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Operation Nordsturm: War in the North (MT-Open)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:56 am
by Xianlong

People of the Xianlong Empire!

The Imperial Government has been instructed by His Highness, our Emperor Aurelius III, to announce to our people, our allies, and the world, of the decision to stake steps to curb the violent and aggressive moves of our northern neighbour, Uitland.

For fifty years the Empire has lived in an uneasy peace with the Uitlanders, skirmishing regularly with bands of warriors sent to test their mettle against Xianese bullets.

The Xianlong Empire has always respected their courage and resilience, and has never infringed upon their territory. The cold, icebound expanses of their country have never been successfully occupied, and their martial culture is much like our own and deserves respect.

However, in light of the chemical weapon attack launched three days ago upon the village of Yondheim, seven miles inside Imperial territory, the Xianlong Empire has no choice but to respond with force. The Uitland Coalition has since claimed responsibility for the eradication of Yondheim, and now openly calls for a Pyhaan Sotaan, or Holy War, on us.

To this end the Imperial Armed Forces High Command has instigated Operation Nordsturm.

This will be a limited ground offensive into Uitland, aimed at preventing them from perpetrating another atrocity on the citizens of the Empire.

The Xianlong Empire wishes to avoid killing those who have done no wrong to her.

To all peace-loving people of Uitland: Remain in your homes. Think of your families. The Imperial Army seeks only to punish those who thirst for our blood. If you turn a weapon on us, you shall be destroyed. If you remain peaceful and friendly, your lives and personal properties shall not be harmed.

To the Uitland Coalition: your time is coming to an end. Send as many terrorists as you wish, we will not be cowed. Use all the poison gas you have, the Imperial Army and the Imperial Will cannot be stopped. Flee to your snowy refuges in the Arctic mountains, Imperial Justice will find you. Look to your Gods, for soon you shall meet them.

To all other nations: If you want to aid us, you are welcome to contact the Foreign Ministry for more information on Uitland and its’ difficult terrain and politics.

Do not stand in our way. The Xianlong Empire will not be denied her vengeance.



PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:00 pm
by Newne Thernania
dear leader was soaking in the tub, with plenty of bubbles. a knock on the door was heard. " sorry to disturb you, but xianlong has launched operation nordstrum." he moaned he always had to do his duty when the one time he didn't want to. " i'll be right there, contact general ol spice."
" yes sir"

PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 4:44 pm
by Xianlong

PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 5:54 pm
by Rhemaland

Earlier today, we received word that the XIanlong Empire has opened military action against Uitland and her people, their neighboring country. Our news team, committed to bringing you the most up-to-date news in the nation caught up to President Bushard and Speaker Silineas to get their statements on the situation in the Xianlong Empire. Speaker Silineas' statement can be seen below. President Bushard wished to make no comment at this time.

Speaker Silineas: "It is a travesty that war plagues this world in which we live. Much like here in Rhemaland, nations are fighting against nations, hell, nations are at war with themselves. President Bushard has left this nation no alternative than to declare a Civil War against her tyrannical ways. That was 15 years ago that the Civil War began. Due to my extreme patriotism, I refuse to kill the President. But President Bushard is locked away on the penile stretch of Rhemaland, a desolate and isolated place, far away from her former compound in Rhema Center. The people continue to look to me to lead this great nation. The Civil War over. The rebels have won. Some call me President Silineas. I choose to observe President Bushard as my President, but not as my leader. I am the highest level of authority in this nation, however, and will react to "Operation Nordstrum" as follows: I will arrange a task meeting with the leader of the Xianlong Empire and myself here in Rhema Center. This is a neutral ground and the leader of Uitland is welcome to attend as well. We will discuss these recent incidents and respond accordingly. No military will be mobilized at this time. Rhemaland will NOT choose a side in this skirmish until our demands have been met. Failure on the part of the Xianlong Empire will result in a swift military strike at the borders of Uitland and the Xianlong Empire in which a Rhemaland military outpost will be established to keep peace and order until our demands have been met. Any military strike against the people of Rhemaland will result in the use of deadly force."

PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 1:50 am
by Xianlong
Extract from the War Diary of the 7th Army:

16.10.2014- Eastern Sector

23rd Infantry Rgt., backed by Tiger MBTs, broke through Uitland Coalition defenders after 2 hours of fierce resistance along Highway 3. UC 4th Militia routed, unknown enemy infantry regiment and armoured forces pushed down Highway 3 to Dusseborg. The men of the 23rd made several attacks on the town, and gained a foothold in the eastern outskirts by late afternoon.

Imperial bombing raids strike the capital of the UC, Kligenthal. Several aircraft lost to AA.

34th Armoured and 11th Infantry Rgts. advanced north east of Highway 7, fighting hard against enemy medium tanks, Losses higher than predicted, probably due to the proficiency of Uitlander irregulars and their IEDs. Halted at the Druisler Park exit due to enemy air attacks and an unexpectedly strong defensive network sitting parallel to the road.

8th Imperial Guard Rgt inserted by helicopter into the thick forest of Druisler Park, where heavy fighting continues.

Bridge over the Frosthold river captured intact but damaged. Repairs are underway under fire. Advance units of the 47th Infantry Rgt. are on the far side, also under sustained attack. The bridge cannot yet bear the weight of any armour.

In summary, the 7th Army has accomplished most of its' objectives for the first day of the eastern flank of the campaign. Significant thrusts northward have been achieved, and although the 34th Armoured failed to cut the road and rail link at Musul, the Coalition suffered a major setback on Highway 3, forcing them to divert reserves towards Dusseborg and away from the important communications and transport hub of Musul. General Zeitzler believes that Musul can be captured within the next 24 hours.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 3:25 am
by Union of Independant Republics
Valdosoiki, Union of indepdendent republics
October 17

the president was enjoying a game of chess with an advisor when a young man entered the room witha folder under one arm.
"Mr President I have urgent news a border instant between two nations has occurred and is quickly escalating that may spark a local conflict and another nation has intervened as a mediator here are the field reports" the young man handed the president the folder and backed away
The president looked at the report's and noticed that it was Uitland who fired the first shots and had used chemical weapons against a non military target. The president look up and said "you get me the generals we have a war to plan"
2 hours later
Inside the presidental news room

Surrounded by news reporters the president began his speech
"this kind of international terrorism must be stopped at all costs the use of chemical weapons against a non military target is an act of war against all sovereign states and I will use all of our forces to prevent these maniacs from harming us or another sovereign nation and thus I am deploying the 44th armored battalion and in 92nd armored infantry brigade to provide peacekeeping operations inside both countries to prevent any further escalations between these nations any attempt to harm our soldiers will result in war and the full might of our army will be despatched to fight you that is all ladies and gentlemen"

PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 3:31 am
by Xianlong
The Xianlong Empire welcomes the aid of any and all nations in this time of trial. The UIR shall shortly be receiving an up to date intel file courtesy of the IIB, in order to plan her attack accordingly.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 5:42 am
by Virdalonja
Official communique of the Empire of Virdalonja

Addressing the belligerants of this conflict,

Due to the unprovoked use of chemical weapons on a civilian target this conflict has caught the attention of the Emperor.

The Imperium is also committed to the eradication of religious extremism and has taken note of Uitland's call for a 'Holy War'. This folly will be stopped by the Imperium.

While not offering direct military assistance unless provoked, the Imperium will commit itself to the following actions:

1- A peacekeeping force will be deployed to the city of Musul.
2- Refugee camps will be set up at Mosul for those fleeing this conflict.
3- Offers of permanent asylum in the Imperial Province of the Iyanrinigbo Islands for refugees.

Should Imperial Forces come under attack by any nation involved in this conflict,without a swift resolution in a 24 hour period a state of war will exist between the Imperium and the aggressor. The Emperors Fury will descend upon this conflict should this occur, which is something that must be avoided for the sake of all nations present.

In the name of the Emperor,


Wilhelm Gottlieb, Imperial Minister for Foreign Relations

the Emperor protects

PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2014 4:18 pm
by Xianlong
Musul, Hjarmak Province, Uitland

Sergeant Adam Irvin, NCO in the 88th Motorized Infantry Regiment, the infamous "Marxburg Rifles"' stumbled across the garden, bullets cracking the air around him. He rolled behind a burning UC tank, raising his StA-52 and firing a single shot that sent a Coalition soldier sprawling backwards with his face a mess of red.

