Afalian Armed Forces Military Bases/Foreign Recruit [MT-OPEN

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Afalian Armed Forces Military Bases/Foreign Recruit [MT-OPEN

Postby Afalia » Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:21 pm


Afalian Armed Forces
Enquiries and Information Centre
Military Basing Abroad|Foreign Recruitment|Military Basing in Afalia|News
Her Majesty's Ministry of Security

The Afalian Armed Forces formally known as Her Majesty’s Armed Forces of Afalia are the armed forces of the Kingdom of Afalia. Comprising three different branches-the Royal Afalian Army, the Royal Afalian Navy and the Royal Afalian Air Force, the forces were officially established in April 2013 following the end of the Titanican War where it became clear a modern and organised military was necessary for Afalia’s security and diplomatic and political influence.

Since its formation Afalia has taken part in a number of foreign interventions, joined international defence organisations and modernised and restructured its former security wing into a modern, fully equipped military dedicated to the defence of Afalia and deterrence of any future aggression.

In the light of the numbers of enquiries and requests for information on the Afalian armed forces and their current operations the secretary of state for security, the Rt. Hon Alice Cook MP, issued an order in council on the 20th of December 2013 allowing for the creation of a single, unified enquiries and information centre within the Ministry of Security to handle all information and administrative departments within Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

Below links to requests for information and standard enquiries, applications to the armed forces for foreign persons or units, applications for overseas facilities and garrisons abroad and applications to request military bases to be hosted in Afalia and more can be found.

If you, as an individual or organisation, are seeking specific information or an enquiry into the work, structure, methods, current deployments, equipment or traditions of the Afalian armed forces please submit your request below with the form provided. Please remember to check the main page for the Afalian armed forces to see if that answers your question first.

Code: Select all
[b]Name of Nation:[b]
[b]Name of Individual/Organisation Making Request:[/b]
[b]What is your request/enquiry?:[/b]

Afalia’s tradition a socially tolerant, liberal and open society has been passed onto the armed forces in the form of foreign recruits. Since the passing of the Armed Forces Act 2013 the Afalian government has approved the recruitment of foreign citizens to all three branches of the forces, in almost all areas of service, with a range of benefits available for those who apply.

Unlike other armed forces the Afalian armed forces do not hold a single foreign legion or branch. Instead foreign recruits may choose which of the three branches they serve in. The requirements for applying to join the Afalian Armed Forces are as follows:

-Applicants are aged between the ages of 18 and 50.
-Applicants have the means to travel to Afalia to complete testing and training in order to become members of the armed forces.
-Applicants have no outstanding convictions or any previous violent or major criminal convictions.
-Applicants have at least a basic grounding in the English language and be willing to take lessons to improve their English if it does not meet armed forces standards.
-Applicants must be willing to be submitted to a basic security and background check.
-Applicants must be willing to serve at least three years in the armed forces unless they are honourably or dishonourably discharged.

Both male and female applicants are accepted and both may serve in equal frontline positions. Regiments are classified as mixed, all male or all female and applicants may indicate a preference for such a regiment when applying. Foreign recruits may select a particular role if they are successful and are not limited to frontline positions and operations. During service with the armed forces foreign recruits can expect:

-To be treated totally equally with native Afalian personnel.
-They will serve in the same regiments.
-They will be afforded the same welfare benefits and credits including free medical and dental care, housing and food and a pension.
-They will be able to serve in all the same roles bar service on one of Afalia’s four nuclear ballistic submarines, the so-called ‘Archangel Fleet.’
-The country will be bound to them under the so-called ‘Armed Forces Covenant’ which states that the public and government have an obligation to support active and non-active members of the armed forces.
-They will receive free mental healthcare during and after service, if required.
-They will receive free education credits during and/or after service, if required.
-They will, after three years service, gain Afalian citizenship and be entitled to the same rights and benefits of all Afalians.
-They will, if honourably discharged before three years, be entitled and gain Afalian citizenship.

Foreign recruits are expected to be dedicated, loyal and brave regardless of their role, and must swear an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Amelia, and pledge themselves to carry out their work to the best of their abilities. Recruits should be aware of the realities of service in the armed forces, both good and bad. Most importantly all foreign recruits must embrace the spirit of esprit de corps and dedicate themselves to their fellow servicemen and servicewomen. If you are interested please use the application form below.

