly wander off into the boggy interior of the island, but no remains were ever found. Even the Mordentish Garda only maintain a part-time presence on the island, a couple of officers visit once a week to check on things and may only spend a single night at the small garda station before returning to the 'mainland' of Mordent itself. In spite of the supposed disappearances over the years, official records concerning the island are rather scant save for the occasional census.

So just what is the mystery of Mutton Island?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2021 6:09 am
by Tangatarehua


31st October 2021

Parliament was dissolved today following confirmation that an election would be held on November 13th 2021, in line with Article 5 of the constitution.

Tangatarehua will head to the polls on November 13th to elect a new House of Representatives

The announcement of the election date was left to the last possible moment, with the constitution stating that an election cannot be held later than November 21st (three years since the 2018 election) and meaning Parliament had to dissolve no later than October 31st.

Prime Minister Tamati Kahurangi made the announcement this afternoon at a press conference, with the election date coming as something of a surprise to commentators who were expecting the Prime Minister to stick to November 21st as the election date.

"For six years the people of Tangatarehua have trusted the Mahi [Labour] Party to lead the nation through unprecedented crises in the wake of the 2015 financial crisis and I look forward to the opportunity to renew our mandate on November 13th." He said. "Times are tougher now than ever and only the Mahi Party has the compassion, the policies and the experience needed to pull our nation through these turbulent times."

However opposition parties have accused the Prime Minister of deliberately obfuscating election dates and shortening the campaign period for his own benefit, with the Manapori Party in particular stating that the power to set an election date should not rest with the Prime Minister.

"This goes to show that we need further reform to our constitution and democratic system, because a Prime Minister cannot be trusted to announce an election date and to do so with impartiality." Said Matiu Kauri, leader of the Manipori Party. "We need to introduce either fixed-term Parliaments or failing that the power should rest with the Rangatira."

However Ngaire Roimati, leader of Ropu Ripera [the Liberal Party] stated that she did not mind losing an extra week of campaigning.

"This country cannot afford another week of the Mahi Party's corruption and ineptitude and as such the sooner election day comes the better! Bring it on!"

Polls have consistently shown that Kahurangi's Mahi Party, which has controlled the House of Representatives since 2015, is in for a drubbing and could potentially fall into third place behind the pro-business Ropu Ripera [Liberal Party] and the pro-environmentalist Atawhai [Conservative] Party.

"Defying waves of protests, the Prime Minister has spent the last six months consistently refusing to resign or hold a snap election despite rising unemployment and his government tainted by multiple scandals including allegations of embezzlement and financial impropriety." Said Tipene Rangi, leader of the Atawhai [Conservative] Party. "However we cannot forget or forgive the damage that was inflicted on our nation when the Liberal Party was last in power, thus I urge my fellow Rehuans to vote Conservative even if they have never done so before."

The result will ultimately depend on turnout, but recent protests as well as polling suggest no signs of voter apathy with the government facing criticism from both the left and the right.

Legislative elections in Tangatarehua are held triennially and although the nation has a multi-party system, coalition governments remain rare with most governments dominated by either Labour or the Liberal Party.


The 310 member Whare o Mangai [House of Representatives] is elected via parallel voting. 210 of these seats represent single-member constituencies while the remaining 100 seats are divvied up proportionately to all parties that receive more than 5% of the total votes cast.

The political parties currently in Parliament are as follows:

The Labour Party
Ideology: Social democracy, Democratic socialism
Political position: Centre-left
Leader: Tamati Kahurangi
Current seats: 156/310

The Labour Party have governed since they were swept to victory in 2015, following the Tangatarehua Financial Crisis, on a promise of taxes for the rich, better working conditions and better regulation of the financial system. Although the party was re-elected in 2018, rising unemployment and a number of scandals appears to have significantly dented its public support.

Ropu Ripera
The Liberal Party
Ideology: Classical liberalism, liberal-conservatism
Political position: Centre-right
Leader: Ngaire Roimati
Current seats: 97/310

The Liberal Party has dominated the political landscape of Tangatarehua in the post-war era, governing from 1982-2000 and then again from 2006 - 2015. Historically the party has focussed on building the economy, industrialising the nation and improving human rights. In 2021 the party has pledged that it will improve LGBT rights but also pledged to cut taxes and government spending.

The Conservative Party
Ideology: Rehuan Conservatism, Environmentalism
Political position: Centre [Social: Right-wing, Economic: Left-wing]
Leader: Tipene Rangi
Current seats: 20/310

Current polls suggest the Conservative Party could have its best ever result and may even outpoll Labour. The party has a strong emphasis on environmentalism and preserving the natural order, due to its roots in the traditional Tikanga Wairua religion which stresses harmony with nature. The party has always remained opposed to the rapid industrialisation of Tangatarehua and has pledged to ban coal and shut down nuclear power plants.

The Democratic Party
Ideology: Constitutional reform, progressivism, republicanism
Political position: Centre
Leader: Matiu Kauri
Current seats: 19/310

Manapori, the Democratic Party, are primarily focussed on constitutional and democratic reform seeking to abolish the office of the Rangatira and transition Tangatarehua to full democracy. Some factions of the party also promote direct democracy while radical factions promote republicanism and the abolishment of the Imperial throne.

Ropu Kominiti
The Communist Party
Ideology: Communism, Democratic socialism, Pacifism
Political position: Far left
Leader: Whetu Ruiha
Current seats: 5/310

The Communist Party have moderated their stance in recent years, now emphasising pacifism and democratic socialism rather than Communism. The party has described capitalism as "neo-colonialism" and opposes industrialisation, globalisation as well as advocating strongly for republicanism.

The Capitalist Party
Ideology: Libertarianism, neoliberalism
Political position: Right-wing
Leader: Nikora Ruiha
Current seats: 3/310

Whakapaipai, loosely translated as "the Capitalist Party", are a right-wing political party advocating for free-markets, limited government and deregulation.

The People's Party
Ideology: Left-wing populism, anti-capitalism
Political position: Left-wing
Leader: Kiri Moana
Current seats: 3/310

Tangataropu are a left-wing populist party formed in the wake of the Tangatarehua financial crisis advocating "people over profits", with much of the party comprising former members of the Labour Party's far-left factions who argue that Labour has drifted too far to the right.

Tangatarehua Huihuinga
"Tangatarehua Conference"
Ideology: Nationalism, ultra-conservativism, anti-immigration
Political position: Far right
Leader: Tane Ngaio
Current seats: 3/310

Tangatarehua Huihuinga is a notorious extreme right-wing political party that advocates for a return to the feudal system, the reinstatement of slavery and the immediate deportation of all foreigners and a ban on foreign religions such as Christianity and Islam.

The Green Party
Ideology: Green politics, environmentalism, social liberalism
Political position: Left-wing
Leader: Aroha Mikaere
Current seats: 2/310

The Green Party is an environmentalist party but in contrast to Atawhai advocate for social liberal policies akin to similar movements internationally.

Ropu Herekore
The Freedom Party
Ideology: Right-wing populism, libertarianism
Political position: Right-wing
Leader: Hemi Huhana
Current seats: 1/310

The Freedom Party was formed by Hemi Huhana, a former Liberal Rohi Mangai (MP) who left the party due to disagreements over the party's immigration policies and tends to appeal to a working class voter base.

Motumakariri Rangatiratanga
Motumakariri Independence Party
Ideology: Yurian Nationalism, Yurian Independence, Indigenous rights
Political position: Centre to centre-left
Leader: Toru Rokurou
Current seats: 1/310

The Motumakariri Independence Party is a movement that argues that the Yuri people of Motumakariri are being opporessed and were conquered illegitimately by Tangatarehua. The party also broadly supports the promotion of the culture of the indigenous Yuri peoples at the moderate end, while advocating for a breakaway nation at the extreme end.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2021 6:00 am
by Tangatarehua


13th November 2021

Tangatarehua has elected a hung Parliament for only the second time in history, with Ropu Ripera [the Liberal Party] falling short of the 156 seat majority needed to gain control of the 310 member Whare o Mangai [House of Representatives].

L-R:Tamati Kahurangi [Labour], Ngaire Roimati [Liberal], Tipene Rangi [Conservative], Matiu Kauri [Democratic]

Ropu Ripera [the Liberal Party] have gained a plurality of seats, finishing with 148 seats out of 310 - 8 seats short of a majority. Although the party's preferred coalition partner, the right-wing libertarian Whakapaipai successfully gained one seat in this election, combined the two parties still fall short of the 156 seat majority needed to oust Labour from power.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tamati Kahurangi has refused to concede defeat despite Ropu Mahi [Labour] losing nearly 100 seats, finishing with 60 seats - down from 156.

"The fight is not over!" He told supporters tonight at Labour's election headquarters. "We are down but we are not out! I believe it is still possible to form a left-wing coalition government and keep the Liberals out of government."

The mood was more sombre at the Atawhai [Conservative] election headquarters. Although the party had its best ever result, gaining 20% of the nationwide vote and 37 new Mangai Rohe [Members of Parliament], there was a palpable disappointment among supporters that the party still finished in third place - despite polls up until the election suggesting that they were likely to outpoll Labour.

"This is not the time for what-ifs and should-have-beens, the fact is that the people of our land have spoken and if we are to achieve our noble aims then we must learn to co-operate with our former opponents." Said party leader Tipene Rangi, who later confirmed that Atawhai will be entering into negotiations with the Labour Party regarding the possible formation of a coalition government.

However, arguably the biggest victory of the night belonged to Manapori [the Democratic Party] despite gaining only 6 seats and 10% of the vote with party leader Matiu Kauri in prime 'kingmaker' position and facing courtship from both the Liberal Party as well as a possible Labour/Conservative coalition.

For many Manapori supporters the result may seem eerily similar to the last time Tangatarehua elected a hung Parliament - in 1997, the Liberal Party fell short of a majority and had to call upon Manapori in order to remain in office for a fifth term. Although the coalition was successful, it was ousted by Labour in 2000 with Manapori facing punishment from supporters and almost leaving Parliament entirely.

"I am pleased and grateful for the additional support we have received this election and I look forward to meeting and working with our six new Representatives," Said party leader Matiu Kauri. "The result of this election is somewhat sobering and responsibility it seems falls to us to ensure the formation of a stable coalition government.

"We are Democrats and we do not back down from this challenge, indeed we relish it as a sign that Tangatarehua's democracy is growing in a healthy direction. I pledge to work the parties of both the left and the right in good faith, and I will do all in my power to ensure that our vision of a freer and more democratic Tangatarehua can be realised."

Other election results tonight saw Ropu Kominiti [the Communist Party] gain cross the 5% threshold needed for party list seats and ultimately gained two additional MRs. Party leader Whetu Ruiha stated that "I am grateful to my loyal comrades both here and abroad who have chosen not to abandon the struggle for a better society for the working people."

Ruiha said that the Communist Party "are yet to make a formal decision" as to whether or not to join Tamati Kahurangi's proposed left-wing coalition.

Left-wing populist Tangataropu [the People's Party] lost a seat but remains in Parliament with leader Kiri Moana stating that she may consider joining a left-wing coalition under the condition that Tamati Kahurangi resigns as Mangai o Tangata [Prime Minister].

Kakariki [the Green Party] also lost a seat, with its now sole remaining MR Aroha Mikaere pledging her support for a coalition of left-wing parties.

The far right Tangatarehua Huihuinga also lost a seat, however party leader Tane Ngaio stated that the party intends to launch legal proceedings to overturn the results of the election in Maungapuia's 3rd District which they state was "won by a Liberal through the use of dirty tactics and other illegal means".

Right-wing populist Ropu Herekore [the Freedom Party] will not be returning to Parliament, with its sole MR Hemi Huhana losing his seat in Tapumoana's 1st District to a Liberal candidate. Meanwhile, Motumakariri Rangatiratanga [the Motumakariri Independence Party] gained an additional MR this election.

The election also saw two independents win constituencies: activist Anahera Mere won Whangakawa's 17th District, highlighting opposition to a planned expansion of Tamaki-Raki International Airport while farmer Hemi Paora won Taonekerei's 2nd District on a promise to remove speed limits from rural roads.

Full Results:

156 seats needed for a majority

Party:Seats won:Popular vote:Last election:Swing:
Ropu Ripera [Liberal Party]148 (51)40%97 seats, 31%9%
Ropu Mahi [Labour Party]60 (96)21%156 seats, 48%27%
Atawhai [Conservative Party]57 (37)20%20 seats, 8%12%
Manapori [Democratic Party]25 (6)10%19 seats, 6%4%
Ropu Kominiti [Communist Party]7 (2)5%5 seats, 5% NC
Whakapaipai [Capitalist Party]4 (1)1%3 seats, 0.7%0.3%
Tangataropu [People's Party]2 (1)0.8%3 seats, 1% 0.2%
Tangatarehua Huihuinga2 (1)0.6%3 seats, 1%0.4%
Motumakariri Rangatiratanga [Motumakariri Independence Party]2 (1)0.5%1 seat, 0.2%0.3%
Kakariki [Green Party]1 (1)0.4%2 seats, 0.8%0.4%
Ropu Herekore [Freedom Party]0 (1)0.2%Did not existNew party
Independents2 (2)N/AN/AN/A

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2021 6:37 pm
A New Squeeze for the Duchess?

