Insurrection (Closed)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Insurrection (Closed)

Postby Zellatia » Sun May 06, 2012 12:26 am

Zellton City, Zellton Proper, Zellatia

As the night began to creep over Zellton City, the Emperor was in his study. He always spends his early evenings there, just before he heads to the palace and to his family. That was something that he would never do again after this night. There were a few shouts as a group of men in desert garb stormed into the study and surrounded the Emperor. Looking up from his book, he raised an eyebrow and asked, “Who are you and what are you doing in my study? I will have you know that you have to arrange a meeting with me before you can meet me so informally, at least normally. What is going on?”

The leader of the group, a very large bearded man, lowered his face cloth and responded, “Well your majesty, we need to get out of here immediately. Meetings can wait my friend. Your life is in danger, and we have less than 30 minutes to flee.”

Sighing, the Emperor closed his book, “Why exactly should I believe you? If something came up, it would be the Zealites coming here to save me, not some Oassi tribesmen.”

The large Oassi man shook his head, “They are not coming, and they have been delayed by the men in the shadows. We are here at the behest of one who values your safety over all others, and others of our tribe are already getting to Empress Talia and your children. Your youngest brother, Prince Gorzell has already been kidnapped, and Zaspin will likely be taken within the hour. We need to go NOW, or the whole Empire might as well be overturned.”

Once all of this was espoused, Zellan rose, “What in the world are you going on about? Why should I believe a single word you are saying?”

Just as the Emperor finished that sentence, gunfire erupted from outside, several floors down. Screams began to erupt as the street below began to fill with men in black cloaks and Kalashnikovs. Gunfire began to burst out from the surrounding neighborhood. The Emperor dropped his book and turned to the Oassi tribesmen, “I understand, we need to leave immediately. I trust that you are of the Rizon tribe? They are the only ones allowed out of Oassi at the moment, right?”

The large man gestured for them to move, “No. We are part of the tribe less; we will explain once we arrive at the Iram, we’ll tell you what is going on.”

The group went up several flights of stairs at a rapid pace as the gunfire got closer. As they almost reach the roof, gunfire began to erupt in the study, and many frustrated screams erupted. The sound of men storming up the stairs began to emanate below the group as a few of the Oassi men stayed back to distract the invading insurrectionists.

Looking back for a moment, the Emperor cringed a little as gunfire began to be exchanged between the tribesman and the revolutionaries. He soon reached the roof, as well as the helipad, where a helicopter was supposed to be. Oddly though, none was present. “You’ve got to be kidding me” Zellan muttered as he looked back towards the stairwell. They need a way out soon or else…

The garbed man who led the Oassi men pulled out a radio and muttered some words in Arabic and turned towards Zellan, “I have a man who will be here with a transport in ten minutes. Until then, we need to take defensive positions. I don’t know how long the men on the stairs will be able to last, but at maximum we’ll need to wait 7 more minutes. You have a gun on you, I assume?”
Zellan nodded, and pulled out a weird looking gun that soon folded outwards into an automatic rifle. He looked towards the staircase and crouched behind the helipad. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to defend myself. However, I’ll need you to push the button hidden on the bottom of the helipad, I am wearing clothes that would rip off me if I tried to go under there.”

The Oassi man laughed, and sent one of his men crawling under the helipad, and a loud mechanical noise. Three mini-gun defensive positions rose out of the ground in three places on the roof. The Emperor motioned towards the positions and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve planned ahead in case something like this somehow happened. Get your men to those positions and I’ll cover you in case they get through your men early.”

After a few minutes, more gunfire and steps began to emanate from the staircase and the door swung wide to reveal several of the garbed men with AK’s charging up the roof. However, they were obliterated upon reaching the roof by the Oassi tribesmen. For the next several minutes, wave upon wave of garbed assailants fell dead upon the roof of the government office. However, only so many bullets had been packed into the gun placements, so soon the loyalist tribesmen were forced to rely on their own guns.

Five more minutes passed as the two sides exchanged fire, and after this period passed, only the tribal leader and five of his men were left defending the Emperor. Within seconds after the numbers of the rebellious men began to overrun the defenders a loud whirring noise was heard throughout the sky. Several helicopters began surrounding the roof, and opened fire on the rebels. As the helicopters distracted the attackers, a Chinook arrived just at roof level. The doors opened and a plank hit the roof. A man garbed similarly as the tribesman beckoned the defenders onto the transport and the defenders hustled onto the helicopter.

As the helicopters flew away, Zellan looked out the window down towards the city below. It seemed like the capital was a battleground as it seemed like fighting between policemen, national guardsmen, and armed citizens fought back against the black robed rebels who filled the streets.


A man in dark, ornate robes sat in a chair in what was obviously a military bunker. He turned his chair around as a few of his men entered the room.

“Milord,” the lead man began quivering a little as he spoke, “We have failed to capture the Emperor.”

The lounging leader gripped his chair as he stopped himself for rising, hoping for good news.

Continuing to shake, the man leading the report spoke more, “We have captured several members of the cabinet, with the only exceptions being the Interior Minister Richard Geadensson and Grand Admiral von Leone. We also captured Princes Zaspin and Gorzell, as well as the majority of the Emperor’s extended family. The Emperor’s children have also escaped, and our team that is going after that foreign harlot Empress Talia has not reported back yet. We have Geadus Lindamere, the foreign minister, however, and are bringing him up here now.”

A few minutes after the report, two men dragged a very injured Foreign Minister up before the leader of the Insurrection. The shivering minister looked up towards the head of the rebellion and muttered, “You, why did you-?” and a gun was shoved into his face. Only one word was said.



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Postby New Hayesalia » Sun May 06, 2012 3:21 am

The Frozen Sea was called that it was because that's what it is: a frozen sea, a cold and strange place that piqued the interest of many. The Fr'zian people of this region were historically warfighters, and they were well-taken to the cool conditions: unlike the Empress, Talia. Also a princess to the New Hayesalian- or more accurately, Montmarian- throne, she had married Zellan only few months before. She'd known about the instability that had wracked Zellataia in 2009, the then Island Republic of New Hayesalia assisting with small elements of the Montmaraian 1st Battalion. Now that Battalion was only 1,000 soldiers in a Legion of 600,000 but she had remained their ceremonial Colonel.

But, she was no soldier. She was a skydiver, certainly, but not a military combat paratrooper. She was just a girl from an island in New Hayesalia, and she was fifth-in-line for it's crown. Even though she now had her Zellatian one. Sometimes she still remembered the music play as she walked down the aisle.

She'd not before seen the night sky light up with illumination flares and muzzle flashes, accompanied quickly by the rolling of tanks from the hill. She had just finished preparing for bed, ready for a day tomorrow speaking to the citizens of this town of six million, Squarza. As she stood there, dressed only in her pyjamas and in shock at the scene unfolding the doors were burst open. Immediately identifiable were the Royal Montmarian Guards, the VIP protection teams of the New Hayesalian Army. The distinctive red and white starred flag of the Province of Montmaray was worn in unison to the New Hayesalian National Flag, velcroed upon their Urban Pattern FEARs. Those in uniform were accompanied by their on-shift colleagues, who wore suits reinforced with kevlar to protect against knives. Even though they were in suits, the RMGs were able to slip into their full-body Chameleon body armour and helmet, and apply a Level III Protector bulletproof vest and combat helmet to the princess before half escorting, half-dragging her from the room.

The tanks were rolling into the city, and the Empress was running with her guards. The Zealites assisted the New Hayesalians, but as of this moment they had been relieved to help the local army forces fight the approaching tank force- not to mention the infantry. The New Hayesalians didn't do things by half though- Ripper Mk2 rifles, CGPMG light machine guns, and even a couple of Needler anti-air launchers and HIMATs, just in case.

"What the fuck is this!" Talia finally asked as the bulky guard in front of her ran, pulling her along.
"We don't know, ma'am!" said one of the RMGs behind her, one with a Ripper and grenade launcher.
"Is Zellan okay?"
"We'll debrief after we get you out, ma'am!"

Typical Montmarian politeness.

Talia had began to notice that the RMGs were guiding her upstairs, not down. She was only two floors from the top, and the reason was obvious. The RMGs had use of theOH-38 Vanguard light utility helicopter. Fast, armed and agile with a top speed of 150 knots and with electronic jammers, Needler missiles, CAAM-90E Head Lock AAMs, and Hellfire AGM missiles not to mention the mounted Model 15 .50 calibre guns, it was permenantly assigned to the protection but not regular transport of the Empress- that honor belonged to the Zellatian Army and their Chinooks, even though the Vanguard always stalked it.

The Vanguard landed, quickly and the Empress was thrown aboard and buckled into the five-point, crashworthy seat alongside two RMGs. The rest of the twenty man platoon would exfil by other means, usually MH-9 Cottonmouth helicopters also on station- stealthy helicopters they couldn't be easily seen by radar or the naked eye, but they knew they were there somewhere. The Vanguard lifted, it's skids meeting the open air. The expert RMG pilot pulled the helicopter into a steep ascent and bank, away from the advancing tanks. An MH-9 came in, to pick up the first bunch of two helicopters. It was well armed, but with what couldn't be seen.

The Vanguard began to ascend to well above the cloud line, out of sight. After it crossed the coast, the pilot would bring it to just above the clouds. The tanks hadn't hit Talia- she was safe.

That night, forty troops on either side died, most defending. The Zealites were not hit hard- but they had lost some good soldiers. Talia was now enroute to the Frozen Sea. The hard, flat terrain was often used by landing aircraft in emergencies or even small ones to go ice fishing- it was quite a wonder. The sea took the weight of the Vanguards and the Cottonmouths about 500 kilometres out from the battle raging behind them. The coldness of the place got to the Empress, as she began to shiver. Unpacked from the Vanguard was a pair of Blacktalon gloves and Mamba boots, which would protect from the freezing night. An RMG in the MH9 also gave her his Urban patterned Wraith combat coat, leaving him in undershirt. She thanked him, and the group waited for the next pick-up, provided by the New Hayesalian Air Force's 'Whisper Airways' group- pilots specialising in the discreet pickup and delivery of cargo with a CM-7 Courier Tactical Airlifter.

But this was all of a secondary nature to Talia- where was her husband, and her adopted children? Were they safe? Were they out of Zellton City? She began to panic at the thought, to hyperventilate. An RMG grabbed her, and provided the finest military assistance and all she needed-

A hug.

