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PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 8:26 pm
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the application, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave application of the Collective of the Source Swarm. Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:00 pm
by Dolmhold
Enclave or Outpost: Enclave

Nation Name: The Myrmidon League

Name of Enclave/Outpost: Outgrowth Base

Location of Enclave/Outpost: In orbit over Kythira

Description of your Claim: Outgrowth Base is a coin-shaped space station in orbit over Kythira. Constructed largely by Ava of the Six Leviathans, its architectural design echoes Ava’s own hive structure. Around the outside rim of the ring, a frame holds all sorts of high-energy industry and adjustment thrusters. This layer is laced with strips which glow a bright yellow-white – should it reach full capacity, it’d be entirely yellow-white. One layer in, dual habitation rings counter-rotate around the center, serving as the primary population centers of the station. Two layers in, warehouses, trade centers, low-energy station utilities, low-energy industry starport resupply network and other such things extend throughout. At the center lies the busy, bustling spaceport.

Outgrowth Base serves multiple purposes. It acts as an embassy for the Leviathan Council, an interstellar trade hub for the Myrmidons, a local refueling hub for Myrmidon ships, a social experiment on the feasibility of long-term interstellar settlement away from a Realm and a social experiment on inter-realm subject cooperation. The station can also be used for other purposes by interest groups, such as research. The station is occupied by subjects from all six of the Leviathan council realms, split into six sections in each habitation ring of the station. Defense of the station from pests like micrometeorites is provided by a couple small laser batteries, as well as two jouster-type ships if cleared by the system authorities.

Located nearby the space station, outside the designated FTL boundaries, there is a small wormhole gate leading back to Atta system, the home system of the Myrmidon people. As such, Outgrowth Base also serves as a connection point to the Myrmidon gate network. This gate also serves a psychological function. Myrmidon people require occasional contact with their mother hive in order to remain sane. The more people located in a settlement or ship away from the hive, the less they need to contact the mother hive. At Outgrowth Base’s current population, the average stay time is about eight months. Alongside trade ships, there is a relatively constant stream of ships leaving the base and entering the base.

[OoC: Terrorist activity in Liu Xiu, you say? The gate is fairly wide open…]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:13 pm
by Senkaku
Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: Uulchi World School
Name of Enclave/Outpost: White Crescent Reef (Kha An Sirrak)
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Pinnacle
Description of your Claim:

White Crescent Reef consists of three smallartificial cays near the equator of Pinnacle, surrounded by a small, artificial shallow reef complex and sandbars. The complex is protected from Pinnacle's violent tidal waves by an array of energy shields, which permit normal tides to flow in and out of the reef but deflect the most violent forces of the waves. The reef and sandbars have been grown and built to permit habitation by Uulchi residents, and one of the cays has also been excavated with habitation ponds and canals. The second cay has had some land reclaimed to build a facility that can handle small space and aircraft, for both water-breathing and air-breathing species. The third has been turned into a habitat more suitable for many air-breathers, with lush vegetation thanks to the addition of several hundred tons of topsoil, fertilizer, and compost and careful gardening. It largely is intended to serve as a meeting point between Uulchi officials and foreign individuals and representatives of foreign entities.
The Uulchi population of the reef is around a quarter million, and has been designated as a special district by the World School.
White Crescent Reef was recently created as part of an initiative by the Grand Council to try and improve outreach to the Galaxy. Its primary purpose is to serve as a point from where the World School can quickly, easily, and peacefully contact other species. Its only security is a small police force and a single Nalu'irij-class atmospheric corvette, currently outfitted to serve as a submarine and parked, dormant, near the spaceport.

Enclave Or Outpost: Outpost
Nation Name: Uulchi World School
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Azure Pearl Station (Te-kha Nalu Xi)
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Low Equatorial Orbit, Pinnacle
Description of your Claim:

Azure Pearl Station is centered around a small body a few hundred meters across, largely made of ice and silicates. It has been transformed into a spherical station, the interior of which is filled with warm water and a habitat for Uulchi, and the exterior of which is almost entirely covered in solar panels. Extending up from the main body, the station also has a docking area and a few habitation modules for air-breathers to permit trade and meetings. These habitation modules are arranged in a ring shape around the docking and cargo area.
Azure Pearl is protected by a few point-defense lasers and the same variable-geometry corvette parked below it at White Crescent. It complements the reef as a point of access, and serves as a better (though small) location for larger vessels interested in trade.
Only the air-breather habitation modules are equipped with artificial gravity, which is created by them being mounted in a ring formation and spun by a main centrifuge. The more massive main body of Azure Pearl has a slight counter-rotation to keep the station balanced, but none of the docking areas, cargo holds, or the water-breather habitation zone have artificial gravity. Around 2,000 Uulchi live aboard as permanent residents.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:57 pm
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the application, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave and Outpost applications of the Collective of the Uulchi World School.

Due to the logistical strain of the current influx of refugees from northern Gamma, as well as the massive reconstruction efforts taking place on Jiwao, please expect a slight delay in the updating of all system wide registiries regarding your Enclave and Outpost information.

Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:07 pm
by Athretvari

(AiDate: 185.46, RLDate 18 Nov 2015)— The AiStar Ministry of Alien Interaction revises these applications to comply with various Liu Xiu SEZ safety and security rules, regulations, and restrictions prohibiting the construction and operation of independent space elevators or similar mega-cable structures within the Liu Xiu SEZ.

Honorable Members of the Liu Xiu Administrative Council,

In accordance with the AiStar Adaptive Prinicipal Policies Protocol of AiDate 184.4, the AiStar Ministry of Alien Interaction, under the direction of Athretvari, has been authorized to submit these applications for one enclave upon the planet Jiwao and one outpost in geostationary orbit immediately there-above, attached via an AiStar constructed and operated space elevator, for the purposes of diplomatic and economic engagement with the greater galactic community.

