"Homo Homini Lupus" [WOTE Sub-Plot/TG for entry/MT]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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"Homo Homini Lupus" [WOTE Sub-Plot/TG for entry/MT]

Postby Mizrad » Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:51 pm

Sub-plot of the events in: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=263293&start=250

OOC:Welcome all! The same rules apply here as those in the above linked thread. So without further delay let's blow some shit up.

All Over the Mizrad/Maverican Border, Mizrad
07:00 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
Mizradian Forces

Circling over the border like a hawk, multiple drones closely watch the battlefield. Everything from large scale areas like entire mountain ranges to a lone gunman by the river could be seen by these eyes in the sky. This time around, they were tasked with confirming what most Mizradians already expected to happen. The Mavericans were preparing for another attack, yet this time it would be an all out invasion. They were going to arrive en masse. However the Mizradians weren't going to just sit by with their new found information and watch their demise, they were going to do something about it. Only minutes after the information was passed by General Arner, the order to begin a massive bombardment of the border is given.

With every asset available, the Mizradians being preparing to launch long range strikes into Maverica. All sorts of artillery calculate their targets and load up shells while other missile systems take a bit longer for confirmation. Although a multiple hour long volley of artillery would do enough on it's own. With M142's, mortars, field artillery, M270's and Haudegen SPG's all ready to fire, the order comes in to send one massive punch into any military targets near and even many miles away from the border. Yet this time around the Mizradians knew not to directly fire on civilian targets unless absolutely necessary. It wasn't necessary yet, but everybody knew within the days to come it soon probably would be.

Within seconds, the line begins taking turns firing. With everybody coordinated through radioes and communications systems all with real time reports from satellites and other means of recon coming in, an accurate blanket of explosives can be laid down constantly. As one half of the force fires while the other reloads, an endless wave of pain would ensue on their targets. All around the border, supply trucks ferrying ammunition back and forth from all over the border kick into overdrive as the need for ammo sky rockets.

Not too long into the bombardment, the all clear is given for ballistic and tactical missiles to be used. None of them were nuclear or chemical weapons, but they could cause just as much damage as one. Rolling into place along the border, SS-26's begin locking in their targets. Places like Fort Williams and Dandy along with suspected troop formations in the Isaac mountains would all be on the list to hit. Joining the mobile missiles is Mizrad's vast arsenal of stationary ballistic missiles as well as older models of tactical launchers like SCUD's and specialized missiles for the M270's. After a relatively short time of setting up, the missiles take flight all at once to overload the Maverican defense network.

After the first volley of missiles is launched, new targets are locked in to fire on. This time, the Isaac mountains would be the main priority. It was well known there was a lot of militia groups in the mountain range even before the war, and now that the patriotic fighters now had a reason to be patriotic their numbers would most likely have even tripled in size. Just enough to make a missile attack on the villages filled with fighters and civilians alike legal by WA standards. However it would be a bit until the missiles were loaded and ready to go again, but Mizrad had a way to compensate for that as well.

Despite suffering a heavy blow during the initial Maverican attack, the Mizradian Air Force had already recovered by sending more assets to assist border operations. Almost fifty B-52H's, fifteen B-2 Sprits and almost a hundred F-25's would now be available to use against Maverica. However it would be impossible to send everything up at one time, so after a quick briefing and mentioning of targets the planes split up into groups. Two waves would go at a time, each one to a different target. The first two groups consist of ten F-25's and five B-2's, both would be tasked with hitting either Fort Williams or Fort Dandy and getting out in time to not be shot down. While they began returning, a third wave of ten B-52's and a squadron of F-25's would be sent up to hit targets along with Isaac mountains with guidance from satellites and radar. Once the first and second groups returned, a fourth group would be sent out consisting of the same number of planes utilized by the third group as the third group would head back. The same process would continue over and over with the B-52 and F-25 bomber groups until every wing had returned home and landed safely. Then the Trenerians would take their turn in the air all while the Mizradian artillery and missile strikes would continue.

Kicking off the "Party", the first two bomber groups take flight in a short amount of time. The first would head for Fort Williams while the second would make it's way to Fort Dandy over the Isaac mountains. Despite going to different areas, both groups had a few things in common. They all had gone completely dark and utilized stealth systems to minimize their radar presence to the lowest it could be. They also both carried JDAM's, carpet bombs, laser guided munitions and the biggest of all, one B-2 Spirit had been modified to carry a single GBU-43 Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb. The last being more commonly known as the "MOAB" or the second largest conventional explosive ever created. The "MOAB" was designed to strike fear into the hearts of any enemy it was laid down upon, and had a lethal blast radius of 150 yards. Travelling towards their targets, the two groups of fifteen planes begin their attack.

Government Tower, New Boston, Mizrad
07:30 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
President Ryan West

Sitting at his desk overlooking the city around him, President Ryan West chugs yet another glass of whiskey. He had been worrying about the whole "War of the Two Empresses" conflict ever since Mizrad poked it's fingers at it weeks ago. Now the war was at not only his, but Mizrad as a whole's door step. Three different super powers combined in an alliance were all bearing down on his home nation as he sat wallowing in self-pity over a thousand feet in the sky at his desk. The relative silence of the room aside from the muffled noises of the city below him is suddenly shattered as his aide, Wallace, enters the room. Bearing a large bottle of whiskey on a silver platter the man places it on his president's desk and turns to walk out. However he is quickly stopped by Ryan who orders him to sit down and have a drink.

"Tell me Wallace, what are your thoughts on our issue south of the border?"

Wallace sighs before making his response.

"Sir, with all due respect I fear we are simply prolonging a slug fest. Sure we may be able to take on our enemies with little foreign support but that will cost us near our entire population."

West nods.

"A Pyrrhic victory, indeed. Wallace you may have just saved this nation."

The aide looks on in confusion as the president picks up the phone at his desk and makes a call to the head of foreign relations.

"Mr. Gabriel I want you to wipe the dust of the phone line to Volvek and see what they can do to help us in our conflict. They hate our aggressors almost as much as we do and I'm sure they'll bring a pleasing boost to our odds of winning this conflict."

Only moments later, the secretary of foreign relations follows his orders and calls the Volveken ambassador inside Mizrad.

"Good morning sir, this is Secretary Mark Gabriel of Mizrad. I do apologize for how subtle this is and the shortness of my message however I fear that time is of the essence. Would your nation be able to lend a hand to Mizrad in her time of need?"

Ranger Mountain Government Facility, Northern Mizrad
07:00 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
1st Aerial Reconnaissance Group

Sifting through reports from the last satellite recon mission, Major David Bradley comes across something startling. For some reason, near abandoned rail and supply lines between Firmador and Maverica were now being used in full swing transporting unknown material. The only thing the satellites could confirm was that something was going down, but couldn't specify as to what it was. The rest of the Air Force pilots and analysts around Bradley join him in confusion as they look at the videos, notes and photographs. Only minutes later, another satellite would report the same findings. Something was going down and the Mizradians needed to figure out what it was and fast.

Carefully storing away his findings into a manila folder, Major Bradley heads down the hallway to the TOC. Entering the room filled with enough equipment to look like something out of Star Wars, David enters General Frank Douglas' office. Before he can speak, Frank tells him to take a seat and asks what he needs. Plopping the folder down on his desk, Dave begins explaining the situation.

"A recon mission over the Firmadorian and Maverican border. For some reason we have yet to figure out there's thousands of tons of supplies being shipped in from Firmador. I'm sure you know just as well as I do what it probably is but we can't act on it until we confirm that it's military aid. Once we do however, L&A will be required to join us due to the Firmadorians violating their blockade."

Frank slaps on a grin as he replies.

"Tell me what you need son."

Bradley responds in a serious tone.

"An SR-75M, any ground surveillance assets the MCID can muster and the preparation of a long range bombing run. If any military supplies are being moved in we should bomb them to high hell before they even get the chance to assemble."

Douglas nods in agreement before he speaks.

"I agree, I give you permission to utilize what equipment you deem necessary to figure out what's going. I'll try and pass the word on to the guys in New Boston but until then it's up to you to figure out what's going on."

The two nod to each other as Dave than gets up and exits the room. Behind him he could already hear Douglas contacting the MCID headquarters. This would be the first time in two years that the updated SR-71 known as the SR-75M would be used in an actual recon role. Stepping back into the ARG's main office, the major stands up on a table and begins pitching the operation.

"Ladies and gentlemen, today we have thrown a sucker punch right into the jaw of our enemies across the globe. However there may just be more issues than we previously thought. Early reports indicate that Firmador is moving support into Maverica for what we believe will soon become a joint all out invasion. Although time is on our side. While they must hastily shove their forces in trains and across the border, we can bear down on them with everything we have. Yet first we just need proof of what they're doing. I want an SR-75M prepared to go with a flight course over the satellite's recon locations in 0200 Hours. Good luck people."

With that, the groups set off to work. All around Mizrad people began to band together in this modern "Dark Age". However a massive boost to morale was about to come in as the nation of Mizrad winds up to throw yet another massive blow to Maverica. For they would do what had been done to them with one gargantuan metaphorical sucker punch.
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Postby Volvek » Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:43 am

Volveken Embassy, New Boston
October 23rd, 0730 Hours
Ambassador Friedrich Stahl

Ambassador Stahl was looking at the rather large stack of daily paperwork, more headaches. He sighed and was about to start the grueling task of reading through it when the phone rang, "This better not be one of those bloody cold-calls the Kaiser seems to think help people.." He muttered under his breath and picked it up then held it up to his ear as he sipped a cup of coffee. Nothing in the world could have prepared him for what he was about to hear.

"Good morning sir, this is Secretary Mark Gabriel of Mizrad. I do apologize for how subtle this is and the shortness of my message however I fear that time is of the essence. Would your nation be able to lend a hand to Mizrad in her time of need?"

Stahl dropped his cup of coffee, spilling it across the floor. It took Stahl a few brief moments to shake off the shock of the call, the suddenness and intensity of the call had dumbfounded him. "Uh.. No problem Secretary Gabriel. I am undoubtedly sure that Kaiser Radec and the Reichstag would be more than happy to aid your great nation. I will forward a message to the Reichstag as soon as possible. What kind of assistance does Mizrad need, Mister Secretary?" Stahl inquired as he began to clean up the mess that was once his morning coffee.
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Postby Mizrad » Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:33 pm

Southwestern Coast of Mizrad
02:10 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
7th Mizradian Strike Response Fleet

"Sir! Get down!"

A young sailor dives at his fleet's admiral to save him from an explosion. The Mizradian 7th Fleet had been taking continued fire from Maverican ships despite the massive volley the 7th had thrown back at them. Recovering from the fall, the two get to their feet and return to their stations. Admiral Santos quickly moves over to the radio to continue contact with the Loufian fleet.

"Commander Jovic I implore you to look around. Does it look like the Mavericans are in desperate need of help? They attacked us, and you just witnessed yourself how careless and bloodthirsty they are. They just opened up on us with no prior negotiations and ran the risk of even killing your men. Think about that for a second, plea- Shit!"

The transmission stops due to an incoming shell being taken out by a Mizradian CIWS gun, causing it to explode mid-air near the bridge of the mighty Neptune's Spear. Yet luckily the point of the message had been broadcasted and the 7th MSRF was now back to lobbing explosives at their enemies.

Government Tower, New Boston, Mizrad
07:40 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
Secretary of Foreign Affairs Mark Gabriel

Keeping a straight face and a calm tone, Mark patiently listens to the Volveken ambassador and manages to hear the mug-shattering noise Gabriel had come to know all too well. Pausing for a few seconds after the Volveken had stopped talking, the secretary carefully picks his words and speaks.

"Mr. Stahl I'm afraid that what Mizrad is asking of your nation may be a bit much. As you probably have noticed my country is at war and in need of another ally. With Volvek being as strong as she is and in such good relations with Mizrad the type of assistance we need is all out military support. Any kind of help will be very much appreciated."

Mark then began to listen for a response as he nervously waits, hoping for a good response.
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Postby Volvek » Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:49 pm

Volveken Embassy, New Boston
October 23rd, 0740 Hours
Ambassador Friedrich Stahl

Ambassador Stahl couldn't help but smile at the Mizradian Secretary's response and responded nearly immediately, "Well Mister Secretary, you're in luck. The most action the Reich has been experiencing lately is but a number of insurrectionist movements in her many colonies, but as of yet nothing too serious or nothing the Colonial Marine Corps can't handle. So I'll forward a message to the Reichstag and let them know you need a little military support. You'll receive an encoded transmission relaying the imminent arrival of one of the Field Marshalls and possibly a small contingent of troops ahead of the main force. How does that sound, Mister Secretary?" Ambassador Stahl finished with almost excitedly.

As he spoke, he had been typing on his computer the very same message he had mentioned earlier.

Code: Select all
> Begin Transmission

Reichstag Military Officials,
I send this message on behalf of the Republic of Mizrad, one of our great allies. I have recently received a phone call from the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mark Gabriel, asking if Volvek can send them military assistance. They have been engaged in war and time is of the essence.

Volveken Ambassador to Mizrad,
Friedrich Stahl

> End Transmission

Stahl then hit "Send" and the transmission was sent to the Reichstag where it would be received by some secretary and then passed along to some desk General. . . Which is exactly what happened.

Reichstag, Königsstadt, Volvek
October 23rd, 0800 Hours[b]
[b]Kaiser Radec's Secretary

It was just another boring day in the Kaiser Tower section of the Reichstag. The female Secretary was organizing her desk when a new, unread message popped up on her screen that read "color=#FF0000]URGANT!!![/color]". The young Secretary opened it and read it thoroughly, then gasped. She pulled out a tablet and tapped a few buttons that brought the message from her desk top computer to the tablet and speed walked down to Kaiser Radec's office. She knocked on the heavy wooden doors and awaited the response.

And indeed it came, "Come in." came a voice from the other side of the doors. The Secretary opened the large doors, and stepped in. Kaiser Radec's office was large and had stone floors walls and ceiling but had a sheen that made it fairly fancy. It had multiple book cases stacked around the room against the walls, a desk in the middle, and one wall was a big piece of glass which was standard in all bordering rooms, from the outside, made the Kaiser Tower look like any other business sky scraper. Kaiser Radec was standing at the glass, looking out over the crown jewel of the Volveken Empire. He turned to the Secretary, "Yes? What is it?" He asked.

"Mein Kaiser, I apologize for the intrusion.." The secretary bowed respectfully, "But it's urgent, here. Look at this." She said as she stood up straight and handed Radec the tablet.

After a few brief moments of utter silence, Radec finally spoke. "So.. The long era of peace has come to an end. Guess it had to end some time." He said to himself and handed the tablet back to the secretary. "Thank you." He said and the secretary bowed, "Welkommen Mein Kaiser" she replied and left, closing the large doors behind her.

Radec walked back over to his desk and sat down in his large, leather and plush chair that nearly resembled a throne. He began typing on his computer..

Code: Select all
> Begin Transmission - To All Council Members

I, Kaiser Radec, hereby convene a Council of War to aid our ally, the Republic of Mizrad.

> End Transmission

Reichstag, Königsstadt, Volvek
October 23rd, 0800 Hours[b]
[b]Kaiser Radec

Kaiser Radec entered the Council Chamber with his two Honor Guards, where it's Council members had already taken their seats. Radec walked down the middle aisle, which was flanked on both sides with long curved tables where the Council members sat. At the head of the room, was a stage and a podium where whoever needed to speak, spoke. Radec stood behind the podium and plugged in his tablet and sent the message his secretary had received to all of the Council members. He then spoke into the microphone while the Council members read the message.
"My fellow Council members. We have been asked to send aid to our neighbor and close ally, Mizrad. I have come to you in hopes that we will continue our reputation for never breaking a pact, and will send as many troops as we need to assist our ally in order to help them win their war. What say you?"
Kaiser Radec said firmly, as he finished the many Council members spoke among themselves and, after a few moments of debate, one of the Council members stood,
"Mein Kaiser, the Council has agreed, that we should honor our alliance with the Republic of Mizrad, and send troops." The Councilman said and was immediately followed by many "Aye aye!"'s. Radec smiled and nodded, "Then we'll send a Field Marshall to discuss strategy, and a Company of Fallschirmjäger to assist the Mizrdian's before the main force arrives, which I believe should be a Field Army." Radec suggested and was met with another barrage of "Aye aye!" and "Here here!"s. "I'll make an address to the public, and the region. Let them know who's stepping in." Radec said with a smirk, and left the room with his bodyguards in tow.

Volveken Reichswehr Military Installation(VRMI) Tartirus[b]
[b]October 23rd, 0900 Hours

Lieutennt Franz Bauer

Out of the blue, one of the underground barracks' had their alarm go off. A red light began blinking and a siren began screaming along with recorded voice yelling, "Achtung! Achtung! Alle Hände vorzubereiten, um Aufträge zu erhalten! Alle Hände vorzubereiten, um Aufträge zu erhalten!" followed by a few more sirens before finally shutting off. By this time, all 47 soldiers of the 1st Fallschirmjäger platoon were standing at-the-ready by their bunks. The 48th soldier, Lieutenant Kurt Bauer, walked down the center of the barracks inspecting the troopers. "Very nice.. Perfectly done troopers, as expected." LT. Franz said and nodded. "Guess what troopers!"
"What, Offizier!" The 47 soldiers replied simultaneously. "We've got mission! We're supposed to head to the Republic of Mizrad and provide any assistance we can. For the first part of the mission we are also to protect a Field Marshall until the main force arrives. Sounds pretty easy to me, what about you troopers?!" LT. Kurt yelled and as one the other 47 soldiers yelled, "Easy sir!" in unison. "Damn right it is. Now get your gear and suit up troopers! We probably won't be seeing home for a while." LT Kurt said and put his NICH helmet on, fixing the goggles and chin strap. He had his all black SCAR-H slung on his back and headed out the door to the hanger bay, all of which was underground.

