The Rise Of Vanmakt - A Religion Of War [Open/ Signup]

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The Rise Of Vanmakt - A Religion Of War [Open/ Signup]

Postby Automagfreek » Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:49 pm

Vanmakt; A Religion Of War


Ancient Freekish Vanmakti warriors at the Battle of the Ule Valley.

Little is known of the true origins of Freekish Vanmakt, a form of paganism that is one of the oldest surviving faiths in modern history. It is not only a religion, but also a way of life, and represents one of the key pillars in Freekish society. The earliest histories suggest that Vanmakti High Priests made their way from the nation of Pantera to the present day Freekish Empire nearly fifteen thousand years ago, though scholars believe that it is in fact a much older practice. At one point in modern times, during the democratic Kaye Administration, Vanmakt was all but outlawed, but was revived by Damien Dreadfire following his military lead coup. There are many prominent ancient and modern shrines throughout mainland Automagfreek, though the two most revered are Dawn's Cathedral, and the Grove of the Northwind.

The Central Tenants of Vanmakt; Wind, Water, and War

These are perhaps the three most important elements in Vanmakt; Wind, Water, and War. It is interesting to note that each element represented in the faith has a role to play in the execution of warfare, and a God is assigned to each element. These three particular elements are key because both ancient and modern day Freeks are extremely warlike in nature, and Wotan, God of War, is highly revered and conflict is fought on his behalf regularly. But since Automagfreek is an island nation, war could not be waged afar without taking to the seas. The Freeks were and still are seafaring people, and thus the God of Water, Esos, was prayed to for safe voyage across the oceans. But in order to sail, the God of Wind, Koloss, was prayed to for fair winds.

The Hierarchy

The other two key figures in Vanmakt are perhaps the most powerful Gods; Eurynome, the Corpse God, and Beherit, God of the Universe. Eurynome is by far the most feared deity of them all, for he commands the dead and sends the fallen into the underworld, his personal domain. It is said that while Wotan gains his strength through the spilling of blood, Eurynome's power comes from the decay of flesh, and soul traffic between the Realm of the Living, and the Realm of the Dead. The enemies of the Corpse God are sent into the fiery abyss where they are tortured and tormented for all eternity, while those who earn his favor are sent to Kathaaria, also known as Valhalla by other pagan religions.

Beherit is the overseer of all other lesser deities and is master of the heavens, thunder, and lightening. He is considered to be the supreme deity in Vanmakt, and he receives his power not only from direct prayer, but through the strength of the other Gods. When adequate praise is not given either to Himself or the other Gods, He has been known to cause catastrophes as punishment, and thus the Freeks are reluctant to ignore Beherit and His will. He also commands regular sacrifices of both animals and humans alike, sometimes in the tens of thousands, and indeed millions.

Though each deity acts as the master of their element, they are all centrally bound to Beherit, and can be made to act as He wishes, though He is content to let the rest of the Gods conduct their affairs with a fair degree of autonomy. The prominent deities in Vanmakt are, but not limited to:

  • Esos - God of Water
  • Koloss - God of Wind
  • Arafel - God of the Sun
  • Gigan - God of the Earth
  • Wotan - God of War
  • Eurynome - Corpse God/God of the Underworld
  • Beherit - God of the Universe, Thunder, Lightning

The Purpose

The religion is based solely around the concept of war, and thus the entire Freekish society is woven around near ceaseless conflict and ritualistic bloodletting. From birth Freekish children are taught that their sole purpose in life is to quench the thirst of the Gods through the fires of war, and the more blood that is spilled and the more land that is conquered, the more likely they are to be sent to Kathaaria when they die. There they will enjoy endless feasting, drinking, whoring, and fighting, until the end of time itself.

Vanmakt has helped to craft Automagfreek into a near perfect warrior society, and is one of the few pure examples of such left in the modern world. The practices are seen by the outside world as barbaric, even earning the Freekish Empire a condemantion by the illegitimate "World Assembly". Though to the Vanmakti followers, they are simply carrying on the legacy of their forefathers and giving praise to the deities that have graced the Freekish Empire with unmatched power, success, and prosperity.

