The war on nirvana (OOC/interest)

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The war on nirvana (OOC/interest)

Postby Englonia » Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:31 pm

This is the OOC/interest/sign-up thread for the war on nirvana


All is well in the country until nevermind by the grunge band nirvana was released onto unglonian shores. The album, along with all other albums, songs, and the band itself, were banned, publications and shows (both TV and radio) were pulled off the air for giving good reviews to the band. this caused massive outcry all over the country, resulting in brutal suppression of protests by the government.

What I would like from people posting there is response from the following kinds of people:
-the WA
-world leaders
The Commonwealth of Englonia
Amor Nunquam Mori, (our love (for this country) can never die)
Join my game show!
Attention Esportivans, wanna race?

the war on nirvana

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