In the hanger bay, was an awaiting V-25 Groshawk that was loaded and awaiting its cargo so it could be raised above ground on a lift and take off. It wasn't but a few moments later that the 47 troopers marched out of their barracks and ran toward the Groshawk's open rear hatch and climbed in to strap themselves in the seats, stowing their SCAR's next to their folding seats. LT Kurt stood outside the hatch waiting for Field Marshall VanDerHaar, "Desk jockey's are always late, aren't they sir!" One of the privates yelled from the tilt-rotor aircraft and was followed by a few muffled laughs. One of which was LT. Kurt's, "Yeah.. Desk jockey's." Kurt whispered to himself, almost as soon as he began whispering the Field Marshall walked out of the barracks and jogged over to the Groshawk in the typical long black trench coat of a higher military officer in the Volveken military. "Sorry I'm late sir, had a little hiccup but that's that, shall we?" VanDerHaar said as he tilted his officers cap in respect and boarded the Groshawk, followed by LT Kurt. Kurt who sat in the last open seat on the starboard side of the craft, while VanDerHaar sat just opposite. Kurt touched the side of his helmet, where his ear would be and where the microphone in his, and all NICH, helmet resides, "All set back here." He said and gave a thumbs up to one of the air crewman, who in turn nodded and spoke into the microphone to the pilot.
"Cargo is set and loaded, we're clear to take off."
"Copy that, tower we are buttoned up and ready to take off." As soon as the pilot said "up" he pushed a button and the rear hatch began to pull up and close. Meanwhile the lift began to take the Groshawk up to ground level and the twin rotors began to spin, getting faster and faster every second. "Instruments are reading green across the board, rotors are spinning and hydrolics are fully functional." The copilot said "Looks good, we're ready to take off." The pilot said and the Groshawk began to lift off the ground and slowly drifted forward, gaining speed slowly. After a few minutes of flying like a helicopter, the rotors tilted forward and the Groshawk's speed began to increase quickly and soon reached cruising speed of 285 mph at sea level.

Following the take off of the V-25 Groshawk, an encoded transmission was sent to the Mizradians.
Code: Select all
> Begin Transmission

Mizradian Military Command,

I am writing to you to personally assure you that Volvek will indeed assist you in your efforts. I am sending to you now a single platoon of soldiers to use as you see fit, and a Field Marshall to discuss the coming strategy. Together we will end the bloody war that has taken many of Mizrad's brave sons from this world.

Kaiser Reinhard Radec

> End Transmission

Not long after the Groshawk took off, alarms all around the Installation began going off, hundreds of thousands of troops getting ready and preparing armored vehicles to be loaded onto ships.
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Postby Libraria and Ausitoria » Sat Apr 26, 2014 2:58 am

Libraria and Ausitoria wrote:The Watch Office
Alexandria, Sebvorsca

There was too much turmoil in the region, a power vacuum with nations swirling for power and prestige, and the Maverican fleet's decision to reopen the war was the last straw to an Ausitoria forever devoted to what they called the Pax Prosperitas.

The Ausitorian Watch Office, always the first office, gravely started sending all the emergency messages and alerts which were the prelude to general war. There was a file, Operation Jago, which had been written by civil servants for just such an eventuality: there was always a file ready. But never before had something quite so drastic actually been needed. International flights abroad were being quietly cancelled. Air patrols where they had never previously been necessary were being sent up. And a fleet far away, looking after some special forces, was quietly maneouvering for the first strike.

"I think," remarked the Duke of Palmerston to the cabinet around him, "that we are going to war." He paused. Nobody spoke: everybody was far too afraid. The Prime Minister made as if to say something, but changed his mind.

The Duke continued. "It is a war limited to the seas, but a war nonetheless. Parliament has already indicated their approval of our policy to ensure a cease fire. The Maverican fleet has broken the cease fire. Maverica must have their fleet confiscated, surrendered. They will probably not agree. In which case we will sink their fleet. Subsequently we will make it very clear we will do nothing more unless they try to take retributive action: what goes on on land is less concern of ours."

"Fifteen minutes to surrender their fleet?" the Cabinet Secretary asked, having just broken off a conversation with the Watch Officer, who was thanking every deity he cared about that he was not in the Cabinet.

"Fifteen minutes before war?" the Prime Minister asked.

"Only if they choose it," clarified the Cabinet Secretary.

"The text is very reasonable," said the Duke, referring to the ultimatum. And it was.

The Prime Minister looked unhappily at it. "But they probably won't accept."

"In which case we sink their fleet," replied the Duke.

"These are people we're talking about." The Prime Minister said plaintively.

"So are the Mizradians," countered the Duke.

It had become a battle of minds, but the interesting thing was that the battle was going on in both of their minds: which was the correct course of action?

There was, in the far-off future, an Ausitorian starship that developed sentience and questioned this particular dilemma to great length until it went insane and eventually decided to fill an entire Galaxy with flowers in protest. It was a very beautiful galaxy and became an Ausitorian memorial dedicated to this unfortunate Cabinet that found itself having to decide the basic question: who should live or die?

"War is coming," Victoria, the Deputy Prime Minister said, looking at the Prime Minister, hanging on the balance of indecision. "An armed peace is unfortunately required."

The Duke looked at her: was she really happy to take moral responsibility for deciding the Prime Minister's mind?

And the Prime Minister nodded his agreement. Just hopefully, reasonable minds would prevail.

From: The Cabinet Policy, Intelligence, and Statistics Committee, the Imperial Commonwealth Libraria and Ausitoria
To: Maverica
Encryption: None

We have noted with no little concern your outrageous unilateral decision to end the cease-fire. We therefore require the surrender of your fleet to us for safekeeping within the next fifteen minutes.

If you agree, we will guarantee the safety of your coast and all your maritime trade if you decide to return to the cease-fire agreement and provide damages.

If you do not agree or prevaricate, we will regretfully be forced to take further actions.

On a general note to fellow members of the community, if Maverica refuses this request; then any attempts to reinforce Maverica by sea without applying for our permission will be met by our nation's utmost ire.

I have the honour to remain,
Sir Isaac White
Sent on behalf of the aforesaid CPISC Committee


250 km from the Mizrad-Maverican incident.

"T minus 12 minutes," said the controller to Wing Commodore Andy Fitzmarks, and everybody else on the wavelength. It was the time until Maverica could surrender. It was hard for them all to believe it, but as aircraft scrambled into the air behind him as fast as they could, this was a full-blown carrier strike operation underway. So much for the cease-fire the diplomats had so carefully brokered.

In the corner of Andy's eye he studied the live feed from the drone which had observed the Maverican fleet suddenly open fire upon the Mizradians. What were the Mavericans playing at, he wondered, as his plane flew itself? There had been intelligence reports he had read of, suggesting a reformation of the old socialist coalition - which hinted at all sorts of shifting alliances: Nathan had clearly let the cat out of the bag. Evidently the Admiral thought so too - which explained why he was keeping three squadrons back from the strike; leaving only seventy fighters for this particular operation. It explained why he was steaming away from the scene as fast as possible to get out of range of potential land-based anti-carrier missiles - or ship-based missiles for that matter. It explained why the watch office traffic had already directed another carrier fleet to reinforce them. That force would arrive in about sixteen hours - by which time who knew what else would have happened? They might all be dead. He might be dead. It was such a pity that peace always seemed to need a navy.

"T minus 11 minutes," said the controller, as he continued to vector fighters and drones up from the eleven carriers in a whirl. Even the helicopter carriers had their drones to contribute.

Andy jumped as the jammers of the air force came on: they were entering radar range. The Mavericans would know something was up... he looked to the right, as the giant Commmand/EW aircraft adopted a holding pattern, and grinned. Everybody else within five hundred kilometers would be hearing white noise on their radio sets... and seeing millions of specks on their radar-screens the size of an Ausitorian fighter... there was nothing quite like a well-moneyed air force. His smile grew wider. Hopefully the Maverican Admiral of the Fleet was terrified enough to surrender. Then they might be able to get back to the status-quo again. Why did some people hate the status quo so much?

"T minus 10 minutes," said the controller. The seconds were floating by, never to be seen again, except by a group of time travellers from the far future who were on a field history trip to learn about how the Ausitorian fleets tried to rule the waves - all waves, every ocean, every sea, everywhere where they could float a boat, everywhere where anybody else could float a boat, everywhere which thought boats were a good idea, everywhere which thought boats weren't a good idea, everywhere where anybody had any thoughts at all about boats, seas, oceans, or water...

For if Ausitoria had learnt one thing from history, it was that he who dominated the lines of communication exercised absolute dominion over everybody who used them. And Ausitoria was not prepared to see someone else exercise such dominion in waters that their trading ships used.
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Autentico Airbase, Northern Firmador

"General, we've got reports from one..." Another series of beeps come in as someone speaks to the communication staff officer, it took longer than the General was used to, "Make that two electronic warfare units and one ground-based anti-stealth RADAR platform, the Winao. 'E-dub-us say it doesn't look like shit the Mavericans have, their LADAR is picking up something, lucky for us it wasn't a bad day or the clouds would have shorten their range tremendously. Either Trenerian or Mizradian. We have no air-based assets inside of Maverica, besides the ones that are being hidden, but we have a loose string of ground RADAR and AA/AAA target acquisition stations. They have much shorter range against stealth on the ground, being not the size of a stealth dedicated ground site such as Winao, but maybe one is in range."

"Couldn't have been those Austorians, they haven't declared war on Maverica or Loufe."

"Do you want me to move another fighter into the area, we've got one but he's been on patrol for a while and his fuel is low. We can get a pair in a couple minutes and a squadron in ten."

"How far out?"

"Supercruise, two hundred kilometers from the border, two hundred fifteen from our nearest Edubus, two hundred four from Winao and two hundred twenty from the other Edubus."

"Do the Mavericans know about this?"

"No clue."

"High Command is too fucking busy establishing comms. with forward observers and NCOs with the guys fighting in the north. I hear it's apeshit up there."

"Yea, last we heard they got hit pretty bad from a recent air offensive."

"Okay, send the co-ordinates to the Mavericans. Tell them it's high priority. Task two Illusions, if he closes to fifty kilometers order his withdrawal. If he tries to cross, shoot him down."

"Wait," The staff officer raises his hand, "We've got intelligence from disrupted Maverican television and phone connection to their satellite receivers."


Sandino, Firmador

"Treneria is obviously going first."

"Yes, but our fleet?"

"She's inside Maverican waters, some two hundred eighty kilometers from the Mizradian invading fleet. Our communications taskeforce with the Maverican units in combat is proving very helpful. We're lucky we trade so much with them, their language is the fourth most common spoken in the country. The Luvejans, however, are an all around different basket of bolts."

"So, we fire?"

"I would suggest against it, this is not how we'll gain the momentum. What is a dozen ships?"

"True, our readiness?"

"We've got five thousand live ones. About two hundred forty all together."

"How do we start the war?"

"We wait, the Trenerians will be all tastier in a weeks' time or so. For now, let us guarantee the independence of Maverica. It seems they have an interest in sending some aircraft near our borders. Perhaps they're trying to get us to declare war on them. We will not fall into their obvious trap." Gregor 'the Bloody' sat in the elephant leather chair sipping his Jimmy Bean bourbon, the glass hanging from his thumb and middle finger, limb stretched over the chair's arm after he took his drink. The ices' bite wasn't there at the top of the class, the chilled liquor delicious. Though, he could go for some old country moonshine for his next drink. But, that was all too hard to find with so many being deported as Farmers. Only the loggers in Batis and the East held the trade and they liked their secret family traditions. Germans.

Code: Select all
To: World
From: The House of External Affairs (Firmadores)

The Commonwealth-at-Arms of Firmador hereby guarantees the independence of Maverica, re-affirming their stance as a member of the Socialist Coalition. If any nation wishes to take advantage of Maverica as she fights her war with the Mizradians they will be met by not only Firmadores soldiers, but Luvejans, Bavaria-Saxons, and Communists for the People. Firmador is now moving troops into the southern half of Maverica. If the war continues further into Maverica, as deep as the half-way point of the nation, Firmador will force bilateral peace talks even if it means the South of Maverica need be occupied by Firmador to bring Maverican and Mizradian diplomats to the table. Firmador also announces the a Lend-Lease policy extended to Maverica, with the requirement of only 1% down payment for any arms produced in the Commonwealth-at-Arms. Firmador will now officially patrol Maverican waters. This is not a Declaration of War against Any country or peoples. Only a letter of courteous intent to all parties involved.
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Communists for the people's Northern State
New London, The Capitol Building

Premier Churchill was in a good mood, Communists for the people had resigned from the Socialist Coalition ending the arguments in the senate, for now at least. The war across the seas was picking up steam and the senate finally agreed to take action.

Dreyfuss, The Premier's aide stepped into Churchill's office, "Premier," Dreyfuss said, "Operation Angel is underway and Admiral Trenton is requesting what time you want the Task Forces departed."

Premier Churchill opened his cigar box and pulled out a fresh cigar, lighting it and taking a deep drag Churchill replied, "Tell Admiral Trenton that I want him gone as soon as all the Task Forces are ready."

"Yes Premier." Dreyfuss said as he exited the Premier's office.

To:The Republic of Mizrad
From:Premier Churchill, Premier of Communists for the people
Encryption level:5
Premier Churchill would like to inform Mizrad that the Armies of CFTP are coming to your aid, please respond to us as soon as possible and tell us where you want Admiral Trenton to deploy his forces.

Operation Angel
Bay of CFTP
The heavy cruiser Ryazan

Admiral Trenton paced the bridge of the Ryazan the ships had just set sail the bay was practically teaming with the masses of CFTP ships all sailing towards Mizrad.
Please refer to me as Communists for the people CFTP
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Operation Jean Danjou

Sandino, Firmador

"We've got authorization from Maverica," The foreign attaché reported, "And integration has seeped into an operational level, thanks mostly to our shared linguistic histories. There is however, the leaving of the CTFP from the Socialist Coalition development."

"They were always weak-hearted. It is of absolutely no import, they're dogs running from a fight with their tails between their legs." Gregor 'the Bloody' intersected, an uncharacteristic rage in his eyes. He had warned President-for-Life Amar to keep them out of the war discussions ever since they refused to enter the conflict. His years in intelligence work had given him a fairly accurate sixth sense.

"Perfect. I have 1,400 Illusions decaled with Maverican insignias, the specialized 'ejection' procedure," Commander of the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth-at-Arms Field Marshall Krieg's face showed signs of sadness. The ejection procedure he was talking about were C4 strapped under the pilots' seats that would explode once they pulled the ejection lever. None of them knew about it. "Along with two hundred F-35Bs, eighteen tasked AWACs and roughly three hundred fifty specialized SEAD/GMP craft. Not to mention the other three hundred Illusions and forty Growlers and two AWACs for the other strike. Outside of being physically armed and fueled it will only take a day or two to get them organized and ready. We see no reasons for the front to develop in such a short time. As we speak all these aircraft are being assigned to their airbases. There is still, however, the Fuel Air Express issue."

"The soft underbelly of our operation."

"No, it falls upon the Mavericans and our three hundred Illusions that would be occupying southern Maverican air space to protect them."

"As I said, the soft underbelly of our operation."

"Yes. Almost true enough. But when we hit them, they'll be blind. The Mizradians will be the only one able to see, and they have a priority to protect their mainland especially after launching such a truculent assault on Maverican installations. It was that very effect that forces us to rely upon the Fuel Air Express instead of northern Maverican airbases. But, I will make sure to have at least three hundred Illusions on stand by inside of Firmador in order to quickly respond to any attack on the Fuel Air Express and give us time to scramble even more aircraft." They both nodded, turning to the next presentation.

1st Class, Sea Marshall Frederik Ludwig Boch, the Navy of Firmador's chief commander smacked a hanging plastic screen with a resounding slap. The pictures of coastal western Treneria were on the screen, with five separate landing zones circled. "While overall debate among my Branch's brass have yet to come to a full conclusion, I personally suggest LZ Fire." His wooden riding crop, being such an equestrian it was his pointing stick, hit the second LZ from the Maverican border. "LZ Fire is spaced roughly thirty kilometers from the mountain terrain on the border, and thus gives their artillery less natural cover than attempting an amphibious assault at the foot of the mountain on Treneria's side. The singular advocate of that plan, Vice Admiral Sterling Getter, likes it because he thinks it's the best way to assure a rapid break threw along the mountains. I believe that we should use naval infantry and second-wave regular infantry to make the enemy's chokehold on the mountain untenable without firing a single shot. LZs Dog, Watch and Cat are all too far north. By the time they reach the mountains, instead of surrounding the enemy they themselves would be."

"How many men and ships would you need to execute a landing and encirclement from LZ Fire?" questioned Field Marshall Krieg.

"At least five hundred thousand men, probably more once the beachhead is established. We would need over a thousand ships for the landing alone, and more because the enemy fleet is fighting at home. We might need to ask the Mavericans for assistance."

"And the threat of a joint Mizradian-Treneria naval force intercepting this attack?"

"That is exactly why we must come in full force. I would not consider it neither likely nor unlikely, though satellite reports show an utter lack of Mizradian naval re-basing into Treneria."

"Should we attempt to blockade them prior to invasion?"

"No, that will only serve as a clarion for our intentions. We must attack with surprise and ferocity. Knocking out their air force's capability will blind them or at least poke one of their eyes out and destroy their depth perception."

