Reign of Terror [MT, Semi-Open, IC]

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Reign of Terror [MT, Semi-Open, IC]

Postby Empire of Symphonia » Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:21 am

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Numenoria, Numenor
Southern Symphonia, Seong Shogunate
12:00pm CNT Symphonica Time

The park in central Numenoria was filled with foriegn press and the local citizens as the announcement of the execution of former leading diplomats was broadcasted over state television. Never in the history of Symphonia had something like this ever happened, yet the Seong government had decided to break tradition and precedent. A line of military officers with pistols stood behind a line of Symphonia's diplomats, chattering cheerily as if the execution was merely an event for the 4 o'clock tea time that afternoon.

However, not was all that it seemed.

Two diplomats looked out proudly at the silent crowd, staring into everyone'es eyes as if to tell them something. Unknownest to everyone, they were the former Twin Emperors of Symphonia, Lelouch and Sora vi Kiramashi-Sveltz. Another couple kneeled several feet away, possessing determined looks upon their faces. They were the Cloistered Monarchs Aidan and Euphemia vi Kiramashi-Britannia. All were chosen for execution by the order of the Shogunate government, yet they did not have a true execution. Why? Well if the current government openly executed Symphonia's revered monarchs whose dynasty governed the sprawling nation for more then 3 millenia, then riots and rebellions would explode across the nation.

So thus, their deaths would be concealed and their deaths be faked by car crash or airplane crash. At this point a man in military officer garb walked on stage.

"Welcome," he said," We gathered here to today witness the execution of these traitors, who sided with rogue factions and attempted to overthrow the government of our nation and assasinate the Emperor. So, we protectors of the Empire and the Universal People, have arrested these class-A traitors and will have them executed on public television to show anyone who ever again attempts to attack and overthrow the government, this will happen to them."

The crowd shifted uncomfortably and looked on as a line of officers stood into position and forced the people kneeling to face their heads down. Euphemia, who at this point was on the verge of hysterics, swung around and knocked the men behind her away, startling the rest of the line. As the other officers were distracted, the rest of the prisoners also made a run for it. The assembled crowd also ran, pandemonium breaking out across the park. However, they and the prisoners did not get far.

The old minister Chung Hyung-suk attempted to shield Lelouch and Sora from the bullets as the officers attempted to shoot the prsioners before they could escape, only to be shot three times in the chest and head. The former AFN supreme chancellor Akihiko vi Kiramashi fell as ten bullets were sprayed into his body, killing several other civilian bystanders. Aidan, who attempted to protect his wife, was shot and killed by the officer assigned to his execution who then killed Euphemia as well. Several diplomats were also killed as they tried to escort Lelouch and Sora out of the park, who then were intercepted by several military police officers and then dragged struggling back to the stage.

"How dare you!" Lelouch screamed at the commanding officer," You dare lay your filthy hands on the Imperial Fam-"

A bullet shot ended the life of the Emperor of the West, the hatred still etched upon his face. The man turned towards his twin, his face calm as he pointed the gun at Sora's forehead.

"So this is how it ends, huh?" he said with a smile," You and your family are over."

Sora's eyes filled with tears, but his voice was filled with determination.

"So be it," he said," But we will have our revenge either way. The House of Kiramashi never dies without a fight."

The man chuckled before pulling the trigger.

Skyview, Totomi Province
Northeast Symphonia, Seong Shogunate
6:00 pm CNT Symphonica Time

As it was to be in this age of instant communications, the news of the messy execution circulated on the internet, and hackers brought down several government websites in their search for information. Soon enough a rumor surfaced that the recent execution of the so-called diplomats was actually a cover for the execution of the most powerful members of the Imperial Family, and rage exploded across the internet. It began with the social websites, spreading to political blogs and finally into the evening news, the kinds that had yet to be put under government control.

People seeing the news stared in horror and anger, and riots and anti-government demonstrations exploded across almost every city in Symphonia, aside from those in the territories under the direct administration of the Seong Shogunate in Numenoria. It was in Skyview, the home of the Federation Palace and unofficial living quarters of the Kiramashis, that massive resistance was planned.

The streets were jammed with supporters of the Imperial Family, the rioters carrying rifles and heavy hand-held weaponry. Others carried homemade weaponry, and all marched towards the provincial government headquarters that was directly facing the Palace several blocks down. However, a line of tanks and heavily armed soldiers blocked the way. If one could imagine it, it was the Palace, representing the Imperial Family and the people, versus the headquarters, representing the new dictators. As the demonstrators marched down and chanted anti-government slogans, a shout was issued from the army.

"If you come any closer, we will be forced to open fire," was the order.

"NO!" was the resounding answer from the people and they continued to march forward.

Then it all happened.

It was never clear who was the aggressor, but soon enough the streets erupted into fighting and into a bloodbath. The army group opened fire, tank shells and machine gun shells piercing the crowd and scattering the people, leaving bloody messes and craters in the ground. The army group surged forward, continuing the pour fire into the hapless demonstrators, some who fought back but were mowed down by superior firepower. Others tried to escape into the side streets, but they were blocked off by other military units, who opened fire and killed even more people. The only way of escape was into the Federation Palace, whose guards opened the doors to let in anyone who could get int fast enough.

The Empress Dowager ordered the gates to be shut after everyone had gotten in, believing that the Seong military would not violate the law of sanctuary and not hearing about the execution of her family members. But to her shock, and to the shock of everyone within the walls of the palace, the tanks started firing into the grounds. Fighter-bombers appeared out of the air, and fired missiles into the palace complex. The Empress Dowager was killed in the inital explosion, a flying piece of wood stabbing her old and frail body.

The survivors evacuated into the underground bunker, hoping to wait out the fighting and attempting to negotiate a surrender, but the military rebuffed all attempts to communication. So the bombing and beseigment of the Palace continued all through the night and into the morning.

Fire breaks out on small cornor of palace grounds at the beginning of the attack

At around 7:30 am, a small tank shell penetrated into the Palace's munition's depot, where the defenders were planning to grab weapons in the event the enemy broke into the bunker. A large explosion tore through the bunker, killing all inside.

Federation Palace: Bunker is destroyed

The Seong Shogunate quickly moved to suppress the riots in the other cities, using brute military force in some cases. All resistance collapsed when the Federation Palace fell, and rebellious morale took and nose-dive. The Seong moved and executed the leaders of the rebellion, clamping down on social networking sites and blogs with a vast array censures. In total, nearly 1 million people died the in the nationwide demonstrations.That afternoon, the Seong proclaimed the 2-year old Shin-il vi Kiramashi-Cheonsa as the Emperor of Symphonia and the Celestial People, with High Princess Aiko vi Kiramashi-Seong as the regent for the young emperor.

While support for the new emperor has jumped by leaps and bounds, public opinion has turned into hatred against the dictatoral government and rebellion is once again festering. the question now is, where does Symphonia go next?
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Postby Aquitayne » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:41 am

Reichstag, Aquitayne

Aquitaynian news channels had been reporting on the Symphonian coup d'etat, stating that what was being called the Seong Shogunate had taken control of the country through military force. Before telecommunications went down with Aquitaynian regional news branches in Symphonia, reports of extreme clashes with paramilitary forces and the Shogunate's military had ensued in major cities across the country, with reports of over 200,000 dead and counting. Aquitaynian politicians and citizens were outraged, calling for the Reichstag to implement immediate trade sanctions and condemnations on the Shogunate for their brute force in dealing with the people of Symphonia.

The administration was having an even greater problem in finding solutions to the rising issue. Symphonia was a large trading partner with Aquitayne, simply cutting off trade with them would be reckless and irresponsible to the economy. Higher tariffs, however, could be implemented with minimal backlash by the Shogunate. As per dealing with the NLF and the Shogunate's action towards the matter, this was very tricky indeed. In an emergency meeting with head military officials, Aquitayne planned their options, and their response.

Sam sat down at the large oak table, sifting through a file on the issue. "What do we know about the Seong Shogunate?"

"We know they're bad news," Reichsfuhrer Wilhelm III spoke up, "they've seized control through a typical coup d'etat, they tried killing the Lelouch twins under the guise of diplomats, but soon was discovered to be the Emperor and Empress of Symphonia. That's what sparked the mass riots throughout the country."

"Death tolls?"

"In excess of one million."

At that, Sam looked up at Wilhelm with a sincere look of shock. He was half hoping that the number was wrong, that something was malfunctioning and the numbers were wrong, but he knew in the back of his mind they were right. With a sigh, he let out "fuck..."

"We expect death tolls to rise - not by much, but rise nevertheless. I suggest immediate condemnations on the Seong Shogunate. I also suggest we de-legitimize their administration. They've appointed a two-year old as Emperor," Wilhelmscoffed, "how petty."

"Petty or not, Wilhelm, the Seong Shogunate has shown they have the backing of the Symphonian military, and that they are a forced to be reckoned with. I doubt other nations throughout the UEN will be supporting the mass slaughter, but I don't suspect they'll be taking the same stance we are. I want an official condemnation of the Seong Shogunate drafted immediately, as well as a declaration of tariff increase on all imported trade."

Wilhelm nodded and stood, exiting the room to do as he was told.

"The rest of you, explore military options into aiding this National Liberation Front. Monetary, equipment, whatever. Also, get some troops ready to move to Symphonia, I want them there no later than Friday."


To: The Seong Shogunate of the Empire of Symphonia

From: The Fascist Empire of Aquitayne
Importance: Imperative

Subject:Coup D'etat and Civilian Resistance/Trade
Cc: N/A

To whom it is concerned,

The actions portrayed by the rulers of the Seong Shogunate, through the coup d'etat to the genocidal treatment of civilians is deplorable. The now 'rulers' of Symphonia have displayed a kind of disrespect to their people and their allies, not only through the attempted cover-up killings of the Emperor and Empress, but through the breach of the UEN Charter; Article VII section i, "No nation in the region may commit genocide or mass killings of civilians". Those people were, the whole million souls murdered ruthlessly by your Shogunate, were civilians. The careless mistreatment of your own people is disgusting.

The Reich has deemed the Seong Shogunate illegitimate, and does not recognize its totalitarian regime. In the eyes of Aquitayne, the Kimashi Dynasty is still the holder of power within Symphonia, and our view will not change.

Aquitayne is also hereby increasing the tariff of trade between the Empire of Aquitayne and the Seong Shogunate from $0.00NSD to $0.50NSD per pound of goods entering the country from Symphonia. We will not halt trade with the Shogunate, but note that all military items which may have been shipped are hereby cancelled, and all shipments in-route will be headed home. Aquitayne will not sell munitions to a dictatorship.

In the interest of the people of Symphonia, with views towards the future prosperity of the country and its wellfare, Aquitayne will be deploying the following units to Symphonia for humanitarian purposes, providing aid, food, shelter and water to those who need it. Those units are as follows:

  • 15th Guardsmen Mountain Division (20,000)
  • 10th Guardsmen Armored Brigade (7,500)
  • 22nd Fighter Wing (3,000)
  • 3rd Artillery Regiment (2,500)
  • 5th Naval Task Force (Excess of 7,000)
  • 5th MEU (3,000)

OOC: I will write up an ORBAT as the troops get closer to Symphonia, need to organize them.

We hope that you will see these troops as humanitarian. Specialty Brigades are there to ensure the safety of our soldiers whether that be from the Shogunate or NFL forces. We hope to hear back from you soon.

Seig Heil!

Samuel Riech
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Postby Deneager » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:52 am

Cortellia, Deneager 5:00 PM
National News Brodcast

A "Coup d'etat has started in Symophia. This is trully tagec event as the entire Royal familiy has been killed. Their seems to be no chance of any diplomicy to be possible against these forces.
Speech by leader of Deneager-"Most Honored" General of the Army, Timothy Zimitsch
"This is a tragec event. no coup forces should have power. I declare that Military action most be taken before things get to serous. I am full of sorrow for their people and hope this does turn into a cival war."
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Postby Aquitayne » Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:02 am

Deneager wrote:-snip-

OOC: Signups for the RP are here. Please apply if you want to participate.

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Postby Comrade Commisar » Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:10 pm

Command Center 29, Tsing Tsao,
Tsao Empire

"Generals, the reports from the newly established, militaristic Seong Shogunate are quite... disturbing..." A Red Guard remarked as he placed down some documents upon the polished oak table in the Command Center War Room.

Opening the documents, the many generals were not particularly impressed when it came time for each member to view the reports appropriately. If anything, many were more concerned about Aquitayne's initial involvement than anything else, however, there were those who were wondering what action AAAA-Ranked General Shan Huo would formally take upon the issue. Some, immediately expressing their concerns, were somewhat worried about the consequences of involvement.

"With respects, Great General, the Tsao Empire cannot afford to send troops this early within our great plans," Remarked General Dai, "Such would delay our vital modernization and remilitarization efforts, I propose we simply pass a condemnation and be done with it--"
"On the contrary, General Dai," Spoke the equally experienced General Kwai, "We could use this as an opportunity to test our new weapons and strategies upon... 'live targets'. The experiences gained from either victory or defeat in the Seong Shogunate would prepare us to alter existing designs and project our funding towards successful projects--"
"Stop your quarrelling, you old, filthy bags of air," Muttered Admiral Honda of the Tsao Imperial Navy exhaustedly, "It is up to the Great General to decide such matters, you are merely his advisors. Now shut your mouths and offer actual advise of use."

General Shan Huo turned around slowly, looking at Generals Dai and Kwai, before staring at Admiral Honda. Sitting down, he skimmed through the folder before throwing its contents upon the floor, many Red Guards immediately rushing to clean the mess.

"It is of no importance." Spoke General Shan, quite angered, "General Shin Fei has been dispatched towards the Seong Shogunate accordingly with the 38th Mechanized and 56th Red Guard. The Seong Shogunate is another example of military governance similar towards our own, we shall not be hasty in condemning potential allies, Dai. However, these reports of massive troop movement in the Aquitaynian lands is of some interest; our 'investigators' report movements of nearly fourty thousand troops, if not more. Now tell me, what sounds better to you; supporting fellow military governments, or supporting a family of royalty who stripped us of nuclear capabilities many years ago, hm?"

The other generals remained in silence, until General Dai eventually broke the silence.
"I am guessing that we could send in more brigades if necessary," He muttered, "Although I am sure the 38th Mechanized and 56th Red Guard, under General Shin's supervision, can easily handle any threat; we must account for Aquitayne's increasing involvement in our interests..."

General Shan nodded at the script-like statement from Dai and stood up, his great height towering over many in the room.
"Any arguments? No? Good. Meeting ajourned. All dismissed." The General walked past Dai, and without looking at each other, spoke, "You were elected to this council of military advisors due to your efforts in Civil Defense; other than that, you are useless. Send a dispatch towards the Seong Shogunate, tell them that we are in support of their government."

As the Great General left the war room, the anxious General Dai immediately went to type up a draft.

Tsao Imperial Naval Fleet,
30 miles off the Symphonian Coast

"The Seong did an attrocious job with the execution, although their efforts in surpressing the local populace were somewhat 'good spirited'."
"The Seong still do not have reign upon their government, or their populace. While they are attempting to maintain the impression that they do, they are quickly weaking upon their borders."
"That is where we come in?"
"That is where we come in."

The many battleships and battlecruisers of the Tsao Navy were shining in the water, many of them carrying members of the 38th and 56th Brigades respectively. General Shin Fei himself was within his flagship, 'The Telora Burning', a newly built battlecruiser thought to be built with the remnants of the Hellhound during the Hellhound Crisis. General Shin Fei, who stood up to a member of the Symphonian Imperial Family, personally wished to execute the Kiramashis himself - they, who overstepped their position in the Hellhound Crisis. Feeling a mix of rage, anger, sadness, anxiety, and nostaglia, the General sat in his quarters in attempt to write about his experiences in the Hellhound Crisis.

"General," Spoke a Tsao sailor who stood at his door, "We are nearing the Symphonian coast, please, prepare accordingly."