It was late afternoon in New Hayesalia, about 5:20. The popular kids TV show "Bop Potato" was on, and the Prime Minister's toddler enjoyed watching the colourful characters perform various acts of giggles and random pointing. As Bop, the Orange Potato, began to point at different colours and say them really slow, the feed was cut. It was the Prime Minister who helped to legalise some light recreational drugs in New Hayesalia, but he certainly wasn't aware people were going to make TV shows while they were on them. Prime Minister Hayes stopped sipping his iced coffee as soon as he heard the intro music to the Oppentin News. As his son stopped giggling and "goo-gaad" at why Bop the Potato went away, the asian woman who anchored the nighly news appeared in a frenzy. Had Hayes not been blind, he would have seen her with her makeup not fully applied, the news not starting for another ten minutes. File videos appeared spliced with the anchor.

...Breaking news in Zellatia from our international correspondants, with reports of an armed uprising in regions all over the country coming into our offices and that of the Government. At least seven cities are currently under siege, including the capital of Zellton, from military forces believed to be a part of the Forward Shade Party, as indicated by the fact that all killed hostile forces have been discovered holding party membership cards. It is believed rogue factions of the Zellatian military are taking part and that numerous secure areas, with deaths and injuries sustained by civilians. It is believed that Empress Talia has escaped the city of Squarza in the north-west, but information is not known about the Emperor and his family. It is believed however that multiple cabinet members have been taken hostage. If you have any concerns about relatives...

Hayes' phone rang, a simple brr-brr. He snatched it immediately and answered, to the hysteria of his Deputy PM, Tanya Voronina. She was going on about what she knew, and Hayes was catching every second word. He recieved a second call, coming in from the Chief of the Military, Air Marshal of the New Hayesalian Air Force Jordan Scotts. She came on the phone and said plainly and calmly- "I'm 20 seconds away from your house on a dirtbike, don't ask why, tell your security to let me in"- he did- "and by fuck, don't listen to your goddamn ministers yet."

...This number will remain on your screen. We now return to Bop Potato.
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Postby Zellatia » Mon May 07, 2012 11:09 pm

An Overview of the conflict

Unlike earlier rebellions or civil wars fought in Zellatia, this one was the first to truly encompass its whole self. Before many of the rebellions had been ethnic in origin, the last gasps of nationalism amongst the populace of some parts of the nation, however, this war was far different. Gone were the justifications of a new nation inside of Zellatia. The Forward Shade Party is a completely unified movement under a mysterious guide, bent upon overthrowing the current regime in Zellatia. Their goal unclear, except for the fact that the old government must be overthrown, and the new government will be different. Throughout Zellatia, several areas have already been overtaken by the FSP rebels. We shall highlight in this next section which areas have been touched by the hand of Insurrection.

"This is Elzin Tajima, lead field report for ZNU, the best source of news from Zellatia, for Zellatia. I think I might be the only reporter not yet captured by the Insurrectionists in Zellton, but this building is protected by several mercenary groups at the moment, so I am sure that we should be fine. We are still getting reports from throughout Zellatia, despite the media black out, and it does not look good." ... ction1.jpg

(The purple movements and towns are the FSP, while the purple outlined ones are the towns that resisted and fell. The blue colors are the defensive loyalist forces, being pushed back)

"Zellton City itself is besieged from several points, and the majority of the Emperor's cabinet has apparently been captured. The Emperor himself was sighted on the roof of his executive office building escorted by what appeared to be tribesmen from Oassi, although that portion of the report seems suspect. We do not know his fate or even wherebouts at this time, but our prayers are out for him and his family, all of which seemed to have escaped, with the exceptions of his two younger brothers, who are confirmed to be captured.

Midalia seems to be especially encircled by the rebels and the only major city untouched there seems to be the capital of Midal.....

Garrissonia is also deeply under siege, with the military complex there in uproar as the two sides fight over the arsenal there. The FSP rebels don't seem to be gaining any further ground, and as a result of the absence of several high ranking commanders, including both Grand Admiral von Leone and Grand General Garr Destronikan, both of whom are apparently missing from their posts. Most of the cities in the province are overtaken and Garrisson is besieged by several groups of rebel army members.

Tigaria is also in uproar, with the FSP unable to truly gain any ground against the Tigarian regulars, and the other armies there, with the Shield Islands being the only actual area fallen into the enemy hands. The Dominions and Colonies are silent, with the exception of the Northern Dominion being oddly silent. The total deaths estimated so far is 2 million today alone. With the night passing quickly, I need to take some caffeine pills so I can keep up the information mill, so until 5 am, we are having warnings and the like, as well as a repeat of what I have just said. This is Elzin Tajima, signing off."


Zellan grimaced as the chinook landed in a desert far, far away from Zellton. The Oassi Desert had been a section of several small empires before the rise of Zellatia, and if Zellatia ever fell it would be part of one again. Deep inside the desert, there had always been a legend of a forgotten city that held all of the riches of Oassi. As he got out of the double bladed Helicopter he heard the clunk of metal on his feet. Raising one of his eyebrows questioningly, the ground began to open up and a staircase leadings downwards. As he walked down the stairs several runes began to glow along the wall. He worriedly continued to walk, aware that the majority of his current retinue were different tribesman than before, as most of those men had died defending him. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he reached a large room with several computers and one large screen.

As he entered the room, the screen whirred on and a cloaked man appeared. Taken aback for a moment, he drew his weapon and said, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!"

The Oassi chief next to him laughed, "Do not worry. He is currently undercover amongst the ranks of the Insurrectionists, sir would you like to reveal yourself so you don't scare the Emperor to death?"

The cloaked man nodded and the robe's coif dropped. Zellan's eyes widened as he saw a face that he hadn't seen since his father's funeral. Head of the Zealites, former Emperor of Zellatia, Zellath IX stared back at Zellan as he looked into his son's eyes for the first time in years, "Nice to see you again son. I hope being Emperor is so far easier than when I was in your position."

Tearing up a little, Zellan replied, "Well, I didn't have hordes of Lakedian Spartiotes try to kill me, but it's gotten quite close. Where have you been all this time?"

Zellath laughed, "Watching you, mostly, and making sure none of the plots against you succeeded. I was unable to avert our current situation, but as soon as I get into the ranks of the top brass, I'll begin to covertly end them before they realize who I am. Now, you better tell your wife, Talia, what's going on right now. She should be safe at a New Hayesalian military base somewhere near Merieuvinge if she's smart. The FSP isn't so stupid to directly attack the New Hayesalians yet".

The image whirred off just as Zellan was about to ask more questions and the current Emperor sighed, "Damnit dad.... Can you call my wife, please?"

The Oassi chieftain nodded and touched a button on a page near his chair and Talia's number showed up on the screen. "We have to wait for her to pick up, my lord" he said, awaiting Talia's answering of the phone.

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Postby New Hayesalia » Tue May 08, 2012 11:51 pm


The course of action for royalty under attack was the emergency relocation to a large New Hayesalian bunker. In Port Eastgate, the bunker is decked out with royal symbology and some art, but it's main purpose is providing a shelter for the New Hayesalian leadership, able to withstand even small nuclear blasts through it's strong underground construction and spring-mounted build.

The bunker did have a phone line conenction to the surface, meaning mobile phones worked. Talia herself was not well-built at the moment. She had been pacing the rooms phone in hand, waiting for a phone call, news, anything she could. When the news report had cast doubt on Zellans survival, she had almost collapsed in fear.


Within a half second the Empress had answered her Xzaerom Sleek smartphone. As she answered the phone, she heard her husbands voice.


The Air Marshal NHAF had rushed into the Prime Ministers home, with a list of what the New Hayesalians could offer up, particularly from the base in Merieuvinge- there wasn't much though, mostly being a base for an air tanker, some F-209s and F-223s. But now all of them were on 24/7 alert for an exfilration. In the Air Mashal's words though, they'd be so damn busy soon they would forget about their small role beforehand.

"We have the plans already figured out, running by protecting zones not yet taken and destroying opposing forces. We think they're that shadow party following, and they're not too badly armed. Mostly Zellatian gear, 90's kind of stuff. What we can get there in the short-term, and I mean short term by about four hours, is the first elements of the Airborne Legion, about 600,000 people. After that, we can immediately call in the 1st Marine Legion and dispatch the NHS Hollow Bastion, one of our Perun's. Add to that a couple of assotred cruisers and frigates we have out there, plus the NHS Captina, an aircraft carrier. And of course, we can have over a hundred F-209s and dozens of support aircraft over land":

"The problem is the fact that the New Hayesalian and Zellatian nations have had a lot of military and political communication- any collateral damage is going to be very pronounced, so our job is going to be fucking difficult no matter how much we have in there. We'll be inserting all forces in a little desert town called Oassi, where the loyalist forces are at it's strongest and most important. Furhtermore, we'll be supporting the Emperor himself as well as inserting a force of RMGs to protect him."

"How long will this take us to do?" asked Hayes.

"Immediately four hours, all forces deployed in around three days. After we base in oassi, our first targets for assistance will be New Mechano and it's surrounds, and assaulting rebel strongholds in Leasi and Prait, then securing the large cities there. As soon as possible, we'll be deploying the 2nd Marine Legion, Mountain Legion, and Free Foreign Legion. Add to that, a shitton of planes. Our biggest targets to take control of and secure are Garrisson, Zellton City, Pedron, Zol and Drasfal."

"Phase 2 is also going to begin immediately: the 1st Naval Legion is being readied to transport the combat-rotation 1st, 2nd and 3rd Legions to Zellatia with the 2nd Naval Legion readying the 4th, 5th and 6th. We're putting over 2,000,000 people in-country some going in right now."

"Spetzgruppa Nachal'nik?" Hayes asked.

"We've got five hundred SN guys already on two supersonic VIP transports over going to Oassi and just outside Drasfal to support loyalist forces."

"The MR-SSTs? They can jump from them?"

"They're not made for it, but with the Gabriel ADS and if the SST slows down they'll be fine."

"You have my approval. Where do I sign?"

The New Hayesalian Air Force gave the Zellatians the message through satellite, directly beamed into Oassi itself.

New Hayesalian Military Inbound.

Op. Zellatia Assist is approved.

ETA- 1:30:00

OOC: The first NH contribultion is the 250 SN guys in Oassi and an extra 250 in Drasfal, with more than 2,000 in four and then more regularly thereafter (in Oassi) plus UAVs and larger planes. Feel free to RP as Talia in their conversation.
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Postby Zellatia » Wed May 09, 2012 9:57 pm

"Talia?" Zellan began, unsure if he was really talking to his wife, "I'm alright. Some Oassi tribesmen were able to smuggle me out of Zellton. They've also told me that Zelinara and Zellath are safe. However, my younger brothers-"

"Don't you ever scare me like that again!", Talia yelled into the phone, worry about her family now evaporating, "I can't believe that you left me in the lurch like that! I just can't-" and she began to cry.

