Assertion (MT, Closed)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Assertion (MT, Closed)

Postby Rithian » Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:04 am

Nero, Nerka
Coalition of Rithian

Deoraz Livivishki swept into the large building in Nero's Imperial District with a hard look, quickly walking past security officials with a glint in his eye that said any attempt to stop him would end in execution. His traditional clothing, a black and purple cape over a buttoned shirt with similar colors, shifted around in the gusts of heated air that kept the office warmed to a temperature that those born into wealth had grown accustomed to. The man's green eyes locked forward in determination as he moved down the main hall and up to the large door that lead into the Imperial Compound. Moving out into the compound's courtyard, he felt the cool, brisk air of Nero brush against his face. Even in June, it was still chilly compared to places like Agrasia. He had little time to enjoy the beautiful scenery as he made his way to the Meiano's office. Moving past two soldiers without a second glance, the Kotama burst into the room and immediately threw a piece of paper down on the desk of Korehn Ilahar, Roya Malkyah's chosen successor to the office of Meiano ti Nerka atieo Rithicenhien.

"What's the meaning of this, Ilahar? And don't give me any of you flippant crap, I don't have time for games," said Deoraz angrily, locking his eyes onto the man. He cut an unimpressive figure; short, fat, dark-haired and brown-eyed. He wasn't a purebred Altaic -- likely, he wasn't even fully Nerkan. Probably some Tilman or Medelayan blood in there, Deoraz hadn't had time to check. He wasn't racist, but knew many who were, many who probably had not taken kindly to the news of their new Meiano over the past few days. Deoraz was doing his best to unite the country behind this man, and he was having a hell of a time.

"Speak to your elders with respect, Kotama! One doesn't simply speak to the Meiano like that, you know. Oh, this? You told me to do something to make people respect me. I thought it was a good idea," said Ilahar, smiling lightly. That smile was annoying. More annoying than many things Deoraz had seen in his life. He could feel his fist connecting with the man's face already. That soft, chubby face. He was beginning to regret his decision to support the new Meiano. He could've rallied the Imperialist faction and established himself as the sole ruler of the country with relative ease, judging by the fact that the Aziast politicians were mostly dead after their last rebellion and the Meiano's people clearly had no inspiring figure to group behind. Still, he had made his choice, and he had to do his best to keep a full-blown civil war from breaking out.

"I meant do something like boss the Counsel around or execute a few foreigners, not... this. By Altraya, I haven't the slightest clue what Malkyah saw in you," Deoraz spoke, his voice getting softer as he continued. "Anyway, just call it off, and I'll give you a little more specific instruction."

"Oh, I can't do that. They're likely already on the way back by now -- I gave them the order last week and had them depart immediately!"

Deoraz brought his hand to his forehead. "Valeu Altri," he said softly, beginning to plan how he would deal with the fallout.



Three members of the Nefushaten Guard ran towards their vehicle, their feet crunching against the ground. Noticing a few more men come after them, Mifohn Kahlahr drew a pistol and fired a few rounds. Just a few more bodies on top of those that had already been created. They were all three around six feet and five inches tall, and were dressed identically in combat armor and face-mask. Glancing at the tied up man carried along by his two compatriots, he knew that it wasn't anything to be proud of. Command had not given them specific details, but he was sure the prisoner was some minor official or perhaps a retired one, considering how little effort it had taken to capture him. He wasn't even sure if they were guards, they might've been servants. He didn't know much about Ishgar. Not many people did. Still, whoever they were, it didn't take three Guardsmen to capture this guy. It probably wouldn't have even taken three Soldiers, who hadn't even been skilled enough to finish their training.

Glancing to the upper right of his eye display, he noticed they were running low on time. The rest of it had gone black except for a map highlighting their position relative to the helicopter. He appreciated the new gear coming out of development, but he still felt rather unfamiliar with using computerized glasses as part of his gear like this. Helpful, but Mifohn didn't trust technology all that much. He was worried that one day it would screw up and get him killed. Then again, in his line of work, lots of things could get you killed.

As they approached the helicopter, the official was thrown in, his gag removed, and the three of them climbed in together, signaling to the pilot that it was okay to take off. Mifohn got in touch with Command, letting them know the target had been apprehended and they were preparing for rendezvous. One of the bigger men set to "interrogating" the official, despite not knowing what questions to ask, mainly just aiming to rough him up and get him ready for the actual questioners. Whoever this was, Mifohn sure hoped that the benefits of capturing him were worth more than Ishgar's inevitable response.

