[Kerbin Only] Kerbin in Jeopardy

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Postby Edusa » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:39 am

In the name of the Holy Father, the Royal Family and the People of the Blessed Principality of Edusa


Thereafter are edicted the therms of the Union between the blessed nations of Serria and Edusa.

Article 1

The new Government is a constitutional monarchy.

Article 1.1
The People may vote for their Prime Minister who shall assemble his Government according to his will and program and rule for five years.

Article 1.2
The People may vote for their Regional Representative at the Council who shall decide by vote if the laws, choices and decisions of the government follow the Constitution and are made in the interest of the People for five years.

Article 1.3
The Prime Minister may dissolve the Council up to twice during his mandate if it is deemed too obstructive.

Article 1.4
The Regent holds all power over the Country but may only use them in case of extreme crisis and with the approbation of the Council. Any use of said power will be carefully examined by the Council who may approve it or deem it abusive and restrain the power of the Regent for an amount of time determined by the gravity of the abuse.

Article 1.5
Serrian authorities shall name five representative who shall overwatch the Edusan Governement's activity and call for anticipated elections if they deem it contrary to the interest of the two nations.

Article 2

Economic borders between Serria and Edusa shall be opened and free for both country and their citizens

Article 2.1
No border tax shall be applied to the fret transiting between Serria and Edusa.

Article 2.2
Serrian and Edusan people are allowed to travel freely between the two countries but are expected to be able to prove their nationality upon entering Edusan or Serrian soil.

Article 2.3
Airports and harbor of both countries are expected to provide supplies in priority to commercial and official aircrafts of both countries.

Article 2.4
No tax shall be applied on money changes between Serrian and Edusan devises.

Article 2.5
The status of the JEZ is to be discussed with Eusonian authorities on a later undetermined meeting.

Article 3

Serrian and Edusans are expected to behave according to the laws of the country they are in, however, efforts to move toward a common penal code shall be initiated by the authorities of the two countries.

Article 3.1
Serrian citizens may ask for Edusan citizenship freely but will be subject to the same tax rates as in Serria to prevent fiscal evasion.

Article 4

Serrian and Edusan Armies are expected to cooperate. A joint command center made of Serrian and Edusan officer will be established to ensure maximum cooperation of the armed forces.

Article 4.1
Efforts towards the standardization of the communication material shall be pursued in order to achieve an optimal coordination. Edusan and Serrian soldiers are expected to learn rudiments of Serrian and Edusan languages and be able to clearly speak Dolphik to ensure clear communications.

Article 4.2
Exercices shall be conduced in cooperation as often as possible and at least twice a year.

Article 4.3
Serrian and Edusan military facilities shall be able to resupply Edusan and Serrian vehicles and troops without delays.

Article 4.4
Serrian citizens are free to enlist in the Edusan Army following the same therms as an Edusan citizens. Edusan citizens shall be able to enlist in a special detachment of the Serrian army set to this effect.

Article 5

Edusa shall align in every way on the Serrian outside politic and must not put Serrian national security at risk.

Article 5.1
Edusa shall stay neutral and not intervene in any way, shape or form in international incident no matter their nature. Neutrality shall also be observed and be the end goal of any international incident involving Edusa.

Article 5.2
Edusa shall not align against or with any country according to Article 5 and Article 5.2. Exception being Anderia against which trade ban will still apply.

Read and Approved on the blessed day of Tuesday the 1st of 2019 by Her Majesty Elena Nahiko.
Read and approved on the blessed day of Tuesday the 1st of 2019 by Mr. Maxim Zanpantzar, Prime Minister of the Blessed Principality of Edusa.
Read and approved on the blessed day of Wednesday the 2nd of 2019 by the 57 Deputies of the Council Chamber of the Blessed Principality of Edusa.
Read and approved on the blessed day of Wednesday the 2nd of 2019 by the 5 Serrian representatives in the Blessed Principality of Edusa.

Proclamation simplified for public display and diffusion. Simplification read and approved on the blessed day of Wednesday the 2nd of 2019 by the 57 Deputies of the Council Chamber of the Blessed Principality of Edusa and by Mr. Maxim Zanpantzar, Prime Minister of the Blessed Principality of Edusa.
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Postby Wasabiton » Fri Jan 04, 2019 6:13 pm

Plans For the First Quarter of 2019 Military Orders
Cleared for Release by the Department of Public Relations

- 60 MAADS-57 SPAAGs to be ordered
- all MADS-4 to be retired
- all LAT-10s to be retired and given away
- 30 Airborne tanks to be ordered
- 40 F-56s ordered
- 1 Chiakura class carrier
- 20 combat ships

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Postby Heruland » Sat Jan 05, 2019 4:09 am

so with the strategic retreat of Sanselle's forces, and the resulting surrender of two more enemy corps, we need to start seriously considering the hostile carrier groups, operation solvogn, and then the restructure, sir." Owens scratches his chin as he stares at the eastern region of the strategic map that covers the table. "Admiral Valdesen, inform me on the situation regarding the Dolphik fleet." Owens said. The generals who tightly surrounded the table in 3 layers stepped aside to allow Valdesen room at the front. "Min Fører, the Kerthenians decided to retreat their fleet after our ultimatum, or notice, but the Dolphik fleet hasn't, it has instead been relocated to be farther from the bay. They've also continued to conduct bombings, sir." "Is the Kerthenian fleet a threat?" "No min Fører, although they've been difficult to track, they've acted in accordance with what was demanded." Owens took his hands out of his pockets to place them on the table, supporting him as he leaned in over it, and looked directly down at the paper map. "So what would it take to sink the Dolphik fleet?" Valdesen didn't respond. After some seconds of the pause, Owens slightly turned his head in his direction and asked "Admiral?" "Min Fører, I recommend we use submarines to sink the carrier group, which could take us anywhere from one submarine to all of our submarines. We do have an upper hand thanks to intelligence, and we can coordinate multiple submarines to strike at the same time." Owens turned his head again to look vertically down at the table. "We can't risk losing submarines in the Eastern fleet, we have so few and it is currently the only fleet that has access to the world. Would we face casualties in such strike, Admiral?" "It cannot be ruled out of the question, min Fører, but it is still the method I recommend-" "Give me a second option, Admiral." Owens snapped at him. Valdesen, still standing with his back straight, waited a bit to respond. "It is possible to conduct a combined strike on the group using coastal defense missile system, the air force, and the surface fleet, sir, but the scale of an attack of that nature has not been done before, not even close." Owens fully turned his head to get a look at the Admiral. "What do you mean?" "We estimate we would need to fire 500 Anti-ship missiles in a single wave to pierce the defenses of their fleet." The generals scuffled their uniforms after hearing this. "500?" "Yes, min Fører." "Can we do it?" Owens leaned away from the table to stand up straight. "It can be done, yes." The generals fell quiet again
I have never seen such a man, the Herulic Ceasar, be so low as he was, sitting by himself in the darkness on a cold bench, with spread legs and bent back. "Højgeneral, we are leaving." I yelled at him softly. He turned his head and stood up, approaching me without a response. "It will be better once we reach Ostreich, Sanselle. The weather is always lovely there, and we can live in peace free from these wars." I took him by the arm and he walked me to the cars. The rest of the Junta were standing outside of their vehicles which were lined up in front and behind our vehicle. They were all the same black and chrome cars, square and big. Our chauffeur opened the door for us, and we all got into our cars at the same time. Sanselle was still looking at nothing with the same neutral and defeated stare. "Maybe we can start a family there. Wouldn't you want that, Sanselle? You know, it's really not all that bad, we can live freely in Ostreich without concern or anything to worry about. I've always wanted to get away anyways, see another place than Heruland." "You're probably right, but I will still miss this country. After all of these years serving it, and fighting for the people within, it does sadden me to flee it. It truly does. Once we have crossed the border and landed in Serria, nothing can threaten us any longer. The Herulic people won't have gained their freedom as i hoped, but at least we will live on." I put my hand in his as the convoy made its way south across the border.



Date: 1209 010119
Krigsminister Orlow
Operation Halshug
Battlereport# 12

Sanselle has ordered a complete strategic retreat after the surrendering of last remaining forces in his 2nd and 3rd army.
His remaining 1st army has retreated to the region around Handelshavn, leaving our occupied territory completely undefended.
The Kerthenian carrier group has been recalled as demanded, and the Dolphik carrier group has been sunk in a decisive naval victory.
4th, 14th and 20th independent corps have been assigned to a temporary army under General Slagter and has been transferred to operation solvogn.

Because of apparent collapse of morale and proper organization within much of the revolutionary armies, the 2 enemy corps surrendered completely.
This did not necessarily work in our favor, the surrendered fighters had to be detained, allowing the remaining enemy forces to conduct a complete strategic retreat.
The last remaining enemy army redeployed to surround Handelshavn, leaving the rest of their territory unoccupied, leading to them immediately supporting our side.
Because of this, the 5th army was able to be strategically redeployed at the new front line, although it doesn't have the cohesion to exploit this position at the moment.
4th army and 2nd independent corps have just before this report caught up to the front line, and they too will not be able to conduct any attacks on the last remaining enemy forces.
Now that the entirety of the border with Iblania is again under our control, we have transferred 4th, 14th and 20th independent corps to the Carmen valley,
and reorganized them into the ad-hoc 'Slagter Arméen', named after the general who will be commanding this army.
The army is designated with the letter 'A' and has been assigned to operation Solvogn along with 1st army and 32nd independent corps who are located in the north.

A Dolphik carrier group and a Kerthenan carrier groups has assisted the Junta throughout the war, fighting under the command of their own armed forces.
This effectively meant our nations were at war, so in a telegram to the relevant assets of those governments, we sent an ultimatum demanding that they halted their fighting or be at war with our nation.
In response to this, the Kerthenian fleet acted in accordance with what was demanded, meaning it has halted fighting, and have left our waters.
The Dolphik fleet continued to conduct airstrikes and did not move out of territorial waters.
In response, the Fører directly ordered a missile strike on the fleet on a scale that was never attempted before, with the combined efforts of
the Rigsmarine, the Køstvagten, Luftvåbnet, and the marines (Frømændene).
The result of this was a decisive victory, sinking the entirety of the carrier group, that being a CVN, a CGN, 3 DDs, and an AOE.
Our airforce was the only combatant who suffered casualties in this strike, and they were relatively significant compared to the opposing forces strength.
An estimated 2.200 sailors were onboard the carrier group.