Irvin's squad pressed forward through the neighbouring houses, exchanging volleys with the defending Uitlanders. Trooper Petrs fired two short bursts into a trio of enemy soldiers who had been attempting to clear a jammed MG, killing two. Sergeant Irvin ran past their still-twitching bodies. The last Coalition soldier was struggling for his pistol, so Irvin shot him in the head. He crouched against a smashed wall, waving his soldiers on. Imperial ground attack fighters screamed out of the leaden sky, dropping cluster bombs on the UC defenses.

The bunker across the road from Irvin's men went up in the air, raining concrete over the road. Sergeant Irvin sprinted over the road along with several soldiers. Corporal Grissom, the StA-44 gunner, blasted the stunned enemy with sustained fire from behind a wall. Troopers Filotov and Branson charged into the trenches, wiping out several more enemies with short, sharp bursts of assault rifle fire and grenades. Irvin led his men onwards.

Trooper Wikman fell with an Uitlander bullet in his brain, mask shattered and red with blood. Irvin returned fire, eliminating a dug in anti tank gun with a well-placed grenade. Tiger tanks moved along the roads, firing their heavy cannons. The Coalition used copies of last-generation Xianese weapons, and had few tanks that could stand up to the Imperial Army's standar MBT. Four Tigers rumbled to the main crossroads in front of the train station. One fired its gun with a shattering crash, and an answering pillar of flame and smoke leapt skyward from an enemy tank sitting in the wreckage of a gift shop. APCs rolled up, MGs spitting, and disgorged groups of Xianese infantry.

Sergeant Irvin, who had lost two more men helping to clear the remaining houses to the north, broke into the main station with several other squads two hours later. Supported by Tiger 899 "Christine", which rammed its way through the doors, they forced regular Coalition Army forces, who in turn were backed up by Militia, to give it up after three further bloody hours.

Extract from the War Diary of the 7th Army:

Eastern Sector

Dusseborg captured. UCA 74th Infantry broken again, sent fleeing down Highway 3. 4th Militia dispersed into the surrounding countryside to continue fighting-this is a common Uitlander practice. Countermesures must be carefully considered, as part of the population in Hjarmak is known to be sympathetic to the Xianlong Empire. For the moment, security is tightened in all occupied areas.

34th Armour, along with accompanying infantry regiments, captured Musul, surrounding two UC regiments north of it.

Imperial raids on Kligenthal continue.

Bridge over Frosthold destroyed. Elements of the 47th stranded on the far side.

Fighting continuing in Druisler Park.

Musul has been captured, cutting a vital link in the UC infrastructure. The reinforcements pulled from Musul to bolster Dusseborg failed to arrive in time, and have pulled further back. Our forces have performed well, as expected. But resistance will only stiffen as we push further north. Our troops crossed the snow line, and the rest of the fighting will take place in frozen conditions. General Zeitzler is so far satisfied. The 47th will have to build a ponrtoon bridge as soon as possible, or they will lose their comrades trapped on the enemy side.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2014 4:35 pm
by Leocardia
Leocardia declares war.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2014 5:21 pm
by Xianlong
Intelligence File CZS-15543-B

To: Union of Independant Republics Intelligence
From: Imperial Intelligence Bureau

Uitland and her People

Uitland is a large nation to the north of the Xianlong Empire, and has an aggressive warrior culture comparable to the Xianese philosophy known as the Imperial Will. For hundreds of years, the independant nature of the provinces of Uitland has seen constant strife between the Empire and them.

The Government of Uitland is the Coalition, which is composed of the biggest and most powerful regions, who rule over the varied peoples in it. the government is often fractured into power blocs, who struggle constantly to gain the upper hand.

Every region of Uitland has both local Militia forces, who make up vast numbers of light irregular troops, and uniformed regulars with armour and aircraft.

Uitlands strategies focus mainly on extensive use of guerrilla and ambush tactics. The independence of her regions means that each militia unit can function long after contact with the central Coalition has been lost.

