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Common Sense for the Scandinvan People

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2009 8:58 pm
by The Scandinvans
Imperial News Network, Audio Reading:

"When our glorious and eternal Empire was founded over five thousand years ago by our nation's father, Emperor Erid, we were a people devoted to one principle, which was the need to secure a future for our people and ensure that no foreign power can ever do us harm.

Our ancestors pledged themselves to the principle that we would have the right to assert the sovereign will of our people over all those who would seek to do harm to our people, and that we would have the duty to subjugate all those who dare to attempt to prevent our nation from prospering.

We established ourselves as folk based upon those lines, unafraid to bring our wrath upon those who would dare to oppose. That we would bring all of our foes beneath the lash.

We grew as a nation by conquering the lands of our foes and enslaving them.

We prospered off our victories and by maintaining our faith in the Almighty Lord.

We expanded because we refused to accept the ideas of foreign swine. Instead, we preserved our ancient traditions and culture which gave us the strength to endure, nay thrive.

It was only by these tenants did our people create our glorious Empire, and only by these will we survive as a truly unique and independent people.

Yet, in these corrupted times of late, many of our fellow citizens have accepted the dogma of multiculturalism, deism, abolition of slavery, pacifism, socialism, and other ideals of the xenos.

They have betrayed their Scandinvans routes.

The only answer to these traitors is to make them repent and destroy all lingering traces of the flawed ideas of slime so that their flawed concepts might be purged forever from our glorious Empire."

~Crown Prince Harald

OOC: Feel free to leave any sort of comments, and treat this according to the fact that the writer of this is the next autocratic emperor of the Scandinvan Empire.

Re: Common Sense for the Scandinvan People

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2009 11:23 pm
by Shazbotdom
Shazbotdom News Network Television Broadcast
Scene: Inner Chambers, Supreme Emperor’s Office

The Shazbotdom National Anthem was playing in the background and the image faded in to the Supreme Emperor, Mr. Larry Williams, sitting at his desk in the center of the screen. Just off screen to the left were the various Ministers, minus the Minister of Foreign Affairs, of whom had helped him write the speech that he was about to give. To the right just off screen was Larry’s wife, of whom was always at these events as moral support.

“My fellow citizens of the Shazbotdom Empire. Today I come before you as not only your leader, but also as a citizen of this great Empire.” He began with his trademark line. “The last few months have been trying for all of us. With the invasion and current occupation of Delvira, to the current crisis within our allied nation of New Chalcedon in which Minister of Foreign Affairs Kennith G. Terrance is currently stuck within their capital city.”

“Now an ally of the Shazbotdom Empire has become a theocracy, and an extreme theocracy at that. Whilst the Shazbotdom Empire itself feel that religion should have no place in government, we respect the leadership of The Scandinvan Empire in their decision for their style of government. We will though extend a hand to our brethren within the Scandinvan Empire and accept anyone that they feel is an ‘unwanted element’ into the Shazbotdom Empire with open arms, in which they will be given Citizenship and full rights and responsibilities within the laws of the Shazbotdom Imperial Parliament.”

“The future of relations between our two nations will prosper if this deal is made and it will also give us insight into the day to day lives of the people from each others nations and will help us to gain a better understanding of our nations as a whole. As a good will towards the leadership of the Scandinvan Empire, we will not set a deadline for accepting our proposal, and if our proposal is declined we will not hold anything against you, your nation, or the people of your nation.”

He shifts a few papers around.

“To my fellow citizens of the Shazbotdom Empire, I implore you that if any citizens of the Scandinvan empire are brought over to our Empire, that they be accepted with open arms into our society and our workforce. Good luck and have a pleasant day.”

With that the National Anthem is played again, starting from near the ending as the crest of the Shazbotdom Empire fades in on the screen, then it fades out as the regularly scheduled programming comes back on.

Re: Common Sense for the Scandinvan People

PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2009 6:21 am
by Daehanjeiguk
A communication by the Imperial Foreign Ministry, from the embassy in Scandinvans:

It has been distressful to hear news of the tendencies of certain countries to fall to deaf ears when turning inwards. The Han have had many experiences when dealing with inward looking, and in all instances, they had turned foul and miserable. We are here today to offer to our Scandinvans brethren an opportunity, not simply to renounce policies of nationalist fervor, but to embrace the world and seek out its riches. The Han have cultivated a unique culture, but it was not by turning inward and excluding the world. Indeed, the Han turned to the world, and when elements of it came - by force or by peace - we sought out the elements that enriched our livelihood and excluded the elements that made it haughty and unwieldy.