In the coming days, we will demand a complete surrender of the Junta forces, and end the war without having to destroy more infrastructure or suffering or inflicting further casualties.
If this succeeds, operation Halshug will have been a minor tactical victory and a minor to major strategic defeat.
An Armed forces capabilities evaluation report will be made within the coming month, as this war has shown the shortcomings of our armed forces, which was exploited to devastating effect by our enemies.
Extensive investigations into the sabotage of our communications, supply, and infrastructure will be conducted, as it is unknown and unlikely this was done by the Junta.


Krigsminister Orlow
Hil Sejr, Herulia

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Postby Dolphiland » Sat Jan 05, 2019 4:44 pm


United Kingdom of Dolphiland


And now, an announcement from His Royal Majesty William VI, By the Grace of God, King of The Greater Dolphik Rike, Lorbs, and Kerthenia, Head of the Commonwealth, Protector of the Faith, Kaiser of Icaria.
Translated from Common Dolphik to Kerthenian Dolphik 05/01/19 by the Royal Ministry of Information.

Greetings, my fellow Dolphiks.

This morning, 6 AM January 5th, 2019, is a date which will live in infamy. The Royal Navy vessel Nelson, along with an escort fleet engaged in peacekeeping operations in the Herulic region, was suddenly and deliberately attacked by air and naval forces of the Herulic Rike in an unprovoked attack this morning, the brave sailors and marines onboard these vessels fought hard, but wave upon wave of Herulic missiles overwhelmed their defenses.

My fellow Dolphiks, the Nelson, and the ships which accompanied it to the northern oceans, are no more.

Several thousand of our fellow countrymen are now no more, killed by a regime which could not accept their mission of restoring peace and freedom to the region. Long has the Herulic regime oppressed the people under it's reign, eschewing their rights and freedoms to pursue their tyrannical aims, and long have we attempted to assist those whomst they oppress, to counter their tyranny and provide hope for freedom in the region. the Herulic regime has chosen to respond by striking us directly, and thus we must retaliate in kind.

We must retaliate to avenge our lost countrymen, to cast down those who would oppress the free people of the world, and ensure that never again shall our nation be dishonoured such as this. No matter how long the struggle may take, the Dolphik people must win total victory against those who oppose us, to ensure that never again shall the safety of our nation, it's people, and it's values be in danger.

By the Grace of God, I hereby proclaim that between the Kingdom of the Dolphik Rike and it's Commonwealth, and the Greater Herulic Rike now exists a state of war. By our duty as Dolphiks, we shall emerge victorious in this conflict, no matter the cost. FOR FOLK AND RIKE! DOLPHILAND VICTORIA!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the National Anthem.
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Dolphiland is a UK/KSP inspired, parliamentary consitutional monarchy located on the planet Kerbin.
The politics of Dolphiland do not necessarily align with my own personal political alignment.
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Postby Corgelia » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:11 pm


Doxian Diplomatic Bulletin

On the State of the Herulic Reich

With the Herulic Civil War nearing its close, the rightful Herulic government has reassured its control of the region, and has rightfully decided to exercise Herulic control over their Herulic waters. In a clearly written and legal message to the Kerthenian and Dolphik governments, the Herulics requested they leave their waters, or be met with force. The Kerthenians heeded this request; the Dolphiks did not. Thusly, as clearly stated in the message, the Herulics used their right to exert force on the Dolphiks. Any notion that the Herulic attack was unprovoked, cruel, or unlawful are objectively false. The Dolphik declaration of war is entirely unjust, and must be treated that way by the international community.

The Doxian Empire will stand alongside the Herulic Reich in any wars present and future, for the good of both of our nations. The Dolphik Kingdom will never succeed in their goals, and may the Herulic-Doxian alliance stand strong for a thousand years!

Brady Michael
Grand Minister of the Doxian Empire

Project Free Nation Report

Anti-Cascablancan posters have been spread, and hateful messages have been placed in speeches.
Cascablancan extremist groups have been armed, and infiltrators have begun to convince them to go after ethnic Corgelians and other non-Cascablancans.

Site Construction:
Site positions have been selected.
Construction has begun, and separation of work crews should keep them in the dark as to the true purpose of the sites.
Laborers are to be offered no leave or interactions with outside sources.

Military equipment is to be moved near to the sites to keep possible spy satellites from determining their purpose.
Security perimeters have been set up, to ward away the locals. Official explanation is that the sites are military production facilities and testing grounds.

Incentives have been put out to increase the number of children a parent has.
Plans are being made for renovation of soon-to-be depopulated areas, to incentivize Doxians to move.
Vaccinations are to be made mandatory and medical checkups are to be made required twice a year.
"United as one for the defense of our great nation!"

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Postby Wasabiton » Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:11 pm

Cleared For Release by the President of Osakodo
On the morning of January 5th, 2019, The rightful Government of Heruland Practiced their rights to control their waters by attacking the imperialist Dolphik fleet who unlike their Kerthenian counterparts, refused to leave the territorial waters of Heruland and as a consequence was heavily damaged. While the Dolphiks claim this was unprovoked, this is a simple lie as they helped the opposing Junta forces and violated Heruland's sovereignty and as such have faced the consequence. Because of this, We will no longer trade with the Dolphiks until they stand down from their imperialist ambitions. On the other hand, I commend the Kerthenian Government for doing the right thing and leaving the waters. Thank you for reading this and May Osak Regain it's glory.
Signed, Araki Hirohiko

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Massive Update

Postby The Empire of Chikara » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:26 am

(Sorry Everyone things got really busy the past two months and I haven't been able to post. So here is everything I was supposed to post and didn't. If you don't want to read this all, there is a sparks note version at the bottom. I will try my best to keep this from happening in the future.)

A Seaman’s Tale
November 13th:
Three employees of Xifang Oil, working on an ocean rig south of the Yama Province coast, claim to have spotted a massive creature sinking into the depths of ocean late last week. It is important to note that this is the second report of a large creature lurking off the coast of Chikara, the first being from that of a drunken fisherman last month off the coast of Bien Province. Just as in the last claimed siting of the beast, the oil rig employees were intoxicated at the time of the sighting, they claim to have seen it from a far distances, and it was at night. The Chikaran governments only comment on the matter is that this is nothing more than a seaman's tale and not worth their time investigating.

Congressional Elections
November 16th:
Previous overall election results from November 16th 2016,
The National Unity Party [NUP] (Conservative Populist) 42.2%
The Chikaran Society of Strength [CSS] (Gentile Fascist) 3.1%
The Party of Heaven [PoH] (Monarchist) 30.3%
The Democratic Liberal Party [DLP] (Democratic Liberal) 15.8%
People for a Socialist Future [PSF] (Western Socialist) 7.4%
The United Effort [UE] (Communist) 1.2%

In a stunning turn of events it appears that for the first time in sixteen years the National Unity Party has lost control in both the Economic and Social Congress. The new ruling party in both the Economic and Social Congress is now the Party of Heaven, which saw what can only be described as a “Purple Wave” this election season. This “Purple Wave” is most likely due to three major factors. One is the parties massive amounts of campaigning which began almost immediately after the last election back in 2016. The second being for the first time since the parties founding they announced their pick for the new royal family should the government turn back to monarchism. For those who do not remember back in June of 2017 the PoH chose the family of Emperor Burlik Kuvet as their choice for the new royal family of Chikara. Emperor Kuvet at the time stated that he while he was content with being the elected emperor that if it was the people's will to return to a monarchy then he would take up the mantle with pride and continue to rule as he always has. The third and final factor would be the major corruption raids back in January of of this year. For those who do not remember high level employees of the The Democratic Liberal Party, the People for a Socialist Future, and The United Effort were all arrested and found guilty of illegally accepting money from foreign companies and then laundering said money to use as campaign funds in the 2016 election, with plans to commit this crime once more during the 2018 elections.
For those concerned about Chikara reverting to a monarchy system it is important to acknowledge that the PoH does not have the 75% of votes necessary to amend the constitution and form a monarchy. If the PoH hopes to amend the constitution they will require the support of other conservative parties within the Congress to do so.

Overall election results from November 16, 2018,
The National Unity Party [NUP] (Conservative Populist) 32.1%
The Chikaran Society of Strength [CSS] (Gentile Fascist) 9.5%
The Party of Heaven [PoH] (Monarchist) 51.1%
The Freedom League [FL] (Libertarian) 0.6%
The Democratic Liberal Party [DLP] (Democratic Liberal) 6.3%
People for a Socialist Future [PSF] (Western Socialist) 0.1%
The By Any Means Cooperative [BAM-C] (Progressive) 0.3%

Osakodo Technology Cooperation
December 3rd:
The government of Chikara and the government of Osakodo announced today that they have begun a joint research venture on a tiltrotor aircraft as well as a Generation 4.5 VTOL Multirole Aircraft.

Ground Breaking for Global Health Center
December 15th:
Today marks the ground breaking on the new Chikaran Global Health Center which is to be constructed in Chikaran Suvar. The construction is expected to take an estimated two years to build but that time table could be reduced as foreign labor is brought in to under take this massive project.
The Chikaran Global Health Center is being built and designed to be a pinnacle of medical research for the global community. The Chikaran government has been setting aside money for this project since the early days of the Chikaran Republic, and Emperor Kuvet now feels that Chikara has the funds necessary to construct and supply such a facility. When finished the Chikaran Global Health Center will be open to the scientific minds of every nation so that they may work together in a safe and neutral environment in an effort to rid Kerbin of some of its worst diseases and prevent any future epidemics or pandemics from occurring.
Chikara is also offering work to any foreign citizens seeking temporary employment in an effort to construct the Global Health Center at an increased rate. Foreign employees will be treated as equals to the Chikaran workers. Benefits include,
-steady pay
-one hour lunch each day
-two paid fifteen minute breaks per day
-Limited sick pay
-Vacation time

Victory in Timbera
December 25th:
Today Emperor Kuvet held a press conference in front of the Royal Palace to express his immense happiness at the news of victory over the Fascist rebels in Timbera. Emperor Kuvet then announced that 2,000 Chikaran troops would be preparing to head home starting today along with more to leave Timbera in the coming weeks. It is the Emperor’s hope that with this civil war being brought to an end that peace and civility can return to the region.