(OOC: I didn't really know how to do the capturing -- if you want it edited for accuracy or anything just let me know)
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Postby Ishgar » Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:14 am

Hoyear, Ishgar

It is 9 am in the Navy Office of Community Outreach in downtown Hoyear and Isidor Griogair has not clocked in. His supervisor, Jakob Scandalios, is taking out his increasing annoyance on his employees.

"This kind of tardiness is unacceptable," Scandalios rants. "If Griogair weren't a war hero, I'd fire him the moment he walked in this door. Does anyone have his tracking number? We need to get this meeting started."

No one moves, and Scandalios storms back to his office to look up Griogair's tracking number himself. He quickly locates the number, but to no avail - it shows no activity within Ishgar in the past week. Confused, Scandalios calls the doorman at Griogair's condominium to check on his whereabouts. This is unsuccessful as the doorman speaks only New Standard Ishgarian, which Scandalios has never really used since his classes in boarding school. He remembers that Griogair was vacationing in the Maltropian islands, and calls the Department of Border Security to check when he returned. The specialist there (who, thankfully, speaks decent English) tries to help but only adds to the confusion:

"I'm sorry sir, we don't show a re-entry date for Griogair. He departed Friday the 10th and was due to return last night, but he didn't come through customs. We may have a runner on our hands."

Scandalios highly doubts that. Griogair was an effectively retired and decorated general. He had served in several conflicts and was a major figure in securing the Colitasian peninsula. After years of hard work, he was finally enjoying a cushy desk job in Ishgar's most (only?) beautiful city. And if he intended to defect, Griogair could easily have disappeared during his time in Colitas or New Freedomstan. This wasn't a defection, Scandalios realizes. Griogair had been dissappeared. His hands shaking, Scandalios hangs up on the Department of Border Security and calls the Isgharian Intelligence Directorate.
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Postby Maltropia » Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:56 am

Ferrin Airfield, Inis Breha, Johan Sea
Off the Ishgarian Coast

"He could've rented a helicopter for the day. All the rich people like to rent helicopters," suggested the young, blonde attendant, foundering for an explanation to the spontaneous disappearance of Isidor Griogair.

"Yeah, and missed his five thousand Ducat charter flight. It's not like he's an Ishgarian or something who has to be back in his country on schedule or be interrogated," retorted the pilot of the small plane that was now sitting abandoned on the airfield. The pilot liked flying privately, far more than the tightly-scheduled job he'd had with Island Airways, but he found himself stuck in the habit of loathing the passengers who were late. This particular client was particularly important, seeing as the pilot would probably be accused of kidnapping him by the Ishgarian government .

Inis Breha was uncomfortably close to Ishgar, too: on a clear day, you could see the haze of the country's megacities away to the south. Every now and then the island was marked, quite by mistake, as an Ishgarian territory. As one of the southernmost islands, it enjoyed an almost temperate climate, and was now the location of a couple of substantial resorts, all served by this one airfield.

"Well," the attendant said, after a long pause, "a helicopter did land on the island last night."

This piqued the pilot's curiosity. "When was that? and whose company?", he asked. He didn't like other charterers cutting in on his lucrative market, catering to rich Ishgarians and Maltropians.

"I don't think it identified itself to the tower," she remarked, a confused expression on her face, "but a lot of people don't bother since it's not an official airport."

"Huh," the pilot said, pondering. Whoever it was who'd stolen his client, he wanted to know. Never mind the fat cheque he'd already been handed; this was just rude.
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Postby Ishgar » Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:36 pm

