Creation of the Commonwealth of United Crowns

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]

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The Lloyd Empire
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Postby The Lloyd Empire » Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:03 pm


Name of Nation: The Lloyd Empire
System of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Population: 2,021,447

Head of State: King Ieuan IV
Head of Government: Prime Minister Lucie Spicer
Foreign Minister: Councillor Gwain Jones
Special Ambassador to the Commonwealth of United Crowns: Sŷr Llenydd Morgannwg

Monarch: HRH King Ieuan Lloyd IV
Consort: None at present
Heir-Apparent/Presumptive: HRH Rhys David Lloyd, Prince of Caerfyrddin
Royal House: Lloyd
FACTBOOK(Under Construction)
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Based on Druid beliefs of social equality, and treating everyone equally.
Civil rights and equality before all else.
Member of the Stonewall Alliance.
Member of the Commonwealth of United Crowns.
Member of the Coalition of Independent States

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Postby Carminica » Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:57 am

Commonwealth of United Crowns
Office of the Acting-Chairperson of the Commonwealth of United Crowns

It is a honour to accept the following countries and their delegate to the Steering Assembly for the Creation of the Commonwealth of United Crowns.

The Kingdom of Carminica represented by Sir Gerald Heed
The Byzantine State of New Zepuha represented by Jorge Heineken
The United Tribes of Sacheyenya represented by Tenre Inusia
The Kingdom of Centoria represented by Sarah Nova, Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Archduchy of Kingborough represented by The Right Honourable Dame Jane Spirit
The Grand Fascist Empire of Old Tyrannia represented by Titus Prinarius Crispus, The Duke of Vesperania
The Commonwealth of The Goryevdre Islands
The Empire of Tletl represented by The Right Honourable Lady Silvia di Grazia
The Grand Imperial Dominion of Avorez represented by Julius Sardis
The Empire of Lyncanestria represented by Charles-François de Richerneuf
The Exalted Empire of Tybra represented by Sir Killam Eton
The Most Serene Republic of Delmonte represented by Luitpold Di Canossa
The Queendom of Alqania represented by Amelia Wall-Emberfield, The Duchess of Thynlere
The Kingdom of Rome represented by Sir Roberto Spogli
The Lloyd Empire represented by Sŷr Llenydd Morgannwg

Applications of attendance will continue to be open.

OCC: As well, the IC thread is up! lets to it everyone :) viewtopic.php?f=5&t=212184

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New Chadbourne
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Postby New Chadbourne » Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:52 pm


From the correspondence desk of His Imperial Royal Majesty, the Emperor Donald Augustus Cesar MacKinnon

To whom it may concern-

Enclosed you shall find my Royal Crown Governments application to this most noble of alliances. My Court wishes to express it's deepest desire to join the hallowed ranks of the esteemed Commonwealth. I await your reply.

Donald Augustus Cesar MacKinnon

Name of Nation: Kingdom of New Chadbourne

System of Government: Absolute Monarchy

Population: 8,000,000

Head of State: Donald Augustus Cesar MacKinnon

Head of Government: Same as above.

Foreign Minister: Ken Asheton

Special Ambassador to the Commonwealth of United Crowns: Sheldon Fitch

Monarch:Donald Augustus Cesar MacKinnon

Consort: Aaron Hunter William Griffin

Heir-Apparent/Presumptive: Conley James David Stuart

Royal House: MacKinnon

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Kingdom of Phoenixia
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Postby Kingdom of Phoenixia » Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:06 pm

to the Commonwealth of United Crowns:


official Message from the Lord Councellor Bureau - New Hope - Phoenixia:
On behalf of King Erik Eirikson IV, victor over Rokforoktora, slayer of Torogomora, protector of the kingdom and legit Lord Duke of the Aluvean Seas I beg you greetings from the Phoenixian Kingdom. Since years we keeped a neutrality only accepting regional alliances and trade pacts. This era end a month ago. The times of greatest pain have shown us that we can't survive alone. To solve this problem we decided to attend for full membership with the Commonwealth.
You will find the Application and relevant details over the Kingdom in the attachement (ooc: Spoiler and Sig, the factbook is partly outdated)
Caroline Fjordson - Lord Councellor of the Phoenixian Kingdom.
Name of Nation: The Kingdom of Phoenixia
System of Government: Absolute Monarchy
Population: 1,2 Billion people

Head of State: King Erik Eirikson IV
Head of Government: Lord Councellor Caroline Fjordson
Foreign Minister: formal Lord Councellor Caroline Fjordson in fact it's Sven Gudmunson, chief diplomat, father of the embassy program and head of the department for foreign affairs
Special Ambassador to the Commonwealth of United Crowns: Sir Lukas Lehmann

Monarch: King Erik Eirikson IV
Consort: widowed, formerly Queen Hilda Eirikson nee Lehmann
Heir-Apparent/Presumptive: Crownprince Frederik Eirikson, only legit male child of the King
Royal House: Since over thousand years house Eirikson is leading the Area known as the Kingdom of Phoenixia

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Postby Demphor » Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:16 pm

Name of Nation: The 2nd Demphorian Empire
System of Government: Democratic Absolute Monarchy
Population: 5.625 billion

Head of State: King George Dormor III
Head of Government: Royal Marshal Henry R. Anderson
Foreign Minister: John Henderson
Special Ambassador to the Commonwealth of United Crowns: Fredrick Johnston

Monarch: His Royal Majesty King George Dormor III of the United Commonwealth Realms
Consort: Her Royal Majesty Queen Anne Dormor of the United Commonwealth Realms
Heir-Apparent/Presumptive: Crown-Prince Andrew II
Royal House: Acher
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