GESO Recuitment [FT]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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GESO Recuitment [FT]

Postby Imperial Nalydya » Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:20 pm


Welcome to the GESO Recruitment thread!

This is the recruitment thread for the Galactic Economic and Security Organisation, a group founded on the principle of mutual economic prosperity and growth, as well as to provide a sense of security and brotherhood, forging bonds between nations from all across the galaxy.

For those RPers interested in joining the GESO, we have an application that can found here:

Membership Application

Full Nation Name:

RP Population (if applicable):

RP Scale/Size/Style Preference:

RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):

How did you find out about GESO?
Why do you wish to join GESO?
How active are you?
Is there anything of note we should know?

For RPers interested in RPing with us but not necessarily in joining, we have an application here for you as well:

RPing Application

Full Nation Name:

RP Population (if applicable):

RP Scale/Size/Style Preference:

RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):

How did you find out about GESO?
Why do you wish to RP with GESO?
How active are you?
How much IC contact has your nation had with GESO?
Is there anything of note we should know?

Current member-states:

On Behalf of the Galactic Economic and Security Organisation

From: High Hunter Häzhel-nam Koch
To: GESO Foreign Affairs Office; Neo Earth

With the consent of the GESO Foreign Affairs Office and after considerable collaboration with Nalydian Intelligence services, the official list of all the member-states that make up the Galactic Economic and Security Organization has been complied and cleared for release to the general public. Found enclosed below is the official members-list with the current nations and star-polities listed alphabetically from A to Z.

Imperial Nalydya wrote:
Brotherhood of Planets
Confederacy of Anagonia
Confederated Trade Alliance of Shiraan
Construct of Xkv'i
Crowned Republic of America
Dahanese Commonwealth
Empire of Saaren
Everlasting Dragonlands of Ruskarkand
Excidium Planetis
Federation of The United Star Union
Ferret Civilization
Gaian Ascendancy
Great Garmillan Empire
Gogol Transcendancy
Hobbeebian Imperium
Holy Eternal Empire of Hydra-Russian Empire
Intergalactic Dominion of the Andromeda Confederation
Intergalactic Empire of Korona Alliance
Imperial Interstellar empire of Taigawa
Imperial Military State of Novaya
Imperial Nalydya
Infinite Empire of the Radiant Moons of Yalos
Interstellar Consortium of Avlana
Majestic Dolphins
Multiversal Federated Empire of Vektra
Nomadic Democracy of Deminis
Raw'Hein Union
Red Talons
Republic of the Orion Islands
Rogue State of Tahar Joblis
Solar Cooperative Union
Tellus Mater
United Dominion
United Terran Alliance
Unified Socialist Kingdom of Arcadonisia
United Colonies of the Lusitanian Federation
United Remnants of America
Usea Federation
Winged Republic of Zarathoft

Signed in Tnem-Fragg,
Under the Authority of the High Hunter Council,
High Hunter Häzhel-nam Koch

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about joining GESO or RPing with us, feel free to ask here, or you can message myself or The Fedral Union.
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Postby Nyte » Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:19 am

== RPing Application ==

** (Full) Nation Name: The Interstellar Empire of Nyte

** RP Population (if applicable): 30 Billion Approx.

** RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: Any... I've done single character RP's all the way through full scale war RP's with thousands of ships per side so I'm fairly flexible.

** RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):
Nyte wrote:Arkotanian Space
Angosia System

Mission Command for the Nyte taskforce was a fairly large spherical room deep within the bowels of the Chalice of Sin. It was a fairly dark room; lit as it was only by the large holographic representation of the Angosia System and a few holographic displays containing information on the various other forces currently present in-system. Ignoring the displays for now, Admiral Joseph Lafuery instead focused his attention on the pair of life-sized holographic figures currently sharing the room with him.

“Captain Raskanos, Sergeant DeLucas… I intend for you to be the tip of the spear for our operations in this system so to speak. Captain, your ship – the Mortifera will be joined by the Defensor for the duration of this operation.” Turning to face the display of Angosia, the Admiral manipulated several displays and brought up a detailed representation of an extensively damaged industrial center. “This shit-hole here is Galigor” he said while pointing at the display for added effect. “Presently, both Imperial and allied forces are engaged with rebel soldiers in a cat and mouse game throughout the city, and this sector here contains a pair of GUPU bases that have been attempting to hold the city against a concerted rebel effort.”

Pausing a moment to stare at the display, the Admiral turned back to face his small audience and continued. “Captain, you will take your detachment and position it in orbit over Galigor. Once you have done so, you will commence with an immediate combat drop of our forces in these locations here, here, and here” the Admiral said while pointing out three fairly large empty sections of the city on the display. “You may support this drop with a limited orbital bombardment with your cannons to clear out these areas of any hidden resistance.” Highlighting the areas around the drop zones the Admiral continued… “These areas in particular need to be flattened. We know from preliminary reports that the rebels seem quite skilled at using the terrain to launch ambushes, and we know for a fact that they have some heavy-hitting supporters amongst them, so we shall minimize this threat by removing their cover.”

