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Postby Kyrusia » Sun May 06, 2012 2:50 pm


» HEADLINE » Lord Damien Dreadfire, Supreme Warlord of Automagfreek, Falls in Battle
May 6, 2012 · Kyruviesch, Tsentrijiska, Kyrusia

Lord Dreadfire's body retrieved from battle (2012)
At approximately 2:00PM Gothic Eastern Time this afternoon, news reached Kyruviesch of the death of Lord Damien Dreadfire, Supreme Warlord of the New Gothic Empire of Automagfreek, on the shores of Atraeza, in Milograd. The Founding Father and First and Supreme Gothic Lord of the Gholgoth Regional Alliance has officially been felled by Kravenite forces defending an entrenched position on the coast of Milograd; initial reports surmise, largely in rumor, that Lord Dreadfire was attempting to personally lead a contingent of Sentinel forces in the hope of retrieving his captured son, Lord Azrael, after a failed assault by Belphegorian forces some hours prior. At this current time, the state of the ongoing assault is unknown.

Though such goes without saying, the Fortified State is officially in a state of national mourning.

Coming mere weeks after the unfortunate passing of Gael Raziya II Colossus of New Azura, a close personal friend and ally of His Excellency, the Lord Chancellor, and the State, respectively, death seems to abound in Gholgoth as of late. Some have cited this as a sign of the times, a waning of the power of the Alliance; even so, others have cited the source of these morbid occurrences as a sign of the fault of the civil war that currently embroils much of the region in a bloody froth of rage and irrationality. A conflict that is seen by many as not merely fruitless, but mutually destructive – a perspective given power and support by the recent loss of the First Gothic Lord in an assault perpetuated within such a futile conflict.

With the Kyrus Flag of the Host at half-mast across the nation, calls for peace have echoed out not merely from the Khredáva in Kyruviesch, but from the Patriciate and the whole of the citizenry. In light of the demise of Lord Dreadfire, the Kyrusian people have ignited into a scintillation of disapproval not merely of the continued strife in the West, but at what many view as its penultimate source and cause. Though the Fortified State has maintained a nominal sense of official neutrality since the war's inception, it has also remained quiet in the voicing of its growing disapproval of its perpetuation; with the loss of an internationally-beloved figure and, largely, the very individual that crafted and united the region of Gholgoth nearly a decade ago, it seems such silence has finally been broken.

In a precedent-shattering move, His Excellency, Vysokancjllár Maksian Raznakovic, spoke directly to not merely the people of Kyrusia, but the whole of Gholgoth following the initial report of Damien Dreadfire's passing on the field of battle. In the fifty-six minute speech, His Excellency called for the re-unification of the Gholgoth Regional Alliance and for a willingness of all parties to see the disaster and calamity the perpetuation of the Gothic Civil War has wrought: largely, the demise of its Founding Father and the unilateral destruction of over half of the region. The Lord Chancellor called for a setting-aside of differences in favor of the commonalities and mutual-strengths each, former ally shares with their fraternal brothers. Such sentiments were initially echoed by many members of the National Kyrusian Kjiranist Party; yet, even then, the Kjiranists refused to cite a cause for such conflict. Such refusal was broken during the oration this evening when, in short, His Excellency named the continued policies and encompassing philosophy of Dh'arconian Thought as the ultimate catalyst for the continuation of the antagonism in the region:

    ”Before us we see nothing but death and decay; the Great Gothic Lord Dreadfire has fallen on the shores of Atraeza. Countless citizens from across Gholgoth have fallen in Atraeza's defense. […] 'For what?' I ask you. To what great end does its defense justify? The survival of the very souls that are unwilling to free themselves? Slaves. Vermin. The protection of an ally, of a brother? Where was this brotherhood before the war? Where was the Dh'arco then? […] A country of isolation, of purposelessness, and of prey: that, I say to you, is what you each come to defend. In its defense you have gained nothing but blood to your hands; you have gained nothing but a tomb for the Lord Dreadfire, a shrine to his harrowing passing.
His Excellency continued, stating that “the very policies of [Dh'arconian Thought] have brought nothing to the Gothic people,” calling into question the isolationist and often-aggressive policies of the once-nation of Milograd in the defense of the Dh'arconian Current. While this perspective has been expressed by Kjiranists in the past, that the Dh'arconists are largely desiring a nation of the feeble-minded and controlled by those unwilling to assert themselves, no official endorsement of this sentiment has ever been expressed on a national or federal level. Yet, with the loss of the iconic “Gothic Lord,” the State has become solidified in its distaste and distrust of the philosophy it sees as the reason for the continued strife between the eponymous “Lords of Gholgoth.”

