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Postby Huda » Sat Nov 07, 2015 10:30 pm

Ink - Roleplay Training and Instruction Group!

Hola, students!

Welcome to your first RPing Sample Activity. The rules are pretty simple; no previous writing. And to give you an easy feel, today's topic is...

A SITUATION IN YOUR NATION See how that rhymed?

All in all, you have to write a passage about something about your nation. A day in a life of a citizen, a soldier. Maybe some world news; maybe a passage about a soldier in war or perhaps a recent trending development. History sounds good to me too. This is basically a writing activity. Always remember that the teachers are silently examining you.

Good luck!

This activity is over. All posts after Neo Philippine Empire's one will be ignored.
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Postby Neo Philippine Empire » Sat Nov 07, 2015 10:35 pm

OOC: Can I copy and paste from a past Rp?

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Postby Huda » Sat Nov 07, 2015 10:39 pm

Neo Philippine Empire wrote:OOC: Can I copy and paste from a past Rp?

Nope. And please refrain OOC here. Please do OOC in Ink.

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Postby Ratte » Sat Nov 07, 2015 10:56 pm

will post mines tommorow
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Postby Azenyanistan » Sat Nov 07, 2015 10:58 pm

It was during the Azen summer that the return of the Azens began. That hot, hot summer. It was cruel but kind. It was everything and nothing. But it may only seem so to someone who has not suffered what the Azens have suffered.

There, in the distance, on the sands of the deserts of Iraq, a crowd of people emerged, wearing helmets and uniforms, bearing arms and equipment. They, the people in those things, were marching, perhaps, or were they walking? No one could tell how they approached but they simply were walking it seems.

The soldiers came from a battle for this was during the Azen Wars. And they were sent home by their commanders, for their commanders had people and homes to return to as well. A war was lost yet again and morale drops once more into the pit, the nation digging her own grave, trying to possibly, maybe, just maybe, at least get the foreigners who destroyed their land, raped their women, tortured their children, shot their neighbors, hanged their teachers, crucified their families, mistreated them and re educated them, telling them to their faces that they were nothing but greedy people, barbarous people, people who needed imperialism or even colonialism. No. No. No.

No one, not anyone, not even the imperialists, want imperialism. For imperialism was a dead thing to behold and it was actually not to behold for look! The time of imperialism ends and it is ending.

Seeing the soldiers cross the desert were little children and their mothers. There were no more fathers in Azenyanistan. Only foreign fathers. Fathers from other nations to repopulate the land with their own blood or to mix with the natives who call themselves Azens. The children pointed and cried aloud, the mothers were silent or whispered to another after another whispered to them, it was a chain reaction. One woman would speak, the other would do the same. Seeing them get closer and closer, a woman from among the crowd shouted

"Abdiyah! Abdiyah! You're home! My little darling, you are home!"

The woman shouted this before she ran out of the village they lived in, under the hot sun, with only her headscarf shielding her from the heat, the woman rushing and rushing out so in her slippers and in the black clothes that she wore and that gave her a shapeless form that it might respect men and their temptations.

The crowd of soldiers heard this and among their own crowd, a soldier separated from her comrades, this soldier in a sand-covered uniform and a helmet that was so damaged, the soldier had no comfort from the heat that her comrades had to provide her with some clothes to cover her head and face. The soldier and the woman, aged but strong, ran to each other and they reunited, they embraced, yes, they embraced before the two crowds.

And soon, other women began to follow in her deeds, shouting different things. Children also joined. Even the soldiers started to do the same. Families were reuniting and friends as well. But there was one woman and one child, a boy, who did not join for no one came.

And the mother could not help but weep, seeing that her husband, for there were men among the crowd of soldiers, has died or vanished or has been captured. The mother was then comforted by her child, the child also crying but not as much as his mother until a countryman, a soldier, approached the woman and said to her

"Your husband was a good man. He saved his comrades. He obeyed his commanders. We all live because of him. He and many others stayed behind in buy us time."

And the soldier offered his hand and said

"Get up and stop crying, woman, for you will see your husband again, even if you will die."

"And is that true?" asked the woman.

The boy looked upon the face of the soldier, stained with sweat, tears and sand

The soldier gave a little smile which quickly vanished and said

"It is both true and not true. What matters is if you believe in it. Just know that your husband was good and if he were here, he would have done the same for you."

And to comfort her, the soldier embraced her and joining in the embrace, the child as well.

This village was happy and in sorrow for the return has happened and it has come to this village. For so many millions of Azens perished in the defense of their country, both man and woman, young and old, peaceful and not, good and bad, rich and poor, for all were Azens and their dream was their country.


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Postby Polar Svalbard » Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:18 pm

In the dead of night Task Force Raven smashed its way through the stormy seas. The Task Force was comprised of four Reykjavik Class Corvettes and one Independence Class LCS. They had sailed through the day, arriving here in the middle of the Mesder Sea, tailing their quarry. The ships had heaved and lurched in this Autumnal Storm generated from Cooler Currents in the south near Miklania, colliding with warmer currents from the Four Passages Area.
Their mission was to capture the high valued terrorist, Ioakim Georgiy Adaksin, who was a noted smuggler and terrorist in the Mesder Sea Area. His main base, the large cargo ship which the task force was now following, used to be based out of Wake Atolla, up until operation Whiskey Alpha in which the pirate haven had been decimated. It was now fleeing and causing havoc throughout the area, which was exactly why task force Raven was out here now.
Svalbardian Military Intelligence had tracked Adaksin after having found his whereabouts after a recent pirate attack by his forces. Thus they had sent Task Force Raven along with an SMI-2 team to hunt down Adaksin. SMI-2 is the Svalbardian Special Forces, men raised from their late teens to be ruthless, effecient, cold-blooded, killing machines. Unbeknownst to the rest of the isles these were the men who had killed 16 million civilians in Alantania on that Summer day.

PSNS Ravenclaw Ready Room

Captain Veit Schor roused his operatives from their slumber in order to prepare for the mission ahead of them. The nine men, got up immediately and prepared weapons and supplies. They retrieved their FN F2000s and modified them with the necessary laser sight and suppressor. They took their M9s and also added a suppressor to them. The room reverberated with the sounds of clanks and the sliding of metal on metal. Sergeants Verdell Skinner and Stephanie Reed got their Barrett XM500s and attached the suppressors to them too.
At exactly 02:15, they made their way onto the helicopter deck where the AH-6 little bird and UH-1Y Venom sat ready for them. They all got in, strapping themselves to their seats, and readied themselves for the mission ahead. The storm would mask them, and allow for them to be less likely heard by their foes. The helicopters lifted off the deck into the turbulence and rain. The wind was too loud for them to talk, but they didnt need too, they knew the mission ahead of them.

After flying for about five minutes, the giant cargo ship came into view. It lurched in the waves, and heaved with every hit. From their vantage point they could make out 8 guards on deck at varying places. They were mostly huddled into their jackets, trying to keep in whatever warmth the storm could not leech out of them. The helicopters started to circle in order to take out the guards before being spotted. Skinner and Reed took up position on the right side of the Venom. They quickly ordered the targets by which ways they were looking and what they could see. They lined up their first two targets, both on the bow, huddled near a container, having a smoke. They muffled retorts of the sniper rifles were overwhelmed by the wind, drowning out the noise. Both guards were taken out, blood splattered across the container by the large rounds coming from the sniper rifles. Six more shots were taken with each guard going down. The helicopters went to the back of the ship and the Venom landed, unloading the soldiers and lifted off again, heading back for the Ravenclaw along with the little bird.
The soldiers took up positions by the entrances to the castle of the ship. They proceeded to enter, killing those in the bunk rooms first, almost all of them sleeping. Half made their way up, while the other half went down. The ones going under proceeded to kill three more men, while the ones that went up killed another four and hunkered down by the door to the bridge.
The bridge door was locked, they were unable to open it, and thus one of them set up charges along the door. They blew in the door. The two by the door leaned in and sighted the two guards, opening bursts from the FN F2000s they splattered the guards against the walls. They proceeded in up to Adaksin, who stood there in shock. The SMI-2 agent on the right raised the butt of his rifle, and smashed it into the side of Adaksin's head, rendering him unconscious.
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Postby The Union of Germany » Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:44 pm

Year 1903, Vienna

There were German Imperial Soldiers on the streets of Vienna, marching. They weren't alone, and a crowd of Austrian people was cheering at them and waving German flags. For so long, the German people were divided into many petty states. But now, the Kaiser had done what many thought impossible countless of years ago... The unification of all German-speaking people under one banner.

Anschluss, that is how they called this event. When Austria-Switzerland agreed for a referendum which would result in a union with Germany to be had, and when that referendum had votes of over 90% in favor accross all counties. Germany had always been friendly with the small nation in their south, and one could say that the rise of the upstart and radical French Ecologist Republic to the Empire's west did partly serve as an encoragement to vote for a union.

Hans was doing his part, marching along his regiment. Smilling at the kids happily rising their flags in the air, at the famillies and all the people which had came to see the event.

Deep inside, he could feel something was wrong. He knew of the coming war, of the tensions between the Athens Pact and the Central Powers. An average Joe would think that the impending largest war in the early 20th Century would come out of nowhere... The truth is, Germany's position as the strongest nation on Earth was at risk.

The Franco-Byzantine alliance threatened to shake the foundations of Europe, The Empire's hegemony in Asia was now collapsing due to the rising power which was Japan, North American people were rapidly industrializing and working to turn their nations into Great Powers and while all of this happened, the Fatherland was desperately trying trying to cling on its power and to keep that fake shroud of Invincibility... But it was too late now, the Pax Germanica had long ended...
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Postby The State of Ulraznavia » Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:53 pm

Pogoren, Ulraznavia...

It was in broad daylight, no one had dared to go out in the day due to the snipers on the mountains around the city.
But it was a different day. A soldier ran out into the open and unbuckled his helmet. He threw his helmet, along with his AK-47 Rifle down.
Once again, he was able to breathe, able to walk around the city without being shot on sight. It was a great day. Finally, a cease-fire!
The soldiers and the Vysnei rebels could once again return to normal lives.
During the war, you could be shot by your neighbor just because your grandparents spoke another language than them. Children, women and men came together and were finally reunited once again. People no longer had to stay indoors, with the danger of getting killed by a shell from artillery hitting your house.

No longer did your best friend fight against you because he was a Vyseni and you were an Ulraz. Once again, the soldier could see the sun without being shot. People were happy once again. Families got together and things returned to normal. As the soldier jumped around in joy, a rebel on the other side of the street threw his gun down and ran towards him. They were the best of friends, separated by the fact that their races were different and their ancestors spoke a different language. They were happy as they could be. Tank crews jumped out of their tanks to see the sun again as they heard the news about the cease-fire.
People went back to their normal jobs and slowly, their life returned to normal.