Code: Select all
[b]Nation of Origin:[/b]
[b]Number of Recruits Applying[/b]
[b]Which branch do you wish to serve in? Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines (Part of Navy):[/b]
[b]Sex of Recruits? Male/Female/Mixture:[/b]
[b]Would prefer an all male/all female or mixed regiment?:[/b]
[b]Do all applicants have a basic grounding in English?:[/b]
[b]Special Religious Requirements-ie if your recruits are made up almost entirely of Orthodox Jews they may not be permitted to serve on Saturdays.:[/b]
[b]Any other special requirements:[/b]
[b]Are all applicants willing to serve three years unless otherwise discharged:[/b]

As the nature and location of threats changes rapidly in the modern world the need for an immediate response and training in a variety of locations and environments is essential to ensure the continued security of Afalia and the maintenance of an expertly trained, fully prepared force. With this in mind, and a desire for better diplomatic, economic and cultural relations between Afalia and other sovereign states, the Afalian armed forces, including all three branches, is seeking locations across the globe to establish overseas facilities and garrisons. Though the conditions set out below are standard modifications can be made upon the request of the nation and/or after a period of negotiation:

-Afalian Armed Forces will generally seek to lease areas for bases for 99 years.
-Base areas will become the sovereign territory of the Kingdom of Afalia under the jurisdiction of the Afalian Armed Forces, and subject to Afalian law, in the same way as an embassy.
-Military and civilian personnel stationed at bases will be allowed access to the base’s host country’s sovereign territory outside of the base’s limits and will be subject to respective national laws when outside Afalian base territory.
-Bases for all three different branches of the armed forces are welcomed, especially bases which can accommodate more than one branch. Existing bases, or ‘existing land’ are particularly welcomed.
-Land which can be constructed or modified, ‘fresh land’ into a base for armed forces personnel will also be welcomed.
-$10,000 Universal Standard Dollars will be paid from the Exchequer of the Kingdom of Afalia to the host nation of a base per hectare of land. Large harbours, (at least 125 feet deep to accommodate submarines and at least three miles of waterfront) for naval bases will be worthy of $1 million universal standard dollars. Small harbours (with less than 125 feet depth and less than three miles of waterfront) will be worthy of $750,000 universal standard dollars.
-The Kingdom of Afalia must maintain sovereignty over the airspace of their bases’ borders regardless of the type of base.
-The Kingdom of Afalia must maintain sovereignty over the waters, (if a naval base), extending 3 nautical miles out from their base.
-Only conventional weapons will be stationed at Afalian overseas bases. No nuclear, chemical or biological weapons will be stationed in Afalian bases, nor will they enter the airspace or waters of the base.
-Respective of the policies pursued by some governments in regards to ‘national nuclear free zones’ Afalian nuclear powered ships and submarines will only be stationed in overseas bases with the contractual permission of the host nation. As stated above no nuclear weapons, including nuclear weapon carrying fleet of submarines will ever be stationed at Afalian overseas bases.
-In the spirit of diplomacy and co-operation a civilian military attaché will be stationed at any Afalian overseas base and act as a representative of the Afalian armed forces in that nation, updating and informing the host nation of activities such as large scale exercises within the base.

If you are interested in hosting an Afalian overseas garrison or facility please fill out the form below:

Code: Select all
[b]Name of Nation:[/b]
[b]Geographical Location of Base, ie southeast/northwest etc:[/b]
[b]Type of Base, Naval/Army/Air Force/Mixture/All:[/b]
[b]Number of Hectares of Land (If applicable):[/b]
[b]Type of Harbour-Large of Small (If applicable):[/b]
[b]Is this base made up of ‘existing land’ or ‘fresh land’:[/b]
[b]Does your government grant permission for the stationing of nuclear powered ships and submarines at Afalian overseas bases:[/b]

Whilst the Afalian Armed Forces maintains a need for deployments abroad it also welcomes certain foreign armed forces to station troops inside Afalia and the opportunities for military co-operation and increased relations that come with it. Applications for military bases in Afalia can be made using the form below, and will be negotiated by Her Majesty’s Government depending on availability of the requests and specific circumstances:

Code: Select all
[b]Name of Nation:[/b]
[b]Type of Base Requested, Naval/Army/Air Force/Mixture/All:[/b]

Afalia presently maintains deployments in the Itailian colony of Rhydetia, Harling Island in Afalia and Regnum Albion:

Itailian Colony of Rhydetia: 20,000 Troops
Operation Tusk
1st Armoured Division and 1st Mechanised Division
Stationed at Fort Mircarium

Harling Island, Afalia: 1,500 Troops
Operation Bannerman
Royal Lancers Regiment
Stationed at Fortmoor Barracks

HMNB Buckland, Regnum Albion: Rotating Task Force A

If you wish to show your support to the armed forces please consider leaving a ‘Cheers To The Troops!’-your own personal message of support and thanks for the service and sacrifice all members of the armed forces make every day to keep us safe. You might also want to consider making a donation to any of the following charities:

Royal Afalian Legion-Specialises in caring and supporting former and current members of the armed forces, the Royal Afalian Legion is best known for its active role in Remembrance Day and the selling of blue roses for charity.
For Blitzen-The charity was set up in the wake of the Blitzen Bomb during the Titanican war and works in close conjunction with the Afalian relief agency.
Fixing Scratches: The Mental Health Charity-Supports armed forces members with mental health problems and conditions, Fixing Scratches is the only armed forces dedicated mental health charity in Afalia.

