State of the Galaxy [FT|News|Closed|Updated: June 30th]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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State of the Galaxy [FT|News|Closed|Updated: June 30th]

Postby Kyrusia » Mon Mar 30, 2015 6:44 pm

The Galaxy is vast, it is encompassing, and it is a marvel in and of itself - both in an In-Character capacity, and as an Out-of-Character network of inter-connected canon. Filled with strife, brigandage, economic warfare, espionage, cultural dissemination and assimilation, philosophical and political discourse and dissent, existential crises and threats to life and reality, and a myriad of other nascent and extant obstacles and hurdles, the Galaxy in which the majority of the Future Tech community participates and exists within is a place of complexity and seemingly endless nuance. This, from an Out-of-Character perspective, serves not merely as one of - if not the - single greatest cases for what successful collaboration, player compromise, creativity, and consistency can bring, but also acts as a persistent hurdle for newer players unfamiliar with the Future Tech community and the In-Character world in which the community exists.

In the past, there have been at least two attempts ("State of the Galaxy Project" by Feazanthia and "State of the Galaxy" by Telros with cooperation from the original creator) to create a single thread to provide a snapshot look at the Galaxy; each have, in turn, faced their own challenges and obstacles and yet, despite this, have effectively assisted in collating - in part - the way much of the Future Tech community currently sees the Galaxy itself. Thus, the concept is not without its merit, quite evidently, but even so there remains obstacles which have dwelt in the path of making this idea a reality once more - a reality remade, improved upon, and grown.

As such, much like its predecessors, the "State of the Galaxy, Version 3.0" will attempt to provide a bi-weekly or monthly update to the status of the Galaxy and its quadrants relative to In-Character activity, presented in a format which not only provides redirection to threads which may impact the Galaxy as a whole, but also to threads users may be interested in becoming involved in for their own enjoyment. In addition, these updates will also provide succinct editorialization by the editors (see below) as to how they see the current status of the Galaxy, thus providing not merely a singular perspective, but several new perspectives with each subsequent update. While this is similar in functionality to its predecessors, this thread will function slightly differently: chiefly, this thread will be closed to all users whom are not listed as a part of the authorized list of editors, allowing the thread to function not merely as a way to highlight threads of particular reach or impact and interest, but also allowing the thread to act as a guide in situ to newer players seeking to become involved in Future Tech.

For this reason, in addition to this thread, a secondary thread will exist which shall provide users a chance to submit their threads, perspectives, and potential ideas for inclusion. Understand, however, that not every thread, perspective, idea, or submission will be included; it is the function of the State of the Galaxy Editors to act as a democratic, editorial committee which will review each submission for its theoretical reach and impact in the Galaxy at large and determine whether it is to be included by a simple majority vote. As mentioned, these updates will occur on an either bi-weekly or monthly basis, as determined by external commitments and SotG-Editor availability; in addition, each update shall be written (again, as determined by external commitments and availability) two to four SotG-Editors, with each update a new selection of editors being chosen (as available). Of course, this posting regimen is also determined by the general activity of the Future Tech community.

Lastly, we have the News in the Now segment, which serves to highlight potentially interesting articles, related events, or other instances of potential interest, presented in the format of a bulleted news feed. Ideally, this is meant to serve both to point readers to potentially interesting articles and their related events (ideally for future involvement), as well as provide a certain degree of levity in the expression of such.

With a bit of luck and commitment by the Future Tech community, it is our hope this thread will prove successful in helping Future Tech roleplayers - both new and veteran - in gaining a broader view of the Galaxy, its quadrants, and the varied star-states and polities (and their actions) which help make Future Tech as alive, detail, and complex as it is.

While other systems of orientation and interstellar division exist in the Galaxy, the "Quadrant System" is, by far, the most prevalent. In this system, the Galaxy is divided into four quadrants, divided as such (assuming "up" is "north"): Alpha Quadrant, southwest; Beta Quadrant, southeast; Gamma Quadrant, northwest; and Delta Quadrant, northeast. Over time, these quadrants have changed in their character, composition, user activity, and relative "importance" in the astropolitical climate of the Galaxy; in general, each quadrant has a relative number of "themes" or "trends" which have developed (and changed several times) in the eyes and minds of the Future Tech community in the more than ten years that Future Tech has existed as a part of the NationStates roleplaying community.

Below, users will find a general overview of each quadrant and their generalized "themes" or "trends"; understand that these "themes" and "trends" are not absolute or universal. As a mechanic, the quadrants function, chiefly, as merely a simple way to divide the Galaxy, and users are in no way beholden to any of the themes present in such, though these motifs do provide a rough and broad outline of the recent trends of activity in each quadrant and, as such, may help guide a new player in deciding where they desire their star-state to reside. Beyond such, the choice of quadrant is often merely a matter of personal preference or whom one may wish to be "near" - in an astronomical sense.

Alpha Quadrant
Home to the ancient and the gilded. Once upon a time, the Alpha Quadrant (southwest; between six and nine o'clock) functioned as the center of astropolitics in the Galaxy, where the oldest and the most prestigious of stellar polities and empires dwelt. In part, this is due to - by classical and traditional convention, though its actual position relative to the demarcation between the Alpha and Beta Quadrants is debated - the presence of Sol System in the Alpha Quadrant, further weighted by the exorbitant weight of history which Terra, Mars, Jupiter, and the Jovian moons have in the Galaxy.

In recent memory, the Alpha Quadrant has seen an overall resurgence in its role in the Galaxy. What was once seen as decay has received a new coat of gilding; some still decry the purported "arrogance" of many Alphan star-states for their perceived stranglehold on the Solarian Reaches, but few can deny the impact new capital investment has made on the quadrant. Trade ventures have grown and flourished, leading to an overall shift to a "New Generation of Old Money," as some have called it. Whether this will signal an equal resurgence in the role of Alphan star-states in the astropolitics of the Galaxy remains to be seen, but few would contest that the pieces are being moved across the board of interstellar politics.

Beta Quadrant
Once home to what some have called the "nouveau riche" or "Galactic New Money," much of the Beta Quadrant (southeast; between three and six o'clock) suffered beneath a unique series of circumstances that still haunt the memories of many native Betans to this day. Be it economic collapse, social dysfunction, or a combination thereof, the Beta Quadrant has become in the eyes of many as a quadrant devoid of a heart its own. Instead, the inner reaches of the quadrant have been left devoid, lifeless, and still, with naught but the ever-present raiders and illegal salvors clamoring for what remains of what was once considered the center of astropolitical affairs in the Galaxy, if but for a time. To some, only the periphery - the regions of the Beta Quadrant which have benefited from either the constant influx of capital from Alpha or have been bolstered by the martial paranoia required along the Delta-Beta Boundary - have seemingly been left unscathed by this period of turmoil and terror.

Of course, in truth, little is known about the current status of the Betan heartland. To some, much like its core-sister Gamma, it has become a new frontier. To others, it is merely a place to pass from Delta to Alpha. Even so, this view does little to actually highlight the native bodies within the quadrant which, while seemingly quiet, are not unknown or having vanished. The ebb and flow of the astropolitical tides, however, shift and change within the Beta Quadrant on a schedule all their own. It is a matter for time to tell whether, like Gamma, Beta, too, will see an influx of those whom seek their name in fame or fortune and, in truth, whether those quiet, but prepared powers that lurk within the darkness of obscurity will seek to rebuke their advances.

Gamma Quadrant
Once home to abominations vulgar and eldritch, gods-given-flesh and born within the weight of black stars older than time itself, the Gamma Quadrant (northwest; between nine and twelve o'clock) within the the last ten years(IC) has become the so-called "New Frontier" - largely due to the supposed disappearance of many of those same horrors which once dwelt in systems unnamed and unknown. For decades left ignored, if not outright feared, the Gamma Quadrant is seen by many as a proverbial gold mine of wealth and opportunity, spurring even the most impoverished, but brave (or foolish) adventurer and spacer to head-out to the "Delta-Gamma" and "Alpha-Gamma Peripheries" in the hope to make ends-meet in a new land far away from their old debts and burdens. For this very reason, numerous frontier colonies and settlements have been erected in the proverbial "Galactic Wild West," bringing to truth the hopes of a slim few.

Even so, the Gamma Quadrant is not without its natives and imperial polities extant since long before the Age of Alliances. Several of these star-states are welcoming of these new frontiersmen and their families, while others view them as little more than interlopers - if not outright invaders - from worlds and stars distant and alien. As such, the Gamma Quadrant is in a state of fluctuation between the old and the new; only time will tell whether this leads to progress or, as is the way of the Galaxy, the loss of a billion souls by the commands and under the directives of a few.

Delta Quadrant
Once considered the embodiment of war itself, the Delta Quadrant (northeast; between twelve and three o'clock) has - according to the popular perception of many - become a near-lifeless wasteland pock-marked by star-states who have built themselves into self-isolating fortresses of martial might and prowess. Surely those powers remain and while, surely, the powder keg remains unstable, to say the ever-present mortar fire and the heat of orbital bombardment could forever keep outsiders away would be a mistake. While the scars of war are certainly visible, the mercantile, migrant, and scout convoys are more than apparent. Some say this has always been the case; others decry this purely as myth and hearsay. What is known is that, once more, the Delta Quadrant is coming to be witnessed by the interstellar community. Entrepreneurial ventures have brought interest to the quadrant like few have before, decrying the blasted hellscape of so many of its worlds as merely the remnant memories of a more paranoid time.

Even so, war still lingers. The threat of conflict is still present, and no matter of time is likely to dissuade its silhouette away from the quadrant. The shadow of the past lingers between the Deltan stars - cast long and foreboding on a quadrant known for decades as only a war-ravaged collection of sectors riddled with reclusive powers. Some of this image may, some say, be warranted, but others have long held it to be but a common misconception. What is known for certain is that the shades of terror no longer seem to guard the gates of the Delta Quadrant in such great fervency, leaving instead its future yet to be written.

News in the Now
    Alpha Quadrant
  • Valinor battle squadron returns home on eve of celebratory mood...
  • Colonial Republic joins LOTUS...
  • Union of Spacers General announces colonization efforts...
  • Co-Prosperity Sphere seeks to return to Martian involvement...

    Beta Quadrant
  • Peninsularian patrols approach Solarian Reaches...
  • Mind Empire expands humanitarian efforts...
  • Solar Cooperative Union begins long road to recovery...
  • New Dornalia opens relations with formerly isolated star-state...

    Gamma Quadrant
  • Nominal peace appears to return to Citic...
  • Interstellar Empire of Nyte announces gate project...
  • Alexzonyan Starfleet enter engagement in Arcadia Sector...
  • United Systems announces inaugural Life Star Project mission...
  • Investment in space elevators remains at historical lows...

    Delta Quadrant
  • Numerous actors continue ongoing conflicts...
  • Northwest Passage progress continues...
  • Dimoniquid returns to international stage...
  • Cult panic involving so-called "Sarkites" on the rise...

The State of the Galaxy Editors (or "SotG-Editors") are a group of volunteer users and International Incidents Roleplay Mentors specializing in Future Tech and come from a wide array of different play-styles and sub-communities within the over-arching NationStates Future Tech Community. As outlined in the introduction, the SotG-Editors consist of the authors of each update, the thread original poster, and function as a democratic committee to determine which submissions, incidents, etc., as submitted by players, may have greater consequences for those involved and the Galaxy at large. For further information on submission guidelines, please review the "State of the Galaxy Submissions" thread, which also includes the appropriate application for the submission of a thread, perception, or idea. Further, understand that the perceptions of each SotG-Editor are theirs and theirs alone and do not necessarily represent the perceptions, opinions, etc. of other SotG-Editors nor are to be construed as absolute.

  • Kyrusia (Mentor)
    • Thread OP; Publishing; Potential Update Author; Voting Editor.
  • Feazanthia
    • Advisory.
  • Federal Republic of Free States
    • Publishing; Potential Update Author; Voting Editor.
  • Lubyak (Mentor)
    • Publishing; Potential Update Author; Voting Editor.
  • Rethan
    • Publishing; Potential Update Author; Voting Editor.
  • Santheres (Mentor)
    • Publishing; Potential Update Author; Voting Editor.
  • Telros
    • Advisory.
  • Valinon
    • Publishing; Potential Update Author; Voting Editor.
  • Vocenae
    • Publishing; Potential Update Author; Voting Editor.

Monthly updates are written from an In-Character perspective and, based on their stated publication, may contain a
degree of "bias" or "spin." Indicators for the level of "spin" and its nature are taken from cues within each submission.
Certain publications may have differing "characters" and "styles" which, further, will accentuate this In-Character format.

If you do not agree to this treatment, do not submit an application.

General Announcement
As there appears to be some confusion as of late regarding the State of the Galaxy, I wish to clarify some things...

The State of the Galaxy does not claim universal authority on the "correctness" of its assessments or submission editorializing, and players are free to ignore this thread wholesale without detriment. At its heart, this thread is a glorified roleplay- and concept-advertisement thread. The Board of Editors works, often tirelessly and often up to the final hour, to write interesting versions of submissions that add to player submissions and worlds based on differing, external perspectives. We also strive to provide a service, through both IC article authoring and the OOC submissions thread, to advertise player threads and worldbuilding "plot hooks" (which often take the form of Tension Reports).

Even so, no player has a universal entitlement to inclusion in any monthly update. As is always indicated here, player submissions - unless summarily rejected due to some immediately apparent application or submission requirement violation - are reviewed for potential inclusion by the Board of Editors, as it is the Board of Editors which writes these editorialized articles. The Board of Editors aims to get as many submissions of quality as possible in each monthly update, but by the same token, the Board of Editors operates within the submission requirements; this means submissions which they decide lack information or cause, submissions that appear purely for self-aggrandized advertisement, submissions which violate the spirit of this project (such as through appearing to godmod or powergame), and - in general - submissions which do not meet the Board of Editor's requirements are not voted for inclusion.

Our Board of Editors have had contentious and controversial, internal debates regarding many submissions made to this thread. Some have been passed with one vote, some rejected with one vote, and some have come to a tie (requiring my vote as Executive Editor). This is likely to continue to be the case in the future whenever a submission is made which the Editors have disagreements over with regard to its content and character.

I hope this removes any confusion players may have.

SotG Executive Editor and Thread OP
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Postby Kyrusia » Mon Mar 30, 2015 6:47 pm

Monday, March 30, 2015 — Edition No. 1, Version 3.0


Alpha Quadrant
Written by Kyrusia

Despite being seemingly "silent" - according to some international observers - for the better part of a decade since the receding and eventual disappearance of the Pathogen incursion, the Alpha Quadrant is simmering. Whether this is because of a gradual increase in trade toward the Outer Fringes or do an escalation of tensions between the long-standing, quadrant power bloc of the Raumreich Oversector (established by the so-called "Alpha Centauri Accords" during the Age of Alliances) and what some commentators have called a "persistently bellicose stance" taken by the Vipran Imperium and its allies in the Totalitarian Systems Absolute Regency (it, in addition to the Alpha Centauri Accords, being one of few supra-national treaties to survive past the Age of Alliances), no one is quite willing to say. Rumors have begun to flow out of the volume, however, that recent talks between several powers in the Alpha Quadrant and an as-of-yet unnamed Gamma Quadrant regional power have begun to dissolve, potentially leading to a loss in what some have speculated was an attempt by several international parties to form a inter-quadrant bloc against "growing belligerence"; whether this is true, however, is unknown.

Even to the exclusion of the status quo of realpolitik, the Alpha Quadrant has seen a noticeable increase in pirate and brigand activity as of late; several sectors and systems neighboring Sol have noted a dramatic uptick in what have been called "opportunists" operating, seemingly, "at the behest of a wealthy benefactor or series of benefactors." This has been most notable near the "Solarian Reach" region along the Alpha-Beta Periphery. Currently, long-haul freighters and mega-haulers seem to be the primary targets of these pirate bands; several star-states in the volume have reported record-breaking losses in both operating transports and by bulk tonnage of commodities lost, leading some to speculate that whatever groups are operating in the region are merely attempting to take what is available and lightly-armed for re-sale. Others have speculated, however, that to ignore the "very real fact" that "several private passenger craft" and "interstellar luxury cruisers" have also been targeted would be a "grave mistake" that, possibly, hints at motives far more nefarious behind the recent escalation in brigandage, piracy, and outlawry.

Closer to Sol System, a recent star-state, the Sovereign Stellar Empire of Auracexia has declared a cessation of its isolationist foreign policy and has, notably, initiated preliminary commercial and trade relations abroad with the Ivory Record, the Refugee Coalition of the Poinsettia Confederacy, and numerous other parties in a re-forging of an economic venture in the Gamma Quadrant (see below).

Beta Quadrant
Written by Kyrusia

While commentators are often quick to point to the stagnation of the Alpha Quadrant, barring one incident, the Beta Quadrant has been nearly tranquil. The single incident, however, has lead to a broad escalation of tensions amongst Beta polities along the Beta-Delta Periphery, originating from a heightened state of awareness and crisis in the Imperial Star Republic.

In summary, due to currently unknown reasons (Imperial Star Republic authorities have yet to publish their findings and investigations are still ongoing.), the intensely successful Gateway commerce station, once in orbit over the planet Coreign, seems to have suffered considerable technical difficulties, resulting in a catastrophic failure of its orbital suspension framework which, in turn, culminated in its crashing into the surface of Coreign. As of yet, no official count of the deceased have been released, though conservative estimates begin at "six (6) million" lives lost, with more liberal - and, some speculate, appropriate - estimates ranging from "ten (10) to eighteen (18) million" fatalities between the population aboard Gateway and the resulting loss of life on Coreign. Speculation and rumors are rampant; several, notably foreign, commentators have indicated the likelihood of terrorism, possibly due to the continued status quo of heightened tension between the Imperial Star Republic and the Star Empire of Huerdae, though both Imperial Star Republic and Huerdaen officials have maintained silent in response and direction to these accusations.

Excluding the "Coreign" or "Gateway Station Incident," the Beta Quadrant has been, and continues to be, in a nominal state of peace. Domestic conflicts are, broadly, of low intensity. There has been speculation of a potential new special economic zone being created as a statite in the coreward regions of the Beta Quadrant, though all parties are silent as to the actual probability of such, with rumors of "the decline of the [Beta Quadrant's] importance in galactic astropolitics" being a potential source of trepidation on the part of initial investors.

Gamma Quadrant
Written by Kyrusia

The Gamma Quadrant, with the seeming disappearance of both the Pathogen and the Ikrahk, has become a new source of adventure for many spacers, pilots, and frontiersmen from across the Galaxy. In several regions, though most notably along the Gamma-Delta Periphery, the last decade has seen a considerable increase in so-called "frontier settlements" or "free colonies" being founded and declaring nominal independence, often from no foreign party. The general feeling in the volume until recently has been one of "considerable promise" and "potential fortune"; even so, the Gamma Quadrant remains dangerous.

Recently, the "free colony" of the Avaikan Mandate has been facing considerable derision and conflict, losing at least one Early Monitoring Outpost along the "Avaikan Spur"; the current reason for this loss is unknown, with speculation ranging from attacks by pirates to a potential power-play by the distant Uthani Star Imperium, with supposed justifications for each varying as widely along the spectrum as possibility as the rumored source of the trouble itself. What is known, however, is that trade along the Avaikan Spur has seemingly come to a grinding halt, with most freighters bypassing the connected systems entirely in favor for more profitable ventures, such as the newly-christened Portus Altus Interstellar Space Terminal and other trade and commerce hubs closer to the more established trade routes.

In commerce and trade, however, the Gamma Quadrant has seen a recent shift in a major and highly-profitable Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone. Previously under the ownership and protection of the Phanes Republic, the Liu Xiu System has been transferred with the Imperial Star Republic (from the Beta Quadrant) overtaking the Phanes Republic as custodian of the commercial center. While little has changed in the transfer, there has been considerable revision in the Liu Xiu Maritime Authority Transit Code leading to considerable confusion amongst veteran freight pilots and mercantile unions over the changes in policy. This does not, however, seem to have negatively impacted the system's markets.

Some have speculated this increase in trade activity lead to the establishment of contact with at least one as-of-yet undiscovered, pre-superluminal civilization. Given the increase in trade and the resulting influx of migrant colonists (see below), several analysts familiar with the astropolitical landscape in the Gamma Quadrant have questioned whether such occurrences will, inevitably, become more commonplace as previously untouched and unknown nation-states are encountered and subsequently uplifted or, potentially, conquered.

Delta Quadrant
Written by Kyrusia

Tensions in the Delta Quadrant remain high due to persistent activity on the part of the Star Empire of Huerdae, causing what has been described as a "cascade of terror" amongst smaller stellar and interstellar polities in the quadrant. Even so, this is not the only source of heightened awareness and paranoia.

Within the last few weeks, the Interstellar Reich of Tocrowkia (a participant in the fabled "Gate War" and a former member of the now defunt Coalition) has made an official declaration as to the cessation of its foreign policy of fervent isolationism. This declaration precedes what is to be a sudden shift in the political hierarchy and executive office of the Interstellar Reich with the coming coronation of Edmund of the House of Chaste (son of Amelia, House of Chaste, and Jannarii Prince Alaron) as the Steward of the Reich. Due, in part, to the Interstellar Reich's notoriety during the Gate War and its subsequent subjugation and the imposition of "Kulturkampf" of and on Bavin Prime and Derdon, some international astropolitical analysts have considered whether this declaration and coming coronation marks the "return of Reich Weltmachtpolitik" to the Delta Quadrant - or even beyond.

Due to the overwhelming nature of conflict and strife - often wars of cultural (if not outright) extinction - the Delta Quadrant has also seen a massive increase in emigration from the Delta Quadrant. Frontiersmen, trading companies, and all manner of free spacers and colonists - often fleeing the front lines of conflict zones - have formed massive convoys leading to both the Beta and, especially, Gamma Quadrants. Surprisingly, piracy has not followed on the heels of these colonists, due in large part to the systematic efforts local star-states have undertaken to quash brigandage and outlawry in the quadrant. Even so, it has lead to a sudden influx of trade potential and commerce in formerly distant ports-of-call, and despite the population drain, many in the quadrant have been welcoming of the convoys.

Out of Character: Due to the nature of Edition No. 1 (being that the last update of the State of the Galaxy over the Rethast Incursions dates, roughly, a decade ago In-Character), very, very broad strokes are being painted here. In the future, updates will be performed by no less than two members of the State of the Galaxy Board of Editors (excluding emergencies) and will consist, primarily, of editorialization and more pertinent (as opposed to historical) submissions from a wide range of play styles in the Future Tech community.
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Postby Kyrusia » Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:47 pm

Thursday, April 30, 2015 — Edition No. 2, Version 3.0


Alpha Quadrant
The Alpha Quadrant, with its vast, ancient and powerful empires, still glows brightly with the wealth and affluence that people have come to expect of it. But underneath, the disease of stagnation and contentedness has rotted the system and most of its great states to their very core. Dissent, poverty, and rampant crime are all concealed by the shining glories of the ultra-wealthy and the iron fist of autocratic militancy demonstrated by many of Alpha's great empires. Through it all, many of the massive and once prominent empires and states have fallen from power and now remain nothing but a distant memory. But there are still stirrings in the quadrant, great states marking their return, and new players who have lain dormant for even longer making their firsts appearances on a wider scale. For those with keen eyes and sharp ears, there is much happening in Alpha, and the potential for greater conflicts on the horizon.

One of the most notable occurrences as of late, is the death of the Tocrowkian Stewardess Amelie Chaste, and the subsequent inauguration of her first born son Edmund Chaste. Tocrowkia also announced that it would be returning to the forefront of galactic politics under the guiding hand of their new Steward. Observers expect an increase in Tocrowkian activity across the board, with many suspecting a more interventionist and possibly strong-arm approach to foreign affairs. For now, nations from across the galaxy are flocking to Sol to attend the inauguration of Edmund, and watching closely to see what moves the Reich makes.

Another empire making a resurgence in the Alpha Quadrant is the United Star Empire of Valinon, and by association, the Raumreich Oversector. Observers have noted an increase in Office of Verge Affair (OVA) activity as of late, with many agents of the previously mentioned organization seen throughout the galaxy. Likewise, the Lanthe Trade Route which originates in Raumreich Space, has seen an increase of traffic, both commercial and government, in recent months. This increase has prompted discussions about possible dealings that are being conducted by the OVA with far flung star-states on the periphery of Alpha and into the Gamma Quadrant. With the increase in traffic, travelers along the route have also begun speaking of fearsome marauders and pirates, though no official sources can confirm.

Finally, there is talk of an ancient and secretive empire stirring for the first time in living memory towards the core of the galaxy in the Alpha Quadrant. Observers have noted warships departing this area of space, though no one can confirm where their destination was, or where they are now. A warship from an unidentified state was also recently seen entering this sector, though no identification could be provided as to its origin or purpose. On a related note, there is speculation that the marauders and pirates menacing the Lanthe Route might be originating or otherwise funded by a state from this area, and there are rumors of regular merchants making their fortunes by trading with the parties at play in the area.

Beta Quadrant
Beta, depending on who one asks, is either an oasis or a gated neighborhood, both views have their merit, and the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Upstart states, those who have grown in wealth and arguably influence recently, are common within the quadrant. But most affairs that occur in Beta, stay in Beta, with very few galaxy-spanning conflicts or troubles originating in the quadrant. That being said, despite the quadrants rather isolationist nature and the insular variety of politics that are practiced in Beta, it is not without its own affairs or problems. Recently, citizens of the quadrant have begun to speak of new conflicts that are beginning to upset the established order of things, much to the alarm of states that reside there. Many look on to see if the relative tranquility of the quadrant that has been established in recent years, can withstand a new bout of volatile events.

Reports of a malfunctioning Shan Migratory vessel, the Niowanggiya, have begun to trickle in. Preliminary reports suggest that the majority of passengers were evacuated safely, though no official clarification on the matter has been released. Sources indicate that the vessel suffered its malfunction in the system of Vaysio, within the territorial domain of Fonteveille. The civilians aboard the vessel were evacuated to the moon of Corve, and by all accounts have been treated well by the Fonteveilen authorities. The Shan have reportedly dispatched a diplomatic team to meet with the officials from Fonteveile, with topics of discussion potentially ranging from population transfer of the stranded civilians to full blown commercial expansion and diplomatic cooperation between the states in the future.

A more disturbing occurrence in the quadrant is the occupation of the Grenoan homeworld by hostile forces from the nation of Kornosia. While the occupation has been ongoing for approximately one standard galactic year, the situation seems to be heating up as talk of a coalition of GESO nations has brought the conflict back to the attention of many states. Travelers and observers talk of GESO warships from a variety of member nations preparing to assault the system, and many see this as an attempt by GESO to provide a definitive tour-de-force.

Gamma Quadrant
Written by Neornith

Gamma meanwhile has begun to experience a trade renaissance that has been mostly centered around the swiftly growing Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone which is managed by the Imperial Star Republic. The growing success of Liu Xiu has spurred other star states in Gamma to attempt their own endeavors to cash in on the trade bubble that is growing in the new frontier, chief amongst them being Portus Altus space terminal of the Primareliqua which has opened their borders to an influx of interstellar nations. And while trade and new star states are growing and appearing, darkness looms on the horizon for Gamma. The most prevalent conflict that could have either positive or negative effects on trade is the Taleo-Zarithian War as well as escalating tensions between the multitude of star states that have become embroiled in the conflict that has become a stalemate between the two main antagonists as of this writing.

Meanwhile the Vipran Imperium remains ever present in the quadrant, its hungering gaze turned towards the Quadrant’s borders.

Delta Quadrant
Written by Neornith

Delta remains its ever simmering self, quiet like a powder keg, silently, ominously, waiting for a single spark to unleash its terrible power on those that release it. At this time trade seems to be remaining at its current state with little to no increase or decrease even though the constant presence of military craft from the various star states has kept pirate activity to a minimum. Meanwhile at the prominent Leisure System of Losieda the recent stagnation of new business arrivals has caused the upper management of the establishment to consider restructuring and attempting a new model to entice more entrepreneurs to invest in its location.

Recently the failed Independent Systems Federation was absorbed into the Imperial Star Republic’s sphere of influence an event that could likely bring their ever present tensions between the Huerdae Star Empire to a head. Meanwhile the HSE basking in the ever present glowing flames of Foer has shifted a number of its forces to the Delta-Gamma periphery, the reason for this is unknown at this time. Likewise reports have begun to trickle out of the Delta-Gamma border about a strange and fierce race that is making its presence known. These events have caused an air of uneasiness to descend along the periphery, the inhabitants there helpless to do anything but watch and wait like mortals looking to the heavens as titans prepare for combat.
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Postby Kyrusia » Fri May 29, 2015 10:03 pm

Saturday, May 30, 2015 — Edition No. 3, Version 3.0


Alpha Quadrant
Written by Lubyak

The Alpha Quadrant has developed a reputation as moribund, filled with ancient star states in decline, soon to be eclipsed by newer, brighter lights in other quadrants. However, such reputations are oft misleading. With trade lanes reaching into the Alpha Quadrant from their core worlds in Delta, the fall of the Betrican Federation bears promise of new powers plying the ancient trade lanes. The Gennite Dominion--conqueror of the Betrican Federation--has already begun expansion of their influence into the Alpha Quadrant. However, Betrican remnants have been harassing these same trade routes, creating a new and potentially dangerous pirate threat in this region of space.

Beta Quadrant
Written by Rethan

Previously known for its stability and general independence from the galaxy at large, the Beta Quadrant seems to be stirring to life in a way it has avoided doing for quite some time. While the current state of affairs is far from truly volatile, it is also far from stagnant. Foremost among the developing situations in the quadrant is the weakening of the border sectors in the Imperial and Federal Union of States. The Nakabe Prefecture is left in a succession crisis, and while local forces are scrambling to subdue the numerous factions they have left a gaping hole in the defences of the military frontier. The Imperial Wehrmacht is left understaffed to monitor the region, forcing the R. u B. government to both manage a potential internal war within the Prefecture and plug up gaps in the military frontier that smugglers might take advantage of. This conflict and lack of manpower is further exasperated by issues within the Talosian Expanse, which shall be further expanded upon in the Delta Quadrant update.

Much more subtly compared to the developing military problems of the Imperial Union is the anomaly centred on the 'Hastur' system near the galactic core. The Hastur system is a previously ignored and unremarkable star system that has recently drawn in a large number of private interests. While specific information isn't available, numerous vessels from differing parts of the galaxy have come together drawn by the anomalous signal leaking out of the system. The growth in activity seems to have only increased the strength of the signal in direct proportion with the system's traffic. Most worryingly, the star's luminosity is rapidly fluctuating in a way that cannot be explained by its age - whether this is related to the signal or not is unknown.

The Beta Quadrant remains stable for the time being, but between a potential military disaster and an enigmatic signal the quadrant might finally be joining its northern neighbour as a hotspot for galactic activity.

Gamma Quadrant
Written by Lubyak

The Gamma Quadrant has long been known as the graveyard of the galaxy. Littered with eldritch horrors and other such monstrosities, the Gamma Quadrant has seen relatively little of the empire building and colonisation that has spread across other quadrants. However, with the apparent disappearance of the horrors that served as a bulwark for so long, the Gamma Quadrant has become ever more interesting to the eyes of the galaxy. Curious transmissions have spread across the quadrant. While they have mostly been merely dismissed as background radiation, the transmissions continue, and draw attention to certain systems, with the Singing Sun of the Hastur system drawing particular attention.

Other civilisations have been arising to fill the gap left in the astropolitical map by the opening of the Gamma Quadrant. The Home Fleet of the Phoenix people has been observed passing through many remote and uninhabited systems across the quadrant, apparently steaming towards the quadrant's centre, and sending out diplomatic missives all the while.

Delta Quadrant
Written by Rethan

The Delta Quadrant continues to live up to its bloody legacy with the final eradication of the Betrican Federation at the hands of the Gennite Dominion. The sudden and violent takeover of the Federation's sphere of influence has also granted the Gennite Dominion control over the Betrican trade routes. This sudden growth has left the Domnion potentially understaffed and unable to properly patrol their newfound territory. Betrican loyalists which survived the defeat of the Federation have taken to conducting numerous raids on Dominion trade lanes, especially between the Nytos Cluster in Delta and the new Gennite outpost in the Alpha Quadrant. There is a chance that these vengeance fuel raids might turn to outright piracy and spill over into neighbouring trade routes, potentially harming non-Gennite trade and innocent bystanders. Though, it would not truly be Delta if the violence remained under control.

For the first time in quite some years, Delta is starting to feel the direct effects of actions taking place in the other Quadrants. A brewing diplomatic incident within the Imperial and Federal Union of States - nominally centred in Beta - has the potential to spill over into outright warfare as protests against what is seen as the Imperial Union overstepping its boundaries. While currently low key, it might yet explode into violent conflict which could impact the Delta Quadrant should the Beta-based Imperial Union fail to get a firm grip on the situation.

The diplomatic mistakes of the R. u B. Union are not the only thing spilling over from the Delta Quadrant’s southerly neighbourhood. A powerful, and clearly unnatural, signal has begun to appear throughout the Quadrant - possibly in response to an equally indiscernible signal emanating from a star deep in the Beta Quadrant. The Delta signal is much stronger, appearing almost everywhere simultaneously. Despite this explosive unveiling, the signal is largely unremarkable - it appears to carry no data or message, but its continuous broadcast and possible link to a near-identical signal far distant makes it an anomaly worth keeping an eye on.

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Postby Kyrusia » Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:03 pm

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 — Edition No. 4, Version 3.0 — Emergency Bulletin No. 1


This is a State of the Galaxy emergency bulletin regarding the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants.

Due to recent, hostile actions undertaken within the Gamma Quadrant and along the Gamma-Delta Border by numerous and apparently unaffiliated parties, the Quadrant Hazard Rating for the Gamma Quadrant has been elevated. In addition, due to the recent, high-profile escape of several notorious, interstellar criminals - to the addition of ongoing issues involving brigandage and the subsequent targeting of civilian vessels - the Quadrant Hazard Rating for the Alpha Quadrant has been elevated. All observers within or in the vicinity of these quadrants are strongly urged to familiarize themselves with the issues ongoing by reviewing the Current Quadrant Hazard Ratings for further information.

Alpha Quadrant
Written by Xiscapia // Executive Editing by Kyrusia

Breaking news from the Alpha Quadrant today involves a prison break. Penal Asteroid 18, operated by Peacekeepers of the Voloian Hegemony, suffered an attack several days ago that broke out a number of inmates and killed numerous other convicts and prison personnel. After an extensive hunt for the vessel that perpetrated the attack turned up empty details have begun to leak out about the exact nature of the prison how the attack itself took place, and who was involved in the escape from Penal Asteroid 18.

Penal Asteroid 18 is a prison installation of the Voloian Hegemony. It holds an estimated fifty thousand inmates; this number comes from expert analysis based on the size of the facility and visible installation, as Hegemony officials have thus far refused to release any information about the prison. The prison is known for incarcerating a variety of violent offenders, with the majority of those convicted of organized criminal activity including piratical attacks, slaving, drug and arms smuggler and similar offenses. Penal Asteroid 18 is also infamous for being the site of choice for the Hegemony to incarcerate foreign offenders in lieu of deportation, and it is rumored to house a black site for the interrogation and disposal of spies and terrorists. Attempts by international sapient rights groups to inspect the prison have been rebuffed by Hegemonic authorities, despite allegations of sapient rights abuses.

Hegemonic officials describe the attack as being prosecuted by a "large" vessel, either a warship or a converted merchant craft. The ship exited faster-than-light within one light-second from Penal Asteroid 18 and utilized some form of electronic warfare to scramble the facility's sensors and jam its communications. Several strikes were made with kinetic weapons, targeting weapons batteries, guard barracks, administrative buildings and power generators, followed by the landing of transports that entered the prison's docks or cut their way into the central recreational area. From the descriptions of surviving guards and inmates the attackers were heterogeneous in species, including humans and kitsune, wearing power armor with no visible insignia and wielding kinetic weapons. Several teams spread throughout the facility, resulting in running firefights with the guards as the boarders made for specific cells.

Experts in transnational crime overwhelmingly identify the Xiscapian Syndicate as the perpetrator of the attack. "The Syndicate is known to have access to sophisticated heavy weaponry and equipment, including the starships, armor, and breaking and entering tools used to carry out this attack," says Doctor Mishikawa, a professor of Transnational Crime at the University of Lune, Xiscapia. The organization has also clashed with the Black Acer Outfit before, most notably on New Rastha, and Mishikawa says that the deaths of some of the other criminals may have served as their "calling card." "The targeting of pirates and slavers provides a clue, as the Syndicate is typically inimical to such criminal classes," he says. "is part of their message to the galaxy."

The Xiscapian Syndicate has not claimed responsibility for the attack, but the prisoners who were broken out as a result may be a cause for concern for the people of the Alpha Quadrant. Their ranks include a Xiscapian murderer, a renegade Huerdaen soldier, a Pyrrhekski bioterrorist, an Andan smuggler, a Genomitan poacher, an Emperian spy and assassin and a Sennai moonshiner. Attempts to contact the Pyrrhekski, Andan and Emperian governments did not result in a reply, but the Huerdaen Star Empire responded to confirm that there is a bounty on the head of one Mishyoukai Aika; the bounty is described as "large." The Kitsune Empire of Xiscapia indicated that it has agents working with the Alversian People’s Republic to find the kitsune known as "Yo" and has posted a 500,000 credit bounty for any information leading to her capture. The Genomitan government released the following statement:

"The Hegemony of Voloia has declared Ceeka and hir siblings guilty of trespassing on Hegemony Territory, poaching, murder of members of their security forces and use of unlicensed combat drugs, but nothing could be further from the truth. The two remaining siblings that managed to escape the planet have provided Star Community officials with the same maps they used to select the world and exact place where they intended to spend their sabbatical: an officially uninhabited world in neutral territory. The number and variety of maps used and extranet entries referenced in preparation shows that the five siblings had gone to great lengths to avoid causing trouble to themselves or others. However, a closer investigation of the coordinates provided by the survivors revealed a hidden Voloian outpost where none should have been, with no mention of such an outpost anywhere on the extranet. [...] In conclusion, [...] the Star Community finds Ceeka and hir siblings not guilty of the crimes they were accused of. Should Ceeka return to Genomitan territory ze can expect a full pardon, while Arah Milok and others accompanying them can expect a fair trial and full rehabilitation, and may afterwards choose to apply for citizenship in the Star Community or go their way afterward."

The Sen System Alliance has indicated that its convicted citizen, the moonshiner Trygon Braag, contacted a Sen embassy and has since returned home. His family and the appropriate authorities were on hand to welcome him. A short trial was held to review his crimes, including unlicensed production of alcohol, conspiracy to distribute unlicensed alcohol, unlawful possession of a military-grade firearm and failure to comply with brewing safety regulations. The "intent to supply" charge was thrown out based on Braag’s own testimony, indicating that he in fact refused to share his recipes and products with anyone. The firearm he possessed was lawful based on his employment in the Ultor Private Legion. The sentence for home-brewing alcohol is a 1-3,000 ISK fine and two month probation. He has however been banned from Voloian space for life.

In light of the above this news outlet will not be releasing profiles of Ceeka, Arah Milok or Trygon Braag. However, the other four prisoners are still on the loose so profiles of them will be published to assist the galactic community in identifying these individuals where they appear. It must be noted that all four are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. It is advised the private citizens do not attempt to apprehend them, but instead alert the nearest law enforcement unit.

Name: Unknown
Alias: Yo, Brass
Species: Kitsune
Build: Stocky
Occupations: Pit fighter, smuggler, security officer
Sex: Female
Nationality: Xiscapian (resident)
Age: Unknown (appears late twenties)
Height: 5'5 ft/1.6 m
Weight: 200 lbs/90.7 kilos
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair/Fur: Black
Criminal Activity:
    Voloia: Smuggling, conspiracy to traffick contraband, assault on an officer, resisting arrest, unlawful possession of a weapon
    Xiscapia: Murder (12 counts), assault on an officer (2 counts), assault inflicting grievous bodily harm (8 counts), assault and battery (12 counts), robbery (1 count), possession with intent to sell (1 count), narcotic possession (1 count), unlawful possession of a weapon (3 counts), theft (2 counts), shoplifting (5 counts), vandalism (2 counts), trespassing (2 counts), public intoxication (1 count)
    Alversia: Murder (5 counts), assault on an officer, resisting arrest
    Setulan: Murder (2 counts), arson, starship theft, resisting arrest
    Pokos: Murder (1 count), assault on an officer, sale of unlawful narcotics, resisting arrest
    New Rastha: Murder (3 counts), arson, assault on an officer, aiding and abetting, resisting arrest
Summary: The Xiscapian known as Yo is a career criminal who is wanted in multiple nations for a variety of crimes. She was a known juvenile delinquent in her youth and by the time she came of age she was infamous in the Kel underground as a particularly brutal illegal gladiator, or pit fighter. After that ring was broken up she traveled extensively, evident by her rap sheet. Yo has received extensive mechanical and organic augmentation and has been documented to ignore stabbings and close-range gunshot wounds. She was last seen in Voloian space accompanied by Mishyoukai Aika.
Name: Mishyoukai Aika
Alias: Mishy
Species: Augmented human (Huerdaen Slayer)
Build: Slim
Occupations: Soldier (sniper)
Sex: Female
Nationality: Huerdaen
Age: 28
Height: 5'1/1.5 m
Weight: 372 lbs/168.7 kilos
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Black
Criminal Activity:
    Voloia: Murder (17 counts), Assault on an Officer, Resisting Arrest, Possession of Illegal weaponry, Possession of a Military Vehicle, Piracy, Use of Restricted Weaponry, Manslaughter, Jaywalking
    Huerdae: Theft of a military vehicle, attack on a military facility
Summary: Aika was a member of the Imperial Shield, and a member of the Slayer Caste. This means she is augmented as both a cyborg, and a genetically engineered soldier, to better endure the trials of combat. Like most Slayers in the Star Empire today, she joined the Shield for a chance at glory. Where most slayers are found in the infantry, or as gunship pilots, Aika's preference for a quick, precise kill at an extreme distance, favoring single-shot rifles and she was able to quickly distinguish herself as a sniper. Performing equally well in both sniping and spotting roles, she operated on a series of missions with her units until she reached the rank of Junior Lieutenant, where her promising career took a significant turn.

The exact details of what occurred are uncertain, but what is confirmed is that at some point over the course of a week-long deployment, JLT Mishyoukai Aika disappeared. She was found, several months later, alone in an escape pod heading back into the Star Empire and speaking of a derelict ship, as well as cryopods including multiple species and creatures. Her logs were partially corrupted due to lack of power and low temperature, presumably from cryo-sleep, but what little could be recovered seemed to verify her story. She was flagged as a 'survivor' due to what could be determined to have occurred, and after a short psychological screening process lasting a number of months, she returned to active service.

Her arrival in the Hegemony, and the location of her stolen Imperial ship remain unknown. What is known, however, is that within 24 hours of her appearance, she had amassed a significant number of offenses against her. She attacked and downed a merchant vessel in her bomber, which has since not been seen, captured a military vehicle, and waged a small war for almost eight hours straight against local authorities. Her crimes were many and varied, including a single count of jaywalking that appears to have begun the rampage as she was approached regarding her trespasses. During this time, she sent at least 17 sentient beings to the morgue.

Her sudden decision to surrender came as a surprise to those involved, but she came peaceably and has not spoken since the conflict, though many say she laughed, cried, and taunted her foes during the events which brought her to the attention of the Hegemony. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but she was last seen in Voloian space in the presence of the Xiscapian called "Yo."
Name: "Doctor" Hansel Crowley
Alias: The Red Death
Species: Human (genetically modified)
Build: Slim
Occupations: Doctor of Pathology
Sex: Male
Nationality: Pyrrhekski
Age: 56
Height: 6'6 ft/2.04 m
Weight: 159.8 lbs/72.5 kilos
Eye Color: Red
Hair: Green-gray
Criminal Activity:
    Assisted genocide, bioterrorism, murder of 53 members of nobility with viral weapons, involvement in the robbery of multiple genome archives, production of invasive species
Summary: Very little is known about Hansel Crowley. He was at one time a respected Pyrrhekski Doctor of Pathology, dealing with a fellow researcher named Abdul Diaz. After it was revealed that Diaz was producing biological weapons they were both arrested, but Crowley was able to secure his own release and disappear, leaving a trail of engineered diseases behind him. He reemerged later as a philanthropist before he infected and murdered 53 people at a masquerade ball. Following this he was arrested again and sent to Penal Asteroid 18, and he appears to have vanished once again.
Name: Sonya G'weven Tas'zaedar
Alias: Grey Eyes, Sae (pronounced like, 'Say,'), and Amelia Tolen
Species: Emperian
Build: Slender
Occupation(s): Espionage agent
Sex: Female
Nationality: Emperian
Age: 68
Height: 6'2 ft/1.8 m
Weight: 184 lbs/83.4 kilos
Eye Color: Gray
Hair: Blond with a touch of silver
Criminal Activity:
    Murder (29 counts), grand theft auto
Summary: Not much is known about Sonya G'weven Tas'zaedar. Voloian records indicate that she was an Emperian espionage agent inserted into the Hegemony to gather intelligence, but there is little information about her beyond her crimes and physical attributes. One known trait is that she is professed to be a powerful psionic, above and beyond most Emperians. Voloian records also indicate that she is highly trained in close-quarters combat and with firearms. It is unknown at this time if Tas'zaedar is still working for her parent agency or nation.

A happy ending has at least come for those few who were welcomed back into their nations of origin with open arms. The fate of those who are still considered fugitives is uncertain. Time will tell whether any of the escapees are recaptured. For as long as they remain at large, however, it can safely be said that the Alpha Quadrant has gotten a little more dangerous.

Beta Quadrant
Written by Santheres

The Beta Quadrant it many things to many people: wealthy, stable, independent, or a fizzling start-up to live up to a positive reflection of its too-soon stagnation. States in Beta stir occasionally, wishing to be what is constantly at their fingertips but always out of grasp, proclaiming that they are still here, but too often it is a whisper lost in the wind. Minor conflicts and anomalies distressing to the local empires make up the majority of news coming out of this quadrant.

On the one hand, the situation could be a textbook example of stability and self-reliance; it is also one of decay. Once self-regarded as the future center of astropolitics, the dream has yet to be fully realized and seems to already be in its death knells.

With the hope of a strong local state raising itself above the others, perhaps this Quadrant will not slowly drop off into a long sleep. It might finally join its neighbors as a galactic hotspot, or it could issue one last whimper and disappear.

Gamma Quadrant
Written by Santheres // Executive Editing by Kyrusia

Developed by many native states centuries ago, Gamma is too often seen as either desolate or a new frontier for star states from other parts of the galaxy. To those untold billions of lives who have always been here, it has hardly been different from the Beta Quadrant until now, as it continues to live out its potential.

One such development potential has been the long-lauded Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone: a notoriously profitable and prosperous stellar system devoted to free trade and an interchange of diplomatic endeavors. Yet, as of late, rumblings have been brought forth within the system. Two terrorist attacks, one perpetuated against (and subsequently decimating) the Hira Interstellar Spaceport on Pinnacle, with another following soon there after against Port Expedition, has prompted an increase in military and security activities in the system - including the new-found presence of an Imperial Star Republic heavy cruiser, according to the Liu Xiu News Network.

This comes on the heels of a new-found civilization making headway through recent interstellar travel near the Gamma-Delta Border. Some frontiersmen have commented that such vessels bear a striking resemblance to others commonly seen deeper within the Quadrant, though they cannot pin the exact source of the vessels. Such serves as even further evidence that, despite the often-proclaimed "horror of Gamma," many native civilizations have dwelt within the Quadrant, many left virtually untouched by the minority of abominations to which the Quadrant has become known. (See: Delta Quadrant)

Delta Quadrant
Written by Xiscapia

Tensions are rising again on the Delta-Gamma border as a young nation has become embroiled in a greater conflict: the Gata'ja have become caught up in the war between the Vipran Imperium and the Huerdaen Star Empire. The conflict began due to Huerdaen colonization attempts in Gata'ja space. When the Gata'ja tried to drive Huerdaen forces from their territory they were rebuffed, and this has led them to seek assistance from the Vipran Imperium. Exactly what sort of aid the Imperium might provide and what effect this could have on both the Gata'ja and the larger conflict between the Viprans and the Huerdaen remains to be seen.

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Postby Kyrusia » Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:49 am

Friday, August 7, 2015 — Edition No. 5, Version 3.0


Alpha Quadrant
Written by Telros

Welcome, viewers, to another edition of the State of the Galaxy, where we try to prepare for the runaway train of events that crash into our lives here in the Milky Way! This is Dan Rutherford and I am here with your news regarding the Alpha and Delta Quadrants. First we shall start off with the center of power for many ancient bodies, the Alpha Quadrant:

A quadrant that has become a place synonymous with stagnation, solitude and the decline into death and being forgotten has begun to show rather impressive signs of life and activity in the past few weeks. The seeming peace in Gamma, with the disappearance of the Rethast and other threats seems to have inspired a new bout of exploring and even colonization. There are mostly rumors and discussion going on, indicating there may be a wave of visitors and new neighbors inbound to the Gamma Quadrant, which has certainly caused a stir in those who still live in a quadrant still recovering. Potential tensions and concerns have been noted, but there is a definite determination for the so-called “Quadrant of Opportunity.”