Zellan frowned visibly, "Don't cry Talia, everything is going to be alright. I'm sure we'll be fine, I've survived a civil war, this insurrection can't be as bad as that. I am getting a message from the New Hayesalian government and... oh boy. Yeah, they are sending some of their boys this way. Knowing Hayes he agreed right away. I really need to spend some time thanking him after this upheavel is over. Anyways, I will contact you again when I am sure Oassi and it's environs are secure. Please, make sure that you stay safe... If something were to happen to you..."

Talia smiled, "I feel the same way. T-talk to you when it's safe I guess..."

The call clicked out and Zellan turned to the chieftain who had guided him here, "So what's the situation, Amir...?"

"Gigal the Tribeless, originally of the Berbantz. Well, I should be allowed back now that my tenure is up, but that does not matter. Over half the country has fallen my lord, several cities have been overwhelmed by the numbers of the FSP, and Garrison and Zellton City are in danger of falling. While on our way here, I got word that Geadus Lindamere was executed."

Zellan began shaking. During the civil war, Geadus had been the one who had helped ferret him out of Zellton City. He had several times risked his very life defending Zellan during that war and during one of the many assassination plots against him. His support group growing up in the aftermath of the civil war had been his first wife, the Grand Admiral, and Geadus. Now two of them were gone. All that was left was Grand Admiral von Leone. And he wasn't going to let anything happen to him.

"My lord, are you alright? Was Geadus a good friend of yours?" asked Gigal, unsure of how to approach the Emperor.

"I... I will be fine Gigal. First thing is first though. I need the status of Grand Admiral von Leone and Grand General Garr Destronikan. Next, send men that you can spare against Prait. Hopefully they won't be expecting an assault from the desert. Radio my men at Zelgarde and Leos Tinge. Tell them to take back Ekpo and Torrek. Also, tell the rest of the men at Zealotmoon Isle to retake Lakede. Destroy it if necessary. That place has been for a very long time a source of discontent and I've had just about enough from them. Have the army outpost at Evo Lake assault Tog. Have the troops in Astran and Mont try to retake Luna. Talk to the tribesmen in Mrgia and tell them to retake Maw. No Prisoners. Have the troops in Gravenna support them, and get the troops at Mechano to begin readying a push to take Masol."

"In addition, have the naval assets in Impur assault Squarza", the Emperor continued, his war instincts kicking in.

"My lord," Gigal began, "The naval assets of Impur are already gone. Apparently someone ordered them to the North Dominion a few hours ago to retake it, although no one's heard news of it falling".

"That's... odd," said Zellan," Well then, have the naval forces at Merieuvinge assault Sqaurza while the forces at Mino breaks the land invasion. Have the troops at Minorva and Onimo assault Damino. We need to take it if we are to keep a land supply line to D'ang open. Have the air assets at Zola and Gond Passes assault the rebels in Gendia. Have the military units at Sanda strike at the rebels in Fort Zol while the forces at Gendi roll them back. The military hardware there is too important to leave in the hands of the rebels, should they find it. Have the forces at Pedron counterattack against the rebels in Fross. Hopefully the loyalists in that town will rise up once the push is broken. Have the Pandoni soldiers buff the defenses at Kord and Crysto. If those cities fall that whole region is in the shitter. Have the soldiers at Dotin assault Nimul. The longer we have the enemy not assault Leone, the better. Have the soldiers in Aina break Stark's push. Once that happens have any additional soldiers back up the soldiers in Buai. Tell the rest of the soldiers to defend their positions and wait for help. We need to take back some cities before any kind of universal push."

Nodding, Gigal went over to his computer and began inputting the orders. Gigal also relayed the orders to the New Hayesalian high command, should they wish to support any of the pushes. By the time Gigal had turned around the ask if anymore orders were necessary, Zellan had already walked off.

Zellan was still furious. Why of all times did a full on rebellion take place? These people weren't even a tenth of the electorate, yet they managed to seize several cities and have them complacent. Several high ranking military officers had to be involved, lest somehow one of Zellatia's allies were helping them, and that would be silly. Zellan walked through a room and stopped. It seemed that this underground bunker had a television studio should he need to get out a message. And that is what he would now do. He walked up to a mic, and after getting several of the tribesman to help him, he began to speak to his people.

"My fellow citizens, we are going through a rough time. Vandals, anarchists, and revolutionaries are in our streets, killing innocent men and women, whose only crime is to disagree with them. We shall not let this stand. I, your servant, in my role as guardian of the people have failed. But do not lose hope, I am still here. While I am still here, I shall not bow to the wants and needs of a few insurrectionists who stand against all that my father and I worked for, strived for. A peaceful Zellatia without marauders, without hate. Without racism, without absolutes. I may be the Emperor, but I am still a Zellatian. That shall never change. It doesn't matter what ethnic background you have, if you are a child of this country, you are my brother, my sister, my fellow. We are all in this together, for if Zellatia falls to these brigands, it will cease to be Zellatia. It will cease to be a land of equality. Armed uprisings in this nation have never been for good reason, history will show you that. There is only more to give to the Zellatian people, and if necessary I will give my life to defend you. Protect yourself and your homes, and stay safe. Good night."

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Postby New Hayesalia » Thu May 10, 2012 12:17 am

The MR-SST was used in New Hayesalian service for the supersonic transport of VIPs. Outfitted with luxury and all forms of convinence, it could also be used in the transport of two hundred and fifty Spetzgruppa Nachal'nik special forces. The top, most experienced 5,000-odd personnel in the New Hayesalian Military were in this unit and they knew their trade. The jet slowed to cool down and provide an easy jump for the SN, and the door opened. The air rushed from the cabin, but with all personnel wearing oxygen masks the lack of pressure was fine.

The SN jumped one by one, with the incredibly useful Gabriel ADS strapped to them. Sixty kilometres from the drop zone, they could bring themselves in from the cold. The soldiers glided in silently, the yellow desert flying underneath them. The desert town of Oassi came into view, and the lead ship dropped the rallying insignia:

A 2 metre long New Hayesalian flag.

The New Hayesalians flared, their parachutes deploying. They landed in close proximity and loaded their weapons, marching in two lines into Oassi in their Desert FEAR Gear. They were armed and armoured, and they drew the stares of the Oassi citizens. Who then began to applaud, cheering for the New Hayesalians who would assist them. Their commander, Lt. Colonel 'Uriah' marched ahead, Ripper in arms. Their line was straight to the Oassi HQ. The New Hayesalians were here- and thousands more infantrymen and an extra few thousand support staff would follow, as well as tonnes of supplies, as well as a big force from the New Hayesalian Air Force.

Whatever the Zellatians were doing, the New Hayesalians would assist with it. The Lt Colonel held a tablet in his hand, and it was being quickly updated as the New Hayesalians answered what the Zellatians asked for, approved by the Prime Minister himself. The response from his allied commander was, he expected, going to be tremendous.


All deployments include Communications, Intelligence, Engineers, Light Artillery, Anti-Aircraft. All deployments will include a force of F-209 Rapier UAV aircraft to support assaults, assisting cargo aircraft. Gunship and attack helicopters, including Brutus VTOL and Caribou Gunships are enroute for assistance and will be available in all units within 6 hours. Marine Legion heavy armour divisions and regular army armour are en-route.

2x AIRBORNE INFANTRY DIV., 1st Airborne Legion
5x SUPPORT BATTALION, 1st Airborne Legion

3x AIRBORNE INFANTRY DIV., 1st Airborne Legion

1x AIRBORNE TASK FORCE (Division) 1st Legion

1x AIRBORNE TASK FORCE (Division) 2nd Legion


base: EVO LAKE

1x INFANTRY BATTALION, 3 Division, 1st Airborne Legion


New Hayesalian Military command does not recommend an assault on Squarza at this time.




base: SANDA

base: PEDRON




Constant Air Force Support


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Postby Zellatia » Thu May 10, 2012 9:15 pm ... tion2.jpg/
(above is the newest map. Red is where battles between armies are occuring)

The Emperor smiled as he heard word of the support of the New Hayesalian troops. However, he was also worried about why the assault on Squarza needed to be put off. He sent a quick message to the New Hayesalian high command questioning this decision.

"Why exactly should the assault on Squarza be held off? I'd like a concise reason other than a flat out recommendation against it"

He sent out the voice message and turned to the interactive map behind him and noted the army movements. So far the advancing rebels had not changed their movements, showing that perhaps they weren't as well organized as suspected. There were a few key areas where two forces were blasting each other, but he had all the confidence that his forces would be triumphant in a fair fight.

Outside Gravenna, at the Grave Hills, Destronika Province, Zellatia

"Okay, I want air support blasting at the rear of the enemy. I don't want them to get the chance to run for home, our allies need all the time they can get to take back Maw. Where the fuck is Corporal Jennings?" yelled Lieutenant Gravzas.

"Here sir! Air Support has an ETA of five minutes. The Mechano Air Depot was bombed by the FSP a few hours ago, but they have more than enough fliers to destroy those men out in the open. They don't have air support this far east. Sir, I think that-" said the corporal as a bullet shoved itself straight through his head. He collapsed immediately, dead on the spot. Before anything further could be done, a gernade landed on his still body and the rest of his squad scattered.

The battle was only getting worse. In several sections of the haphazard battlefield, close combat had begun to break out, with both sides using medieval weaponry on each other like in every other civil war. Just as gunfire rang out on the hills, so did the clang of weaponry against each other, and the sounds of dying. The tide began to ebb in the Insurrectionists' favor until air support arrived. The bombers let loose several bombs and wiped out the rear flank of the advancing rebel position. Disoriented, the rebels did the only thing they could do: move forward. However, unlike many of the other rebel advances, this one lacked armor. So quickly the rebels began to be overrun as the Zellatian Crystal-Hiders began to move onto the hills and began blasting apart the advancing marauders. The rebels began to take defensive positions as the tanks began to move against them. RPG fire began to rain down on the tanks from the raised positions on some of the taller hills, and although it was doing some damage to the tank regiments, it would do no good as the New Hayesalian support arrived. Soon, the rebels were pushed back and began fleeing back to Maw. That is when the air force struck again. The rebels moving against Mechano were now pretty much eliminated.