The terrain of Uitland is divided between vast forests, snowy plains, and artic wasteland. Only the southernmost region, Hjarmak, is not permanently under a thick layer of snow and ice. The coalition capital, Kiligenthal, is partially built into Mount Hjell in the frozen Arctic north.

The region of Hjarmak is known to have a significant number of pro-Imperial people.

Their main religion is known as Pyhaan Sotaan, or holy war. This simply means that the act of war itself is holy,not that they are fighting on the behalf of any god. It makes for a very dangerous opponent.

Note from IIB:

If you wish to attempt a peacekeeper force, the Xianlong Empire will not purposefully engage them. And the Uitland Coalition will probably agree not to, also. But be forewarned; the Coalition central government and army have little control over the Militia. The Militia will probably attack any foreign troops on their soil, regardless of what Kligenthal orders. So make sure your peacekeepers don't leave all their guns at home.

IIB Northern Section, Uitland Desk.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:00 am
by Union of Independant Republics
UIR High command
To all UIR Combat forces

to all forces there seems to have been a major communications leak.
At 01800 hours yesterday word of our troop movements were intercepted and stolen from our recon teams. All forces operateing inside Uitland are to proccde with extreme caution. All forces will have access to air support for the campaign.

UIR 44th Armored battalion and 92nd armored infantry brigade
Entering the northern part of Uitland

as the tanks rolled through and infantry began sweeping the area there was a deep silence as both tanks and Men begin crossing over the only bridge that connected the borders of these countries. using the forest That surrounded the hills it appeared that an ambush was going to be set and that do UIR troops were going to be caught in it.instead of being regular militia soldiers these were highly trained military soldiers a big difference compared to miltias that the intel reports had described.
about a half an hour after all forces entered the nation of Uitland they came under heavy fire from both hillsides.
as soldiers rush to their positions with bullets whizzing past them and tanks opening up with their main guns the ambush was perfect cutting off all means of escape forcing the troops to make a stand waiting for air support to arrive. the intelligence reports were wrong they were facing off against a whole army.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2014 3:15 pm
by Xianlong
Imperial Armed Forces High Command Report

Operation Nordsturm, Day 3

Most of High Command's objectives for the first phase of the operation have been captured. Musul and Dusseborg have been captured. The enemy surrounded to the north of Musul have been compressed into an ever-shrinking pocket, and are not expected to last much longer.

Druisler Park has been all but cleared. The remnants of the Militia defending it have been driven into the open plains to the east, where they have been under constant air attack ever since.

Militia attacks around Dusseborg.

Imperial raids increase on Kligenthal. The oil storage to the west of the city has been hit, and rivers of burning oil are setting many new fires. Damage is reported to be severe.

UIR forces have entered Uitland through the north. The frozen forests are infested with UC militia and regular troops, and elements of the Republics army has already been attacked. Imperial ground attack fighters have been dispatched to help.

The 47th has been taking increasingly heavy losses on the far side of the river. 70th Infantry and 11th Armoured regiment moved to reinforce them.

The Uitland Coalition is recovering, and we expect a counterattack within the next 24 hours, towards either Musul or Highway 3.Our forces have ordered to dig in immediately, and prepare for defence.

Colonel-General Samuel Lynott
Imperial Army Intelligence

The endless forests blurred beneath them as the Five ground attack fighters raced towards the scene of the attack. Captain Lyon armed his cluster bombs with a flick of his hand.

He switched his radio to all frequencies, ensuring that the UIR could hear him.

"All UIR forces, this is the Imperial Air Force. We are coming to support you. Do not fire on us. I repeat; do not fire on us."

With that, he dropped the clusters. The explosions rippled along the hills, tearing many attackers to shreds.

"Damn right, Uitlanders! Some Imperial pills for you!" Lyon yelled, banking his aircraft and firing off a stream of cannon shells into the scattered enemy. His flight dived into the attack, giving the United troops time to react.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:26 am
by Arvenia
New Oxford, Arvenia
Arvenia declares war on Xianlong. Arvenia will send 40,000 troops to protect territories invaded by Xianese forces. Bombing campaigns, spying campaigns, invasion campaigns and protection campaigns will be conducted by the Arvenian military.