Four days have passed, and it has become clear that Isidor Griogair was not disappeared by the Ishgarian government. A rapid internal investigation had found quite the opposite: Griogair had cooperated with the Isgharian Intelligence Directorate by reporting dangerous political dissidents. His information had led to the apprehension of half a dozen dangerous figures and informants within the Ishgarian navy.
It was perhaps poetic justice that the last person fingered by Griogair was Ellery Trezise, suspected of being a Rithic informant. While interrogations conducted by the Ishgarian Intelligence Directorate were notorious for producing false confessions, some of Trezise’s statements were being independently corroborated by Isgharian intelligence in the Maltropian Islands. Between labored breaths, Trezise had sputtered out a pattern of tracking high-ranking military officials within the Ishgarian government. He even tied an increase in Rithic helicopters traveling near Ishgarian air space (a recent occurrence that was highly classified) to this plot. Initially, Ishgarian agents dismissed this as a made-up revelation Trezise was using to save his own hide. But when reports came in of an undocumented helicopter landing on Breha Island just two days before Griogair failed to report for work, Ishgarian officials began to take note. And when a Rithic helicopter that had been repeatedly flying close to Ishgarian airspace disappeared without a trace, it became clear that Trezise’s confessions had some basis in fact. Reasonably sure that Griogair had been captured by Rithic forces, Ishgarian agents decided to contact the Rithic ambassador in Ishgaria. The extensive surveillance they maintained at the Rithic embassy, along with the moles that worked there, ensured that they could find out the truth through Rithic ambassador’s response and contact with his homeland.
A communique was quickly sent out. Now all Ishgar had to do was watch, listen… and wait.

Communique of the Democratic People’s Republic of Ishgar

From: Office of Foreign Affairs
1200 NE Alvane Way
Date: 24/06/2013 AD
Encryption = High

To: The Honorable Ambassador for the Coalition of Rithian

Dear sir,
Our intelligence reports show that Rithic citizens have abducted a senior political figure, Isidor Griogair, during his time outside of Ishgar. We would like to remind you that any incarceration of Ishgarian citizens by a foreign power must first be approved by our government. Incarceration of a high ranking politician and a military hero is especially serious and will not receive Ishgarian approval. Therefore, we request that your government disclose any and all facts pertaining to General Griogair’s apprehension and release him to immediately into Ishgarian custody. We further request that you transport all parties responsible for this incident to Hoyear, Ishgar in anticipation of possible criminal or civil charges. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Benjən Kovačević
Assistant General Counsel
Department of Foreign Affairs

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Postby Rithian » Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:01 pm

Ambassador Klari Miroi stared at the letter lying open on her desk, shaking his head. What exactly could she do, in this situation? She had very little experience, especially when it came to extradition. A twenty-four year old Medelayan woman, she had come to be the ambassador to Ishgar only last month after completing her classes in Shiloh. Klari was suspicious when she was appointed to the position immediately after graduation, even if she did have good test scores, but she could hardly say know. Great pay, benefits, protection by some of the greatest soldiers in all of the Coalition -- and, of course, access to many secrets no normal citizen would know. That had been her main reason for joining the Foreign Affairs Office.

She now thought that it was likely they had pulled out her predecessor, a highly accomplished diplomat, so that he would not have to suffer the consequences of whatever scheme Nero was planning to play with Ishgar. Sometimes she wished she had stayed in Toltira and continued her father's business, a safe, quiet life. One of comfort, though not quite so lavish as being, "Aili ti Nerka atieo Rithicenhein Atieo Ishgar!", she said aloud in a mocking tone, attempting to lighten the mood. Still, should it come to blows, she was likely the first target on the Ishgarian list.

Sitting down to her desk to begin drafting a report back to Shiloh, she felt the man enter the room. He was quiet, but she had trained in these things when she was younger. Knowing that he was likely here to incapacitate her, Klari wrote a small notice and hit send, her fingers leaving the mouse as soon as his hands clasped around her mouth. Looking up, she had time to see the dark, opaque mask of one of the Nefushaten Guard before everything went black.

Her only immediate regret before getting knocked out was that she hadn't had time to encrypt it.

It read in Nerkan, with a few spelling errors,

Why would you take him? What do I do? I am no traitor.


Meanwhile, Deoraz Livivishki prepared for the fallout that he knew would come. An Ishgarian official missing. He had taken command of the Nefushaten and ordered them to orchestrate the disappearance of the ambassador.

He had come to the Foreign Affairs Office in Shiloh for mainly two reasons. One, to apologize in private to the Junnaih himself for the problems that he was about to shove onto the FAO, and secondly, to tell him to get his best people on drafting a statement. "Tell them we're going to try the Ishgarian for war crimes in retaliation for the disappearance and possible murder of our ambassador," he had said to Mifohn Ilahan, the Foreign Affairs Junnaih, that morning. Deoraz had asked for the statement to be released later that day. When I wanted an external threat for the people, I didn't really mean it like this, Altri, he thought, sighing heavily. He would make a few appearances and try to raise morale, but that was all he could do now.
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