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Statics Thread for 1870-1900 War: A Twist

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by The Traansval
This thread is now null, i will provide a link to the new version

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by The Traansval

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by Skarten

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by Arengin Union

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by Olthenia
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by Newne Carriebean7
Colt Model 1855 revolving carbine/repearting rifle
21 inches
6 round or 5 round magazine depending on ammunition carried ( 6 round for .36 and 5 round for .44)

Yari Model 1871
30 inches
7 round middle loading curved clip

colt army action .45 revolver
6 rounds revolving cylinder

Uniform ... lets_l.jpg
Naval ships
Fuso class battleship
4X 10 inch revolving tricannons
5X 7.5 inch guns
22X 3.7 inch guns
length: 689 feet long
820 enlisted
30 officers
150 marines
1,000 total.

Armored cars ... /wagon.png
Han Tsu class armored wagon
top speed of 13 miles per hour at gallop, 6 miles per hour at trot.
1X Gatling gun or
1X Model 1880 repeating tricannon.
complement 10 soldiers and 3 crew.

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by Skarten

Head General: General-feldmarschal Layev Zykorav

Generals Staff: General roda voisk Ivan Kurte, General-leitenant Friedrich Kraverr

Military strength:960.790

1.76th Urban Infantry Battalion, 123th Mountain Infantry Regiment, 7th Trench Infantry Division,8th TEI Division (Tsar Europeian Infantry),92th Cavalary Battalion,54th Tsar Dragooners,1st Freikorps Flammentruppen Battalion,3rd Freikorps Panzer battailon

2. Svacic Kriegmarine Fleet

3.67th Artillery Regiment, 68th Artillery battalion



Primary Weapon:
Short Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) MKIII .303 Rifle
4 Extra Rounds
Improved Iron sight

Russian Maxim
MG 08 (Padron Entente MG)
Mauser Selbstlader M1916

Saw Shotgun (Sapper)

Trench Gun
Secondary Weapon:

Imperial German Model 1879
Squad Leaders,MG Gunners,Officers,and Special Branch members

Melee Weapon:Trench Knife, Bayonet,Shovel (Official)

Uniform:Infantry Uniforms
This (From Left to right:

New Infantry Uniform (From Left to Right-Infantry,Infantry (CAP),Non-Comissioned Officer,Officer,High Officer,Skartenian Command)

Pack gear:Bandolier,Canteen,5 Canned Soup (Meat,Vegetables),Bedroll,Cooking Equipment, Winter Clothing,7 Rum rations, Barbed wire cutter,Charge Whistle (Officers)Barbed wire cutter,Pedersen Device (Reconaissence Only),3 Stielhandgranates (4 If you are a Sturmtruppen/Offensive Battalion Member)

Greatest Strengths:Troopers are one of the most-trained that had existant. Most of soldiers are considered elite compared to other countries normal soldiers.

Greatest Weaknesses: They loose a big part of their skill in unknown territory

Tactics:Trench Warfare. Hold position while they await for the perfect moment.

Specialty:Fast reload


Primary Weapon:Berthier Carbine

Secondary Weapon:Reichsrevolver

Melee Weapon:Dragooner Lance
Blücher Sabre

Uniform:From Left To right-
92th Cavalary Uniform
92th Formal Uniform
54th Royal Tsar Cavalary Uniform

Pack gear:6 Canned Soup, Bandolier, Charge Trumpet (Officers only) Skartenian Flag (Flag bearer only),Canteen,Bedroll

Greatest Strengths: Horses Naturally trained to be fast. When not charging/Without horses they take the role of sharpshooters.

Greatest Weaknesses:Horses tendo to freak out near objects such as bayonets or barbed wire

Tactics:Destroy Infantry on open field, and, when not charging, using their Sharp Rifles to take down enemy infantry

Specialty: Velocity,(Harder to shoot)


Cannon Types:Cannone da 65/17 modello,Cannone da 75/27 modello

Mortar Types:Vickers 1.75 Mortar


Howitzers:Big Bertha

Shell types:75mm,Fulminate De Mercure,Pyronite,Shrapnel,Incendiary

Men per artillery crew:5

Mules/Horses:1 For Artillery, 2 For Howitzers and rockets


Ship Line:
T.S Glory Dreadnought
And Non-Captain ships, following the same designs.

Explained on wikia.

Accompaniments:400 Marines Per Ship (Old model, may be redefined)

Tanks/Armoured Cars

Tank model:
Mark V Male Tank

Resicat Armoured Car


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by The Manticoran Empire

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by Aclus

Switch my pistol to this

Enfield No.1 Revolver

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by Arengin Union

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by The Manticoran Empire

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by Dictatorship Of South Eaka
Eakan Military Statistics

Population: 30 Million

Army Organization:
8 Armys
16 Corps
32 Divisions
400 Regiments





Kommendör Armar, Infanteri Gevär Modell 1873, bolt action rifle, chambered in black powder 10.4×38mm Eakan Rimfire
Kommendör Armar, Infanteri Gevär Modell 1886, bolt action rifle, chambered in 7.5×55mm
Kommendör Armar, Kavalleri Karbin Gevär Modell 1879, lever action, chambered in .44-40
Kommendör Armar, Stort Hål Infanteri Gevär Modell 1884, bolt action rifle, chambered in 13.8x40mm

