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Pope Julius IV urges students to "resist the pull of materialism"
Fabria, the Ecclesiastical State
By Giacomo Bellucci, Papal Corespondent (@VeritasPolitica)

His Holiness Pope Julius IV addressing students in Cassinasco

His Holiness Pope Julius IV has reminded Catholics to be ever vigilant of decadence and greed in everyday life, while urging for daily acts of kindness and charity. Speaking to university students, the Holy Father warned that, “in life it is easy to lose focus, to allow the decadence and greed from wealth to blind us to our true callings for charity and compassion.”

The Holy Father spent most of today visiting the University of Cassinasco, speaking to students and staff. At midday, he addressed the entire student body, leading them in prayer in preparation for their final exams. But he also raised issue and warning of professional life.

“When you succeed here and venture out into the world of professional work, remember that you should always do so in a manner befitting of a Catholic. We must all venture into life resistant to the dangerous emotions and statuses of modern life, decadence, opulence, greed and materialism weaken the soul. That is not say that you should reap the rewards of your work and careers, but do so, ever vigilant of charity, compassion and care for those not as successful” he said to applause.

“As young people, you are the future of not only the Ecclesiastical State, but of Christ’s flock on Earth. You are the pioneers, tasked with leading and protecting the Faith and gospel in this century. And there are many pitfalls befalling all God-fearing Christians, especially those rooted in materialism and an obsession over wealth.

“We see across the Christian world the dangers and poisonous results of unbridled materialism, a sense of immunity from God’s heavenly judgement, a rejection and vilification of others, especially those less well-off, the elderly and diseased. A complete and total decay of morality and virtuosity, especially among those of landed status. We are all equal before God above and we all kneel at the same level; let that be the message that carries through the charitable revolutions of our souls” he said further.

He praised the university’s charitable efforts, with the Cassinasco Students Association of the Virgin Mother having raised $2.1 million in 2016 for soup kitchens and modernisation of the city’s social care facilities.

“This great and prestigious institution is a role model for all, it is a testament to the compassion and love all men possess. Showing such to those less fortunate, but as strong in faith and love in Christ is a deed worthy of the saviour. May God bless you all in future successes in such endeavours” he said to loud applause.

The Holy Father’s speech follows a similar one given by Cardinal Sciarra, who told an audience of business people that while wealth is an acceptable object, it is like a “dangerous toxic element, if treated differently to how we would all like, it will very quickly infect you with the spores of sinful corruption.”

“Obsession of wealth in that it provides individuals the means to pursue objects such as cars, watches, cosmetics and clothes, is what tears man from God, but wealth being used to live comfortably and support the needy is the surest way to guarantee salvation” he said further.

His Holiness elevated Cardinal Cornelio Cesare Sciarra to the position of Prefect-Superior for the Office of Spiritual Equality and Compassion, a body created by Pope Julius IV to promote charity and spiritual unity in the Ecclesiastical State. The OSEC has been successful in campaigning for such, but has also been a prominent public voice in the efforts to confront tax evasion and predatory business practices.

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  • State Apprenticeship Scheme a "huge success" says independent body [ 116 ]
    Approved by the Sacred Magisterium of the Ecclesiastical State
    © Veritas 2016
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Gimme News
June 18, 2017

Seventh Heaven
Gadea Carp win the Vikandi Cup 4-3 in Game 7
First Championship in 90 years and 7th overall

2017 Vikandi Cup Champions

(Gadea, Gotorleku)- At long last. The longest drought in Ghantish sports history is over, and the Carp are league champions. The Carp win their first championship in ninety years in dramatic fashion at home in Game 7.

After 90 years of waiting, the Carp won the 2017 GHL Finals with a wild 4-3, Game 7 victory over the Goeporta Gulls on Sunday night at River Arena in Gadea. The triumph completed their climb back from a 2-0 deficit in the second period to claim their first championship since 1927.

A roller-coaster of emotions spilled out in a game that lasted nearly four hours, featuring some wacky plays, a shorthanded goal in the third period, a zamboni malfunction and some late game heroics that sealed the deal. In the Land of the Seven Lords, it took a Game 7 to win their seventh championship, by a deciding score of 4-3.

It was a perfect ending for a franchise that had waited forever for just one championship, and your stomach never will be the same.

When GHL Commissioner Josu Hobeto presented the cup to Captain Louis Arbona, he rose the cup triumphantly in front of a sold-out crowd at River Arena, in front of a home crowd that had been waiting for that moment their entire lives.

This is not a dream, the Carp actually did it. Here’s the series summary.

2 0 1 7
Gadea Carp VS Goeporta Gulls

Game 1:
Thursday, June 1 | Goeporta 1-2 OT Gadea | River Arena

Opening the series in River Arena in Gadea, popularly known as the “Fishbowl”, the Carp scored early and led 1–0 late in the third period before Martin Gamaras tied the game with 3:15 to play in regulation time. The Carp were all over the Gulls for the rest of the period and into overtime, until Carp LW Louis Arbona scored with 45 seconds remaining in first overtime to secure the series opener for Gadea.

Game 2:
Saturday, June 3 | Goeporta 5-4 Gadea | River Arena

Game 2 was a mostly back and forth shootout that culminated in a narrow victory by Goeporta to even the series, led by two goals from veteran Gulls RW Juno Maritxa to tie the series before it shifted to Goeporta.

Game 3:
Wednesday, June 7 | Gadea 1-4 Goeporta | GEEM Center

The Gulls came storming out in front of their home fans and Josu Targona scored on his first shift to give them the early lead. The Gulls never looked back, and went on to win Game 3 in dominant fashion and take a 2-1 series lead.

Game 4:
Friday, June 9 | Gadea 1-0 Goeporta | GEEM Center

Manny Gumbara scored the lone goal midway through the second period to tie the series at two games a piece, sending the series back to Gadea. Bobby Dignamu made 64 games in route to the shutout victory.

Game 5:
Monday, June 12 | Goeporta 1-3 Gadea | River Arena

Having returned to Goeporta, the Gulls once again took an early lead compliments of a powerplay goal by Josu Targona four minutes into the first period. However, they could not hold onto the lead, as Manny Gumbara struck in the second and third periods along with a goal by Louis Arbona to win the game and move the Carp within one win of winning their first championship in 90 years.

Game 6:
Thursday, June 15 | Gadea 2-3 2OT Goeporta | GEEM Center

The Carp dominated the game early, with Kurtzio Esponda scoring in the first period and Louis Arbona scoring in the second period, while Bobby Dignamu made 32 saves. However, halfway through the third period, the Gulls score thanks to Josu Targona. Shortly thereafter, the Gulls pull their goalie. With one minute and thirty seconds in regulation time remaining, Carp defenseman Dirk Jambor gets called for slashing Gulls offenseman Beni Danus. Filipo Yarcabal then scores for the Gulls on the resulting powerplay with 59 seconds remaining. Gulls LW Floro Marcho snipes a redline shot that scores the winning goal in double overtime to tie the series, sending it back to Gadea for the deciding Game 7.

Game 7:
Sunday, June 18 | Goeporta 3-4 Gadea | River Arena

In attendance at Game 7 included the likes of the Emperor, the Prime Minister, and several other high-profile individuals that truly added to the gravitas of the occasion. The game would not disappoint given the pregame buildup. The Gulls struck first early in the first period, while their goaltender Lucas Bambu made 20 saves in the first period to blank the Carp. The Gulls extended their lead in the second period with yet another series goal for Filipo Yarcabal. Down 2-0, Manny Gumbara scored with thirty seconds remaining in the second period. During the second intermission, one of the zamboni ice resurfacing machines malfunctioned on the ice, causing a prolonged intermission. When the game finally resumed with the third period, the Carp scored yet again thanks to Louis Arbona, tying the game with ten minutes remaining. However, the Gulls responded when Josu Targona tapped one in from the side of the net, putting the Gulls up 3-2. With only two and a half minutes remaining in the game, Manny Gumbara scores the tying goal. Now with the home crowd in a frenzy, Louis Arbona scores the go ahead and ultimately the game winning goal with one minute and ten seconds remaining to put the Carp up 4-3, which would be the deciding score.

For his heroic efforts, Manny Gumbara was named series MVP. Game 7 was the final game of Kurtzio Esponda's 22 year GHL career; he announced his retirement immediately afterward, during the post-game celebration.

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  • Stock Market woes

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Postby Arthurista » Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:07 pm

Joint Space Agency gains a new option with regards to light-medium payload space launch

22 June 2017

The Hyperion Launch Service has successfully completed its first space launch today at 0800 hours Loweport time.

The company, whose largest shareholder is the Joint Space Agency, offers an innovative space launch service by converting an old maritime oil rig into a launch platform for the Zenith rocket. The platform would then be towed to the equator, alongside the mission-control ship, where it would be launched into the low-earth orbit or the geostationary orbit.

The Joint Space Agency, was founded in 1966 as a confederation of civilian space authorities in Cornellia, in order to further the exploration of space in a cost-effective manner through the pooling of talent and resources on an international basis. It has two classes of membership: full member states, which pay an annual subscription fee, and whose representatives are entitled to sit on the Agency’s executive board, as well as associate members, who cooperate with the JSA on a project-by-project basis and who may send observers to the board. From 1998 onwards, corporate entities have become eligible for associate membership.

From its earliest days, the JSA had relied upon its primary space port, the International Launch Centre in Queimada. For this reason, Queimada enjoys special status within the JSA. It is the only full member of the Agency which is not only exempt from a membership subscription, but is paid a significant annual rent. The JSA also makes a substantial contribution to the Queimada economy in other respects, not least through the employment of a large contingent of local labour.

However, rent aside, the space port also has certain drawbacks. The most important among them is that, while it is located in the tropics, it remains some distance from the equator. Given the fact that it is where both the low earth orbit and the geostationary orbits are located, the closer one’s launch platform is to the equator, the more savings one makes in terms of rocket fuel. By launching directly on the equator, Hyperion is able to conduct launches at a measurably more competitive rate.