Northern Uitland
6 hours later, the Arvenian military arrives to the northern part of Uitland to aid the Uitlanders. The military will settle down military bases, patrol in territories, launch espionage from air and conduct military exercises.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:38 am
by Xianlong
Message to the Arvenian government:

The Xianese government will not back down from our campaign. We believe that our cause is just, and our actions vindicated. If you wish to continually meddle in our affairs, then you shall feel the full weight of Imperial wrath.

Xianese Imperial Government

Message to the Empire of Virdalonja

The Xianlong Empire welcomes your efforts to end the use of chemical weapons against our people. However, we will not discontinue our military action until the current Government of the Uitland Coalition has been destroyed. We have taken the city of Musul, but you are welcome to set up refugee camps there, and offer repatriation to your territory for any citizen that wills it. As we have already stated, the Imperial Army have no quarrel with the peace-loving people of Uitland. HIMG have no quarrel with your people, either.

Imperial Foreign Ministry

Extract from the War Diary of the 7th Army:

The 47th Infantry Rgt has been withdrawn from the bridgehead. Losses are heavy, and it will take several days for them to be resupplied.

The Uitlander Coalition has not launched their expected attack as of yet, but intelligence has confirmed that they are readying for it, probably to the north of Musul, in an attempt to extricate their forces encircled there. The encircled UC men are short of ammo and exhausted, and will be dead or POWs within 12 hours.

Increasing Militia activity. 11 men killed in a bomb attack on the Killar-Musul road.

Preparations for Operation Arktis Stern are almost completed.



We, the Uitlanders, refuse to accept the interference of either the Xianese dogs or the Arvenian jackals. Any foreign invader will be attacked with all our might and resisted till the last drop of blood! We make this declaration without consultation with the Coalition government-these are our lands, and the people will fight with or without their support.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 12:49 pm
by Union of Independant Republics
UIR 44th armored battalion and 92nd armored infantry brigade
Deep inside northern uitland
Field reports

the 44th armored battalion has suffered minimal losses and only lost 35 men and 5 tanks
The 92nd armored infantry brigade suffered higher losses of around 500 men and 5 armored transports.
When the Xianlong bombers obilterated the forces that had surrounded the battlgroup a sigh of relief could be heard.
The battlegroup would be attacking a military compound and nearby city
Air support will begin strategic bombing of the city.
15 strategic bombers entered Uitland air space at 01500 hours and began a massive bombardment of the city.
The battlegroup would begin its assault shortly.

from UIR high command
To the Xianese government
Regarding: Unidenitfied hostiles to the north east

it appears that foreign soldiers have entered the nation in an attempt to stop both of our countries from achieving a peace that this region so desperately needs. we have the 1st army which consists of 5000 tanks 250,000 men 250 command and logistical vehicles 500 artillery 200 mobile bases and one Strategic Command Center ready to enter the northern part of the country the 44th armored battalion and the 92nd armored infantry brigade will be attacking all villages and towns near the military facilities until we can coordinate an attack on the capital thank you for your support signed general Vladimir Zhukov

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 2:31 pm
by Xianlong
Imperial Armed Forces High Command Report:

UIR forces have cleared the approaches to the Coalition's military base codenamed Base Sython, which is just outside the city of the same name. Our bombers have switched to bombing Sython, but have been opposed by increasing Uitlander fighters cover.

Above Sython, the Uitlander aircraft have been attacking the UIR bombers as well.

To :UIR High Command
From: Imperial Armed Forces High Command

To our gallant allies,

At this time we are unsure of either the number or the identity of these foreign troops. But we will also engage them, when we meet them.

Your forces face at least 130,000 Coatition regular troops and up to 200,000 a militia irregulars in the north east, plus an unknown number of foreign troops.

We are planning an operation on the northeastern coast, and will soon be in a situation to aid you directly.

Northern Uitland, UIR battlegroups.

In the frozen wastes around Sython the UIR forces advanced, moving through violent snowstorms. The defending regular soldiers of the UC have been digging in, fortifying AT guns and tanks in the outskirts whilst digging trenches for their troops.

