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Ta'Nar Rumor Thread

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:41 pm
by Balrogga
The object of this Thread is to generate a list of rumors about the Ta’Nar and to compile them in a single place so others can locate ones they wish to use when writing their own RPs. This is something I have been considering whether or not to do for a while. I can see how easy it can get for this Thread to go off the deep end. But then again, it could provide a useful reference for when others hear about the Ta’Nar.

I invite the FT community to create rumors about the Ta’Nar. They can be based on truth or simply flights of fantasy based on ignorance. I only ask that the player take the opportunity seriously and be creative. Many of the rumors will fall short of what I have set up or be so out there that people might not believe them even though they could be close to the truth. Please keep your submissions well written and thought out. I will not give you much information on the Ta’Nar or the two races they created, the Childer and the Kythons. You will have to create them from what you have heard, just like real rumors.

The following are some of my favorite ones submitted along with the link to the post where they were suggested:

-empty for now-

PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:09 am
by Orthodox Gnosticism
Rumor 1: The Ta'Nar are known to be incorporeal unless they wish to be material. Rumor has it, that the Ta'Nar spy on people in the shower.

Rumor 2: The Childer were a secret project by the Ta'Nar to infiltrate the Coredians' children army rank. Their success in mimicing the Coredians was so accurate, the Childer went extinct.

Rumor 3: Kythons are great comics, and fantastic entertainers. The only downside is they're constantly hungry.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:41 pm
by The WIck
The Only Rumor: Who?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:53 pm
by Xeraph
The Ta'Nar are rumored to be the offspring of the ancient demi-god, Set. Their reptilian appearance gives rise to the tale of the Serpent of the Garden of Edynn.

The Childer and Kython races mimic their Creators with subtle, but distinct, differences.

The Childer are at home both on land and in the water, their webbed appendages propelling them quickly through either world.

And then there's the Kython, those who are more like the great lizards of millenia past, fierce hunters with the venomous fangs of a cobra that paralyze their prey in just seconds.

It has been whispered throughout the worlds that they have come together after centuries of following their own paths to once again be the dominant force in the Galaxy.

Take heed.......the Three are again One.........

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:34 pm
by Balrogga
So far, there are some creative ones here. I am pleased with several of them.

Let us keep going to see how much you want to take this.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:57 pm
by Balrogga
Here is a rumor:

The Ta'Nar are nothing but holograms generated by an insane AI inflicted by among other conditions, a severe god complex. They are using remote projectors like the doctor in Voyager to give the illusion of being free roaming.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:33 pm
by Balrogga
Remember, people are welcome to create Rumors as well.

OK, this one is way out there:

After the Multiverse formed, there were tiny bits of pure Creation remaining. These small “particles” developed their own awareness and were the first "Children" of the Multiverse, or rather the creation of the Multiverse which would technically make them brethren. As these motes gained further awareness, at first individual consciousness developed, and then a group consciousness developed until they were together both a single entity but also individuals. This Awareness linked together along with the very stuff of Creation forming them allowed the Ta’Nar, as their latest manifestation would later be called, to be seen not only as the Eldest of the so called Children of the Multiverse, but as divine beings themselves. This is why they seem to have the powers of a God and yet none has seen a dead Ta’Nar.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:40 am
by Hurun
Rumor has it The Ta'Nar are the single most powerful race in the galaxy.

Rumor is that the Ta'Nar can wipe out entire sections of the galaxy with but a whim and a fancy

PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:47 am
by Warhaven
The Ta'nar are ghosts of powerful psychics who died but refuse to cross over for one reason or another.

Nhur-Ghalladu is actually a collection of these spirits that fused together into a single mega-entity.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:44 pm
by Balrogga
The Ta'Nar are just a type of virus that mutates their host into something the virus can use. The virus can remain active but appear dormant so can be virtually undetectable. They can infect any race in the multiverse without the host knowing so the only way to kill them is to destroy all possible hosts.

Anyone could be infected. It could be your neighbor, your boss, the man on the corner, your spouse or children, the kid that looked at you strangely, anyone. To be safe you must destroy them. You must sterilize them to save them. It is the only way to save them. It is the only cure.

Burn them with fire.

The fate of the universe is up to you.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:43 am
by Balrogga
The meeting was secret; everyone had gone through every possible precaution to make sure not even the various governments each member represented at the conference knew about it. Outside the dozen specialists attending the meeting, there was less than a handful or people who knew enough of the details to even draw a haphazard guess of the subject of the discussion. Only those actually attending would truly know the whole truth.

Security for the event was unheard of and set several precedents. Each of the attendees was fitted with a Psi-Blocker specially developed for the conference. Each was unique to the operator attuned to their specific brain pattern so it would not function for anyone else. The units were designed and built in several locations scattered throughout the nations so the blueprints would never be at one place, just each individual component. They were assembled by Doctor Worbel, the specialist in Xenobiology who was the host of the conference.

The location was created by mining out the center of an asteroid and sealing the inner layers with a fusion reaction, melting the surface creating an airtight layer of material several meters thick. It resembled the standard beginnings of a standard mining colony and it would be designated as such officially. An airlock was installed and the security system designed around the central chamber. The room and the contents would be enveloped by three different containment fields, each designed to prevent any intrusion. The facility contained two different power supplies, one for the external and a separate one for inside the containment area which not only supplied power to the third quantum shield but also the internal computer systems. The only signal that could escape would be from an allowed entangled transmitter, which was to be used as a panic alarm just in case.