Happy Holidays To All
December 25th:
As per Chikaran Diplomatic custom, the Chikaran ambassadors to each nation on Kerbin hand delivered a small six inch by six inch by twelve inch decorated wooden box to the executive residence of each country on Kerbin. Inside is a fifty year old bottle of wine, from the wine cellar of Binh Thu-ong Palace, for each countries head of state. Attached to the bottle is a handwritten and personalized letter written by Emperor Kuvet which expresses his happiness over all that the two heads of state have been able to accomplish together over the past year, where he hopes the future will take them, and wishing them a happy holidays and peace on Kerbin.

Tragedy Over Meridan
December 26th:
[The following interaction is Classified under Imperial Military Order 119]
Time: 11:00 P.M. Local Time
Place: [Classified] Airfield, Timbera

[All names have been Classified under Imperial Military Order 119]

Captain [Classified]: “Sir each of the transports have been loaded.”
Colonel [Classified]: “And the crews of each of the planes have been re-briefed on their orders?”
Captain [Classified]: “Yes sir.”
Colonel [Classified]: “Good, give the order for take off.”
Captain [Classified]: “Tower, we are a go. I repeat we are a go.”
Control Tower: “Roger that Captain. Alpha SAM 125, Bravo SAM 729, Charlie SAM 351, Delta SAM 879, Echo SAM 204, Foxtrot SAM 757 you are all clear for takeoff. Good luck.
All Aircraft Pilots: “Roger that.”

The six aircraft takeoff into the night sky and each split off in seperate directions.

Orders for aircraft:
-Take off from [Classified] Airfield, Timbera.
-Separate and follow assigned flight path, ensuring that each plane remains at least one hundred miles from each other while fly over the Meridan Sea.
-Fly at an altitude of 1,200 meters in an effort to avoid detection.
-Maintain radio silence except at every two hour interval when you are to check in with Chikaran Air Command.
-Land at [Classified] Airfield, Chikara.

Date: December 27th
Time: 3:00 A.M.
Place: Chikaran Air Command

Chikaran Air Command: “All aircraft this is the four hour check in window please respond.”
Alpha SAM 125: “This is Alpha SAM 125, all is green and the “Birch” is secure.”
Bravo SAM 729: “This is Bravo SAM 729, all is green and the “Pine” is secure.”
Charlie SAM 351: “This is Charlie SAM 351, all is green and the “Spruce” is secure.”
Delta SAM 879: “This is Delta SAM 879, all is green and the “Puck” is secure.”
Foxtrot SAM 757: “This is Foxtrot SAM 757, all is green and the “Club” is secure.”
Chikaran Air Command: “Echo SAM 204 please respond.” (Repeats every thirty seconds for the next five minutes.)
Chikaran Air Command: “Chikaran Air Command to General [Classified] of Chikaran High Command.”
General [Classified]: “This is General [Classified], go ahead Air Command.”
Chikaran Air Command: “General [Classified], Echo SAM 204 is unresponsive and assumed MIA.”
General [Classified]: “What about Echo SAM 204’s emergency beacon?”
Chikaran Air Command: “Offline sir.”
General [Classified]: “Scramble search and rescue teams immediately, the “Baseball” must be recovered.”
Chikaran Air Command: “Roger that scrambling search and rescue now. Should we alert the international community?”
General [Classified]: “Negative, not unless a foreign government inquires directly about what we are doing out in the Meridan Sea. Under no circumstance are the contents of the “Baseball” to be revealed”

[The following information is unknown to the Chikaran Government and / or Military]
Date: December 27th
Time: 1:00 A.M.
Place Meridan Sea

Fifty masked individuals sit aboard a cargo ship as an individual steps out in front of them all to address the crowd.

Leader: “E.T.A. thirty minutes men, be ready, if we don’t do this fast then the existence of Kumo will become public knowledge and every single one of us will be executed. For Kumo! May our web stay strong!”
Group: “For Kumo!”

Thirty minutes later

Spotter Vessel: “Sir, Echo SAM 204 has just come into view exactly on time, altitude is approximately 1,200 meters as intel predicted.”
Leader: “Perfect. Captain give the order to start up the jammer.”
Captain (over the intercom): “Start the jammer.”

Thirty seconds later

Crew member: “The jammer is fully operational, their communications should be down.”
Leader: “Fireteams One, Two, and Three you are clear for launch.”
Fire Teams: “Roger.”

One mile out from the cargo ship, three speed boats sit and wait, each with three man teams, and each with one Suzume-7 shoulder mounted surface to air missile launcher (Similar to the Igla-S).

Fireteam One: “Missile One was set off course by flare countermeasures.”
Fireteam Two: “Missile Two was set off course by flare countermeasures.”
Fireteam Three: “Missile Three hit its target, but Echo SAM 204 is still flying.”
Leader: “Roger that fire teams. Secondary battery you are clear to fire.”
Secondary Battery: “Roger.”

A Gofa 92 (Similar to the ZSU-23-4 Shilka) rumbles to life aboard the cargo ship.

Secondary Battery: “Target locked. …. Firing.”

The rumble of the autocannons firing fills the air.

Secondary Battery: “Confirmed hit, Echo SAM 204’s engines are out. The plane seems to be attempting a water landing.”
Leader: “Recovery Team your up. Take any survivors prisoner and secure the primary objective”
Recovery Team: “Roger.”

Six speed boats carrying a combined total of eighteen men, all armed with various weapons, speeds towards the now sinking plane.

Recovery Team Member: “There in the water, two survivors.”

The Recovery Team pulls up to the two surviving crew members, they pull them out of the water, and tie them up. Twelve members of the recovery team proceed to put on scuba gear and dive into the water.
Once inside the sinking plane the scuba team finds a metal crate welded shut. One of the team members proceeds to attach a charge to the crate. After fifteen seconds of hissing and popping, a large circular piece of metal moves away from the rest of the crate leaving a hole. The scuba team proceeds to remove three bombs from the crate and tie steel cables to them. The scuba team returns to the surface while mechanical reels on three of the boats proceed to pull the bombs up out of the water.

Recovery Team: “Prisoners secure, primary objectives secure, returning to the command vessel.”

Leader: “Good work team, it is time we get out of here before the Chikaran Military notices that their plane is gone.”

Monster From The Depths
December 29th:
For the third time this year there has been a spotting of what the media is now calling the Leviathan, a large ocean beast which has been described as a monster of unbelievable size living off the coast of Western Chikara. This time it was supposedly spotted by a family camping on the western coast of Nan Province in southern Chikara. As with the last two sightings it was seen from a good distance at night. The Chikaran government has stated that they have discussed the matter with marine biologists and now believe this “Leviathan” to be nothing more than a school of migrating whales. The Chikaran government would like to assure the people that there is no danger to the public at this time and that the beaches and ocean are still safe for the civilian populis to enjoy.

Police Action
December 31st:
Today the Chikaran government announced that it would be sending home an additional 6,000 troops at the request of the Timberan government. The remaining 2,000 troops left in country shall remain in Ukrovogorod Province, former capital of the Fascist Rebellion, to help keep the peace in the region until a time at which the situation is more stable and the Timberan government feels it safe.

Well This Is Different
January 7th:
Earlier this morning, two assailants, wearing masks made to look like sock and buskin, attacked and rob a Chikaran First National Bank inside the city limits of Abura. The two individuals used no conventional firearms but were in possession of devices which sprayed chemical gas. One of the culprits was using what is suspected to be a form of fast acting and heavily potent Nitrous Oxide. While the other is suspected of using tear gas with a secondary agent that invokes seizures in its victims.
The criminals evaded authorities and made off with $300,000. Twenty six civilians and two security officers are currently being treated at Our Lady of Health in downtown Abura.
At this time authorities have stated that they are looking for a brother and sister with backgrounds in chemical engineering with a passion for theater or comics. The authorities also warn that the two may not be working alone, and are considered to be armed and dangerous.

Spark Notes
1. A possible sea monster has been spotted off the western coast of Chikara for the second time this year.

2. The Monarchy Party won the majority in both Congresses but does not have the votes necessary to change the government to a monarchy.

3. Osakodo and Chikara are working on two new military aircraft together.

4. Chikara is building a Global Health Center, and is offering employment to foreign citizens to help build the facility faster.

5. Chikara is bring home 2,000 troops now that the civil war in Timbera is over.

6. Happy holiday everybody, enjoy a free bottle of wine.

7. A Chikaran military plane was shot down over the Meridan Sea by an unknown organization. Chikara is now conducting search and rescue in the Meridan Sea in an attempt to find the downed plane, but they are trying to keep the crash a secret for unknown reasons.

8. For the third time this year a supposed sea monster has been spotted off the western coast of Chikara.

9. Chikara is bringing home 6,000 more troops from Timbera. The remaining 2,000 troops are staying in Timbera to help keep the peace until further notice.