-A Report from the Lanterno Gazetaro
Signostango en la mallumo -

This article first appeared in The Lanterno Gazetaro , which is a privately owned news outlet based from Corona Island in the UIS. This story has not been independently verified by UNICIM or any Government agency.

by: Amiké, Reporter

An exclusive report by the Lanterno, first here from our pages to your eyes and sometimes your skin, seriously, people please read our paper instead of using it as cover for modesty zones. Pardon me. It's felt like a year but it has only been a few short months since the incident with the Sultanate of Kyrenaia, the unfortunate breakup of AHSCA's number #1 couple, the Princess Aurelia and the Duchess Marcella, what seemed like a beautiful match made in heaven wasn't meant to be as the Royal Kryenaian family just deemed it unacceptable. Heated words were exchanged, a base was blown to smithereens, old friendships lost, people scared and frightened about the future. Members of Congress seriously considered removing the ill-tempered loud mouth monarch (their thoughts, not mine) once and for all! Well eventually it was all said, done and resolved, we all just dusted ourselves off and moved along. The Duchess's melancholy over the loss of her beloved Aurelia, the sun kissed beauty of the thousand sands of the Sultanate lingered through the festival of our great Goddesses as many felt her heart wasn't in the speech she traditionally gives to kick off the celebration.

But something has changed according to sources and eye witnesses have seen Her Royal Highness with someone new. could it be, has the Duchess found it in her heart to let go of her first love once and for all? Well hard to say, because the Duchess being a Duchess and everything, naturally has to meet and greet with a lot of people of all kinds, ordinary citizens, high ranking politicians and the likes, but our sources tell us this is no meet and greet in the name of Duchess-ly duties, but a potential someone to heal the ailing heart of our pink haired beauty. We did reach out as we did to both the UNICIM press and to members of her Highness's staff but none wished to comment which can only mean it's true! Okay maybe maybe not, but lest we forget, the Duchess and the Princess Aurelia, started over a shared kiss in a public bath in the Sultanate those faithful years ago! Is the same happening here? Without a direct ability to say one way, we can only speculate about it, but no doubt the recent actions and Congress's attempt to possibly remove the Duchess from power has left her a little shaken. It is tradition than, when a Monarch's reign is in potential jeopardy that one of three things will happen, marry to secure a stable throne by having a reliable mate and eventual heir, start eliminating one's political enemies or start a war. Well, nobody in Congress has died unexpectedly to our knowledge, we are not in a state of war so that can only mean the first. Well time will tell if the Duchess' heart has healed from these past few months to the point she's ready and moving on, the question is when will she inform her loyal subjects? Time will only tell. Meantime our dear readers, stay dry, stay safe and please remember for those of you in the purity villages, the Lanterno is better for reading than for covering.

Ĉu Nova Premo por la Dukino? [/grandeco]

[size=150]-Raporto de la Lanterno Gazetaro
Signostano en la mallumo -

Ĉi tiu artikolo unue aperis en The Lanterno Gazetaro , kiu estas privatposedata novaĵejo bazita de Corona Island en la UIS. Ĉi tiu rakonto ne estis sendepende kontrolita de UNICIM aŭ iu ajn registara agentejo.

de: Amiké, Raportisto

Ekskluziva raporto de la Lanterno, unue ĉi tie de niaj paĝoj al viaj okuloj kaj foje via haŭto, serioze, homoj bonvolu legi nian gazeton anstataŭ uzi ĝin kiel kovrilon por modestaj zonoj. Pardonu min. Ĝi estas sentata kiel jaro, sed pasis nur kelkaj mallongaj monatoj ekde la okazaĵo kun la Sultanlando de Kyrenaia, la malfeliĉa disiĝo de la numero 1-a paro de AHSCA, la Princino Aurelia kaj la Dukino Marcella, kio ŝajnis kiel bela matĉo farita en la ĉielo. ne estis intencita kiel la Reĝa Kryenaian-familio ĵus opiniis ĝin neakceptebla. Varmaj vortoj estis interŝanĝitaj, bazo estis disrompita, malnovaj amikecoj perditaj, homoj timigitaj kaj timigitaj pri la estonteco. Kongresanoj serioze pripensis forigi la malbonhumoran laŭtbuŝan monarkon (iliajn pensojn, ne miajn) unufoje por ĉiam! Nu finfine ĉio estis dirita, farita kaj solvita, ni ĉiuj nur senpolvigis nin kaj moviĝis. La melankolio de la Dukino pro la perdo de sia amata Aurelia, la suno kisita beleco de la mil sabloj de la Sultanlando restadis tra la festivalo de niaj grandaj Diinoj ĉar multaj sentis, ke ŝia koro ne estis en la parolado, kiun ŝi tradicie donas por komenci la festadon.

Sed io ŝanĝiĝis laŭ fontoj kaj ĉeestintoj vidis Ŝian Reĝan Moŝton kun iu nova. ĉu eble, ĉu la Dukino trovis en sia koro forlasi sian unuan amon unufoje por ĉiam? Nu malfacile diri, ĉar la dukino estante dukino kaj ĉio, nature devas renkonti kaj saluti kun multaj homoj ĉiaspecaj, ordinaraj civitanoj, altnivelaj politikistoj kaj similaĵoj, sed niaj fontoj diras al ni, ke tio ne estas renkontiĝi kaj saluti. en la nomo de dukinaj devoj, sed ebla iu por resanigi la malsanan koron de nia rozhara beleco. Ni ja kontaktis kiel ni faris kaj al la gazetaro de UNICIM kaj al membroj de la stabo de ŝia Moŝto sed neniu volis komenti, kio povas nur signifi, ke ĝi estas vera! Bone eble eble ne, sed por ke ni ne forgesu, la Dukino kaj la Princino Aurelia komencis pro komuna kiso en publika bano en la Sultanlando antaŭ tiuj fidelaj jaroj! Ĉu ĉi tie okazas same? Sen rekta kapablo diri unumaniere, ni povas nur konjekti pri ĝi, sed sendube la lastatempaj agoj kaj la provo de la Kongreso eble forigi la Dukinon de potenco lasis ŝin iomete skuita. Estas tradicio ol, kiam la regado de monarko estas en ebla danĝero, ke unu el tri aferoj okazos, geedziĝi por sekurigi stabilan tronon havante fidindan amikon kaj eventualan heredanton, komencu forigi onies politikajn malamikojn aŭ komenci militon. Nu, neniu en la Kongreso mortis neatendite laŭ nia scio, ni ne estas en militstato do tio povas signifi nur la unua. Nu, la tempo diros, ĉu la koro de la dukino resaniĝis de ĉi tiuj lastaj monatoj ĝis la punkto, ke ŝi estas preta kaj antaŭeniras, la demando estas kiam ŝi informos siajn lojalaj regatoj? La tempo nur diros. Dume niaj karaj legantoj, restu sekaj, restu sekuraj kaj bonvolu memori por tiuj el vi en la purecaj vilaĝoj, la Lanterno estas pli bona por legi ol por kovri.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2021 7:07 am
by Tangatarehua


13th November 2021

Te Whare o Mangai [the House of Representatives] today officially voted for Ngaire Roimati to become the new Mangai o Tangata [Prime Minister], after a decision by the Democratic Party to support a Liberal-led minority government.

Ngaire Roimati of Ropu Ripera [the Liberal Party] has been elected the new Prime Minister.

Roimati was elected, as per the constitution, in an extraordinary session of Parliament held at the request of the Most Honourable Rangatira.

"I am very grateful for this honour and I am particularly grateful to our coalition partners who have recognised the challenges we as a nation face whilst also being willing to compromise in the face of the national interest." Said Roimati in her maiden speech as Prime Minister. "Tomorrow I intend to travel to Whakaara for an audience with Her Worship the Empress, before we begin on delivering on our promises to the nation.

"I would like to state that I have heard and understood the wishes of the voting public and therefore I pledge that the administration I lead will be a centrist one, we will govern for all Rehuans, we will be guided by consensus and compromise rather than ideology."

Although Manapori [the Democrats] had intended to engage in coalition negotiations with both the left-wing and right-wing bloc, party leader Matiu Kauri announced in a press conference this morning that his party would back Ropu Ripera [the Liberals], after three-way coalition negotiations with Ropu Mahi [Labour] and Atawhai [Conservatives] broke down.

"The people of Tangatarehua deserve stability and certainty and I'm very grateful for their patience during this difficult time following the election result," Kauri said to media. "We have tried to negotiate in good faith with both sides but ultimately it is only by joining the Liberals that we are able to provide stable government while also seeing as much of our agenda across the line as possible."

Manapori's support of Ropu Ripera does not come without strings attached.

Although both parties have agreed that the deficit and national debt needs to be brought under control, the deal states forbids the Liberals from making any cuts to health, education or welfare.

"We were surprised by how much crossover their was in our two manifestos," Said Rangi Awhina, a negotiator for the Liberal Party. "Most of the disagreements were in the details or else at the fringes. We won't be making cuts to core services, we accept that in a recession people desperately need public services, but both parties are now committed to not raise taxes."

Meanwhile, anonymous sources in the Democratic Party have told journalists that they were 'aghast' during negotiations with Labour and the Conservatives who 'arrogantly' demanded that the Democrats sign up to their programme 'without question or compromise'.

"We were astonished that, amidst the fragile economic situation we're in, Labour and the Conservatives both came to us wanting to increase spending with a whole lot of uncosted and expensive ideas and expected us to just go along with it. We walked out, and went straight to the Liberals who treated us with much more respect."

On election night, Labour leader Tamati Kahurangi refused to concede defeat and entered negotiations with Atawhai [Conservatives] and a handful of smaller parties in the hopes of creating an anti-Liberal coalition of left-wing parties.

"We were just an afterthought to Tamati Kahurangi," Said the source. "I think he was so pleased that he'd managed to make an agreement with Atawhai that he assumed we'd be a pushover. It's a misjudgement that has cost him his job."

In the wake of the result, Tamati Kahurangi announced he was resigning as party leader.

"I am very proud of the things we have achieved over the last six years. Income inequality is down, the median average income is up and there are more job opportunities than ever before in our nation's history. I hope that the new government will not squander this nor take us back to where we were in 2014 and I have been honoured to serve this nation and this great political party."

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2021 10:03 pm
by Holy Marsh

The Changing Faces of Martyrdom

Regaliua, Holy Marsh- Simrat Janjua was facing an existential crisis that made her mortal condition equal parts inconsiderable and defining. At the age of 84, she had lived through many decisive campaigns. She was part of the 112th Mechanized Army when it smashed into the defenses outside Khaska, lifting the siege that had lasted for a thousand years. She received medals for valor during the Three Rivers Campaign, when the 112th Mechanized was virtually annihilated during gigantic tactical nuclear exchanges and unrelenting underground battles that raged unabated. She was forced out not by choice but by injury ten years before the introduction of the medical system which would have seen her still capable of warfighting. After her career in the military she spent many long decades in public service, and during the brief civil war played a crucial role ensuring that both factions respected the sabbath in her sub-district. For this she was also honored. Still, she was facing down death due to old age, a dishonorable fate.

For eons, the Theocracy bred its citizens with the belief that Martyrdom was expected of them. Very few reached old age and most of those were clergy, who were expected to keep the Church functioning and thus were forgiven of their sin of not becoming martyrs. "This was not entirely difficult in the Long War. Casualty rates and birth rates existed in the perfect balance, perfect symbiosis for centuries. So incessant and brutal was the fighting that becoming a martyr became the expectation, and a sign of favor. Becoming old was seen as a failing and, more tragically, a strain on national resources in a time of endless crisis," . Howeverm things would change. Starting the 17th century ALW, the tides of war changed and casualties were no longer stripping the burgeoning birth rates. As Marshites started to go on the offensive after nearly seven-hundred years of playing defense, martyrdom was no longer a guarantee. While casualties were still routinely horrific, growing numbers would find themselves in old age.

"Many would join foreign crusades as bodyguards to those spreading the faith and certainly earned for themselves honored places among the living. Sadly, for most of them this was a barren reward," stated Sister-Superior Laharve Martine of the Assassin Shrine, one of the leaders of the movement to redefine Martyrdom. Unlike in many other cultures, Martyrdom is not a way to find for yourself a special or honored place in the afterlife for most Marshites. Instead, it is considered a necessity to prove one's faith, a sign of favor and guarantee that one's life was led well. Failure to achieve maryrdom does not find the Marshite merely lesser than those that do, it is often considered an object failure in faith.