The General nodded and waved the young sailor off before placing away his writings. Stepping upon the deck of the ship, the bright summer sun shined greatly in his eye, particially blinding him from the many battleships and cruisers sailing towards the Symphonian coast. For this task, he was assigned the 38th Mechanized Brigade, who of which were equiped with the newer Commander-Class 'Light' Tank to support the older, heavier, but reliable Emperor-Class Tanks. The 56th Red Guard division were fairly common infantrymen, many of whom were armed with Type 73 automatic rifles in preparation for the thick urban fighting that was expected to take place. Many soldiers, still happily chatting away before their deployment, were remarking about family, old friends, or were proudly boasting their previous actions. General Shin Fei, broadcasting his voice via speaker tower, gave his men some encouragement before their grand deployment.

"Men of the 38th Mechanized Brigrade and 56th Red Guard Brigade, you have survived the worse, from enemy hordes, from gas attacks, from the very clutches of death itself. Today, you are armed with the finest weapons the Tsao Empire can provide, more than a match for professional enemy infantry and mechanized divisions, and more than any match for insurgents and militiamen. Today, the Tsao Empire wishes the best of all of you, and the completion of every task presented to you. Use your weapons to accomplish your goals to the fullest, let nothing stand in the way between you and greatest. Be unexpected and resourceful; should an enemy occupy a building, do not clear it, demolish it. Should an enemy stand in your path, go not around, but through! Let nothing stand in our way, brave comrades, and perhaps, you shall be the ones commanding your own brigades within the future. This is General Shin Fei of the 38th and 56th Brigrades, good luck and may the gods bless you upon these days! Urah!"

"URAH!" Came a shout that could be heard for miles, of morale-filled men who thought themselves invincible, even more so against lightly armed militiamen and guerrillas, "URAH!"

"Comrades! We are nearing the Symphonian Lands under the Seong Shogunate! Prepare yourselves! We shall be aiding them in their quest to rid them of the filthy traitors who disgraced us many years ago!"

"URAH!" Came another cheer from the men, many holding up their caps, rifles, or whatever wasn't nailed down.

"Comrades! Let nothing stop us! Crush the traitorous scum who stand in our way! Militiamen, Insurgent, Soldier, Mercenary, crush everything that stands before you!"

"URAH!" Came yet another cheer.

"Comrades! One final word! Those who find the Imperial Family, and bring their heads before the Tsao and the Seong, shall be handsomely rewarded and treated as heroes of the Tsao Empire! Pillage their goods and share them among yourselves! Do not allow these Kiramashi scum to have anything! Take, and help take, what is rightfully ours!"

"URAH!" Came a final cheer as many of the men were ready to scour the streets in order to massacre any militia or Imperial scum that stood in their way.

Intended Destination: The Seong Shogunate of the Empire of Symphonia
Origin of Document: The Tsao Empire of the Four Nations
Encryption: Level 5 [Highest]

It has come to the attention of the Tsao Empire, that the militaristic Seong Shogunate has attempted to purge its lands of traitors, and instead has been fighting a surge of traitors and rebels of its government. The Tsao appauld the current actions of the Seong Shogunate, and wish to support the Seong in any way formally possible, from military hardware to a surpression force to quell the local rebellions of traitors and traitorious scum. We humbly wish to improve our relations with the Seong Shogunate, and shall aid in the huntings of the Imperial Family and any filth that may aid them.

As of such, the Tsao Empire is sending the 38th Mechanized Brigade and 56th Red Guard Brigade, as well as military equipment, to help aid in the search and destruction of traitors and their supporters. The Tsao Empire wishes to demonstrate techniques to surpress traitorious propaganda, as well as any civil disorder among the populace, in order to send a message to these traitors that the Seong Shogunate is a force of justice, and that this 'National Liberation Front' are merely traitors who manipulate the citizens of the country to do their own, unpure, corrupt deeds.

We stand in support of the Seong Shogunate and recognize them as the true government of the Symphonian Lands, and believe that the time has come for the Kiramashi family and its supports to step down, and face death with honor, instead of hiding behind manipulation and propaganda to lull the citizenry to their own needs. Either they shall face the forces of authority and retain some dignity, or our honorable forces shall arrive to give it to them.

Let us assure the destruction of these traitorious rebels and their supporters, and let us hope that some of them shall see the light.

AA-General Dai Li of the Ministry of Civil Defense
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Postby Empire of Symphonia » Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:29 pm

On the third day of the upheavel, another round of protests rocked the Seong Shogunate. The territories in the far north and east burned as the population rioted against the harsh and oppressive measures that were percieved at aiming to curb the freedoms of the individual people and ending the Kiramashi line once and for all. Local citizens tooks to the streets, firing their own weapons into the air in direct defience of the Seong Shogunate's new ban on personal weapons. Soldiers and tanks quickly attempted to crush the rioters, often with heavy force in which many civilians lives were lost. Though not as heavy as the first night after the coup, death tolls soared to another 300,000 people killed and about 750,000 injured. It was in the afternoon that events started to take a turn for the worst.

West Genevira, Kozuke Province
Hitachi Region, Northwest Symphonia

2:21pm CNT Symphonica Time

The crowds roared in approval as the Seong Shogunate flag was torn from atop the Genevira Provincial Hall, smoke filling the air as the city of West Genevira burned in the background. The middle-aged woman who had torn it off threw it to the ravenous crowd below, the people grabbing it and stamping on it before it was torn to shreds. The woman climbed down from the roof, climbing onto the overhanging balcony that overlooked the square in which the assembled crowd was standing in. Several high-ranking military men stood behind her, and they draped the Imperial Kiramashi colors over her shoulders. The crowd shouted in even greater joy and support, ignoring the fact that the ground was slick with blood from the dead soldiers whom they had caught unawares before the riot began.

The riot-turned-rebellion was planned out carefully, in order to prevent the Seong from being able to bring in reinforcements and destroy the rebellion as they had in Skyview. The attack was planned at the lunch hour, in which the new aristocractic government of West Genevira and Kozuke would be at its least guard. Within 30 minutes the local population, armed with machines guns and anti-tank rockets, had seized the port, the communications centers, the airport, and other important government buildings, and were soon marching the provincial government headquarters in downtown. With no reinforcements and no way to communicate to the outside world, the Seong Marquis of Kozuke had attempted to wait out a seige until the central government could deploy reinforcements from subjugated Skyview.

Unfortunately for him and his few supporters, the rebels had helicopters stolen from the nearby military base and landed military defectors atop the government building and forced the Marquis to surrender despite a courageous defense fom his soldiers. The rebel commanding officer lamented why such soldiers had to serve the Seong, the peope le who were attempting to force Symphonia under their rule. The Marquis was brought in chains and ordered for execution by the order of the NLF Council.

A microphone podium was placed before the woman now standing over the kneeling Marquis. Foreign journalists were invited to attend the news conference, and were now standing in a roped off section of square below.

"Good Afternoon," the woman said into the microphone," We are gathered here to celebrate the triumph of the people against the despotic Seong rulers, who have outrightly killed many of our countrymen in their quest to become the rulers of Symphonia. Furthermore, they have attempted to kill our Imperial Family, who have ruled our nation with a gentle hand ever since the Unification of Symphonia."

A roar of hatred issued forth from the crowd.

"Thus, this is our response," the woman continued, thundering into the microphone," We will rebel and fight until our nation is restored and the Seong are all dead, or we will fight and make the Seong never forget that the PEOPLE ARE SUPREME!"

Another roar issued forth, along with many calls for the execution of the Seong leaders.

"They have placed a child, a baby on our Throne," the woman continued," And they attempt to make his rule legitimate by appointing one of their own as his regent. I say DOWN WITH THE HIGH PRINCESS! LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR!"

The loudest roar yet was the reply. The cameras flashed and the tapes rolled as the foreign reporters took this all in.

"They seek to overthrow the Kiramashi," the woman shouted in triumph," But where are the Kiramashi? Not dead yet for I AM ONE OF THEM! I AM SEONDEOK VI KIRAMASHI and I AM NOT DEAD!"

Shouts of "Long live the Marquess!" came from the crowd. The people were estatic, as if the war had already been won and now all they had to do was sweep away the last of the Seong.

"So long the Seong rule, we the people shall continue to fight them," she said," In order for our wishes to be heard, the NLF shall reorganized into the United States of Symphonia. we will overthrow the aristocracy and stop the military from ever regaining power ever again. That is all, and God bless Symphonia!"

A new flag was raised over the provincial hall, and fireworks exploded in the sky.

United States of Symphonia in Blue
Capital: West Genevira
Leader: Seondeok vi Kiramashi, Marquess of Kozuke

Symphony, Latinium Province
Mikawa Region, Central Symphonia

4:45pm EST Symphonica Time

The news conference had been broadcast across Symphonia using channels that had escaped government control. Hackers had also infiltrated the government-controlled channels as well, bringing the news broadcast to the Seong-controlled areas well. Within hours, rebellions spread to other cities as well and new governments had been established and joined the United States Coalition:

- The Military Government of the United States in Cheonsa (Daehan) - The Military Government of the United States in The Southlands (Celestar)
- The Military Government of the United States in Xinhai (Evendium) - The Military Government of the United States in Hienkoku (Pendragon)
- The Military Government of the United States in Synd (Synchronicity) - The Military Government of the United States in Kuro (Singapore)
- The Military Government of the United States in Central Symphonia (Yuko-Sakura) - The Military government of the United States in Latinium (Symphony)

With the inclusion of Symphony, formerly the capital of the Empire under the Kiramashi and the current home of the Shin-il Emperor, the legitmacy of the new United States grew enormously. After all, Symphony was a massive resource base that would be a blow to any government that lost it and a boon to any that gained it. It housed nearly all of Symphonia's most advanced technologies, not mention containing a population of 50 million within its metropolitan area and generating nearly a fourth of Symphonia's total GDP. Its inclusion was peculiar in that the Seong governor, Han Li-ping, was also a Kiramashi sympathezier, and he had declared the independence of Symphony soon after the USS was established in West Genevira, detaching the surrounding province of Latinium and opening a hole in Seong defenses and zones of control.

Outside in the streets, the people of the city were celebrating while at the same time preparing for the inevitable Seong attack that would be aimed at reclaiming the city. Anti-sea weaponry was deployed along the riverfront in the city and across the Sakura River in West Bank, while anti-aircraft batteries and SAMs were set ontop of Symphony's many skyscrapers. The defenses were being set up as scheduled, when an officer rushed ino the Relum Palace, where Han was consulting with his advisors.

"Sir, we have an emergancy!" the officer shouted," Radar points to nearly 200 high-altitude bombers heading this way. We can see them nearing West Bank in 5 minutes! They will get here in 10 minutes!"

"What! How did they get so close without us noticing!?!," Han said while jumping out his chair," I did not expect the Seong to attack within such a short time! Inform the men to get to their battle stations!"

"Sir, they had stealth cover being deployed around their bombers," replied the officer as the entire cabinet walked out and onto an elevator that led directly down 200 feet to the Relum Imperial Bunker," Only the experimental technology that was left over from the begining of the war was able to catch them."

"Where is the air force?" asked the governor as the elevator started to wisk its way down,"I thought we had Symphony-Evendium under our control."

"Yes, we are deploying the air force as we speak," replied the officer shakily," But we do not have enough fighters left because the Seong had transfered most them to the southern bases under their control. At most we can have is 50 Lightning-II fighters."

"50 against 200 bombers that have their own anticraft weaponry as well," snarled the governor," So be it. I'd rather let Symphony burn then give it to the demonic barbarians."

As the reached the bunker's command center, a shout of horror issues forth from the officers monitering the situation. Han stood shell-shocked as he couldn't belive what was going on before his eyes.

A live satellite feed was capturing the bonbers carpet bombing the city of West Bank, while a live communications link was filled with screams of the dieing and the sound of near constant explosions. The cabinet stood there before breaking out in a frenzy of action. Orders where sent to the soldiers in West Bank to retreat, whereupon a reply came that the Seong 4th Army had beseiged the city, though outside the carpet bombing zone. Han just stood there, watching as a bomb from the bombers exploded on the Katsuma Bridge connecting West Bank to the other side of the Sakura River, watching as countless people who were fleeing the burning city plunged into the Sakura River below. His fist trembled as his anger built up.


At the same time, a massive explosion shook the bunker and the electricity temporairily wento out, coming back a few seconds later. A short communications came into the command center.

"This is the Major Akasuma of the 3rd Regiment," came the voice over radio," The Relum Palace has exploded. I repeat the Relum Palace has exploded. Is there confirmation on the safety of the military government?"

"Yes, the governor is here in the bunker," replied an officer,"We have no injuries and are just shaken up."

"That is good," Akasuma said," I report that the bombers have left West Bank and are retur-Holy Mother!"

At that point, large explosions could be heard from above and the bunker shook violently. Akasuma came back on the radio, shouting order to his troops to stand ground and fire their missiles before speaking to the officers.

"The Seong had another bombing group, and are bombing the city," he said as if he was running,"I have reports that it was a different bombing group and that they have hit bombing all over the city. Our positions are taking a hard pounding and we need air support. Anti-aircraft are not going to be able to fend off the Seong army and air force for a long."

"Copy that," the officer replied as the rest of the people grabbed railings in an effort to avoid falling over from the sheer force that was rocking the bunker," We have 50 Lightning-IIs arriving from Symphony-Evendium Air Force Base in any moment now."

"50! Thats obviously not enough for the hell that we was experiencing up here!," Akasuma shouted into the radio,"Where are the rest of our fighters!" I thou-AHH!"

The sound of an explosion and a building collapsing cut of Akasuma's voice. Silence fell over the bunker before everyone sat down and prepared to wait it out.

Numenoria, Numenor
Southern Symphonia, Seong Shogunate

6:00pm CNT Symphonica Time

All was quiet as the Seong Imperial Council met in the formerly Kiramashi Palace of Haru, the Shogun Seong Lee-min and Chairman Mun Kai-shin entering last carrying several folders of paper. They all sat down and enjoyed the tea that had been placed there beforehand by the servants who now were forced serve the Shogun. Seong Lee-min was a man of imposing stature, tall and not very old, carrying a cane that housed a stainless steel sword that revealed itself when one pulled off the top. His wore a military general's clothing, his chest overflowing with medals and awards that were given to him by a grateful Christina vi Kiramashi-Sveltz from during the Italian Civil War and later by Emperor Aidan during the Constitutional Crisis.

Despite these awards and honors, he viewed them as only stepping stones for seizing power from the Kiramashi Clan, whom he believed were becoming weak and unable to govern an empire as glorious as Symphonia. Thus, when Aidan and Euphemia abdicated in favor of their nephews, the Twin Emperors Lelouch and Sora, Lee-min had begun planning for his coup d'etat to remove the Kiramashi from power. A monarchy that abdicates in favor of its own family is one that seeks to retain its power by any means nessessary, he believed, and the Kiramashis were only going to hand power over to someone within their family, excluding the extended ones in Great Britain and Sveltz and Reformed Britannia. The Twin Emperors, though they were just as effective as the previous generations of Kiramashis before having precided over the Hellhound War and the Second Commisar Conflict, have to go if power and glory could be brought to Symphonia like in the olden days.

Lee-min's right hand man in this venture was Mun Kai-shin, an aristocrat who was Prince of Numenor and a distant descendent of the House of Numenor, a rival imperial house that the Kiramashi had exterminated in the 1st and 2nd Symphonian Civil Wars. Of course it the Numenor family that had instigated those conflicts. but the Mun clan had a vibrant imagination of them claiming the Celestial Throne of Symphonia in the name of the return of the Numenor and their final triumph over the Kiramashi. So long that the Kiramashi had all been killed and their acursed Catholic religion was wiped out from Symphonia forever, it really did not matter how many millions had to die, even if over half the population was devoutly pro-Kiramashi and Catholic. He had been chose by Lee-min because he saw that Mun not only had money and power, he had a small army as well.

Using this army, both men had seized the central government and forced the Kiramashis to hand over power to them. In spite of this, the people refused to recognize the new government and the instigators decided to enforce their will by force.