10. Two individuals robbed a Chikaran bank using chemical gas.

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Postby Edusa » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:33 am

Edusan Northern desert

He was flying high for his last mission before giving back his uniform. The skies where pure blue, not a single cloud on sight. The plane's polished aluminum frame was shinning in the sun just like the few medals sticking out of his life jacket. He was a veteran, he flew for Edusa since he was 23 and now, at 56, he was an ace. He shot down 16 enemy aircrafts, a record no Edusan could brag about since the great war. No matter what was Edusa, he flew for it. He never stopped flying, he flew for the Old Monarchy, he flew for the ESR, he flew for the New Monarchy and the absolute one, now he was flying for Serria for the last time. He was spared by the post ESR government because of his aerial victories, the new party in power changed his story, gave him the role of a spy inside the remains of the ESR air force to keep him and his legend alive. He never protested, played along the lines they gave him, exhibiting forged documents. He was anoblished by an ignorant Queen and one more medal shined on his already heavily loaded uniform. His head was feeling heavy, the base's doctor gave him a higher than normal Benzedrine dose to have the strength to load his harassed body in the cramped cockpit one last time. He hadn't slept properly for days, compensating with coffee, energetic bars and the aforementioned drug. The sun was burning his eyes through the sunglasses. Burning... just like the nomads on which his bombs fell... just like his 16 colleagues he shot down just because they flew for the so-called loyalists... just like the last communist resistant he dropped napalm on in the name of a scarred country's vengeance... The skies turned red... His medals on his chest were burning him under his Mae West... The oxygen coming from his mask tasted like iron... Iron ? No, blood ! His heartbeat raced, his body shook violently, he threw away the mask, breaking the collimator, the sun reflecting on his plane was like daggers in his eyes, he tried to open the canopy, jump out of the death bringer he was ridding, in his madness he forgot about the ejection seat device, he forgot about the canopy dropping lever, he forgot everything but his desire to get out. He was kicking against the instruments, against the stick, punching against the canopy, punching himself. His fists where in covered in blooded, pierced by glass shards, blood was flowing from his mouth as he bit his tong in his excitation but the madness lights in his eyes An atrocious shrieking thorn his ears, sand was jumping around the deformed nose of the plane, a missile on the left wing got stuck, tearing half of the surface apart. The plane was still sliding in the sand in an apocalyptic noise, sideways now. The already damaged wing broke completely, the plane rolled on itself, crushing the vertical surfaces and the cockpit. Its mad run ended violently in a large rock sticking out of the base of a dune. The fire broke, the cannons ammo detonated, tearing apart what was left of the plane. The pierced fuel tanks spewing their precious content sparked ablaze. In this plane sized hell an inhumane scream covered the flames crackling and sparking for a few seconds. In the middle what was once the cockpit, the small golden light of a medal appeared for a few seconds. Burning...
If anything, Edusa represents my state of mind, not my political, ethical or social point of views.

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Postby Heruland » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:13 pm



After 3 months of bloody brother wars within the Great Herulic Rige, the last remaining revolutionaries have surrendered completely, ending the civil war.

Starting as an attempted coup d'etat by high ranking capitalist generals, the highest ranking General himself, Højgeneral Sanselle, attempted to assassinate the Fører and frame it on the Førergarden. Would this have succeeded, it would seem as if the Førergarden were attempting a coup d'etat, which would place all politicians of the National Socialist Union under scrutiny, placing the armed forces, Krigsministeriet, in charge of the government. Something went wrong in their plans, however, and Sanselle failed to fatally wound the Fører, and frame the attempted assassination on Orlow who was at the time leader of the Førergarden. Sanselle and the conspirators who accompanied him fled into hiding, while a significant portion of our armed forces declared themselves to support a new government made up of a Generals council, who were striving to defeat the National Socialist forces and establish a capitalist democracy in Heruland. But despite their surprise attack, and help from capitalist superpowers, our National Socialist community of Heruland, our loyal friends in Doxia, and many unnamed nationalist volunteers from Anderia defeated the traitors, restoring stability, loyalty, and honor for our nation. In a decisive show of unrelenting will to defend our people, an entire Dolphic fleet that consisted of some of the worlds most sophisticated and largest ships were sunk by the combined effort of our armed forces, and in a decisive show of our will to survive, our soldiers upon the front fought honorably as the Herulic men and women stood behind him and supported his efforts in self-sacrifice for his community.
Almost 300.000 Herules died in this war fighting for or against the National Socialist values of our people. Despite what opinions either of the sides held, such a bloodbath inflicted by brothers and sisters on brothers and sisters is an appalling tragedy on our people.
Ilbraxen, a Rigs-minor of the Rige has been overthrown by separatists, who have decided to occupy much of our north-western territories, and the Blorbik supported communist bastion in Carmen still stands. The Herulic people have in this past year struggled as a united community of sacrifice, defeating all enemies who wanted to destroy our people and our will to self-determination, and although the greatest hurdles are behind us, our future is yet not secured fully. The National Socialist Union of the Herulic government has in the past shown its intent of placing our people and its children first, and the National Socialist Union will surely continue to do so.

Sanselle and his revolutionary government have been captured and detained in Ostreich, after fleeing their lost efforts in Heruland.

At the end of the civil war, the General council, the Junta, and their appointed dictator, traitorous Highgeneral Sanselle, decided to flee Heruland for Ostreich, where they were arrested yesterday by Ostreichan special forces on the tarmac where they landed. Sanselle, who had returned to the Junta so that he could take control of the situation, was unable to salvage the dire situation of the revolutionary forces. In a bloody last-ditch attempt, he exercised his military experience and pushed much of our armed forces back, yet it wasn't nearly enough, and his army collapsed shortly after. In face of inevitable defeat, he decided to leave his role as leader of the revolution, and instead tried to save himself by traveling to neutral Serria, and from there to the Ostreich. He had likely hoped that the Ostreich would be sympathetic to him, but as it turned out, our faithful friends, the Ostreicher people, the and government didn't allow these traitors to walk free and instead detained them as they stepped out of their private aircraft. The fate of Sanselle and the people associated with him who were also arrested is currently being negotiated.




Date: 0109 120119
Krigsminister Orlow
Operation Solvogn
Battlereport# 1

Following the termination of the successful operation halshug, operation solvogn will now be activated.
Operation solvogn is the initiative of the Storherulskerige and its armed forces to retake the land which
that was lost when our country fell into civil war, and to retake the foreign military bastion in Carmen,
which will make Heruland completely void of hostile nations on its borders, and link up the crucial
infrastructure from Heruland to Ilbraxen. 2 armies and 1 independent corps have been assigned to this
effort, making up 7 corps in total. On the first morning of this operation, 5 hours after this report, a
force of our bombers will drop pamphlets over the Iblanian capital Potantius, demanding their total
surrender or have the city be bombed. We expect the Iblanian separatists to surrender in the face of
this, allowing us to immediately restore control over Ilbraxen, and focus our attention to Carmen. The
amount of enemy forces within Carmen is unknown, so the entirety of Slagter Arméen, designated with
the letter A, will be assigned to deal with whatever forces are defending Carmen. The Iblanian forces
consists of 2 corps spread very thin, and they do not pose a large threat to us regardless.


Krigsminister Orlow
Hil Sejr, Herulia




Without reason and against the Herulic government and the Herulic peoples true wish,
to live in peace and friendship with the powers of the world and its peoples, Heruland has been under
attack by these foreign powers several times in the past year. Their intentions were and remain,
according to their own words, to make decisions on the shooting-grounds that are located far away
from them and have therefore been lesser dangerous for the Communist and Capitalist powers, in the
hope, that it wouldn't be possible for Heruland to present itself as the power it deserves to be.

For this reason, has Blorbs, Kerthenia and Dolphiland violated what is in every regard lawfully Herulic
territory, and has violated foreign nations neutrality as to put a squeeze on the Herulic government,
and ensure that the government could be defeated swiftly.

They are still attempting to make north Mlorba a shooting-ground. Since they in this context do not
wish for the Herulic state to exist, as demonstrated in the Second Iblanian War where Hokubuhon was
subverted into invading Heruland and threaten war with Iblania. For this reason, has Heruland decided
to preemptively defend our common ethnic peoples against any foreign intrusion upon our lands for
whatever reasons. Because of these precautions, there will be agreements and cooperation between
our two governments and peoples, in order to ensure peace and a future for our kind.

Until these negotiations are at an end, the Herulic Realm and the Iblanian Separatist government will
remain in an armed conflict, and Heruland intends on excercising whatever means are necessary to
defend itself and the peoples within, and ensure their existence and future, using whatever means
that are considered necessary to meet these ends.

The Herulic General


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MoPE Saturday Update 12.1.2019

Postby Kheyaus » Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:19 am

Good evening, Khaisan, and welcome to the Saturday Update, the oldest and most reliable news network on Kerbin! Without further ado, here's the latest superlative news out of Jejin!
The Premier Administrator's Eloquent New Year's Address
Premier Administrator of the Upper Council, Okabe Ryuk, the dear leader of the nation, gave a speech to the Nation on 2019 Sixth January to mark the end of the weeklong Urendakitan Festival. The address is as follows: "My Khaisanji brothers and sisters! Friends! Comrades! We are celebrating the New Year with a dream of hope; the desire to make waves across the world as a bastion of Socialism, Patriotism, and Happiness. 2018 was marked with significant events in our Country and our National History. On the occasion of this New Year, I will give a heartfelt greeting to the workers, defenders, and educators of Khaisan who have contributed to the perpetual spread of the Socialist Awakening, and I wish you all the best. I hope to see success in the work of our leaders and friends, forever working for Progress, Development, and Justice. Comrades! 2018 marked the beginning of a new stage in National Development, with the implementation of a record-breaking amount of plans left by the Chairman for the betterment of Khaisan. The Khaisanji people, who have struggled against the evils of Eastern Imperialism, have come up with revolutionary methods to secure the peace and prosperity of our government and to further the ultimate goal of constructing the Utopia we all desire. The people of Khaisan have celebrated with great pride the grandeur of the establishment of this Glorious Republic, but we still have a long way to go. However, progress has been unprecedented. Last year, the People were pushing for a new strategic route to concentrate their efforts on economic construction. The Administration listened, and we have strengthened the foundations of the self-sustaining economy by levels never before seen on Kerbin. The power production capacity at the Sengai Thermal Power Complex has increased by nearly 500%, and the efficiency of metal factories in Bagorangi and Khera have increased tenfold. The quality of our products, our technology, and our pride are off the charts, and the People are happier than ever. The powerful potential of our self-sustaining economy has become a reality. In the culture and arts sector, we created artistic performances and pieces that sent shockwaves across the globe, clearly demonstrating the distinctiveness and superiority of Khaisanji art. Comrades! In a struggle to shine a new era of the Juche revolution, our party and people, who were more sophisticated and oppressed, embarked on the march of the New Year with greater faith and aspiration. We have the power and foundation to pioneer the brighter future of Socialism. If we fight against oppression and for the Cause, the nation's power will double, and the people's dreams and dreams will finally be realized. Together, we will seize the Future! United, we shall build a paradise of Peace, Prosperity, and Socialism!"