The Alliance of Interstellar Sovereign Technocratic Ai Republics (AiStar) is an advanced, self-governing, Ai-dominated civilization located at galactic coordinates 36782.6+349.47/-0.114circAB, a triple stellar-mass system lying approximately 36,782.6 ly from the Galactic Core and 349.47 ly "above" the galactic plane within the Alpha Quadrant, at approximately 0.114 circle, or 41.4 degrees "westward" from the Alpha-Beta Quadrant Boundary.

AiStar incorporates 41 nationstate ecumenopoli (world-cities) and one research ecumenopolis near the Galactic Core.

AiStar’s population as of AiDate 184.3, RL 10 Nov 2015 was 181.175 billion.

Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: Athretvari of AiStar
Name of Enclave/Outpost: AiPort Gamma-1
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Jiwao, planet surface, near or at equator
Description of your Claim: The AiStar Special Administrative Province of AiPort Gamma-1 upon Jiwao within Liu Xiu SEZ is a city-sized territory upon the planet Jiwao functioning as AiStar’s prinicipal diplomatic, trade, and logistical hub within the Gamma Quadrant.

A coastal city-state metropolis located near Jiwao’s equator, AiPort Gamma-1’s primary infrastructure include the mega-seaport of AiHarbor-upon-Jiwao and the planetside terminal of the AiLine Space Elevator an AiGoTech Quantum-Leap MassGate.

AiLine CableTech, the lead contract builder and operator of the space elevator, is a public-private partnership corporation registered and headquartered in Athretvari that specializes in the design, construction, and operation of mega-cable lift-transport technologies. AiGoTech Quantum-Leap MassGate, a publicly traded corporation registered and headquartered in Athretvari will design and construct the massgate—a stargate/megatransporter-like mass-cargo line-of-sight transport device. The Athretvar Ministry of Transportation—Commercial Transport Department will operate the gate.

The AiLine AiGoTech Quantum-Leap MassGate will primarily service AiPort Gamma-1's logistical, mass transport and trade activities.

AiPort Gamma-1 falls under the general administration of the AiStar Ministry of Territories in accordance with the Standing Protocol for the Governance of Territories and Spaces Beyond AiStar, and is governed locally by an appointed governor-general and council of ministers directly responsible to the AiStar Minister of Territories.

Enclave Or Outpost: Outpost
Nation Name: Athretvari of AiStar
Name of Enclave/Outpost: AiLock G-1
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Jiwao, geostationary orbit above AiPort Gamma-1
Description of your Claim: The AiStar Special Administrative Province of AiLock G-1 Geostation at Jiwao within Liu Xiu SEZ is an independent spaceport in geostationary orbit around Jiwao, located directly above AiPort Gamma-1, and functioning as the space-end terminal of the AiLine Space Elevator AiGoTech Quantum-Leap MassGate and as the principal spaceport-of-entry to and from AiPort Gamma-1.

AiLock G-1 serves as AiPort’s spaceport and space-side logistical warehousing and customs clearing center.

Two AiXapi-550 Exoatmospheric Patrol Interceptors are stationed at AiLock G-1 to perform internal security and customs activities and to serve as active sales-models for prospective defense and security sector clients.


The Government of AiStar, represented by Athretvari, thanks the Honorable Members of the Liu Xiu Administrative Council for their considerations.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:24 pm
by Vocenae
After careful, extensive and thorough review of the applications, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave and Outpost of the Alliance of Interstellar Sovereign Technocratic Ai Republics, with the exception of permitting the construction of a space elevator due to Recent Events.

Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 7:51 pm
by Federal Republic of Free States
The Federal Republic humbly beseeches the Imperial Star Republic, as well as the Liu Xiu Administrative Council for permission to set up an economic city hub on the surface of Jiwao, and a economic orbital facility in orbit around Jiwao's moon Fenghuang. We would like access to the special economic zone, for commercial as well as financial interests that will be expressed through our Administered City as well as Spatial Station. We here at the Republic look forward in burgeoning relations with both the ISR and the Liu Xiu Administration Council, in all terms of state functions. Our proposal in full will follow in this message.



Nation Name: Federal Republic of Free States [The Republic]

Name of Enclave: Freeport City

Location of Enclave: Planet Jiwao. The City itself is located on the opposite side of the planet from where Piraeus City is located, this area of Jiwao has yet to experience the sort of economic windfall that has swept Graywinter and Piraeus City. It was mainly inhabited snow swept coastal plains that melted into a dense dark green forest which itself crept up to a snow capped mountain range. The limits of the city encompassed an internal area of ten square kilometers, but the actual shape of the city boundaries was not a simple square, it conforms to the coast line stretching along a ten kilometer strip along the sea, and cuts into the mainland at it’s deepest six kilometers reaching for the mountain range.

Description of your Claim: Freeport City is a small economic hub representing all economic sectors of the larger Republic; it is serviced and supported by two medium sized sea ports and several smaller marinas that dot the coastal area giving access to the larger sea. Moffet Aerospace Field and Kiwal Aerospace Field services air traffic coming into city limits as well as out bound air traffic to other enclaves and population areas on Jiwao each field is located at opposite ends of the city. In the center of the city, a single Spaceport operates all off planet traffic and takes in all orbital vectors from Cirrus Station to the city.