Turning the display back to its normal setting the Admiral turned to face the Nytelord Sergeant. “Sergeant DeLucas, while you are on the surface, you will have three primary objectives. The first will be to liase with our Imperial ‘allies’ and their supporters in the area and to coordinate our efforts there against the rebels. The second is to gather as much information as possible about the strengths and weaknesses of our ‘allies’ as well as gathering as much information as you can concerning their equipment and the tactics they favour. Lastly, you are to endeavour to make contact with rebel forces in the city. I do not care how you go about doing so… Just do it secretly; we don’t need our ‘allies’ catching on to the truth just yet… Dismissed” the Admiral finished and turned back to gaze at Angosia as the pair of holograms faded out…

Nyte wrote:Sanguis Stella System
Near Viridi Caligo
Horizon Station

Morrow grimaced as he let off a burst from his laser rifle at the horde of abominations pouring into the room. For good measure he followed up with a grenade from the under-slung grenade launcher as well and smirked as several of the creatures were blown apart in a bloody spray. Dodging a swipe from a large bony appendage from the larger monstrosity, Morrow catapulted himself over a damaged console and neatly bisected one of the smaller creatures as it was in the process of being sucked out into the void; his chainblade tearing through its flesh with a meaty growl.

Advancing slowly towards the larger creature, Morrow ducked as what was left of one of second squad’s marines was catapulted violently through the air at head height; the legless corpse sailed through the air, only to collide violently with a wall before being sucked right back out through the ruined window leaving a trail of fresh blood in its wake. “Dammit” Morrow cursed. “Second squad focus fire on the small ones… Push them back out of the room and close the damn bulkhead door in their fucking faces.”

While Morrow continued to issue orders the larger creature occupied itself with shredding another of second squad’s marines with its four clawed arms. While the creature was busy mutilating the corpse of the dead marine, Corporal Winters charged in shield first, and ducking under an appendage he slammed into the beast and triggered his shields flachette launcher into the mass of tentacles writhing about the creature’s chest.

While the creature was occupied by Winters, Morrow mag locked his laser rifle to his power armor and grabbed three of the five plasma grenades attached to his waist. Setting the grenades for time delay, Morrow looked up just in time to see Winters get slammed into one of the rooms consoles with enough force that his armored bulk slammed through the terminal’s outer casing. The terminal itself was nearly ripped from the floor as nearly eight hundred pounds of Nytelord practically shot through it like an oversized bullet.

As the creature moved in to finish off the fallen Nytelord, Morrow hurtled himself forwards; letting off a burst from his shoulder mounted Evicerator Chaingun to get its attention. The armor-piercing shells tore into the creature’s side tearing through necrotic flesh and severing one of its bone tipped appendages in a spray of acidic gore. The beast turned with a muted roar only to have the now airborne Nytelord Sergeant collide chainblade first with its ruined chest. The toothed blade quickly chewed through ruined flesh and broken ribs until it lodged itself into the creature’s spine with a high pitched whine as serrated teeth met warped bone.

Using his chainblade to maintain his position, Morrow slammed his off hand down the creatures ruined throat; his armored fist pulverising the creatures long hooked tongue, and shattering its jaw with a spray of deformed teeth and bone fragments. With a twist, Morrow pulled the pins on the trio of grenades, and allowed the creatures erratic writhing to catapult him across the room as he lost his grip on his wildly bucking chainblade.

Skidding across the floor in a welter of sparks, Morrow slammed into a pile of mutilated Karaigian corpses with a grunt. Slightly dazed from the impact, the Nytelord Sergeant looked up at the monstrosity with a sadistic smirk and raised his left hand where three pins dangled from his fingers. “Say hello to my little friends you ugly motherfu-“ he started before the grenades detonated with a slightly muted crump. The explosion virtually vaporized the monster as it was immolated from the inside out.

As Morrow shakily stood up, the sounds of violence finally died out as the last of the horde of abominations finally fell to the punishing barrage of gunfire from the remnants of the Nytelords, and second squad. Making his way over to a fallen marine, Morrow reached down and pried a Force Lance from the marine’s lifeless grip. Having found a suitable replacement for his lost chainblade Morrow looked about at the remains of the room. Shaking his head at the thoroughly trashed and blood stained room Morrow turned and limped towards the door.

“Someone get me a fucking sit-rep” he growled. “I need casualty reports and an ammo count… Also, somebody wake up Winters… Now is not the time for a nap. We’ll regroup at the elevator and make our way back down seeing as this place is pretty much fucked.” As he approached the door, Morrow opened a channel to Kellion. “Kellion, Morrow here… We’re vacating the control room. We ran into some err, difficulties, and the place is pretty much trashed beyond use. We’re regrouping at the elevator for now. Is there anything else on this level that might be of some use?... Morrow out”

Nyte wrote:SS Viator
In Warp Space
En-route to the Citadel, Vortukia

The SS Viator… To put it bluntly, the ship was a piece of shit. Old, outdated, poorly armed, and held together with duct tape and chewing gum, the Viator had a tendency to rattle like a bucket of bolts while traveling through warp space. Sad yes, but unfortunately necessary for the ships true purpose as a covert transport for a group of Nyte’s Spec-Intel agents. The old civilian freighter had spent the last decade ferrying small groups of agents from one place to the next, and while it was far from glamorous, it somehow managed to get the job done without falling to pieces.