Monument to the Grand Chairman Erected in Jejin
An incredible monument to the Grand Chairman has been constructed in Jejin after a winner was chosen from ten finalists in a competition ordered by the Most Wise Administrative Council in September. The design showdown set records across Khaisan, with over 50,000 entries coming from across the country and even entries originating from our foreign neighbours. The artists were competing for the crowining jewel of the newly-remodeled Saigeuko Business Park located directly in front of the Palace of Democracy and Freedom. The presence of so many designs clearly demonstrated an international reverence towards the Chairman, undoubtedly a result of the unprecedented economic expansion and radical social improvement brought through his genius and implemented through the tireless work of your proletarian compatriots and the Council. This monument is not only representative of the immortal nature of the Chairman, but also the unity brought about under Him and the continued success of the nation under the rule of the Party and the Council. The selected design will be a 10-meter tall obelisk topped with the Party Gear and Grain, and embellished with intricate carvings telling the story of our nation. Specialists in the field presume that it will increase worker production by nearly 10% as they are reminded of their importance in the creation of this glorious nation.

Munar Colony Planned for 2019
Earlier today, MoSA Director Seoyun Kamakushi announced plans to have a Khaisanji colony on the Mun by 2019. "Since time immemorial, man has longed to live on the Mun," said Kamakushi. "At last, we will realise that dream." The Dear Chairman devised this great plan singlehandedly when he was staring up at the sky, arriving at this stroke of genius after hearing of cutting-edge Khaisanji developments in aerospace technology. He is reported to have said, "Instead of sending a single man to the moon, as an elitist would, why not share the Mun-joys with all our countrymen, as would a father with his children?" MoSA will launch five rockets consecutively, which will be designed to return to Khaisan after establishing a Socialist paradise on the Mun. Experts say it will be the most auspicious event of Kerbalkind. A force of one million colonists will eventually be deployed on the Mun, where they will aid in the construction of a resplendent lunar city modeled after the picturesque districts of Old Jejin. The People's Great and Harmonious Mun Colony, Jejin Style, will be the largest copy of Jejin to ever be constructed on the Mun. Once the colony is complete, MoSA will send an expeditionary force to remove the Kerthenian flag currently defiling its flawless surface. It will be replaced by a Khaisanji flag, a mural of the Revolution large enough to be seen from the naked eye on Kerbin, and loudspeakers playing the Khaisanji anthem 24 hours a day. "We will study the Mun once we have established a colony," said Director Kamakushi, "to learn the effects of Munar land possession on national glory." Public response to the plan has been uniform. "The plan is perfect," proclaimed Tai Seukjin, an employee of Aerokaisa. "We have already succeeded." This will be the greatest victory for Khaisan since 1978, when the Grand and Eternal Chairman used nothing but a rowboat and a plastic gun to singlehandedly ward off the Kerthenian Imperialist Dogs without a single Khaisanji casualty.

Thank you for joining us on the Weekend Update, and have a wonderful week! Long Live the People's Republic!

Approved and Verified by the Ministry of Public Enlightenment
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Postby Heruland » Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:00 pm



The third Fører of Heruland's health has been improving significantly over the past months, leading the government to prepare for his return as Fører.

Badly wounded at the attempted coup d'etat where his highest ranking general, Sanselle, attempted to assassinate him by shooting him several times in the chest. The Fører was immediately rushed to intensive care and later transferred to the Rigs hospital where he received the best possible care they could offer him. Despite this, there was a significant chance that the Fører never would've survived or recovered and that we would never have seen him as we knew him again. Despite these sombre predictions, the Fører has left doctors stunned as he nonchalantly rose to his feet from the hospital bed to get a glass of water one month ago, despite hardly being able to forme sentences the day before. The Fører told his wife personally, that his recovery was only due to her speaking to him every hour of every day after he arrived at the hospital. He believes this in some way made him regain his abilities to function like he did before.
As his health is improving, it is expected that he retakes the place as Fører, since Owens only replaced him because of his health. Owens has said that he will step down the second the Fører asks him to, so it is just a question of when the Fører thinks he is ready.




Date: 2135 120119
Storherulskerigsfører (IV) Owens, Krigsminister Orlow, Propagandaminister Mølle, General Slagter
Subject: Manuscript for the Radiotransmission to Carmen

Proclemation to the people and soldiers in Carmen.

Without reason and against the Herulic government and the Herulic peoples true wish, to live in peace and
friendship with the powers of the world and its peoples, Heruland has been under attack by these foreign
powers several times in the past year. Their intentions were and remain, according to their own words, to
make decisions on the shooting-grounds that are located far away from them and have therefore been lesser
dangerous for the Communist and Capitalist powers, in the hope, that it wouldn't be possible for Heruland
to present itself as the power it deserves to be.

For this reason, has Blorbs, Kerthenia and Dolphiland violated what is in every regard lawfully Herulic
territory, and has violated foreign nations neutrality as to put a squeeze on the Herulic government, and
ensure that the government could be defeated swiftly.

They are still attempting to make north Mlorba a shooting-ground. Since they in this context do not wish
for the Herulic state to exist, as demonstrated in the first Iblanian War where the Blorbik government
occupied Carmen as a forward operating base against Heruland, and in the Second Iblanian War where
Hokubuhon was subverted into invading Heruland and threaten war with Iblania. For this reason, has
Heruland decided to preemptively defend our common ethnic peoples against any foreign intrusion upon
our lands for whatever reasons. Because of these precautions, it is vital that the foreign troops and
ideologically opposed seperatists are removed, in order to ensure peace and a future for our kind.

Heruland intends on removing these threats from its sovereign territories as soon as is possible, using
whatevermeans are necessary to meet these ends. Should the foreign and separatist soldiers oppose the
Herulic forces when the city is reached, our armies will lay siege to Carmen before advancing into the
city, ensuring that thehostile forces and their defensive positions will be shattered. This, in turn, will
certainly cause devastating damage to buildings and the homes of people living in Carmen.
The Herulic forces will reach Carmen in a weeks time.

General Slagter of the Herulic Armed Forces.
Hail Victory, Herulia.

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EEF Claims Herulic Attack Sank Dolphik Fleet in Int'l Waters

Postby Unitum Populo » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:20 am

Full Article

Plaintext Article:
At a press conference late this afternoon, the Eusonian Expeditionary Forces presented evidence that the Herulic attack did not happen in territorial waters, as claimed by the Herulic Fører.

The EEF spokesperson stated that "Video, radio, and photographical evidence" shows that the Dolphik ships were not within the territorial waters of the Herulic Rige.

The attack came shortly after an ultimatum delivered to the Kerthenian and Dolphik governments, demanding their fleets cease aiding rebel forces in the country.

Kerthenian forces complied, ceasing their airstrikes within Heruland, but Dolphik aircraft continued their sorties from the Nelson.

Several hundred anti-ship missiles then tore through the Dolphik defenses early on the morning of January 5th, sinking or incapacitating all of the Dolphik ships.

Eusonian ships operating in the area witnessed the attacks, and suspended their humanitarian operations to rescue sailors from the stricken warships.

It is unclear exactly how much damage the missiles inflicted on the ships, as some sailors recovered from the water claim that some or all of the ships were intentionally scuttled to avoid capture.

Regardless, this attack has bloodied the nose of the Dolphik Rike, whose King has vowed to retaliate in kind.

The Doxian Empire has since condemned the Dolphiks for failing to respect Heruland's sovereignty and declared their support for the Herulics, asserting that "The Dolphik Kingdom will never succeed in their goals."

While it is unknown if these new developments will cause the fledgling alliance to falter, it is likely to incite a response from the Council of Democratic Nations.

Several diplomats present at the press conference declined to comment.

With the ongoing situation at the Anderian border, it is unclear exactly how the Dolphik military will respond.
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Postby Blorbs » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:35 pm

Carmen Commune

Since only very shortly after the foundation of the Carmen Commune, there had been fringe groups promoting and voting for a voluntary entrance of the city into Herulic administration peacefully. These groups had long been just that, fringe, with very little support among only the smaller fascist and nationalist political groups within the city. However, this had been changing recently. Not due to a shift in political membership but due to the vast increase of possibility that a Herulic attack would soon come. For some time, this too remained significantly in the minority, as most still had their doubts that any attack would ever occur, but that had all changed with the recent proclamation. The likelihood of Herulic victory in the long term, full scale war that would come from such an invasion was quite slim, and very few doubted this. However, far more likely was the complete and utter devastation of Carmen. The full brunt of the conflict would with certainty begin in the city, with nearly the entire armies of two military powers suspended in a pitched battle within. As much as most within the nation still heavily supported their government, few supported undergoing such destruction for any cause.

The voting had concluded only hours before. Were the referendum to pass, and assuming full Blorbik withdrawal, the government of the Carmen Commune would be dissolved and placed under solely Herulic administration. Crowds gathered around the plaza in which it was to be announced, most in silence, many touting banners inscribed with chants such as "Its not worth it!" in favor of the referendum, and a very small collection with banners decidedly pro-Heruland and their system of governance, likely held by those who were a part of the movement before an invasion was suspected.

After much waiting, the Head Councilman of the government of Carmen stepped out onto a balcony and up to a podium to give the long awaited announcement. With very clear and intense pain visible on his face, he began to speak, "The referendum... has concluded. After several recounts in order to be absolutely certain of the outcome of the referendum, I announce the slim majority of 51.2% of votes cast in favor of the referendum. I hereby officially announce... that... the government of the Carmen Commune is dissolved. Legal annexation is now, officially, implemented, and control will be immediately transferred as soon as all formerly permitted military forces are either withdrawn or disbanded. I am sorry to say, that after only one year, I can no longer serve you all, to whom I have given my life for the freedom of. I would truly hope this does not end in tragedy, for all of us."