Vanmakt In your Nation?

If you would like to establish Vanmakt in your nation, then please provide the following information. At some point this may lead to interaction:

Nation Name:
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: (Low, Moderate, High)
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation:
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Postby Aleckandor » Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:43 pm

'Tis a pleasure informing ye that I'm rather intrigued by this.

Nation Name: Aleckandor
Region: Yervhennian Continent
Population: 1,000,600,000
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Moderate-Low
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Around the 900s BCE, it is known to present-day archaeological communities that the Freekish religion of Vanmakt was brought to Yervhenn by what recorded tribal sources describe as a 'lost and wayward Freek' that 'sailed the ocean blue' until he hit Yervhennia. It is speculated that the Freek landed somewhere off a cove along the Zhosee-Wayelss coastline, and he brought his faith to whatever peoples existed in the vicinity. By the 300s CE, Vanmakt had become a major norm amongst the Maeflowuhran tribes' religious endevours in the uncharted area known as the Southern Frontier (all the Continent's land south of the northernmost Lentinean Peninsula and the Vrasti Depression), and had effectively spread across rapidly like wildfire. And because of this, the Maeflowuhran Nations were locked in an endless and perpetual system of warfare cycles that lasted many ages until somewhere in 700s CE when Vanmakt encountered a serious roadblock on the continent: the Zmisshkom - translated from Suhraanoseon to 'Serpentine-worshippers' - or otherwise known as the Temple Of Snakes. Two Northern tribal nations, comprising Vrast and Satit, formed a cult union of shamans and deacons that preached their new monotheistic religion that worshipped snakes. Little is known by the civilized world of the Temple Of Snakes from this point on, but it can be inferred that it has reversed the Vanmakti advance in the Land of Yervhenn and quickly converted peoples to its twisted gospels and philosophies on acknowledging a demonic serpent god's authorship over Earth and the human race and sacrificing humans to be devoured by his 'Children' (literally, the snakes of the world). In contemporary modern times, shortly after the Founder's Revolution that led to the agonizing birth of the Aleckandorean Confederacy and the expulsion of the ethnarchic powers overseeing the nightmarish commune known as the Lentinean Ethnocratic Collective (LEC), there were quite a few in the newly established Grand Aleckandorean Land Army that converted themselves to the Freekish military faith. Since the last Statistical Enumeration in Aleckandor (2011), there are at least 700,000 confirmed followers of Vanmakt, all of them within the armed forces or highly reputable military/political families. However, Catholic Christianity, original Lentine pantheons, and positive existential nihilism still trump the Vanmakti religion from ever gaining any real ideological prominence in the nation. However, it can be noted that Aleckandor is picking up deep momentum on its southward expansion on the Continent, they're increasingly coming into violent contact with Zmisshkom rogue nations all across the Frontier, described by many to be the revival of the old Nordmen-Southron rivalries that are instigated constantly of this domain of the World Of Men.
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Postby Belkaland » Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:38 pm

(OOC:Hope I got this right)

Nation Name: The Grand Empire of Belkaland
Region: Gholgoth
Population: 847,000,000
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Low(Historically Important)
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation:

Vanmakt rose to prominence in Belkaland in the late 1500s with Otto von Dämon XXI ascending to the Throne of the Principality of Stier. Within months of his ascendency, Otto, for unknown reasons, converted from the indigenous Path of Ceres religion to Vanmakt. With this move, Otto had broken the dominance of Ceres as the sole major Religion in all of the 12 Domains of Belkaland. Many within Stier were concerned with the conversion, but others welcomed it.