Maw, Destronika Province, Zellatia

Several men in dark outfits move into the eastern section of Maw as night began to fall. They were wearing the same outfits the FSP membership wear, but instead of being actual members, the men underneath the concealing clothing were actually militia troops from Maw, with a few Zealites sprinkled into their numbers. They move quietly and quickly as they reached the center of the city, where the majority of the defending FSP troops were sleeping. The moved as one as they quickly and quietly as they began to set charges all around the camp. One of the men was spotted laying down a charge by a guard, but before the guard could scream, a bullet went through his skull and a man from behind held his body so it wouldn't thump the ground. The last charge was set, and the Zellatian loyalist infiltrators scattered into the city as those with the detonators got into position.

A man in grey trimmed black garb walked forward out of a crowd of FSP officers as they began their meeting. "The advance on Mechano was spotted. Who in their right minds ordered this in the first place? We are in an isolated position here, and should have been fortifying. I may have just arrived, but this is rediculous and you all know it. We have to fortify Maw before they send the armored positions here. The anti-air artillery are in place, but we are still vulnerable to tank shelling. You should have waited for reinforcements from Masol to arrive, but no, both you and Commander Zolst decided to put your men in danger by charging in head first. You know what your punishment shall be, soldier."

The grey-trimmed man stabbed the lower ranking officer right through with his sword before any protest could be made. As he took the sword out of the corpse, a man ran in, "Sirs, Private Dennig has been found dead, and we've found several charges placed around the camp!"

"WHAT?!" the grey-trimmed officer screamed, as several explosions began to rock the city. Sounds of screaming and dying echoed throughout the camp as explosions rocked the area. The men who set the C4's quickly left the area as fast as they could, but one of the tribal militiamen were knocked out by a falling chunk of a building and lay there, in his stolen uniform. Later, the FSP soldiers that survived would note this and a whole new strategy for the Maw rebels emerged. Infiltration.

Elsewhere many of the battles ended inconclusively, as both sides were backed with the same amount of force, although the battles still raged on for control of the way forward.

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Postby New Hayesalia » Sun May 13, 2012 3:47 am

The Spetzgruppa Nachal'nik commander responded to the Emperors concerns in the command bunker, or what counted for it, and the Lt. Colonel detailed the plans and the reason for witholding the Assault of Squarza.

"Squarza is massively populated but mostly by citizens at this point. There's not enough enemy to warrant a naval assault. The collateral damage from it would be atrocious. What we have got is a lot of boots on the ground for proper infantry and ground ops- only the army can really hold land sir."


The F-209s roared in. The flight of four of the unmanned combat aircraft were loaded with bombs and bullets and missiles of all flavours, and they had arrived just in time to support the Zellatian loyalists. Flying supersonic from the Province of Animaliston, with a huge speed and endurance, the thousand mile flight was over quickly.

Giving radio comms to the men on the ground, all the way from their airconditioned consoles in New Hayesalia, the pilots would have sounded like remote angels:

"Wild 1 to Zellatian Loyalists, we are here to provide support. Reuquest coordinates for attack, over."

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Postby Zellatia » Sun May 13, 2012 10:32 pm

The Emperor nodded in agreement as the recommendation against hitting Squarza came in. "I guess I understand then, no harm no foul." he muttered to himself as he turned towards Gigal, " Tell the naval assets out of Meiruvinge to just make sure that no reinforcements come to Squarza and otherwise destroy any enemy naval assets if possible."

The robed former tribalist nodded and relayed the orders to the commander of the Merieuvinge fleet.

The Commander at Gravenna, General Kriel Kriegerzel listened to the New Hayesalian pilots as they radioed his command post. Kriel smiled for the first time since the conflict began, "That is excellent Wild 1. Our men in the air will be joining you in this run. Their codes are Gedons 12 - 55. If you get wind of anyone not within that signature range you are authorized to shoot them down. I'll have the reconnaisance package gotten from our infiltrators sent to you immediately. You are to decimate their defenses as much as possible. While the map is crude, it does have the key locations marked for your convenience. The majority of our mappers were killed yesterday, so what we have to give you isn't much: ... ofmaw.png/ . Maw must fall for the northeast to feel safe enough to move on Masol. Strike and our infiltrators will use the chaos to eliminate key enemy personel in the chaos. Have I made myself clear in this aspect? Also, you are cleared to return to the Gravenna Airfield after your first run to refuel. Thankfully our back up fuel depot is still operational, and should have more than enough to refill your tanks."

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Postby New Hayesalia » Wed May 16, 2012 3:23 am

OOC: Sorry for short post, my Safari crapped out and I lost my good one. I want to set fire to it now.

The Lt. Colonel piped in- "Sir, I can see to it that the Navy deploys additional forces to reinforce your blockade. "

Oh- the joys of being SN.

"Copy that, ground. Gedeon flight, stay back while we commit a SEAD raid. All callsigns be aware, AF command has approved the raid by a New Hayesalian Super Blackjack bomber, callsign "Bertha 5-7." All units, recumbent you maintain at least a three- kilometer distance. They're going to hit the enemy defence line and hard."

The Rapiers began their raids on the north-eastern commerical district, hitting some of the old AA cannons with Eagle Strike AGMs. It was butral, 200 pounds of explosives detonating right on target. The next run was on the AA guns in the residential centre, and thanks to the stealthy build of the F-209 the Rapiers were not yet detected. Doctrine called for two minutes wait for the next attack, to check aircraft and confuse the enemy. And in three minutes, a CBU-160 Super Blackjack was going to tear into the insurrectionists on the eastern line. It would be hell on earth.

OOC: RP your men getting out of the bombers way, perhaps?

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Postby Zellatia » Thu May 17, 2012 8:02 pm

As the bombs fell on the commercial district, an errant bomb detonated 300 feet away from where the loyalists were hiding. Happily though, they had already began to move and were this unaffected. As the bombing run distracted the defending insurrectionists, the group of commandos began to move southwards, towards the false church. The church had stood there, looming large in regards to it's surroundings for nearly three years now, and although most of the time it hosted meetings regarding Thelakism and other religions, prime time had always been for FSP meetings. The area was currently heavily guarded, but with the guards distracted by the bombing, they weren't aware of the rush of loyalist troops on their position. They were overwhelmed and killed within seconds, as the soldiers used the noise of the bombings in the residential district to capture the outside of the building while those inside were made unaware. The commandos then slinked through the building and finished off the remaining opposition quietly.

The leader of the commandos, Captain Zhel'Anar, looked over the building to find any documents. After searching where the fake Vice-Dolmant's room was supposed to be, he came upon an odd door in the wall. When he touched it, a touchpad appeared out of the wall, and he waited a moment. Since he wasn't shocked with an electric trap, in case of infiltrators, he got out a blue light and it marked the most used numbers out. He thought about a likely combination for a moment, and entered in the code. Soon after, he heard a click, and the door opened. Inside of the room was a safe room, where several papers were strewn everywhere. It looked like many of the documents had been shredded, but the few that hadn't yet been destroyed gave him a worried feeling in the back of his head. Someone within the FSP had somehow bought or stole some Overwatch SAM Missiles, although it mentioned how the only place they had been installed was near the new HQ. That could mean trouble... he immediately got out his stolen radio and heard a message, "Use the missiles now. Let these foreign pigs taste their own weaponry."


At the HQ at around the same time...

"Who is attacking us? The Zellatian Air Force should have been crippled by our sabotage attempts!" yelled the new leader, who was now organizing the defence of the town. "I was told that by my predecessor, are you all really this incompetent?" he asked as a man ran in.

"Sir?" the man asekd, "it seems to be the New Hayesalian Air Force, with some Zellatian Bombers as back-up. Should we deploy what we got from that gun merchant a few weeks back?"

The rebel commander smiled, "Maybe my predecessor was thinking right on some things. Yes, they should be ready by now, correct? Launch them. Use the Missiles Now. Let these foreign pigs taste their own weaponry. And could you turn off your radio, you are going to get our plans revealed."

The courier shook, nodded, and turned it off as he turned around the launch the missiles.

Hundreds of the Overwatch SAMs began shooting towards the now retreating bombers. It would be something unexpected for them, even if they were able to somehow evade the missiles. The Commander of Maw smiled as the missiles locked on their targets. If everything worked out right, the New Hayesalian Air Force and the remaining Zellatian Air Force in the area would be decimated.

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The Overwatches were well-camouflaged, not picked up by the UAVs flying overhead. What was picked up was the white streams of dozens of missiles.

“Wild 4 is getting spi-“ screamed the operator of an F-209 before it was struck from the sky. At his console in New Hayesalia a most horrible signal appeared: “Contact Lost: F209 3334009” The rest of the stealthy UAVs didn’t fare too wel either. Only Wild 2 was able to evade the missiles and it had clipped a wing when it hit a light post. Bertha 5-7 didn’t escape either. It’s right hand engines were hit by a missile, followed by a near hit by on the left. But now it was a big, heavy, fast glider. Not sustainable. The bomber had to be ditched, landed in a lake about five kiolemtres away. It was rough- the left wing broke off and the crew were throroughly horrified by the groan of the metal meeting earth. Thank Christ they’d found a field of this size. Two pilots, a cut up DSO and a moderately injured bombardier later, the crew were out of the aircraft and running into the bushes. They used emergency radios and called the Zellatian Army assaulting the city, and asked for immediate evacuation from the area- to a place where Army Pararescue helicopters could get in.

The Zellatian fighters had been told to stay back for the SEAD mission for this very reason- while evasive manoeuvres were taken, the entire flight managed to get away from the town.

With the Lt Colonel and the Emperor in heated military discussion, more troops had arrived. The first few companies had arrived via C-65, and even though a Colonel was now in charge of the full deployment the Lt. Colonel had the rank: he was SN.

An SN Captain knocked on the door, and allowed himself in. “Urgent news sir,” he said, his face hidden behind his full-head helmet. “We’ve got news from Maw. We’ve hit the rebels hard but they’ve taken down all but one of our Rapiers...”
“All but one?”
“Yes sir. The other one is on emergency landing. But we’ve lost the Super Blackjack.”
“They have Overwatch.”

A beat. The Lt Colonelwas expressionless, before throwing his helmet at a wall and screaming an obscenity.

“How many?”
“At least seventy in Maw alone, sir.”
“How accurate is that?”
“Intelligence Corps analysed guncams from the Rapiers.”
“What happened to the bomber crew?”
“They ditched. They’re slightly injured but we have the Zelltian Army evacuating them for pickup from a Phantom from down south a bit. We’ll be bringing the bombardier here for treatment but the other three crew are fine.”
“What about Zellatian assets?”