Now with over half the country under their control and the NLF disorganized and unable to mount effective resistance, Lee-min and Mun were quite sure of their victory. That was until the Kiramashi had decided to rear their ugly heads and declared the founding of the so-called United states of Symphonia, headed by another Kiramashi. Lee-min exploded in anger when Seondeok's face appeared on television at the noontime lunch, while Mun frowned in an aristocract manner that was tantamount to several thousands years of refinement in mannerisms. The rest of the Imperial Council had sat their in shock, before Lee-min ordered that a detachment of the elite assasins section, the Imperial Celestial Guard, to go to West Genevira and wipe out the USS government.

What got them next was the sudden rioting in the cities that spawned more of these "dens of filth," as Lee-min called the new USS military governments. Mun then suggested that they should use a policy of shock and awe, attacking one of these military governments in a manner so destructive that the rebels in the USS would lack resistance and lose morale. The choice of the attack was Symphony, because it would show the Symphonian rebels just how ineffective they were compared to the Seong Shogunate's vast military forces. Other council members and many military leaders disagreed to the suggestion, countering that Symphony was too valuable of a target to just bomb into ashes. Lee-min had overuled them and ordered the attack anyway, sending 750 bombers and the 4th Army to seize West Bank before taking Symphony. If the operation was a success, then the USS would lose prestige in that it allowed the UEN's most economically powerful city to be annhilated and unable to rescue the millions that were soon to be trapped and killed by the advancing Seong army.

So the meeting tonight was discussing the ramifications and the plans of action after the attack. Several diplomatic letters of protest had been recieved from Aquitayne and Comrade Commisar and had been addressed as soon as possible. Aquitayne was told to stay out of the affiars of Symphonia or risk recieving heavy economic sanctions and if nessessary, a declaration of war. Comrade Commisar, much to the distaste of the generals who had served in the Hellhound War, was openly accepted as a friend of the Seong Shogunate and directed to land military forces to attack the Cheonsa USS.

When everyone sat down, Mun spoke.

"I have reports that Operation Sakura is a success and that Symphony will be complete encircled by tommorow morning," he said confidently," I expect that the USS will have riots in its hands and many defections when the city finally falls into our hands."

"Very good," Lee-min said stoicly," Is there anything else that I would need to know?"

"Yes," Mun replied with a smirk," I recieved a call from High Princess Aiko this afternoon that the explosives in the Palace of Relum went off successfuly and that the Shin-il Emperor was killed in the explosion. If the USS military government's contingency plans are correct, they are trapped inside the rubble of the palace and will not be able to get out until we have captured them."

A chuckle was issued from several of the generals sitting around the table.

"Oh?," Lee-min said with a small smile," And how did your sister get that brat to sit still in one place long enough for him to be killed?"

Mun's smile grew wider as he said," Sister Aiko drugged His Majesty with roofies and tied him up in the throne room, where all the explosives where, before locking the door behind her and exiting the building. she is on her way back right now."

Laughter broke out from the assembled councillors at this. Ah what a joke, imagine the emperor trussed up like a turkey on his throne, dead to the world while high on drugs, and killed in an explosion set by someone he trusted.

"Well then, I will have to reward your sister whe she gets back," Lee-min said while chuckling," Council is adjourned until after dinner."

With that, everyone stood up and left the room, chuckling at the ramifications of the Shogun's recent words.

Official Communique of the Seong Shogunate
Power, Glory, Victory to the State

From: Kun Kai-shin, Office of the Seong Imperial Council, The Seong Shogunate
To: The Fascist Empire of Aquitayne
Subject: Reply to Communique

Dear Sir,
In the light of the recent events in Symphonia, not only has your nation refused to comply with the orders of His Superior, Shogun Seong Lee-Min, to hand over the former Kiramashi diplomats to Aquitayne, you have decided to interfere in the internal affairs of the Seong Shogunate in stopping these rebels and traitors from overthrowing the only lawful government of Symphonia. The Kiramashi Dynasty is no longer able to govern this nation effectively, and thus dynastic change is required to save the nation from future war. The current fighting lies between the Seong government and the supporters of the nearly-extinct Kiramashi House, and we will not stp in our drive to purge the nation of these terrorists and seperatists.

In response to your economic sanctions, the Shogun has deemed it appropriate to declare an economic embargo against all Symphonian shipping with Aquitayne, and will subsequently enforce this order with military force if nesessary. Any Aquitaynian merhcants vessels will ordered to turn back or they will be seized by the Symphonian Navy and their crews detained and deported back to Aquitayne. Monetary compensation will be given back to any lives ost and any goods that have been seized in the process of enforcing this order.

In response to your declaration of intent in sending peacekeeping soldiers to Symphonia, we reject your decision as one of interfering in our internal affairs. While the actions of war are deplorable, we are perfectly able to send in our own humanitarian forces and reconstruction crews to the devastated area. If any Aquitaynian soldiers are caught in Symphonia, we will be forced to capture and detain them before their deportation.

We aks that you respectfully reconsider your course of action. You are either with us or against us.

Mun Kai-shin
Chairman of the Imperial Seong Council

Official Communique of the Seong Shogunate
Power, Glory, Victory to the State

From: Kun Kai-shin, Office of the Seong Imperial Council, The Seong Shogunate
To: The Tsao Empire of the Four Nations
Subject: Appreciation of Support

Dear Sir,

First. we must thank you for your support. In this time of extreme suffering for our people, only strength and stability can be used to bring peace to our nation, even if war must be waged in order to do so. The NLF, or the so-called United States of Symphonia, are headed by the Kiramashi Imperial Family and intend on restoring their rule over Symphonia. We cannot allow this to continue, their recent detachment of most northern Symphonia have only reinforced their image as separatists and terrorists.

As an apology for past actions that were brought down upon Comrade Commisar by the Kiramashi regime, His Superior, Shogun Seong Lee-min, has decided that your forces can pillage Kiramashi strongholds and do what you will against supporters of the Kiramashi Family. Any persons who claim to be part of that accursed house must be detained and handed over to us for execution. Of course, we will allow one of your persons to be the executor. After all, was it not the Kiramashi who stripped your nation of nuclear weapons.

Once this war is won, we will send a naval detachment and retreive the nuclear weapons that the Kiramashi had hidden in the Sea of Evendium. This along with your execution of the Kiramashi Family, will be your compensation for your effort in this war. The militia and dissident will not stand a chance with Commisar and Symphonia now being allies.

Mun Kai-shin
Chairman of the Imperial Seong Council
Self-described centrist
Likes: Western democracy, capitalism, the Queen, Japan, Republic of China
Dislikes: Religious fundamentalism; discrimination based on sexuality, race, gender, and religion
My Political Compass

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Bright Hill
Robert Welsey Press Briefing Room
New Hivez FCD, Vuhifellian Federation

"...and the president will be meeting with leaders of the party tomorrow to discuss the nominee for the November elections," press secretary Valerie Osman said, quite drearily. After twelve long years as the Bright Hill press secretary, the president would be ineligible for reelection in November and would have to step down, meaning that she could happily retire. She'd been one of President Daniels' closest aides since he was on the Golden Skies City Board of Trustees, over forty years ago. Forty years with the man and her staff were nice, but she knew it was time to move on.

"Is the Republican Party drafting Admiral Ivret as the nominee!?"
"Danny, all the major parties are trying to draft the admiral as their nominee; however, neither the admiral, the president, nor this office will comment on the matter at this time. You'll hear more after the party council meeting."
"Is the admiral going to be at the meeting!?"
"I can't comment on that."
"Is the admiral going to comment on the state of affairs in Symphonia!?"
"The last time I checked it was the President of the Vuhifellian Federation that ran foreign affairs around these parts, pal."
"Does the president have a comment!?"
"The president does not have a comment on the state of affairs in that country at this time."
"Valerie, the president is aware that over a million civilians have died fighting government forces in that country, right?"
"Of course the president is aware-"
"Is the administration too focused on the upcoming nomination fight to focus its energy on the humanitarian crisis?"
"I din't say or imply that-"

The chorus of voices in the briefing room grew louder, forcing Valerie to stop and catch her breath. Trying to shout over a room of rabid reporters was like trying to shout over a freight train. Camera flashes lit the room in a perpetual white glow as the scene was broadcast live to the entirety of the federation. After forty years working the press, they'd finally caught her, and by extension, the president in a situation they hadn't planned for.

Supreme Council Chambers
New Hivez FCD, Vuhifellian Federation
Three Days Later

"The 144th emergency meeting of the Supreme Council of the Vuhifellian Federation will come to order. Please rise as the councilors take their seats!"

The council chambers were located in a large, domed room at the top of the cabinet building, just across from the presidential palace in Bright Hill. Inside was a large, elevated horseshoed table made of redwood, set in front of a wall-sized mural depicting the history of the federation. In the middle of the horseshoe was a rostrum from which those wishing to address the council made their pleas and, at times, were judged. At the rostrum now was President Steven Daniels, the most recent of the Daniels family to hold the presidency in a long line of statesmen that stretched to the foundation of the first republic itself. The councilors in their black robes filed in single file, the emblem of their respective post emblazoned in gold on their sleeves and backs; the only councilor missing an ornate emblem was the Premier, who instead wore a blue robe with several white bars along the sleeve. On his back was an imprint of the flag of Vuhifell. The president may be the commander-in-chief and head of government, but when it came to the command of respect from the citizenry and polity, no one would dare cross the premier. As he motioned for the chamber to be seated, everyone did so in unison, sans the president, who looked the premier straight in the eyes as he began to address the chamber.

"Mr. President, you have been summoned here at the request of the Supreme Council of the Vuhifellian Federation to testify on behalf of your request that we authorize an immediate and non-legislative change in national policy and make a recommendation to the Council of War, is this correct?"
"That is correct, Mr. Premier."
"Please state the nature of this request in policy," the premier said as he sat down, allowing the president unlimited access to the floor.
"There has been a coup in the nation of Symphonia that overthrew its reigning monarchs and brutally executed most of the royal family. Various news and intelligence reports have suggested that an excess of over one million civilians have been killed since then in fighting with military coup forces. I am asking this council to allow me, as chief diplomat of the federation, to recognize a substate rebellion force as the legitimate successor government to the overthrown regime as well as declare those responsible for the massacre of the royal family and numerous civilians as terrorists under Vuhifellian law. These requests are made pursuant to VFC Title 21, Chapter 5, Section 3 as well as Supreme Council Mandate 77."

"Mr. President, are you making these requests of the council to bypass your own administration's failing to address the situation as it was unfolding?" asked the Supreme Councilor of Justice, Jason Lorell. One of the leaders of the Federal Party, it was doubtful that he would vote in the president's favor.

"No, councilor. I am making these requests of the council pursuant to my duties under the constitution. It has been the policy of this administration to bring international terrorists to justice and embolden peaceful, democratic peoples to unite under Vuhifellian leadership. However, I would be derelict and in contempt of the constitution if I were to deploy military forces overseas without a pursuant resolution from the Council of War."

"Then why not come to me, directly, Mr. President?" asked Councilor of War Michael Tindall. Though he was a member of the president's own party, he had tried to secure the presidential nomination in 2000 and lost to Daniels by a landslide. It was only recently that he accrued enough political capital and goodwill to get elected to the Council of War and begin to rebuild his reputation as one of the nation's leading politicians.

"The Council of War is not authorized to declare a rogue regime, nor is it qualified to allow me to recognize a rebellion force as a successor government, Mr. Councilor. You of all people should know that."
"The Council of Foreign Affairs exists for that purpose, Mr. President."
"Mr. Councilor, civilians are dying in droves. Drastic action is needed. This kind of humanitarian crisis doesn't lend itself to the posh debates and negotiating that our founders had in mind in the 18th century."
"Mr. President-"

"Councilor Tindall-" Premier Fezrah muttered, glaring in his general direction. Saying his name was more than enough - the councilor stopped talking. "Mr. President, I appreciate your concern and reverence for the constitution and respect for human life and dignity in petitioning for this emergency meeting. Under my authority as Premier of the Vuhifellian Federation, it is my opinion that President Daniels has a perfectly reasonable point in expecting immediate action from the supreme council in light of the severe crisis unfolding in Symphonia and that his interpretation of the constitution in this matter is beyond reproach. However, Councilor Tindall does have a point, Mr. President - offensive military deployments outside the borders of the federation must first be approved by the Council of War. Both the constitution and historical precedent are very clear about this. I will call two votes: one on the president's objectives and one to refer the situation in Symphonia to the Council of War. Councilors, please be prepared to respond when your name is called."

The premier then stood up, coughing once before addressing the chamber as a whole. "I, Illias Fezrah, Premier of the Vuhifellian Federation, do hereby call a vote of the supreme council on the matter addressed in this meeting's petition. On the matter that those who have slaughtered innocent civilians in Symphonia should be declared international terrorists, how does the council vote?"

When the premier asked how many councilors were in favor, nine hands went up to the opposition's six. Both councilors Tindall and Lorell had voted against.

"On the matter that the Supreme Council shall defer to the Council of War for judgement in the deployment of military forces to Symphonia, how does this council vote?"

Eight yeas to the opposition's seven. This time, Tindall had voted in favor, smiling at the president as he had just cast the deciding vote.

Council of War Chambers
New Hivez FCD, Vuhifellian Federation
One Week Later

"I'm sorry about the way the nominating conference went."
"Mr. President, you don't have to worry-"
"He was the deciding vote in last week's referral and he's the supreme councilor of war, he could've swayed these hearings any which way with his control over questioning."
"I understand, Mr. President-"
"Damned if you shouldn't have been the nominee, this little weasel..."

An NHPD officer came into the chambers, standing to attention in the middle of the floor.

"The 160th session of the council of war shall resume! Please rise as the councilors take their seats!"

As the councilors filed into the room, both President Daniels and Admiral Ivret stood up. The nation's only Greykan-Kazan general officer, Admiral Ivret had overcome both personal and institutional adversity to become a living legend. He wore only a fraction of the service ribbons and medals on his chest than he actually owned, earning all of them in combat situations from counterterror campaigns in Vuhifell's jungles and mountains to far off bombings and invasions of foreign lands. As he neared the mandatory retirement age for the Vuhifellian military, all seven major political parties were trying to recruit him as their presidential nominee. Having lost the Republican nomination to Councilor Tindall, he was now going to be the Federal nominee in November. Given his popularity and heroics, a Federal victory is almost guaranteed.

"Mr. President. Admiral. Please take your seats," councilor Tindall said, motioning for them both to sit. "Over the past week we've heard testimony from North Point officials and human rights lawyers and activists affirming both the alarming situation in Symphonia as well as confirming our ability to defend our territorial integrity and interests should this council authorize an intervention in Symphonia. We will now enter the testimony of both Admiral Constantine Ivret, VFN, and President Steven Daniels into the public record. First, Mr. President, please state which units and commanders will be deployed should this council authorize such deployment."

"Mr. Councilor, should this council authorize deployment to Symphonia, I will order the Eleventh Fleet to sail in support of rebellion forces effective immediately. The attached marine battalions to the VFS North Point and VFS Eaglin shall be dispatched as well, in addition to the carrier air wing attached to the VFS George Daniels. I will be handing operational authority over air and naval operations to Rear Admiral Peter Fitch, VFN. and the current captain of the Daniels as well as ground force authority to Major General Kelly Shirakawa, VFMC. Overall operational command shall be the province of Admiral Constantine Ivret, VFN."

The admiral looked to the right to see the president looking right back at him, nodding in approval.

"Admiral, is there anything you would like to say to this council in receipt of your prospective commission?"

"I will accept the president's commission with honor and carry out the operations assigned to me by the president as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, as well as any orders dispatched by military command in North Point. I am obligated to remind this council that, as a presidentially appointed commander, any strategic goals given to me by this council will be relegated to a secondary priority."

"The reminder is noted, admiral. Is there any further testimony you would like to give us?"

Neither the admiral nor the president made a sound, instead shaking their heads as a long week of preparation had ended.

"Very well. Then in my capacity as Supreme Councilor of War, I hereby call the council to a vote. On the measure of the deployment of an expeditionary force to Symphonia comprised of the forces given in President Daniels' testimony, how does this council vote?"

Five yeas, zero nays, zero abstentions.

"On the measure of declaring Symphonia an occupied nation, how does this council vote?" Unanimous approval.
"On the measure of declaring the National Liberation Front to be considered a government-in-exile and granting them emergency access to Vuhifellian financial markets and supplies, how does this council vote?" Unanimous approval.