After two years passed, Otto declared war on the neighboring Queendom of Rheinberg. This war, originally stated as a response to Rheinberger Aggression, quickly turned brutal, with nearly every town, village, & hamlet between the border & the Rheinberg Capital of Dinsmark was destroyed. The inhabitants of these towns were rounded up by Otto's Vanmakt Guard, the strongest & most physically fit of each town would be sent back to Stier, where Otto would, in secret from his Subjects & Family, commence in Ritual Hunting to sacrifice the captured Rheinberger to the Vanmakt Gods. The other captured town folk would be Sacrificed in Mass Ritual Executions by the Vanmakt Guard. Evenually, word of these Mass Execution reached back to Stier, where ever-mounting speculation reached a tipping point when a worker in a caravan coming from the Northern Iron Mines foraging for food spotted Otto ripping off the head of what looked to be an unarmed man. Fearing what he saw, the worker ran all the way to Stier.

Upon reaching the city center, the worker screamed out that Otto had ripped a man to shreds with his bare hands, then collapsed dead. In the crowd was Otto's youngest son, Heinrick von Dämon XVI, who saw & heard many in the crowd openly talking about deposing the Royal Family. Looking to calm the crowd, Heinrick called out to them, asking them to let him have a chance to ask of his father the truth of these allegations before making rash actions, to which the crowd tentatively agreed. Heinrick then went to confronted his father up in the Castle. Heinrick quickly realized that his father was not in the Castle, and set out to find him. But as Heinrick approached the Grand Hall to leave, Otto entered. Heinrick knew then that the allegation made by the now dead worker was true, Otto's hands were dripping with blood. Confronted with this, Heinrick asked of his father the truth of his faith & the rumored Sacrifices. Otto roared out that he would not betray his gods and that Heinrick would be his next sacrifice, then lunged forward to choke his son. Quick to defend himself, Heinrick pulled out a dagger that he had kept on him since the start of the war. As soon as the blade was pointed forward, Otto's lunge had slammed his body onto his son's dagger, which pierced his stomach & liver. The two fell to the floor struggling, trying to kill the other first, but Otto's injury gave the advantage to Heinrick. Eventually, bloodloss ended Otto's life.

With Otto's death, the public herald Heinrick as a savior, but this was not to last, as the Vanmakt Guard fell upon Stier to exact revenge for the death of their leader. Heinrick was brutally murdered as a sacrifice before the Stier Army managed to drive off the Vanmakt Guard. With no Royal left in the Capital, Otto's eldest son, Anton von Dämon IV, a Commander on the front in Rheinberg, was recalled to take up the throne. Upon taking the throne and reviewing what happened, Anton declared that the war was over and the army was to withdraw to the former borderlines, as well as delivering an apology to the Queen of Rheinberg for the actions of his now declared insane father. While the Queen was not pleased, her forces were weaken badly, and the Duchy of Aurick was making moves to her south. Thusly, she agreed to ceasefire & subsequent Peace Treaty. However, the Vanmakt Guard continued to pilage towns, now in both Rheinberg & Stier, seeking sacrifices for their Gods. Seeing the public grow more & more outraged at the continued assaults by the Vanmakt Guard with a lack of available troops to hunt them down, Anton & the Queen called forth a representative of the Guard to negotiate a cease of raids by them.

The Negotiations proved fruitful, with the Guard agreeing to halt the raids in exchange for full pardons and being allowed to continue practice their religion, with sacrifices supplied to them by Prisoners of War & Criminals set for Execution. This agreement still stands today, with Sacrifice being one of 2 methods of Capital Punishment employed by Belkaland. An effect of this historic agreement would be the foundation of the Stier-Dinsmark Pact, which lead directly to the Belkan Unification Wars, uniting Belkaland under the banner of Stier & Rheinberg Domains.
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Postby Automagfreek » Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:53 pm

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Postby New Azura » Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:47 pm

Nation Name: The Vezacarst of New Azura
Region: Gholgoth
Population: 11.553 Billion
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Moderate
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Vanmakt is one of only two sanctioned religious orders in the Imperial Armed Services, with the other being Užadiga. The religion was brought over with Freekish migrants, who sought to establish colonial outposts in what is now mainland Azura during the Thirteenth Century C.E. Today, the sizable Freekish population continue to observe the religion as per the administrative jurisprudence they maintain over their partnership with the Azuran Kyrus majority. Both Vanmakt and Užadiga are officially permissible religious orders in the military, and both command large proponents of adherents across the aisle.
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Postby Greater Evil Imperial Japanese Dystopia » Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:55 pm

I hope I did this properly.