Freeport City is an autonomous sovereign city district of The Republic and is unique in the fact that it is the only city division on a planet that is not controlled by The Republic itself. Within the city-limits Republican Law reins supreme, while Freeport City does have its own Municipal Law Code, Republican Law is still supreme law of the land in all sovereign land of the Republic. Created to take part in the larger galactic economy, the city was the brainchild of several of the Republic’s burgeoning entrepreneurs, with heavy input from the Departments of Labor, Commerce, and Interior. It was truly a private-public cooperative affair that built this city literally from the ground up.

The city itself was planned out like most medium sized cities of the Republic, however a greater emphasis was placed on importing and exporting infrastructure with a sizable manufacturing and retail sectors to provide a meager supply of products and services to provide to the greater system. A large resort was being constructed on the northern end of the city at the edge of the boundary of the city, it was hoped to soon provide five star accommodations to willing patrons in a “winter paradise”. Habitats adequate enough to house the ten thousand people that were to be brought in to live, work, and thrive in the city were constructed in neighborhoods scattered about within the city. Support infrastructure necessary to serve the population and the city itself were apparent and numerous. A lottery system was in place for residency within Freeport City, this would insure over population would not become an issue and allow for individuals from all around the Republic access to residency within the city.

Security Vessel: None [Reliance on Provided Security for Orbital/Atmospheric threats.]
Security Personnel: Republican Marine Corps: 96 Marines [Two Independent Platoons, providing additional security to strategic locations.] (One Barracks, Five Posts)
Federal Marshall Service: 60 Marshalls [Federal Law Enforcement, Sovereignty Enforcement, Customs Enforcement, Immigration Enforcement] (One Building, One Detention Center)
Freeport Sheriff Service: 150 Sheriff/Deputies[City Division Law Enforcement, Customs Enforcement, Immigration Enforcement] (Five Stations, Two Jails)


Nation Name: Federal Republic of Free States [The Republic]

Name of Outpost: Cirrus Station

Location of Outpost: The Spatial Station is in a high circular orbit around the moon of Jiwao, Fenghuang.

Description of your Claim: Cirrus Station is a large spatial structure that hangs in orbit around Jiwao’s moon and was constructed in tandem to better serve the Economic and Commercial interests and mission of the terrestrial enclave of Freeport City on the ground of Jiwao. Cirrus Station was designed to function as a Spatial Control Station, serving the commercial and private orbital traffic to and from Freeport City. It was also to be a spatial dock for larger vessels to massive to land at the spaceport on the surface of Jiwao to transfer their cargo for it to be funneled down to the surface of Freeport City via shuttle. Another function of the massive station was to be a repair and refit location for all orbital vessels in the area, providing much needed maintenance and repairs for any vessel willing to be serviced.

Cirrus Station is a five-kilometer circular sphere-box with five appendages jutting out a kilometer from the sphere-box allowing for multiple large ships to dock with the station at one time. The sphere itself spins at a slow rate creating a resonating field of gravity for the entire station. A population of fifteen hundred people calls the station home, employed in various careers that could be found on a spatial station. Everything from doctors and a dentist to the hundreds of longshoremen could be found living and working on the station. The station itself was full of infrastructure equipment to provide comfortable living to the population as well as giving them the needed support to engage in their economic and commercial interests.

Security Vessel: 2x “Swift” Cutter Class Vessels [Cirrus Station Patrol Force] (Operated by the Federal Marshall Service) [Docked in Defense Bay at bottom of Station Sphere]

“Swift” Class Cutter Specifications

Cutter [Small Ship, Reconnaissance, In System Patrol, Fleet Operations]

CPV-77A “Swift” Class Cutter

The Cutter Class Spatial Vessel was envisioned to give system administrators and system defense groups a fast, decently armored and armed vessel for patrolling local space, and providing quick reaction to emergencies across local space. These vessels enforce Republican Law as well as local system laws and treaties, while also providing a platform for search and rescue operations, and immediate light defense/interdiction operations in the local space.

Operators: Regional Spatial Navy, Regional Sheriffs, Federal Marshalls, Merchant Marines.

Type: Small Patrol Vessel

Can Perform Atmospheric Flight, however the vessel cannot land without special infrastructure in place on the surface.

Length: 140m
Width: 57m
Height: 40m

Hull/Armor: 30 centimeters of Composite Alloy Rolled Metals [EM HARDENED] [Ablative, Reflective]

Skin: 10cm Matte Black/Grey Ceramic Composite Material [LRAM Absorbent]

Engine: 3x IEFRS Vent Thrusters

Sub Light Speed: ----

TransLight Engine: NONE

TransLight Speed: NONE

Reactors: 2x XR4-S DFR Fusion Reactors

Sensors: Radar [Active]
Lidar [Active]
Thermal [Passive]
Optical [Passive]
Gravity [Active]
Magnetic [Passive]
Spectroscope [Passive] (Light Spectrum)
Radio [Passive]

10x Vesper Missile Pods [20 Missiles per Pod] (High Explosive)
10x 55mm Point Defense Rotary Cannons (Single Linked) [High Explosive, Armor Piercing]
15x Mine Racks (10 Mines per rack) [Magnetic as well as Active Detonation] (High Explosive)

Spatial Complement:
4x Guidance/Positioning/Communication Satellites
2x DD-93DV Spatial Vessel Decoy Drones

Aerospace Complement:
2x DS-12U “Petrel” Utility Dropship [Element]

Terrestrial Complement:
4x MFAV Puma Multi-Purpose Force Assault Vehicles

Human Compliment: 90x Spatial Personnel [63 Primary Crew, 27 Auxiliary Capable]
24x Federal Marshalls [Two Squad Strength]

AI Complement: 1x Limited Artificial Intelligence

Materials Complement: The Swift class Cutter carries a minimal load out of materials. Enough supplies to sustain full operations for several days. Need to be resupplied, attached to task forces, or stay within supply range of outposts or bases.