A second factor which led to the incorporation of Hyperion is to enable the JSA to fully exploit the commercial launch market. The JSA has always offered commercial launches on behalf of private clients. Indeed, this has allowed it to conduct its scientific missions on a partially self-funding basis. However, its mixed public-private roles have always existed in uneasy tension with one another. Hyperion, as a company incorporated and listed in Lion’s Rock, does not have this problem, even if the JSA retains a controlling shareholding in the company. Next year, the Executive Board of the JSA shall decide whether Hyperion shall be allowed to manage all commercial launch activities under the Agency’s aegis, including those conducted from the International Space Port in Queimada.

Despite the recent success of Hyperion, the Queimada launch facilities remain indispensable for the JSA. This is because the sea-based launch platform is not compatible with the Athena V heavy lift launcher, which is crucial to a significant part of the JSA’s launch activities, both commercial and scientific. The Athena V is also the only means of launching the Hermes Space Plane, the mainstay of the JSA’s programme of crewed space missions. Accordingly, it is highly unlikely that the importance of the International Launch Centre will be eclipsed for the short to medium term future.
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Postby Belfras » Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:45 pm


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Twenty dead, many hurt in Liberation Square bombing.
Police shoot dead two attackers during terror in capital.

By Renald Detrapp, Domestic Correspondent.
22/JUNE/2017 | Thessalona, Salonika

Emergency services have been responding to Liberation Memorial Square in what is now being investigated as a 'terrorist bombing' that has left as many as twenty people dead and an ascertained number hurt.
Police search a car related to the bombing

Thessalona Police Chief Nikolos Benksis stated that the bomb seemed to have originated from a "Mini-van type vehicle" parked in the square in city maintenance livery that parked up alongside the statue of war-hero and politician Aetoles Gretkos. The explosion destroyed the monument and slew twenty people and injured many others, with early figures indicating it could be as many as forty-two as people moved through the square during rush hour in the morning. Chief Benksis added that reports of gunfire were from first responders, who noticed a vehicle now known to be of similar make and model of the bombing van tried to ram officers between it and the Clauda Morellis memorial. Police officers opened fire on the occupants, resulting in the deaths of both the driver and the passenger. The chief has also confirmed that the Republic Investigation Division (RID) has joined the investigation in it's early stages and that agents from the RID were on-scene shortly after the attack, with the headquarters for the national police body being a mere ten minute drive from the square.

Many of the wounded have been taken to hospitals throughout the city, with the chief surgeon of Thessalona General saying they are dealing with many wounded, with many suffering "life-changing" injuries as a result of the blast. He confirmed that the statue's destruction and debris from it has played a part in the tolls being as high as they are, with debris from the monument being scattered throughout the once idyllic and peaceful square commemorating our nations heroes.

Chief Benksis also announced in his statement this afternoon that they have been able to identify one of the two attackers and that a "suspicious vehicle" found parked next to the square was searched and found to have been owned by the deceased. The vehicle's search remains confidential, with the chief stating that the vehicle has been deemed safe by Army bomb disposal experts and has been transported to a safe area for the investigation to take place.

A statement from the Office of the President declared a national day of mourning that will last until the weekend and for all government-flown flags to be made to half-mast in respect of the deceased. President Dimitrios himself made a statement not long ago from the Senate hall, in which he had been attending a security meeting with the National Security Board.

"My fellow countrymen. Tonight we commit ourselves to the solemn duty of mourning our dead. Today has been a day that shall live on in our minds and hearts for many days and many years, a day that has taken from us many of our beloved fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives. People whom merely went about their day as they went about many of their days in the capital of our great nation, never to do so again. As we all know from the news broadcasts, an attack has taken place in the square in which we honour our national heroes, the likes of Gretkos and Morellis, the likes of Leonidas and Andronikki. The attack appears to have focused first on the memorial for Gretkos, a war hero from the liberation of our nation from the Empire. The second attack focused on the memorial for Morellis, who ensured that the Imperial government over our land was destabilised enough for the liberation to take place. Whether this be a purpose, or a random target is something that our nation's best will uncover in due time. It is our duty to allow these men and women to conduct their work and, if necessary, to aid in this great effort.

My heart and my prayers go to those who mourn their family members and friends who have not lived to see the sun set, and our hopes go to those suffering still, that they may survive this test of body and mind and live on. This is not the first time our nation has been beset by tragedy such as this in our life-times. People, such as myself, who lived through the troubles of the seventies and early eighties will know the heart-ache that is caused by the death of a loved one so cruelly and heartlessly. I vow to those grieving, those suffering, and the perpetrators of this attack that this country under god will never kneel to terror. We will find the cause that has driven men to do this to our beloved nation, and we will drive it and those who follow the ethos of terror from our nation swiftly and without delay. For it is the Belfrasian way, it is the only way. We will stand united as we always have, and we shall prevail.

God bless and thank you all."


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  • Two hurt after 'planking' off side of moving car
  • Flooding in Sarmat; Fifty-seven displaced.
  • UniCare being sued after man castrated during surgery.

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The Emperor speaks out against bombing!

Postby Late Roman Empire » Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:22 pm

This is Imperial Broadcasting Service Nightly News


I'm Justina Sylvia

The Divine Augustus today directly addressed the people of Cornellia, especially of Belfras, in the wake of the horrific Liberation Square bombing that just occurred, offering his, "Sincerest condolences and outrage regarding this atrocious and vile act of cowardice and brutality. Whoever did this, whatever their aims or motives, is a loathsome person or collection of people, and God will strike him or them down in His own good time. In the meantime, let us assure you that, should we discover any such persons with any links to said atrocity within our frontiers, we shall work with you to bring them swiftly to justice, to account for their despicable crimes against the people of your land.

"Whatever our past issues and differences, we sincerely hope and pray for the peace and prosperity of your country. We reach out in peace, friendship, and goodwill, and we call upon the Cornellian Peace Organization to initiate a stronger collective policy to help stamp out this kind of mindless public violence. May the peace of Christ be with you in all things and may the Saints preserve you. Good night."

And now, in other news, the Imperial Exchange Market dropped 32 points, a seventh consecutive loss since the Noviteran crash began to have ripple effects in our own economy, leading to the Count of the Sacred Largesse announcing additional public works today to further stimulate aggregate demand and improve national infrastructure.
"I swear by Almighty God that I will faithfully serve and obey the Divine Augustus, as our Lord and Master, and hold him alone as my true, dread sovereign and prince. I swear that I will serve him loyally until the hour of my death, on pain of damnation to my eternal soul." - the Imperial Oath of Allegiance (administered to the civil service and armed forces)

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Postby Arthurista » Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:41 pm

Ministry of Defence refuses to comment on planned invasion of Estoni
The Eesti Civil War led to some 800,000 - 1 million civilian casualties

25 June 2017

A furore has erupted following the leak on the social news site 'Spreaddit' of an 'inactivated' Arthuristan war plan, codenamed ‘Operation Primrose’ to effectuate 'humanitarian intervention' in Estoni.

The plan, dating back to the year 2000, was drafted following the Eesti Civil War. The war, which saw the widespread commitment of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the belligerents, was amongst the deadliest conflicts in Belisaria in recent years. The authoritarian regime which emerged from the war possesses one of the worst human rights records in the world.

Evidently, the government instructed the Joint Services Staff to begin preparing a plan for 'humanitarian intervention' should the situation 'deteriorate' into 'genocide', or 'large scale ethnic cleansing' leading to an 'area-wide refugee crisis'. Such an intervention could take place within a coalition environment, either under the CPO aegis or a coalition of the willing, or else conducted unilaterally.

The plan was reported to be ‘inactivated’ by the Ministry of Defence around 2005.

The kinetic phase of the intervention would be preceded by a period of final preparations. While the capabilities of the Eesti People’s Army are modest at best, Joint Staff planners were particularly concerned about its Air Defence Command, which possesses a significant number of SAM batteries, even if most are relatively dated systems. Long endurance Centaur E.1 electronic aircraft would skirt Estoni air space during the final preparatory period, where they would attempt to map the electronic signature of the Eesti air defence system in an attempt to locate missile batteries and radar sites. They would also attempt to locate the radar units of the EPA Coastal Defence Command and the headquarters and the signal units of major land formations.

The invasion would begin with a major missile bombardment by two Zeus Class cruise missile submarines and two Pallas Class strike destroyers offshore. They would attempt to eliminate as many of the high priority targets previously identified by Centaur E.1 flights as possible using ACM-1 Cerberus cruise missiles. Attempts would also be made to ‘decapitate’ the enemy political leadership, except for perhaps General Ljubo Mauzin, with whom negotiations were deemed ‘possible’.

The ground attack would commence with the simultaneous attack on the port city of Splitgorica by an airborne landing of the 16 Parachute Brigade, as well as an amphibious assault by the Commonwealth Marines’ 3rd Marine Brigade. Simultaneously, squadrons of the [[Commonwealth Air Force]] and the Fleet Air Arm would mount an unrelenting cycle of strikes in order to suppress enemy air defence units, aided by Centaur E.1s and Mercury ECR’swhich shall continue to provide real time electronic intelligence and warfare support.

Once a beachhead has been secured, the main force would be landed directly at the port itself. A heavy division of the Commonwealth Army, consisting of three armoured infantry brigade groups, supported by an artillery brigade, a combat aviation brigade and a logistics support brigade, would strike north from Splitgorica, aiming directly for the capital city itself. Given that the EPA is by and large not structured as a mobile force, it is envisaged that hostile units of the regular army would be destroyed en route. In particular, the Guards Armoured Brigade, the most potent element of the EPA, would be pinned down and immobilised by air attacks, then destroyed by concentrated artillery-delivered ‘assault breaker’ fires including ‘smart’ munitions such as the AMTI 155 or Bombardier Anti-Tank, as well as ‘dumb’ cluster munitions such as DPICM. A fourth armoured brigade group would wheel west and seal off the narrow ‘land bridge’ through which Rietumish forces may attempt to intervene in the intervention. The 16 Parachute Brigade and the 3rd Marine Brigade would have, by now, been liberated from the task of garrisoning Splitgorica by follow-on infantry brigades of the Territorial Reserves, and would be employed as heliborne contingency forces to police the rear area and screen the flanks of advancing forces. As the division advanced, JSTARS aircraft equipped with powerful ground surveillance radars would provide constant real time intelligence feeds to ground forces commanders.