The advancing UIR column was suddenly hit from both sides, rifle fire chattering from snowdrifts. Petrol bombs arced through the air, exploding on top of the tanks. Four UC tanks, Archer A12s, fired from behind a curtain of heavy snow. These were militia troops, buying time for their comrades to dig deeper.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:10 pm
by Union of Independant Republics
battlegroup1 (44th armored battalion and 92nd armored infantry brigade)
Nearing sython
Field report

After a Uitland ambush on our position we wiped out 15 A-T gun and destroyed 5 tanks. We have captured 100 prisoners and have encountered regular Uitlandese army troops.
They have fortified the city with M-G nests and A-T positions. All attempts to bomb the city from the air have met fierce resistance.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:24 pm
by Xianlong
Imperial Armed Forces High Command Report NS4-778M


The Uitland Coalition 77th, 11th, and 5th Infantry regiments have launched a limited counterattack on the approaching UIR forces, concentrating their efforts on the 92nd Armoured Infantry. At least three regiments of militia are also in the area, preparing to disperse amongst the civilian population and begin guerrilla activities.

The storm has increased in strength, grounding all air forces.

Artillery stationed to the west of Sython have been firing on the UIR forces since they came into range.


A counterattack has been launched, as expected, on the Imperial forces encircling the remaining Uitlanders north of the city. The 78th Armoured regiment has lost so far 10 Tigers, 23 IA-82 APCs, and 5 Imperator heavy tanks.

The 90th Motorized Infantry Regiment has also lost 154 men, as well as 15 IA-82s defending Butler Hill, the position the enemy must take if they are to reach the pocket. Trooper Gideon Welles has particularly distinguished himself during the first hours of fighting, and is hereby recommended for the Iron Cross, Second Class.

The encircling Imperial forces have made it as far as Freibor, a village only 8 miles from the command post of the encircled Uitlander forces.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:28 pm
by Union of Independant Republics
UIR battlegroup-1
44th armored battalion and 92nd armored infantry brigade
Fighting near sython
Field report

With intense artillery bombardment from the west and with the storm getting worse
Heavy fighting has begun for the bridge that leads to the main part of the city.
With the enemy focusing their efforts against the 92nd infantry brigade the 44th has launched a full strike against the flanks of the city in an effort to relieve the pressure on the 92nd who have reported heavy losses attempting to destory a Uitland radio tower surronded by trenches.
With air support grounded the 44th must rely on their 450 T-100 ogre tanks plus their infantry escorts to liberate the 92nd. The 92nd is slowly being encircled and have lost all of their armor support due to Uitland anti armor weapons.
casualties are between 1, 200 and 1, 000 men for the 92nd infantry brigade.
The 44th has lost 120 men and 50 tanks.

UIR Battlegroup-2
1st Army
Heading to reinforce the 44th and 92nd
13 miles from sython
the 1st army had received new orders
They were to help the 44th and the 92nd attack sython while the Xianlong troops would prevent an attack from the north east. The 1st army began setting its artillery up for bombarment of uitlandese positions. While the forword elements of the army would begin a plan to flank the city from the east and west forceing the city to surrender. The military base would be the first target before the army split apart to surround the city.

UIR high command
To Xianlong chain of command
Regarding sython

All of our forces are currently engaged with uitlandese soldiers and have prepared a siege against sython. Since the 1st army is being pulled away from the north east and redricted to sython. If any troops can be spared untill we send in the 4th and 5th shock armys to the north east.
General Valdimer zhukov

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 11:18 am
by Xianlong

Uitlander 55th Militia regiment has detonated explosives on the bridge leading into the main part of the city, partially collapsing it. Infantry can cross with difficulty, but armour cannot. Coalition army troops scrambled to counter, raining machine-gun fire on the assaulting UIR forces. At the Bolsom radio tower, a mixture of Uitlander regulars and militia resisted fiercely, firing their MGs until they were red-hot. A squad of Coalition Army troops in the first trench-line, led by a massive sergeant, refused to give even an inch.