"Well, then...Mr. President. Admiral. Good luck and good hunting. This council is adjourned!"

Vuhifellian Federation
Council of War

C.W. 160 - A MEASURE to authorize the deployment of military forces to SYMPHONIA

CONDEMNING the violent overthrow of the previous rulers of the nation of Symphonia

CONDEMNING the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent civilians in Symphonia

RECOGNIZING Shin-il vi Kiramashi-Cheonsa as the heir to the deposed monarchs

DECLARING the current military-backed regency illegitimate

This Council hereby finds that the Symphonian people face a severe humanitarian crisis brought on by a brutal military regime. (5-0)
This Council hereby finds Symphonia to be an occupied nation by a hostile military force (5-0)
This Council hereby declares the National Liberation Front (NLF) to be the legal governing authority of Symphonia, recognizing it as a government-in-exile. (5-0)
This Council hereby provides that the NLF is to be guaranteed access to Vuhifellian financial, arms, and media markets to further its cause (5-0)
This Council hereby authorizes the deployment of an expeditionary force to assist the NLF in retaking their country (5-0)
This Council hereby authorizes the President of the Vuhifellian Federation to use all force legally given to him as the Commander-in-Chief of the Vuhifellian Federation to defeat the enemy. (5-0)
This Council hereby notes that the objective of military operations shall be as follows:
-Depose the military regime (5-0)
-Allow the NLF to regain political power over Symphonia (5-0)
-Bring the murderers of the royal family to justice (4-1)
-Bring the murderers of innocent civilians to justice (3-2)

Michael Tindall
Supreme Councilor of War

Khaled al-Khalifa
Vice Councilor of War

Joseph O'Brian
Councilor of War, First Seat

Jilan Hyriin
Councilor of War, Second Seat

Keith Brandenwold
Councilor of War, Third Seat
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I.N.S. Telora Burning, Tsao Imperial Naval Force,
Outside Hylton, Cheonsa

"General Fei! A responce from the Seong Council! We have been given free-reign with engagement against the Kiramashi supports, just so as long as we turn in any Imperial Family members to them! What are our orders?!"
"Oh? Very well then... burn these scum alive. I want Hylton taken in one day - no more."

Saluting, the Red Guard immediately spread the word that all weapons were permitted for use, shouting as the sailors and mechanized troops began loading incindiary rounds. As the Tsao fleet came closer towards the city of Hylton, General Fei gave the order to hold fire until they were in 'point-blank' range to maximize the psychological effect. Nearing their targets, many of the battleships and cruisers turned to deliver their full broadside, with many enemy militia and armed citizenry firing machine guns and anti-tank rockets at the decks of the ships with no avail. Soon, there was a small pause of silence, as both sides eerily stopped for what seemed like entire minutes; then, it happened.

Many large, deafening blasts of fire from the ships as their incinerdiary shells pounded the harbor, killing many citizens outright, with the survivers burning alive. The Red Guard took no haste in using this time to unload their Emperor-Class Tanks, which rolled through the flames and smoke to engage the rebellious citizenry. Combat engineers, using the heavy tanks as mobile cover, took no time in going from building to building with their flamethrowers, burning out the inhabitants. As the bombardment continued, particular emphasis was added into destroying internet server buildings and cutting communications within the city - although the massive fire that was now rampant also aided in spreading fear and confusion. With communications in the city mostly severed, the only sign to let anyone know of the horrors was the now thick, black smoke arrising from the burning ashes of bodies, homes, and businesses.

Some would-be heroes of the National Liberation Front came forward, anti-tank rockets equiped, and fired at the tanks as many cheers arose from the ranks of the defenders. Immediately after the brief morale boost, came a large drop, when the Emperor-Class Tank pushed forward as if nothing happened, slaughtering much of the defensive line with a blast from its twin 125mm guns. While the mechanized groups had a much easier time plowing through enemy lines, the Red Guard infantry was dealing with their own problems of close-quarter, house-to-house combat. While their large automatic rifles were devastating, many foot soldiers took any civilian shotguns and machineguns they could find, those weapons proving somewhat more efficient in surpressing small pockets of resistance. In any case, the casualties and injuries of the Red Guard were relatively low compared to those sustained by the NLF defenders.

Although it had only been the beginnings of the operations in Cheonsa, and that many of the combatants that this point had been lightly-armed citizenry, the great morale boost it brought towards the Red Guard, as well as the declining morale of the populace, was bound to have some effect upon their operations here. For now, it was merely endless bombardment of the city of Hylton, with street-to-street fighting through burning rumble and choking black smoke.

Command Center 29, Tsing Tsao,
Tsao Empire

"General, the 38th Mechanized Brigade and 56th Red Guard have landed within National Liberation Force territories, and have currently been successful in surpressing enemy resistance." Spoke General Dai as he read back a report.
"It is the newer developments in weaponry, possibly," Remarked General Kwai, "Our newest tanks are outfitted with heavier armor, and our napalm has been improved to burn much more vigoriously! Is science not benefitual to our cause?"
"Quiet." Stated Admiral Honda, "Remember that if we are to keep up this offensive, we shall be needing more troops. We should calculate the cost-benefit ratio of our actions there and determine if they are for the greater good of the Tsao Empire. What say you, Great General?"

General Huo quietly looked over the reports, each of them seemingly demonstrating a quick and decisive offensive. Looking at his advisors, who were now bickering over the differences of Kwai's tactics and Dai's tactics, the General placed the files on a table and stood up.

"It is clear that more troops are required if we wish for our Seong allies to win this little 'war'." Thundered General Huo, "The enemy shall work with the minds of the populace, it is essential that we have a garrison present in all cities under our control least we run the risk of having it fall once again into the National Liberation Front's hands. Essemble the 37th Mechanized, 54th Red Guard, and 8th Artillery Brigades under the title of 1st Volunteers Division. Have them travel via the 2nd Imperial Naval Fleet and land within Southern Cheonsa, with this, the Kiramashi supports shall be fighting in the North, the South, and the West - a three pronged war with them at a disadvantage. By then, the Seong Shogunate shall have already captured Symphonia, and then we can divert our resources to the North."

"That's alot of implying..." Stated Dai nervously.
"The Great General was right about Fei's small group penetrating into enemy territory unhindered, aye?" Replied Admiral Honda, "I believe that another division should be able to surpress the majority of Cheonsa."
"They are going to need alot of logistic support..." Mentioned Kwai, "The further in we push, the harder it will be to resupply them..."

"Our supplies shall arrive either through the Seong Shogunate or our own reserves, trust me, with the current situation in the Seong Shogunate, we need to strike many decissive blows through the enemies hardpoints to keep lowering their morale. Eventually, the citizenry shall assimilate with the Seong or they shall be buried in masses of bodies and rubble." Spoke General Huo, "General Kwai and Admiral Honda, rally the 1st Volunteers Divisions, get them to Cheonsa as fast as possible. General Dai, continue monitoring reports, I shall be taking care of diplomatic matters. Believe me, within a few weeks, this petty civil war shall be over and our united forces victorious. For now, take care of your tasks and watch as victory assembles itself piece by blood-soaked piece."
A complete mess of a nation known in-character as the 'North Lands'; populated by pious priestesses, wandering mercenaries, violent bandits, and various internal power struggles. Be careful of who you deal with.

Basically, a decentralized feudalistic society ranging anywhere between medieval and interwar.

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The Reichstag

"Just who the flying fuck does this guy think he is!?" Samuel Riech thrust the Seong Shogunate's reply across the room, sending the papers flying everywhere. The military council simply watched as his frustration and animosity grew. The situation with Symphonia was growing to be a complex one; not only had the Shogunate threatened economic sanctions, but they had threatened war if the Aquitaynian mission for medical relief arrived in Symphonian waters. Aquitayne's position in the matter was one of strong growing hatred towards the Seong Shogunate, rather than one of friendliness and tolerance. Not only this, but now the Tsao's were getting involved?

With each report entering the Führer's hands, the situation was becoming increasingly dire. If it were simple, Aquitayne would declare an immediate and indefinite state of war against the Shogunate, and begin to mop up the mess created. Unfortunately, that was not the case; such a declaration would drag Aquitayne into yet another war with Comrade Commisar - though more specifically the Tsao Empire, nonetheless Comraden provinces may band together with their unified hatred for Aquitaynian interference - which was unwanted and unnecessary for Aquitaynian foreign interests at the time.

The situation, however, could not be ignored. Death tolls of the new regime crumbled the estimations set by Aquitaynian officials threefold. They weren't expected to stop soon, either. The formation of the USS was a great focal point of the rebellion against the Shogunate, and it was to be supported by the Reichstag. Not only this, but military intervention was also being considered as a last resort option. If nothing else, Aquitayne would halt the bloodshed by one means or another. The mass slaughter of civilians would not be permitted to continue.

The strategic bombings of West Gaza and Symphony appalled everyone in Aquitayne; not just the Reichstag. Reports were coming in that representatives were flying in from all around the country - even those on vacation - to hold an emergency meeting at the Reichstag to discuss the happenings in Symphonia. It was scheduled to be held in less than two hours, and by then the Führer was to be expected to have a position on the crisis. As of yet, none had been formulated. Discussions would be held in the War Room up until Sam was needed to begin the emergency session, and it the conversations were looking grim.

Emergency Session
The Reichstag
6/13/12 - 13:00 ACST

The House was astir with activity. Representatives were debating individually or in groups at the actions needed to be taken by Aquitayne against the Seong Shogunate, and there was much deliberation by news crews and even the senators themselves as to what the Führer was going to say on the escalating violence. As the clock struck 1 P.M, the men and women of the Reichstag swallowed their aggravations and made their way to their seats quietly. Soon, the Aquitaynian national anthem was played, each senator rising and placing their hands over their hearts. As the Chancellor began the meeting, all was still.

"Ladies and Gentleman of the Reichstag, we are here for an emergency meeting in which 235 representatives of 250 are present. This meeting is held to discuss and deliberate the ongoing militaristic actions taking place in the Empire of Symphonia, now designated as the Seong Shogunate of the Empire of Symphonia. The Seong Shogunate has, in the past forty-eight hours, seized control of the Symphonian government through a coup d'etat, resulting in the deaths of Emperor and Empress Lelouch.

As Chancellor of this Reichstag, it is my pleasure to allow His greatness the Führer audience with the Reichstag." A loud round of applause followed this announcement, as Sam, dressed in his sharp military uniform, took to the podium at the head of the large semi-circular room. His look was one of contempt and anger, and his body language showed strength and resolve, passion and commitment.

Sam glanced around the room before glancing down at his hastily written speech. "Ladies and Gentleman, firstly let me send you my deepest thanks for allowing me to speak here, and your hasty arrival here to discuss ongoing international turmoil." Sam shifted his feet, clearing his throat to begin his speech, "The Seong Shogunate is not a friendly regime towards Aquitayne. They have intentionally and reoccurringly bombed civilian targets in major cities throughout Symphonia. This, quite obviously, breaches the UEN Charter Article VIII section i, and I quote, "No nation in the region may commit genocide or mass killings of civilians"," Sam emphasized the words 'genocide' and 'civilians', attempting to drive home the reality of the situation.

"The Seong Shogunate has done just that. Aquitaynian estimates place the death toll of Symphonian civilians at well over one and a half million. The estimates of wounded are even greater, exceeding two million. The resolve of the Symphonian people to end the Seong Shogunate's reign over their country, however short it has been, is admirable and inspiring. Aquitayne does not stand, in any way shape or form, for dictatorship regimes that kill civilians in the name of public order or prosperity; good of the country or people; welfare of government or business. The Seong Shogunate is a regime that must be toppled, whether through internal means or external.

"The situation brewing, however, is a difficult and complex one. The Comraden province of Tsing Tsao, a partner of Aquitayne's in the Tripartite Pact, has began engaging Symphonian civilians in the coastal city of Hylton, in the province of Cheonsa. Not only is this act approved by the Seong Shogunate, it has been endorsed and encouraged. This kind of behavior from a nation of the Tripartite Pact is unacceptable, and we hereby condemn the Comraden province of Tsing Tsao for doing so." Here, Sam took a pause as the representatives stood and clapped, cheering their leader's initiative. Sam waved his hand for them to sit, as there was still much to say.

"Not only does an ally aid and ebbed these criminals, they do so willingly. The nation of Symphonia has been a long-time trading partner with Aquitayne, and accounts for over 15% of all traded goods with us. They have threatened economic sanctions with Aquitayne, even going so far as halting all trade with us already. This will, undoubtedly, create a strong economic impact in Aquitaynian society. But I can guarantee one thing from the Aquitaynian people, and it is this: It will not weaken our resolve. Nor will it weaken our will to seek justice and goodness throughout the world.

"The nation of Aquitayne calls on the Seong Shogunate to halt all military actions against civilian infrastructure and people. If this demand is not met, Aquitayne, in the name of protecting the lives and liberties of people who have not asked for armed conflict, will declare a state of war against the Seong Shogunate of the Empire of Symphonia, as well as all other nations who aid them in their quest for complete domination of a free nation. To the growing nation of the United States of Symphonia, a growing outlet for rebellion against the Shogunate and legitimate rule of the Kimashi family, we lend you our support through any means and channels necessary.

"This is not a war that has been brought on by Aquitaynian aggression or foreign interests. This is not a war for land or imperialistic tendencies. It is a war for justice to those who now have no voice to speak for them, this is a just war that must be fought for the liberties of every man, woman and child in Symphonia. This ultimatum to the Seong Shogunate will not falter in its quest for peace and justice in a now war-torn country.

"As of now, all military bases around the world are being placed on high alert, to prepare themselves from any attack that might come. The Aquitaynian military bases in Daehan, Cheonsa and Shizuku, Lisu have been ordered to secure their perimeters and fend off any attackers. They have also been granted authorization to give out medical aid to any who seek it. Aquitayne will do what is best for the people of Symphonia and for justice. We will not falter from the face of aggression, we will triumph. Seig heil!"

Fort Valkyrie, Daehan Cheonsa

Alarms were sounding and David's eardrums were pounding. Things were in a state of complete and utter organized chaos that he had never seen before. This quite obviously wasn't a drill, but he also knew that the situation in Symphonia was deteriorating very quickly. He had been sleeping in his rack when the base alarm went off, sending everyone scrambling for their gear and orders. David had been told to report to car pool. There he stood with over 200 other Marines, each dressed in their Multispectral Camouflage Uniforms, more commonly known as 'MCUs'.

Not only that, but each Marine was covered in their state of the art 'Dauntless' Ballistic Armor, as well as their standard issue Anemonian IFAM AR8R5 Modular Weapon System, with a 30-round full metal jacket. David felt secure, but that was before he heard the speech from his Commanding Officer, Brigadeführer Oberst Canard. Standing atop a humvee's hood, he addressed the crowd of Marines.

"Gentleman! I have just received word from High Command that we are officially at BASECON 1. We are at high alert until further notice, and are to expect enemy attacks within the day. We will conduct ourselves like Aquitaynian Marines and we will not allow the enemy - whoever the fuck they are - to breach these base walls. Is that understood?"


"Good. Now, High Command has also informed me of enemy units currently assaulting the port city of Hylton, no more than fifty miles from here. You are authorized to shoot if engaged, and to use deadly force. You know your posts for defending the perimeter, see to it that this gets done quickly and with the zeal of Aquitaynian Marines. If they attack, we will make them regret it. Kill on three! One! Two! Three!"


"Dismissed." David immediately left the car pool to go see to his Marines. David was a Sergeant, responsible for ten Marines which made up his squad. They were already entrenching themselves on the small ridge in front of the base, creating a small trenchline for optimal protection against enemy fire, while giving themselves the greatest firing position to kill, maim and destroy the enemy. David ducked down into the trench, patting First Marksman Bernard on the back. "Good work, Bernard. Keep it up."

David slowly went down the line, making sure each of his Marines were alright. The sun was beginning its arch downwards behind the clouds, and looking at his watch David knew there were only hours until nightfall hit and things could get ugly. They were in friendly territory, that of which belonging to the USS as he understood it, but with news of enemy forces pounding Hylton, a city he often visited when on leave, he knew it was only a matter of time before enemy troops came crawling up Daehan's door.