As if to echo the Lord Chancellor's oration, mere moments following the speech from the Khredáva, in an emergency session of the National Syndicate, an official Order of Censured Expulsion passed with a staggering ninety-two percent supermajority. The order officially expelled the Kyrusian Front for Dh'arconian Thought from the Syndicate, forcing the vacation of the three seats the Dh'arconian Front have staunchly held for seven years. Though forced from the Syndicate floor by members of the 12th Regiment Syndic Guard, the three Syndics continued to heckle shouts calling for criminal prosecution of several prominent members of the lower hours, the Patriciate, and even the Lord Chancellor himself; accusations of “collusion and conspiracy” were leveled as the Dh'arconists were dragged from the Syndicate, forcing their ultimate detention by officers from the Metropolitan Protection Service. Though detained, their location of arrest has yet to be publicly released.

In a final call for unity amongst the Gothic Lords, wishing for peace and unity in the light of the “impending threat of the persistence of Dh'arconian Thought,” at 3:26PM G.E.T., the Office of the Lord Chancellor released a brief statement announcing the official promulgation and activation of His Excellency's National Executive Command 309639-06052012B. N.E.C. 309636 officially “prohibits the formation of political parties espousing an isolationist or otherwise 'Dh'arconian' platform”; “prohibits the continued existence and bars the Kyrusian Front for Dh'arconian Thought from holding political office, conducting political policy, or officially acting in any capacity within the Fortified State”; “expels all current members of the Kyrusian Front for Dh'arconian Thought from official membership in any political office, organization, or party”; and officially “declares all persons of Hunen, Khinen, or 'general Milogradian ancestry' as unwelcome ('persona non grata') within the Fortified State.”

The statement accompanying the National Executive Command called for the cessation of hostilities between all parties currently involved in the Gholgoth Civil War and for unity amongst the “Kyrusosphere and the [Gholgoth Regional Alliance] alike” in the “expulsion and removal of Dh'arconian currents from the region” in order to solidify the “brotherhood of Gothic Lords” and insure that “such a detrimental catastrophe need never arise in the future.” As such, the statement indicates a desire by the Fortified State to cooperate with members of the “Kyrusosphere” in the immediate prohibition of “Dh'arconist criminality” in their respective, national bodies and, furthermore, an “intense and stringent investigation and prosecution of its criminal enterprises.”

Since the release of this statement from the Office of the Lord Chancellor, no further word has been issued by the federal government in Kyruviesch; even so, across the State, cries for action continue to resound. Cries for peace in Gholgoth echo in unison with calls – demands – for restitution from the original source of the conflict. Cries for a unity that Gholgoth once prized, for the honor it once held, and for a renewal of the solidarity amongst all Gothic peoples.

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Postby Unibot II » Sat Aug 18, 2012 9:52 pm





STROEKEN, UNIBOT — Ulaş Dorenbos committed a rare press conference towards promoting a historic moment for Unibot this Saturday morning; in the face of rapid overdevelopment of Unibot and its island, Dorenbos shocked the corporate world by putting a public bid for application for the “Big Blue” Corporate State (as it’s been dubbed by some) to join Gholgoth last week. Even more surprising for many commentators was Unibot’s eventual acceptance into Gholgoth, which was announced on Friday evening. As expected, Dorenbos invited all major public broadcasters and journalists for an “intimate” press conference in “Stroeken” for the next morning – it was shortly after that journalists like myself were informed that “Stroeken” was the first of several towns to have begun construction in what is being dubbed, “Colonial” or “New” Unibot.