Nation Name: The Greater Unified Collective Soviet People's Huangdiist Teikoku (GUCSPHT)
Region: Japanese Pan Asian Co Prosperity Sphere
Population: 1 billion+
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: 15,000 members initially, now immersed within the Greater Huangdiist Cult of Personality to propel militarism across the nation.
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Vanmakt was introduced in the 1990 period when a diplomat once visited the Gothic region, bringing back a fierce militarist ideal that soon caught the attention of the Huangdiist Communist Party, which with the Comrade People's Emperor's blessing, in year 2005 passed the Vanmakt "Decree of Adoption", which merged the Vanmakt ideals into the government-sanctioned Cult of Personality revolving around the Emperor, the Revolution, the Utopia, as well as nuclear weapons. The Emperor considers himself "Wotan" in several cases, whilst Uchiha Madara once called himself Eurynome, to which the main Empress Azula called herself "Arafel" in the Vanmakt terms. The Revolution became a symbol for Beherit, nuclear weapons became Koloss, whilst utopia became Gigan. After some time the ideals of Vanmakt were slowly merged into State Shintoism, then merged with Nichiren Buddhism, combined with numerous polytheistic religions, then after additional years of experimenting the merging of ideals from many other religions, soon assimilated then merged to form the current Huangdiist Cult of Personality. Nevertheless, Vanmakt is still clearly seen as one of its main concepts, although it was culturally modified to suit the regime's nationalistic nature. At a later time, Dh'archonianist "Isolationist Army Movement" force would use the Vanmakt ideology as a zeal for their "struggle against foreign influences".
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Postby Questers » Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:56 pm

Nation Name: Questers
Region: Haven
Population: 18.25 billion
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Low - between 5,000 and 10,000
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: There are very few Vanmakt followers in Questers, although small cults do exist in the major cities. However, like a number of other pagan cults, Vanmakt is a proscribed religion and its few followers practice under fear of prosecution.
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Postby Malagawi » Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:29 pm

Nation Name: The Lord's Dominion of Malagawi
Region: Pardes
Population: 14 million
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: (Low, Moderate, High) Moderate
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: The Dominion's primary religion is, of course, the Gogondian faith insofar as the state itself is a theocracy endorsing said religion. However, Vanmakt is the indubitable secondary religion within Malagawi. It was brought to Malagawi during a set of Freekish expansions onto the Karika subcontinent, and a native rebellion against the Freeks in 1809 eventually ended the Freekish occupation. Despite this, the presence of the faith they brought with them only spread among Malagawi's population after their departure. Approximately 60,000 Malagawian-Freeks are followers of Vanmakt.
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Postby Automagfreek » Wed May 09, 2012 4:28 pm

OOC: Some pretty good entries so far, keep them coming.
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Postby Botun » Wed May 09, 2012 5:09 pm

Nation Name: Botun
Region: United Defense Directorate
Population: 5,000,000
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Moderate
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: As a nation of many ethnicities and religions, the city and nation (one and the same) of Botun has a small but loud minority population of Freeks, who brought their violent religion with them, which has seen a small amount of growth in recent years. The Government (and the Corporations behind it) maintains a strict stance of secularity, and practitioners of Vanmakt, though feared by most citizens, are free to practice as they will (though human sacrifice is officially illegal). Despite their relatively small populaton however, Freeks and their fellow practitioners of Vanmakt do possess a certain level of influence in the City, as they make up a disproportionately large chunk of the military, and many Junior Officers (and even a few Higher-Ups) claim membership of the bloody religion. Colonel Kerez is the most vocal of these, and followers of Vanmakt make up fully a third of his 5,000 strong Battle Regiment.