Simrat was one of these Marshites and in 2114 ALW found herself suffering from Marshite Survivor's Guilt- an existential dread about the fate of one's soul due to object failure in the act of martyrdom. Many who suffer and can no longer find an avenue to express their faith in service to the Church fall into deep despair, with suicides being relatively unknown in the Theocracy until the age of 65 and above, where the numbers get more dire with every aged year. Simrat considered ending her life and had even booked a session with a specialist to discuss the option.
The meeting was scheduled for July 20th, 2114 ALW.

On July 17th, Simrat awoke to find herself Shifted, like all other Marshites and many others. One of the common affects and one that was routine for the elderly was a change in physical and mental aging. She awoke as rivulets of pain washed over her, but afterwards found herself in the body of her twenty-seven year old self. Over the next few weeks she, along with many other older Marshites, rushed to join crusades and the military in an effort to fulfill their obligations. Some would become martyrs. Others, most others, would not. While being gravely wounded during an undergound battle in The Ram Pocket of Ralkovia saw her lose the use of three of four limbs, a visit to the medical system back in the Theocracy saw her make a complete recovery- and further away from martyrdom than ever before. Now she is once again old enough that she is leaving service, but no longer worries about failing her faith. "I have done well in life and will be honored in death, for I have lived in service to my Great Goddess. I am martyr."


Her attitude is not unusual and is part of a growing wave of success that the Church has had in trying to reverse the stigma of aging out of martyrdom's pimary age ranges. There is a theological evolution that is bearing fruit that has its roots in multiple scholars throughout history. Father Sabar Mehra (780 ALW-822 ALW) Himself, the Arch-Bishop who was tasked with leading the nation when even the First Cathedral itself was in range of attack, stated (through modern translation) "Now is the time of the Martyr, so one day we may live in the time of the victorious". Such sentiments were echoed by many others, but it was Arch-Bishop Trasanka in ALW 1810 who said that the Church would need to redefine martyrdom, for the tide of war had become such that victory in the Long War was assured. Three centuries later he was proven right, and many Church programs had started, trying to break the hold of martyrdom among the elderly.

It has always been a tightrope. Marytyrdom is the prefered ending of most Marshites, and the Church actively promotes this desire "It is imperative that we understand our role is to serve the Holy Marsh Herself, and Her Will is expressed through the Church. As such, to give everything to the Church is to give everything to the Holy Marsh. That is our responsibility and it is only natural that many have, over the years, taken this as death in battle. When faith itself is threatened with destruction, what other option is there?" Said Sister Superior Martine. However, Martine would go one to say, the opportunities for classical martyrdom have mostly dried up. The medical system has innumerable lives; of the 130 million wounded during the Ralkovian War, less than 1,000 were unable to return to service, with deaths after arrival to the Theocracy numbering less than a hundred. Outside of the Ralkovian War, the Theocracy has found itself not fighting many Wars of Scale that would give ample opportunity for massed martyrdom.

It has been redefining Martyrdom as a result. While the classical state of Martyrdom is unlikely to change, it is coming to mean something different. In most sermons and religious texts, Martyrdom has come to encompass a wider variety of sacrifices. Those who die while in service to the Church- regardless of action- are being defined as Martyrs. And the breadth of roles that martyr-worthy church service has expanded greatly, with every Shrine being able to define it themselves and the Church at large liberally applying it to any position where one is directly employed by the Church or its departments. It has also stated that even if one dies outside of service, if one lived *in* service, then one qualifies as a Martyr.

There are anecodtal evidences of success, such as Simrat, and it is believed that younger generations have embraced the messaging. With the Long War having ended thirty years ago, nearly two generations have grown without the shadow of that conflict dominating their lives. The middle generations and older generations are likewise embracing the messaging, but at a slower clip. Samrat's ease with her fate is by no means unique, but is also not indicative of the elder zeitgest. It will take some time for the newer understanding of Martyrdom to settle into the public consciousness in full. Until then, it is expected that the Church will continue to run into problems dealing with those who feel they shall die unfulfilled.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2021 8:20 pm
by Newsbolt News

What Year Is It?

Mar'si, Holy Marsh- A topic not normally discussed commonly in Marshite circles is the subject of dating. The Marshite Calendar is in many ways a messy construct for many Marshites, even if it is not normally an issue for most.
The year, according to the official Marshite calendar, is 2138 ALW, or After Long-War. The year zero used by most Marshites is the Cultist assault on Mar'si that started the Long War. It is often shortened to LW. The date, according to those outside of Holy Marsh, is generally considered 2038 CE or AD with the year zero being the Judiac-Catho religious figure Jesus Christ's passing. This calendar sees no official use within Holy Marsh, and is seen only in a few immigrant communities.

While ALW is the official calendar term, others are often in play. The oldest calendar and the one still used by certain Shrines and even the First Cathedral's official time authority is the Marshite Era, where the year zero is the establishment of the Marshite Church. In this calendar, it is 5123 ME. With the Long War over, there is a strong push and have been for over twenty years to go back to using this calendar, as it was the official calendar of standing for more than half of Marshite history.

There are still even more calendars in use. Most Shrines have an official calendar that uses important dates in their Shrine's history, with year zero often being the Shrine's inception. This has created a society where, while all people know the date as per the Church, different years are used internally. This is in addition to proposals for either the end of the Long War or The Shift being considered year zeroes as part of a new calendar. This "chronological confusion" has been discussed by the Arch-Bishop, who is expected to make a detailed plan soon to solve the issue.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2021 8:02 am
by Tangatarehua


21st November 2021

Two intruders have been shot dead by Te Roopu Tiaki [the Imperial Guards] and a third arrested after a brazen attempt to break into the Imperial Palace in Whakaara.

Two men have been shot dead and a third arrested after attempting to break in to the Imperial Palace

The three men, believed to have been armed with kitchen knives, are said to have swum across the moat and scaled two 4 metre high walls, including one with barbed wire, making it into the grounds of the Imperial Palace at around 1am on Sunday morning.

They were detected immediately by motion sensors and CCTV and apprehended by Te Roopu Tiaki on the western lawn of the palace. Two of the men reportedly attempted to attack the Imperial Guards with knives and were shot as a result.

One intruder died instantly, the other died in hospital two hours later.

The third intruder, who has still not yet been named publicly, was a male aged in his late 20s, who will appear before Whakaara Magistrates Court on Monday morning charged with one count of trespassing, one count of possession of offensive weapons, one count of intention to commit an act of terrorism and one count of treason. He will also undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

All three intruders are believed to have held links to the now-defunct Revolutionary Communist Party, which was disbanded by the Office of Unconstitutional Activity in 2020.

If found guilty, the intruder could face up to 30 years in prison or even the death penalty - while it has been abolished by convention since 1980, the death penalty still formally and legally remains an option for cases of treason.

In a statement, Te Roopu Tiaki said that Her Worship the Empress "was perfectly safe and utterly undisturbed" stating that the incident took place near the entrance to Whakaara Castle, a safe distance away from Te Whare o te Kuia, Her Worship's actual residence within the Palace grounds.

Ropu Kominiti [Communist Party] leader Whetu Ruiha released a statement condemning the actions of the intruders and emphasising that they held no links to Ropu Kominiti.

"Our party advocates achieving communism through peaceful and non-violent means. The violent acts of these individuals is an affront to what we stand for; they are neither endorsed by or linked to the Communist Party in any way shape or form."

The incident is not the first time that intruders have attempted to illegally enter the Palace grounds - in 2019 two drunk tourists were sentenced to 14 years in prison after swimming across the moat and attempting to scale the wall.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 2:59 pm
by Eitoan

Curtis Re-Elected
Popular Kelso Mayor Easily Overcomes Opposition; Civic Platform Retains Control of Auditor Office, City Council

Mayor Kenneth Curtis won his return ticket to City Hall, easily overwhelming challengers Alan Billings of the Free Democrats, and Civic Platform’s Tom Balmes. In gaining his victory, Mayor Curtis improved his showing of four years ago, advancing the Socialist tally from 49% to a 52% majority. He pulled strongly across all sections of Eitoan’s largest city, addressing a celebration of campaign workers at the Seventh Street Auditorium twenty minutes after the Kelso District Court Elections Magistrate announced the results. Making his appearance with his wife, children and grandchildren on the stage, Mr. Curtis told the crowd “Thank you, thank all of you for this wonderful outpouring of affection tonight. Mrs. Curtis and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and look forward to serving this city for the next four years. There’s much to be done, but there’s much to celebrate too. I think all Kelsoans can pull together now, and leave some of the more divisive rhetoric behind. We have always done so. And I want you to know, I want all Kelsoans to know we will continue to reach out to provide the best possible services at the absolutely lowest cost possible to the taxpayers. We can look forward to extending major sewer replacement throughout all areas adjacent to the central business district, as well as continuing utility expansion where needed as new development arises. We can do all of that. And where additional police resources are necessary, particularly in places like Lawndale and Ravenswood, you can be sure to see a lot more patrols. I know there’s some hard feelings among those voting for Mr. Barnes or Mr. Balmes, but I’m here tonight to reach out to them, as well as celebrating with you. Let’s not forget, we’re all in this together. And we will move forward together.” Following his speech the Mayor circulated in the crowd, then donned his heavy overcoat and joined the throng spilling out along Seventh Street, shaking hands, sharing the occasional drink, and rejoining his family to watch the impromptu display of fireworks. Police reported a nominal number of injuries, expected during the boisterous get together. Crowds had dispersed within the hour after the fireworks display, and Mayor Curtis and his extended family headed home for a more modest celebration. Interviewed after the Mayor’s announcement, Socialist Party city chairman Thomas Canty told The News-Herald “We’re quite pleased with tonight’s results, not only with Mr. Curtis’ return to office, but also on city council, and our showing across the board. We feel he show the way for Kelso and the nation toward a better, more human oriented approach to public services, without undue interference in business. As you can see, and as the results have shown, Mayor Curtis has made a difference in the lives of average Kelsoans, and they want more of it. The Ghastak and the Dashez should take note. And so should Socialists around Eitoan.”

Mr. Balmes, speaking before a small gathering at Civic Platform headquarters offered his concession early in the evening, as the impending Socialist victory became increasingly apparent. His second place showing at 30% was expected, although he picked up momentum late in the campaign as the Free Democrat collapse became apparent. In a brief statement, he said “I have called Mr. Balmes and offered my congratulations on his victory. He has conducted himself as a gentleman throughout this campaign, and wish the best for him and for Kelso. The trend is undeniable, and there’s not point in waiting. Civic Platform will apparently keep it’s top position on Council, and in the Auditor’s office. I also want to recognize Bill Reno, for keeping hold on the Auditor’s seat. He will make a statement soon. Let’s all work together for a better Kelso now.” Mr. Balmes supporters were understandably subdued, but carried on with a modest celebration, taking their vicories where they could find them. Civic Platform’s campaign treasure remarked “We knew the Mayor was popular going into this election, and it wasn’t easy to find a challenger. Still, Tom Balmes put up as good a campaign as can be expected at this time. It’s good to see he’s taking the loss well. The rest of us, on Council and the Auditor have work to do. Quite a few financial questions remain about the Mayor’s more ambitious projects. I don’t see any change to pursuing those questions at this time.”

The atmosphere was grimmer at the Oak Street Manor Hotel Grand Ballroom, site of the election watch party for Mr. Billings, the Free Democrat standard bearer. In a concession statement reflecting his acrimonious campaign, Mr. Billings stated “I have sent my concession to Mayor Curtis, and now thank all of you for your help. Of course, I wish the best for Kelso. The many problems brought to City Hall by Ken Curtis remain, and I’m afraid will be exacerbated by tonight’s results. I trust that all opposition in City Council, as well as City Auditor Reno will continue to scrutinize Mayor Curtis’ initiatives carefully. They certainly demand such oversight. I wish the city well, but am afraid the bill will come due in the near future”. Noting Mr. Billings weak polling at 18%, 40th Ward Councilman Gdrav Murtagh said “It’s truly sad that such a spirited campaign drew so little support. We can try to hold the line in Council, working with Civic Platform but given the magnitude of Ken’s victory we’ll be on the defensive. I put some of the blame on the Kelso Free Democrat leadership. A more placid approach was needed to score against a popular incumbent, and we didn’t provide that. We do fine at the national level in Kelso, both in legislative and presidential elections, but can’t seem to get it together to take City Hall.

