The Talon Enclave (In heavy development)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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The Talon Enclave (In heavy development)

Postby Janowitz » Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:10 am

The Talon Enclave


It is on this date, June 25, 2012, that I, President Janow, am very pleased to announce the official bonding of a new alliance of freedom! The Talon Enclave!
After a terrible war which cost my nation, Janowitz, half of our land, all nations that aided us and saved the western half of Janowitz from slavery have met together to forge an official defense alliance to preserve freedom around the world. As well as this, a new nation has been accepted into the alliance.

Nations currently in the Talon Enclave:
Gaelic Celtia
The Grand Empire of Xanixi
Our goal is simple. Preserve freedom around the world. Individual rights, civil rights, political freedom, cultural freedom, and so on. We shall cooperate militarily to ensure that our goals are met and kept in mind always.


Article I) Freedom
A) "Political freedom" is defined by the Talon Enclave as "The rights of a nation's citizens to vote and/or voice their opinions on political matters however they wish."
B) "Civil liberties" is defined by the Talon Enclave as a person's right to live their lives how they want, to an extent, which may be subject to restrictions by international, regional, national, or local law.
1) The laws to which is referred may include the most basic of restrictions. I.E.: Setting a punishment for murder.
2) Laws of members of the Talon Enclave may not do the following -
a) Infringe upon private relationships (already existing marriage laws may be unedited)
b) Prevent civilians from eating food and beverages that they desire to eat (foods containing drugs are an exception to this guideline and
alcoholic beverages may be subject to legal standards)
c) Restrict inoffensive wardrobes from being worn (offensive is in the context that others may be offended by overly explicit clothing or
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