But for some, they had nothing to live for. A nurse sat down crying, on the steps leading to the hospital. She was one of the few nurses who decided to stay along in the hospital in the war. The building was shelled, bandits raided it and there was even a fire. Many of her patients died during the war. Some died of the shelling, some died when they had ran out of medication. They were not paid during the war, but decided to stay on because they could, and they loved their job. Some of the nurses left, but some just died. The nurse had gotten the news that her entire family was killed when a shell hit their house.
She had nothing to live for, until she saw an injured rebel climb the steps of the hospital.

She pulled herself together. She knew she needed to help him. It was her job.

"Now that there is a cease-fire, there is no need to live in fear. Now, there are new patients that need my help. And I need to help them..." She thought to herself.

She took a tissue from her handbag and wiped her face. She pulled herself together and stood up. She rushed over to the injured rebel and brought him into the hospital and told him to sit down on an empty seat. She looked at the damaged interior of the hospital once again and took a deep breath. Another day of work for her. Patients rushed into the hospital needing help from the injuries or the viruses they contracted during the war. She looked around and sat on the chair at the reception. They had ran out of medicine and bandages, what should she do? Once again, she sat down crying. She could no longer bear it anymore. But suddenly, a soldier wearing military clothes and a blue helmet entered the room. He carried a big box, with his gun on his back and placed it on the nurse's table. She looked at it and sat up sharply.

The soldier with the blue helmet took a combat knife and cut open the box. There were medical supplies! The nurse looked at the patch on his shoulder. He was from the United Nations. She wiped the tears from her eyes again and thanked the soldier profusely. Once again, she could do her job. Now, she had something to live for. She could live in peace, knowing that she can live for her patients, and she realized how much her job meant to some people. She put the medical supplies down and announced with joy.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Pogoren General Hospital is open once again!"

Maybe one day, she could be with her family once again, was what she thought before attending to her next patient.
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Postby Vanquaria » Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:31 am

Droplets of rain trickled down my neck as I stared at the bright lights of the city below me. My black gloved right hand grasped the handle of the suitcase by my side.

The city looks so beautiful from the exterior, doesnt it? I thought with a faint smile though I knew that the task ahead of me was definitely the complete opposite...

After a moment of gazing at the beauty of the ingenuity of man I glanced at my grey G-Shock watch that was strapped to my left-hand. It read:

It is time for work

According to the intel granted so generously to me by surveillance my quarry was to be located on the upper-most right suite. I stepped to the appropriate position on top of the skyscraper I was currently at and adopted a prone position.

I felt the cold, hard concrete ground beneath me as I lay there. My hands reached for the suitcase that I carried and placed it in front of me. Unlocking the case I withdrew from the insides the attachments for my favourite Barrett M82.

It took just less than a minute for me to properly assemble the rifle.
'Pathetic, that was no where near my last recorded average assembly time', I muttered to myself in a disgusted tone. In was key to consistent employment. It was also the reason I was still alive.


Thunder announced its presence in its usual way as I lifted my light blue eyes off the watch and focused them at the balcony in front of me. If my quarry was indeed a man of habit as intel recorded then he would appear any second now. My right hand reached into the pocket of my sable-coloured cloak, retrieving a pair of shades. An amusing notion popped up in my head:

Always operate in style

I smiled just as the Plexi-glass doors that I was focused on slid open smoothly to reveal a plump, half-naked man. The photos of him were quite accurate and the first thought that came to my mind when I saw him through the scope was, ugly. Almost his whole chest was covered in thick haird while his face seemed disfigured with a disturbing butt-chin to finish off. The fact that this man was very unattractive made my task a tad easier to cope with.

I observed as the man, sheltered from the rain by a convenient maroon canopy, unfolded a cyan-shaded chair. As he dropped down onto it he held what seemed to be an adult magazine. It was a bit amusing in my honest perspective that in his last moment on Earth he would be in the act of seeking personal pleasure.

Enjoy yourself while you still can...

The gloved fingers of my left hand dove into the suitcase, coming out later with my preferred 0.308 round. Turning safety off the bullet was placed with the utmost care into the M82 and the locked. Although the rifle was designed to hold a maximum of 10 projectiles I felt that in this particular circumstance I only required one.

Placing my right eye through the circular, cynlindrical scope I placed the butt of the rifle onto my shoulder. Locating my target I began to steady my breathing, decreasing my awareness and increasing complete focus on the fat man. My first finger felt the short trigger. I hesitated for one split second in what seemed like pity for the man though that spark of goodness almost immediately diminsished as I initiated the squeeze of death...


The man on the balcony rolled from his chair onto the ground. A pool of fresh blood was forming at a steady rate. I pushed myself up and deattached the M82 at an astonishing speed. The loud pour of the rain as well as the recent sound of distant thunder should hopefully cover the sound of the kill.

Chalk another one up for me I thought with satisfaction as I strode into the elevator that would take me down to my Porche parked below on the 2nd floor.

Working for the VIA, Vanquarian Intelligence Agency for short, is indeed rewarding though there were still some conflict being waged in my head about the job. It is to be expected I guess for the task of being a government assassin was never going to be easy, especially the psychological aspect of it. Damn, I must sign myself up for another counselling session...

My free left hand straightened my tie as the elevator's doors closed and the elevator slid down the skyscraper.
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Postby Gigaverse » Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:33 am

Planet: Ilja Zwei

Lord Stoplem was feeling uneasy. Very uneasy.

For all he knew, merely a month ago, it was his right to undisputed Lordship upon the Planet Ilja Zwei; it was his right to be propelled by this tiny planet upon the stars and reclaim all the states and women of the Interregnum civilization. In a flash, that right was all but gone. When the Order of the Phantom Crusade, an obscure organization he had previously never heard about within the Interregnal Sphere, landed - nay, appeared out of nowhere - on the planet, they delivered his fledgling global empire a fatal blow. His orders of mobilization were met with unprecedented resistance, as billions turned to the service of the enigmatic Phantom Crusade. In mourning the amount of wealth and women lost to this blasphemous Crusade, the armies that Stoplem commanded became increasingly imaginary. At the zenith of his domination, he was the suzerain over the entirety of Ilja Zwei. At this point, he was barely holding on to his capital continent, which was itself being slowly carved out by the "Crusaders".

He had fortune with him, however. His rival, Lord Kroul, ruler of another empire upon the planet that was re-empowered by the Phantom Crusade, had a daughter. Through the use of force, Stoplem's men assaulted the castle she was in and kidnapped her. She was firmly in Stoplem's hands - it was up to him on how to... use her. Betraying all his promises to Kroul to not harm her, he had his way with her. His men had their way with her. It was satisfying, but not enough to quench his thirst for more blood. More power.

He did promise to return her, however; if Lord Kroul was willing to come alone. And, for all he knew, Kroul was never a physically powerful man.

"I'VE COME AT YOUR BEHEST, STOPLEM!", Kroul shouted from outside the gates of Lord Stoplem's palace, under the pouring rain, "NOW GIVE ME BACK MY DAUGHTER!"
"Not if you go up here first, KROUL.", Stoplem announced through the megaphone.

Kroul silently proceeded into the Palace. Stoplem giggled. The weakling would not survive going up the stairs full of his death traps and assassins. There was no method for Kroul to effectively detect the traps, given that he was only an average human being. Thus, upon his death, Stoplem can breathe more easily... and send his forces to conquer Kroul's domain.

He looked back at Kroul's terrified daughter. Wearing nothing but undignified torn rags, her gracefulness and beauty defiled by mixtures of white liquid over herself, she was barely conscious to sense her surroundings.
"Soon, dear, I'll present you the head of your deceased father. And then... I and my men will finally be able to marry you. Then, you wouldn't min-"

The wooden door before him was shattered. Kroul was there, standing right before his eyes - without so much as a scratch. Both Lords observed in terror the sight before them: Stoplem of his rival arriving in one piece, and Kroul of his brutalized daughter.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY DAUGHTER, YOU DOG?!?", Kroul shouted at Stoplem at the top of his lung, which only made his daughter ever more the fearful.
"ANSWER ME FIRST, HOW DID YOU GET HERE?", Stoplem's face was drained of color, paling into a ghastly shade of white. He hurriedly tried to reach the axe he had hidden away within the chamber, but he lost both arms two seconds after attempting to find a weapon.
"AAAAAAARGH!!!", Lord Stoplem fell to the floor face-first. After a while trying to catch his breath, in which time Kroul had also significantly calmed down - possibly due to sensing his daughter's dread, Stoplem spoke with great hatred:

"How... How...?! I told you... not to bring any weapon...!"
"Indeed. So I didn't.", Kroul answered with a frown.

Behind him, a pair of boots walked to the front, and stopped immediately before Stoplem's sight. Those gold-tinted black boots and that extravagantly long blond hair... Stoplem would have stolen it, had he not already lost his two arms, or was under great danger. He looked upwards. The face he saw was unfamiliar. All he could assume, was that the fancy gentleman dressed in black long-coat before him was another lackey of that... "Phantom Crusade".

"I... I told you not to bring with you anybody...!"
"Well," a voice Stoplem had never heard before spoke, "allow me to replay what you've said for you:"

<You must come alone.>

That was Stoplem's voice, and indeed, Stoplem's own words.

"Strictly speaking, you told him to come alone. You didn't order anyone else not to follow him.", said the voice. Lord Stoplem had figured out by then that it was the blond's voice.
"Stoplem.", Kroul put his hand on the blond's right shoulder, "This, is the man behind the Phantom Crusade you were busy fighting against."

The powerful Lord Stoplem, whose blood was dyeing the floor red, was kicked in the face by the blond man. If Kroul's word was anything to go by, then his most powerful rival in the room wasn't Kroul. It was the very man that he didn't know - and forgot - that he was fighting against.

Before Stoplem regained his composure, he was shot multiple times behind his head, back and the nape of his neck. As he squirmed in agony, he was shot a few more times. Just before he finally stopped breathing, he caught a glimpse of his shooter. His ultimate rival, and the finisher of his life; the leader of the Phantom Crusade was glaring at him. There was no emotion from that man. Stoplem, in his moment of death, was looked down upon with the utmost contempt and disgust any person could have possibly hidden behind a cold glare towards him.

"Well, it was nice talking to you.", the blond said, "But it's high time for things to wrap up."

It ended in Phantom Crusade's victory on Ilja Zwei. United was the planet, under the helm of the most controversial Knightly Order in the Imperial Demesne.
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Postby Khrestilune » Sun Nov 08, 2015 1:19 am

To say the moment was tense would be a gross understatement.

I was in the crowd, watching governor Lancyt of Sralmyr, the last city mentioned in the Treaty of United Aid and Defense (TUAD) sign its agreement to the terms mentioned, and with that signature, sign away its status as a sovereign city-state. If they signed today, they, and eight other cities would then become a new confederacy of Khrestilune, named after the city that initially proposed it.