Planners envisaged that the capital city, Majevica, would be surrounded by D+5 days. An ‘operational pause’ of between 12-24 hours would allow for gains to be consolidated and a final round of negotiations to open, in an attempt to persuade surviving elements of the faction led by ‘Dr’ Roki Vukovic to leave en bloc into comfortable exile, or at least its individual members to defect. In the worst case scenario, the three brigade groups of the heavy division, joined by the 3rd Marines and 16th Parachute, would execute a concentric assault on the capital city, supported by precision artillery fire and air support, with the aim of neutralising all resistance by D+14 days. Subsequent to the end of major combat operations, a provisional government, with Mikael, Duke of Slovdon as its figurehead, would be established, with the aim of creating a constitutional framework within nine months and democratic elections within one year.

Why the plan was abandoned

Eventually, reality caught up with the planners of Operation Primrose. The factors which led to its shelving in 2005 are numerous. The sheer number of mutually opposed ethnic, political and paramilitary factions operating in Estoni makes it difficult for any post-war government to arrive at a stable equilibrium. Secondly, the risk of a Rietumish counter-intervention is not to be taken lightly, given its large, if dated army of over 40 divisions.

Finally, and most importantly, the Eesti People’s Army, the regular, national military of the country, is only the tip of the iceberg as far as armed forces in Estoni are concerned. Theoretically, the regime may mobilise up to 300,000 plus reservists, militiamen and paramilitaries under arms in an emergency. While they may be armed with nothing more sophisticated than the rifles-and-RPG level, their sheer numbers was a significant problem. To put it simply, the Joint Staff considered that, even if the regular army could be decisively defeated, the presence of 300,000 irregulars renders the armed occupation of Estoni a virtually impossible proposition.

Pragmatism prevails

Instead of implementing Primrose, the Arthuristan government opted for a radically different course. Diplomats, as well as officials from the trade office, directly engaged with the leaders and high ranking members of the various political and ethnic factions, offering ‘developmental aid’ and trade opportunities. As of 2016, direct Arthuristan investment had reached some £5 billion annually, with a projected growth to at least £9 billion by 2020. Arthuristan companies are utilising Estoni as a major location for light manufacturing industries, especially electronics, taking advantage of its relatively low cost labour. Another growth industry, to which Arthuristan capital made a significant contribution, is ‘waste disposal’ – such as shipbreakers specialising in old, asbestos-filled hulls, as well as the processing of nuclear wastes, medical wastes and toxic chemical by-products.

The pursuit of such a course is, naturally, not without controversy. The direct engagement of a regime with such an odious human rights record, the exploitation of barely-paid Estoni labour in ‘sweat shops’, the complete disregard for environmental concerns – these are all charges levelled at the Arthuristan government, as well as businesses operating in Estoni. In response, however, the Foreign Office has argued that exposure to an open economy, and with it open society, can only help, not hinder, the gradual improvement of human rights conditions in Estoni, as well as the gradual buildup of mutual trust and confidence which would allow Arthurista to influence the Estoni government to steer towards a more democratic direction (and, preferably, away from the Rietumish orbit). Only time will tell whether these predictions would prove to be correct in the long run, although it seems incontrovertible that the Arthuristan economy has certainly benefitted from the pragmatic approach taken towards the Estoni regime.
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New Edomite National News Report

Opening bars of Pictures at an Exhibition play as a globe spins with pins popping up on various points of the world. Split screen images of natural disasters, celebrations, military actions, elections, royal ceremonies, celebrity events are showing, occasionally with New Edomite news anchors talking about them, and then fades to a news desk.

A raven haired woman with olive skin, dark brown eyes with a rosebud mouth, a slim nose and a statuesque figure sat behind a news desk with the New Edomite flag imposed over a silhouette map of the Allied States of New Edom behind her. “Good evening,” she said, looking up with a smile. It was clear that above the waist at least she wore nothing but a gold cross on a chain, though her image was pixelated for those nations censoring such an appearance. “I’m Lavinia Tuller, and this is a NENN Evening News."

"In International news: following meetings with President Tolstoy of the Union of South Ceti, Ambassador Scroll's vital work in securing infrastructure and business ties with the Union have led to the opening of the King James Mining Company. Government operated mines in the Union of South Ceti, one of the nations of Arcologia were operating under dangerous conditions and had been investigated for human trafficking. However now in partnership with our own Mines and Resources Directorate there has been enormous improvement and new contracts have been agreed to.

"It has been appointed for a six-year period to provide mining services that include all drill, blast, load and haul functions for both ore and waste at the wholly owned Cabazon Beach area mine, where mobilisation is under way to ensure a timely start of mining activities from early September. As reported by Mineral Resources Online last month, Avantine Stock Exchange-listed eXtract subsidiary Union Mining Company announced that its five-year opencast mining contract at the diamond mine had been terminated on December 13 after two years.

"There have been security concerns due to piracy around Arcologia and local banditry. Our government has renewed security contracts, with newly promoted General Abishai Hagar taking over command from the late General Hesperinus. General Hagar has been commander of the elite 18th Mounted Light Infantry for the last ten years.

"Last month the Ministry also won a contract to establish and mine the Stone Harbor opencast zinc operation, which is being developed by the Nathan Daniels Mining Company. Ikon Geophysical Company's leaders have announced that they have a five year contract to continue exploring claims for mineral resources in the Union and Lesser Diols."

"Sympathies and mourning were given out to the people of Belfras following the Liberation Square bombing. The Ministry of Police neither confirms nor denies the presence of Homofront in Belfras. Officials have said that there are many possibilities and that communist insurgency should not be discounted. The Queen led members of the Royal Family and government to pray in Hillel, the home of the Prophet Under, for the souls of the dead and for those who mourn. King Elijah has made it clear that the government will do all it can to help people who may have been travelling from Belfras to get home safely if they need to be with loved ones, or receive such refuge as can be offered.

"According to Andreas Nimrod, our envoy to the CPO, New Edom remains committed to a peacekeeping mission to Deweden, but the official stance of the government is preference for a negotiateed peace. There are high hopes for this following Princess Jocasta's visit to Akai and the hope that this will help mediate a peaceful agreement between the two Dewedens and the nation of Rietumimark."

(The Foreign Minister, Hosidius Geta, is quoted saying, "We will not deny that we disapprove of, and indeed oppose, the atheistic and violent position of communist nations, but we will still seek peace, if it be an honourable peace, with Rietumimark. We also remain committed to a CPO mission as the best alternative to war at this time.")

"Finally, the Allied States government has unanimously stood behind the Roman Government in its efforts to improve its weapons manufacture and preparedness by testing thermobaric weapons. According to Ministry of Defense officials it is hardly a weapon that can casually threaten the borders of Rome's neighbors, and in the words of Minister of Defense Unwerth "People should just calm down a bit."

"And that is the evening news. Remember to enroll your children in sports activities like football and basketball this coming school session. According to the Ministry of Health, it keeps them from going gay. For NENN, I'm Lavinia Tuller."
"The three articles of Civil Service faith: it takes longer to do things quickly, it's far more expensive to do things cheaply, and it's more democratic to do things in secret." - Jim Hacker "Yes Minister"

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Postby Ecclesiastical State » Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:36 pm

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Cardinal Sciarra urges Dewedish to remain strong "for help is coming"
Fabria, the Ecclesiastical State
By Giacomo Bellucci, Papal Corespondent (@VeritasPolitica)

File photo: Cardinal Cesare Sciarra has stated that the E.S will assist Deweden in unification.

Cardinal Cesare Sciarra has urged the people of North Deweden to remain strong and resilient, stating that the “Holy Father, Holy Mother Church and the entire Ecclesiastical State stand with you in this dark time against the evils of radical godless leftism.” His comments come after the Magisterium hinted that the Ecclesiastical State may well join the growing coalition against Rietumark.

Speaking to a large congregation following morning mass, the close ally of Pope Julius IV reminded the crowd and the Dewedish people, that “blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”, a widely used verse of Matthew’s gospel, by the Holy Mother Church to remind the ordinary people of mankind that they must remain strong in face of oppression.

“To all peoples, especially those of the Ecclesiastical State and of North Deweden remember Matthew 5:5, blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth, let this be a reminder from scripture, that the mighty will forever befall the meek, for the meek are blessed with the strengthening hand of God. Know that the meek are many and shall forever be the true inheritors of creation, let this be the rallying call. Remain strong, remain resilient and remain steadfast” he said to loud applause.

“I know, that the cause of the Dewedish is righteous, a valiant effort to preserve and protect their freedoms and rights under God. When faced with such evil, and such vicious godlessness in the form of radical leftism, their cause is even greater. The crimes committed by the regime in Rietumark against the noble people of Deweden are soon to come to an end” he said.

Cardinal Sciarra is a known “hawk” in the Magisterium, leading a faction of Cardinals who advocate an aggressive and militaristic foreign policy towards nations engaged in repression of Christians, especially Catholics. Deweden has been divided for years, with South Deweden continuing to suffer under the violent and vicious oppression of Rietumark.

“We have at our disposal one of the greatest fighting machines to exist, one blessed with the love and pride of God almighty and the leadership of the Holy Father, no other nation can lay such claim. If they are to be known as the Guardians of the Faith around the world, then this is how must be done. With their deployment in the name of God and all that is good and holy in the world, in the defence of the defenceless, in protection of the vulnerable and weak.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth, blessed are the meek for the armies of Christ on earth shall be there to aid them” he said to loud cheers.

