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PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:23 pm
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the application, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave application of Galactic Republic of Alexzonya. Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:22 am
by The Vrree Nations
Application A
Enclave or Outpost: Enclave

Nation Name: the Vrree Nations

Name of Enclave/Outpost: Kleka Wex

Location of Enclave/Outpost: Pinnacle

Description of your claim:
Kleka Wex (Stepping Stone in Erwluhwau) encompasses a group of large sea stacks on the planet Pinnacle and their immediate offshore area. Taking advantage of Liu Xiu's position as a major diplomatic and trade hub, the Vrree use this special enclave as a jumping-off point from which to contact the greater galaxy. The islands and most of their facilities are owned and operated by the Vrree Diplomatic Corps. Originally conceived of as a simple embassy, Kleka Wex has become more than that.

The enclave's facilities are constructed upon and within the the stacks that make up the territory. The buildings on the islands are constructed out of organic materials in traditional Vrree styles. They are highly decorated, yet blend harmoniously into the natural surroundings. However, great care has been taken not to compromise the structural integrity of the stacks, as well as ensuring that they can withstand Pinnacle's often violent weather. In addition to the embassy proper, the island is also home to an office of the Vrree Species Defence Alliance (who help provide security), an outpost belonging to the Celestial Exploration Society that they use as a base of operations on Pinnacle, a visitor's centre where people can come to learn about the Vrree, and comfortable quarters to house staff and visitors. There is also a mooring mast, wharf, and landing pads built onto an artificial pylon just offshore that is home to personal shuttles, as well as two VTOL aerospace fighters tasked with protecting the enclave. The Vrree have also brought in domesticated plants and animals native to their worlds, but they take great pains to make sure these do not escape the islands and contaminate Pinnacle's ecosystem. Therefore, one should expect thorough screening and decontamination procedures when leaving the islands.

Kleka Wex is open to all, and anyone is free to visit for as long as they need to, for any reason. However, the management stresses that it is not a resort or a hotel, and visitors are encouraged to move on once their business here is concluded. There is regular air transport service to and from Hira. Kleka Wex relies on the spaceport facilities at Hira for transportation to and from Pinnacle.

Application B
Enclave or Outpost: Outpost

Nation Name: the Vrree Nations

Name of Enclave/Outpost: Owaile

Location of Enclave/Outpost: the surface of Taen

Description of your Claim:
Owaile is a scientific outpost on Taen that is owned and operated by the Celestial Exploration Society. The facility is used by the Society as a base of operations when exploring Taen. Taen is of particular interest to the Society due to its unique ecosystem, as well as the advanced agricultural techniques being used and developed by the colonists.

Owaile is a sealed habitat that consists of rest and resupply facilities intended for use by explorers, laboratories for experiments and analysis, farms that are as much test beds as to supply the outpost's needs, and storage areas for supplies and samples.

Although the Society's primary interest is in Taen, CES explorers range all across the Liu Xiu system (with the permission of relevant authorities of course), using their facilities at Owaile and Kleka Wex as headquarters.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:16 pm
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the applications, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave and Outpost applications of The Vrree Nations. Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:52 am
by Vixia Prime
Enclave Or Outpost: Outpost
Nation Name: Vixia Prime
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Nihee
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Orbit of Paxos
Description of your Claim: Nihee is a small space station/outpost in the orbit of Paxos and it is built as a joint co-operation between Hviv Nhiwa and Vixjia Hinwe. It was established as an attempt to improve Vixian relations between foreign Star-States, and in a series of unexpected events, Nihee came across Paxos where it contacted Liu Xiu and ztayed there. Being so far away from Vixian space, supplies can only come there every five months.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:06 pm
by Bakra
Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave

Nation Name: Bakra

Name of Enclave/Outpost: Hryat Installation

Location of Enclave/Outpost: Pylos

Description of your Claim:

Sardhak Star Lane Security are first and foremost a space-based private security firm, so it strikes some as odd that they chose Pylos as their regional headquarters. A moon covered in lava with little in the way of conventional, easy to exploit resources and ash for air, it is more like a literal hell rather than a private security base. It was for this reason that Sardhak chose Pylos for the location the Hyrat Installation.

