Lebanese Christian soldiers burn mosques

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The Lebanese Republic
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Lebanese Christian soldiers burn mosques

Postby The Lebanese Republic » Fri Aug 29, 2014 7:27 pm

OOC: No war, no fly zones and embargoes only, atleast 2-3 detailed lines, My nation is a vile Christian theocracy, no trolling


It was very tenebrous within Beirut. 27 Lebanese Christian soldiers ran down dark roads with flamethrowers, American supplied M16 assault rifles and tactical vests, with the conception to raze the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque and kill Muslims for "malefactions against God". Innocent civilians stared in shock horror at the soldiers and one turned around and threw a molotov cocktail at the civilians, burning and killing them within seconds. The mosque was in optical discernment of the soldiers, just meters down from Martyrs Square, which flew Lebanese flags with pride and had Muslims impaled on pikes with some still alive. Immediately, the soldiers kicked down the doors to the mosque and commenced firing bullets and their flamethrowers killing, burning and eradicating people and the mosque. The crying Imam of the mosque emerged from an obnubilated back room and commenced to plead to the soldiers to stop their acts but they perpetuated and whacked the Imam with the buts of their rifles. The mosque was ablaze, corpses littered the ground and an insensate Imam was being dragged along the floor by the soldiers who committed these acts of genocide.

Outside the mosque, soldiers prehended rope and gagged the Imam while tying him to a pickup truck. When culminated a soldier held up his thumb to the driver who commenced driving off, kicking up dust and grievously injuring the Imam. How shall the community react to these vile acts? Time shall see...

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The Aspari Syndicate
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Postby The Aspari Syndicate » Fri Aug 29, 2014 8:11 pm

The Aspari Syndicate, never one to pass up an opportunity, has taken the liberty of freezing any finances associated with the Republic anywhere that can be reached. Furthermore, Syndicate officials have announced that they will be placing deep levies on any Republican goods passing through their territorial waters, and have stated that they intend to pursue further investigation of the matter. Should the attacks intensify, Syndicate leadership has acknowledged the possibility of establishing a blockade around the ports of the Republic.

Furthermore, a number of hacktivist groups within Aspari have condemned the affairs of the Republic. Though no action has been taken yet, threats are being pressed by a number of organizations against the state's finances and public websites. Time will tell what is to come of these events.
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