The composition of City Council will change slightly, with the Socialists gaining three seats to bring their total to 22, still second to Civic Platform, which retained it’s margin of 25 seats and first shot at the council presidency. The Socialist margin increased at the expense of the Free Democrats, Communists and National Democrats, each losing 1 seat and dropping them the 15, 1, and 2 in council respectively. Notable changes in the turnover were the defeat of longstanding Ward 44 Free Democrat Councilman Natasha Hauser by upstart Socialist Thomas S’gavek, and the narrow loss of Ward 23 National Democrat Jonathan Gzev to Socialist Lapez by an astounding 12 votes. An immediate recount in Ward 23 will commence within three days, as required by election law.

The race for Auditor was never in doubt, with incumbent Brian Reno returning for a third term with 55% of the vote. The next highest vote getter, Alistair Jacobs for the Socialists captured 20% of the citywide vote, with Free Democrat Scott Mishan getting 16%. Trailing the major party candidates were Communist William Valasek at 8% and National Democrat James Magill with 3%. Widely viewed as competent, Mr. Reno emphasized the need to keep an eagle eye on some of Mayor Curtis’ more ambitious plans, a point he made in his victory speech, saying “I look forward to four more years of service to the people of Kelso. And to Mayor Curtis, I have offered my congratulations. But let’s be clear, all ongoing investigations will continue. I haven’t shied away from a close look at cost overruns, particularly on the Second Avenue Subway, and that’s going to continue”. Mr. Jacobs, in his concession noted “There’s no question about it, Brian’s popular. I hope that the election rhetoric doesn’t carry over into the next four years. There’s still a lot of work to be done here in Kelso, and like it or not, Ken Curtis is the man in charge.”

Election Analysis

Much of Mayor Curtis’ success in this election has been attributed to his personal popularity. Although alienating to older, hard line Socialist Party stalwarts, party officials in Kelso were pleased with the results. Among all registered voters, 65% either approved or strongly approved of the Mayor’s performance, including 52% of Free Democrats and 86% of Communists. Mayor Curtis scored high on basic issues including public safety, transportation services, and fiscal responsibility. His standing on fiscal responsibility notably dropped among Free Democrats, with only 33% approving and Civic Platform, at 29%. The Mayor’s standing improved among voters across all ethnic groups, scoring gains among the majority Eitoan Mestizo-Gemesht, Ralkoviaks, and Indigines. Some of his improvement with the Ralkoviak minority appears to be correlated with greater identification with the Eitoan majority since the Ralkovian War, and the subsequent decline of the far right National Democrats, a trend found nationwide. The Socialists, usually sharing the bulk of the Indigine minority vote benefited from the failure of the Communists to field a candidate this year. Voting patterns among religious groups in the city followed the normal breakdown nationwide, with the Jewish and Christian believers trending more to Civic Platform, and the Camalgehey and Rozhroz minorities maintaining a preference for the Socialists. The strongly secular city, 71% of the voting base compared to 65% nationwide showed movement toward Socialist candidate at the mayoral and council level, less so in the race for Auditor. The biggest falloff of support for the Free Democrats by segment this year was seen in the move of middle class voters, both white and blue collar toward the Socialists and Civic Platform.

The abandonment of the Free Democrats among the middle class wards was demonstrated in the erosion of their support on the North Side. The party there slipped into third place in polling in seven wards easily carried by them in last years Ghastak and Dashez elections, and in the last presidential election. Free Democrat ward leaders in three of those wards have tendered their resignations, presenting a problem for party leaders already shaken by the overall results. Also of note on the North Side was the surprise victory of Civic Platform’s Roland Av’rek, a social worker over first term National Democrat Darla Hungan in a close race. On the South Side, less wealthy than the North Side, the Socialists maintained their standing. Observers noted Mayor Curtis gaining strength in Communist strongholds in the poorest neighborhoods, with voters abandoning the Communists in favor of the Socialists for City Council. Here the Mayor’s policies in expansion of social services and sanitation improvement found great favor, and paid off big time in the polls. South Side voters showed less interest in safety issues and with the budget. Across the Ruzek, on the East Side the predominately blue collar electorate also reflected the Socialist trend. The driving issues on the East Side, particularly felt in the more remote wards near the city limits were provision of police and fire services. East Siders, far removed from the glittering financial district and high tech cube farms of the North Side have long agitated for more police protection and lower fire and emergency services response times, a resentment given voice four years ago when their wards were key councilmen easily turned back challengers from the left and right, all with outright majorities. In a minor embarrassment Auditor Reno lost four East Side wards to his Socialist opponent this year.

The Path Ahead for Kelso

Despite his resounding victory, and Socialist gains in City Council, Mayor Curtis still sorely lacks the votes to install a Council President, the Civic Platform expected to easily keep the office with the votes of the 15 Free Democrats. The lineup portends further debate over budget items near and dear to individual councilmen, with log rolling likely to rule the day. Concern has been voiced in the bond market that such dealing could impact the city’s bond rating, and serious concern could come down to Council from the financial community if discussions veer off into unknown territory. Relations between Mayor Curtis and Auditor Reno are expected to remain chilly, possibly damping down any financial impacts likely to be felt among lenders. There are no indications, however that the Mayor has any plans to scale back social initiatives, including expansion of well baby clinics and recreation facilities in the city’s poorest neighborhoods. The mayor may also feel pressure to accelerate utility upgrades Downtown and in adjacent neighborhoods, and accelerate the widening of the Braxton Freeway linking the Southwest Corridor with Wd’rav Regional Airport. Congestion on South Side collector roads has been a major factor in the uptick in commercial and warehouse properties in neighborhoods adjacent to Wd’rav. It has also been an irritant to residents there. Issues from the campaign, however, will likely be addressed early in Mayor Curtis’ next administration. The Second Avenue Subway Extension, hamstrung by financial difficulties is expected to receive much attention, from both the Mayor and the Auditor. Several councilmen, including prominent Civic Platform have called on Mr. Balmes, the party’s standard bearer to mediate the longstanding disagreement between the two, and there are reports that he is amenable to the role. During the campaign Mr. Balmes brought up discrepancies in the allocation of vehicle maintenance for the Kelso Police Department for two years running, a point of contention for the Mayor. This problem struck a nerve on the personal level, but any further delay in reconciliation may involve scrutiny at the Territorial level. Another sticking point between the two candidates has been the closing of high schools performing poorly on national standardized tests. Since School Board members are appointed by the Territorial Governor General, Mayor Curtis cannot directly address the issue, but many South Side parents are eager for him to meet with the Governor General early next year about this issue.

National Implications

The biggest question now for the Mayor is whether he will succumb to popular pressure and make a bid to unseat President Shrdlu next year. His standing is head and shoulders ahead of other Socialists, and cuts across a wider spectrum of the electorate than any other of that party’s members of the Ghastak or Dashez. Although popular with the general public, Mayor Curtis performs less well among the party faithful, and it is there that he will need to make his mark if he is to challenge the President. Pollsters expect Mr Shrdlu to easily win renomination from the Free Democrats after pulling the country out from under years of Ralkovian domination, and the victory in the Ralkovian War. He remains popular across the board, and is seen as a break from the old guard in all the major parties. At this time Kenneth Haan, leader of Civic Platform in the Ghastak and former Vice President is seen in the lead for his party’s nomination. Mr. Haan, an early proponent of alignment with The Golden Throne is seen by many as a steady hand, and to possess the gravitas needed to challenge President Shrdlu. On the left and right, the Communists and National Democrats respectively are reeling. If nominated, Mayor Curtis can be expected to drain the pool of support for any Communist candidate in favor of the Socialists. The National Democrats, plagued by defections in the Ghastak and Dashez are a party in search of an identity. Previously seen as a stronghold of Ralkoviak privilege, the party suffered a crushing decline in the wake of the war. It remains to be seen who would take their nomination, and on which issues a platform could be built.

The Mayor would have several obstacles to overcome in any national candidacy. His personal popularity in Kelso has been the key to his success, and his willingness to deal with the business community may not sit well with the Socialist faithful outside the nation’s largest city. Still, Mayor Curtis is seen as a breath of fresh air in a room full of stodgy politicians, an image that helped propel Mr. Shrdlu to the presidency four years ago. The question for Socialist leaders nationwide is whether his track record outweighs any test of doctrinal purity and if that will carry over into next year’s primary. One stumbling block could be his success in addressing problems unique to Kelso may not translate well outside the city, even to other large cities like Berwyn or Stickney. Most Eitoans outside Kelso have never ridden a subway, and don’t know anybody in the largest banks and companies. Mr. Curtis cannot be expected to be familiar with their issues either. This could be felt particularly in rural areas, which have never been strong for the Socialists. It is doubtful that Mr. Curtis can devote much time to farm issues, for example, and any policy pronouncements would be closely watched for instances of urban bias. Another geographic concern would be the perception in outlying areas that the major parties devote too much attention to the battleground Central Corridor territories, particularly the bigger cities. Free Democrats and Civic Platform can be expected to play on the rivalry between Kelso and second city Berwyn to gin up support in the Coastal territories, although the urban-rural split there could still help Mr. Curtis. The Southern territories, always a wild card are harder to fathom. Here the average income is well below the Central Corridor, although regional resentment is not strong. It’s always hard to tell which will play well in the South. The Frontier territories, all of which have average incomes less than half of Kelso’s have trended to the left for may years, and it can be expected that this would benefit Mr. Curtis if he were to run, papering over any concerns about unfamiliarity with the regions.

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by Abetton
The Sauville Trumpet

Monday 22 November 1855

King Redford Dead at 45!

SAUVILLE - The bells of Castle Sauville rang out in the early morning with the stunning news of the loss of Abetton's King, King Markus Leonardo Redford III, suddenly at the age of 45, leaving behind his wife, Queen Beatrix, the young children of Prince Hero, Princess Beatrix II and Princess Viola, all still children. The Funeral procession marched through the streets of Sauville through the horse drawn carriage on a bed of gardenias, lilies and roses at the height of the early summer bloom where the king was placed on the funeral pyre where members of the Royal Guard set it ablaze. Among members of the Court of His Royal Highness, included Prime Minister Roger Hector, whom was the first to speak before the crowds of onlookers.

"Abetton mourns today as we lost our Great King, the King who in his last twenty-seven years of rule has built Abetton up has shaped our grand kingdom into a place of strength, determination and strong will. I was honored to serve under him, as Her Royal Majesty prepares to take his place upon the throne, I know she will continue his great legacy." The other Lords, Ladies and other noblemen and women of the Kingdom also spoke of the legacy of their king, his progressive land-lease arrangement which has fueled the Eastward expansion, settling the rich farmlands and river lands of the central plains, the coastal Duchies that have benefited from the updates of the Naval Conscription Act of 1722 which allowed women to serve, updates to the Indentured Clauses allowing a great pool of labor. The patriotic zeal could not be underestimated by the crowds whom cheered even in the solemn occasion. Farms, factories, mines and the like have all served to enrich the subjects of Abetton and continue the great society.

King Redford was born in Castle Sauville in 1810, the eldest son of King Benjamin and Queen Cressida. The child was notably always quite frail and sickly compared to others and especially compared to his younger brothers, however King Benjamin would not be so deterred by this, feeling as his first born, his son was destined for greatness. Over the years, his strength and physical ability was built up, and while the late King's health issues remained, it seemed they were rarely the issue any more. But as these issued remained, the King's health was always quite imbalanced, enough to foster his new three heirs in his son and two daughters, marry Lady Beatrix of Ursul and expand the role of Abetton in the world to come. His son, Hero, aged 9 was the expected Heir but the boy's young age and King's sudden death means the crown now passes to his surviving wife, Beatrix.

HRH Queen Beatrix, wife of the late King

As Queen, Her Lady will have ultimate decisions in the choosing of the Abetton Prime Minister and members of House of Delegates. Prime Minister Hector has served as Abetton's Prime Minister since the closing days of Redford II's reign, but the Queen is expected to chose a new Prime Minister along with a new cabinet of ministers. Announcements of Her Highness's choices is expected to roll out after the three days of mourning are done, Current Prime Minister Hector will be honored in a public ceremony and offered a seat in the House of Lords, should he decide to take it, or he may retire with the title of Lord.

The Honorable Prime Minister Roger Hector, has been serving since 1798.

]Prime Minister Redford talked about the possibility of his replacement. "We Ministers always serve at the pleasure of Their Majesties. If my time is up, it is up, and I will thank Her Royal Highness for the honor and pleasure of serving her husband and late father-in-law. I have not decided if I will take the pleasure of returning to the Upper Chamber of Parliament or retire with honors, I feel it's best to consider this carefully. I know many a fine man from The House who can take up my position. I would be delighted to serve another few years however that is now a matter of the Stars to decide." A formal announcement by the Queen is expected Wednesday along with a further deceleration of the kingdom. The national day of mourning will continue through Tuesday, all visiting patrons in Sauville and encouraged to lay flowers at the Castle Gates.