Under-Secretary of State, Giacomo Amato has since announced that “we will be approaching the North Dewedish government promptly to determine the nature of military assistance they may wish to receive from the Ecclesiastical State. The Church-State is fully committed to seeing a unified Deweden, one that is blessed with the protection of all good and god-fearing nations, as well as the kind and noble care of the Mother Church” a statement read on his office’s website.

His Holiness Pope Julius IV has also posted a statement on his website,, saying “when good men do nothing, evil triumphs, this Church-State is comprised of only good men and we shall never stand idle. We pray for guidance and we pray for a swift solution.”

Public support for an assertive Ecclesiastical State has grown rapidly, the National Society of Pope Leo X (which claims to have over 4.5 million members) has written a letter to the Magisterium requesting that the “Holy Father produce an encyclical expressing his ability and will to protect Christians in all four corners of the globe.”

More as the story develops.

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Ambitious educational reform package passes!

Postby Free Garza » Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:28 pm

El Matador,
Lisa Benitez, Editor-in-Chief

An ambitious plan to revamp the Garzan public education system on the basis of the Lamoni Model passed the Senate 95-5 today, with even some Liberal Democrats crossing their floor leadership to approve it. This comes just days after Friday's successful vote in the People's Assembly, which went 294-6 in favor of the proposal. While taxation will have to increase to fund it, the ruling "national unity" government of Premier Hernan Pacino's Socialists and their coalition partners, the Christian Democrats, seem to believe that asking for somewhat higher rates on the wealthiest Garzans to cover this is a necessity and a "sensible sacrifice, for which the affluent will benefit more for having a more educated workforce from which to draw its labor. It is high time for Free Garza's economy and educational system to enter the 21st century," to quote Pacino.

There were some disagreements, of course, on the nature of the revenue offsets for this plan, so there was a compromise between the major parties to ensure passage. The Christian Democrats favored, and achieved, a somewhat higher services tax for "sin," such as gaming, prostitution, and striptease. They also wanted higher divorce cost fees, presumably to discourage the practice of divorce. The Socialists, for their part, sought and gained a higher estate tax, something usually paid mostly by aristocrats and the very rich. They also wanted an increased tax on key luxuries, such as caviar and champagne, also likely to be felt most of all by the social elite. Since many of the same segments of the population use both "sins" and "luxuries," but not all are, some middle class Garzans may also feel a pinch, but not as much as the rich will from both sides.

It is not surprising, of course, that many Liberal Democratic constituents oppose these measures, even if several broke ranks to support the Lamoni Model-based National Education Restructuring Act of 2017, which His Catholic Majesty has indicated that he will give royal assent. Their only major quibble was that most of them which to defray the costs with higher government service user fees and a new national value-added tax (VAT). This proposal, however, lacked support outside of the libertarian-leaning LDP ranks that are mostly drawn from the urban populace.

Once approved, this new statute will probably become the landmark centerpiece of the Pacino cabinet. It is difficult to imagine anything larger being accomplished over the tenure of a coalition government of the sort that seldom achieves much of any real consequence. That this has been achieved has been chiefly due to the partnership between Pacino and leading Christian Democratic public servants such as Marco Roman, all of whom wish to firmly advance on at least this one point. The ability to compromise on the revenue issue has been crucial to this, even if it required swallowing some distasteful, socially conservative disincentives that inconvenience people just living their private lives. It doesn't outlaw consensual bedroom activities, just raises the price, and often in a context that asks more sacrifice from the wealthy.

So, chin up, wealthy johns and gamblers. Now, your soliciting and gambling is a patriotic expense that helps your fellow man. If your nosy neighbor complains, you can remind him or her that your vice pays for better schools.
Viva La Garza!

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Chaldean Church formally severs ties with Pope!

Postby New Othman » Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:28 pm

Chaldean Times,
Belshazzar Kando, Senior Writer

In a rather explosive, yet not unexpected move, Metropolitan Nabonidus X of the Ancient Apostolic Chaldean Catholic Church has issued a bull, dated today, 27 June, 2017, formally severing all ties of sacramental communion with the Fabrian Catholic Church and condemned the "grave doctrinal errors, approaching heresy, of this worldly, unspiritual, and political church." In a further step, the Grand Synod of the Chaldean Church has awarded the Metropolitan the new office and title of Patriarch of the Church.

There has been a long running dispute between the Chaldean Church and the Fabrian Catholic Church over the role of Christians and Catholics in particular in modern society, culture, and politics. The Chaldean Church has traditionally avoided partisan political disputes, seldom taken sides as governments have risen or fallen, stayed neutral in civil wars, etc. It has preferred to focus on "works of mercy" and "spiritual and moral guidance" to the people, especially its own communicants. This difference of opinion has increased starkly as the Ecclesiastical State has raised its political profile and exercised more and more temporal power.

To quote the new Patriarch, "the growing insistence upon pursuing temporal rather than spiritual objectives, the carnal emphasis on dominion and hegemony, on the accumulation of wealth at the expense of its own faithful in some cases, is quite simply something at variance with the essential teaching of Christ that His Kingdom is not of this world. We must be a moral example to the warring heathens of the world, not rivals to them, not enemies and adversaries of neighbors in the pursuit of political power. We must covet their souls for Christ, not their wealth or position. It honestly approaches outright heresy, in denying the nature of the Kingdom of God on this Earth, in denying the plain doctrine of Holy Scripture and Christian tradition regarding eschatology and prophecy."

Recent actions by Pope Julius IV and his theocratic regime, especially leading Cardinals in it, have proven apparently the last straw in the schism between the Chaldean prelates and the Holy See. The Ecclesiastical State has become very outspoken of late and this has greatly displeased the Patriarch, as well as the Grand Synod, which have already censured the present Pope's actions, earlier in his pontificate, and as this has been overlooked, this final step has been taken. Only the pronunciation of anathema, the final, irrevocable act of excommunication, has been avoided, perhaps in the hope that the severing of official communion will, in the words of the Bishop of New Izmir, Kingu Elam, "bring this prideful and ambitious pontiff to his senses."
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"It is high time for ballots, and not bullets. For bread and butter, not tanks treading on foreign streets. For reform, for schools, for more police on the beat, instead of building up a massive war machine used only to bully our neighbors. The only armed forces that the new New Othman needs are those which defend the nation itself from aggression. We don't need the trillions that we used to spend for that." - Udan Varcar

"Radical feminism in the west is less about womens liberation (and that's fair - women in the west have been largely liberated after all), and more about authoritarian thought policing." - Hirota

"The function of our social services is to discourage sedition." - Premier Bayazid Izmirek, 2005

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Postby The Greater Union Confederacy » Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:22 am

Confederate News Network
Alejandro Livis Balboa, Chief Political Correspondent
Headline: Constitutional Reform Passes in Both Houses; Snap Elections to be Held

In a vote of 57-43-0, the New Liberals with help from the Socialist Movement and the Reform Union managed to effectively oust sitting President Eufimia Manola Dominguez and passed an amendment that amended the "Government Clause" to have a nine member executive council instead of having an eleven person executive branch, with the President and Vice-President at the head and the ministers of respective departments' at the bottom. Instead of a conventional cabinet and Presidential election, the people of the Confederacy will select 7 Councilmen in their respective province and elect 2 "At-Large" Councilmen which will run in a nationwide election.

The President will be selected by both the Senate and the House of Representatives and each council member will be selected to head up a particular department. When it comes to executive decisions such as the right to veto or sign in legislation, the Council will have to come to a consensus, though the President will have the final say.

The system is complicated, but the Chair of the New Liberal Party, Garcia Sanchez Gutierrez says that the system, "Creates a fairer, more inclusive democracy and avoids overreach from the executive."

Elections for the council will take place on July 10 and rumors are already spreading around the capital that Former President Dominguez will seek an At-Large national seat and perhaps attempt to regain her spot as President of the Confederation, though her chances for reelection are relatively slim, as she will be running against New Liberal veteran Augusto Sabas Ybarra and Independent businessman Chuy Silvio Arriola. Her office was contacted by CNN and she could not be reached.

Who will be the President while all of this is happening? Sources say that independent Senator Demetria Vigil Ontiveros will be appointed Interim President, even though she voted against the constitutional amendment.

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Postby Ecclesiastical State » Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:07 pm

E.S| International | Church | Sport | Religion | Economy | Culture | Science | Opinion
Holy Mother Church officially excommunicates the Chaldean Church for abandoning the Truth of the Faith
Fabria, the Ecclesiastical State
By Giacomo Bellucci, Papal Corespondent (@VeritasPolitica)

Cardinal Secretary of State, Marco Furio Camillo made the announcement in the Chapel of Benediction.

His Holiness has officially signed the declaration of excommunication against the Chaldean Church, after it announced a split from the Holy Mother Church, over spurious grounds that the Church is “too political.” The split which occurred earlier in the week has been met with withering condemnation from across Christendom.

The declaration justified the excommunication based on the Chaldean Church “abandoning the Truth of the Church”, official terminology for apostasy, this is reportedly tied to the Declaratio Sacris of Pope Leo X, who claimed that “any body in communion with the Universal Church that denies or opposes Papal Infallibility is abandoning the Truth.”

Due to the blatant untruth and insulting nature of the Chaldean claims against the Holy Mother Church, we cannot and will not repeat them here, nor will any printed outlet of the Ecclesiastical State.

However, we can describe their claims of being rooted in the Papacy’s responsibilities as a political entity and governing body, which requires active foreign policies and the right and requirement to speak out in the name of all Christendom, something that that fell short of Chaldean understanding.

Although his Holiness Pope Julius IV has remained silent on the matter, senior Cardinals in the Magisterium (the government of the Ecclesiastical State) and senior Archbishops from across Christendom have condemned the Chaldean Church.