Reports have come in indicating Avlana, one of the many nations stirring in this quadrant of ages gone by has begun a bold move of constructing a trade route to Liu Xiu in the Gamma Quadrant. Its intended purpose is to provide protection and allow for resupply and places to stop on the pathway to and from. It is open to general usage, with a modest fee of course, for any who want a safer pathway to conduct business. Some imagine that this may lead to further agitation with Gamma natives, but the promise of trade, especially one not liable to be plundered by those pesky bandits, could be too alluring. Time will only tell!

The Republic of Sunset has been rumored to be moving resources to investigate a white hole in the Alpha Quadrant. We have yet to be unable to substantiate this as more than rumor, but rest assured dear viewers, we are doing our best, and we have enough reports to confirm that something is going on. Why are they around a white hole, what could they want it for? These are important questions and we will break the answers to them once we have them, piping hot from the presses!

Beta Quadrant
Written by Kyrusia

This is Michael Breggan reporting to you live from the Soliton Station in the Solarian Reaches, Beta Quadrant.

While once known for its relative tranquility in comparison to much of the Galaxy, the Beta Quadrant has recently seen an up-tick in in activity. Much of this activity seems to be stemming from an ongoing flight of refugees from the Delta Quadrant into the Betan regions of the Norma and Crux-Scutum Arms, namely along the Rimward Fringe. Refugee squadrons able to reach the Solarian Reaches have reported an increase in brigandage activity within these regions, with strikes seeming to be focused on vessels of apparent external high-value worth.

Analysts have speculated this is the latest symptom of what some have called "Delta Flight," a phenomenon first witnessed in what has now become known as the "Outer Arm Migration Zone" in the Rimward Fringes of the Delta Quadrant. With systems and planets of considerable resource wealth having become more difficult to locate and colonize in the fringes of Delta, many have said "to expect Beta to once again become a home to those fleeing the endless battlefields to the G-North."

As a consequence of such, several newly-established settlements, particularly those found nearest the Beta-Delta Periphery, have begun filing reports with local travel hazard bureaus and nearby states of "anomalous, foreign structures" being located in and amongst asteroid belts in the volume. While long-abandoned or failed and de-populated colonies are not necessarily abnormal in many parts of the Galaxy, many settlers have become afraid due to what has been described as an "overt alien intelligence being apparent in the design" of these "nest-like structures." Of further concern is each seems to be found in systems with high water concentrations in the inner planets, asteroid formations, and within systems containing a high proportion of orbiting meteors.

Due to the necessity of liquid water for survival amongst much of the Galaxy's species, some have become concerned whether the location of apparently "xenological" structures in these high-value systems might be something worthy of continued caution. Others have speculated such structures are merely artifacts of a by-gone civilization, given a lack of sightings of any lifeforms meeting the apparent requirements inferred from the interior of these structures.

Now onto news from the Gamma Quadrant…

Gamma Quadrant
Written by Kyrusia

This is Gabriel Warren coming to you live from the Liu Xiu System for the Gamma Quadrant update of the State of the Galaxy.

As many of you are no doubt well aware, the past few months have been particularly disastrous for what has become known as the "center of commerce" in the Gamma Quadrant, the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone. After a series of calamitous terrorist attacks perpetrated by an organization calling themselves "Wildfire," the Liu Xiu Administrative Council, with support from their de jure proprietors, the Imperial Star Republic, security has become tight in the system; as previously reported, these attacks perpetrated by cowardly insurrectionists with an as-of-yet largely unknown motive pressured the Liu Xiu Administrative Council to call-in for external support in the form of a military vessel in the system. (See SotG Edition No. 4.)

This heightened security had been mirrored by private enterprises and the consular enclaves of several star-states in the system, causing a slowing of trade for several weeks. Following what the Liu Xiu News Network stated was the arrest and detention of the suspected perpetrators, however, things seemed to return to normal for the LXSEC.

That serenity came to an end earlier this week, however, with the most devastating strike perpetrated against Liu Xiu and its denizens to date: the apparent bombing of the Piraeus City (Jiwao) Skylift and its subsequent destruction.

Currently, there has been little information to leave the surface of Jiwao, a consequence of an expansive orbital lockdown executed by the LXAC Security Division with overt support by the Imperial Star Republic's naval detachment in the system. As of now, the whole of Jiwao's orbit, Fenghuang, and Port Expedition are under martial lockdown; traffic attempting to breach the containment envelope have been, some reports have stated, detained, while others have been forwarded to nearby ports-of-call following inspection.

The number of fatalities – much less casualties – is unknown, and the Administrative Council has refused to comment on the exact extent of the devastation. An amateur filmmaker going by the moniker "Erudite" has released a video purportedly from "a low-orbital satellite passing over Piraeus City soon after the attack," showing a canal of nigh-apocalyptic devastation through a significant portion of the outlying regions – the metropolitan areas – of Piraeus City. At this time, there has been no objective confirmation of this video and, as of earlier this morning, the video can no longer be found on the local Medianet. The exact extent of destruction in Piraeus City proper is, at this time, unknown.

Current estimates on the loss of life from sources close to the Administrative Council have said to expect "thousands of casualties, with an even greater reach of those directly or indirectly harmed – financially and psychologically – by the attack."

In a response to the strike, tension throughout the Gamma Quadrant has reached a proverbial breaking point. Freighter captains and shipping personnel along the trade lanes of the quadrant have reported an unprecedented "militarization" by many small, independent frontier states along the Gamma-Delta and Gamma-Alpha borders. Several well-known analysts have warned of a "meeting of ends" in the coreward regions of the Gamma Quadrant, possibly spelling the "first sightings of a coming conflict" for the quadrant which just-so-recently seems to be getting back on its feet.

In another surprising turn, several native states in the quadrant have been quick to point to Liu Xiu and the issues surrounding the "Wildfire Season," as some have called it, as proof of the issues and ongoing conflict stemming from what several native Gamman polities have called "unwarranted and violent colonialism" into the quadrant by "distant and avaricious, foreign powers seeking to exploit the 'Gamma Peace' " for their own gains.

Now for news from the Delta Quadrant…

Delta Quadrant
Written by Telros

Now on to the Delta Quadrant!

This quadrant has been full of conflict and change ever since the collapse of the great alliances of the past and the Gate Wars which ignited this quadrant several years ago. However, it is with great enthusiasm that I, Dan Rutherford, bring to you news that the quadrant appears to be finally on the mend. Conflict does still happen now and again but the presence of mighty powers and a genuine need to breathe seems to be permeating the quadrant. Many of the problematic regions have quieted down and more focused on rebuilding and reestablishing trade than trying to stab one another with railguns and missiles. The movements of giants like the Huerdaen Star Empire, the Vipran Imperium and the IStaR still draws the attention of all and they are definitely the decides of the fate of the quadrant. Peace, if at least temporary, appears to be on the agenda. Investors are still waiting before deciding to put money into that quadrant, but if this holds, we may see an upsurge in Delta once again.

With peace comes the "household chores" of nations and one of those is the ever annoying presence of bandits, raiders, and other delinquents that have the gall to harass honest-working people out of their goods and money with raw violence and bloodshed. With the wars going down to a dull roar, many nations on the outer regions of the quadrant have decided to work together to start cracking down on the problem. The various groups plaguing the borders to Gamma and Beta have become especially organized and bold, and after a tragic strike at a trade station in orbit of one of the member's worlds, an informal gathering was held to cooperate and plan to break the hold of these pirates. With investors seeming to consider trade and peace settling in, the pirates and brigands will need to be removed if any of these nations wish to conduct any form of outside trade. As to how well their cooperation works out in the results, we are not sure. It could be a brand new start, or another passing phantom before the legendary divisiveness of the quadrants denizens settles in. We shall update as the situation progresses.

This has been another thrilling update of the State of the Galaxy report; this is Dan Rutherford, wishing you all a safe day in the Milky Way. Goodnight!

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Postby Kyrusia » Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:21 am

Sunday, August 30, 2015 — Edition No. 6, Version 3.0


Alpha Quadrant
Written by Neornith

For far too long Alpha has been a shade of its former glorious self, a mockery of it's might and power from the Age of Alliances. New and revived blood however pumps through the veins of the quadrant that was once hailed as the jewel of the Galaxy. Emerging nations and those not content with slipping silently into the cold dark night have awaken in the quadrant of deterioration recently. While a few nations have begun to construct new or revive old trade routes, of particular note is the Sivulon Trade Network that the merchant fleet of the Perseid Federation has been attempting to resurrect in an effort to try and stimulate commerce activity within the Alpha Quadrant, whether these efforts will be greeted warmly, apathy, or outright hostility is unknown at this time. Despite this though troubling times loom ahead for these trade routes that have begun to flourish.

A stalemate between the Tnemeden Republic and the Empire of Bakra and her allies has caused an increase mercenary activity in the quadrant focused around the Songnam Major system, a side effect of this is an increase in brigand and pirate activity, something most star state's merchant fleet would rather not see rise up in a quadrant trying to arise from the ashes.

Beta Quadrant
The Beta Quadrant, long a bastion of peace and stability, hast at last awakened to face the new galactic order. From deep within the void, a new insectoid threat has reared its head, and in its wake two of the quadrant's long-established powers have found themselves taken by surprise. The Imperial and Federal Union of States (IFUS), renowned for its reputation of autocracy and colonialism, has recently come under assault from these unnamed arachnid-like creatures. These unidentifiable creatures have, according to preliminary reports, begun harvesting the water of the recently established IFUS colony of Albrechtshire located in the Rourke's Bane System. Rumors have also been circulating about the consumption of minor celestial bodies such as asteroids and meteorites around the colony, though no official sources can confirm this. Details are still relatively vague at this point, though experts do believe any sort of violent confrontation could lead to staggering causalities for the fledgling settlement.

The IFUS has, according to official diplomatic channels, reached out to the nearby Imperial Star Republic in response. Unable to defend their own territorial borders adequately due to the surprise nature of the assault, the IFUS has called upon the galaxy-wide known IStaR (most noted for their participation in the fabled Gate-War between the now-defunct Coalition and the Huerdaen Star Empire), to aid in the defense of the colony. Observers have noted that in response, the IStaR has deployed significant forces to the defense of Albrechtshire, most likely with the intention of repulsing the insectoid invaders. Experts have speculated that the conflict could lead to increased cooperation and diplomatic ties between the Imperial Star Republic and the Imperial and Federal Union of States, though no officials from the Republic or House Hapsburg could be reached for comment. Further reports on the conflict will be forth coming as new details become available.

In somewhat related news, an increase in piracy has begun to plague traditional trade routes that snake through Beta. Experts are unsure as to the direct cause of such, but many believe the millions of refugees displaced by the a burgeoning litany of threats have resulted in an increase in tenable targets for marauders. Local authorities throughout the Beta quadrant have accordingly renewed their commitment to halting piracy affecting their own commercial endeavors, though commentary on the status of the refugees has been considerably lax when compared to the statements regarding the halting of illegal seizures. Statements regarding the humanitarian crisis facing these displaced persons have also been relatively lax, with traditional powers "circling the wagons" in the face of massive migrant populations that could destabilize the carefully crafted social orders found in many Betan nations.

Gamma Quadrant
Written by Neornith

Gamma has recently become a hotbed of activity along the Gamma Delta periphery, of initial note is the sudden withdrawal of the United Dominion from the Galactic Economic and Security Organization and their declaration of hostile intentions to their former allies of the Alesian Empire, it is unknown at this time what has caused this rift or why, the impact this will cause on the periphery is uncertain currently.

Meanwhile the already troubled Liu Xiu system that was recently rocked by multiple terrorist attacks has seen a small uptick in refugees caused by the sudden and rapid assaults by the Gata'ja Ammudzi on their neighbors as they have suddenly developed a hunger for territory, this increase in ships in Liu Xiu has the Imperial Star Republic Navy working endlessly as each refugee ship is boarded and inspected before being allowed entrance to the system. Most of the refugees from the Atruscan Federation, the Talasiu Union, and the Culdoran Imperium however have scattered elsewhere into the quadrant after the sudden collapse and disappearance of all three nations so suddenly. The suddenness of their collapse and the volume of refugees fleeing the systems has seen a substantial increase in brigand activity in the region as the wolves of the space descend upon the helpless stampede that is desperately trying to escape. Along the Alpha Gamma periphery quiet and peace remains for now as former allies attempt to reconnect and once again defend each other from the aggression of tyrants within the Galaxy.

Delta Quadrant
The previously mentioned immigrant and piracy crisis afflicting Beta has also extended into the Delta Quadrant, much to the dismay of the war-weary and highly militaristic nations that reside in the quadrant. Like their counterparts in Beta, the Deltan states have renewed their pledges to combat the increased piratical activity affecting their commerce, though many experts believe the displaced migrants will face a much harsher welcome here in Delta than elsewhere in the Galaxy. While no official consensus on how to deal with the displaced parties has been reached, the general thoughts regarding their long-term well bearing have been speculated as being particularly bleak, especially in Delta. Preliminary indicators have shown no party in either Delta or Beta being particularly receptive to their immigration; and there has been rumor throughout many star states in Delta that forcibly turning back any migrants that refuse to leave their sovereign territory is a valid option being considered.

Also in Delta Quadrant news, a large task force from the Huerdaen Empire (another notable participant in the previously mentioned Gate War) was reported leaving the Star Empire's space with an unknown destination. Observers and eye-witnesses reported a full complement of warships had assembled to escort nearly a dozen planetary-invasion vessels. While officials from the Star Empire could not be reached for comment on the matter, the appearance of a Huerdaen task-force near the Liu Xiu system in the Gamma Quadrant has all but confirmed that the previously sighted battlegroup did indeed depart for Gamma. While their true intentions are currently unknown, unofficial sources inside the Huerdaen Star Empire have reported an increased state of militancy and readiness, and some have even suggested that the new deployment to Liu Xiu is being done under the auspices of a military exercise to dissuade a possible enemy of the HSE from acting aggressively. At this time however, the Huerdaen Star Empire currently remains in a state of relative peace.

Further details on these and many more exciting stories to follow as they become available!
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015 — Edition No. 7, Version 3.0


Alpha Quadrant
Written by Rethan

The continuation of the Betrican collapse has resulted in a growing number of refugees fleeing from the collapsed federation, many of whom are beginning to encroach on the borders and spheres of influence of other star-states. In particular, reports throughout the Perseid Federation indicate that at least one Betrican vessel full of refugees - early indications indicate they number in the hundreds - has already been taken in by Perseid parties with an eventual intent to return them home. As of now it is believed that the Perseid do not know the reasons for the Betrican refugee crisis, leading many to fear a potentially disastrous meeting between the Crux Dominion and the Federation when and if these two star-states meet.

This potential for diplomatic trouble may be further escalated if the rumours of the Dominion enslaving Betricans who were unable to secure safe passage from their worlds. Thousands are being sold into the slave markets according to unconfirmed reports coming from the region. Even were this to be proven inaccurate, what is confirmed is the development of the Coven Hegemony (also simply "the Coven"), a new super-state formed by the merger of the Crux Dominion and the Empire of Ashren'Vo. The new super-state is roughly double the size of the Crux Dominion alone, and with the influx of captured Betrican worlds (and, let's not forget, potential slaves) it is possible this merger may see both states grow into a significant industrial power in the Coreward regions.

Beta and Gamma Quadrants Combined Update
Written by Valinon

The Milky Way spirals into existence along a black null-field. A discordant series of pings and telegraphic chirps spawns across the stars, notably rippling outward from Gamma and Beta quadrants. The pings are edged in fine, inter-twirled lines of red and black and resolve into the Strategic Analytics logo above the galactic bar. The announcement of the only news service to be exclusively maintained by SIs dissolves and is replaced by a direct data-feed. It is dry, but the contributions of the Valinor media services are known for their long dedication to content over all other concerns And the SA Collective crowds that field considerable. A deep voice booms out the service’s slogan in the returning darkness and the update begins--text, voice, direct link, injection, and a dozen other UI functions are interfaced with across the spiraling quadrants.

Immigration Crises Saturate Norma/SC Arms

Localised multistellar conflicts are continuing to destablise inhabited volumes along the Norma and SC galactic arms (locally referred to as the Gamma Quadrant). The intensification of military operations among native Gamma Quadrant states and growing conflicts along Uthani space continue to be a primary contributing factor to this instability, as reported in our previous release. Internal and external population displacement continues along these local conflict zones. Early refugee movements concentrated their terminus on the Liu Xiu international port and other stable volumes along the Lanthe Route commonality.

The recent security threats in Liu Xiu (full report) are leading to a further dispersion of refugee migration. Analytic Collective resources determined the most significant new refugee terminus is located in the Talosian Expanse along the recently established frontier of the Imperial and Federal Union of States (R.u.B.).


The conclusion of the Frontier War did not represent an end to the R.u.B. expansion in the Talosian Expanse. The Union government continues to bolster its presence in the local volume through a programme of infrastructure development and formal militarisation. This process is significantly eased by the withdrawal of Huerdaen Star Empire forces from the Expanse and the legitimised conscription of refugees by the R.u.B. military.

SA sources confirmed that the Union government organised a local initiative promising pan-Arm refugees legal protection and a potential path to citizenship in return for military service. This manifested in the Common Army's creation of a new Grenzer unit responsible for the defence of R.u.B. assets throughout the Expanse.

While there is no formal statement from the HSE government, the decision to withdraw its military and security forces from the volume constitute a significant change in the strategic balance of the Expanse. The militarisation of the R.u.B. territories will continue to act as a beacon to the most desperate of the Quadrants refugees and does represent a significantly closer alternative than longer migration to either Liu Xiu or the Lanthe Route commonality. The expansion of Union outposts will continue at current or greater pace, leaving the R.u.B. as the Frontier War’s primary beneficiary. The Collective will remain seized of the matter to determine if the Union government’s assurances for improving local economic and trade climates are met with appreciable action. Using its expanded local manpower, the Common Army will continue to move into the Quadrant and establish a lasting presence.

Market Analysis

SA notes that trade with the HSE is subject to strict regulation. The R.u.B. remains a legal entity under review by the Ministry…

Special Update - Liu Xiu SEZ

The Liu Xiu SEZ continues to face mounting instability as the new Imperial Star Republic-sponsored administration struggles with the Wildfire insurgency. An increased IStaR military presence continues in the international port with both local and IStaR authorities declining to provide a date for when the heightened security measures will be relaxed. The recent attacks, including the destruction of the Jiwao Skylift, are subject to increased diplomatic scrutiny with the Valinor government issuing a call to action.

Multilateral and bilateral efforts are on-going in the Liu Xiu community as local and international authorities work to secure the international port’s peace and restore a confidence in its preeminent role in the Gamma Quadrant economic area.

Localised diplomacy was recently overtaken by a call for an international conference sponsored by the Republic of Sunset and Artemene Dominion of the Crux. The Crux-Sunset delegations proposed conference would take place on the Dominion’s Essinaar Station with an aim to create a multi-state trade treaty for gate/portal states. Liu Xiu currently ranks as the largest international gate/portal conflux in Norma/SC Arms and remains a growing port of trade despite recent tensions.

Prediction Update

Crux Dominion calls for stability and market establishment are paralleled with an on-going conflict referred to as the Long War. Dominion forces strategically defeated their opponents, the Betrican Federation, and enforced a formal peace. However, the strategic victory did not resolve all tactical engagements. Isolated Betrican remnants continue to attack throughout local volumes with Dominion armed forces engaging them openly along their borders.

The Betrican Federation’s collapse is the latest of many refugee diasporas in the local volume around Liu Xiu. The Federation’s proximity to the international port and total civil collapse will see the Betrican diaspora become the largest refugee population in Liu Xiu. Accusations of refugees being captured by sentient traffickers continue to mount with several international investigations seeking to determine if the Crux Dominion's recently completed Sagittarium Trade Junction (SJT) may be the ultimate cause of a near-trebling of slaving activities in the volume.

Valinon and other gate/portal holding states will address the Crux-Sunset conference proposal and are expected to send delegations or open separate bilateral dialogues. Any resolution from the proposed conference would represent the largest agreement of gate/portal states outside the Solarian Reaches and Alpha Quadrant in more than a century.

Market Analysis

The growing activity of Crux Dominion Syndicates fails to counteract the increased piracy by Betrican remnants and other separatists. Combined with the attacks in Liu Xiu, the…

Market Development - Liu Xiu SEZ

The Interstellar Consortium of Avlana completed its Swift Winds Trade Route (SWTR), a network of economic infrastructure linking Anverior colonies with the the Liu Xiu SEZ. The network is a cooperative effort maintained by several key Warrior, Labor, and Merchant houses in coordination with the Consortium’s central government. The Swift Winds Trade Route is the latest in a number of new trade lanes and interstellar infrastructure linking the de facto diplomatic capital of Gamma Quadrant with more established markets in Alpha Quadrant.

Market Analysis

The SWTR is among the more ambitious economic projects seeking to exploit markets in Liu Xiu and along the Solarian Reaches. It represents a considerable investment on the part of the Interstellar Consortium and its domestic partners and offers a potential trade route for those superluminal states still wary of various gate/portal alternatives.

As a capital project, the route is open to a higher-than-average set of risks. It must compete with established networks, such as the Valinor Lanthe Route and the Sunset gate network. Both command access to Liu Xiu or local volumes near the international port while offering comparatively little commerce expenditure. The increased liberalisation of superluminal networks leaves the future of toll-based alternatives in considerable…

Delta Quadrant
Written by Rethan

The Delta Quadrant has seen a relatively extended period of quiet in recent times, with little new developments of note. Most of the Delta powers seem to have turned their eyes elsewhere, leaving their own backyards in serene quiet. The same could not be said for outside powers, with the effects of the Betrican defeat in the Alpha Quadrant beginning to reach into the Delta Quadrant. Although it does not seem that piracy has found its way across the core yet, refugees certainly have. The long journey around the galactic core has brought them a great distance from their ruined homeland, but whether they will remain in the Quadrant largely remains to be seen.

However, reports have begun to reach us of Betrican refugees being taken in by the Dread Empire. Huerdaen officials could not be reached at this time to confirm these reports, but it is not outside the realm of possibility. The Huerdaen have a noted history of incorporating foreign cultures into their empire, and have saved both nations and species from being wiped from the galaxy in the past. Experts on Huerdaen foreign policy are concerned, however. Should the Dread Empire absorb a substantial amount of these refugees, it is likely they will begin another campaign of expansion to cope with increasing demands for space and food. If enough Betricans make it to the Delta Quadrant and are absorbed into the Huerdaen Star Empire, it may break the delicate peace in the Quadrant.

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Sunday, October 30, 2015 — Edition No. 8, Version 3.0


Alpha Quadrant
Written by Xiscapia (Executive Editing: Kyrusia)

The world of corporate maneuvering and security contracting was shaken up this month when the Magnar Corporation signed a series of contracts outsourcing the defense and security functions of no less than seven star nations of the Havmar Sector to itself. These include the Kingdom of Harris, the New Knightly Order, the Vetrix and four of the five states of the Vale Alliance, with the other expected to sign soon as well. Because of this a great deal of the entire sector's GDP now flows into Magnar coffers - according to a company statement revenues are expected to rise by 600% over the next ten years. This effectively puts the entirety of Havmar under the thumb of the company, and in recognition of this the nation Nocoma Courts have sent a representative to meet with fellow dignitaries of the Magnar puppet state known as the New Tulsa Colonial Authority. Rumor has it that the Magnar Corporation will seek to expand beyond the boarders of the sector to influence other powers as well.

Though official reports have yet to be released, those with knowledge of the sector indicate that other star nations and organizations have already begun to make contact with the Magnar Corporation. Time will tell exactly what this newfound interest in the sector will bring.

In addition, the burgeoning, mercantile power, the Perseid Federation, most well-known for its prospectively profitable Sivulon Trade Network, has begun to finally escape its shell of isolation, coming into contact with several neighboring powers within the Perseus Arm, including the Infinite Sith Empire. This threatens, some analysts say, to destabilize the tenuous collaboration between the Federation and other, more liberally democratic states within the Galactic Economic and Security Organization, though only time will truly tell.

With reporting by Imperial News Network correspondent Yukaze.

Beta Quadrant
Written by Kyrusia

The soft crunch of chitin underfoot and the barren wasteland of worlds left bereft of value, backwoods fiefdoms given reign over dancing spheres with naught by a tower to defend themselves, and a million different unseen wonders left to bewitch the eye: the Beta Quadrant marches to the beat of its own drum – always has, always will. It's a wonder that those of the exploratory sensibility don't seek its delights, its alien civilizations, and its marvels of malignancy; instead, we see a region of the Galaxy that seems disconnected, distant, and isolated where once stood the hopes of an entirely different generation of settlers, vagabonds, and mercurial money-lords.

In the growth and spread of the terror and lust for change that seems to have gripped much of the Galaxy, to some Beta seems like a new beginning. Certainly, to many, Gamma holds (or held) similar wonders, but it seems that despite its demure exterior, Beta beats what few hearken its steps long before they are capable of taking a foothold.

With a northern border against some of the most fearsome and war-mongering and a western fringe that sits but a stone's throw from the heart of (at least one strain) humanity, it's the place to go through when traveling elsewhere. It's a telemetric blip in a brief reprieve from a superluminal jaunt – a flash on the screen of starlight. Yet, in that listless void between Sol and the once-great Bavin Sector, there are, indeed, wonders to behold and new discoveries to be made.

A few realms rife with blood new and virgin seem to be making their own waves, stirring and sauntering, etching their mark on the quadrant the Galaxy forgot. Forges are lit anew and the molten core of civilization sends a spark once again to the dry tender at the edge of sight; with a bit of luck and a blessed wind, a new fire will grow into a storm.

Gamma Quadrant
Written by Kyrusia

A certain razor's edge has taken shape within the once-harrowing Gamma Quadrant, inviting memories decades past back to the surface of the minds once heinously held within the grasp of the heart of the cosmic dark. None are quite certain as to from where this razor rose; some claim it was the terrorism that struck the mercantile worlds, some that a shadow stirs deep within a reach long bereft of the light, and yet others still hold fast to their prejudices and claim this uneasy tranquility is but the last gasp before the whole of the quadrant is plunged into the iniquity of interlopers.

In the case of the latter, in the least, the brimming paranoia of some polities is not without due cause, if but lacking in proper direction. With an ever-increasing tide of refugees brought from the other quadrants seeking the frontier as their final hope – their bastion of freedom – systems and their networks along the ever-expanding trade corridors (Sivulon, Swift Winds, Liu Xiu, Lanthe, and countless others) have seen ever-more immigrants from across the Galaxy, each seeking their own goals and fighting for their own desires.

As with any mass migration, especially one spurned by a seemingly endless string of increasingly bellicose conflicts, not every soul comes to knock upon the doors of civilization in peace. Brigandage has taken-up a new foothold in the dim places between the stars in the Gamma Quadrant, hiding in some cases in plain sight and donning the garb of merchants, law-speakers, and representative diplomats from frontier colonies that exist only in the banditry-fueled and drug-addled minds of the unscrupulous fiends that don such fictions. They come with lips stained scarlet and breath as foul as mid-harvest rot.

Even so, some daring few still fight the good fight, scratching-out cells of protection in the vacuous gape of dreadful space, making for themselves a dreamscape in a land once more coming to remember the mare come to sit upon their chests. Some do it for fortune, others fame, yet many still summon the call of family and kin to still the trepidation in their veins. Only time will tell if such is a mistake, foolish and deadly.

Delta Quadrant
Written by Xiscapia

A possible new threat has emerged in what many consider to be the galaxy's most dangerous quadrant. A badly damaged ship dropped out of FTL near the unknown reaches of the Quiahuitl System. The few surviving human crew, identified as smugglers, were arrested by local authorities. An investigation revealed that they had been a part of a convoy of kindred smugglers and human traffickers transporting refugees from a variety of conflicts, including Betricans fleeing persecution. This group was attacked without warning by "aggressive, advanced cephalopod-like beings" which the ship's A.I. termed "Ahuizotl" after the mythical Old Terran Aztec water creature. The crew themselves referred to the creatures as "Seishin-ika" (literally "spirit squids"). They produced proof of the assailants in the form of several cadavers extracted from what seem to be damaged combat exosuits, though they claim not to know how they got aboard. The smugglers further claim that the aliens were "highly aggressive" and did not respond to attempts at communication, perhaps not understanding any of the languages used. Supposedly the creatures made "electrical pulse signals" similar to Morse code, but these could not be deciphered. The crew has since been imprisoned on charges of smuggling and sapient trafficking.

Whether or not there is any truth to this story remains to be seen. The possibility of it being a hoax or ploy by the criminals to cover up an internal conflict or the murder of their sapient cargo has been put forward, but several questions remain unanswered. The origin of the cadavers and their technology is unknown, as are the weapons that inflicted the damage done to the smugglers' ship. As the investigation deepens a travel advisory has been put out for the systems near the Quiahuitl System. Regardless of whether or not these "Seishin-ika" really exist, the fact remains that this is clearly a dangerous region of space.

With reporting by Imperial News Network correspondent Yukaze.
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Monday, November 30, 2015 — Edition No. 9, Version 3.0


Alpha Quadrant
Written by Telros

Welcome, viewers, to another edition of the State of the Galaxy, where we try to prepare for the runaway train of events that crash into our lives here in the Milky Way! This is Dan Rutherford and I am here with your news regarding the Alpha and Delta Quadrants. First we shall start off with the center of power for many ancient bodies, the Alpha Quadrant:

News has been trickling in regarding a lost persons case, or rather, a lost crew case! Hailing from the Collective Bureaucracy of Source Swarm, this was a high profile ship that contained important cargo. Our sources indicate it was a vessel holding over 30,000 'Clients' as the Swarm refers to them, many of them being important military minds in the Collective Bureaucracy. After activating its drive, it has now vanished from all sensors and records. All calls from the Swarm have gone unanswered, and thus far, no search parties have found them. As a result, the Swarm has gone defensive, kicking out our reporters and are turtling in with an air of xenophobia. All I can say is join the club! The universe is dangerous and people go missing all the time; you don't see us crying or hiding under our beds! No, we go to work, make love to our spouses and keep on truckin'. 30,000 is a rather low number, if you ask me, but hey, that's how it is.

Now, further updates on the refugee crisis, it has now spread to Alpha! The Swift Winds Trade Route that was recently completed by the Avlana Consortium has come under assault by desperate refugees, overwhelming holding facilities and the food and medical stores to support them. In addition, on their heels, are the nipping bandits, looking to make an easy buck and fulfill that good 'ol bloodlust we know them for. Responding to this, the Consortium has multiplied their ship production and has sent five more fleets to reinforce, with five more slated in the coming months. The Route is going to be seeing a lot of military traffic, and our foreign policy experts predict there will be responses from neighbors, believing it to be a move to assault them rather than fight the bandits. It's possible folks, but conflict is the coinage of our age, so just add it to the jar you keep at home.

Speaking of conflict, we may yet have a conflict exploding in Alpha, that old tinderbox of nations! Our reports are sketchy and second hand, but we now believe that the Perseid Federation has gotten into a tussle with a third party over another part of the refugee situation. A band of refugees, known as the Betricians, have been pushed out of their home territory by some disaster, appearing to be a hostile invasion of some sort. They have been hounded and chased by this unknown party until one of their ships ended up on the fringe of Perseid space. They were reported to have opened fire on their pursuers, to try and drive them off. Perseid forces in the area have fired warning shots to enforce their territorial sovereignty. Tensions are heightened because of this confrontation and some believe conflict to come. For now, only time, and the body count, will tell.

Beta Quadrant
Written by Neornith

Long has the Beta Quadrant been quiet. Tranquility has been its defining feature for some time as nations that rose to power have slipped quietly into the night. Disappearing into the sea of silence never heard from again until only one remained. New nations however have recently risen from the sea of silence, eager to make their presence known even in the face of minor growing concerns in the quadrant. Some nations along the Delta periphery have saw fit to expand and fortify their holdings there, other along Alpha have tried to tap into the recent trade renaissance happening there. One such nation has taken an interest in the recent refugee crisis in Beta. The United Star Commonwealth has deployed a fleet of ships in an attempt to gather as many refugees as possible. On the surface the actions would seem benign and charitable, however the increase in population as well as the possibility of different technologies from refugees falling into their hands the USC makes a strong case as one to be the primary up and coming power in Beta Quadrant. Something the Imperial Star Republic, the dominant Beta Quadrant power for some time, will possibly notice as well as the other up and comers trying to make their mark on the Quadrant. Despite all of this Beta remains its usual stable self, a sea of quietude in a Galaxy full of conflict and terror.

Gamma Quadrant
Written by Neornith

Gamma has seen an explosion of activity. The new frontier of the Galaxy has descended into bloodshed once more, and this time the monsters aren't to blame.

Human and non-human relations in Gamma have recently been put on a slow boil, tensions simmering between species. Recent events however may cause the pot to boil over however. The Holy Star Empire has recently begun a crusade of genocide against non-human species in the Vespae Expanse, if those few reports that have trickled are to be believed, with the refugee crisis in Gamma already straining nations as it is the Crusades could be predicted to send another wave of refugees across the Quadrant, bringing more stress to human and non-human relations.

War has also danced across the Quadrant as well, at the forefront and one of the primary causes of the Gamma refugee crisis, the Gata'ja have begun a campaign of brutality against the Atruscan Federation, the Talasiu Union, and the Culdoran Imperium. There are however other concerning factors. First the Gata'ja seem to be allowing the refugees to flood out at certain times, if this is some ploy to cause a strain on nearby nations is unknown, second there have been rumors of certain nations working deals with the Gata'ja, wether this is for safety or the Gata'ja are being used as ferocious pawns against others is unknown at this point.

In the Huañak Cluster, Ozlukar raiders have launched a surprise attack against the Uulchi. Tensions between the two are at a standstill though contact between the two could have a negative effect for a Quadrant already descending into chaos, if peace can not be arranged between the two another war will be sparked and the possibility of more refugees could be disastrous. However if peace can be resolved and the Uulchi choose to assist the Ozlukar technologically, the results of more advanced raiders equipped with more efficient military items conducting raids could be equally troublesome for nations already stressed from recent events. However not all events recently in Gamma are negative. Whispers and rumours have drifted across the Quadrant of a ship arriving from outside the Galaxy with a human crew, which begs the question, how rampant across the Universe itself is the human stampede?

Delta Quadrant
Written by Telros

Now, lastly, we come to the Delta Quadrant:

We are rather quiet on this area as of late, which is heartening for our economic sources who are saying the recovery of Delta is proceeding at a decent pace, though actual concerted efforts from the powers would cement that but we have yet to see anything. This may change with the actions of the R.u.B. Union, who has begun a massive shift of military resources to the Talosian Expanse, which mirrors the border with Gamma. New fleet stations, patrols, and a total reorganization and naming has been seen, meaning the Union is showing increased interest in the Gamma Quadrant, and is reacting to the increase instability and conflict erupting. With every action, there is a reaction and we anticipate several border powers reacting negatively and doing moves of their own. So goes the domino game of nations and fleets.

In addition, we are getting scattered reports that more and more bandit groups and pirates are flooding in from Delta into the Gamma Quadrant, using bases and operational points in Delta to carve out territories and make the refugee's lives hell from relative safety. Any designs to support or oppose this rise in Delta has yet to be seen.

This has been another thrilling update of the State of the Galaxy report; this is Dan Rutherford, wishing you all a safe day in the Milky Way. Goodnight!
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Thursday, January 7, 2016 — Edition No. 10, Version 3.0 — Emergency Bulletin No. 2


This is a State of the Galaxy emergency bulletin regarding the Beta Quadrant.

Due to the ongoing "Great Displacement" (Perseid Federation) and an emergence of several "migratory states" in the wake of a perceived "entrenched hostility" against refugees, migrants, and other persons negatively impacted by several current conflict zones, the Quadrant Hazard Rating for the Beta Quadrant has been elevated. While bastions of hope and refuge have made themselves known in the Galaxy, with the closure of the Lanthe Route in the Solarian Trade Corridor and rumors of tighter restrictions to befall several sectors in Alpha and Gamma, refugees and migrants have seemingly been increasingly forced to engage in "desperate actions" to survive, causing a broad increase in piracy along popular trade routes and within high-traffic corridors, particularly in Beta and Delta, with portions of civilian shipping recently being harassed in the Alpha Quadrant.

A recent trend in traffic has indicated that despite the lengthy period of economic hardship and civil unrest within remnant civilizations in Beta, the quadrant has become a target destination for many more "entrepreneurial" refugee groups, bringing them into conflict with several pirate and brigandage bands that have, by-in-large, remained off the galactic stage in recent memory. All observers within or in the vicinity of these quadrants are strongly urged to familiarize themselves with the issues ongoing by reviewing the Current Quadrant Hazard Ratings for further information.

Alpha and Delta Quadrants Combined Update
The Hearth Herald
Free Media for the Free Peoples

"Soldiers of Misfortune:"
Pirates and Raiders grow ever bolder as expanding galactic refugee crisis is ignored by power players.
-Waves of Truth, Anonymous Contributor

The refugee "problem" as many in the "civilized" territories are calling it, may at last be coming home to the people of Alpha and Delta. Thousands upon thousands have been displaced from their homes and communities across the galaxy, leaving behind their countries and in some cases their families to escape the ever growing violence and uncertainty that is currently plaguing dozens of minor powers and worlds across all four quadrants. The galactic community of course, shares some responsibility for this disastrous humanitarian crisis, not just for failing to avert it; but indeed for failing to properly accommodate and integrate the various migrants of war fleeing these zones of conflict. The proof is in their wording. The "refugee problem," not crisis, not disaster, not holocaust: problem.

The galactic community has, generally speaking, viewed this influx of migrants as an invasion by foreign and hostile peoples with ulterior motives and an unwillingness to integrate. There are of course, some exceptions (Our neighbors the Uthani for example who continue to welcome thousands of migrants monthly, providing free housing and labor services to incoming migrants), but by and large the general consensus is that these migrants are both unwelcome and undeserving of assistance or protection by the more powerful government entities active in areas afflicted by conflict. However, recent events may force power players to rethink their methodology in dealing with the crisis, for one reason and one reason only: piracy.

Refugees from conflict zones may not strike one as the most preferable target for buccaneers or raiders; indeed they lack few worldly possessions worthy of fighting for. But what these refugees lack in possessions they make up for in living capital. Forcible abductions and enslavement by marauders is at an all-time high this year, reaching levels not seen since the first forays into the Gamma quadrant after the disappearance of the Rethast decades ago. Slaves, to the right buyer, are worth an obscene amount of money, providing raiders and pirates with a steady and constantly inflating income that finances their operations and indeed has led to an increase in their activity across the galaxy.

And indeed, the lack of an organized response has seemingly emboldened them to take ever more drastic measures.

These last few months have seen an increase in violence and piratical activity across all quadrants. The boldness of the attacks, the weaponry of the marauders, the tactics they employ, all seem to be growing more sophisticated and advanced with each passing week. It won't be long before government entities themselves are being challenged by these marauders in the open field of battle. If this happens, piracy may expand to encompass disaffected government and military personnel, further increasing the danger to civilians and migrants from war torn areas. This will of course, again increase the cash flow to pirates, and of course will most likely continue to be ignored by government entities as they attempt to downplay the true threat to galactic security possessed by these buccaneers.

As government forces continue to fail in their duties to protect migrants from violence, the soldiers of misfortune will continue to make themselves rich off the misery of these peoples. With wealth comes power, and if these groups of raiders continue to join in coalitions, the entirety of the galaxy may soon be under threat from an organized and highly efficient force of marauders.

And not even isolationist hardliners want that.

Related: "Piratical Activity is Sparking International Incidents."

Earlier this month a string of pirate raids in the Alpha Quadrant against the people of Krosana left a trail of destruction and despair, but it may just have further reaching implications.

According to sources in the area, Krosanan warships were dispatched to pursue these marauders, tracking them back to Taledonian space. While the details are still as of yet murky, it is believed that the Krosanan commander has mistakenly identified Royal Taledonian Navy vessels as pirates and at current there are reports of an ongoing battle occurring between the two flotillas

This is of course, just the latest in a long line of international incidents that have been sparked by the recent increase in piracy. For months now the Gamma-Delta border has seen an increase in military personnel, and indeed multiple powers on the frontier have seemingly become standoffish, presumably over the handling of piracy. As of yet, these instances have not yet led to full-scale conflict between government powers, but the Krosanan incident may change this.

Unless a de-escalation occurs soon, Taledonia and Krosanan may turn their unfortunate skirmish into a full scale war, with battlegrounds in both Gamma and Alpha. A conflict of this nature would most assuredly displace more unfortunate victims of war, and indeed, this may be the angle of these marauders. More war means more confusion and distrust, more confusion and distrust between government entities means more profit for them. The only solution is a multi-entity coalition stretching across the galaxy, united in an effort to destroy this pirate menace.

But with war being the word on everyone’s lips, the chances of a successful coalition grow slimmer and slimmer each day.

Beta and Gamma Quadrants Combined Update
Written by Valinon

United Valinon News Network - International Service
News for the interstellar community.
{News-in-Brief Feed}

Piracy Leads to Conflict
~George Reith, International Reporting Pool

Aquila Cluster- Piracy continues to disrupt commercial activities along the Taledonian Consortium’s outer volumes. The increase in attacks is driven by the Royal Taledonian Navy’s expanding operations against the Zarithians, which reduced commerce protection patrols.

Local authorities in the Kereth system are believed to be colluding with the pirates by tacitly allowing trade in slavery and other illicit goods to grow. Krosana, one of the local states attacked by the pirates, dispatched a naval force to combat the pirates.

Previous reports that the Krosani warship engaged hostile vessels were confirmed. However, the Krosani attacked Taledonian Consortium forces present in the Kereth system, believing the armed vessels to be pirates. Both sides claim casualties and that the attacks were unprovoked. Some Krosani authorities claim that the pirates are privateers organised by the Consortium government. Further details are unavailable at this time.

Fleeing civilian ships report that a Commonwealth warship was also present in the Kereth system during the battle. UVNN is seeking confirmation with Commonwealther and independent authorities. While details are scarce, a general engagement involving three of the Alpha and Beta quadrants emerging powers will strain relations among the three states. Absent a diplomatic solution, a military conflict potentially threatens Taledonian and Commonwealther economic and infrastructure investments throughout the Beta and Gamma quadrants...more?

Refugee Transit to Liu Xiu Restricted
~Conamara AI Media Pool

Conamara, Lanthe- The Lanthine Transit Control (LTC) announced it will no longer allow refugee ships to travel the Route to the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Ships currently registered with the LTC are allowed to complete their journey; newly arrived vessels are being routed to alternative destinations.

Lanthine authorities cited SEZ local security concerns and the strain on the system’s infrastructure as primary reasons for the new policy. The LTC announcement is supported by the Kriegsmarine, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA), and the Office of Verge Affairs (OVA).

‘It is unreasonable to expect the SEZ and the Administrative Council to absorb a growing amount of refugees for an indefinite period. In cooperation with the Government, we are working to find a more durable solution that does not stress the international community nor subject vulnerable refugees to a long, unnecessary superluminal journey,’ said Harald Krull, a Kriegsmarine liaison with the LTC. ‘The Admiralty will spearhead the enforcement of this new policy and is relocating assets to step up patrols in volumes most frequented by refugees. The LTC will register new vessels carrying refugee and see that they can navigate to alternative asylum or resettlement centres.’

The MFA affirmed its support in a published statement. In addition to agreeing with LTC’s concerns, the statement noted that sending refugees to Liu Xiu no longer represented compliance with the Proxima Centauri Accords provisions for refugees due to the Wildfire insurgency. The insurgents threaten both the established SEZ community and the vulnerable refugee populations. The MFA favours relocating refugees farther from the Gata’ja-Atruscan front.

OVA is complying with its parent ministry’s policy by negotiating agreements with four states in the Lanthine Lee. The states--including the Mondragonese Union and Auld Limur Cooperation--agreed to accept refugees in return for economic development assistance and financial support for refugee resettlement. The MFA is opening similar negotiations with older Valinor allies in the Solarian Reaches. Specific details on these agreements remain...more?
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Saturday, January 30, 2016 — Edition No. 11, Version 3.0


Alpha and Gamma Quadrants Combined Update
Written by Rethan

The Great Displacement Continues
Alpha Quadrant to Bear the Brunt of Responsibility
As an increasing flow of refugees begins to swamp the political powers of the Milky Way galaxy, it has taken a great deal of time for any kind of coordinated reaction to the thousands of dispossessed lifeforms seeking out safe havens wherever they can be found. At last, finally overcoming the infamous apathy of the Quadrant, several stellar states have begun to respond to the crisis. The United Star Commonwealth has taken the lead, making a concerted effort to house refugees across several hastily established colony worlds, many of which have been built expressly as a response to the crisis. Within the Alpha Quadrant their efforts have gone unhindered, but as is covered in another part of today's release, their movements into the Beta Quadrant are liable to cause an increase in tensions with the Raumreich - which may cause considerable difficulties in their humanitarian efforts.

Fortunately, the actions of other nations may preemptively deal with clashes between nations over the Displacement. The Perseid Federation, a nation primarily housed in the Perseus Arm of the galaxy, has called to order a summit specifically to discuss the Great Displacement. Several other political entities have already sent representatives to the 'Icosakhilos Summit' and proceedings may already be underway. It is the hope of the Federation that the Summit will result in a coordinated, concerted effort from all the involved parties to handle the growing numbers of refugees and - perhaps more importantly - the rampant piracy that has exploded in the wake of the chaos. Several opinions have been voiced on the actual potential for the Summit to effect any kind of change (see this issue's Editorial for more information), especially given past events of this nature. Although this organisation was not present during the time of the regular Galactic Assembly meetings, the infamous actions that took place at this assemblies is largely common knowledge among the populations of stellar states active in the galactic community. Whether the Icosakhilos Summit will follow in the footsteps of the Galactic Assembly and its reputation for achieving little of note will no doubt be seen in the coming days, though the Perseid government is hopeful. A representative of the Federation's Organ of Foreign Affairs has been quoted as saying they will be "pressing forward with the conference in order to provide not only a solution for the refugee crisis that is near our doorsteps, but also of the piracy that comes with it," despite the galaxy's low expectations.

Gamma Actors Fuel the Great Displacement
Although nations are finally beginning to work towards handling the Great Displacement, either alone or in concert with others, it may be too late to stall the feedback cycle of violence. And while the Alpha Quadrant and its established powers seems to be scrambling to handle the situation, several nations North of the Quadrant have little qualms in adding to the mania. Recent events in the Gamma Quadrant are threatening to dump hundreds of millions of new refugees into its more stable neighbouring Quadrant. An incredible cascade of bloodshed and violence has rocked the Quadrant, eclipsing even the Delta Quadrant (until now considered the most violent region of the galaxy). Most worryingly, reports have reached us of an ongoing campaign of extermination against the citizens of Zhangbian People's Republic. The Uulchi World School, in response to Zhangbian defiance, has deployed numerous assets to the region - a misleadingly named 'Pacification Fleet'. Although information is hearsay at best, being brought to us by distraught and confused refugees, the World School is currently exterminating select members of the population, and is thoroughly dismantling the industrial capacity of the system to return to their own control. There are even suspicions that the forces of the World School are considering simply wiping out the system's population wholesale, rather than expending time and resources tracking down specific target individuals. At this time, we cannot discern what particular attributes the Uulchi World School are seeking to exterminate.

On a somewhat lesser scale, a conflict between the enigmatic Ashren'Vo and the Free States Republic has also fueled the growing surge of Gamma refugees fleeing to safer areas of the galaxy. A believed miscommunication between the two actors has resulted in a brutal conflict, as Ahren'Vo forces have decimated two of the foremost colonies of Free State Republic. Thankfully, a large scale refugee cascade appears to have been averted - two Free State systems (Kilmer and Quixie) are expected to act as buffer between the two political entities in the hopes of curtailing any further violence. The Free States Republic has already suffered impossibly heavy casualties in this way, as it is understood (based on currently available evidence) that Ashren'Vo military forces have destroyed huge numbers of the civilian population of both these systems before retreating, while Republican attempts to defend their territory failed along almost all fronts. There are whispers of discontent within the Republican ranks, and the Free State Republic has wholly closed its borders to the outside galactic community except for their holdings in Liu Xiu. Fortunately, any further catastrophe seems to have been averted - thanks to economic pacts with the Perseid federation the Republic seems to be on the mend. Further attempts at expansion are likely to help the Republic recover. They have even sent a delegation to the Perseid conference on the Great Displacement, and some experts are suggesting that the Republic may take in some of the refugees currently fleeing the Gamma Quadrant to fill their decimated population.

Gamma Violence Continues to Escalate
Separate from the numerous outbreaks of violence which have directly, or indirectly, furthered the Great Displacement, news has reached the galactic community of a rising political entity. The 'Gata'ja Ammudzi' has invaded three systems at once in a grueling months long conflict where Gata'ja soldiers are advancing across the major planets of each systems. Reports are coming through on a near constant basis of brutal urban conflicts in all three systems as gata'ja ground forces push to complete their offensive and bring the war to an end in their favour. Prisoners of war have largely been handed off to the Vipran Imperium, ostensibly as a humanitarian request from the Imperium due to fears of prisoner mistreatment at the hands of the Ammudzi occupiers. More worryingly, the Ammudzi has made a public call for mercenaries, private military contractors, and other private interests to assist in ending the conflict as quickly as possible. Promises have even been made to offer land to any who aid the gata'ja in their conquest, which may lead to instability in the three systems at a later stage due to the number of interested parties. Concerns regarding piracy have been expressed by some who expect the influx of 'paid-to-kill' professionals will result in an equal number of opportunistic treasure hunters. An even greater danger presents itself in the effect this may have on the Gata'ja military - if they are willing to hire large number of mercenaries to secure the three invaded systems, their own military forces will be freed to either consolidate their currently controlled territories, or potentially go on to further military campaigns while private actors pick apart the three target systems.