Tension came not from the signing itself, but from Sralmyr. Not even a decade had passed since the people of Sralmyr fought a short but bloody war of independence from Bayer, another city-state included in the treaty. Many Sralmyran citizens saw this as another trick from the lords of Bayer to bring them back into the fold, even though the treaty stated specifically that each member of the newly formed confederacy would not be allowed to change the laws of another member city without majority rule. It was a miracle they even considered the idea, even if it was only due to the fact that a couple of disunited cities looked real tasty on the world stage.

"I, governor Mikail Lancyt of Sralmyr," the governor announced into a microphone, "hereby approve of the terms and conditions addressed by the Treaty of United Aid and Defense, enclosed within this document."

"I hereby allow free transit and trade to, and from the city of Khrestilune, the city of Estyr, the city of Bayer..."

Estyr, heh. Suck-ups.

"...the city of Karan, the city of Janelan, the city of Merilmyr, the city of Lysander, the city of Danica..."

Oh god, Janelan's in this treaty too?? Their gonna have half this confederacy's budget on their crazy religion alone. Serves me right for not looking in the news.

He seemed to choke on this last one.

"...and our city of Sralmyr."

The governor regained his composure and continued.

"furthermore, I hereby promise to provide as much aid as I am able, military, humanitarian, and otherwise to the previously mentioned cities; and will not with draw or withhold such aid on reasons based on race, preference, or issues prior to the signing of this treaty. I also vow to share all information previously and from here-on gathered, with the previously mentioned cities; and only use this information in aid of the confederacy formed by this treaty. I hereby agree to become a part of the council of the Khrestilune, and use this power only in aid of the newly formed confederacy of Khrestilune. By my right as former governor of Sralmyr, I hereby sign the The Treaty of United Aid and Defense."

There it is. With those words, all of us in the crowds were no longer Sralmyran citizens, Janelanian citizens, nor citizens of any of the other cities in that treaty; we were Khrestilunian citizens now, and we'll be seeing a lot of change in the laws to formalize them into a uniform set.

No one cheered. No one booed. Some of us turned to head home, and I went to the train station. I had to catch the bus to Lysander.

Change is afoot, and I'll want to be with my wife when it comes.

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Postby The State of Ulraznavia » Sun Nov 08, 2015 1:21 am

Khrestilune wrote:To say the moment was tense would be a gross understatement.

I was in the crowd, watching governor Lancyt of Sralmyr, the last city mentioned in the Treaty of United Aid and Defense (TUAD) sign its agreement to the terms mentioned, and with that signature, sign away its status as a sovereign city-state. If they signed today, they, and eight other cities would then become a new confederacy of Khrestilune, named after the city that initially proposed it.

Tension came not from the signing itself, but from Sralmyr. Not even a decade had passed since the people of Sralmyr fought a short but bloody war of independence from Bayer, another city-state included in the treaty. Many Sralmyran citizens saw this as another trick from the lords of Bayer to bring them back into the fold, even though the treaty stated specifically that each member of the newly formed confederacy would not be allowed to change the laws of another member city without majority rule. It was a miracle they even considered the idea, even if it was only due to the fact that a couple of disunited cities looked real tasty on the world stage.

"I, governor Mikail Lancyt of Sralmyr," the governor announced into a microphone, "hereby approve of the terms and conditions addressed by the Treaty of United Aid and Defense, enclosed within this document."

"I hereby allow free transit and trade to, and from the city of Khrestilune, the city of Estyr, the city of Bayer..."

Estyr, heh. Suck-ups.

"...the city of Karan, the city of Janelan, the city of Merilmyr, the city of Lysander, the city of Danica..."

Oh god, Janelan's in this treaty too?? Their gonna have half this confederacy's budget on their crazy religion alone. Serves me right for not looking in the news.

He seemed to choke on this last one.

"...and our city of Sralmyr."

The governor regained his composure and continued.

"furthermore, I hereby promise to provide as much aid as I am able, military, humanitarian, and otherwise to the previously mentioned cities; and will not with draw or withhold such aid on reasons based on race, preference, or issues prior to the signing of this treaty. I also vow to share all information previously and from here-on gathered, with the previously mentioned cities; and only use this information in aid of the confederacy formed by this treaty. I hereby agree to become a part of the council of the Khrestilune, and use this power only in aid of the newly formed confederacy of Khrestilune. By my right as former governor of Sralmyr, I hereby sign the The Treaty of United Aid and Defense."

There it is. With those words, all of us in the crowds were no longer Sralmyran citizens, Janelanian citizens, nor citizens of any of the other cities in that treaty; we were Khrestilunian citizens now, and we'll be seeing a lot of change in the laws to formalize them into a uniform set.

No one cheered. No one booed. Some of us turned to head home, and I went to the train station. I had to catch the bus to Lysander.

Change is afoot, and I'll want to be with my wife when it comes.
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Postby Murovanka » Sun Nov 08, 2015 2:14 am

I had spent hours preparing myself for this. The eye of heaven was beaming down on me as I stepped onto the battlefield, one tall, proud soldier. Standing alone, standing ready to conquer the world. I checked my trusted rifle, my M16, and its underbarrel grenade launcher of death. To anyone watching, all she would see would be a faceless, emotionless, near robotic visage; such was the countenance of the modern special forces operator.

Every part of me was battle hardened by the countless missions I had on my record. My legs, my arms, my mouth, my eyes, my ears- all connected to the one command center of the body which was all too used to seeing death and destruction as determined by its cold and calculated decisions. I had fallen, fallen many times before, only to have raised myself upright to continue the fight, not growing weaker, but growing sharper and more dangerous with each time. I was an unstoppable superhuman war machine and for this battle, I was truly invincible.

As I advanced, my enemies sprung upon me, guns firing and grenades flying. I pointed my rifle, now armed with the grenade launcher, at them, not even bothering to evade, for their neither their bullets nor flashbangs could harm my will to kill; and with one fiery burst which would have made Thor tremble sent a hundred high explosive grenades flying into the faces of my adversaries. They detonated upon impact, shredding them to pieces, not that I noticed in my haste to root out those who dared challenge me. I raised my rifle to the air, sending another thousand grenades in a wide circle around me within seconds, instantly taking out those killed enemies who had been resurrected. I was running way too slowly in my opinion, and as such gave in a command.

Code: Select all
/sprint_speedScale 4.5

There. I whizzed across the map, now not bothering to stop to riddle my hopeless enemies with bullets. I simply whipped out my knife and finished them as I crashed past them. Not that I was saving ammunition, no, I had an infinite amount of that. My enemies had no chance, and I could see them venting their rage.

miller69: wtf giong on
miller69: how???
captain_smd: yeah
miller69: dud i cannot kill u
captain_smd: he hacking

The map was big, and now all they decided to do was to camp. I gave in another command…

Code: Select all

…and up I was in the air, floating for all to see- and I could see them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fire at them, but at least I could see them, and that was all I needed. Dropping back onto a roof, I sent another hundred frags in their direction. No perk could counteract this, and their higher level weaponry wouldn’t punch through the Godly protection I was given. I was 45 kills to 0 deaths, leading well ahead of my adversaries, when a stern adult voice made me jump.

“May I ask what you’re doing?” Mr. Garfield, the school principle, asked, his face contorted into a sly grin as he held out his hands. “Thank you.” he said, as I handed him my computer. “Your parents will be informed. You may collect it by the end of the day.”
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Postby Singaporean Transhumans » Sun Nov 08, 2015 2:58 am

Dzemgi, Komsomolsk, Khabarovsk Krai, Mechanocracy of Russia
Adrian Saragivich Tychkin/Adrian Saragi, Army of Vodorazdel and Primsorsky, SFR Vodorazdel and Primorsky

The lightly armoured...Asian, if that wasn't offensive, gripping tightly a AW-77-1 plasma assault rifle, his eyes full of determination, sprinted forward. A well-placed grenade from his comrades had destroyed the Mecharussian sniper point on the adjacent building, clearing the road for him and his other mates. They weren't far from the T-100 down the avenue from which the streets stemmed, and while they were trying to approach that steel behemoth with stealth, another equally destructive force watched from above - a Shershen VTOL gunship. One is enough.

Being exposed on the streets was extremely dangerous, even for a small while. Adrian simply smashed the window of one building, jumping into it for cover as the Shershen swept the stone pavement with a volley of high-explosive missiles and gatling lasers. Once the attack passed, he leapt out of the building, continuing this stride down the street (and repeating the window smashing if the gunship comes back) until he had reached the avenue.

Not carrying any heavy weapon capable of even scratching the tank, Adrian was, of course, not supposed to charge up to the tank, blow a hole in it and then die heroically (something most Singaporeans ended up doing). Assigned to a corner, he was supposed to provide support to the ATGM team that was about to make their debut. Scaling the urban jungle, the location in question was not hard to access, an area in the avenue corner fortified by destroyed vehicles and sandbags. This defense was organized by two others already defending there, though they were more focused on managing the enemies coming from the two sides (it was a T-shaped street arrangement) with no hands for the tank question. There was no doubt that Adrian would have to run through a hailstorm of lead in order to get there, but this would be far more hazardous than the occasional gunship.

"....I'll...erm...prepare myself before going there..." he tried to explain his hesitation to the rest of the group, on radio. His previously determined voice started to show heavy signs of doubt and indecisiveness, a gulping of saliva being vividly hearable over the radio.

"Negative, action must be taken as soon as possible. Poletio Five and Six will provide cover."

He still paused. He wasn't that much of a fearless person like other ethnic Singaporeans, having been a baseliner, underdog of Singaporean society before he came to Mechanocratic Russia he had always been careful about any decision that could result in personal expiration. But, nevertheless, another psychological factor exclusive to Singaporeans came into influence, something simply known as 'YOLO' for those the ineloquent...

He sprinted before sliding horizontally, firing multiple shots inaccurately in the direction of the tank, missing a Mecharussian soldier at the closest. Nevertheless, he got up, a few 6.8x30mm gauss-propelled rounds burning marks on his uniform, running for the makeshift 'fortification' while maintaining low posture. He jumped into the nest, taking a breath before getting back up, taking off an empty plasma canister and recharging it with a quite convenient piece of Singaporean technology just at his side, before slamming it back into its position, loading it in. Adrian then raised up his rifle, aimed it at the tank's direction, firing a now patterned support sequence at whatever Mecharussian infantry units trying to defend the tank from 'troublemakers', they called the Vodorazdese Army.

The two others in the nest were delighted to see Adrian now in this pot of flesh and weapons with them. One was a 'Slavic Singaporean', an Ukrainian from a PTFS-controlled version of Ukraine in another universe, the other a Chinese, manning the machine gun. They smiled, handing him a canister of healing nanites along with additional ammunition, before getting back to their 'work'. Squads of Civil Pacification Units and maybe some Mecharussian infantry came down from both sides casually, though they were manageable and the intervals of them coming in was sufficient for rest. Adrian didn't need to worry about these, since the other two had them covered. His rhythmic splattering of charged atmospheric plasma at the enemy were enough to corrode durasteel armor plates, eventually once it gnaws through them pain will be imposed on the victim, incapacitating through severe burns or even killing through partial vaporization.