This story is an archive of the Sauville Trumpet's series of articles about the lead up to the 1861 war with neighboring Abetton and eventually Phibeta

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by Phibeta
This is archivical news articles that'll lead up to a regional war in the same style as the Crimean War between Phibeta, Katase, and other allies versus Abetton and other allies.


Mr. Louis Partarige, MP for the county of Kartarige

Earlier this year, an election was called by their majesties after a severe gridlock and immediately dissolved parliament. Today, parliament reconvened after the elections with the Conservative party gaining a majority of the House of Commons. Their campaign has been based on some of the previous wars of which many of which MPs have served in, and the promises of greater honor and glory built on the foundations of which the four Cardinal Heroes of ancient times have served. Today, King Yohannes, representing his other siblings, William and Diane, asked the leader of the Conservatives, Mr. Louis Partarige, an MP for the county of Kartarige, to be the Prime Minister. He and his wife Elenor Partarige will be moving into 20 Upton Street, the Prime Minister’s home since the time of King Karl I. The conservative Mr. Louis Pataridge is a staunch supporter of Phibeta’s military and imperial rule. He is also in support of social reform and abolition policies, which he plans on implementing for the first time in Phibeta. His support for the military has his opponents question his ambition. An ambition that many of the conservatives share. these Warhawks would definitely declare a war when the opportunity awaits them. Of course, Mr. Partarige denies his opponents

“Let me say, that I am not like the other conservatives in my cabinet,” Mr. Partarige says in a speech addressing the parliament after his appointment. “It is my firm belief that wars must be justified through moral means. What I am saying is that our wars must be built on the foundation of right against wrong, and I will assure the people that we will only fight in just and fair wars”.

He has no intention of stopping the naval build-up and the continued military reforms, which includes an act to allow women to serve in the military, as well as become officers. Where will this go? Only time will tell. Only God can guide this nation into the right.

Robert Wesley, Editor for The Weston Mail

OPINION COLUMN: What Is Our Moral High Ground?

Submitted by: Reverend Francis Whitleman

Mr. Louis Partarige today exclaims that we must fight wars on the foundations of right against wrong. Many of you fine folks would like to know what is right against wrong? Well, I am here to preach from the good book of the Cardinal Heroes, the very saints sent by God to protect our lands in ancient times. These four heroes represented the ethics of the Phibetan people today. Sir Robert of Swordston was a staunch defender of the weak, for his strength alone can save thousands. The build-up of our military in both the Phibetan Army and Their Majesty’s Royal Navy is a key example of how our strength kin to Sir Robert will defend those who are weak and can not fight any longer against the aggressors.

Sir Isaiah of Bowton is the defender of justice. In the eyes of God, he reigns terror down on those who are corrupted and unfair and brings the innocent to the light of day, and punishes those guilty in a fair manner. Like our justice system, we bring criminals to justice and serve punishments as we seem fit. And in global politics, when we see the innocent nations taken out by aggressive empires, we as an imperial power of justice must take our stance against those who wish to reign terror on the innocent.

Sir Matthew of Spearhead is the defender of honor. His noble deeds and that ring across the kingdoms and his grace and elegance made him a most honorable and noble hero. Whenever he is threatened by any barbarian, he will keep his nobility and fight fairly and with honor. Phibeta is one of the greatest and most civilized nations in the world. We despise barbarity especially ones that would hurt to the morality of all nations. Only we can defend the honor of Phibeta, the honor of a most moral and noble country.

And finally Sir Nathaniel of Shiledfried. He is a sworn protector of all children around the world. When evil warlords and abusive parents and caretakers wish to harm children in any capacity, it was Sir Nathaniel that protects them from the do badders and take the children to better places. In our parliament right now, there is a debate whether or not children should be working in the new factories, mills, and mines of our empire. This is extremely unacceptable and nothing that Sir Nathaniel would have wanted. Child labor must end here and must end around the world, no matter the viewpoint.

It is for strength, justice, our honor, and the children of the empire that we should be fighting for. These are the morals of which we find right against wrong. Mr. Louis Partarige will find us ready to fight whenever the war trump peels, for our wars will be noble causes that will make this world a better place in the eyes of the Cardinal Heroes.


First Phibetan Steam Frigate Turns 10 Years Old

HMS Creeton, named for the city of which the engineer, Tullio Mascolo, turns 10 years old this December. This ship marks a significant change in the Royal Navy. This iron-hulled frigate powered by steam has made the entire fleet obsolete, so much so that the fleet would be taken into dry dock and a mass steamification and reinforcement project began to modernize the fleet. In that span of time, two new classes were introduced, the Darling-class of warships had better guns, thicker armor, and two more engines that maker her faster than other vessels, and the Weston Class which forgoes the sails altogether. Mr. Mascolo has shaped the naval game for good. His idea set forth a new era in naval warfare.

“It seemed like a simple idea,” Mr. Mascolo replies to an interview, “all one has to do is take the ideas of the new railways, and place it on a ship. It’s really that simple”. For his contributions to naval warfare and the development of steamships, Mr. Mascolo will be offered a peerage by Their Majesties, as the Earl of Creeton. This might be a stretch, but the warship of today will continue to evolve so our ships will be the strongest the world has ever seen.

Charles Rittingham, Editor for The Weston Mail

Other headlines

Abetton King Dies! Queen Beatrix To Assume Power

Edward Gautning Shows Off New Rapid Fire Gun

Weston and Great Western Railway Completed. Easy Travel From Weston to Ravenhead established

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by Abetton
The Sauville Trumpet

Friday 26 November 1855

Prime Minister Relieved of Duty as Queen Outlines Future

The Honorable Prime Minister Roger Hector, Prime Minister from 1798-1825 and again from 1835-1855.

SAUVILLE - Wednesday, Prime Minister Roger Redford Hector Queen Beatrix was formally coronated at Castle Sauville and Her Majesty has wasted no time getting down to business of the State, organizing a meeting with all the Ministers of State including Prime Minister Roger Hector. The meeting lasted several hours with a multitude of topics discussed from matters of the state to long term goals of Abetton's Kingdom going forward and in the early evening hours, it was formally announced that Prime Minister Hector would officially be relieved of his duty as Prime Minister after his nearly sixty-year- service in the Crown both as Prime Minister, a senior member of both chambers of Parliament. Prime Minister Redford said he knew the possibility he'd be retired by the new Queen was always there and was prepared to accept her decision in the end. He is expected to retire to his country villa with his wife, Amanda in the nearby Griffin Mountains, outside the village of Nix. The PM has said his long years of service have been wonderful and is looking forward to a quiet retirement with his wife. He was honored with a formal parting ceremony on Thursday and bestowed the title of Lord.

In his place, Her Royal Highness has announced that Admiral Leon Schroeder of The Royal Navy will be taking up the position.


It is unusual but not unfounded that a Prime Minister is chosen from a rank outside the common Parliamentary group, Abetton's first Prime Minister under the new Parliamentary system set up in 1609, Lord Gram Revale, for example came out of the army, his successor in 1636 Allen Samsonite, also was a member of the Army. Many of the Ministers who followed since up to and including the ones who served intern between Lord Hector have often been out of Parliament, often out of the Upper Chamber of Lords but some have also come from the lower chamber of Delegates. Further, the choosing of a Navy Admiral comes of little surprise with the Queen being quite critical of Lord Hector's dealing with Naval Matters against the likes of Marche Noire and Brasilistan. Prime Minister has promised a re-invigoration of the Navy but also promises no other forces will be neglected under his tenure with the Queen. "I have members of my own family my children spread across all branches of her Majesty's Armed Forces. I am honored Her Highness has chosen me to not only be her new olive branch but her sword as well."

This story is an archive of the Sauville Trumpet's series of articles about the lead up to the 1861 war with neighboring Abetton and eventually Phibeta

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by Phibeta
This is archivical news articles that'll lead up to a regional war in the same style as the Crimean War between Phibeta, Katase, and other allies versus Abetton and other allies.


Children in a workhouse dining hall in Bradfordshire

As Parliament reconvenes, Prime Minister Partarige has proposed a new piece of legislation in the House of Commons. It is proposed child labor amendment to the Factory Laws of 1833 which enacted would limit the age of labor to 16 years of age, the perfect age of adulthood. This has been proposed for months with the sweeping reform laws enacted by parliament and all proposed by the Conservative Prime Minister. Mr. Louis Partarige has stated that the writings of many authors and journalists have sighted this change for the good of the empire and even the readings from the Holy Book of The Cardinal Heroes. Stories did by authors including Haywood Adams (author of A Christmas Carol) and Romeo Harrington (author of Alisa in Wonderland), and even some prominent journalists including Ara Lawlor for The Guardian and Dessie Suthmeer for Phitannia Times have time and time again displayed the horror of these child workers as they are faced with long working conditions, hunger, death from exhaustion and heavy machinery, and abuse from overseers.

“Medieval times might have proven a necessity for child workers” replies the Prime Minister, in a speech to parliament. “But in the age of industrialization and technological advancement, this dangerous machinery, and the terrible working conditions is simply unbearable for a young child to grow up in. Besides, we should all be following the words of Sir Nathaniel of Swordston, the protector of children everywhere. I have a firm belief that children no matter their social status should have a chance at a decent education and an opportunity to be free and innocent from the dangers of life”.

There are a few voices of opposition that were heard in parliament, the only few of which were MPs with interests of commerce, industry, and shockingly a conservative wing of social reform. “Child labor is one of the most sustainable forms of labor that can be found” says Mr. Fredrich Bumbleton, MP for Carmelston and the head of the Bumbleton Textile Mill. “Children have bodies that adults do not have which is really useful in the factories of today”. Others worry for the fate of children whose survival did depend on terrifying factory labor. “If there is no other option for these children, they’ll take to the streets, starve, beg, or turn to crime,” says Mr. Jerry Spligland, MP for Fairshire. “In the county of Fairshire, more particularly in the cities of Mondola and North Alicston, I have seen children on the streets when the orphanages and workhouses could not take them in. Are we to allow children who may have no other option out on the streets, which could mean they would end up in our overcrowded prisons?”

Right now, as public support for the abolishment of child labor is high, there is grave concerns for factory owners and social reformers of either nothing is wrong with the current system, or there is nothing for the destitute children to rely on if the legislation passes. And there is the constant need to enforce these laws. It is early speculation of what this legislation entails for the public. What is certain is that several reforms will be in order, and that would be a slew of legislation that would pass, one should nickname the Partarige Reforms. But all will be right in the world and in the good word of Sir Nathaniel when these reforms pass.

[i]Robert Wesley, Editor for The Weston Mail

OPINION COLUMN: The Cost of Industrialization

Submitted by: Dr. William Treadway

The new age of industrialization has proven a success in expanding the wealth of Phibeta’s empire. New technological advances and increased trade with our overseas colonies have proven that progress marches forward. But I implore the good citizens of Phibeta to actually take some time to think what we have lost in industrialization.

Mass production has made everything cheap and abundant, but what machines can create, there is one thing that is lacking. That one key important thing is heart. The touch of hands from craftsfolk and merchants give a feeling of warmth and humanity to the objects that they bring upon this sacred earth.

As for our cities, I work in the small town of Durmchapel as the local doctor. It was a quaint little town with a clean river and a small population. There was a new soap factory constructed here, and though it did great for our small economy, the consequences are severe. Our once clean river is now dirty from the waste dumped by the factory. The smoke spewing from these factories are often times unbearable, and there are days when the bright sun wouldn’t shine though the thick smoke. The small town grew in population, but poverty can be seen everywhere. The city is pretty crowded, and I often find myself facing thousands of poor people who can only afford to get checked up whenever they get sick. Our cities have been ruined by the new factories and the environment is sickening.

Is there a way for industry and humanity to live well together, where machines produce with heart, and for cities to maintain its pristine images? There is no certainty, I think the Human race made a big mistake at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, we leaped for the mechanical things. People need the use of their hands to feel creative, and yet we lost both our creativity, our humanity, and our pristine.

Lady Jamie McNiel, the 3rd Countess of Oysterfield

Lady Jamie McNiel To Take Post As Commanding Officer Of The Newly Formed 12th Dragoons (Queen Diane’s Own)

Lady Jamie McNiel, the 3rd Countess of Oysterfield has been appointed by Queen Diane herself to lead the newly formed cavalry brigade known as Queen Diane’s Own, or the 12th Dragoons. This new cavalry brigade coincides with the Military Act of 1855 which allows women to serve in the military, as well as become officers. They are in name the Queen’s personal guards, who take post in the City of Oysterfield in the local barracks. They often are assigned the duties of royal guards and escorts for Queen Diane when she travels around the grand kingdom and sometimes abroad if necessary. If the queen is alone in her palace, or in any of the castles around the kingdom, the 12th Dragoons will act as the household cavalry for the length of time that is necessary.