In their line of work, protecting trade routes and valuable cargo, Sardhak is a valuable resource for any corporation or private freighter looking to add another layer of security to their cargo. In addition to standard procedures by Sardhak, the company’s sterling reputation is nigh impregnable from corruption and external espionage. Investors and customers can be assured that their property and interests will be vigorously defended by the professional operators of Sardhak Security.

Pylos provides a unique opportunity for Sardhak, the ability to conduct constant training in the extreme environments, building a better, more effective soldier in the ever changing chaotic landscape. Exercises on the searing lava lakes and deep changing fissures of the landscape, while bearing little resemblance to the starship warfare that the company participates in, offers some variety from Hyrat's extensive indoor training facilities that capitalize on shipboard fighting, allowing for a soldier that is capable of operating in any conditions.

And Pylos's location, located in close proximity to the industrial heart of Liu Xiu, the gas giant of Kythira, provides quick, easy and secure access to Sardhak's services.
However, Hyrat is more than an exotic locale for a specialized security company, it is a proof of concept program. Several colonial agencies, with some incentive from the Bakran government, have declared the construction of Hyrat their sponsor. They will pay for much of the experimental design and dangerous construction of the facility in exchange for valuable data from Sardhak’s construction and operation of the facility. There are rumors that Bakra is planning to expand it’s borders, including strategically placed worlds that are hostile to human life, and Hyrat will be a much smaller prototype. This design includes fully enclosed landing pads, thrusters with the power to move the entire station, advanced sensors capable of piercing the interference, and cutting edge environmental weather prediction systems.

The installation is built around hubs, with a single large one branching out to medium and finally smaller ones. Though they are somewhat interchangeable in function, all of them are protected from the elements with their own life support systems and thrusters to stabilize them during earthquakes. From space, it resembles a fungus growing out from a large, central hub. The station lacks weaponry, instead relying on it's location for defense.

Sardhak: economic protection for an economic cost.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:40 pm
by Diarcesia
OOC: What year in AD is this in? I'm aiming to add this to my factbook. Diarcesia is FT c. 29th century.

Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: Diarcesia
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Tiberius Terminal
Location of Enclave/Outpost: The Gemini Belt
Description of your Claim: Named after one of the famous figures in Diarcesian history, Tiberius Terminal is specifically chosen to be built on the trade routes of the Gemini Belt due to its current isolation, untapped mineral wealth, and tourist potential. As another one of Diarcesia's high-risk, high-reward projects, Tiberius Terminal is an attempt to be one of the foundations to bustling economic activity and formation of beneficial partnerships within nations in this part of the Economic Zone, while bringing a little bit of Diarcesia itself on the side.

Owing to the remoteness of the Gemini Belt, Tiberius Terminal is to be designed to eventually accommodate and assist the Liu Xiu Security Fleet, if permitted. The hope is that, where the Fleet couldn't assist distressed travelers in this area, the proximity of the terminal means that the Orbital Bats from Terminal can.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 4:45 pm
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the applications, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave application Bakra and Sardhak Starlane Security . Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 7:29 pm
by Telros
Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: The Tezekian Directorate
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Carcana Station
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Pylos (Surface Station)
Description of your Claim:

Carcana Station is a repurposed station that was inherited from the Gata'jan Ammudzi as part of a deal with a group of refugees from that nation after its ceasing to be a state on the galactic stage, in addition to handling its contract for terraforming for the LXAA. The station has been redesigned and rebuilt according to Directorate standards and protocols, maintaining the same foundations and pipe system that were part of the expansion of the mining and terraforming effort. The central tower is maintained but filling the Tezekian aesthetic and serving as the administration point of the station. The four sections have been knocked out and reformed to have a continuous circle around the tower, with four doors into the central structure, although the layout is overall the same.

One section of the ring is where the garrison of the station are headquartered, complete with sleeping quarters for the company of Oozori soldiers, commanded by Tezekian officers, numbering around one hundred and fifty, with armaments as according to LXAA, being light armor and weapons, though they mostly use non-lethal methods to prevent any damage that could break the containment of the facility against the outside lack of atmosphere and harmful chemicals and heat. This also houses the security station and jail, where law breakers are kept until they are dealt with or handed over to LXAA authorities as required or requested, as well as public interactions for questions and resolving of grievances. The next section handles the embassy and its staff, with a fire team of guards maintaining protection at all times, and seated next to the security section, ensuring swift response should any hostile action happen. There is a front desk where visitors, both appointed and new, are received, questions are answered, appointments are made, and so forth. Should any appointments be cleared and clearance provided, they are escort to the series of rooms in the back, where several conference rooms are established to allow for multiple meetings to be held, with a security room for keeping weapons and other such items or the people if they do not wish to part with them until the meetings are over and a small common area for relaxation and meals for particularly long meetings. Both staff and delegations are allowed to use this room.