"How long until you can land at LZ Fire?"

"Roughly a month to get enough ships ready, men abroad. I could likely do it in two weeks, possibly less, since they're so close but we cannot begin a naval invasion without our in-theatre assets being mobilized."

"Yes, we only have 12,000 combat ready troops but President-for-Life Amar has increased the deployment tables to two million men. There's over three hundred seventy thousand men either at secret assembly areas or on the transportation network. Enemy detection of traffic extremely unlikely, Maverica is our largest trading partner and we have a highly developed infrastructure for that very reason."

"If I may be too brass as to ask, but Field Marshall of the Commonwealth-at-Arms Krieg, my fellow Junker brother, could it be possible for me to take much of the men I need for my part of Operation Jean Danjou? Now that my fleets can freely roam Maverican waters unharassed by any of the combatants we could pick some up here and then piggy-back onto Maverican ports inconspicuously. It could shorten mobilization time to two weeks."

"Well, I suppose we could pick up some of the slack with some C-130s and commercial trimmings. We'd be understrength for our part, but we have to show our allies in Maverica that we're going to be active. This will be no Phony War. I estimate we can have seven hundred fifty men combat capable in two weeks if we press civvies and modified some military aircraft. We have to keep it to more isolated, strictly domestic companies. Not that we're doing anything illegal, we've announced a guarantee of Maverica's south even if they were to lose a war without Firmadores assistance."

An as till now silent participant in the strategic discussion broke out, his barrel chest dangled with an ivory handled six shooter. His eccentric cowboy hat only permitted for the many hot landings he made in the Civil War. Krieg detested him, but Gregor and Amar would allow nothing invidious between them. "I can take my Para Corps. into southern Maverica easily within two weeks then march them up as light infantry in the fighting. Hell, that's what we'll need if this fancy LZ Fire don't work out none! Two hundred twenty thousand paratroops, practically all of our strategic assets of the kind. Snap of the fingers popped in a couple days before the declaration of war. That would bring your combat strength up to nine hundred seventy thousand troops."

"Well, that is certainly a pretty picture you paint." Krieg stood, unimpressed. "Alright, air-mobile isn't an option with how back and forth the air battle-space is over Maverica. Not to mention our first contact will be in the mountains most likely."

Over-Chancellor Gregor 'the Bloody' again stepped in, "Is there anything left to discuss?"

The three simultaneously, "No, sir."


Airbase, South Western Maverica

October 25th, 0935 Hours

Airman Earnest Seal watched as one of the technical crews, a Maverican, fitted his Illusion with an external fuel tank turning he saw the entire runway area littered with dropped tools, frenetically shuffling support crews, and hundreds upon hundreds of dolleys filled with all sorts of munitions. He looked back, the EFT had been attached and they were now fitting a modernised Mica IR missile to the pylon next to the fuel tank. With fifteen hardpoints each, he knew they would be going in very hot. He was the first wave, "Crazy Jack's Smack Attack" they were called by most of the other air squadron for their apparent heroine-like addiction to combat's adrenaline. Airman Seal had seen sorties the world over, but now he had to operate just next door. The different insignas and writings on his aircraft, once unique to him, made him irascible. Everyone had been briefed, this was the calm before the storm.

Base-wide a low pitch vibrating noise went out from Blue lights that told everyone it was about that time. Most of the crews had finished attaching what needed to be attached, even Airman Seal's Illusion had its full complement. His crew brought a ladder to the cockpit, which he climbed inhaling every step of the way. As he grew closer to Death he savoured every ounce of Living that much more. That was the addiction, the way the open possibility of your death makes you see every second of life. Once you're out of danger's way for too long you become unappreciative. He put on his Maverican pilot helmet, which had the distinct smell of previous use that made his nose twitch, and closed the canopy. Jack squadron was taxing into launch, with many, many more squadrons awaiting their turn. Over head the Fuel Air Express and their consort couldn't be seen but once ground-based radar (and to a lesser extent air-based Maverican radar) detected something they would immediately react.

Seal taxied onto the runway, checking all his safety procedures and other doldrums necessary. Kicking the engine he skid down the asphalt the screeching from the growing power of his engines whistling at a similar pitch to the so many others surrounding. His body was pushed back, an exhilaration for most that became blase for him. The Illusion rattled slightly, the airframe having some wear on it from seeing alot of use. One thing was for sure, the air force got their money's worth out of the Illusion and they could still milk her. Anemos Major, one of the top arms designers on the planet. Seal smiled, the fifteen hardpoints that made his offensive or defensive capabilities. The Illusions, reading all IFF signs as Maverican, were crashing into the west-central part of the Trenerian mountains. Once detected they would immediately all start blaring their AESA sets to spoof enemy detection and register tens of thousands of incoming Illusions from across the entire border, except the reaches near Mizrad. They would do this with the combined force of aircraft-mounted Illusion/F-35B/AWAC electronic output.

Any enemy AWACs or aircraft on patrol, in range and detected (likely by illuminating the incoming grand air offensive) would be fired at with loitering ARMs and AAMs respectively. Not to mention 400km/- ranged Maverican AA assets within range. Once contact would be made a salvo of mixed ballistic missiles would be launched from across southern but mostly northern Maverica. It was a drain on their national stockpile but the lend-lease program that had been established by Firmador would see these repleted soon enough. Twelve thousand different long-range and extremely long-range cruise missiles were fired at the ten furthest enemy airbases from the air strike group (whose detection by the enemy would be delayed due to immense SEAD operation in its south, lowering overall defensive capabilities against the strike), along with about twenty percent of that payload going to practically defenseless civilian railway infrastructure inside Treneria in order to reduce movement. A post-action analysis would show most of these would fall on the train links in range between Treneria and Mizrad, but exclusively fell inside of Treneria. Ten percent of the missiles, dedicated AShMs would strike at the nearest Treneria port, stockpile or refinery in range. Several dozen missiles were focused on large equipment used to transship cargo from ship to shore, one of the most critical pieces in any harbor. Due to proximity they would rely upon stealth, hugging the earth and thus likely coming under later detection due to enemy illuminators being occupied/turned off/destroyed by the largest offensive. Further to the west, on the sea border three hundred Illusions and their assistants would hit the nearest enemy military port. They would also use the same tactic, once illuminated by radar as those high over the mountains. Though they would be flying low to be detected much later. It was also occuring that the grander attack's false targets jamming technique was spread over their secondary attack adding a second layer to their jamming.Their difference was they were exclusively hitting enemy refineries for use in critical war industries, which were almost always placed on the sea for economic transportation reasons. If these were unavailable, and sat reports showed that wasn't the case, enemy strategic naval stock piles and ships (namely aircraft carriers) would be targeted.

"This is Bluejay 5, enemy fighters detected and targeted within range. Shall I fire an initial salvo to occupy them as we close into the no-escape zone, over?"

"This is Bluejay 0, broadcasting on all frequencies. We have made first contact. Fire, over." Bluejay 5, Airman Seal, flipped up the safety, selecting a long ranged ARM, he clicked the button his left wing dipping from the loss of weight before automatically adjusting. One hundred thirty missiles spit forth, if it was possible they would each target a separate enemy to force them into evasive maneuvers.
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OOC: Long post warning. Please read it in two halves.

Alexandria, the Cabinet Watch Office
Surprising Developments
How to cancel an ultimatum?

Something new, again, was in the air.

It had taken about a minute for no less than seven hundred and forty two intelligence officials in Alexandria to come to the same conclusion: Fighting Maverica was no longer a tenable option if Firmador was involved. There was evidence coming in that Firmador was now taking up leading the war. Firmador had a big fleet and airforce. So the Watch Office had quietly started to recall the fighters. The strike was off, even if Maverica replied to the Ultimatum. Now it was for the Cabinet to square the politics. And it was an appalling thought. How do you stop an ultimatum once you've given it if you want to maintain any credibility? Everybody would assume you had chickened out (which they had). As a result the cabinet was now mostly pacing around the luxuriously decorated Cabinet Watch Office, where a large screen linked them directly to the main Watch Office.

"Why is it that we never expect the wars we fight?" asked the turqoise Foreign Secretary subconsciously, as he watched the clock continue to tick down to nine minutes from the Cabinet Watch Office. It would be fun if the Maverican fleet surrendered anyway, but it would not be fun if they acknowledged hostilities, and Maverica had already had six minutes.

Nobody listened to the Foreign Secretary's mumbled musings, for they were all running through possible scenarios, except the Deputy Prime Minister. "We must act," she said, urgently and forthrightly. "We must stop this ultimatum, we must cancel it, we must retract it."

"We need a pretty serious reason to back down," started Lord Palmerston, rearranging a turquoise sleeve, and seeing a way out - the only way out that he could think of, having rejected the possibilities of attempting to pretend the ultimatum wasn't actually a threat of war, or the idea of starting either a real or fake major emergency somewhere else in the nation that would be a plausible reason for cancelling the ultimatum and refocusing on domestic affairs.

"We've got one," interjected the Prime Minister, shuddering at the size of the Firmador fleet.

The Foreign Secretary ignored him. He meant a publicly acceptable reason to back down. "How about we leak that we think Treneria has been committing human rights abuses?" asked the Foreign Secretary.

"Is it true?" said the Prime Minister, grasping the significance.

"Anything could be true," replied the Foreign Secretary, evasively. By which everybody in the room knew that it would be mostly fabricated, and at best circumstantial.

The Prime Minister paused - and then realized they were down to eight minutes.

"Can it be done quickly enough?" said the Prime Minister.

The Foreign Secretary nodded and switched on the sound to the Watch Office.

"Watch Officer, publicly ditch Treneria."

The Watch Officer nodded, and got several men on the phone.

"Watch Office. This is non-attributable for the moment," three of them said simultaneously, as the phones of the major broadcasters were picked up, "but wikispills has discovered human rights abuses by Treneria and will be cancelling the Ultimatum. Interrupt your programmes at once. Now listen carefully..."

"We're interrupting this programme to bring you the news that wikispills sources have uncovered significant human rights abuses in the Trenerian regime. This has understandably caused some shock in government circles, and has led to the Ultimatum being cancelled! So you can stop buying Maverican flags to burn! Andy, what are your thoughts?" said a typical news reader.

From: The Cabinet Policy, Intelligence, and Statistics Committee, the Imperial Commonwealth Libraria and Ausitoria
To: Maverica, observer nations.
Encryption: None

Ausitoria hereby cancels its ultimatum to Maverica. We do not retract our ultimatums lightly. Reasons will follow.

I have the honour to remain,
Sir Isaac White
Sent on behalf of the aforesaid CPISC Committee

"The evidence includes violations and massacres of prisoners recalling the worst of the previous war," said the watch officials. "We've just sent the first bits of evidence now..."

"Well, Tom, although this may appear like shocking news, I'm not at all surprised. We all know our country has sometimes backed some pretty dodgy governments before. But certainly this news, if true, will set the cat amongst the pidgeons. May I ask who the source is?"

"No, because wikispills protects its sources. But it's pretty recent and pretty big. You can see these intercepted transmissions between Mizrad and Treneria about how Mizrad got hold of the news of prisoner violations and massacres. Good for Mizrad, they tried to tell Treneria to stop it..."

"How close did we come to war, Tom?"

"Very close. I'm sure questions will be asked in Parliament and the Foreign Secretary will have much to answer for."

"In the meantime we can thank our guardian angels in wikispills, and the MIS for picking it up fast enough to avert a war."

"They have super software. I'm sure Ausitoria's MIS is the envy of every police state."

"Good to know we still do some things right..."


An Inextricable Recapitulation
How to plant a garden?

Well, thought the Foreign Secretary grumpily, that was one war averted. But he had foreseen the likely line of the chat shows - Why did we come so close to war? and Does the Foreign Secretary enjoy dancing the nation on the brink of the abyss? etc etc. But there was an idea in the back of his mind. Since they knew that all the information was fabricated, perhaps they could start to poke holes in some of the evidence that Ausitorian civil servants were now uploading to wikispills via remote servers scattered across the globe, hundreds of pages of vivid imagination at a time. That offered some possibilities for spin... his subconsciousness got busy.

He looked up at the ticking clock, which nobody had yet had time to switch off. T minus 5:21. It had been a damned near-run thing. And he probably deserved the grilling that Parliament would give him... it would be very tricky... probably there were already people calling for his resignation...

The Prime Minister looked at him, having reached the same conclusion. The Prime Minister was perfectly competent, if indecisive. "Couldn't we have managed it so that the political fallout was less? Now we look incompetent."

The Foreign Secretary surveyed the Prime Minister. "Perhaps better to look incompetent and competently preserve human lives," he said gravely. "But actually, I don't think we need to look so very incompetent," with a growing smile, as ideas started to fall into place. "Don't you realize because we have done these leaks, only we can poke the right holes in them fast enough to stage-manage this entire crisis?"

The Prime Minister started hopefully. Could they really get out of this hole they had dug themselves?

"Let's give Firmador something to think about!" exclaimed the Foreign Secretary, and called the watch officer. "Watch officer, leak that we have traced some of the leaks to Firmador. Prove it with embassy transmissions. Then in five minutes leak that the Maverican government has now been effectively taken over by Firmador."

"Is that true?" asked the Prime Minister, referring to the latter leak.

"I think so, but very few will believe it. But most importantly it will make everybody wonder about the truth of all the other leaks. Watch Office, also leak that some of the leaks come from Communists for the Peoples. That will confuse everybody further and will make people wonder whether the Socialist Coalition is involved in these leaks and whether that is why CFTP has recently left the Socialist Coalition. It will divert suspicion from us towards Firmador."

"What next?" asked the Prime Minister. Nothing like a bit of a confusion for muddying the waters.

"Already foreign intelligence agencies will probably be trying to poke holes in all these leaks - Treneria will probably already have denied it. In ten minutes time we will spin that Firmador was trying to drag us into a war."

"Which is actually true," remarked the Prime Minister, thinking he was finally getting on top of the Foreign Secretary's germinating plot.

"No it isn't," said the Foreign Secretary. "I doubt they want us in the war, they just wanted us to back down. Well, we have backed down. Which leaves us with two lines of defence. 1. The government was duped by Firmador and shouldn't have made that ultimatum. Undoubtedly there will be calls for an independent inquiry, which would try to hound us from office. 2. We were in the right." The Foreign Secretary paused, and continued with his heart beating ever faster. "Nobody will believe the second unless I argue it. Therefore I am going to argue it when I speak to Parliament: I shall suggest we should have made the ultimatum, but with one important caveat: even earlier."

"How will that suffice?" asked the Deputy Prime Minister, puzzled.

"Don't you see?" the Foreign Secretary almost leapt with joy. "Everybody will disagree at first. But the argument has two prongs: first, it is only because Firmador has now started to act that we should not launch the strike now: at the time we didn't know about Firmador's intentions."

The Prime Minister looked dubious and opened his mouth to speak. This was true, but it sounded like an admission of incompetence to him. People would still want to know: why was an ultimatum given with the Firmador fleet so near at hand?

But the Foreign Secretary continued. "The second argument is that we can leak that before the ultimatum we started negotiating with defecting Maverican admirals who were planning to surrender Maverica's fleet to us anyway. Put those two together; and what do you get? Firmador stopped us from making off with Maverica's nonexistent defecting admirals and their fleet, and we cancelled the ultimatum with news of human rights abuses, in the hope that by hushing it up we could protect the friendly defecting admirals, so that Firmador wouldn't hear about them. Absolutely nobody will be able to prove that none of it's true, because we will be denying it and people will think we are trying to protect the friendly defecting admirals. Everybody will deny it, but they would deny it anyway!

We will look both competent - getting the non-existent Admirals to agree to surrender - and we will also look principled - protecting those non-existent Admirals. We will direct Ausitorian public opinion against Treneria and Firmador, the first for massacring POWs, and the second for effectively subjugating Maverica. As an added bonus Firmador will be suspicious of Maverica's admirals for at least a few hours."

"You really think you can lead everybody up the garden path?" asked the Prime Minister.

"Not everybody," replied the Foreign Secretary cheerfully. "Members of the public will have to choose between assuming that we invented the entire thing, that we invented some of it, or that we invented none of it. They will either go up the right garden path, get lost amongst all the garden paths and probably exit the garden at the right sort of place, or see the whole thing and appreciate our competence at landscape gardening. But nobody will be certain how much gardening we did, so we will continue to be able to issue a credible deterrence."

"Particularly because even paranoid foreign services will know that it's not every day that an Ausitorian ultimatum gets counter-ultimatum-ed," the Deputy Prime Minister said, understanding perfectly.

"Indeed," replied the Foreign Secretary.

"Well, what a complicated nothing," remarked the Prime Minister, after nodding his approval of the entire scheme.

"Nothing, Prime Minister?" asked the Foreign Secretary, pompously, as a wave of tiredness swept over him. "In the last fifteen minutes we have kept ourselves from total war, preserved our credibility, stolen back the freedom to do whatever we like in this war, and preserved the continuity of government."

"We had that before the ultimatum. What we haven't done is stop the war," said the Prime Minister, sadly.

"Nobody can say we didn't try," replied the Foreign Secretary.

The Prime Minister nodded and smiled - more of a grimace, really. He caught the Watch Officer's eye.

"If you've got someone spare, mobilize all forces."

The Watch Officer nodded. "Our news agencies are now reporting that Maverica has been taken over by Firmador, Prime Minister. 'Reports are confused' and all that sort of thing."