RFS Diligence [Docked in Defense Bay, Cirrus Station]
RFS Deliverance [Docked in Defense Bay, Cirrus Station]

Security Personnel: Republican Marine Corps: 48 Marines [One Independent Platoon, providing additional security to strategic locations.] (One Barracks, Patrols through Station]
Federal Marshall Service: 25 Marshalls [Federal Law Enforcement, Sovereignty Enforcement, Customs Enforcement, Immigration Enforcement] [One Office, One Detention Center]
Sheriff: 40 Sheriff/Deputies [Station Division Law Enforcement, Customs Enforcement, Immigration [Two Offices, Two Detention Centers]

PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:41 am
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the application, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave and Outpost applications of the Federal Republic of Free States. Welcome to Liu Xiu.

Carville Cove

PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:00 pm
by Principality of Zundrbar
Enclave or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: Hypercapitalist Federation of Zundrbar
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Carville Cove
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Surface of Taen
Description of Your Claim:
Carville Cove is an arcology on the surface of Taen dedicated to commercial agriculture and genetic engineering of crops. The Carville arcology is a private venture, similar to New Freedom Station, led by the Carville Corporation. Carville has invited several other firms to participate in the Carville Cove project, although their purpose is to provide commercial services, such as banking, lodging, and starship repair, to both employees and visitors.

Carville Cove will contain a financial district, a commercial district, a farming district, and a research district. Additional corporations will only be invited to the commercial district, which will offer services to citizens of the Hypercapitalist Federation. The commercial district will be the largest of the four districts and, in addition to having shops, will also include rest areas, conference rooms, luxury suites for esteemed guests, and maintenance areas for ships. The financial district will comprise a moderately-sized futures exchange and will be owned by the Carville Corporation’s financial division. The farming district will be owned by the Carville Corporation’s farming division and will contain the farms on which crops will be grown. The research district will be the smallest of the four districts, containing research facilities for genetic engineering of crops and will be owned by the Carville Corporation’s research division.

The Carville Corporation will require the registration of all visitors at designated entrances, which will include military-grade security to monitor trespassers, who, if caught, will be detained.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:23 am
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the application, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave application of the Hypercapitalist Federation of Zundrbar. Welcome to Taen.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:52 pm
by Vocenae
Hello all, and welcome to 2016! As we've started the new year (and only a few weeks away from the Special Economic Zone's first anniversary) I've taken the liberty of doing some thread cleaning with some enclave and outpost removals. Please note that if your Enclave/Outpost was removed and you have returned to active status and want to resume your activities within the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone, you will need to re-apply via the standard application.

As for further thread updates, I do intend on going in and updating the planet descriptions along with several of my own Administrative Capitals so that they better reflect the current atmosphere of the Special Economic Zone (which again is affected by actions taken within the FT community as a whole). Expect a major change to the Greywinter and Pireaus City entries in a later thread update.

And I'd just like to say it's been a great year and have really enjoyed seeing people use Liu Xiu as intended, be it through RP or via the The Compendium! Keep up the good work everyone!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:15 pm
by Rhukhor Havakhund
Harriers' Haven
NATION NAME/PROPRIETOR: 'Draeva-Ishaik Heavy Industries'
NAME OF ENCLAVE/OUTPOST: Harriers' Haven (colloquial); Artificial Satellite SemiSynch-ORB 7-1286κ (formerly) (Image)
LOCATION OF ENCLAVE/OUTPOST: Stable Semi-synchronous Low Orbit, Kythira
One of, if not the, oldest settlements in the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone (formerly, Liu Xiu Neutral Zone), SS-ORB 7-1286κ (or, as it is more commonly known, "Harriers' Haven") is a heavily-modified Steadfast Model 36(C) orbital installation; originally produced primarily for permanent or semi-permanent settlement for deep space trade or mining operations beginning in 18.9000 GSY (Galactic Standard Year) by Ordess-Taul Industrial Engineering, "Harriers' Haven" itself was completed in 18.9300 GSY, eventually towed into orbit around Kythira some eighty years ago. At the time of its original completion, the Steadfast line of orbital satellites were produced with the intent of housing between 1,200 and 1,800 permanent personnel, and at least 700 temporary residents, to the addition of providing the necessary space and systems required for mining or trade operations, dependent upon year of production and buyer preference.

Originally owned and operated by the Rohvada Group for the express purpose of providing housing for mining and fuel-harvesting personnel operating in and around Kythira, with the declaration of bankruptcy by Rohvada in 19.0400 GSY, 7-1286κ was a part of a collection of large, deep space assets sold through auction in an attempt to downsize the mining firm and, in turn, finance its subsequent restructuring. At this time, 7-1286κ was sold to the burgeoning keel fabrication corporation Voss'mar Enterprises; following its sale, 7-1286κ was stated to act as the prospecting and administrative offices of Voss'mar for the purpose of providing a localized administrative hub for the future construction of an orbital retainer and shipyard over Kythira. With the indictment of several Voss'mar executive board directors in 19.0430 GSY as a part of an illegal, interstellar boron-11 production conspiracy, due to fear of aneutronic instability and remaining fusion byproducts, 7-1286κ was abandoned - despite later evidence proving said fears largely unfounded, at least in relation to the Voss'mar installations around Kythira.