(ADVERTISEMENT) The Great Displacement Children's Fund — Only You Can Help
Written by Kyrusia

In this age of conflict and strife, where people from all walks of life are forced from their homes and sent across the stars, often with naught but hope to guide them, there is a silent minority that has been left wanting. Certainly, while some of those taking advantage of the Great Displacement may be engaged in rough brigandage, and while others still may have committed themselves to the depths of space out of a frontiersman mindset, these are few and far between. No, for the real victims of this galactic crisis are those too young, too feeble to speak up for themselves.

Across the Galaxy, refugee children have been left to suffer due to woefully inadequate "settlement policies" and "Great Displacement disaster relief systems" erected by already-overwhelmed star-states from every quadrant. Children and their exhausted, over-worked, and frightened parents have been dropped onto only marginally-habitable worlds with naught an EVA suit and an inflatable hab-module to share between hundreds. Certainly some of the Galaxy's polities are attempting to assist, but due to inaction on the part of most, more face immanent demise each passing day. On many worlds, famine and disease have already claimed hundreds, while inadequate care and insufficient habitation equipment lead to ever more larger groups seeking alternative, and often criminal, avenues simply to survive.

Even so, you can help. For only 0.90 Galactic Standard Credits a day, you can help feed and clothe a starving child. For 0.90 GS-Credits a day, you can help provide the needy with the necessary equipment to make permanent settlement possible; you can be one of those who stood-up and refused to let another child suffer. You can help provide adequate water supplies to those settled on worlds with arid climates; you can help bring teaching tools to the frontier, where so many children remain illiterate within a stone's throw of the Gamma Trade Sector; you can change - you can save - a life.

For 0.90 GS-Credits a day, you will receive a picture of a refugee child you are helping to save, as well as a hand-typed missive from the child on a monthly basis, providing you with updates to their conditions. You may also choose to donate more and provide a charitable donation to the Great Displacement Children's Lobbying Group, a legislative lobbying institute established to pressure star-states into providing better assistance to those hurt by the Great Displacement; in exchange, you will receive a Great Displacement Children's Fund t-shirt so you can show to the Galaxy that you cared.

Won't you help? Only you can...

Beta and Delta Quadrants Combined Update
Written by Kyrusia

Wake of Refugees: Displacement Crisis Grips the Galaxy
Great Displacement to the Forefront of Astropolitics

No matter gouts of conflict sprouting forth across the Galaxy and against a tide of overwhelming apathy toward the concept, the Perseid Federation (a star-state known primarily for its heavy involvement in Alpha Rimward trade, due chiefly to the expanding Sivulon Trade Network) has taken a relatively sudden leap into the realm of galactic astropolitics; seeking to confront the growing refugee crisis, since termed by the media as the "Great Displacement," the star-state has initiated an international conference aboard the Icosakhilos Confluence Interstellar Terminal in the Alpha Quadrant, calling all those nations currently touched by the Displacement to the table.

Up until now, the Great Displacement has largely been left ignored by the brokers of commerce and politics in the Galaxy, baring a rather welcoming atmosphere provided by a seldom few, including the Liu Xiu Maritime Authority and (nominally for settlement of the Imperial Military Frontier) the Imperial and Federal Union; despite such, blame has already been slung by many long before the first vessels even arrived at Icosakhilos. "Many see this whole affair as simply a natural consequence of the status quo of [the Delta Quadrant]," Hyra Josoniis, Galactic Quarterly political commentator and regular contributor stated, "The Galaxy has come to believe that a state of perpetual conflict is the norm; for the better part of three decades, that has been true – it's merely that now the effects of that reality are beginning to take hold."

Josoniis, in addition to several commentators familiar with the tumultuous environment in Delta, have chosen to place blame squarely on the backs of the Huerdaen. "Their constant expansionism and supposed 'anti-piracy' efforts have caused this," Josoniis elaborated in a recent GalactiNet interview, placing herself in the growing crowd of those calling for something to be done about what has been perceived as a "bellicose policy of destructive, quadrant-wide attrition" executed by the Huerdaen Star Empire. According to her theory – a theory shared by several important commentators and, seemingly, politicians in the east of the Galaxy – the Great Displacement has largely been instigated by a continued perception of threat from the Huerdaen Empire – a threat first broadly felt during the Gate War and the subsequent partitioning of the Bavinese state into the Bavin Sector (a demilitarized sector jointly-administrated by the Interstellar Reich, the Imperial Star Republic of Liu Xiu fame, and the Huerdaen Star Empire itself). "This whole period," Josoniis stated, "has largely been forgotten by the Galaxy at large, but has left its impact – an impact that continues to ripple in the minds of thousands of displaced groups and Betan minorities fleeing conflict zones in Delta and Beta."

On the opposite side of the spectrum, as represented by Grigyor Neph'anda, Professor of Astropolitics for the Soliton Foundation, in the same GalactiNet interview, are those whom are pointing to more eclectic causes. "The cause is simple," professor Neph'anda stated, "opportunism."

Professor Neph'anda elaborated further, explaining that the Great Displacement was instigated by a relatively new and "relatively minor" star-state located near the Delta-Gamma Periphery, known as the Gata'ja Ammudzi: a xeno-biological stellar polity hitherto largely unknown to the astropolitical scene. "They're a rather vigorously brutal society, in sum," Neph'anda explained, "and have been marching system-to-system for the better part of the year, conquering and displacing as they went along." According to Neph'anda, until now the Gata'ja seem to have been largely ignored, seen as "yet another war-mongering Gamman native state" seemingly "exploiting the disappearance of various parties from [the Gamma Quadrant]." "There is no telling how many refugees originate from this conflict zone," he said, continuing in that many of these affected systems were inhabited by frontier settlements form other portions of the Galaxy or, otherwise, inhabited by polities with limited supraluminal capabilities.

Whatever the cause, astropolitical commentators seem largely unanimous in their assertion that the "Icosakhilos Summit" will "largely amount to nothing"; one contributor, a party privy to the planning of the international conference stated:

    "Certainly [they] want something positive and beneficial to come out of this, but from what I have seen, there isn't much actual hope. […] Many parties seem to have committed themselves solely to the [Icosakhilos Summit] out of a selfish desire to further their own agendas – a similar occurrence to what was seen decades ago at the last Galactic Assembly. As of now, I can't say whether the [Summit] will turn-out for the better, but I'm not holding my breath. […] What is truly abhorrent is that, despite all of this, if nothing truly workable – either some plan on settlement, even by a quota system, as derided as such an idea has been in the media – then we'll really begin to see the disaster unfold. A lot of [the refugee populations] are on their last leg; already some have turned to piracy and smuggling simply to make ends meet, causing some in the Galaxy to brand them all pirates, despite all evidence to the contrary."
To the chagrin of some, this lack of action has led to more extraordinary action undertaken by several states, including the Interstellar Empire of Nyte. "They're seeking to arm them," professor Neph'anda stated, "[the Interstellar Empire] isn't the only party doing such, but they are going largely above and beyond what is sensible, I feel." Counteracting the professor's point, Josoniis and several lively guests of the GalactiNet disagreed, arguing that in the face of overwhelming apathy "there is little left to do but arm the refugees." "What do they expect?" Josoniis asked Mikaiil Dubron, host of GalactiNet's "News of the Week," "Just beg the Galaxy to help, then quietly die when the Galaxy responds in silence? I don't think so."

To some, including Neph'anda and last week's official response from the Soliton Foundation, the act of arming the displaced groups will merely "be used to justify the position that the refugee populations are to be declared hostis sapientes – 'enemy of sapients'," a term largely reserved for pirates and interstellar brigands. While such broad condemnations have thus been rare, the United Star Empire of Valinon has gone so far as to declare smugglers of refugee populations attempting to transit to their extraterritorial jurisdictions in the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone via the Associated Crown Territory of the Lanthe (the "Lanthe Route") as "restricted," diverting displaced traffic to alternative destinations.

As of now, tensions surrounding the Icosakhilos Summit are high due to the ongoing arrival of various parties of differing political landscapes and historical rivalries. Even so, some still hold-out hope that a beneficial arrangement can be reached to help calm growing fears in the Galaxy and bring a positive conclusion to the ever-worsening Great Displacement.

BREAKING NEWS: Refugee Assistance Leads to Potential Sovereignty Violation
United Star Commonwealth Crosses into Raumreich Sovereign Volume

Vessels branded flying under the flag of the United Star Commonwealth seem to have violated a Beta Quadrant exclusion zone patrolled by assets of the League of the Raumreich, namely the Valinor-backed "League Anti-Piracy Effort" (LAPE). Details are currently sparse in regards to the exact context of the ongoing situation, but according to the first reports flowing onto the GalactiNet, a group of USC patrol vessels, possibly surveying for habitable worlds as a part of their recently-declared initiative to attempt to locate new planetary volumes for those hit by the Great Displacement, trespassed into the DASS-IAST-044432.2 System (hereafter 044432.2 System).

According to public archival data obtained by GalactiNet News, the 044432.2 System is a part of a the League Exclusion Zone (LEZ) in the Beta Quadrant, established nominally to maintain a demilitarized sector between the Raumreich and portions of the Beta Quadrant heavily struck by economic and civil collapse following the truncation of the Gate War the better part of twenty years ago. In that time, portions of the Beta Quadrant quickly became overrun with piratical elements, of which the Raumreich LAPE has increasingly attempted to curtail.

Further according to public discourse, it appears this potential violation of Raumreich territorial integrity marks the only contact the United Star Commonwealth and the United Star Empire have had in their officially recorded history. Due to such, combined with a general lack of present details involving the situation, the tense international crisis could potentially lead to disaster.

Please stay-tuned to GalactiNet News for further details as they become available.

"The Silent War" Causes a Not-So-Silent Bang
Documentary Purporting Secret Atrocities Against the Bavinese Debuts

In a topic not unfamiliar to our readers – the fate of the Bavinese following the dissolution of the Bavin Federation – part one of a documentary titled The Silent War debuted on the GalactiNet this month. Purporting to detail a series of atrocities perpetuated against the Bavinese during and immediately following the Gate War (atrocities namely conducted by the Imperial Star Republic in their occupied territories of the Bavin Sector, a region of space formerly known as the "Federation of Independent Systems" – widely believed to have been purely a puppet regime of IStaR, something denied to this day), The Silent War was hit by both critical acclaim and severe dismissal across the Galaxy.

Featuring former Bavinese executive officer of the battleship Freedom, Jeremiah Nixon, the documentary begins by recounting Nixon's time in the Derdon System when the Freedom helped hold-off a combined attack by Huerdaen and Telrosian forces against a Bavinese battlegroup. Gripping and heart-wrenching, Nixon's retelling of the battle is filled with his own emotional struggles and inner conflict and trepidation over the affair. He recounts in nauseating detail the horrific nature of the combined Huerdaen-Telrosian bombardment, seemingly barely able to contain his own, fresh grief over the loss of his comrades and compatriots.

While part one of The Silent War mainly concerns itself with explaining the context of the so-called "Silent War" – a period of internecine conflict within the Bavin Sector between Bavinese resistance groups and the Imperial Star Republic – the director and producer, an individual as of yet remaining anonymous, states that the documentary series will delve into the darkest memories the Bavinese hold, including the cause and reasoning behind the flight of so many from their home systems. While this topic has long-been speculated by activist communities, with ActivisMedia itself releasing several short documentaries on the Gate War and the fight for Bavinese independence, little in the way of actual, first-hand evidence has ever been claimed or discovered. With the debut of The Silent War, however, the game has changed.

While the film received over a quarter million views in its first hour on the GalactiNet, the video uploading platform that originally hosted the documentary withdrew the video and, subsequently, blocked access to its page for reasons currently unknown. As of now, The Silent War is viewable almost exclusively from mirror servers provided by underground nodes across the Galaxy (mirrors can be found here), though many are removed or "inaccessible" fairly quickly, so viewers are urged to download the documentary (an action supported by its creator) and re-host it on their own servers if possible.

The creator of The Silent War has stated that coming additions to the series will focus heavily on the crime perpetuated against the Bavinese, their current plight, as well as the exact relationship (long-speculated) between the supposed "Federation of Independent Systems" and IStaR.
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Monday, February 29, 2016 — Edition No. 12, Version 3.0 — Twelfth Month Edition


Written by Kyrusia
BREAKING NEWS: Corporations Rise Against SCU Central Government
Alliance of Benevolent Corporations Catch Federal Administration Off-guard

The Solar Cooperative Union has descended into a state of chaos as the Alliance of Benevolent Corporations and their affiliates enter a state of open corporate revolt against the SCU Federal Adminsitration, catching the Federal Navy (and its associated commands) almost entirely off-guard, forcing them to flee to the frontier world of the Union. Several naval formations have been forced to flee to volumes more friendly to the central government in an attempt to re-group, but the situation continues to deteriorate and few have hope for a quick truncation of the conflict.

At the moment, both sides - the Alliance of Benevolent Corporations and their "Corporatist" allies, facing the Federal Administration and their "Federalist" supports - seem to have stalled in a state of spatial and orbital attrition, caused by an outright unwillingness for either side to engage in open warfare against their own people in a form of orbital bombardment. With the capital of Poltaur and the Solar Cooperative Union's central worlds under persistent siege, however, combat has been forced almost entirely to the engagement of ground forces - "Federalist" and "Corporatist." Core metropolitan areas have collapsed into a state of "anarchy," according to witnesses to the conflict able to transmit reports abroad. "It's like watching hell seep up and consume those you love," according to one anonymous poster on a popular Galactinet posting forum, "I don't know how long we'll be able to survive like this."

Rumors from the SCU frontier seem to indicate that despite the state of default attrition, the Federal Administration is attempting to organize and prepare for a counter-offensive - nominally to retake Poltaur and seize back control of the federal capital. Even so, "Corporatists" seem to be advancing their ground game against "Federalists" along every front, threatening to cripple the Federal Administration and its internal lines of logistic and morale support. While Galactinet News can confirm neither of these rumors at present, independent journalists and those associated with several Galactinet media outlets are attempting to get a more solid grasp on the situation, despite the chaos involved.

Please stay on Galactinet News; as the situation in the Solar Cooperative Union evolves, this article will be updated.

Written by Kyrusia
Ongoing: Great Displacement Leads to Conflict with Refugees
Localized Radicals or State-supported Terrorism?

Refugee families have continued to face pending disaster and continued, nigh-insurmountable hurdles - prejudice, xenophobia, and outright state-supported bigotry to name a few - since the beginning of the Great Displacement. They have been denied access to friendly ports upon suspicion of ties to piracy and terrorism, state-actors the Galaxy over have habitually been slow to provide assistance, and others yet still face harsh and xenophobic ridicule and harassment in what settlements and camps the seldom few star-states have permitted them to create. Yet, the worst has yet to come: groups of refugees are fearful and afraid of transiting through major trade routes and some are now refusing to seek assistance entirely due to the heinous attacks perpetrated against them on the Swift Winds Trade Route.

"They're coming out of no where," one refugee was willing to tell us, under the condition we hide his identity, known here as "Alexi," "They're coming from out of the woodwork and blaming us for their problems." Alexi was one of a few human refugees able to flee when an "armed merchant freighter" that entered their migrant convoy turned on them and began firing. "One minute we thought they were another [migrant ship], the next they were turning broadside and firing on us indiscriminately," he went on to say. In this attack, Alexi speculated that at least three hundred refugees were killed, including women and children. Unfortunately, this is not the first of such incidents to occur within the recent months.

Over the past month alone, ActivisMedia has received over six hundred reports of violence against refugees that lead to the loss of life from the Gamma and Alpha Quadrants. At the center of this recent trend is the Swift Winds Trade Route and its connected commercial spurs. Nominally under the authority of the Avlana Consortium, the Swift Winds Trade Route is a major trade lane leading from the central Alpha-Gamma Border Regions toward the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone and has been a major thoroughfare for refugees and migrants fleeing the interior of the Gamma Quadrant since the beginning of the Great Displacement. Since then, independent journalists working with ActivisMedia have reported several incidents that have cast a dim light upon the Avlana Consortium and its handling of the migrants fleeing through Consortium territories.

"We don't know if [the Consortium] is directly involved in this uptick of xenophobic violence," migrant-embedded independent journalist Karina Du'Vasoss stated, "It's just as likely that the mismanagement of Swift Winds by the Consortium has permitted anti-migrant terrorists a place to operate." Du'Vasoss is known for her scathing investigative report on the Consortium of Avlana and its suspected cooperation with sapient smugglers along the Alpha-Gamma Border and those operating out of Liu Xiu. In her original report, Du'Vasoss was scheduled to speak with several migrants who had successfully navigated the Swift Winds Route; unfortunately, the interview was cancelled due to reasons not currently understood.

"This isn't the first time this has happened," Du'Vasoss stated, "some of them are just vanishing - like they're sliding off the edge of the world, never to be seen again." According to Du'Vasoss, while some of this might be explained due to simply the chaotic and hectic nature of the Great Displacement and the woefully inadequate registration infrastructure (or lack thereof) of migrants transiting through major commercial routes, "the [migrants] themselves suspect foul play."

Written by Kyrusia
BREAKING NEWS: USC Refugee Colony Placed Under Compulsory Quarantine
Concerns Over Mysterious Viral Infection Amongst Refugees Rise

To add yet further concern over the Great Displacement, a colony of the United Star Commonwealth in the Gelidian System, initially established to help house refugees fleeing conflict zones across the Galaxy, has reportedly been placed under compulsory quarantine due to an as-of-yet unidentified outbreak of pestilence amongst the population. According to representatives from the United Star Commonwealth speaking briefly to the international press, symptoms seem to vary considerably, though "mild, influenza-like symptoms" - including coughing, sneezing, and sore throat – seem persistent. Representatives of the USC were unwilling to comment as to whether the reported "hemorrhaging" and "desiccated, marble-like flesh of the deceased" were true, merely willing to state that "during these times, rumors run rampant."

Regular readers of the Galactinet News will recall a story last week involving reports of supposed "cannibalism" in the Gelidian System refugee colony; such rumors have persisted - and even become more prominent - since the execution of strict quarantine measures in the refugee colony. Regardless, the United Star Commonwealth has refused to, as of yet, respond to such rumors; even so, a source involved in the quarantine measures has indicated that a supposed "Patient Zero" has, in fact, been identified, though the disease and complete pathological profile of the affliction has yet to be fully cataloged.

This news is expected to, according to analysts, only feed the fire of concern over the assimilation and integration of refugee populations affected by the Great Displacement into local, extant population centers. "At best," one commentator stated, "they should be held in a compulsory quarantine facility - regardless as to whether they have shown symptoms of some disease. [...] We don't know where most of these people are coming from, and it'd be foolish to expect they're all in prime health and condition." Others have expressed concern that the outbreak in the Gelidian System may simply be used as justification for those already demonstrating a prejudice against refugees and migrants to attempt to pressure their local political leaders to refuse to provide assistance to those fleeing conflict zones. "First they call it 'quarantine,'" a well-known blogger going by the handle "Justice4All" stated, "Then they call it 'concentration.'"

Written by Kyrusia
The Brigand Question: Galactic Instability Brings Security to the Forefront
Valinor Shuffle Lanthe, Eucer, Talbott Command Hierarchies

Political insiders close to the Metternicht Government (Prime Minister, Archeduke Faustus von Metternicht, United Star Empire of Valinon) were shocked with the announcement of a strategic naval realignment culminating in the dissolution of the Talbott Cluster Operational Area - formerly known as "TCOA-COM" - and its reorganization into the strategic-level Talbott Cluster Headquarters (TAL-HQ). This announcement marks the most significant of such "realignments" since relations with the Imperium of Vernii were "normalized" and marking the largest of such "realignments" since the collapse of the Ortagan Hegemony. Even so, this was not the most shocking of announcements to come from the Imperial Armed Forces in recent days.

"Großadmiral Sir Geoffrey Tolwyn [Eigth Star Lord] is being transferred to lead the organisation of the Extra-Raumreich Operational Area (EXROA-COM)," a representative of the Valinor Imperial Armed Forces stated. EXROA-COM will, as further explained, serve as strategic-level command and hold ultimate unified combat responsibilities for the famous Lanthe Route, as well as the significant Beta-Delta trade lane, the Eucer Corridor. This comes in addition with cooperation efforts between the Imperial Kriegsmarine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the formation of a battle squadron consisting of at least a division of four dreadnoughts (and associated squadron support and logistical craft) which will be deployed "on an eight-month long special tour" of the fringe regions of the Gamma and Delta Quadrants.

"This marks the most significant deployment of Valinor assets beyond [the Raumreich Oversector] since the Great March War," Valinor military analyst Jakob Freilind stated, "and will certainly mark one of the largest deployments of Kriegsmarine and Reichswehr forces to the Lanthe Route in recent memory." Such a massive deployment of strategic-level assets "could not come without the support of the Metternicht Government," Freilind explained, "through Special Select Committee for Imperial Defence."

Even so, this seems to have come to a shock to many not familiar with the United Star Empire and its dedicated administration of the Lanthe Route - technically an extension of the Imperial Demesne. Despite such, the strategic naval realignment comes on he heels of the restriction placed upon Lanthe Route traffic concerning migrants and refugees by the Metternicht Government in an attempt to "hamper smuggling operations" through Valinor territory. To further act in support of this shift in strategic policy, Prime Minister Metternicht announced this week that the United Star Empire's permanent ambassador to the League of the Raumreich will seek international support for the expansion of the recently-infamous League Anti-Piracy Effort (LAPE) along the Lanthe Route, nominally under the conditions of "[assisting] in commerce protection, Route security, and refugee crisis management."

This has done little to dissuade several international astropolitical commentators and pundits, however; in face of the Metternicht Government's announcement that the "strategic naval realignment" is meant to provide security to extended Valinor territorial assets and allies, famous Galactinet commentator Emirre Ki-Jhado called the whole premise "horse[expletive]." "This is standard political fare for the Valinor," Ki-Jhado went-on to state in his popular Jhado Hour Galactinet show, "Just look at the transfer of Vizeadmiral Michael Flynn to the [Ministry of Foreign Affairs] mandate: they want to put pressure on the Huerdaen." Jhado went on to explain that the United Star Empire has a history of refusing to respect "culturally provincial diplomatic overtures," such as the Huerdaen Star Empire's notorious preference against accepting formal ambassadorial ties, and that "this realignment is merely [the Valinor's] way of forcing [the Huerdaen's] hand at a time when [the Huerdaen] are the focus of considerable international criticism."

Regardless, the strategic naval realignment is likely to have far-reaching effects on international commerce; speculators are already up-in-arms over the potential impact this change in policy will have on the Lanthe Route and the Lanthine Lee. Whether their fears are well-founded, however, remains to be seen.

Written by Kyrusia
Intense Drive Signatures in Beta Cause Growing Concern of Incoming Attacks
Free Traders and Commercial Spacers Report Possible "Sarian" Fleets

Several free trade and commercial spacing outfits which frequent the Beta Quadrant have consistently been reporting "intense" and "massive drive signatures" nearing several heavily-trafficked trade lanes in the quadrant volume for months. Rumors have begun to flow into popular media outlets of a so-called "Sarian Migration" - a relatively unknown interstellar alliance of "raiding clans" that have supposedly been able to repulse several patrol squadrons from the Imperial Banner Fleets to the S-Boats of Oyada - beginning to make itself known in Beta. Until recently, such have largely been dismissed due to few instances of outright conflict being confirmed in the quadrant, but recently free traders and spacers alike have been reporting an increase in piratical activity.

A representative of the infamous Long Patrol commented, stating, "We're aware of potential 'Sarian' incursions into tertiary sectors of the Beta Quadrant; at this time, we are unwilling to state whether we believe this marks a noted increase in activity, officially." Despite the Long Patrol's flippancy, some trade outfits familiar with the quadrant were forthcoming. "We've been telling you for months," Captain Khuser Vernitz, a hyper-freighter captain under commission by NAVOS Freight & Cargo stated, "that these [expletive] are coming out of the black. They're Sarians; I know few [...] will believe that, but it's true: I've seen them myself." Even so, commercial traffic has continued and few trade firms have been willing to either confirm or deny the loss of tonnage to a "once mythological" raiding society.

What has been garnering greater attention, especially in mercantile industries, has been the repeated identification of self-similar drive emission signatures drawing nearer from the counter-spinward regions of the Beta Quadrant. "If I had to guess," a member of a merchant guild operating out of the Solarian Reaches stated, "I would speculate those were Juggernaut drive emissions that we're picking-up." The Juggernaut is a mytho-historical class of "system dominator" rumored, for years, to have been held by a as-of-then relatively unknown raiding band; in the past few decades, increasingly, these vessels have been identified as belonging to the "Sarian Migration," "Sarian Raider Clans," or "Sarian Grand Order of Heraldry" - sometimes conterminous, and yet others treating each as their own identity within a broader piratical culture.

"If it's a Juggernaut - if those things are real," Raiding Lanes' anonymous guild associate stated, "Then everyone needs to start paying attention. [...] If they're willing to bring those out, then something far larger than we expected is at play here, and all commerce that transits the [Beta Quadrant] will feel it." As of yet, however, without due confirmation and with only a few outfits being willing to respond, commerce continues. State-actors, to the exclusion of the Long Patrol, have been unwilling to provide further comment; even so, those traders and spacers which have seen them with their own eyes are far more willing to comment.

The Raiding Lanes suggests, strongly, that all commercial and trading outfits which operate in the Beta Quadrant take heed, stay safe, and godspeed.

Written by Kyrusia
Bellicose Gata'ja Begin Stretching Their Legs
Continued Raiding Emboldens the Desperate

It is no surprise to anyone that the Gata'ja Ammudzi has been the target of intense international criticism as of late, with many representatives and commentators alike placing blame of the so-called "Great Displacement" at their feet given their nearly year-long campaign of raiding and territorial acquisition in the Gamma Quadrant. This seems to have, however, done very little to quell the rising Gata'ja bloodlust - or the very same lust of other, more opportunistic parties seeking to exploit the chaos they have sewn.

Out of the blackness of the Gamma Quadrant, numerous Gata'ja raiding parties have been spotted conducting seemingly random raids on lightly-defended assets, first in Gamma, and now stretching into the Delta and Beta Quadrants. Such has been the norm for nearly a year; Gamma - particularly its northern regions - has once again become rather notorious to natives of other quadrants for its tales of horror and mayhem, a resurgence of such terror in which the Gata'ja have played no small role. It seems, however, that the Ammudzi has begun to branch out, reaching as far as territories within the Beta Quadrant, seemingly simply to test their proverbial mettle.

"It's horrific," one refugee stated, sitting atop an aid crate, "They come slowly at first, like shadows in the night; you hear them long before you ever see them. But by then you can't do anything. We were lucky to escape when we could." Many refugees have similar stories, each with different settings and actors - but always similar. At first it seemed planetary, but the Gata'ja have broadened their horizons and, seemingly, their allies. Whether desperate migrants or merely a part of the standard fare of brigand and pirate, numerous opportunistic parties have arisen to either act alongside or in direct aid of the Gata'ja reaving squadrons, causing significant concern in star-states far beyond the Gamma Frontier, but deep in Delta and - increasingly - Beta.

"They've changed tactics," SPACETIME contributor and military analyst Colonel (Ret.) David Farrier stated, "and that should be concerning for all of us." Seemingly, the Gata'ja have begun attacking targets purely based on opportunity, but Colonel Farrier cautioned against this assessment: "Nothing is random; they have a mission - a goal, a set of objectives - we just don't know what that is at the moment. That, in and of itself, may be their actual objective: to keep us in the dark until it's too late." Farrier went on to urge the international community to get involved, as "those that have currently are far too little to be truly effective."

Since stretching their legs beyond the Gamma Quadrant, it is true that the Gata'ja have faced more significant hurdles in their stampeding cataclysm. Both independent parties and state-actors have begun to take-up arms against the gluttonous menace from beyond the frontier, but these remain few and far between. "People are letting themselves become victims to this terror," Colonel Farrier stated, "They're too busy worried about their own slice of the pie to even attempt to see the bigger picture; they're missing something here." When asked as to what, specifically, was being "missed," Farrier responded:

    "Do you really believe they're doing this on their own? Had you even heard of this species a year ago, five, ten years ago? [...] There is a bigger game afoot; if I had to bet money on it, they're working at the behest of another party - or parties. Whether this is explicit and some benefactor is trying to play the stage, or whether the Gata'ja were themselves merely a target of opportunity, I cannot say. I can merely speculate that this isn't the last we'll hear of them, even if they are eventually repulsed back to the putrid hollow from whence they came."
To many this mindset displays why the Great Displacement and its handling has become such a controversial topic of discussion in astropolitics. With so many displaced persons, desperate for assistance and, in many cases, mere hope, they run the risk of themselves becoming the victims of a far grander theater of realpolitik. "We have some [star-states] arming them," Farrier commented, "and others ignoring them wholesale - if not worse. It's only a matter of time until we have more refugees that are willing to take-up arms and, perhaps, even join the Gata'ja - the very party that may have displaced many of them - rather than be made victims time and time again."

Written by Kyrusia
Free State Republic Confirms Martial Re-organization
Devastated Republic Begins Reintroduction to Galaxy

Following yet another year without incursion by the Ashren'Vo since their catastrophic attack on the Free State Republic five years ago, the FSR has announced a "notable shift" in foreign policy in the coming years, officially marking the beginning of the Free State Republic's reintroduction to the galactic community at-large. "We're ready to get back on the horse," a representative of the Office of Security stated at a Galactinet press conference this week, "We're rebuilding physically, emotionally, and now we have to begin rebuilding our ties with the world."

Even so, this marks only the latest major step on the road of reconstruction and re-integration that the Free State Republic has made since the loss of two planetary systems to a devastating, genocidal strike by the Ashren'Vo species half a decade ago. "The 'Crumple Zone' was the first step after we began to pick-up the pieces," a representative of the Republican Spatial Navy elaborated, "It was meant to serve as a buffer from the Ashren'Vo, raiding parties, and other potential aggressors from deeper within Gamma. It has, suffice to say, played that role admirably." Over concerns that the "Crumple Zone," a sort of Republican military frontier, may be abandoned in the coming years, both the Offices of Order and Security dismissed the notion, stating that "all plans as they currently stand include the integration of the 'Crumple Zone' into our over-arching foreign policy direction."

The core of this new step by the Republic includes the deployment of Republican Spatial Naval assets deeper into the Gamma Quadrant - both rimward and coreward - from the "Crumple Zone," as well as the re-organization of the Republican Marshals Service to include the mission of protecting the "Crumple Zone" and Republican commercial assets in deeper trade lanes. "Our goal is," a member of the Marshals Service explained, "to cooperate with our newfound allies - including the Liu Xiu Administrative Council, we hope - to help bring greater security to parties in-transit between major commerce hubs in Gamma and, potentially, the Alpha Quadrant as well."

This shift includes a variety of proposals to the Republican government regarding how such might be accomplished; chief amongst these - and currently most popular with the Republican citizenry - is the foundation of of a relay-station and outpost network in the "Crumple Zone" and in Republican trade spurs leading to the Lanthine Lee, Solarian Trade Corridor, and others. When asked about this proposal, a representative from the Office of Security stated that "all options are currently on the table" and that the "Republic is already in contact with several foreign parties which have shown a willingness to assist in both reconstruction and further re-integration and preventative measures."

Regardless, we here at the Patriots of the Frontier wish to extend our continued condolences to those lost in the disasters of the Kilmer and Quixie Systems. The Galaxy has not forgotten the lives of those who went defending the Free State Republic and humanity from inhuman and inhumane aggressors and vile predation. You are forever in our hearts.

Written by Kyrusia
The "PersExit": Perseid Federation Withdraws from GESO
Financial Analysts Fear Dire Economic Impacts to Come

After being party to the Galactic Economic and Security Organization for the better part of two decades, the Perseid Federation's national legislature, known as the Ecclesia, officially passed legislation terminating the Federation's membership with GESO, immediately sending waves through the galactic community. Chief Spokesman of Archon Cotsadis, Philomela Mehalitsenou, was immediately met with questions from the international community at-large, stating, "[This decision] was not taken lightly by the Perseid government, nor was it desirable for the Perseid Federation to leave."

This marks the end of an era for the Perseid Federation, a major player in the internal alliance politics of the Galactic Economic and Security Organization, and according to financial experts, may spell doom for both GESO and the Federation. Financier and expert on the Sivulon Trade Network, Cyrano Lagana, stated:

    "The 'PersExit', I feel, will make a significant blow against [GESO's] economic and commercial ventures. [...] While the Federation seems to intend to maintain many diplomatic ties on a bilateral level with extant members of the Organization, [the Federation] has effectively nullified the multilateral free trade initiatives established directly by [GESO's Charter]. This could spell big trouble in the coming years, both for the Federation and GESO - especially if renogiation of bilateral free trade treaties sours. [...] If either set of parties becomes belligerent or uncooperative, we could see a substantial decrease in trade volume in the Sivulon Network, not to even mention the potentially punitive and protectionist tariff regimes that may arise from the quagmire - though such seems unlikely on the Federation's part."
Other analysts, notably Delphine Anastos, a financial expert specializing in the foreign trade of the Axia, the Federation's national currency, have been more optimistic. "[GESO] are getting the worse end of this deal," she recently stated at a financial insiders' conference discussing the "PersExit," "They may have, as an organization, just lost future presumptive access to the Sivulon Network, which could greatly depreciate their ability to access the Solarian Trade Corridor and the Gamma trade lane networks." Anastos went on to say that while certain members of the Galactic Economic and Security Organization maintain bilateral trade agreements with the Federation through the Organ of Commerce and Finance, many others do not, forcing a complex process of back-and-forth bilateral economic talks simply to regain what she called a "previously-presumptive golden egg-laying hen" - in reference to the Sivulon Network.

Even so, many see further problems - for all involved - looming on the horizon. Those close to Archon Cotsadis have expressed concerns that with the "PersExit" being approved, the Federation may lose access to their previously-secured funds as a part of the Galactic Aid and Development Agency (GADA), chiefly being used to finance the accommodation and settlement of those affected by the Great Displacement. Such may spell doom for many of those refugees and migrants currently fleeing conflict zones, especially if GADA financing becomes a proverbial "political hot potato" between the Perseid government and the GESO organizational bureaucracy.

"We were no longer willing to accept their belligerence," Chief Spokesman Mehalitsenou went on to elaborate the justification for the Federation's withdrawal, despite these concerns, "This administration feels [many signatory parties of GESO] were heading down a road to conflict with several Gamma and Delta-based states - conflict that we did not feel was supported by factual evidence. We will make every effort to continue to negotiate with [GESO parties], but despite our trepidation, the time ultimately came for our solemn withdrawal."

Despite such confirmations, concerns continue to mount on both sides. Many analysts fear a loss of investment by GESO-affiliated parties in Perseid business ventures may result in a loss of considerable revenue and, ultimately, the inability of the Federation to make assurances that traffic in the Sivulon Trade Network will be protected - something that is recently approaching a level of critical concern as piratical elements continue to pop-up in the Alpha Quadrant with renewed fervor. Yet still, others cite the Perseid Federation's economy as "a key economy in [GESO], providing trillions of Credits in investment, revenue and industrial output" per year; such speculate that the sudden loss of this investment could rapidly result in a financial collapse amongst GESO signatory states if certain other, influential and economically healthy star-states within the Organization cannot or are unwilling to fill this void.

Regardless of speculation, financial analysts are certain in one thing: the "PersExit" will likely have an impact on the Federation in some way, shape, or form. Concerns over financial instability are always at the forefront, and while many agree some degree of minor recession may be possible in the Perseid Federation, analysts feel confident such is equally as likely in GESO-affiliated star-states that heavily relied on the GESO Charter's free trade stipulations and, thus, presumptive capital injection from Perseid ventures and enterprises. Only time will ultimately tell, however, what kind of impact the Federation's withdrawal will truly have, both on the Federation and the Galactic Economic and Security Organization itself.

Written by Kyrusia
BREAKING NEWS: Suspected Gata'ja Raiding Fleet Intrudes into Talosian Expanse
Imperial and Federal Union Deploys Counter-offensive Force to Rheinwacht Line

Sources within the Imperial and Federal Union have confirmed that several Gata'ja raiding groups have intruded into the Talosian Expanse and fallen upon several worlds constituting the Rheinwacht Line. A spokesman from the Imperial and Federal Navy stated earlier this morning that "forces have been deployed to drive-off the Gata'ja incursion and help sure-up the [Talosian] Expanse in general." As of yet, the exact size of the Imperial and Federal counter-force has not been released, though military experts are concerned.

"The Talosian Expanse is notoriously a logistic liability," Colonel (Ret.) David Farrier, a regular contributor to Galactinet News, said, "and [the Imperial and Federal Union] has been trying to correct this issue for quite some time now." Since the beginning of the Great Displacement, the Imperial and Federal Union has been deliberately seeding habitable and uninhabitable worlds in the Talosian Expanse with resettled refugee populations, an act which has increasingly begun to concern observers. "This is further complicated by the fact that much of the [Talosian] Expanse is contested," Colonel Farrier continued, "The Huerdaen want their own piece of the pie, as always." Many observers have, as well, increasingly taken note of the structure of the military frontier and its resettlement procedures as outlined by the Imperial and Federal Union, causing concern that the resettlement of refugee populations may simply be used as "buffer populations" to the notoriously chaotic and conflicted regions of the inner Delta Quadrant.

"They're using the [refugees] as a shield," famous pro-refugee integration activist Michelle Lefione stated, "They want to use them as a 'meat shield' against the Huerdaen; that's the only reason [the Imperial and Federal Union] are taking them in: they're willing to sacrifice migrant lives, but not their own citizens." This has been a point of critical concern for some since the Union announced their intention to begin resettlement programs along the Rheinwacht Line; with the now-evident Gata'ja raiding in the same sectors, said concern has come to the forefront. "Once again," Lefione stated, "the [refugees] will be made political puppets of the interstellar war machine and galactic game of greed."

As of now, Galactinet News has entered into negotiations with the Imperial and Federal Navy in an attempt to embed reporters amongst the counter-offensive contingency. As this situation is currently evolving, few further details are known, though - as always - Galactinet News will continue to bring updates to the Galaxy as soon as they become available.

Written by Kyrusia
Genocide in the Dark: Uulchi Commit Grave Atrocities in Occupied System
Heineous "Pacification" of Zhangbian People's Republic Begins

Seemingly unbeknownst to the power-players of the Galaxy, each too-consumed in their own greed and avarice to take note, the Huañak Cluster continues to devolve into an example of sapient-on-sapient predation and slaughter. In the last several months, the Uulchi World School has conducted a variety of campaigns against the Cluster's myriad inhabitants, each more heinous than the last. Each of these, however, pales in comparison the the level of debasement the uulchi have stooped to this time.

For the crime of "defying the World School," the Zhangbian People's Republic faces an order of "pacification" from the World School. We here at ActivisMedia will not abide by the euphemism of a tyrannical regime; in short, the uulchi warmongers have chosen to exterminate the Zhangbian people simply for refusing to adhere to whatever desires or will the World School placed upon them in burden. To that end, the World School has dispatched a so-called "Pacification Fleet" to the Zhangbian System for the express purpose of conducting this blatant act of genocide; across the system, enormous "pacification facilities" or death camps have been erected with the intent of much of the Zhangbian people being relocated to them for the express purpose of their subsequent annihilation.

"They're dumping us into nuclear forges," one of the few Zhangbian escapees told us, "They're— They're just lining us up and dropping us in! How can they do this? We are alive; we are living people, and you're killing us for something we didn't do!" The uuluchi-perpetrated atrocities do not end there. In many places across Zhangbian, children as young as twelve are being sent to their deaths alongside their parents; those "fortunate" enough to be beneath the age of eleven are ripped from their parent's bosom and whisked away to sites unknown.

"The international community is ignoring this," said freelance journalist Nikole Wuerhos, "They've completely ignored it - entirely." Well-known critic of how the international community has been responding to the Great Displacement, Wuerhos went on to state that the genocide in the Zhangbian System may add as many as "two billion" new migrants and displaced persons to the ever-increasing tide of refugees. "Two billion more sapients who face uncertainty," Wuerhos stated, "Uncertainty, prejudice, specism, and institutionalized apathy. The blood of the Zhangbian people is on their hands."

ActivisMedia has repeatedly attempted to embed journalists into the Huañak Cluster conflict zone with minimal success. The overwhelming presence of the uulchi combined with insurrectionary activities near the Zhangbian System have made it nigh-impossible to document the atrocities of the World School first hand; even so, eye-witness testimony against the uulchi continues to mount each and every day, with stories being compiled and distributed to the Galaxy - even if the Galaxy has chosen not to listen.
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Written by Valinon
WEEKLY FEATURE: The Dispossessed
Refugee Crisis Throughout the Galactic Volumes

The crisis referred to as the Great Displacement continues to impact an increasing portion of the Milky Way's international community. Previously restricted to local volumes targeted by Gata'ja raiders and other hostilities, affected communities stretch along many major galactic trade routes including the Lanthe, the Swift Winds Trade Route, the Eucer Corridor, the Solarian Trade Corridor, and more. Reports of refugees seeking sanctuary are near-universal across the galactic arms with only Huerdaen space and other trans-Scutum-Centaurus Arm states providing limited or no reporting of increased sentient migration.

The instability--if not outright collapse--of the international system in Beta leaves these volumes ill-equipped to handle the influx of refugees continuing to seek safer systems away from those plagued by warfare, piracy, and other raiding activities. The increasing number of states and star systems seeing an increasing in shipping and other transportation activities due to the Displacement are reaching historic proportions, with several Raumreich and Solarian sentient rights organisations declaring it the greatest crisis since the collapse of the galaxy's second era of integrated alliances more than two centuries ago. Parallels to that era's weakening international institutions are easily observable and several governments in the Solarian Reaches are expressing a concern that this may drive trends of civil collapse well into the Alpha quadrant.

Newton's First Law of Motion states that a body at rest stays at rest unless an outside force disturbs it. The Great Displacement is an expression of this maxim as a societal paradigm. Conflicts, feeble economics, and even feebler governments are the external forces driving hundreds of millions of sentients from their homes with little expectation for a homecoming in either the short- or long- term future. Media reports are rife with images of overloaded ships and urban violence throughout the galactic volumes to an extent that makes it impossible for the concept of "frontline states" to even be considered, much less defined on an astrographical chart.

"How long can this go on? The decision to bar additional refugee migration to the Liu Xiu SEZ on the Lanthe and encourage resettlement farther away from the Gata'ja raiding volumes was prudent, but it cannot be a solution if international governments and alliances fail to provide reasonable--if not permanent--safe alternative for those displaced throughout the galaxy," Baroness Genevieve Alessandra Zayas, shadow Home Minister, said in a debate in the Valinor Diet. ‘If current trends are sustained, more than two billion sentients will become refugees before the year ends. More if recent increases in raider activities are not dealt with! All this weakens the international system that never fully recovered from the Second Collapse.'

Most commentators and several policy think-tanks have studied the disruptions and stressed caused by the Displacement on established states at the expense of emerging nations, such as the Dominion of Wudrye. Wudrye's government decided to open its territory to trade and immigration from around the galaxy since the completion of a Ringworld habitat in its home system. Several official programmes are on-going to encourage corporations, and independent merchants and traders, to make use of the the new Wudrye ports. While not officially endorsed, news of the Ringworld is attracting some refugees looking to escape instability in either Gamma or Beta.

"We know nothing of these emerging states, or may as well," said Christian Caryle, director for emergent states at the League International. "I'm glad the League of the Raumreich and many nations are not encouraging or subsidising direct migration to the emergent community, but there is still a responsibility to ensure refugees are not being exploited by predatory states using the lack of contact with the international community as a screen for less beneficent intentions."

Reports of refugee predation by state and non-state actors are increasing. The Interstellar Empire of Nyte attracts both condemnation and affirmation from various members of the galactic community for its programmes that arm, train, and supply numerous refugee groups. Despite recent policy changes, Nyte's programmes are viewed as an even greater source of conflict as refugees originally armed to defend themselves from pirates and raiders join radical groups or sell their arms and munitions on the black market. The Interstellar Empire's are still reeling from an ActivisMedia expose that several pirates attempted to claim weapons as refugees.

The milieu of public concern, growing official involvement, and worsening civil disruption is demonstrating that the Milky Way's diplomatic environment exhibits some of predictable foundations resembling the physics of the space it inhabits. Bodies at rest stay at rest until an outside force disturbs them; there is accumulating evidence that the Third Law of Motion maxim is resonating throughout the galactic communities.

Negotiations continue at the Icosakhilos Summit as multiple nations join the Perseid Federation in an effort to find a resolution to the Displacement for the Perseus Arm community, if not for the galaxy at large. The summit is the latest ad hoc diplomatic forum to address various crises and issues facing the Milky Way, joining previous Galactic Assemblies and various inter-alliance arrangements. These forums have grown in importance since the Second Collapse, but their methods of finding viable solutions remain more measured than expedient. If successful, the summit participants may create the first interstellar convention on refugees not led by a major alliance or power bloc outside the Solarian Reaches. Several ambassadors attending the summit on behalf of their government issued assurances that progress continues when reached for comment by Galactic Meridian. The voting participants and observers are seeking to form a steering committee to create international leadership for the proceedings.

While the potential for the Icosahkhilos Summit is great, the fractious nature of the current galactic political climate excels at driving smaller unilateral or multilateral solutions among individual state actors to find more expedient solutions. The United Star Commonwealth, a developing power near the Solarian Reaches, is the most recent state seeking to implement a unilateral solution to the Displacement. The Commonwealth's governing council formally dedicated state and military resources to addressing the Displacement earlier this month.

The Commonwealth Council voted to create the Commonwealth Relief and Support Expedition Command (COMSUP Command) in a near unanimous decision. The new force is led by Admiral Marcus Cangorra and is built around the USC Navy's Twelfth Fleet. Cangorra is assuming command of a reinforced fleet assuming responsibility for the Twelfth Fleet's operational area, basing stations, and commerce protection duties. His new mandate will build these responsibilities into a new operation to facilitate the movement of refugees away from combat and raiding zones.

In a broadcast disseminated by several local volume news media, President Sebastian Ko of the Commonwealth addressed the Council's decision.

"The Commonwealth may not have been on the international scene for long, comparatively, to other actors in the galaxy, but one thing is clear. What is happening throughout the galaxy is unacceptable, and it is our job as well as every other nation in the galaxy who is able to help these people find a safe place from those who would see them killed or enslaved. With regards to the vote and our presence in the Beta Quadrant, the Commonwealth has a stake in the happenings of the Beta Quadrant if we like to admit it or not; whilst Beta is seen to be stable throughout what is being called the Great Displacement, it still has its problems and these problems directly affect the Citizens of the United Star Commonwealth. What we voted to do is stabilise regions of space and free them from pirates and raiders and foster trade and growth throughout the Quadrant."

It is not clear if the USC efforts will coordinate with existing commerce protection and peacekeeping operations in the surrounding volumes. These include the ZMI Long Patrol, the Rhustarim Hegemony's anti-raider operations, and the League Anti-Piracy Efforts of the Raumreich. It is also not clear if their refugee resettlement efforts are supported by other states in the local community. When asked for comment, the Valinor Foreign Ministry stated that contact with the USC was established but declined to provide further details. Elizabeth Azikiwe, a ministry spokesperson, noted that the erosion of diplomatic norms and communication beyond the Solarian Reaches continues to hinder efforts to broadly address the Displacement with the greater galactic community.

"The prime minister and Minister von Gentz remain open to finding new partners capable of supporting our efforts and those of the League. However, it takes time to find potential partners and establish necessary relations," Azikiwe said. "Our concerns mirror those of the League. We must not allow expediency to override our commitment to the refugee communities permanent safety."

Azikiwe's statements were reinforced by Archduke von Metternicht during his appearance on UVNN's City Paradigms analysis shows. When asked what this meant for proposing resettlement for refugees, the prime minister said honesty was key.

"We cannot lie to these people. We must make it clear that the conditions they are fleeing from are unlikely to improve in the short-term. They are leaving their homes, and it is unlikely they will be able to return home for decades. That is why the government wants to relocate them as far as possible from conflict zones along the Sagittarius and Norma arms. It is my understanding these are sentiments shared by the other League states," said von Metternicht.

The Valinor government is only one of a chorus of voices from in or near the Solarian Reaches. Their message is phrased differently but with the same implication. There is relatively little that can be done to stem or prevent the crisis. Management of the surge of migrants is the only practical option available at the moment. Several of the Reaches' richest countries and alliance blocs are using existing institutions and treaties implemented following conflicts and similar displacements more than two centuries ago. Ultimately, these institutions can absorb some but not all of the current refugee population and may not be able to keep pace with the growing number of displaced sentients. The facilities and infrastructure supporting these institutions are also located light millennia from the major spatial volumes impacted by the crises, leading to a disconnect between the location of services and those that need them most.

The disconnect and discussions to address it are far from the first concerns of the refugees currently filling galactic trade lanes and ports. One refugee, a former government official in his home system, declined to be identified by name but did offer a comment on the position assumed by many governments in the Solarian Reaches.