He regained his determination. While the GShGm fired at him periodically, even that gun's disturbing cloth-ripping sound did not put him off his persuasive fire on the infantry accompaniment. The defence was within the T-100's plasma cannon's blind angle, so blasting Adrian and his comardes apart with a thousand times of his own weapon was out of the question. Enemy missile bearers were picked out and fired upon by the eternally unseen sniper, who was much more trustworthy than the previous one Adrian's squad had. The ATGM team slowly appeared, the heavily armored insurgents unpacking their weapon of questionable origin, setting it up as those who tried to stop them were destroyed one by one by Adrian's novice marksmanship...

It's not a sin to die for this city, not that you would die anyway.
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Kai: Rise of the Koeupan White Knight

Postby Koeupa » Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:38 am

Well I have never given much thought about what to do after high school - which I will finally graduate in 2 weeks time -but it seems everyone in my life expected me to do something useful. I don't know. All my friends seems to have their life planned out; no doubt their parents had something to do with it, as most are going into college or simply taking an internship with some family business, or whatever. But me? It seems that I am now facing a huge mental block in my life ever (and gosh, and I thought that my constant blockage when ever I wrote for high school assignment was the worst).

I looked outside the window of Mister Musli's office, our school counselor, where I had been sitting patiently for the past 40 minutes listening to him talking about my future and counselling me on my college and preferred career choice. Damn, I knew I shouldn't have listed "Wherever life takes me." "Anything will do." "Nah, no, no, no" on all three options. Well that was my honest opinion at that time, but frankly speaking, I simply don't know and don't give a damn.

"Kai." Mr. Musli sighed, taking off his glasses to rub his eyes before putting them on again before saying, "You do realize that there's a reason why the school asked you to fill out all those forms before you graduate. We are trying to help you in providing referrals so that you won't have it too hard after you left. These are," he said gesturing to the forms on top of the between placed between us, "for your future." he said. I think I had heard about this sort of lectures for more than half a dozen time in this year alone.

I stared at the paper blankly, then slowly turn my gaze outside the windows, where the view from the 3rd floor overlook a distant mountain range. I sighed then returning my gaze at the papers.

"Well I suppose you are right. But frankly Mister Musli...I really have no long term planning whatsoever for my life at the moment. I mean, I've been studying in high school for 5 years. At least I want to have a break." I said, trying to sound reassuring with my own excuses, he must have believed it. Maybe, perhaps...I don't know.

"We do have a good liaison with foreign charity program, and we do have slots for sabbatical where you can in community development. Perhaps you might want to give it a try?" I tried not to frown; he lost me at 'charity'.

"Or maybe not." He said reading my body language.

"Your education achievements...well, so far with your record..." he went through the stack of forms and reports. Now its his time to frown, and I felt embarrassed as we both look through my entire college academic report.

"Yeah, it's that bad." There's 10 compulsory course where you had to passed in the final government certified exam we sat last month, and we already gotten the result earlier this week. A is the highest grade of course, and F is the lowest grade you can get. Suffice to say, I had make a personal record to have successfully (or rather, failed) unlock all of those grades.

"Well, at least it's colorful." he said, half sarcastically, I merely raised my eyebrow, grinning sheepishly.

"Sir, you know what, our education system is so fucked up that we've become too much exam oriented. A year from now on I won't be using much of the shit I learn in Advance Mathematics and Chemistry - besides where are we going to use all those; algebraic expressions, covalent bond whatever in real life anyway? It's not like I plan on continuing or working in areas involving all that." I said in protest.

Yeah, I totally fucked up my science and mathematics courses. Too much calculation and too sciency for me.

"Yes, I can see that." He said in more serious tone.

"You're excellent in English and other social science based courses...and not too bad in your Mathematics (the normal, easier one, not too related to algebra or calculus) perhaps you might want to continue with that. And wow, you are one of the few who graded A in History and Moral Philosophy Class (HMP) and was rated Fit Everywhere in your physical exam."

Well I did aced that class, Mr. Dubois my HMP teacher -did one hell of a job in that one. I prefer clasess that made me think, and made me understand why - unlike those dry boring formulaic and rigid science and mathematics class.

"I see you are a Boy Scout as well. Did you make Eagle Scout?"

"No, I haven't - if I did it should be listed there." I said. He started to smile and I started thinking he is planning something for me.

"Tell me, which one of these two do you prefer? A) Serving for a cause greater than yourself, B) Working for other company and making other peoples richer?" He suddenly asked with a straight face.

"Ump.." I hesitate, this sounds like a leading question. "A, I guess."

"Do you like being a part of a social organization, the one like your Boy Scout?"

"Yeah. I do." I said without hesitating at that one. Well one thing i liked about the Boy Scout is that, it's one of the few place where I feel like I belonged and can contribute something as a member of society.

"I take it, with your physical fitness you do lots of adventurous stuff?" he asked more, now sounding more like a salesman pursuing a close. I wonder where he is going with all this.

"I do, as a matter of fact. I did hiking, jungle trekking, swimming - some paragliding, when I have the time...and money of course." Now Mr. Musli was all smiling.

"Actually, Kai. I think I may just found the right gig for you after high school." he said finally. I must have looked curious enough. He turned around, unlocking a cabinet, and took out a file.

"How would you like to try, serving this country - by joining the army?" he said, opening a colorful brochure that looked like some sort of war propaganda.

"The army?"

"Yes, and not just it, this is an officer program. With your high school diploma which I believe is above passing grade, you can definitely make it. Actually every high school in the country is given one slot, one and only, quota to send one of its student. It might just be you."

"Me? Why?'

"Because you don't seem to be interested in further studies, joining a business or any other career after this. The army, perhaps is the right place for you. Fact is, I should have told you, I myself was former army. I joined up right after high school some 20 years ago and served for 5 years. It was more than Boy Scout, more adventurous than it, and more satisfying and what I'd dream of previously. You will turn into a better man if you have had military experience under your belt."

Well, damn, I didn't thought about that. But that interesting prospect.

"Well if you agree that you will think about it, and give me a decision tomorrow, then I can promise you I will do my best to fill in this spot for you."

"Well, let me think about it first." Oh what the hell. Yeah, it's true I seemed to lack the discipline and direction to plot out my own life at the moment...perhaps a little adventure in army wouldn't hurt too bad.

"Ok, you get back to me tomorrow. Talk to your parents about it too will you. If you want it but they dont agree let me know, I will straighten things out with them."

"Heh, alright, you got it. Tomorrow." I said. The meeting continued for a few more minutes before my 1 hour appointment with him was over.

That night I contemplated on the biggest decision I ever had to make in my life. It appeared I had no problem talking about it to my parents over dinner. The only things my mom said to me was: "You're a young man now, Kai. Decide for yourself what you want in your life. We did our part raising you, now it's time for you to take care of yourself." Well how about that. Father didn't talk much but he sort of somehow encouraged me.

"I'd be proud if you do, just don't get yourself killed in war or something stupid." Except for the last part, he make me want to do it. I phoned some of my friends about it, asking their opinions, most of them it's cool, some against it of course - asking me to join with them with some sort of work, or go in the same college - then I asked a special someone about it.

"Well I think it very patriotic and brave of you if you do decide to join. Besides it's awesome to have a friend in the uniform service. I'd always think you look great in your Boy Scout uniform, perhaps it's the same in the military?" Yuki said over the phone, half jokingly. Her voice lovely as ever.

"Of course I'll look good. It's me." I said confidently, making her laugh.

"Well if I'd join, I don't think I can get in touch with you too much during recruit training, but I can write you, Yuki." I said.

"That would be nice. Classical. Traditional....outdated." she said, I laughed hearing the last part.

"Nah, It'll be romantic." I can hear her laughed.

"Well, I think so too." She said.

And that was it. No more thinking. I never given much thought about my life...except the fact that for now I am going to flow it wherever life is taking me. Life is short, and I'm too young to bother about the end of it yet. I might as well try this, if I make a mistake...well, everyone does at one point in their life. Then, during that phone call I made the decision that will alter my life forever.

"Only be careful though." She said again, now sounded somewhat worried.

"I will, and don't worry, it's not like this country is going to war too often...we're so pacifist that war is highly unlikely. Anyway, thanks...I think I've made my decision." I said to her, convinced that my enlisting in the military will be nothing more than a brief life adventure gig and then I would go out. I didn't think about making any mistake then, that this decision will change my life and I will benefit from it.

Well except for the last part I will soon find out that I was wrong.

I was dead wrong.

Little did I know, that I will soon enlist in what would become a wartime armed forces in this tiny island country...
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Postby Victoriala » Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:37 am

WARNING: This piece is pretty much graphic as I envisioned it. It may be considered not safe for work and well, read at your own risk, I guess.

Hall of Banners

I am the Emperor.

My hand is august and my will is absolute. Most Glorious among the Majesties, as Serene as his, as divine as the White King, as Fortunate as the Civilized, as noble as the Great Lion, as brave as my most valiant ancestors. All banners upon my realm bow to me in awe in respect. The Lady bows to me, so is my kin and so is my councillors. Even the lowest of rats come to me and pay their best tribute, for what's it worth. No one stands in my way. The can't, they won't, and never shall. I am the Emperor.

It was noon when Court has assembled. The hottest, most unsound time of the day, meeting and talking with all those bastardous rich men, with their wives and children watching on who think they can sway me by their suggestions. Fuck them, a waste of time and an affront to my will. Old men without august power than I, they do not deserve to talk to the helm who holds this Empire together. How dare they, come into my palace and complain! This worthless court, this should be destroyed. The forefathers made a mistake for calling themselves among equals to the people. Now our bloodline has lost its glory. We were not revered anymore as the Serene Emperors of the east, not worshipped like the Emperors of the Plains, not given respect deserving as to an Akka Emperor.

In the incessant words of these "noblemen", I raised my hand to shut them up. I stood up, and spoke.

“Take heed, ministers, lords and rulers. You and your domains will take note of this declaration, for this is the most important of them all.”

I walk around the front and gesture to a scribe from the Glorious Council. “The Imperial House’s prestige has been lessening and eroding over time, and we are being shadowed by fellow realms in all sides. If we let this near-inevitable order of things, we must take heed to improve the standings of the Empire and empower the glory of Sokan itself. This maintenance will take more than our own resources to keep us from being an empire in name only. To ensure the upholding of Imperial Prestige and glory, I must proclaim a mandatory requirement for everyone, and I mean everyone. present in this Court, with the exception of me and my immediate family, for a definite and fixed tribute. There will be an exact punishment to any transgressions enacted against this decree and will be defined as the heaviest of treasons to me, the empire, and the very fabric of reality itself. This shall be official today, in the fourth day of the fourth month, in the 2448th year by our reckoning, ensured by my seal.”