Of course, they will perform their combat roles once the time is right for war. In this brigade, there are three battalions, each consisting of one thousand cavalry members led by three different captains. All of these battalions are under the command of the brigade commander as mentioned earlier, Major General Jamie McNiel, 3rd Countess of Oysterfield. Many military reformists have criticized her appointment as the leader of the 12th Dragoons, citing the way she has paid her way as an officer earlier in the 1840s. “What these liberals do not know,” says Lady McNiel in an interview as she sips on champagne and nibbles on dried sweet potatoes, “is that the practice of purchasing commissions date back to the time of the Cartune Island Rebellion of the 1790s. It’s a common practice that has worked and will continue to work. The common folk have no idea on how to run military regiment so properly as we do in the aristocracy”. Of course, there is a bit of a caveat with that statement. With the new Royal Military Academy in Orkstead recently established, even the common folk can become officers in the military regardless of status or class. With the bright minds entering the officers club, the old establishment of which the army was built upon should be looked over, and if parliament seems it fit, there is hope for military reform.

Charles Rittingham, Editor for The Weston Mail

Other headlines

Composer Henry Weddall Premiers Symphony No. 3 in B Minor At The Newly Constructed King William’s Concert Hall

Factories in Ironhaven Commissioned To Produce The New Fieldston Muzzle-Loading Rifled Musket

New Prison Constructed On Isla Exilia To House Dangerous Inmates From The Weston Metropolitan Area

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by Abetton
The Sauville Trumpet

Tuesday 30 November 1855

Queen's Grand Outline Published


SAUVILLE - Her Royal Highness, Queen Beatrix has formally published her Grand Plans of the Kingdom of Abetton. First speaking before a joint meeting of Parliament and then sending her list off to all news publishers across the kingdom. Her Highness has so said,

Let it be known across the land, that I, Queen Beatrix, the rightful dutiful Queen of Abetton in this year of Eighteen-Hundred and Fifty-Five, have now secured my rightful place upon the throne in the place of my dearly departed late husband. Let it also be known that in accordance with my husband's wishes I shall continue to also prepare his chosen heir, our son, Hero, will one day become your new king but as he is for now a child, it is up to me to continue the run of the mighty House of Redford. To do this, I want to bring Abetton into a new age, a great age of prosperity that shall elevate us to become a Great Power of our own right.

With me, Prime Minister Schroeder, we will begin a true push that everyone from nobleman to commoner shall soon enjoy a high quality of living, a true swell of patriotism shall arise. We've seen great strides to building a great society with the increased participation of women and the young in our work force and military. Our industry will expand deep into our heartlands where the people of the plains shall too know the luxuries of the cities and a quick and easy way to bring food of the heartland to all the people of our Kingdom.

A great modernization of our Navy will make us a force on the high seas. As we soon will reach to far off lands to bring home the riches and goods to us with a strong increase on our commerce and trade. I implore our young men and women of the coasts, begin your sea training now, your Kingdom needs you to be good sailors. The men and women in the river lands and along the banks, till the land and grow food to bring about a well fed populous.

To our institutes of the high learning, who will one day bring about our next Delegates and Lords, instill the pride of Abetton culture, history and ideas. Shrug away the undue influences of nations who paid no mind to us, promote the works of our greats, bring about a renaissance of Abetton ideas.

An industry that grows needs workers to grow it, today, tomorrow and for the future. Your servants, serfs and other indentured will contribute to this as well. They best remember our Hierarchy of society as they too begin their commitment upon expanding our Kingdom. One day the time will come, Abetton will expand beyond the land graced upon us by the Gods and Goddesses of all the Heavens and worlds they inhabit. When that day comes we shall be ready and able to take the challenges. These lands may be very far or very near, some at first will seem inhospitable but just as we've tamed the savage seas, we too can tame the savage lands.

To sum, Her Highness is promising to build Abetton's Industrial base well beyond the coastal cities and well into the heartlands where agriculture and farming remains but still encouraging farmers to continue to feed the growing populous. Abetton's population has increased 5% over the last decade. With her Highness, a new era is about to begin in the Kingdom.

This story is an archive of the Sauville Trumpet's series of articles about the lead up to the 1861 war with neighboring Abetton and eventually Phibeta

The Sauville Trumpet

30 March 1858


HMSF Hero is setting sail with troops

SAUVILLE - The ongoing relations with Marche Noire and Brasillistan have come to a boil over as further talks have proven futile with the two nations over shipping lanes, debts, labor matters and the Queen and Prime Minister Schroeder have had enough, officially declaring a state of war against the two nations. His Excellency said, "it's regrettable that our relations could not find a more diplomatic solution but the two nations have simply refused to come to terms with us, therefor we are forced to now engage them with the sword."

All ports form Sauville to Burquois have began amassing their Naval stations resources and an open lottery draft has been called for all able bodied young men. Women are allowed to volunteer openly. No landing by the enemy forces are expected as Abetton's Navy will meet their fleets headon. The first target of attack for The Royal Forces of Abetton will land in the jointly controlled plantation islands to the south, currently controlled by Brasillistan.

This story is an archive of the Sauville Trumpet's series of articles about the lead up to the 1861 war with neighboring Abetton and eventually Phibeta

6 August 1858

Abetton Triumphs in South Seas War

HMSF Hero - the pride of the Royal Navy

SAUVILLE - It's only been five short months since tensions came to a clash with the nations of Marche-Noire and Brasillistan but just as quickly as the conflict started, it's now concluded with the two nations now agreeing to a peace settlement. The battle of the Sugar Islands (so named because of the abundance in sugarcane plants) was a swift and total victory for Abetton, as her Fleet only saw the loss of two ships and 250 men and women, compared to the massive losses suffered by the enemy with ten ships and 1500 men lost. A treaty signing will commence in September in Sauville with her Highness and The Prime Minister agreeing to the terms of surrender along with the Ministers of State of the enemy nations. The nations of Marche-Noire and Brasilistan will surrender the island territories including one extra territory located further in the Southern Seas, in the archipelago of the Aurora Monarchy. The seizing of these islands is expected to bring about a large new economic pool of resources including natural resources of fishing, cocoa, sugar, tobacco, hemp and other tropical plants, rare minerals, salt and most of all, labor. The islands populated by a native population whom will now become subjected serfs of the Royal Government. Her Majesty has Announced Sir Indy Sirius of the House of Lords, will be assigned as Governor of the new colony, One Colony and Lady Silvana Bryant, Duchess of Napo will in tern become the new Governor of Two Colony. (names have yet to be set, it's expected each might get a chance to name their respective new duchies but this is yet to be formally announced.)


This story is an archive of the Sauville Trumpet's series of articles about the lead up to the 1861 war with neighboring Abetton and eventually Phibeta

PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2021 10:06 pm
by Phibeta
This is archivical news articles that'll lead up to a regional war in the same style as the Crimean War between Phibeta, Katase, and other allies versus Abetton and other allies.


The Three Sibling Monarchs, On Their Thrones In Kensington Palace
I know that they are the warner siblings, but I can’t find the human counterparts, just go with it and pretend they’re human

This year marks the Ruby Jubilee for our three sibling monarchs, Kings Yohannes II, King William IV, and Queen Diane. These three siblings have been on the throne since 1818 ever since the fall and overthrow of Salarus the Pretender, which would make the monarchs the youngest to rule at the ripe age of 14 (with of course royal advisors and the prime minister’s advice for their majesties). During the past 40 years of their rule, their majesties have witnessed rapid industrialization of our cities and towns and a boom in our economy and trade. We have discovered the incredible power of steam and have created some of the best steamships, steam railways, and powerful factories. We have improved the living standards of all citizens in the kingdom and the empire, and we have witnessed social reform for all peoples with the recent reform being the abolishment of child labor around the empire.

This prosperous age has its humble origins and dark ones at that too. In the late 1700s, the kingdom was ruled by William III, often named William the Good. It was an early age of prosperity for the young nation and a grand age of colonization in the Greater Dienstad Region. This age wouldn’t last long which in 1793 King William died from what is now common knowledge as an assassination plot that lead to a civil war for the crown. Lord Salarus, 15th Earl of Partoston came out on top and thus began a dark age for Phibeta.

It was this age that saw an increase in taxes, a terrible harvest, and the worst winter in recorded Phibetan history. And that is not to mention the ongoing Isotola Wars. It was also this time that the Phibetan parliament, established in the time of the tyrant Queen Madison had been abolished under the Oligarchy Decrees passed by King Salarus. It was a time of autocratic rule of the landed gentry under Salarus. Then came, the 1812 revolution.

With the starving populous not getting enough food nor basic living needs begin rioting on the streets which lead to a storming of the St. Partingsons Palace which has been around since the time of the Brudors, the palace was burnt down and Salarus was imprisoned. It wasn’t long until the elders spoke of the true heirs to the throne, and after a long search found them on the streets of Whitington Falls.

The children of King William III were abandoned after Salarus seized power in an orphanage in Whitington Falls and during the dark ages, was shut down due to lack of funds with the tax hike. It was a sight to behold, with the three children living in an abandoned shed. The princes and princess dressed in rags, no money, no food, and the then-princess Diane severely ill. For the longest time, Yohannes was the one taking care of his siblings in absolute poverty, and it was their shock and surprise that they are the rightful heirs to the throne of Phibeta. In 1814, just two years after the revolution, the Warmingham siblings were rightfully restored to the throne. Salarus was stripped of his title and the right for his children to inherit said title and exiled to Isla Exilia. With St. Partingsons Palace in ruins, a new palace was built in its place, Kensington Palace designed by Sir Alfred Kensington. In 1818, after readjusting to royal life (as well as getting Diane the top medical treatment available), they were coronated in Sir Nathaniel’s Cathedral as the tri-monarchy, later called the Rule of the Three Sibling Monarchs. Their first decree as monarchs was to reinstate parliament and after a snap election, asked the leader of the ruling party, Mr. Charles Walter of the Conservative Party to be Prime Minister, returning democratic rule under the monarchy of Phibeta.

In the month of September of 1858, Their Majesties have ruled for 40 years and celebrations are well underway for this momentous occasion. A regatta hosted by the Royal Yacht Club of Weston on the River Isling will be held later this year. The Northhead Royal Naval Academy will play host to the Northhead Naval Review in a showcase of . A grand gala will be hosted at Kensington palace with representatives from all of the great empires of the world. And of course, the annual birthdays of our monarchs, all in the glorious month of September will play host to the newly established holiday, Empire Day, to celebrate our Three Sibling Monarchs, and the glorious empire they have overseen.

“We celebrate not only 40 years of Their Majesties, the Three Sibling Monarchs, but the celebration of 40 glorious years of peace and prosperity,” says Prime Minister Louis Partarige. “We share in the blessings of this great industrialization of our factories which has raised our standard of living since the 1820s. Here is to forty more years of prosperity”.

Yes, here is to mor eyears of luxury and prosperity under King Yohannes, King William IV, and Queen Diane of the house of Warmingham. The monarchs of the Grand-Kingdom of Phibeta.

Robert Wesley, Editor for The Weston Mail

OPINION COLUMN: Rule Phitannia?

Submitted by: Captain Louis Cameron

Rule, Phitannia!
Phitannia, Rule The Seas!
Phibeta Forever-ever-ever, Shall Be Free!

That’s how the old saying goes, the song written by royal composer James Kardigan for his opera, Glory!. Phibeta has in my opinion one of the largest empires in the world, and is one of the most technological superior nations in modern history. One question remains however in this spirt of Phibetan patriotism. Must Phitannia rule the waves, the waves of the world seas of which are outside Phibeta?

For our empire, the simple answer is yes. Our naval might must meet the demands of maintaining colonies throughout the Greater Dienstad region. But, the complicated answer to this roots from the international seas. For generations, Phibeta has never looked over to it’s neighbors, remaining neutral in Greater Dienstadi affairs besides ouur neighbors. But, When King Alfonso learned of this whole world outside of our own during the time of his exile, we eventually knew the time was now to go out and expand our knowledge, and to keep us safe from all those who would harm us, we built ourselves up a strong naval force and better weapons and equipment to study the world. Now, we have in our hands one of the most strongest militaries and through the civil war and the dark ages, Phibeta has continued to expand its territory and military prowess, and thanks to the rapid industrialization under the Three Sibling Monarchs, we are capable of producing mass produced weapons with high standards and provide for our people the highest standards of living in the world.

With this great success, comes the fears of another country invading us. With our long stretching empire, we must protect all of our peoples from all corners of the world from the fears of aggressive neighbors. Not only our peoples, but the ideals we hold dear.