"The galaxy is too small to allow a part--any part--to fall into chaos. If this is not stopped, it will spread and who knows who can stop it."

Written by Kyrusia
The Great Displacement: Heads-and-Tails in the Gamma Quadrant
Alexzonya Seeing Mixed Responses to Refugee Plans

While those touched by the Great Displacement seem to be readily concentrating their migration to the G-South, the media has often ignored their impact on the domestic polities within the Gamma Quadrant itself. This came to a change in the past weeks as the Galactic Republic of Alexzonya opened its arms to those who have turned toward the interior of the quadrant. Fleet Admiral Rebecca Hawthorn, reacting to a line of questioning from a GalactiNet News partner's (Alexzonyian News Network) journalist, stated: "I have the utmost confidence that our men and women in uniform are up to the task of keeping Alexzonyians and refugees alike safe and in preventing the surge in piracy and strife that has been seen in other parts of the Gamma Quadrant."

Such a welcoming policy comes on the heels of a continued deluge of refugee and migrant vessels flooding the Alexzonyian Starways in recent weeks, such coming to require an official action policy out of Horizon Center. Currently, representatives close to the Mason administration have stated they are "confident in the nation's preparedness," going so far as to initiate a plan to construct a staging area on the planet of Jubilee Prime capable of housing upwards of seven-hundred fifty (750) million displaced persons in the immediate term. "Steps are being taken to ensure the [Galactic Republic] is capable of housing those affected," an unnamed representative of the Mason administration stated, "All we ask is for patience at this time; it is our hope such will act as a 'release valve' on those impacted elsewhere."

Despite the proverbial spin coming from the Mason administration, others close to the Alexzonyian government seem to hold less confidence in the efficacy of the plan for Jubilee Prime. An anonymous source within the Interstellar Transportation Advisory contacting a GalactiNet News affiliate expressed concerns over recent problems arising from what was deemed as the "overwhelmed and unreliability" of the Automatic Traffic Control System (ATCS) - a system responsible for directing traffic along the Alexzonyian Starways. The anonymous source further heavily implied that attempts at coordinating with the Galactic Republic's Starfleet in an attempt to alleviate the ATCS and provide greater protective coverage to the Starways has been otherwise inadequate or unresponsive. Domestic commentators have opined that such may be due to the loss of two Starfleet warships in the last two weeks, evidently lost to pirate activity based upon a Government Records and Archives Transparency Act (GRATA) request lodged with the Military Affairs Advisory. Such seems to further confirm speculative reports that in response to heightened concerns over brigandage both commercial and civilian captains have been "ordered to stay in port unless accompanied by military escort."

Beyond reported problems, however, the Alexzonyian citizenry seems split over the Mason administration's plans to assist in the Great Displacement, as evidence by a recent drop of seven points in Mason's approval rating (down from 58% just a month previous). An Alexzonyian political party - Alexzonya Progress! - somewhat notorious for its disapproval of the Mason administration's handling of the growing crises on the Galactic Republic's doorstep thus far went so far as to condemn the Mason administration for what it calls "store-housing" in otherwise isolated volumes of the star-state. Yet still, this runs in exact opposite to the Alexzonya Nationalist political party which has demanded a closure of the Republic's borders to foreign immigration, with special emphasis placed upon refugee and migrant populations.

Criticism notwithstanding, GalactiNet News highlights the plight of those Gamman polities in their assistance to those touched by the Great Displacement and wishes to thank its affiliates with the Alexzonyian News Network. The Galactic Republic is not alone, however, as many states within the Gamma Quadrant are still contending with the flow of migrant populations from conflict zones nearby or within their periphery and seem poised to stand along the front for many months to come.

Written by Valinon
Tensions Rising Near Khand Cluster
Terran Extremist Government Emerges from Sector


The Protectorate of Khand, a splinter group of the larger God-Emperor of Mankind fascist-religious movement, is reestablishing contact with the galaxy as a large warp storm impacting its superluminal capabilities wanes. The resumption of normal navigation is allowing an increase in naval active along the volume of space the Protectorate designates as the Khand Cluster. Information on these activities is limited, but military forces from other nations and private security forces are reporting that contact with Protectorate scouts are increasing. Attempts by both state actors and news media to contact the Khandosian authorities have failed.


The God-Emperor of Mankind movement remains one of the most martial and fanatical movements confronting the Milky Way Galaxy. The emergence of another government purporting to represent the will of the God-Emperor (suspected to be a ruler of Earth in a fractal reality) is likely to produce conflict throughout the local volume. The fascist-religious movement is noted for its pattern of expansionism, forced religious conversion, anti-SI stance, and periodic genocidal cleansing.

Lack of contact with the Protectorate authorities are expected evidence of the regime preparing of a self-described "imperial crusade" or other larger military operation. The pattern of these regimes is one of securing external territory to promote domestic security and present an external threat their populace. Extreme caution is advised by government authorities from across the galaxy to those traveling in this volume, and several neighbouring states are already bringing their military and security forces to full readiness.

Market Analysis

A crusade or other large military operation is expected to disrupt normal commerce throughout the local volumes in the near-future. Private sector entities of all sizes may expect an extreme decrease in profitability and a rising risk in continuing to operate near Protectorate space. Populations and persons that are non-Terran or significantly modified from baseline Terran norms are especially at risk…

Written by Lubyak
Nyte Arms Refugees, Mobilises Fleet!
Interstellar Empire of Nyte Increases Naval Patrols and Increases Scrutiny of Armed Refugees

Horror! The plight of the refugees attempting to escape the ravages of war spread across the galaxy, affecting every quadrant and arm in a grim show of the barbarism beings are capable of inflicting upon themselves!

Thankfully, they are not left alone to suffer alone! Much like our own program along the wilds of the Reinwacht, the Interstellar Empire of Nyte has been arming the refugees that pass through its borders, so they may better defend themselves against the dastardly pirates and slavers who prey upon the weak! Yet perfidy strikes, as the same villains who would prey upon the refugees attempt to infiltrate the Nyte programs! Thankfully, many of these outlaws have been caught, and faced public justice on the executioner's block.

Nonetheless, the Nyte program has slowed as they are forced to increase screening efforts, to keep weapons in the right hands!

Yet, the refugees are not the only ones in this fight. Confidential sources have reported that the Interstellar Empire's Navy has begun to mobilise, sending flotillas and squadrons along the great trade routes to better protect the refugees who continue to flood past the Empire's borders. More worrying still, reports and rumours circulate telling of strange ships that seem like ordinary merchant ships, before they reveal their treacherous nature with hidden guns. These Q-Ships have been rampaging amongst refugees all over Gamma, overwhelmingly targeting humans above all else.

Who is behind these attacks? What are their motives? Hear from our team of experts out with our full report tonight at 23:00 IST!

Written by Lubyak
Perseid Military Expansion: Cause for Concern or Source of Stability?
Perseid Defence Ministry Announces Record Size Military Expansion

The stereotype that the Alpha Quadrant is home to nothing but moribund empires, content to indulge in an endless stream of nostalgic navel-gazing upon their own days of past glory seem to have become ever more laughable in recent days. Alongside the significant motions by the Valinor government throughout all of the Lanthine region, (see [Valinon Headline]), the Perseid Federation continues its newfound tradition of sending wave after wave through the politics of the galaxy.

Governments and investors across the galaxy are still attempting to deal with the economic repercussions of the "PersExit" from the Galactic Economic & Security Organisation, while many of the most powerful states and insitutions in modern astropolitics remain gathered at the Icosakhilos Conference to discuss the continual progress of the Great Displacement in the rimward regions. But the tides of diplomacy hardly stray far from talk of blood and iron, and developments in the Perseid Federation show that there--much like the rest of the galaxy--it remains a time to forge swords, rather than plows.

The Organ of Defense stunned many today with its announcement of the largest expansion and modernisation plan of the Astrostratós since the Ouranos War. The new expansion program consists of both new naval construction, modernisation of both voidbound and planetside hardware, along with extensive infrastructure upgrades. An improved Metaxas drive that will grant Perseid ships superior inter-ship communications and maneuverability, even when in phase space is also on the list of equipment intended for delivery to Perseid forces over the course of this new expansion program. According to Perseid announcements, over the next few years, the Astrostratós will receive a new superdreadnought, a dozen fleet carriers, along with additional cruisers, destroyers, along with new firearms and power armour. This new construction represents a major expansion of Perseid naval power, along with updated equipment for planetary forces. When combined with the developments in the realms of communication and navigation, a report by the Emperor Frederick Centre for Realm Security states that, "[t]he completion of the New Phalanx program...will grant the Perseid Federation a significantly expansion in power projection capabilities."

Needless to say, the developments of the Perseid expansion program has been cause for concern among many in the defence community. Commodore Rudolf Merrick (Ret.), defence correspondent for our Nakabe Station, offered his thoughts on the matter, stating that: "The Perseid program, when combined with the Persxit, shows us hints of a state making a bid great power status." Commodore Merrick's views were also represented in the Federal Diet, where Lord Arys Ormundson entered a motion for the Diet to officially counsel the Emperor to withdraw His ambassador from the Icosakhilos Conference in protest of what he called, " invitation to an arms race".

The motion failed to pass, and the Emperor has not offered official comment on the matter.

The announcement of the program has been met more warmly by other parties. Chief Spokesman for Archon Katsiavria, Hypatos Savvaides asserted that the modernisation program was a tool for preservation of peace and extension of security within the quadrant, saying that: "[The expansion is a] natural response to the increasing instability brought about by piracy that may threaten any peaceful endeavors conducted by interstellar polities such as commerce or investment, especially when these are threats that have grown closer to home." A consortium of merchant houses and companies, led by the Ostend Trading Company, released a statement highlighting the value of increased security along the Sivulon Trade Net to interstellar voidbound commerce, especially with the continued rampage of pirates in the Alpha Quadrant since the beginning of the Great Displacement.

In the same report noting the increased power projection, the Emperor Frederick Centre's report also stated that the PersExit may not have been as peaceable as popularly believed, and that the defence project may well be an attempt by the Omospondia to assert its own ability to defend itself in the aftermath of its exit from GESO. Interstellar currency markets, shipping rates, and joint stock values have been fluctuating wildly since the exit, and the announcement of renewed Perseid military strength has done much to calm some of the wilder fluctuations.

The continued development of the Perseid Federation in the aftermath of the PersExit will be a central issue in the astropolitics of galaxy for a long time to come. What had once been thought of as "the slumbering quadrant," has begun to wake again, and time will tell what has risen amongst those old stars.

Written by Valinon
Great Game Intensifies: R.u.B. Solidifies Gains in Talosian Expanse
Union Authorities Improve Infrastructure, Defence


The Great Displacement (referred to as the Great Migration by R.u.B. authorities) continues to drive instability throughout the Talosian Expanse. Shipping and other transportation infrastructure throughout the R.u.B is reported at being at or beyond capacity. Drydock and basic berthing/port facilities for megatonne and larger private vessels and warships are the most impacted. The high demand is driven equally by refugees and Union colonists seeking passage to the Rheinwacht Line and other developing systems in the Expanse.

The stressed facilities and infrastructure is prompting a response from the Imperial Union government. It has announced new facilities are to be constructed in the Eire, Delos, and Rourke's Bane systems. These facilities will include berths and additional construction for medium-classed vessels (as defined by R.u.B. local standards). Additional deep space tugs are also being deployed to clear the transition lanes between the Expanse colonies and the rest of R.u.B space.

These developments are supplemented by a contract awarded to Aninor-Tikal Heavy Industries for the expansion of the Embermane Yards at Ulpool in the Farlights. The construction project is called the Lanstaff Annex by R.u.B. authorities. At completion, the Lanstaff Annex will increase the Embermane Yards' construction slips and drydocks, and make these facilities capable of building and serving the largest of R.u.B. void-bound ships.

The scale of construction at Ulpool far outstrips similar projects in the Expanse, but the overall trend is evidence of Union authorities efforts to increase their industrial capacity and further maximise their position in the Expanse.


Rumours surround R.u.B. in the Expanse and beyond. Most are focused on the Lanstaff Annex making the Embermane Yards capable of capital ship construction. Current Union capacity for capital ship construction of any type is limited to facilities in the Cismuratian core regions, including the Imperial Main, Enlisian Mark, and Nakabe. Completion of the annex will significantly increase the R.u.B. Navy's operational capacity in the Expanse and make it capable of sustaining extensive capital fleet formations. Spokespersons for both the Navy and Aninor-Tikal denied these claims and insist the additional capacity is designed for civilian purposes. The annex will make Ulpool the largest shipyard and industrial facility not located in imperial home systems.

The infrastructure projects represent an expansion of a larger programme initiated with the clearing of the Labyrinth. All are efforts designed to improve the R.u.B. Navy's logistical ability to sustain operations in the Expanse. They also more closely integrate these developing systems with the imperial metropole and make further colonial expansion easier for years to come.

The R.u.B. is expected to seize the initiative presented by the Great Displacement and the end of the Frontier War. The Analytic Collective expects further projects and the deployment of additional naval assets to be sustained for a decade or more. Union authorities continue to support their domestic effort through the legalised conscription of refugees and the expansion of commerce protection efforts throughout their territory.

Market Analysis

The R.u.B. claims a place among the few nations in the Delta Quadrant seeking to improve local conditions throughout the volume and promoting some degree of stability. Its commerce protection efforts are the primary contribution to improving economic and trade climates throughout the Talosian Expanse. Various private corporations and independent ships can continue to expect a premium on their services while the Union builds new facilities. This will be used to temporarily meet the capacity shortages in R.u.B. domestic shipping and facilities.

Ships transiting to R.u.B. territories and the Expanse continue to find willing passengers among refugees desperate to escape Gata'ja raiding volumes and other conflict zones.

Written by Lubyak
Evening Galactic Report
...Confirmed Casualties; Dominion of Wudrye Opens Borders; Storm Hibiki Reaches...

...once again, our hearts and prayers go out to those who have suffered in the violence of conflict.

In other news, cheers fill the stars along coreward reaches of the Delta Quadrant as the Dominion of Wudrye celebrates the completion of its newest megastructure! This beautiful ringworld hangs about a star like a king's circlet, marking their entry onto the galactic stage. In these dark days of displacement and war, the manufactured sentience systems that play a major role in the governance of Wurdye prove a welcome site, beckoning merchants, diplomats, and tourists to come to their system. On behalf of the Emperor's Own Wireless Service, we welcome you to the stellar community.

And now to Hansel with a report on the chymetic storm currently developing along the Wizard's Pass...

Written by Lubyak
BREAKING NEWS: New Information Released in the Ambrosia Disaster
3,400 Confirmed Dead; Suicide Bombing Suspected as Cause

And now, a return to our continuing coverage of the Ambrosia starliner disaster.

In a widely anticipated event, the Preliminary Investigative Report on the destruction of the Ambrosia has been released today to the governments of concerned parties. To recap what we know so far, on 22 February, 1134 P.L. (20.0016 GST) at approximately 17:30 local time the Ambrosia was destroyed by a series of explosions, that broke its keel, and severed the ship in two. At the time of its destruction, the Ambrosia was in orbit at the SVαU-1204/4.7 system in the Alpha Quadrant, travelling down the Solarian Trade Corridor, outbound from the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone. Although salvage operations are continuing at this point, current estimates hold that of the nearly five thousand beings aboard the Ambrosia as passengers and crew, anywhere from one thousand three hundred and fifty to over three thousand casualties have occurred. Many more are still missing, potentially trapped within the wreckage of the luxury liner. A list of confirmed casualties and missing persons is available on your local Foreign Office network address or consulate.

With the release of the Preliminary Investigative Report of the Ambrosia starliner disaster, several key pieces of new information have come to light. Although a full version of the report has not yet been released to media, the Foreign Office has released a summary, along with its own commentary on the incident to IIW. Our analysts are still going over the information provided by His Majesty's Government and Counsellors, as well as information from our own sources. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

In its statement, the Foreign Office confirmed that the destruction of the Ambrosia was not a drive malfunction, as had been previously reported, but rather a deliberate act by a terrorist organisation known as "Wildfire." It is currently believed that the destruction of the Ambrosia was the result of a suicide attack by an as yet unknown human young adult male, who boarded the ship with false documentation. Shortly before the destruction of the Ambrosia, a message was transmitted to ship's operator corporation, Interstellar Star Tours, Ltd. This message alleged to be from an organisation identifying itself as "Wildfire" claiming responsibility for the attack on the Ambrosia as well as responsibility for previous attacks on multiple targets in the Liu Xiu system.

"Wildfire" was previously known as a local terrorist group within the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone that launched a series of suicide attacks during what was known as the "Wildfire Season". Wildfire was thought to have been destroyed by the Liu Xiu Administrative Council, and it is unclear whether the organisation currently claiming responsibility for the destruction of the Ambrosia is a survivor of the original Wildfire, an attempt by a new group to assume the old mantle, or even a false flag operation by an unknown party. However, the modus operandi of using suicide attacks, as well as some of the rhetoric contained in the message to IST matched with what is previously known about the Wildfire organisation.

The alleged motivation of the attack has been tied to the ongoing Great Displacement, with the accompanying video message laying blame for the attack on the failure of state's to properly respond to the crisis. The attached message claims that "Wildfire" had begun to mix with the refugee population passing through Liu Xiu, and aims to spread further, and continue attacks on states that they view as doing too little to help aid those harmed by the Great Displacement. The Foreign Office commented that there is no evidence to believe that any but a small group of refugees have been radicalised by Wildfire ideology.

In the aftermath of the revelation that Wildfire might be attached to refugee populations, some bodies have already begun to decry the resettlement and arming of refugees along the Rheinwacht Line in the Talosian Expanse. Noted activist Michelle Lefione has previously claimed that the resettlement effort was a ploy to use the refugees as a "meat shield" against Huerdaen aggression, and--at a speech earlier today--stated that, "[m]ilitarisation of the refugee population has only gone to show that they have been excluded from society," further arguing that the continued resettlement program would only encourage further radicalisation.

Members of the Tory Party in the Federal Diet had their own statements in response to these revelations, with Senior Whip Baron Tucker stating that, "[the Resettlement project] was clearly a mistake, launched into too early and with too little oversight." Baron Tucker went on to call for an investigation of the Rheinwacht Line to ensure that none of the frontiersmen have "misappropriated" their armaments. The Tory Party is a key part of the current Imperialist coalition Federal governmeng, and has previously been supportive of efforts to resettle refugee populations along the R.u.B Military Frontier. The statements by such senior party leaders have led to concerns elsewhere in the Union that the Diet may try to block further attempts by the War Office to continue resettlement operations.

And now, on to other news...

Written by Kyrusia
Hope on the Horizon: Novel Solutions May Solve Refugee Crisis
Raumreich Seeks to Bring Order to the Chaos

Prime Minister of the United Star Empire of Valinon, Archduke von Metternicht, recently announced the intent of the star-state to purchase three O'Neil cylinder megastructures that are nearing completion for the purpose of refugee housing in the Lanthine Lee (an associated volume of space connected to the Lanthe Route); produced by the the Kiel Industrial Group - a mega-corporation registered in the Imperium of Vernii - the Valinor Prime Minister used the announcement as an opportunity to call upon the League of the Raumreich and other close allies to help assist in this endeavor and others meant to help stymie the near-constant flow of refugees toward the Lanthe Route and, hopefully, keep such from overburdening its already taxed infrastructure.

"In keeping with the tone and provisions of the Second Proxima Centauri Accords," a representative of the Prime Minister's office stated, "it is the general approach of preference for both the United Star Empire and the Raumreich as a whole to house refugees in locations free from volatility and instability." As such, the Gyras System - a a hitherto largely abandoned anchorage within the Lanthine Lee - was chosen by the imperial government. "It's out of the way," the Prime Minister's representative explained and certainly far from the main hot spots of conflict that seems to be spurring this migration." Even so, the Valinor have already telegraphed their desire to seek both support and assistance from those star-states to which they regularly cooperate. This has lead to some degree of speculation as to who may actually be involved, as well as the general costs and weight of the undertaking at hand.

Domestic League media sources have widely begun to speculate that various states within the Solarian Reaches, and possibly even the Incorporated State may be involved in discussions with the Valinor government for certain lucrative construction and asset transportation sub-contracts. Such would certainly seem to confirm the implications made by the Prime Minister involving the "refugee settlement program" in the Gyras System potentially being the largest single undertaking of the United Star Empire (and League as a whole) since the Galactic Assembly. Even so, most remain optimistic given the relative novelty of the proposed solution to the refugee crisis.

"It makes sense for the [Raumreich] to go this route," noted commentator on the "Great Displacement" Michelle van Heidyn stated, "It seems to mimic their general desire to both maintain some semblance of control over their relative projects while minimizing risk." Such comments by van Heidyn and others seem to be in response to the messaging from both the Valinor and other Raumreich star-states tentatively involved; namely, that the administration of the Gyras System and its refugee habitat complex would not become to be as "permissively lax as that found in Liu Xiu and other projects attempting to involve themselves in the 'Great Displacement.'"

Others still have commented on the choice of the Valinor to house refugees outside of their localized volumes as a "novel" approach and, potentially, one of the few with great potential. "Housing those displaced either on newly colonized worlds or forcing their assimilation to extant population centers is simply not the way to go about this," activist and internationally-renowned documentary producer Kydiir Ya'venta (known for his scathing, multi-part documentary series documenting the plight of those affected by the "Great Displacement" in their own words, Those We Forgot), "We've seen it cause problems; we've seen those problems, further, be utilized by capricious star-state administrations as a means to push their own agendas and policies - such which are often prejudicial if not outright xenophobic." Ya'venta's opinions seem to concur with a growing trend amongst the denizens of the Galaxy; within the last Standard Month alone, the terms "#OurOwnFuture" and "#WeWillDecide" have been in the top ten trending on GalactiNet social media website for twenty-three consecutive days.

Even still, criticism remains. Numerous star-state representatives and commentators have previously dismissed such ideas as "spurious" or "irresponsible," often directly drawing on Herr William Keith's (Special Office for Border Control and Forcible Deportation, Valinor Foreign Ministry) own now-infamous statement to refugee and migrant populations in the past as a confirmation of the justification of such: "We do not care where you go, but you cannot stay here." Regardless, as the debate over how best to respond to the "Great Displacement" continues, it is likely that more novel or "eccentric" solutions to the difficulties such has caused or exacerbated are to continue to be raised, discussed, and possibly implemented. Only time will tell whether such brings a true close to the crisis, or merely opens a new chapter of the same.
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HIGHLIGHT: The Nassau Accords
A Step in the Right Direction, or Two Back?

Earlier this month several Alphan and Betan interstellar powers convened to ratify the so-called "Nassau Accords," an agreement which aims to tackle the growing spread of refugees and displaced persons within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Though somewhat vague in regards to specific locations, the treaty's primary method of assistance is the establishment of "safe havens, ports of call and way-stations" for migratory populations in the aforementioned quadrants. Benefactors and supporters of the treaty were quick to proclaim it a "game changer," and, "The first real progress in resolving the Great Displacement." Officials from the aforementioned signatory nations have generally taken an air of optimism despite the "mounting challenges and intimidating odds," the greater crisis represents for the Galaxy.

The general population however, is split along two very different lines.

Perched atop a recently-unloaded pyramid of shipping crates, Captain Brandon Calico surveys his crew as they unload the last of their precious cargo into the Free Port dry-docks. He's been doing this for fifteen years, running the Lanthe Route and any other trade lane he can get contracted on to, trying to make a living despite worsening conditions across all quadrants. In particular, he's spent the last six month's on a long-term contract in Middle-Alpha, moving freight between developing worlds and Hearth's own industrial centers for the Bureau of Foreign Development. Contrary to official opinions from the signatories of the Accord, Captain Calico believes the agreement will cause greater harm to the trade routes and independent runners in Alpha and Beta:

    "It's a sham is what it is, and worse still a sham that's gonna hurt us all in the long run," Calico insisted. Going on to say that, "Large scale concentrations of refugees without government oversight or control is how we get 'Pirate Republics' (quotations added for stress), and that always ends up the same way. Loss of time, loss of money, and worse still, loss of life. If the signatories really believe in their innocence and good-nature, why are they shackling these individuals together in an isolated and undeveloped location, why aren't the signatories doing more to integrate them into their own general populations?" Calico insisted. "I'll tell you why, they know these supposed refugees are bad news, unvetted and probably dangerous too!"
On the other side of the aisle sits Professor Jeremiah Brand, Acting-President of the University of Free Port's International Relations Department, and noted Refugee-Rights Activist. Mr. Brand insists that, "The Accord is the first, real, multi-state attempt to tackle the crisis." He went on to say that it was a, "Groundbreaking step in uniting the interstellar community in an effort to combat poverty, unrestricted warfare, and provide assistance for displaced persons who desperately require assistance." Mr. Brand supports a position of "gradual transition, refugee-centric entities that can be slowly acclimated and absorbed into the wider society of the host nation without undue stress or threat to the refugee's native cultural practices and belief systems."

Surprisingly, polls conducted by the Herald seem to corroborate Captain Calico's opinions, at least among the general public:

Fifty-five percent of those polled stated that they had "severe reservations about the Accords and believed they would do more harm than good." While another 33% believe "[the] Accords were well-intention-ed, but probably wouldn't be very effective at tackling the refugee crisis." Only 12% of those polled believed that the Accords were both well-intention-ed and would be effective at combating the tide of refugees and providing them with long term habitation; down six percent since the last poll was conducted at the announcement of the Accord.

Interestingly, 70% of those who had polled in the first two categories claimed to have "extensive experience in Alpha-Beta trading," while another 17% had "nominal experience with the Alpha and Beta Quadrants." Conversely, 53% of those who supported the treaty had an "academic understanding of Alpha-Beta," while another 29% had "nominal experience in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants." Only 18% of those who supported the Accords had "practical and abundant experience in the quadrants." Recipients in interstellar-travel professions were twice as likely to have a negative view of the Accords, and persons possessing low-income professions were three times as likely to oppose Nassau.

The views expressed by person(s) above are not indicative of the Hearth Herald's official stance, policy, or values. Reporting by Harold Gregorio.

NAVOS Freight & Cargo is an interstellar shipping firm operating primarily between the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Quadrants, making frequent use of the Solarian Trade Corridor and Liu Xiu Spur Network. Specializing in the safe and efficient transport of both dry bulk and tanker-transported material resources, NAVOS maintains an extensive fleet of medium-, mega-, and hyper-freighters capable of transporting a public or private entity's material assets through the sometimes-harrowing fringes of civilized space. NAVOS, further, prides itself on its secure and safe transport of goods between appreciable ports of call and commercial harbors throughout the Galaxy without delay or incident.*

Near or Far — NAVOS.

In light of security concerns, NAVOS Freight & Cargo is not currently accepting certain contracts relating to high-traffic trade networks within the Gamma Quadrant. On the behalf of the personnel of NAVOS Freight & Cargo, the Board of Directors apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause current or future clients. NAVOS Freight & Cargo, her subsidiaries, and her affiliates will never forget.

Written by Xiscapia
BREAKING NEWS: New Faction Enters SCU Civil War
LOTUS Fleet Engages Military Hardliner Forces at Tauris; at Least One Million Dead Predicted

The Solar Cooperative Union civil war is set to heat up as the League of Organized Territories and United Systems (LOTUS) enters the conflict on behalf of the besieged civilian government of the SCU. When this conflict broke out our affiliates at Galactinet News reported two sides fighting, the SCU Federal Administration and its "Federalist" troops on the one side and the Alliance of Benevolent Corporations and their affiliates and "Corporatist" troops on the other, with the Corporatists advancing on all fronts as the Federalists scrambled to mount an effective a counteroffensive despite threats to its lines of supply and flagging morale. Since then an internal division in the Federal Administration has appeared with the rise of a group called OMNI, which is made up of high-ranking military intelligence officers and claims to be the rightful rulers of the SCU; though the civilian government of the same has called this coup illegal, OMNI has established itself as a third faction. This break between the civilian administration and military officers of the SCU seems to have doomed any hope of a SCU counteroffensive against the Corporatists. As a result of this development the Federal Administration has asked LOTUS to intervene on its behalf.

Fleets from no less than seven nations constituting well over one hundred warships have assembled to break through to Tauris and eventually the capital of Poltaur itself. Fighting has already been heavy in Tauris, with some eighty million killed already and analysts predicting that the confrontation of LOTUS forces with Corporatist and OMNI ships and troops will claim another million lives. If the fighting continues for too long the capital itself may become completely uninhabitable. The outcome of this battle is expected to decide the fate of the Solar Cooperative Union; if the Federal Administration and its allies lose then OMNI could lead the SCU into the future as a hyper-militaristic state. But no matter which side gains victory millions of people will be killed and millions more displaced to add more refugees to the galaxy's homeless and transient population.

With reporting by Imperial News Network correspondent Yukaze.

YABBER is the Galactinet's premier social network, maintaining over 3.3 billion unique user accounts originating from over 450 different star systems; in addition, YABBER is the premier social network used by Those in the Know, including thousands of Yabverified user accounts that include some of the Galaxy's most famous (or infamous!) celebrities, government officials, and public figures. YABBER is frequently both the origin and target of many of the Galactinet's most sensational interstellar news reports, whether that be celebrity gossip and "less than favorable circumstances" or about how everyone's favorite interstellar tyrant loves oppressing the ¥Displaced! Quick, before your habitation block neighbor starts saying something wrong on the Galactinet; sign-up for a YABBER account today!

Those in the Know, ¥ab!

YABBER accepts no liability for submitted information. User(s) and user accounts are held entirely responsible for the content of their posted material. Further, YABBER neither endorses nor makes any claims as to the validity of any information published through the YABBER Social Networking Virtusphere, Social Net, or associated YABBER applications. YABBER cannot legally be held liable for damages caused by posts made to YABBER, up-to-and-including: libel, slander, defamation, degradation of social aptitude and relations, and complete societal collapse. Remember to ¥abtag!

Written by Neornith
INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: The Kingdom of Viatra - Benefactor or Opportunist?
An In Depth Investigation

The decision to leave the Solar Cooperative Union came in large flash and evaporation of a sizable portion of the Capital of Poltaur, several citizens of the Union decided to risk the open expanse of space instead of what seemed like certain death as civil war has exploded across several planets of the Union. Some likely became lost in amongst the other refugees of Beta Quadrant, others likely becoming victims of the assortment of brigands and pirates that have recently set up shop in Beta (or rather become more active due to the abundance of easy targets).

Others however were welcomed into the homes of some of the Union's allies amongst the League of Organized Territories and United Systems, however even this turned out to be a disastrous decision for some of the refugees. In recent weeks several alarming accusations of forced servitude have been leveled against two prominent autonomous tribes, Ashche and Tiarak respectively as well as scathing allegations of the Kingdom of Viatra central government itself turning a blind eye to the practice.

It is unknown at this time how much prominence and political power both the Ashche and Tiarak tribes have but it is assumed they have accrued a substantial amount to be allowed this much leeway with sovereign citizens from another star polity if the accusations turn out to be true. Sources however from inside the Viatra government are quick to point out that even if the rumours were true citizens from the Union residing in Viatra are free from worry of civil war as well as becoming prey for the various criminals and outlaws prowling amongst the stars for victims.

Experts that have analyzed the League of Organized Territories and United System's charter have reported there are no specific limitations against slavery within the document, however reactions of other member states within the organization could range from apathy to outright outrage at one member taking advantage of another in their time of need, what repercussions this could amongst the organization however are unknown at this time.

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Written by Xiscapia
Water Riots in Free State Republic
Refugee Settlement Program Sparks Water Riots; FSR Police and Militia Crack Down

Berj City was the site of widespread demonstrations, protest marches and outright riots this week over water distribution rights. The city and the wider Citic System has been the location of choice for the FSR to settle refugees it has taken on thanks to that system's low population, and hundreds of thousands of refugees have already been settled there. Over the past several months local news reports have detailed disputes over water distribution rights between various factions, and anger over the issue exploded as thousands of protesters took to the streets to make their voices heard. The demonstrations began with small activist groups who were joined by other citizens until the crowds had swelled into quadruple digits by nightfall, with the protests spreading to other cities across Citic. Though the demonstrations initially seemed to be peaceful Berj Nightly News has suggested that all citizens avoid the downtown area that the protesters have congregated in and remain in their homes as the Regional Government has declared a state of emergency.

In response to the protests the Regional Government has extended the state of emergency across the entire planet of Citic and the surrounding space. Spaceborne traffic to the world is now being redirected to other points in the system, and all off-planet flights have been grounded. A curfew is currently in effect. The Berj City Sheriff Department, jointly with the Sheriff Departments of other cities and the Citic Marshall Office, has requested reinforcement from regional militia to help put down the demonstrations, and in response the Planetary Supervisor’s Office authorized the deployment of the Citic Militia. These troops were dispatched to join with Sheriff positions near flashpoints.

Upon arrival the militia and sheriffs report barricades being put in their way, including piles of burning trash and tires. They also report having been assaulted by "heavy hand-thrown objects" from the protesters. In reply the Planetary Supervisor’s Office has issued orders for the militia to clear protester camps by force; reportedly there have been no requests for military Republican forces to intervene in the crisis, and as such they will maintain nominal levels of readiness. In the meantime the Federal Oversight Group of the Citic Colonial System has announced that it will "begin a comprehensive investigation into the issues that have lead up to the eruption of violence and unrest" in order to "uncover the failings of the Regional Government in administering the Citic System and to rectify those failings, to better reach Republican standards of Government." It is authorized to decide on and implement new procedures once the unrest has been quelled.

For an analysis of the greater impact we now turn to Professor Taizō, a scholar of civil unrest and disturbances at Lune University.

"It's a fundamentally reactionary measure by a government that cannot or will not listen to its own people," he says. "Regardless of the legality of the actions of the protestors, the response is tone-deaf. What we see here is that the regional government is primarily interested in bringing back law and order even on a temporary basis, rather than attempting to fix the problem that created the unrest in the first place. If there had been some form of dialogue between the protesters and the government that could have gone a way towards calming things down even if nothing was decided that night. Research shows this. If nothing else, the citizens would know that they were being listened to. Instead they get truncheons and rubber bullets. That response is the surest way to make sure that the issue will come back to the fore again, and when it does the people will be carrying the resentment of this treatment with them. It is a recipe for intensifying discontent."

Update: An announcement from the Free State Republic indicates that it is revising its handling of refugees. Instead of settling displaced persons in the Citic System refugees will be dispersed across population centers across FSR space, thus hopefully avoiding placing undue strain on the resources of any one world or city. Reportedly the Federal Advisory Group for the Citic System has already begun issuing travel visas by lottery to relocate citizens of that world to different parts of the Republic. In the short term the goal is to reduce the population of the Citic System to prevent another incident like this week's riots. In effect this means that many of the rioters on Citic may find themselves relocated.

With reporting by Imperial News Network correspondent Yukaze.
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Monday, June 6, 2016 — Edition No. 15, Version 3.0


This is a State of the Galaxy emergency bulletin regarding all quadrants of the Galaxy.

Due to recent and ongoing changes in status, the Current Quadrant Hazard Ratings for the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Quadrants have been modified. All observers within or in the vicinity of these quadrants are strongly urged to familiarize themselves with the issues ongoing by reviewing the Current Quadrant Hazard Ratings for further information.

(Out-of-Character: Further, in light of a year of changes and conflicts, the overall "thematic descriptions" of the Quadrants have been modified. Keep in mind, as defined: "[U]nderstand that these 'themes' are not absolute, they are generalized characteristics which have developed through In-Character interaction and perception. [...] and users are in no way beholden to the themes present in such[.]")

Written by Kyrusia
SPOTLIGHT: Maaskasreli Viatra - Boom or Bust?
Emerging Markets Lead to Both Wealth and War

As any market analyst - or even the layman speculator - can tell you, the Alpha Quadrant (and Alpha-Beta Periphery, to their oft unacknowledged effort) has been far from quiet in the last year. The Solarian Trade Corridor - thanks, largely, to the resurgence of the Lanthe Route and its associated Lee volumes, in addition to the ever-expanding Sivulon Trade Network - has been a goldmine for anyone who sought to heed advice given in the second fiscal quarter of 20.0015GSY, with particular note to dividend returns from the interstellar shipping sector and considerable profit generated through inedible agricultural commodities futures. Much has been the same for those who saw the writing on the wall months ago and began investing in heavy construction and colonial manufacturing, with noted emphasis on station construction and pre-fabricated colony manufacturers; if this bull continues to run its course, as many are projecting it may, investors could likely see a return of as much as 65% over down within the next fiscal quarter.

With such in mind, for any keeping a close eye on the Alpha-Beta Rim, Maaskasreli Viatra has no-doubt already begun to ping their proverbial radar. A peculiar state, to say the least, which on the surface seems to function something akin to a confederal, executive monarchy; digging deeper, the political landscape of the Maaskasreli becomes only increasingly convoluted. To put things simply: competition, at least for the moment, seems to be king.

A member of the League of Organized Territories and United Systems (LOTUS), Viatra has been one of several states which has seen an increase in foreign investment due to closer cooperation and the opening of trade agreements with numerous star-states and transnational firms - not the least of which being the Perseid Federation, a seat-holder of the Committee of Inquiry and Direction (effective executive body of LOTUS) and the chief proprietor and establishing party of the Sivulon Trade Network. Combine this with a recent contractual admission into the Swift Winds Trade Route - a partnership upheld by the Consortium of Avlana - and it's no surprise that such a recent addition to the interstellar community is getting some attention from those itching to empty their pockets on the hopes of a quick return.

Even so, not all that glitters is gold; sometimes it's martial hellfire.

Before getting too far ahead, Viatra's recent opening of its economy to foreign investment and, as a consequence, the opening of its national market to the interstellar scene, has already lead to highly-profitable returns to several sectors of the galactic economy. Bulk resource and ore mining and supply firms have seen a localized increase in demand by over 125%; a representative of the Interstellar Industrial Astrography Alliance (IIAA) - a guild-consortium of astro-navigation and star-sighting equipment manufacturers, related software design firms, and technical training expertise service providers - has been reported stating that many companies are "working around the clock" to provide for the increase in demand in the α-β Periphery (and to certain parties seeking assistance in navigation of the Beta Quadrant, a quadrant that has since become known for the Great Betan Collapse and the dissolution of many native star-states within its inner reaches); and even the private military contractors are getting in on the action as both national and private ventures begin to come into contact with native civilizations.

A not-insignificant portion of this increase in demand has been spurred-on by, in part, Viatra. Specifically, the tribal alliance of the Naarak has provided assent to several claims within a handful of star systems along the α-β Periphery to its subsidiary groups (tribes); the Naarak has reportedly based their judgement of the validity and legitimacy of these claims upon "effective military or colonial presence" by tribal interests on several worlds, a source knowledgeable on the highly-nuanced inner-workings of the Maaskasreli was willing to state. Chief amongst these groups seeking (and gaining) claims, and where flighty analysts and investors have begun to focus their paranoia, have been the Lorith and Tiarak Tribal Federations.

This is where things begin to get nasty. As some are no doubt well-aware, the Tiarak Tribal Federation was recently the target of accusations involving the forced servitude of refugee populations (along with the Ashche); these accusations have only increased following a heated conflict between the Lorith and Tiarak in the Korvari System, with Anaarak Za Kamal - a Tiarak tribal representative and governor - specifically being alleged as to using refugees (including those entreated as wards to Viatra from allied states) as ad hoc militia units and force levies. Some of these accusations have gone so far as to speculate that the Tiarak may, in fact, be utilizing indentured servitude on the Viatrice frontier in an attempt to meet the demand for resources the core systems of the Maaskasreli continues to press. Though on-the-ground reports are currently few and far between, the casualties of the "Korvari Affair," either through outright tribal conflict or servitude, have reportedly pressed into the thousands.

In the coming weeks, many are expecting the current reigning sovereign (Maaska) to step-in in an attempt to resolve the dispute between the Tiarak and Lorith (as well as several other rival factions within Viatra), but where astro-political analysts see "likelihood," investors are beginning to see uncertainty and instability - two qualities that could, potentially, be the death knell of a burgeoning and frustratingly-new capital dump. With understanding of the complexities of Viatrice society and governance slim-to-none as of yet, some previous big-name investors have taken a step back from the Maaskasreli in hopes the recent turbulence subsides - an optimistic view that not all in the international community share.

To add insult to injury, in light of what some have perceived as a "radically hands-off" approach to Naarak factional rivalries and competition, due to increases in demand and deeply-rooted intra-national conflicts within the Viatrice populace, those many in the galactic market find less-than-savory have begun to see opportunity in the instability - an irony not entirely lost on some. Rumors along the Viatrice frontier and the Alpha-Beta Periphery in general have reported a surge in smuggling, illegal slavage operations, and outright brigandage as tribal groups, their affiliates, and unaffiliated third-parties seek to get their cut of the proverbial Viatrice pie. With such a surge supposedly occurring - and, if not, likely to soon to be - the last thing the interstellar market watchers needed to hear was a sizeable commitment from the Viatrice government of its naval assets to the Solar Cooperative Union to assist in an ongoing civil war - a commitment that some fear is likely to draw away much-needed security and policing forces from an already tense volume of space.

In closing, there is certainly opportunity to be had in Maaskasreli Viatra and along the Alpha-Beta Periphery in general - placing emphasis on colonial manufacturing, mining firms, and related industrial sectors. To speculate, investment or, in the least, close watch on risk assessment, security advisement, and private military contracting would, likewise, not be unwarranted for the more aggressive investor. Even so, certainty is not something to be found in an emerging market as embroiled and complex as such; yet, great reward often does not come without equally great risk.

Reporting by Galactic Quarterly economics contributor and interstellar market analyst Adrian Rhett.

Written by Neornith
Piracy in Beta Impacts Vixia Prime
Some Concerned New Attacks May Signal Brigandage Resurgence

With the focus on the drastic rise of piracy in Gamma quadrant, where brigands become bolder every day, it's fairly easy to forget that piracy is and has been a persistent and common problem in the Beta. The freebooters of the quadrant however have recently struck a disastrous blow against the Kingdom of Vixia Prime. In what has been called the gravest of misfortunes for the Kingdom, a freighter containing the entire next generation of Vixians, an estimated number of one billion eggs, have disappeared in a freighter containing them. While it is unknown why the sum total of the Vixian eggs were loaded into a single freighter or where they were headed initial reports have indicated that the freighter has gone missing. In a state of desperation the Kingdom has sent out a multiple messages promising a reward for any and all information as to the location of the missing freighter. Early reports suggest as many as seven other interstellar nations have responded, it is however unknown at this time whether or not they are friend or foe to the Kingdom. It has however been suggested that in order to save the Vixian race that the government may have a strategy in the works to avert disaster, however it is theorized this is a last ditch plan if the freighter is not discovered.

Written by Valinon
TRENDING IN ACADEMICS: Recovering the Lost Centuries
LOTUS Nations, Alliance Pursue Infrastructure

The collapse of the traditional galactic alliance structures more than a century ago led to much of the Milky Way moving away from more progressive concepts collaborative development strategies and shared infrastructure development. Shared development strategies were replaced with ad hoc networks, frequently relying on unstable bilateral and multilateral agreements that rarely resulted in completed or enduring projects, outside a few spatial volumes like the Solarian Reaches, the Liu Xiu Economic Zone, and the remaining alliance blocs focused in what is colloquially referred to as the Beta Quadrant. The condition of galactic infrastructure development led Sir Tarn Harlsworth, KSE, to proclaim that large scale infrastructure projects were an extinct species in the galaxy unless pursued by one of the remaining alliance blocs, a hypercorp, or hegemonic states, such as the Vipran Imperium or the Hurdaen Star Empire. In the last case, Harlsworth stressed the transient nature of any completed infrastructure--a product of a wholly conditional civil society that could collapse with the mere death of a ruler or the slightest contraction of a national economy.

The Authors are pleased--if cautiously optimistic--to find evidence that Sir Tarn’s assessment of galactic conditions may prove overly pessimistic. The United Star Systems of Usidia, a member of the League of Organised Territories and United Systems (LOTUS), announced an ambitious plan for the construction of a 25-kilometre long space station to serve as a headquarters for Life Star. Centring on the proposed station, the Life Star proposal is also built around a civilian fleet of utility ships designed for construction, resource-gathering, disaster relief operations, and strategic uplifting. While contributing some funding and support to the project, the Usidian government is seeking formal support from the other LOTUS member states, including the Perseid Federation, Viatra, and the Federal Republic of Free States.

The Life Star Project (LSP) shares much in common with the shared infrastructure development projects of the older alliance era. Usidian authorities and representatives stress the value the station and support fleet could bring to the developing LOTUS organisation by increasing its ability to support its members, establish international goodwill, and directly contribute to broader international efforts to diffuse the tension and stress brought on by several trans-CS Arm conflicts and the worsening refugee crisis. It is a well-conceived proposal, but with noticeable limitations that pose challenges to the LSP’s viability and potential concerns for Usidia’s fellow LOTUS member states. Of particularly concern to the Authors is the conceptualisation of directly monetizing the service to external users. It is not unreasonable for a developing project to be supported by an external community, but the idea of pairing this with uplifting and external development outside the LOTUS organisation causes concerns about whether this may serve as a vehicle for constructing debt making lesser developed states (LDSts) beholden to the LOTUS organisation.

While not entirely revolutionary, the LSP represents the first major proposed multilateral infrastructure project proposed by a new organisation in more than five decades. If implemented in almost any form, the LSP would be the most tangible contribution to turning back the refugee crisis and growing international instability following the Betan Collapse. The Raumreich Development Association (RDA) and Imperial Academy for Science and Technology (IAST) formally petitioned several Oversector governments to support the project through either direct financial assistance or added development support through the LOTUS organisation. The Authors contributed to the joint Imperial Academy (IA)-Society for the Advancement of Imperial Sciences (SAIS) research proposal to study the progress of the LSP to be presented at the Annual Fellows Assembly. It is conceived that, in success or failure, the binds of the 'Harlsworth Consensus’ may not be as permanent as previously believed. International factors may at least be increasing a development-based change that will see the reduction of economic regressions, opportunities for emergent and lesser-developed states to pursue meaningful growth, and possible avenues to once again linking infrastructure with a return to international stability.

Contributed by L.H. Böttcher (FIA, CGD, Senior Fellow - Alheim College, Imperial University System) & H. Aoki (IAET, Professor - Combined Universities of Outer Centauri).

Written by Neornith and Kyrusia
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Ahkiiam of the Great House Nahaasiin
Commentary on the Great Displacement, Piracy, and Other Matters

What has been called one of the largest mass migration events in the Galaxy, the Great Displacement has seen untold billions of people fleeing from war, slavery, famine, and death. While there were several states and groups involved in refugee crisis, several analysts point toward the events in the Atruscan Federation, the Talasiu Union, and the Culdoran Imperium caused by the Gata'ja being the spark that caused the flames of the Great Displacement. With the influx of several easy targets, piracy in Gamma saw a substantial increase as multiple pirate outfits preyed on those trying to escape to a better and safer life. Multiple star polities embroiled in the maelstrom of refugees responded in various ways: some provided sanctuary, others closed their doors and even became hostile to any refugees in the territory, curiously though some decided to begin arming refugees. Whether this has been made in an attempt to help the refugees or done out of malice to further destabilize governments already near the breaking point due to the burdens of the Great Displacement is a matter of hot debate amongst several analysts.

One thing everyone seems to agree on, however, is that piracy has seen a surge as of late and the recent influx of arms handed out to the refugees seems partially to blame for their new-found boldness. The Star News Network has been granted an exclusive interview with Ahkiiam Saar'nahaasiin, Imperial Envoy Plenipotentiary of the Sacral Empire (Serukta Sehkrisaal) and an attending delegate of the recent Icosakhilos Conference, as he offers his insights on what the cause of the increased pirate activity, the Sacral Empire’s response and actions involved in the rise of piracy, and what the future for Gamma holds.

    Exclusive Star News Network Interview
    SNN Correspondant: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Mister Nahaasiin; Star News is very grateful for you choosing to do this. Our first question: what is your personal opinion on what has been coined the "Great Displacement"?

      Ahkiiam Saar’nahaasiin: Of course. This is a wonderful opportunity to get on the record regarding recent events within the Galaxy; I will admit, however, I am a bit astounded by the initiative taken by your network. Star News, was it? Yes, from [the United Star Systems of Usidia]. Regardless, the benefit is mine; glad to be able to take the time.

      As for what some within the media and on the GalactiNet have been calling the "Great Displacement," I share the opinion of the Crown in this matter and as much was said during the [Icosakhilos Conference]: this is but one consequence of many regarding interventionist and imperialist opportunism in the Gamma Quadrant. The so-called "refugees" that have been "affected" have been, more often than not, persons that have either disavowed their states of origin and attempted to intrude on territories not their own - and, as a consequence, displace native populations (the true victims of this crisis) or, as seems to increasingly be the case, are thinly-disguised vectors of un-involved actors attempting to intercede into what are largely a collection of domestic affairs within Gamman states for their own benefit.

      It's unfortunate, surely, that native Gammans have been impacted by this, but the fact this has evidently been of little consequence to the interstellar community-at-large until those very natives began to hearken upon the doorstep of so-called "civilized space" - the civilized space which permitted frontier parties to encroach upon Gamman territories to begin with - is a testament to the obvious origin of this so-called "Displacement."
    SNN: So it is your opinion that the "Great Displacement" did not originate from Gamma like most analysts agree?