I gestured again to the scribe to seal the paper. The red emblem of our house is now pasted in scroll, the law is in order.

“I shall outline the mechanics of the tribute after this meeting. For now, continue your debates.”

As soon as I finished my proclamation, a hand was raised.

“Your Majesty, your humble inferior wishes to speak.” A man in a night blue robe comes and bows. “Taking note from your recent illustrious decree, I find the proclamation to be unfair and vehemently straining to the rights of the Lower Banners, especially to the poorer domains! Your Majesty, this goes against what this Court and Empire stood for, and to the wills of your predecessors. Have you no respect for the rights and sanctities for them? This is the tyranny that this nation have worked on for long to go against among other realms. With all my due respect and reverence to thee, Your Glorious Majesty, I beg of you to overturn this immediately.”

Impotent old turtle*. Do you know who you are talking to? Ah, scratch that thought. You know who. You are a minister of the Law, subservient, enforcer of my voice. Yet here you are, as impotent as the ones before you, to raise your voice at me, your emperor, the descendant of the great Teacher? Bastard. I have had it with you lesser ones trampling on your Glorious Majesty’s voice. It is time.

I raise up, my fist hidden in my robe clenching. His face shows that he notices my disgust. My deep, deep disgust. My anger. I took a deep breath, and smiled.

“Eminent Minister.” I say. “Your antagonism to my causes are seemingly continuous, and becomes more apparent of your opposition to the Banner’s will. I am very, very, very, very, very displeased by such display upon the most respected court, and most importantly, to me.”

Moments of silence pass like ghosts of the dead.

“Y… Your Majesty?” he asked me with little worry.

“You will address me as ‘Glorious Majesty’, you indolent, senile hog.” I triumphantly declared. I face the whole court. “And that goes to all of you.”

“Your Glorious Majesty, I do not mean disrespect from the throne but your actions as of yet are going against what your ancestors has--”

“SILENCE!” I shouted, raising my sword, the order raised. The Imperial Guards enter and surround the hall, with black-red robes that hide their armor, swords embroidered with our banner’s emblem, the Lion, on their belts and a stern face unchanged, as warriors do.

“You have ired me long enough. Guards, seize him and his family. Bring them to me” The guards nodded.

“Your Glorious Majesty, please, this isn't right!” The old man pleaded.

“Fuck you.” I replied, straight like an arrow to the eye as the guards drag three crying children and an alarmed woman in their noble garb towards the front. “It’s time I instill great changes upon this corrupt and defiled system. Take this as a lesson.”

“Guards, hold them all down headfirst.” I ordered, as the guards put the bastardous lowly Minister and his wife and children down to the ground, their eyes facing the ceiling’s cloth and unlit lanterns and their limbs locked into the strong arms of the Imperial Guards. I notice the other members of the court watch in horror. The Lady looks on in fear. The rotting turtle’s family crying. “Do not let them move.”

“Y-your Majesty! What are you d--” The codger opens his mouth with his blasphemous honorifics.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop addressing me that?”

“Your Glorious Majesty, please, I beg of you!”

“Shut up. Mune, my sword.” I ordered as one attendant quickly brought me the Luminous Sabre, the blade of our House. I descend from the throne.

I hear mutters from other members of the court. I will deal with them later.

“Your Majesty, no, no, no, please, I beg of you, leave them out of here--” I raise my hand, and one of the guards keeping him down muffle him.


I come near the youngest, and draw my sword. This will end as I foresee it.

I hear the Lady raise her voice in total alarm.

“PLEASE, AGAKO, DON’T DO IT!” she pleas. I ignore it, with a raise of my hand I silenced her, and as I draw nearer to the child I gestured to the bastard old man to be raised.

Everyone is in an air of fear. Good.

“Take him up front.” I ordered. They complied. He was put for all to see, for him to see his kin, lying down as I took a gaze on his almost-crying, muffled, struggling face. I smile in reply. I take the shining blade near the child’s face.

It is time.

I will exact what I have promised.
A sharp slash to the child’s face.

Out of everyone’s shock, and the horror of the remaining, I hear the old man’s muffled screams. I can almost discern what he is trying to say.


I proceeded, and slit her neck.

He’s breaking in tears. Fucking old man, I’m not done yet.

I proceeded to the son. Most likely he would bring your bloodline into order. I would not bullshit this along.

I ordered my men to raise him up.

I prefered it quick. A clean slice, a decapitation as they all gasp in shock and terror. Oh, I revel at their sound, furthering only the enaction of my pure, glorious will! It makes me laugh, I want to deeply peal in thunderous laughter as the Lightbearer after the victory! Such a magical sight. Very, very magical. The tears, the the helplessness! THE SURETY! THE VERY SURETY THAT I HAVE BEEN WISHING TO HAPPEN SINCE THE EARLY MORNING! THIS WILL MAKE THEM KNOW MY NAME, THIS WILL MAKE THEM GLORIFY ME IN SUCH A WAY I TRULY DESERVE. THIS IS THE WILL OF HEAVEN, THE WILL OF THE LIGHTBEARER, THE WILL OF MY OWN.

I hear the lady’s muffled sobbing. Impotent whore. No will and strength to uphold her own post. Let her watch. Let them watch.


Get them to watch.

I gestured for the guards to force them to see. To plant a message in their minds. To remind them of their place. To make them known throughout all nations that I am not to be swayed and talked to as if I am their equals. I am not their equals.

I am not their equals.
Now, I turn to the next. The consort. I place my blade to her throat and turn my head to the bastard impotent. I glare in the most explicit way, I make him see how I feel about him, and shitheels like him. Only hatred and anger, unforgivable transgressions.

I see the eyes of a begging dog in reply. An ultimately transgressive traitor pleading for the last life I intend to take.

“Beat his face.” I say to one of the guards holding him. The guard obeys, as all in this court must. As all in this Empire must.

“Make him look.” I say once again and he did.

The woman is pleading right now.

I only want the senile hog taste my reply.
I stabbed her straight to the neck in the deepest way. Blood sputters to my face like a slaughtered pig. Ugh, disgusting.

“Break his limbs.” I gestured with the implication to keep him muffled.

Faint and muffled screams follow. Tears. Fractures. Suffering. More terror and some tears from the audience and the receiving end. This is getting very, very, very, very, very, very, tiring. It’s time.

Time to finish my execution.

“Bring him to me.”

He lays down in front of me, for all to see and all to take pity on. All to take example on. All to take the most illustrious lesson of all.

I take away my blade.

I beat his face this time to a bloody, blithering mess, straight blows to his front and swinging ones to his side. His nose broken and his face all colored in force and my infliction. He’s still in tears. I bring heavy blows to his chest until he moans in pain as he breathe. I still feel him alive. Good. Is he broken? Yes. Limbs and soul and all. But still alive. I want to keep him living.

Good, Good, Good.

I gestured to one of the guards once more, and he brings me an iron bell hammer. I think I will reward these guards a hefty reward for their services.

I take hold of the hammer. A firm grasp.

I turn for a final time back to the impotent bastard as I raise the hammer highest.

And I swung it down to his head face first, breaking his skull and spattering more bastard filth in me. Disgusting, but satisfying.

I repeatedly do it until the head becomes flat and unrecognizable. I do it heavily with all my rage and all my hatred of this insolent, piece of shit, impotent, senile old fool who still thinks he has the right to transgress on my will. I scream in full emotion like the roar of the ever-valiant Lightbearer.

The deed is done.

I am tired and filthy, exhausted in soul and body.

I take my gaze to the whole court, watching in horror in my enaction of my will.

“NOW, WHO DARES TO JOIN HIM.” I proclaim loudest.

No one dared to speak, most in terror and most in disgust. I might take care of the latter once they transgress the same way.



“Now remember this. Go against me, and you will join them.

“Now leave.”

I had the guards escort them. The lady is frozen in shock. I had him returned to our quarters.

A guard comes near me.

“Your Glorious Majesty, should we dispose of the bodies?”

“No, put them for all to see.”

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Nunavut Province, Canada

I blankly stared at the open space where my hand would've been on any other day. All it had taken was one bite, one little wound to make me a useless burden to the group. At least they had some sense of humanity, cutting off the limb to give me a fighting chance before sending me out with an empty backpack and a kitchen knife. It was a simple, stupid mistake, one that would probably cost me my life.

None of that mattered now, as the wind mercilessly battered the flimsy wooden walls of the dilapidated shack I had found in the middle of the wilderness. Cold seeped in through the walls like a plague, tormenting my body as I was driven to uncontrollable shaking and teeth chattering. This was never the way I had wanted to go out, alone and injured in the wilderness. Perhaps it was for the best that the wind drowned out the sound of anyone or thing approaching. I could just lie down and wait for them to find my blood trail, and then it would all be over and I could rest.

My face was marked with moisture, tears that would no longer run because of my body's thirst for water. I wondered if any of those bastards cooped up in the old school would even miss me, or wonder if they had made the right choice in casting me out. No, of course they wouldn't. Everyone in that group had lost their humanity, becoming mere statues of their former selves, uncaring to the plight of dwindling human population. To them, the only thing that mattered was survival and it had turned them into machines. Machines that months ago had carved up my wife and daughter as a last ditch attempt at survival.

The area surrounding us had been overrun by hordes. My family was a happy one, smiling and laughing despite the death around us. Of course, when they found the paper bag of supplies inside our dormitory, all of that ended in the blink of an eye. I was spared as I was the only skilled electrician, the only one capable of keeping the fence surrounding us active. Without the fence, the hordes would overrun us in the blink of an eye and looking back, perhaps that would've been a form of mercy on all of our souls. I came back from a scouting run to find my quarters empty and ransacked, pictures torn from the wall and immaculate piles of clothing scattered on the floor.

I wandered around the compound, endlessly shouting my wife's name until I finally found them. The corpse of my wife was displayed on a brick wall almost as a decoration, while my daughter's whimpers and cries were getting weaker and weaker. Gut instinct told me to draw my gun and that I did, only to find myself tackled and forced to watch as they did...terrible things. God, she was only seven, who the hell would force themselves on a seven year old!? Hell, but that's what those monsters did. When they had finally finished, she was dead. The prolonged exposure to the cold had done her in, but sexual assault certainly didn't help. From that point on, I swore to avenge my family and that I did. I would return from scouting runs, mysteriously the only survivor of a patrol. All it took was one stupid fucking walker to rob me of my vengeance.

The thing had emerged from the shadows while I was walking back to the compound alone, leaving the frozen corpses of my teammates behind me. Taken by surprise, I brought my gun to bear on the thing's head only for the damning click to sound. It feasted upon my wrist until my screams drew the attention of the compound. I was dragged back, accused of murder and betraying the group before they cut my arm off and set me off alone.