He shook his head, dismissing his thoughts from his mind and took his shovel from his pack, slamming it into the ground with brute force, digging his fighting hold like the rest of them.

25th Marine Brigade

8,500 Marines
300 Type 10 Fumetsu Main Battle Tanks
25 TRA-92 "Eiko" Light Attack Helicopters
2 LY300 'Manticore' Multiple Rocket System
2 LY7/4072 'Cockatrice' Multiple Rocket System
15 M198 Howitzer
20 AN/TWQ-1 Avenger SAM HMMWV
100 HMMWV equipped with the Brownng .50 Caliber machine gun and the HMT-Airless Tire
2 LY471 Syguard AA Battery
15 LY219 Infantry Fighting Vehicles
20 LY219 Ambulance (APC)
10 LY219 Command/Signals (APC)
20 Warhammer Self Propelled Howitzers
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OOC: I felt that such a straight-forward speech had to be addressed right away, surely this will have no major effect on political relations...

Tsao Imperial Palace, Imperial Square,
Tsing Tsao City, Tsao Province

After the very outstanding Aquitaynian speech by Samuel Reich himself, the Tsao Military only saw fit to counter with their own speech of equal magnitude. Within hours, the citizenry, guerrilla forces, military personel, and even foreign news reporters from Asahina were there to witness the responce from General Huo upon the comments made by Samuel Reich.

The Imperial Palace, hanging the flags of the Japanese Dystopia and Seong Shogunate respectfully over itself, was surrounded by Red Guards, preventing any unauthorized entries by the rowdy populace. General Huo, arriving upon the balcony, was showered in cheers and flash photography. The Tsao Emblem hanging below him, the General walked forward and held his arms out to a supportive people. His full military uniform decorated in badges and medals from his many decisive campaigns. His face shown of humbleness and kindness, unlike the face of Aquitaynian Fuehrer. Speaking into a microphone, such equipment only aided in expanding his already booming voice.

"Comrades and Friends of the Tsao Empire, I come bearing some news, some of which is depressing, others of which I am humbly pleased with. It comes today, that we have formally found a new ally, the Symphonian Empire--" He paused as many of the crowd seemed unpleased, remenisent of the Hellhound Crisis, "Worry not, comrades, the Symphonian Empire has come to its senses, and some patriots under the name of the Seong Shogunate have unlifted the Kiramashi family of which had fallen traitorous and corrupt intentions. The Seong Shogunate have gained support of the populace, and is currently the official establishment of the country, with only those still manipulated under the corrupt Kiramashi regime fighting against this proud majority who hold the best interests of the nation at their heart."

The crowd let out a small cheer, quickly coming back to silence as General Huo continued his speech.

"The Red Guard, working in partnership with the Seong Shogunate, is aiding in the prosecution of these Kiramashi criminals, and is currently performing flawless operations within the Cheonsa Province. Under A-Ranked General Shin Fei, our glorious forces have surpressed the rebellion that was set in place by the treacherous Kiramashis and their traitorous supporters, the 'National Liberation Front', who stand to bring the country back to the many centuries of depression and corruption under the Kiramashis. I am sure it will not take a reminder of what the Kiramashi Dynasty did to humiliate us during the Hellhound conflict..."

Many guerrillas and military personel lifted their weapons in anger, with a major uproar from the ordinary citizenry. They were immediately hushed as General Huo came to address his counterpart's remarks.

"The Aquitaynians... a nation many of you are aware of, has critized and have even gone to the lengths to condemn the Tsao for 'attacking civilians'." The crowd's anger intensified as the word 'Aquitaynian' was brought up, the Red Guard not bothering to calm the populace, "Let me ask my Aquitaynian comrades, what is the definition of civilian? Do civilians activitely engage warships with machine guns and rocketry? Do civilians activitely attempt to injure, or even kill personel with military-grade firearms and anti-tank weaponry? What we and the Seong Shogunate engaged, were not 'civilians' as the Aquitaynians claim, they were insurgents, guerrillas, terrorists - anything far from civilian. These words and condemnations, coming from a nation who actively slaughtered and attacked the civilian populace upon Treicha with chemical weapons, missile bombardments, and experimental weaponry! Apparently, the Aquitaynians host a double standard... either for their military and historic textbooks... or their Imperialist motives shrouded by claims of neutrality and innocence."

The crowd began getting uncontent, with many of them shouting racial slurs and hate against the Aquitaynians and their policies.

"The Aquitaynians wish for peace, but how can the people of the Seong Shogunate have peace when the Aquitaynians are threatening war?! The truth is, the Aquitaynians only care for trade with the Kiramashis, who amount to no less than fifteen percent of their traded goods. That is all. Please, this is not about peace, this is not about 'the greater good' that the Aquitaynians claim. This is about mere economics, about mere currency, this is not about the people. They want the Kiramashi Dynasty back in place, so that the people may suffer at the expense of Aquitaynian economics!" General Huo laughed a little before returning towards his main point.

"The Aquitaynians have been politely asked by the Seong Shogunate to stop interferring within their matters, while the Tsao people have been asked to aid the Seong in bringing criminals to justice. The Aquitaynians have refused such matters and have instead threated war among the populace and are openly aiding such criminals in their escape from justice and funding the operations of terrorists and insurgents. The Tsao Empire are therefore condemning Aquitayne for its aggression and threats of war, its aid of terrorism, and open support of declared criminals. The Tsao Empire humbly asks their Asahinan and Khek counterparts to do the same; a warlike regime who actively funds terrorists and seeks to destablize harmony is an enemy of all states, regardless of ideology. The Tsao Empire shall aid the Seong Shogunate - the official government - with whatever goods it requires, whether it be food, weapons, cloth, medical aid, or personel, and I highly encourage my allies to do the same. We benefit not with economic goods, with not militaristic goods, but with friendship of the Seong Shogunate, and the apprehension of corrupt traitors and criminals - that, comrades, is true peace and justice. I bid you all a good day, and I hope you shall wish the best for our courageous troops overseas."

With those words, General Huo stepped away from the balcony as the crowd dispersed, either going to publicly burn Aquitaynian goods in bonfires or to speak of these matters upon friends and family.

A complete mess of a nation known in-character as the 'North Lands'; populated by pious priestesses, wandering mercenaries, violent bandits, and various internal power struggles. Be careful of who you deal with.

Basically, a decentralized feudalistic society ranging anywhere between medieval and interwar.

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Numenoria, Numenor
Southern Symphonia, Seong Shogunate

6:30pm CNT Symphonica Time

It was at the dinner that a messanger from the Ministry of Foreign Relations recieved a message from another entrant in the war. This Vuhifellian Federation, after learning about the coup, decided to dirty its hands in the ongoing civil war by deploying military forces to support the USS/NLF forces in the north. Lee-min raised an eyebrow after finishing reading the document calling for the destruction of the Shogunate and reestablishment of the Kiramashi as the rulers of Symphonia. Mun looked it over with a glance, noticing that the Vuhifellian Federation had declared the Seong Shogunate as an occupying power.

"Your Superior, I notice that the new enemy has decided that rather than calling us a government and natives of our own land," he said while wiping his mouth with a napkin," We have been labelled terrorists and a foriegn occupying power. How amusing."
"Yes isn't it," Lee-min said between mouthfuls of rice," Considering we possess far more powerful military strength than any of the challengers who oppose, aside from those damned rebels who continue to plunder our bases of things that should be rightfully ours."

There were several nods of agreement from the other Imperial Council Members as they read the message and passed it on until it had circled the entire table.

"So what is our plan of action?" Mun asked as he finished his meal,"Surely we cannot allow these foriengers to land on our soil and stop us from unifying the nation."
"No we cannot," replied the shogun," That is why we must accelerate our timetable and destroy the United States of Symphonia before either the Aquitaynians or Vuhifellians reach our shores. Then we will invade those places and teach them a lesson in interfering in our internal affairs."
"Shall we prepare a declaration of war?" asked a council member.
"Go ahead, though I doubt it will really matter," Lee-min replied before getting ready to leave the table,"The Vuhifellians don't recognize us anyway, but I guess it won't hurt."

Lee-min pressed a button connecting him to the Seong military headquarters, getting a reply from the Minister of War.

"Yes, my Superior," he said," Is there anything you wish for us to do?"
"Send the 7th and 3rd Fleets north and prepare to block off civilian traffic in the North and South Britannian Channels," Lee-min said," I want a strike force to bomb West Genevira and reduce it to rubble before the 2nd Army attacks the Hitachi Region from Skyview."
"Anything else, my Superior?" the minister asked.
"Tell the 1st Army group in Cheonsa to immediately attack the Cheonsa USS. I want Daehan, Hangang, and Uahan under our control by tommorow afternoon. Obliterate any civilian resistance if nessesary."
"Yes sir, but what about the Latinium USS? shall be begin attack operations? Symphony is sufficently leveled for us to seize without difficulty."
"No I want the people to tremble as to what will happen if they continue to resist. I want them to surrender in a way that guarentees that the Seong will have a united front when the Aquitaynians and their USS's allies arrive."
"Very well, it shall be done my Superior."

At this point, another messanger walked into carrying two messages from the War Ministry.

"Sir," said the messanger," The Commisar forces report that they have begun the assault on the city of Hylton. Civilian and USS/NLF casaulties are high and they expect for Hylton to fall within 36 hours."
"Very good," the shogun said as the rest of the council looked on in glee," Anything else?"
"Yes, my Superior," came the reply," The Aquitaynians have televised a public condemnation of our national policies and demand that we end the conflict immediately, otherwise they will declare war in the name of the Symphonian people and the UEN constitution."

There were snorts of amusement from around the table in which the council was eating dinner. Lee-min and Mun looked at each other and smiled politely.

"Well tell them," Mun replied,"That if they don't butt out of our internal affairs, their bases in Symphonia will suffer the first of our wrath. Then when we win, we and the Commisars will go over to their island and sink it with a rain of fire."

Laughter issued forth from the table as the messanger returned to give the reply.

West Genevira, Kozuke Province
Hitachi Region, United States of Symphonia

6:45pm CNT Symphonica Time

Seondeok dropped the paper that was given to her by a communications officer who recieved a message from the Latinium USS, currently beseiged by the 4th Seong Army. Her hands shook in rage as tears streamed down her face. Throwing down her robe, the Marquess-President left the room in a storm of tears, while her cabinet Prime Minister picked up the paper and read it aloud:

To Her Imperial Majesty and Her Most High Excellency,

I regret to inform you that your younger half-brother, Shin-il vi Kiramashi-Cheonsa, was killed this afternoon in an explosion in the Relum Imperial Palace in Symphony. The Palace exploded shortly after your announcement of the declaration of the United States, and all evidence links to the poor boy's regent, that accursed woman named Aiko vi Kiramashi-Seong. While I hoped that she was sympathetic to our cause, apparently she cares for the ambition of her brother, Mun Kai-shin, currently the shogunate barbarian's chairman. You have my greatest sympathies and I hope you can go through this terrible time as best as possible.

For now, we must look to battles that are now closer to home. I have scattered reports that the Commisars, the black enemy whom Lelouch and Sora faced in the Hellhound War, have sided with the Seong and are bombing/invading the city of Hylton. There are reports of massive casualties on our side, as the enemy have no sense of humanity and are senseless killing our citizens without second thought. Reports run from 250,000 dead to nearly a horrifying 500,000 dead and another 700,000 injured.

In Symphony-West Bank, we are running at about nearly 350,000-500,000 killed and another million injured. Nearly half of our defenses have been knocked out by constant missile and artillary bombardment from the other side of the Sakura River, and our militia and resistance forces are getting torn apart.

I beg you, hands on the ground and head bent, to please order an emergancy evacuation of the major mainland cities and disperse the population to the region of Hienkoku, which is for now outside the hands of the enemy and most able to defend itself. We will be able to cut our losses and be able to maintain order. Any other course of action will lead more deaths and growing chaos in the United States.

This is my final message, my friend. I'm afraid I'm cut off and in imminent danger of capture, but I swore I would never allow Symphony to surrender while I lived.

Good luck, Your Imperial Holiness. Though I am not in any position of power to do this, but it is in my opinion you are now the 100th Holy Monarch of Symphonia and the Celestial People. Lead our people well.

Han Li-ping,
USS Military Governor of Latinium

There was silence when the Prime Minister finished reading the message, and then a roar of anger broke out. Within minutes, the letter was 'leaked' into the press, and the public went beszerk. In USS cities unaffected by the war, the populace screamed hate messages against the Seong, and local police attempted to control the amount of anger that threatened to spill over into violence. In the Seong-controlled cities, with the sole exception of Numenoria, another round of rioting and violent demonstration broke out in anger of the massive casualties that their government had accrued in the war to suppress the USS and NLF. Once again, like in a horrible cycle, the central government used massive military force to suppress the local population, causing even more death and injuries.

Soon after, the United States government issues several military operations. Two massive invasions were planned, one to break the encirclement of Symphony, and another to make directly to the enemy capital of Numenoria. The Prime Minister ordered that these plans, along with the Governor's letter, be sent by secret to the allies of the United States. How these plans were going to work was nothing short of miracle.

It consist in sending nearly 5 million soliders from the north and into the south, where resistance would be brutal. Seong soldiers were battle-hardened and most came from former Imperial Symphonian units, who defected to the Seong cause when the coup occured. The 5 million troops were mostly inexperienced civilians, hastily recruited in order for the United States to have an army that the NLF could draw upon for reinforcements.

Hlyton, Gyeongsang Province
Cheonsa Region, United States of Symphonia

7:00pm EST Symphonica Time

The fires of war had at last arrived in Cheonsa. Formerly the Republic of Cheonsa under the AFN, the Republic had been abolished in the first hours of the Seong Shogunate and the first Seong forces arrived in that afternoon. The people of Cheonsa, of Korean origin, were fiercely independent, loyal only to the Kiramashi rulers who had protected them from foreign invasion for millenia. So when the Seong arrived and started persecuting the supporters of the Kiramashi and tearing down Catholic churches, the people had rebelled. In fact, Cheonsa was in rebellion before any other region rose up, and the small island-continent had been roughly divided in half between the Cheonsan and Seong forces.

With the inclusion of the Commisar armies, Cheonsa was under attack on two fronts, threatening not only a disaster should the Seong break out from their beachhead and the Commisars take control of Hylton, but the annhilation of the Cheonsan people as a whole.

So when the Commisar forces bombarded Hylton, the Cheosan USS forces fought with anything they could. Dead littered the streets and shells exploded in the business and the residential districts, only the administrative and industrial zones, further inland and away from naval bombardment, remained in the local population's hands. The Commisar's advanced weaponry, far stronger than the hand-held weapons that the USS could muster, were pounding away at the defenses.

Colonel Song Junghe, commander of the USS troops in the area, quickly directed the USS forces to block the main roads that allowed the Commisar to advance further inland into the city. Major roads were blocked off with walls of cars and spikes, while in the surrounding buildings were booby trapped with explosives. Although many men were killed in action, the militia and civilians renewed their fight despite the overwhelming firepower, firing endless rounds of anti-tank missiles and machine guns at the enemy.

The Commisar forces had overrun all the coastal districts, and were advancing upon the central business district, the government center, and the industrial zone. Cheonsan forces fought for every inch of pavement and city block, often taking heavily loses and losing equiptment for every battle that ensued between the new terrifying tanks and the Cheonsan foot soldiers. The defenses of Hylton were looking as if there was only a matter of time before the city would have to be lost.
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Vuhifellian Eleventh Fleet - VFS George Daniels (CVN-76)
CLEARWATER Movement Protocol - Radio Silence
Sea of Evendium

It was a little past midnight, New Hivez Federal Mean Time. Back home, the press and politicians were sleeping, likely enthralled in the politics of an election year. On the bridge of the Daniels, Admiral Constantine Ivret was lost in thought. Growing up and fighting in the civil war, he had fought for the Vuhifellian Republic, even as it collapsed under the tyranny of totalitarian communism. He had been tortured for days on end by his communist captors after the Battle of Tauberg, freed by Vuhifellian special forces, only to be tortured again once they learned of his race and religion. After the war, he was beaten on the streets of Golden Skies City, almost dying in a hospital a thousand miles from his homeland. Yet after all that, when he joined the navy, everything changed. His Greykan-Kazan roots didn't matter, only the tactical brilliance he could bring to the federation. Battle after battle - war after war he fought, and often won, for the federation, earning respect and honor for both himself and his brethren. And now, forty-five years after he first experienced the horrors of war, he became the nominee of the Federal Party for president of the Vuhifellian Federation. He couldn't help but smirk.