      Nahaasiin: Depends on what "Great Displacement" you are speaking to. Do I believe there are displaced persons traveling toward other quadrants from Gamma? Yes. Displaced by opportunists migrating to the Gamma Quadrant from other quadrants in an attempt to seek advantage, gain, and exploitation from the bounty found there.
    SNN: You, yourself, were the representative for the Sacral Empire at the aforementioned conference on the Great Displacement, hosted by the Perseid Federation. As details at this time have not been forthcoming from any state that was present, is there any information you can disclose to us at this time?

      Nahaasiin: Indeed, I was. For obvious reasons I cannot, nor will I, attempt to speak on the behalf of the Perseid Federation or other states privy to the astropolitical summit. I'm afraid the world will just have to wait until the official transcripts of our lengthy discussions are released for public review. What I will say is this: the Sacral Empire will continue to act in a manner that benefits its interests; that includes securing and assisting those impacted by foreign, opportunistic aggression and, where required, acting against said opportunism.
    SNN: There have been several claims that the Sacral Empire may, in fact, be involved in the disappearance of several refugee groups as well as having taken advantage of the situation; what is your response to these allegations and are they true?

      Nahaasiin: The Crown has committed itself to assisting its allies when the need arises. The Empire has done this through a variety of means, including to help secure vital interstellar commerce and transit lanes against brigandage and illegal salvage operations. The Empire has, further, assisted several states - and continues to do such, I will add - in the relocation and housing of impacted Gamman native populations which have increasingly been exploited by so-called "frontier enterprises" - many, I suspect, financed by interstellar parties beyond the Gamma Quadrant and with an overt desire to displace Gamman natives and destabilize Gamman states in general.
    SNN: Lately there has seemed to be more hostile action taken against refugee groups, primarily along the Interstellar Consortium's Swift Winds Trade Route, but in other areas as well. Do you have any insight to why this is the case and what exactly is happening in these areas?

      Nahaasiin: I believe you are utilizing the term "refugee" where it does not apply.
    SNN: Are you alleging there is a portion of the refugee population which is, in fact, not legitimate?

      Nahaasiin: More than alleging. I believe the appropriate GalStan term for what the Empire and its allies have increasingly come to encounter is "brigand" or "pirate."
    SNN: Several pirate groups have, indeed, seemed to be utilizing ships and arms from certain organizations, is it your opinion this was due to incompetence during the refugee screening process, or that said arms were given deliberately as a part of several covert actions to further destabilize governments by rival states and institutions?

      Nahaasiin: As previously stated, I do believe - and reports of first-hand encounters with so-called "refugee migration convoys" support such - more and more of the so-called "displaced" are, in fact, being financed by non-Gamman parties for the purposes of opportunistic or imperial gain. I do not believe this is an instance where blame can be placed upon simple "incompetence" of "bureaucracy."

      I will give an example: in the last month alone, mahliiri trade convoys operating between imperial na'vasarai have increasingly reported suspicious contacts and sightings of vessels which have self-identified as relief vessels, yet have relayed registrar information which indicates flags-of-convenience, rather than the official insignia of the various interstellar relief organizations supposedly assisting those affected by the "Great Displacement." As it is standard operating procedure for our mercantile ventures to not provide assistance to such vessels in intersellar space outside of sovereign volumes or liquid relay-demarcated trade routes, luckily, no tonnage has been lost due to what I sincerely believe are attempts by raiders to otherwise masquerade as "refugees."

      Some of our allies have not been so lucky.
    SNN: Sir, are you alleging that attacks on identified refugee fleets have been provoked? Bear in mind, there has been a significant increase - as I have already questioned - in relation to the Swift Winds Trade Route, a route that is known to host commercial traffic originating from the Sacral Empire itself.

      Nahaasiin: I believe that, once again, you are using the term "refugee" where it does not apply. We have only ever acted against vessels which have showed an intent-to-aggress or have otherwise aggressed. I think the idea you are evidently implying - that there are states acting to directly harass or even destroy clearly-identified refugee relief fleets - is absurd; I will admit, I am not as well-informed with your network as I would prefer, but I assumed it was not a subsidiary of ActivisMedia.

      What we know with absolute certainty is that some so-called "refugee groups" have been receiving financial and material support for means other than their peaceful resettlement or assimilation into accepting states. What we know is that some so-called "refugee groups" are, in fact, piratical and not merely displaced parties.
    SNN: Do you think this increase in weaponry for pirate groups is the cause in the increase in boldness from pirates or is it because of the saturation of easy targets from the refugees fleeing areas of conflict?

      Nahaasiin: Once again, I believe you are erroneously using the term "refugee." Once a person turns to piracy, as has been the convention of interstellar law since time immemorial, they are proscribed. It is not only the right, but the duty of any state which comes across such brigandage to obviate it through whatever means necessary, whilst still minimizing collateral impacts. If anything, I feel it likely said groups are being emboldened by their third party benefactors to take action against not only legitimate displaced persons, but also the commercial and state-active traffic operated, condoned, or endorsed by enemies of those very same benefactors.
    SNN: It is true, there are several concerns from polities within Alpha, as well as Gamma, that there is a development of a "pirate state" or an area that pirates consider a safe haven in Gamma to unite and organize from. Do you put any stock into these rumors, and if so, why or why not?

      Nahaasiin: It would not surprise me, but I have not been made aware of any such "pirate state" within either Alpha or Gamma.
    SNN: To return to a previous question a bit: there have been accusations that the Sacral Empire or parties acting at the behest of such have directly involved themselves in influencing refugee groups much the same way you seem to be alleging others have done. There have, further, been accusations that the Sacral Empire has actively been cordoning refugee groups for the purposes of chattel slavery. What do you have to say against these accusations?

      Nahaasiin:The Sacral Empire and its allies readily contribute toward relief operations meant to assist those legitimately impacted by opportunism and aggression for the purposes of resettlement on their original homeworld or, when such is not an option, peaceful integration and assimilation into those star-states capable of taking such a burden. Anything beyond that is a domestic matter.
    SNN: And what of the accusations that the Sacral Empire has used pirate organizations to seize refugees for enslavement?

      Nahaasiin: Domestic matters of the Sacral Empire are not the concern of this, or any other, media outlet.
    SNN: I believe you are dodging my question, Mister Nahaa—

      Nahaasiin: Saar Nahaasiin, given you are currently situated within a sovereign fee of the Sacral Empire.
    SNN: My apologies, but I really would - and I believe our viewers and readers would, as well - appreciate a comment with regards to these accusations. It is no secret the Sacral Empire utilizes slavery as a means of labor; I do not understand your apparent reluctance to answer this question.

      Nahaasiin: The Sacral Empire, its affiliated commercial and mercantile enterprises, and those enterprises associated with the Crown and said ventures, operate in accordance with all laws of sovereign volumes through which they transit. The accusation that your question highlights, we suspect, originates from a segment of the interstellar community which is displeased with the Crown's involvement in the campaign to help ensure self-determinism for native star-states within the Gamma Quadrant. Such an accusation has been fabricated for the purposes of attempting to discredit the Crown's efforts.
    SNN: Do you not feel it may be a conflict of interest, given the Sacral Empire is an Alphan state, to be accusing non-Gamman states of involvement in the Gamma Quadrant?

      Nahaasiin: Neither the Crown nor I feel all involvement on the part of states not originating within the Gamma Quadrant is negative. It is unfortunate, however, that given the history of the Gamma Quadrant and the history of foreign involvement therein that such has overwhelmingly been negative. The Sacral Empire hosts a variety of allies within the Gamma Quadrant - allies which bore witness to the quadrant's darkest hours - and now feel as if their very way of life has been threatened by an increasing trend of encroachment by outside parties. This includes pirates and outright state actors.

      The Sacral Empire remains committed to maintaining a positive involvement in the Gamma Quadrant and to promoting Gamman self-determinism. We do not speak for those impacted by this interloping aggression; the Empire, however, does sympathize with those affected by such and feels this groundswell to assist in "solving" the "Great Displacement" is nothing more than an actual attempt to stymie the flow of Gamman natives who have been truly displaced by courses of action undertaken by those who seek to benefit from the seizure of their territories and volumes - resource rich as they are. The fact so many have now seen fit to campaign for a "resettlement" of non-Gamman "refugees" in Gamman territories is a testament to such opportunism.
    SNN: One final question, if I may. As an envoy plenipotentiary, what is the Sacral Empire's official position with regards to ongoing aggression originating from within the Gamma Quadrant toward polities in other quadrants?

      Nahaasiin: It is a testament to Gamman self-determinism that, in the face of aggression, defense against such is warranted. I would expect nothing less of any state capable of being called a "state" to defend itself. You must understand that to many Gamman states, involvement by foreign parties - or, shall we dispense with the politesse and call it for what it is "meddling" - in domestic conflicts and affairs has been the norm since the so-called "rush for Gamma" began. Would not the United Star Systems, I believe it is called, equally feel threatened were a state to encroach upon it and seek to involve itself in its domestic affairs?

      Would not, what was it... Ah, yes: would not any signatory of LOTUS do the same?
One thing is for certain in light of recent events; organized piracy is now a fact of life in Gamma. What is uncertain however is whether it is the work of opportunistic brigands that have infiltrated the refugees in Gamma or if it is the work of imperialist actors from beyond the quadrant itself only time will tell. With the increase in piracy in Gamma, star states within the quadrant will be forced too increase their militaries as well in an effort to fight back against the brigandry that is becoming more and more prevalent as time passes. Analysts theorize that if actors outside Gamma are in fact acting against the natives of Gamma in an imperialist manner, the repercussions could have far reaching effects across multiple quadrants within the galaxy.

Written by Kyrusia
Trouble on the Horizon? Tensions Possible Following Announced Bilateral Meeting
Idruteia Announces Talks to Be Held with the United Terran Alliance

Following the PersExit, the Perseid Federation has been seen by most analysts to be recovering remarkably from what many saw as a potential degradation of trade contracts between the Federation and the Galactic Economic and Security Organization. Those very same analysts are now, however, speculating that an escalation in tensions between the Federation and the Kritarchy of Idruteia may be looming on the horizon.

Earlier this week, following the successful completion of a diplomatic visit to the Solarian Reaches, Dicast Samaras Tsahalis has announced that he will be making an official state visit for "good will and mutual understanding" to the United Terran Alliance, marking what would be the seventh of numerous state visits Dicast Tsahalis has conducted recently. While the Dicastery has telegraphed that the bilateral meeting is meant to include a rough discussion on possible future economic and trade partnerships and a possible degree of cooperation between the two star-states regarding the Great Displacement, some political commentators, financial analysts, and GalactiNet pundits are up in arms over the announcement.

"Idruteia and [the Perseid Federation] have barely maintained amicable relations over the years," political commentator and GalactiNet News contributor Raicus Novadanda stated in his weekly airing of The Galaxy in View. "[Idruteia] essentially forced the Federation from the astropolitical stage over three centuries ago," Novadanda continued, "and it is likely they will attempt much the same now." Novadanda is not alone in his concern, as expressed by many of his commentators (The Galaxy in View, S9E12), there has been a slowly-brewing firestorm regarding how such a meeting could impact relations between the Kritarchy and the Federation. Most of these concerns stem from speculation that the meeting between Dicast Tsahalis and representatives from the United Terran Alliance may include a more formal entreating or even, as some have stated, a formal mutual defense pact.

"It's no secret that there are many in the interstellar community who are jealous of the Sivulon Trade Network's prestige and success," financial analyst Haeda Kur'tallun - an expert on relations between states operating within the STN - stated: "Idruteia is but one such party. [...] There are many others who would like nothing more than to see the [STN] fail. [...] I would not be surprised if Idruteia is simply being opportunistic."

Regardless of concerns from the media and other sectors of interstellar focus, the Arbiters of Diplomacy (on the behalf of Dicast Tsahalis) have gone to no great links to either dissuade or affirm the flames of speculation from rising, spare to consistently re-affirm that the meeting is but one of many similar conferences intended to extend good will and further astropolitical and cultural understanding. Speculators will have to wait until the conclusion of the talks between the Kritarchy and United Terran Alliance before any official dowsing of bilateral relations - and how such might impact Federation-Kritarchy relations and the Sivulon Trade Network, in turn - can be completed.

Written by Valinon
Valinor Military Raids Target Insurgents
EXROA-COM Forces Use Force to Apprehend Suspected Wildfire Militants, Smugglers
ACTIVISMEDIA — GAMMA (The Lanthe) & BETA (Eucer Corridor Area)

Valinor military forces carried out six anti-terror raids against persons associated with the Wildfire insurgency. The raids led to 15 arrests and the death of several militants and their supporters in an operation that spanned both the Lanthine Lee and the Eucer Corridor Area.

The participating forces were drawn from the new Extra-Raumreich Operational Area (EXROA-COM) and Verge Security. Großadmiral Sir Geoffrey Tolwyn and his command staff coordinated the joint operation in coordination with Internal State Security (ISS). Describing the raids as the product of months of cooperative intelligence gathering, Kommodore Ida Cazeneuve delivered a short statement at EXROA-COM public operational headquarters on Conamara, Leiter system.

'EXROA-COM is committed to preserving the Lanthe as the most stable international trade corridor connecting the Solarian Reaches with the galactic west. The Ambrosia Incident and the attacks in Liu Xiu demonstrate that Wildfire is a threat to both the Lanthe, the Lee, and the greater community. The Wildfire organisation preys on civilians and seeks to exploit displaced persons through false propaganda, psychological manipulation, and outright slavery. Those arrested in our operations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of imperial law, and we will continue our efforts until the organisation is destroyed,’ Cazeneuve said.

Armed units stormed locations in the Lee systems of OC-Tanner and Sikun, the ISS Orbital Plateau in the Eucer Corridor Fourth Sector, and in two other systems controlled by the Hann-Rarim Imperial Tribes. While most raids ended in arrest, a Verge Security warship, the HMS Mellow & Toasty, destroyed a transport escaping the Orbital Plateau station. Local reports from Sikun also criticised the use of lethal force by Valinor forces.

'While we prefer to arrest these criminals, several terrorists made their capture impossible. EXROA-COM also stands behind the decision to carry out executions bound by laws for those previously apprehended and convicted of secondary charges of slavery or piracy. Individuals convicted of such actions placed themselves beyond the protection of any law or due process by continued demonstration of their unwillingness to abide by the international community’s clear consensus to condemn these criminal activities. We publicise these positions throughout the galaxy. Those that ignore our statements and carry out their activities in imperial space or those citizens of our allies do so at their own risk,’ Cazeneuve said before closing the press briefing.

Three of the militants apprehended in the Eucer Fourth Sector were later identified as arms dealers or smugglers on the scene. Another in the Sikun system was an arms dealer with previous convictions relating to piracy and was summarily executed.

An earlier reporting cycle suggested some of the arrested were involved in the suicide attack that destroyed the Ambrosia. Cazeneuve said that there was no tangible evidence linking those arrested to the liner’s destruction at this time. However, two among the arrested (Simon Vilaro and Cornelio Morevedra) were placed on a radicalisation watch list by ISS earlier this year and subject to a travel ban in Valinor space. Morevedra is also wanted by Free State Republic (FSR) authorities in connection with the deadly bombing in Ghatta City, Citic planetary system. It is unknown if the FSR will seek to extradite Morevedra.

All suspects in custody are being detained until it is determined if they will be tried by military court or transferred to the ISS for criminal trial, most likely in the Leiter or Leviny systems. Information on specific charges against the suspects are still being withheld, other than a general assessment of 'charged with participating in terror group activities for holding’.

Reporting by Gabriel Warren.

Written by Valinon
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Großadmiral Sir Geoffrey Tolwyn, GCGV
Response to Accusation of Extreme Force in Anti-Insurgency Raids

Following Correspondent Gabriel Warren’s report on the Valinor raids against the suspected Wildfire militants, ActivisMedia requested further comment from the EXROA-COM after a video of the field execution of Yulan Chang surfaced on Yabber. In reply to the request, Großadmiral Tolwyn, EXROA-COM combatant and operational commander and Tenth Star Lord, granted ActivisMedia an exclusive interview.

    ActivisMedia Exclusive!
    Activismedia Correspondant: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Großadmiral Tolwyn. ActivisMedia was surprised by your candor, but we welcome the opportunity to be your first interview with a news agency beyond the Raumreich.

      Tolwyn: Activismedia’s persistence in seeking comment certainly contributes to that development. It seemed wise to provide the most definitive answers available to the media at this time, and this will save you the time in seeking out someone else’s superior.
    AVM: Persistence and accuracy are among journalism’s greatest attributes, especially when our audience demand we hold authorities to an account. I assume that you do not mind if we move to what is on everyone’s mind. What is your position of the video of the operation in the Sikun system?

      Tolwyn: It is an example of how the conditional unknowns in any operation may be played out within the bounds of imperial law. My staff and I were both aware that these raids were taking place when the suspected militants were meeting with illegal arms dealers and smugglers from outside their organisation. The destruction of the Ambrosia made it clear there was no benefit in allowing these transactions to proceed. We could not minimise the potential risk to civilians within acceptable—either in the Lee or outside our territorial jurisdiction—if the militants were rearmed.
    AVM: Minimise the potential risk? Was the goal of the raids not to apprehend possible militants and other radicals that may be associated with the Wildfire movement?

      Tolwyn: That was what the operation evolved into based on the situation. The original intent, as outlined by Kommodore Cazeneuve earlier today, was continued surveillance and intelligence gathering that would allow us to expose more the Wildfire network and eliminate it. The presence of either actual arms or those who could provide them to the militants made it necessary to act. In Sikun, we were able to seize some arms and munitions. The suspects attempted to flee in the Eucer Fourth Sector made more direct action necessary. I am confident in both cases that we acted in accordance with the best interests of the galactic community and within the bounds of imperial law.
    AVM: Valinon and its military have been accused of being overzealous in their application of force in the past, Admiral. Most commentators—and our network—do not find the actions in the Beta Quadrant unreasonable, but the execution of Yulan Chang is something not seen—

      Tolwyn: I do not believe 'something not seen’ is an accurate description. The Kriegsmarine remains committed to enforcing both our empire’s laws and the treaties that bind the League of the Raumreich member states. Pirates and slavers enjoy no legal protection, especially when they are wanton in their repeated breaking of the law. We executed those reprehensible individuals that sold refugees like chattel in Liu Xiu. They were slavers—their claim to be selling 'safe passage’ is a cheap balm to fool themselves. It did not fool us, and I doubt it fooled the refugees they exploited the moment they were thrown into holds barely capable of sustaining basic life support.

      Yulan Chang was twice convicted of secondary crimes relating to piracy, including one act of association and another when he was apprehended in his minority. He was a national of the Jashwent Republic, a nation with a strong diplomatic relationship with Valinon. He continued to risk and tempt fate by refusing to reform. His gamble resulted in a very predictable outcome. If anything, he already exploited leniency by avoiding punishment for his crimes when apprehended a second time.
    AVM:And how would Valinon act if one of its nationals was executed in a public street by another nation’s security forces?

      Tolwyn: If the national were a convicted pirate, I expect there would be no reaction at all. However, that would be a matter for the Foreign Service, not the military, to determine in Valinon.
    AVM: And what of the others arrested in the your operations? Can they expect similar treatment?

      Tolwyn: As far as we are aware, most of those arrested do not possess an extensive criminal record. My command is currently waiting for formal instructions from the IAF legal services and ISS on how to proceed. These individuals may be prosecuted in an admiralty court or transferred to the civil criminal courts. Since a determination has not been made, I cannot comment further at this time.
    AVM: Is it not within your power to make a recommendation as EXROA-COM’s highest ranking officer?

      Tolwyn: It is within my power. I have chosen not to exercise it.
    AVM: Sir, are you not condemning these suspects to facing capital punishment with your decision?

      Tolwyn: They will face a death sentence whether they stand trial in a court martial or civil court. Both may deliver a death sentence if they are convicted of certain terrorism charges. I doubt a discussion of the difference methodologies of execution is relevant.
    AVM: Will this not incentivize other militants and suppliers to operate in the most flagrant disregard for your laws? Will it not create, in essence, a better terrorist?

      Tolwyn: I have no doubt it will leave nothing but the fanatics, but fanatics are notoriously stupid. As to their suppliers, they're condemned regardless of their motivations. In Herr Chang's case, he knew he was a deadman under both Valinor and Jashwentese law. I will not explain away the obvious.

      Nor will I explain away the obvious of fanatics like Wildfire. Their various manifestos and political diatribes manufactured by so many pretenders make it clear they believe they have a monopoly on violence on death and 'cleansing fire'. What they forget is that there are those forces in the galaxy that are both more experienced and more capable of both. I have dealt with their kind before, and they are predictable cowards. You defeat them by showing them as cheap charlatans willing to go to any lengths to make other dies for their designs. Or by showing them what true death and judgment actually looks like. I much prefer the latter.
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Written by Xiscapia
Thousands Killed and Missing in Attack on Refugees by Unknown Raiders
Refugee Ship Grace Recovered by Kitsune Imperial Forces; Interior is "Charnel House"

It is neither a secret nor surprising that with large bodies of refugees fleeing the Gamma Quadrant in the wake of various conflicts piracy has been on the rise. However, recently a new breed of brigand has appeared with reports of brutal attacks on defenseless refugees. The last of these was on a large transport known as the Grace, which was recovered by warships of the Kitsune Imperial Navy following the broadcast of distress calls. Officers who reviewed the vessel report that of the estimated 3,000 persons aboard, 2,000 had been killed in what one member of the KIN called a "senseless slaughter" in which the refugees were mutilated and then murdered en masse for no discernable reason. The other 1,000 persons are missing and were presumably kidnapped, though no ransom message has been received.

Imperial Navy officials have announced that this attack appears to be part of a larger pattern in which refugee ships are attacked and many of their passengers are butchered with extreme prejudice while others vanish, presumably with the raiders. It is unknown at this time what group is responsible or what has become of the missing refugees. In response the Imperial Navy has increased patrols in the systems up to 50 light-years outside of its holdings and the Imperial Government is urging nearby star states to do the same in order to reduce the scale and frequency of such attacks.

With reporting by Imperial News Network correspondent Yukaze.

Written by Valinon
Sivulon Expansion Reconnects Quadrants
New STN Developments Offer Rewards and Risks

The Perseid Federation continues its aggressive expansion of its Sivulon Trade Network (STN) coreward this quarter. Domestic conglomerates and investors remain the primary investors in the new infrastructure project, but Perseid concerns are being joined by a larger community of investors from along the Perseus Arm and the greater Alpha Quadrant. The new infusion of development capital and resources is being met with enthusiasm by numerous industry leaders and network administrators closely following the Perseid-led business conference at Maruportas, KP 9115 system.

Sivulon's larger asset pool is a significant contributor to announcement that the network will expand to link the Solarian Trade Corridor (STC) with the network’s established trade hub at the Icosakhilos Confluence—location of the Federation's international summit on the galaxy-wide refugee crisis. Speaking under conditions of anonymity, several officials and staffers attending the Maruportas conference described a larger plan to extend the STN trailward into the Alpha-Beta periphery located along the Sagittarius and Norma Arms. This would connect the STN with several existing interstellar trade lanes, notably the Lanthe Route and the Orion-Cygnus Economic Corridor.

Business leaders already tied to the STN are praising the decision, and the still unconfirmed extension plans, as a pathway to greater markets of Alpha’s coreward regions. This is an opinion shared by numerous other outlets and analysts, but it is one that needs to be viewed with some reservations for the prudent investor.

The planned STN-STC connection continues Sivulon's reputation as a goldmine for the forward-planning investor. When completed, this connection will represent the strongest link between the most densely developed galactic volumes and the rapid-emergent economies (REEs) beyond the Perseus Arm. Regular trade to these volumes was reduced to a distant memory when the First Collapse ended the local primacy of the Klonor Empire. The development of routine trade between these areas will be a boon to the STN, its investors, the Perseid Federation, and the Sacral Empire's growing fusion fuel export industry. It will also reestablish trade connections between the Middle and Rim galactic volumes to numerous Alpha nations, corporations, and power blocs.

It is this last benefactor making the larger expansion plans a more dubious investment. Companies based in several LOTUS member states cheered the connection to Alpha as being one filled with opportunity. It is doubtless opportunities will abound, but it appears that these companies forget that opportunity is one of civilisation's numerous double-edged swords. Connections to the Alpha core will put Middle and Rim concerns in direct contact and, possibly, competition with the considerable number of hypercorps, multinationals, corporate states, and alliance-affiliated public corporations holding considerable sway in the Solarian Reaches. Some corporations from outside the Reaches are adapted for the mercenary, total laissez-faire conditions predominate through these spatial volumes. Others are poised to fundamentally underestimate the dedication of established economic blocs to eliminating a new interloper and considerable financial, resource, and security disparity they will face.

These concerns are heightened by the statement given by the spokesman of Archon Atalante Katsiavria of Zenia, Hypatos Savvaides. Herr Savvaides spoke of direct support from the Perseid government for the STN authorities and that the Federation was willing to provide both security and freedom of astrogation for freighters and other civilian vessels. These activities have established the Federation’s credentials and reputation in taming space beyond the Crux-Scutum arm, but they will be met with more resistance in the STC and Solarian Reaches. Much of this space is already ensured or patrolled by numerous powers that make their own guarantees and provide for freedom of navigation. Several of these active powers maintain laws or are parties to treaties directly conflicting current Perseid laws and foreign policy. Herr Savvaides statement made no mention of these powers or organisations like the Concordat, League of the Raumreich, Non-Democratic Alliance, Triumivirate of Yut, and the [United Star] Commonwealth Economic Zone. It is beyond doubt that the current instability and rumours of slave-trade predominating the systems on the edges of the STN will attract varying international attention and possibly condemnation. The statement also made no provision for the not inconsequential number of private corporations capable of fielding forces equivalent to or larger than naval task forces currently maintained along the STN. The Solar Cooperative Union's civil war, instability in the Free State Republic, and media reports of how the Astronautikon is struggling with existing commitments are also shadows Omospondia seems unwilling—or unable—to address.

Secretary Taxiarchai Milonos, executive of the Federation's Organ of Foreign Relations, repeated his comments that the Perseid government has no plans to establish military or political hegemony over the nations of the STN. These comments are in character with the Federation’s overall diplomatic efforts and reputation, but Secretary Milonos commentary does not offer comfort to the establish Alpha investors aware that the perceptions of Omospondia mean little if the established community of Alpha decides suspicion is the best course of action. Barring truly dedicated efforts to assuage concerns or meaningful commitments to ensure local states his government is not seeking an expedient location to move displaced populations to, the Organ's leadership should expect considerable barriers to its planned growth if not outright resistance. The Perseid economic leverage used to secure the STN's march through the Gamma Quadrant is likely to be stymied when faced with economies of paralleled or surpassing development.

Reporting by Galactic Quarterly economics contributor and interstellar market analyst Adrian Rhett.

Written by Xiscapia
Further Unrest in the Free State Republic
Refugee Crisis in FSR Self-Created; Regional Governors Clash with Federal Government

Following the water riots in the Free State Republic the Government blamed the crisis on a "slight clerical oversight" which allowed an excessive number of refugees to settle on the planet of Citic. Since then the Free State Republic has instituted a visa lottery system by which applicants may enter to lotto to gain a chance to be resettled in another part of the nation away from Citic and its resource problems. However, unnamed sources from within the government of the Free State Republic have told a tale of "gross negligence" in officials choosing Citic as a location for refugee settlement, showing data that the planet could barely sustain its existing population before the immigrant resettlement. These sources further indicate that the lottery system is not working as well as hoped. Though two rounds of the visas have been issued they are too few to make an impact on Citic's seething population, leaving millions trapped on the world as tensions rise. Despite reports that local authorities have been overwhelmed by the civil unrest Free State Republic representatives have dismissed allegations of negligence as "ludicrous." The Regional Government of Citic has dispatched requests to the Federal Oversight Group for the release of Republic military units to assist in suppressing Citic's protesters and rioters.

In addition to this the visa lottery has hit another, high-publicized snag. Some systems where the visas apply have closed access by executive order of their Regional Governors, effectively closing certain borders to travelers from Citic within the Free State Republic. This was apparently done so none of these regional governments would have to deal with a repeat of the Citic Crisis on their own worlds. As of yesterday the Office of the Federal Attorney General has filed suit against the executive orders in the Federal Court system, charging that the orders are unlawful since the Regional Governors have no authority to restrict movement to or from their domains without the explicit permission of the Federal government. The stance of the Regional Governors is that the travel ban imposed is to "keep the peace" in their regions, and thus is well within their rights and does not require the consent of the Federal government. Litigation is currently ongoing with motions being filed in several regional and federal courts, but the legal community does not expect a quick end to the clash.

Currently Republic military forces are mobilizing to the Citic System in order to reinforce law enforcement and militia units there in controlling the situation. Their success remains to be seen. The failure of authorities in the Citic System to control the unrest may turn the world into a hotbed of radicalism if the Republic cannot restore order there. Given Citic’s position in proximity to major trade routes to the Liu Xiu system as well as to other star states in the Alpha Quadrant it is possible that trade could be disrupted along the corridor if extremism is allowed to flourish.

At the heart of the dispute between the Federal government of the Free State Republic and the Regional Governors is the ideal of freedom of movement. The fact that this liberty is considered "non-explicit" by the Federal courts leaves its existence in question pending legal decisions. Should the Regional Governors find victory in defending their perspective some fear an erosion of other freedoms currently enjoyed by FSR citizens due to the increase in powers that this would entail. Others believe that unrestricted movement between the Republic’s systems could lead to the spread of dangerous ideas as well as undesirables, and that these should be contained at all costs. The decision made by the courts will decide between the maintenance of liberty or greater security within the Free State Republic.

With reporting by Imperial News Network correspondent Yukaze.

Written by Kyrusia
Nassau Accords "Waystations" See Increased Traffic
USC Corporate Ventures Begin Opening New Markets

Signatories of the Nassau Accords have recently began opening-up waystations within the Beta Quadrant - dubbed "stepping stones" by sources close to the United Star Commonwealth - for the purpose of providing safe harbor and supplies to parties affected by economic hardships, pirate raids, and general persons touched by the Great Displacement. While this is hardly news to parties interested in the Beta Quadrant, it has caused a shift in economic flow in proximity to the Solarian Reaches: namely, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and free traders have begun to see the so-called "stepping stones" as a means to a profitable end.

Since the Great Betan Collapse, much of the interior of the Beta Quadrant has been silent, spare for historical powers in surrounding sectors. Despite such, prospectors in many different industries have long speculated of the possibility of considerable sources of untapped wealth in the heart of the quadrant. "These stations help with our commercial enterprises," one prospector near the Solarian Reaches commented to GalactiNet News, "Free traders and the like have been able to make quite a buck through trade with refugees, and a few enterprises have begun opening-up larger ventures in 'stepping stone' systems."

Such prospects - both of the possibility of untapped material potential and of the burgeoning markets as refugees seek settlement in Beta - have lead some investors to begin pointing their interests toward the Beta Quadrant, both to Nassau Signatories and parties close to the Solarian Reaches. "It's an opportunity," one analyst stated, "one I wouldn't blame people for refusing to pass-up." Even so, not all of the international financial circuit is as optimistic; many have pointed to an increase in raider traffic that seems to be flowing in-tune to that of the increasing in foreign activity in Beta as a cause for concern. Namely, some have indicated trepidation due to the possibility that the very same "stepping stones" that seem to be attracting commercial traffic will, in turn, begin attracting raid groups that have long operated in the dark sectors of the quadrant. "It's too soon to begin counting chips, one way or the other," a spokesman for Rhett Financial stated, "While its apparent opportunity is there, whether said opportunity is for the benefit of investors or [brigands] has yet to be seen."

What is for certain, however, is that it seems signatories of the Nassau Accords are dedicated to expanding the "stepping stones" network into Beta. Some in the interstellar community have decried the United Star Commonwealth, and others, as using the Great Displacement and chronic economic depression in the quadrant i nan exploitative manner - namely for the purposes of growing their own international prestige and influence. Regardless, the Solarian Reaches are crowded by power blocs operating in close proximity to portions of the "stepping stones" network; regardless of the intent of parties privy to the Nassau Accords, the continued expansion and popularity of their waystations are likely to lead to interest - be it positive or negative.

Written by Santheres
Lofty Name, Lofty Expectations
New GESO Leader Challenges Popular Perception

It would be untrue to say that the Galactic Economic Security Organization (GESO) has been generally transparent in their elections. Outsiders have previously noted the oddity that a democratically-based organization seemed to always have elections shake out to similar results, if not outright eschew them entirely.

The election for the Secretary-General was not energetic. A low-key affair reflecting the general stability of the alliance, as the votes were tallied, Nodan Silver - previously thought to be a shoe-in candidate - bowed out of the race as the new Secretary-General Fel'Ha won in a landslide, stepping past Silver's shoe and announcing to the galaxy that the Organization did indeed walk the walk that it has long since claimed.

A long-time military analyst and strategist, Silver was appointed as military advisor to the organization's private forces and its constituent states' navies, assuring many that the peaceful transition of power came with little, if any, bitterness between candidates and Silver's now-former constituency.

States which were formerly cold to the organization will be in a position to re-evaluate as they have a new face with a new trade-based platform exclusive of any cultural imperialism on which they may now base their expectations and future negotiations. Whether this will open the door to member growth or stronger ties with nonmembers is yet to be determined but straw polls have widely indicated positive feelings toward this election outcome. However, the announcement of an elected leader to the organization’s official spy ring may serve as a reminder that while Fel'Ha remains focused on trade, other Organization authorities may be looking elsewhere.

Written by Kyrusia
Interstellar Empire of Nyte Makes Waves with Counter-Piracy Activity
Concerns Raised Over Strategic Weapons Presence

For months, several news outlets close to the Solarian Reaches and portions of the Alpha and Delta Quadrants have been reporting concerns, largely believed to be contrived for the purpose of political attack via selective leaks to media outlet proxies, that the Interstellar Empire of Nyte has been exploiting the Great Displacement by means of knowingly arming unlawful parties in an attempt to harry and harass strategic rivals near their interests in the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. Recently, this forced Fleet Admiral Artemis Black of the Interstellar Empire to confirm such concerns over arming possible parties of ill-repute, but not for reasons less-scrupulous news sources seemed to have implied:

    "We have armed them, that much is true; we have allowed them to gain use of refugee-designated materials, but for the purpose of tracking and neutralizing said threats alone. [...] The judgement of these individuals of the Empire or its actions matters little to us. However, perhaps now that they know better the extent of our actions, they can move on to reporting the truth of the matter instead of speculating or making unfounded claims against the Empire and our efforts to not only aid refugees, but also giving back to them something that most of them currently lack; by which I mean a sense of security, safety, and self respect; something that for many of these people has been lost for a very long time. Not only have our efforts proven to aid many refugee groups, they have allowed them the ability to protect themselves from many of those who would take advantage of their situation for their own gains, and as a beneficial side effect for the Interstellar Empire, it has allowed us to clear out large numbers of pirates, brigands, privateers, and slavers alike[.]"
Fleet Admiral Black went on to state that the Interstellar Empire's program of arming refugee groups will continue for the foreseeable future, truncating his announcement with further news that through the Empire's program that several thousand pirates, brigands, and other outlaws have since been captured as a part of such ongoing efforts, culminating in many being sentenced to summary execution by military tribunal. While Admiral Black was not willing to go into precise details of how the Empire achieved such, he stated that, in part, the purpose of permitting more lawless portions of the displaced to retain said materials was for the purpose of location, tracking, and neutralization, stating that "many materials were equipped with use kill functions," permitting the outlaws to seize or obtain materials, only to be effectively cut-off from their use and, further, cut-off from flight, permitting the Empire's counter-piracy forces to engage and capture.

Despite such, security analysts willing to speak to ActivisMedia have reported a degree of trepidation over news of an arrangement reached between the Interstellar Empire and the United Terran Alliance. Though ActivisMedia has been unable to obtain the precise details of this arrangement, what is certain is that an as-of-yet unknown amount of naval vessels originating from the Alliance have been deployed to an un-populated system within the Empire along the Gamma-Delta Border regions. While such might not normally cause concern and, at least to some, may in fact be welcomed due to the Empire's apparent willingness to arm and provide defense to displaced persons, the leak of notice of a strategic weapons presence has caused some to hesitate in their assessments of the Empire's actions and the precise nature of its relationship - and the nature of aforementioned agreement - with the United Terran Alliance.

"Such a move is likely done on the part of the [Empire and Alliance] attempting to 'show-up' powers in Gamma and Delta," one security analyst, currently wishing to remain anonymous, stated, "It matches the Interstellar Empire's general continued increase in martial production output and mobilization in the Gamma-Delta Periphery." Such concurs with the sighting of several Empire vessels in the northern galactic sectors, operating both in groups and in individual vessel deployments. Whether such is a part of the Empire's ongoing anti-piracy efforts, an attempt at brinkmanship, or a part of the as-of-yet un-detailed arrangement is not known at this time. Regardless, such is likely to increase tensions in related volumes, especially where such concerns parties in Gamma and Delta which have increasingly seen attempts at making moves in the frontier regions of both, even though such may, in turn, provide a degree of security and a sense of safety to those most heinously impacted by the Great Displacement.

Written by Xiscapia
BREAKING NEWS: Terrorist Cornelio Morevedra Escapes Custody
FSR Federal Marshal Service, Department of Intelligence Suspect Internal Leaks; Office of Verge Affairs Release ℛℳ 250,000 Bounty

Known terrorist and extremist Cornelio Morevedra was arrested by combined EXROA-COM and Verge Security forces of the United Star Empire of Valinon (USEV). Following this the Free State Republic submitted an extradition request for him to the Star Empire via the United Systems of Usidia. The Star Empire granted the conditional request and is known to have arranged the hand-off at an undisclosed location along the Lanthe Route in the Gamma Quadrant. Federal Marshals of the FSR were dispatched to take custody of Mr. Morevedra to return him to the Republic in order to face charges for terrorist activities on Citic. The two parties met at the arranged meeting point to effect the hand-off when tragedy struck.

A "decently-sized" unknown hostile force attacked the meeting site, targeting both FSR and USEV officers. The assault left few survivors and Mr. Morevedra is confirmed to have escaped custody. His whereabouts are currently unknown. How this operation was compromised and the location discovered by this hostile group is also unknown, but both the Federal Marshal Service and the Department of Intelligence suspect an internal leak from one or more of the involved organizations. Both have begun internal investigations. Following the incident Sir Friedrich von Gentz (KCTS), First Minister for Foreign Affairs for the United Star Empire of Valinon, issued a statement in response to the recent incident involving security forces of the Free State Republic and the Office of Verge Affairs (OVA):

    "On 19 May, Proximan Local Calendar, the Ministry for Imperial Affairs discussed the conditional extradition submitted by the government of the Free State Republic to the imperial embassy to the United Systems of Usidia. The Republic’s government only requested extradition of Cornelio Morevedra, a known extremist and terrorist, recently detained by the Imperial Armed Forces as part of on-going security operations along the Lanthe. The Ministry requested the IAF withdrawal pending charges from the admiralty courts and transfer Morevedra to civil custody pending possible extradition to a friendly foreign state.

    Roselyne Dard-Maran, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Usidia, supported the measure after consulting with Usidian authorities and in her new role as Ambassador-at-Large to the member states of League of Organised Territories and United Systems (LOTUS) member. The Prime Minister and Affairs Ministers agreed to grant the request and directed the Office of Verge Affairs to coordinate the operation with the Free Star Republic. Morevedra was transferred from a military detention facility to Verge Security after being placed in stasis.

    After brief negotiation, Ambassador Dard-Maran and the Free State Republic’s ambassador to Usidia agreed on a location for Verge Security to surrender the prisoner to the Republic’s marshals. The operational duties of the transfer were assigned to Palgrave System Security, a private contractor with Verge Security, with oversight being provided by an Imperial Verge Police officer and squad. Both the Verge Security and Republic forces were attacked by an unidentified hostile force. This unknown force deployed in sufficient numbers to make it impossible for the Verge Security presence to engage with an expectation to prevent the prisoner’s escape. The IVP officer assigned to the transfer operation immediately alerted local Verge Security and EXRAO-COM assets. Unfortunately, no reinforcements could be deployed in time to prevent the attack. The HMS Space Oddity, a Verge Security cruiser, arrived in the scene to assist survivors several hours later.

    At this time, EXROA-COM and Verge Security believe this attack was spearheaded by members in one or more extremist organization Morevedra coordinated with before his capture. Both services are coordinating with External State Security and Lanthine authorities to see that the prisoner is recaptured and brought to justice. An investigation into the transfer operation by the Office of Verge Affairs internal affairs division is also pending.

    While it remains the primary intention of the Government pursue conditional extradition, the Department of Justice was directed to commence criminal proceedings against Morevedra. This will result in a trial in absentia with prosecutors pursuing capital punishment under the terms of Unified Terrorism and Piracy Act of 1603. These charges enabled the Government add Morevedra to the Contracted Fugitive and Criminal Capture Database (CFCCD) with special terms as of this morning. A bounty of ℛℳ 250,000 for Morevedra's capture or identifiable physical remains is being funded by the Kriegsmarine and the Office of Verge Affairs. Further details about the criminal proceedings, investigation, et cetera, will be reported as needed by the respective agencies and offices responsible.

    The Foreign Ministry will coordinate with the government of the Free State Republic. My staff is coordinating with the establishment of a special diplomatic mission to establish a stronger network of communications with the Republic’s government in the coming months. The Government supports the Republics in its efforts to prevent additional violence against civilians and is willing to transition to more direct support if an acceptable framework can be reached with our colleagues in the federal government. I will personally direct initial negotiations to form a comprehensive approach to tackling this crisis and border security concerns near the Lanthe with the Republic until the mission staff are assembled and dispatched. These negotiations will centre, initially, on possible aid to the Free Star Republic’s security initiatives, relevant intelligence sharing, and other possible bi- or multi-lateral arrangements capable of preserving stability.

    We need to provide strong support to the Government of the Free State Republic as a means for helping a new partner in preventing the spread of extremism and violence too frequently plaguing the local spatial volumes. We also need to reach out to our neighbours as a way of building our own security by shutting down the illegal arms trade, the exploitation of refugees, and the resurgence of sentient trafficking in various forms throughout the Milky Way."
This statement is indicative of a broader Valinor strategy. While denying refugees transit permissions to Liu Xiu they focus on moving refugees and other vulnerable populations away from areas of instability as part of a policy designed to build more stable communities of refuge for the duration of the current emergency. Their extradition of Mr. Morevedra to the Free State Republic signals their confidence in that state’s ability to handle the proceedings and paves the way for closer relations with the growing LOTUS alliance. It is expected that the Valinor are looking for viable partners who can assist in creating large volumes of stable space as conditions in the Beta Quadrant worsen and concerns mount. Their statement regarding Mr. Morevedra also indicates that they may extradite him if he is captured –though the “dead or alive” nature of the bounty makes this unlikely.

With reporting by Imperial News Network correspondent Yukaze.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016 — Edition No. 17, Version 3.0


Written by Kyrusia
SPOTLIGHT: Commonwealth, Accords, and the Beta Quadrant
Trade Relations and Burdens Widen in the Quadrant Space Forgot

For anyone keeping a watch on the Beta Quadrant over recent months, the frequency of news relating to the Nassau Accords - particularly involving sectors of proximity to the Solarian Reaches - has become something of a staple. Burgeoning markets, expansion of trade, deescalation of regulatory interests and tariffs, and the fostering of a more open market - largely, it seems, to help bring benefit to the Beta Quadrant and what some have opined as being the "single most long-standing economic crisis in galactic history" - have been the headlines for weeks on end as the United Star Commonwealth (and her partners) seek to expand their commercial vectors to different sectors in the quadrant. Of course, as with any enterprise, reward is balanced by risk; to say the Beta Quadrant, as a whole, may be a "risky investment" would, some say, be a grave understatement, indeed.

With last month's disappearance (and subsequent re-discovery, largely dismantled as they were) of the NAVOS Freight & Cargo commercial freighters Anna Marie (NVS-0945-CF), Ode to Joy (NVS-1131-CF), and Huckster (NVS-6095-CF) - a small convoy hauling mostly stamped metal components and machining equipment - attention on the hazards of the quadrant have, once again, fallen beneath the ever-present eye of the GalactiNet. "There is profit to be made there," Herr Julian DeAngleis, a spokesman for the interstellar capital investment firm Star Capitals stated, "but at what costs?" Costs are, indeed, a major concern for would-be ventures seeking to strike-out in the quadrant; the ever-present concern hanging over many being, of course, that of security, safety, and the likelihood of ill-begotten loss.

Such concerns, while present, haven't stopped nations like the United Star Commonwealth - and other Nassau signatories - from staking their claims, be it mercantile "way stations" or, as has been recently flashed across interstellar newswires the galaxy-over, the fostering of deeper trade relations. In what some have said to be an demonstration as to the Commonwealth's "ongoing commitment to fair trade transparency," the Commonwealth's Foreign Trade Office made available the details of several trade agreements between itself, the Great Trade Republic, Hadevail, and several other, smaller star-states in (and in-proximity-to) the Beta Quadrant earlier this week. While the details of these arrangements largely concern the subtle (and enthralling) nuances and details of appropriate regulations regarding the import/export of food and agricultural goods, consumer finished goods, and a myriad of other commercial products, two facets of many of these arrangements struck the international community - or, at least, the financials-watchers of it - by storm: visas and, of all things, antimatter.

For a bit of a lesson to those outside of the lauded halls of interstellar finance: the Beta Quadrant is a fickle beast. In not-so-recent memory, the quadrant was once heralded as the "soon-to-be center of galactic politics, commerce, and culture" - at least by one Heshah Il'konoso, author of the then-contemporary book, Beta: How New Wealth Will Lead to the Demise of the Reaches, a critique of the supposed "ivory tower of international investment capital and the culture which fostered [such a] specist and anthropocentric malaise of malfeasance"; now, apart from those well-managed states which saw the writing on the wall or, due to a variety of factors, were left unscathed, the Beta Quadrant is considered by some to be an "empty vestige of its former self, beset by brigands and all manner of ne'er-do-well." For many, the recent memory of the Beta Quadrant is filled with obscure, virginal star-states rising and falling into obscurity soon thereafter, or corporate ventures which boomed, only to bust into obscurity or outright calamity.

With that digression aside, the Beta Quadrant has a bit of a reputation among those who seek to throw their hard-earned credits into a new fad as being where "the best either bust or become the worst." Despite such, states like the Commonwealth have sought to exploit the undoubted riches (and chronically under-appreciated markets) of the quadrant for their own ends. From the documents recently released by the USC's Foreign Trade Office - and a surprise to none who have been watching such on interstellar tickers for the past year - the Commonwealth is seeking to "reinvigorate its stumbling energy sector" by providing the legal and commercial means for exporting antimatter energy sources.

Somewhere, someone is hearing a klaxon screaming.

While the expansion of the Commonwealth's visa program - or, more correctly, the expediting thereof - to allow citizens of states which have entered into arrangements with it to more freely move into the USC's sphere of influence (included the Nassau Accord way station system) has got the feathers of some martial hawks ruffled with concerns over security and refugee status, with security and safety an ongoing concern for many, news that the Commonwealth seeks to grow its antimatter fuel and energy production sector through export has had more than a handful of financial analysts and interstellar security commentators concerned and may, in fact, be spurring a bit of instability in the interstellar energy sector in G-western Beta.

"With things like the Ambrosia, why would someone be willing to risk it?" international news commentator and host of the GalactiNet series Watching the Trends Emile van der Byle stated. For those who don't spend their every-waking-moment white-knuckling an emergency shutdown switch in an antimatter generator assembly control room, it, too, can be a fickle beast. While concentrations of fuel-grade antimatter are nothing to balk at, the shipment of weaponized antimatter - degenerated to the point of concentrated absurdity - is, seemingly, quite rare (or, at least, not broadcast with a giant sign hailing such), but the usage of such by lone wolves, separatist groups, and roughneck squads of radical-ranged frontiersman isn't a complete impossibility. This was a concern raised on this morning's edition of Watching the Trend. Even so, it seems, the Commonwealth has thought of such already.

As a part of the documents released by the United Star Commonwealth and its partners, trade agreements stipulated a variety of regulations requiring all new partners with the Commonwealth to provide, in collective cooperation, security for civilian traffic going to-and-fro. While many have commented that such would almost assuredly help stabilize the reason, others have also expressed concerns that the USC (even with the assistance of its trade partners) may be setting itself up to fail through a complex series of mutual-protection clauses which could stretch the Commonwealth's Navy and protection squadrons too thin for their own good. Of course, such remains to be seen.

As it stands, investors who want to get-in on the ground floor of a potentially profitable new set of enterprises are suggested to take a long, hard look at the news coming out of Beta. Take stock, reckon, and consider, as there is likely to be a great bulk of green to be made. Even so, weigh the risks; only time will tell whether these new risks make a significant turn-around.

Reporting by Galactic Quarterly economics contributor and interstellar market analyst Adrian Rhett.