The VIPs arrived singly in cloaked vessels or aboard regular “cargo vessels” supposedly arriving to pick up resources or to deliver supplies, just in case someone was watching the disguised station. It would easily be said paranoia was not an excuse, it was necessary. One by one, the eleven other attendees arrived while Dr. Worbel nervously paced in his chambers. He had gone over his notes and he knew the other scientists would have also done so on their way. Months of preparations were about to be realized as the chronograph ticked down the time he would head to The Chamber. When the appointed time finally arrived, he called his personal guards and they escorted him to the first checkpoint where he underwent intensive body and well as neurological scans to be sure he matched the profile taken before the meeting, just to make sure there was no way anyone would slip through. Each standee would pass through the checkpoints to finally end up in the Chamber seated around a huge mahogany conference table. Portable computers were not allowed but each scientist was given one that was prescreened and waiting for them. They had a few minutes to load their data into the devices for their presentations and to make sure they functioned properly.

After everyone was ready, Dr. Worbel cleared his throat to get the others attention. “As you all know, we are here to examine the most dangerous threat in known space. For more than 400 years, the scourge known as Kythons have infested the spaceways.”

“The Kython species were developed by two ancient races named the Godulans and the Ta’Nar. We do not have the information on the Godular researcher but we do know the Ta’Nar in charge was one named Ga’Ton. It appears they created a standard package and then used this baseline to develop their own strain or species. The ones designed by Godular were nicknamed G-Strain and the ones created by the Ta’Nar were designated B-Strain, after the nation the Ta’Nar command named Balrogga.”

“The appearance of the Kythons did not occur until well after the start of the ESSA-GFFA war. Their first use in a battle was against Coreworlds and New Dornalia, two members of the now defunct GFFA Alliance, which they took them by surprise and decimated the opposition. There is no footage of the battle remaining after their respective governments classified the records and sealed them for research. It is known the Coredian fleet returned to port unscratched but they had lost more than the battle. The Kythons literally infected the fleet and became the vessels themselves. The fleet, later renamed The Black Fleet, was used by the Coredians for some time later under a deal they made with the intelligence controlling the vessels. Again, details are missing and will most likely never be known but the Coredians were used like a back alley whore because along with the vessels, the entire contents of their stored data fell under control of the Kython Entities. The poor saps did not even realize the Kythons had a back door line into their most secure transmissions because the basic codes their communications used were hardwired into the systems which were now incorporated into the Kython Scourge. Any attempt to change them would be matched by their own protocols until someone finally realized they had to manually reset every other vessel in the Coredian fleets by hand, a task that could not be done without notice because the Kythons would easily realize the other ships would be dropping out of the links. It is reported the fleet finally vanished in some sort of stellar disaster, the details are lost in time but it has not been seen again.”

“This was over four centuries ago, and nothing is really known about these abominations. There are scattered reports over the years each resulting in the loss of vessels or entire fleets by those unlucky enough to encounter the Kythons. As a footnote, even the Kreanoltian Empire was forced to abandon their holdings in two galaxies, the Milky Way and the Andromeda, and retreat after encountering a Kython vessel and getting them mad at them. Another nation who ended up losing to the Kythons and their maters was Fulma. By the time the Kythons rolled over them, every world possessed by the Fulmans was obliterated. Entire worlds went missing. Every forgeworld, political seat, and colony owned by the Fulman Empire went silent. Expeditions to their space showed blasted systems empty of life and in a couple situations even missing their stars. The Throneworld of the Empire was completely empties of all matter and only a guttering star remains flickering in the empty darkness with a halo of Fulman body parts circling the doomed star. Hell, even those outside the Empire were hunted down and eliminated, the entire species dead.”

“This is why we are all called here, to compare our individual research and come up with a way to finally destroy these Frankensteins, these Metamorphic Death Machines…”

Dr. Worbal was interrupted by a low chuckle which seemed to be emitting from everywhere at once.

“My god Doctor, you have it entirely wrong. First, Frankenstein is the name of the Doctor. He named his creation Adam.”

Everyone around the table was looking around in panic, trying to locate the source of the disembodied voice. Several of the scientists had jumped to their feet and backed up against the wall. With a clatter, all the computers on the table along with the refreshments and cases of data crystals the scientists brought fell to the floor. The table began to twist and morph itself into a larger than life version of the image shown earlier during Dr. Worbal’s presentation.

“My good fellow, I am sorry to correct you on such a minor detail but if you must call my creations names, please get the reference correct. The second thing I must correct you on is my Children are not metamorphic death machines. While I did design them to be what you consider shape changers, they are really Polymorphic.”

Grand Admiral Ga’Ton paused a moment to allow the meaning of his words to sink into the stunned awareness of the assembly before speaking again.

“I really must be going; I will catch every one of you again, later. I have some work to do on their next stage…”

Without even a gesture, the Ta’Nar vanished, the air rushing to fill the empty space where he had stood moments before. The look of sheer terror on Dr. Worbal’s face was a mix of realization of nothing they did protected them from the Ta’Nar, and the meaning of his usage of the word “Polymorphic”.

PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2013 9:16 am
by Sskiss
Rumor has it that the "fleshless/light" uplifted the Sskiss species (among several at the time) on Earth ("First Creche") some 125 million years ago and subsequently returned over a span of millions of years. The last return was 65 million years ago...

PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:06 pm
by Balrogga
There is talk that there will be an interview of a Ta'Nar on a major communications network in the UCK soon. There is not word of who is being interviewed or what station but some speculate it will be initially broadcast over the K-TV Network and then quickly rebroadcast on other networks.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:40 am
by Orthodox Gnosticism