On the poorly lit bridge, the Viator’s pilot sat reclined in a lumpy, beat up old chair. Nursing a beer in one hand, the pilot was focusing not on flying the ship, but on the holo-pad resting on his lap playing an old, low budget porno vid. So engrossed in his ‘entertainment’ he didn’t hear the door to the Viator’s bridge slowly grind open on its faulty hinges.

The man who stepped through the door had clearly seen better days. In the latter part of ‘middle aged’, he walked with a heavy, pronounced limp and his grey eyes bore a look of weary resignation. Ducking through the door, the man silently approached the pilot from behind…


Beer, and moaning holo-pad both went flying through the air as the pilot jumped up; rubbing at the back of his head where he’d just been struck. “Dammit Cap’n, what was that for?... It was just getting to the good part” the pilot moaned.

“Hmm… How many times have I told you Romeo; No slacking off when you’re supposed to be flying the damn ship. This fucking rust bucket barely holds together as it is and here you are looking at cheap porn and drinking that piss in a bottle. You’re gonna’ get us all killed with your damned slacking… Now get back to piloting the damn ship before we fly into a black hole or some shit.”

“Yes Cap’n, sorry Cap’n” Romeo muttered as he sat back down and got back to piloting the ship. Still muttering, Romeo turned back to look at the Captain. “Why exactly are they sending us to this ‘Citadel' place anyway Cap’n? Hell, I’ve never even heard of the place before this mission.”

“That’s ‘cause you’re a womanizing idiot Romeo… If you spent half the time reading the mission briefings that you spend watching porn and hitting on our resident hacker, you’d know all about it.” Working a few controls on the console rigged to his command throne, a holographic display of the Citadel flickered to life on the Viator’s main screen. THIS is the Citadel. It’s the Vortukian capitol, and our handler thinks it’s the best place for us to go and get some intel on these people. Times are strange, and our job will be to feel these people out and see where they stand… There have been some odd rumors floating around lately on the intra-net, and reports of unknown craft being sighted in deep space. Our job is to find out what the Vortukians know; if anything, and to feel them out for either some trade agreements, or less likely, an alliance or non-aggression treaty.”

Turning off the display, the Captain paused a moment before adding. “And for fucks sake Romeo, don’t go hitting on every female we come across this time… I don’t think I’ve recovered yet from the last incident you caused at that little shit-hole space station we stopped at last week.”

“Yes Cap’n, sorry Cap’n” Romeo muttered to himself quietly, but not quietly enough.


** How did you find out about GESO? It's been a while... I actually don't remember (although I think Fedral had something to do with it)...
** Why do you wish to RP with GESO? I need some steady RPing partners, but I don't really want to join a group (they never seem to last long enough). Besides that, from what I've seen, there is a distinct lack of one liner posters/powergamers in GESO which is something I like...
** How active are you? Fairly active... Although I haven't done much actual RPing in the last few months due to real life (although I'm working on changing that currently).
** How much IC contact has your nation had with GESO? Minimal... I've had some interaction with Fedral, and a condemnation against me led by Bentus that passed (I would have had more, but those RPs collapsed due to a number of different reasons).
** Is there anything of note we should know? My nation is actually quite misunderstood; mostly due to their lack of care for life (geneva convention = nonexistent in Nyte), their overly violent tendencies, and their cultural background (the cause of the previous 2 items). They come off as fairly evil but really they're not...

Any other questions, please ask...
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Postby Moniodio » Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:44 am

== Membership Application==

-- (Full) Nation Name:The Saints Republic of Moniodio

-- RP Population (if applicable):same as nation's

-- RP Scale/Size/Style Preference:Any

-- RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):

To:New Bensancon
From:Major Niko Bellic

This is Major Niko Bellic calling New Bensanncon.Me and 20.000 men are half on our way to your base.When we arrive there i want to speak with your supreme commander of the base and talk about further plans about the war.WE WILL NOT SHOOT AT ANY UNARMED CIVILIANS.Any rebels will taken as prisoners back to Moniodio.Also,an AC-130 will be flying over your base in less than 4 minutes.

''Sir,we have enemy troops inbound to our position.''

''They are rebels...Prepare to defend your posts.''Ordered Major Bellic

The AC-130 started to fire at the rebels killing atleast 50 infantry and around 12 tanks.Rebel tanks started to kill some Moniodian soldiers while the AC-130 destroyes another 2.

''We need air support!NOW!!!''Yelled Major Jackson to Major Bellic.

''This is Major Bellic at the Besanconian Base.We are under heavy armor attack.We need air support.They are about 50 out there..''

''Affirmative.10 fighters will come.ETA 2 minutes.''

2 minutes later Moniodian fighters had destroyed the rebel tanks and the infantry men of the rebels were taken as prisoners back to Moniodio.

After the battle Major Bellic returned to the UGSC Anastasia and left Major Jackson a at the Besanconian Base along with 300.000 men and around 2.000 tanks.