The next part houses a decent-sized market for goods and services, complete with a bar for those seeking to relax, wet their gullet and get some food and entertainment. It is also the center of news and information, with various news networks of the Directorate having a branch in small parts of this area. This one sees the most activity and occupies much of the garrisons time and energy in policing and protecting. The last holds a section for dealing with the terraforming project itself, controlling and maintaining the systems which run the project, and running experiments on material and processes to find breakthroughs for improving and speeding up the process. It is guarded and only Directorate staff or those invited by said staff are allowed in those restricted areas. The many pipes and platforms connect back to this section.

Finally, there is a jutting platform out from the station, with three separate pads for the docking and launching of craft, with fairly large sizes to handle traffic. It is in a hexagonal pattern, allowing for multiple ships to go on each side and has three levels of each, ships being allowed to land on the center and moved by tractor fields to their designated spot. One pad is for Directorate use only, for staff and any outside travelers from the government, industries and military. One pad is for general use, for visitors to the station for the market, traveling or speaking to the embassy. The last is reserved for governments, groups seeking to speak with the Directorate government and the LXAA.

The station is protected by two Hurt-class Corvettes, with reduced armaments as per LXAA regulations, who provide guard and overwatch on traffic coming in and out and cooperate with the LXAA on security matters.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:50 pm
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the applications, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave application The Tezekian Directorate . Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:25 pm
by Atomic Utopia
Enclave Or Outpost:

Nation Name:
S.S.E.C. (U.S.A.U.)

Name of Enclave/Outpost:
Central Research Directorate

Location of Enclave/Outpost:
Liu Xiu (close orbit)

Description of your Claim:
The Central Research Directorate has maintained a longstanding interest regarding the effects of stars on FTL transportation and communication, as well as a profound interest in data security. So when the option to do both came up, the C.R.D. lobbied heavily for it's implementation. After making a deal with the current government of the U.S.A.U. and receiving official permission for construction and a source of funding, the C.R.D. immediately got to work drawing up the plans to be submitted. Several factions within the government have protested, and various tabloid newspapers have run stories stating that the station was merely a glorified listening post and data haven away from government control, however the C.R.D. has denied all accusations.

The station thus contains a myriad of sensor systems, allowing it to detect radio transmissions not only in the usual Terahertz radio wave bands used by all U.S.A.U. communications, but also all the way from extremely high frequency gamma radiation, to ultra low frequency radio waves. It also has several neutrino detectors and gravitational wave detectors installed. The station also contains extensive space-time warping capability on an experimental scale, allowing it to create wormholes and slipstreams with a high degree of accuracy. And, of course it has extensive servers and physical storage containers to permit the secure storage of any and all data that the C.R.D. might find dangerous should it fall in the wrong hands. These servers are designed with an air gap between the outside world and themselves, with no direct input/output ports available to the end user. Rather transfers have to go through an extensive data scanning procedure before transfer to the main database. Each individual data storage unit is informationally isolated from the other database units to prevent unwanted deletion or transfer of data via any means barring physically breaking into the data storage facility and making off with the data storage units themselves.

The station itself is rather boring to the eye externally. The device is a one kilometer by one kilometer by 200 or so meters thick, indescribably reflective, streched sphereoid with a massive "farm" of radiators jutting out the back in the shadow of the station itself. The structure of the station is made up of a high strength platinum-aluminium alloy to ensure endurance at the extreme temperatures the components in the station would be exposed to should the coolant system fail. Each level is also thermally isolated using silica areogel in order to ensure that the radiation flux from the sun merely ablates the layers rather than causing catastrophic heat transfer through the station.