Blorbik Withdrawl from Carmen

“Mere hours ago, the Carmen Commune was officially dissolved and set to be annexed by Heruland under decree of a narrowly passing referendum. As much as the irony in this situation is clear, it would be beyond all that was right to do anything but fully and entirely respect the will of the people of Carmen. To that end, a full withdrawal of all Blorbik military defense forces from Carmen will commence within the coming days. We aim to achieve a relatively quick withdrawal, however will give a three week time period in case of unexpected delays.

It is a great shame that, through not only their own volition, but threat and risk of force from Heruland, free people have been forced to sign themselves off to whatever fate may befall them. Were Heruland to have invaded the city, our nation would have to the best of its ability defended Carmen and retaliated with utmost against the Herulic onslaught. We as the government of Blorbs of course have no choice but to respect this decision, but greatly hope further such events from Herulic aggression do not continue to occur.”
"The universe is probably littered with the one-planet graves of cultures which made the sensible economic decision that there's no good reason to go into space - each discovered, studied, and remembered by the ones who made the irrational decision."
- Randall Munroe

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Postby Islamic Nari » Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:16 pm


Nari Uprising

Nari Uprising

Mass unrest with the government and monarchy causes mass protest in major cities, protestors demand reforms, crackdown corruption and increase rights at first but quickly escalates into demanding the abdication of the Revan Royal Family and the government. Quick suppression and armed conflicts between protestors and police. Plenty of civilians killed and detained a few hundred. Meanwhile, protestors tried to burn down government buildings and successfully burn down the headquarters of the Ba'ath Party, the current running party, as the prime minister makes a statement on the issue. He blames Nithoria of brainwashing and spreading propaganda; this only enrages protestors and strengthens unrest within the nation. The Nari Armed Forces soon drive into 8 cities of immense protest in tanks and infantry fighting vehicles and ordered to attack the protestors, killing hundreds of civilians, a dozen police or soldiers and a thousand detained. Many soldiers defect as officers declare militias against Nari, a blowback to the cruel deeds that have been ordered. Terrorist foundations begin to appear as well to exploit the growing tensions within the nation including the Islamic State of Nari (ISN). Many of these organizations are funded by opposing nations such as Nithoria or independent funding from individuals possibly from Chikara. Nari finally declares state emergency as they start to mobilize the remaining ill-prepared reserve force. Nari Opposition occupies the Northern cities and cities just East of the mountains while independent terrorist organizations have flailed all over but base themselves in the East, near the Border of Nithoria. May Mohammed save us all.

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Postby The Timberan Republic » Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:08 pm


Rebuilding, Arms Deals & Elections

Rebuilding efforts to minor damage in the Republic of Ukrovogorod still continue on, as planned under the watch of Chikaran peacekeepers violence has died down. Ukrovogorod is a special case it still shows some support for the fascist mainly because that was the political heart of Fascist Timbera. With the presence of the peacekeepers, resistance has died down and the true fascist are to be offered relocation once we find a place that is willing to take them in.

The Timberan Federation has made a arms deal with The Imperial Republic of Nari. Timbera will be shipping out 45 T-72M1 tanks, 80 T-55A tanks and 150 BMP-2 IFVs on February 1st, 2019. The government never stated how much money the arms deal will bring in but numbers have been estimated at 240,000,000 Hrosi. The equipment will be shipped by cargo ship then through Chikara. Some men will be sent for a couple of weeks with the equipment to help train them in the use and tactics of the vehicles.

The first elections to happen in the Timberan Federation will be on republic level under the federation. The first three republics to have the elections will be Belaruska, Chernoruska, and Ukrovogorod. The other six republics Criminsk, Slovechia, Drevena, Novispublika, Liska, and Slavny will have their elections for head of the republic later this year in groups of three. The first elections will be finalized in March.

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Postby Ugetstan » Tue Jan 15, 2019 6:08 pm

The People's Republic of Zhioubin

General Secretary Xi Mingping’s New Years Address

Not so long ago, General Secretary Xi Mingping gave his annual New Year's Address at the Zhioubinese New Year celebrations, announcing the Year of the Jiang. The address is as follows: “Comrades, friends, ladies, and gentleman, greetings to you all! I do sincerely hope that all of you across the nation have enjoyed the new year, spending time with your loved ones and celebrating the new forthcoming year. I would also like to wish a happy new year to our foreign friends, your efforts and innovation have helped all of our nations to push through this year with high flying colors. 2018 has been a full year, our nation and its people have approached it with steadfast determination. We have pushed our economy into the modern era and developing it into higher sectors, and have kept our economic indicators within reasonable standards. We have made way in our efforts to protect our glorious skies, and blissful flowing rivers from pollution. And we have strengthened our efforts to improve the people’s overall wellbeing. And raise our standards of living to that of others of the world. Nationwide strategies such as, the development Inner Keiming-Shenzhen region, the development of the Northern Economic Zones, and the construction of the Zhioubin-Yinshan Bridge, were hastily implemented. During many of my inspection tours, I was extremely pleased to see the shining peaks of the Gang Mountains, the seas of crops growing in the Ninh-Bac agricultural base, the vibrant Keiming harbours, the bustling Shenzhen tech park, and again, the bridge that connects Yinshan and Zhioubin. These many achievements are thanks to the hard work of the people of all ethnic groups, who are the bringers of a new era. Over the past year, the combined forces of Zhioubinese manufacturing, Zhioubinese innovation, and Zhioubinese construction, have continued to change the image of the nation. We have successfully tested improved and modern satellite technology; our first aircraft carrier has begun construction; our domestically made large amphibious aircraft performed its first water launch and the first Zhioubinese GPS satellite was launched. Let me take this opportunity to extend my personal thanks to every scientist, every engineer, every nation builder who made these achievements possible. We have also made great strides in our poverty alleviation efforts in the past year. More than 100 of the most poor counties and 20 million poverty stricken residents were lifted out of poverty. We reduced the price of most medication around the country and included them on the medical insurance list. And we are continuing to tackle the financial strain that accompanies a family member falling ill. Our comrades fighting on the frontlines against poverty often come into my thoughts, including over 4.9 million officials living and working in villages, and the local village leaders. They are devoted to their work and do an awesome job, and I wish them good health. My heart goes out to the people living under hardship. In the Luong-Nuoc Village in Tetnam Province, I met the families of two young villagers of the Vet people. In the Ulakui Village in the Altai Region, I sat down with the family of Bogidi Khaan to hear about their day-to-day lives, and many other villages. I can clearly recall their down-to-earth sincerity. I would like to wish all of them and their fellow villagers a prosperous and thriving New Year. In conclusion, this year has been an amazing year, we have seen many advancements and pushed through many struggles, this was thanks to the strength and willingness of the Zhioubinese people. And for that, I wish all of you a happy New Year, and amazing luck with all of your endeavours.

Pak Song-il Gaining Popularity with Younger Generations

A recent poll taken in the downtown areas of Keiming has yielded some strange results, 60’s right wing leader Pak Song-il has gained a resurgence with many young people. They have stated that some of Pak’s policy “appeal” to them more than the policies of the ZCP. Pak nearly took head of the country in the 1969 election, he was beaten by a slim number of votes for the ZCP. Pak also tried staging a coup in the early 80’s, this evidently, failed miserably. It landed Pak in jail for the next 20 years. He was released in May 2000. Pak then later went on to found the Zhioubin Nationalist League (renamed to Zhioubinese Democracy League), this party would serve as a front for Pak’s ideals. He continually tries to run for government, but he hasn’t won a single election since his imprisonment and first trial to run.
There is only one person who is master in this Empire and I am not going to tolerate any other. - Kaiser Wilhelm II

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Postby Edusa » Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:42 pm

If anything, Edusa represents my state of mind, not my political, ethical or social point of views.

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Postby Klathu » Wed Jan 16, 2019 4:33 pm

Volkshaus Kerstol Klathu
After much backwards and forwarding and the minister for History nearly throttling the minister for Art with tea towel a decision had been reached. “All those in favor of keeping the current flag say aye!” the voice of the speaker rang off the walls of the surprising quiet vaulted room (the minister for health and safety and the the minister for development had got into a scuffle over the laws regulation at what level an aircraft was deemed “safe” and both had to be dragged out) “Aye” a small handful of voices rang out “those against nay” the speaker said almost sighing. “NAY!” “the nays have it….. All those in favour of resurrecting the royal flag of Klathu” he said trying to sound more jolly, but it had been a long day and this debate had been rumbling around the floor for some time “AYE!” Came the roar from the “all those against” a soft hand full of “nays” wafted up “ the ayes have it”

The next morning at the King's residence
King Arnold Hemigstuffen look admiringly over his Königsgarde he knew he was just a figurehead something to distract people from the current turmoil, heck this time last year he'd still been in exile on Twitichengrad, he still enjoyed these kind of events. “ And so it is with great pride that for the first time in over 1000 years I raise this flag to fly proudly over our land. This signifies the beginning of a new era for Klathu we have left the dark parts of history behind us we have shedd the last shackles from the communist regime and now look brightly to the future a future full of opportunity and great expectation!” As he finished the speech the last flying TDA. 177 screamed over head it's rocket motor leaving a trail of flame across the clear blue sky.

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The United Kolonia Republic
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Postby The United Kolonia Republic » Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:11 am

The fields of Míov, Central Kolonia

January 17th, 05:01 AM

Oliver continued waiting at the intersection. A third night of no sleep was coming to a close, as the sky was ever so slightly getting the tint of color of the early morning. He watched the sky as time passed, the clouds twisting and turning as he stood alone, where he was now most comfortable. 5 months held captive. 3 days free.

A lone car approached the intersection. Oliver felt his pocket for the USP he stole off one of the guards at the prison during the breakout. He gripped it, and the car came to a stop. Out of it came a man, his details hidden behind the headlights and the darkness of the sky. The man walked up and handed him a letter and a duffel bag.

There was no exchange apart from a single "Good luck", and the man walked back to the car, made a U-Turn and drove back over the hill.