The Emperor opened his eyes a bit more.

“The Rapiers went in on a SEAD mission. Protocol is to keep all other aircraft out of the area. They were chased for a little bit but they’ve all escaped unharmed.”
“Damn good work, Air Force.” The Lt Colonel muttered. “Well this changes everything. We have to assume complete SAM coverage of all cities. As of this moment, I want all airstrikes to be restricted to UAV platforms. I want as little manned air traffic as possible. We’re going to really need to make sure our infantry can do the job though... for a while I though a battalion might be a bit much for some of these cities...”
“Would you like reinforcements, sir?” asked the Captain, reading his commanders mind.
“As much artillery and heavy armour we can get. And get the Navy to hurry the fuck up.”
“Yes sir.”

The Captain then jogged outside, to make communications with New Hayesalian command. The door shut behind him, leaving the few commanders in the room. The Captain had also passed on a classified message for the Lt Colonel on a small Kindle-like device. Eyes Only for Lt. Colonel Uriah and the Emperor of Zellatia. He read it, and allowed a small smile.

“Sir,” said the Lt Colonel to the Emperor. “you may like this.”

The MH-9 Cottonmouth is a stealth helicopter with a capacity of 14 troops on this highly classified flight they carried only 10 each -plus the four crew. Their passengers were men of the elite Army Pararescue- even to the SN, this was a mission they were specialised in. Three helicopters followed each other in loose formation, flying over the waves of the Zellatian eastern sea by only a few dozen feet. These pilots were from the Special Aviation Force, experts in all forms of rotary transport and assault.

What was in Dinvall? Or more accurately, in a secure bunker cut off from communications by electronic warfare from the insurrectionists? Grand Admiral von Leonne, Zellatian Navy commander. Dinvall meant flying low altitude, high speed, for the full trip. Challenging: exciting. The Pararecue loved it too.

Angel 2, the Cottonmouth in the centre of the line formation, would be making the pickup. Supporting with large weapons were Angel 1 and 3, in case they were needed. Dinvall at this point was fairly free, the Zellatian Navy and Army armed there and resisting. The Grand Admiral was locked in a bunker, nuclear defended and highly secret. After reciving a single burst transmission, the electricity cut off, the New Hayesalians responded.

Angel flight went over land, ducking and weaving over mountains. ETA- one minute. The Grand Admiral wouldn’t expect them, but the sun and star of New Hayesalian military markings would reassure him.

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Postby Zellatia » Fri May 18, 2012 7:41 pm

The Vault, Dinvall, The Ambron Coast, Zellatia

Grand Admiral Theodore von Leone was not having a good day. In fact, right now he was suffering from an obtuse case of pissed the hell off. He has been going on about his business, doing an inspection of the secret military installation deep under Dinvall, in the old caves there, when explosions began erupting throughout the city. Several men he thought he could trust then decided to fire upon him like he was a target. Of course those men were all dead now, but still, mutiny can never be tolerated in circumstances such as these. He and what remained of the loyal men at the installation had already gotten news of what was happening from around the country from the secret military installations and loyal areas remaining in Zellatia. The Frozen Coffin had already fallen up in the North Dominion, and that was not good. That place has enough chemical weaponry from pre-Democratic Zellatia to kill half of the people currently living in all of Zellatia proper. He had radioed his naval assets loyal to the Emperor in Impur to blockade the whole area, but the Northern Dominion was a large frozen expanse. If they were able to stop anything from getting off that island, it would be the best news he had gotten since he found out the royal family, for the most part, were safe.

He threw a combat knife into the skull of another rebel as he collected his thoughts, and pulled it out as he shot another one. Now would not be a good time to get lost in thought. A group of the insurrectionists turned a corner, all armed to the teeth with old weaponry and charged. Sighing, he motioned for his men to stay back as he drew his Seven Foot Long Zweihander from his special scabbard. The sword lengthened to its full self within moments and he began to chop through the rebels and before a minute was done all of the rebels remaining in this part of the base were dead. "I am getting too old for this, I mean really. I shouldn't have to kill these idiots, I already go hunting for freaking dinosaurs in the Tigarian jungle on my days off. I don't need to kill things that are dumber then an Allosaurus."

Sighing, a courier ran up to him panting, "Sir, our thermal sensors are picking up a stealth helicopter coming this way. We can't speak to them since the insurrectionists figured out how to block out our communications a few hours ago, but I am pretty sure that it's the New Hayesalians."

The Grand Admiral smiled, "Well then, hopefully we won't have to bother them to help us take out the remaining idiots who decided to fuck with my bunker. Men, lets take out the trash."


Rebel HQ, Maw, Destronika Province, Zellatia
"I guess that arms merchant wasn't lieing when he said that it would decimate any aerial enemy. I am rather surprised that he sold us so many, but the price was worth every cent." said the rebel commander, "Now, we must get rid of the men already in our city. They have to be hiding somewhere. If they continue to sabotage our munitions and bases of operations, then we might as well leave the city. Now find them before I have to take a party and go out there myself."

His men bowed and ran out of the room, and began to organize search parties. The grey cloaked commander sighed as he walked over to a makeshift throne. Everyone in this war had a reason for fighting and his was to regain something that was once rightfully his. He was only three years younger than the Emperor, but if he hadn't failed before, he would be the Emperor right now. As he sat on the throne, he removed the hood of his cloak and revealed his face. He was Prince Zelsarion, and he was here to reak havok once more.


The False Church, Maw, Destronika Province, Zellatia

Captain Zhel'Anar grimaced as his radio picked up chatter regarding the sucessful launch of the Overwatch SAMS. He smacked himself in the head for not getting here sooner. If he had... This was no time for conjecture. He shook his head and finished going through the remaining unshredded papers. So far, it seemed, the missiles had only been stationed in a few cities, including Damino, Maw, and Masol. However, the other cities were sure to get their respective orders soon enough, as these papers were a week old at least. Nonetheless, he and his men would have to move soon. They didn't know when the men from the current headquarters in the west side of town would send patrols to asess the damage or try to find them, but he wasn't waiting to be found out. They would have to either take cover in a different location, or take another area quietly. The only place they were likely to take sucessfully without attracting attention at the moment was the AA guns remaining in the east part of town. That way, they would still be close to the FSP HQ, and still be hidden in plain sight.

He gathered his men, showed them the plan, and they began to move accordingly. They all donned new FSP outfits, with a different secret insignia etched onto them, and began to pretend they were a patrol to see how the AA gun left in the east part of town was doing. They arrived at the gated area which lead up the area when they were stopped, "Hail Comrades. I see you are part of Zilte Squadron, may I speak to your commanding officer, Captain Nihilnost?"

Captain Zhel'Anar grimaced and pretended to look dejected, "He was killed in the bombing by those foreign island savages. I am the new captain of this unit, Captain Gram'Amar."

The guard looked genuinely sad and turned away for a second to shed a secret tear before turning back around, "I, I understand. I was to wed his daughter after the war... and..just go in and finish your inspection Comrades."

Captain Zhel'Anar nodded and he and his men went up to the top of the platform, where a few maintenence soldiers were making sure the AA guns were still in working order. While their backs were turned, his and his men pulled out their silencers and shot them, dragged their bodies away, and had some of his men dress up like the workers. Now that they were in, he sent a few of his men back down to tell the security detachment at the bottom to report to the church and tell them that the AA gun was fine. Of course, they would find the dead corpses there, but they had the commando units old regalia on them to signify that they were from the unit that the commandos had orginally stole from. For now they would be safe here. No need to be careless.

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Postby New Hayesalia » Wed May 23, 2012 12:10 am


A smoking hole made up the entrance to the compound, and about to pour in was a platoon of insurrectionists. A Cottonmouth's gunner opened fire, .50 calibre explosive-tipped rounds impacting and blasting the insurrectionists away. The gore was noticeable. At least they couldn't feel it anymore. A courier ran outside to meet the landing helicopter, holding a small Zellatian flag. The Pararescuemen disembarked, armed with Rippers and other weapons.

The courier, roughly handled by the Pararescueman Sergeant, was sent back to get the Grand Admiral as the pararescuemen took up position around the helicopter. Some fire came from all directions, but rarely hitting the helicopters- the other two helicopters flew overhead and provided suppressive fire.

The Grand Admiral ran from the smoking entrance, towards the helicopter. A Sergeant and a Corporal confiscated his pistol and his sword (to his immediate anger, subdued when he was told they'd be given right back.) The group aboarded the helicopter, and began to fly out of the city of Dinvall at impressive speed and terrifyingly low altitude. It had been fairly rough- a Private noticed a 5.56mm round hole on one of his webbing pouches which had not penetrated his armour- but no casualties were sustained.


" they lost a tank through mechanical issues... right." said the Lt. Colonel into a phone.""Wait, I've got a call from the ACM. I'll call back. Talk to me."

He stopped. "Right, thanks."

He placed down the phone and addressed the waiting Emperor.

"Sir, that was orders from the PM. He wants to know if you can get somewhere safer. He's prepared to route an E-5, which is going to offer an airborne HQ with an awful lot more capacity than this place. If you can accept you'll be airborne in about half an hour. We're worried enough for your safety that you'll be escorted by about seven Diablo fighters."

"Furthermore we've prioritised the delivery of artillery, that is the self-propelled armoured howitzers. They'll be landing soon, as well as a batch of our own Overwatches. Oassi is gonna be a fortress city, and while we're not sure we think that the insurrectionists might have command of some of the Zellatian Air Force. We have to assume so."

He wiped his forehead, sweating in the bunker.

"This war is gonna be hard, sir, and nowhere is safe. So far the safest place for you is the sky itself."

The SN Captain entered again, and stood aside for the man of the hour:

Grand Admiral von Leonne had arrived.

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Postby Zellatia » Thu May 24, 2012 12:18 pm

Grand Admiral Theodore von Leone strode into the room where the Emperor and the New Hayesalian military corps were laying low. After overhearing the moving order for the Emperor, he responded, "I agree, we need to get the Emperor up in the air. However, we need to get him some place safe up in the air, such as Soutmos Island. That place has been mostly deserted since the Middle Ages, so I am pretty sure the rebels won't find him there, even if they find out he's not here anymore. And yes, I am sure they know he's here. Just because the exiled Oassi tribesmen are sneaky doesn't mean that their heliocopters are undetectable. Anyways, the attack against Dinvall is now stalled. We'll need to use stealth to retake the parts of the Ambron Coast that have fallen. The navy once, we secure the north, will be able to completely and securely take them out. The vast majority of the Zealites remain loyal, so that won't be a problem."

