GESO application

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GESO application

Postby The Fedral Union » Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:58 am


The Galactic Economic And Security Organization

Neo Earth October 2nd, 2822

Member worlds to this treaty commit to safeguard the sovereignty and liberty of member powers, and the right for all sapient creatures to exercise their natural given freedoms. Member governments that undertake this endeavor will affirm their support of maintaining stability and peaceful coexistence between worlds. They will collectively and indomitably coordinate their effort to preserve peace and security. Henceforth signatories to this document will agree to abide by the rules and framework laid out by this charter, establishing The Galactic Economic And Security Organization. (GESO)

Article 1:

Signatories to this document henceforth shall pledge to uphold the ideals of intergalactic stability, peace, and freedom. With such aims, all peoples governed under this pledge shall strive to settle disputes amongst governments by peaceful means, in such a demeanor that refrains from endangering intergalactic stability.

Article 2:

Member powers shall promote freedom of movement for goods and services between worlds, and will attempt to minimize conditions that cause an economic imbalance in intergalactic trade between member governments. Additionally, worlds will attempt to facilitate closer economic relations between the subject governments chosen party. Parties to this alliance will cooperate and maintain a partial free-trade agreement between other signatories to this treaty. Conditionally this article will allow member states to engage in a full free-economic and trade- zone.

Article 3:

To guarantee the functionality of this treaty to its fullest extent, member worlds jointly and individually by effective self sustained capacity and mutual aid, will improve as well as maintain a collective and sufficient self defense capacity to resist armed aggression.


Members will consult with each other, if a signatory is of the opinion that their possessions, sovereignty, or security of any world is perceived to be in jeopardy by a hostile power or powers.

Article 4:

All member worlds affirm and agree that in instances of armed foreign aggression against one or more member powers, that it will constitute an attack upon every other signatory to this treaty. If such a scenario occurs member governments may each exercise their rights to individual self defense and a unified response in defense of the member under attack. All member governments will collectively assist the member or members under attack with forthwith action and the unlimited use of armed force where deemed necessary. Non treaty governments who are aligned with individual members or multiple members will, if offered by the non member subject, be integrated and coordinated with in any allied response. Only when an effective and successful conclusion to a conflict by diplomatic or military means is reached will such measures shall be terminated.

Article 5:

No member government under this treaty will engage in or associate with powers that practice forced servitude or without letters of marques conducts armed attacks, seizures, and the capture civilian assets not limited to freighters, couriers, civilian liners, shuttles. This article also prohibits the economic association between member governments and powers permitting forced servitude or piracy. If any ship of any member power is raided, captured, destroyed and if in addition civilian, military or medical crew are captured for forced service then Article 3a and Article 4 may come into effect.

Article 6:

Parties to this treaty henceforth establish a council in which they will be represented for the express purpose of the implementation of this treaty and aforementioned articles. This body shall be organized in a fashion where it may be able to meet in a timely manner at any point. In addition this council will organize sub-councils as necessary. Particularity a security council may be established to consider measures on implementing article 3a and article 4.

Article 7:

This Treaty hereby establishes that every party to it shall collectively work toward counter measures against chaotic infestations, mystical beings of a hostile nature, paranormal psionic or other abnormal and/or supernatural forces. Neither this article nor treaty will attempt to infringe upon the policy of member nation that concerns the internal laws governing the aforementioned list. However, subjugation and extreme and unusual punishments to beings of this persuasion if innocent will be considered a violation of the sentient rights declaration of this treaty. In addition if a chaotic infestation is discovered the security council will be called to session to determine what action is deemed appropriate, due to the highly volatile, corrupting and hostile nature of chaos and some other mystical beings. Similarly any attack with such abilities by any power possessing them against any party to this treaty will invoke Article 3a and Article 4.