Although Master General Akston has expressed discomfort with the influence of Vanmakt on his military, he has yet to take any official action. He realizes that Vanmakti make excellent assault troops, and they are often tasked with the more dangerous jobs in the military. In particular they make excellent "Jungle Divers", or soldiers who venture into the City's surrounding Jungle (never in units smaller than a Company, and at times entire regiments are sent) with the purpose of thinning out the populations of both the fierce wildlife and savage Jungle Dwellers.

Final Notes: Botun currently has a military of 360,000 soldiers. Vanmakti make up perhaps a quarter of this, and as much as a third of the Officer Corps. As such, they are a faction that any Master General or First Chancellor must take care not to offend.
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Postby Katyuscha » Wed May 09, 2012 8:53 pm

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Postby Ea90 » Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:47 pm

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Postby Mahdah » Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:29 pm

Nation Name:The Kingdom of Mahdah
Population:2.682 billion persons.
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation:Moderate. (Low, Moderate, High)
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Vanmakt served a key purpose within the Mountain tribe of Akravea, where being a warrior was a right of passage within the tribal life of the Akravean Mountain people. The Akraveans and there Vanmakt chappels of worship, which are now in various locations around the Kingdom there is a muesem for Vanmakt artifacts made by the Akraveans. Soon when the Tribal Oligarchy was established within Mahdah in the 5th century, Vanmakt had been brought as a key factor within the Tribal milita who were routinly worshipping Wotan and Eurynome. Many of it's early military commanders were Vanmakt preists who swore allegiance to there tribal lords who preached Vanmakt and it had influenced it's people for centuries untill the fall of the Tribal Oligarchy and the establishment of the Kingdom by the late 14th century. Vanmakt was then by the establishment of the Kingdom, a large cult that influenced thousands, but not enough to influenece the Kingdom itself. It is described by the Kingdom as a religion and legal for worship, standing along side The Church of Heterx which is mainly a catholicist church preaching Chrisitianity.

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Postby Automagfreek » Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:50 pm


Vanmakti Followers Burn Christian Churches, Slaughter Thousands

A Christian church burned by Vanmakti

New Dreadvonika, Freekish East Colonies - Violence erupted today throughout portions of the Freekish East Colonies, a small cluster of territory situated far from the Freekish mainland, when armed Vanmakti mobs began taking to the streets and openly confronting native Christian populations. Eyewitnesses have reported crowds numbering in the thousands, backed by paramilitary colonial garrisons and even regular Army, engaging in horrific acts ranging from decapitations, rape, and even mass crucifixion and live incineration. Independent journalists have released video showing several Christians being dragged behind vehicles, and others strung up from bridges after being flayed, marking a bloody resurgence of anti-Christian sentiment throughout Imperial territory.

After a recent declaration from Supreme Warlord Azrael Dreadfire declaring holy war against Christian aggressors in The Godly Nations, Vanmakti followers worldwide have reacted with unrestrained aggression, and local authorities have done nothing to quell the bloodshed, instead choosing to side with the pagan mobs. Graffiti bearing such statements as "Where is your God now?" and "Slaughter Christian scum!" have been spray painted across New Dreadvonika, and several Christian churches and storefronts have been burned to the ground, with fire crews standing down, acting only to prevent the fires from spreading across the city.

These incidents are the first in some years, the last being the "Dechristianization of Automagfreek", a period in Freekish history that saw the entire remaining Christian populace within Automagfreek proper entirely wiped out in a campaign so brutal it served as a pillar for the World Assembly's condemnation of the Freekish Empire. No official statement on the recent outbreak of violence in New Dreadvonika has been released from the Great Hall, though the Defense Department has mobilized two Armies for overseas deployment, suggesting that the Freekish government has intentions of their own.