Written by FRFS
LIVE: From the Free City of Pretiosa, Pallasia, Abbas System
The Camera Never Blinks

"Good evening and welcome to the twilight edition of the Frontier Bulletin, bringing all the news from the edge of the Galaxy right into the comfort of your own home! We have plenty of information to get to tonight, but first a developing story coming out of the Abbas system in our own Gamma Quadrant, we have a correspondent, Arnold Prescott, out in the field for this one let's take a look at his submitted report!" The anchor smiled flashing pearly white teeth, as he brought his right arm up to direct the audience to the screen to his right. The screen was filled with static at first, which promptly solidified into an image of a man standing in front of a dilapidated building, the sign "Richard's Mart" barely continued to hang by a single bolt and slanted at an odd angle distended above the door less entryway.

"Greetings from Pallasia!" Arnold tried to force a large smile at the camera, even though his eyes betrayed that forced smile; they were wide with fresh terror. A thick black flak jacket with the word 'PRESS' in large white lettering was worn over his blue shirt and was clearly visible to the camera. "We have been given permission by the Golden League officials to begin transmitting from inside the city of Pretiosa even as the pacification efforts by military forces continue on around us." The rhythmic rattle of far off gunfire could still be heard intermittently in-between Arnold's opening words. "I and my supporting crew arrived on Pallasia onboard the rejuvenated vessel Oryol which was involved with the orbital assault wrestling control of the orbital space above the planet from the rebelling forces. It was one hell of a battle and one hell of a ride into the local space. That experience was one that I hope never again to reproduce. While we were just one ship in a massive combined spatial force of the Golden League, the Oryol took decent damage during the assault. But we survived, and are blessed to be planetside surrounded with the very best military personal the League has to offer. Vessels and units from all corners of the Golden League’s territory have converged in the Abbas system and rumor has it, a wave of reinforcements meant to solidify control of not just the planet but the entire system are on the way."

A large rumbling noise screamed overhead as a large jet just out of view of the camera raced in the sky above the city, Arnold began gesturing behind him with both arms, wincing a bit as the over-pressure from the large aerial vehicle made him a bit uncomfortable, "As you can see behind me, the rebels were not very kind to the city infrastructure over the past six years, nor were the opening salvos of the effort to re-take the city by the League's military forces very considerate of the architecture." Arnold began to walk slowly to his left, and the camera panned to keep him in view, his eyes were glued to the ground as he walked, gingerly taking deliberately planned steps. The camera stayed centered on him as he walked, and the scene behind slowly changed from the destroyed former corner store to an open field. A mangled mash of metal separated in two distorted lumps which looked to have once been a swing set and jungle gym laid in their heaps of former glory of a children's playground. Out behind the field the shattered cityscape of greater Pretiosa was mostly brought into view, crumbled buildings dominated the screen some with smoke still rising in wisps from them, over the buildings fast moving pearl shaped aerial vehicles skittered in the blue sky in the background of the scene displayed for the camera.

As he walked, Arnold continued to address the camera, "For six long years the Red Turban Rebellion held control of not only this city, but an ever growing decent portion of the entire planet as well as a few off world locations in the Abbas system at large. The rebellion itself had come a long way since its beginnings as a popular communistic movement against the landed elite. Their grievances against the League and its policies that were implemented on the planet finally bubbled over into a violent overthrow of the ruling party of Pretiosa in a bloody revolution that was played out in the city's streets. It didn't take long for the revolution to catch steam with the populace and grow to include entire tracts of the planet of Pallasia once the city of Pretiosa was in the hands of the rebels."

Arnold stopped his walk in the open area the long blades of the tall grass barely peeked up into the camera's view. As the camera settled and centered on him, several white teardrop shaped aircraft could be seen loitering above the city in the background. Small flashes of light were witnessed by the camera emitting from the nose of the crafts, the bolts of white energy sped towards the city, disappearing behind the broken buildings. Almost instantaneously as they disappeared small red-orange explosions could be seen expanding from behind the buildings underneath the group of Ariel vehicles, and soon those explosions could be heard by the journalist crew.

With the echoes of the explosions reverberating all around, Arnold took a pause in his oration and turned his back to the camera crew, he twisted around to get a first hand look at where the crescendo of sounds were coming from and spied the alien aircraft hanging daintily in the sky. "Looks like that long uphill climb the rebellion was engaged in has ended a bit short of the summit they intended to reach." Turning back to face the camera, Arnold ran a hand through his short-cropped hair, "This effort to retake the city by the Golden League so far has been exponentially more effective than the tragic 948 Expedition which occurred just last year, that first limited attempted push to retake Pretiosa as we all know ended in complete failure for the Golden League forces. Their units were decimated and turned back on all fronts, allowing the rebellion to enjoy a rejuvenated level of support with the populace with a successful defense of their territory against the Golden League. The surviving forces of the Golden League that retreated from Pretiosa left behind their heavy weaponry and much of their stores of ammunition, much to the delight of the rebelling forces."

Another round of explosions reached a crescendo in the background emanating from the city, making Arnold pause in his oration and bring his hands to briefly cover his ears. Straining to be heard over the fading echoes of the explosion, Arnold continued on. "Unfortunately for the Red Turbans, this time around no amount of second hand heavy weaponry would stave off the re-doubled efforts of the Golden League. The botched 948 Expedition brought great shame and embarrassment to not just the Golden League but the Uulchi World School as well. That shame and embarrassment has now metamorphosed into a burning rage which has fueled the war effort up to this…" One more explosion interrupted Arnold this time it was a bit closer to the crew that the shockwave shook the camera causing the image of Arnold standing in the plain of tall grass to vibrate. "...point."

Suddenly a concerned and confused look fell upon Arnold's face as his eyes moved passed staring at the camera, and focused on something behind the camera. His mouth slowly opened, as his right hand came up the index finger straight gesturing to where his eyes had locked on. "Hey... Carl. Turn... turn... the camera around, the door to that house across the street just flew open!"

The camera slowly swiveled away from the open field with the decent view of the city behind it, to now view of a row of broken homes each one damaged in their own way. The row of family styled homes lined the area across the street from where they were filming. As the camera refocused it saw two well-armed individuals exiting the open front doorway of one of the houses, their faces obscured by bright yellow bandanas leaving only their eyes exposed. They did not have on official uniforms of any military service, instead being clothed in what anyone would call street clothes. Across both of their chests laid bandoliers of ammunition, no armor could be noticed on their bodies. The armed men took up positions on either side of the walkway leading back to the door; their main focus of attention was in the direction of the doorway they just exited. Moments later a third individual appeared in the doorway dressed in a bright yellow shirt, his face fully exposed contorted into an angry sneer. His left arm dragged behind him and his hand ended in a tuft of matted and mangled curls as he was pulling a forth party outside the house by his hair. Reaching the end of the porch, the yellow shirted person picked up and tossed the fourth onto the concrete pathway. Landing in a submissive heap the individual stayed still as the yellow shirted man stood over him. The journalist crew stood silent as they witnessed what was unfolding across the street, the camera itself continued to roll on but was too far away to pick up what the people were saying. But its never wavering eye had a wonderful front row seat to the view.

The person who was dragged out by a tuft of his hair had his hands up in a submissive nature; a red bandana was tied around his right arm. The gentlemen seemed to be pleading with the individual who dragged him out, his body convulsing in waves of spasms. However, the stone steel face of the antagonist clad in yellow seemed to not be swayed by the repeated pleads of the individual on the ground. Slowly, but steadily the man in the yellow shirt reached for the brown holster on the right side of his hip.

Arnold could be heard off screen, as Carl tried to zoom the sight of the camera in closer to magnify what was occurring across the street, the tape continued to record what was going on, "What is he going to do-"

A single earsplitting shot rang out, causing the cameraman to jump a bit, his camera moving shakily with him. The retort from the pistol also caused Arnold to yelp out with a shriek, which the camera easily picked up off-screen.

As the limp body of the person who was pulled out of the busted house by his hair fell and impacted the concrete, a dark pool of red began to cover the grey concrete initiating from his skull. The yellow clad individual who pulled the trigger raised his gaze up and centered his dark eyes on the camera crew; a sort of twisted smirk befell his face. He raised his free hand up and pointed at them with his mouth moving uttering some sort of command to the other two-armed individuals, the other hand still holding the smoking pistol.

"Oh... Oh no... Carl put down the camera, now!" Arnold could be heard from off the screen, and the view from the camera altered a bit as it was hurriedly placed on the ground. The new angle showed both Carl and Arnold standing in front of the camera, arms and hands up high in an act of surrender. As the two armed characters closed the distance to them from across the street, one of them pointed at Carl and addressed the journalists.

"You, pick up your camera now, you two must move back to the pre-determined safe area. The city itself is not secure yet, we will escort you back away from this dangerous area."

The camera shook as it was picked up off the ground, it was angled upwards catching one last image of the pale blue sky, before cutting away to darkness as it was turned off.

Written by Valinon
Stellar Faerie Amalia Storms Starways
Interstellar Empire Electro-Pop Star Highlights Upcoming Releases

An underwhelming entry in the Interstellar Empire's military entertainment service was the expectation droned across the trans-Quadrant musical community when Amalia's third concert tour was announced. The droning was even more muted when Nyte's policy of closed performances for its armed personnel was taken as the rule of the day. But both the Stellar Faerie and her Vaterland surprised the galaxy less than a week ago with a decision to stream the electro-pop star's concert across the Intranet and other international superluminal 'nets feeding Intranet content.

"Transcendent!" Anargul Inzhu, entertainment director for Blue Heaven, said from the gala reception of the Loseida Garden Festival, "'Glassy Sky' was a known quantity after Nyte started its early cultural exchanges, but it was bog standard music from past the Orion Spur. But Renegade GANGSTA — it will shake every entertainment hub from Gamma to Alpha. [CENSORED] me for not booking her for this!"

The Stellar Faerie drew praise from numerous luminaries attending the Garden Festival.

"She sings with grace, power — wordless cries," said Sir Waylon Isley, president of Solaris-Centauri BMG. "It’s been years since something like this came from the trans-centre volumes. Everyone hears of the tired farce of some new artist up-jumped by some vanity label with the saddest groupie of 'cult followers' clinging to the sound like it's relevant. This woman actually has something. She can give the galaxy a sound from Gamma."

The unabashed support for the new artist drew glares from the gathered divas of Seida system capable of chilling space to the Interstellar Empire by multiple degrees. It even elicited comment from Mr. Biggs. "I don’t know if the music is that original, but the voice. Yes, there is something there. Something far past those tired, pillowy falsettos of Sol," said Biggs.

Martial displays and celebrations followed Amalia's performances, but state-sponsored triumphs could not drown out the enthusiasm of the galactic media and the @rep 'nets for the news that the star's tour will extend the beyond empire proper. Amalia's more than 40 performance tour will conclude in the GESO-controlled Talos Station. Tickets to the closing show are becoming a considerable commodity, with several major entertainment conglomerates and info-brokerages purchasing blocs as a potential speculative investment.

The visible economic activity is paired with action on the industrial front. Rumours are flying from the Garden Festival that Loseida's entertainment tsars, Valinor media firms, and several Betan barons are actively bidding to secure a performance tour for their own venues.

"It doesn't take one of those Valinor bankers to smell what can come from this much interest in an emerging office. If those Nyte agents are smart, they're locking down any contract they have with their little faerie before she's poached," said market analyst Adrian Rhett in his weekly ansible broadcast, Money&Energy.

Amalia has beaten back the drone, but she can easily become a flash-in-the-pan falling short of the revolutionary sound some early claimants are crowning her as. She may still emerge from the world of music as another pop star falling short of expectations. But she has undoubtedly struck a world desperate for relief from the dominance of Alpha Quadrant artists. Barring some major riot, she will doubtlessly be meeting those cold glares at next year's Garden Festival.

Written by Kyrusia
GESO Seeks Security Along the Gamma-Delta Periphery
Allied Partners Strike at Pirate "Coalition" in the Wilds

In part of an ongoing effort to strike at opportunistic, martial parties who have seen fit to not only strike commercial, but humanitarian targets seeking to provide relief to areas affected by the Great Displacement - a move initially spurred by the Interstellar Empire of Nyte, the United Terran Alliance, and other partners party (or affiliated with) the Galactic Economics and Security Organization (GESO) - the Organization has gathered intelligence and declared a moral crusade against an affiliation of military and (formerly) national partners conducting raids in the Gamma-Delta Periphery sectors dubbed the "Displaced Coalition."

Identified as a source for ongoing raids in the sectors surrounding the Gamma-Delta Border, the "Displaced Coalition" has been described as a martial band, alliance, or even confederation-of-sorts between national and military groups impaced by the Great Displacement which, rather than submitting to what reported intelligence seems to indicate they feel is a "de-legitimization of their culture and political history" and aligning themselves with ongoing humanitarian responses to the Great Displacement, have turned to raiding. "Their culture is nothing more than one of violence," GalactiNet News contributor Stephanie Arglass stated, "This isn't about helping maintain their identity - if they can even be said to have such - so much as it is about exploitation and opportunism." In standing with the founding principles of the GESO's Charter, "to preserve the way of life that all sapient beings [...] have the universally given right to enjoy. In order to push back the tides of darkness and chaos that would ruin the temple of personal liberty, and tarnish the essence of freedom," the Organization has rightfully pledged to stamp-out such brigandage, violence, and threats to their ventures.

While GESO escorts in Gamma-Delta Periphery sectors have assuaged the fears and concerns of some, Secretary-General Far'Ha of the Organization affirmed their commitments to the ongoing security of GESO (and allied) ventures in the region, stating in a press conference earlier this morning:

    "For are we not a band of nations, ourselves? One that arose in a spirit of cooperation against pirates and against raiders? We are here to protect our economy and what is an economy without trade? We are here to promote security, and what is security, if there are those that can strike at us without retaliation? Madam Silver is even now working on a plan to drive this coalition, that threatens everything GESO stands for, out of our trade routes and out of our lives!"
Anti-piracy endeavors have continued to become something of a foreign policy staple since the Great Displacement's impact has begun to spread - an initial occurrence some have readily sought to blame the Gata'ja Ammudzi for. Even so, GESO's commitment to assuring security in the Gamma-Delta Periphery has not gone unnoticed by interstellar commercial enterprises specializing in the periphery sectors. Some have stated the Organization's recent spurring of activity has come on the heels of concerns over a potential localized economic depression in the border star-states - an opinion which seems to be rather on-nose as both live-trading and forecasting in Gamma-Delta Periphery markets have seen a not-insubstantial uptick since the Secretary-General's press conference originally aired earlier this morning.

Correspondence with the Secretary-General's office on the part of GalactiNet News has, further, confirmed that such endeavors on the behalf of GESO are likely to continue. What has been described as "aggressive military strikes" against raiding groups are meant to provide further security in the region, an aim which seems to be having a positive impact on the confidence-in-security many commercial ventures in the Gamma-Delta Periphery have, and to seek-out the headquarter(s) of the so-called "Displaced Coalition" with the purpose of annihilating their threat to surrounding sectors.

Written by Valinon
Police, Security Authorities Condemn Khomorragh Clans
Senior Leaders Concerned Warbands Posed to Establish New Criminal Empire

Freeport City, Liu Xiu — Leaders of national and private policing and security forces issued a statement condemning the Khomorragh Clans at the third congress of the International Association of Police and Security Services (IAPolSec) held in the Free State Republic's enclave in the Liu Xiu SEZ.

IAPolSec is an informal gathering of international leaders from civil and private security services. During the past three years, it has been a growing forum for information sharing, bi- and multi-lateral collaboration, and blunted critique of international policy by the Gamma Quadrant's domestic policing authorities. This year's congress included participants from more than a dozen Gamma powers, several emergent state police ministers, and representatives from Alpha Quadrant security consortia. Private contractors and international analysts noted this congress was more muted than in years past with several officials praising military-led efforts to suppress piracy in the wake of increased raiders by the Gata'ja and other bands.

Increased naval deployments by the Uthani Imperium, Valinor Empire, Free State Republic, and HSE have yielded results in the past few months. Trading companies and financial institutions started to cautiously revise security and risk assessments to Gamma Quadrant economic activity for the coming quarter. Several Alpha concerns, notably those of the Sacral Empire and Solarian Reaches, are even encouraging direct investment for the first time in more than a decade.

But the optimism was undercut during the final days of the conference with a joint statement delivered by Commandant Joe Keenan, head of the Liu Xiu-based Bierman Defence Group, on behalf of seven other private contractors and four police leaders.

"We are all concerned with the positivism infecting the statements of foreign ministers, ambassadors, and various other government officials," Keenan said to the congress' press pool. "Pirate activity and raids are less frequent, with even conservative estimates reporting a decline of over 15 percent. The 'Grace Incident' represents a turning point rallying the quadrant’s powers to action needed for months—if not years. But our discussions during the past week show other criminal activities are on the rise.

    "Our communications staff have given all of you access to a final version of the Molb Report. This represents an effort by more than half of our congress’ participants showing the Khommoragh Clans, a loose federation from the quadrant periphery, mounting increased assaults and campaigns of intimidation to force smaller pirate groups into their organization. Their recruitment practices are paired with similarly violent activities to secure both funding and weapons using any means at their disposal, including extortion, slavery, arms dealing, and terrorism. My colleagues and I are unanimous in our opinion that these clans are moving to create a new syndicate possibly capable of greater violence and destruction than the Gata"ja. We will coordinate our own efforts to prevent this empire-building, but we call upon the combined forces of the quadrant’s powers to act and reduce the Khommoragh menace before it spreads."
The report, named after the Mondragonese Union Security Minister, starts with a formal condemnation of the Khommoragh Clans and its actions. Evidence collected by coordinating security services note the clans are exploiting the retreat of more traditional criminal enterprises from the quadrant, notably the Sciarviat Syndicate and the various atoran cartels. During questions, Keenan expressed special concerns of states around the quadrant periphery selling arms to the clans in order to disrupt the economic and security perimeters of the established powers.

    "It is a predictable response to the failure of state actors to stop exploitation of refugees and non-state actors as a fifth column in supporting their territorial ambitions. I will take any bet any of you care to make that there will be a rise in pirate activity, against the predictions of the Solarians banks, within this quarter and it will be a bloodbath."

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Friday, September 30, 2016 — Edition No. 18, Version 3.0


Written by Kyrusia
ALERT: Hazard Warning Issued for Orleania System
Sarians Infiltrate Remnants of the Severed Empire

Re-transmission via photonic relay provided by Quad-Alarm Alert System. Original transmission by ZMI Long Patrol.
The Long Patrol (Incorporated State) has issued a class SEVERE System Hazard Entry Warning for the Orleania System in response to ongoing occupation of the system by a constituent clan of the Sarian Raiders, tentatively identified as Clan Havk. The Orleania System has been identified as the (now former) sector capital of the Severed Empire. At the time of original transmission, local Severed Empire authority, World Count Mirabin, has been confirmed as a captive of Clan Havk, indicating a severe degradation of local, system authority in Orleania.

According to ongoing Long Patrol monitoring of the situation in Orleania, Clan Havk have subsequently occupied the system with considerable force - constituting an overwhelming display of force via the presence of at least eight drive signatures which seem to match those displayed by Juggernaut-class Sarian system domination vessels; this considerable force, as of the time of original transmission, also appears to constitute portions of the remaining Outer Sector Fleet of the Severed Empire, implying an explicit cooperation between degenerate elements of the Severed Empire's naval arm and Clan Havk. Initial system dominance followed a sustained campaign of destruction against major orbital works and retainers, permitted due to a lack of significant military resistance, with initial orbital dominance achieved within forty-eight (48) hours following the Military Moment of Incursion (MMoI).

Despite the depreciation of the Severed Empire, its naval arm was considered by the Long Patrol and many foreign analysts to pose a significant threat against potential brigandage and piracy. With the capture of the Orleania System due to what appears to be an as-of-yet unseen level of martial power concentration within a single Sarian clan, this has come under significant doubt. As of the time of original transmission, the Long Patrol has recommended the treatment of all remnants of the Severed Empire's naval arm as being "co-opted" by either Clan Havk or other constituent components of the Sarian Raider Clans; contact with remnants of the Severed Empire is recommended to be treated with considerable suspicion and skepticism, as such may pose a significant threat due to probable Sarian infiltration and internal military degeneracy.

The Long Patrol, further, recommends considerable caution to star-states and outlier systems within grav-travel distance of the Orleania System. Considering the speed and degree at which the Orleania System came under raider occupation and has subsequently fallen to systematic looting, it is evident the Sarian Raider Clans have manifested a considerable ability to infiltrate, bribe, or otherwise corrupt formerly entrenched state offices. This is to be combined in consideration with the probable presence of eight Juggernaut-class vessels, demonstrating a concealment of previous overwhelming martial power present within at least Clan Havk and, possibly, the Sarian Raider Clans as a whole. This may be considered an indicator of possible escalation among the Sarian hierarchy, posing a significant threat to outlier states, free colonies, and distant colonial settlements in the Beta Quadrant, as such may now be considered potential targets by the Sarian Raiders. This is to include trade lanes, FTL relay anchor networks, and free convoys traveling in the vicinity of the Orleania System.

Re-transmission update provided by Quad-Alarm Alert System.
Currently, the Orleania System appears to have fallen to systematic looting and Sarian degenerate practices. The location of former World Count Mirabin is unknown. The location of naval officers formerly loyal to the Severed Empire is unknown, though many are suspected to have been casualties of the initial Sarian incursion, degenerated to Clan Havk, or have since become captive by Clan Havk. Entry into the Orleania System by civilian or commercial traffic is not recommended; please consult with your colonial charter, commercial license, and commercial vessel convoy insurance policy for provisions relating to entry into known-hostile space subject to pirate incursion. Please remain tuned to the Quad-Alarm Alert System for further updates regarding the situation in the Orleania System and surrounding sub-sectors.

Written by Lubyak
Rhustarim-Valinor Convention on Cooperation Announced
Foreign Ministries Announce Signing of Cooperation Treaty

With a joint announcement from the throneworld of both the Rhustarim Hegemony and the United Star Empire of Valinon, the two stellar states announced the signing of a treaty which formalises their diplomatic relations, while also seeking to further economic co-operation. Negotiations for the Valinor-Rhustarim Frame Convention on Cooperation had been conducted over the course of the past several months between representatives of both the Hegemony and Valinon at the Rhustarim capital Arin Mors. At present, the Convention is still pending ratification by the legislative organs of both states, but such formalities are being expedited, and the Convention is expected to come into effect soon.

Unlike many other international treaties, the Valinor-Rhustarim Frame Convention on Cooperation is notably concise, but still represents a considerable level of cooperation between the two states. The Convention contains four Protocols besides the Preamble, each touching on a different aspect of international relations. Protocol I establishes a non-aggression pact between the two states, while further committing both parties to neutrality if either is attacked by a third party.

Protocol II covers economic issues, and establishes a preferential trade relationship between the two states, prohibits the the application of punitive tariffs or taxes against products of the other party. The Protocol also guarantees each party most favoured nation status with relation to the other. More interestingly, Protocol II also binds both parties to ignore and break any embargo or blockade levied on either of them, and explicitly calls for the use of force if necessary. In addition, the Protocol notes that the failure of either state to comply with their Protocol II obligations would be grounds for the annulment of the entire Convention. It is unclear which body would have the competence to determine whether a state is in violation of its Protocol II commitments.

Protocols III and IV establish a framework for diplomatic co-operation, as well as the terms for the duration of the Convention, its amendment and renewal. In addition to calling for a policy of continued cooperation and diplomatic efforts, while also establishing embassies between each party. In addition to these terms, Protocol III also establishes protocols for extradition, along with restitution of prisoners and other subjects. The Protocol specifically provides for the liberation of any civilians, subjects, or their property found aboard prizes taken in war, while also establishing further specifics on the treatment of prize and salvage rights in war. Finally, Protocol III commits the United Star Empire to aid the Rhustarim Hegemony to enter the institutions of the League of Raumreich.

Finally, Protocol IV of the Convention establishes that it will remain in effect for five years, at which point it may be revised, renewed, or dissolved. This Protocol also establishes the procedure to amend the Convention and to determine when it comes into effect.

The creation of the Convention joins both the Nassau Accords and the series of conferences called by the Perseid Federation in a series of new partnerships and relationships between the states of the galaxy. However, the Convention of particular interest for the policy makers in both the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. The combination of the United Star Empire and the Hegemony represents a considerable amalgamation of economic, military, and political power. Moreover, policy analysts have noted certain commonalities between both states, particular in their interest in maintaining stability of the current galactic order, at least in the Alpha Quadrant.

Professor Miki Hitomi of the Imperial & Federal Academy of International Studies specialising in the Solarian and Terran regions said that, "This Convention is unusual for its brevity. While both states are known for pragmatic realpolitik in their policy, it seems unlikely that the published terms are the full extent of their agreement." Professor Miki went on to highlight that she expected that, given the terms of the Convention, the United Star Empire would soon become an active sponsor for Rhustarim membership in the League of the Raumreich.

If the Hegemony were to enter the League, it would be the League's greatest expansion in terms of astrographic territory since the incorporation of the Talbott Cluster states. Moreover, the Convention would be the first time in centuries that the League has pressed for the inclusion of members outside of the Raumreich area.

Professor Miki said, "This Convention is perhaps representative of a paradigm shift. With the vacuum left by the Betan Collapse, the expansion of Raumreich League influence into Beta would be a major expansion of their sphere of influence." Professor Miki also highlighted that unpublished details of the Convention could include provisions for cooperation of the two states in matters of intelligence and security services, while also allowing for action against interstellar criminal organisations.

Written by Kyrusia
Second "Great Displacement" Summit Begins at Propylaea
Skepticism of International Solution Grows

The Second International Conference on the Great Displacement began earlier this week on Propylaea Station, once again hosted by the Perseid Federation. This follows the truncation of the First International Conference - otherwise known as the "Icosakhilos Summit" - on Icosakhilos Station. Seen by many to be a continuation of the Icosakhilos Summit, the Propylaea Summit intends to bring about a degree of unity between several different represented polities for the purpose of addressing the ongoing "Great Displacement": a galactic refugee crisis that has gripped the Galaxy for a considerable period of time, originally initiated by several conflicts within the Gamma Quadrant. Skepticism of this conference, however, is high considering the overall malaise, in terms of international follow-up, that subsequently arrived following the summation of the Icosakhilos Summit.

Procne Mavridou, a political analyst critical of the First Conferences, recently stated in a highly-publicized interview with the Sivulon Tribune, "The refusal of interstellar powers to set aside their own political agenda will inevitably undermine any attempt to coordinate their efforts in solving this crisis." Mavridou is not alone in this sentiment. Following what was the highly-lauded Icosakhilos Summit, few star-states were seen as acting in a cohesive and united capacity in an attempt to stymie the speciotarian crisis of the Great Displacement. Since, due to a variety of reasons, often varying depending on which critic question, problems have grown; many refugees have since turned to piracy or have otherwise have come to be seen as "exploited" by less scrupulous powers in the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants. Some have speculated a growing concern of brigandage in the Beta Quadrant may, in fact, have been directly contributed to by a lack of international involvement in the Great Displacement, leading to overall desperation among refugee populations forcing them to piracy and outlawry.

In light of the Icosakhilos Summit and the dawning of the second at Propylaea, Archon of Servitus Kypros Onassis, a member of the Federation's delegation to the Second Conference indicated a shift in the Federation's outlook:

    "We hope that the nations gathered [at the Second Conference on the Great Displacement] take this crisis more seriously. It is not enough for us as a galactic community to solve this crisis just by our own independent means, for it is well known how many nations have proven themselves to be either incompetent or overwhelmed. We have to either move together or not at all."
This has been seen by many as the confirmation of rumors regarding what exactly occurred at the Icosakhilos Summit; from what has been revealed of the First Conference's minutes, many delegate parties seemed to have been far more largely concerned with state sovereignty and independent responses, rather than what some have called a "good faith attempt at international cooperation." Some critics, however, have pointed squarely to the host of these conferences in blame for such. Giannis Karabinos, a staunch critic of the Great Displacement Conferences, was quoted in a statement directed toward those slated to attend Propylaea, "The nations at Propylaea should be wary of the serpent of the Sivulon lanes."

Much like Mavridou, Karabinos is not alone in this assessment; interstellar financial analysts have previously commented that it would likely bring considerable market investment to the Sivulon Trade Network in the event the Perseid Federation was able to appease international concerns regarding refugee traffic and security. Further, international relations experts in several states have gone so far as to opine the sole purpose with regards to the Federation's tenacity in seeking an international convention on the refugee crisis is purely a question of realpolitik, and an attempt to garner favor with more entrenched interstellar polities, against those in proximity to the Solarian Reaches, and - in general - curry diplomatic influence abroad in a growth of "soft power."

Even so, to many members of the common, international populace - especially on social media sites like Yabber - have questioned the simple necessity of the Second Conference. Many social media conversations have arisen as the date-of-open for the Second Conference approached, questioning whether or not political time would be more beneficially invested in issues of growing concern, such as interstellar piracy and terrorism, directly, rather than focusing on what many have grown to consider a "more manageable" refugee crisis. Even so, others have pointed in belief that the Great Displacement has largely acted as a catalyst for these contemporary issues of international concern.

Regardless, there is considerable weight riding on the Second Conference. With such topics as speciotarian concerns for refugees, the arming of refugees, desperation-catalyzed terrorism, and violence against refugees being publicly slated as on the plate at Propylaea, some are taking a more optimistic approach, pointing to the fact that despite the First Conference's failure to ensure a united, international effort, it did allow for some degree of greater cooperation and introduction between previously unacquainted polities. "The chances for something to come of this summit are greater than at Icosakhilos," Mavridou stated, despite criticism on the Icosakhilos Summit, "Even at our most conservative expectations for it, the nations would at least want to work together to resolve many of the issues that the Propylaea Summit seeks to address, as I believe they have grown weary in attempting to deal with the Displacement and the rise of piracy and terrorism on their own."

It remains to be seen whether the Second Conference on the Great Displacement will succeed in the creation of an international, interstellar legal convention (or conventions) regarding the refugee crisis or, whether, the involved parties can establish a more coordinated response effort. Sources close to the Perseid Federation have indicated that, in success, a coordinated, international effort would allow for a filtering process in the speciotarian effort that would allow for a sifting of refugees and criminal elements; such sources have equally opined that, even in failure, much like with the Icosakhilos Summit, some good may yet arise from the meeting of minds.

Written by Lubyak
Nassau Accords Expand Reach into Beta
R.u.B Union and Auracexia Accede to Nassau Accords

Earlier this month, the R.u.B Union and Hegemonic Commonwealth of Auracexia jointly acceded to the Nassau Accords, joining the United Star Commonwealth and several other stellar states in the Accords pledge to provide aid for the Great Displacement refugee crisis that continues to dominate astropolitical discussions in the current standard year.

The Nassau Accords call for an increase in inter-state co-operation in order to ameliorate the effects of the ongoing Great Displacement. The Accord’s primary course of action is the construction of a network of relief stations and gates throughout the affected areas of the Galaxy, paid for via contributions from the various state parties to the Accords. The these relief stations, named "Stepping Stones," would provide basic needs, such as food, housing, and other basic supplies to refugees, while also providing them a connection to the greater galactic gate network. The Accords also call for support of the creation of a polity intended to represent the refugee population, with the potential for the creation of a sovereign state to house the many displaced individuals.

Finally, the Nassau Accords also call for its state parties to provide military forces to protect both the Stepping Stones and the potential refugee sanctuary state, as well as to provide escorts for convoys of refugees moving throughout the galaxy.

The signing of the Accords by the R.u.B Union and the Commonwealth of Auracexia brings the reach of the Nassau Accords deeper into the Alpha and Beta quadrants, and dramatically increases the potential coverage for both new Stepping Stones, as well as military protection for refugee populations.

The Nassau Accords were not the only results of the conference between the new singatories to the accords. The USC government produced a five thousand page detailed summary of the greater outcomes of the summit between the three powers. In addition to the Accords, several additional treaties were signed by His Highness, the Archduke Rudolph and His counterparts in the USC. As an accessory to the signing of the accords, the R.u.B Union and USC agreed to several friendship and navigation treaties that offer a tighter economic relationship between the two powers. In addition to trade benefits of allowing USC goods to enter the R.u.B Customs Union at a reduced tariff rate, the R.u.B Union and USC agreed to a greatly expanded visa program between the two states, enabling a freer flow of labour and sentient capital between the two polities.

More importantly, both the USC and the R.u.B Union committed to the construction of a proposed trade lane that would link the R.u.B Union with the Alpha Quadrant territories of the USC. Called the Trans-Beta Expressway, the trade lane would traverse the entirety of the Beta Quadrant, and provide a solid, safe, and reliable spine for trade between the polities on the Beta-Delta border with other polities located closer to the core. The Trans-Beta Expressway would be one of the first large scale pieces of inter-stellar infrastructure embarked upon since the Betan Collapse, the and the subsequent upsurge of piracy and other activity across the Beta Quadrant.

Written by FRFS
When Wants Begin to Dominate
Unauthorized Building Program in the R.u.B Union?

The Frontier Bulletin Foreign Press office has caught a whiff of an interesting development coming from the Imperial and Federal Union, which has peeked our interest as our top foreign development for the month. First reported by the Albion Broadcasters Union (ABU) it has been picked up by us for greater circulation on this side of the galaxy, the surprise report that has caused quite a rouse within foreign policy circles as a distressing moment of inter-governmental workings of the R.u.B. has been brought to public light. The report itself details a series of communiqués between members of the Admiralty of the R.u.B. Navy and several distinctive arms manufacturers - as well as different shipyards - that paint a disturbing portrait of a blatant disregard of the authority of the Federal Diet and Imperial Council. The R.u.B. Navy seems to have colluded with their private corporate suppliers to secure themselves an acquisition of capital naval vessels that goes far above their authorized level for the fiscal year. The Imperial Council and Federal Diet have sanctioned the Navy to purchase a total of ten capital level vessels during this fiscal year. Yet the messages show an underhanded plan by the Navy to acquire fifteen capital level vessels, and an all too willing private sector to provide them for a comfortable price.

These messages, when looked at as a whole, paint a disturbing portrait of the inner workings of military acquisition within the R.u.B., and a blatant indifference for the Naval Estimate by the Admiralty. The Naval Estimate is the official "budget" for naval acquirement of assets, weaponry and personnel. The estimate itself is proposed and affirmed once a fiscal year by the Federal Diet and Imperial Council to be administered to the Navy and to be followed by the Navy. This year however, it seems the Navy has a plan of their own for acquisition with complete backing from private corporations who stand to profit from the entire ordeal.

The authenticity of the communiqués are still being checked by the Frontier Bulletin; however the Albion Broadcasters Union has stated them to be factual. Within the released names of those involved in the communiqués we find Admiralty members as well as chief officers from corporations such as Kadwell-Krupp AG and the Reiger Ordnance Company and several shipyards such as Deimos Steel Works and Enlis Drive Yards. The banter expressed within the messages exposes a high level of familiarity between the corresponding parties that goes beyond any sort of professional relationship that should exist between government employees and their contracted suppliers. Some could even say pursuing the plethora of available communications that they read more like messages between longtime friends, rather than government officials and executives of corporations. There is without a doubt a high level of collusion going on within these messages, some would say it borders on outright conspiracy to disregard the Naval Estimate entirely and set their own budgetary levels funded by "emergency provisions" which have been promised within the messages to be tacked onto the Estimate to cover the costs of the increase in wanted production. Yet, when one looks at the Naval Estimate itself, there are no avenues for additional amendments for capital vessels to be added without any sort of large support from the Federal Diet. Any sort of "emergency provisions" would need to gain traction in the legislature before finding its way into the estimate.

Officially the R.u.B. Naval Chancellor Duchess Alicia Steiner, the public voice of the navy has reiterated again and again through multiple official channels that these communiques only express "preliminary extension negotiations", and not an unofficial shift of policy. Miss Steiner claims that the Navy has engaged itself in these communications with the private corporations in order to secure for themselves better rates on future construction fees as well as ensuring that the stock of arms and supplies remain high, while the politicians hammer out the details of the estimate. Her answers to quires about the communiques lead us to believe that the official line from the Navy is that these represent business as usual, and are nothing out of the ordinary of normal procurement practices. However in stark contrast to the navy, officials from the Federal Diet have called an emergency conference to preliminarily investigate the matter. Calling the material considerably concerning, Louise Asquith, has even gone as far as calling for the resignation of the Naval Chancellor as well as several other members of the Admiralty. It seems at this point in time the political battle lines are being drawn between government officials and naval officials, while the integrity of the R.u.B.'s government itself is not in question. A shake up of some nature is expected either in the Diet themselves or the Admiralty as powerful and influential individuals square off in the political arena. The R.u.B. will have to decide who sets government policy moving forward at some point in the near future, before the choice is made for them.

What remains to be see however is what is going to occur next within the machine that is the Imperial and Federal Union’s government. Will we see the Navy continue to run unabated and unregulated in its desire to acquire as many powerful assets as it can, and if so will this non-regulation eventually spill over into the other branches? Or will we witness the government begin to reign in an unchecked military arm by any means necessary, deciding that proper governance will rule the day? These questions will only be answered with the passage of time; as any of our quires to the R.u.B. regarding this matter have been rebuffed or outright ignored. We here at the Frontier Bulletin have only our theories to expand upon on why the R.u.B. navy has engaged itself in a sneaky acquisition program of capital level vessels. One prevailing thought is that this is a pre-emptive move to bolster their fleet capabilities in advance of a conflict that has yet to materialize in reality, the paranoid actions of the High Admiralty trying to get ahead of any potential enemy. Another thought that has been kicked around the foreign press office is that the private corporations involved in the scandal have embedded themselves so tightly with the high admiralty of the R.u.B. that they themselves are currently calling the shots with the naval acquisitions program. Essentially guaranteeing these corporations consistent rising profit levels from an ever increasing level of acquisition of capital star ships as well as the weaponry and systems needed to outfit the vessels. This would lead us to ponder how much sway the private sector now has over not just the R.u.B. navy, and not just the R.u.B. Military, but the entire R.u.B. government as a whole.

Some within the Beta and Delta quadrants have expressed concern that the R.u.B. may be preparing itself to engage in a large scale expansion program beyond their current military frontier and into ancillary star systems. And that this unofficial increase in capital ship procurement is just the first step in readying the armed forces to pursue a path of expansion. Here at the Bulletin we are pretty low on the idea that the R.u.B. is preparing for a round of territorial enlargement as other portions of the government are not indicating a maneuver towards expansion. Rather, we here believe that the R.u.B. Navy has decided itself to establish the limits and restrictions on what it can procure as far as assets are concerned, and they have set that limit as high as they currently want. It will remain to be seen however, how much longer the Navy will be allowed to continue to set their own policy in the face of the R.u.B. government.

Written by Kyrusia
BREAKING NEWS: Citic Planetary Administrator Gypinor Assassinated
Fires of Insurrection Continue to Spread on Citic; Lawlessness Reigns

The so-called "Citic Insurrection" reached a new peak in hostility and tenacity this evening, following yesterday's bombing campaign - in total resulting in at least three hundred fatalities and 750 wounded. As of 5:45PM local time, Citic Planetary Administrator Alexasner Gypinor has been pronounced dead in Berj City following what is believed to be a lone gunman's attack during Gypinor's press conference. Despite both a heavy military and security force presence surrounding the venue, it is believed an assassin was able to operate outside of the security envelope undetected and, subsequently, murder Gypinor during his opening statements. News from the Republican Government indicates that despite previous hesitation, DARK SKY and SUN DOWN protocols have been initiated in the Citic System, effectively closing the system to interstellar transit and communication, respectively, in an attempt to pivot to a more offensive position and lay information siege to the insurgency currently entrenched on Citic.

The assassination of Administrator Gypinor comes on the heels of an increasingly violet war of attrition between Republican forces and insurgents across Citic. Last month Republican forces began a staged, severe withdrawal from many contested areas across the surface of the planet, with word from the Department of Defense stating that it would be employing a different strategy thereafter: focusing mainly on targets of high strategic value such as large metropolitan centers, industrial sprawls, orbital launch facilities, power generation facilities, and military compounds. This has largely left insurgent forces to withdraw more toward rural regions of the planet where they have, since, established functional "safezones" and "havens" of activity.

Since the initial instigation of the insurrection, insurgent forces have proven difficult to uproot outside of larger metropolitan areas. Equally, insurgent forces have largely been unable to uproot Republican forces through conventional means. This remains the case since following the strategic withdrawal of Republic forces; sources close to the Department of Defense have stated that, worryingly, this may force a shift in tactics by the insurgents toward more overt terrorism. Such seems to have been confirmed with yesterday's bombing campaign in Nysra, Halambra, and Berj City - a series of attack which resulted in over three hundred dead. While the investigation is still ongoing, GalactiNet News is now able to confirm that of the twelve explosive devices used in the campaign across Citic, two were large-scale devices packed into vehicles (Berj City), three were likely placed inside duffle bags or backpacks and subsequently concealed in street trash receptacles (one in Nysra, one in Halambra), two were apparently suicide bombings (Berj City), two were small and improvised devices placed inside metal drink canisters (Nysra), two were placed inside pressure-based cooking vessels (Halambra and Berj City), and one failed to explode and was mailed to the Nysra Bureau Frontier News editor Marsha Applegate (Nysra) - a known critic of the insurrection.

Despite the terrorist tactics employed by the insurgent forces, Republican officials have been fighting for the hearts and minds of an increasingly withdrawn Citic population. Many have chosen to withdraw and refuse to cooperate with Republican forces; of this, the only apparent silver-lining is that many have, equally, chosen to not cooperate with the insurgency. Even so, sources close to the Republican Government have expressed concern that this may simply be due to the state of attrition each are in, with many waiting until one side pulls ahead of the other. In an effort to help persuade Citic's population, the Republic has chosen to attempt to lessen certain restrictions, especially on rationing, but have stated with near-constant attacks on logistical and resource networks by insurgent forces, such continues to be difficult. In light of such, rumors from the Republican Government have begun to flow, speculating that a naval task force may currently be under mobilization for deployment to Citic System in an attempt to stymie these concerning attacks and pressure and tilt the balance in favor of the Republic - as well as, many hope, help secure access to the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone and access to the Lanthe Route under the DARK SKY protocol employed over the Citic System.

Even so, rumors have begun to flow-out in recent weeks of troubling signs in many inner city neighborhoods on Citic - including Berj City. The most troubling of these are apparent signs of graffiti which may implicate sympathy to an organization calling themselves "Wildfire"; whether such is connected to either the "Wildfire Season" in Liu Xiu System or the attack on the Ambrosia luxury starliner is currently unknown. The Federal Marshals Service has stated such are under investigation, but have refused to comment despite speculation from sources close to the Department of Intelligence stating that Cornelio Morevedra - wanted terrorist - may be related.

Written by FRFS
Funky Fungus? Fungal Plague in the Hanjin Electorate
"Soba Rust" Leads to Shipping Moratorium

The Gyahou Conglomerate chartered within the Hanjin Electorate of the Golden League has placed a moratorium on all produce shipments originating from the planet Senryoku-3 for a undetermined period of time until further notice is posted. Citing an epidemic level infestation of a fungal nature plaguing the growing groves and planting fields all over the planet, what had started as a small outbreak on a few various farms had grown into an outburst that spread worldwide within a short amount of time. Morispora fulgurus, colloquially known as "soba rust" is a highly contagious and dangerous fungal organism that can lay waste to an entire crop of produce very quickly. Producing a distinct red coloring throughout the leaves and stalks of the afflicted plant, a wilt soon sets in not long after the red splotches appear which eventually has the host plant succumb to a complete wither and ultimate death. The fungus itself can move from plant to plant very rapidly to stay ahead of its equally rapid killing abilities. Within several days of the fungus’s appearance on Senryoku-3, the blight had spread to just about every nick and corner of the planet before containment and eradication protocols by the Hanjin Electorate could be established and enacted on.

The urgency that the Hanjin Electorate and the Gyahou Conglomerate have shown in disseminating the news of the outbreak as well as contingencies to take when dealing with afflicted produce is easily understood when you take into account what this fungus can do to the human body. Morispora fulgurus is a highly contagious fungus which vectors into the body through the digestive system through consumption of infected produce and begins to work its way into the respiratory system of the individual over a short period of time. The fungus will then jump from patient zero to other individuals through spore clusters exhaled from the lungs during coughing fits, fortuitously for lifeforms those spores have a relative short carrying distance as well as a small lifetime outside of the body. Initial symptoms of an infection of "soba rust" in a human being usually begin with a gradually increasing headache/migraine accompanied by a consistent cough. Without immediate treatment symptoms can begin to increase in severity typically starting with the cough which can grow to intensity where the subjects own ribcage can become fractured and broken. The headache can and often does grow in its power to the point where it can induce dizziness, confusion and photosensitivity. As the fungus continues to grow through the human body a high fever will begin to form and continue for the duration of the infection, one of the last sever symptoms to present far in the advance stage of the infection is uncontrollable vomiting of bile and blood as the fungus begins to breakdown inner portions of the subject. If the subject does not receive immediate emergency medical attention, death is not far away once the discharge of fluids begins.

The news of the outbreak and subsequent halt of all outgoing shipments came at the tail end of the working day, at this moment it is unknown if the Gyahou Conglomerate deliberately held back the information waiting for the closing of the market before making the proclamation. Certainly an announcement such as the one made would and possibly will have a negative effect on the value of Gyahou Conglomerate’s stock moving forward. At the end of the closing bells today the GCGL stock was up 1.59% over the previous days ending point. It remains to be seen however, how much the stock can hold on to given the most recent troubling development with the company. Any lengthy halt of operations could prove not only to be costly in the short term with the immediate destruction of all current crops and recent shipments afflicted by the fungus, preliminary expense of getting all affected produce destroyed and areas sterilized has certainly ran into the high figures and will affect the bottom line for the company this quarter. The long game will be in question for the Gyahou Conglomerate after this disaster runs its course. Shipping contracts as well as supplying contracts with nations and other market companies will be in limbo as those polities and corporations will have to weigh if continued business with the Gyahou Conglomerate will be in their continued best interest going forward. We here at the Frontier Bulletin have attempted to contact renowned economics expert Adrian Rhett for his views on the financial and economic impacts this calamity will have on the Gyahou Conglomerate and the market at large. However, at the time of this publication, we have not received a reply from him or his office.

The Gyahou Conglomerate currently supplied a significant portion of the Gamma quadrants stock of plantains and bananas and a minority amount to the rest of the galaxy. It is speculated at this time that the potential for a massive spread of the fungus is highly probable given the conglomerates extensive supply chain and multitude of supply contracts. Some intergalactic agricultural agencies have expressed concern with the ability of the Gyahou Conglomerate to safeguard their crops against further infestations in the future. Citing a precious flare up of the same fungus ten years ago this plagued a smaller section of Senryoku-3. However company officials have assured us and other publications that the previous flare up was nowhere near the size or intensity that the current one is, and was extinguished without much loss to the crops or cross contamination into other star systems. Unlike the current epidemic which the entire extent of the spread of the fungus is still yet to be determined as it will take some time for an accurate survey to be completed of the affected systems. Various security experts across the galaxy have stated their alarm at the potential for this fungus to be weaponized and used against unsuspecting populations. Uncorroborated reports of experiments being held to test the fungus’s ability to transfer between species have happened and their results for some have raised alarm. Any new biological weapon coming into existence with the potential to affect multiple species should come to the top of any security advisors list of hazards to keep a watchful eye out for. While "soba rust" still looks to be a natural occurring hazard that comes and disappears with the ebb and flow of nature, it wouldn’t surprise this publication if a state or non-state actor begins to entertain the idea of trying to weaponized "soba rust."
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Sunday, November 6, 2016 — Edition No. 19, Version 3.0


Written by Valinon
Gamma States Fill Security Void
Tezekian Directorate, Others Confront Pirates and Other Trade Threats

Report from the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone.
Expansion of the Sivulon Trade Network, increased Lanthine traffic, and other international development projects continue to reconnect large volumes of the Gamma Quadrant previously out of regular contact with the greater galactic community. While the Perseid government focuses on a new international round on refugees and the Valinor expand security operations around their possessions, the indigenous states are aggressively moving to provide for their own commercial independence and economic solidarity.

International commentators and Solarian academics and previously hailed the the Usidian sponsored Life Star Project as a gateway to overcoming the quadrant's development gap. But the proposal for a joint commerce protection and emergency assistance force remains mired in the internal politics and discussion of the League of Organized Territories and United Systems (LOTUS). Details on negotiations within LOTUS carefully guarded Conclave are few and the resulting weeks of no progress left many observers to believe the project abandoned.

The nebulous promise of Life Star and increased economic and strategic competition in the Solarian Trade Corridor and Orion Spur only reinforce the Quadrant must provide for security and development on its own. The Grand Moot of Tezekian Directorate show how this can be accomplished regardless of the means at the disposal of any nation. The Moot's membership overwhelming approved the formation of a new task force given a mission to aid refugees, provide emergency assistance, and guarantee commerce protection within the spatial volumes controlled or influenced by the Directorate. Unlike other efforts, the new task force is independent of the Directorate Naval Force's formal command structure, but its commander, Vice Host of Claws Maroon, may call on significant budgetary and logistic reserves in support of their mission.

The task force recently completed its maiden tour beyond Directorate space. Tezekian sources confirm the task force was met with uneven responses, with one merchant captain reporting an instance of local security forces firing on the Tezekian warships. More recent reports featured in ActivisMedia described, in the vaguest of terms, how the Vice Host may have even received help from 'an established pan-quadrant power.' These reports remain unsubstantiated by so-called 'independent sources,' but they thwarted opposition to the task force within the Directorate.