Any party to this treaty that maintains the ability to use mystical, paranormal or psionic force will have their abilities classified equivalent of a scale of conventional weapons. This article does not prohibit in any form powers with these abilities to join this treaty, but establishes that in the instance of inter-stellar relations within this treaty a number of specialized personnel with these same abilities shall be the basis of a conditional deterrent and if need be a force to apprehend powerful beings within member powers if requested by the subject state in order to prevent destruction or widespread disorder resulting from, but not limited to, the criminal, insurrectionist, or homicidal tendencies of any such being.

Article 8:

Member governments are encouraged to allow the free passage of signatory ships except in cases where this passage may be hazardous to one or more parties, such as in the case of a natural disaster in a system, or if deemed by the government of the subject nation that all civilian space flights be grounded or turned away. This treaty will also establish a conditional framework for the construction and maintenance of a gate network to connect participating treaty signatories. In addition, these gates will be used for civilian traffic and the rapid deployment of armed forces in cases of armed aggression or when Article 4 of this treaty is in force. An intergalactic standard for civilian and military craft as well as personnel shall be established to mitigate confusion.

Article 9:

Signatories to this treaty may act unilaterally with one or more members outside of this organization, however if such actions include an attack and they are retaliated against then Article 3a and Article 4 do not come in to effect except in specific circumstances where the attack was preemptive for the subject power's national security. In cases where there is a threat to the whole of the GESO but no active aggression has yet been facilitated then this article will permit the voting security council to use a multilateral force under the GESO to eliminate the grave threat. This applies only in cases of extreme threat, such as imminent invasion, or the deployment of weapons of mass destruction with clear intent to attack one or more member states.

Article 10:
The GESO will operate a fully staffed and functional headquarters known as Allied Operations Command (AOC). Allied Operations Command will house the GESO council, security council, and the senior command staff from all member powers. The United Terran Alliance, the primary signatory to this treaty, shall house Allied Operations Command. However, secondary headquarters known as Auxiliary Allied Command will be assumed by a power through a council vote. In addition, should circumstances prevail in emergency circumstances or if it is decided by the hosting power to call a vote for relocation of Allied Operations Command, then the council will deliberate and thereafter implement the relocation to the awarded power. All GESO heads of government and senior military officials where applicable will have a direct up-link to Allied Operations Command in order to facilitate coordination with GESO commanders, and to dictate their directives to council members. Command staff and the chief general officer will observe events, major operations, enemy operations, and units conducting exercises.

Article 11:

In the instance where either or both Article 3a and Article 4 come into effect the command staff will, under Article 4, have the ability to communicate with commanders in the theater of operations. This is to facilitate the deployment of GESO assets in order to effectively counter a major offensive against an allied member or, if directed to by the council, as an offensive strike when deemed fit. Under Article 3a command staff will put assets on notice and deploy them when the security council deems it appropriate as part of a response, or a security measure.

Article 12:

The GESO membership process is begun when a power submits its signature and application for review by the council, when the application is received a stringent review process by all member governments will begin to ensure that the applicant is appropriately abides by the charter, and not in violation of the articles set out in this treaty. If the applicant power passes the review process than they will be granted probationary membership, until such time the council votes in favor of approving the new probationary member as a full member power of the GESO, or a period of five years has passed and the probationary member has not violated the articles of this treaty nor misrepresented themselves. In instances that involve gross violations of the charter, misrepresentation, and armed aggression against fellow members, expulsion is effective immediately and in a circumstance where the expelled party is attacking a member article 4 will come in to effect. In minor violations of policy, charter, or treaty obligations involving non critical breaches the council will vote weather to secure, expel or reduce a member to probationary membership.

Signatory powers:

President Richard Charles Sagen United Terran Allaince

=President Richard Charles Sagen=

Jess'la - Community Leader of the Dahanese Commonwealth.


Emperor Tedian of the Terliran Empire.