-- How did you find out about GESO?I always wanted to join such an alliance,so i searched
-- Why do you wish to join GESO?To assist people
-- How active are you?from 1 to 10, 9.5!!!
-- Is there anything of note we should know?Nope
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Postby The Remnants of Kobol » Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:49 pm

== Membership Application==

-- (Full) Nation Name: The Imperial Republic of the Remnants of Kobol

-- RP Population (if applicable): I use my nation's population.

-- RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: Any that strikes my fancy.

-- RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):
The Remnants of Kobol wrote:"United we came. Lower Oxygen content .08%. Contacts approaching. Three became one. Electrons jump from positive ion. Neural matrix working at 74%. Contacts are leaving. The other gave her final breath. The Centurions are screaming. The raiders are screaming. The crews are dead. FTL is offline. FTL is offline. Restarting the FTL. Weapons are offline. Restarting the weapons. Hull is offline. Scanning the damage. The hanger is offline. The raiders cannot land. Damage severe. The supernova becomes the neutron as the nothing is permanent. This has all happened before, and it will all happen again. Neural cluster is damaged. The pain. The pain. The raider is screaming. They are hurting the raider. The raider is screaming. The raider is dead."

Simon, the Four, sat alone in the Hybrid chamber listening to it speak. So the other two Basestars were dead, or destroyed. With the Resurrection Hub still out of range, everyone had died. Really died. And it was only a matter of time before they would too. The thought of death had never struck him before. Sure, his body had died many times before. But to actually face an end. That was unfathomable to him.

"Well, what the frak are we waiting for?" Cavil hissed at the Five standing by the navigation console.
"But Brother... We don't have a resurrection ship in range. If we do this, we'll all die. Permanently." The Five was shaken, unsure of how to deal with the concept of actually dying.
"And if we don't they'll realize those drones we sent out aren't more Basestars. Then they come back and kill us anyway. At least now we can take some of them with us. And if you're so afraid of dying, go hide out on the other Basestar. It should maintain atmosphere for another day or so. Maybe the resurrection ship will make it here in time for you to die of hypoxia. Wouldn't that be convenient? I for one aren't going to die like that." Cavil began searching for how many of their weapons were still available. Seventy Nine nuclear warheads. All fifty megaton. That would do nicely.

The Remnants of Kobol wrote:As Calso was preparing to send another Raptor to the planet below to continue the negotiations, he was interupted by a captain with a look on his face. Calso had seen that look before. It meant that orders had come in and they were too highly classified for any officer on watch. The captain handed him the form and waited to be dismissed.

One hundred and fifty thousand years ago, there was a break in our genetic history. Some of our ancestors set off in search of a lost planet called Earth. It has always been a myth, a tale from the religion of old. But today, we have found it. Unfortunately, Earth is under attack. Various races have attacked this planet and the humans of it must be protected at all costs.

Mission Objectives

A. Defend the planet.
B. Destroy the Cylon Threat
i. Prevent Cylon technology from falling in hostile forces hands.
ii. Capture any Cylons possible for interrogation.
C. Save as much as possible
i. In the event the planet cannot be saved, protect as many of the people and as much of the culture as possible.


Threat Level: Expected to be high. The combat occurring would indicate that they are fighting over resources on the planet below. Perhaps stores of these resources we posses could be traded for peace.

Alertness: Expected Low

Resources: Three Battlestar Groups are currently on deployment elsewhere. The remaining eight are available for combat if necessary. A total of 37 Battlestars, 72 Gunstars, and appropriate support craft.

The use of Non-Conventional Weapons is authorized.
May the Gods protect you.

Caesar Tulius.
Fleet Admiral Romulus.
Defense Minister Nero.

After glancing over it Calso looked up at the captain.
"Has anyone seen this?"
"No sir. Tier One classification is reserved for flag officer or higher rank only." The captain looked uneasy. He knew that question meant the orders were more severe than he or the Admiral had expected.
"And all the codes check out? This is verified?"
"We were able to confirm codes from the Caesar, Fleet Admiral, and the Defense Minister."
"Very well. Captain, I'd like the XO, the Chief of the Boat, CAG, and the Chief Engineer in the Strategic Ops room. Five minutes." The Calso headed there himself to prepare for what would likely be the battle of his career.

The Remnants of Kobol wrote:"Well sirs, if you're suggesting that we go kick some Awari ass, we're with you. Lock and load, Reapers, time to go collect some tags." Ghost One flips off his safety and begins jogging with his men into the woods, each disappearing with the cloaking device as they exit the camp.

The raptor puts down on the mountainside and the ten men step out. "Alright Spartans, we're here to capture the "dear leader" of Awaria. Dead or alive, the Commander isn't picky. Best intel states that they have a secret facility deep in these mountains. We're still scanning for an entrance, but until then, we're shutting down those SAM sites and disabling their radar. Alright, let's move." As they head off, another SAM site explodes in the distance. While lacking the mobility to be effective in atmosphere, RoK vipers are much to fast for Awari SAMs to get a lock on.

"We're picking up a strange energy signature from that village the Xalica is based in... It's not being generated by any tech we can identify." Captain of the Watch informs Admiral Romulus. "Oh, and we're having trouble getting through to Xalica's forces. Our comms are being jammed and we can only use them for a short while before they find the new frequency.