All entry and exit ports are directly located on the back of the station, and exit and entry are restricted to specially modified craft capable of surviving the intense radiation flux that close to the sun. The station itself uses a series of massive nuclear salt water rockets to effect changes to orbital inclination as well as to provide a final, unspoken security measure should the station successfully be taken over by enemy forces.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 4:32 pm
by North Mack
Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: The Stellar Republic of North Mack
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Jiwao Regional Seaside Administrative Zone (colloquially Seahaven)
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Jiwao
Description of your Claim:

The Jiwao Regional Seaside Administrative Zone will be a regional port of call for trade ships travelling in the Gamma Quadrant. A small contingent of bureaucrats, freight handlers, ship technicians, and traders will be stationed in the Administrative Zone, ready to provide any sort of service a trader far from home could need while on the job. Additionally, the zone will contain a small residential housing area, intended for short term residency between jobs, or semi-permanent habitation of relations of administrative or dock staff. A small security force, fully compliant within the restrictions outlined by the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone Administration will be stationed planetside, along with a single lightly armed patrol vessel.

Geographically, the zone will lie on a long coastline sandwiched between a large sea and a neighboring mountain range. This natural shelter should provide the locals a respite from most of the rainstorms that are so common on Jiwao, though obviously local annual precipitation is still expected to exceed the vast majority of North Mack space. A series of large, floating platforms constructed on the sea itself will function as the refueling, repairing, and freight areas, with trade, habitation, and administrative buildings located on the mainland. These buildings will be constructed in a modular fashion, allowing future growth if it is determined to be required.

Following the multiple internal rebellions of the Terran Empire, and later the Steel Union, the Administrative Zone found itself increasingly inundated with refugees fleeing the war torn area for one of the furthest possible points of Terran soil. Following this explosion of residents, the Administrative Zone was formally recognized as an official, self administrated city, technically operating under its own local laws as well as those of the Republic and the LXSAC, without state or planetary oversight. From an original population of under two thousand, Seahaven has grown to almost a quarter of a million residents, and continues to grow yearly.

Structurally, the city has grown from a few modular offices and neighborhoods into a sprawling, haphazard array of buildings. Large towers both commercial and residential line the coast, which benefits from the traffic of the local starport, constructed on large floating platforms on the sea itself. Beyond, a carpet of much shorter buildings cover the area between the sea and the mountains, housing the residents unable to afford the properties closer to the coast.The city sees a large amount of traffic daily, be it locals, Terran tourists, or extra-nationals wishing to do business in the republic, without having to travel the long distance to the Beta Quadrant.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 5:26 pm
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the application, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave application The Stellar Republic of North Mack. Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 5:31 pm
by Fleuri and Paix
Enclave Or Outpost: Outpost.

Nation Name: Couronnois Federation (Fleuri and Paix).

Name of Enclave/Outpost: LR-Charlie Manned Waystation 1.

Location of Enclave/Outpost: Zhengzhou, Jiwao.

Description of your Claim: MW1 (graced with the Federation codename, and conversational sobriquet, "Dunmovin") will be the first and only manned waystation on Lane Route Charlie, lying more than a thousand light years out of Federation space proper. It will serve a multitude of government and trade functions; its primary roles are the authentication of the passage papers of Federation ships passing Liu Xiu, the (limited) trade of goods and commodities of Federation origin, and (less openly) the observation of the residents of Liu Xiu and other foreign powers operating there. It will consist of a single, nondescript three-floor office block located in the urban middle belt of Zhengzhou city.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:18 pm
by StarArmy
I have a FT nation, the Yamatai Star Empire, whose primary face in NationStates is the exploratory efforts of its military. I am also not sure I want to commit to an enclave or outpost (yet). Would it be permissible to have a cargo ship and a single military escort cruiser (both operated by the Star Army) be specially permitted to enter the zone by the Liu Xiu Administrative Council and the Liu Xiu Maritime Authority and become a sort of regular transient visitor, so long as their activities are limited to peaceful trading (and shore leave debauchery)? I'd basically like to use Liu Xiu as a port of call and get a feel of the place before setting down any roots. I'll be pleased if you say yes but I'll understand if you say no. Thanks for your consideration.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:08 pm
by The Vahkiran
Enclave Or Outpost: Outpost
Nation Name: The Second Vahkiran Empire of the First Fallen
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Vou'yi's Bloom
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Houyi
Description of your Claim:

Vou'yi's Bloom designated [L-XSTC SERG] is the latest project of the independent Lo-Xi Sector Trade Combine. The outpost itself is home to only a small number of Vahkiran L-XSTC employees, completely independent from the Tri-Faction Kleekh'Kaal and has a small contingent of security. The project was initially funded in the hopes to take advantage of the markets lack of high-efficiency, low-price and reliable renewable power supplies, mainly catering to large commercial vessel batteries but also smaller consumer product alternatives.