Ambassador Curtius of the Akridans


Hian and Lohel , Red talons


Abahai, the empire of Minroz


Narume Atan, North Calaveras


Nexus, Trevion


Chancellor Maven ,Crystal Spires


Ambassador Turk Nor, Non-Aligned Worlds


The ruivan Empire


Caecuser, Confluence Nest.


]The Socialist Technocratic Union of BLACKGRUE


High King Bloodbeak VIII , The Holy Kingdom of Gryphorus


Hadro Ironhorn, President of The United Dinosaur States of Saurisia


The Eternal Dominion of Ruthless Slaughter


The Ancient Majestic Imperium of Hobbeebia


Arctus Kidak, The Democratic Imperium of Yalos


The Confederacy of The Rebel Alliances


The New Tauri Republic

Serran SteelClaw, President of The New Tauri Republic

=Adam Sierete Washington, Chairman of Ambasadorial Affairs, Core Station Head of Interstellar Affairs

Admiral James Terian, High Fleet Amiral, Head Offensive Fleet Operations

Admiral Sara Mckendree, High Fleet Admiral, Head of Defensive Fleet Operations

Ambasador Oniel, Appointed Represantative

Serran SteelClaw, President of The New Tauri Republic=

Commonwealth of Bentus

Signature: X John Hayes, President of the Commonwealth of Bentus

=Luke Ackerman, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Bentus Parliament

Stacker Elston, General and current acting Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Defence Authority

President John Hayes=

Lunar Matriarchy of Qeno

Xeena Qeno


Interstellar Consortium of Avlana

Talloth Falcoran

=Talloth Falcoran=

Economic Information

Nations by GDP and GDP/C:

The United Terran Alliance :

Gross Domestic Product: TAC $1,053,748,090,764,432.75

GDP per capita:

TAC $48,000

The Socialist Technocratic Union of BLACKGRUE:

Gross Domestic Product: TAC $419,534,000,000,000.00

GDP per capita: TAC $31,641.45

The Holy Kingdom of Gryphorus

Gross Domestic Product: TAC $18,641,100,000,000.00

GDP Per Capita : TAC $16,778.67


Gross Domestic Product: TAC $50,137,800,000,000.00

GDP Per Capita : TAC $17,439.23

The State of Trevion:

Gross Domestic Product: TAC $96,295,400,000,000.00

GDP Per Capita : TAC $25,603.67

The Technocracy of Red Talons:

Gross Domestic Product: TAC $366,553,000,000,000.00

GDP Per Capita : TAC $$31,899.14

Crystal Spires

Gross Domestic Product: TAC $117,989,181,608,378.78

GDP Per Capita : TAC $23,807.34

The Eternal Dominion of Ruthless Slaughter

Gross Domestic Product: TAC $545,776,174,364,642.88

GDP Per Capita : TAC $42,236.204


Gross Domestic Product: TAC $445,936,862,082,030.44

GDP Per Capita : TAC $23,268.29

Current Reserve currencies:

(TAC) Terran Alliance Credit

(RTC)Red Talons Credit


TAC $3,114,611,608,819,482



Leader name, Nation.


Under Review



Read the OOC spoiler bellow carefully.

(OOC Pay attention!)

Our OOC thread: is Here

Our IRC: #AAOC (Back up channel) #AOC (primary chat ic/ooc for alliance members and invited persons), #GESO is our main ooc and general lobby for chatting.

Some respective client links:

Remember #GESO and #AOC are our two main channels.
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Postby The Fedral Union » Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:09 am

le bump

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Postby Grand Zulimat » Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:48 pm

Signature: Bard Drammus
Leader name: Bard Dramm
Nation: Grand Zulimat

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Postby Yalos » Sat Dec 28, 2013 2:14 pm


Signature: #Sveemkidak

Leader name, Nation. Arctus Kidak, The Democratic Imperium of Yalos

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Postby The Fedral Union » Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:43 pm

Welcome comrade!