As it stands now, Stroeken is hardly much more than four buildings altogether sitting in the open, frozen arctic tundra which were quickly put together to house the press conference and accommodate construction crew and important political visitors. But journalists have been told that this is only the first step in what Dorenbos calls “a great undertaking for the future of our company, our livelihood and the attainment of our responsibility to our shareholders, in addition to being a great day for our nation, one that won’t simply end at midnight”.

So what is “New” Unibot? A recent purchase of arctic tundra in Gholgoth, formerly belonging to Aralonia. Press has been told it’s an estimated –whopping- 17 million sq mi. in surface area, plentiful in resources such as oil and precious metals that Unibot’s motherland simply could not provide. For a leadership such as Dorenbo’s that was recently stressed with market gaffe after market gaffe, this decision is divided in what it means for him: to the small population of, self-proclaimed socialist crazies and unemployed eddylovers, this is simply another step in the “wrong direction” says Heir Industries dissident, “Bloody Maggie”, who, adorned in her signature blood-stained (or red ink from ongoing financial insolvency?) handkerchief, spoke to her group of radicals (the “Union of Unibotian Workers and Heroes”) via a shaky hand-camcorder broadcast, warning them that the decision to join Gholgoth marks “a strong deviation from Heir’s vision for a great, democratic nation”, citing Gholgoth’s history of international condemnation and human rights abuses, for which Heir Industries “wishes to capitalize upon as a human rights violation haven”, said the ruthless terrorist.

Not to be overshadowed by the words of such a criminal, Dorenbos reminded members of the press that “Bloody Maggie is a terrorist who uses fear and misdirection to convince her drug-addled, criminal followers that her message, one of terror, is the right one. An ongoing police investigation is hot on her trail, all employees of Heir Industries have been sent a memo on the subject of cooperation with this investigation and it is expected that shortly, we will apprehend her. She will be dealt with in the most severe punishment possible under the bylaws of our great incorporated state.” Currently, no bylaw restricts the severity of punishment of non-management residents of Unibot except for labor contracts riddled with well-known loopholes and opportunities for circumvention. Nonetheless, to the rest of the country, including myself – this move by Dorenbos to join Gholgoth has been viewed as incredibly smart and harkens back to the cerebral business mind that Ulaş “Sharkhead” Dorenbos was often touted among stock analysts as possessing during his time as Vice President under the left-wing, debauched and disorganized Heir Regime.

“It’s really just a smart idea, altogether,” Prof. “Willy” D. Clarkson, Ph.D told our staff; Clarkson is a senior lecturer at West Odessa College for Political Economics and Law and author of “Look at the Stars : How Heir Revolutionized Business”.

“By joining Gholgoth, Dorenbos solves the issues of overdevelopment in Unibot without having to address the obvious environmental unsustainability of our country’s initiatives here at home, whilst also solving security concerns over Automagfreek assuming that Automagfreek honours the Gholgoth alliance and finally, positions the country nearest our most notable clientele, including Yohannes.”

Dorenbos finished the press conference, after having shown several building designs and plans for constructions, explaining the process of moving from the motherland to the new purchase of land.

“The process will be gradual but very speedy,” Dorenbos told journalists, “Men, twenty thousand at a time will be chosen every week to move to the colony – where they can help the ongoing construction initiative to build our nation here. We expect the entire nation will be moved here, including all of our industrial and business operations and women and children, by the end of this year.”

Fantastic news for a growing and expanding country. We can only hope that this streak of good business decisions continues for Dorenbos; hell, maybe with a bit of luck we’ll even get out of the red. But maybe even that’s a little too ambitious these days.

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ENN - Flu-like Outbreak in Varathron reaches Gholgoth

Postby Drakonian Imperium » Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:44 am


Flu-like Outbreak in Varathron reaches Gholgoth
February 21, 2013

Article Features
  • Often fatal Flu-Like Illness spreads to Gholgoth.
  • Analysis of Pathogen ongoing in Drakonia and Mille Mortifere.
  • Outbreak spreads throughout Disia; cases reported in Novaporta, Colona, and Agrium.
  • Over two hundreds cases documented in Disia, three in Mille Mortifere.
  • Mysterious Flu-Like Illness appeared during bad Flu Season.

PORT IMPERIAL, Mille Mortifere (ENN) - Drakonia's Imperial Ministry of Health are working to identify a new mysterious flu-like disease amid reports that it has spread to Mille Mortifere.