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Postby Agranthon » Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:30 pm

Nation Name: The State of Agranthon
Region: Osiris- For the time being
Population: 750,000,000 Peoples - About 200 million people were exterminated in hopes of controlling and enforcing a recent eugenics project.
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Extremely High - The State is a theocracy of Vanmakt , while the leader, is Patriarch of the religion in Agranthon.
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: The Rise of Vanmakt began in Agranthon around the year 150 C.E, as time began to progress the religion spread like a wildfire among trees. Finally, in the year of 300 C.E the Emperor of Agranthon Hannelius IV established Vanmakt as the national religion. After that the populace has been forced to follow this religion, failure to do so resulted in dire consequences for those who did not comply.
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Postby Castille de Italia » Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:33 am


Official Comminque From The Imperial Empire

It is with great honor to ask that Vanmakti be established within the Empire, and become it's primary religion, and abolishing all others. Vanmakt has become increasingly popular with our Legionnaires, who see nothing but bloodshed. Vanmakti has a long, but rather unknown history in the Empire. It was discovered in the late 1880's, at a abandoned temple deep in the Keveri Caverns, which are right next to an active volcano, Mt. Phonecia, in what is now the Kateriah Province. The worshippers were killed for going against the Vatican. But at the rise of the Empire, the government turned from the Vatican, and established the Eight Divines as the one and only religion. Due to the corruptness of the Temple priests of the Divines, we have searched for a new religion, and due to the popularity of Vanmakt, this is our choice.

Emperor Titus Valerius I

Nation Name: The Imperial Empire of Castille de Italia
Region: Antares
Population: 768 Million
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Steadily Increasing, Moderate (Low, Moderate, High)
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: It was explained above.
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Postby Kriegorgrad » Sat Aug 11, 2012 6:44 pm

OOC: How does AMF has such a great economy when its population is so mindlessly devoted to war? I'm just curious. Thanks.

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Postby Of the Quendi » Tue Aug 28, 2012 5:46 am

Nation Name: The Most Serene People's Empire of the Quendi Nation and the Greater Amanitte State
Region: Pardes Elion
Population: 5.330bn
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Low
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Vanmakt, owing to its age, was one of the earliest foreign religions to gain a following within ancient Quendi society. During the Age of Exile (9,100 BC to - 8,300 BC) voyagers of the dying empire encountered Vanmakt worshippers on trips to present day Gholgoth. Such encounters usually ended in violence and it wasn't till the end of the Age of Exile that the religion gained some following amongst ethnic quendi pirates who, unlike explorers, colonizers and merchants, had martial tendencies. In the following centuries, as most of the nations of the dying empire began interbreeding with foreign races the Vanmakt reached its first golden age amongst the Quendi. Excessive violence against other groups the Vanmakt was however suppressed upon the establishment of the New Empire. Many Vanmakt however resisted the imperial authority so sucessfully that they, upon their defeat, was conscripted into the imperial legions. During this period orthodox Vanmakt began dying out as it was absorbed by the numerous other martial religions, cults and sects of the empire. Soon the religion was on the verge of extinction.

The Great Diaspora of the Eruhíni (6,000 BC to 5,000 BC) proved the salvation of the Vanmakt. The remaining orthodox Vanmakt groups, realizing that they could not in the long run avoid loosing their identity to the melting pot of eruhíni spiritual society, decided to go into exile and leave behind the Empire. This decision was further motivated by an attempt by some orthodox Vanmakt groups to rebel against the empire, prompting genocidal reprisal from the vastly numerical superior imperial legions. Fleeing beyond imperial control into the void the Vanmakt soon became a dominant force among exiled eruhíni groups. Despite being a small group their martial inclinations, now unchecked by the Empire, allowed them to conquer and supress large areas and many tribes. During the high point of this Second Golden Age, the Vanmakt was part of a confederation of martial groups which controlled an area and a population larger than did the Empire itself. Near the end of the diaspora this confederation however succumbed to a combination of internal strife between the different groups of the martial confederation, mass uprisings from the suppressed people's and Imperial expansion. The Vanmakt was once again suppressed by the Empire and went into hidding to avoid annihilation.