He looked down at the things in his hands. The letter was formal, and the duffel weighed at least 15 kilos. He walked to his parked truck, threw the duffel in the back, and opened the letter.

"Oliver, take this as a letter from a friend. Welcome back, it has been too long.
To say that a lot has happened since you were captured would be an understatement. Kolonia has been changed forever since the Western revolts, and it's right that I give you as much information as I am able to say.
On August 30th, everything went to hell. An organized revolt by Stolska and Bily Lesk caused what could be considered a revolution, the army was mobilized and we prepared to go to war with ourselves. That was when the Southern Timberans revolted as well. With defectors taking control of ships, tanks, planes, and a number of other means we lost Stolska, and you, along with at least 6,000 others, were captured. We did everything we could to get you out but when you were transferred to their safehouses it was too late.
The president was shot by a defecting guard on September 10th, and the Kolonian Military pressed harder. Stolska was bombed, and we properly mobilized. Our assets were placed onto the KNV Tatra and our most heavily armed convoy in history departed from Stolska for the last time.
With the president dead, the Parliament took power and has been acting as the head of the government ever since. The line of succession was likely compromised so this was the best thing we could have done. By October we were forced to pull out of some parts of the west, and in our place, Barkadian troops moved in. Some consider it an act of war. Some wanted to enact the Final Protocol. We didn't.
We lost Stolska. Our connection to the Barkadian Sea is gone.
International events haven't been much prettier. War rages elsewhere in the world but you'll find out about that eventually.
Things have calmed down for now. The Kolonian Military still has effective control of all areas in the country, but rebel cells continue to fight on, especially in the west. It's why we haven't been able to get to you guys yet.
I hope you are well. In the duffel bag you have been given a G-3SG/1, a CZ-75Auto, rations for a week, a filter bottle, and a few other tools. We have a target for you to take out and will need you to complete this mission. Details are attached.
Good luck.

Oliver leaned back into his seat and closed his for once.

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Postby Edusa » Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:58 pm

In the name of the Holy Father, the Royal Family and the People of the Blessed Principality of Edusa


All Edusan Citizens are now invited to take part in the following national referendum:

Should Edusa accept the therms of the Union Agreement ?

A Yes victory will make this Agreement the final form of the Serrian-Edusan Union.

A No victory or a tie will make the Edusan and Serrian Governments revise the therms to publish them again and submit them for a new referendum.

Upon the final acceptance of the Union Agreement be it in a modified form after several submissions to the Citizens, two more referendums will be called in an interval of five years between each to judge of the Edusan Citizens satisfactions.

Ballot boxes are now available at all town halls. The referendum will be closed upon Sunday the 20th of January 2019 by 00:00 AM (local timezone). For any inquiries please refer to your Local Government Representative and Officers present near the ballot boxes.
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If anything, Edusa represents my state of mind, not my political, ethical or social point of views.

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Postby Barkadia » Thu Jan 17, 2019 7:26 pm


Rybar, Kostra, and Hornik sit on an old, stained couch in a small cottage. The cottage is sitting in a group with other buildings, in a small town on a hill a few thousand feet above sea level. An Aprezye fighter is leaning over a TV in the room, listening. It is set on a local news station for that region. A map of Heruland and arrows pointing into Iblania and Carman is shown in the upper left corner. The newscaster, an older man with no hair on the top of his head, is staring at the camera, with a neutral look on his face, talking.

Kostra shouts from the couch.

"Hey, Anderian, what is he saying?"

In heavily accented Barkadian, he begins talking.

"He is talking about Heruland taking Iblania and Carman. The country considers it their own land. And also that Dolphiland is at war with Heru."

"Hmpf. Heru will lose hopefully. Nazis and their land grabs."

The graphics in the background switch back to an image of Kolonia, without Stolska or Bily Lesk.

"Why is this guy talking about Kolonia all of a sudden? Aren't they collapsed?"

"Shh! I need to listen, Kostra."

The man talks, and the fighter's eyes open wider.

"What is he saying?!"

"Kolonia has returned, sir. The nation is back, and everything that they had is there."


Suddenly, Rybar's satellite phone starts ringing loudly.

"Sorry guys, I will be back in a minute."

Rybar opens the door to go outside and answers the phone.

"Rybar, it's me, Gab. Kolonia has returned. The north is at threat again."

"Yeah, I just found out."

"You might need to come back at some point soon. We can replace you with another skilled person. We're not 100%, but I will tell you if you need to leave."

"Roger, sir. See you around."

"Bye, Rybar."

Rybar hangs up the phone and slowly walks back into the house.



The Barkadian legislature, The Council, was unfilled by anyone for 4 months, during the reign of Firdeck in Corticis, and the recovery afterwards. On January 15th this year, an election was finally able to occur, which allowed all 1000 seats to be filled by elected politicians. Every area under Barkadian rule, and every citizen worldwide had the ability to vote, and the election had am impressive 72.4% voter turnout. Many were excited to vote safely. A large military presence was placed in every major city, in order to ensure safety and control during the election. Now that the government is back to its normal state, Barkadians everywhere can now be happy that recovery from Firdeck is finally over, after a year of his terrorism and control. This is all for now.


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The Empire of Chikara
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Postby The Empire of Chikara » Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:59 am

January 14th:
Undisclosed Location (Code Name: Home):
Two young adults of Nithorian decent lay on a pair of couches in what appears to be some form of high tech bunker. Hundreds of thousand of dollars are spread around the room.

Sister Higeki: Kutsu I’m bored

Brother Kutsushita: I know Hig, but you know we aren’t aloud to leave our room until further notice. Father is still upset about us sneaking out and robbing that bank. Which I remind you was your idea.

Sister Higeki: Well you didn’t seem to argue when I suggested we do it.

Brother Kutsushita: Fine but….

A large metallic door swing open to the room and a tall, white haired, gentleman who appears to be in his seventies walks into the room.

Father: Both of you stand up and follow me.

Kutsushita and Higeki: Yes Father.

The two follow the gentleman down a long twisted length of tunnels to large room which appears to be some form of mission control.

Father: I have decided on your punishment. If the two of you are so bored that you are willing to risk compromising our family just to obtain a thrill then I feel it is time that you understand what real excitement is. I am sending the both of you on your first long term mission. A civil war is brewing in the country of Nari. A terrorist organization is gathering followers to rebel against the current government. Lucky for you the terrorist organization is made up of Nithorian nationals so you will blend right in. The two of you will cross the Nari border via our tunnels systems. You will then meet up with Brother Meruto in southern Nari, he will both supervise and assist your progress. Brother Meruto has lived in Nari now for four years and is very familiar with the country. The three of you will be posing as a Nithorian family whose parents were killed by the Nari government. You will join the Nithorian Terrorists and do whatever it takes to gain their trust and build your way through the ranks. You are to continue with these orders until new ones reach you. Do not fail me Brother Kutsushita, Sister Higeki, you know how your father feels about failure.

Kutsushita and Higeki: Yes Father.

Father: Now children wish them the best of luck.
A large set of lights illuminate the rest of the room, revealing hundreds of individuals of varying ages, from children as young as thirteen to adults as old as twenty nine.

The Group: Good luck Brother Kutsushita. Good luck Sister Higeki.

Father: Very good children, now back to work. As for the both of you, you better begin packing.

January 16th:
As of 8:37 P.M. tonight Burlik Kuvet has won his reelection for Emperor of Chikara, holding 72.3% of the vote. This reelection marks the beginning of Emperor Kuvet’s third term in office. This also marks the highest margin by which Burlik Kuvet has ever won, this is due both to the downfall of the Chikaran Left after last year's campaign funds scandal, as well as the support from the new majority party, The Party of Heaven (PoH), a party which Burlik Kuvet does not belong to, but has found his way into their hearts. Emperor Kuvet has promised that the next eight years will be as successful as the ever, with promises of big news coming in the following months that will ensure the longevity of the Chikaran people.

January 17th, 7:00 A.M.:
Chikaran Air Force Base, North of Unire:

Twelve armed soldiers in full dress uniform and twelve armed Imperial Service agents stand at attention in front of Wyvern Two (Chikaran executive plane when the Emperor is not aboard). In front of the men stands a decorated Colonel.

Colonel Wakabayashi: Men you have been briefed on your mission and you understand the importance of this missions success. Should it fail it could spell disaster for Chikara’s future. Now repeat to me your mission one last time.

Soldiers and Agents: Sir our mission is to board Wyvern Two where we will then fly over Zhioubin, land in Serria for refueling, and then proceed to Heruland where we will acquire the “Fire” and escort it back to Chikara on a similar route. Once landing in Chikara it will be our mission to escort the “Fire” to the “Mountain” where it is to remain until a yet to be specified date.

Colonel Wakabayashi: Very good. Today Wyvern Two will be escorted by one fuel tanker and six fighter aircraft, all of which have been approved to fly the designated flight path. Furthermore Brigadier General Arakawa and Representative Chang will be joining you on this flight as well, you are to treat both of them with the up most of respect. Good luck men.

Soldiers and Agents: Yes sir!

January 17th, 8:00 P.M.:
Binh Thu-ong Imperial Palace:

A gentleman in his late fifties with hair beginning to turn gray sits at a large wooden desk in the center of an ornate room. The phone rings.

Emperor Kuvet: General I hope you have good news for me.

General Morishita: Yes sir I do indeed. I can report with great pleasure that all members of The Flock have landed and will be headed to The Nest shortly. We will be transporting them one at a time via various modes of transportation, at separate times, and on various routes. Each member of The Flock will also have two dummy vehicles to ensure maximum safety. We expect all members of The Flock to arrive at The Nest by midnight tonight. Good luck sir.

Emperor Kuvet: Thank you General, have a good night.

Emperor Kuvet stands up and walks towards a large set of double doors on the side of the room. He pulls them open and walks into a massive room with a large circular wooden table in the middle. Around the table are twelve ornate leather swivel chairs. Ten feet behind each leather chair is a rectangular wooden table with two seats in front of each of the twelve tables.
The Emperor takes in a deep breath and then exhales.