The Foreign Secretary nodded his approval and swayed slightly. The adrenaline had quickly run out, and he sensed a terrible wave of coming darkness. "I fear we will be short on sleep in days to come," he remarked, and retired.
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OOC: Sorry about the grammatical errors you may find. English isn't my native language.

Isop (Capital City of the GNNE)
Government District.
Office of the "Chief of the Executive Cabinet"

Xall Ash'Yun, Chief of the Nerodian Cabinet, sat at his large desk smoking on a cigar with great big puffs. As he thought the various thoughts that a Chief of the Nerodian Cabinet thought, a knock on the door interrupted the start of his day.
"Come in," he said.
A tall and young blonde entered the office with a folder full of papers. "Good morning, Chief. Shall we start reviewing yesterday's events?"
"We shall start, Jennifer. Start with the most important events."
"Ok, sir." The young lady opened the folder and took a yellow paper. "First, a message from Mr Wish, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. He wishes to notify you that a Secret Meeting was held between the Capitalist nations. There's also an email from the Secretary of Defense about the same matter. It looks like the Aurora Committee approved sending most of our forces to join the Ausitorian Fleet on the Mizrad vs. Maverica conflict."
"And you are telling me that just now?" the Chief looked angry.
"I'm sorry, sir. I thought about calling you, but I know you don't like to be disturbed after 1800 hours."
"It doesn't matter." he went silent for a minute. "Get me Supreme Commander Tyrannus on the line."
Jennifer left the room and spoke some seconds later: "He's on line 3, sir."
Xall answered the phone. "Supreme Commander?"
"Chief of the Cabinet." A deep and strong voice answered at the other end. "What do you need, sir?"
"Did we already send our fleet to join the Ausitorian's one?"
"Yes, sir." Tyrannus said. " Our plan is to send them like this: we'll send 14 large supercarriers and 20 lighter supercarriers to join the Ausitorian Fleet, and 1 supercarrier to reinforce Naybra. We will retain and concentrate 1 large supercarrier and 3 smaller supercarriers in home waters. Each carrier will go with the standard escort convoy."
"Where did this plan come from?"
"Me, the Aurora Committee and Ausitorian strategists. And I need something else from you, sir."
"What do you need, Supreme Commander?"
"We need ships to mobilize 1 million soldiers, Chief. And I wanted to know if you could charter some private cruisers. I mean, you have the contacts to do that, sir. I lack those contacts."
"I'll do it, Tyrannus. You'll have your cruisers in a couple of hours."

Tendor, Nerodian Shipyard City.

From the air down to the ground the bay looked frightfully busy. Ships were leaving the huge port dozens at a time, and you could see others on the horizon that had left earlier. The same was happening in many other shipyard cities.
The Capitalist Association was moving.
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Postby Senkaku » Sun May 04, 2014 1:23 pm

The Imperial Palace

In Phandong, here in the Celestial Empire's immense, decadent, overcrowded heart, the Imperial Cabinet had convened on surprisingly short notice. The robot that usually kept minutes had been sent away and then deactivated, and the most powerful men and women in Senkaku now sat on a stone terrace, beside a small artificial pond full of tiny, brilliantly colored fish and small water plants.

"As I was saying, I convened this meeting because IIA satellites and agents have picked up what appears to be a refreshment in the constant Mizradian-Maverican wars. It appears Maverican troops were gathering in unusually large concentrations, preparing for a much larger than average campaign, and the Mizradians somehow got wind of it and launched preemptive attacks. It really is quite something- the Mizradians struck literally just before the Mavericans attacked. Our agents in the area have confirmed both air forces have taken heavy losses, and that Mizradian air and missile attacks have thrown the Maverican advance into disarray along the border."
"Based on intelligence we received from Director Fang, the Bureau of Naval Intelligence's analysts expect this, like previous border wars, to stalemate and then die down. Despite the presence of larger forces on both sides, we think this will only mean larger losses for both."
"You also speak for the Army's planning department, Admiral. We think the Maverican advance, which is already faltering in the wake of this unexpected hitch in their attack, will stall completely along or just past the border, and both sides will eventually make another ceasefire, which will of course be broken and another little war will spark up, followed by a ceasefire..."
"In short, my lady, this latest little spat will, despite its greater size, be merely another in the string of border wars there."
"I happen to disagree, Director. The force the Mavericans have assembled is quite considerable, along with their Firmadorian allies, at least based on your reports. I don't want to involve us in a war, but I think a policy of deniable involvement and limited material support for the Mizradians would be in the empire's interest."
"What level of deniable involvement?"
"Covert sabotage, fléchette dirigible strikes, missile boat attacks, and if any of our submarines are in a position where they think they can hit a Maverican ship- cargo, tanker, or military- they will take the shot. A shadow war."
"And we quietly sell the Mizradians missiles and such?"
"Rithisak? Would Blue Cobra be interested in an arms deal?"
"I am sure any syndicate would be honored to help serve the empire's interests, as discreetly as is necessary."
"My lady, with all due respect, I think this is an overreaction. If the Mavericans crumble too far, the Mizradians may be able to force a peace and stabilize the region, which would not necessarily be good for us."
"If things start looking bad, we can always play them off each other. I'm quite sure a desperate Maverican high command would be far more amenable to trade concessions, if it meant they got missiles, robots, and no more torpedoes in their tankers."
"The problem here will be Firmador, I think. We will need to find a way to interdict their aid to the Mavericans somehow..."
"Could we not ask the syndicates for help?"
"Pheakdai, you are the syndicate representative, are you not?"
The older man raised an eyebrow and smiled mirthlessly, his eyes like dark whirlpools and his smile that of a grinning skull. "I am quite sure that any syndicate with operations in the area would be more than happy to aid their homeland in such a small matter."

Off the Maverican coast
HMS Renjin

"Captain, coded transmission coming through from the Admiralty."
"What does it say?"
"Initiate Quiet War contingency stop Maverican non-passenger targets are eligible stop Orders active immediately stop."
Captain Huang Fu leaned back in his chair and looked at the Yinjin-class hunter-killer submarine's main console, looking somewhat thoughtful and also a bit sinister.
"That is a Maverican tanker over there, yes?"
"Hold on, looking up her name in the Maverican database. Ah... MV Petrol Star. Registered to... Some Maverican name, I can't pronounce this shitty language. Built in the '70s, so she ain't no spring chicken. ULCC-type, around 500,000 DWT capacity. She's half-loaded, according to her home port's log, not equipped with sonar."
"Which, I assume, means she cannot hear us?"
"No sir. The nearest other vessel is a small, unidentified wooden fishing craft, five miles away."
"Fire a smart limpet, set it to detonate in an hour."
"Weapons, one smart limpet. Hour detonation sequence, target is that tanker."
"Yessir, Lieutenant. Tube 2 opening now."
"Fire when ready."
"Tube 2 is flooded... Limpet away."

The smart limpet was mounted on a modified Tiger Shark Type-063 torpedo, and she sped away from the submarine in almost total silence, running deep with very few bubbles. It took only a minute for the torpedo's acoustic homing warhead to cross the gap to the old, very noisy tanker.
The warhead, when the torpedo was a mere twenty feet away, broke off, and the main body sank down into the depths below.
The little swimmer warhead sent out a series of very short, powerful sonar pings, detecting where the hull was thinnest. The old tanker's single hull had actually worn through near where the limpet attached itself, and a faint trail of oil rippled along its rear end.
The limpet's internal timer, activated by pressure sensors, began to tick, as the Renjin slunk off into the murky depths.

This was just the beginning of the Shadow War.
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Postby Libraria and Ausitoria » Mon May 05, 2014 4:08 am

Fellow Senators,

We the government of Ausitoria speak to you today as your regional Prime Minister, and, we believe, consequent temporary leader of the Capitalist Association until elections are held later. After discussions held yesterday among various members, it was agreed that the founding principles of this party are to be pro-business and to act in the common interests of our members.

Regarding recent diplomatic moves, it is clear to us that we have a particular common interest which we should address with unprecedented rapidity, vigour, and clarity of purpose. That common interest is in nullifying the hostility of the particular members of the Socialist Coalition - particularly those currently manoeuvring against our member nations Mizrad and Treneria.

Having tried to broker a peace on no less than two occasions, we find the continuation of hostilities quite deplorable. The considered opinion of the Capitalist Association is that such threats to regional stability and our member nations are to be condemned.

Consequently and subsequently various member nations have decided to act forthwith to restore the status quo ante bellum and the proper safety and security of nations within the region.

We would like to call upon the Leader of the Opposition, Firmador, to clarify the intent of the Socialist Coalition.

The Ausitorian government, as a whole, was delighted.

To use an old saying, it felt as happy as a man who thought a cat had done its business on his pie, but it had turned out to be an extra large blackberry.

For the Ausitorian Foreign Policy office had been both busy and successful. Frightfully busy, and terrifyingly successful. There was to no more talk of splendid isolation in the Ausitorian Foreign Policy Office! For it had finalized the wording of the Chattakang Treaty, improving relations with no less than four politically significant liberal nations (Naybra, Mizrad, The New Lowlands, and Feroxi): a free association of like-minded nations. It had focused the minds of the Senate to be both an engine to amass prestige and to concentrate liberals against Ausitoria's enemies. And, with hardly any prompting, it had witnessed the staggeringly significant focusing of the thoughts of the Capitalist Association towards supporting Mizrad and Treneria against Firmador's machinations.

And for Firmador, that meant that a Fleet which far surpassed the aggressive navy of Firmador was starting to concentrate off the western coasts of Treneria.

There were already no less than 8 Ausitorian supercarriers there, cruising in four scattered fleets just out of fighter combat radius from Maverica (for which planners assumed 1200 km to be enough). These mighty fleet workhorses were of the 100,000 ton sort, fitting half a dozen squadrons and forming the backbone of the Ausitorian fleet. Each one had a flotilla of about twenty ships; and the mighty force that they composed was the confidently named Trenerian Sea Grand Fleet.

But that was now only a scouting force. Indeed, it was only a scouting force of the northern wing of the now-converging fleets. For in no less than a week's time, the task force would swell to ten times the firepower, making the largest fleet ever gathered in Hemithean waters; and probably the most multinational fleet. The Nerod fleet, which would make up half that force, was quite simply a Godsend to the Ausitorian admiralty, and when they arrived, all would be well; and until then, they just had to keep out of harm's way.

The plan of campaign was quietly emerging from talks. A strike against the Maverican fleet seemed to be the first order of the day. Would Firmador intervene? There would be forces quietly flown in to reinforce Mizrad and Treneria in preparation for an offensive operation - a Mechanized Division here, a Fighter Wing there - would Firmador intervene?

But whether Firmador intervened or the Socialist Coalition came to the peace table straight away, naval supremacy now belonged to the Capitalist Association; and with it, Ausitoria once again had the strategic initiative. Even better, powers were flocking to their banner. Fallenrun was on the line, wondering what they could get from joining an attack upon Firmador. The New Lowlands wanted in on the Capitalist Association.

Coalitions, coalitions. What fun. Who said regional co-operation was dead?
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Postby Volvek » Mon May 05, 2014 6:36 am

Reichstag, Königsstadt, Volvek
October 23rd, 0930 Hours

A large crowd of Volveken citizens gathered in front of a stage, made of stone from which the Kaiser regularly gave speeches and was also the entrance to the Reichstag in the center of the Capital City of Königsstadt. The crowd of people were mumbling among each other asking questions like "why is the Kaiser giving a speech today?" or "What will the Kaiser's speech be about?". Banners hung from the roof of the building that lay behind the stage, the gate to the Reichstag. Suddenly several well armed SchutzStaffel soldiers walked onto the stage. The crowd quieted once the soldiers walked onto the stage, but began to cheer and clap once the Kaiser himself walked up onto the stage in his typical 'parade armor' in which he always wore when he made speeches or went into public. He had a microphone earpiece on and he stood broadly in front of the crowd. He held out his arm and the crowd silenced, after that he held his arms behind his back and cameras swayed and pointed at him then began broadcasting to all Volvek's colonies and Hemithean peoples that didn't just turn the channel. With a firm and saddened voice he began his speech.

"My people... Sons and Daughters of Volvek... For many years, we have been a small nation: only combating oppression on a minimal scale while our strength continues to grow. We have not yet been able to show the world our strength... You: you are the strength in my arm, the holders of my dreams. For generations, we have combated evil in hopes to rid the world of its cruel oppression and give the world freedom. Our forefathers embarked on such a crusade, and created a small, free city, thus was the birth of Volvek. As you all know, our ally, the Republic of Mizrad, is a large and just Republic, who have been at war with the Maverican Republic for decades, for reasons we may not understand" The citizens stared and continued to listen. "While our allies combat this menace on their home front, we will honor our alliance, and take the fight to their home!" The crowd began to cheer "I have called many of our brave men and women who have chosen of their own free will to combat this menace. On this day, we stand united once more. On this day, those driven to divide us will hear our voice! On this day, we shall act as one, and we shall let the region know that Volvek has now began to intervene in this conflict! Defenders of the dream of freedom! NOW IS OUR TIME!" Kaiser Radec paused to catch his breath as the crowd cheered loudly. "My people! This much, I vow.. The history of these days will be written in blood. By crushing the armies of our enemy, by assisting our allies in the struggle of battle, we are fighting for our very existence. But if there are those who would deny us peace; refuse us our rightful place in the world, then we will unleash, such terrible vengeance, that generations yet unborn will, cry out in anguish!" Kaiser Radec paused again, letting those words settle upon the public and any who may be listening. "The enemy may shatter our bodies... but they cannot break our spirit! They cannot imagine what awaits them. We will smite the tyrants from their tyrannic thrones! They may sweep over our lands like the snow of winter, never again will we bow before tyrants; never again endure their oppression; never again endure tyranny! We will strike without warning and without mercy, fighting as one hand, one heart, one soul. We will shatter their dreams and haunt their nightmares, drenching their ancestors' graves with their blood! All these years I have been humbled by the honor to lead you. Ever, EVER on wards! From this day. Till the end of days! We will unleash the whirlwind of our wrath! Our guns will never tire, until we have beaten back our foes... and sent them running!" The Kaiser threw up his arms and the crowd roared with praise and applause as the wind picked up making the banners flutter. Then the broadcast cut off showing the Volveken Flag.


Kaiser Radec began walking off of the stage with his SS Guards in tow. One of the Council members was standing at the bottom of the steps, "That was a little much.. Don't you think Mein Kaiser?" The Councilman said with a slight smile.

"Yes, well, the people and the soldiers need morale. And what better way to up morale than a rigorous speech?" Kaiser Radec replied with a smile then proceeded back into the Reichstag.

Mizradi Controlled Waters, Near Port Warrior
October 23rd, 1340 Hours

They had been flying for hours, but eventually the Fallschirmjäger platoon had breached Mizradi waters. The pilot switched his radio to all frequencies, "Mizradi Air Tower, this is Volveken Groshawk Triple-Alpha Two-One-Niner requesting permission to land, we have a platoon of Fallschirmjäger and a Field Marshall. How copy over?" The pilot said and waited for a reply. "Alright troopers, we're landing any minute now so wake up!" Kurt yelled as most of the troopers had fallen asleep on the long flight across international waters.

Volveken Reichswehr Military Installation(VRMI) Tartirus
October 23rd, 1800 Hours

It had been hours since the Kaisers speech to both the Empire and the region, the entire Installation had been mobilizing and assembling. Thousands of troops had been piling onto ships, thousands of both armored and unarmored vehicles had been being driven onto them, ammo and fuel and food had also been stored. The fleet was set to launch soon, heading for Mizradi waters.
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Operation Early Dawn

Postby Maverica » Tue May 06, 2014 5:58 pm

Fort Williams

At Fort Williams everything was normal. Soldiers training, soldiers paying cards and vehicals being mended. But just then a bomb lands in the courtyard blowing up a truck and several soldiers. Just after that bomb fell more rained down on Fort Williams. Soldiers started to return fire with anti-aircraft missiles. But then a volley of missiles rained down on the fort. Several warehouses full of rifles and food were blown to bits. And other buildings like barracks, mess hall and HQ building was also damaged. The Forts commander Colonel Robert was surprised by the attack. He grabbed his colt 1911 and ran outside. He seen one of his officers and ran over to the officer.
"Give me an update." Said Robert.
"Several werehouses were hit and other buildings are damaged. We are returning fire though." Said the officer.
"Is the airstrip still operational?" Said Robert as a bomb exploded 10 yards away.
"Yes sir! It was only damaged a bit and only a few hangers was destroyed." Said the officer.
"Good. Tell the pilots to take off and destroy the enemy bombers and planes." Said Robert.
The officer saluted and started to run towards the hangers. A few minutes later Maverican F-29 Warriors and F-22 fighters started to take off. One pilot in his F-29 was the first one up in the air. His name was Travis Dory. He was one of the best pilots in his squadron. Born in Mossburg in western Maverica and had a reputation of showing no mercy to his enemies. As Travis got off the ground he immediately started to fly towards the Mizrad bombers. He then picked up his radio.
"Come on boys! Let's give it to them!" Travis yelled on the radio.
Several other F-29s followed him as others attacked any Mizrad plane on sight with air to air missiles and auto cannons. Travis kept climbing in elevation till he seen a few Mizrad bombers and fighters. He turned towards them and prepared his missiles. He picked up the radio again.
"OK guys. Arrow formation for first round of Missiles then split up to attack." Travis said to the Maverican planes following him. The fighters got in arrow formation and fired a volley of missiles at the Mizrad planes then split up to attack. Travis turned to the side and got a enemy in sight. He then fired his auto cannon at the enemy plane blowing it to bits. All over the skies in Fort William area Maverican fighters fought back hard with the new F-29 Warrior fighters. As Maverican anti aircraft guns fired too while most Maverican infantrymen hid in bunkers. The anti-aircraft crews were mainly using laser guided anti-aircraft missiles. In the HQ building Colonel Roberts ran down the hallway then down a flight of stairs. He then came to a room named the Control Room. He walked in were 20 men sat in chairs tapping buttons on their computers. Robert sat down at a computer.
"Ok. Time for Operation Early Dawn boys! You know what to do." Said Robert as he looked at a large screen showing the numbers from 1 to 20 with different places by them.
The workers started to tap on computers.
"All given targets and are ready sir!" Said a man.
"Good. Now send the same order to Maverican bases in Issac Mountians." Said Robert.
"Message sent sir." Said a man.
" Excellent work boys. But it is not over." Robert said.