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Postby Qeno » Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:56 pm


Signature: (XQ)
Leader name: Xeena Qeno
Nation: Lunar Matriarchy of Qeno
Desired Tech Level: Future Tech
My nation's pronounciation: Key-No
National government: A imperialist constitutional monarchy with a matriarch as a ruler and an assembly to advise her will
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Postby New Tauri Republic » Sat Jan 04, 2014 6:27 pm


Signature: X Adam Sierete Washington, Chairman of Ambasadorial Affairs, Core Station Head of Interstellar Affairs

x Admiral James Terian, High Fleet Amiral, Head Offensive Fleet Operations

x Admiral Sara Mckendree, High Fleet Admiral, Head of Defensive Fleet Operations

x Ambasador Oniel, Appointed Represantative

Serran SteelClaw, President of The New Tauri Republic

New Tauri Republic
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Postby Bentus » Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:15 am

Signature: X John Hayes, President of the Commonwealth of Bentus
X Luke Ackerman, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Bentus Parliament
X Stacker Elston, General and current acting Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Defence Authority

Leader name: President John Hayes

Nation: The Commonwealth of Bentus
- - Bentus
- -
1 2 3 >4< 5
Possible threat.
Forces active in a warzone.
At peace.
Member of The Galactic Economic and Security Organization

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Postby The Fedral Union » Sun Jan 05, 2014 6:08 pm

Annd Approved, welcome to the GESO.

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Postby Planet Dahan » Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:49 am

~ Official Communication from the Dahanese Commonwealth ~

Representing the united powers of the Dahanese Commonwealth, in the interests of interstellar trade and defence, we the Congress of the Nine hereby submit our petition to enter into the ranks Galactic Economic and Security Organisation - for the benefit of us all.


  • Community Leader Jess'la (Head of the Commonwealth, Dahanese Community representative)
  • Horde-Commander Gruto'tek (Head of Defence, Kasvagorian Empire representative)
  • Supreme Commander Maelorn (Head of Health & Welfare, Gris Unity representative)
  • Hive Leader Zzksk Vsks (Head of Crime & Punishment, Grekka-Targ Hegemony representative)
  • Chief Yakky Gander-Gub (Head of Industry & Commerce, Groulien Star Confederation representative)
  • Senior Professors Mordok-Vellen (Head of Science & Education, Turrakken Authority representative)
  • Meekua (Head of Agriculture, Karmaraman Commune representative)
  • Elder-Monk Velorii (Head of Spirituality, Zedem Conclave representative)
  • Lord Vaal (Head of Foreign Affairs, Polvakian Majesty representative)

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Postby Vortukia » Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:50 am


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Postby The Fedral Union » Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:21 am


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Postby Neornith » Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:56 am

Ahhh, so this is where I was supposed to sign in at, I'm headed out the door right now but I'll makes the changes when I get back.

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Postby The Fedral Union » Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:50 pm

Neornith wrote:Didn't really see an app form, but I bumped into UTA on IRC and got invited

Nation name: Interstellar Consortium of Avlana
Nation leader: Talloth Falcoran

Signed: Talloth Falcoran

Click this link and enter your nation name and #GESO into the channel name
Even if you're just online dicking around join up and hang out, IRCs are very effective for alliances


A note

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Postby The United Remnants of America » Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:16 pm


Signature: Chancellor Kentari, The Batheran Republic
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Postby Tellus Mater » Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:04 pm

Nation's name: The (Ancient) Star Empire of Tellus Mater
Nation's leader: The Council of Sages

So signed,
Grand Librarian - Gaius Marius
Grand Librarian - Sumilka Nina
Grand Librarian - Pyri S'Atard
Grand Librarian - Hariusien Ciusena
Grand Librarian - Caiuso Oriurnius
Grand Librarian - Titania Autius
Grand Librarian - Galius Hatiusest
Grand Librarian - Luca Salleiusora
Tellurian Hegemony
FT | GESO Member


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