The latest official announcement on Maroon's operational activities place the task force in the Saramac system, an isolated system several light centuries from Tezekian space. It was broadly described as a medical relief mission, with some strange tales alluding to symptoms of the Pathogen from independent traders operating in the volume.

"Dismiss it," said a NAVOS freight and cargo captain speaking anonymously. "The Pathogen was never in that space, even at its height. There’s no way it would have washed up in a system cut off from the galactic community for the better part of a few centuries."

The Liu Xiu Administrative Council's board of medical emergency and quarantine control commented on the reports so far received. The symptoms and overall conditions are more suggestive of a small colony suffering from a minor native ailment capable of aggressive cross-species transmission. The conditions in Saramac also raise ‘concerns’ among the medical establishment.

"Societal collapse, not stupid superluminal bogeymen, is the cause of this outbreak. The Tezekian intervention is needed, but it will be one where they convince the locals to stop drinking their own sewage," said Dr. Mor'arth Valzar of Port Expedition.

The New Zhengzhou Mercantilist Combine endorses the activities of the Tezekian Directorate as it strives to improve the quality of life for those unfortunates throughout the Quadrant. However, we must note that missions in support of sentience pale in comparison to the benefit of increased commerce protection efforts. The indigenous peoples and innovators of the Quadrant are too long trapped in a reliance on distant Alpha Quadrant powerbrokers or the fruitless ambition of semi-native expansionist states beyond the Norma Arm.

The crisis of the dispossessed, the trials of Wildfire, and innumerable other challenges in the Quadrant cry out for a solution responsive to the needs of our people. Death and destruction will continue so long as faith is misplaced in an outside or even centralised solution. We are many, and in this there is strength capable of meeting our challenges and displacing the hegemonists along the trade lanes. We must support efforts like those of the Tezekian Directorate to claim back our space and our self-determination.

Some negligent critics may call this a gasp at long discredited autarky, but it is the manifest destiny of the new economy. The destruction of Piraeus City is a tragedy. Yet it is a bell ringing that we can survive free from the infrastructure and limitations imposed on us by outsiders. We must answer. We must unify. We must prosper.

The Combined Board of Syndics edits and publishes the International Cyclic from the original articles of the private membership of the New Zhengzhou
Mercantilist Combine. The Combine and its community seeks to promote the economic independence and unity of the Gamma Quadrant.

Written by Neornith
EDITORIAL: Squid for Dinner? / Friendship from Amongst the Stars
An Set of Humble Opinions

Retrieved from archives.
This editor has always been of the opinion that myself and the others that have decided to leave the oppressing and stagnant Free State Republic to find liberty and freedom elsewhere amongst the stars has always been the right decision. We are adventurers, unafraid of the unknown.

The decision to leave Trigonda System was not an easy one, however it was a decision we were unfortunately forced to make due to the uncaring nature of the bureaucrats that have a stranglehold on the government of our former state. Nevertheless we have once again found the simple and quiet life we once enjoyed in our former homeland, again however that peaceful existence seems to be threatened.

Recently we have been contacted by a star polity calling itself the "Golden" League, a star state ruled by some sort of cephalopod alien that has claimed ownership of our fair new home. A home that we have laid claim to and begun taming for us. And what has this so called Golden League offered us? Nothing but a damn yoke just like the Free State Republic, expecting us to just bend the knee for them.

Unfortunately we have no one to turn to for help in this situation. Our former masters who we have maintained the most minimal of links with has decided too remain deaf and mute to our plight, which should come as no surprise for everyone. Only we colonists, the intrepid explorers of the unknown have ourselves to rely on. And with that in mind I say we tell these squids they can slither back to whatever hole of the galaxy they crawled from and if they don’t like it then we can help them with their decision by applying a well aimed boot to whatever they they call a posterior. Because we the Colonists of Vulney will never again bow to someone trying too call themselves our master. For we are free and independent men and women and we will fight until our last breath to remain so!

Butch Hendricks is a contributing columnist for Irvington NetNews and his opinions are not necessarily the opinions of Irvington NetNews. When not writing,
Butch tends to his farm which he calls his second passion in life.

My fellow columnist Butch whose recent editorial you may have read was correct in one thing. We are a colony of gamblers and risk takers. He is however wrong on several other points in my opinion. First we were never forced to leave the Trigonda System, we simply decided it would be in our best interests if we found somewhere else to live, the Free States never forced that decision upon us we made it ourselves because we knew the living situation was likely to become cramped, nothing more nothing less.

The implication that the Free State Republic has hardly anything to do with us is equally baffling and one only needs to look at the shipments of aid coming from the Republic. Granted these shipments are infrequent and unreliable but the fact that they come at all, considering the current state of affairs in our section of the galaxy, is a very very clear sign that we have not been abandoned at all like some would have you believe.

And while we did think this planet we found was undiscovered when we first settled here, it doesn’t mean we have to fight to the death too continue living here. Butch has called the aliens of the Golden League several disparaging names and I for one think that is wrong. Instead of trying to fight these new aliens we should be trying to befriend them instead. I have always felt that too often, in this galaxy we reside in, that people are to quick to reach for gun when faced with the unknown, and that is a travesty on an epic scale. Instead of spitting in each other’s eyes and drawing battlelines we should instead open our arms in friendship and welcome the Golden League in as compatriots and friends. Anything less would be barbaric.

Stanly Calvin Smitherson is a contributing columnist for Irvington NetNews and his opinions are not necessarily the opinions of Irvington NetNews. When
not writing Stanly works at his brewery crafting new and exciting beverages for his fellow colonists in an effort he describes as "spreading happiness and
joy amongst the world."

Chittering at the Border
Violent Incursions into Previously Unknown System

We here at the Frontier Bulletin strive to bring you the most pressing news from the far reaches of the galaxy into your home, to ensure you stay well informed of the greater galaxy and the events that occur within it. However, that doesn't mean that we here in the Foreign Press Office can ignore our own quadrant when a hot button event unfolds before our very eyes. The mantle of the Bulletin to collect, analyze and publish the important stories for your reading pleasure, remains our top priority regardless of where the news originates. For this edition we bring to you a developing situation from our own backyard, several reports have found their way into our office each describing similar terrible occurrences to befall a once unheard of system.

Initial analyses of the reports detail an incursion by two factions who appear to be hostile to one another into a once peaceful and sleepy neutral stellar volume. The unfortunate system is not one that our records had much previous information on, but what we could gather from the various reports coming from the area is that the "Melit" system once held about four billion souls of a roughly industrial era technology level. There are no known previous attempts by inter-stellar states to make contact with the system nor are there records of the inhabitants of the system ever establishing contact outside their own system, so further information on the inhabitants of the system is non-existent and we fear that this incursion by the two warring factions could erase any knowledge of their existence from reality before they could be properly documented and studied. We have called for the scientific and anthropologic groups of the Gamma quadrant to descend upon the remnants of this civilization, if we couldn’t know them during life; we should at least attempt to know them in death. The inhabitants of the system are referred to in the reports we have rifled through as the "Nudaxok." Although at this time we cannot differentiate if that moniker originated from the inhabitants themselves or given to them by the intruding factions. Several of our contacts in the area have given conflicting answers on the origins of the name and even what the name actually means, the current accepted thinking by the Frontier Bulletin is that "Nudaxok" is the name given to the inhabitants of the Melit system by the intruding warring factions.

Within the reports, a tale of rampant destruction is played out with the two warring factions decimating the planet’s surface as well as turning the orbital space into a hazard filled area. No quarter was given to the native populace of the system of Melit, their cities razed to the ground reduced to a pile of rubble and despair. Accounts from the few survivors who managed to live through the initial onslaught detail a whirlwind of an utterly devastating sustained assault by both factions mainly centered around what was once the largest metropolis on the planet "Melitariade" Now just shattered infrastructure and dashed dreams, Melitariade has become a crypt where ghouls continue to battle one another adding to the climbing death toll. Woefully unprepared and entirely out classed in available technology to use our analysis suggest that the Nudaxok people never stood a chance at resisting the spill over incursion into their system, nonetheless some have taken up arms to try and hold onto havens of their planet. In the end it seems that any sort of resistance is doomed to fail, citing the massive difference in available firepower, manpower and technology between the invaders and the natives. One solace that can be had in this is that evacuations of some sections of the native population to neutral area have occurred and continue to happen during the conflict, and it doesn't seem the evacuations are exclusive to one side of the warring factions either. Settling into a stalemate on the planet’s surface, the two factions have seemed to simmer in their opening blitzkrieg phase, moving into a more detailed block by block fighting for control of the planet. This conflict does not seem to be ending anytime soon and the longer it goes on the more the potential for it to spill into another neutral system grows.

What we can gather about the hostile factions is sparse as well, from what we can tell based upon the reports they hail from the rimward area of Gamma. Pouring over previous reports of this section of the Gamma Quadrant reveals only sparse information of the warring factions of the Vahkiran this being one of the few times they have ventured beyond the confines of their own territory. The "Vahkiran" as they have been called are a singular race of insectoid bi-pedals who for some time now have been subjected to a broiling civil conflict between various political factions of rising and falling violent intensity. Recently the violence has reached a new high level of concentration previously unseen before in their society, it has led to large scale mobilization of the armed forces of the factions as they wrestle one another for control over their civilization. This escalation of deployment of forces committed to conflict for some analysis have come out of nowhere seemingly a natural development by both factions in order to gain an advantage in their conflict with one another. However a document that is beginning to make its rounds within various security advisory circles may in fact shed some light on the explosion of military activity by the Vahkiran. It makes mention of a "world-bomb," some sort of ultra-powerful weapon said to be capable of rendering complete destruction to any targeted planet, and one of the factions of the Vahkiran has gained control of the device. Whether or not the power of this weapon is truly what is described, the Vahkiran have engaged themselves in a brutal conflict in order for the other factions to grapple control of the device away from one faction just for another to possess it.

It seems which ever faction controls the weapons attains a large advantage over the others in the conflict, and the potential to attain that strategic advantage is currently driving the various factions in their bloody conflict. With no end in sight to the intertwining struggle for the Vahkiran it remains to be seen what years of internal conflict will bring to the society. Will one of the factions finally gain a large enough advantage to subdue the others? Or will the civilization continue to degrade as strife and violence overtake all other aspects of society?

The rampant disregard of sovereign borders is always a call for alarm, and when those borders are pilfered by warring factions that alarm rings a bit louder. As the internal conflict of the Vahkiran continues to burn bright and hot, many states in the area are nervously looking to their own borders for signs of the conflict expanding into more stellar volumes. Historically the Vahkiran never had been a very expansionist power preferring to reside in their currently occupied systems. And it would seem that any sort of further incursions of other stellar volumes would be strictly tied to the roving internal conflict between the factions of the Vahkiran. At the present time it does not look like any of the Vahkiran factions are running out of steam, and may in fact look to augment their forces in any fashion that they can to gain any slight advantage. Several of our security analysts have suggested that we may see an increase of private military firms being recruited and paid by the factions to take part in the aggression. With the length of time the conflict has been occurring, various defense contractors may see an opportunity to gain a lengthy and substantive contract to enter the fray.

We'd urge sensible officials in surrounding nations to persuade the defense companies within their spheres of influence to think twice about entering conflicts that have the potential to spiral out of control spilling into once peaceful areas. The rumor of a highly destructive weapon being in possession of a faction or factions of a state that blatantly ignores inter-stellar borders, and is highly unstable in itself has sent many other polities of the Gamma Quadrant into an information gathering phase. It seems that several intelligence agencies are readying themselves to establish operations to collect and retrieve what information they can on a developing threat from the Vahkiran factions to their own security. How these operations will move forward is something that the Frontier Bulletin will try and keep you all informed of as we learn of these developments as they occur.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2016 — Edition No. 20, Version 3.0


Written by Kyrusia
Industrial Drones Spotted Along Alpha-Beta Periphery
Rhustarim Hegemony Identified as Source

The Beta Quadrant has seen a recent up-swing in industrial and commercial interest, with numerous parties now vying for valuable resources in relative close proximity to several historically contentious sectors, not the least of which being a recent heightening of tensions in-and-around the Solarian Reaches. Several free traders have in recent weeks come to report an additional party entering the foray: the Rhustarim Hegemony. While such reports are still sparse and limited in third party confirmation, the Rhustarim have taken the pro-active step of confirming the sighting of numerous, automated probes along the Alpha-Beta Periphery being of Hegemonic origin.

Sighted largely along the border regions, the Hegemony has confirmed that on the order of "several hundred" probe-drones have been dispatched into the aforementioned sectors, nominally for the purpose of identifying systems ripe with resources beneficial to large-scale industrial projection. The Hegemony is renowned for its megascale engineering, and have reported the use of these probes with the intent to establish several so-called "Dyson Seeders" in systems identified as worthwhile to Hegemonic production analysts. These "Dyson Seeders," as described by Hegemonic authorities, constitute "encompassing, mobile manufacturing centers" and, currently, have been dispatched along vectors away from Hegemonic territory at c-fractional velocities. Working in-tangent with the already probing drone network, the "Dyson Seeders" have been confirmed as to be awaiting the location and identification of stellar systems which would otherwise prove beneficial to what has otherwise been described as a "sizeable endeavor" by the Rhustarim Hegemony. Nevertheless, Hegemonic authorities have been reluctant to outright claim these maneuvers as being part of an expansion effort, only going so far as to stated "colonization of targeted systems is not intended."

Free traders and commercial outfits in the impacted sectors have, nonetheless, expressed a sense of trepidation in response to the Hegemony's efforts. P. Jonaas, a commercial freighter pilot, stated in an interview with GalactiNet News:

    "We're all working in close proximity out here. We've got half a dozen [star-states] working to exploit largely untapped systems. We've still got refugees - yes, those refugees - flooding into what few free ports are able to hold them. Now we've got this? [...] Don't get me wrong, I can't help but think this will be good for business in the long run, but we're all packed in here like silk-fish. And this place still isn't the safest neck of the woods. Sure, the [Reach states] provide security due to their proximity, and the Eucer Corridor has historically been the safest route, but beyond that? What if something goes amiss? Wrong translation here, one-too-many pings, and 'boom,' this otherwise stable little thing we have going falls apart and we're all at a loss."
Despite the caution expressed by commercial ventures, the realm of academia and state scholarship is abuzz. While the Hegemony is not unknown to the international community, the opportunity to witness their technology first-hand has proven too tempting a proposition to resist. Already several Betan free ports have seen an increase in so-called "tech-tourists" seeking temporary habitation for the purpose of surveying the Hegemonic drones - called "little buzzers" in "tech-tourist" parlance. One corporation out of Mars, MechanicAvid - a travel agency specializing in so called "tech tours" - has even set-up shop in a free port, offering those willing to pay the opportunity to travel to several nearby systems deemed "potential targets," at least in MechanicAvid's digi-pamphlets, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of a Hegemonic "Dyson Seeder."

Be it trepidation or enthusiasm, the Hegemony's ultimate objective remains in the minds of many as clouded and obscure. Please stay-tuned to GalactiNet News for more information as it becomes available.

Written by FRFS
BREAKING NEWS: Tragedy Always Interrupts
Hanjin SSDF Surface Berth Damaged; Hu Regime Under Criticism

"...and unfortunately despite a nearly flawless fourth quarter the Denzine Eagles could not overcome their first half struggles against the Hydan Miners and still lost the game twenty four to twenty two. Moving on to the late game between the Sterg City Tomhawks and the Razgin Skeletons where we saw the most excellent display of athleticism by... What? ...Really? ...Now?"

[Audible sigh]

"I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen, but my producer is informing me that we will be cutting away to our news program here on the channel. As there are some breaking developments that we are learning about and they feel you should be aware of. We apologize for the interruption…"

The screen went dark for a moment as the theme song to the (nightly news) segment of the Frontier Bulletin started up, it reached its climax as their logo appeared on the screen. Fading away as the image on the screen morphed to a view of a woman sitting behind a desk, the words "Frontier Bulletin" illuminated on the wall behind her. Upon her face was a very concerned look as she centered her gaze at the camera addressing the newly tuning in crowd. "We are very sorry to rip you away from the Sixty Minute Sport Clinic, but out affiliate station out in the Golden League has some disturbing breaking news coming out of the Hanjin Electorate, and we are getting a direct feed that we will be bringing to you momentarily. Now I, and everyone channel would like to reiterate that this is a direct feed, this has not yet had a chance to be edited. Given the nature of what is being reported, there may be inappropriate scenes or audio clips. We'd recommend if there are any small children present, to have them leave the room..."

"...But now without further delay we will be bringing you the direct feed from what we are now calling the 'Karhal Disaster.'"

An aerial view of a large blue lake began to materialize on the screen, even from the elevation it was clear that there were several large jagged metallic and composite pieces of superstructure jutting out from the water. A combination of black and white smoke twirled together rising from the exposed shattered pieces. The image centered and zoomed in on the lake, large black swirls of an oily substance with green glowing splotches could be viewed slowly starting to spread across the clear blue water. Panning to the left and to the right of the lake, thousands of trees could be seen lying knocked down radiating out from the lake itself. There were a few fires scattered amongst the fallen trees their orange glow standing out starkly against the blackened forest, they spewed out more grey smoke as the slowly grew in size engulfing more and more trees. In pockets sprinkled within the luscious forest that radiated out from the vast lake, complexes of buildings could be seen in various stages of destruction. Some were utterly devastated crumpled piles of smoldering rubble, while others were heavily damaged but still standing. Off screen a man's voice arose, "What you are looking at is the aftermath of the tremendous explosion centered here at Karhal Lake, which the Hanjin Urban Area Environmental Directorate, as well as the Metropolitan Emergency Response Authority have jointly declared to be a Disaster Area. And for the moment all civilian traffic to and from the area has been frozen, governmental authorities are urging anyone who is in the affected area to please await emergency first responders who will be arriving on scene."

The image on the screen morphed into a large topographical map of the Karhal Lake region, a red circle popped up on the map, "This red circle represents the extent of the disaster area declared by the governmental authorities. As you can see it encompasses the entire lake as well as sizable tracts of the surrounding forest." A larger green circle began to jet out and expand from the original red circle, "The green extension is our estimation of the extent falling debris could be experienced from the explosion. We'd like to recommend to all of our viewers and listeners who find themselves within that circle, to please shelter in place and await further instructions from a governmental authority. The Space Self-Defense Forces as well as the Hanjin Urban Area Environmental Directorate recommend not to approach, touch or examine any fallen debris as they might be radioactive or otherwise harmful. It is recommended by both governmental authorities that if you do experience any falling debris to mark the area that is afflicted and alert the nearest authority figure. Do not attempt to remove the object or objects yourself."

As the man continued to speak, the screen changed away from the topographical map and began to show several viewers submitted videos in succession of various people from around the Hanjin area who had experienced the shockwave from the blast. The sounds of a low earthy rumble as well as the sharp clatter of falling glass could be heard in conjunction of shouts of alarm and worry as the shaky videos played. "Here at the station we have been acquiring videos like these all afternoon from the populace of the Hanjin Greater Metropolitan area. Some of the videos and reports have come all the way from Hanjin city, which I'd like to remind everyone is over one-hundred miles away from the blast sight. From population centers, all across the expanse we have been receiving reports detailing the damages experienced, it seems there isn't a corner of the immediate area that wasn't affected. Watching some of these videos is a bit heartbreaking, so many people, so many families were caught off guard and very unprepared for this tragic event."

"As for what had caused this explosion to occur we have learned from the Space Self-Defense Forces that the source of the blast was the Mutsu, the lead vessel of the new Heavy Tender Class starship, has suffered what is being described as a "catastrophic cascading failure" of the main power plant as well as several of the auxiliary power sources." The screen began to change from a grainy video of a family holding on to their living room furniture as the room violently shook, to show a technical diagram photograph of the Mutsu class heavy tender. The grey vessel stood in the foreground of a white background, smaller lines with numbers in the middle began to appear at the edges of the vessel which detailed its size for the viewer: two point one kilometers in length, three-hundred meters in height, and four-hundred and fifty meters in width.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Mutsu is a gigantic spatial vessel easily dwarfing anything else the Space Self-Defense forces would have in their spatial arsenal. The Mutsu class was designed to project a tremendous amount of firepower out across the stars, expanding the reach of the Hanjin military for the Golden League. The vessel was moored at the Karhal Lake surface facility undergoing general maintenance of the communication array, which was only expected to take a few days. The naval surface facility is an expansive military and scientific complex, easily running along a half of the entire lakeside it boasted many docks and apparatus's for both blue and black naval ships to use." The screen changed its view to that of one of the shores of the lake, long tracks of rubble and destroyed buildings began to come into view, "This, this is all that is left of the surface facility now, the Space Self-Defense Forces have declared the Mutsu, as well as the entire surface facility as lost will all hands. For the moment, the identification of the lost has been postponed until the victims' families have been notified."

"As for the surrounding area, there have been reports of widespread destruction with several communities being completely engulfed by the explosion. With the amount of area to cover, it may in fact be weeks until we know the extent of loss Hanjin has experienced. But estimates coming in from the Hanjin Urban Area Environmental Directorate as well as the Metropolitan Emergency Response Authority each total in the hundreds of thousands. With that figure expected to rise as Emergency Response Teams continue to respond to the disaster." A video began to play of various emergency vehicles making their way into battered areas, "Taking into account the magnitude of what has happened, the Hanjin State Political Office has begun their investigation into the matter, vowing to bring an answer to the multitude of questions of how this tragedy could unfold." The video now showed black SUVs following the trail blazing emergency vehicles. "Questions of sabotage are at the foremost of the mind of the Liberty Coalition following their victory over the Worker's Front in the elections earlier in year, rumors of reprisal are being whispered in government halls and we wouldn't be very surprised to see the powerful fist of President Hu Nian to come down once again onto the populace of Hanjin if the State Political Office's investigation turns up any dissident connection or even a trace of a Worker's Front fingerprint."

The view of the lake returned to the screen, the water now several shades darker, as black tendrils of fluid now snaked to the shores, the letters "LIVE" in the upright corner of the screen. "Not just a national disaster, not just a political disaster, but an ecological disaster as well, this lake once pristine now ruined…." The narrator trailed off as a large bubble suddenly gathered on the surface and grew to tremendous size, then promptly exploded into a few hundred-foot shower of boiling hot water and oil leaped into the sky. "Oh lord!" The screen suddenly went dark for a moment, before the image returned this time back at the news desk of the Frontier Bulletin, this time the raven-haired news woman had a male counterpart with her, she turned to face the camera.

"Welcome back, we apologize but we lost the direct feed signal when that secondary explosion occurred." Turning to look at her counterpart she smiled and said, "With the destruction of such a large spatial asset surely the reach and firepower of the Hanjin Electorate has been curtailed, possibly putting it at odds with commitments it has to keep to the Golden League. It will be interesting to see how this plays out." The blonde-haired man nodded his head in agreement as he took a sip of his water, setting it back down he turned to look at the camera, "Yes it will, the Golden League has been known to deal with dissent harshly. But how will The Golden League itself respond to the tragedy that has afflicted one of its client worlds, we've also seen them jump into action when tragedy strikes. Which League will we see? So far, any representative from The League has yet to respond publicly possibly waiting for the investigation to conclude before rendering a verdict on the event. Whatever may be their decision, for the people of Hanjin they themselves have to come together like never before."

Reporting by Frontier Bulletin Nightly News chief correspondent Michelle Rydi.

Written by Kyrusia
Reython Rallies, Defense Sector Booms, and Drums of War Sound
F.S.R. Commits Largest Naval Group in Recent Memory to Citic System

This morning's early announcement by the Free State Republic that the Senate had, following nearly four hours of heated, late-night debate, passed an emergency measure authorizing the High Command to dispatch an emergency, expeditionary naval group (ENG) to the Citic System in order to bolster local security measures against an increasingly violent insurrection was seen as a sudden and largely unpredictable shock to many who make it their business to watch the frontier volumes of the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants. While it is no secret that the ongoing calamity in Citic has, seemingly, grown beyond the ability of the local administration to handle, it was the High Command's announcement that the ENG would be composed of sixteen vessels of the Republican Navy that sent shockwaves throughout the frontier. With the mobilization of the ENG, this marks the largest mobilization of Free State naval assets since its initial security commitment to the League of Organized Territories and United Systems (LOTUS).

The Reython Exchange - prime market within the Free State Republic - responded in a furor following the opening bell earlier this morning in the Axul System. Following months of meager returns in the defense sector - particular in heavy industry, shipwright, and general defense contracting - several big-name players in the Republic - including Belton Gun Company, Nydalso Spatial Yards, and even Mithar Motors - reached quarter highs within the first fifteen minutes of opening. As of closing today, Nydalso (NYSY) and Mithari Motors (MIMO) are reporting 70% (L165.87/▲L68.30) and 55% (L62.93/▲L22.33) increases for the quarter, with Belton (BGCO) reporting a miraculous 215% (L173.66/▲L92.89) return over this time last year. This rapid up-swing seemed to only be emboldened following an announcement by Senate Committee for Security Chair Susyn Bralen around noon, Axul Local Time, stating that that the Security Committee will be bringing two appropriations bills to the floor in the coming week totaling "tens of trillions of lica" in federal defense spending over the next eighteen months.

To those of you who heeded my advice late last year, congratulations. Assuming one thousand shares in Belton, you're a pleasant 92,890 lica (81,743.20 Galactic Standard Credits; L1→0.88GSC) better off than you were last night. It was, as I said, "a matter of time until federal supremacy trumped system rights." Never say I didn't do anything for you, my readers. Of course, not everyone can be a winner - at least not at the moment. Enterprises focusing on import-export saw a minor sell-off earlier in the day, with a volumetric drop of 30.66 points in the Reython Exchange before finally leveling-off toward end-of-day trading. Projections, as of now, aren't dire, though they are largely negative when it relates to domestic ventures operating out of the Free State Republic; foreign firms with greater founding in Liu Xiu or the Lanthe Route and Lee are expected to absorb the shock with greater finesse due to their distributed risk and continued, interstellar contracts. To most in this field, it seems plain that the Free State Republic has the most to lose from the situation, were it to go from "poor" to "catastrophic."

The Citic System - embroiled for the better part of a year in a raucous-movement-writ-insurrection due, initially, to dwindling water distribution - acts as the doorway to the Liu Xiu Trade Corridor and the Lanthe Route, each vital trade routes for the frontier state of the Republic. Since last month's execution of Protocol DARK SKY, closing the system, by-in-large, to interstellar traffic, it appears the federal government has felt the pinch. With diminished trade, a steady drip of foreign capital turning to a hesitant trickle, and fears of radical fanaticism spreading, while it is a shock to some, it is not here. With the assassination of Citic Planetary Administrator Alexasner Gypinor, it was plain that the local governing authorities of Citic had lost control of the situation; since his untimely passing, rumors out of the system have spoken of the fires of revolt spreading in tenacity and brutality - if not in raw numerical growth. Earlier this week, news was released on the part of the Free State Republic Office of the Presidency regarding a suicide bombing at a shopping mall in a small suburb of Berj City leading to seventy-two confirmed fatalities and over four hundred wounded, such serving only to act as a grim testament to the ends some a willing to go to exact their vengeance upon the Citic System Administration and the Republic as a whole.

From Citic it seems the embers of discontent have spread. In light of today's announcements, several media outlets beyond the mainstream - namely XenoWatch, a small, isolationist group operating out of the Axul System - have come to question the provenance of the Republic's apparent willingness to appropriate funding. "They weren't willing - 'weren't able,' they said - to devote funding to keeping their people employed, but they can afford this?" XenoWatch founder and self-described "anthropo-supremacist" Mykall Henrisett stated on his prolific (and often suspended) ¥abber account; the yab was subsequently shared by some thirty-thousand of his followers, many holding subscriptions to the bi-weekly XenoWatch digital publication. It is not simply the Republic's fringe that are forwarding such questions, however.

"The [Republic] has benefited from our fervor for interstellar trade and commerce," Senator Jhonna Kovada, sitting senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee stated, "but the fact of the matter is I question our ability to commit this amount of funding to the ongoing issues in Citic without tightening our belts elsewhere." Senator Kovada stated she would be voting against the two incoming defense appropriation bills sponsored by Security Committee Chair Bralen, citing "better avenues." Sources close to the Federal Senate have cited a growing division between two broad factions within the legislature - namely between those who seek to maintain (or embolden) the status quo, and those who seek a sincere review of the current administration's policies with regards to interstellar commerce and cooperation with other star-states.

While the likes of XenoWatch are not the same as the increasingly-apparent divisions in the federal government, the latter seems to be mimicking a growing sentiment on the part of the Republic's population to "turn inward," as one GalactiNet proponent stated, and "focus on domestic issues [before] adventurous gallivanting." A ¥abtag currently trending, "¥FreeStateFirst," is filled with commentary regarding the Free State Republic's apparent focus on ensuring lucrative trade deals and foreign investment to, as many supporters of the ¥abtag have opined, "fill the federal purse" rather than actually investing in projects intended to help the average citizen. In response, several official federal outlets have pointed to the Leap Project as evidence to the contrary.

In sum, the Leap Project has been unanimously described as the "single largest venture undertaken by the federal government and domestic research institutes bolstered, largely, by an increase in foreign commerce"; the Leap Project, projected to be completed within the next five years, is the single largest infrastructure project in the Free State's history, constituting an advanced, inter-system, superluminal gate network meant to provide immediate relief to travelers, both domestic and abroad, for the purpose of increasing ease of access to domestic ports and permitting a far more efficient and cost-effective means of travel throughout the Republic. To many, the coming "Leap Network" has been praised as the effective uplifting of the average citizen to a station which would permit ease of travel to the far-flung corners of the Republic; likewise, it has been detracted by those close to isolationist organizations as a "corrupting influence birthed from miscegenation with foreign enterprises," often quoted in-tone with numerous conspiracy theories involving its true origin - often citing the as-of-yet still-classified federal budget for the project.

Regardless, the economic future - and possible civil peace - of the Free State Republic is uncertain. Given the likelihood of the "Brelan Bills" to pass later this month, I would be remiss not to continue to advise investment in the defense sector - particularly in armament and shipwright industries. Readers with any investment in sectors likely to be touched by the ongoing crisis on Citic and the federal government's response to such are strongly advised to keep themselves abreast of the evolving situation. As always, opportunity will present itself to those willing to take the plunge.

Reporting by Galactic Quarterly economics contributor and interstellar market analyst Adrian Rhett.

Written by Kyrusia
BREAKING NEWS: Tensions Rise in Sauria System; Sauria V Devolves into Conflict
Interstate Rivalry Turns Violent; GESO Involvement; Future Uncertain

News out of the Sauria System, a small system renowned largely for the Camarock mines of Sauria V and the otherwise lawless state of the system, has been slim as of late. While largely a wildspace system, Sauria V has gained a small degree of prominence with some as a source of Camarock - used as both a noxious illicit substance and as a primary ingredient in certain hyperdrive cable manufacturing - and as a bastion of otherwise "grey" or "black" market substances and services. Home to sapients of various ethnic and national origin, an apparent animosity simmering beneath the surface broke-out within the last month as Gish and Gish-sympathetic forces entered conflict with Achesian settlers on Sauria V. Following the envelopment of several Achesian settlements, the Intercosmic Bastion announced its intent to intervene, seeking to annex the Sauria System for the purpose of installing lawful government into the wildspace system.

Following intervention by Achesian forces, the apparent clandestine involvement of several operatives holding allegiance to states within the Galactic Economic and Security Organization (GESO) (tentatively identified as originating from the United Terran Alliance and Abraski space) soon came to light, demonstrating the amassing of a cache of armaments - including an apparent weapon of mass destruction - on the part of Gish terrorist and their sympathizers. Currently there appears to be an ongoing hostage crisis on Sauria V in which several Achesian settlers an expatriates of the United Autonomous Republics are being held as collateral under the pretense of the withdrawal of Bastion forces from the system. This, combined with the apparent willingness of the Ventorie to provide physical and material support to the Gish, further compounded by ongoing political turbulence within the U.A.R has lead to a rapid devolution of the situation on the ground - a trend which international analysts fear may only worsen.

While the involvement by the Intercosmic Bastion was lauded as an attempt to bring law and order to their lawless, neighboring system, the arrival of Prince James Requient on-scene have lead some to speculate the night may darken before dawn. Eldest son of the Achesian Ackular, reigning sovereign of the Bastion, Prine Requient is renowned for stark and "ruthless" leadership and command style and, reportedly, is prone to violent or sadistic tendencies. The arrival of the Prince comes on the heels of more overt GESO involvement in the system, nominally entered with the intent to convene and provide causative purpose as to the Organization's infiltration of nominally Achesian-annexed territory.

International analysts are understandably wary. The situation in the Sauria System is complex and multi-faceted, involving numerous factions and drives, each with their purpose and intentions partially obscured. What is known, however, is that the displayed intervention marks a shift in Achesian foreign policy in recent times, taking an active involvement in interstellar affairs - even if in the apparent defense of former expatriates. Even so, rumors abound from both the Sauria System and the Bastion involving the current Ackular and his apparent heavy-handed approach to similar circumstances in the past being clouded by word of ennobled troubles, Prince Requient's approach, and the rapidly-shifting situation on the ground.

This is a currently evolving situation. Please stay-tuned to GalactiNet News for further developments.

Written by Lubyak
Rumors of New Pirate Nexus Draw Concern
Rumors Abound About Formation of New Pirate Alliance in Delta-Gamma Border Regions

Admiralties, Ministries, and field officers have been happily resting their laurels in recent months, congratulating themselves in recent months for the destruction of organised pirate activity in the Delta-Gamma border regions. However, more recently, rumours have been circulating through back channels and criminal networks of the formation of a new 'pirate Nexus' named "Blackaros."

Although there has been no official confirmation of such an entity's existence, there have been notable changes in pirate activity throughout the Delta-Gamma border regions, and the Swift Winds Trade Route. Merchant and refugee convoys have already been struck by more organised and better equipped pirates. Moreover, even escorted convoys that would have been considered well protected and safe have been successfully struck and raided.

Already, interstellar insurance premiums for shipments along the Swift Winds Route have begun to climb, as state governments scramble to increase protection to trade routes, and begin the attempt to shut down the Blackaros nexus.

Written by Lubyak
UTA and Idruteia Sign Series of Bilateral Agreements
Idruteia, UTA Formalise Military Alliance, Other International Agreements

Upon return from Dicast Samaras Tsahalis’s state visit to the United Terran Alliance (UTA), the Arbiters of Diplomacy - the diplomatic and international affairs organ of the Idruteian government - announced that the Kritarchy and the UTA had formalised an agreement between that would cover a wide area of international affairs, concerning both military, social, economic and issues. The development of these new closer relations between these two Alpha quadrant states has drawn major concern from other stellar powers.

Although details remain scarce, due to Dicast Tsahalis's insistence on security for what is undoubtedly sensitive information, it has been confirmed by IIW sources that the UTA has promised monetary aid to the Kritarchy up to the billions of credits for the purpose of aiding the Kritarchy in dealing with the repercussions of the Great Displacement. Furthermore, the Kritarchy has agreed to accept unknown numbers of un-integrated refugees from Terran systems for resettlement onto Idruteian worlds. Furthermore, although details remain scarce, the Arbiters of Diplomacy and Dicastry have indicated that these agreements also include reduction in barriers to trade and investment, which should open up the Kritarchy to significant investment from the UTA, furthering development trade and infrastructure in the Kritarchy.

In addition, although details are unconfirmed, it is known that there have been military arrangements made between the UTA and the Kritarchy. It is suspected that these agreements extend to a promise of military aid to one another in case of outside attack, an agreement regarding visiting forces, the establishment of joint military exercises, as well as intelligence sharing agreements.

These agreements provide a significant military advantage to both the UTA and the Kritarchy, both in terms of an exchange of military technology, as well as power projection capabilities. Furthermore, the agreement with the UTA includes the Kritarchy into the Global Economic and Security Organisation (GESO) defensive network. Moreover, the signing of this agreement raises the potential for further integration of the Kritarchy into GESO. Min'u Khnanisho, a professor of astropolitics at the University of Casthanaia would extend GESO's influence further rimward . including many nations and states heavily impacted by the Great Displacement.

In addition, the inclusion of the Kritarchy into the outer reaches of GESO orbit has raised the potential for the renewal of tensions between Idruteia and the Perseid Federation. Although the Omospondia has expressed a neutral or approving attitude to the announcement, there is potential for this development to raise tensions in the Alpha Quadrant. For the Perseids, the announcement raises the spectre of a Neo Terran-Tharis axis forming to counter or challenge the Perseid Federation in its future actions.
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Written by Kyrusia
PAO Finally Comments on Curious Gamma Deployments
Could Valinor Involvement in Citic Be Forthcoming?

A curious statement seemingly buried within otherwise mundane announcements within the Kriegsmarine News Quarterly's "Deployment Observer" last week - particularly pertaining to the United Star Empire's intent to deploy an apparent "peacekeeping mission" to the Citic System (a colonial dependency of the Free State Republic) - continued to draw intense media scrutiny as the Galactic Standard Calendar rolled over into the new year. While the "Deployment Observer" commonly includes information pertaining to peacekeeping and security deployment operations, it was the specific details - or lack thereof - surrounding the apparent deployment of the HMS Crowned Owl that sent not only Valinor newswires into a fury, but much of the international press.

As described in KM News Quarterly, the HMS Crowned Owl is a destroyer currently attached to Extra-Raumreich Operations Area Command (EXROA-COM); it's mission - or what little was initially detailed of it - was described as an "evaluatory peacekeeping study into extra-Lanthine space" involving the Citic System, slated to be commanded by Fregattenkapitän Martin Koppe - known for his previous attachment to the Tenth Star Lord's command staff. That, readers, was more or less it. As can be imagined, the lack of details combined with the apparent assignment of a high-ranking commanding officer to an otherwise muddied mission drew considerable scrutiny - scrutiny that, until moments ago, the Public Affairs Office (PAO) and Imperial Armed Forces (IAF) refused to acknowledge.

Though the PAO has still denied an official press junket, they have - at last - released a statement regarding the "Deployment Observer's" announcement. It is contained in-full below:

    "After consultation with the Admiralstab and Großadmiral Tolwyn, the PAO confirms the deployment of HMS Crowned Owl as part of EXROA-COM's developing programme of peacekeeping and international aid missions. Fregattenkapitän Koppe is being temporarily detached from the admiral's command staff to assess current conditions in the Citic colonial system, a dependency of the Free State Republic.

    Both the government and Kriegsmarine are concerned by recent developments in the system and their potential impact on commerce and free navigation of systems beyond the Lanthe Route. The military observer mission is intended to evaluate the success of the Republican Spatial Navy's counter-insurgency efforts in the system and advise on possible areas between EXROA-COM and the federal military. Großadmiral Tolwyn believes this is an opportunity to coordinate existing commerce protection activities with FSR efforts to limit the flow of weapons and other prohibited materials to the insurgents.

    While both the Admiralstab and EXROA-COM acknowledge the mission is not bound by a specific timeline, the deployment is not currently planned to last longer than a month. Any further details about this mission will be reported in the following edition of KM News Quarterly. Local developments and reports of the mission are to be classified.

    Generalleutnant Yan Song,
    Chief of Public Affairs
    Großer Generalstab
    Office of the Reichsprotektor
While this might superficially answer some questions, we here at Frontier News find the situation all the more perplexing. While it is true that both the Kriegsmarine and Reichswehr are regularly deployed on formal observation missions to study evolving and developing situations of strategic interest, these typically involved circumstances of Valinor neutrality in a third party conflict, as part of a greater humanitarian observation mission, or to directly support a key ally. Those who have kept close watch of the at-times opaque relationship between the United Star Empire and the Republic readily note that none of these quite describe the circumstance these recent deployments entail.

Furthermore, peacekeeping evaluation operations have typically been held beneath the purview of only a select few arms of the Her Majesty's Government, notably the Office of Verge Affairs (OVA) Verge Security forces or less-renowned Kriegsmarine operations within the Solarian Reaches. Some have speculated involvement by OVA would be less curious given the ongoing EXROA-COM investigation into the whereabouts of Cornelio Morevedra, a wanted terrorist aligned with the ongoing violent insurrection in the Citic System that escaped detention from the Federal Marshals Service following his extradition by OVA forces. This escape followed an attack during the prisoner transfer by as-of-yet unidentified assailants. Following such, the Tent Star Lord, in fact, commented on his desire to strengthen the relationship between his command and the Republican Spatial Navy in order to embolden ongoing commerce protection operations and other naval activities near the Lanthe Route, though no formal agreement has been announced by either the United Star Empire or the Free State Republic.

Even so, this is only part of the story. While less present in the minds of those settled along the frontier, this would not be the first time the Kriegsmarine has engaged in similar operations. Such were previously routine and a part of a patrol regimen within spacial volumes of the Ortagan Hegemony under occupation after the Great March War and, further, were used to minimize disruption of imperial interests in the Beta Quadrant during the Great Betan Collapse. Why this is increasing speculation - both here at Frontier News and within associated international news outlets - is that such operations invariably preceded a formal decision, either unilaterally or sponsored by the League of the Raumreich, to commit greater military interests.

Were that not perplexing enough, the Frontier News has pried into the machinations of the Star Empire and uncovered that, peculiarly, this announcement was not shadowed by a formal announcement or state of recognition - or, truly, any comment at all - from the Metternicht Government. It is known that following Foreign Minister von Gentz's statements regarding Morevedra's escape, diplomatic discourse between the Empire and the Republic seemed to largely retreat from greater public scrutiny and behind the obscuring veil closed, high-level negotiations necessitate. Even so, efforts were made by members of the Imperial Diet to address this concern during the Prime Minister's Questions period. During such, Archduke von Metternicht informed the Speaker that "no comment was possible" as the issue of Imperial-Republican relations was "presently under direct review by the Imperial Special Select Committee for Defence and Security" - more commonly known as the "Committee for Imperial Defence," a formerly ad hoc group now serving as the highest governmental body charged with formulating defense policies and comprised of, among others, the imperial sovereign, the Reichsprotektor, Imperial Prime Minister, representatives of the Imperial Armed Forces, and directors of various intelligence and security services.

What is certain is that the gears of political and martial maneuvering are greased and beginning to move. What is not clear is, precisely, what future this may tell for Citic, the Free State Republic, and its relationship with the Valinor - though observers seem ready to speculate on the possibility of more direct involvement at a later date. Regardless, stay tune to Frontier News for further details as this situation develops.

Written by Valinon
Foreign Investors Seize Nydalso Spatial Yards
Major Free State Republic Facility Targeted by Corporate Raiders

Reython Exchange, FSR— Nydalso Spatial Yards came under new ownership under the terms of a hostile corporate takeover campaign launched more than eight months ago. The publicly traded company was previously controlled by several domestic concerns and large investors supported by the FSR's defence sector boom.

According to a combined statement by Harald Duvoss (Federal Exchange Commission Chairman, FSR), Katarine Ulayd (CEO of Reython Automated Securities Exchange [RASE], FSR), and Adrian Rhett (Chairman of Rhett Financial, Valinon), Rhett Financial became a majority shareholder controlling 56.4 percent of Nyadalso Spatial as of 20.0016 (Galactic Standard Year). This public announcement was preceded by a private announcement at the General Shareholders meeting of Nydalso and following a significant backlash by four of the 11 members of Nydalso's board of directors. The acquisition of the controlling shares was effected through a sustained creeping tender offer in combination with several high-volume share transfer certifications taking place during the past eight months.

The announcement was followed by an impromptu media conference organised by the FSR's FEC, as the regulatory body charged with oversight of securities and financial instrument sales, transfers, and related markets. Chairman Duvoss led the meeting along with several other senior members of the Board of Commissioners, Ulayd, and representatives of Rhett Financial.

"It is understandable that citizens of the Republic may be concerned by this occurrence. Understand, however, that we are a free, republican society that supports not only private enterprise, but the market in general. What we have today is not something to fear, but something to be proud of. The Free State Republic and, more broadly, the ventures of private industry and entrepreneurs, have shown they are able to 'play in the big league,' so to speak; we are actors in the galactic economy. That means change is inevitable. Without placing my personal opinion as to this acquisition, I will state that, by all accounting, Rhett Financial and its subsidiaries and partners have, since the beginning, upheld their integrity in legally-obligated reporting and, furthermore, have maintained a rigorous channel of transparent communication with [the Federal Exchange Commission] throughout this process in order to ensure the legality of their actions. The FEC can ascribe no surreptitious undertakings to Rhett Financial or its partners," said Duvoss.

Rhett Financial released its own statement through its FSR-based subsidiary, Free State United Investments (FSUI). The statement complied with federal laws requiring open reporting of activities involving the acquisitions of Nydalso during the previous six months. It was originally provided to Nydalso shareholders at their general meeting. While FSUI acted as the primary acquirer of Nydalso, some 50 other corporations and partnerships were also listed, including:

  • Star Rings Holdings (a holding corporation; majority ownership by FSUI; incorporated in Axul, FSR)
  • Axul United Finance (publicly acting as ‘United Bank of Axul’; majority ownership by Juvanye Star Traders, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rhett Financial; incorporated in Axul, FSR)
  • Deliente Shipping (majority ownership by XeTeL Commerce, a majority-owned corporation of Rhett Financial; incorporated in the Canton of Vessader, Lanthe).
Further details included the terms of share purchases. The majority were executed in pre-market and after-hours trading—totaling more than 54 percent. Close to 20 percent of other shares were acquired through private sales, or legal gifting of high-volume share certifications. Additional details on these transactions are protected under the terms of the 20.0016 Financial Privacy Act. The act requires transfers to be reported for purposes of taxation but bars the FEC and other related transfer agents from publicly divulging identities of any parties involved without written and notarised permission by all parties to the sale. One quarter of the sales were conducted during peak trading hours, with most handled by various artificial transaction agents.

Rhett Financial's statement included more than three gigabytes of information and was provided to the invited media pool less than four hours before the joint announcement by private and FSR officials. Adrian Rhett made the following statement to Frontier Bulletin's Mattias Vern after Vern’s question of Rhett's and his company’s intentions:

    "My history, quite obviously, precedes me, but I wish to assure the citizens of the Republic that this is not some pernicious ploy—I will not be repping the company out from beneath you, nor will I be liquidating its assets. Citizens of the Republic—workers with wills as strong as their backs—built this company, drive this company, and continue to be the backbone of innovation in the frontier sectors. That is not something I intend to change. I, both personally and as chairman of Rhett Financial, have invested millions of lica into the Republic’s economy, not due to greed, but due to my sincerely held belief that the Republic has for far too long suffered beneath an isolationist undercurrent that has stymied its growth. What I desire—and what I intend to do—is to provide Nydalso and its partners the much-needed room and investments to grow, prosper, and to surpass its status as only the premier shipwright of the Republic to become that of the whole frontier."
The assurances of the FSR FEC, RASE, and Rhett Financial did not assuage all concerns. Senator Jabriel DeFontin, minority co-chair of the Senate Committee for Public Transparency, made a public statement several hours after the announcement and conference. The senator questioned the acquisition and the integrity of both the FEC and Reython Exchange.

"I think this warrants looking into," she stated outside the committee's chambers, "and I mean the whole lot of them."

Vice-President and President of the Senate David Rosen criticised DeFontin and her colleagues in the minority:

    "This is seems to be little more than the indulgence of the same sort of conspiracy theories you see across the GalactiNet. If anything, this is partisan political theater and expresses nothing more than your [DeFontin's] contempt of the administration’s open and diplomatic approach to, not merely commercial relations, but foreign policy."
Rosen's assertions and those of the administration's other surrogates were not shared by members of the growing pro-isolationist movements scattered throughout the FSR. Their disparate concerns were addressed by Mykall Henrisett, founder of the XenoWatch news outlet.

"They've gone to considerable lengths to hide it, but my sources are never wrong. Appears Rhett is up to his usual game—slimy [expletive] that he is. Three weeks ago, just after the markets went bull, my sources say FSUI transferred some 70,000 shares of Belton stock—about 46 percent of their outstanding stock—back to the company. You read that right, folks," Henrisett said holding several reams of paper, "FSUI—and thus the slimy [expletive] himself—had control of the largest arms manufacturer in the Republic. Why didn't he? Why didn't he take it too, hm? Well, looks to be Belton was willing to drop a little over 23 million lica to buy back the shares that had been bought right out from under their noses. That's about 60 percent premium over the value of shares at the time. The [expletive] gave them one hell of a goodbye kiss."

Henrisett continued to elaborate extensive accusations against Rhett Financial, including claims it greenmailed Belton Gun Company to finance the Nydalso takeover. Neither Reyhton nor Adrian Rhett have commented on Henrisett's accusations. Henrisett declined to provide his sources or copies of his collected evidence. He cited concerns for both his sources and his personal safety.

Following Henrisett’s latest broadcast and senatorial comments, a FEC representative did state that whatever business was or was not conducted by Belton and FSUI conformed with all regulatory guidelines. The representative did affirm that an action as Henrisett described would fall under the purview of the Financial Privacy Act as a shares transfer. This would prohibit the FEC from publicly divulging any information without consent.