The Emperor nodded, "Well at least you are safe old friend. Did you hear about... Geadus?"

The Grand Admiral frowned, "...They killed him didn't they? Damnit. Well, from what I've heard the royal family is safe, except for you brothers of course, but I am sure they won't kill them. They need leverage over you, if they start losing. I'll have some of the Zealites begin to try finding where some of the cabinet members and royal family are being kept." Theodore turned to Lt. Colonel, "I have word that one of my top naval commanders has been captured in Lakede. While I round up the Zealites I need you to lead a strike force to save his sorry but. His name is Admiral Jon Zellunderson. He served as my second command aboard the Zell's Hammer for five years, and I'll be damned if I let the enemy kill him, do you understand?"

The Emperor nodded, "I agree with your assessment Theodore. I guess it's time for me to go to the sky then. If Talia calls, tell her where I am in code. Wouldn't want enemy hackers to find out where I am. All troop movements will go under your leadership until we can find Garr. I have no idea what happened to the Grand General, but I am sure it isn't good."

The Emperor left with the New Hayesalian convoy and took to the air, secure in the thought that the Grand Admiral would be able to take care of things while he slept. He had been awake for a total of 48 hours now, he was exhausted. As he drifted off to sleep on the air carrier his thoughts drifted to that of his family, hoping to god that they stayed safe.
(OOC: I already have a planned thing for Grand General Garr Destronikan, I would appreciate no finding of him, please.)

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Postby New Hayesalia » Fri May 25, 2012 12:47 am

OOC: Copy that.


Spitting Bear is one of the New Hayesalian fleet of E-5 National Airborne Command posts. Built on the airframe of an A380 superjumbo with a bulbous radar dome atop its second deck. It held 55 crew, or today 110 with two shifts, plus 30 general hands, leaving room for 115 passengers:this including the Grand Admiral and Emperor. After it's quick deployment from Watrova, the E-5 contained the New Hayesalian representative for the Emperor, Air Commodore Tom Ronnernul. Wearing FEAR camouflage fatigues to distinguish himself from the crew in fliught suits, he met the VIPs as they entered the massive aircraft. Trailing was a Spetzgruppa Nachal'nik officer who could communicate with the Lt. Colonel on the ground, Major 'Jester.'

"Sir, it's a pleasure to have you aboard." said the Air Commodore, shaking the two dignitaries hands, before allowing them on and closing the doors. More time on the ground was dangerous. A mere minute later, the heavy aircraft began to lumber to the taxiway. The four conversed as the Air Commodore led them into a private suite. One of two, this suite had two single beds with plush mattresses and pillows, personal ensuite bathrooms, and a phone connection.

The Air Commodore explained the aircraft.

"From this plane you will have full communications to any unit on our side, and we have the ability to monitor incoming sources on information and relay orders. Data is gathered through our units on the ground, AWACS planes and others who give us direct reports. We'll be protected by a flight of F-220 Diablos, fifth-generation air superiority fighters. We'll also remain airborne indefinitely, refueling by tanker aircraft."

The group passed rows of crew stations, monitored and a wall mounted digital display of Zellatia showing troop movements both friendly and hostile.

"We have about five flight attendants aboard for crew and passenger alike, so if you need anything they will come straight to you. We have a pretty wide selection as well, and I have to say they make good coffee."

They arrived at the VIP room, located at the rear of the bottom deck.

"The briefing room is located directly above this section of the aircraft, and the stairs are just a few metres to the front. Behind you is the galley. If you need anything sirs, please don't hesitate to ask."


Crassa was under heavy attack, Zellataian Army elements being pinned down by approaching forces from Ekpo and Torrek. The advance had been brutal, on both sides. With the mandate that Zellatian air cover was under danger by surface to air missiles, the New Hayesalian Army had taken up the charge. An expedited flight of ten C-65 Auroras had left behind some heavy gear: ten Panzerhaubitze 2E self-propelled artillery pieces, four Javelin infantry fighting vehicles, four CSGV-1A2 SQUIRE drones and eight Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles. Originally the airborne task forces of the 1st and 2nd Legions had been assigned to assault the two cities, but for now a new objective needed to be addressed, that being the assaults on Crassa.

The Zellatian troops at the front were pinned down by mortar and bullet fire. Locations were being mapped by the Intelligence Corps, thanks to the loitering RQ-4 Global Hawk flying overhead. The Army responded to artillery with bigger artillery. The convoy moved through the Oassi desert, SQUIREs looking for the best passable route well ahead of the howitzers. The artillery pieces themselves ourld be more than capable of hitting targets from over 40 kilometres away, and the vehicles would be positioned around 30 km away from the advancing armies. The Bushmasters provided extra ammunition with the Javelins supporting crews needing an escape if worst came to worst. Firing an advanced guided "Heavens Fist" shell, the artillery would hit the enemy with great effect.

The convoy moved at the good speed of about 50 kilometres an hour, an ETA of now an hour and a half. The Zellatian Army had been made aware- it was only a matter of time before the cavalry arrived.

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OOC: This is a link to the battlefield positions ... rassa.png/

Crassa, New Destronika Province, Zellatia

General Barj Des-Anara was not a happy man. Normally, during peacetime, he was just the head of the police in the city of Crassa. He had spent the last several years since the last Civil War relaxing in a town with low crime rates, no vandalism, and very little negative activities. Now he was defending his city from rebels of all people. Not a foreign power, but rebels! This was the first time in his life time that he had defended his city as it's leader. He hoped it wouldn't be his last. The general who was in charge of this region, General Hadron Kollidos, had been murdered in his bunker by traitors the night before. His second-in-command, Lieutenant General Ars Heigen, had been kidnapped, and the rest of the command structure hadn't been in leadship positions since the last war. He only got the position because he had retired from the military after the last Civil War. Hadron Kollidos had been his second during that time. He gulped sudibly as he looked over the battlefield from his bunker inside the city walls. These walls were old, but over the last hundred years they had been reinforced to be able to take blasts from cannons, then howitzers, to what were blasting them now. Missiles had already slammed into several parts of the wall, but with exception to the roads, the city was undamaged.

He knew the New Hayesalians were coming, but if they didn't arrive in the next 4 hours, the city would likely fall. He would die fighting, as had his father during the First Civil War. He did not want this to happen. He looked to the sky worriedly. Help's got to arrive soon. At this rate....

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"Halt!" blasted over the radios of the convoy. Remote Weapons Systems of the Bushmaster vehicles and guns of the Javelins looked around the suburban street before advancing. The convoy moved up again, around 200 metres before being stopped again- in front of the New Hayesalians was another convoy, a convoy of Zellatian transport vehicles. Their convoy stopped as well, stood still for a moment. A Zellatian Army sergeant dashed out of the vehicle, obviously scared but rising to the challenge. His immediate approach was to the lead vehicle, which was unfortunately the unmanned SQUIRE. Momentarily confused, and risen from his confusion by the driver of a Javelin opening his hatch.

"Hey you, where's the party?" he yelled, a young Private on his first operation.

The Zellatian sergeant responded, telling the New Hayesalian convoy he was headed to the front- they were only about a kilometre away from the firing line. He also gave them radio codes, changed after rebel forces intercepted transmissions and blacked out to the New Hayesalians. Channels were switched and instantly radio calls for medevac and 'INCOMING' calls were heard. The convoy moved to their first firing positions- from here the mortar and missiles could be seen impacting, and be thankfully traced through counter-artillery.

"This is Backslash 1, New Hayesalian Army artillery. Request permission to open fire."

The howitzers were raised, already targeting the first mortar lines. The first volley of a total of forty smart rounds would obliterate them, but now a new problem emerged:

Zellatian injuries.

New Hayesalians didn't like casualties: on any side. This was followed up on: Backslash called base and asked permission to do something mad.

They drove onwards, catching the Zellatian convoy and tacking onto the end. The Javelins were there to provide support if the Howitzers required it, and the Squires. But for now their only defence was the ammo-carrying Bushmasters and their men, armed with MANPADS and remote weapons systems.


"This is pretty fuckin' insane, Sergeant!" said Private Fencer, driver of the Javelin.
"Keep going, Private!" he replied.

The IFVs knew that many allied troops were in the 'golden hour.' They knew that they were close to death, Zellatian medics on the found struggling to cope because of the withering fire. The four Javelins moved into the attacked terrain area, and immediately went to work. The vehicle commanders, in control of the Remote Weapons Systems- heavy machine guns- opened fire on any infantry that could be seen. Squash Head Rounds blew them apart.

The first Javelin located a Zellatian medic with a young soldier, one who looked to have taken a bullet in the abdomen. He was being cared for, but under the mortar fire it would be hard to treat. The rear door opened, and the commander exited, ordering the Zellatian into it. He didn't need to be told twice. The medic lifted him into the armoured vehicle and immediately went back to work bandaging. The pinging of bullets hitting the armoured vehicle was loud- the crew knew an RPG could come at any time. Thankfully for them, the Javelin is equipped with automatic area denial systems but they could only stop so many attacks.

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The Rebek's Secret Bunker, Somewhere in Zellatia

"Sir, the New Hayesalians have entered the fray in southern New Destronika. Our men there are gaining ground, but with the military assets on the ground that we have to face, I think they might be turned back. I recommend we fall back and wait for Trin to fall and for reinforcements to arrive from Neuk. Once the Neuk militiamen arrive, we'll be able to crush Crassa immediately." said an advisor to the leader of the rebellion.

The hooded man in the turning chair turned once more to his advisor and rose, "No. We use the Hammer. We have three more of them, and the other two in orbit that we couldn't take control of are immobolized. If i can't win right now, it isn't worth it. 1/3 of the remaining enemy forces will lose in the next day, I can suffer no setbacks."

His advisor shook, "B-but my lord, I-"

"I listened to you back when the Emperor was easy to get, and I didn't send the elite troops. I listened to you when our scouts reported that he fled to the Oassi desert. I listened to you when you said the New Hayesalians weren't going to be that much of a problem. You disagree with me one more time, and you are dead, you understand? Send the ancestor damned codes to the space hangar. Now!"

His advisor straightened and ran to a console and entered in the commands for the Hammer. He was hoping his boss knew what he was doing.