Kommendör Armar, Infanteri Maskingevär Vapen Modell 1887, gas operated, chambered in 7.5×55mm

Kommendör Armar, Infanteri Pistol Modell 1871, double action, chambered in .38-40
Kommendör Armar, Lätt Kavalleri Pistol Modell 1872, double action, chambered in .38-40

Melee Weapons:
Arsan Och Soner Svärd, Kavalleri Närstrid Svärd Modell 1865
Arsan Och Soner Svärd, Infanteri Lång Slaglängd Svärd Modell 1865


Bakstyckes Laddad Fält Gevär Kanon Modell 1876
Asidosättande Laddad Fältkanon Modell 1880
Ljus Brott Laddad Fältkanon Modell 1882
Tung Brott Laddad Rafflat Fältkanon Modell 1884

Tung Fat Lastade 8 Tum Murbruk Modell 1872
Ljus Enhet 2 Tum Eldunderstöd Murbruk Modell 1875
Mediet 6 Tum Infanteri Murbruk Modell 1868

Hästdragen Fält Howitzar Modell 1860
Tung Brott Laddad Fält Haubits Modell 1882
Medelbrott Laddad Fält Haubits Modell 1880
Tung Fäfflad Pipa Laddad Fält Haubits Modell 1870
Mediet Räfflad Pipa Laddad Fält Haubits Modell 1865



Name: Galashavy Class
Type: Pre-Dreadnought Battleship
Displacement:16,060 tons full load
Length: 128 meters overall
Beam: 23 meters
Draft: 8.2 meters overall
Propulsion: 2 x 3 Steam Engines
Speed: 16 knots
Complement: 672

- 4 x 12 inch Tunga Orlogsfartyg Kanon
-12 x 6 inch Medel Orlogsfartyg Kanonen
-16 x 76mm Medel Kaliber Brott Laddad Kanonen
- 12 x Liten Snabb Bränning Naval Kanonen
- 6 x 18 inch torpedo tubes


Name: Mashank Class
Type: Armoured Cruiser
Displacement: 8,609 tons full load
Length: 103.3 meters overall
Beam: 18.6 meters
Draft: 7.7 meters overall
Propulsion: 2 x VTE engines
Speed: 17 knots
Complement: 572

- 8 x 8 inch Tunga Orlogsfartyg Kanon
-10 x 6 inch Medel Orlogsfartyg Kanonen
-4 x 4.3 inch Medel Kaliber Brott Laddad Kanonen
- 15 x Liten Snabb Bränning Naval Kanonen
- 3 x 18 inch torpedo tubes

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by Aclus

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by The Manticoran Empire

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by Olthenia
The Army of Al-Morvern

"War is the business of barbarians." -Napoleon Bonaparte

Arms and Armaments

Entoglu M73
Blurb: The workhorse of the Morvern army, the M73 is affectionately known as the 'Murat Mule'.
Effective range: 1300m
Caliber: 10x59mm
Magazine: 7

Orlam M84
Effective range:

Leyla Revolver
Effective range:

Sheerwind Smile
Effective range:

The Boer Broom
Effective range:

The Royal Army

The average Morvernian infantryman, ostensibly nicknamed "Mehmed" by the liberal press, is an ill-paid, irreverently cheerful recruit from Al-Morvern's recently-industrialized farmland. Exceptions include everything from sullen, knock-kneed factory workers to straight-laced Standard School graduates. All can serve, provided they pass standard initial examinations. Under the aegis of the Pasha of Merrymot's considerable military genius, the Sultanate's armed forces have evolved into a modern organization which displays a high degree of professionalism. Unfortunately, the disparaging effects of alcohol have yet to be fully acknowledge by the higher army establishment. Alcoholism amongst the lower ranks remains a problem, and is, perhaps as a result, known as the "Soldier's Sickness" in Morvern medical jargon.

Mechanized Divisions
Morvernian motorized divisions are crewed by a special class of soldiers known as "Seymeniks". Originally irregular and almost exclusively Morvern, the Seymeniks were light infantry units who also served as guards and watchmen. With the advent of the Sylbanian War, the Seymeniks have since evolved to become custodians of the Dowager-Sultana’s war machines and are busily building a whole new military tradition.


In the fine tradition of providing dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl, Morvernian field artillery frequently operate alongside infantry contingents. With the advent of increasingly rapid-fire, long range firearms; their presence is increasingly located to the infantry's rear.

The New Model Navy

The navy of Al-Morvern is currently undergoing the final stages of an organization-wide refitting and rearmament policy; reflected in its name 'the New Model Navy'. As such, Morvern warships are strongly built and well armed - designed to operate almost as mobile islands of steel and shot in the relatively confined waters of the Cinnabar Sea where the risk of surface and even air attack is considerable. Although the exact numbers of war-worthy vessels in service to the New Model Navy is open to debate; educated guesswork easily places the number on par with the navies of neighboring countries. Below is a list of warships representative of their own class and capabilities.