Emperor Kuvet: This has been a long time coming.
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Postby Ketoria » Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:33 pm

Ketorian Department of Finance Economic Report

Now that the civil war which crashed the Ketorian economy is over, the Ketorian Department of Finance is finally able to rework the GDP expenditure of the country. During the final years of the civil war, the Ketorian government greatly increased military spending in order to defeat to previous government. They had to cut down their spending percentage on all other fields in order to ensure a swift victory. The Ketorian government also set high taxes on the upper class, so they could enforce their Ba'athist economic system.

Percentage on Expenditure27%
Expenditure BreakdownPercentageAmount
Social Services18.75%$15,187,500,000
Health Care5.25%$4,252,500,000
Social Security3.00%$2,430,000,000
Old Age Security/Child benefits1.50%$1,215,000,000
Foreign Affairs2.00%$1,620,000,000
Internal Affairs7.00%$5,670,000,000
Ministry of Finance2.00%$1,620,000,000
Ministry of Labour7.00%$5,670,000,000
Other Government Affairs1.00%$810,000,000
Debt Interest/Repayment2.50%$2,025,000,000
Energy and the Environment1.00%$810,000,000
Taxes (Lowest is 10%)Tax Percentage
Lower Class5.00%
Middle Class15.00%
Upper Class50.00%

With the end of the civil war, The Ketorian Department of Finance recommends a huge cut in military spending and infrastructure and a raise in social services and science. Social services will help maintain the happiness of our citizens and the spending in science will help secure our nation for a prosperous future. The increases in the ministry of labour are to enforce the Ba'athist economic system that was mentioned before. Also, the raise to utilities will lead to our citizens living much healthier lives. Hopefully, this new budget will pull us out of the war economy and lead us straight forward to a new world power.

Percentage on Expenditure18%
Expenditure BreakdownPercentageAmount
Social Services20.50%$11,070,000,000
Health Care5.25%$2,835,000,000
Social Security3.00%$1,620,000,000
Old Age Security/Child benefits2.25%$1,215,000,000
Foreign Affairs5.00%$2,700,000,000
Internal Affairs3.00%$1,620,000,000
Ministry of Finance2.00%$1,080,000,000
Ministry of Labour12.50%$6,750,000,000
Other Government Affairs3.00%$1,620,000,000
Debt Interest/Repayment5.00%$2,700,000,000
Energy and the Environment2.00%$1,080,000,000
Taxes (Lowest is 10%)Tax Percentage
Lower Class5.00%
Middle Class15.00%
Upper Class50.00%
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Postby Heruland » Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:22 pm



Following just a week of light combat against Iblanian separatists in Ilbraxen, the revolutionaries have surrendered completely following the retreat of Blorbik forces from the occupied city Carmen.

In the first Iblanian war, fought for the independence of many Herulic peoples in Iblania, the Marxist nation of Blorbs exploited this opportunity to invade and occupy a city in Heruland, called Carmen. In the act of war, which was undeclared by Blorbs, many Herulic soldiers fought and died to defend the city. Fearing a full-scale invasion to cut supplies to the Herulic forces further west, advance stopped at the front, and a peace treaty was rapidly pursued with Iblania. Following the generous terms of peace, declaring the city of Carmen to remain Iblanian, the Blorbik forces did not leave the city but instead supplied and fortified the occupation.
When the October plot- the general's coup that launched Heruland into a civil war- was carried out, the Rigs Protectorate of Ilbraxen had to be abandoned, leaving a power vacuum which the former president and ministers of Iblania filled, by taking control of the government and the Ilbraxen Legion, and occupying north-western Heruland. After the revolutionaries in Heruland were removed, the Fører decided to then swiftly regain what was lost, and remove the Blorbik occupation of Carmen. With the past years history which has displayed the evident superiority of Herulic skills in warfare, the Iblanian separatists and Blorbik forces realized that they could not ever dream to match the might of Heruland's armed forces. Therefore, the Iblanian separatists decided to surrender and allow Ilbraxen to be restored, and the Blorbik forces decided to retreat from Carmen at the news of the Herulic forces approaching. The area that was occupied by Blorbs, and was lawfully Ilbraxen, has been transferred to Herulic administration, making it part of Storherulskerige proper.




Date: 2030 200119
Krigsminister Orlow
Subject: Summary of the Krigsministeriet Conference of January on the Strategic and Tactical Evaluation
of the Herulic Armed Forces Doctrine and Equipment.

Storherulskerigsfører (IV), Owens
Krigsminister / Hærens Overkommandør / Højgeneral, Orlow
Kommandør, Tordenskjold, Gyldenløve
Højudenrigskommandør / Feltgeneral, Verhart
Feltgeneral, Lorenzen, Eduard, Vestergaard, Rosenkrantz
Udenrigskommandør, Joachim, Due, Torgils
General, Bertram, Toft, Slagter, Marius, Greger, Kruse, Holm, Thyge, Huitfeldt
Generalløjtnant, Brandt, Waldemar, Kristensen, Paulus, Bang, Schultz, Lund, Silas, Bruun, Mosegaard,
Admiral, Valdesen, Knud, Estrid, Harde

The past year of armed combat in Iblania, Island Paradis, Ostreich, Hokubuhon, Kracsis and Heruland, has
rewarded us with a lot of experience with the capabilities of our tactics and equipment and the faults of
those tactics and equipment. The current army is built to be the most effective in conventional warfare
on Mlorba, where a nation that borders Heruland, or one of Heruland's neighbors, could be defeated. This
strategic doctrine was adopted since the conception of the first Herulic army, and it has in the past year
served to gain land which was certainly Herulic, as well as defeat adversaries on Mlorba, and threaten
other Mlorbik nations with defeat and subjugation. Our armed forces and the geopolitical proficiency of
our administration has, as a result, all but completely removed bordering hostile threats from this nation,
leaving our current military doctrine effectively obsolete.
New adversaries now lie abroad in countries that reach as far as the other side of the globe. To fight such
adversaries, our armed forces have to become easy to project abroad, as opposed to strong regionally.
This means a smaller and better-trained force should be focused on, with a smaller than current
homeguard to free up support for these forces.

The current strategic doctrine called for a tactical doctrine that was focused on the conventional army, as
opposed to the navy, airforce, intelligence service, and specialized branches of the army such as marines,
airmobile, airborne, elite forces, and special forces. From this, a tactical doctrine of outmaneuvering and
surrounding enemy forces, and then defeating those vulnerable forces, was adopted. Through experience
in the 2nd Iblanian War, and the most recent Herulic Civil War, this doctrine has shown to be sufficient, but
not be ideal. With the numbers of forces which Heruland can field, a doctrine of 'deep battle', as
demonstrated in some regions of the Herulic Civil War should be adopted, where a breach in the enemy's
lines should be exploited to advance far past enemy forces to disrupt their supplies and threatening their
rear, forcing them to retreat. Supply was particularly a major factor in the Herulic Civil War, where
disruption of the enemies supplies won us the war, and where disruption of our supply defeated an entire
army at no cost to the enemy. As stated, 'deep battle' also forced the enemy to retreat, giving us territory
we didn't have to fight for, and forcing the enemy to always respond to our moves.

Such a tactical doctrine can be adopted with the current inventory of Herulic arms, yet much of our vital
heavy equipment can only be transported overseas in a vulnerable position, which doesn't support our new
proposed strategic doctrine, and is not necessarily ideal for such a tactical doctrine. Our equipment is
made to outmaneuver, surround, and defeat enemy forces, not break the front line and exploit the open
rear of enemy forces. The only airmobile brigade in the Herulic armed forces, the 'experimental' 7th Air
Manoeuvre Brigade of the 32nd Independent Corps, demonstrated its superior capabilities at this new
doctrine twice in the previous war, where following a break in the enemy lines, they rushed through the
break and far past the front lines, decisively defeating unprepared forces, destroying supplies, forcing
retreats, and practically forcing the surrender of 2 entire enemy corps alone. Back in the second iblanian
war, our admittedly poor airborne forces were dropped along the Concordia river, having the same decisive
result. Increasing our capabilities for these specialized forces and forces that complement these troops
should naturally be our next step.

To complement this new strategic doctrine, a strong navy that can be projected abroad is vital, something
we right now lack, as the HRS Louise I, our only carrier- a ship vital to such a navy-, is currently trapped
inside the Sekap Sea, and is in Doxian hands. Releasing HRS Louise I and building more carriers and
complementary ships in the coming years, must be a priority for Heruland.
The entirety of our airforce was effectively paralyzed because of just two foreign carriers using low
observable technology. As well as this, the new tactical doctrine will require a much stronger airforce to
complement it. Therefore, funding our project to make low observable warplanes, and expanding the
capabilities and size of our airforce should also be a priority going forward.

Going into the year of 2019 and onwards, Heruland must refocus its military industry on creating much
different equipment at a much larger scale. The production of small arms, as well as the backbone of our
armored force should be halted, as we have a substancial surplus already, and we will have an even larger
surplus as we scale down the amount of the current armored vehicles in use. Funding should also be
focused significantly more on researching new advanced technologies for our armed forces.
With all of these new challenges and changes, the current inflated funding for our armed forces, necessary
for the previous mission of our armed forces, will be cut from 30% of the entirety of our GDP to 15%-20%.
Conscription will also be scaled back, and possibly cancelled, as manpower will no longer be crucial.

Krigsminister Orlow
Hil Sejr, Herulia

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Postby Edusa » Mon Jan 21, 2019 4:41 am

In the name of the Holy Father, the Royal Family and the People of the Blessed Principality of Edusa


Thereby are announced the results of the national referendum verified and approved by the People's Council and Constitutional Council, to be sent to the Serrian Archipelago and CDN embassy for further verification and as a proof of the Edusan Blessed Principality's good will.

Should Edusa accept the terms of the Union Agreement ?

Yes: 71.3%

No: 19.2%

White: 8.5%

Abstention: 13.9% of the voting population.

By the will of the people, the Union Agreement is now in effect over the Edusan soil. May it stand strong over time as friendship between Serria and Edusa will.
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If anything, Edusa represents my state of mind, not my political, ethical or social point of views.



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