Operation Bear Trap (retake southern New Panovia)

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Operation Bear Trap (retake southern New Panovia)

Postby Khanastan » Sun May 15, 2011 7:57 am

Almost 3 months after the downfall of New Panovia due to financial, govermental and militaritial difficulties (lost password *cough*) the Haven of Khanastan has come to a conclusion.

The Supreme Primer Yury Kharakov stands atop a concrete building and announces. "People of Khanastan, our operation to create a safe haven for those who suffured the 3rd Erutpat has been a sucsess so far. But we have to let these evil scum know, This shall not be tollerated. I have decided that we will lead what millitary we have along with any vollunters among you into the flaming ruins of the south to retake land that belongs to the people of Panovia. I promise you that we, as a nation will overcome the warlords and unite Panovia in due time but for now we must maim the bear. The tiger that is Khanastan will bite at the ankles of the bear until it falls, then we will trap it, and finally kill it. Khanstan, I urge you all to go your nearest recruitment centre and fight for not yourselves, not for Khanastan, but for Panovia!"

Your nation recives a telemessage from Andrew Tankayev, the Khanese Foreign Advisor.

To whom this may concern.
As I am sure you may have heard, Khanastan is going to war with the warlords under the control of southern New Panovia. The whole nation is arming up for war but goverment officials, myself and the SP included have doughts over the outcome. We have no air support, armour or armoured transport. All we have is HAC Assault Rifles and MkII Combat Armour we salvaged from old millitary bases. Advanced though they may be they can't knock a plane from the sky or kill a tank. We are requesting your support in the form of Assisting us in battle, donating anti tank/air weapons, providing us with fighter-bombers or armour or maybe even giving us air support to aid in the invasion.

We can't make it up to you just now but will later on in the form of a captured city or an embassy, depending on how much you help us.
Those who decide to help will be briefed tommorow at 3pm.

Ashes of the old, make fertile soil for the new.
Yuri Kharakov, 1st SP of Khanastan
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Khanastan is an entirely fictional PMT nation somewhat similar to a larger, more free version of China. We are a massive federal representative republic of half a billion people with a self-sufficient, world-dominating economy. NS stats are not used. Use our Factbook instead.
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