In the storied millenia of the Han Empire, its predecessors, and its history, we have seen the full array of governments that stand the test of time. And like the wild beasts that tame their lands, it is the governments that are best able to adapt to their times that succeed through the eras. It is the rigid frame that first fails to stress of the times, but the flexible one that bends but not breaks that endures. It is the absolute government that finds itself lost in the plethora of orientations, but the balanced one that steps forward nonetheless.

How then did the Scandinvans rise? I cannot say for them, because we are not them, but if all that is good and well originated from there, then why should the poles point to any other direction than the Scandinvans? But the fact that the earth tilts its pole to the horizons and shifts its choice through the ages shows that the rigid frame will not stand. Because we must accept that the nations wax and wane as well, as the seasons of the moon. And the test of the moon shows that the nations that survive will have their times to wax and wane again. But to survive merely is animalist - we are not simply he wild beasts, though their ways be apparent among us. It is the distinction of our culture that makes us unique among them. True, it may be the armies of Scandinvans that made it great, that the things that make us brutal like the beasts enhances our prestige. But who ordered its society to craft the weapons of war? Who established its government to manage its affairs? Who sets the polity of the state? Indeed, for a state to have martial prowess, it must first have gained its greatness through intellect. And the culture that embraces industry without innovation is a fallow one.

They, who embrace the multicultural habits of the estranged foreigners among you, do not betray the traditions - they embrace it fully. And we beseech you to embrace it fully likewise. If you find no strength from the analects of others' works, then by all means, we must implore you to look harder.

If we cannot convince you, then rather than subject your citizens to the harsh tendencies of xenophobic policies, we encourage to allow them to find safe haven, where cultures more receptive to their kind may find a new niche. There are a number of Han expatriates and foreign denizens who are most welcome to return. And the children of Han - those of the late Princess Yeonghwa and her beloved Prince Karl, we too have a home for them if they are not welcome in your lands. We would not wish ill for your people, and we hope that the civility of the world may be impressed upon you.

On behalf of his Imperial Majesty - the Yeongmu Emperor,

Count Han Seungsu
Academy of Foreign Affairs

Re: Common Sense for the Scandinvan People

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2009 5:05 pm
by Xeraph
To all nations:

We of the Empire of Xeraph wish simply to reiterate our ties with The Scandinvan Empire and to wish them well in their transition.


The Regents of the Xeraphian Empire

Willing to vassal

PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 4:50 pm
by Setzerland
The people of setzerland are willing to fight alongside anyone who will offer free trade agreements.

Will take them in

PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:10 pm
by Besen and Del Norte
The President of Besen & Del Norte would like to offer a different solution to your predicament instead of executing the ones in your Empire. Executing people for treason and such is one thing, but if you deal with 'this type of problem' by murdering your own people for beliefs, it could actually worsen the outcome of 'these beliefs' among your people and you could lose favor by the people in a certain city and have a full rebellion on your hands. Though, no doubt you could easily squash a city in rebellion, the scars from that rebellion will still remain in 'that' city no matter if its completely destroyed, or if people still live in it, and 'these ideas' you are having troubles with could actually worsen and spread outside of 'that' city and spread across your entire nation. In my own opinion, the best way to handle this is to 'exile' these people with these beliefs and so that the people who believe this way are not Scandivan people, but ghosts to wonder in the outside world they know nothing about even though are quick to accept these 'new found ideas' of theirs. In fact, Besen & Del Norte would even be willing to take the ones that you wish to expel into our nation and will even pay $300.00 in your currency for every citizen. This way, you lesson the chance of the 'new ideas' spreading and losing your peoples trust in you, and you gain money by doing so. Although, this is just an idea and offer we are giving your nation. If you wish to decline this deal, the puny nation of Besen & Del Norte will not argue about it against such a great Empire as yours.

OC: Lol, yeah... Last part calling my own nation puny is because I don't tend to piss off a nation of 19 billion in IC when I only have nine million in mine.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:49 pm
by The Scandinvans
The Scandinvan Empire would like to remind all people that gravedigging is a vile enterprise and would be best avoided. Thank you.