"Admiral Ivret, sir!" a middle aged man in a rear admiral's uniform had entered the bridge and saluted. A nearby ensign shouted "captain on deck!" as the crew turned to salute back. Admiral Ivret turned to give a quick salute before allowing the man to approach.

"Admiral Fitch, does the Walsh have another report?"
"Aye aye, sir. A foreign force has attacked NLF positions in the south while Seong forces have bombed the national capital into submission. We have reports that the recognized heir to the throne has been killed in the attack."
Ivret's face stiffened. He leaned back on an equipment panel before looking back toward Admiral Fitch, the tension in his body palpable.

"Admiral Fitch, is this your first combat assignment?"
"No, sir."
"Then why do you look so stiff?"
"Sir...we just lost half our mandate and another half million citizens."

Fitch's mouth stood agape for a few moments before he regained his composure to reply. "And? Sir, we're weeks away from Vuhifell and half of our mission has been rendered moot before we even entered combat range."
"No it hasn't. You're not looking at the full board, Fitch."
"They kill the heir. Foreign forces occupy the southern regions. Another million civilians die, maybe we lose the capital city. So what?"
"I think that would be called 'losing the war', sir."
"This isn't a war, Fitch. A 'war' would entail the full fury of Tyth's own thunder on the enemy. I've seen Vuhifell wage war, before you were born. All these posh declarations and pomp and ceremony for the fleet? That's not war. War is finding out the enemy has killed one million of your civilians and killing ten million of his. That's war."
"Are you suggesting-"
"We're not at war. We're not going to wage war. The heir is dead, but the Walsh hasn't sent in a report about the NLF surrendering, has it? Our primary objective remains to restore the NLF to power in this country and bring the Seong regime to justice. This is what we do. It's who we are. We're the good guys here, and we're not going to wage a war; we're going to stop a gang of criminals from raping an entire nation."
"Aye aye, sir."
"Now, then," Ivret said, turning around to see the first flight of joint strike fighters on the flight deck. "Let's start saving some lives today, shall we?"

The admiral walked over to one of the ensigns manning a communications station, commandeering it for himself and shutting down the silent running systems on the Daniels in the process.

Emergency Action Message

"This is a message to the people of the United States of Symphonia and those fighters organized under the banner of the National Liberation Front. Your plight has not gone unnoticed. The world has not forgotten you. My name is Constantine Ivret, an admiral of the Vuhifellian Navy. I am announcing to you on these channels to publicly declare my nation's support for your cause.

"Your royal family has been murdered. Your people have been slaughtered. Your cities annihilated. And just recently I have learned of foreign forces cooperating with the military regime to wreak havoc on your southern regions. For most peoples of the world, this would seem like the point of no return - the point where surrender would save you from further annihilation and disgrace. Yet despite these losses, you have continued and persevered in the defense of your freedom and system of government. You have not bowed to the forces of darkness that now occupy most of your country, and we are here to help.

"Under the authority of my president, I am leading an expeditionary force to assist in the liberation of your country. National Liberation Front forces have been granted full access to the financial, weapons, and media markets within our nation to further the cause of your liberation. With the grace of the gods, we will help you defend your children. We will help save your homes. We will drive these criminals back to the gates of Hell and we shall bring them to justice for their crimes against the peace, against humanity, and against righteousness itself.

"The strength of these men, these Seong, is immeasurable. This war will be long, hard, and brutal. Yet you have proven to be a hardy force to displace - a force for these pretenders to reckon with. You are the bedrock of your nation - the pillar on which the structure of your society stands, and we will not allow it to be destroyed.

By the grace of the gods, and with your assistance, we will triumph over this evil.

Admiral Constantine Ivret, Vuhifellian Navy, out.

"That was quite the speech, sir," Admiral Fitch said, walking over to Ivret and looking out upon the flight deck as the first flight of fighters took off, their engines roaring with the sound of God's own thunder. From the corner of their eyes, they could see Vuhifellian Marines load onto V-22s on the attendant amphibious assault vessels. A few were already in the air, heading to the west.

"Ensign Walters!"
"Aye aye, sir!?"
"Make sure the military government in Xinhai is ready for our arrival and their forces on high alert."
"Aye aye, sir!"

Xinhai, USS-Controlled Territory

It hadn't been thirty minutes since Admiral Ivret's declaration of support, yet Vuhifellian F-35s were already soaring above USS airspace - local AA apparently being able to tell their foreign IFFs apart from those of Seong counterparts. An armada of V-22s carrying hundreds of Vuhifellian Marines were not too far off in the distance, their dense formation forming a black spot on the ocean below.

"Attention all NLF forces in Xinhai: the forces of the Vuhifellian Federation are here to assist you! Please open your airspace and defense facilities to our forces immediately. A counterattack against the Seong forces that occupy your mainland is imminent and possible with your assistance. I say again, attention all NLF forces in Xinhai..."

The fighter pilots had begun to broadcast a prerecorded message requesting airspace and landing rights to the NLF forces below, but continued to receive no answer.

"Bennett Two-Two this is Bennett Leader, do you have confirmation on allied response?"
"Negative Bennett Leader, there's no radio response're never going to believe this."
"What's going on Bennett Two-Two?"

As the fighters entered the airspace over the Evendium city center, the deafening roar of the engines seemed to coalesce with an equally loud and furious, nay, ecstatic cry - throngs of citizens below, perhaps the entire city, seemed to be reaching out to the fighters as they flew in low and fast over the crowds. Instead of dropping napalm on the crowds, as the Walsh had reported from the situation in the capital, the Vuhifellian pilots scanned the horizon, searching for threats to the people below.

"Well that's a welcome party if I've ever seen one - Redwood Flight, are you seeing this?" The F-35 pilot tilted his aircraft so he could have an unobstructed view of the crowds below, turning his helmet to capture the feed. The pilots of the V-22s - Redwood Flight - would receive the feed in their own visors, assuming they had accepted the broadcast.

"Yes we do, Bennett Two-Two. I think that's all the permission we need to land." The pilot of Redwood One turned back to the marine platoon in his cargo bay, their eyes fixated on ground. Body armor on, gear in check, ammo in - they were ready to land whenever the pilot opened the door. "Alright boys, lock and load! We hit the ground in thirty seconds! Provide LZ security for Redwood Flight Two and remember these are friendlies, we're going in cold!"

As the morass of V-22s hit the outskirts of the city, their cargo doors opened to Vuhifellian marines rushing out as NLF militiamen shouted cheers and anthems of liberation from beyond the security zone. Evendium, at least for now, would survive for another day.
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Genevira Palace, West Genevira
Kozuke Province, Hitachi Region
United States of Symphonia

8:30pm CNT Symphonica Time

The central media room was too small to fit the first official news conference that Seondeok and the Prime Minister Adamenhgir Singh had in mind. After all, an emergancy election of the National Assembly had taken place that morning, with delegates representing most of the provinces of the United States (excluding those in wartime areas) had arrived in the Genevira Palace. Being only a minor residence of the Kiramashi prior to the war, Genevira had not be expanded to accomodate the nearly 5,000 people who now stood in the square in front of the building.

Seondeok and the Prime Minister stood next to each other on the steps leading into the reception hall, with the delegates standing on steps higher than them. Many reporters had been invited, mostly those reporting into other UEN nations in an attempt to reach their leaders and bring international opinion on their side. Seondeok wore the dark blue and white Imperial regalia, with a black-red hanfu under it. Her hair was styled back into the traditional bun with a gold pin sticking through it. Singh wore western-style business suit, with a turban atop his head. Below them, was a sea of flashing cameras and reporters waiting for the new conference to begin. And so it did, with a flourish too.

The anthem of Symphonia blasted out of the speakers from the side of the area, soon followed by the Kiramashi Imperial anthem. The crowd grew restless as the Prime Minister walked toward the podium and stopped, looking around the square as if to take in everyone's faces before speaking out in a low voice.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to first session of the National Assembly of the United States of Symphonia, founded June 13 of this year in response to the sinful and barbaric actions of the usurper Seong Shogunate, who have unlawfully seized control of the government of the Asian Federation of Nations and the Empire of Symphonia. I am the provisional Prime Minister of the United States, Adamenhgir Singh, and I am here to inform the world about what is happening here in our nation."

A large screen rose out from behind the delegates at the top of the steps, and pictures of wartorn Symphonia started to flash through and starting with the picture of a Seong official pointing a gun at the head of Sora vi Kiramashi-Sveltz. It was the most well-known and notorious picture in Symphonia, and it was heard that its photographer had died trying to smuggle them past Seong guards.

"Let us begin with the murder of our beloved Imperial Family, the Kiramashi. The Seong Shogunate believes that by killing every single member of this household, they will have the right to rule the Empire of Symphonia because there would be no one else to lead afterwards. But when their plan was launched, did they think that by just doing this they would gain power? No, hence why they abolished the AFN, the Imperial Senate, and all the regional governments. This is not about wealth, power, or even recogniation. No this war was the product of nearly two thousand years of family rivalry between our leading aristocratic families and the Imperial House."

"When they executed the entire Imperial Family on public television, we were shocked, appalled, angered beyond belief. How could this happen? Weren't we all supposedly loyal to our royals? When it came out that the Seong and Mun clans were behind all of this, we were shocked. They had served loyally in the Hellhound War and the Constitutional Crisis, and were an important part of our government and high society. Why would they turn against the very institutions that they helped build and defend?"

"When we protested, we learned the truth the hard way. They, with the support of our military, massacred our people in Skyview and countless other cities. Then they turned their guns on the Kiramashi who were living in their ancestoral home in the Federation Palace. Next, they reduced West Bank and Symphony to rubble and invaded Cheonsa with the evil men of Comrade Commisar. How many people must die, how many people must be injured before they can finally see that the Symphonian people will never surrender? No, they have decided that killing anyone who stands in their way is the best way to force the rest of us to submit and surrender the very last Kiramashi in the world."

Singh gestured to Seondeok, and the audience gasped. No one really thought that the Kiramashi, who purportedly had a massive family, could be reduced to one living member in just one week. Cameras flashed, illuminating Seondeok's face.

"Yes, Seondeok vi Kiramashi is the Last Kiramashi. As you know, this afternoon a letter from the military governor the Latinium USS was leaked to the press. While the Shogunate denies everything in that letter, I am here to declare that letter is true."

More cameras flashed and the videos rolled live into other national capitals.

"I, the Prime Minister of the United States of Symphonia, am here to verify that the 99th Holy Monarch of Symphonia, Shin-il vi Kiramashi-Cheonsa, was killed in explosion that detonated in the Imperial Palace of Relum that was set up and set off by Seong agents, notabley His Imperial Holiness' regent, the High Princess Aiko vi Kiramashi-Seong."

A loud murmur erupted from the crowd. How can the High Princess, a woman with Kiramashi blood, kill her baby cousin in cold blood? was the dominant question.

"Yes I know how tragic and horrifying it is. But the High Princess was related to the Seong shogun, Seong Lee-min. She has decided, through her bloody actions, that the Seong are the ones who should rule. Thus, as the power invested in me as Prime Minister of Symphonia, I declare Aiko vi Kiramashi-Seong as an enemy of the Universal People and the Celestial Throne and thus stripped of her rank as High Princess of Symphonia."

There was an even louder murmur as the reporters stood up. A civilian leader, a leader who supposedly held lesser title than a member of the Imperial Family, had just told the world that he had just removed a royal title from someone in the Kiramashi clan, enemy or not.

"I do this with the full support of Seondeok vi Kiramashi. Ladies and Gentlemen, as the elected representative of the Universal People, I hereby declare that Seondeok vi Kiramashi is coronated as the 100th Holy Monarch of Symphonia. Forever now and in perpetuaty. I further reinstate the Imperial Law, thus granting Her Imperial Holiness her title without fear of it being taken away by any civilian leader, and also granting Her Imperial Holiness absolute power to grant noble title to any person of her wish. I now grant her the center stage."

As Singh stepped down and Seondeok walked up, the reporters were having a heyday. Normally, civilians leaders did not just interfere in the sucession affairs of the Imperial House, but this Prime Minister had blocked any legal way that the Seong could gain the throne through blood connections to the throne. No one even knew that the Imperial Law had been placed on hold, but it was one of the first acts that the Seong Shogunate had activated in the few days that they ruled in peace. Seondeok now spoke, her soft lilting voice filling the Square.

"My friends, my coronation is only a small beacon of hope admist a sea of chaos. The Seong Shogunate continues to occupy the South, killing people indiscriminatly as if they were sheep for slaughter. I hated them from the very start, arresting those on the slightest legal pretext, allowing soldiers to rape woman, and more shockingly men and children as well, pillaging the homes of the innocents, and allowing the barbarian Commisar to land troops and have free reign in our cities. Ladies and Gentlemen, this can no longer continue!"

"As the one and only true Holy Monarch, I, on behalf of the Symphonian people, demand in the strongest terms that if the artocities of the Seong and Commisar do not stop and continue, I will personally march south and behead every last one of them. The people, whom have never faced war on our own shores ever since the Unification of the nation, are crying in pain and shedding tears of blood. Symphony, West Bank, Hylton, and the rest of Cheonsa. Those people are dying, and here I was powerless to stop it."

"No longer. By the order of the 100th Holy Monarch and the unanimous vote of the delegates of the Universal People, I hereby declare war on the state of Comrade Commisar and the Seong Shogunate for attacks on the Symphonian people and their property. I demand the immediate withdrawl of Commisar forces and the unconditional surrender of the Seong Shogunate. I demand that Comrade Commisar pay indemities for the massive and catostrophic losses in life and property here, and demand that they handover their entire leadership so that the Universal People can spit and curse upon them."

"This is my first and final call for a diplomatic solution to this terrible crisis. If the enemy do not respond and agree to our demands, we shall carry out war and violent acts until the Seong and their Commisar allies lay prostrate at the feet of the United States. Long live Symphonia, and Heaven bless the Universal People."

With that, the Empress swept off the stage and walked into the Palace behind her, followed by the Prime Minister and the National Assembly. Reporters ran up the steps to get more, but were blocked off by security personel.
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I.N.S. Telora Burning, Hylton,
Cheonsa, Seong Shogunate

"General, the 38th Mechanized and 56th Red Guard Brigades have successfully secured our foot hold within the Business and Residental districts of Hylton. However, the enemy has barricaded themselves out of range of our naval guns, what is our course of action?"

A-Ranked General Fei looked at the burning ashes of the harbor as Red Guard platoons left behind were hauling the corpses of Red Guards into rows of the dead, identifying each soldier to be sent back home to the Tsao Empire. The corpses of National Liberation Front members and Kiramashi supporters however, were being hauled into massive piles, which were later to be thrown into the sea. Prisoners of war captured during the initial invasion were ordered to march into the Tsao Imperial Navy's ships, later to be transferred to some prison camp within the Tsao Empire for the duration of the war. Wounded Red Guard were immediately rushed towards a makeshift field hospital for treatment, while many injured NLF soldiers were either shot or left for dead. While the sounds of gunfire and shells were not far away, the fight for many of these men were over. General Fei, turning back to his Red Guard aide, immediately gave his order.

"It is now the time to demonstrate the power of these new 'cruise missiles', many nations seem to be so fond of. Have members of the 56th Red Guard spot targets and adjust coordinates as needed."

Bowing, the Red Guard immediately radioed to all battlecruisers armed with cruise missiles to stand by for coordinates.

Meanwhile, the 38th Mechanized and 56th Red Guard and their initial shock attacks were limited by National Liberation Front barricades and traps, hindering their movement inward towards the city center. Many Red Guard were using the Emperor-Tanks has mobile cover, with everything else either crumbling or exploding in a spread of violence.