Right now, we stand on the pinicle of the world which stands in the balance of right against wrong. As our neighbors turn to the dark, and engage in tyranny, it is our doctrine ordained by God and the heaves to protect the free. When war looms over the less fortunate, it is up to us to defend the weak. When the empire is threatened and humanity is imperiled, it is up to us to ask of thy self, and see that thy sons be strong, strong to arise and go whenever the war trump peels. It is our charter, the charter of this great land. It is our rule. Phitannia rules, of which its seas stands for Phibetans who will be forever free from the shackles of slavery, from the shackles of oppression, and the shackles of our neighbors.

HMSF Hero, as Described by Artists Onboard Passing SS Charity

Growing Concerns of Abettonese expansion of territory

The proud citizens of Phibeta take pride in its imperial holdings and territories. However, in this great age of imperialism, there is a growing concern for other nations that do not share in the values of the Grand Kingdom. Just recently, the Kingdom of Abetton has taken control of island territories in the South Seas War from Marche-Noire and Brasillistan. This conquest of territories has proven to be a major concern, especially with the subject of serfdom within these new duchies.

“It is a fact that Abetton still practices serfdom,” says Foreign Minister Gerald Whitaker and a stonch supporter of the International Anti-Slavery League. “The concept of serfdom is an outdated economic and social system that enslaves people to the land and lords and ladies they are forced to serve. And it is not just men, but women and children who are being enslaved by these aggressors of the East”. The general public find these statements to be true as well, as many have taken to the streets to march in demonstrations for Phibeta to do something about Abetton aggression overseas.

And it is not just the public and this reason alone that has garnered great concern, but also by politicians and military commanders who have been involved in wars overseas, especially since the Istoloa Wars.

“With these wars and conquests done by Abetton, there is the problem of the balance of powers within the region” says Lord Jonathan Garland, a veteran of the Istoloa Wars. “The Concert of Greater Dienstad had laid the grounds for a perfect symmetrical balance of the great major powers of the region. Abetton has not been a major player nor a power to be reckoned with. With the South Seas War ending in Abetton victory and conquest, there is a severe balance of power issue here”.

There are concerns for free trade within the region, especially with our colonies in the Cartune Isles being threatened by this rising power. Others see this as no concern at all, and believe that strong empires should be allowed to grow and conquer their weaker neighbors. But what about humanity? The Phibetan empire is built on the principles of democracy and freedom for all. As for Abetton, the system of serfdom and conquest is a threat to the free ideals of Phibeta, and of the Church of The Cardinal Heroes.

Others see the rising Abetton navy a threat to our own. Queen Beatrix had announced months ago following the death of her late husband King Redford that she would call for naval modernization and build up. “Of course, our naval vessels are second to none when it comes to supremacy of the seas” says First Lord of the Admiralty, Sir Reginald Gutterman, 10th Earl of Rutland. “But this new Abettonese navy could pose a threat to our power at sea. Our empire reaches through vast lands from all corners. And our strong navy has made it clear to deter those who would want to hurt us or anyone within our sphere of influence”. This sphere of influence do include countries within the Eastern region of Greater Dienstad close by to the Phibetan Colony of The Cartune Isles, but since it is classified information, these nations in the sphere will not be named.

Phibeta will keep a close eye on Abettonese expansion in the east. No hasty decision must be made in a crucial time of imperial warfare. We hope that there are no escalations of hostilities.

Charles Rittingham, Editor for The Weston Mail

Other headlines

The Royal Society of Art Opens The First Art Museum in Weston

Midland Yard Raids Factory In Violation of Recently Passed Child Labor Laws in Robinshire. Factory Owner Arrested And Held For Questioning

Lord Paladin’s New 0298-Class Steam Locomotive Reaches 69 MPH On Weston to Kristanford Line, Fastest In The World

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by Abetton
[align=center]The Sauville Trumpet

16 September 1858

Open Opinion: Time for Abetton to Dominate All Meridional

Opinion Authored by Lord Christopher Borque, Sitting Member of the House of Delegates, for Sedna

Fellow countrymen, I stand in awe and amazement, in just a few short years things have truly thrived under Her Highness Queen Beatrix I, morose than His Highness, her late husband, though no disrespect, he was a fine king. We've grown rapidly, our economy is booming, the land and pastures are green as ever thanks to our booming agriuclture, in the cities the factories are running at capacity, even the smallest hamlets are benefiting as roads are being built and laid with firm stone, and in just a few short weeks, we've beaten back our old foes, foes who thought nothing of our kingdom until now. People among my fellow Delegates and I'm sure the Lords and Ladies are as well, wondering what to do from here? How can Abetton become just another kingdom to a true global power to wield undeniable influence? We must continue to expand.

When I was a boy of thirteen-years of age, I went to sea, aboard the great vessel Headwind and set off on a long journey across the vast oceans to see the world at large. I had long wondered how people saw Abetton on the outside, outside our vast lands and large span of territory we call home and the sad truth of the matter is, few seemed to really know us at all and those that did felt we were small and insignificant. I guess you could say it hurt my pride quite a bit, my father had served in the army and lost a leg for this kingdom and here we were, nothing to the world at large? Well that was over forty years ago now and now I'm an aging man who serves in Her Majesty's Government as a Parliamentarian. Not the most exciting, I realize, but it's my way to continue to serve my great country, the land I so love and have since I was a boy. For that same voyage across the vast world cost me the use of my right arm I knew I couldn't serve in the armed forces as a limp so now I serve her Government for my Duchy.

Anyway, this long rambling story brings be back around to my point, today Abetton is now becoming a force in this world, we can be a force of great influence and power if we have the motivation. The Weston Mail a news publication in another far off land has taken notice of us, now they're starting to become afraid of us. Now of course, I'm not advocating we go to war with the land this paper harks from, of course not, no what I'm saying is we need to set our sights on our birthrites, what is rightfully ours, and that is this continent we sit upon, a mass of soil, ground and earth, that is the Meridional. Yes, out of our recent spat with the Marche Noir Kingdom and her ally the Brasillistan Republic [republican government, please do not get me started on that whole nonsense], has shown our might is strong and the Gods have willed us to become bigger. We may got a few tiny islands for some sugarcane and tobacco but what lies beyond the Eastern plains? Beyond the Sirin Mountains onto the coastlines of the Eastern Seas? A tiny no-name Principality, long forgotten by its host nation but still holding onto hope I suppose that they retain the Princely titles of such a state. A state of sandal wearing goldfish tenders, a nation that must house even more untold riches, being horded by a people undeserving of such! Abettonian superiority is a must here, Meridional is going to become a land dominated by Abetton, and from there Abetton will stretch further out but before we do, we must have complete control of this land from sea to shining sea. East and west shall become ours. As technology has improved and we've found a way to utilize black powder as a means for warfare as well as mining and terrain shifting.

More land for us, more land to expand upon, begins at home and once that, we will be truly the Kingdom everyone will talk about. So the next time a young boy of age joins a merchant ship on the high seas, he will hear how Abetton is that mighty kingdom.

This story is an archive of the Sauville Trumpet's series of articles about the lead up to the 1861 war with neighboring Abetton and eventually Phibeta

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by Mokastana
Goldenberg Globe
01 November 1858

Silk and Sugar, trade with Abetton continues to bring prosperity to Wellovia!

Once considered goods only limited to the nobility, sugar, tobacco and hemp can now be found in shops across Goldenberg and other growing cities. Not only have new goods come into Wellovian harbors, but demand for Wellovian goods has increased as well. Wellovian Silk, tea, and even jewelry has been selling overseas for higher than normal prices. Many artisans and skill laborers have even began on taking on more apprentices to try to meet demand. This economic boom has been felt across the country, with small cottage craftmen being able to live like nobles.

House of Commons debates Petition to ban child labor

MHC(Member of House of Commons) Paul Cavill of the Labor Party has introduced a new Petition to request the effective ban child labor from factories and industry work within Wellovia. This would include not only free men, but indentured servants and slaves as well. As the Member stated: "Factory work is not like tilling a field or maintaining a home. Textile factories have tons of moving parts, and while small children are able to crawl around and maintain the machines, far too many have been permanently injured by their work. Those children were supposed to grow up to be tax paying Wellovians, and now their families are instead left with one more mouth to feed that they can't provide for."

While the Labor Party of the House of Commons seems to be in favor, they are in contention with the both Wig and Liberal party leadership. MHC Walter Olsen of the Liberal party stated that: "Wellovia incorporates certain key freedoms, and among those, is the right to work! It should be up to the families of Wellovia to decide if their youngest members find employment in factories, or other suitable duties." Meanwhile MHC Leon Noble of the Wig Party scoffed at the idea: "Children growing up in factories learn how to earn an honest Gold Note, and don't cause ruckus on the streets of our cities!"

Trouble in Isa? Army sent to restore order

Brave Wellovian troops arrived in Mandla, last week to help restore order to the troubled territory. Although local militias did contain the rebellious slaves, the army will be a much appreciated relief for the people of Isa. It is unknown how many escaped over the border to Katase, but the Imperial government will….

...continued on next page

*This is more world building for the 1861 war between Abetton and Phibeta*

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by Phibeta
This is archivical news articles that'll lead up to a regional war in the same style as the Crimean War between Phibeta, Katase, and other allies versus Abetton and other allies.


41st Knights of the Heavy Brigade, Ripe and Ready For The Fray

As Jubilee year continues, a new crisis overshadows the glorious age of prosperity. Out in the Far East, near the Cartune Isles, there are confirmed reports that Abetton might declare war on the small principality of Meridional, which was confirmed by citizens living in the Cartune Isles reading the news publication, the Sauville Trumpet. Through a strongly worded opinion given by one of the MPs from Abetton’s House of Delegates, one Lord Christopher Borque, shows that Abetton is willing to play the aggressor on the small continent they share with their neighbors, and in the eyes of many over there, this seems to be Abettonese supremacy over others. Military commanders and politicians in parliament have stated their grievance against the rising Abettonese empire, and have warned of ensuing wars of conquest by these aggressors.

“It upsets the balance of powers established by the Grand Concert of Greater Dienstad,” shouts Conservative politician Tereance Falter, MP for the county of Falcon Haven. “The terrible Istoloa Wars of the 1800s was the last war to upset the balance of powers. I will be damned if this rising Eastern power test this concert of which we have created”.

“It is unwarranted aggression,” shouts Liberal politician William Lyman, MP for the country of San Phinia. “These Abettons with their serfdom system enslaves free people to land ruled by the aristocracy. It is a system no man, woman, or child, should ever be chained to. Especially children, where they should be free to learn in schools and free to play and live out their lives, they are chained to the lands and lords they’re forced to serve and what these lords can do as they please with them”. An air of jingoism is in the air for not only is Abetton has attacked innocent defenseless nations but has also slapped on Phibeta’s honor.

In that same opinion article, Lord Borque claims that we are afraid of them, using that as the catalyst to declare wars on their neighbors. Phibeta is not one to pass up a challenge, as unlike what the papers have stated, we are not afraid. We are not cowards who run from a foe.

“We are a nation of peace. A nation that would never conquer their neighbors” says Prime Minister Louis Partaridge. “But, let me assure you that we will not let this slide. If we must, the Phibetan Empire will find themselves at war with Abetton to stop their aggression”.

News has reached the Sibling Monarchs who have agreed that the though the empire believes in national sovereignty, one can not avoid the atrocity that is inherent in the system of serfdom (as well as the comment of cowardice). The monarchs agreed too, that a delegation should be sent to the Principality of Katase (who lay next to Meridional), in a gesture of protection from Abetton and to advise the military there, as well as observations of the war. The kingdom hopes that a swift and peaceful conclusion can be met.

Robert Wesley, Editor for The Weston Mail


Submitted by: Romeo Harrington

The poor child, an orphaned child, is taken to the workhouse to toil for a cruel lord. In rags, dirt covering her bare feet, she works with heavy machinery, replacing spinning bobbins as the machines continue to produce textiles for the markets. The child has to be careful, or else she will be maimed by the machines if she gets her hands stuck. Then she would be out on the cold streets, not that the workhouse was any better.

The children here do not get proper meals, but would often eat the scraps that the lord has thrown out. They sleep on nothing but a blanket in a communal room. Some of the older kids are sold to other wealthy lords and ladies for their own personal reasons, or at least that’s how the child sees it.

The child does what she is told, never talking back. She knows she would be sent to the room for a week as punishment. And there is no chance to run away either. She cries in silence, no hope for freedom at all. But her parents before they died told her that the angels would be sad if she was sad. She holds back her tears and continues her work in silence.