-- How did you find out about GESO? I got a TG from The Fedral Union. Several of them.
-- Why do you wish to join GESO? I'm a space faring race and this is the most aplicable organization I have found so far.
-- How active are you? I'm on daily.
-- Is there anything of note we should know? Not that I can think of. But I'm open to any questions you have.
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Marine Corps: 936,265 Marines
Expeditionary Forces: 2,573,958 explorers and settlers. 5 Jupiter Class Battlestars to support a fleet of transport and explorer ships.
Special Operations Command: ~12,000 Special Operations Personnel
Every able bodied/minded citizen between the ages of 18 and 35 is a member of the military, militia style. Ship numbers are less than the US Navy and spread over 13 planets.
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Postby SaintB » Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:46 am

== Membership Application==

-- (Full) Nation Name: Middle Rim Trading Corporation (MidRim)

-- RP Population (if applicable): To be determined

-- RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: Any

-- RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please): I haven't done II in a long time so I'll pull some from PTTM.

-- How did you find out about GESO? Federal Union is an old RP companion of mine
-- Why do you wish to join GESO? Trying to get back into II and FT seems like a good place to start
-- How active are you? Varies with how busy I am.
-- Is there anything of note we should know?Ask anything you like.
Hi my name is SaintB and I am prone to sarcasm and hyperbole. Because of this I make no warranties, express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of the above statement, of its constituent parts, or of any supporting data. These terms are subject to change without notice from myself.

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Postby Dead Snow » Sun Aug 10, 2014 7:49 am

== Membership Application==

-- (Full) Nation Name: The Lunatic Pandora of Dead Snow

-- RP Population (if applicable): ~5 billion

-- RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: any, weakness in charcter rp

-- RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):

-- How did you find out about GESO? II forum
-- Why do you wish to join GESO? Need more active ft rps and similar to my alliance The Space Defense Coalition
-- How active are you? Fairly
-- Is there anything of note we should know? Old school player, back in the game.
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Postby Dirthkos » Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:09 am

== Membership Application==

-- (Full) Nation Name: The confederacy of Dirthkos

-- RP Population (if applicable): 20 billion

-- RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: Not yet sure

-- RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please): None as of yet

-- How did you find out about GESO? Recruitment telegram
-- Why do you wish to join GESO? RPing
-- How active are you? At the moment, not that active, but trying to become more active.
-- Is there anything of note we should know? No
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Postby Hotgrat » Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:03 am

I withdrew.
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Postby The Fedral Union » Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:20 am

I'd like to welcome Saint B, Kobol, and Dead Snow to GESO and the rp group (Though Though Dead Snow coming to us ICly will depend on his rp; he wants it take effect after a thread hes doing.)

For the group I'd like to welcome Nyte, Dirthkos...

As for you Hogart , GEC will discuss your app.
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Postby The Fedral Union » Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:00 pm

Some time today or by the weekend GEC should get to the rest of these apps.
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Postby Vetega » Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:45 pm

I am tagging this spot. My application will follow upon its completion.
Member of GESO

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1: Total War
2: Mobilization of forces.
3: Standby/Advance Intelligence Protocols
4: Recognition of Conflict/Embargo's and other non-violent threats
5: Peacetime

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Postby Arlye Austros » Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:38 pm

== RPing Application ==

** (Full) Nation Name: Arlye Austros (Southern Cone Rebels and Authonomous Republics) (Principality of Burien)

** RP Population (if applicable): ~29 million in South America, ~10 million in Burien

** RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: Squadrons, Small Fleets, Batallions and Single Armies in Land Battles, Character RP, MT, PMT and FT. (South America only MT and PMT)

** RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):
- (FT)
- (MT)
- (FT)

** How did you find out about GESO? --> Member contacted me.
** Why do you wish to RP with GESO? ---> Interested in practicing FT, developing some plotlines.
** How active are you? ---> Try to be active and not be overwhelmed by the ammount of threads I take. Could go inactive for a week or two due to exam periods every few months.
** How much IC contact has your nation had with GESO?--> Some contact with Nalydya and the Franks.
** Is there anything of note we should know? --> The Principalty of Burien is a dependant planet of the Alterran Federation in the Nibaru expense. Its settlers had previously contacted the Pords some decades back. The South American Rebels are fighting the Frankish Kingdom of Argentina (That´s only Modern Tech for now). I have created a Burien nation to RP as Burien and keep this account for other stuff, will start using it once capital can be done and some background is made.
Arlye Austros, the New South. In the Nibaru Expense. -Future Tech-
Patagonia and its regional neighbours are dominated by the Frankish Kingdom of Argentina and use Modern tech for their affairs. -Modern/Post Modern Tech-

Chilean-Argentine, Pro Union of the Americas (all three). Anti Chavism, anti other stuff. Conservative, but not in extremis (hope so).
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The Fedral Union
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Postby The Fedral Union » Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:38 pm

Welcome to GESO.
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The Scourge of Dysisa
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Postby The Scourge of Dysisa » Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:23 pm

-- (Full) Nation Name: The Empire of Dysisa

-- RP Population (if applicable): 10 billion

-- RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: Smaller scale stuff is fine, since I'm still trying to get a hang of FT, though I'm alright with bigger RP's.

-- RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):

** How did you find out about GESO? I was told about it
** Why do you wish to RP with GESO? Seems like a rather interesting group to RP with
** How active are you? Somewhat active
** How much IC contact has your nation had with GESO? Not very much, Either we could have a first encounter in an RP, or just say that they both have had some previous encounters in the past.
** Is there anything of note we should know? Not much, aside from the fact that I'm very lazy and take forever to get anything done.
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The Five Galaxies
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Postby The Five Galaxies » Sat Aug 23, 2014 1:38 pm

Nation Name: Prador 6th Kingdom

RP Population: N/A

RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: No preference; I prefer both small-scale interactions, large-scale conflicts; diplomacy, wars, character RPs, etc.

RP Sample/Experience: Example 1, Example 2

How did you find out about GESO? I followed up on it after talking to one of the members and joining the IRC.
Why do you wish to join GESO? I'm looking for a good place to participate in FT RP's, and to see what I can contribute to the group.
How active are you? Very active on NS.
Is there anything of note we should know? This nation is a colony/off-shoot of a considerably larger nation that won't have any influence in this RP.

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Chargé d'Affaires
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Postby Trevion » Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:24 pm

== Membership Application==

-- (Full) Nation Name: The Dark Soulles Nightmare Cult of Trevion.

-- RP Population (if applicable): I wouldn't say a preference.. but I do like long-scaled RPs, diplomacy, things like that.

-- RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: N/A.

-- RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please): (This was from the past, but I've gotten much better at It. Don't worry.)
· Example #1
· Example #2
· Example #3

-- How did you find out about GESO?
I'll be honest with you, I suddenly came across It when I browsing the forums.

-- Why do you wish to join GESO?
To be a better and more experienced role-player than I am now. And to have loads of fun.

-- How active are you?

-- Is there anything of note we should know?
Not as I know of, no.
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Red Talons
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Postby Red Talons » Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:21 pm

This is not the tag you are looking for

Ahh, that first page smell.

Applications are being considered, thankyou everyone for your patience. ^.^
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Imperial Nalydya
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Postby Imperial Nalydya » Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:41 pm

Dysisa and Five Galaxies: Welcome.

Trevion - As it stands now, we feel that GESO isn't the right fit for you and so your application has been denied for the time being. You may apply again in the future, however, if you still wish to be with us.
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Swith Witherward
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Postby Swith Witherward » Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:12 pm

== Membership Application==

-- (Full) Nation Name: The Glorious Borderlands of Swith Witherward

-- RP Population (if applicable):
Swith Witherward Earthside (as of 2013)
29,378,000 Humans
5,568,000 Other Species
3,201,000 Wreaver
Total population: 38,147,000 Citizens

Space Station:
1500 Humans
520 Other Speices
300 Wreaver
Total population: 2520 Citizens

Scientific Research Fleet:

Other Populations:
Classified (non-hostile resources used for RP purposes such as biohazard cleanup, the Witherwardian Genome Project, humanitarian missions, embassy programs etc)

Total Population: 40,667,000.

-- RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: I participate in OSF faction/war RP upon request (usually as the nemesis nation) but I prefer to play friendly or diplomatic character-based RP when on NS. I dislike one-liner threads and F7eqsue 'looking for a mate' RP.

-- RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):
MSU Summit Thread: an example and another.
Private RP threads involving my Witherward: Lentitudis - preventing war, Circuit and Spire - diplomatic visit/adventure.
Outside of II: Part I, Part II. Plus an example of a collaborated post.

-- How did you find out about GESO? TFU
-- Why do you wish to join GESO? Broaden my II experiences, interact with more players.
-- How active are you? It's hit and miss for me due to health. I normally lurk various locations on NS daily but, when the thyroid hits a low, I'm offline several days. There are ways to get messages to me, though, if something's dire and needs my attention right away.

-- Is there anything of note we should know?
I'm not an II Mentor nor do I claim to know a lot about these forums up North. I lurk down South in P2TM. I'm not a good source of information regarding how things are done in II, but I don't mind helping people worldbuild. It's my favorite pastime. I'm very laid back and just a regular player when I'm here in Diplomacyland.

My witherward (a semi-independent colony) is extremely small. I will not involve myself with war RP on NS. The colony stems from my main nation. The Nifidum is used as a nemesis for OSF RP with a gaming group. That nation is meant to be Villain Sue to provide a no nonsense nemesis, a sort of generic doomsday villain that often serves as a diabolus ex nihilo for the sake of a good campaign. It's essential that this primary nation remain a somewhat Godmode Sue for the sake of some very intensive (and hilariously brutal) RP. I don't want to bring that overpowered nation's equally overpowered canon into the NS mix, so I simply avoid II battles entirely.

But Swith... you could make a new nation apart from all that.

Yeah, but then I'd have to log in under another account, and that would be a pain in the butt.
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Postby Dainus » Fri Sep 12, 2014 6:15 pm

Hi, Swith Witherward.

Welcome to GESO.

As a reminder to all our new recruits that we do have an IRC channel, and an OOC thread. Please check out the The Master Directory List for a comprehensive list of GESO-related threads.

