Welcome to IRTAF [MT, Open]

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Welcome to IRTAF [MT, Open]

Postby Repulaea » Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:20 pm

IRTAF Mission Statement

Nations of the World,

Since the recent formation and implementation of the Tannas Doctrine, Repulaean foreign policy has never been more internationalist. Now, we aim to strengthen our connections with the world at large and utilize our vast military and resources to stimulate transnational unity and prosperity. To this end, Repulaean President Christoph Tannas has signed Congressional Resolution 343.23 into law which greatly nullifies many of the limitations formerly imposed upon international humanitarian aid traffic conducted by the Repulaean state. In coordination with CR343.23, President Tannas signed executive order 844 which authorizes the creation of the International Humanitarian Department within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and mandates the establishment of a humanitarian relief arm of the Repulaean Royal Military. Thus, under the command of Rear Admiral Jace Tanner, the International Relief Task Force (IRTAF) is now prepared to operate in theaters worldwide and has the full might of the Repulaean Royal Navy, Air Force and Army at its disposal. It also has the full backing of the Compact Organization of Sovereign Predum Nations (COSPN), the chief multinational body representing our continent of Predum. COSPN will be regularly contributing funds to the IRTAF budget. Among other contributors are private donors and nonprofit organizations. All are welcome to pitch in.

IRTAF's primary goal is to ensure peace, stability and public health in nations which require it most. Upon request, IRTAF shall respond to any crisis zone anywhere in the world within twenty-four hours to deliver foodstuffs, medicines, clothing and other provisions that may be required in a humanitarian crisis. IRTAF relief convoys, whether they be by air, land or sea, shall always bring with them more supplies than is required in immediacy and there is always more where that came from. We are proud to finally be able to utilize our tax revenues and vast military forces in a capacity which services the world as a whole. To those who seek humanitarian aid, we offer comfort, refuge and support. To those who wish to contribute to our cause, we thank you for your generosity. And to those on the world stage, join us in this endeavor. We work not in a Repulaean capacity but a human capacity. Please support us in fulfilling this capacity to its ultimate measure. Thank you and God bless.

Eliot Tash, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Rules and Regulations
* All parties seeking aid must fill out the simple application form below.
* IRTAF must be allowed control the delivery of provisions so as to avoid it's falling into the hands of those to which the provisions are not intended.
* IRTAF reserves the right to asses the threat level of any situation and make defensive preparations accordingly, including the right to bear arms within crisis zones that receive a high threat assessment rating.
* IRTAF will not provide arms of any kind to anyone nor will it provide intelligence or any other means to a military end.
* When operating in conflict zones, IRTAF, acting on behalf of the Repulaean state, will remain neutral in all armed exchanges between warring parties and its personnel will only act aggressively in self-defense or the defense of those innocents who are in the process of receiving aid.
* IRTAF neutrality extends to two or more warring parties who may both be receiving provisions from IRTAF. No sides shall be taken and all parties will receive relief according to their requests.
* All applications for aid must be reasonable, that being they must be within the bounds of an acceptable reason for requiring aid. If a nation is deemed perfectly capable of handling its present situation, most, or possibly all assets allotted to that nation by IRTAF can and will be diverted to a more needy candidate.
* Any hostile action conducted on the part of the requesting party against IRTAF forces will mean the complete withdrawal of IRTAF support in the region and may, in extreme enough circumstances, elicit military retaliation by the Constitutional Monarchy of Repulaea.

* No reasonable application by a nation seeking aid shall be rejected due to the requesting party's political or military alignment, government category or any other partisan reason as long as the above stated conditions are adhered to.
* IRTAF will pledge to obey all laws in the nation in which they operate and will endeavor to respect all foreign cultural traditions in humanitarian theaters of operation (HTO).
* If IRTAF is for some reason requested or demanded to revoke its support for a party in need and leave a crisis zone, IRTAF will respect such a request and leave as asked.
* IRTAF will not partake in any regional partisan conflicts without a reasonable self-defense motive and will remain uninvolved in a client nation's politics.
* Client nations will be allowed to appeal for extradition of IRTAF personnel charged with an offense within the nation's boundaries.
* All donations, public or private, will be protected from Repulaean federal reapportionment and will be allotted to nothing but the success of IRTAF's peaceful humanitarian mission.

The Fleet
Under the command of Rear Admiral Jace Tanner, IRTAF is an arm of the Repulaean Royal Navy devoted to a purely humanitarian mission worldwide. A total of 257 vessels, about a third of the Repulaean active duty fleet, has been slated for duty in IRTAF to be deployed to any humanitarian theater of operations at a moment's notice. Thousands of young men and women from across the Navy serve aboard these vessels awaiting the call to action. Other branches of the Repulaean military frequently contribute to the IRTAF mission. IRTAF's command structure is mostly under the administration of strike group 105 which is currently undergoing a transition from a defense role under the Moralitin Ocean Command to a quick reaction delivery role. IRTAF will likely remain a permanent part of Repulaean fleet activity for many years to come.