Written by Rethan
Imperial Navy of Vernii Begins "Operation Marathon," to Draw Near Liu Xiu SEZ
Furthest Deployment of Imperium Assets in History

In a move sure to startle political and military experts across the galaxy, the Imperium of Vernii has announced its intention to begin a large scale deployment of its naval assets outside the Raumreich Oversector. Although the Imperial Navy describes the move as a simple readiness exercise, it is nonetheless remarkable in its development. The Imperium of Vernii has been extremely quiet outside of the Raumreich for some time, especially when compared to the United Star Empire of Valinon, and this sudden deployment may signal a return to form for one of the older and more well established polities in the galaxy. With regards to the exercise itself, the Navy Office of Information had this to say on the matter:

    "Operation Marathon's intentions are to build real-world proficiency in conducting long-range operations. Marathon will also provide valuable data and experience in evaluating the speed with which the Navy can respond to emerging threats on the frontier, and the duration with which it can carry out operations without a full-fledged supply chain. Vice Admiral Sidney Church is commanding from the dreadnought Superb; participating units include a battle squadron from Capital Fleet, two battlecruiser squadrons from both Capital Fleet and Second Fleet, and logistics support and screening elements. In addition to building the Navy's capabilities, Vice Admiral Church's forces will conduct joint-training and subject matter exchanges with Ministry of Frontier Stability assets."
The deployment marks the first time in a century that such a significant number of Imperial capital ships have been deployed outside of the Oversector itself, and sets the benchmark as the furthest deployment the Imperial Navy has made in its entire history. The exercise is expected to extend along the Lanthe Route and its neighbouring regions of space, ending in close proximity to the Liu Xiu Economic Area. This ambitious deployment is bound to reassert the Imperium's clout as a military power, at the very least within the Solarian Reaches and the Lanthe Route if not the galaxy at large, and will almost certainly bring some small measure of peace back to the troubled corners of the galaxy. Pirates and raiders within the regions of the Lanthe Route and Liu Xiu are likely to be far more cautious for the duration of the exercise, ensuring that travelers and traders in the area feel markedly more secure.

It has been theorised that the Imperium is responding to the continued instability caused by the Great Displacement, although no outright declaration has been made to indicate any efforts to effect the Displacement in any way. A more likely, and perhaps more concerning, reasoning behind this sudden display of force is the growth of a number of new galactic power blocs. Both the Nassau Accords and LOTUS have recently made waves on the galactic scene, and military experts have expressed a belief that Imperial interests have been left sorely under-protected in the past. By not only deploying such a considerable number of capital assets, but also deploying such assets a record distance from Imperial space, the Imperium of Vernii is demonstrating that they have both a considerable amount of military power and the ability to project it across great distances. Whether the younger power structures of the galaxy will see this as a simple warning or an outright threat remains to be seen, but it is blatantly clear that the Imperium of Vernii is no longer content to simply trade on its name and reputation for peace and security.

Written by Valinon
Nassau Accords Joins Galactic Infrastructure Race
USC, Other Member States Announce Centre Point Station Project

Heaven City, Thompson Planetary System— Representatives of the United Star Commonwealth and Imperial Federal Union governments announced the highest profile construction project associated with the Trans Betan Expressway. Centre Point Station is to be located in the USC-controlled system previously designated as CSTU-3446620-134432, known colloquially as "The Hub."

Centre Point is one of a proposed network of stations throughout the quadrant as part of an effort to promote trade and relieve years of economic recession and disruption following the Great Betan Collapse. The network is considered a project of the Nassau Accord member states, but the USC remains the foremost contributor to the project in terms of funding, manpower, and resources. Halo Construction, Ltd., a private corporation headquartered in the USC, is contracted to construct the station. A corporate spokesperson was present at the official media conference hosted by USC authorities.

"Whilst I can’t give much away at this point, I can say that the initial phase one station structure was completed at Thompson Orbital Ring Yards some time ago, and it is due to be moored in orbit around The Hub's main star within the next week. Construction vessels have already began the process of clearing any space debris that may be potential hazards to the station. All in all, we hope to have the station operational within the next few months," said the Halo representative.

Both The Hub and the station are under the protection of the Accord Coalition fleet, an international force dominated by the USC and Imperial Federal navies. The Hub is a near-equidistant location between both states home stars and can serve as a logistics centre for anti-piracy and commerce protection operations organised under the Accords’ banner. Both the USC and the Imperial Federal Union have committed additional military assets to commerce protection activities in Beta since other states, especially those of the Valinor and Vipran empires remain primarily localised to their own areas of strategic interest.

Centre Point Station joins a growing number of large scale infrastructure projects in both the Beta and Gamma quadrants. The most prominent examples of the last year include the Perseid Federation’s expansion of its Sivulon Trade Network and the Life Star Project launched by the Usidian United Star Systems. International commentators and observers note the new station and the USC-led Betan Expressway share closer similarities to the STN.

"Both Centre Point and the Commonwealth trade network are clearly national development programmes organised within a loose framework of international support," said Dr. Levin Böttcher, Senior Fellow of Alheim College. "The Commonwealth remains both the primary contributor to and benefactor of both efforts. Doubtlessly, the appeal to international support is received well by those states looking to escape the economic depression throughout quadrant, but this does not translate to equitable input into development. Several of my colleagues criticise this approach as internationalising a development project to shield it from risks, but these criticisms are bunk. The most successful projects of this scale—the STN, the Lanthe, the Eucer Corridor, the Vipran periphery—all remain distinctly national in character once a few extraneous layers are peeled away."

Böttcher noted this may bring the Expressway into conflict with other established interests in a pattern paralleled by the pushback experienced by the Perseid government as it tries to extend its trade ties into the Solarian Reaches.

"The Commonwealth and its allies will need to choose if they ascribe to their pan-quadrant message and the possibility of conflict, or if it the better course is to seize upon the quadrant’s economic collapse to create a trade network centred on a naturally formed spatial territory," he said.

Speaking on conditions of anonymity, several Accord member state military officers highlighted concerns that The Hub's considerable defensive forces made it clear the new bastion of stability can easily act as a primary target for aggressive pirates, privateers, and other raiders still active throughout the quadrant. One described it as a "target by design" and questioned if it wasn’t a rather expensive effort to try and draw out hostile forces.

Another concern for the station and the entire Expressway is the growing tensions between the USC and the Rhustarim Hegemony. Both nations are capable of sustaining military operations capable of either disrupting or destroying such construction projects. Currently, diplomatic efforts are still being made to resolve the tension without conflict. A generalised war between both states could easily result in the disruption of the trade network and pull in other potential powers aligned with both states.

Written by Kyrusia
BREAKING NEWS: Hegemony Gives Ultimatum to Commonwealth; Veracity Unconfirmed
Hegemonic-Commonwealth Tensions in Previously Unclaimed System Spiral, Threaten War

Currently unverified claims from the United Star Commonwealth indicate that warships originating from the Rhustarim Hegemony have appeared within a previously unclaimed system currently under contested claim between the two states to present an ultimatum that has been described as, succinctly, "Leave, or face destruction." Hegemonic officials are, as of yet, unavailable for comment. This situation is currently developing, so please stay with GalactiNet News for further information.

This possible escalation follows a rather complex arrangement of relations in the previously unclaimed system along the Alpha-Beta Periphery - a well-known and densely populated series of sectors, many of which are in relative close proximity to the Solarian Reaches. Such follows an apparent unfortunate occurrence in which a Hegemonic drone probe identified the system as of manufacturing and resource use, yet uninhabited, making it a prime target for a Dyson Seeder net currently researching systems in outlying sector of the Alpha-Beta Periphery zone. As currently apparent, sometime between the initial system probe's departure and the arrival of a Dyson Seeder, a contingent of the United Star Commonwealth came to inhabit the system and began construction on an outpost. According to Hegemonic sources, the Seeder and its two Sintellects failed to detect the outpost until after automated mining hives were dispatched, believed to be due to anomalous conditions or system failure.

What followed has apparently resulted in, though current unverified, the pushing of the two states to the brink of war.

Following the detection of a Commonwealth outpost, the lead Sintellect returned its passengers to stasis, pending resolution of the situation by the Hegemony's Foreign Affairs Directory. Even so, by the time the Seeder's passengers were returned to stasis, a Dyson network had already entered into construction, with the involved Sintellects having established an administration outpost on a nearby moon within the system, currently inhabited by a contingent of Rhustarim. Diplomatic negotiations began, but quickly devolved into a state of attrition, with neither of the involved parties being willing to accede control of the system entirely to the other. Representative parties from the Hegemony have declared a willingness to share currently available resources and the system volume as a whole, but sources within the Commonwealth subsequently expressed suspicions surrounding intentions of the Rhustarim presence.

Complicating matters, what the Commonwealth has described as a "weapon launch" towards the planet currently housing their outpost - hence described by the Hegemony as a likely faulty, automated nanohive factory, though the Commonwealth proved to be unconvinced - has set teeth to edge; representatives of the Commonwealth pressed that, even in the event the Hegemony was operating with candor with regards to the apparent "launch," concern still remains regarding a potentially active nano-factory being present on a planetary body they themselves claim.

As negotiations reached their greatest depth, with the Commonwealth demanding the removal of, in the very least, the Hegemonic Dyson Seeder from the system (an act the Hegemony has proved unwilling to abide and, further, as some international experts have claimed, may simply not be possible), tensions rapidly spiraled beyond apparent recovery: Commonwealth forces established a blockade of the Hegemony's administration facility, an action the Rhustarim Senate has described as a violation of their citizenry's freedoms, a threat to their lives, and a "large-scale kidnapping." Currently, it is unknown whether this action was sanctioned by the Commonwealth home government; even so, soon following the blockade, an apparent Hegemonic transport housing at least forty organic Rhustarim and at least one artificial intelligence (AI) attempted to penetrate the blockade, only to be subsequently destroyed by Commonwealth forces. There were believed to be no survivors of the incident. Representatives of the Commonwealth have claimed have nebulously claimed both the transport was armed or was in the process of activating a nanoscale weapon on the surface of the USC-occupied world; the Hegemony maintains that the transport was, in fact, issuing a "killcode" to nearby nanofabricators.

As of yet, claims by either party remain unverified by a neutral, third party, further complicating matters.

With reports of an ultimatum being delivered - and even before - international political and military analysts have expressed concern. While the Commonwealth is believed to have a numerical superiority in regards to its bulk armed forces and industrial capacity, others have noted the Hegemony's apparent capability to construct and utilize large-scale mega-constructs as either a leveling factor capable of posing significant threat to the Commonwealth or, in truth, a greater danger were conflict to break-out between the two star-states. This is further compounded by the relative peace each state has respectively survived within, with neither having operated in open conflict of this potential magnitude to date, making analysis of their potential actions largely speculative.

Even so, with the system being located in the densely-populated Alpha-Beta Periphery, the possibility of conflict swelling to engulf surrounding systems - and, indeed, states with interest in them - remains a point of concern. This is further complicated by external relations with each state, the Hegemony recently having secured a formalization of relations with the United Star Empire of Valinor, and the Commonwealth's known alliance to various parties through the Nassau Accords, though analysts are currently tight-lipped about whatever possible implications these may have.

With the situation escalating and possible open conflict nigh, stay tuned to GalactiNet News for further information as the situation develops.

Written by Valinon
EDITORIAL: Seizing Promise
Frontier Success Means Market Success

We live in bullish times. Those interested in only the shortest-term solutions and those of narrow vision label such times a curse. This is not the case. The curse is when the markets, their investors, and their authorities allow themselves to be persuaded by those possessing only the most limited of aspirations.

By the time this issue of Galactic Quarterly is published, Nydalso Spatial Yards will be a majority-owned subsidiary of Rhett Financial. Nydalso is the largest and premier shipwright in the Free Star Republic. It is one of the primary facilities used in the redevelopment and expansion of the Republican Space Navy, with naval contracts accounting for 45 percent of all construction in the yards. In the previous galactic standard year, Nydalso won 88 percent of all bid contracts opened by the Department of the Spatial Navy. Those possessing an extreme taste for understatement may say that Nydalso overwhelmed its competitors.

The truth is that the competition no longer exists. More importantly, the potential for growth no longer exists. The Republic's continued naval expansion and routine services for existing ships will continue to account for some growth but not what Nydalso has known for the past two galactic standard years. Nydalso will not die but it will stagnate becoming little more than the acclaimed yard of a regional power. Its legacy will diminish before it is even established.

Seeing this unfortunate future, I acted. Nydalso and the Republic are positioned to take full advantage of both the Lanthe and the Liu Xiu SEZ, two of the greatest economic machines in the galaxy. Failure at this doorstep only comes if you lack vision. Senator Jhonna Kovaka was more than prophetic when she described the Republic as the beneficiary of interstellar trade and commerce. However, she is mistaken when supporting policies that would see the Republic limit its potential by not harnessing the power of galactic commerce to its own advantage. The Nydalso Yards can serve as the instrument of the Republic's advancement, allowing it to provide for the betterment of its citizens and its workers.

But it can no longer do so when threatened by the forces of unnecessary state intervention, the threat of planned economies, and the reprehensible politics of idiotic nativism. In the previous months, I advised my readers to diversify away from the armament and shipwright industries in the Republic. Some of my critics call this a debased attempt at market manipulation, but I consider it a call to action. The bull markets of armaments and ship-building are not what is threatened in the current political climate. Nativist and planned economists inevitable target infrastructure and social programmes as a means to buying votes when their political, policy, and engineering un-originality fail them. It is important investors guard these avenues and demonstrates how their own activities can provide more beneficial terms to both themselves and the workers of the Republic.

I am well aware my history allows for easy distortions by my critics. I do not disparage my former employers at Seisinger Financial nor do I make apologies for my activities as an executive strategic markets director. The economies of the Solarian Reaches are not those of the frontier. The hypercorps of the Alpha Quadrant operate with resources and aspirations equivalent to and frequently in excess of those possessed by nation-states in the frontier. They measure the Gross System Product of entire sectors as a rounding error and build freighters capable of producing the entire energy output of a single planetary system per annum in the moment of a superluminal jump. They fight, intelligence, and struggle with one another across the timescale of decades and with the fervor of any frontier expansionary hegemony. I adopted the tactics necessary to succeed in this environment and necessary to develop a skillset marketable to the greater financial community.

Their competition has, in turn, fed the development of the greatest galactic infrastructure and the highest standards of living to be had along any of the arms. Not just for their executives, but for their employees at all levels. The ferocity of their ambition and desire for advantage creates a need for commanding loyalty beyond what can be done for any sum for wages, any mere 30 pieces of silver. It is no coincidence that the closer one draws to Sol and Old Earth the more one will find hypercorps and conglomerates acting as directors of a complicated network of workers combines or even monoliths partially or wholly owned by their employees. A sense of community underlies these successful leviathans, and it is more than can be bought by wage servitude.

With this in mind, Rhett Financial will leave the current Nydalso board of directors in place. There are already those noting how easy the process of their replacement would be given my company's majority control. Let this inaction speak in the volume it is meant. An assumption of financial control does not coincide with the innate need to destroy a functioning, profitable community. And Nydalso does not just function and profit, it excels.

What Nydalso needs to continue its excellence is a path to further growth and the resources needed to sustain growth beyond the borders of the Republic. Rhett Financial and its partners can provide both along with the expertise necessary to succeed in a much more diverse, competitive market. In return, the employees and investors of Nydalso may expect a greater role in the galactic markets for heavy industry and ship-building. The predictable forces of nativism call this a subversion of the Republic; a corruption by outsiders; a calamity producing only collapse and misery. A half-dozen other platitudes and cliches so tired I cannot even be bothered to write them. Silence them in your eyes, your ears, and your feeds. These are those of narrow visions and limited circumstances. These are the voices that won the "logical" discourse of the Huerdaen Star Empire decades ago and continue to contribute to an entire quadrant of the galaxy being at the mercy of a grasping, self-loathing kleptocracy capable of promising its people nothing greater than an honourable death on some world none of their children can even name. The future of prosperity, the future of growth, lies in embracing the model of open and free markets so long at the core of the Alpha Quadrant's economic engine. By all means, safeguard the pride and strong characteristics of your domestic institutions and political traditions—but do not allow them to be hijacked by those who would see them destroyed for their own benefit by forcing you into a market where future generations may not aspire to anything more than the next planet to be annexed.

I am foremost a market actor and a private citizen. It is the reason my links to this publication remain as only an occasional contributor, something the august publisher of this quarterly continues to chide me for on an almost monthly basis. But I enjoy my freedom to act and to advise for the betterment of my community too much to merely be an unfulfilled columnist. Having lived in the Solarian Reaches; having learned the tactics of the hypercorps; I chose to live a life outside the spatial volumes already the subject of their success. I chose to share this knowledge with the other volumes of Gamma. I do not do so freely; but I do so with the expectation that the interchange of information—agreed under terms of mutual profit—will create a new horizon where the common expectations of the day will seem to be the aspirations of insects. Let us all build together.

Editorial provided by Galactic Quarterly economics contributor and interstellar market analyst Adrian Rhett. Opinions expressed are the author's own
and may not reflect the views of
Galactic Quarterly or its affiliates.

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Monday, January 30, 2017 — Edition No. 22, Version 3.0


Written by Santheres
Tauris Has Fallen
End of Conflict a Bridge to Opportunity?

In latest battle against the EMA, the LOTUS coalition has proven their refusal to allow the dominance of corporate terror in and around the Solar Cooperative Union. This marks the beginning of the end of the Union's civil war, where the death toll surpassed one hundred million just a few weeks ago. Several reporters on-scene have referred to the pursuit action against the broken EMA space forces as a "clean-up" operation by Federalist interceptors, while others have noted the complete lack of abandon in coalition forces in their path of destruction, calling it a "massacre."

Most agree that this the last real fight for the EMA - one that they have indisputably lost. Broken, of course, there will still be threats across the local volume, but for a region allied to those who worked through the Great Displacement, few analysts expect any serious problems. With the death toll as it is, future casualties will be hardly noticed by the galactic community.

Already looking to the future of the region, corporate and state interests are undoubtedly preparing their bids to help rebuild a spent Union, though what financial resources the Union truly has to spare is unknown at this time. With the support of LOTUS, however, at least Union citizens can hold confident that foreign powers won’t drastically compromise the Union’s sovereignty; that is the closest thing to a guarantee they have had since the war began.

Written by Neornith
Civil Unrest Explodes in Ithar Asteroid Belt
Further Conflict Looms

Recent developments have arisen within the Democratic Republic of Jubaal that have several special interest groups within the United Systems taking notice of the course of events transpiring there. The Free Miner's Republic has in the past few weeks declared themselves an independent and sovereign nation free of the Democratic Republic of Jubaal. Seeking to contain the situation and resolve it quickly before more colonies also sought independence, a battlecruiser was tasked with responding too the unrest however reports have trickled in that the miners were able spring a trap on the warship and were able to incapacitate it. Indications are now that the Free Miner's Republic are now much more heavily armed than previous reports had shown.

The actions of the breakaway republic may have garnered support from other nations who may have an interest in helping the fledgling state become fully independent for whatever unknown reasons, as such the Jubaal military has declared war on the insurrectionists and is calling upon other nations to help assist in recapturing the rogue state before more colonies become emboldened by their actions. Jubaal is a relatively unknown on the intergalactic national arena they have however established themselves as purveyors of rare and unique minerals chief amongst them being Jublium. Analysts predict that the current civil unrest could cause a destabilizing effect which could have disastrous effects on the Jubaal economy.

Written by FRFS
A New Player, A Positive Influence
Greater Focus, Welfare for Gamma

Here at the Frontier Bulletin we take a lot of pride in being able to bring you the most current events occurring all across our galaxy. But if I may say, we beam with a bit of extra pride when we get to bring to you some positive news from our very own backyard. The Gamma Quadrant for the last several cycles have seen a rebirth of civilized society be expressed in the rise of several star states across the quadrant, after having spent generations squandering in chaotic squalor. Where there was once dead star systems and pirate clogged travel lanes, now there are budding star states involving themselves in the arenas of commerce, politics, and security. The nations that start with engaging themselves with their neighbors in the Gamma Quadrant, begin to eventually cultivate ties with the greater galaxy as well through expanding ties. While I’m not going to bore you with the history and the present state of the Gamma Quadrant, I would implore all our readers of this publication to pick up a copy of Professor Miller's new book, The Gamma Quadrant: Past, Present and Future. One recent development coming from the Gamma Quadrant would be lacking within the pages of Dr. Miller's book however.

Breaking news coming from the Cliveon star system the capital system of a polity known as the Gamma Trade Federation has begun to peak interest from several different watchdog organizations as well as other star states in the region who have begun to take notice of the burgeoning small star state. Reports have indicated the passing of two key pieces of legislation by the Federation's parliament have swung the Gamma Trade Federation's national policy into a more economically and militarily expansive nature. The first act, Trade and Prosperity, outlines the Federation's short term and long term goals of establishing a foothold into the growing economic activity in the quadrant. Some of the achievements the Federation has outlined for itself to accomplish include establishing smaller trade hubs at the periphery of Federation owned space which would allow an extension of the operational range of the merchant fleet giving the fleet more of an opportunity to trade with nearby neighbors. Another feat outlined by the Federation is the creation of a new and extensive private military company to supplement assets already deployed in the suppression of "pirate" activity not just in nearby space, but deeper into the Gamma Quadrant as well. News media in the Federation for the past few cycles have been reporting on the rise of piracy in surrounding sectors, describing the worsening situation as beginning to get “out of control”. Some of our military analysts here at the bulletin have long lamented at the sobering security situation the Gamma Quadrant is still in. And a few of them have expressed excitement at the possibility of another civilized star state engaging itself in pacification operations against pirate forces within the Quadrant and even hope for future security integration of GTF anti-piracy operations with those of other star state militaries.

The other bill passed by the Federation's parliament is a monumental naval policy shift for the Federal navy, allowing them to no longer be confined within the territory of the Gamma Trade Federation. To let the navy, have the additional responsibility to secure not just their expanding trade network, but the vessels that traverse the network as well. Now with the passing of the Trade Defense Act, the Federation's navy will start to take to defending the commercial interests of the Federation out on the trade lanes of the Gamma Quadrant. A source who has wished to remain unidentified from the Gamma Trade Federation's Naval forces has declared that "where ever the merchant fleet of the Federation shall go, our Navy shall go too." Since this declaration of an expeditionary stance taken by the Federal Navy, a few star-states have expressed worry at the thought of GTF military vessels traveling close to their territory. Several inter-stellar watchdog military organization have begun pondering the addition of GTF naval power on the trade lanes of the Gamma Quadrant, wondering how effective the new policy will be at securing the economic lanes of trade.

Within the political landscape of the Gamma Trade Federation, discussions regarding the changes being made to the operational abilities of the Federation’s military for it to respond to an ever-expanding zone of operation have been ongoing on primetime slots. Some have pointed to controversial programs such as penal conscription the military has been running to offset the shortage in available manpower to undertake extensive patrolling and screening operations as a disturbing problem of an expanding defense industry. While others point to swelling recruiting numbers as well as positive survey polls as indicators of how popular the idea of a stronger military is in the Gamma Trade Federation. The Federation reaching out to foreign private military companies and offering contracts for patrolling GTF trade lanes and security tours on GTF merchant ships has touched a few nerves in the public making some talking heads scream for domestic private military companies to get first options on all contracts offered. Some public protests against an expanding military have sprouted up in population centers across the Federation, yet they have remained peaceful and have yet to detract from the national discourse being debated.

The information coming in from the Gamma Trade Federation leads us to believe the scattered protests against further expansion of the military will not degrade into a situation like we are seeing occur in the Citic system of the Free State Republic, and rather follow a more civil and peaceful arc. What remains to be seen however is how the rest of the Gamma Quadrant will react to an up and coming nation beginning to assert itself in quadrant and galactic affairs. Will the established Gamma powers react positively to another nation attempting to help provide security and promote economic prosperity in the Gamma quadrant? Or will the established powers see this as an attempt to siphon off their influence and threaten the current status quo? Only time holds the answers to our questions regarding the Gamma Trade Federation, however it doesn’t stop our analysts from trying to provide some insight into a potential shift of power in Gamma. It will be interesting to see what will come from the Gamma Trade Federation’s attempt to assert itself into the complicated security problem that is the Gamma Quadrant. At our current level of understanding of the GTF's ability to project power outside of their core systems, we don’t see the capability of completely pacifying all or even most of the pockets of lawlessness at the onset of this shift in policy. However, given time if the GTR commits itself to this new policy as well as attempting to engage in security pacts with other Gamma nations we could see a new secure future for economic opportunities to thrive in begin to take shape. The Frontier Bulletin overall has a positive outlook on the Gamma Trade Federations tweaking their foreign policy goals to align more with providing an optimistic economic future not just their nation but for the quadrant as a whole. We will continue to update you as more information is available on the newest addition to the Gamma Quadrants growing list of civilization, the Gamma Trade Federation.

Written by Frontier Bulletin foreign affairs contributor Byra Tryngal.

Written by Neornith
Perseid Deploys Peacekeepers to Citic
Citic Crisis Continues

It is no small secret that the Citic System has been at the center of multiple damaging events over the course of several months. Water riots, terrorist attacks, assassinations, the refugee crisis, and insurrection have all created a situation that has been dubbed the Citic Crisis by several parties and it has garnered interest from multiple outside sources. In response to this and because the Free State Republic is a valued trade partner, the Perseid Federation has announced that they intend to deploy a peacekeeping force, a move that has been applauded by members of the Usidian military as well as several right wing groups who have cited concerns that the destabilization of the Citic System could have the potential fallout of pirates groups or terrorist attacks against the Sivulon Trade Network which could have a detrimental effect on the Omospondia and indirectly on the Usidian economy. However, some within the United Systems have voiced concerns over the deployment saying that the Omospondia is only acting in its own self-interest and not in the best interests of the Free State Republic still others claim it's a kneejerk reaction to other state actors, such as the United Star Empire of Valinon and the Imperium of Vernii, two major powers within the Raumreich Oversector, becoming more cordial with the Free State Republic, relations that Xenia would prefer not grow some sources have said.

Even so, sources from within the Omospondia have also cited concerns that the situation on the ground is not fully understood and that a deployment would only exacerbate an already explosive situation. Others have stated that the deployment could become a drawn out affair that could bog down the the Geostratos as well as reveal how capable the Astronautikon is of supporting the operation and whether or not it could sustain the operation, which some experts have predicted will be several months before stability will return to the system. The Organ of Defence, however, has declined to make any public comments on these concerns as of this article's publication. The effects of this on the Perseid is unknown at this time but have some have predicted while there may be a short term benefit to the Omospondia economy it's long term effects could be negative overall though some sources have contested this and have claimed that the stabilizing effects on the Citic System would more advantageous too the Omospondia as well as the rest of the LOTUS.

Written by FRFS
When One Door Closes, a Window Opens
GESO, Third Party States Meet on Weapons, Travel

The political state of the galaxy is a massive, clouded, ever-changing landscape where the delicate dance of diplomacy and statecraft fuel both progress and chaos. Your ally today may end up becoming your foe of tomorrow, it is a lesson some star-states learn the hard way, and other’s master in dangerous games. Even within meetings of alliances and organizations the playing field is never fully closed. Just last weekend various high profile delegates from the Galactic Economic and Security Organization, more commonly known by the abbreviation "GESO", gathered themselves at the Talos Station to discuss matters of high importance to their organization. While their meetings are slated to run for the better part of the upcoming week, we here at the Frontier Bulletin were able to acquire a portion of the schedule of goals the GESO has outlined to accomplish with the organization wide summit.

The first subject to be broached in the upcoming meetings and conferences is an attempt at the organization to create a binding agreement between its members concerning the, quantity, use, transportation, storage and future creation of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). This has been a long running goal of the organization and recently has begun to gain traction with a number of delegates and their respective nations. Proponents of the measure have stated that this may be their "moment" to finally pass a piece of legislation. Hoping to reduce or even erase altogether the use of "highly destructive" weapons by member states in an effort to cut back on needless civilian casualties as well as the overall destructiveness of war itself. Opponents of the proposal to curb WMD proliferation within the organization are gearing up for a discussion to limit the scope or kill of any sort of legislation regarding WMD proliferation. It remains to be seen what can be done during the week-long summit at Talos on this issue, given its decisive nature. We are sure to expect rounds of debates leading either to a deadlock of delegates and agreeing to push the issue further into the future, or a possible compromise coming out of talks together that would satisfy all the competing interests being represented within GESO.

The second main topic that the GESO would like to bring before its members is an ambitious proposal, a gate network dispersed between its member-states across the galaxy. Hoping to further link together GESO-aligned nations with a dedicated gate network that has promised to cut down on travel and response times. Economic analysts have estimated the cost of such a proposal in the hundreds of trillions, and would no doubt be one of the more difficult infrastructure projects ever engaged in. During the summit the delegates of GESO are to select possible locations for gates for the actual network, as well as how to fund the proposed ambitious project. Security of the gates, and usage rights between member states, are to be discussed as well. The gate proposal has much more positive traction with the member-states of GESO and we expect a smoother dialog between the delegates.

Further down the itinerary of discussion topics we see mention of the Von Neumann star cluster afflicting the Delta quadrant, and some delegates hope to come up with some solutions to that issue. Another additional topic that the summit intends to touch on during their time at Talos would be the resolutions and promises that came out of the Great Displacement conference, which most likely will be presented by the representative from the Perseid Federation. Despite them leaving GESO the prior year in what has been known as Pers-Exit, we find them as a non-member participant in the summit. Which is an unprecedented event in typical GESO accords, as they are more often than not closed to non-members. We here are a bit torn in what it actually means for GESO to extend an invitation to the Perseid Federation to attend this summit, one can infer from the topics at hand that the gate network may have something to do with the invitation given the breadth and scope of the PerFed economy and trading prowess.

For a collective security organization to hold an accord with a non-member, let alone that non-member being once a member of that organization…well…you can see why we are interested in this meeting and look forward to future updates – especially with the recently elected President of the United Terran Alliance, Malcolm Shore, making his first true debut onto the international stage as Head of State and, according to sources, likely to seek to play a pivotal role in the conference. We will be keeping you all updated with what we continue to learn from the GESO summit on Talos Station.

Written by Frontier Bulletin foreign affairs contributor Fredrick Tommelson.
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Friday, April 7, 2017 — Edition No. 23, Version 3.0


Written by FRFS
Shining a Light into the Cracks
New Project Aims for Justice

When societies and states took to the stars and began to extend their territory and logistics chain far out into the depths of space, I'm sure those in policy think-tank's and halls of power drummed up only the positive aspects of such endeavors. Flooding the available airways with reports of prospective resources, potential habitable planets and the ever-enduring promise of vague success to the masses. I doubt during these times many thinkers brought up the possibility of the vastness of space to be used as a free roaming haven for at large criminal networks and other rouge elements of society. The lack of discussion and thought on the opportunity space itself would give these element of society, is exactly what brought us to the brink of a crisis.

While official numbers by governments across the galaxy remains scarce, it is evident when looking at the right available data that if you can make it out of the local star system… you can escape the long arm of the law. Just a cursory look through any publicly available governmental law enforcement case log on the GalactiNet and there you can see the files marked "Out/Open", starting to be known in some circles of justice as "Double O" cases. Open them and that dreaded tag will reveal itself, "Last Known Location: Out of System". With access to the means to leave any individual star system becoming more and more open to the public. It is a slow epidemic that is starting to be a noticeable trend if one were to look, and pay attention. More and more people are being denied at their opportunity at receiving justice through no fault of their own, it would be easy to cast blame on the individual agencies that fail to apprehend the criminal before they make for deeper space. But the fact of the matter is, law enforcement agencies have always had real limitations of budgets and unfortunately, they have limits to their reach. It is simply a physical impossibility to chase every criminal that pops into existence after a crime is committed, that is something every agency has had to deal with throughout the history of civilization. Much less today when that criminal can decide to up and leave not just the planet but the actual system for the depths of space, expanding infinity the potential search area to apprehend them once again. Even at the interplanetary governmental level, where the budgets are larger, the reach even more extensive there is more success. But still where territory ends, so does the reach of that government. Rarely do established powers project long-standing judicial power beyond their borders in any lasting respect, leaving a void in much need of filling.

A new idea coming out of the Bakran government however, seems to address just this escalating problem. Their endeavor is an open source index of wanted criminals who have fled metropolitan space for the frontier and fringe. This index has been made available for viewing and updating to all national as well as private law enforcement organizations galaxy wide. In keeping with their "the more we watch, the more we see" motto, the Watchlist also allows for private citizens to upload updates on sightings of criminals as they occur to keep the index as fresh as possible. Organized in several diverse types of way, you can input several different criteria into the index’s search function such as: location, type of crime, date, etc. It is truly a comprehensive list, and a giant endeavor to take on.

While some have decried this effort as a front by the Bakran government to increase their meta-data collection efforts of the galaxy at large. Some even have gone far enough to accuse the intelligence agencies of Bakra of funding this Watchlist specifically for the goal of collecting as much information of friend and foe alike. While the Bakran government has yet to respond to any of our inquiries at the validity of these suspicions, it is beyond our investigative ability to confirm these suspicions. Other's however have taken a keen interest in the Watchlist, victims of crimes across the galaxy have been overloading the servers the Watchlist runs on inputting information on suspected criminals. While it is still too early to see any real-world success of the Watchlist itself, public opinion is already favorable with those who have been scorned by the failure of judicial reach.

We have reached out to a few of these scorned individuals to gauge their interest, one gentlemen who was one of the victims of a multi-trillion-dollar scheme had this to say when asked about the potential for him to possibly see the man who perpetrated the scheme receive justice:

    "Heh I never did get justice, I mean in the traditional sense. Sure, when the state sold all his local assets in the system I and the others got to split the proceeds as the settlement. But…that [expletive] is still out there, somewhere. Probably cooking up another scheme to dupe good people out of this hard-earned money. To ruin their lives, and that still doesn’t sit well with me."
One woman expressed hope in the Watchlist that maybe, somehow, she could see justice be served:

    "Do... Do you know what they said to me? When I asked the detectives assigned to my husband's murder case? God…I still remember it to this day. 'There's nothing we can do, ma'am. He’s out of the system, the chance we will ever locate him is…slim.' Those words will forever be seared into my brain. It was like they no longer cared…the people who run the Watchlist however. They said they will try, they will never stop looking. That’s all I wanted…just someone to try."
It's amazing to see the responses the Watchlist has been getting out in the public media, even some law enforcement officials are expressing interest in working with the Watchlist seeing it as a medium for them to cross reference their own information off. One unnamed official confided in us, "Sure in a perfect world we would be able to dive into every investigation, to uproot every clue, but…that’s not how it all works. There are too many vectors of travel to watch, too much actual space to cover. It's impossible, but this Watchlist it may help us. Sure, we will have to figure out how to roll it in with our own processes, but it has promise. We look forward to getting the updates." This idea has a long way to go, but I feel it is a step in the right direction. Here at the Frontier Bulletin, we look forward to receiving updates from the Watchlist and to see it grow in its effectiveness.

Written by Frontier Bulletin foreign affairs contributor Byra Tryngal.

Written by Lubyak
Free State Republic Announces New Trade Projects
FSR forms Federal Trade Corridors

In a major development, the Free State Republic (FSR) has announced a new infrastructure project in an attempt to boost interstate commerce after a period of continued unrest in the Citic System. Termed the Federal Trade Corridor, the FSR Commerce Department has partnered with several major corporations in order to develop a series of new corridors connecting major economic hubs within FSR space to several nearby stellar states. At present, three of these corridors have been planned: one, linking the Liu Xiu Economic Zone and Lanthe Route via Citic; a second, linking the Tigonda and Dignonda systems before striking towards the Perseid Federation; and a third forming near the Axul system, and moving into the Gamma Quadrant.

The Federal Trade Corridor system will be administered by a new government bureaucracy: the Federal Trade Corridor Administration (FTCA). In addition to administering, governing, and regulating the Corridor, the FTCA will hold police powers within the Corridor areas, including law enforcement and investigative authorities, separate from the Federal Marshall Service and other pre-existing local and regional law enforcement organisations.

The FSR has been stricken with an economic 'hic-cup' for an extended period of time, often blamed on a bottleneck effect on shipping entering and departing the Citic system. Many observers believe that the Federal Trade Corridors are an attempt by the FSR to clear the limit, and help to ease the economic congestion by promoting large scale transfer of commercial goods and other resources via the Trade Corridors. Furthermore, the initial three corridors are not the only ones planned, with further development planned. By connecting major economic hubs within the FSR with foreign stellar states, and other major interstellar economic centres, the FSR hopes to spur further economic development. The FTCA has also begun a program intended to expand education of its officer corps for the security of the Corridors, indicating that it will be cooperating with foreign states to provide for security operations.

Moreover, on a larger scale, the development of the trade corridors could represent a new move by the FSR to assert its position as a key player in regional astropolitics. Johann Franck, professor of Interstellar Political Economics at the University of New Ingolstadt said in a recent article that, "...the Federal Trade Corridors are a harbinger of future events. The marker is already beginning to react to a potential Federal expansion past the Crumple Zone and into the relatively undeveloped areas of the Gamma Quadrant. Such a development would represent a major expansion of FSR economic power."

The Free Trade Corridors have also encountered a not insignificant level of domestic opposition. Member of both conservative and and anti-xenos groups have come out strongly against the Corridors, with conservative lawmakers expressing concern that the government would expand so dramatically during a time of economic stagnation, while other more fringe political groups have spread theories that 'alien' states will be part of the FTCA's officer education.

Still other groups have expressed concern that the FTCA's powers will extend to police powers normally held either by the Federal Marshalls Service or by local law enforcement authorities. In response, the FSR government has claimed that pre-existing threats, including the infamous Wildfire terrorist organisation--have spread existing assets too thin as is, and that the creation of a new independent security authority is necessary for the continued economic development of the FSR.

Regardless of these concerns, it seems certain that the Federal Trade Corridor project will be going forward, and accelerating as time goes on. Imperial Interstellar Wireless will continue to report on future developments.

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Postby Kyrusia » Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:02 pm

Sunday, April 30, 2017 — Edition No. 24, Version 3.0


Written by Valinon
Perseid Executive Expands
Omospondia Legislature Moves to Confirm Alcyone Membership in Archonate

Firanza, Xenia, Yirae System— The Ecclesia moved to confirm the admission of the Omospondia world of Alcyone to the Archonate. The motion is the latest development in the core world’s effort to secure representation in the executive branch of the federal government.

Alcyone is a Terranesque planet in the PersFed's sixth core system, Hemera. The entire system is counted among the most developed in Perseid space, but the Alcyone planetary system accounts for a significant portion of the gross system product (GSP) and total population. It is also one of only four planets in Hemera enjoying home rule.

The Archonate is currently composed of five archons. Each archon represents one of the PersFed's five signatory planets—Xenia, Arydice, Minaris, Servitus, and Psyche. The executive branch also includes the Synderion, the collective body consisting of the heads of cabinet Organs. The Archonate's primary duties include enforcing federal laws and creating a budget subject to approval by the Ecclesia, but the body also ratifies bills into law and enjoys a limited veto power.

The Alcyone Convocature, or system government, considered Archonate membership a priority for several decades. Government efforts were strengthened by a referendum held last year where Alcyoneans voted overwhelming in favor of the move. Confirmation by the Ecclesia was the last significant obstacle to the creation of the Alcyonean archon, and the Alcyonean State Assembly’s leadership announced its intention to hold elections for their first archon during the general election scheduled for next year.

The move is being celebrated in the Hemera system but is being scrutinised by political analysts and domestic commentators. Many analysts believe Alcyone's success will encourage other core systems to seek membership in the Archonate, especially the most developed colonies. Some doubt the current federal constitution can successfully manage such broad expansion of its governing institution. In example, there are no provisions for how a tie in the Archonate may be resolved. While many domestic commentators believe members of the Archonate and Ecclesia will favour a status quo, there is no constitutional or precedential standard to define this in a legal context. A general survey of analysts in the Omospondia predicted the federal government will call for a constitutional convention in the near future to resolve the issue and establish more restrictive qualifications governing a planet’s eligibility to join the executive branch.

Written by Kyrusia
Expeditionary Naval Group Arrives in Citic; Infrastructure a Priority
Word of "J18" Brings Concern as Federal ENG Arrives

Last week saw the burial of former Citic Regional Administrator Alexasner Gypinor, assassinated by an as-of-yet at-large assailant during what was billed as a speech intended to "increase solidarity with the Citic people and return morale to those impacted by the ongoing conflict." The funeral went without incident and was broadcast on most stations within Berj City locally while relayed across the Free State Republic, though many commented on the "soft" status of the procession leading up to the event which, in turn, lead to a significant security presence. Following the funeral, a spokesman for the Office of the Regional Administrator stated that while there were "several concerning threats," none seemed likely to materialize even though "great care was taken to prevent any further loss of life," leading some to question whether insurgent forces deliberately rejected the opportunity, possibly out of fear of even greater reprisal or publicity backlash.

This does not mean the funeral was not without its own controversy, however. Merely a week before the arrival of the Expeditionary Naval Group in the Cydnac Moon Range, headed by Admiral Nicholas Hueth, new concerns have been raised on Citic about the possibility of yet another militant party entering the fray. During the publicized processions, several media outlets - notably by Berj City News 7, an affiliate of Frontier News - caught glimpses of graffiti vandalism apparently installed the night or morning before the procession. "We were unable to identify the culprits without disrupting [the funeral procession]," a spokesperson from the Berj City Metropolitan Police commented, "We are conducting a thorough investigation, however, and do believe that multiple subjects are behind the politically-motivated vandalism."

Various glyphs of "J18" were features all-along the procession's route from the Citic Administration building to the Berj Memorial Cemetery, igniting a firestorm on social media outlets, first in Berj City before spreading across the Republic - and, at last, internationally. While many speculated, it wasn't until three days later that a ¥abber account (since deleted) known as @CiticFirst0718 elucidated the nature of the "J18" message:


June 18 // No Rest - No Reprieve
Published From PRIVATE

June 18th. J18. Gypinor. Child of the Republic taken-down by terrorists. What was done? Nothing. What will they do? Nothing. What will the dogs do? Continue. They will never stop unless we stop them. Now is the time. Children of Citic, stand up for your families. Do what they won't. No rest. No reprieve. ¥CiticFirst ¥ChildrenOfCitic ¥J18 ¥DirectAction

Frontier News has been able to gain information regarding the so-called "J18" from am unnamed source embedded on Citic. Sometimes known as "Junebugs," the apparent pro-Citic - or, as some have suggested, pro-Citic secession - group named themselves after the date of the assassination of the former Regional Administrator Gypinor. Broadly considered to be a part of a larger "June Movement" that arose following Alexanser Gypinor's assassination, marked by stringent protest and discontent against what has been called "governmental disregard for the people of Citic." As of the moment, precise information about the so-called "Junebugs" is sparse, but not entirely vacant. Various infographics and pamphlets have apparently been circulated on the GalNet regarding their ideology. Such seems to indicate an exceptionally militant hatred of the insurgent forces operating in Citic - with many infographics seeking to directly link the insurrection with the organization believed to have been responsible for the so-called "Wildfire Season" (a connection that, at this time, Republican authorities have either been unable or unwilling to confirm) - as well as what Frontier News' source described as a "disgruntled apathy" toward direct action against arms of the Republican government. Even so, as indicated by even a cursory review of the now-trending ¥J18 ¥abtag shows that some self-identified members of the "Junebugs" are quite willing to express aggressive rhetoric against federal authorities.

This is not the first time that parties close to the ground on Citic have taken to the GalNet to spread their message. Even as Admiral Hueth's naval group seeks to secure outer-system infrastructure in the Citic System and the taskforce begins what has been stated to be an "encircling [of] the insurgency on all fronts," social media and GalNet resources are alight with both pro- and anti-insurrection rhetoric. ¥abber has often become the battleground of choice for this conflict, with individuals citing affiliation or self-identifying membership in various insurgent factions using Republican slogans against them in various infographics and so-called "memes" in an attempt to stir-up controversy against Republican forces. In turn, cybersecurity specialists operating on the behalf of the federal government have sought to selectively publish photographs and videos of what they have called "atrocities of the Citic terrorist action," including apparent videos of misuse of water rations and in a controversial act last week, the publishing of an image depicting victims of the Berj Stadium suicide bombing from earlier this year.

GalNet websites, in consequence, have been both praised and condemned for what has been described as their "willingness to remove threats and hate speech" or, conversely, their "unwillingness to act in the sight of threats and suit." ¥abber released a public statement earlier this year stating that "all attempts would be made" to remove accounts "suspected to be linked with terroristic threats of violence" and is stated by law enforcement forces to be "cooperating to the fullest extent." Even so, as demonstrated by @CiticFirst0718, many factions within the Citic conflict have resorted to using proxy connections (of varying complexity) to release their messages, often said to be relying on automated bots or "post-scripts" (a practice prohibited by most social media) to automatically distribute their content en masse, further complicating matters for authorities.

While the sixteen vessel-strong taskforce makes it way inward within the Citic Sytem, it is not the only player on the scene. While carrying what is reportedly an un-reinforced Marine division (just below ten thousand personnel), due to the unique importance the Citic System has played and is intended to play within the Liu Xiu-Lanthe portion of the newly-initiated Federal Trade Corridor system, external parties have expressed a willingness to assist. As previously announced by Frontier News, the HMS Crowned Owl of United Star Empire is currently deployed to the Citic System as part of what has been described as a "peacekeeping observatory mission" intended to evaluate Republican counter-insurgency operations and provide contextually-pertinent advisement as necessary. Currently, the Crowned Owl's deployed has "not [been] bound by a specific timeline."

Regardless, with the deployment of the Republican Expeditionary Naval Group, the Defense Security Council has clearly indicated it considers the pacification of threats in the Citic System as its highest priority, reportedly going to such extremes as to draw support from other domestic spheres of security within the Free State Republic. As violence on Citic continues to grow, some have questioned the federal government's ability to both rectify this situation and supply security support elsewhere, both domestically and to its interests - notably to the Federal Trade Corridor system. With the emergence of groups such as "J18," only time will tell how the latest stage in the Citic Crisis will unfold.

Written by Valinon
R.u.B. Union & IStaR Form New Economic Coalition
Twin Eagles Trade Corridor Competes for Beta Quadrant Merchants

Karlshaven Trade Port, Karlstern System— The Union and Vocian governments announced the ratification of a Joint Venture Agreement to support the creation of the Twin Eagles Trade Corridor (2ETC). The corridor is an economic project designed to create and promote new trade routes connecting the two partner states to the the Rapid-Emergent Economies (REEs) across the Beta Quadrant.

The corridor relies on a series of waystations throughout the Quadrant to facilitate the growth of international infrastructure and promote increased international trade. The cornerstones of this network include the Karlshaven Trade Port and Saint Florian Naval Arsenal. Karlshaven is located in the Karlstern system, located in neutral space between the R.u.B. Union and IStaR, and is the terminus of the corridor in the Beta Quadrant. The arsenal is the home port and primary command centre of the Corridor Security Flotilla—also located in the same system.

Karlsten is in close proximity to established trade routes into the core systems of both the Union and IStaR, a position also reflecting the new project’s philosophical and policy approach to co-opting rather than directly competing with many other existing routes throughout the Quadrant.

"Trade is the lifeblood of the stellar state," said Georg von Tahumsen, the Count of Karlshaven, "and merchants are the first messengers of the stars. Our corridor is a great step forward in repairing the economic damage of the Betan Collapse. But it is also a link connecting the bold frontier of Delta with the most developed core worlds of Alpha and Beta."

As the Doppeladler Trading Company's governor, the Count Karlshaven is seen as a great influence and prime mover of the new project. He also called for merchants and other state partners to view the corridor as a way of sharing in the spoils of restored economic development.

The count's aspirational approach is also paralleled by the Union and IStaR authorities decision-making in organising the corridor's administrative structure. Unlike historic and contemporary trade coalitions and economic alignments, the 2ETC is administered by the Twin Eagles Trade Directorate. The directorate is a semi-independent body with full authority to establish corridor policies and sustain the operations of the 2ETC. Both founding states are to appoint one member each of the Directorate with a third to be selected by the initial directors. Currently, the Count Karlshaven is seen as a unannounced frontrunner for the Union’s appointment. IStaR candidates are being carefully guarded.

The terms of the Union-IStaR agreement also establish a customs union along the corridor. Custom duties and collections are unified through this framework with revenue evenly divided between both states. Other states participating in the corridor’s network may impose additional domestic custom duties on goods entering their territory, but these may not be imposed on any facilities or territories under the jurisdiction of the 2ETC Directorate. Both the Union and IStaR governments may apply their laws in the Corridor, with potential areas of conflict to be mediated by special tribunals organized under the Directorate.

The corridor met with mostly positive response from states and economic organisations, especially in the Beta Quadrant. Sir Friedrich von Gentz, the Valinor foreign minister, spoke briefly while attending a free trade summit on Mars:

    "While the government is still reviewing the recent project announced by the Union and IStaR authorities, we commend the two states for the initiative. If possible, the empire wishes to see if some participation and coordination may be possible for the open sectors of the Eucer."
The 2ETC did draw criticism from other Betan states that successfully avoided much of the economic depression following the Second Collapse. Mytchell Lancelyn-Green, President of the Unified Solarian Investment Group, decried it as an effort by IStaR to shore up their domestic economics in a way their annexation of the Liu Xiu SEZ failed to do in the past years. He was joined by other industrialists predicting the Vocian government may scuttle away from the strife-plagued system and possible reignite the galactic refugee crisis.

Several other commentators note the corridor may also be a repudiation of the United Star Commonwealth's Trans-Betan Expressway and the Nassau Accords. While USC diplomats are seeking to link the Expressway with the 2ETC, the decision by the Union to create a separate trade network is unexpected. The 2ETC is also less political than the Expressway, being unlinked to the latter's more formal, codified treaty.
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