His Eminence Cardinal Cesare Sciarra has called the Chaldean decision to split, an “insult upon the faithful and an insult upon the Apostles and Christ.” He said speaking to reporters, “I personally find it disgraceful that they would level such insults against the Holy Father; all he does, all we do in the temporal realm is ensure that the interests and wellbeing of all Christians are treated well. Yet, they claim that we are too outspoken and political? What must we do? Be silent and allow for all faithful under Christ be silenced, abused and repressed? I think not.

“The very basis of their split is insulting, its an insult to the faithful and an insult upon the Apostles and Christ, who built our church upon a rock, through Saint Peter, lest we forget that his Holiness is his successor. Their excommunication is deserved and necessary for the stability of the Church” he said.

Speaking on VT Radio later today, Cardinal Sciarra accused the Chaldean Church of being “thoroughly infiltrated and led by freemasons, their actions are those of freemasonry unleashed.”

His Eminence Cardinal Secretary of State Furio Camilo revealed that the Pope had signed the declaration early this morning in a statement in the Chapel of Benediction, saying, “His Holiness has agreed with the Magisterium that the only suitable course of action, upon reflection and deliberation is to formally excommunicate the Chaldean Church from the Universal Church of Saint Peter.

“The basis of their schism is rooted in doubt and criticism of the Holy Father, which contravenes canon law on the matter of Papal infallibility, this amounts to abandoning the truth of the Church, which is effectively apostasy. And it is on these grounds that we have taken the decision to excommunicate the Chaldean Church. Through asking for forgiveness of the Holy Mother Church and showing thorough penance for their actions and words, will the Universal Church of Saint Peter offer absolution and invite the Church back into holy communion, it is now their decision and their actions that will determine their future” he said.

Basilios Tsatsos, the Archbishop of Thassalona and the premier cleric of Belfras, denounced the Chaldean Church for “showing utter contempt for the Catholic Church and the Holy Father”, stating further that is likely the work of New Othman’s Muslim government, “I would not be surprised if their actions were demanded by their Muslim leaders, this is not the action of true Christians.”

While, Cardinal Michel Delon, the Archbishop of Saint-Nazaire described the decision to excommunicate the Church “necessary”, saying further, “With our hearts we believe and with our lips we confess but one Church, not that of the heretics, but the Holy Fabrian Catholic and Apostolic Church, outside which we believe that no one is saved.”

His Eminence Cardinal Augustus Prasca, the Archbishop of Ravenna in Latium, described the Chaldean Church as “utterly devoid of spirit and condemned to suffer the consequences of its leaders’ pursuit of personal glory as if it were to result in greater piety, we are one Church, one Apostolic Church and they have betrayed that. God help them.”

This excommunication, will be the second of his Holiness Pope Julius IV’s pontificate, with the other being the now infamous excommunication of the disgraced Prince Michael of Latium, who attempted to usurp the throne from his elder brother, Constantine.

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    Approved by the Sacred Magisterium of the Ecclesiastical State
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Emperor has no intention of recognizing the ES!

Postby Late Roman Empire » Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:53 pm

Chalcedon Gazette,
Petronius Gallus

The Emperor officially confirmed through a statement today that the Empire does not have any plans to recognize the Ecclesiastical State of Rodarion as a sovereign nation, nor the government thereof, under his principate. In the words of the Divine Augustus, as noted in the decree, "We do not regard the existence of this entity as valid or beneficial for the peace and prosperity of the region, nor do we believe that we can work with them, due to their continued refusal to treat their neighbors as equals and their continued presumption of pretended spiritual and temporal authority over especially Christian states within this region. We have not seen fit to recognize them yet, and they have yet to give us any reason to change our minds."

For the present, thus, and the foreseeable future, the Empire has no direct diplomatic relations with the Ecclesiastical State, nor does it have any informal diplomatic missions, nor does it have any formal trade or other agreements with it. There is also no extradition treaty with the ES, which was reinforced in recent Roman statements that offered asylum to "persecuted citizens of this illegal pseudo-theocracy known as the Ecclesiastical State, whether persecuted for their beliefs, exercise of personal liberty, or for their economic status. No one here gets attainted to line the pockets of princes of the Church, who clearly wish to keep everyone else poor."

In fact, it may well be that part of why the Emperor has refused to recognize the Ecclesiastical State during his rule is a desire to control the refugee/emigration policy toward it by giving broad discretion to the Imperial Relief Office, and its current head, Count Petronia Severina (no relation to this reporter), to determine which refugees from Rodarion would be allowed into the Empire and why. The Imperial Relief Office has been granted considerable land on which to settle refugees from Rodarion, New Edom, and Gloria Regis as well.

It remains to be seen how the Vatican will react to this most recent continuation of traditional Roman refusal to recognize the Ecclesiastical State's claim to sovereignty and legitimacy. After all, since no one of rank in the Empire is a Catholic of any stripe, they would have considerable difficulty excommunicating us.

Editors' note: The Ecclesiastical State of Rodarion was founded in 1860 and granted independence by the Empire of Latium, which does recognize it. The Late Roman Empire has never recognized the Ecclesiastical State at any point in its history.
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"I swear by Almighty God that I will faithfully serve and obey the Divine Augustus, as our Lord and Master, and hold him alone as my true, dread sovereign and prince. I swear that I will serve him loyally until the hour of my death, on pain of damnation to my eternal soul." - the Imperial Oath of Allegiance (administered to the civil service and armed forces)

Woe to they who demand things of the Lord of the World, for he is neither so obliged nor amused.

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Postby North Rietumimark » Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:53 pm

Rietumish Tautas Jaunumi Aģentūra
Rietumish People's News Agency

Rietumimark Condemns Ecclesiastical State’s Aggression

Demonstrators in the Autonomous People’s Republic of Deweden, filling up the streets of Deroburg in protest against Ecclesiastical State.

by Laimdota Rinkēvičs - 3 July 2017
SLAPJSZEMESGRAD, RIETUMIMARK - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has harshly lambasted the rogue and reckless actions undertaken Ecclesiastical State’s theocratic imperialist regime and open support its illegal occupation of the northern half of the Autonomous People’s Republic of Deweden, and the theocratic thug, the so-called ‘Cardinal’ Sciarra, support of the trumped up allegations of abuse by Rietumish Security forces against the Dewedish majority in the region. Only adding, to the growing mountain of evidence, of the Gentrys' intention of attacking and/or destabilising Rietumimark and the entire continent of Belisaria in the process through the spread of lies and propaganda.

The Ministry of Media & Telecommunications has released footage of tens of thousands of ordinary Deroburgian assembling in Nessa Square, in the centre of the city, to protest the Ecclesiastical State’s expansive agenda to spread Christianity to the Autonomous People’s Republic overwhelmingly irreligious population. "This is only further proof of what the Rietumish government has been saying along," said Ilze Lavroviš, the wife of activist Edgars Lavroviš, a proud Catholic his entire life, who working to enlighten Catholics abroad of the misinformation being propagated by the likes of the Ghantar. “All we Dewedish want to do is live in peace and harmony. And yet, in spite of all the facts, the Gentry imperialistic and expansionist dream to unite all of Belisaria under their hegemonic, indirect rule via vassals, continues to push the world closer and closer to war. Please, if you have any hearts, CPO would live up to its name and end the mercilessly push, by the Ghantar and their puppets, to go to war with Rietumimark. Anything you hear about ‘Christian oppression’ in Rietumimark is false and if you don’t believe me, get off your high horse and come to Rietumimark to see for yourself.”

First Secretary of the Dewedish Front for Prosperity, the leading party for Ozoliņš thought in the Autonomous People’s Republic, has called for a day of rage against Gentries, their client states, and the Ecclesiastical State following the remarks made by so-called ‘Cardinal’ Sciarra. Close to 50 thousand people took to the streets of the Autonomous People’s Republic of Deweden calling the immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces from the Dewedish Authority. "This is yet another example of the Gentries acting with impunity and pulling more their puppets strings," said singer/songwriter and Paramount Leader Janis Ozoliņš' eldest daughter, Emily Ozoliņš, during a rally in the capital of the APRD. “They think they can bully the Rietumish people into submitting into their rule, forcing us to follow their policies, unlawfully occupying our people, make blatantly false allegations that we persuade our fellow comrades in arms. No, it is time we show them that Rietumimark will be bullied around by foreign powers no longer, it's time to show the imperialists Deweden and Belisaria is their's to plunder no longer!”

To add insult to injury, the mouthpiece of the theocratic zealots in the Ecclesiastical State, Veritas, announced that the Catholic thugs had approved effectively the the deployment of further foreign soldiers to the Dewedish Authority. Which we mean their military will further ramping up the foreign occupation of the Dewedish Authority, with a considerable increase in foreign mercenaries and crazed zealots who seek nothing short than the eradication of all ‘non-believers’ in the Autonomous People’s Republic; genocide in short. Perhaps, we should expect the sales 'multiple arms packages, including ammunition and munitions, aircraft, armored vehicles, body armor, and other military equipment in the next few days.

"The independence of Rietumimark and Deweden is at stake, whether Rietumimark will be ruled by corrupt Catholic zealots with their pockets with the Gentries imperialists or the free people of Rietumimark will be decided over the coming days," said First Secretary of the Dewedish Front for Prosperity told the crowd during a rally in Deroburg. "I wholeheartedly condemn the rash actions of the Ecclesiastical States and its abrupt escalation of tensions in Belisaria; all in the name of expanding Ghantar influence and commend the actions of the people of Deweden, whether they be Christian or Atheist, in supporting the government in this trying time. I call on all those who in Cornellia want to perceive the people, to implement a complete economic against zealots. Furthermore I urge the regime to immediately release are citizens and turn around the arms shipments in the name of maintaining regional stability. To the Late Roman Empire, know this. While our two nations have shared fraught relations and disagreed on a great many things for as long the RUP as rules Rietumimark, you have an ally in combating radical religious extremism being exported by the Ecclesiastical State .”