In the time until the occupation and eventual settlement of the Liu Xiu System by the Phanite Republic, 7-1286κ was largely treated as abandoned following the dereliction of Voss'mar Enterprises' hold over the orbital claim. While 7-1286κ briefly saw a stint of exploratory research during the rise of an independent civilization on Jiwao soon before Republican expansionism brought the Phanites into Liu Xiu, such amounted to little. It was not until soon before the opening of the Liu Xiu Neutral Zone that 7-1286κ was once-more sold. Between 20.0006 and 20.0008 GSY, 7-1286κ was largely refurbished to, in the least, minimal working conditions and purchased by the Sieda Development Group (a real estate investment conglomerate operating out of the Beta Quadrant) as a part of a bulk buy-up of several abandoned orbital installations in the Gamma and Alpha Quadrants. Due to the better part of a century being left abandoned and the subsequent overhead required, however, only minimal repairs to 7-1286κ were executed, leaving the installation in a still woeful state.

It was during its ownership by the Sieda Development Group, in combination with is increasing state of disrepair, that 7-1286κ gained its moniker as "Harriers' Haven" - a name it maintains to this day. During the time of the Phanite Republic's hold on the Liu Xiu System, "Harriers' Haven" gained a reputation for being a port-of-call willing to accept most, if not all, travelers and free traders - largely regardless of what products and services they provided or what state of respect to local maritime law they maintained. It was, at its height, not uncommon for less-than-reputable free traders and salvors to seek-out "Harriers' Haven" and utilize it as a rest stop between jobs as well as a place for evading the more prying eyes of local maritime authorities - particularly the Office of Verge Affairs, an extra-territorial arm of the Star Empire of Valinon.

From prior witnesses and clients whom frequented the station during this time, "Harriers' Haven" was known to boast at least one brothel, a nightclub or bar, and lodging for those whom were willing to cooperate with (or tolerate) the Sieda Development Group's local manager: Amaad "Grits" Griteesallovari. During this time it is highly suspected that Griteesallovari operated "Harriers' Haven" primarily as a semi-respectable front for more illicit activities, namely: arms smuggling and trafficking, sapient trafficking and slavery, narcotics production and smuggling, and a variety of illicit racketeering ventures. Due to the remoteness of "Harriers' Haven" and the general lack of settlement in the orbit of Kythira at the time, much of these practices remained either beneath the RADAR of local system authorities or, as has been speculated, were willfully tolerated.

Following the transfer of ownership of the Liu Xiu System from the Phanite Republic to the Imperial Star Republic and the re-branding of the system as the "Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone," interest in Kythira as a source of fusion fuel was renewed. New investment into the otherwise sparsely-populated natural satellite system around Kythira flooded-in, culminating with the establishment of the Watchtower Starbase by the newly-christened Liu Xiu Maritime Authority in 20.0013 GSY. It is speculated, though unknown, that this placed significant strain on the ability of the Sieda Development Group to either ignore or actively permit Griteesallovari's operations further.

In the first quarter of 20.0016 GSY, due to what is believed to be continued scrutiny placed on "Harriers' Haven" and due to increasing repair costs for the station, the Sieda Development Group officially transferred ownership of 7-1286κ to Draeva-Ishaik Heavy Industries. Following its sale, new residency for "Harriers' Haven" began almost immediately and a new set of repair, retrofitting, and sporadic re-construction efforts were initiated. Amongst these and most evident to system traffic around Kythira is the removal of two well-known ansible transponder broadcasts and their presumed replacement; this has recently risen to concern due to the identification of several new transponder codecs around Kythira of seemingly indeterminate origin, with speculation rising that while at least one new transmission codec is attached to "Harriers' Haven's" own traffic control system, others bouncing-about Kythira's orbital installations seem phantom or otherwise "erroneous."

Beyond the changes in superluminal communications, cursory inspection of "Harriers' Haven" seems to indicate the opening of two new, smaller shuttle docking hangars and, possibly, the opening a third, larger docking hangar in the central-inferior portion of the installation. As well, it appears that Draeva-Ishaik Heavy Industries has funded the refurbishing or replacement of the station's reaction control systems, permitting "Harriers' Haven" to stabilize its slowly decaying orbit - a harrowing path which helped to make the facility famous amongst travelers, free traders, and miners around Kythira and Paxos. Cursory inspection of the installation also seems to indicate the refurbishing of two previously untended oxygen gardens, the attachment of three as-of-yet-unidentified vestigial structures, and a periodic flushing or ejection of the station's garbage compaction route - yet, all the while, a large spray of graffiti declaring, "FUCK THE OVA-RIES!" remains, long-believed to be an insult directed at the Office of Verge Affairs and, possibly, a direct insult to the nearby enclave of Windrose of Infinities.

Despite these changes and additions, "Harriers' Haven's" frequent traffic has changed little, if not become more suspicious in nature. Mining installations on nearby Trojan asteroids have indicated an increase in both freighter and "unknown commercial vessel" traffic going to and from the facility, leading some to speculate that a previously "grey market port" has fallen black. Specious rumors have also begun to circulate amongst travelers of the outer trade lanes of the Liu Xiu SEZ that several vessels arriving and departing from "Harriers' Haven" regularly seem strikingly similar to potential "commerce raider" vessels: starships designed to appear unarmed, despite their concealed armament - a possible violation of the Liu Xiu Maritime Authority Transit Code. As of yet, however, these rumors seem unfounded, despite the fog of speculation and rumor surrounding "Harriers' Haven" and its apparent new coterie of operators.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:54 am
by Genomita
I would like to reapply with Oovahn. The RP I wanted to do with the habitat didn't get anywhere, but the habitat itself is still there (unless you object of course). And considering the refugee crisis in Gamma we will need as many places where the refugees can stay as possible.

Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: Genomita
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Oovahn (Harmony of purpose)
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Gemini belt
Description of your Claim:

As the Star Community doesn't use the monetary system, trade with other nations has and will always depend on the goodwill of their neighbouring nations. Additionaly, the Star Community is somewhat hesitant to establish settlements on planets or other habitats already claimed by other nations, not out of distrust of other people or even xenophobia, but simply to avoid territorial disputes and because few other nations share the Genomitans' stance on the environment and their preference of self augmentation over terraforming. It was for these reasons that the Star Community of Genomita chose to establish Oovahn in the Gemini belt. Here genomitans, both the transhumans that are usually associated with the term and members of other species who have become citizens of the community work to ensure harmony with the other habitats of Liu Xiu. They primarily do so by mining the asteroids for minerals other nations consider valuable but which are of little use to the organic technology of the genomitans and trading them for food and other things they need, as well as providing an opportunity to acquaint oneself with the genomitan way of life.

Oovahn itself is a comparatively large beehive habitat, it's tunnels dug in a purposeful manner to maximze available space without compromizing the asteroid's integrity. While one might imagine the insides of such a habitat to be largely bare, Oovahn is actually quite habitable. Most of the interior is covered in plant matter similar to the insides of genomitan bioships, vines and organically-grown signs of different colors facilitating orientation in the tunnel network. Some of the other asteroids surrounding Oovahn have been converted into terraria, their insides largely hollowed out and terraformed and equipped with thrusters as well as a brain like the one genomitan bioships have and sensory organs to perceive their surroundings, allowing them to (very carefully) maneuver through the gemini belt and functioning either as mobile mining bases, shuttles or places of relaxation.

As the security fleet does not respond to distress calls from the belt the genomitans of Oovahn have taken it upon themselves to look after those who get stranded there. Groups of genomitan spacers equipped with long term life support augmentations which allow allow them to gain oxygen, water and even nourishment from the carbon gravel and ice surrounding them (though it doesn't make it taste any better) regularily search the areas outside the security fleet's patrol routes for castaways, living or dead.

Oovahn's staff also contains a number of envoys who handle diplomacy with the other nations within liu xiu as well as a member of the high council, who spends most of hir time here. As the Star Community has yet to receive permission from the ones in charge of liu xiu to establish a farcaster gate near liu xiu prime, travel to and from other genomitan habitats is slow.

Addendum in light of the refugee crisis: Like the rest of the Star Community, Oovahn welcomes the refugees with open arms. To ensure that the people uprooted by the volatile situation in Gamma can quickly go back to living a safe and stable life without having to worry about hunger, the High Council has decreed that all refugees of age 10 or above (or the species equivalent) and under the retirement age are required to undergo the same aptitude tests as regular immigrants and children born in the Star Community, which will determine which of the five castes they will be placed in and their continuing education. In no particular order, the five castes are:

-The Producer caste (Workers, artists, bioengineers etc.
-The Scholar caste (Scientists, philosophers and priests of different faiths)
-The Seeker caste (Intel and counter-intel)
-The Protector caste (Armed forces and police)
-The Director caste (politicians and diplomats)

All castes are treated with the same amount of respect, and they are free to either return to their homelands or stay once the situation has stabilized. This system was put in place to allow refugees to quickly earn citizenship with all the included benefits, as well as to lessen the logistical strain caused by influx of refugees by enabling the same refugees to quickly apply themselves to the commnity.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:59 pm
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the application, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Outpost application and contract transferral of the Harrier Haven of Draeva-Ishaik Heavy Industries ((Rhukor Havakhund)). Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:53 pm
by The Vahkiran
Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave.
Nation Name: Kleekhanate Vahkiran Empire of the First Fallen.
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Vaahzak'Kuul Free-Trade Station 072.
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Pylos
Description of your Claim:

Vaahzak'Kuul Free-Trade Station is the seventy-second Free-Trade Station to be built within foreign territory and part of a hundred strong trade network, owned by the Kijaa Royalists. The station itself acts as a hub for trade vessels wishing for the lax restrictions on trade of the Vahkiran territories and also an established embassy to improve foreign relations. It is under the Administration of Kleekh'Kaal S'Raah'Kal Kimnaal who also provides overseer duties of twenty-four other Free-Trade Stations within the Inter-Gamma Kuul Trade-Lane.

Wider than it is long and more utilitarian than aesthetic, the Vaahzak'Kuul consists of three sections; a lower industrial and refining sector that takes advantage of the ore-rich asteroid belts in The Gemini Belt, providing work both for locals and freelance miners. The main export of this section is refined metals and fuels, which are then traded down the Inter-Gamma Kuul Trade-Lane and across Liu Xiu as requested. The second level is the more open and accessible, with public lobbies and spaces-for-hire to create an orbital bazaar of sorts. Any and all companies, traders and merchants can contract a space and erect a small storefront unrestricted in what they sell for a set cost per income cycle. This level also consists of leisure and entertainment bars and casinos, with a notably high level of prostitution. The third level consists of low-cost abodes, usually for rent by the visiting traders and also long-term living for any permanent miners and credit-short individuals. This is also the location of the Ambassador suites, diplomatic lobby and security station, with a small contingent of Kleekh'Kaal Kijaa Loyalists to keep the peace.

Vaahzak'Kuul Free-Trade Station is defended by four medium plasmoid-projector batteries situated below the four main entrances leading to the internal docking bays, with multiple universal docking ports for larger ships on the lower section of the station. The local peace-keepers are Kleekh'Kaal members of the Kijaa Loyalist faction, armed with downgraded DYS plasmoid-pulse rifles with a custom stun setting for a reduced risk of fatalities. However normal Vahkiran space laws apply within the vicinity of the Vaahzak'Kuul Free-Trade Station and all visiting individuals, regardless of standing are prone to them and their repercussions, which the Kleekh'Kaal peace-keepers reserve the right to enact where necessary.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:43 am
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the application, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave application of Vahkiran Empire. Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:53 am
by The Solar Cooperative Union
Could the SCU please have their territory re-instated?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 6:07 pm
by Vocenae
The Solar Cooperative Union wrote:Could the SCU please have their territory re-instated?