I'm nothing better than those monsters, both the undead and my group. Why prolong the suffering, waiting for cold or hunger to do me in? No, I'll get my revenge in the end. While their accusations sent themselves into a frenzy, I had done my best to completely destroy the generators. Yes, I can just become one of them and feast upon those fuckers. Yes, what an excellent idea. The door nearly snaps off of it's frame when I smash it aside, running through the trees and screaming at the top of my lungs. They surround me like bees to honey, and I don't bother with fighting back.

One simple bite robbed me of my hand. Now one simple bite will allow me to take my revenge.
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Authoritarian Democracy

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National Military Dictatorship of Srpska, 1970

It was a silent day.. Rain drops are heard splashing off the ground.. Everything turned into hell a few hours later...
Men of the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade and the 162nd Commando Unit of the National Defence Forces of Srpska (NDFS), both of the divisions have been holding a line near Banja Luka National Square, where the rebels, better known as the Serbian Democratic Freedom Army or SDFA for short, have been constantly doing attacks against the forces of Srpska. It was still raining that day, the rain seemed to be never-ending, but the men fighting on the frontlines that every rainfall will stop a day. The rebels were armed with Zastava M56 and M49 submachine guns, as well with PAP M59/M66 semi-automatic carbines. Most of the men of the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade were armed with PAP M59/M66 semi-automatic carbines, since many of them are on the rank of Private, commanding officers were armed with the Zastava M57 pistol, which was mainly used for execution of captured rebels or people aligned to any rebel of the SDFA. Leaders of the SDFA only had the Zastava M83/92, a revolver that once has been used by the National Defence Forces of Srpska. A very few soldiers and rebels have been seen with Zastava M24 and Zastava M48 bolt-action rifles, which were not very common at the time.

"Here they come!" shouted one of the men of the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade, as he pulled out his PAP M56 carbine and shortly after started firing at the rebels. The man next him, known as Petar Radović, a war criminal to soon become in 1971, where he was promoted to a Sergeant and started slaughtering many innocent families. With the Serbian Democratic Freedom Army and the National Defence Forces of Srpska clashing near Banja Luka National Square, things got far more worse outside Banja Luka, where the NDFS launched its artillery shelling of rebel-held villages, which the Government of Srpska thought to be held by rebels. The 8th Artillery Battalion of the Mixed Artillery Brigade of Srpska, which used D-30 122mm howitzers to shell the villages. The mass shelling costed over 100 lives, with more than 50 villages being shelled by artillery.

Inside Doboj, in which the largest correctional facility in Srpska (at that time) was located, known as the "Doboj National Correctional Facility", in which imprisonated men and women have been tortured and killed. The rebels launched a major offensive against the forces in Doboj, which included the destruction of the Doboj National Correctional Facility, when more than 200 people gotten rescued by the SDFA. One of the men of the SDFA told his story about destroying the DNCF:

"The first thing I saw when I entered Doboj was the correctional facility. Once I saw it, I knew that my brothers and me had to destroy it, because my father and mother were imprisonated there several years ago, I did not know if they were still alive. A few hours later.. Me, my commanding head of the SDFA group, and the rest of my brothers & friends decided to free every person from that prison and destroy it once and for all. The next morning, we heard tanks and soldiers moving towards the facility, we really thought it was one of our men, but when we saw the insignia and the uniforms, it all made sense, the government knew someone has been planning to destroy the facility, that's why they decided to send support. A few hours later, all of us heard gun shots, and as well with the tanks opening fire. I grabbed my Zastava M56, and went out with the rest of the group to fight. There were enemy soldiers around every corner, we all had to take cover really quick. When the SDFA pushed the NDFS to the facility, we used captured tanks and the artillery we have to kill those bastards inside, but we knew that we were risking the lives of imprisoned people there, and we still did it, the facility had to be destroyed into pieces. And we as well had this one multiple rocket launcher, which we used to destroy the front walls of the facility, but we ran out of rocket ammo quick. Luckily there was captured artillery pieces and shells, we broke through the walls using that, there were also bullets flying everywhere, we had to work quick to kill the enemy soldiers. After two days of fighting, we managed to kill nearly every NDFS soldiers, the people were finally happy to be out of that hellhole. Later on, we used a load of explosive to blow the whole place into pieces, which we did, and the only thing that was left there was a bunch of ruins. Everyone had a happy look on their face.

Fighting in Doboj continued several months after the Doboj National Correctional Facility has been destroyed into pieces. After the facility was destroyed, more than 70 men and women volunteered to join the Serbian Democratic Freedom Army against the regime of Dictator Vojislav Patričević and his iron fist rule in Srpska. The liberation of unjustly imprisoned people and the total destruction of the facility was an inspiration for Bojan Kraljević to write the book "The Day Everyone Was Set Free" ("Дан када је свако био Ослобођен/Dan kada je svako bio oslodođen"). The Liberation of Doboj also costed more than 780 lives, including soldiers and rebels.

In Banja Luka, only 2-3 types of tanks were used, and the most commonly used one was the BQ-1, a main battle tank armed with a 90mm M3 gun, with its secondary armament being a .30 caliber medium machine gun. More than 1,000 BQ-1s were used during the Civil War in Srpska.

"Crap! Crap! Crap! Sir, they're pushing us back with their tanks!" shouts of the men of the SDFA, while jumping into cover. Vladimir Karadžić, leader of the Serbian Democratic Freedom Army, says "THEN GET THE FREAKING ANTI-TANK GUNS, AND BRING SOME ANTI-TANK UNITS HERE, WILL YA?!". He started to fire out of his Zastava M49 at the infantry of the NDFS, he put his head back down, looking behind him and seeing his men struggle to get a anti-tank gun ready. A BQ-1 tank was already approaching, with a shell loaded and ready to fire, the engine sound is heard and the rebels hurry up to get the AT gun ready. "GUN IS READY, SIR!" shortly after the BQ-1 tank has turned and is moving towards the rebels. Vladimir shouts "FIRE NOW!!!" and the anti-tank gun fires at the BQ-1, damaging the engine and forcing the 3 crew members to get out of the tank. The crew members got out, and were suprised to see rebels pointing guns at them. "Come on, stand there, yeah, right there" says Vladimir before pulling out his Zastava M83/92 revolver, and firing 1 shot at each one of the 3 crew members, killing them from close-range.

The Serbian Democratic Freedom Army continued to fight the National Defence Forces of Srpska during the Siege of Banja Luka in 1970. The Siege resulted with the victory of the Serbian Democratic Freedom Army, and with the NDFS having mass casualties, forcing them to retreat. Vojislav Patričević has been also forced to relocate to another city, in which he has been killed in 1971 by rebels and other allied forces. He continued Operation Black River, that had genocide and mass murder involved, in which the main targets were families of rebels, and the rebels themselves, the operation ended on the day of Patričević's death, and so did the war. Vladimir Karadžić and his men shouted in happiness "HE IS FINALLY DOWN, AND HE WON'T RISE AGAIN!".
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Greater Ardokian Republic

Secretariat of Regional Affairs Headquarters, Landintown
Aanglandia Autonomous Region, Greater Ardokian Republic

8 May 1973
1037 Hours

It was a rainy Tuesday morning, scattered rays of sunshine shone through the clouds lightening up the dreary streets of Landintown below. Riagán O'Doyle, Director-General (head) of the Department of Internal Security (DIS), sat in a black government-plated sedan across the road from the headquarters of the Secretariat of Regional Affairs. He watched the rain trickle down the window of the car as he looked at the time on his watch. "Ten-thirty-seven O'clock", he mumbled to himself involuntarily. Not a minute later, several dozen vehicles of the National Gendarmerie arrived at the building. Surrounding it on all sides. O'Doyle maintained an expressionless composure as he watched discreetly from his car.

The gendarmes entered the large neo-classical structure, their orders to secure the building and seize the official records (and other documents) of the regional government. They had received accusations from a police informant that the regional government was highly corrupt and working with regional organised crime. The informant was really a DIS agent, no evidence was provided to the National Gendarmerie to support the accusations, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs ordered them to take action nonetheless. They knew they would find "damning" evidence, 'evidence' the DIS had planted the day prior.

Anthony Clay, the new Chief Secretary (head of government) of the Aanglandia Autonomous Region had won the recent regional election in April with a slim majority, largely thanks to the ethnic Aanglandian majority in the region. Immediately after his election he expressed to the Minister-President (head of state and government) his desire to hold a referendum on the issue of Aanglandian independence. The Ardokian government could not allow that to happen, again. After Aanglandia first seperated from Ardoki in 1886, almost half a century of oppression of the ethnic Ardokian minority forced a liberation in 1924 (it is important to note that Ardoki still claimed Aanglandia after its separation during the chaotic revolution on the mainland). But the demographics of Aanglandia were changing, within a decade Ardokians would be the majority. Minister-President Killian Callaghan directly ordered the DIS to ensure there was no movement towards succession in Aanglandia, at least not until an Ardokian majority could be achieved (which would almost certainly leave the separatist movement with no realistic hope for independence).

"You're honour." said a private secretary as she knocked on the door of Chief Secretary Clay. She knocked on it again, no reply.

The Chief Secretary was watching from his office window. The gendarmes entering the building, the flashing lights of the vehicles. Clay never expected the central government to react so strongly to his proposed referendum. He intended to use the treat of an independence referendum to give more power to the regional government; control over education, media, culture and the economy. He never intended to actually hold a referendum, he knew they would never allow it, and would be willing to offer concessions in order to prevent it. But maybe he misjudged the central government? Perhaps they actually believed he intended to lead an independence movement? Were the memories of the oppression against Ardokians during the Aanglandian Kingdom just too raw? All those thoughts ran through his head. But there was one thing he was certain about. He never expected a coup. They are trying to overthrow a democratic government, the people of Aanglandia would never tolerate this, he thought.

He picked up his jacket from his chair and walked over towards the door, opening it just as his private secretary was about to knock again giving her a startle. "Don't worry. They're only after me. Make sure the others don't do anything but comply with orders from the gendarmes." He said as he proceeded to meet the gendarmes and turn himself in. This would cause a scandal, he thought. Public outrage would cause him to eventually be released and the truth revealed. He had no fears of being arrested, it would only be temporary and might even work in his favour.

"You're under arrest on suspicion of corruption and involvement with organised crime. You shall be read your right when you are placed in official custody." Those words meant nothing at first. But then he thought about his family, who would have to suffer through this ordeal. Other members of his government, they could be arrested as well. The more he thought of it, the more he worried. What if I am convicted? What if the public can't secure my release? What if people actually think I'm guilty? He was lead down the main stairs of the building, and out into the rain. He raised his head to stop water dripping down onto his shoes. In the distance, across the road, a man was standing beside a black car, an umbrella shielding him from the rain. He knew who that man was. He was from the DIS. Right then, he realised it. He understood the full gravity of the situation. He had been arrogant and foolish, perhaps due to his youth. He had thought that he could out-manoeuvre and manipulate the central government, get them to grant Aanglandia concessions with the threat of an independence referendum. He hadn't understood their mindset, even know he didn't know why they would go so far.