The Central Military Commission has approved the deployment of some mobilisation 5,500 reservists combat troops from the Autonomous People’s Republic Dewedish Protection Corp, with additional support personnel. “This news coming out of the Ecclesiastical State is threatening the very existence of Rietumimark and the Dewedish Protection Corps need all the manpower they and get to defend the APRD from foreign aggression.” said a spokesman for the Central Military Commission. In addition, the Ministry of Defence has ordered the mobilisation of 100 thousand additional reservists and is expected to accelerate the mobilisation of the Rietumish Revolutionary Armed Forces so that all military formations are at wartime strength, with this news.

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The Totalitarian Genocidal Socialist Paradise of Rietumimark

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Health Care Reform Bill passes Federal Assembly!

Postby United Valik » Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:04 pm

Glauconium Observer,
Panayotis Philopator

The Health Care Improvements Act of 2017, co-sponsored by the governing coalition of the National Liberal Party and the Popular Democratic Party, a compromise bill drafted with the intention of receiving the largest possible support, has been approved by the Federal Assembly by a vote of 380-20, with only the Federalist Party opposing it. The Federalists insisted that the bill "violated the spirit, if not the letter, of our Federal Constitution, not to mention the supposedly conservative, capitalist economic principles that our party shares with the National Liberal Party, at least. It is part of the slippery slope toward centrism that the NLP has begun since the current Prime Minister has undertaken under the influence of his coalition partner. Centrism is but a step toward socialism, democratic or otherwise."

Chief among the stipulations of the HCIA were:
1. Full coverage despite pre-existing conditions.
2. Coverage for children under parental plans until the age of 21.
3. Corporations larger than 10,000 full-time employees must provide insurance coverage for all such employees who opt for coverage under an employer-provided plan, except those already covered by other plans.
4. Mandatory emergency care regardless of ability to pay, but with the option of billing patients after the fact.
5. Portability of coverage after change of employment status, except when terminated with cause.
6. Health savings accounts that transfer pre-tax payment toward "health savings" cards.
7. Creation of the Old Age Medical Care Policy (OAMCP), intended to provide public coverage for the elderly, including preventive care as well as catastrophic. It is funded at least partially by an increase in taxes on both smokeless and smoked tobacco.
8. Empowerment for OAMCP representatives to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical firms.
9. Easier importation of international pharmaceuticals into United Valik to ease the burden on Valikan consumers, though subject to the usual review processes for both prescription and over the counter drugs.
10. The ability to purchase insurance plans from not only across provincial lines, but also national borders, in order to increase competition and keep prices under control.
11. The ability of trade unions and rural associations/co-operatives to purchase plans in bulk at discount rates where they can negotiate such terms with pharmaceutical firms for their members.
12. Easier licensing and streamlined zoning, registration, etc. of non-profit organizations to operate “free clinics,” without consideration of ability to pay, and negotiate lower drug prices with pharmaceutical firms as well. Licensing fees to be waived for such organizations as well.
13. A guaranteed right of all Valikans to choose limited coverage as well as full coverage plans, depending on their ability to pay.
14. Creation of the Office of Health Care and Coverage Ombudsman (OHCCO), with the intention of protecting both consumers/patients, insurers, and medical practitioners from abuses, ranging from insurance fraud to excessive premiums to excessive deductibles.
15. Creation of Temporary Coverage For Impoverished Valikan Families (TCFIVP), a limited coverage program for the working poor to provide them with free or low-cost insurance coverage at low or non-existent premiums and co-payments through public subsidies. Coverage is term-limited to a maximum of one year, with an additional year’s worth of optional renewal, the option belonging to the Office of Temporary Health Coverage (OTHC), the agency managing this plan.
16. The Health Care And Coverage Tax Credit, an income tax credit for poor and middle-class families to deduct the cost of health care premiums, deductibles, and co-payments. It is means tested to limit the ability of wealthy Valikans to misuse the system. No individual receiving more than one hundred thousand NSD per year as income, or family receiving more than three hundred thousand NSD per year, may benefit from this credit.
It remains to be seen whether this plan achieves passage in the Senate, where no single party has a majority. However, if it should pass, being truly landmark legislation to regulate health care for the first time since the old single-payer health system was abolished, it would be a remarkable step away from the radical, laissez-faire health care system. Universal health coverage, provided by public subsidy, was abolished when Communist rule was overthrown on 21 May, 2009, just days after the fall of Valikgrad, the last capital of the old Communist regime, and the arrest of the defeated Communist leader, Casimir Wieczinski.
The past eight years of totally private health care have been an experiment that has, in the words of Elder Tomasz, a Federal Assembly deputy belonging to the Christian Alliance, “been an indisputable calamity of a humanitarian nature, an absolute failure of man’s God-given duty to be his brother’s keeper.” It was in response to this “health care crisis,” despite its own given libertarian leanings, that the ruling National Liberal Party has agreed with its coalition partner, the Popular Democratic Party, to draft this regulatory and social welfare legislation in concert with other parties as a compromise measure to stave off “continued humanitarian woes.” We can only hope that it succeeds in this objective, for the sake of all Valikans.
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Gunman slays 8 monks, 10 students!

Postby Free Garza » Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:10 pm

National Catholic Register,
Deacon Francisco Burgos

In a shocking massacre at a grammar school in the port city of Cadiz, a gunman shot 33 people, of which 18 perished and 15 were wounded by gunshots. The killer was finally shot himself by a squad of the Civil Guard and his body recovered, along with those of his victims after 73 minutes of terror. The intrepid Brother Julio Esparza, teacher of mathematics, shielded the bodies of several boys in his class, falling victim himself to the bullets as he became one of the eighteen who perished. Three other monks, however, fled the scene, as did three nuns employed there, while two other nuns hid a few of their students from the killer.

The gunman was identified later as 65 year old Pedro Tancredo, a Magi priest, who reportedly shouted, "For the Emperor!" as he poured fire into the student body and faculty. Literature found on his body indicated a desire to incite a Magi revolt with the goal of seizing control of Free Garza, overthrowing the monarchy, and outlawing Catholicism. Tancredo reportedly believed that if enough chaos and turmoil developed, Garzan Magi, despite their smaller numbers, could overwhelm and overtake the superior numbers of Garzan Catholics and Christians, among others. No connection has yet been found to the Imperium of Arbites Materia or the Magi Church of Free Garza, but the Civil Guard is investigating a possible link to both of them.

Tancredo carried a Thompson SMG and several hundred rounds of ammunition, as well as three hand grenades that were thankfully never detonated. He also carried a field knife and a 9 mm Luger. He is survived by his wife, Teresa Tancredo, their son, Eduardo, their daughter, Marisol, their son-in-law Mario Arias, and their grandchildren, 3 year old Rothbard and 1 year old Luna. He would have turned 66 next August.

His Catholic Majesty, King Diego IV, has fiercely denounced the massacre and vowed to visit the San Felipe Grammar School tomorrow and speak to as many locals wish the solace of the royal presence. Premier Pacino has also indicated that he would meet with the families of victims and render his condolences. Both men declared that they would visit the injured victims and their victims in their hospital wards.

As Cardinal Montano, who was first to show up on the scene of all major public figures in Free Garza, noted, "This is undoubtedly the worst massacre to strike our country since Martes Rojo."


Teofil Ybarra, the head of the Magi Laymen's Association, has publicly denounced and condemned the massacre as "sinful, wicked, and not of the Emperor at all." He has denied any association between the Magi Church and the San Felipe Massacre.
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Postby Arbites » Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:43 pm

Order Eidos
International Press Statement

The Curia is shocked and appalled to learn of the horrific massacre of innocents in Cadiz, Garza. Wanton barbarism of this caliber is inexcusable and unforgivable. The victims' families shall have all of our most heartfelt prayers and condolences.

That this act has seemingly been carried out by a Magi priest is profoundly disturbing and bears further mention, even if the man was in the grip of madness. Father Pedro Tancredo had in fact been suspended by Bishop Acevedo while he was receiving treatment, for the nature of his condition poisoned his thoughts with evil notions. Although we are still attempting to piece together the full story, apparently Tancredo did not return calls from other priests for at least one full day before the massacre. It was impossible to know what this meant at the time.

Tancredo may have claimed that he was acting in the name of the Emperor, but it is also written that the Ruinous Powers can assume the guise of the righteous to deceive mortal men. The voices which turned this former man of the cloth to such madness can only have come from the yawning abyss itself. This must serve as a warning to be vigilant against evil at all times, for a mere moment of laxity can spawn atrocities.

The Magi Church shall cooperate fully with any investigation carried out in Garza. Bishop Acevedo will personally direct a prayer service and vigil in Cadiz for the victims. The Imperium shall hold noon prayers tomorrow nationwide in honor of the fallen.
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Postby Valdiu » Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:26 pm

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[Mobilization Underway]
Population: 32,263,671
Military size: ~350,000, T3R: 2.7/1
The Republic of Valdiu
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Postby The IASM » Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:10 am


To all whom the Holy and Exalted Ditu’s heavenly wisdom may be received…

As the clock slowly ticks, as the sun dutifully rises and it falls, as the waves are tugged gently by the celestial forces of the moon. Harmony exists in this world must be maintained and must be ensured. However, without constant maintenance, it will end as do all matters of mortal efforts and such affairs. This is the fate of all order, all systems. Thusly it is the duty of all subjects beneath heaven that they are the instruments for which the Ditu’s tunes are played. However, to believe that the son of heaven does not take part in the preservation of this eternal balance is an arrogance imprudence, worthy of those uneducated in the matters of the world.