Diyëreza, a Honor-class Battleship.
Displacement: 28,000 tons
Armor: 9"
Length: 205 meters
Speed: 22 knots

Mukkademe-i-Seret, a Kyoglu-class Battlecruiser.
Displacement: 23,000 tons
Armor: 9"
Length: 180 meters
Speed: 25 knots

Ali Ifrikye, an Aktar-class Destroyer.
Displacement: 765 tons
Armor: N/A
Length: 87 meters
Speed: 26 knots

Hamediye, a Iryan-class Minelayer.
Displacement: 365 tons
Armor: N/A
Length: 40 meters
Speed: 15 knots

Yavüz Selim, a Sarevo-class Ironclad.
Displacement: 11,000 tons
Armor: 9"
Length: 98 meters
Speed: 14 knots

Sultanhisar, a Cümran-class Torpedo boat.
Displacement: 97 tons
Armor: N/A
Length: 41 meters
Speed: 26 knots
Armaments: 2x 37mm machine guns, 3x 450mm torpedo tubes.

Whitefish, a Mecidy-class submarine. (With what may well be the world's first of its kind, Mother Morvern's total number of submersible vessels of war stand at roughly a baker's doze.)
Displacement: 100 tons
Armor: N/A
Length: 31 meters
Speed: 10 knots
Armaments: 2x 365mm torpedo tubes, 2x 35mm machine guns.

The Royal Aviation Corps

The Aviation Corps, a comparatively recent addition to Al-Morvern's military strength, are said to be rapidly equipping with craft originated by the Sultanate’s own aerial architects.

Al-Mariyam, an Ertugrul-class dirigible. (Ostensibly a reconnaissance ship.)
Length: 72 meters
Speed: 64 mph
Armaments: 2x 35 mm machine guns.

Dragonfly, a Rulama-class dirigible. (As bomber and patrol ships, the Rulama-class constitutes the RAC's heaviest hitters.)
Length: 160 meters
Speed: 63 mph
Armaments: 6x Morvern-made machine guns and more bombs than you can shake a stick at.

Allies and Auxilliaries

Alongside regular Morvernian forces are many irregular troops of various stripes and colors - including desert nomads, who fight more or less as guerrilla forces. Morvernian commanders tend to allow such troops a high degree of autonomy, with the understanding that they operate best when left to fight as only they know.

Hinjar Camelry

Jutland Gendarmes

OoC: This is a work in progress. I'll add information when inspiration strikes.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:40 pm
by Olthenia
The Army of Jutland

"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity." -Sun Tzu

This post details statistics, informational blurbs and quite probably piles of outright lies regarding the military state of affairs in the provincial backwater of Jutland.

Forces of the Heavenly Court

Green Standard Army

The Guangzou Bannermen

PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 10:10 pm
by Norcourt

Population: 42 million
Overall Military: 500,000

Gray Pattern UniformFor Universal Use and The Lords Army
Khaki Pattern For Deserts and Colonials

Remington Rolling Block, 9 pounds, .45-70, Service Rifle: 1867 to 1895


Remington-Lee M1885, 8 pounds, .45-70, Service Rifle: Limited Use (Marines\Navy, 1885 - 1900)



Norcourtian Bannerman-Croft M1890, 10 pounds, 8mm Croft, Service Rifle: 1890 Onwards (Continued to be in service towards WW2)

Norcourtian Bannerman-Croft M1896, 9 pounds, 8mm Croft, Service Rifle: 1896 Onwards (Continued to be in service towards WW2, along with the M1890)

Vergaus M1896 "Light" Machine Gun

Smith & Wesson Model 3 Scholfield

Bamburg Auto-Pistol M1894 "BAP-1"

RBL 7 Inch Armstrong Gun


NSS (Norcourtian Service Ship) M1882 Crowe Class Battleship


armament: 4 104mm Heavy Turrets, 28 Parrot Rifled Guns, and 2 214mm Heavy Cannons, along with Numerous variants of Machine Guns.


Accompaniments: (Marines, etc)
Marines, Mercenaries, and Privateers

Size: 700 Per Ship

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:51 pm
by The Manticoran Empire

PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:10 am
by New Communist and Socialist Unions

Population: 82.8 million
Military total: 150,000 currently, 300,000 projected after expansion.

Helmeted are Regulars, capped are Irregulars. Uniforms.

Black Citadel Model 4 Rifle (Mannlicher Model 1888)
NCSU Standard Rifle 19th Century (Gewehr 88)
Work in progress

Manticoran Military Statistics (WIP)

PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:01 am
by The Manticoran Empire
Military Statistics, Population
Total Population: 107,072,254 citizens
Army: 848,664 men, 4,536 tanks, 2,074 armored cars
Marines: 226,920, 2,926 armored cars
Navy: 80 battleships, 640 armored cruisers, 2,560 torpedo boat destroyers, 1 airship

Military Statistics, Equipment

Small Arms

Weight: 7.25 kilograms
Length: 1,194mm (47.0 inches)
Barrel Length: 610mm (24.0 inches)
Cartridge: 7.92x57mm
Action: Gas operated, semi-automatic
Muzzle Velocity: 860 m/s (2,822 ft/s)
Rate of fire: 50-60 rounds per minute, depending on operator
Effective Range: 600 meters (iron sight), 1,372 meters (optics attached)
Maximum Range: 4,100 meter to 4,600 meters
Feed System: 20 round detachable box magazine
Sights: rear leaf, front post (standard issue), 2.5x magnification scope (marksman)