Fort Dandy
While Fort Williams was being bombed so was Fort Dandy. Missiles and bombs rained down on the fort destroying several buildings and blown the west wall to smithereens. But luckily at the time most soldiers were in the underground barracks which makes Fort Dandy unique. But some were not as lucky. Most of the soldiers stayed in the underground barracks while the pilots and anti aircraft gunners ran up to defend the fort from the enemy aircraft. The Fort's commander Colonel Anderson ran up into the cortyard to oversee the defence. The anti aircraft guns were open firing at the area where the enemy planes were spotted. They were mostly using laser guided missiles to shoot down the bombers. As anti-aircraft guns fired the pilots ran towards the Maverican F-29s, F-18s and F-22 fighters. One pilot named George Harrison was running to his F-29. Like most soldiers today he did not even get to get out of bed before the bombs started up. He ran for cover as a bomb landed near him. George got back up running to the hangers. When he got there most of the hangers were destroyed. But luckily his F-22 was still sitting by the well. He hopped on in and started the engine. George then started to drive it on the damaged runway. He picked up speed till he finally got in the air. But not without a price. His left wing was damaged by shrapnel from a nearby bomb exploding. George pick up speed and elevation while looking for Mizrad bombers. But just then above him was a Mizrad bomber. George aimed his 20mm auto cannon and fired at the plane. BOOM! The plane was blasted away. George kept on looking for Mizrad planes to kill.

Maverican Highlands (Isaac Mountians)

Luckily unlike other Maverican places that were hit with missiles none came to the highlands yet. But bombers did come and they got on with bombing every little village. The militia was surprised that the Mizrads would kill innocent civilians. The bombs did heavy damage to the villages. Most of the village's Taverns were destroyed which served as a meeting place for militia. But the Militia was not going to let Mizrads bomb their town and let them get away with it. All over the Mountians militia units started to return fire with any anti-aircraft guns they had. From old 50 cal. Machine guns to a few anti-aircraft missiles the militia fought back with anything. But they did know that they would need help. But that is when Maverican military camps come into play. The military bases all along the northern highlands were the home bases of most Highlander units. The bases were all connected by two tunnels for transportation of supplies. might be small but they hold Maverica's main anti- Missile system and missile response system. The bases were damaged by the bombs but nothing too bad since the Mizrads bombed the villages filled with militia. The Maverican soldiers fought back with laser guided anti-aircraft missiles and anti-aircraft guns. The commander of all of the Maverican bases in the highlands was Major General Landon. He was running down the stairs towards the control room. He entered the room where 10 men were pressing buttons on the computers. A man gave a message to Landon. He read it and smiled.
"All right boys! Operation Early Dawn is a go! I want the order to all Maverican bases in the highlands and to the President." Said Major General Landon.
The men started tapping on their computers till the big screen showed the list of targets.
Landon looked at the targets and approved it.
"Alright boys lets do it!" Yelled Landon. Just as he said that the whole Maverican northern border was lit up with ballistic and incendiary missiles launching. At Fort Williams and Fort Dandy the same order was given and missiles were launched all at Mizrad. The list of targets were Fort Thomas, Avery's Valley, bridges and supply depots along the Thomas river, and any Mizrad aircraft bases in range. If Mizrad punches Maverica will just punch harder.

Maverican lines at Black Desert border.

General Henry was sitting at his desk drinking a bottle of whiskey from southern Maverican farmers. Just then BOOM! a artillery shell landed outside destroying a M1 Abrams. Henry ran outside.
"What the hell is going...." But just then a artillery shell landed near him injuring him. No one noticed but a medic and a few soldiers seen Henry. They ran too him and carried him in the bunker. They set him down on the table to clean his wound. The medic set down his 1st aid kit and started to look at Henry's wound. "How dose it look doc?" Asked Henry.
"Well you caught some shrapnel in the arm but nothing to seriously. You will be disabled for a few days though." Said the Medic as he gave Henry some morphing.
" Oh. Good. What is the situation up there?" Asked Henry.
"Well Mizrad fired artillery at us and fired some Missiles at our military bases in northern Maverica. Also Mizrad bombers are bombing us." Said a soldier.
"Well, return fire with our heavy, light and rocket artillery. And get our infantry into bunkers and cover. One last thing. What is the damage." Said General Henry.
"Yes sir! And we lost some aircraft and vehicals. The mess hall ten was destroyed and some bunkers are taking hits. We also have about 30 soldiers dead or wounded so far." Said the soldier as he ran out to tell the artillery to open fire. General Henry laid back down on the table and wrote down something on a piece of paper and handed it to a soldier.
"Give this to General Johnson. He is in command of the army now." Said Henry.
The soldier saluted and ran to find General Johnson.

Outside soldiers were running to cover from incoming artillery shells. Just then a soldier came to the artillery commander.
"The General wants you to return fire with all artillery mounted in bunkers. Then move the rest behind the hill away from the artillery fire." Said The soldiers.
The commander saluted and turned to his men.
"Load all artillery in bunkers and fire on my order. And move all other artillery behind the hill!" Yelled the artillery commander.
The artillery in bunkers and rocket trucks were being loaded up with rockets, incendary shells, explosive shells and regular shells. While that was being done most of the artillery prices were being moved behind the hill out of the line of fire due to the Mavericans having not many things there. The artillery then began to set up and load. As those artillery guns set up the other artillery open fired at Mizrad positions like Fort Thomas, Avery's valley and other Mizrad held areas in range.

As the artillery was fired at Mizrad lines anti-aircraft guns fired at Mizrad planes over head. In a dirty trench Major Brando was walking up and down his battalion's trench making sure his troops were alright. A bomb destroyed part of the trench a few minutes ago killing 20 Maverican soldiers. Brando walked up to his friend Captain Nelson who was seeking shelter in a small bunker in the trench.
"This is some bombardment Nelson huh?," said Major Brando .
"Yah. My men are staying in cover from the shells and bombs." Said Nelson.
"Good but keep a eye out for Mizrad soldiers. My gut tells me they are going to attack." Said Brando.
"Alright Major. Good luck surviving!" Said Nelson.
Brando just chuckled and walked away.

In the ocean near Mizrad and Maverica

Admiral Jones laughed as his cruise missiles and cannons hit the Mizrad ships. But that lasted for only 10 seconds when a Mizrad volly of cruise Missiles and cannons crashed into his fleet.
"What happened!" Yelled Jones as he jumped from his chair.
"Mizrad ships returned fire damaging a few of our ships and blew up one of our frigates." Said a sailor.
"Open fire at Mizrad ships but do not hit any of Loufe's ships. Also send a message to Brandy Island for a relief fleet to help us!" Said Jones as he looked in his binoculars.
The sailor ran off to give the orders. A moment later Maverican ships were open furring with everything they had at Mizrad ships."

Government Building Maverica City

President Justin and several other advisers were all around a table with papers and maps about the conflict in Black Desert. Just then a man came into the room handing a paper to President Justin. He read it and laid it on a desk.
"Gentlemen. Today Operation Early Dawn is unfolding and Mizrad is the target. Even though we have been hit with Missiles today we strike back with more Missiles!" Yelled President Justin.
"They will lose at all costs!"
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Postby Gente Del Agua » Wed May 07, 2014 12:59 am

Consider this bitch ass RP retcon'd.

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Postby Libraria and Ausitoria » Fri May 09, 2014 12:32 pm

Excerpt from the New Alexandrian Courante online version; 18th Augustia, 2014, Assorted Ausitorian Standard Time
Subsidiary of the ABC

Expectation of Imminent Hostilities in Zathalon leaves Nation Reeling

The Chancellor of the Excheqer, Lord George Tilt, has attempted to reassure investors that war in United Realms territory or waters remained highly unlikely, pointing out in his speech to the house that the price of domestic shipping insurance has continued to fall on the news that half of the Maverican fleet is to be repositioned to the newly created 'Amrajan Grand Fleet'. The Defence Secretary Lord Argus confirmed that war is only expected in Zathalon, as 'the only place where Ausitorian interests and human rights are being seriously threatened'. However he also announced that Ausitoria was granting all nations 24 hours, effective immediately, to remove unannounced sub-surface assets from Ausitorian waters, which could no longer be considered to be enjoying 'innocent passage'.

In the wide-ranging debate, the Prime Minister, Sir Henry Taylor, further confirmed that the cabinet is of the opinion that "the war in Mizrad-Maverica is a historic anomaly that holds little immediate strategic interest". Although refusing to rule out Ausitorian intervention should the peace conference fail, the Prime Minister drew attention to the number of Ausitorian allies now on the scene, from Maverican allies to Mizradian allies, and suggested that "Ausitoria can therefore continue to rebalance its forces to counter newer threats". However, he refused to comment on whether 'effective victory' could really be claimed before the peace treaty had actually been signed, stating that the Ausitorian government was like a central bank for nations: the moderator of last resort, always ready to shuffle forces to maintain international order.

The Leader of the Opposition's subsequent call for Ausitoria to give up the strain of being world policeman and adopt a more neutral foreign policy was immediately rejected by the Foreign Secretary Sir Henry Terefort, who said he had no intention of letting Ausitoria be the neutral sort of fireman who let the fire burn down the house. "Ausitoria has a record of successful interventions, from Bavungria and Pingolia to Rhodesea and Mizrad, and I am confident that Ausitorian and allied forces are not overstretched. Indeed, following continued Associate State negotiations, the New Chattakang Fleet is now flying the Ausitorian flag. We are united with all our allies, which includes most Senate nations, by one overriding objective: there are always advantages available from co-operation and consolidation."

Please see here to read the full version of this article.
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Batavia, Batavia Special Capital Territory, The New Lowlands

The Office of External Affairs had a lot of tools at its' disposal for making its' voice heard. Primarily, this was done as expected through the Lowlandian diplomatic corps. When stealth was required, the Internal Security and Intelligence Service had the necessary know-how. Brute force required some degree of co-operation with the Office of Defence, but was rarely used- and usually by the time it was necessary the New Lowlands' position was already abundantly clear. Sometimes, however, the OEA took 'making its' voice heard' very much literally, and this was where the smaller of the two state-owned newspapers in the New Lowlands came in handy; an article might be printed here and there, for the perusal of any foreign spies located within in the country, when the voice of the state had to be put on a dimmer setting.

Thus it was that, in a thick brown envelope, properly sealed, a simple mailman- assuredly entirely clueless about the operation- delivered the following article, dated for the following morning, printed on thick cream paper that was usually reserved for the Stadtholder's Palace internal memos and bearing the country's voice, to the embassy of Libraria and Ausitoria.


Batavia Protests War
Government Condemns Violence; Calls for Cease-Fire

Key spokespersons in the Lowlandian Government today announced their opposition to the ongoing conflict between Mizrad, Libraria and Ausitoria, and Maverica today, breaking a trend on the part of the Government in relation to the Mizrad-Maverican conflict. In a public address to the leaders of the involved nations, the Stadtholder, Maria Veldt, had the following to say;

"The ongoing conflict between Mizrad and Maverica is one of a series of worrying trends of aggression and retaliation, a cycle of violence that, in the eyes of the United Provinces, has no end in sight, whether despite or partially as a result of calls of victory from the United Realms. In the interest of maintaining the balance of power in our tetartosphere, as well as in the interest of the lives and well-being of the many people either involved in or affected by the ongoing war, the Government of the United Provinces condemns in the strongest terms the continuation of conflict between the Republic of Mizrad and the Republic of Maverica."

"In the interim- until a ceasefire can be agreed on between the Battling Powers- the United Provinces wishes to make clear that it is not beyond us to intervene in this conflict, both in the interests of what we see as the embattled defenders of Maverica as well as that of collective security. While we consider ourselves to be a peace-loving state, we must condemn in the strongest terms the ongoing Mizradian aggression, and ask that the United Realms involve itself if not less closely, more cautiously with the affairs of others."

The Office of Defence has announced that elements of the Lowlandian Navy operating in the West Eosian Ocean have been placed on high alert, and that snap exercises are to be held by the Navy in the Rhean Ocean. The Stadtholder's staff have refused to comment on whether this represents a new policy direction for Miss Veldt's government. Commentators largely agree that the strongly-worded speech is one of an ongoing pattern in Lowlandian public announcements regarding Mizrad, although the pointed statements towards Libraria-Ausitoria have come as a new development.

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The Ausitorian Embassy
Batavia, The New Lowlands

His Excellency Sir Arthur Trafor, Ausitorian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to The New Lowlands, was one of the many respectable and efficient civil servants that the Imperial Commonwealth somehow turned out in extraordinary numbers. A true technocrat and true patriot to the invention that was Ausitoria, his posting was considered one of the most important to the nation, and he was responsible for all the many tourists and businessmen that passed through - and for advertising the benefits of trade and tourism with Ausitoria and assuring Lowlandians that they didn't need visas: their passports were quite sufficient. But much more importantly he was responsible for trying to crack the central puzzle to Ausitorian-Lowlandian relations: how did two such similar countries, allied in so many ways, come to have such poor relations?

There were a few possible factors that he had noted in his last report to the Foreign Policy Office. The New Lowlands had hardly been subject to the same sort of charm offensive as Naybra or Nerod. They had not enjoyed the extensive support of Ausitorian influence in the regional government, being latecomers to the Capitalist Association and to the Chattakang Treaty. The position of Deputy Speaker had been presented to them but had been given no real power - not that the Senate had been active since the outbreak of hostilities, but still it might be interpreted as a snub. And when Sir Arthur considered the scene from the view of The New Lowlands - well, Ausitoria had been pulling an awfully large number of levers in the region recently, and Batavia had - by gross omission - been largely left out of the corridors of power and the decision making processes. And if that wasn't enough, Ausitoria was probably the only country in the region that had both the diplomatic and military prowess to seriously damage Lowlandian interests. And for that matter the New Lowlands was the only other country with a major fleet, and Ausitoria was in the midst of the sort of fleet expansion programme that was actually designed to frighten everybody else. Yes, to a paranoid 'internal' security service and the office of external affairs, those facts could point towards an attempt to isolate Batavia.

But dash it all, why on earth would Ausitoria want to damage Lowlandian interests? They were trading partners! They were democracies! They were broadly free-market! They had never disagreed on a single policy! If they felt isolated, why didn't they engage more with the region? Why didn't they accept the hand Ausitoria was offering? The Ambassador knew that the Foreign Secretary was angling for the appointment of The New Lowlands to the Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs - a regional Cabinet post that the New Lowlands could make full use of. After the peace mediation talks, there was a charm offensive in the works - press releases, official invitations for state visits, trade talks, security talks, and so on.

And now this. It needed to handled to the very top, and handled as a matter of supreme urgency. Thus it was that the planned press release was rushed to the Ambassador, skipped three committees, dashed to the Ausitorian Foreign Policy Watch Office, and sprinted to the Foreign Secretary and Cabinet Secretary within a mere minute. There it was treated with such cold solemn severity that the New Lowlands was awarded the greatest honour the Ausitorian bureacuracy could bestow: a personal letter written by the two most powerful characters in the country, and copied into the foreign lingo.


To: Her Excellency Stadtholder Maria Veldt, & His Excellency Johannes Derooi
From: Foreign Secretary Lord Richard Palmerston, MP, & Cabinet Secretary Sir Arnold Wittin-grey-demarque
Encryption: Private, Strictly Confidential, & Strictly Top Secret

Your Excellencies,

The Prime Minister has asked us to write to beg of you to stop that article (copy attached) from being released. It is unfair, untrue, and much worse, unwise. Therefore we are writing to assure you of our intentions and to explore ways to co-operate regarding the unfortunate continuation of war in Maverica.

We would like to start by clarifying our aims. As you know we have been pushing for the creation of a mediation team. Within the Capitalist Association we have been pushing very hard for Maverica to be given easy terms - and we greatly welcome your assistance in that direction! There is now a strong feeling within that party that there should be no territorial revisions or indemnities; which has been what we have been pushing for all along.

At present, you will no doubt have noticed that we are already winding down our force commitments. That is what we mean when we claim Victory: we have no wish to start actually fighting in the war and now all that is needed are negotiations. Our ultimatum against Maverica has been cancelled, and there are no hostilities between our nations. Indeed we are currently making the case in our newspapers that the entire thing was a Firmador plot, which, being impossible to disprove, will make it easier for Maverica to get good terms.

Moving on to ways forward, a threat that you would consider supporting Maverica if fair terms cannot be agreed will impress Mizrad and Treneria and make peace much easier to negotiate, in just the same way that our threat that we would consider attacking Maverica if Maverica does not agree to negotiate should help keep Maverica on the negotiating table.

But attempting to place the blame for the conflict on us - one of the few countries that has not fired a shot, a country that stated that it wishes to see a quick and fair resolution, and a country that is actively preparing legislation and the tools of regional government to achieve that peace - is unwise. Besides the fact that we should be co-operating, ignoring the fact that it is both untrue and unfair, and temporarily forgetting the possible long-term impact upon our already poor diplomatic relations; the release of that article in its present form would entirely perversely make it much more difficult for our government to support Maverica; thus unfortunately negating our shared aim.