The 38th Mechanized Brigade were having a much easier time than the Red Guard, the NLF anti-tank weapons proving inferior towards the heavy armor of the tanks. Some Emperor-Class Tanks were modified to plow through the NLF hard points with flamethrowers, incinerating militiamen and civilian alike. Many mechanized groups did not bother with the makeshift car barriers, simply moving through such barriers or making their own paths with their cannons, crushing any defenders in their path and mowing down the rest with machine guns. Modified Emperor-Class chasises with 255mm guns were unloaded, giving the mechanized forces the same artillery support they housed during the initial invasion. Meter by meter, block by block, the militiamen were losing their foothold upon the city, the streets littered in either the dead, the wounded, or those who still believed they had a fighting chance.

It was then that the Red Guards called in the cruisemissile strikes upon city hall, major businesses, presumed command posts, and presumed enemy field hospitals. Dropping upon such structures with deadly force, many of these missiles burst into huge balls of fire, napalm, and white phosporous burning those inside and causing many support structures to burn. The Red Guard morale rose greatly as they continued their fierce push into the heart of the city, rolling over, burning, shooting, and maiming all resistance in their way. Many Red Guards, carrying Tsao Empire and Seong Shogunate Flags, hung them in neighborhoods captured by the Tsao, continuing to lower the morale of the NLF forces.

The city, laying in smoldering ruin, ash, and death, was declared 'liberated' by Tsao forces, and immediately reported so back to the Ministry of Military Affairs and to the Seong Council. Despite the continued fighting in the heart of the city, despite the endless artillery bombards, the Tsao Empire had declared the city 'liberated'. All that was to do now was to eliminate the pockets of resistance left, which basically was equivalent towards more artillery and naval bombardments; more endless slaughter.

Fort Valkyrie, Hylton,
Cheonsa, Seong Shogunate

Emperor-Class Tanks slowly begin to stop once they reached the Aquitaynian military base, the Red Guard sitting upon the tanks jumping off. The small Tsao dispatch was met with the aimed rifles of Aquitaynian Marines, who were fortified within their trench line. The Red Guard forces, just as surprised as the Aquitaynians to see their mortal foe within these foreign lands, simply aimed their rifles back as they quickly took cover behind the massive tanks. A Red Guard Lieutanent, jumping off his tank, walked forward until he was about a meter away from an Aquitayne trench, the marines inside presenting extreme restraint in killing the man.

"This is not our war, we have no quarrel between either of our parties at the moment. Put your rifle down, Aquitayne."

The soldier, slowly lowering his rifle, simply looked at the Lieutanent as a Red Guard shouted, the group pointing their rifles at a group of escaping refugees, seeking shelter within Fort Valkyrie. The Red Guard Lieutanent, telling his men to hold fire, allowed the refugee group to run towards the fort, unhindered. Just as the group was about to make their way into safety, one of the Red Guard fired his flamethrower, embalming the group. Many of them, burning to death relatively quickly, were kicked aside by Red Guard troops who simply returned to facing the Aquitaynians. A single member of the refugee party, still burning to death, managed to grab an Aquitaynian Marine's leg, obviously wanting help. The Red Guard Lieutanent, looking at the Aquitaynian Marine, simply shot the dying man, splattering blood among every Aquitaynian in the trench.

"The ones that burn, there is no hope for them. Best to put them out of their misery quickly." He spoke as another Red Guard looked at the Aquitaynians and spoke in broken English.
"You fight us, you end like him!" He said, threateningly pointing his flamethrower at the group, before another group of refugees were spotted.

Unable to interfere with the Red Guard without the threat of provoking another war, the Marines were forced to sit and stare in agony as the Red Guards equiped their flamethrower and began burning refugees alive. Even many of the Red Guard weren't content with their work, merely looking away as the more energetic, younger Red Guard continued lighting the refugees aflame.

I.N.S. Burning Desire, New Trinity,
Cheonsa, United States of Symphonia

"Men, one week ago, I was the Lieutanent of the Death Division of the Tsao Empire, today, I serve as an A-Ranked General fighting against the traitorious Kiramashi family who arrogantly declared war with the great Tsao Empire. You, my comrades of the 1st Volunteer's Division and the 8th Imperial Naval Fleet, shall aid our nation's great quest to bring these warmongers, these traitors, and these scum to justice! Leave no survivers, the Tsao Empire has no mercy and no patience for these Kiramashi scum!"

The voice of General Kai Sung, a recently promoted general sent to aid General Fei in his attack upon Cheonsa, echoed greatly upon the 8th Naval Fleet's loudspeakers. The 8th Naval Fleet, composing of many battleships, battlecruisers, nuclear submarines, and two aircraft carriers, immediately began their assault upon New Trinity in a similar manner to the Hylton invasion.

The attack began in a similar fashion, with Tsao Battleships and Battlecruisers nearing the harbor, meeting the first of NLF resistance. However, the slow lumbering of the ships was interrupted by the attack of the militiamen by 'Shin-Shin' Stealth Fighters given to the Tsao by the Japanese Dystopia. The sudden attack of the harbor caused many militiamen to take cover for several minutes as the Tsao attacked the harbor with heavy air support. By the time the militiamen arose out of cover, the Tsao Naval Vessels were already in point-blank range, their heavy guns immediately bombarding the defenders with incendiary rounds. Similar towards the Hylton attack, the Tsao immediately began unloading their Emperor-Class Tanks and bombarding major communication centers and enemy hardpoints, all while the Tsao Mechanized Forces began rampaging through the city.

The resistance forces, considering that the attack was an exact replica towards the Hylton attacks, immediately began retreating towards the center of the city, out of range of the 8th Naval Fleet. However, when the resistance forces finally fortified themselves within the center of town, they were met with silence. General Kai Sung, using the small amount of time the retreating militia gave him, immediately used this time to allow his artillery crews to set up upon the harbor and for the mechanized forces to modify their tanks. Immediately, the center of New Trinity was bombarded with heavy incendiary and white phosporous shells, with the escaping militiamen running into heavy ballistic shields mounted upon the front of Tsao Emperor-Class Tanks which were slowly advancing. Trapping many militiamen into 'killing circles', the Red Guard troops threw their stick grenades into the trapped clusters of NLF, resulting in great clouds of bright red mist.

Many civilians surrendered to the Red Guard, themselves hoping not to be caught in the conflict. Many Red Guard lead these civilians to 'fortified buildings', which then were locked and demolished with explosive charges. The 'Shin-Shin' Stealth Fighter, making local bombing runs, only aided in the confusion and destruction of the city. The largest issue the Symphonian resistance faced was the sheer quickness of General Kai's forces, who would have already advanced by the time the NLF set up sufficient defenses. With the massive slaughter of New Trinity, the streets began turning red with blood as the Red Guard captured block by block of the city, leaving NLF forces with little room to defend themselves, much less stage an offensive.

Asahinan Stock Market,
ASM Square, Asahina

It was the early morning in Asahina, and this was normally the time the stock markets began opening their doors to local businessmen. However, today was a different day, as many businessmen awoke to newspapers stating that the United States of Symphonia had not only declared war on the Tsao Empire, but the Asahinans, the Kheks, and the Yues. Many men, marching to the Asahinan Stock Market, which was where much information was publically addressed by Hershel Von Eagles and Eagle International Armory executives. In the ASM Square, Mister Eagles stood surrounded by bodyguards, waving off any questions that the press was trying to ask before his official speech.

"People of Asahina, as you are sure aware by now, the United States of Symphonia has declared war on all provinces of the former Comrade Commisar. Now, while I am a fairly forgiving man, I am not going to stand as some monarchy orders our great capitalist society around! Now, either this 'woman' made a mistake and was trying to address the Tsao Empire, or she honestly wants to start a war with all of former Comrade Commisar; I don't know. However, let me make this clear, the Asahinan people do not like war - it destracts us from work and profit. Now, either the Symphonians clear this up right away, or we are official in a state of war; either way, I am mobilizing the 7th Asahinan Naval Fleet and the 12th Drone Division for immediate deployment in the United States of Symphonia. When all is cleared up, either through decisive victory or clarification, we shall call back our forces, until then, the city of Asahina is in an official state of war with the United States of Symphonia, thank you."

As the press continued to pester Hershel Von Eagle with questions, his body guards immediately held back the journalists as the gates of the Asahinan Stock Market opened and Mister Eagles made his way back to his limousine.

The wheels of war were turning once again in three of the Four Nations of Comrade Commisar as the United States of Symphonia were labeled an enemy just as bad as the Aquitaynians. The Symphonians had restarted this old machine of war, whether intentionally or accidently, and they only had a limited window of time before it began producing seas of blood and tears.

A complete mess of a nation known in-character as the 'North Lands'; populated by pious priestesses, wandering mercenaries, violent bandits, and various internal power struggles. Be careful of who you deal with.

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The Reichstag

"They threaten our men overseas, and then they dare threaten the sovereignty of Aquitayne?!" Sam thrust his fist down onto the wooden table holding the combat maps of Symphonia. He was furious at the Seong Shogunate, not only so, but for the Tsing Tsao for besieging an Aquitaynian military installation. The Seong Shogunate was asking for a conflict now more than ever, and as always, Aquitayne would not go without a fight. "This kind of response is not only disgraceful, it's deplorable! Do the Seong really think they can conduct diplomacy like this?" Pacing around the room, Sam knew that the Seong were testing Aquitayne's will to actually fight one of - if not the - strongest nations in the UEN. Though, with their forces divided it would be an easier fight, the Symphonian military was still one to be reckoned with. Their easy disposal of the Japanese fleets made Sam think twice about sending Aquitaynian warships to the country, but he knew the Seong would indefinitely get the power they wanted and believe Aquitayne to have no gut or will to fight.

Immediately, the 5th Strike Group began preperations to disembark from Sanuan on the southern island of Saibo. It was the newest fleet in the Aquitaynian Navy, and one of the best equipped for modern warfare. Recently purchased from multiple arms dealers worldwide, the ships provided an unparalleled array of anti-air, sea, and land defense weapons; as well as a strong arsenal for offensive attacks. Großadmiral Polpet was the commander of the 5th Strike Group, a seasoned veteran and master of naval warfare. He was around fifty years old, and resided on the flagship of the 5th Strike Group, the F.N.S Thomas Riech, a Sovereign California designed/Yohannesian produced CNV Washington Class BBGN.

There were only a limited number of her kind within the Aquitaynian navy, and two other ships just like her were within the fleet. Much of the fleet being sent to Symphonia was manufactured at the Royal Beaufort Shipwrights Guild, but other ships were not. It was a mixed fleet with different designs incorporating different aspects of the fleets needs. Suffice to say, the fleet was one capable of dealing a heavy blow to the Seong Shogunate and the Comraden troops within Symphonia. Their destination was the Sea of Evendium, where they could ensure the safety of the Aquitaynian military base at Shizuku was secure and unharmed. The fleet was to establish contact with Fort Valkyrie in Cheonsa, but there was little hope that anyone there would be rescued before conflict began.

So, under high watch and secrecy, the 5th Strike Group began to pull out of port and sail towards Symphonia. They would be joined en-route by the 7th Kriegsmarine, to provide submersion support and to launch any cruise missiles/ballistic missiles that might be needed. Leaving even before the 5th Fleet departs from port on Saibo, the Air Force fueled and began flying three Top Secret yet-to-be-used-in-combat aerial bombardment weapons, codenamed "Archangel". The Advanced Tactical Laser system would be implemented for the first time to test its combat efficiency.

The hope was that by the time the Seong Shogunate knew there was an Aquitaynian fleet heading their way, they would have little to no time to respond to the threat. That's why the fleet would be taking an inconvenient route to Symphonia, going around the Fortress Empire of Shanix to get there. They would go around Shanix, which is somewhat north of Symphonia, around the back of the nation when being observed from Symphonia, and then wheel around and make a beeline right for the Sea of Evendium. Aquitayne's prized fleet would be sent off to war for the first time, their crews tested and their resolve for victory absolute.

Fort Valkyrie, Daehang Cheonsa

Lieutenant Colonel Holden Molotsky peered through his binoculars at the Comraden forces surrounding Fort Valkyrie. The fort was located on a slight hill, though not steep it was nevertheless a formidable fighting position against attackers. Situated in the Command Tower, a semi-large tower (raised only seventy five feet), he looked on as the Comraden soldiers began torching innocent civilians in front of the Aquitaynian line. He had served as a Captain in the Great War on Treicha, but he had never seen such apathy towards human life from the Comradens before. He had seen his fair share of hardship in the War, but nothing like the screaming burning bodies of men, women and children as they burned alive.

He sighed, dropping his binoculars to look at the situation map located in the center of the room. It was a topographical map of the surrounding areas, with the planned escape routes for all military personnel. The Comradens had the fort securely surrounded, and this was undoubtedly not even a fraction of their fighting forces. Though, he knew more men were to come quickly - a regiment couldn't hold back a Brigade of cornered battle-hardened Marines. The air defenses had finished mobilizing, and the LY300 artillery pieces were in place and aimed at the bulk of the Comraden troops; if they advanced, thirty 220 millimeter fragmentation rockets would blast them to oblivion.

Holden turned to one of the young officers standing in the room waiting for orders. "You, go down into the computer system and erase all the records we have. Make sure nothing is left, leave no trace. If the Comradens get this military base, they're not getting the information that goes along with it." The young Lieutenant nodded, racing out of the room to accomplish his orders. Now, Holden refocused his attention towards the brewing situation. He had received reports that a Red Guard officer had approached the line and spoke with an Aquitaynian Marine, which was completely unacceptable. Immediately, he gave orders for three layers of barbed wire to be placed around the perimeter, 500 meters away from the trenchline.

No more than three minutes later, he could see his orders being carried out. At the base of the hill, Aquitaynian Marines were carefully placing barbed wire around the base, giving the Comraden soldiers a minimum distance before they were shot. For each Marine laying down barbed wire, there were two covering him. The barbed wire was approximately five feet tall (mounted on pikes at 5 foot intervals), and there was another layer at the middle of the hill and the top. Each layer was about 4 or 5 feet apart, and was done so to break up the advance of any soldiers. Though the barbed wire wouldn't do much against tanks, the Marines hoped that they would be dealt with by the artillery.

It would take a little over an hour before the barbed wire fence was completely finished, and hopefully the Comradens nor the Aquitaynian government would give anyone a reason to cross it before then. As darkness was to fall soon, Holden gave orders that at 23:00 hours Combat Engineers were to go out to the fenceline and place claymores to inflict a good amount of casualties against the Comraden forces if they were to advance. This base would not be taken without a fight.

To protect against possible enemy airstrikes, the helicopter force was moved into hardened bunkers. While this would prevent their rapid response in the event of an attack, pilots waited in the hangers with their helicopters to move out if it was necessary. They were armed and ready for combat with Hellfire anti-tank missiles as well as anti personnel missiles, to deal massive death to the enemy should the need arise.

Just behind the trenchline, the Humvee's began making their presence known. Digging spider holes, the armored cars were covered by mounds of dirt from the front, leaving only the gunner manning the .50 Caliber Browning machine gun the only target for the enemy soldiers to shoot at. The AN/TQ-1 Avenger SAM Humvee's were placed behind the lines, towards the borders of the base. They were armed and ready, while their external RADAR systems scanned the skies for enemy aircraft. If a plane, fighter or helicopter came within 50 miles of the base, they would know.

The Type 10 Japanese tanks, believed to be a strong match for the sluggish Comraden Emperor tanks, were mobilizing outside the base to launch a flank attack if necessary. 50 Type 10's fanned out the back of the base, pulling left behind a series of hills (coincidentally where the Aquitaynian artillery was placed) to await further instructions. 100 of the Type 10's peeled right out of the base, entering a forest to hide their positions from the enemy, maintaining radio silence to avoid alerting the enemy. The other 150 Fumetsu Type 10 Main Battle Tanks took up defensive positions inside the base, prepared to storm out and assault the enemy with full force if the time came.
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Postby Comrade Commisar » Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:25 am

Fort Valkryie, Hylton Outskirts,
Cheonsa, Seong Shogunate

"Commander, many armed Aquitaynian Marines approaching our position." Reported one Red Guard with a pair of binoculars.
"Cover them with rifles," Replied the Lieutanent, "Should they make any action, take no hesitation in annihilating them."