Weight: 4.1 kilogram
Length: 1,250mm (49.2 inches)
Barrel length: 740mm (29.1 inches)
Cartridge: 7.92x57mm
Action: Bolt action
Muzzle Velocity: 878 m/s (2,881 ft/s)
Effective Range: 500 meters (iron sights), >800 meters (optics attached)
Maximum Range: 3,735 meters
Feed system: 5 round internal magazine
Sights: Iron sights (standard issue), 2.5x-3.0x magnification scope (marksman)

Weight: 0.8 kilograms
Length: 235mm
Barrel length: 114mm
Cartridge: 11.43mm (.45)
Action: Double action revolving cylinder
Muzzle Velocity: 210 m/s (690 ft/s)
Feed system: 6 round cylinder
Sights: U-notch rear sight, bead front sight

Weight: 23 kilogram
Length: 1,120mm (44 inches)
Barrel length: 720mm (28 inches)
Crew: 3 (gunner, assistant gunner, ammunition carrier)
Cartridge: 7.92x57mm
Action: Recoil Operated
Rate of fire: 550 rounds/minute
Muzzle Velocity: 744 m/s
Effective Range: 2,000 meters
Maximum Range: 4,100 meters
Feed system: 250 round canvas belt
Sights: Post front sight, leaf rear sight

Weight: 27.2 kilograms
Length: 1,079mm (42.5 inches)
Barrel Length: 673mm (26.5 inches)Crew: 4 (gunner, assistant gunner, ammunition carrier, tripod carrier)
Cartridge: 7.9x57mm
Action: Recoil Operated
Rate of Fire: 550 rounds/minute
Muzzle Velocity: 744 m/s
Effective Range: 2,000 meters
Maximum Range: 4,100 meters
Feed system: 250 round canvas belt
Sights: Iron sights

Weight: 18.5 kilograms
Length: 1,691mm
Crew: 2 (gunner, assistant)
Cartridge: 13.2x92mm
Action: Bolt action
Rate of Fire: single shot
Effective Range: 500 meters
Feed system: Manual
Sights: 100-500 meter notched V

Weight: 69 kilograms
Length: 1,175mm
Barrel Length: 721mm
Crew: 4
Cartridge: 13.2x92mm incendiary
Action: Recoil Operated
Rate of Fire: 500 rounds per minute
Muzzle Velocity: 900m/s
Effective Range: 2,000 meters
Maximum range: 3,500 meters
Feed System: 250- or 500 round fabric belt

Armed Reconnaissance Vehicles

Weight: 230 kilograms
Wheelbase: 1,200mm
Engine: 4 horsepower 2 cylinder petrol engine
Transmission: 2 gear, no reverse
Speed: 16 km/h in first, 32 km/h in second
Armament: 1x 7.92mm machine gun
Crew: 1

Armored Cars
Weight: 7.75 tons
Length: 5.3 meters
Width: 2 meters
Height: 2.85 meters
Crew: 8-9
Armor: 9mm
Main Armament:
- Army: 3x 7.92mm machine guns
- Marine Command: 1x 7.92mm machine gun
- Marine Light: 2x 7.92mm machine guns, 1x 13.2mm machine gun
- Marine Medium: 2x 7.92mm machine guns, 1x 37mm Pom Pom gun
- Marine Heavy: 2x 7.92mm machine guns, 1x 57mm short gun.
Engine: Richardson 80hp
Power/Weight: 10.3 hp/ton
Operational Range: 250 km
Speed: 61.3 km/h

Weight: 19 tons
Length: 6.7 meters
Width: 2.34 meters
Height: 2.9 meters
Crew: 5
Armor: 14mm
Main Armament: 1x 57mm gun
Secondary Armament: 2x 7.92mm machine guns
Engine: 2x Argus II engines, 190 hp each
Power/Weight: 20 hp/t
Range: 100 km
Speed: 20 km offroad

Weight: 33 tons
Length: 7.34 meters
Width: 3.3 meters
Height: 3.1 meters
Crew: 5
Armor: 25.4 millimeters
Main Armament: 1x 76mm Whitworth rifle
Secondary Armament: 2x 7.92mm machine guns
Engine: 2x Argus III, 200 hp each
Power/Weight: 12 hp/ton
Range: 100 kilometer
Speed: 15 km/h

Weight: 76 tons
Length: 10.42 meters
Width: 3.56 meters
Height: 3.13 meters
Crew: 10-12 men
Armor: 30 millimeters
Main Armament: 1x 76.2mm gun in turret
Secondary Armament: 2x 57mm guns in side sponsons
Machine guns: 2x 7.92mm machine guns in sponsons, 1x 13.2mm machine gun mounted on turret (optional)
Engine: 2x 300 horsepower petrol engines
Horsepower per ton: 7.89 hp/ton
Operational range: 80 kilometers
Speed: 8.45 km/h governed, 10.06 km/h ungoverned


Weight: 186.0 kilograms
Length: 1,850mm
Barrel Length: 1,090mm
Crew: 3-5 men
Shell: 37x94mm Incendiary-Shrapnel
Caliber: 37mm
Action: Recoil operated fully automatic
Rate of Fire: 300 rounds per minute
Maximum Range: 4,110 meters