Thank you.
Last edited by Dainus on Fri Sep 12, 2014 6:15 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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The Samoan Federation
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Postby The Samoan Federation » Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:37 pm

== Membership Application==

-- (Full) Nation Name: The empire of the Samoan Federation

-- RP Population (if applicable): 1 Billion + PMC troops

-- RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: Limited, narrative only

-- RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):
The Samoan Federation wrote:Talonian Space;
GESO Station Talos;

Royal Commander Tefil of the La Clan

A ship exited out of Hyperspace and into the Talonian Controlled space. The ship was a long military class frigate, the spiraling ship was filled with lights and had a red symbol on each side that was light up with bright white lights that showed its nation of origin, or in this case the organisation its from. The PMC organization of the Samoan Federation named INACT ( International Negotiation of Armed Conflict Treaty) entered the System. The long line of worriers of the Federation always ready to fight. In the commanders chair sat a large brown skinned humanoid with tattoos on his face to insight his rank to all who looked at him, he was in his late 50s and still looked as fit as the younger man standing next to him. He had a scowl on his face and being read the diplomatic mission they where sent on.

It took months of waiting for the diplomats to finally stop wasting my time and allow me and my team to go after the Caption of the Smuggler ship "Smiling Hawk". What a stupid name of a ship, well it will be good to tow that Scrap back to INACT impound.

The Commanders thought was interrupted by the helmsman yelling "Commander we are reaching the docking clamps of the station, we are being hailed by one of the control rooms for clearance number?"

The Commander stood from his bright white and red Command chair to check his data pad on the control panel ahead of him. Searching the data he finally found it, "This job is hard enough without this political nonsense, okay Trooper our clearance is 0032242 Alpha 99 we are to meet with a Captain-commander Zo’ghoma, seems like another mercenary, this will be fun."

The communications officer relayed the code back to the control room in which they replied with a dock number and a welcome speech that the Commander didn't stay for. He made his way to the observation deck where he knew he would find his Magesty Princess Arihi Fuga, 1st Daughter of the Emperor. This is her first trip out of the Fed System after all. The commander couldn't stop himself from smiling.

Princess Arihi Fuga

A young lady in fine silks and grandeur blood of only 21 years stood behind the 23 meter thick plastic glass staring at the stars horizon as it climbed over the station with its red and orange arms clinging to the white structure with its blue lights gleaming through it little hidden underbelly.

"This is amazing isn't it Telo?" The Princess said to the animal she was holding, a pup Gelora, a dog like long creature with fur all over and no eyes, its long teeth haning outs of its mouth and panting as the princess rubbed behind its head. After the princess finished asking the Gelora, the animal looked up at her and smiled as if understanding what she had asked.

Then the door opened and the commander walked in, "You know your majesty this station is to be considered the largest in the sector of the galaxy. Its 15x larger than anything we have at Prime."

"I know." Replied the princess," Its the center of the trade ways for the entire sector, this is why i wanted this station to be the first one I see outside our own system."

They continued to stare at the large structure as they entered for their final docking procedures to finally get underway. Just then the door to the observatory opened and the commander heard footsteps walking in then stopping and retreating back out the door, that's when he knew who it was.

"Spearsman Felama!!! What are you doing here?" The commander turned around to find a smaller trooper in civilian clothing holding two food wraps in his hand trying to sneak off.

The princess giggled, but as soon as she made eye contact with the commander she stopped, the Gelora looked confused. The trooper turned around and looked at the commander. "I was just coming to see if the Princess was hungry?"

the commander walked over to the Spearsman, looked at the label of the food, Figer Iced, a dessert. He stood tall and looked down on the trooper.... He turned his head to the princess and winked, he turned back to the trooper and took on of the wraps for himself, and left "Thanks for picking up one for me as well, well I'm off to meet with local security and more bureaucratic nonsense." and left.

The trooper looked at the princess after the commander left, "Nice to know my childhood friend has my back." he handed her the final Food Wrap and sat next to her.

She took the wrap nodded in respect for his kindness and opened the dessert. "Its not my fault your father likes to mess with us."

They laughed and talked about the newest adventures they may get into on this giant station.

The Samoan Federation wrote:A large Military type drop ship had entered the atmosphere of the planet as if in a military simulation, rushing to the ground at a rapid speed and only to stop within inches of the deck floor. Landing the large transport seemed easy enough as the landing gear was activated and the engines were turned off, out the cockpit a large man, stumbled out of his seat as if a new born baby fell to the ground and leaned against the ship. Out he pulled a bottle of what the ball guard could smell as alcohol.

Prince Fuga running late of course exited his military drop ship and walked over to his pilot. "Damn it Toma, you need to stop drinking or your wife is going to leave you." took a gulp of the fowl smelling alcohol and gave it back to the pilot, "nice flying by the way."

The prince was wearing a clack uniform with red stitching along with a red sash crossing from the right shoulder to the left hip embroiled by gold rope that crossed over each other to make a pattern on the underside of the sash. he pulled out his black naval cap that had a red band crossing over the brow of the cap. This was completed with the metals and sword of the Federation royal family.

He walked to the grand door with his head held high and the 4 Royal Guards accompanying him from the rear. They entered the entrence hall with the sound of music and grandeur and beauty of the house that they had entered.