“Fight on! Fight on!” He screamed, rising above the trench lip and firing a burst from his rifle into the assaulting enemy. One of his men fell back with a bullet in his eye. The sergeant roared in anger as one of his men wavered. He smacked the man in the face, pushing him back into line. He slipped in the snow as the wind howled, blowing flurries of snow around them. Rifles spat bullets into the attackers as shells landed amongst them.

The UC troops in the area have pushed around the 92nd, and are only one mile from encircling them. They have however slowed due to UIR pressure elsewhere in the city, and are unlikely to be able to close the gap.

The assault from the 44th is mostly opposed by Militia. These men have been pushed back through the suburbs into the built up neighbourhood of Ooitspaad. They have blown up the high-rises there, turning the area into a sea of rubble which is passable only with difficulty. Men with rocket launchers and heavy MGs have been rushed into the area, and now infest the area like ants. This is their specialty, and will only be dislodged with difficulty.

The storm is continuing. Visibility has been reduced to zero, and fighting will soon have to cease due to the cold, the wind, and the snow.

Further Coalition forces have been moving through the storms towards Sython.

UIR 1st Army has been attacked in the rear by Uitlander militia, who use civilians as cover to hide. They have attacked bridges, ammo dumps, and UIR columns. This is an effort to slow the enemy.

Uitlander casualties between 1,200 and 1,600 men, and around 300 tanks and armoured vehicles.

Port Gjralmor, Uitland Northeast Coast

The frozen seas had calmed enough, thank the Emperor. The operation would have been called off otherwise. Heavy air attacks had been hitting Gjralmor for the past ten hours, and now the second part of the Xianese invasion began.

Operation Arktis Stern was designed to take pressure off the forces in Hjarmak, and to link up with the UIR forces aiding the Xianlong Empire.

One hundred landing craft, under covering fire from cruisers offshore, deposited Imperial infantry along a thin slice of terrain in the port itself.

Trooper Zeigler shot the UC captain with his StA-52 at the same moment the Tiger crashed through the wall, burying the man’s body in a pile of bricks. Zeigler ran forward, taking cover behind the remains of the wall. Uitlander fire was heavy, killing three of his comrades as they tried to join him in cover. Zeigler sighted down the holographic sights of his weapon, firing a series of tight three-round bursts that dropped two of his foes in the snow.

More Imperial soldiers pushed on through the streets, but could not penetrate any further than the outer docks. The port was an important logistical base, and was heavily defended.

Zeigler kicked the door open, charging into the office. The grenade he had thrown had killed two men. He fired a long burst down the hall, blowing large bloody holes in the remaining enemies in the building. Crossing the building, he crouched under the window and pointed his StA-52 out the window, firing several bursts at the UC infantry. He caught one man in the chest, killing him. His body fell against a burnt-out café wall. Trooper Zeigler reloaded as Tigers moved along the road, cannons roaring. A Xianese soldier, advancing with the tanks, waved a large Imperial flag to urge his comrades on.


Imperial Soldiers during Operation Arktis Stern

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:33 pm
by Union of Independant Republics
UIR battlegroup-1
92nd armored infantry brigade and the 44th armored battalion
Fighting in sython
Field reports

The storm was beginning to halt the 44ths attempt to liberate the 92nd. The 92nd has suffered massive amounts of casualties and has pulled away from the Uitlandese Radio tower with minimal success. The 44th is heavily engaged in the neighborhood of Ooitsspaad and have engaged uitlandese anti armor teams which have prevented the T-100 's from effectively pushing forwards.

Excerpts from Valdimer nogovich's Personal journal
Page one:
"All attempts to liberate the 92nd have met heavy resistance and have caused many good men to die. I lost three of my best friends to uitlandese M-G fire and this storm isnt helping. We really need the 1st army to reinforce our forces."

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:49 pm
by Xianlong

UIR infantry has been exchanging fire with Uitlander forces in Ooitspaad, trying to clear the area for their tanks. UC AT teams have taken losses, but are continually being reinforced by Militia soldiers armed with petrol bombs. The fighting is extremely confused now, both forces cloaked by heavy snow whipped up to a fury by high winds and artillery fire.