Weight: 1,140 kilograms
Barrel Length: 2,200mm total
Crew: 5
Shell: 6.8 kilogram solid or high explosive
Caliber: 76.2mm
Breech: Interrupted screw
Recoil: Hydro-spring, 114 centimeters
Carriage: Wheeled
Elevation: -5 degrees to +15 degrees
Muzzle Velocity: 520 m/s
Effective Range: 5,500 meters at +15 degrees
Maximum Range: 7,800 meters approximate

Weight: 849 kilograms (barrel and breech), 1,200 kilograms with carriage mount
Barrel Length: 228.6 centimeters
Crew: 5 men
Carriage: Fixed emplacement or wheeled
Shell: 57x307 Common and Steel Shell, 2.7 kilogram shell, 4.4 kilogram shell and casing
Caliber: 57mm
Breech: Vertical sliding block
Recoil: Hydro-spring, 4 inch
Rate of Fire: 25 rounds/minute
Muzzle velocity: 554 m/s
Effective range: 3,700 meters

Weight: 180.1 kilograms
Barrel Length: 740mm
Crew: 3 men
Cartridge: 37x94mm
Elevation: -5 degrees to +15 degrees
Traverse: 90 degrees
Rate of Fire: 25 rounds/minute
Muzzle Velocity: 367 m/s
Effective Range: 1,500 meters
Maximum Range: 2,400 meters

Weight: 160.5 kilograms
Barrel Length: 740mm
Crew: 4 men
Cartridge: 37x94mm
Elevation: -8 degrees to +17 degrees
Traverse: 35 degrees
Rate of fire: 25 rounds/minute sustained
Muzzle velocity: 367 m/s
Effective range: 500 meters (against armor), 1,500 (against soft targets)
Maximum range: 2,400 meters

Weight: 1,220 kilograms
Length: 4,440mm
Barrel Length: 4,190mm
Crew: 15
Shell: 6.8 kilogram HE or AP
Caliber: 76.2mm
Action: Hand operated
Breech: Interrupted Screw
Recoil: Hydro-spring, 114cm
Carriage: Retractable Masking Parapet or Pedestal
Elevation: -5 degrees-+16 degrees
Traverse: 360 degrees (dependent on emplacement)
Rate of Fire: 12 rounds/minute standard, 30 rounds/minute maximum
Muzzle Velocity: 850m/s
Effective Range: 10,358 meters at +16 degrees
Maximum range: 11,000 meters
Feed system: Manual
Sights: Telescopic

Weight: 5,000 kilograms
Length: 4,000mm
Barrel Length: 3,962mm
Crew: 15 men
Shell: 45.36 kilogram
Caliber: 152.4mm
Breech: 3 motion interrupted screw
Muzzle velocity: 597m/s
Effective Range: 9,100 meters

Weight: 8,670 kilograms
Length: 7,880mm
Barrel Length: 7,600mm
Crew: 15 men
Shell: 49 kilogram Armor Piercing, 48 kilogram High Explosive, 41 kilogram Shrapnel
Caliber: 152mm
Breech: Interrupted screw
Recoil: Hydrospring
Carriage: Disappearing or pedestal
Elevation: -5 degrees to +15 degrees disappearing mount, -5 degrees to +20 degrees pedestal mount
Traverse: 170 degrees disappearing mount, 360 degrees pedestal mount
Effective Firing Range: 13,400 meters on disappearing mount, 16,000 meters on pedestal mount
Feed System: Manual


Weight: 3,693 kilograms
Length: 6,580mm
Barrel Length: 2,030mm
Width: 2,080mm
Crew: 12
Shell: High explosive, Incendiary, Shrapnel
Shell Weight: 45.36 kilograms
Caliber: 152mm
Breech: Interrupted screw
Recoil: Hydro-pneumatic
Carriage: Box-trail
Elevation: 0 degrees to +45 degrees
Traverse: 4 degrees left or right
Rate of Fire: 2 rpm max
Muzzle Velocity: 430m/s
Maximum Range: 8,700 meters

Weight: 3,300 kilograms
Length: 2,176mm
Barrel Length: 2,030mm
Width: 2,080mm
Crew: 12
Shell: High Explosive, Incendiary, Shrapnel
Shell Weight: 48 kilograms
Caliber: 155mm
Breech: Interrupted Screw
Carriage: Box-trail
Elevation: 0-+42 degrees
Traverse: 6 degrees
Rate of Fire: 3 rpm
Muzzle velocity: 450m/s
Maximum range: 11,300 meters


Weight: 47.17 kilograms
Crew: 2
Shell: 4.84 kilogram high explosive
Caliber: 3.2 inches (81mm)
Action: Trip
Elevation: 45-75 degrees
Rate of Fire: 25 rpm maximum, 6-8 rpm sustained
Range: 731 meters

Weight: 147 kilograms
Barrel length: 235mm
Crew: 5
Shell: 4.6 kilogram HE
Caliber: 75.8mm
Recoil: Hydro-spring
Carriage: Wheeled platform
Elevation:45-78 degrees
Traverse: 7 degrees
Rate of Fire: 6 rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 90m/s
Minimum range: 300 meters
Maximum Range: 1,300 meters