"von Leone didn't stop all of the cargo from leaving the North Dominion, heh"
Crassa, New Destronika, Zellatia

General Barj Des-Anara sighed in relief as word that the first of the New Hayesalian troops arrived 1 KM from the battlefield. While he appreciated the aid, he really wished that Zellatia could defend itself better. Especially from itself. He didn't believe that the rebels were really in control of as many cities as they claimed, but he had an itching feeling that someone high up was helping them coordinate attacks. There were some proto-type weapons in storage beneath the town, but nothing that the rebels already had access, if the capture of half of Garrisson is to be believed. He nervously sipped some tea as an alert began to blare loudly. It was one he hadn't heard before, but it sounded almost familiar. He turned his head towards the noise and the light that was glowing was the incoming ballistic missile siren. The weird thing though, that it said this kind was either top secret or unregistered...oh no.

He grabbed the radio and announced to his troops, "Code Empardet, Code Empardet. GET OUT OF HERE WHILE YOU CAN!". He got up and ran to the electronics room, "This is your last act as soldiers, let the rest of the country, let the fucking region know. The goddamned rebels have Nukes!" He turned to the sky as a dot formed in the distance. He hoped that the New Hayesalians would get out of here and understand the warning. It was technically in Old Zellatian, but if there was a Zellatian with them, he or she would know what to tell them.

With the New Hayesalian convoy, 1 KM from the battlefield

Sergeant Rayy Ordili watched in awe as the battle continued from a distance. It seemed that the rebels hadn't noticed their position yet, and he was safe for now. His legs collapsed under him as he let the stress finally get to him. His family was in Crassa, and he could do nothing more at the moment other watch. His radio suddenly burst to life as an alarming noise erupted, "Code Empardet, Code Empardet. GET OUR OF HERE WHILE YOU CAN!". His eyes widened and he jumped up. He turned towards the New Hayesalians, unsure of what exactly to say. After a moment of thinking, he spoke, " Sir, you've got to get your unit back to Oassi. Code Empardet has been alerted, you won't be any further help here. By god, I won't either. I have to get my wife and children.... I..." and ran into his jeep. He began to drive as fast as possible to his family. If his family was going to die, he was going to be with them or die trying to get them out of the city.

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The driver of a howitzer recieved the message from the Zellatian and judging by his voice and the immediate way he saw the Sergeant, so driven before just run off into the jeep left the scene. "Did anyone actually get that message?" came over the internal unit radio, to the group expression of negative. All got reports of a Code Empardet, whatever it was.

"Hotel Quebec, this is Backslash 1, rewuest information as to what exactly Code Empardet is, over."

A pause before the HQ reported back.

"Backslash 1, this is Hotel Quebec, confirm Code EM-PAR-DET?"
"Affirmative, is it a bad thing?"

Another beat.

"Can you CONFIRM a Code Empardet?"
"Yes Hotel Quebec, confirm it came over local command radio."
"Backslash 1 confirm Code Empardet is a Whisky Mike Delta, repeat Whisky Mike Delta, exfil ASAP! Exfil at one!"
"Hotel Quebec this is Backslash 2-1, we're still gathering wounded!" came the Javelins.
"All Backslash units are ORDERED to RTB!"

A rabble broke out, Backslash 2-1 and HQ arguing. Backslash 1 broke in over internal radio:

"2-1, gather all wounded at once. All Bushmasters, drop the ammo and bring out the stragglers. I want the hpwitzers out there, we're gonna bring people out by letting 'em hold on to your vehicles. We have one minute, go go go!"

The operation went on: a stack of guided artillery shells had been dumped and charged: the enemy sure weren't gonna use them. Bushmaster PMVs could pick up the wounded, and they did: medics had the sense to move their soldiers in. The mortars had stopped, and the bullets too. The enemy were getting out just as fast. Civilians in the streets were trying to evacuate by cars: a mother and 2 year old daughter trapped by a flat tyre picked up by an IFV. Zellatian carriers got out as well: whether they held people in eed was a different question.

A minute and a half later, the New Hayesalian vehicles were full and getting out of the city, cross country to avoid clogging streets.

Some vehicles got out.

The Global Hawk caught the carnage before its video feed was cut by the explosion.


The fluffy white clouds below the aircraft reminded the Air Commodore of cotton balls: cotton balls flanked by jet-black fifth-generation fighters. The operations room was dark as he entered it, windowless and only lit by computer screens, the large map of Zellatian on the side and TV screens showing video feed of a Global Hawk over Crassa. It was the site of a major push by the enemy he'd been told, and the New Hayesalian's had sent some heavy artillery to support the Zellatian loyalists there.

Inside for less than five seconds, he noticed a quickened pace of voice, action. An atmosphere of stress. He saw why: the Global Hawk feed alit in yellow to the gasps of the controllers and cut off: and the screen on the wall gave a most dire warning. An animated yellow blast radius appeared over Crassa to the notification, in a cold, emotionless, woman's voice. "Nuclear detonation detected."


The command center went into overdrive, calls made, voices picked up. A Wing Commander called out for calm, silence. That was before they knew the immediate losses: a Global Hawk drone, four SQUIRE drones; three Javelin IFVs destroyed and one critically damaged, six Bushmasters, and all eight artillery pieces. The biggest ever single New Hayesalian Military loss.

"Could they have exfiled?" asked a Flight Lieutenant into a headset, communicating with a radioman in Oassi. The Air Commodore pressed speakerphone.
"...gave them warning, the Zellatian commander issued the warning. There was a short argument, but all of Backslash unit went in to retrieve Zellatian wounded."
"How many human casualties?"
"Estimations are ongoing. But for us..." a small mutter of 'oh god' "...forty-three..."

The Air Commodre heard all he needed. He ran from the room, headed to the Emperor's quarters. He knocked once and entered, saying a simple two sentences.

"A nuclear detonation just occured in Crassa. I want to know where this country puts it's fucking nukes and how many these rebels might have."

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Postby Zellatia » Sat May 26, 2012 2:49 am

Zellan had been staring towards the direction of Crassa for the last ten minutes. He saw as the explosion, which centered out to sea, begin to carry itself all the way past Crassa and stopping just before. What the New Hayesalians didn't realize was that this meant Ekpo and Torrek were also completely wiped out. Whoever was pulling the strings wiped out his own men, and meant for that to happen. He didn't even turn as the New Hayesalian Air Commodore entered the room after knocking. After he finished speaking, the Emperor turned towards the New Hayesalian commander and began to feel around. After a moment of groping the air around him, he shook his head and what had temporarily turned completely into spots of grey on black turned back to normal.

"Most of the Nukes are in places normally unreachable, like a secret cache in the Tigarian Jungle, or in the mountains of Mrgia. However, I knew immediately that the other place where they were hidden, the Northern Dominion, was likely already nabbed. Whoever is leading this rebellion knows where the caches are, and therefore went after the easiest to get. There are of course others in even more treacherous areas, but after my men counted what was left in the vault.... I have even worse news then the catastrophe I just witnessed. There are three additional nukes missing, as well as chemical weapons confiscated after the First Civil War, and also several other harmful chemicals created by my grandfather, Zellontus XIX. That doesn't count the bunker busters in space, which also have nukes. In space, there should only be two more, but from what I've heard from command, those are unreachable due to the fact that if an unauthorized nuclear strike is used, the space drones are set to self destruct. So whoever this bastard is... still has plenty of fire power at his disposal. I don't think anyone has even used nuclear weapons on our soil before...." Zellan spoke, seeming to fade off somewhere.

He looked back towards the window and looked outside, "Commodore, do you realize how many people are now dead? At least 20 Million of my people, those who I have sworn to protect, are now dead. If I had died in Zellton... No, that wouldn't have solved anything. I just...."

Zellan looked up for a moment, and prompty collapsed.

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The Grand Admiral and Air Commodre caught the falling Emperor and placed him onto the bed of the VIP suite. The Grand Admiral had barely been holding back tears, now flowing freely. The Air Commodre sustained himself: but the loss of tenty million innocents could barely be considered an emotionless affair. He spoke to the Grand Admiral.

"I want the complete destruction of every Zellatian weapon of mass destruction. Nukes, chemical weapons." he said, leading him into the Operations room. "Corporal, bring in as many shipments of gas masks as we can and get them here with fucking haste." he yelled to an NCO in the back of the room, to a yes sir.

"Under the terms of the Garrisson Agreement, Article 3, you have permission to request use of the SLAMS System. I will be immediately contacting the Prime Minister for authorisation to strike nuclear caches. Your permission will be required."

"Sir, I have ground forces on the li..." called a Sergeant
"Hold them, Sergeant."
"Yes sir."

"Furthermore, I want to immediately take out your weaponised satellites. We have anti satellite missiles specialised for this task, and it needs to be done within a few minutes. God knows if they'll strike Oassi, and if they do the retrbution... oh, the retribution."

He greyed.

"But as of now I am going to authorise a redrawing of the rules of engagement. Enemy HQ bunkers are going to be struck down, I'm talking cruise missiles and other weapons."
"Radiation report is in sir" yelled a Flying Officer.
"What is it?"
"Fallout is going to move at a moderate pace, and it has typical danger levels of alpha, beta and gamma rays. Anyone in the area out to a hundred kilometres NEEDS to get behind something tough, at least six inches of concrete."
"Well fuck."
"Well said, sir. We're now mandating CBRN protection all over country."
"So the enemy have air cover and nuclear devices?"
"Probably chemical as well."
"Right. Give me ground commander."
"Spitting Bear, this is Hotel Quebec, do you read?"
"Hotel Quebec this is Spitting Bear, affirmative, go ahead."
"Can you confirm a nuclear strike?"
"Range of effect?"
"Ekpo and Torrek won't need to be liberated now, but rescue will be required."
"Did you say Ekpo and Torrek?"
A pause.

"We need to put these rebels down before they hit somewhere really important..."
"I got a message regarding the soldiers we lost. Have you recommended them for the Cross of the Sun?"
"All of them. They actively tried to rescue their allies, and most their lives when the enemy indiscrimantely attacked the people they saved. They tried to rescue over a hundred wounded and some civilians."
"I'll ensure it happens."


Even in times of great peril there are soldiers of great bravery. Or more accurately, sailors. Sailors of the incoming New Hayesalian Navy, now dressed in nuclear protective equipment. With the NHS Calarade, Ceparamol and Agarde immediately anchored. The ship's air wings were redeployed. A total of 54 helicopters were based upon each ship, a total of 162 to move into the cities of Torrek and Ekpo, as well as Crassa. While the three AFSBs had medical facilities, two Savior Class Hospital Ships were now en-route to take in the injured, providing their own total of four Cottonmouths.