© HM Government Afalia 2014. All rights reserved. For full terms and conditions please click here.

OOC: Please submit all coded forms in the form of a diplomatic telegram. I'm not demanding any fancy coats of arms but a telegram would be nice.
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Postby Aurinsula » Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:38 am

Office of the President of the Republic of Aurinsula

To the honorable Christopher Kelly, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Afalia,

Aurinsula shares with Afalia a tremendous concern at the military security of the region, and takes heart in your nation's offer to assist in defending freedom and justice for the whole of the human race.

To that effect, please review our application and reply to it at your convenience. This proposed base would be situated on the Zihua Peninsula around Shenfei Harbor, adjacent both to our own Qianfei Naval Base and Songfei Air Force Base, as well as the Norvenian Fort Deliverance and to the Anglican Naval Base Shenfei Harbour. It is our hope that this area can become a regional stronghold.

We look forward to your kind responses.

Her Excellency Zhao Yingtai,
President, Republic of Aurinsula

Name of Nation: The Republic of Aurinsula
Geographical Location of Base, ie southeast/northwest etc: Shenfei Harbor is located on the eastern side of the Zihua Peninsula, and is also home to the city of Shenfei / San Jose de Cupertino.
Type of Base, Naval/Army/Air Force/Mixture/All: All.
Number of Hectares of Land (If applicable): 1,500 hectares, broadly in a 20x75 curl around the shore. A 60-hectare straight line is available for runway construction.
Type of Harbour-Large of Small (If applicable): Small. The harbor can accommodate Panamax ships.
Is this base made up of ‘existing land’ or ‘fresh land’: Fresh land. The harbor has been dredged to be both quite deep and perfectly uniform, but the area is otherwise undeveloped.
Does your government grant permission for the stationing of nuclear powered ships and submarines at Afalian overseas bases: Yes, though we insist on a registry of them.
Other comments:
- Your base will be directly adjacent to the Anglican Naval Base Shenfei Harbour, on the (to date) southern edge of the area's concentration of naval facilities. (From south to north, it's Afalia, RA, Aurinsula, Norvenia.)
- All regional air-traffic control is handled by Songfei Air Force Base, and all incoming air traffic must submit to its routing requirements.
- Your base will, geographically, be within the bounds of the city of Shenfei. Shenfei is long-accustomed to the presence of military bases, and soldiers stationed there will find plentiful access to such amenities as bars, billiard halls, money-changers, brothels, and discotheques. Shenfei is a small yet cosmopolitan city, and multi-lingualism is common.
- As a gesture of our appreciation, the Republic of Aurinsula will arrange for Tinchalian language courses at the Universidad de San Jose for any interested and available service personnel, gratis.

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Postby Lolomz » Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:06 pm

Name of Nation: the secular imperial republic of lolomz
Type of Base Requested, Naval/Army/Air Force/Mixture/All: air force base
Pro: Suid Afrika, Imperial State of Iran, Rhodesia,Republic Of China ,Seperate but equal policy on the US, Capitalism,whites-only voting rights. Hasmite rule on jordan
Anti: Socialism/Social democracy/etc.. ,Palestine,Saudi Arabia,Islamic Republic Of Iran,end of the aparthied on Suid Afrika(South africa it's ilegtimate nation on my eyes).
RP Data :
Regime : Aparthied
RP name: The White Republic Of Suid Afrika
Prime Minister: Henrik Forward

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Postby Afalia » Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:30 pm


TO: Office of the President of the Republic of Aurinsula
FROM: Fairfax House, Office of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Afalia
SUBJECT: Re: Proposal for Military Base

Your Excellency Madam President,

Thank you for your letter and application regarding the establishment of an Afalian facility in Aurinsula. I, and the rest of the cabinet, were most honoured to receive your letter earlier today. It is a show of trust that I hope will contribute to the growing relationship between our two countries both within ADTO and out. Through co-operation of this sort I believe we can help prevent and deter against violent attacks by those who seek to hurt us and the principles of freedom and liberal democracy that we both stand for.