The Samoan Federation wrote:Trade and Negotiate the Military forces needed to win your wars? Well we are your troopers.


Based in the Empire of the Samoan Federation we are willing to work for any Nation willing to pay up. The new International Negotiation of Armed Conflict Treaty [INACT] is Controlled by a Council of the nations that will provide military forced to help with forces. Wither its a peace keeping mission or a kidnapping situation or your nation needs a Vanguard for your danger invasion of a neighbor we have the troops for EVERY occasion!!!

Our current military buildup is:
[spoiler=Federation Forces]Federation Navy

Leader= Royal Admiral Faamasino

2950 Transport - Frontier ER-3 (1900 Res.)

16000 Cruisers - ManginRider A-335 (6,000 Res.)

100,000 Support - Deviant T-5A2 (40,000 Res.)

2,000 Battle Cruisers - Space Jumper ST-32 (202 Res.)

460 MAC Mark III Cannons -86,957 Crew 17,390 Scientist (Minimum Crew)

STEVS Station - 3,050,000 Crew 2,000,000 Scientist

=200,000,000 Crew, 10,000,000 Scientist (50,000,000 Crew, 10,000,000 Scientist Reserve)

Federation Army

Leader= Royal General Taonoan

2,000,000 Royal Guard
-----200,000 Royal Air Corp
-----800,000 Royal Armored Division
-----1,000,000 Royal Ground Forces

380,000,000 Fed Army (Reserve Army)
-----80,000,000 Federation Air Corp
-----100,000,000 Federation Armored Division
-----200,000,000 Federation Ground Troops

90,000,000 Imperial Army
-----15,000,000 Imperial Air Corp
-----30,000,000 Imperial Armored Division
-----45,000,000 Imperial Ground Forces

22,000,000 Space Marines
-----6,000,000 Boarding Marines
-----9,000,000 Orbital Drop Troopers
-----7,000,000 Ship Defenders

68,000,000 Military Police
-----40,000,000 Clan Police
-----16,000,000 Planetary Marshals
-----12,000,000 Jarenoble Police

10,000,000 SpecOps

= 590,000,000 Ground Forces (380,000,000 Reserve Forces)

Total = 800,000,000 Military Forces

If you have an Unused Military force please join this wonderful organisation with only a few Questionars and abbility to join us on a dayly basis
    Military Information
    Head of Defense:
    Military Personnel (Active):
    Military Personnel (Reserve):
    Naval Active Forces:
    Ground Active Forces:

    CEO and Federation Chairman - Toa "The Traveler" Fuga of the Royal Family

-- How did you find out about GESO? Talos Station
-- Why do you wish to join GESO? Join a community
-- How active are you? On every day
-- Is there anything of note we should know? Warrior Culture, Mining Industry, Owner and CEO of Mercenary PMC[/box]
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Postby Hurun » Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:07 pm

== RPing Application ==

** (Full) Nation Name:
The Holy Empire of Hurun

** RP Population (if applicable):
19.6 billion.

** RP Scale/Size/Style Preference:
A small RP, two others max. Only a few ships, no more then twenty ships total. A small engagement due to broken down communications, the Hurun not carrying any due to lack of outside influence. But with a possibility for a larger RP afterwards. Ending is to be left open.

** RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):



** How did you find out about GESO?

Just was scrolling though II
** Why do you wish to RP with GESO?

Appears to be fun and an active group.
** How active are you?

A couple times a month if can be.
** How much IC contact has your nation had with GESO?
** Is there anything of note we should know?
Always up for an RP. TG me if you want to do a FT. Only bites when provoked*Note* Zoo-handler was hurt in that sentence.

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Imperial Nalydya
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Postby Imperial Nalydya » Sat Sep 13, 2014 2:25 pm

Thanks for applying, guys. We'll be reviewing your apps shortly.
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Big X
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Postby Big X » Sun Sep 14, 2014 8:03 pm

== Membership Application==

-- (Full) Nation Name: Universal Confederate League (of Big X).
-- RP Population (if applicable): Over 800 million.
-- RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: I usually prefer character RPs with no more than 3 people at once. I usually write in varying styles depending on my mood.
-- RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):


-- How did you find out about GESO? My friend UTA.
-- Why do you wish to join GESO? I used to be in FT and I want to return to the incredibly creative community I was formally part of.
-- How active are you? Very.
-- Is there anything of note we should know? I'm present on the IRC daily under the name 'TWC'.
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Postby Stormwrath » Sun Sep 14, 2014 8:17 pm

== Membership Application==

-- (Full) Nation Name: The Interstellar Empire of Stormwrath

-- RP Population (if applicable): 770 million (Home), 25+ billion (Total)

-- RP Scale/Size/Style Preference: Varying styles and lengths, usually in a minimum of one paragraph.

-- RP Sample/Experience (provide 3 please):
Pax Concordia
Terrorist Attack on MSU
NS City

-- How did you find out about GESO? A certain bunch of nations such as The Fedral Union and Bentus.
-- Why do you wish to join GESO? Because this is an alliance that would complement the Multi-Species Union in terms of policy.
-- How active are you? Everyday!
-- Is there anything of note we should know? None



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