Vou'yi itself is a massive expansive solar array, consisting of seven heavy duty solar panels on Houyi's sun-facing side for maximum exposure at all times and is capable of around the clock power generation and recharging facilities. Inside the half-submerged station below the solar-array is a small manufacturing facility that produces the solar cells that are charged in the energy banks and later sold, consumers are able to return with their bought solar cells and have them recharged for a small fee, each one lasting roughly 2-3 years depending on usage.

Vou’yi has the very basics of comfort, cutting costs whilst keeping a liveable quality of life. The base utilizes small bunk rooms with a shared washroom housing the thirty-two man workforce and the twelve man company security team. A canteen is stocked with roughly three-hundred and twenty-six rotations worth of food and fresh water and is attached to a small basic gym for leisure and recreation. A twenty-five yard four-lane shooting range also allows for the on-site security team to practise.

The basic rotation of staff is every three-hundred and twenty rotations, with each team being replaced by another, two teams in total. These away teams typically live on the Vaahzak’Kuul Free-Trade Station at a discount. The company defense squads are largely civilian trained operators and use sanctioned armaments by the Liu Xiu Administrative Council, with the facilities other defensive measures being automated.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:37 am
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the application, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Outpost application of Vahkiran Empire.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:57 pm
by The Solar Cooperative Union
Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: The Solar Cooperative Union
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Lux Perpetua XenoBoutique
Location of Enclave/Outpost: In orbit around Jiwao
Description of your Claim:
Lux Perpetua was first designed by the Aluxian Board of Expansion some 23 years ago as a bid to expand the massive retail empire of Aluxian Services into foreign markets, however no suitable area was available at the time and funds soon disappeared. Two decades later Aluxian Services was a resurgent giant in the Union with billions in profit allowing dreams of foreign expansion to once again be feasible. The Liu Xiu SEC presented the perfect area for a specialized Boutique retail emporium to cater to foreign and expat populations.

The station resembles a nautilus in shape, with a length of 10 kilometers from the arrival spire to the communications array and a height of 12 kilometers, LPXB has room for thousands of individual stores and large parks, zoos and beaches to provide entertainment and shopping opportunities to millions of potential customers. A sizable security force armed with non-lethal weaponry maintains order while a single corvette serves as a defense against any would be raiders.

Shoppers can stay in the multiple hotels and living spaces of the station, enjoying a well kept and luxurious environment with high class fashion, dining and anything else a discerning citizen of the galaxy could look to buy. A number of amusement parks, theaters, art houses and green-spaces are spaced throughout the station to provide a weeks worth of entertainment for families and individuals alike. In order to maintain the highest standard of quality and security, staff and engineering crews are housed well away from the main customer areas.

The interior architecture of the station is cavernous and opulent in equal measure with vast concourses home to spiraling and branching walkways that link the myriad sectors of the station, the largest of these open spaces are under or parallel to massive domes or panoramas that grant incredible vistas of Jiwao and the system as a whole. Mag-lev shuttles zip customers from the more distant sections of the station to the central areas, which are a fusion of park and shopping centers, often with grandiose fountains or statues as the centerpiece.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:58 pm
by Jovian Lunar Empire
Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name:The Jovian Lunar Empire
Name of Enclave/Outpost: New Eros
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Kythira, Orbital
Description of your Claim: New Eros, JASI hull number JXX-0b8, is both the site of and common name of the incorporated Enclave of the Jovian Lunar Empire at Liu Xiu. A product of co-operation from Ganymede Avionics, Iupiter Heavy Engineering, and InterStellar Fleet (ISF) Transient-Shipyards, the construction of New Eros, New Eros is the largest entirely-artificial orbital structure constructed by the empire since the Great Collapse. The station is some 880 metres long, along its longest axis, made up of three inline "wings" along a central core. Owing to the station's great mass and technical complexity, it was constructed in sections in Orana, the nearest colony, and flown into place for final assembly and furnishing. The construction of the station lasted 13 years (Jovian Standard) and it was officially incorporated 15 years after the initial junction.