Instances of the disease, being referred to as Varathron Blood Fever, have proved difficult to authenticate because it mimics other respiratory virus, such as the flu, which has been further complicated by its appearance during a particularly severe flu season.

Blood Fever was first identified in the Drakonia colony of Disia in Varathron, and is characterized by its violent and often fatal late stages. It is suspected that the pathogen may have been involved in the deaths of as many as 44 people in Disia, over a third of all reported cases. Thus far most of the cases have been localized to Profuga City. However, over the weekend, the first cases of the disease were identified in the cities of Novaporta, Colona, and Agrium.

The new disease has left health officials in the Imperium scrambling for answers; a week ago, a special team of experts was dispatch from Drakonia to Disia to begin an investigation into the outbreak; with samples of the pathogen dispatched to laboratories in Mille Mortifere and Drakonia for testing.

Disease spreads to Gholgoth

Today, the first cases were confirmed in Gholgoth. Three instances of the disease have been identified by hospital officials in Port Imperial, and the spread of the disease to the Drakonian Territory of Mille Mortifere has authorities there worried about the possibility of an epidemic.

In a statement, release today, Millian officials said they would take "any and all" measures necessary to fight the spread of illness. Health officials also reiterated that genetic analysis is underway and more information on the nature of the disease should be available shortly.

When asked about potential medical treatments for the disease and possibility of a vaccine, the government spokesman had no further information.

Blood Fever spreads throughout Disia

Authorities in Disia have declared a public health emergency calling on people to take every precaution to prevent the spread of the illness. The government has ordered all public buildings and schools closed. All public events have also been suspended, with people being advised to avoid shaking hands and attending public gatherings. Individuals were also urged by the Disian government to remain calm and avoid panic.

More than three hundred people are thought to have been infected with Blood Fever in Disia. Estimates of those infected with the flu, or other respiratory ailments, vary, but range from anywhere from five to ten thousand cases.

In Profuga City, residents have taken to donning surgical face masks, an item, which has reportedly sold out in many pharmacies.

Containment measures remain in place in the Varathron colony despite their apparent failure to prevent the spread of the disease. All passengers and crew of aircraft leaving the colony are checked for symptoms of the flu or flu-like illness and if found to be ill are prevented from travelling abroad. Warnings have also been issued to all international shipping within the colony.

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Postby Jagada » Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:30 am

BREAKING NEWS: Free Democratic Party Wins Elections! Published January 25,2015

Suilen, Milograd - Streets were filled today with thousands waving the gold and green colors of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) after last nights election results came in showing a strong victory for the resurgent party. The FDP's future had not been very bright a few months ago when a number of scandals rocked their interim government, cheifly the violent suppression of riots in Kiceniz and Liujian which ended with the deaths of over a dozen people. A further scandal involving inter-party gambling debts did nothing to alleviate its problems. Barley three weeks ago the party came under new leadership from Toma Palomer who took over the position of Senior Party Chairmen following the sudden, albeit anticipated, resignation of Demetrios Areleous. From that moment Toma took little time to breath as he rallied the splintered elements of the party back under a central organization and strategized a path to victory which included changing the party's platform away from items such as economic liberization and towards increased defense spending. A further change came in form of the FDP's 'public face' as Palomer also sacked Irakli Argyris, replacing him with the far more libertarian candidate Aniketos Michelekakis a prominent businessmen from the Kiceniz who has had strong ties to the party for years.

National Parliamentary Election Results
Free Democratic Party (34.6%)
United Left (23.9%)
New Alliance Party (19.4%)
Unionist Party (17.7%)
Milograd Worker's Revolutionary Party (4.4%)
Even with these changes and an aggressive, last second, public relations campaign many political analysts were not predicting an FDP win -- least of all in such a big way. Prior to last night the primary parties considered capable of gaining a solid majority were the United Left and New Alliance Party which were beleived to be in secret talks to form a coalition government in the event of either party's clinching the necessary amount of seats in Parliament. Neither party chairmen could be reached for immediate comment on last night's results but it is believed that the FDP will have to approach at least one of these parties to form a solid coalition government -- the only other possible alliance was with the Unionist Party which failed to acquire enough seats.