For the next almost 6 millenia the Vanmakt lived in quiet secluded regions of the empire doing its best to avoid discovery by the Empire. Numerous wars and battles where fought most of which the Empire won due to numerical superiority rather than any superiority in skill. The seclusion allowed for the Vanmakt to avoid much change to their religious practises, though it also prevented them from learning of much theological change made in the rest of the Vanmakt world. As a result by the time the Late Alcedina Emperors established freedom of religion the Vanmakt of Aman and Araman was almost exactly similar to the Vanmakt of 5,000 BC. Over the next centuries little changed and the Vanmakt of Aman and Araman remained different from those of the Freekish Empire and other places. During the 22 year reign of the Dread Emperor this all changed. The Dread Emperor saw the possibilities of utilizing the Vanmakt for his own purposes and during his reign the Vanmakt formed a sizeable portion of his most elite forces. The Dread Emperor's close association with the Vanmakt has prompted some to believe he was a believer himself, in that case making him the most prominent Vanmakt in Aman.

Following the dead of the Dread Emperor the Vanmakt for their participation in his regime was punished hard as their religion again became illegal. A ban not officially lifted before 1948 AD. After the fall of the Alcedina Dynasty and a unfied amanitte state the Vanmakt during the century long civil war attempted to establish a sucessful Vanmakt state. In 1907 AD they where however supressed by the Most Serene Republic of Arandórë which later went on the reunite the entire state. From 1948 and onwards the Vanmakt has slowly recovered and gained some following in colonies and dominions of the Empire, though they remain hated by most of surrounding society.
Nation RP name
Arda i Eruhíni (short form)
Alcarinqua ar Meneldëa Arda i Eruhíni i sé Amanaranyë ar Aramanaranyë (long form)

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Postby Ogedei » Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:05 am

The Vanmakti Betrayal


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Postby Gaveo » Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:10 pm

Nation Name: Republica de Gaveo
Region: Tanos
Population: 434 Million
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Low
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: Most Gaveoans have never heard of this religion but the most major warrior clan, The Mokivo (combination of elves and humans), have recently converted to Vanmakt encouraging all other warrior clans to join them but there has been resistance, in fighting between the Mokivo Conservatives and the Mokivo Neo-Religionalists have caused the Mokivo to weaken and rivals Yuloina and Anan have started to target any Mokivos.

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Postby Prussia-Steinbach » Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:49 pm

This is so cool. Just needed to establish that.

Nation Name:
The German Empire


Approximation: 1.557 Billion

Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation:
Though not as prominent as it once was, Vanmakt has been gaining followers once again, mainly due to the rise in militarism and uplifting of the warrior ideal in recent years. Approximately two percent of the German population fully adheres to Vankamt, with a much larger percentage nominally following the religion or admiring its ideals, following the promoted way of life, or considering conversion.

Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation:
It is unknown when Vanmakt arrived in the region known as Germany. However, it is know known that it has had many secret adherents in the lines of German and Prussian leaders, including a strong minority and possible slight majority of the leading National Socialists, though many believe they were only nominal adherents of the dedication-requiring doctrine.
Vanmakt has been riding upon a recent wave of evangelism, with the number of Vankamtis having dwindled to almost nothing since the replacement of the Third Reich. in the last decade, the warrior philosophy has gained hundreds of thousands of followers, bolstered by a rapid rise in militarism since the ascendancy of B.E. Steinbach to the Prussian and thereby German throne.
Vanmakti institutions of education have even begun springing up, accepting children at the age of three and turning them into fierce and devout defenders of the faith, born to quench the bloodthirstiness of the gods and to fight and kill as necessary, training them and indoctrinating them with a warrior mentality and military mindset.
Vanmakt is now considered a major reason for the establishment of the original German Empire and later Greater German Reich, with some believing Bismarck himself was a moderate Vankamti.