New Eros, as an enclave of the Jovian Lunar Empire, houses some 300 permanent residents, serving as station crew, consular officials, and their families. In addition, it is host to a rotating crew of economic workers who labour on the Commerce Wing. Being as it is a refueling, trade, and consular hub of the empire, it is also host to travelers, Jovian or otherwise, and has an overall habitation capacity of some 1300 souls under standard conditions. Being as this population, even under peak conditions, is a mere fraction of what is to be found in a province or colony, New Eros enjoys special positioning in the Jovian legal system. It's chief administrator is the Consul, and the station falls under the direct administrative provision of the Imperial Diet, rather than any colonial government.

The facilities aboard New Eros, for the most part, cater specifically to the Jovian physiology and requirements. An exception is to be found in the Commerce Wing, which is maintained specifically for a generalized set of environmental standards suitable for most life - nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere pressurized to ~1 atmosphere of pressure, ambient temperature in the low 20s celsius, and with functional microgravity. This commerce wing is set aside specifically for the use of trade - no manufacturing or processing takes place there. Instead, this section of the structure is made up of guest-residences, lounges, health facilities, market-spaces, and a few rental bays leased out by interstellar shipping concerns. Direct docking facilities are not provided - for this reason, a small host of shuttles and orbital tugs transfer containerized cargo and personnel from co-orbiting vessels to the station. Bulk transfer of fluids is done by umbillical.

Another wing is dedicated to the production of trade goods, chiefly refined raw materials in standardized trade formats, and liquid or gaesous fuels. Some refining of actinide-group metals is performed to produce secondary and tertiary reactor fuels. Such fuels are used to furnish reactors of the sort the Jovians are used to operating and facilities exist on the station to support repairs up to and including those that would normally call for an orbital dry-dock, for such systems and many shipboard concerns as well.

The third wing is an open - planned habitation ring. The rotation of the station is sufficient to mimic the microgravity effects the Jovianoid frame evolved in. For that reason, this Wing is used for exercise, socializing, and habitation by the permanent residents of the station. It is sometimes known as the Secret Garden Wing, owing to the fact it is rarely shared with visitors, who lack the necessary physiology to live in the wing without assistance.

The central fuselage of the station proper is home to a variety of systems areas, including consular offices, computing chambers, engineering bays, the station's nuclear power plants, and other critical infrastructure for keeping the station habitable without exterior inputs.

New Eros is protected by two Galelei-class DEW corvettes as a defensive picket. These vessels are properly under ISF command and keep station near the Enclave, weapons offline. The station also provides a large array of inter-orbital "taxi" vehicles, as it is frequently visited by Mujin Templeships, which are incompatible for docking.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:39 pm
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the applications, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave applications of both the Solar Cooperative Union and the Jovian Lunar Empire. Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 6:45 pm
by Vocenae
Hellp everyone! This is just a tiny update to state that the city of Zhengzhou has had it's name changed to Stormpoint, to better fit with it's very northern and wintery location near Jiwao's mass ive northern ice cap. It has also been given a tiny addition in the form of a Kowloon Walled City refugee 'slum', primarily referred to as 'Fridge City'. I've also updated the OOC section of the OP to list the NSFT Discord as the location wehre I can be reached for real time communication concerning any Liu Xiu related questions (or FT questions in general).

Thank you.

PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 9:51 pm
by Novi Olster
Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: Dnieper-Volga Federation
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Novopavlovsk
Location of Enclave/Outpost: In the northern hemisphere of Jiwao
Description of your Claim: Located within the Xu mountains, at around the base of Mt. Ahmed.

Novopavlovsk is a multipurpose mining-agricultural settlement capable of supporting a population of around 70,000 - 90,000 inhabitants. It's main purpose is to provide a hub for Dniepr-Volga communications and traffic around the Liu Xiu Economic Zone, as well as the establishment of a nuclear facility to provide clean energy to nearby outposts and enclaves. It also plans to host other industries, largely mining, but also scientific research of the flora and fauna with the possibility of utilizing the flora as a substitution for lumber. Additionally, Novopavlovsk plans to grow much of its own food through the usage of two vertical agricultural towers.

PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2017 3:29 pm
by Faelanic Quietude
Enclave Or Outpost: Outpost

Nation Name: The Celestial Empire of the Faelanic Quietude

Name of Enclave/Outpost: Fharuhnis Scyth

Location of Enclave/Outpost: Jiwao (Surface Outpost)

Description of your Claim: Faeruhnis Scyth consists of a small Outpost little more than a 2.3 km in radius, on the distant periphery of the Freeport enclave and with a population of approximately two hundred permanent residents. The site functions primarily as a small economic zone, dedicated towards the currently limited trade link that has developed with the coreward Gamma quadrant races between that of the reclusive and enigmatic Faelanic species. Currently the settlement is overseen by Councillor Ciannaist (“Cianni”) Brechtaine, her clan advisers and the imperial dynasties envoy to Liu Xiu, who maintains an orderly if often uncommunicative outpost on the cold world of Jiwao.

Primarily the outpost’s main economic output is in is private facilities dedicated towards genetic engineering, screening and private healthcare - matters of which the Faelanii are known to have considerable mastery. Large scale trade is also made in the provision of exotic genetically engineered pets and animals purchased for the affluent and wealthy for sport or companionship, ‘modified labourers’ - officially claimed to have been discovered naturally in a ‘hive like existence’ on one of the worlds discovered by the Faelanii, and having ‘no desires beyond the performance of their duties’ - as well as indentured servants, of which the Faelanii negotiate by standards acceptable to the Liu Xiu economic zone. Further wealth is also acquired in longevity treatments, bio-modification work gene enhancements, as well as advanced plastic surgery and facial and bodily reconstruction - including cloned organs, limbs and tissue. A more underhand business is also done in advanced transhumanist modifications for the discrete customer, but this is not advertised in to avoid intensified government scrutiny and oversight. Another source of income - although mostly a closed market - is made in the auction of the innumerable unearthed artistic works of long dead races that belong to the Gamma Rim, as well as the Faelanii’s own exotic and unsettling sculptural craftsmanship. Other smaller trade goods include varieties of spices, delicacies and (legal) narcotics imported from the Morholt and Saoidh systems for localised consumption. Unofficially the Outpost also serves as a information network for the Faelanic Quietude, relaying political, biological and technological information back to the Quietude so it can stay abreast of affairs in the wider galactic community, and was indeed built upon an earlier existing cabal created for that very purpose.

The outpost consists of a series of domed and towered structures, centred around a imposing circular temple complex which consists of the heart of Faeruhnis Scyth, and contains a select group of ordained monks to oversee religious affairs. Other structures include numerous hospitals, private clinics, auction blocks, homesteads and the Faelanic embassy, all enclosed within thick, heavy walls with two gateways in and out of the outpost. The outer rim of the settlement is encircled by parkland consisting of foliage imported from the homeworld and altered to suit the new climate, and which provides rest and relaxation purposes to the settlement. The architectural style - known as ‘Grand Imperial’ to the Faelanii - is notably unusual compared to many species love of towering structures of glass and steel. The Faelanii favour the use of organic designs and materials, giving their structures the appearance of intricately carved bone and flesh, which many consider disquieting. Indeed the structures themselves are “grown” rather than built by using a form of biomechanical coral obeying a structural template imputed through it's growth nodes, which it will attempt to build using the raw resources available to it - usually delivered by the Faelanii to the building site - with it's biomass, that gradually ossifies into technologically advanced polymers, bioalloys and ceramo-plastics with the texture of bone. As a result of this the Faelanic outpost is a deeply alien settlement, with colours ranging from beige white to rust red, a factor which would make it stand out more if it wasn't surrounded by a dense canopy of woodland the settlement grew to enhance personal privacy of it’s customers.

Faeruhnis Scyth is not a military facility, and as such it contains only light defensive systems to protect the community from ground based and aerial attacks, with only two main buildings constructed with anti-aircraft weapons to defend the settlement. The outpost contains a garrison of between twenty to thirty soldiers organised into night and day watch, and who’s duties primarily consist of maintaining law and order in the settlement itself rather than as a professional military attaché. Nevertheless they have been outfitted with equipment necessary to defend against possible attacks and would pose a formidable threat if engaged. Some individual Faelanii residents have also arranged personal bodyguards, drawn from the ranks of their servant races such as the Formaer and Cnámh-Apa, but these are not outfitted to a professional degree like the official outpost guards.