Even though the FDP have clinched a critically needed victory there are still a number of issues before them that, as the interim government, they failed to resolve. The northern portion of the country still lies under the occupation of the Kravenic Reich, poverty and disease are still widespread across many of the outlying areas with large swathes of the country nearly lawless. The calls for a war crimes trial against the Matriarchy have yet to cease with a number of underground hacker groups siezing control of municipal employees computers in the last few weeks demanding a number of Jagite military officers stand trial -- Lord Marshall Mari cheif amongist them.

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Postby Ghant » Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:31 pm


The Empress Gives Birth to a Girl!
Baby is healthy, weighs 8 lbs, Empress is in stable condition.
By John Igara| GHISH | Posted: January 1, 1:00 GST

Royal baby wait live
Betting on baby names
Royal baby: meet the doctors
Royal princess: new baby could get chance to travel this year
Empress could hire additional nannies
Royal baby girl: Rumors the Empress’s hairdress has arrived at the hospital
Royal baby born: the best twitter reactions
Royal baby: projected to be worth a billion Ghantmarks before 10
Empress is “fast asleep” after birth
Empress is all set for joyful juggling act with her baby Princess
Princess mania sweeps Ghant
Can newborn Princess bring peace?

(Ghish, Ghant)- The wait is over! Inperiala Palace said in a statement: “Her Imperial Majesty the Empress of Ghant has safely delivered a daughter at 12:12 AM. The baby weighs 8lbs. The Emperor of Ghant was present for the birth. Members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news. Her Imperial Majesty and her child are both doing well.” The announcement was made to the media shortly before it appeared on Inperiala Palace’s official Twitter feed, as has now become a tradition. Shortly thereafter, a formal announcement of the birth was displayed on a piece of paper placed on an easel outside Inperiala Palace.

Prime Minister Nymun Izarbegiratzeak was among the first to congratulate the couple, saying on Twitter: “Congratulations to the Emperor and Empress on the birth of a healthy baby girl. I’m absolutely delighted for them.”

The wait lasted several months, but when the waiting finally ended tonight, everything went according to plan. Births have a habit of being difficult and unpredictable, but so poised is the Empress that the arrival of her fourth children in less than fourteen months. There had been a great deal of concern due to the fact that the Empress was expecting so soon after when she previously gave birth. Yet, everything seemed to go perfectly as planned.

The newest member of the Imperial family, born at 12:12 AM and weighing 8 lbs, was delivered expertly and without incident. The Emperor released a statement saying that he and his wife were “very pleased, and thankful” that everything went so well. The Empress had previously stated that she hoped it would be a girl, and the Ghant followed suit.

Thousands of bets were placed on the baby being a girl…in fact, the only people who did not want a girl were the bookies, who now face collective payouts of several hundred thousand Ghantmarks after the public guessed right.

The baby is the second highest ranking princess in Ghant, after her older sister Sara, Princess Imperial. Bumped down to third is her aunt, Arietta, and down to fourth is her first cousin once removed, Adela of Vorindun, daughter of her great-uncle Albert, Emperor of Vorindun. Due to her being a girl, she is unable to succeed to the Obsidian Throne of Ghant, however she is fourth in line to the Alabaster Throne of Gholghant after her older brothers and sister, due to that country possessing male-preference primogeniture.

Town criers could be seen traversing Ghish and other major cities, heralding the arrival of the new princess. “Attention, on this day, the first of January, in the year 2016, we welcome with humble duty, the fourth born of their Imperial Majesties, the Emperor and Empress of Ghant. May our Princess be long lived, happy and glorious.”

The Princess’s birth will also be celebrated by the nation’s fashion retailers, who can expect to make up to a hundred million Ghantmarks per year when she and her older sister are older as a result of intense interest there will be in her style sense. Without a doubt, her and her sister’s every move, every dress and every hairstyle is certain to be scrutinized, studied and copied across the globe. Welcome to life as a princess in the 21st century.

“Princesses wear beautiful clothes. They endear themselves in a way boys don’t,” Ghish fashion designer Gaea Laranza said. “The new Princess and her sister will be fashion icons and trendsetters for years to come.”