The New Hayesalian crew was made up entirely of men, women crews exchanged with other ships and aircraft carriers. Women could not be risked to the radiation, biology left them more exposed. Even the men were on iodine and other drugs as well as portective gear to prevent nuclear overexposure. But all of the crews knew they were facing a real challenge, and one not very easily faced. Reubble couldn't be picked through, with huge danger. In the words of Petty Officer Mark Kamas- "It feels so helpless, but so helpful. And I feel both a man of relief and disgusted in myself, because I know someone will see us and not hail us. And they will die of radiation poisoning. But what can I do? Whatever I can."

36x V-30 Phantom (12 stretchers each)
58x MH-9 Cottonmouth (6 stretchers each)
36x TH-400 Celestial (30 stretchers each)
36x CAH-24 Super Hind (4 stretchers each, plus weaponry)

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4 miles outside of what used to be Ekpo, New Destronika Province, Zellatia

As the Angel crew passed by a small shoal by the shore of Ekpo, a raft plopped out of the water with three people on it. They coughed for a moment and saw the boats. They had been escaping Ekpo and fleeing for Ninport when the initial blast from the nuclear explosion caused the raft to not only dip underwater, but also seal a sizable portion of oxygen inside with them. 5 Minutes later, the currents had let up enough for them to breach the surface again. The leader of the group, Officer Hedd, waved at the New Hayesalian ships, coughing up blood in the process. All of them had a heavy dosage of radiation posioning, despite the fact they were alive, and would die in a few hours if they did not get some medical attention.

The second member of the group, Munitions Officer Granely, fired off a flare in hopes of getting attention, before passing out due to a massive hemorrage. The third member of the group, Special Operations Zealite Joss, had already passed out moments before when he had run out of oxygen. If they didn't get help soon, they were gonners.

The Rubble of Crassa, 5 miles away from the former city, New Destronika Province, Zellatia

Sergeant Rayy Ordili awoke in his jeep as fires raged around him. He looked beneath him, where his family were laying, and sighed in relief as they squirmed for him to get off of them. He tried to use his left foot for leverage, but prompty fell over after it was revealed to him that he didn't even have a left leg any more. He screamed in pain for a moment before realizing that the blast had cauterized his wound. He fell out the car and noticed a long, charred flesh mass. His leg. He turned to his family, which were crawling out of the wrecked jeep, "How the hell did we survive that?"

They looked at him and began to cry. He raised one of his eyebrows and looked at what the matter was. It seemed that his left arm also hadn't survived the blast, nor his right foot. His wife lifted him off the ground, bridal style, and put him onto a nearby stump. His children got out some bandages from the jeep, and they began to patch him up. It seemed that while they had only minor injuries, in addition to radiation poisoning, they were still able to help. Soon he was patched up, and his youngest child, a ten year old yelped in joy as he found the flare. The flare that they owned had been missing in between the cushions of the car for the last few months, and now they could use it to save their lives, if possible. His mother took the flare from him, patted him on the head, and lighted it. As she shot it into the sky, she looked towards where they used his live, and cried.

The Allied Command Center, Zellatia

The Grand Admiral was just standing there as he responded to the Air Commodore, "As much as I want to refuse your order at the moment, we can't be too careful right now. Such losses such as these are unacceptable. Absolutely unfucking acceptable."

He walked over to a map of the Zellatian territories, and marked out specifically where in each area the weapons were being stored, "We were able to destroy what I thought was the majority of the Northern Dominion's cache of weapons, but it is obvious that the rebel leader somehow got some smuggled out before hand. I trust that the Emperor already told you where they were and what they were, and... you don't have to worry about New Mechano or Trin. The walls of those cities have a defense wall against Nuclear Strikes that are immediately deployed over the skyline in case of nuclear bomb detection. I can't promise that the murderous animal who authorized these strikes won't do so again, but if he does, I will gut him like a fish."

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The two helipads of the Ensver were always carrying helicopters, nurses and ship's medics taking off makeshift strechers from the aircraft and transferring them to proper ones. The bottoms of the helicopters had slight grooves, to prevent slipping. The grooves were being filled with blood. But each time the hecliopters took off again to rescue more and more.

A V-30 tiltrotor landed, medics taking away a full load. They were all wet, two unconscious and one coughing up blood. Hemmoragging, laceration, burns, amputations were all present. The New Hayesalian's could handle a lot but not too much. A Savior was rated for a medium sized city- not a 20 million civilian attack.


Captain Roals Menchano looked over the swarming mass of helicopter in holding patterns. Words were being shot around the bridge, reports and information flying. "Sub-Lieutenant," called the Captain, to the attention of a junior officer behind him. "How many people have we got aboard?"
"About 180 now but it's difficult, we only have eighty intensive care wards and eighteen operating rooms and we're facing some real problems with staffing." he replied.
"Can we get extra medics? Army perhaps?"
"We want to get the less injured off-ship as soon as possible sir, but we have about sixty medics on the way from Oassi, and the Navy is about to deploy another Savior."
"They get shit done don't they."
"Sure do, sir."


The city had been devastated. The tall skyscrapers of this grand city turned into nothing more than stones, the roads made into pits. The people vaporised. A Cottonmouth overflew the area, crew chief and gunners looking out their pocket windows. "I got a flare out to the starboard side" reported the door gunner of a Cottonmouth, Angel 8-6. "Copy that, going down for pickup."

Angel 8-6 already had two wounded aboard, one with third degree burns to the abdomen and hands and the other with an amputated right hand. The medic aboard was doing his best to care for his patient. As the Cottonmouth laded, the gunner spotted what looked like a family. "Suspect burns and amputations here." he reported to the medic.

The Cottonmouth touched down, starboard door opened. The medics jumped out- armed with Model 15 PDWs just in case. They ran over to the family near the jeep, their faces lighting up knowing they could now be helped. The medics called to them- "New Hayesalian Navy, we're here to help you! Don't resist, we're going to get you out of here!"

The first medic triaged, the male adult in Zellatian uniform suffering light burns, some lacerations and a large amount of amputation. The Able Seaman lifted the man and pulled him to the stretcher. The other medic, a Seaman, assisted the female adult with a broken leg and her two daughters with burns and lacerations also. They were now one off from full capacity, filled by another man trapped slightly under rubble on the port side.

"Angel 8-6, coming in for dropoff."


"Gut him? Seems a bit kind, he wouldn't be around to feel it." replied the Air Commodore. "Give me a link to SLAMS Command at the briefing room."
"Yes sir, we'll set it up for you."
"Follow me, sir." said the Air Commodore to the Grand Admiral.

The Air Commodore led von Leone and the Major into the large briefing room, windowed. The white clouds dotted by black fighters could still be seen out of the side. It was strange to think it was such a sunny day when twenty million had just died. The three officers sat facing a large TV screen at the front, patched into SLAMS Command. SLAMS stands for Sea Land Air Missile System (occassionally and funnily suffixed again with System) and it was tasked with destroying ICBMs in liftoff and striking targets worldwide. Using kinetic kill rods, they could bust bunkers and the explosions let off were nuclear in size.

"Air Commodore Binnks, pleasure to see you again." said Ronnernul, without a smile.
"A nuclear strike." he replied, suppressed anger in his voice.
"Fucking savages."
"What can I do for you, Air Commod- and sir." noting the Grand Admiral.
"We have a list of nuclear sites which we want striked and disabled. We'll be transmitting them. You have written authorisation from the Grand Admiral here, and we want you to launch satellite intercept missiles for space-borne weapons."
"I'll get some EKVs launched as soon as I can. As soon as I get those codes I'll authorise launch. How close are civilian populations?"
"We're unsure as yet, I'm having some Global Hawks launched to check the area out."
"ETA on that?"
"About 45 minutes for the furthest one."
"I'll get a feed on them ASAP."


The Lt. Colonel recieved more and more information from the nuclear strike, and more and more numbers on casualties. He'd just sent off a company of medics to assist but now he was incredibly worried: what would happen if they nuked Oassi? He called emergency meeting with all commanders at the battalion level in Oassi.

"I'm sure you all know the strategic value of Oassi, especially considering it's use an an air outpost. And I'm also sure you know about the indiscrimnate attack on the Crassan region"
"We have to assume that these are people who will kill civilians to meet their ends. So to prevent the loss of Oassi, I am immediately ordering the following. All units will now, at the battalion level, move away from Oassi. We'll attempt to prevent base sin the desert, but the risk is now of enemy advance. Your bases will be just on the outskirts of the desert, fully supplied via CM-7s mostly. Helicopters as well. Again, you'll have air support. Now artillery guys will be put into detacthments, around four howitzers to assist each battalion. Cooks won't be going out, food will be delivered- MREs people. But I hope you won't think it to be as bad as the SAILORS, sailors mind you, flying in radioactive fallout saving the lives of people they've never met. Your coordinates will be supplied to you by Major Tonks after this. Now get your stuff, I've got helicopters ready to move your gear but your soldiers are taking wheels. Major."

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The Grand Admiral was sitting in a chair near the electronics area of the flying ship when a radio transmission began to crackle in. He got up immediately and walked over to the listening station, put on the ear piece, and listened in.

" Varan..."

He immediately rose from his seat and walked over to the Air Commodore and spoke, "Air Commodore, I think we've finally gotten contact from Grand General Garr Destronikan. It seems crinkling in and out, and all that I could make out from it was that he is in Lupeia, and a Code Varangir is in effect. That means that somwhere in the Lupeia region, there is about to, in the next 5 hours, going to be a launch of chemical weaponry on our lines. The base is unlikely to be in Lupeia itself, because the city is a rebllion stronghold, Homeu is too large to risk, and Lona is too far from our lines to do any damage. It's my bet that the chemical weapons will be launched from Lordra, if he is telling the truth. He's surrounded somwhere in Lordra, I think. From what little satellite imagery that we have of the place currently, it seems like most of the rebels there have moved towards taking Kona. I'll arrange for a Zealite strike team to aid your men in taking out the chemical weaponry. You can't blast it from the sky, there are still civilians there and we don't know the positions of the chemical weapons."

The communications area blared out again, this time with a more clear message, "Grand Admiral, we have lost control of Forivera, I repeat, Forivera has fallen.

(Updated map: )

The Grand Admiral clenched his fist. He turned back to the radio, "That means Zol Province might as well be surrounded. On top of that, the revolutionaries might even begin poisoning the water there. I don't know what they'll pull next, but as long as I stand, we can't let any more cities fall!"

He faced the Air Commodore, "Well, your call. I... need to sit down" and sat back down in his chair.
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