We will be very happy to answer any questions you might have and discuss the matter at length, which hopefully was your aim?

We have the honour to remain,
Your ob't servants,
Sir Arnold & Sir Richard
Cabinet Secretary and Foreign Secretary,
The United Realms of Libraria and Ausitoria
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Stadtholder's Palace, Regeringsplein 1, Batavia Special Capital Territory, The New Lowlands

Maria Veldt was a woman of few words; ex-military and rude to the extreme, her election had been one on a wave of anti-corruptionist populism, and for a rude-mouthed militant of the Statist Party, she had proved herself a remarkably adept administrator. The middle-aged Tilpashimi woman sat behind the large partner desk that dominated the Oblong Office, perusing the message from Libraria-Ausitoria quietly for a while. Eventually, she spoke, glancing up with her dark brown eyes at the dark-haired Neêrlander opposite her.

"Their Neêrlands is terrible."

Jan Klaessen, the Officer of External Affairs, gave her a shrug and his usual dim, concealing smile. "They probably sent it with all due haste."

"Why are they addressing Derooi, as well?" spoke Veldt. "He's got nothing to do with this. Yet."

"Chances are they know about him after Wolfhound," Klaessen answered her. "They're probably the only ones that could."

"I suppose." Silence reigned in the rectangular room for a while, and Klaessen reclined in the slightly-creaky old wooden chair, glancing up to let his eyes glance over the twinkling patterns of light that the sun made with the small chandelier that hung from the roof. The only reason Mrs. Veldt had not had the lamp removed was because it was an antique, and impossible to take out without it being damaged excessively.

"They don't seem to understand our position," Veldt concluded, setting the paper down. "We'll have to make it clearer, then."

"Of course, we have to maintain a level of plausible deniability," Klaessen responded. "I suggest we respond with caution, Stadtholder."

"And if they suddenly decide not to go for it?" she asked, raising a brow.

"In that case, we had best prepare for operations," he said, voice even as ever.

Officiele Boodschap der Verenigde Provincien


Official Communiqué of the United Provinces

TO: The Office of His Excellency, Lord Richard Palmerston
FROM: The Office of the Stadtholder, Maria Veldt

Dear Sir,

It is not entirely clear to our Government why you have chosen to contact the head of the Internal Security and Intelligence Service with your prior message. We trust that you have your reasons. These will be investigated thoroughly. In any case, that is not the subject of this missive.

To get straight to the point, our Government wishes to make the following clear; the Na∫ionale Volkskrant, although state-owned, operates with editorial independence. We are not aware of the source of your obviously-fraudulent article, although insofar as we know there currently is no such article in the works at that publication.

Regarding the content of the rest of your letter, it is true that the United Provinces has observed the ongoing conflict between Mizrad and Maverica with some concern, especially since it seems unlikely to us that Mizrad will be favourable in any terms it offers to its neighbour. The New Lowlands have in the past seen the extent of Mizradian aggression- you may recall the naval incident with our piracy interdiction operation against the Green Treader, which was unfortunately forcibly halted by naval elements of Mizrad.

As a result of that engagement, and in combination with the United Provinces' current position on the issue of Mizrad as a whole, as well as taking into account the fact that Libraria-Ausitoria's commitment to the Mizrad-Maverican conflict was- although not inconsiderable- largely on the diplomatic front, we see no reason to believe that Alexandria (Sebvorsca) has either sufficient influence or the political will to halt Mizrad from demanding large-scale concessions from Maverica. Thus we believe that at this point in time it would be wise to prepare ourselves to engage Mizrad in the uncomfortable arena of realpolitik.

We understand, however, that Libraria-Ausitoria believes that it will be able to dictate terms on the conflict. While I must admit that this presumption annoys me personally, the international stage is hardly a place for personal politics, and in accordance with your proposal I will be delaying the publication of the aforementioned article, although in accordance with our domestic laws on freedom of speech, I will be able to delay it only by two months. If a ceasefire is reached before that time, the Na∫ionale Volkskrant will likely consider the article null and void.

I have the honour to be,

Maria Yusgiantoro Veldt,

Stadtholder of the United Provinces & Grand Pensionary of the Republic.

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OOC: I start to think that Mizrad-Ausitorian relations may be about to go the way of Anglo-Austrian relations after the war of the Austrian succession, which will decidedly split any remaining unity in the Capitalist Alliance. Interesting times ahead! IC:

Politicking, Politicking, and all the fun of international diplomacy.

"Mr. Speaker, I beg to move..."

The Mizrad-Maverican Mediation Act

Highly concerned by the continuation of the Mizrad-Maverican War, and

Determined to use the tools of the government to attempt to mediate,

The Senate of Panessos Assembled hereby:

1. Directs and Permits the Minister of Internal Affairs to establish a mediation committee and office to work to resolve the conflict,
2. Directs the Prime Minister to ensure the work of the government in this time is funded by temporary borrowing on international markets until other sources of revenue may be found,
3. Invites the Minister of Defence to form an office in conjunction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to consider options and administrative requirements for a regional peacekeeping/security force in conjunction with national governments, and
4. Invites the Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs to liaise in the long term to establish a protocol for government response to regional wars.

The Capitalist Alliance and the Ministers were behind it. The idea of a DMZ had been floated and generally adopted. The idea of a possible park memorial to past Maverican victims, if their evidence was made public, was being considered favourably. The idea of status-quo ante-bellum was now the general opinion of a Cabinet that had no wish to lay the seeds of a future conflict. The New Lowlands was effectively prepared to prop up the Maverican position in negotiations. Now, by sleights of hand, the Ausitorian civil service felt that it held the balance of power in the conflict: the most delightful situation any maritime nation could possibly enjoy.


To: Her Excellency Stadtholder Maria Veldt, & His Excellency Johannes Derooi
From: Foreign Secretary Lord Richard Palmerston, MP, & Cabinet Secretary Sir Arnold Wittin-grey-demarque
Encryption: Private, Strictly Confidential, & Strictly Top Secret

Your Excellencies,

In reply to your courteous message, we addressed (and continue to also address) the Head of Internal Security and Intelligence Service with the intent of assuring your intelligence services that they are more than welcome to ask questions of us. Our country prefers to maintain predictability in international relations as the best route to avoiding confrontation. Power struggles are always chancy affairs.

We quite understand the editorial independence of the Na∫ionale Volkskrant, and are delighted that they have seen fit to delay it for two months after your kind intervention.

If we act with all the presumption we can gather, it is our natural propensity to spin news by seizing the initiative: for we know that with the New Lowlands supporting Maverica, we hold the balance of power. So although we will not definitely be able to stop Mizrad from demanding large-scale concessions, thanks to your help we should be able to stop them from getting any; in accordance with our shared desires.

Should our proposal in the Senate pass - which is likely - we do hope you will work with the Government of Naybra on producing a mutually acceptable peace treaty; and work with Maverica to bring into public light recriminations about past wars to reinforce your side on the negotiating table.

We have the honour to remain, etc.,
Sir Arnold & Sir Richard
Cabinet Secretary and Foreign Secretary,
The United Realms of Libraria and Ausitoria

By Order

To: President Ron Harrison, The Western Isles of Naybra, The Panessos Ministry of Internal Affairs
CC: Don Pedrokus Nerod, Xall Ash'Yun, The Nerod Empire, The Capitalist Association
From: Foreign Secretary Lord Richard Palmerston, MP, & Cabinet Secretary Sir Arnold Wittin-grey-demarque
Encryption: Private, Strictly Confidential, & Strictly Top Secret

Your Excellencies,

Re the motion to establish peacekeeping affairs: In light of rumours about past war crimes and The New Lowland's manouvers support Maverica, assuming these allegations to be true, we have prepared a document underlining the negotiating positions for general reference, with our suggested resolution. Please comment and act if so expedient.

Mizrad Position - Fully supported by Libraria and Ausitoria (publicly), Treneria, Volvek
Wants (assumed)
Land/reparations as compensation for Maverican attack.
Security from future Maverican attack.

Maverican Position - Probably fully supported by The New Lowlands (non-publicly)
Wants (assumed)
Reparations as compensation for Mizrad/Trenerian war crimes.
Land returned from past losses.
Security from future Mizrad attack.

Regional Government Position - probably supported by most Independents
Wants (assumed)
No imbalance in regional power
Not to sow the seeds of future conflict

Proposed solution
1. To ensure justice: Reparations for Maverica starting the war vs. Reparations for Mizrad/Trenerian war crimes cancel at national level. War criminals to be dealt with by the proper application of justice via national disciplinary/criminal procedures.
2. To ensure peace: No border changes plus DMZ (c. 10 km on either side).
3. To solve irredentism: Most contested border lands to be shared as an International Park under auspices of Regional Government, with no exploitation to be permitted. The regional government, Mizrad, and Maverica can equally compensate landowners.
4. To compensate Mizrad for lost land and Regional Government for expenses: Maverica to agree to open trade (including joining the PFTZ).

We have the honour to remain, etc.,
Sir Arnold & Sir Richard
Cabinet Secretary and Foreign Secretary,
The United Realms of Libraria and Ausitoria
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Disclaimer: Notwithstanding any mention of their nations, Ausitoria and its canon does not exist nor impact the canon of many IFC & SACTO & closed-region nations; and it is harassment to presume it does. However in accordance with my open-door policy the converse does not apply: they still impact Ausitoria's canon.
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Fort Thomas, the Border, Mizradian-Held Territory
09:00 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
10th Domestic Guard Air Wing

Waking up on a cot inside a tent, Captain James Beasley can't seem to remember how he got there. Feeling a fairly heavy pain in his head the man leans up in an attempt to get a bottle of water but finds himself blanketed by his bloodied G-Suit. Fortunately Jim almost instantly recognized the blood as not being his own, for now he was beginning to remember what had happened. After fighting in the air for hours on end, way past when he and his squadron were supposed to land the eight remaining fighters out of fourteen finally landed on the tarmac. The 10th DG Air Wing was the first dedicated air superiority group to respond to the Maverican attack and they had been outnumbered almost ten to one but managed to hold out just long enough for a swarm of Mizradian planes to come to their aid. However their losses were monumental, up until now the Mavericans hadn't downed a single F-25 but in the massive dog fight the 10th had took the brunt of multiple had been torn out of the sky.

When their group had landed, Beasley and his fellow pilots denied all orders for them to get checked out and get rest to aid in the fight on the ground in any way they could. While taking heavy fire from almost every angle, the eight pilots sprinted all across the base rushing wounded and dead troops to trucks taking them to the medical staging point in Arrengard. All the while exchanging fire with Maverican troops who had seemed to almost be right on top of Fort Thomas. An hour or two after midnight the survivors of the 10th Air Wing finally headed to whatever shelter they could find after finding their barracks played chicken with a stray 120mm round and lost. Once their heads hit the pillows, every pilot almost instantly fell asleep as the adrenaline ran out. Fighting and running around for almost twenty four hours straight really took it out of them.

Getting up off of his cot and rolling up his G-Suit, Jim tucks it under his arm, tosses a pair of boots on and holsters a .45 as he sets off to wake his comrades. The pilots had gotten just over seven or so hours of sleep and could quite easily operate with one or two if need be. Stepping out of his tent, Beasley could already feel the universe seeming to come down on top of him. Vehicles lined the various dirt and paved roads, aircraft were shuttling off of the runway non-stop and exhausted men and women in uniform rushed about. The captain had slept through most of Mizrad's massive punch back to Maverica and was ready to redeem himself. Running across the tarmac as the roar of B-52's slapping down on the runway or taking off overtook the sound of everything but the constant pounding of cannons in the distance. Up in the air, the shriek of jets and missiles slicing through the atmosphere could easily be noticed. Reaching his fortunately still intact, semi-underground, concrete hangar the thirty two year old fighter pilot enters the building to find his crew waiting for him. Beasley's second in command, Lieutenant Marrion Walsh is the first to break the silence.

"Morning captain, shall we get a jump before we miss all the fun?"

The captain keeps a serious face and stays silent as he looks around at the seven other pilots. Most of them either made a seat of a tool box or supply crate, one stood silently with a straight face and his rifle while another, with a broken leg stood tall with crutches waiting to be able to help despite his injury. Not a single one of them wanted to sit out for the fighting. Jim then makes his response.

"Ladies and gentlemen, would anybody care to tell me what's going down?"

Marrion speaks up once more.

"Captain, our boys in the BUFF's and their friends over in Treneria decided to take the fight right back to where it belongs. Starting very early in the morning every bomber asset we could find took to they sky and dropped every bomb we could muster on northern Maverica. Then the artillery joined in, then the missiles and then anything else within striking distance. The last bombers are returning from their runs now and minor ground strikes are being prepared. It's our job to make sure they'll move in without the risk of getting hit from above. Problem is that it's going to take a while for all the boys on the ground to do anything so we're heading up to patrol now."

Beasley turns around and heads for the door. One of the younger, male pilots questions him.

"Sir, where are you going?"

James doesn't even turn around as he heads outside during his reply.

"To find my plane, we got a job to do."

Underneath Fort Thomas, the Border, Mizradian-Held Territory
09:00 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
Mizradian Regional Military Command

The once rarely used conference room deep inside the subterranean complex beneath Fort Thomas had now been in almost constant use for more than a day straight. Housing everything from the revival of JTF 41 to the planning of the first Mizradian counterattack, the room had seen quite the large amount of important events in a very short amount of time. Now something equally as important was being discussed, the first ground assault on Maverican territory.

"Ladies and gentleman, I'm sure you all know why I called you here today. Current troop numbers in this region have surpassed 400,000, and 100,000 of which we can use to strike fear into the hearts of the Mavericans. What I am suggesting to you all is a swift border attack before our enemy can regain their footing. What I am asking, is where our forces should be directed. If two targets are attacked with 50,000 troops each and air support we may easily overcome our enemies. They don't even have to be significant targets, because if a civilian hears that we took a military installation with ease over the radio they'll shit their pants over something for all they now could be a damned porta-john. I'll begin taking suggestions now."

Said General Thomas Arner to a crowd of generals and high ranking officers. Almost instantly, a plethora of hands shoot up.

"General Worth, the floor is yours."

Calls out Arner as he lets an aging woman stand up to speak. General Christine Worth didn't look like much, if she wasn't in uniform she'd be even more underestimated than she already was. Her age and rather small height only made things worse. However Worth was a hell of a lot more than just some old woman, the general had saved countless lives, killed countless people, helped lead the fight for more rights for women in the military and come up with more winning strategies than almost any other officer in Mizradian military history. Christine was simply one of the greatest female soldiers her country had ever seen and wasn't about to let the reputation go to waste.

"Thank you sir, if I may I would like to suggest that we change around the amount of troops were operating with here. There is certain areas along the mountains that simply can't be reached by vehicles, and almost a fourth of that 100,000 you're speaking of is entirely mechanized. A tank can't traverse a seventy degree angle let alone be combat operational on one. I suggest we utilize our mountain cavalry divisions. Nothing can cross treacherous terrain like horses and men and will power. I'm sure everybody here knows just as well as I do that the Maverican Highlanders operate the same way and are a dedicated force, much like the 2nd Mountain Division and A-SOG operators. If we were to spread out 20,000 troops to attack different villages housing Maverican troops that our counter-strike already hit then we'd send our enemy running. Everybody knows the Highlanders are one of the best fighting forces the Mavericans have and if we can show the world even they can't stop us then we'll win the propaganda war before it even starts. Meanwhile, we can continue to strike fear into the Mavericans if we send 80,000 troops to take Fort Williams and the surrounding area. There's no possible way they can defend two places at once from such a large force if we can continue the artillery strikes."

She sits down as the head artillery officer in the region stands up to speak.

"While she has a point, the cost of the artillery strike we're going through at this very moment is amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. It will probably be twice as much if we continue because this fire has been sustained for hours now and our troops and equipment need a break. While that happens however, we will have to organize the offensive troops even further and secure the air. Then after a short time into the attack, our artillery can start back up again but right behind the Maverican lines. This will devastate them because by the time my guns start firing, the troops in Fort Williams will be screaming for help and for any of their reinforcements to get there they'll have to step right into our screen of artillery shells thus maximizing our combat efficiency."

Arner looks to the regional air force commander who simply nods silently, taking the gesture as a yes the general continues.

"With both of those suggestions taken into account, I suppose I could issue an order for everything to start rolling and they should be able to strike before noon. Our window is small considering our aerial attack will draw more forces in to aid Fort Williams as they'll expect us to attack on the ground. Ladies and gentlemen phase two of Operation Homefront has begun. We are now on the offensive."

Fort Thomas, the Border, Mizradian-Held Territory
09:50 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
10th Domestic Guard Air Wing

"Hawk Squadron the sky is yours, good luck out."

Spoke the air control officer to Captain James Beasley as his plane catapulted into the sky to meet with the six other members of his squadron.

"Much obliged, Hawk 1-1 out."

Said Beasley as he left the view of the base, the once massive Fort Thomas began to morph into a black dot miles behind him within seconds as he rose to mach 1.5 and 50,000 feet. Roaring through the air within Mizrad territory, the man could easily spot the Maverican side of the border marked by a handful of metal towers with bright, flashing red lights to keep away aircraft and other things trying to cross the border. If somebody were to be on the ground looking at it they would see a sign that "Halt! No border crossing permitted at this point! Turn back or you will be shot!".