The baby’s older sister Princess Sara and brothers Crown Prince Nathan and Prince John are already subject to constant attention. While the Ghantish press has an agreement with the Emperor and Empress to only publish authorized photographs of the children, paparazzi play by no such rules.

All eyes for the next two to three decades will be on the baby and how she is transformed into a young lady. The baby princess, of course, will not have a clue about what awaits her. But she will grow up to be one of the most famous princess in the world. And regardless of the outcome, every little girl starts out in life wanting that.
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Postby Drakonian Imperium » Wed Mar 15, 2017 3:20 pm


Ship seized for Human Trafficking
June 12, 2016

Article Features
  • MV Santa Maria seized in Port Imperial, Mille Mortifere.
  • 133 Slaves freed from cargo containers.
  • 34 Arrests made across Mille Mortifere.
  • Imperial Navy announces broader Anti-Slaving Operation.

PORT IMPERIAL, Mille Mortifere (ENN) - Authorities in Mille Mortifere seized the Santa Maria as part of a Territory-wide operation to restrict the human trafficking in Gholgoth.

The Santa Maria was anchored in Port Imperial harbor when the Argent Guard boarded the vessel. The ship and its cargo are believed to have begun their journey in a neutral port in Varathron and were on their way to the Scandinvan island of Vismer.

133 individuals were rescued from cramped and squalid conditions in cargo containers. The ship's crew of 18 were arrested. Captain Martinus Freccius confirmed that another 16 arrests were made throughout Mille Mortifere as part of investigation.

Captain Freccius also stated that arrests were made in the city of Colona by the Gendarmeria Colona in conjunction with the seizure of the Santa Maria. Unconfirmed rumors on that island, suggest that Lord Lucian Nerus, Baron of the Gladii Insulae, was one of those arrested.

Tensions rise in Gholgoth

These events follow a televised address given by the Drakonia Praetor last week calling for a revitalization of the Gholgoth Regional Alliance. The Praetor's address followed a speech given by Lance Atticus, the Secretary of State of Havensky, to an empty Hall of Gholgothic Lords in ULE City, Automagfreek.

Further statements were said to have made by a mysterious Naacal representative and the Ghantish representative, Lady Lara Jarasa.

Havensky remains at war with the Scandinvan Empire after an attack on Citadel City. The Secretary of State's speech called for reforms of the Regional Alliance as it has failed in recent years to keep the peace throughout the region.

Meanwhile the Drakonian military continues an annual increase of troops in Gholgoth. The Imperial Government claims the build-up is part of standard preparations in the event of a wider regional war. However, the rhetoric of the Praetor's speech calls into question the Imperial government's motivations for the troop surge.

The state of relations between the Scandinvan Empire and the Pantokratocracy remain unclear after the recent annexation of the Shen Almaru island by the Empire following a recent coup. The Empire is currently involved in a separate wars with Havensky and the Empire of the Golden Throne of the Macabees.

A Macabean fleet is reported to have left Greater Deinstad on a heading to Gholgoth.

Imperial Navy confirms Anti-Slavery Operation

A spokesman for the Imperial Drakonian Navy also made statements regarding the arrests. She confirmed that the Imperial Navy would be commencing an Anti-Slavery Operation throughout Mille Mortifere with the cooperation of the Territorial Navy.

Vessels traversing the Mille Mortifere that were suspected of engaging in human trafficking would be boarded and searched, the Imperial Navy said. Those found to be engaging in such activities would be seized and their crews arrested.

Such an action would be largest anti-slavery operation in Gholgoth since the 2010 Blockade. However, the Navy stressed that the exercise would not be a blockade as happened in 2010, but solely a law enforcement operation.

NOTE: This article was delayed in posting due to a technical issue that has since been resolved. Its date and context is a result of that discrepancy.

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Postby Jagada » Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:54 pm

The Fostoria Times

Artistic recreation of: JGFS Boomstick, JGFS Artemis, JGFS Heliarc

Grand Navy officially dissolved!

Centuries of tradition are coming to an end ...
By Vermaas Haxon | Senior Journalist | Posted December 26, 2077

SOUTHMORE, Rhodontul Republic - One day after the six hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Grand Navy it has been officially dissolved.