Thanks to our prosperous civilisation, we do have a fortunate parable to tell which can create further enlightenment. Were we a barbarian people without the graces of civilisation, perhaps one might say the existence of such a tale was a convenient coincidence. However, we are beyond the beliefs of those deprived of enlightenment, of those beneath even the lowest of the Ditu’s spiritual kin.

There once was a King who ruled over his demesne, which was wide and vast. It was dominated by a few noble lords each with a daughter to marry. The King himself was also unwed and was surrounded by a great many suitors from these noble houses.

The first of these was from a proud prestigious family, one deeply famous for their honour and skill in battle. Yet the daughter herself, however, was disinterested in her duties and rejected the traditions of her great ancestors and refused to learn those of the solitary one.

On the other hand, the second was from a family poor in the martial matters but well-connected and mercantile, providing its great wealth for which provided it equally vast influence. Their daughter, however, was unintelligent, bold and cruel as a character and would’ve made a terrible wife.

The solitary one thought deeply on who to choose for both families loathed one another, to marry one would be to alienate the other. He was also reminded of his duty to ensure the purity of his blood as well and that marrying these lesser nobles would be defeating that purpose and insulting the legacy of his ancestors whose divine blood needed to be preserved. With these two factors in common, he thusly he saw it as prudent to decline their offers of marriage and then gave his hand to his sister, the Princess and named the two daughters as consorts. In this, the King was proud in that were kept ensured that his duties were sufficed and all the benefits of such an action were endured.

Thusly this brings I, of the palace, to address the central matter at hand. There are further proclamations whose announcement is a dire necessity. The dragon’s face and the imperial household has come to the grand consensus that the Ditu’s betrothal should be proclaimed now before His Holy and Exalted Perfection’s dear subjects. It is henceforth proclaimed the Yinmi Ditu, Hulang shall be betrothed to Princess of the Blood, Jiexiu Lazin the twin and sister of His Perfection who shall become the Dihei of the Holy and Exalted land of the Ditu. Within the context of this betrothal as divined by the matchmakers, it will occur on the sixth day of Wu-Shen, the seventh month, 3rd year of the Yinmi era and 4715 years since the Shouditu. Such is the will of His Holy and Exalted Perfection, of his humble subjects within the court and the Dowager Dihei, I of the palace. This concludes this proclamation.

Wantiai Yinmi Ditu.
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Postby Hittanryan » Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:46 pm

President Leaves for Talks in New Edom

Earlier today George Rowan boarded a flight to Padan-Aran, embarking on the first international state visit of his presidency. First announced by Press Secretary Carvalho two weeks ago, the three-day visit will comprise a new round of talks on the Palisades in addition to regional issues. The President will be accompanied by Secretary of State Bailey, Secretary of War Fortner, and Treasury Secretary Pendergast in addition to the First Lady and senior advisors.

New Edom has found itself playing a growing role in Ceti, and Adiran-Edomite relations have steadily improved since the low point immediately following the formation of an alliance between New Edom and the Imperium. Relations improved after the short-lived Third Edomite Civil War, which saw democratic and economic reforms enacted throughout the country. The DeGroot government claimed that its diplomatic efforts culminated in the Edomites brokering the tenuous ceasefire that has held on the border to this day. This act established New Edom as the perhaps unlikely mediator between Adiron and the Imperium in Ceti. Some doubts and fears remain about growing Edomite economic and military power just south of the border, and New Edom's human rights record continues to attract controversy.

Although the economy has for the moment eclipsed foreign policy as the nation's most immediate pressing issue, the specter of war continues to hang over the nation. The short-lived border conflict last year saw hundreds dead and thousands wounded, and Imperial state media announced at the start of this year's election season the Curia's rejection of President DeGroot's proposed peace terms. Only a ceasefire remains in place on the border, with military forces from both nations remaining at heightened states of alert. Accordingly, foreign policy was one of the foremost issues in the 2016 national elections. Liberals strongly criticized President DeGroot's peacetime foreign policy as indecisive and ineffectual, while contenders for the SDP leadership debated the matter sometimes fiercely during the caucuses.

The President has consistently maintained that the Imperium must take "substantive steps" further guaranteeing Adiran national security. The Curia's statement rejected the proposed extradition of Cardinal Dawes, who serves as the de facto head of the Inquisition, on terrorism charges. At the time Mr. Rowan, still a candidate at the time, declared his intention to propose border force reductions, which he is expected to discuss in greater detail in New Edom.

In addition to the border issue, general security in Arcologia will likely be a major discussion in the wake of increased violence in the Ura Sea. There is already limited cooperation between Adiran and Edomite forces engaged in anti-piracy operations in the Lesser Diols, although concerns continued to hang over Edomite treatment of indigenous populations. According to the State Department, the work of verifying land claims in the Palisades will be an ongoing and lengthy process which will inevitably be discussed with multiple parties including Fineberg. Regional development in southern Ceti is expected to be a topic given increased Edomite involvement in the area as well.

Although much of the talks will be on Cetan affairs, other pressing regional issues are slated for discussion as well. Time is scheduled for discussion on the economy, which will presumably include the Noviteran credit crunch, free trade, and FODE. A general discussion on human rights is also planned, although it is not known at this time what specific issues will be on the schedule. New Edom faces criticism by some watchdog groups for political repression, persecution of LGBT groups, and support for radical Christian groups such as the Ashabi Theology Council. Secretary of State Bailey has often spoken about the need to promote human rights in the international sphere.

In spite of the numerous issues to be brought up at the talks, some are already questioning its necessity. Opposition Leader Saito in an address to his party called the visit "an ongoing damage control effort on the part of the Social Democrats to save face and salvage President DeGroot's largely failed foreign policy." He went on to claim that a Liberal government would simply accept the Imperium's terms instead of "hand-wringing," so that they could focus on the most pressing issue to most Adirans: the economy. Although no Social Democrat would go so far as to criticize the visit itself, it is clear that the SDP intends to continue work on economic issues while the President is abroad. Several Assembly committees are already investigating further stimulus options, including public works, education, and energy initiatives as well as a probe into the soundness of the Adiran financial sector.

Markets Stabilize After Meridian Scare

Who Is Dr. Helen Cresswell?

National Manufacturing Unemployment Hits Ten Percent

The Palisades One Year Later
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Stimulus package approved to fight recession!

Postby New Othman » Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:45 am

New Izmir Citizen,
Saral Muhtar, Senior Editor

In the interests of fighting the growing regional recession, the Grand National Assembly today approved, by a vote of 258-142, a new law aimed at economic stimulus measures, many of them directed at infrastructure reform and the use of public works for at least temporary employment. This new law, known as the Economic Revitalization Act of 2017, adopts many traditional Keynesian remedies for the economic downturn, including and especially so-called "green jobs," which are aimed at not only improving the economy, but also helping the natural environment. It also reduced certain regressive taxes, but partly offset them by delaying several previously considered defense spending hikes.

Another area that hasn't been cut or limited, naturally, has been police and emergency services, with a sizable increase in spending for both. Modernization of the police, fire, and emergency medical services, including a nation-wide emergency number of 569, has been encouraged lately, and this new law only adds funding to these purposes. It has been especially considered important due to the stress and strain that the recent insurgency by the radical Islamist Allah Intikam organization has caused the government in recent years.

A final area intended to improve the economy is the new Veterans' and Displaced Workers Initiative, a program geared toward helping war veterans and workers displaced by international free trade rehabilitate toward new careers and jobs, including new education and new training programs. The director of this program, Dr. Edhem Halman, has already received more than 67,000 death threats as well as 144,539 job requests from applicants this quarter alone. With the new funds, perhaps he can fill more of the latter and receive far fewer of the former.

In any case, one can only hope and pray for a quick recovery, but it's really Novitera's economy. We're just living in it.
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Postby Novitera » Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:53 pm


FASDA +6.22 D&D 500 +4.55 CI +12.68 Pioneer 2000 +14.55 Crude +2.22 Gold +1.00

Recovery Act Passes in Directorate

The National Directorate has announced the Recovery Act, designed to combat the recession. Billions will be spent on infrastructure, grants and investment into the private sector in an effort to stimulate spending and job growth. Emerging technologies in healthcare, robotics, green energy, communications and electronics have been specifically targeted for government funding and investment. Generally the Recovery Act has been met with market approval as stocks climb marginally in response. Public approval for the is high but it is clear this is just the first step in a long road as many are still jobless and businesses struggle to stay afloat. Many still advocate for a more natural recovery. Critics of the Act claim that such an enormous issuance of bonds could hurt the government credit rating. Chairman Lucas North assures the public that the credit rating will remain as it is and Directorate has made sure to not cross the threshold for a downgrade. Other critics have voiced discontent for the Act's requirement of heavy budget cuts in the military claiming that economic investment will come at the cost of national defense which they call a bad bargain.

On military cuts, Director Silas Clayton - Officer of the Defense Committee had this to say, "The military is already a ponderous entity that needs to be trimmed. It is possible to decrease defense spending on the scale the Directorate has decided while maintaining a formidable military. The Defense Committee has been working with Armed Services Command on a plan that we are very confident about. Our plan focuses on eliminating waste and cost efficiency, not disbanding chunks of the military entirely."

What may come as good news to the region as a whole is that the Act calls for monetary relief to be paid out to those foreign entities that lost out on standing contracts with Noviteran corporations in the recession due to bankruptcy reorganizations. A nonjudicial committee will review the claims of foreign corporations through transcripts from the original bankruptcy proceeding to decide on the merits of claims and size of awards. Awards are set to be paid in three years.