Vocenae wrote:My Enclave/Outpost was removed because I was inactive. Can I have my Enclave/Outpost re-added to the directory?
No. The only way to have your Enclave/Outpost re-added to the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone Directory is by going through the application process again by re-applying.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:10 pm
by Vocenae
Hello all, I hope that 2016 has been treating you well so far! As promised, there has been a major content update regarding the liu Xiu Special Economic Zone. Please forgive the tardiness, but we all know that life gets in the way of things and can take inspiration right out of you. While I failed at hitting the target date of our one year anniversary, two months later isn't all that bad, even if all of these changes should have been done a long time ago to reflect how events within and outside of Liu Xiu can shape the star system in a new direction, namely the immediate effect that the Wildfire Crisis had on Jiwao, followed by the currently ongoing refugee crisis that is affecting the galaxy as a whole. There will eventually be some fluid-time stories written for the Compendium to cover this period. Eventually.

The first major change is the addition of a new planet, Houyi. This is planet is very close to the sun and aside from a tiny outpost is otherwise wide open for anyone seeking to put a Enclave or Outpost there. The other big change that concerns the planet is the 'handover' of the Kieros Array from Feazanthia to myself. This was a OOC agreement between Feaz and myself to keep the Array active due to Feaz having other obligations. As of now the Kieros Array is still Kiith Federation property, but the Liu Xiu Administrative Council is being contracted to run and maintain it.

The other big changes are the changes made to Greywinter, Piraeus City (now the Piraeus Restricted Zone) and the addition of the city of Zhengzhou, which now serves as Jiwao's administrative capital following the fact that Piraeus was obliterated following the collapse of Jiwao's space elevator.

Other minor updates and tweaks may occur and they shouldn't warrant a full update post, but if there are enough of them I will make sure to create another update post to keep you all in the loop. For everyone unfamiliar with what the heck has happened and what this update is about, please check These Links for more information and why it's kind of a big deal.

Here's to another year of creating awesome stories involving this little project!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:09 pm
by Escalan Corps-Star Island
Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: The Fifth Remnant of the Aláranidni
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Nierad Kel’yxirid; “Arc-light Point”
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Pinnacle
Description of your Claim:

Located on a set of three isolated islands around 10° north of the equator, Nierad is a brand-new development overseen by the state-owned trading company, Elsierad, of Kóranid, the largest of the three Aláranid worlds. Administrated as an autonomous district under the direction of Elsierad, it is closed to those not affiliated with the company or the Aláranid government. Designed less as a spaceport or base of operations and more for political and diplomatic capital, Nierad’s architecture favours form over function, attempting to provide a positive first impression of Aláranid culture and artistry. To this end, above-ground structures are constructed of white stone and pale mirrored glass to increase the ambient light present on the largest of the islands, the only one open to regular citizens (families of employees as well as foreign visitors). A number of native species from Kóranid, chiefly small trees and birds, have been imported and have adapted well to the slightly different atmospheric composition. The layout of the installation is that of a circle tangent to the edges of the island, with the centre reserved as a park-like open space. The spires that surround it cause the space to be reminiscent of an atoll; this is further evoked by inclusion of rooftop gardens on the lower buildings. The tallest structures on the island reach about 400 metres above the surface of the island, which has a mean elevation of 80 metres and is lined on many sides with steep sea-cliffs.
The other two islands are reserved for the offices and operations of Elsierad; they are much smaller, with a combined area of only ten square kilometres. Consequently, they are virtually covered in facilities, the tallest of which reach 1200 metres. Despite this development, there are no commercial-use space-port facilities currently planned for the Nierad installation, likely to avoid the need to negotiate with the Liu Xiu customs department. Nierad possesses a complement of three spacecraft and one security craft. The latter, designed initially as a small close-support aircraft for ground operations, has been converted for maritime use, and can operate as a boat in the case that defence of the seaward approaches is necessary. Armaments are primary anti-personnel kinetics; although plasma weaponry is available, it has not been installed because of the effects of atmospheric dispersal and the expense. There are also two small-calibre railguns installed on the undercarriage for use against small vessels, though their effectiveness is questionable. As with the plasma weaponry, missiles for anti-air use are available but not installed.
Of the spacecraft, two are personal shuttles designed to ferry dignitaries and company officials to orbit. Both are unarmed and have a passenger capacity of forty; this can be converted to cargo space as necessary. Operational range permits them to go to other planets in the system if absolutely needed, though their lack of superluminal capabilities hinders this in terms of practical use. The last vessel at Nierad is a full-scale corporate transport, the Akáterin, 300m in length, that suffered failure of its rippledrive (superluminal engine) upon an attempt to leave the system and was brought to orbit around Pinnacle while awaiting the arrival of technicians from Kóranid. With the catastrophe that took place on Jiwao with the collapse of the Skylift, an emergency order was given to bring the vessel to the ground immediately; there was an admittedly irrational fear among the administrators of Nierad that if the vessel were to be destroyed, they could lose valuable proprietary technology. Unfortunately, though the Akáterin is capable of atmospheric re-entry, this has left it grounded in the lone large dock on the third island until the rippledrive components arrive.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:14 pm
by Alexzonya
Redacted. New application here.