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Postby Dakini Femina » Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:54 am

Nation Name: The Grand Arctic Federation
Region: The New Femina Fascist Empire
Population: Around 2B+
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation (Low, Moderate, High): VERY HIGH
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation:

Vanmakt has always been one of the larger pagan cults in Dakini Femina, flourishing in the far north along with the Asatru faith, Dakini Cult and a myriad of other religions and faiths nourished by the polytheistic nature of the Dakinians.

While up until now it has never really gained monopoly status on national religious belief like Asatru has for centuries, the Vanmakt faith has always exerted a large influence on the societal and military elite of the country. A ring of cultists exists within the state officers' corps, and many government officials, including the Grand Hegemon Herself, have been known to be radical Vanmakti, which would explain their innate prioritization of conflict and self-interest above everything else (under all the politics and the bureaucracy is a Vanmakti-driven order). State militarization and tough conscription laws were only some of the inevitable results of the occult movement in the government and in the military. Even the youth are steeled for war in "war camps", essentially totalitarian boot camps geared toward imbuing the younger generations with a lust for blood and war, and the hunger to kill in the name of, and defend the nation.

Forget the left and right, the conservatives and liberals. Forget the libertarian or the authoritarian, the capitalists, monarchs, socialists or communists. Behind all the state's political alliances and its international policies on diplomacy is a machine solely driven by and existing for self-interest. The survival of the nation and the health of its people are its first priority, and no political treatise or doctrine could ever come between that and the Hegemon who rules over them all.

The only binding force the Federation respects is blood. Political ties can be broken, but the bounds of blood spilled for and won by death can never be shattered. The Vanmakti faith ensures that this is so. Today the Religion of War casts a tight choke on the government, locking it in its beast-like guarding of its property and sovereignty, and continuously drowning the nation in a bloody dance between feverish war and iron-fisted isolationism.

    - Effectively a Stratocratic Federation
    - POW's, Captured Spies & Prisoners made Slaves
    - Blood Sport/Gladiatorial Combat is widely Supported (Underground Rings & Circles)
    - Only a small circle of trustworthy allies is kept, often after past wars have tested and proved the resolve of the sororital tie between them and the Federation. Other than this select few, almost all alliances may be dropped at the first sign of treachery or attempting to compromise Dakinian sovereignty.
    - The government has a reputation for insidiousness and for being mercenary. Ultimately it cares for nothing, save its own skin, its peoples well-being and the demise of its enemies (and the gains from the plunder, pillage and rape of war).
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Postby Kahanistan » Sat Dec 12, 2015 5:41 pm

[OOC: Not sure if I'll get warned for posting in this thread simply because it's old, but it's still linked to in the OP's sig and there's no indication that OP isn't taking any more posts. Besides, it makes sense IC.]

Nation Name: Free Republic of Kahanistan
Region: Greater Prussia
Population: ~22.6 billion
Prominence Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: (Low, Moderate, High) Very Low
Brief History Of Vanmakt In Your Nation: The origins of Vanmakt in Kahanistan date back relatively recently, to the 2005 Freekish invasion. Some disillusioned surviving soldiers, realising the effects of Vanmakt on the Freekish fighting ability they so feared yet admired, adopted practices of Vanmakti worship such as ritual bloodletting, often while furiously calling to Wotan the War God.

While open practice of Vanmakt never became popular among the populace, much of which held it responsible for the deaths of a quarter billion citizens, and due to the distance between Kahanistan and Automagfreek it was only a matter of time before the native converts perverted the original religion with their own cultural customs, it became apparent that units with larger proportions of cultists fought more aggressively and were less likely to retreat from battle.

While only about a million and a half native converts practice anything approaching fundamentalist Freekish Vanmakt, despised in Kahanistan as a brutal religion calling for open land grabs and wars of unprovoked aggression, its disproportionate impact on the military subculture, diffused into other Kahanistanian subcultures by veterans rejoining civilian life, make Vanmakt one of the most studied pagan religions in Kahanistan.


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