The fighting in the rest of the city his eased off due to sub-zero temperatures. UC 77th and 62nd Infantry regiments have now encircled the UIR 92nd brigade, but only just. A firm thrust by the 92nd should break back through. The radio tower now broadcasts, via loudspeakers, hateful taunts at the enemy. "Come, Foreigner scum! Come to Uitland to die! We will melt your flesh and grind your bones!" It rings eerily through the frozen air.


The Coalition Army, against all odds, has opened a thin corridor to the scattered remains of the Uitlander forces to the north of the city. Imperial Army soldiers are furiously trying to close it.

Port Gjralmor

Standstill. Imperial forces have not been able widen their foothold, and have even come under counterattacks.


Xianese Imperial Army Troopers fighting to the north of Musul, South Uitland

To: UIR Command
From: General Gregor von Mathis, Commander of the 19th Army, on behalf of the Imperial Armed Forces High Command

To our allies,
We have been following your assault on the enemy city with interest. In order to split the Uitland Coalition Arctic Army and weaken their defence of these areas, the Imperial Army has launched Operation Arktis Stern. We have engaged the enemy, and once we have gained a foothold, we will strike southwest along the river Talmar (this is the river that crosses through Sython). We are 97 miles away from you once we capture the port. The High Command suggests that our two armies can meet along the northern shore of Talmar, if your soldiers can capture Sython first. Do not attempt to strike northeast while the enemy hold this city. And, as always, beware of the militia.

IIB agents in Kligenthal and beyond have begun getting reports of Coalition higher-ups urging to use their chemical weapons on our forces. You are advised to use caution-if the decision is made to use them against us, they will do so regardless of the consequences.

General von Mathis, 19th Army Commander


PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:15 pm
by Union of Independant Republics
UIR Battlegroup-1
92nd armored infantry brigade and the 44th armored battalion
Fighting in sython
Field reports

The 92nd has been surrounded and has struggled for the last three hours to break the uitlandese encirclement. All initial attempts to break through failed. But due to the increaseing cover of the storm the 92nd has a chance to pull out of the city and rendezvous with the 1st Army.

Private Yuri pretchano fired his A-K12 at an uitlandese solider who fell into the snow." Move up" he said as he fired into the dark while his squadmates could be seen from their gun flashes as the snowstorm covered the 92nds advance out of uitlandese lines.
After sighting a trench he fixed his bayonet on his rife and jumped into the trench and slowly advanced behind a uitlandese solider who turned and got a bayonet to the neck. "All squads move forward and capture the command post....we need a place to spend the night..before the storm getts worse." As he said that a uitlandese soldier opened fie on his position forcing him to take cover.

The 44th was having a hard time clearing this part of sython five tanks had been destoryed by uitlandese militia and Anti-tank teams. The infantry escorts were having a hard time fighting from house to house in an attempt to clear the neighborhood for the whole battalion to enter. Two T-100's opened fire with their main guns on an apartment complex that had prevented the infantry from advancing. The storm was forcing all troops to camp inside buildings captured and trenches.
The 44th would attempt to regroup with the 92nd after the storm dissappated.

UIR battegroup-2
1st army
Nearing sython
Field report

The 1st army had fought off multiple assaults from uitlandese militia. After suffering from minimal losses the 1st army was on a direct course for sython and should reach the 92nd by morning.
All of the 1st armies artillery moved into maximum range of sython and began opening up on the uitlandese radio station that the 92nd had been attempting to destroy for the whole day.

from UIR High command
To Xianese high command
Regarding uitlandese chemical weapons

If the uitlandese military uses chemical warfare against our forces we will have no choice but to use our thermobaric weapons in retaliation. If we can coordinate a joint strike against all uitlandese facilities we can prevent our soldier's from being harmed. Your forces at port Gjralmor will be getting naval support from our 4th naval fleet expect them to arrive in 4 hours
Signed General Vladimir Zhcov

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:56 am
by Arvenia
Northern Uitland
Arvenia declares war on Uitland, starting that with the invasion of it's northern part, hoping to slaughter the filthy Uitlanders and taking away their rights, their culture, their religion, their economy and their independece. Arvenia also threatens the nations opposing to the Arvenian invasion of Uitland with danger such as airstrikes or even invasions.