Revised Application
Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: Galactic Republic of Alexzonya (GRA)
Name of Enclave: Gemini Center
Location of Enclave: Jiwao Surface, Equatorial, On a Coastline
Description of your Claim:
Gemini Center is a small city typical of Alexzonyian designs, with the expected large open areas and strict height limitations that decrease clutter but increase sprawl. The city is supposed to be built on a grid, but as usual a variety of circles, parks, and other design features make the grid more a guideline than a rule when it comes to getting around. Fortunately, a high-speed hyperloop subway system has been installed that promises to finally cut down on the congestion both on the ground and in the skylanes of Gemini Center. On the upside, once you're off the streets, the parks and even miniature forests that dot Gemini Center can make you forget that you're in a city at all. The same can be said of the city's beaches, whose only fault is that they tend to be overcrowded during short season in which the temperatures are high enough make wading a popular pastime. The city's population is highly-educated and highly-skilled. This is partially because the main industries in the city demand cognitive competence, and partially because the GRA is trying to make a good impression on foreigners who are otherwise unlikely to make their way into GRA territory. The GRA's tourist industry would certainly appreciate success on that count.

The city is an educational, cultural, and trade center. Though it has a large warehouse district, it lacks internal manufacturing facilities; goods offered for trade are manufactured in other parts of the GRA. Gemini Center's primary objective is to facilitate the GRA's integration with the galactic community and act as a catalyst for the establishment of diplomatic and trade relations with other powers. The University of Alexzonya - Gemini Center is located here; the University is a branch campus of the GRA's largest public university, and has a particular objective of having 50% foreign enrollment within 10 years of its establishment.

Economically, plans for an orbital elevator were indefinitely postponed after the collapse of the Jiwao Skylift. The city also can serve as a gateway to the GRA for the multitude of nations that as of yet lack a GRA embassy or consulate. The current spaceport is home to a variety of commuter and light commercial spacecraft to facilitate trade and cultural exchange; larger freighters that aren’t atmosphere-capable make use of a small fleet of mid-bulk cargo conveyors to bring supplies to the city. While there are no military craft permanently assigned to Gemini Center, the appearance of the occasional Endeavor-class Cruiser from the Starfleet’s Exploration and Patrol Corps. for resupply and brief shore leave is relatively common. Less common are Falcon-class Origami Destroyers, which never stay more than a few hours and whose only cargo is either VIPs or highly sensitive cargoes that the GRA is unwilling to entrust to the fickle fortunes of the spacelanes.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:28 pm
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the application, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave application of The Fifth Remnant of the Aláranidni (Escalon). Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:49 pm
by The Voidborne

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:06 pm
by Nyte
I am formally requesting the removal of my claim in the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone due to OOC reasons. I have already taken the liberty of redacting my claim.

Thank you,

PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:40 pm
by Alexzonya
Third time's the charm. : )

Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: Galactic Republic of Alexzonya (GRA)
Name of Enclave: Hyperion Point
Location of Enclave:  Four island cluster in the Northern Hemisphere, Pinnacle
Above: Hyperion Point, as conceptualized by an artist who has never actually seen the oceans of Pinnacle. In practice, the choppy waters make the beaches impassible.

Hyperion Point is a miniaturized “city” of a somewhat atypical design for Alexzonyians; while the focus on integrating green spaces remains key element, the mountainous islands of Pinnacle leave little room for the large, wide common spaces commonly found in GRA settlements. Additionally, the absence of height restrictions due to the space limitations led to a significant up-building, as tall spires from the central and some of the secondary buildings slice into the sky. Calling Hyperion Point a city is probably overly generous, as the enclave bares more resemblance to a series of complexes than a full fledged metropolis; a trade center, a cultural center, a diplomatic center, and an administrative center, each with a small ring of associated support building and habitation complexes. Each center sits on its own island, with the islands connected by a small hyperloop subway system running inside reinforced, full-enclosed bridges that arc gracefully across the turbulent seas. The enclave's population is highly educated and highly skilled, although also highly transient; most inhabitants reside in Hyperion Point on a temporary basis, with assignments usually lasting from 3 months to 2 years. There is a much smaller cadre of primarily administrative and governmental staff that is more permanent, but in general those not employed by the small local administration are only in Liu Xiu on a temporary project or rotation.

Hyperion Point is first and foremost a diplomatic, cultural, and trade center. Though it has a small warehouse area in the trade complex, it lacks internal manufacturing facilities; goods offered for trade are manufactured in other parts of the GRA. Hyperion Point's primary objective is to facilitate the GRA's integration with the galactic community and act as a catalyst for the establishment of diplomatic and trade relations with other powers; the GRA uses the enclave to negotiate business and other deals with power and corporations that they would be unlikely to interact with through more conventional means. The University of Alexzonya – Hyperion Point is located here; little more than a small annex of the behemoth state university system in Alexzonya, the campus’ main objective is to provide continuing education to part-time students who live in Hyperion Point on temporary rotations as well as offering a selection (albeit limited) of free classes on GRA history and culture to citizens and foreigners alike.

Economically, plans for an orbital elevator that were already uncertain due to questions of economic viability were indefinitely postponed after the collapse of the Jiwao Skylift. The city also can serve as a gateway to the GRA for the multitude of nations that as of yet lack a GRA embassy or consulate. The spaceport, located on the largest island along with the trade complex, partially on a robust cantilever extension over the water, is home to a variety of commuter and light commercial spacecraft to facilitate trade and cultural exchange. Larger freighters that aren’t atmosphere-capable make use of a pair of atmosphere-rated mid-bulk cargo conveyors to bring supplies to the enclave. The only two military craft are a pair of F/A-7 Spatha Strike Fighters kept in a small underground bunker. While the Spathas are fully combat-capable, in practice they are used primarily for display and the occasional airshow.