Displacement: 13,360 metric tons
Length: 130 meters
Beam: 23 meters
Draught: 7.9 meters
Installed power: 15,400 horsepower
Propulsion: 2 shafts, 15 boilers
Speed: 18 knots
Range: 7,200 kilometers at 10 knots
Complement: 750
Armament: 4x 305mm guns, 12x 152.4mm guns, 10x 76.2mm guns, 6x 37mm Pom Pom guns, 4x 450mm torpedo tubes (submerged)
Armor: 6 inch belt, 6-10 inch bulkheads, 12 inch barbettes, 8 inch gun houses, 6 inch casemates, 12 inch conning tower, 1-2 inch decks

Displacement: 17,962 metric tons
Length: 135.2 meters
Beam: 24.2 meters
Draught: 8.2 meters
Installed Power: 16,750 horsepower
Propulsion: 2 shafts, 15 steam and oil fired boilers
Speed: 18 knots
Range: 17,000 kilometers at 10 knots
Complement: 817
Armament: 4x 305mm guns, 10x 254mm guns, 24x 76.2mm guns, 5x submerged 450mm torpedo tubes
Armor: 12 inch belt, 4 inch deck, 12 inch barbettes, 13.5 inch main turrets, 7 inch secondary turrets, 12 inch conning tower, 8 inch bulkheads

Displacement: 21,060 tons
Length: 160.6 meters
Beam: 25.0 meters
Draught: 9.0 meters
Installed power: 23,000 horsepower
Propulsion: 4 shafts, 18 boilers
Speed: 21 knots
Range: 12,260 kilometers at 10 knots
Complement: 810
Armament: 10x 305mm guns, 27x 76.2mm guns, 5x 450mm submerged torpedo tubes
Armor: 11 inch belt, 3 inch deck, 11 inch barbettes, 12 inch turrets, 11 inch conning tower, 8 inch bulkheads

Displacement: 6,789 metric tons
Length: 98.9 meters
Beam: 17.4 meters
Draught: 6.9 meters
Installed power: 9,293 horsepower, 8 boilers
Propulsion: 2 screws
Speed: 16 knots
Range: 6,670 kilometers at 10 knots
Complement: 374
Armament (1889): 4x 254mm guns, 6x 152mm guns, 7x 57mm guns, 4x 37mm Pom Pom guns, 4x 13.2mm Anti-Aerial Ship machine guns, 4x 450mm torpedo tubes
Armor: 12 inch belt, 2-3 inch deck, 8 inch turrets, 10 inch conning tower, 6 inch bulkheads

Displacement: 6,417 metric tons
Length: 94.1 meters
Beam: 19.5 meters
Draught: 7.5 meters
Installed power: 8,610 horsepower, 4 boilers
Propulsion: 2 screws
Speed: 17.8 knots
Range: 6,670 kilometers at 10 knots
Complement: 392
Armament: 2x 305mm guns, 4x 152mm guns, 12x 57mm guns, 4x 37mm Pom Pom guns, 6x 13.2mm AASMG, 4x 360mm torpedo tubes
Armor: 12 inch belt, 1-3 inch deck, 12 inch redoubt, 1-3 inch turrets, 9 inch conning tower, 8 inch bulkheads

Displacement: 292 metric tons
Length: 56 meters
Beam: 5.8 meters
Draught: 2.1 meters
Installed Power: 4,200 horsepower, 2x boilers
Propulsion: 2x shafts
Speed: 27 knots
Range: 50 tons of coal carried
Crew: 60
Armament: 1x 76.2mm gun, 5x 57mm guns, 2 torpedo tubes

Displacement: 279 metric tons
Length: 56 meters
Beam: 5.64 meters
Draught: 2.29 meters
Installed Power: 2,700 horsepower, 8 boilers
Propulsion: 2 screws
Speed: 27 knots
Range: 46 tons of Coal carried
Crew: 46
Armament: 1x 76.2mm gun, 3x 57mm guns, 2x 360mm torpedo tubes

Displacement: 33 metric tons
Length: 26.67 meters
Beam: 3.28 meters
Draught: 1.57 meters
Installed Power: 460 horsepower
Propulsion: 1 screw
Speed: 20 knots
Armament: 1x 360mm torpedo tube, 3 torpedoes

Tonnage: 35,200 kilograms
Length: 207.26 meters
Beam: 24.00 meters
Height: 28.4 meters
Propulsion: 6x 300 horsepower engines
Speed: 110 km/h (60 knots)
Range: 8,000 kilometers
Capacity: 24,300 kilograms of useful lift, 59,465 cubic meters of hydrogen
Complement: 134 maximum
Armament: 6x 7.92mm machine guns, 4x 37mm Pom Pom guns, 4x 57mm short guns

Displacement: 107 tons
Length: 19.46 meters
Beam: 3.63 meters
Draft: 3.23 meters
Propulsion: 1x 160hp petrol engine, 1x 150hp electric motor, 60-cell battery, 1 shaft
Speed: 8 knots surfaced, 7 knots submerged
Test Depth: 46 meters
Crew: 7
Armament: 1x 457mm torpedo tube torpedo tube with capacity for 3 standard torpedoes or 5 short torpedoes.

Military Statistics, Organization

The Army has a total of 54 divisions: 14 Tank divisions, 20 Motorized Divisions, and 20 Infantry Divisions.