Nodding, the Red Guard shouted towards the other soldiers as the Lieutanent walked forward to the Aquitaynian soldiers.

"Stand back or you will be shot!" Shouted an Aquitaynian marine as he raised his rifle, the other soldiers handling barbed wire continuing to advance to the base of the hill.
"Are you blind, Aquitaynian?" Replied the Lieutanent almost sarcasticly as a platoon of Red Guards and a 12.7mm Quadmounted Type 38 truck moved forward, pointing their own weapons at the Aquitaynians, "Move any further, Aquitaynian, and you shall be interfering with the objectives of the Red Guard. We have tanks, jeeps, artillery, and ten men for every one inside that fort of yours. Drop your weapons, return towards your posts."

After a long standoff, the Aquitaynian Marines pulled back, establishing the mid-hill and hill-top barbed wire. The Red Guard, noticing the marines fortifying themselves, quickly dug a line of trenches and foxholes in their own defense. The 12.7mm and 37mm Quadmounted Type 38 Trucks were dug in with a similar fashion to the Aquitaynian's HMMWVs, although they had the advantage of four times the firepower and thick gunshields to protect the Red Guard gunners. Emperor-Class Tanks, being modified with TOW Missiles and heavy ballistics shields, were to be acting as the frontline forces during an expected Aquitaynian assault. The Red Guard, sure that the Aquitaynians would attempt to push out of the fort, fixed themselves in a siege-like position, surrounding the fort with infantry, mortars, gun trucks, tanks or whatever was at hand.

"Lieutanent," A Red Guard said, running into a trench, "The 38th Mechanized are sending some mobile artillery and commander tanks to enforce our line. We have the coordinates for the Aquitaynian fort messaged to the naval fleet and artillery crews should the Aquitayinans attempt anything."
"Good." The Lieutanent said, scooping out the last bits of meat from his ration can, "Have a company or two keep watch upon the fort during the middle of the night, I have a suspicion Aquitaynian scouts might come out to survey our defenses."

Nodding, the Red Guard immediately made his way down the trench line, notifying multiple platoons to get rest while they could. The Lieutanent, peeking out of the trench line, looked at the Aquitaynian Marines - the many of whom were wearily staring at the Red Guard from their trenches. Laying against the trench wall, the Lieutanent pulled his cap over his eyes as many of the Red Guard rested, the ones awake grabbing flares and loading mortars with illuminous ammunition for the night.

During the early hours of the night, the Red Guard companies were viewing the area between them and the Aquitaynian trench, with only the sounds of crickets and the faint snoring of soldiers to accompany them. Some of the squadrons, assigned to cut the barbed wire line with whatever tools they had available - from bolt cutters to explosives - were quietly making their way up to the mid-hill barb wire line in the cover of darkness. Reaching the line, they carefully planted explosives and snipped away bits of wire, all while another squadron was stealthily laying prone in the grass, ready to give surpressing fire.

"Hurry." Spoke one of the supporting Red Guard, holding his Type 68 Grenade Launcher shakingly.
"I'm just making sure the explosives are wired proper--" The Red Guard paused as he heard what sounded like the clinking of gear.

After a few brief moments of silence, the Aquitaynian Combat Engineers walked only a few inches from the Red Guard as they began placing their claymore mines. The Red Guard Engineers, deathly silent, waited under the Combat Engineers moved on to place more mines before looking at the supporting Red Guard. One Red Guard, pulling out a flare, lit it and threw it at the Aquitaynian Combat Engineers, immediately signalling the Red Guards at the Tsao trenchline.

"Halt or we shall open fire!" A Red Guard yelled as he pointed his Type 73 Machine Gun at the Combat Engineers, along with any other Red Guards within the trench. Immediately, Red Guard squadrons rushed out of the trench to detain the Combat Engineers, many covered by the large quadmounted 12.7mm and 37mm guntrucks - who were pointing their guns at the Aquitaynian trench line. The Red Guards, many utilizing tactical flashlights upon their rifles, captured some Aquitaynian Combat Engineers while others ran back towards the Aquitaynian trenchline. Bringing the Aquitaynian Combat Engineers back to the Tsao trenchline, the Red Guard Engineers managed to follow shortly behind in the general confusion.

The Lieutanent, who was wide awake at this moment with Type 73 rifle slung at his hip, ordered the prisoners to be taken behind a line of Emperor-Class Tanks - of which the Aquitaynians had no line-of-sight. Searching them for weapons, the Red Guard immediately confiscated the weapons as the Lieutanent made his way to interrogate the prisoners.

"What were you men doing?" He asked, holding a claymore in one hand, "Sabotage of efforts here, Aquitaynians? Placing anti-personel devices and scouting out our positions? What else were you going to do? Huh, Aquitaynian?!"

Pointing the bright tactical light of his rifle into the face of a marine, the Lieutanent looked at the Red Guards, many of who were expecting the Lieutanent to violently beat and torture the marines. Instead, the Lieutanent pulled a small trophy of his from his uniform, holding it out in front for the Aquitaynian prisoners to see. It was a picture of a man, his wife, and kids, although the people in the photo were of White, not Asian complection.

"This picture," The Lieutanent stated, "This picture is from one of your infamous 'Black Patriarches', during a raid upon the Imperial Palace in Kai-Shek. He tried to slit my throat, instead, I beat him to death with his own weapon. Special Operations, killed by a mere Red Guard; Remember who you are fighting Aquitaynians."

Ordering the Aquitaynian Marines to be detained and brought back to the harbor of Hylton, much to the dissapointment of many Red Guard, they bound the marines' wrists and placed them within a Red Guard convoy headed back into town to reinforce the 56th Red Guard. The convoy, driving off in the middle of the night towards the brightly lit, burning remains of Hylton, left the marines within Fort Valkyrie to think that their comrades were still around the Tsao trenchline. As the convoy went off, the Lieutanent gave orders to fire illuminous mortar rounds throughout the night, preventing any more Aquitaynians from laying mines without Tsao knowledge.

Generally, the Lieutanent thought it merciful of the Red Guard not to shoot or embalm the Aquitaynian Combat Engineers on sight. The Aquitaynians received much better treatment than the Symphonians, being some of the only prisoners the Tsao captured during their occupation of Hylton. Not wanting to start a diplomatic firestorm, no Aquitaynians were to be killed unless they engaged in lethal force first. The Tsao were really careful in handling any situation with themselves and the Aquitaynians, as the Ministry of Military Affairs did not want their plans for the newly formed empire to go awry before they expanded their influence. As of such, the Aquitaynian prisoners returning to the harbors of Hylton would probably experience suffice rations and medical aid, before being transferred to a temporary holding camp within the Tsao Empire, where they would be held until the end of Tsao operations within the crumbling Symphonia.

As the Lieutanent climbed into the back of one of the quadmounts to sleep, he could hear the commotion as Red Guards were fortifying the entirety of the trenchline, which some Red Guards taunting the Aquitaynians in their own trenchline.
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Reich Chancellery
The Greater Aryan Race

"....and so in accordance with government regulations, the new laws concerning border control will be implemented in two weeks. Now, this floor is open to questions from the press and assembled journalists." stated Heinrich Heinke, Head of the Office of the Reich Chancellery, as he concluded his daily press statement to the assembled journalists from the media industry. Leaning back, he sighed and wiped the perspiration on his forehead. For over the past few days, much talk had been centered on the recent crisis that had been engulfing the Symphonian Empire. There was much speculation as to the government's response to what was now being called a full-scale civil war. Although the Greater Aryan Race had generally kept out of Asian affairs, it had itself been involved in a massive operation against the Symphonian Empire on the side of the Greater Evil Imperial Japanese Dystopia although that itself was minimal.

Finally, one of the assembled journalists, a reporter from the Germania Morgenpost, posed the first question.

"Is the Fuhrer and the Government going to take a definitive stand on the Symphonian Crisis?"

"All options are being discussed and a suitable response is being drafted." replied Heinke.

"What about the fact that the death toll which has reached past a million? Is this not enough to warrant some form of direct action on the part of the government?" asked another journalist, this time from the National Observer.

"We are aware of the huge death toll and again, we are in the midst of preparing a solution."

"And the fact that we are seeing a fellow Fascist power known as Aquitayne increasingly intervening on the side of the NLF, how will that affect the actions of the Government?" asked the first journalist.

"As you are all aware, Aquitayne is a nation that enjoys close diplomatic ties with the Greater Aryan Race. However, that is merely one of several factors that the Government is considering as it makes it's decision. Now gentlemen if you will excuse me, this press conference is now closed."

Amidst the continued questions from the assembled journalists and the flashes of various cameras, Heinrich Heinke and his aides proceeded to exit the press conference hall within the Reich Chancellery. The press was proving to be a growing pain with their incessant questions bordering on the intrusive but Heinke was reassured by the fact that come what may, the final say was still the Fuhrer's to give.

The Greater Aryan Race

Within the Reichstag, the heated debate over the civil war in Symphonia continued with no clear resolution being drawn from the meeting. The Fuhrer had decided to summon an emergency session of the Reichstag to debate about the GAR's actions to take with regards to the Symphonian Crisis. As the debate started, it was clear that the Party was facing two conflicting objectives. The ultranationalist right pressed upon the need for the GAR to intervene on the side of the Seong Shogunate, given that the monarchy had been weak and had allowed itself to be vanquished. To these people, the new Symphonian government at least offered an opportunity for the GAR to further it's own interests.

The moderates and left-leaning Party members disagreed. They pointed out that the Seong Shogunate had effectively lost the support of the masses and only retained the support of certain members of the aristocracy and military. As impressive as it's military strength might seem, the Shogunate was still very much struggling to retain control of the entire Symphonian archipelago. For now it seemed, the Shogunate was a giant of brass with clay feet. The added advantage that the moderates possessed in their argument, and in this they were supported by the rabid ideologues of the party, that the nation of Comrade Comissar was supporting the Shogunate and this by default, meant that the GAR was not obliged to support any government aided by a Communist nation.

Nevertheless, the debate continued to rage with no end in sight. Finally, the Fuhrer himself rose to spoke. As he stood and approached the podium, all those assembled applauded him in the loudest manner possible while some stood up and raised their right arms in the distinctive salute.

"Party deputies, assembled ministers, Mr. Speaker. As many of you are now aware, the Symphonian conflict continues to rage on with no end in sight. The death toll has risen past two million and is expected to increase substantially should the Shogunate and the National liberation Front continue their conflict. With the spectre of foreign intervention now likely, it is expected that the number of casualties will undoubtedly increase.

Given this scenario, some of you have called upon this Government to intervene decisively to bring the conflict to a speedy resolution but on whose side? That is the question that has been on all of your minds since we convened this session. There are those who would rather support the National Liberation Front and there are those who wish we would rather support the Seong Shogunate.

In light of this, we recognise that a foreign nation's internal affairs must always be handled with care. Do not think that the time will come when the Greater Aryan Race must be forced to commit itself to a bloody conflict once more. Nevertheless some of you have....doubted the convictions of my government in tackling what has now become an international affair. That I believe represents a clear lack of understanding of the intrincasies of foreign and global affairs which is understandable though disconcerting.

I would therefore like to announce that the Greater Aryan Race will be adopting a role of armed neutrality inthe face of this conflict for the time being. I am also announcing the deployment of the Far East Fleet to assist in peacekeeping operations in Symphonia. I hope that this will spur all parties to find a meaningful and beneficial conclusion to this messy war.". With that, the Fuhrer concluded his speech and returned to his seat. At once, the nature Reichstag stood up to applaud their leader while the air was punctuated with chants of "Sieg Heil!"

The decision to deploy the Far East Fleet was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. Prior to the Reichstag session, the National Secuity Coucil had been discussing an appropriate response to the situation in Symphonia. While the military officials and the Reichsfuhrer-SS wanted a military solution, the civilians and the Foreign Ministry members of the Council wanted a diplomatic approach instead. The question of whose side the GAR would take was still fiercely debated upon but it was clear that for now, caution would dominate the GAR's foreign policy regarding the civil war in Symphonia. If the time comes, she would not hesitate to join either the NLF or the Shogunate if need be. If worse came to worse, then the GAR would simply colonise Symphonian territory.
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Imperium Sidhicum wrote:So, uh... Is this another one of those threads where everyone is supposed to feel outraged and circle-jerk in agreement of how injust and terrible the described incident is?

Because if it is, I'm probably going to say something mean and contrary just to contradict the majority.

This nation is now IC-ly known as the Teutonic Reich.

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Official Communique of the Reich Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On behalf of the Reich Chancellor and Fuhrer, the Fascist Dictatorship of The Greater Aryan Race would like to express it's most profound dismay and shock and the recent upsurge in intra-state violence that has taken place in the Empire of Symphonia. Further noting that the death toll has reached staggering proportions, it is the Fuhrer's deepest wish to resolve this conflict in the fastest and least violent way possible.

While the Greater Aryan Race remains an external party in the Symphonian Civil War, the Foreign Ministry hereby declares that the Greater Aryan Race now stands at a level of "Armed Neutrality" and will not hesitate in intervening in this conflict if necessary. To facilitate peaceful humanitarian operations to aid the unfortunate civilians of Symphonia, the Greater Aryan Race is dispatching it's Far Eastern Fleet to Symphonia to assist in the conducting of peacekeeping operations by GAR ground forces.

Any nation or faction that attempts to bring harm or to take any actions that will result in the death of any GAR personnel will be deemed as an aggressor that has waged war on the Greater Aryan Race. This will mean that a state of war now exists between the Greater Aryan Race and said party. To that end, the Fuhrer calls upon the Seong Shogunate and the National Liberation Front to halt all acts of violence and to instead enter ceasefire talks.

Aksaz Naval Base
The Greater Aryan Race

The Far Eastern Fleet sailed out of it's home base in GAR-Occupied Turkey to the cheers of the local natives and fellow Kriegsmarine personnel while a military band played the 'Pressuens Gloria' military march. Accompanying the Far Eastern Fleet were the units of the 25th Army, officially acting as peacekeepers during the Symphonian conflict. In command of the Far Eastern Fleet was Admiral Friedrich Wellershoff with his flagship being the Longsword-Class vessel KMS Imperator.

Suffice to say, the Far Eastern Fleet was one of the more recent fleets to have been formed by the Kriegsmarine under it's naval expansion programme that followed following the seizure of Turkey and the Caucasus. Although it was small and the ships were not the most advanced, the Far Eastern Fleet could pride itself in having one of the most exceptional fleet commanders throughout the entire Kriegsmarine, Admiral Wellershoff. His ancestors had served in the Kaiser's navy during the First World War while his grandfather had served on the Bismarck during the Second World War. Seawater ran through his veins and although the Admiral himself was 60, he declined an honorary position within the OKM. A desk job was not cut out for him.

Admiral Wellershoff was under no illusions as to his task. Not only did they have to safeguard the supply lines of the peacekeeping force but they would also have to guard against possible hostile naval and aerial activity from either the NLF or the Seong Shogunate. The Stratocratic government of Comrade Comissar, having now committed itself fully to the defense of the Shogunate, was almost certain to wage war against the GAR. But come what may, Admiral Wellershoff was prepared for war if need be. He and his officers knew that beneath the veneer of humanitarian missions, conflict between various parties was always inevitable.

As part of the Far Eastern Fleet's journey, it would travel through the Suez Canal and into the Indian Ocean. From there, it would travel through the Straits of Malacca past Singapore and then enter the Pacific Oceans and finally head for the Great Western Ocean. Their target were the islands containing the cities of Palutena and East Genevira. Only when they had firmly established themselves would the GAR expand eastwards.
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Imperium Sidhicum wrote:So, uh... Is this another one of those threads where everyone is supposed to feel outraged and circle-jerk in agreement of how injust and terrible the described incident is?

Because if it is, I'm probably going to say something mean and contrary just to contradict the majority.

This nation is now IC-ly known as the Teutonic Reich.


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