Rear Admiral Jace Tanner, CO

Rear Admiral Jace Tanner (COMOSTRKGU105) is the current commanding officer of IRTAF. Admiral Tanner oversees all IRTAF operations and is the supreme commander over all humanitarian theaters of operation (HTO). Tanner was born in 1963 in Minolsa, Repulaea, in the province of Neslin. He completed his officer candidacy course at Anstrona Royal Naval Academy in 1982 and in 1983 graduated seventh in his class. He spent many years under Moralitin and Pinnacle Ocean Commands before being transferred to the 5th fleet in 2000 as captain of the frigate C.R.S. Excel (FGA-739) and later the destroyer C.R.S. Paxton (DRD-450) in 2007. In 2008, Tanner was promoted to rear admiral and received a commission in the 6th Fleet's intelligence section under then commanding officer Fleet Admiral Forrest Trell. In early 2013, Tanner deployed to the Gavran Islands and remained with the 6th fleet's combat contingent there until the end of the war. He was decorated seven times and received numerous commendations from other allied nations. Just weeks after the Gavran War's end, Rear Admiral Tanner was given command of strike group 105 and was put in charge of all IRTAF operations by President Tannas himself. He now operates out of his headquarters in the city of Esroth, home of strike group 105's fleet command. Tanner has a wife, Norina, and three daughters.

Ships of the Line

Below are some of types of naval vessels that will operate in an IRTAF capacity. A total of 470 Repulaean active service ships have been slated to operate under IRTAF when called into action. All are easily refitted for humanitarian purposes.

Eternity class nuclear fleet carrier

Norslem class escort carrier

Predum class heavy cruiser

Junctia class guided missile cruiser

Earl Cane class guided missile destroyer

Richard S. Woodfield class destroyer

Annadoa class destroyer

Estia class frigate

Leviathan Crown class frigate

Remnant class missile frigate

Gunther Rose class auxiliary supply and transport ship (ASTS)

Cape Ram class amphibious transport dock

Falcon Class Dock Landing Ship

Halchionite Class amphibious command ship

Continental class amphibious assault ship

Below is the application form for receiving aid from IRTAF. Please remember to follow the above stated guidelines and bear in mind the regulations. Thank you! I hope we can help!

Name of Nation:
Head of Government:
Head of State:
Government type:
Description of situation:
Will our humanitarian theater of operations be an active conflict zone?:
Special requests (optional):

Though IRTAF is officially a military arm administrated by the Repulaean Royal Navy and funded by federal revenue, donations from national, nonprofit and private donors are never unwelcome. We hereby reiterate the above stated guarantee that all donations will be permanently allotted to IRTAF humanitarian funds and will never go to anything else. Thank you for your generosity and support.

Amount donated:
Reason for donation (optional):
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Postby Repulaea » Tue Nov 26, 2013 2:13 pm

Wow I guess no one needs any aid. :(

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Postby Lolomz » Fri May 09, 2014 7:38 am

Nation/Donor: Department for Developing Nations
Amount donated: 1 billion LP ( equel to 1 billion US dollar ) , 15,000 SA80 assault rifles , 4000 killos of rice , 7000 kilos of bread and meat , 100,000 pack of first aid , 120 packs of humantiran eductiaonal aid ( 1000 phones ,120 lap-tops , and 50,000 books in each pack)
Reason for donation (optional):
Pro: Suid Afrika, Imperial State of Iran, Rhodesia,Republic Of China ,Seperate but equal policy on the US, Capitalism,whites-only voting rights. Hasmite rule on jordan
Anti: Socialism/Social democracy/etc.. ,Palestine,Saudi Arabia,Islamic Republic Of Iran,end of the aparthied on Suid Afrika(South africa it's ilegtimate nation on my eyes).
RP Data :
Regime : Aparthied
RP name: The White Republic Of Suid Afrika
Prime Minister: Henrik Forward

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Postby Repulaea » Wed May 14, 2014 5:50 pm


To: Lolomz Department for Developing Nations
From: IRTAF Command
Subject: Donation

On behalf of the Constitutional Monarchy of Repulaea and all Royal forces at arms in the joint services, we of IRTAF wish to extend our deep gratitude for your country's generous donation of 1 billion LP, 15,000 SA80 assault rifles, 4000 kilos of rice, 7000 kilos of bread and meat, 100,000 pack of first aid, 120 packs of humanitarian educational aid. However, we must respectfully reject the aforementioned shipment of 15,000 assault rifles. While we wholeheartedly accept the rest of the donation, IRTAF cannot accept unauthorized weapon shipments from foreign powers as per international law pertaining to the Compact Organization of Sovereign Predum Nations (COSPN) and Repulaean legislation C.R. 558 and C.R. 1987.

In the spirit of our gratitude, your department will be given a spot on the Repulaean Royal Navy International Plaque of Honor in the Repulaean capital Ancot. We will strive to keep in close contact with you in further humanitarian cooperation ventures.

Again, we thank you.

Rear Admiral Jace Tanner
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