11,792 men, 561 unarmored armed cars, 1,402 trucks, 1,289 Motor Scouts, 101 armored cars, 324 tanks, 226 machine guns, 48 mortars, 8 infantry guns, 48 field guns (anti-tank), 24 howitzers, 12 light anti-aircraft guns, organized into 1 Tank Brigade with 3,000 men, 12 command tanks, 90 Mk. I Light Tanks, 162 Mk. II Medium Tanks, and 60 Mk. III Heavy Tanks, 3,200 men in the motorized infantry regiment, with 3 infantry battalions of 850 men each, an infantry support gun company with 180 men, an anti-tank gun company with 150 men, a signal platoon with 30 men, a recon platoon with 40 men, and an engineer platoon with 70 men, 1,200 men in the artillery regiment, with two howitzer battalions and a regimental headquarters company, 800 men in the recon battalion with 100 armored cars, 800 men in the maintenance battalion, 700 men in the anti-tank battalion, with 48 76.2mm anti-tank guns, 500 men in the signal battalion, 1,600 in supply, quartermaster, and medical units, and two hundred men in the Headquarters company.

16,445 men, 989 unarmored armed cars, 1,687 trucks, 1,323 Motor Scouts, 30 armored cars, 504 machine guns, 136 mortars, 24 infantry guns, 72 field guns (anti-tank), 48 howitzers, and 12 light anti-aircraft guns. These men are organized into three infantry regiments of 3,200 men each, each with the same structure as the Motorized Infantry Regiment from the Tank Division, an artillery regiment with 2,900 men, organized into three light artillery battalions with 518 men and twelve 105mm howitzers each, a heavy artillery battalion with 518 men and twelve 152mm howitzers, a machine gun company with 24 machine guns and 131 men, a signal platoon with 30 men, a forward observation company with 150 men, an engineer platoon with 70 men, a headquarters company of 190 men, and approximately 260 men in other support roles, an anti-tank battalion with 550 men, four heavy anti-tank batteries with forty-eight 76.2mm anti-tank guns, and two medium anti-tank batteries with twenty-four 57mm anti-tank guns, a signal battalion with 470 men, a recon battalion with 600 men with 30 armored cars and 1,300 Motor Scouts, and an engineer battalion with 500 men, with 1,825 men in service support units and the headquarters company.

: 17,734 men, 4842 horses, 919 horse drawn wagons, 394 unarmored armed cars, 527 Motor Scouts, 3 armored cars, 516 machine guns, 147 mortars, 26 infantry guns, 75 field guns (anti-tank), 48 howitzers, and 12 light anti-aircraft guns. The division is organized into three infantry regiments of 3,200 men each with the same structure as other infantry regiments, one artillery regiment of 2,900 men with the same structure as the Motorized Artillery Regiment, an anti-tank battalion of 550 men, with three companies of 150 men and 12 57mm anti-tank guns each, a signal battalion of 470 men, a recon battalion with 600 men, with a cavalry company of 150 men, a light Motor Scout Company of 160 men, an Anti-tank company of 257 men with 3 armored cars and 12 57mm anti-tank guns, and a signal platoon with 30 men, and an Engineer battalion with 500 men organized into two companies of 190 men each with horse-drawn equipment, a motorized engineer company with 200 men, and a bridge company with 170 men, with approximately 3,100 men in services support units and the headquarters company.


756 ships
1st Dreadnought Squadron (6 ships), 1st-5th Battleship Squadrons (6 ships each), 1st-18th Cruiser Squadrons (8 ships each), 1st-36th Destroyer Squadrons (16 ships each)

756 ships
2nd Dreadnought Squadron, 6th-10th Battleship Squadrons, 19th-36th Cruiser Squadrons, 37th-72nd Destroyer Squadrons

756 ships
3rd Dreadnought Squadron, 11th-15th Battleship Squadrons, 37th-54th Cruiser Squadrons, 73rd-108th Destroyer Squadrons

756 ships
4th Dreadnought Squadron, 16th-20th Battleship Squadrons, 54th-72nd Cruiser Squadrons, 108th-144th Destroyer Squadrons

Marine Corps
The Marine Corps is organized into 88 Amphibious Assault Regiments, each with three Amphibious Assault Battalions and an Anti-tank company. In addition, the Marine Corps has 9 Armored Car Brigades to provide additional firepower during assault operations.

900 men with 120 men in the headquarters company, 3 Assault Rifle Companies of 190 men each, a Heavy Weapons Company of 160 men, and a Medical Detachment of 30 men. The Headquarters Company was equipped with 8 machine guns, three 57mm anti-tank guns, and 8 anti-tank rifles. Each Assault Rifle Company had 4 anti-tank rifles, 3 light trench mortars, and three machine guns. The Weapons Company had 8 anti-tank rifles, 6 medium mortars, and 9 machine guns. The medical detachment had no special weapons and relied on their sidearms for defense.
Each rifle company is divided into 3 Assault Platoons of 40 soldiers each, a weapons platoon of 40 soldiers, and a headquarters detachment of 30 soldiers, including four platoon leaders, four platoon sergeants, the company commander, company XO, company first sergeant, and 19 other NCOs and enlisted personnel in needed support roles.
The Weapons Company is divided into machine gun platoon with 40 men, a Mortar detachment with 12 men, a light anti-tank detachment with 16 men, a rifle platoon of 40 soldiers, and a headquarters platoon of 32 soldiers.
The Headquarters company has the battalion command staff, a light anti-tank detachment, a medium anti-tank detachment, and a machine gun detachment.