Director Wade Setsuko (Officer of the International Trade Committee) stated, "Noviteran corporations did not cancel their contracts. A contract is a contract is a contract. By our laws, foreign corporations are entitled to relief when repudiation has occurred through our courts as much as domestic corporations are. What happened was our domestic corporations went through bankruptcy reorganizations as they are also entitled to do. Their contractual obligations were either wiped out or reduced by the bankruptcy court. Simply, the people who were suppose to pay them were insolvent. There was no funding or the expectation that funding would come to make the payments. What compensation that could be given to creditors was awarded depending on the strength of their claims and our bankruptcy code. Everything was done through a legal and fair process. But the Directorate understands the situation can seem unsavory. Many have lost their jobs in New Edom, Arbites, Shrailleen and other nations because of financial failures on Gallows Street. The purpose of this is to assure the region that Novitera is still an attractive business partner and is not unsympathetic to their plight. That is why the Directorate has pledged to pay compensation to these foreign corporations that were left holding the bag in due time."

Chairman Lucas North also remarks, "Ethically and legally we don't have to pay a dime. Everything these claimants are entitled to was settled in the bankruptcy proceedings of their debtors. The Directorate would like to make it clear that these pledges are not reparations but an act of generosity to build international goodwill. Unfortunately it will take time as the committee reviews each claim. Funding is also insufficient to make the payments now. We must take care of our own first."

North's comment has raised other objections to the plan for relief payments from other Directors. Director Nathaniel Castillo (Officer of the Labor Committee) states, "If we do not ethically or legally have to pay anything, then why should we? This is money that could be kept in the hands of Noviteran citizens instead of pandering to the international community. What more do we need to do? Our military already contributes enormously in the CPO effort to squash piracy in Arcologia. Our financial aid payments to CTO nations are generous to say the least. The burden of these costs fall on the shoulders of our citizens. Then in the middle of a major recession the Commoners and Patriots would have us pledge these vast sums that we don't owe."
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TMetro News: Mercantile Authority Backs Novitera

Postby Tericio » Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:55 pm

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Postby The Shrailleeni Empire » Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:56 pm

The Eagle's Cry
Shrailleeni News Unbiased
Serving the Children of the Mother Goddess and the Region

Statement of Purpose: Founded on the principles of liberty, morality, and matriatism, the staff of the Eagle's Cry are dedicated to the principles of free speech and accessibility of information, except where this information could endanger the well-being of the Shrailleeni people. This news source will report to the Shrailleeni people and the region the true goings-on within the Shrailleeni Empire through foreign electronic and domestic printed mediums.

International News
September, 1293 (2017)

'Recovery Act' Applauded in Shrailleen

Avantine, Novitera - In an unusual move, the National Directorate of Novitera recently announced the passage of the 'Recovery Act,' a comprehensive piece of legislation designed to combat the regional recession caused by the Gallow's Street crash earlier this year. The provisions of the act call for support not only for the Noviteran economy, but also for the regional businesses associated with Noviteran assets. These were received warmly by the Shrailleeni government, with the Mother Empress encouraging Shrailleeni businesses to take advantage of the generous opportunity presented by the Noviteran government.

Many Shrailleeni businesses, especially private enterprises, suffered financial difficulties and even collapse as a result of Noviteran bankruptcy proceedings. For private businesses unwilling or unable to accept government subsidization, foreign investment is often the most attractive way to accrue necessary capital needed to compete in the Shrailleeni market. Additionally, private manufacturers mostly geared toward foreign exports, as well as retail and service industries, relied on Noviteran companies for investment and sales. The recession caused major losses for many of these companies, leading to restructuring, price slashing, and layoffs. The resulting increase in unemployment has placed considerable strain on Shrailleeni welfare and social support systems, and increased applications for foreign immigration among the Shrailleeni work force.

The 'Recovery Act' has promised to help alleviate these conditions by promising a judicial committee review process for monetary relief, to be awarded to foreign companies damaged by the loss of standing contracts with Noviteran corporations. Such relief is unusual, but it is seen as an act of goodwill toward Shrailleeni businesses and those of other regional nations which might otherwise have lost confidence in Noviteran corporations as business partners. Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress and the Shrailleeni Matriarchy of Economics have both received the 'Recovery Act' warmly, praising the National Directorate for the decision and encouraging Shrailleeni businesses to proceed with the appeals process.

Regarding the damage done to Shrailleeni state-owned industries, which experienced losses of sales and investment to the Gallows Street crash, the Matriarchy of Economics voiced its continued support for Novitera as an important partner for the Shrailleeni economy.

"The Enlightened Matriarchy is honored and humbled by the esteemed efforts of the National Directorate of Novitera. It has shown itself to be an government of conscience and integrity, and its efforts to help alleviate the impact of the regional recession on Shrailleen do not go unappreciated. The Matriarchy of Economics respects these efforts and the appraisal of the Terician Monetti Mercantile Authority, and would like to express high confidence in Noviteran bonds."

The short-term impacts of the regional financial crisis continue to be unaffected by the Recovery Act, which will not take effect until at least another three years. In the meantime, Shrailleeni business have sought increased ties with nations other than Novitera, a process limited by the widespread effects of the recession. The Shrailleeni government has continued to sponsor emergency relief measures, most notably by shelving several projects for the continued advancement of Shrailleeni military and defense technologies. There is no word yet on how many Shrailleeni companies will be filing for aid under the Relief Act, or if confidence in Noviteran investment has actually been restored within the Shrailleeni private sector.
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Postby New Edom » Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:42 pm


1 Copper Daily
October 25, 2017

Chamber Votes for Public Banking

by Annabelle Barca

FINEBERG, New Edom-- IN a reversal of its recently held position, the Chamber of Deputies has declared that publicly owned banks are one of New Edom’s strengths and that the nationalisation of banks will be one of the Government's most important achievements. This has, as expected, upset those who have supported the flirtation with financial liberalisation, which included an as yet unfinished drive to privatize public sector banks.

The declaration was first made by Secretary-General of the Chamber Christina Delmar at the National Leadership Summit. She argued that while the ongoing “economic upheaval” could “grievously affect the most vulnerable sections of our society”, her party had partially insulated New Edom’s poor from becoming “victims of the unchecked greed of bankers and businessmen”.

Coming from the Chamber's leadership following the first year that it has existed, this could be dismissed as mere rhetoric that is unlikely to influence policy. After all, National Wisdom Party leader Dr. Marius Campion had noted in the same speech that, the response to the economic slowdown resulting from the crisis should not be a return to the era of controls. But the cynics were surprised when just days after Dr. Delmar made her remarks, Finance Minister Count Lalery took the cue from the Chamber and extolled the virtues of a nationalised banking sector. Speaking at a function organised as part of the national independence celebrations, he emphasised that New Edom’s public sector banks would become strong pillars in the Region’s banking industry.

This was because, unlike the chief executives of private banks in Novitera and Tericio, public sector bank managers did not violate regulations in search of profits. For a Minister who has been pushing for the dilution of banking regulations, the privatisation of public banks, and the relaxation of the cap on voting rights of shareholders in banks, this is indeed a reversal of position. Three factors may have contributed to this change of opinion. First, the evidence that the managers of private banks pursuing profits had dropped all diligence and made decisions that have threatened and are still threatening the viability of leading banks in the developed capitalist countries. These include banks that the advocates of financial liberalisation and privatisation upheld as models of modern banking.

Second, the recognition that the only way in which the losses made by these banks could be socialised and their viability ensured was for the government to invest in their shares so as to recapitalise them. Across the world, the response to the financial crisis has shifted out of mere measures to inject liquidity into the system to backdoor nationalisation of these banks so as to save them from bankruptcy and to ensure that they keep lending.

Finally, the evidence that on an average, the public sector banks in New Edom have weathered the financial storm much better than the private banks, including some that had been celebrated as the post-liberalisation icons of innovative banking.However, if the argument stops here, the explicit or implicit defence of nationalisation and support for public banking can only be partial and circumstantial. What needs recognition is a conceptual case for regulated, public banking that emerges from the current and previous financial crises. It is now widely recognised that the current crisis can be traced to forces unleashed by the transformation of Noviteran banking in the 20th Century, when it moved away from the “lend and hold” model in which the interest margin – or the difference between interest paid on deposits and the interest charged on loans – determined the profits of banks.

With interest rates being controlled or regulated, this margin was small and implied that the profitability of banking was low and below that of the rest of the financial sector and even that of many non-financial industries. In fact, during the inflationary later decades of the 20th Century, profitability sank even further because savers moved out of bank deposits, returns on which were regulated, to other kinds of financial instruments.

There was a good reason why the banking system was thus regulated. As financial intermediaries, banks accept deposits from the public at large, including small savers. These deposits are insured against risk, are liquid and can be withdrawn at will.

On the other hand, the banks that pool these deposits provide medium or long-term advances to borrowers who are risky targets, creating loan assets that are relatively illiquid. Given the risk carried by these intermediaries, which are crucial to the real economy, they had to be protected and the savings of small savers and households secured through regulation, including regulation of interest rates. A consequence was that banking was an island of low profits, resulting in a conflict between this profit scenario and private ownership.

Some critics, particularly within the Intellectual and National Wisdom Parties have suggested that Count Lalery's change of heart and the swing towards nationalisation are not merely for financial reasons, however, but to curb the popularity growing once again among the ETC and the Free Congress. Following meetings between President Nicanor and Free Congress leader Sarah Carmel, it was resolved that the Free Congress would agree to a 'moderation' of ETC activism, which has resulted in more organized demonstrations, more negotiated voting in the Chamber. Therefore, Claudius Glaber of the Intellectual Party suggested, it is an attempt to avoid a direct confrontation between Monarchist and ETC, by "throwing a bone to the fears of regionalisation." Count Lalery has insisted that this is absurd and that the nationalisation trend will "Not be forever, but to protect our financial system during this time of recession and to build our nation's financial strength."

Count Lalery has insisted that this will not affect foreign banks operating currently in New Edom and in partnership with New Edomite based businesses or foreign owned businesses which use foreign banks for escrow. The Finance Minister insisted that there would be "No penalty to our trading partners. If our system is not competitive, then we will strive to do better."

    In other news:
    Miners and Factory Workers' Unions to Return to Negotiations
    Adiran Summit Going Well, says Palace spokesman
    Heroic Edomites, Allies Push on to Brod

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