10:00 at night. The child who has worked for 17 hours today, goes to her place on the floor after being given a small bowl of cold, slimy, gross gruel, and a slightly moldy roll for her supper, and instantly collapses from exhaustion. She suffers throughout the day, but even she dreams. She dreams of going to school, receiving an education, making friends that she wouldn’t have to worry about. She dreams of a home, warm, delicious food, a warm bed to sleep in, and a loving family. She doesn’t care if they were rich or poor, she wants to be loved.

But those dreams are far away. She might die soon from the factory smoke, the flying amounts of dust, or from extreme exhaustion. Perhaps she would be sold as a servant to a rich lord. But she has no hope, only dreams. Dreams that are too far for her reach.

Cardinal Pastor, Reverend Francis Whitleman

Cardinal Pastor, Reverend Francis Whitleman, Begins Drive For Aid To Child Victims of Katase Storm

The Great Katase Storm that took place in 1857 left many children orphaned and families displaced. Many of the lands are still in need of repair, and many children are in need of food, clothing, and shelter. Who else to take up the task than Drumchapel’s own pastor, Reverend Francis Whitleman, to raise awareness and create a drive across the country to provide aid to the Katase children devastated by the Great Storm.

“It is the will of Sir Nathaniel that we give aid to these poor children who are made homeless and starving by the tragic storm that befell them last year,” says Reverend Francis Whitleman. “It is our Cardinal duty to care for these children, orphaned, displaced,or both. We hope to raise £40,000 in providing aid and supplies for those affected”. There has been word that the reverend is working with parliament for an adoption program for caring Phibetan couples who for some reason can not have a child of their own to adopt an orphan child from Katase in hopes of providing them with a family. He has made a proposal that couples who do adopt will receive a monetary bonus from the governments, though the latter might come under criticism for a cause of abuse in the system.

“It is a monumental task,” says Liberal politician Oswald Fieldman, MP for Southridge. “There will be people who would want to take advantage of this system for their own gains. Whether through illegal child labor or only adopting just for the sake of government subsidies. It can all work if we have a system that will look after these children after their adoption”. In parliament, Mr. Fieldman has suggested a volunteer corps of civil servants to keep tabs of the families that adopt children as a way to make sure that adopted children are not robbed again of security and love.

This coincides with the plan to send a delegation to Katase on the grounds of military advise and diplomatic intelligence. This will also make the delegation a humanitarian mission to the region to relieve peoples as a sign of friendship between the two nations. Here is hope that the drive comes through as a great success!

Charles Rittingham, Editor for The Weston Mail

Other headlines

The Admiralty Has Ordered 20 More Iron-hulled Steam Frigates

Sir Ragland Devonshire Launches New Paddleship, SS Great Eastern. Proclaimed Largest Passenger Ship In The World

Science Professor William Tarfield Of Roxford Proposes Idea For Armored Land Vehicle That Runs On Steam

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by Katase
Katase Print Agency
News and Information for Katase

1858 December 18th

Grand Prince Convenes Council of Lords and Ladies


NADESHIKO - The streets around the Royal Palace are clear this morning, as His Royal Highness, Grand Prince Kamado begins his annual convening of the Council of Lords and Ladies from around the land to discuss the issues facing each region and to plan for the year ahead. This year, His Highness is expected to hear the issues about coastal fishing and mountain land management. The conference will end in time for the Summer Festival and is not expected to disrupt Shima Plaza. Other concerns are expected from the Prefectures of the Himawari Region at the base of the Motsu mountains, where Lord Himura of Heisei and Lady Soma of Nara have expressed concerns of increasing encroachment from the neighboring Kingdom of Abetton.

Katase and Abetton have long butted heads over the lands beyond the Motsu Mountain range, with homesteaders and industry increasingly expanding up to the range though the mountains have long served as a natural buffer between the two. Increased technology and greater understanding of uses for black powder explosives and nitroglycerin has made travel through rugged terrain easier than in decades past. With Abetton's increasing hawkish foreign policy, there is concern Abetton may soon set its sights upon Katase. An open editorial penned by a Parliamentarian member, Christopher Borque has began a rallying cry for a conquest of the entire continent of Meridional and vague passing threats against Katase. It is unknown if Abettetonite Queen, Beatrix will indeed wage a war, but His Highness and the Lords are hoping to avert that.


His Majesty has been paying attention to Abetton's increasing expansion and has already dispatched two diplomats to the Abetton Capital of Sauville to discuss the future of the two nations. "It is our hope that we can begin a peaceful co-existence but it remains in Abetton's court to make the peace happen." His Highness said in a statement to us. "They have grown powerful and are gaining increasing favor because of their recent territorial gains have given it new riches upon to leverage greater foreign power. It's their strength and we expect they will continue to use it." Though relations of our two nations have gone frosty, others remain hopeful. Young Prince Jiro and his wife, Hinako express optimism of the situation. "Father has reasons to be concerned," The Prince said, "but our nations have often butted heads and somehow find a way to get along. Abetton is a lovely country, we just need to find common ground. If need be, I will be glad to also go to see if I might reason with the good Queen."

"I believe in diplomacy and I believe we can find a way to get along." Lady Hinako said. "I've seen the young royal family members as well, they are truly adorable young children, I feel the Queen as a mother would not risk the future of her Heirs upon a foolish war."

Lady Soma also spoke before heading into the confines of the Palace. "I'm glad the young Prince is optimistic but I have more concerns, our small mountain villages in Nara have increasingly seen issues with Abetton traders looking to bargain or buy citizens. With many villages relying on Agriculture, it's truly a detriment to possibly send away sons and daughters for meager profits." It is noted Abetton is still a practitioner of slavery, something Abetton abolished a decade past. The mountains of Motsu (named Sirin in Abetton) also potentially have mining rights of yet to be discovered precious metals. As both nations continue to industrialize, resources as this are needed more than ever.

Other Headlines

Phibeta Increases Storm Aid to Southern Coast
Summer Festivities Bring Visitors to Nadeshiko
Keio Prefecture Welcomes First Woman Mayor

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by Eitoan

Buildup Continues Over Provocations in Federal Ralkovia

Belovo, Federal Ralkovia, Eitoan Occupation Zone

Sources close to Eitoan Occupation Forces Ralkovia Commandant Neil Gates indicate an acceleration of the buildup of troop levels in Federal Ralkovia following several provocations alleged to agents of Regime Ralkovia. In the latest incident, Balkovian Airlines Flight 66 was apparently hijacked early in it’s route from Orav, Federal Ralkovia to Kelso, Eitoan. In what has been described as a struggle between passengers and possibly federal air marshals and the hijackers, Flight 66 crashed after turning back into Federal Ralkovia, possibly headed to Regime territory. The Eitoan Joint Military Intelligence Service has been investigating the crash, with the cooperation of federal Ralkovian and Arcanean intelligence in the occupation zone. Although specific numbers and units assigned to the buildup are under military censorship, observers on the ground have noted much higher than usual military road, rail and air traffic and believe that the moves will bolster Eitoan forces far above the usual two to three division increase which has been previously seen in the aftermath of such incidents. Both Eitoan and Arcanean authorities have been tight lipped about the buildup, but local civilian authorities and Federal Senators have been active in civil defense preparations. Such activity could indicate an expected major operation, possibly spilling over the Line of Control into Regime Ralkovia.

National Politics:
Shrdlu Leads in Early Polling

Early polling for next year’s Presidential election shows an advantage going to President Shrdlu of the Free Democrats at this time. With 31% of the sample undecided at this early date, President Shrdlu leads with 29% of those polled by the Public Opinion Institue of Leonore Territorial University. Going with those considered in the lead for the Socialists and Civic Platform respectively, newly reelected Kelso Mayor Kenneth Curtis follows with 13% trailed by former Vice President Kenneth Haan at 10%. The Communist and National Democrat candidates were unnamed, given their recent marginality in nationwide polling, the Communists scoring 5% and National Democrats 2%. At this time it is not known if the Communists will be willing to field a candidate, given the popularity of Mr. Curtis and the fear of splitting the leftist camp. Stickney College of Arts and Sciences Senior Professor of Dienstadi Literature Brenda Sanders has expressed interest in representing the Communists, although she is little know outside academic circles and has been seen by some a possibly alienating the party’s blue collar base. The National Democrats, scrambling to find an identity and message following their drubbing in legislative elections and subsequent abandonment by members both in the Ghastak and Dashez could be left with Ghastaker Theresa Elear, the party’s sole member in that chamber and viewed as a pariah by all other parties.

Bitter Cold Expected in Coastal, Central Corridor Territories

A cold snap is expected to roll in across all Coastal and Central Corridor territories over the weekend and into next week, with no relief forecast until after New Year’s Day. A Class B Warning has been issued for all townships and municipalities in these territories today by the Department of Transportation Weather Preparedness Center, giving clearance to deicing and emergency vehicles on all National Roads there, and providing legal clearance to territorial and local government to do the same. Conditions are expected to extend to the foothills of the Smigly Ridge, and cover most of the aforementioned areas, except for a late week thaw in the upper Malawani valley. Skies are expected to be overcast throughout the Frontier Territories with mild weather after next Wednesday. High winds are forecast along the Ruzek valley accompanying the cold snap. Weather in the Southern Territories should be normal. Seasonal cross-border traffic at crossing points with Tupioca is expected to be normal through New Years.

Calm seas are seen during the period in the near Northern Vanguat Sea, with conditions choppier in the Jesheoda Channel. Maritime shippers are advised that warnings continue in the vicinity of Fustera and Tupenga.

Kingpin Net Revenue Exceeds Expectations

The nation’s third largest retailer, Kingpin of Kelso reported higher than expected net revenue for the year ending November 30, at 12% over the previous period. Expections for the seller were pegged at 10% prior to the announcement, leading to a 3.4% increase in common stock price after the announcement. The growth was attributed to two factors; acquisition of online specialty shop Bedoval, and aggressive consolidation of poorly performing brick and mortar outlets. The accelerated move to online sales indicates a growing shift to that channel across the mid level general retail market, particularly in larger and medium sized cities. The company has indicated that much of the unanticipated gain will be channeled to expansion of growing overseas markets, most notably in Tupioca and Federal Ralkovia.

Social Services To Be Expanded for Expected Immigration

Berwyn City Hall has announced plans to increase staffing for Public Health Clinics and evening Dienstadi and Eitoan Citizenship classes in advance of anticipated inflow of refugees from the conflicts in the Shartourn Sea region. Although immigration from the area has been carefully monitored and vetted, the social and cultural distance of the new arrivals from Eitoan life is stark and preparations are being made to help integrate the newcomers. By contrast, Ralkovian war refugees had been seen as having some connection with Eitoan ways, although remote. Some Ralkovians adapted more rapidly than others, with freed slaves leaning fast to take advantage of economic opportunities, and descendants of Ordenites deported to Ralkovia in the previous century found acceptance and welcome among kindred spirits in Independent Congregationalist synagogues. The Wicker Park neighborhood by the waterfront is the beneficiary of most of the attention. Additional funding has been arranged by an agreement between Mayor Ted Rinehart and Dobrovice Territory Governor General Mark Prahe.

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by Holy Marsh

Long Live The Theocratic Matriarchy!

Mar'si, Holy Marsh- After multiple rounds of voting, Marshites across the globe welcome the winner of the vote. While many candidates were offered and there was indeed very strong competition, in the end it was clear where the tides had turned. In a hotly contested result, the official name of the state will change to The Theocratic Matriarchy of Holy Marsh. As of midnight, all online or networked instances of the name will be updated, and by the end of the year only hard-paper references will be remaining. Those will be handled as the proper offices can reach them.

The Theocratic Matriarchy was not a shocking winner. While the Arch-Bishop is suspected of supporting the Holy Communal State, it is believed her close working relationnship with Cardinal Cerisa Alahana would have made her amenable to the Matriarchy. With that out of the way, the Female Shrine put all of its vast power behind the name. As the largest Shrine in the nation and one of the more aggressive ones to boot, it was able to form a massive wedge of support behind its singular name. Many opposed it, but by the end the Female Shrine won again. Indeed, many believe that this is the name Cardinal Alahana would have picked as Arch-Bishop without a vote.

Important information:
The official full name of the nation is now The Theocratic Matriarchy of the Holy Marsh. Shorter names include the Marshite Matriarchy, the Theocratic Matriarchy, the Matriarchy, the Theocracy. Initials are TMHM, MHM, and HM.

The armed forces are undergoing a name change as well" Theocratic Matriarchy Air Force (TMAF), Theocratic Matriarchy Navy (TMN), Theocratic Matriarchy Army (TMA), among the dozens of sub-branches that make them up.

Documentation referring to The Grand Theocratic Empire of Holy Marsh will be legal for foreign travel and activities through the last day of the following month. After that, it is expected that the overwhelming majority of hard-paper records will have been changed over, with those that remain doing so as discovered or when time allows.

Long Live the Theocratic Matriarchy! Long live the Holy Marsh!