165 men, organized into a headquarters platoon of 35 men, three anti-tank platoons of 33 men, and an anti-tank mine platoon of 31 men. The headquarters platoon had two unarmored cars, two light weapons carrier trucks, and one medium cargo truck. Each anti-tank platoon had one car, one machine gun, three medium cargo trucks, three 76mm anti-tank guns, and three anti-tank rifles. The anti-tank mine platoon had one car and two trucks.

An Armored Car Brigade is unique to the Marine Corps. Without tanks, the Marines have supplemented their infantry with fast, heavily armed Richardson Armored Cars. Each Armored Car Brigade has 325 armored cars, with 13 situated for command and control, 90 fitted with three 7.92mm guns, 162 equipped with two 7.92mm guns and a 13.2mm gun, and 90 equipped with two 7.92mm guns and a 37mm Pom Pom gun. Each brigade has 3,000 men assigned to it, with 2,925 assigned to the vehicles themselves and 75 men in the brigade headquarters.

Military Statistics, Deployment

Bear Claw Bay, Arevin, Manticoran Hudson Plains

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tank Divisions, 6th, 9th, 13th, 17th, and 20th Motorized Infantry Divisions, 3rd, 7th, 12th, 15th, and 19th Infantry Divisions for a total of 218,063 Army troops with 1,296 tanks and 569 armored cars; 11th, 27th, 32nd, 41st, 53rd, 66th, 70th, 78th, 80th, 83rd, and 86th Marine Amphibious Assault Regiments and the 4th and 9th Armored Car Brigades for a total of 37,515 Marines and 650 armored cars.

Battle Fleet Four, with 36 battleships, 144 cruisers, and 576 destroyers, as well as the aerial ship Hammer of the Gods. The only Fleet to have its full authorized number of warships and the only fleet with a full squadron of Dreadnought class vessels. Additionally, there are twenty Navy Shore Defense Brigades manning artillery emplacements along the coast and several thousand additional sailors in service support roles for the Fleet and the Marines.

Arevin Home Guard, Bear Claw Home Guard, Manticoran Hudson Home Guard with a total of twenty Home Guard divisions to support the Shore Defense Brigades in repelling invasions. 360,000 men with a few hundred Motor Scouts and some steam tractors modified with machine guns.

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by Aclus

Zjaum Military (Version 1.0)

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by Zjaum
Head General: King Koy Elekeplau (king)

Generals Staff: Qualdrizae Qualitadrizae (noble, aid to the king), Trygve Plaustrum (Europan aide), Zaezael Elekeplau (prince)


1. 390,625 troops:
Two identical armies: Army of Defense, Army of Colonization (~200,000):
Industrial/Exploration Brigade: 2,000 (half cavalry, half infantry)
Division of Advanced Technology: 10,000 (all infantry)
Solid, Liquid, Gas Corps: 60,000 each (20,000 cavalry, 40,000 infantry)
The rest fall under reserves (all infantry)

2. (surprisingly small for an island nation)
10 corvettes, amongst them the flagship "Onward."

3. 100 Artillery
-2 Regiments (Netzae, Jatzae)



Primary Weapon: Image, the difference being that the ammunition and firing mechanisms are alkali-based.

Secondary Weapon: Tomahawks, made of molybdenum.

Melee Weapon: (See Secondary Weapon)

Uniform: Traditional Nettite wear: two thick flaxen robes, one over the other, the bottom being olive, the top being indigo. Good for nighttime warfare and against hacking tools, but easily penetrable, and poor against stabbing motions.

Pack gear: Shovel, ammunition, paper and pen, dry rations.

Greatest Strengths: Incredibly versatile, both in strategy and in weapon use. Also quite accurate with firearms.

Greatest Weaknesses: Melee isn't their strong suit.

Tactics: Create as long and as thin a battle line as possible. That way, it's easier to flank the enemy!

Specialty: Entrenching. Entrenching entrenching entrenching.


Primary Weapon: Spear with molybdenum tip.

Secondary Weapon: Kite shield.

Melee Weapon: Also, spear. Zjau-yl cavalry aren't melee.

Uniform: T-shirt and slacks, hussar cap.

Pack gear: dry rations, personal tent, sturdy rope.

Greatest Strengths: Able to skewer practically anything, regardless of size. Quite defensive-minded.

Greatest Weaknesses: Not ranged, not very fast.

Tactics: Protect the infantry at all costs, cover up for breaks in the infantry line. Only at a good opportunity, strike the enemy's flanks.

Specialty:(entrenching, anti cavalry, fast reload, etc.)


Cannon Types: Rubidium Puckle Cannon (Like a puckle gun, only with cannons)

Mortar Types: 20-cm mortar

Rockets: No.

Howitzers: 10-cm howitzer?

Shell types: Potassium, Rubidium, Cesium (All explosive)

Men per artillery crew: 4 people per cannon set

Mules/Horses: 4 horses per cannon set


Ship Line: ZGV Onward

armament: 2 Puckle Cannons, 30 10-cm cannons

Crew: 200

Accompaniments: cooks, diplomats, squad of marines


Top Secret Project

Light Tanks: Native production and design, 2,000 (Cross between and this: Image