News of the Grand Navy's dismantling was not a surprise and rumors have persisted for over a decade as to the fate of the aging organization. Three months ago Proctor Veresean Cagin had provided a timetable for the newly minted Imperial Navy to take over all remaining operations of the Grand Fleet. At that time the Grand Fleet's only service was providing coastal defense support in the event of a foreign attack. Rumors within the Imperial government suggest that the Grand Fleet could have been dismantled nearly a month ago but with the anniversary so close it was decided to prolong their service. Over the past three months over three dozen ships have been transferred to the Imperial Navy with only the oldest and soon-to-be decommissioned vessels being kept. Of those ships remaining is the vaunted JGFS Forgotten God, an aircraft carrier of obsolete design, whose service records goes back to the Extermination War. The Forgotten God is expected to be turned into a museum ship with several cities competing for the rights to the vessel. Editorial Note: As of the writing of this article the Collegium of the Navy has stated that all proceeds from the sale of the carrier will go to the Veterans Fund.

The history of the Grand Navy, as stated, stretches back six hundred years where it was established in the port of Inn in northwestern Jagada (now Fortress Cydonia) as apart of Christmas Day celebration and allegedly to discourage piracy. The Old Navy, as it is commonly called in Gharsash, had a long history of exploration but was blemished by numerous military defeats both at home and aboard earning it a less than sterling reputation amongst the navies of the world. Even in the Jagites liberation of Gharsash the Grand Navy's supremacy was achieved only due to vast technological advantages and less by naval skill. It was decided towards the end of the Subjugation Wars that the Grand Navy would be decommissioned slowly and replaced by a new, more inclusive organization, which ultimately became the Imperial Navy. The decision to dismantle the Old Navy did have its detractors, especially amongst the Jagite community, which holds it as their salvation from the Reich. Protests have been occurring sporadically in Fostoria and the surrounding cities, where the bulk of Jagites reside, but as of this morning over twenty-thousand have marched on Fostoria. Proctor Cagin had no official comment.

How is the Imperial Navy and the Grand Navy different?

Detractors have often argued that doing away with the Grand Navy and its centuries of tradition and experience will leave Gharsash with an untested fleet and while the Old Navy does have its problems, at least they are a known quantity. Spokesmen for the Imperial Navy were kind enough to meet with me and answer a few questions regarding this very criticism:

The Old Navy had a wealth of experience and history. How can the new navy make up for this loss?
That experience isn't going away, its being included in the new fleet. The Imperial Navy was built, fundamentally, around the lessons learned from the old navy. Several captains and officers, along with plenty of regular sailors, were either transferred to the new navy or voluntarily joined early on. The only difference, experience wise, is that the Imperial Navy also has captains and sailors from the other nation-states, such as Rhondontul or Aquar.

Hasn't this caused issues due to language or culture?
Yes sometimes. The Navy has already adopted Aquaran as its official language, in compliance with Imperial Standards. We knew this, and many other changes, would ruffle a lot of feathers in the Old Navy. Those sailors and officers who joined voluntarily have helped to make this transition easier. We couldn't allow the old structure to hamper necessary changes.

The Jagites see the Grand Navy has an important institute, what is the new navy doing to take its place?
We can't. The Grand Navy saved the Jagites and delivered them to us. My minor in college was history and I learned quite a bit about the Grand Fleet's impossible journey to Gharsash. We aren't trying to replace the old navy in the hearts and minds of the Jagites but trying to present ourselves as its successor to the entire empire.

There are rumors that none of the old supercarriers, like the Forgotten God, were carried over to the Imperial Fleet, if true why is this?
A change in strategic thinking. Wait, thats not exactly true; in the case of Forgotten God it was simlpy too old -- that ship has been at sea in some capacity for over sixty years. Its hull had been replaced once and its systems are notorious for malfunctioning. I doubt it would even have survived a minor engagement. As for supercarriers, have you read the memo from Proctor Cagin? (I shake my head) We aren't centering around the supercarrier like most other modern fleets, but rather the missile boats and arsenal ships. We will still maintain some carriers but they won't be the main thing anymore.



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