He was placed in the back of a police car and driven away, as the search for the "evidence" began. Riagán O'Doyle took out a cigar and light it. He already had a replacement Chief Secretary, also an Aanglandian, to taker over and clean up the mess. The media would portray Anthony Clay as having been connected to various organised crime groups in the region, which he intended to help in exchange for their support. The media had been threatened, and major crime lords had been rounded up. Most of the people wouldn't support Clay, they'd view him as a sort of gangster. Those who did would be deprived of media attention and forced of the streets if they ever attempted any protest of riot. O'Doyle knew what he was doing was morally wrong, he had no doubts about it. But he had orders from the Minister-President, he didn't want to see the Greater Republic break apart, he didn't want his fellow Ardokians in Aanglandia to undergo another period of oppression. It had to be done, he would do it to the best of his ability, and he would defend it up to his deathbed regardless of what the future generations thought. He puffed his cigar as he watched various government officials being led-out by the gendarmes, boxes of documents being loaded into trucks. He felt sorry for the innocent people who would suffer, but he remained firm in his convictions. He dropped his cigar onto the road, put it out with a stomp of the foot and stepped into the car. He signalled his driver to take him back to the regional DIS headquarters.
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Santa Clara, David District, New Haven.
4pm 8.11.2015

The afternoon sun peered through the muggy cloud, raising the temperature up even further for Nigella Maslun, she rubbed her brow only to feel a grimy slick layer of sweat from her brow. She was new to the whole farming side of life, she had been a secretary in Coveton for a small business, with mounting debt, when the government grants came around, offering 75,000 Odreals to young men and women to emigrate to the new colony to set up farms on the fertile lands. Grateful with cash in hand and a ticket to Ne Haven and a promised parcel of 100 acres in the foothills. "They didn't say anything about the humidity" She muttered as she pulled a radish from the earth, not a bad harvest but the unseasonably good rains possibly had a hand in that rather than Nigella's green thumb. She hoisted the punnet into the bucket she had with her and set it on the back of the old Dodge truck she had brought for a song a few miles down the road. Somewhere in the distance a tractor roared about a paddock, doing what exactly Nigella couldn't see but she knew it would be the Sata's tractor, judging from the distance.

Driving back up the paddock, she stopped to open the gate, she only had a few agisted cows nothing too large, being a single petite woman with only a beginners knowledge of farming,running livestock was something she wasn't keen to do just yet. Upon reaching the house she placed the bucket of radishes in the cool-room, she had more than enough for the next pick-up to take her produce to the cities. Rounding the side of the little cottage she called home, her heart jumped into her mouth, a car was parked in the driveway. Frozen for a brief moment, she realized it was Sherrif Smythe's car. Turning around to look at the porch, she could see Smythe waiting on the porch, a young man of his late 20's, a square and pleasant face frame with close cropped sandy hair. "Sherrif, what can I do for you?" She asked, wondering why he'd driven half an hour just to come out to the edge of on-grid civilization.

"Ah Ms. Maslun, we just checking up on you and the neighbourhood in general" He said with a broad rural accent common to the south Tarkanese.

"I'm fine, Sheriff, yourself?" She replied politely

"Just dandy" he answered with a toothy grin "Were you out in the garden?"

"Yes, I've been grabbing the radishes before the insects get to them" Nigella gestured towards the back of the property "Say why have you been checking up on folks around here?"

Smythe's smile creased for a second with a second indistinguishable emotion "We've had reports of some ATLN activity in the hills, this week,someone further up the road had their fuel supplies raided and generator stolen. Just concerned they are getting bolder with the government's wind-down of patrols"

Nigella grimaced "I have heard gunfire further up the hills a few weeks ago but haven't heard a peek since."

"Well I'd recommend buying a dog, it'll give you a bit of a warning if anyone approaches the farm, plus might be a deterrent." Smythe offered before leaving the porch."I was on my way to see the Sato's, make sure they're okay and aware of the situation" He waved before getting into his wagon. Nigella waved before she scanned the horizon, wasn't much going on, there was a large jetstream over to the north but nothing else. Nought but the chirping of crickets and the light breeze filled her ears "Suppose I'm achieving nothing standing here" Wandering back down towards the gardens, there was the briefest, almost inaudible crackle of machine gun fire. Nigella raised her head slightly before dismissing it from her mind.

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El Reino de Filipinas
Prelude September 20, 2015

Palacio Real
It was the best day to start the Year

Undoubtedly, after the Imperial Civil War has ended making the Military and Political genius of the Empire, Supreme Fleet Admiral Julio Alejandro Siegfried de Enerio as the Emperor of the Imperial Realm ending the hundred year rule of the Intencherado dynasty, and furthermore Alejandro's major and decisive victories against China during the Sino-Filipino war started the Golden Age of the Empire after China was defeated in the most decisive battle led by Supreme Fleet Admiral turned Emperor that have decided the fate of the 150 years of war and as a result has ceased the Southern portion of their land to the new supreme Empire the mestizo Emperor has made with his own bare hands without wearing gloves.
Emperor Julio Alejandro Siegfried de Enerio as Emperor

However, The Emperor felt that there will be another war. A war of a new Imperial conquest and expansionism. To finally grasp the world within his palm and make every nations further beyond the Empire as his subordinates under his rule. As he finalized his conviction to rule the world he called his subordinates, who are the cream of the crop of the Empire that has as well assisted the Emperor in his grand conquest. Among his subordinates are the Emperor's closest friends and the three of them was named as the "Tres Grandes Admirantes" for the three of them was to be considered the greatest military leaders in the Empire.

The Emperor, who was the initiator of the Empire's greatest and decisive military victories was then surrounded by different myths. Including the myth that he was the reincarnation of Alexander the Great or the incarnation of Sun Tzu's Art of War considering the Emperor has studied and has applied Tzu's teachings, ironically he used a Chinese teaching to destroy the Chinese. Either way, all known myths were gathered and instead were made into propaganda leaflets in which can be used to empower the citizens and allies of the Empire or in another way, can be used to demoralize the enemy or have the smaller and weaker nations join the Empire's cause. The Emperor himself have thought of this, for he despite outward appearances is a very grim person.

By this certain turn of events, the Emperor decided to use this as an advantage to seize South Asia without further casualty from an Imperial invasion. In which he is currently discussing with his best and the most high ranking subordinates he has in hand. The heated debate on whether South Asia will be taken by force or South Asia will be injected by a virus known as propaganda. The talks were then initiated by the Emperor as he crossed his legs, clenched his right fist and placed them in his chin with his usual smile.

"Gentlemen, What do you think on how should we control South Asia? The enemy can roughly defend against our military prowess however they as well have lost faith in their government and using the power of propaganda should be then easier to do, anyway I expect your logical opinions on this matter quickly" Said the Emperor as he watches the prototype of the Propaganda leaflet with a smile, this piece of paper when mass produced would ensure the surrender of India and so as well it can be mass produced rather quickly.

"Many of us may think that war should be waged like the tourneys of the Middle Ages.However we do not use knights but instead we want to use the war of the future, demoralization and propaganda.Your majesty, I suggest using propaganda." Said a high ranking subordinate known for his intense pacifism and constant use of psychological warfare to minimize casualties as he also watched the prototype propaganda leaflet.

"Propaganda you say? Have you lost your sense of honor!? What of the Grand Filipino Military, It will not take weeks before this mere nation would be within our grasp by the use of an invasion, plus for a few men we can bring fear against those who dare oppose the Empire, Your majesty, I recommend using military forces to subjugate South Asia!" Said the rash General of the Imperial Military known for his reckless but successful attacks.

Then the both of them, the youngest in the Emperor's admiralty intensely argued for more than 30 minutes. Other Admirals and Generals who had sense of maturity kept quiet though what their brains processed for them is to support the idea of dropping propaganda leaflets encouraging the weaker nation to bow down and take up Imperial flag. The Emperor was irritated of the sight of fruitless arguments and intervened at the most crucial part of the argument.

"That's enough preaching! I have decided that we will drop propaganda leaflets to South Asian countries. We will preserve our troops into fighting the nation called Azenyanistan, this upstart nation may cause troubles to us in the future so therefore we must preserve most of our strength and instead try to convince the government and the populace to join our Grand Realm to defend them from ever growing Azenyanistani militarism. So, whoever is in charge with this please do mass produce these propaganda posters and notify me so when it's done. And What of the Conquest of Australia?" Said the Emperor

"Oceania is being gobbled up by the Empire as we are speaking and therefore does not need special attention for your majesty to take part of. Your majesty for now should handle the Empire's internal problems especially now that the remnants of the high nobles have once again rebelled but fortunately have failed to do so and got themselves captured." Said another Imperial Admiral just after reading the report regarding the Imperial Conquest of Oceania and at the same time about the remnants of the Intencherado Dynasty.

"The Intencherado Dynasty huh..Who could have thought that they have gone insane, now that after being barked at by so many ill-bred dogs, every now and then I take a kick at one for the dog's own good. In short I shall execute these idiots in front of the citizens of the Empire symbolizing the end of the so known Dark ages and the rise of the golden age of the Empire." Said the Emperor

"Wait your Majesty! Wouldn't it be better to torture them to get information your majesty? For example the location of the Communist rebels. We must not stop in making preventive measures to protect the external and internal security of the Empire even if we must resort to breaking every bones of those we interrogate." Said the sly adviser of the Emperor.

"Do as you like I won't care, you may cut off their limbs and such but never kill them, I shall use their blood as a sacrifice symbolizing our new age of pride and glory. I may want to rip out their filthy tongues in front of the people." Said the Emperor as he laughed but later on regained his sanity and said

"Either way, this meeting is not going further in terms of fruitfulness so now I declare this meeting as DISMISSED!"

The High Ranking military leaders then saluted to the Emperor and walked outside the room. Meanwhile the Emperor has made grand plans for the future of the Empire. He was then interested on the new book of history he will write. Meanwhile the Sun sets for the nobles and a new sun rise have occurred in Alejandro's rule.

Imperial Military Police

The nobles were brought in and were detained, they were placed in a rusty and metallic chair while blindfolded with only a fluorescent bulb as the source of light. After 5 minutes, the room was completely isolated from the rest of the world. Aside from Space, this place is where no one can hear you scream or grieve. Their blindfold was removed and the nobles have realized on where they are located. They began whimpering in fear and asked for Gods' help to save them. But then a man of large stature appeared in front of them with a collection of a torturer's equipment, he was of Melanesian origin and thus he has a darker complex, his eyes has the appearance that made them not of a human being and his smile in the dark room brought Psychological fear to the nobles.

"Noble sub-human, be glad that you have then again spoke with a human being..Now you who have knwoledge on this subject, tell me where are the remnants of the rebel forces. " Said the Melanesian to the noble in a dark voice as he whips the man with a whip made out of jagged metal and as a result ripping a portion of the man's skin.

