Shazbotdom Emperor Restates Official Position

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Shazbotdom Emperor Restates Official Position

Postby Shazbotdom » Tue May 05, 2009 6:54 pm

Shazbotdom News Network

Reported By: Ryan O'Hara
In a startling report today from the Shazbotdom Imperial Palace, the Supreme Emperor has restated his position on several matters of key importance that have been going on around the world.

The New Chalcedon Incident
This news came on the eve of news that 20 Shazbotdom Marines from various branches of the Armed Forces are to be deployed into the Allied Nation of New Chalcedon during its horrific Civil War. There is also a rumor of an Emergency Bill being drafted within the Imperial Parliament to authorize the full military mobilization of more than 500,000 Shazbotdom Marines into the Allied Nation of New Chalcedon in an effort to bring an end to this bloody conflict and secure the current, legal regime as ruler of the country.

A Press release issued by the Imperial Palace stated, "The matters of our allies are of the highest concern of the Empire. This civil war has raised the concern of descent amongst the people of New Chalcedon, of whom have gone through so much already with this conflict. The Shazbotdom Empire will come to the aid of her allies abroad to help restore peace and prosperity within their own boarders, but also within nations that have asked for the help of the Empire and her allies."

The Delviran Occupation
Within the Press Release it also touched on the current occupational forces of the Shazbotdom Empire within the former Federation of Delvira. Where not only two HAVOC Battlegroups (502 Ships) are stationed, but also a rather large number of Shazbotdom Marines (738,013). The Imperial Palace issued that the occupation will continue, but there are hopes that it will end sooner than expected.

The press release went on to say, "The current Occupation of the former Federation of Delvira will continue. Although we here within the Shazbotdom Imperial Palace, as well as our counterparts within the Imperial Parliament, hope that democracy will be restored within Delvira sooner rather than later and those who attempted to cause terrorist activities against the Marine Corps base within Delvira will be brought to stand trial. The current timetable that we have drafted up will push for the occupation to be completed within the next 7 months, to have democracy restored, and to have all unnecessary combat personnel withdrawn while leaving the permanent Marine Corps force as dictated by the treaty signed between the Empire and the Delviran leadership that surrendered to us."

Miscellaneous Stances
News from the Imperial Palace has stated that the Supreme Emperor has reaffirmed his position on several other key issues. The ‘Fair Living Wage Act’, which is currently sitting in Committee right now, is due to come up for a vote within the next few weeks while the ‘Copywrite Extension Act’, which is also in Committee, will be due to come up for a vote sometime late next month.

The press release continued on with, “The ability for the people of the Shazbotdom Empire to pursue a fair living without the ability for corporations to pay them less than what is necessary for the basic survival of the family unit is seen as unlawful and inhumane by the Imperial Government. Thus we feel that we should step in with this small, but necessary, piece of legislation to help protect the workers of Shazbotdom.”

On the note of the ‘Copywrite Extension Act’, it goes on to state, “Those who have lawfully done the specified paperwork for Copywrites within the Shazbotdom Empire have all the right to keep what they have invented proprietary if they feel that they need to. With the old Copywrite Laws dated back more than 60 years to one of the older administrations; the current administration, along with the Imperial Parliament, feels that a rewrite of the laws is necessary; Especially when the old law doesn’t specify the technological advances that have occurred over the past 60 years.”

Other Issues
No word yet has come out of the Imperial Palace about the status of the Commonwealth of Independent Nations and about the future of the organization as it pertains to the Shazbotdom Empire, but speculation from here at SNN suggests that the Empire will not withdraw at all during this time of uncertainty.
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