The presence of your own armed forces, as well as Anglican and Norvenian forces in the same area will also be extremely helpful in working towards a more co-operative ADTO and ensure the long term security of the region. With regards to Songfei Air Force Base handling all air traffic the Ministry of Security and National Security Committee has determined that this is no problem and we will be more than willing to submit to its routing requirements. As well as nuclear powered ships and submarines the Afalian Armed Forces will register all ships, army personnel and aircraft that are stationed at Shenfei, with the Aurinsulan government.

I am sure that personnel due to be posted at the base will be very pleased to hear of the extensive facilities and activities that the city of Shenfei offers and will enjoy living, working and training there for the duration of their posting. Finally I would also like to thank you for the offer of free lessons in the Tinchalian language, an opportunity, I assure you, our personnel will not waste. In the coming weeks the National Security Committee will finalise the list of personnel, ships and aircraft to be stationed at Shenfei, in keeping with regional security threats and concerns.

Attached to this letter you will find the receipts relating to the establishment of this base. Once again I would like to thank you for allowing Afalian armed forces to establish a base in your country. I look forward to future further co-operation between our countries and hope that together the threats to our national and collective security can be beaten and the principles of freedom we represent will continue to stand strongly.

Yours truly,

The Rt. Hon Christopher Kelly MP
Prime Minister of Afalia, First Lord of the Treasury,
Fairfax House, Fairfax Strand, Blackdon, Afalia


Name of Base: Her Majesty’s Afalian Base Shenfei
Location: Shenfei, Zihua Penisula, Republic of Aurinsula
Type of Base: All

1,500 Hectares of Land: $15,000,000 Universal Standard Dollars

Large Harbour, (Including miles of waterfront available): $1,000,000 Universal Standard Dollars

To be paid directly from the accounts of the Exchequer of the Kingdom, to the government of the Republic of Aurinsula, upon confirmation from the Ministry of Security and Cabinet Office.

With consent from parliament and affirmed with the signature of-

The Rt. Hon Christopher Kelly MP, Prime Minister

Her Majesty Amelia of Afalia

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Postby Itailian Maifias » Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:57 pm

Name of Nation: The Twin Amanitte Empire of Itailia
Geographical Location of Base, ie southeast/northwest etc: Base locations can be offered all over the 10 provinces and the 8 colonies.
Type of Base, Naval/Army/Air Force/Mixture/All: Bases of a limited nature or of any nature are available to the Kingdom of Afalia due to their Tier 1 Alliance Status
Number of Hectares of Land (If applicable): Any amount
Type of Harbour-Large of Small (If applicable): Any amount
Is this base made up of ‘existing land’ or ‘fresh land’: Existing land is preferred but fresh land is also available
Does your government grant permission for the stationing of nuclear powered ships and submarines at Afalian overseas bases: We do, but we require safety hearings and briefings as well as additional security precautions.
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Postby Cyllea » Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:54 pm

Cyllean Ministry Of Defence

To the Afalian Prime Minister, Christopher Kelly

The People's Republic of Cyllea has recently experienced a government change and is now looking for more developed diplomatic relations with other nations. As such, we wish to exchange military bases within each others nations with your approval.

The application and necessary information for the hosting of your military base is included below.

Name of Nation: The People's Republic of Cyllea
Geographical Location of Base: East Cyllea
Type of Base: All, or whatever you wish to deploy
Number of Hectares of Land: 82
Type of Harbour-Large of Small: Medium; Ships of any types can land other than aircraft carrier sized ships.
Is this base made up of ‘existing land’ or ‘fresh land’: Existing land
Does your government grant permission for the stationing of nuclear powered ships and submarines at Afalian overseas bases: We request that they submit to a check by Cyllean safety inspectors, but otherwise yes.

The application and necessary information for our military base in Afalia is included below.

Name of Nation: The People's Republic of Cyllea
Type of Base Requested, Naval/Army/Air Force/Mixture/All: Mixture of Naval and Air force

Seeing as this application seems to be missing some information we may find vital, if The Kingdom of Afalia requires any further information please do not hesitate to contact our Minister of Defence for more information.

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Postby Gebeta » Sat Jan 04, 2014 7:50 pm

Name of Nation: Gebeta
Geographical Location of Base, ie southeast/northwest etc: South West
Type of Base, Naval/Army/Air Force/Mixture/All: Naval/Air/Marines
Number of Hectares of Land (If applicable): 20
Type of Harbour-Large of Small (If applicable): Large
Is this base made up of ‘existing land’ or ‘fresh land’: Both Existing and Fresh
Does your government grant permission for the stationing of nuclear powered ships and submarines at Afalian overseas bases:
Yes, but must follow Gebetan Regulations for deployment at Gebetan bases. Will be defended by base Marines or similar force.
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Inter system capable
Code: Select all
Fleet Status
Alert 5
Alert 4
Alert 3 (Current Peacetime deployments)
Alert 2
Alert 1

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