The noble shouted in agony as his arm bled vigorously without any first aid at all, but then he chose to the hard way and pretended that nothing has occurred, has heard nothing and ignored the interrogator with a face similar to a spoiled child. Of course, considering the interrogator's hot headed personality.

"I said Where's the remnant of the rebel forces you noble scum!" Said the man as again whipped the same whip with jagged metals, However the noble still dared to ignore the man's question. This again did not go out well for him for the last time. The interrogator ordered his subordinates to tie down the man in a manner that he cannot move. His anger subsided and instead turned to a malicious grin as he looked at the noble's eye with an intimidating demonic stare. He then in his hand held a Chinese red headed centipede near to the noble's ear.

"Do you know about the Chinese red-headed centipede? I want to put this in your ear. You don't mind do you? Oh you can't hear me right? HAHAHA!" The man said as he began to lose his sanity and snapped.

The noble began speaking and said "No..Please don't..I can hear you..They are loca- NOOO!!!" As he pleaded the interrogator to not put the centipede in his ear as he had information all along. The centipede was placed and danced in the noble's ear causing the man to suffer intensely, the torturer snapped as the same time and enjoyed the sight of a suffering noble. The noble shouted in agony while he later on began to spill information in exchange that the interrogator will not let him suffer further.

*Intense shouts* *Sobbing* "No! Get it out of my ear! I'll tell you! *intense sobbing and shouting at the same time* "Maldives, they are located in Maldives!"

"HAHAHAHA!! Oh no! How fascinating! I did not hear you! Suffer further! Suffer!" Said the torturer as he got another centipede, But the head of the military police grabbed his sidearm and aimed at the noble's head.

"Sorry...But you have to die for your sake" He pulled the trigger of his revolver made for executing criminals causing the Noble's head to be blown into pieces. Parts of his brain flew out in many directions causing the torturer to further snap and grabbed the dead noble's spinal chord and pulled it out while laughing. The General aimed his pistol on the torturer causing the torturer to gain his sanity and was horrified by the sight he had saw.

"The Emperor has relayed me his message to your species, he has prepared a very special occasion for your honorable death, though sadly it is not suited compared to your cowardly nature." He coughs while turning the page of the paper, he stared it for around 5 seconds and smiled as he look at the whimpering nobles.

"The noble scums will be executed 9:00 AM by the means of a death by Firing squad in the Imperial Capital with a broadcast to the entire world. This will symbolize the end of the corrupt Intencherado dynasty and the beginning of a new golden age, so the Emperor said."

"No! Fuck the Emperor! Fuck his Dynasty! Long live the Empire!" Said a noble who then lost his sanity, after losing his bestfriend and after hearing the news that they have to be executed.

The General was fed up on handling children like nobles and decided to show a great example to the rest of the noble prisoners. He got a grenade from his pocket and approached the noble, he ordered his men to forcefully open the noble's mouth with any means. They used a smaller version of what people normally sue to lift cars, causing the noble's mouth to expand forcefully causing some parts to be ripped off.

"Say Ahhh.." The General said as he placed a pinless grenade inside the noble's mouth, causing the entire head to be decimated. The machinery used to forcefully open the noble's mouth flew to his fellow noble's eye and caused it to pierce it. The noble shouted in agony while then his head was blown off by the General's revolver. Even the torturer was horrified by this sight.

The nobles began praying to grant them safety and protection from harm, the General noticed a piece of paper dropped into the floor and called the nobles' attention.

"The Emperor also said this, Don't you dare pray and speak human languages you scums, do you really think that you will be saved? All your lives has no meaning and have no importance."

The nobles sobbed and still insisted to pray all night, accepting that the fact that were will be no shed of hope left for them. If only they were born earlier then they could have avoided this fate. They never slept as well for they were constantly tortured for the reason of disobeying orders to never pray during the absence of the head of the military police. The nobles have not fully payed for the injustices they have done during the past years, but tomorrow, they shall with their own blood and soul.

Imperial Capital
The sun has rise in the Empire, the nobles' who were injured were paraded throughout the Imperial Capital. People who looked at the mere sights threw rocks and spit on the nobles' faces. One incident that a large rock was thrown to a child, and made a huge hole in the child noble's head causing the creature to die hopelessly. The Military Police ignored this incident and thus caused the child's pregnant mother to rage, the soldiers had no choice but to stab the woman in his belly, ripping her intestines out and killing her fetus. The citizens cheered at this event as the solders
then burned the body as they would not bother burrying them.

The speaker of the event then came out to the stage and made a speech while the nobles were being paraded as usual. After 15 minutes he then announced.

"What should we do!?"


"Shoot them!"


The crowd cheered while the nobles' faces turned pale. They were forced to carry a cross weighing 110 pounds. No one helped them when they gave up and instead the citizens kicked on the hapless nobles. The nobles were then tied to the cross and were dragged until they reached the spot of the execution. The speaker then made speeches.

"For the Cause of human suffering, injustices and death in a span of more than 150 years, We will officially end the existence of the Intencherado dynasty!""Then?"

"KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL!" These words were heard throughout the city as the people cheered for the soldiers to end the pathetic lives of the nobles.

The nobles in the area were then crucified, placing nails in their hands and feet.. They no longer have power to scream in agony and only gritted their teeth,, blood came out of the nails as they were then hanged their for 5 minutes. The people still threw rocks on the nobles.

After 5 minutes of preparation. The speaker began a countdown until the part where it reached "3...2...1...FIRE!"

The shots were heard and silence prevailed, round balls from the muskets pieced through the Intencherado nobles' heart and blood flew together with the musket as it existed the other side of the body. The nobles' cough blood and gasped for air, and finally death prevailed over their pathetic lives.. After 10 seconds the nobles died, cheers were heard throughout the city praising the new Emperor and the demonization of the Intencherado nobles. The new age has officially began in the Empire. Cheers will soon be greater as a new and greater event will occur in the Empire.

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Postby Huda » Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:51 am

Alright, jig's wayyy over (2 hours to be exact) Nevertheless, I would to applaud every student who participated in this activity. It will take me some time to add the other grades but so far I have Neo Philippine Empire one :)

For Neo Philippine Empire:

Huda – Grade 4
A nice article, Neo. I’m amazed at the quantity. And it was interesting enough. But I’m afraid you could not balance it. Here it… was off. Instead of too much military you had too much geopolitics rather than a true writing element. Nevertheless a great job anyway.

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Postby Huda » Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:57 am

Huda wrote:Alright, jig's wayyy over (2 hours to be exact) Nevertheless, I would to applaud every student who participated in this activity. It will take me some time to add the other grades but so far I have Neo Philippine Empire one :)

For Neo Philippine Empire:

Huda – Grade 4
A nice article, Neo. I’m amazed at the quantity. And it was interesting enough. But I’m afraid you could not balance it. Here it… was off. Instead of too much military you had too much geopolitics rather than a true writing element. Nevertheless a great job anyway.

For Azenyanistan:
Huda – Grade 5
Azenyanistan’s short passage was beautiful. My emotions took a slight toll; I loved the way you’ve shown your peoples hardships; from what they faced and how they always have hope. Quality and quantity wise; a very good passage. An absolute delight to read.

For Polar Svalbard:
Huda – Grade 3
Polar Svalbard’s story has good and bad. I do like certain elements of the passage; from the… top-secret-agent feel to the weather that was written. HOWEVER, there was one big problem: It felt like a robot wrote it. No worries, this is a commonplace in II; I admit that I do that mistake quite a lot as well as one of the best RPers I know. There should have a humanly, story feel to it. Otherwise… it can get boring.

For The Union of Germany:
Huda – Grade 3
Union of Germany’s passage, should it have been a prologue, would be one of the finest. While you outlined the history and co, there was not much story; rather you had the thoughts and geopolitics. Perhaps if your character would not only speak of his worries but his previous endeavors and coming actions; it may have deserved 4 stars.

For the State of Ulraznavia:
Huda – Grade 4
Ulraznavia; your detail on the ceasefire was applauding, I was very impressed by how you’ve improved now. However so, perhaps there would be a slight dystopian feel? Since people are coming from civil war, they should have a shocked piece of hope; they would realize what monsters they became and… be upset. Some celebrate, some sob. That is the beauty of writing. It can show the world in a few words. Nevertheless, a wonderful essay.

For Vanquaria:
Huda – Grade 4
Vanquaria, you made a very nice light-hearted story. I love the sniper and his professional yet humorous feel to it. While it hinted at 13+ things I didn’t mind that :P Either way you could improve by adding some more human-y feel to it; the character’s history to his weaknesses, it can say a lot.

For Gigaverse:
Huda – Grade 5
Gigaverse. Oh. My. God. Please. Do. Not. Give. Me. A. Heart. Attack. That was an amazing write up. Very impressed. As usual. The political intrigue, cutthroat ideas, and the combination of story and intrigue round up this essay very well. You deserve this Grade 5. I expect more
wonderful write-ups from you.

For Murovanka:
Huda – Grade 4
Murovanka; I loved the plot-twist. Single-handedly did not expect that. I love the humor which was paired with combat. The words were mesmerizing but you could go simpler by choosing. The balance could be better; some more wording about the situation (irl, not in the computer game)

For Singy:
Singy, gj. I would give this a Grade 5. The slight humor did not dominate the writing but there was a tad too much military aspect than story. The balance was a little off but it is still a nice write up. Keep up the good work.
Huda - Grade 4

For Koeupa:
Huda – Grade 5
For someone new (or so I think), you’ve made an amazing write up. Sure, no combat but the thought, hint of humor makes it for me. Size is good, quality is good, and everything is good. Great, even. Keep it up.

For Victoriala:
Huda – Grade 5
Of course, it’s Vic. I expect nothing less from you. The dramatic, snobby feeling that you gave really made me shudder. Vocab is 11/10 as always, writing is perfection nonetheless. Arguably the best one I can say right here.
For the Federation of Democratic Regions:

Huda – Grade 4
A wonderful piece of writing summing up the thoughts of the player. The combat sense was a little limiting. Got a little confusing but still amazing. Vocab is good, while the story is a little too PG-13. Good job.

For Srpska:
Huda – Grade 4
This is a pretty nice write up Srpska, improvement can be very visible. However, things got quite boring to read soon enough as there wasn’t too much balance. There was a little human-ish side to the story but not enough to balance it. I’m sure we can fix that.

For Ardoki:
Huda – Grade 5
Nice job Ardoki. I like the geopolitical intrigue to it and the slight military sense to it. Vocab and quantity is pretty good. I’m also impressed by the visual aid you’ve supplemented to the RP.

For The Tarkanese Federation:
Huda – Grade 4:
For a new nation, you are a pretty good RPer, the Tarkanese Federation. I would recommend adding a bit more story and about the situation but otherwise it is still a good enough post.

Good job everyone :)


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