Turning back to the sky in front of him James spots his squadron and makes radio contact.

"Hawk Squadron this is your captain speaking we have now reached our cruising altitude of 50,000 feet, so form the fuck up over."

The six planes quickly break into groups of three, one going back diagonally right and the other diagonally left but both left just enough space for one plane to fit at the tip of their "Triangle". Thrusting forward, Beasley takes the position and guides his squadron into their designated zone. This zone was a large open area full of buffalo filled grasslands and desert plains, nothing too important. However it was right next Treneria, and unknown to the 10th, right in the path of the Firmadorian's aerial assault.

On their short journey to the plains, one of the younger members of the squadron kept silence from setting in.

"So uh, captain?"

2nd Lieutenant Miguel Rodriguez questioned.

"Yes Rodriguez?'

Replied the captain before Miguel continued.

"Some of our bomber pilots said they were attacked by a swarm of planes so large it blocked out the sun. What the hell could have done that?"

Believing it was just a rumor, Beasley responds jokingly as the squadron passes the fourteen F-18E's tasked to guarding the area only a handful of miles behind their designated area.

"Sure as shit not the Mavericans LT. You know the type of guys that pilot those bombers, once they finally get a taste of action they hold on to their hard-ons for weeks."

A handful of laughs become audible on the radio until the captain receives a transmission from the AWACS aircraft not too far from his position.

"Hawk 1-1 this is Cobalt 6-1, be advised we're getting reports of a large amount of aircraft heading your way. We can't confirm it yet because they're popping in and out of radar contact but we'll get back to you, out."

A now very puzzled Beasley replies back through his radio.

"Yeah uhh, copy that Cobalt. Try and make it speedy we could the help. Hawk 1-1 out."

Fort Thomas, the Border, Mizradian-Held Territory
09:55 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
4th Early Warning and Detection Division

Sitting in his chair silently watching a screen as he drinks a cup of warm coffee, Sergeant Harrison Joyce suddenly becomes quite a bit less relaxed. Spitting out his coffee on to the already not-so-pristine floor and putting down his coffee mug his eyes become glued to the screen. There was easily fifty to a hundred fighters heading straight for the southwestern border of Mizrad which was shared with Treneria. However this couldn't be right, why would they attack there? How could they attack in such large numbers after Mizrad and Treneria had just dropped enough ordnance to kill an entire race on every air base in northern Maverica? Jumping out of his chair and sprinting to his CO's office, the man began to notice there were others following him with the same looks on their faces. Harrison didn't know them by name but rather by what area they covered reports from, every single person lined up outside the captain's office in the TOC was from the group assigned to watching the same general area Harrison was. This couldn't be a coincidence, somebody was coming and coming en masse.

Now the captain in the TOC was worried, she quickly hopped on the radio and began to try and calmly tell Arner what was going on.

"Sir, there is a massive aerial attack about to bear down on either us or Maverica."

She said as Arner then yelled back.

"What? How the fuck did that happen? How many assets do we have within response range!?"

"Roughly forty F-18E's, and twenty one F-25's."

She answered.

"And ground assets?"

The general asked.

"A handful of patriot missiles, S-400's and LAV-AD's along with a larger amount of Humvee mounted Avengers and troops with Stingers. Almost all of them are spread out at different FOB's and border OP's though sir."

Replied the captain as she was then answered by the general once more.

"Well then inform them what's going on immediately, I'll handle everything on the larger scale but I'm leaving their organization and alert up to you. Don't fuck this up captain, I'm trusting you on this one."

"Yes sir, I'll do it now, goodbye."

Immediately switching the frequency from the high ranking officer's channel to that of the entire southwestern region of operation's update channel.

"All callsigns this is Overlord's Disciple, be advised you have a massive amount of enemy aircraft heading towards your region. Reinforcements are on their way but may take some time, form up and work together because you're our first line of defense. We'll keep you posted with further events, good luck."

Meanwhile, Arner was on the phone attempting to get through to Trenerian officials. Eventually being forced to give it up due to his presence being needed elsewhere he left one short and simple message that conveyed more emotion than he ever thought a handful of sentences could.

"This is General Thomas Arner of the Mizradian Army, we have received reports of unknown presumably hostile aircraft moving on your borders en masse. They're bringing out the rain and it's about damn time we open up the iron umbrella."

Above the Border, Mizradian-Held Territory
10:00 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
10th Domestic Guard Air Wing

"Hawk 1-1 this is Cobalt 6-1 again, about those early reports.... I'm afraid they were true. Ground forces have been notified and are preparing to assist and other aircraft in the area are moving in to help. Unfortunately your still outnumbered in the sky but our boys on the ground should do more than enough to even the odds."

Captain Beasley was speechless, and now Rodriguez who had been talking almost non-stop on their patrol so far only muttered one phrase silently.

"They say deception proceeds them..."

Now the 10th had gone silent, until a few seconds later Beasley came over the radio with a loud and confident tone. The man had been the first line of defense in many different aerial attacks and had racked up many victories and kills, it was no wonder he was the leader of seven of the most advanced weapons in the Mizradian arsenal.

"All callsigns, this is Hawk 1-1 raise to your maximum altitudes. F-18's, take the low ground and we'll be your support. All F-25's kick it to 68,000 feet, everybody knows that's where we rule the sky. Whatever we're about to go up against I'm confident we can outrun, so keep that in mind if you get stuck in a bad situation."

Looking to his fellow pilots forming up behind him and roaring past mach 2 with an ear drum shattering bang, the seven planes quickly begin climbing to their domain with the other squadrons of their plane type in the area. It was a common tactic the Mizradians used when they were outnumbered, draw the enemy in with the vulnerable F-18's and then barrel down on the opponents with one of the single greatest combat aircraft of all time. Yet this time they had ground support, which would hopefully do more than enough to even the odds.

Switching to the international channel of the Mizradian military radio, the F-18E squadron leader speaks up over the leader as the massive group of planes prepares to defend their homeland from an unknown enemy whose identity was more than obvious.

"Unknown aircraft this is the Mizradian Air Force, you are approaching shared Trenerian and Mizradian air space. State your business and identity or turn back immediately. If you do not comply we will fire."

With the ultimatum sent, the forces on the ground began watching their targets through screens and missile sights as their weapons gazed into the sky waiting for the order to fire. Slamming shells and missiles into their tubes, filling boxes with bullets and targeting systems with information the ground forces patiently await their turn.

Meanwhile in the sky, every offensive capable aircraft was preparing to fire. Twenty and twenty five millimeter cannons mixed in with AIM-120's, AIM-9's and various other rockets and missiles along with 12.7mm guns all buzz to life as the Mizradians wait for their opponents to step into the arena.

Off the Western Coast of Mizrad, Mizradian-Held Territory
09:50 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
7th Mizradian Strike Response Fleet

In the haze of gun fire and requests for Trenerian land based anti-ship support, a lone radar operator comes across a startling discovery near identical to the one found by a man holding a position equal to his hundreds of miles away at Fort Thomas. With no coffee to spit out this time as the pot had taken a large piece of metal shrapnel from incoming Maverican projectiles, the young operator writes down his findings and their locations before sprinting down the narrow corridors of the Neptune's Spear all while being rattled around by the gun fire. Reaching the stair well to the bridge and rushing up it to find a sight worse than he had seen anywhere else on the interior of the ship, the man hands his findings to the senior communications officer ducking behind a command console.

"Sir, there's a massive force of planes converging to our east on Trenerian air space! I suggest you inform their officials!"

Yelled out the radar operator.

"Fuck! Another attack!?"

Screamed back the communications officer.

"What!? What do you mean another!?"

"No time! Just go man the radar!"

"Aye sir!"

The conversation ended as the radar operator ran back and the communications man slapped his hand up on to the desk while remaining behind cover. Grasping a phone and pulling it down next to his ear he began speaking.

"Any and all Trenerian forces! This is the Mizradian 7th Fleet! We've got reports of a massive force moving on your position! We'll do what we can to hold the Mavericans at bay here and try to send some planes to help you but there's only so much we can do!"

The sound of urgency in his voice would be more than audible not only due to the fact that he was being shot at, but whatever those planes were headed for would certainly be put through hell. Meanwhile up in the air the Mizradians would be trying to do what they could in the air. Two squadrons of F-25's, totaling fourteen planes all together break off from the defensive circle over the fleet soon after they are replaced by the same number of the same planes. Forming up into two triangles at 68,000 feet the pilots begin pushing their planes to the speed limit. Fortunately that limit was over mach 2.4 and enough to not only outrun but completely lap sound almost two and a half times over. Their destination was higher up along the Trenerian coast line, where they would then break right and head down the coast until running right into the enemy.

Five Miles East of Fort Thomas, the Border, Mizradian-Held Territory
10:00 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
Mizradian Forces

Eighty thousand Mizradian Army troops all dotted a massive expanse in the open Black Desert. Most of them had come from far rear positions or were available for tasking somewhere along the border and most of them barely knew each other outside of their own platoons. However they all had two things in common, the first being a mutual hate for their enemy and the second being they were all heading straight for Fort Williams. They had assembled under the cover of the massive aerial and artillery strike because if they didn't have that cover, all of them would have easily been killed instantly by enemy artillery and missile strikes. Yet that didn't happen for Mizrad had been the one dumping explosives on to Maverica.

Thousands and vehicles and many, many more soldiers all begin to pack up. It was ten in the morning, the time designated for everybody to begin moving. Fortunately most of the troops had already packed up and were just waiting for the last little pieces of the puzzle to be placed in. Then suddenly, the roar of all sorts of different engines begin grumbling and kicking up a massive amount of sand. This was as expected and everybody had already come prepared, with shemaghs over their heads and their battle buddies in sight the massive force starts their journey on Fort Williams.

Up in the sky, the last of the bombers and their escorts were still in the air and fighting against the Maverican air defenses and planes. The Mavericans were quite clearly very occupied with the Mizradian and Trenerian air forces, making the huge battle group's task all the easier. Yet nobody was underestimating their enemy, for the Mavericans were known to defend to near the last man and to be very good at holding on to what was theirs. Although the newly designated 9th Field Army was ready and prepared to fight an enemy like Maverica.

As the force began pushing forward on the few highways, roads and many plains between Maverica and Mizrad the sounds of artillery began slowing down. Following along with the plan, the artillery would halt for a while to both cool down and stop any friendly fire incidents. Up in the sky, the last escort wing of planes was heading in the same direction as the 9th. Yet none of the aircraft were bombers, every single one of them was either an F-25 or an F-18. The reason for this was that the Mizradian high command wanted to make sure they would hold air superiority as well as protect the bombers on their way back. While the jets would reach the fight far before the ground troops did, when the 9th did arrive they would sure as hell be bringing pain along with them. With the remainder of the border fence sticking out of the sand like an old, forgotten monument to a failed peace the 9th Field Army was now crossing the border.

Underneath Fort Thomas, the Border, Mizradian-Held Territory
10:00 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
Mizradian Regional Military Command

"Great, just fucking fantastic."

Said General Arner as he looked at the massive map of the border projected on the conference room's wall. On it were the different moves of all the different forces. Black represented hostile unknown forces, grey representing just unknown forces, red representing Maverican troops, blue the Mizradians, green the Trenerians, purple the Ausitorians and white the Volvekens. One medium sized blue line jutted out into the northeastern tip of the Isaac mountains and another larger blue line poked into Fort Williams. Huge red circles dotted the map and across the border was a huge blue line on top of a huge red line. On both sides of Treneria, two huge black dots showed up on the map and out on the ocean various purple, blue, green and red colors showed up as well. Arner was stuck right in the middle of a huge clusterfuck and he knew it. However he believed there was a way out of it. Turning to the few remaining high ranks in the room he grabbed their attention and spoke up.

"What if we were to use the 9th Field Army as "Bait" in a way?"

He asked.

"What? Like cannon fodder? Are you fucking crazy?"

Answered another general. Yet Arner was quick to reply.

"No, no, no not in the slightest. What I meant was we could use them to draw those planes heading for Treneria back into Maverica and right into a death trap. Most radar assets are undoubtedly destroyed or at least nonoperational if they are in the northern half of Maverica right now. Even intercepted Firmadorian intel reports say it. So if we were to move a large force of F-25's across the border with the 9th they could go virtually undetected and simply circle like vultures high up in the sky at their maximum cruising altitude. Once the Mavericans cry for help when the 9th comes in with seemingly no fixed wing air support, the unknown jets will almost certainly rush in for the free ticket to the killing zone. However when they rush in to attack the 9th, our planes will descend from the sky like angels from Heaven and begin tearing their planes out of the sky completely surprising the enemy. Think of that for a second, it's a win-win situation even if we lose because all the headlines will say then is that we were hopelessly outnumbered and surprised by the enemy aircraft. Although if we win, everybody will be talking about how even the Maverican's reinforcements were taken by surprise. All the while, we'll be striking lesser known targets in the Isaac mountains using the shield of all the coverage going to the battle at Fort Williams. This will also give us time to use the artillery once more with the same plan as before, so unless we simply get our asses handed to us then there's no possible way we can come out with our tails between our legs. This sound good to everybody?"

The few people in the room were speechless, none of them had thought that one man could go through every detail without the help of other people and come out with a plan quite clearly answering the issue of all the enemy aircraft. Everybody responded in unison.

"Yes sir."

Before rushing off to spread the word.

Above the Border, Mizradian-Held Territory
10:20 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
5th Air Corps

"All callsigns Operation Homefront's second phase is a go. Weapons free, you are cleared to fire on all military targets from here on out. Good luck ladies and gentleman."

Came "Overlord"'s voice over the radio, signalling the start of the 5th Air Corps mission. Their job? Storm into Maverican air space undetected while providing air support and hopefully tricking the massive air assault to return and meet them head on in a fight they would win or die trying to. Yet most of the planes didn't have anything close to a stealth capability, so decieving the enemy force to think that the 5th was anything less than massive would be quite the undertaking. However most of the non-stealthed planes were ground attack craft, not designed to fight enemy planes. If this information were to leak to the Mavericans it would be devastating, not to the Mizradians but to themselves due to the fact up in the clouds hid multiple squadrons of two of Mizrad's greatest weapons: The F-25 and a highly dedicated and experienced force of pilots. However their turn had yet to come. For now the Mizradian A-10's and F-35's would take the leading role.

Swooping down from below the clouds and breaking off from the main force, a handful of F-35's along with a larger force of F-18E's make the first attempt at paving the way for their more vulnerable friend known as the A-10 Warthog. Still a few miles out from their target the planes begin to form up and start the drive inwards. Without even having to say a word the squadrons meet up and level out a few thousand feet up. With most of the Maverican aircraft either pre-occupied with the retreating Mizradian bombers, grounded or simply destroyed the attacking planes only worry about the anti-aircraft guns leaving the air to air combat for the F-25's. Approaching the range of the enemy's guns, the planes quickly begin to arm their weapons and lock on. Not bothering to wait any longer than needed, the F-35's begin blasting away with rockets and missiles and F-18E's soar overhead dropping JDAM's and other massive free-fall bombs.

To keep up the intensity, A-10 Warthogs follow up right behind the fighters using them as cover. Loading hellfire missiles, TOWs and 35mm cannon rounds they begin unleashing everything they have upon Fort Williams. As the surviving planes not hit by anti-aircraft fire from the first wave pull back around, they begin diving in for their second pass. On and on would this tactic go until the planes either ran out of ammo had been destroyed.

Avery Mountains, One Mile From the Border
10:00 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8
24th Army Special Operations Group Platoon, 9th Mountain Division

The forest becomes filled with an earie silence as the last moments the 9th Mountain Division has to rest slip away. All around them, the first snowfall trickles down or the last leaves fall from their trees littering the ground in a greenish-brownish state of decay due to the Autumn weather. Only the sounds of the last animals remaining out of hibernation and the occasional falling of a branch of another animal can be heard. For miles in every direction, only the trees seem to be alive in the forest. Adding to the suspense a large gust of wind sweeps through the land as a the sky remains cloudy. Suddenly the seemingly lifeless place becomes vivid with it. From the bushes and brush appears a platoon of men in green camouflaged winter gear or ghillie suits and their equipment. Their faces all covered in paint and other forms of camouflage to mask their hiding place where they had been sitting patiently since the night before. Quickly shedding the extra stealth gear the men draw their weapons and begin moving forward upon the flick of the captain's fingers. Right behind him is 2nd Lieutenant Justin Sears, the sniper who had provided cover for the Mizradian-Trenerian meeting only five days earlier. Sears was one of the very few people in the entire world who truly and officially knew a massive war was soon to consume Hemithea before the first shots were fired and now that those they have been fired, he remains more than ready and with a vengeance.

As the main assault element of the platoon continues moving through the woods, Justin and his spotter keep their distance moving swiftly and effortlessly through the rugged terrain and past rocks and hills. Giving the main portion of the platoon a wide birth the two snipers rush through the woods carefully. The occasional shaking of the forest would occur as squadrons of bombers would fly back or to Maverica, but this was as planned and only masked the Mizradian's ground approach. Pushing forward through the brush the 24th finally reaches something they had wished would just move out of the way. However moving a mountain is an impossible task for twenty men with only their combat gear. Trudging from the dirt and fallen leaves to the snow capped forest floor the trees begin to give way to large boulders and hills before finally leading up to the first mountain the group would have to traverse. Yet just over that mountain lay their objective, the Maverican side of the border and plenty of unsuspecting military installations.