Beneath the earth the Faelanic settlement maintains a considerable hidden network of tunnels, basements, storage sites and advanced fusion power plant dedicated towards the maintenance of the settlements biotech facilities and chattel. More discrete transhumanist augmentations take place here, as well as being where the heart of the Faelanii’s information gathering operations in Liu Xiu is located. A final addition consists of the hangar bay, which contains two shuttle craft for off-world and aerial transportation of important individuals, as well as the emergency evacuation of all residents.

PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2017 4:08 pm
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the applications, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Outpost application of The Faelanic Quietude. Welcome to Liu Xiu.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:34 am
by Delta Dominion
From the office of the Dominion Council
A formal request for an enclave

Enclave Or Outpost: Enclave
Nation Name: The Delta Dominion
Name of Enclave/Outpost: Nea Monda
Location of Enclave/Outpost: Jiwao surface
Description of your Claim: This enclave should be a city sized area that represents some of the things the Dominion does best; it would be a dense area that's carefully designed, with few things looking organic, and rather, every inch of the city being planned out carefully well ahead of its construction, by some of the best architects in the nation. And like all Dominion engineering projects, this one serves a defined purpose. Well, more than one. First, to be a trade zone and expand the Dominion's economic profile while allowing Dominion traders to journey further from their homes and have somewhere permanent to stay. It's also here to give the political class in the Dominion a place to relax in luxury, away from the prying eyes of the press. Of course, there's enough of a residential area too to keep the commercial part of the city running. The city has just about everything you'd need, all contained into a very dense and small area, in typical Dominion fashion.

Despite the Dominion not having many land holdings, the state is very capable of constructing cities if given an environment that's workable, which is why Jiwao was chosen as the location. The city is divided into three districts with an administrative center at the middle that is reserved for some of the elite names in Deltan politics, those who are among the Council. That area, marked by the towering Nea Monda Spire that serves as an office and meeting space, stands at the center of three triangular shaped parts of the city. The First District is the home of trade and home of the starport and is slightly larger than the other two. The Second District is home to the Commercial District, which itself is home to not just retail but to many high class clubs and casinos, frequented by the rich inhabitants of the city. The Third District is the residential one, where almost all of the citizens live with a high quality of living. Most other things, such as city administration, can be found in the City Center. Tourism, of course, is welcome in this city, with the spaceport generally being busy at all hours with traders and tourists coming in and out.

The most notable thing in the First District is the Port of Nea Monda, the large spaceport that is the second largest one in the Dominion behind the famous Monda Prime spaceport. In typical Dominion fashion, it's not built out... It's built up, with a towering structure that's both wide and tall, that makes use of elevators placed in strategic locations to facilitate getting around it. The actual structure is shaped like a box at the bottom and like a pyramid at the top, with the east and west ends being the ones with openings for starcraft to enter and exit. Typically, the facility operates with two lanes, with one lane entering and the other lane exiting.

That spaceport is also built right next door to the DeltCorp Building, one of the higher class offices belonging to the official trading company of the Delta Dominion, which has its majority shares owned by the government. The DeltCorp Building is possibly the fourth most well known landmark here behind the spire, the spaceport and the casino. The DeltCorp Building at Nea Monda is the largest office for the company outside of Monda Prime, and is shaped like a large concrete octagon.

The Second District also has the very notable tourist attraction of the city, the Dominion Casino. This building abandons the traditional brutalist architecture of the Dominion and embraces a flowing design, with the entire building modeled after the waves. Owned by former Monda Minor gangster Dominic Skell, the Casino is one of the most visited places in Nea Monda and attracts many faces ranging from tourists to famous figures within the Dominion looking to have a little fun with their vices while staying out of the massive cities of Monda Prime and Monda Minor and all of the pressure that comes with showing up there. This place doesn't have too many media types... And that's why Nea Monda has become not just a trade hub, but a hub of the elite, where closed door business happens more or less in the open.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:09 am
by Vocenae
After careful consideration and thorough review of the applications, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has voted to approve the Enclave application of the Delta Dominion. Welcome to Liu Xiu.