Reaching sheer cliffs of rock before the rest of their team, Sears and his spotter Staff Sergeant Wyatt Strong begin putting the ropes and climbing gear in place for their platoon. Off in the distance the men could see the advance teams from other platoons doing the same and after a quick nod of approval they all get back to work. Slamming bolt after bolt into the face of the rock to hold the climbing gear in place Sears slowly moves up through each crevice and cliff with his partner right behind him. Going at it for longer than they choose to figure out, the platoon finally arrives along with other A-SOG and mountain infantry battalions all tasked with traversing the mountains and storming into Maverica. Now with far more support the push begins gaining momentum as close to ten thousand troops climb through the Mizradian ranges and continue towards Maverican territory. In the rear would be the other ten thousand troops all either parachuting in or dropping by helicopter after the anti-aircraft guns had been silenced. Now that the massive contingent of elite mountain troops had taken up position along the border, they could storm across into the Maverican highlands and Isaac Mountains with ease before having to come in contact with the real trouble, the Maverican Highlanders.

Perched atop a natural terrace in a mountain crossing into Maverican territory, Justin uses his scope to patiently watch the enemy off in the distance -Too far for him to really see what was going aside from get an accurate shot. It was now ten fifty nine in the morning and the Sun was now really coming out. Approaching Captain McWorth, Sears slings his Cheytac .50 behind his back as he trudges through the snow. With a whiteish-green ghille suit covering his entire body Justin pulls down the cloth covering the lower half of his face to speak deciding to leave the goggles on. Making sure to stay quiet the sniper begins talking.

"Feeling confident captain?"

He asked, only to be met with a sigh before the captain used his words.

"As ever I am. Right now we're out of range but I fear if we get don't take the high ground quick enough we may be slaughtered. What I'm really scared about though is the Highlanders. Last time I fought against them we won, but still suffered quite a bit of losses. Now we've got the fact that Maverica has gone through a complete make over. No more of that chicken shit they did in the past flies anymore, they mean business now. We'll win as long as our men stay confident but fear is a very easy thing to instill in desperate times."

"So is courage"

Countered the sniper. McWorth nods in agreement before speaking again.

"Right you are brother, looks like it's time to get moving again."

He then turns his attention to the platoon as a whole.

"Pack it up gentleman, we've got a war to fight."

And off the 9th Mountain Division went, yet their attack would have to wait as reaching their positions would take a few more hours. However they would get their eventually and bring hell with them.

12:00 HOURS, 10/23/13, DAY 8

TO: The Government of the Realms of Libraria and Ausitoria
FROM: The Executive Office of the Republic of Mizrad
ENCRYPTION LEVEL: Level Five, Highest

To whom it may concern,
After recently receiving word of New Lowlandian involvement in this conflict and growing international concern the Executive Office of the President wishes to inform you first that we will be willing to comply with any voted-on agreements including the votes of Treneria, Mizrad, TNL, Volvek, Maverica, Loufe and your home nation. However this means that negotiations must first be called for. Unfortunately as you may have heard we have just started a major offensive and we ask this offensive be rendered void of any critisism as it occurred before word of peace and demands had come in. You are free to forward this message to the government of The New Lowlands but doing so to Maverica or any of said nation's allies will put Mizradian national security at risk. Although this offensive may help in forcing Maverica to the negotiation table, and if it is agreed upon the offensive can continue on until they are forced to comply as we are willing to do so already.

For A Brighter Future,
The Executive Office of the President, Mr. Ryan West, the Republic of Mizrad
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Change of plans.

Postby Nerod Empire » Sun May 25, 2014 8:35 am

TO: Libraria and Ausitoria, Naybra, Treneria, Fallenrun, Silverfield, Mizrad, The New Lowlands. (all tCA nations)
FROM: Executive Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Franklin Wish

To whom it may concern,
After much consideration and an important meeting of the Aurora Committe (the highest authority without counting the Emperor). We have decided to withdraw all the support we have given to Mizrad. The Emperor wants me to inform you all that we are withdrawing and tell you can do whatever you want, but our advice is withdrawing your support from Mizrad.
We were protecting a massmurderer nation that blew up all our peace efforts by atacking Maverica. They knew about the efforts, they knew there was a law being passed in the Senate, and they still atacked Maverica, that's inexcusable.
The Emperor is pissed off and ordered our forces in the zone to move to Maverican waters and protect them from Mizrad. We want peace, not war. But in the negotiation table we will side with Maverica.

Sincerely yours,
Executive Secretari of Foreign Affairs,
Franklin Wish.

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Mizrad wrote:
TO: The Government of the Realms of Libraria and Ausitoria
FROM: The Executive Office of the Republic of Mizrad
ENCRYPTION LEVEL: Level Five, Highest

To whom it may concern,
After recently receiving word of New Lowlandian involvement in this conflict and growing international concern the Executive Office of the President wishes to inform you first that we will be willing to comply with any voted-on agreements including the votes of Treneria, Mizrad, TNL, Volvek, Maverica, Loufe and your home nation. However this means that negotiations must first be called for. Unfortunately as you may have heard we have just started a major offensive and we ask this offensive be rendered void of any critisism as it occurred before word of peace and demands had come in. You are free to forward this message to the government of The New Lowlands but doing so to Maverica or any of said nation's allies will put Mizradian national security at risk. Although this offensive may help in forcing Maverica to the negotiation table, and if it is agreed upon the offensive can continue on until they are forced to comply as we are willing to do so already.

For A Brighter Future,
The Executive Office of the President, Mr. Ryan West, the Republic of Mizrad

"Imagine if the Mavericans got hold of this," said the Cabinet Secretary.
"It would certainly help their military position no end to be forewarned of something like this," said the Foreign Secretary.

They were alone, sitting in grand velvet armchairs, surrounded by portraits in one of the sumptuous 'smoking rooms' that littered the palaces of state, from where they were enjoying gardening the latest round of diplomatic rhubarb. The Nerod Empire's message and the increasing rumours circulating about Mizradian atrocities was making their choice of whether to forewarn Maverica or not rather easy.

"And that would improve the regional balance of power no end," the Cabinet Secretary said.
"Just a pity they asked us not to let Maverica have it," the Foreign Secretary commented.
"So it's a case of making sure that we don't pass this on to Maverica," said the Cabinet Secretary, with a smile.
"Quite," said the Foreign Secretary, with a smile on his face. "We'll send a diplomat around to their embassy and try not to accidentally leave a copy there for them to read," he declared.
"It would be a great pity if the Mavericans got their hands on it, wouldn't it?" said the Cabinet Secretary, with a smile on his face.
"A tragedy," said the Foreign Secretary, returning the smile. "We must ensure that it doesn't happen... by mistake."
"Well I'm sure we can ensure that it doesn't happen ... by mistake," replied the Cabinet Secretary, deadpan.

And, within a few minutes of being explained his duties, a nameless diplomat set off to the Maverican embassy to try not to leave a copy of the message there for them to read ... by mistake.

To: The Nerod Empire, Naybra, Treneria, Fallenrun, Silverfield, Mizrad, The New Lowlands
From: Cabinet Secretary Sir Arnold Wittin-grey-demarque, Libraria and Ausitoria
Encryption: Confidential*

We would like to announce our nation's decision to immediately suspend all non-treaty co-operation with Mizrad within the continent of Hemithea. Besides the rumours circulating of past unjudged atrocities, the decision to continue with an offensive when peace negotiations are introduced is quite abhorrent and ill-judged.

The combined Ausitorian-Naybran-Nerodian Fleet will continue to patrol waters off Maverica to demonstrate our determination to establish an armed demilitarized zone as soon as possible, and we request that Mizrad offer a cease fire while preliminary negotiations start.

Yours sincerely,
Sir Arnold Wittin-grey-demarque,
Cabinet Secretary,
Libraria and Ausitoria

*Immediately leaked to the press.
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Postby Naybra » Mon May 26, 2014 1:09 pm

"Motion carried 5-0-0."
The Mizrad-Maverican Mediation Act

Highly concerned by the continuation of the Mizrad-Maverican War, and

Determined to use the tools of the government to attempt to mediate,

The Senate of Panessos Assembled hereby:

1. Directs and Permits the Minister of Internal Affairs to establish a mediation committee and office to work to resolve the conflict,
2. Directs the Prime Minister to ensure the work of the government in this time is funded by temporary borrowing on international markets until other sources of revenue may be found,
3. Invites the Minister of Defence to form an office in conjunction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to consider options and administrative requirements for a regional peacekeeping/security force in conjunction with national governments, and
4. Invites the Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs to liaise in the long term to establish a protocol for government response to regional wars.

Upon the words from the Speaker, there was applause, stomping, and various signs of approval from those nations that had delegations present in the room. The fact that the mediation act would pass was almost guaranteed from the start. It was just how many would vote on it. At the time of the final calling, there had only been five nations that had voted in total, a mere 20% of the total Senate composition. Yet a pass was a pass. However, if the regional government was to have more power in the future to both expand its aims of inter-nation cooperation and enfore its standards, change was going to be needed.

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Temporary Headquarters
Naybra City, Naybra

Minister Davis McHall sat at his desk shifting through various papers both cluttering his physical desk-space and computerized desktop. He had been appointed by President Ron Harrison to serve the role of Panessos Minister of Internal Affairs in the place of Naybra's head of state. The choice could be considered wise, not only because it gave President Harrison the opportunity to keep his focus on domestic affairs, with cooperation of the Prime Minister of course, but it also gave the presidency a scape-goat if needed. McHall had been placed in a small wing of the Naybran Ministry of Foreign Affairs until the regional government could select a location for a regional capital headquarters. Once such a spot was selected and constructed, the Ministry of Internal Affairs would move out of these hand-me-down cramped office spaces into what McHall hoped would be a more fitting work environment.

He was not even a week into his job, and his duties as Minister were already required. Since the 23rd of October, the Mizrad-Maverica war had re-sparked. Fighting had been going on for sometime, but proposals of end negotiation had already been mentioned by both sides, and amongst the allied parties. The Mizrad-Maverica Mediation Act was the first step to bringing and maintaining security in the area. Minister McHall studied the presumed wants of both sides of the war forwarded to him from the President's Office. The message, sent from the Foreign Secretary and Cabinet Secretary of the Imperial Commonwealth of Libraria and Ausitoria, included points on land reparations, dealings of war crimes, and the promotion of peace and trade.

However, this all had to start somewhere. And since the two parties had pushed this away so many times before, it was time for the Ministry to take the first action.

To: The Presidential Office of the Republic of Mizrad, President Ryan West & The Presidential Office of the Republic of Maverica, President Justin
CC: The Panessos Community
From: Panessos Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Office of the Minister - Minister Davis McHall
Encryption: Open

Dear Esteem Presidencies:

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Minister Davis McHall or the Panessos Ministry of Internal Affairs. I wish to inform you of the passing of the Mizrad-Maverica Mediation Act. In accordance with the general aim of the resolution and Article 1, the Ministry of Internal Affairs wishes to take the appropriate steps to end the current conflict taking place in the continent and bring decisive resolution to the ongoing turmoil. It is our aims to bring peace to the area, in cooperation with the two parties involved:
  • The Republic of Mizrad
  • The Republic of Maverica
As well as with the observations of the regional community. I propose a mediation peace-conference to take place in five days in the capital of the neutral nation of Naybra and an immediate cease of war. Once delegations from both nations arrive, we will begin with the adoption of an agenda, and shall preside until all discussion topics have been worked out. I await your replies.

Your Sincererly,
Minister Davis McHall
Panessos Minister of Internal Affairs
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Postby The Soodean Imperium » Tue May 27, 2014 6:57 am

City of Changzha, Lu Province, South Coast of the Soodean Imperium
Evening, 8th 2nd day of the conflict

"The situation is grim and dire, Admiral," Shun Yin said.

"And what do you propose we do about it, Comrade Administrator?" Fleet Admiral Tsur asked, taking a sip of water from the glass on his desk. The two men sat in the Fleet Admiral's office; the blinds were lowered over the windows, allowing only a few small lines of light to enter the darkened room.

Shun Yin shook his head in thought. "High General Lanco says the Army is has increased its readiness level, and now has the capability to launch a land-based offensive into Maverica. With the majority of their forces focused on the north, the Mavericans will be unable to mount an effective response - if we choose to move now."

"And why would we choose to move now?" The Admiral leaned back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest.

"In order to balance the situation. Firmador and Maverica have already shown much aggression and little restraint. A disciplinary move, correctly executed, will put them in their place."

"High General Lanco told you this?"

"Yes, Admiral. He says that this would be a rare opportunity to strike, one that we may not have again for years or decades."

"Then the Admiral is either not telling you everything... or not seeing everything for what it is. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it were the latter."


Fleet Admiral Tsur rose from his seat and walked to the side of the room, where a map of the continent Tethys hung on the wall. "Our most dangerous threats do not originate over here," he said, running his hand over Maverica and Firmador. "They originate out here, in the oceans beyond them. These are the threats we need to be worried about."

Shun Yin raised an eyebrow. "The Capitalist Association?" he asked. "Admiral, we functionally withdrew from the Socialist Coalition years ago. This isn't our kind of struggle to get pulled into. Moderate Capitalists, distasteful though they may be, are a minor issue compared to radical Socialists like the Firmadores."

"That's what we all thought for years," High Admiral Tsur sighed. "But these last two days have changed a lot, Comrade Administrator. I assume you've seen the SIGINT report on radio traffic in the East Eosian Ocean?"

"Yes, Admiral. Six to eight Ausitorian aircraft carriers, and under a dozen from the Nerod Empire."

"Then Intelligence hasn't told you everything they know, either." Tsur pulled a manila folder out from a drawer behind his desk and handed it to Yin. "This is confidential material, material I doubt many people outside the innermost circles know about. According to these reports, the level of radio traffic suggests that the number of Nerodian carriers may be triple that amount."


"Unfortunate," Tsur corrected. "But it is what it is, and the implications are dire. Just a few days ago, the Capitalist Association's allied forces stood united off the coast of Maverica, ready to pummel the latter state into submission. That level of united naval power is a dangerous thing, Comrade Administrator; with that level of capability, it can't be long before they turn their eyes to us."

"Then perhaps we should act soon?" Yin suggested. "If the Maverican forces are still focused on the North, we may still be able to drive deep into their territory with a surprise offensive. Certainly, that would serve as a demonstration of our capability and a warning that we cannot be forced into submission."

"Or, it could serve as Causus Belli for the Capitalists to declare war on us. Don't underestimate the size of the forces at stake here, Comrade Administrator. The last ten years have seen a vast expansion in our navy's strength and capabilities, but all that can be destroyed in an instant if it is pitted against a united force like this one."

"In which case, why go to war at all? The Ausitorians sound reasonable enough, certainly compared to the Firmadores. If we do nothing to provoke them, if we take the time to cooperate with them, is there any reason to fear an attack?"

"If we take the time to cooperate with them, we will be building our own cell. A hegemony of peace can be just as restrictive as a hegemony of war, and ten times harder to fight." He looked up at Shun Yin. "Some of the officers under my command are very young indeed, and do not remember the days of the Occupation. I take it you are old enough to recall those terrible days?"

Yin closed his eyes and swallowed, a troubled expression taking over his face. "I was only a young man then, Admiral."

"And I was but a child. But I still recall the screams of the beaten, the wails of those who suffered under enemy rule. I recall the day my mother left the house and never returned again. And I will die before I allow days like those to fall upon our nation again."

"Then what is to be done? If we lack the strength to fight-"

"We don't have to fight. This is the beauty of the entire situation."

Shun Yin gave the Admiral a curious look, and the Admiral returned his gaze with a faint but confident smile.

"Special Advisory Administrator Shun Yin, do you recall what our great leader Emperor Su Dou said when he established the Soodean state in 1988? He said, 'A building only stands because its components lean against one another for strength. When every component trusts its neighbors, a pile of bricks and steel becomes a structure, and the whole is made more than the sum of its parts.' "

Shun Yin nodded, not certain that he understood where the Admiral was going.

"What I am proposing, Comrade Administrator, is that we render the components distrustful. For the higher a tower is, the more mightily it will fall when its parts no longer lean on one another."

"You are proposing that we set the members of the Capitalist Association in a war with one another?"

"No! Of course not. That would be superfluous. What I am proposing is that we look for cracks, that we look for points of stress, and apply a touch of leverage here and there. The various national governments involved here already know where they want to go. All we can hope to do is show them how to get there."

Bureau of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs
To Cooperate with the Righteous Against the Forces of Darkness

Encoding: Confidential
To: Ryan West, President of Mizrad

I must take this opportunity to extend a much-needed word of greeting to your government. While others have taken to calling your offensive aggressive, we believe that you had reasons for your actions; if the Mavericans were indeed building up troops for a return to war, you are justified in striking first as a means to preserve your security. As a nation which borders the now-collapsed unstable regime of Firmador, we understand the need to keep the borders secure.

As such, we must take a rather unorthodox move and suggest that you approach the upcoming negotiations with the utmost caution. This may seem like improper advice, given that the Soodean Imperium has little history of relations with Mizrad, but it would be just as improper for us to sit back and watch as such a proud nation is forced to submit. If Mizrad is forced to accept a return to the status quo ante bellum, the implications in the long term will be dire. A Maverica which thinks it can build up forces with impunity is a threat to Mizrad, Treneria, and the Soodean Imperium alike. As such, we must cautiously advise you to continue your offensives while you still have the upper hand, and delay the negotiations as much as possible. In return, we are willing to pressure the Mavericans from the Southeast, and at your request we may conduct any operations short of a full invasion to lure their attention away from the north.

We again express our hope that your troops will continue to perform well on the battlefield, and assure you that the Soodean Imperium's sympathies lie with Mizrad in this conflict.

--Wen Hong, Director of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs
The Soodean Imperium
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