Political Dissident & LGBT Activist Assassinated(Semi-Open)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Postby TURTLESHROOM II » Tue Jan 12, 2021 1:27 pm

{ OOC: I was invited here by Qassadia on a personal Discord chat room conversation. }

"I will never understand why a nation that kills a man in public, to make a show, tries to deny its clear motives."

Tsar Maven Outtacountry had just opened the briefing on the Qassadian assassination with his mouth, and held his neck straight up to survey the document.

Reading it, the tortoise shoot his little head slightly and looked to the mushroom that had delivered the briefing. Tsar Grigory Wip was outside at the moment. Tsarina Tammy Olvia, the ancient human Empress, was present. She had been out of the throne room for a time, and was wheeled back in to deliver the document.

"Tsarina Tammy. What do you think of this?"

The fascist Tsarina realized she was being spoken to directly. She responded in her distinct, heavy Russian accent, which the other Tsars found endearing.

"This isn't the tragedy it's made out to be, Tsar Maven."

"What about the kids?"

"No, that was terrible, but I'm speaking of the target."

"Go on."

"We know that the judge defected and betrayed her country. She released top secret documents explaining the inner workings of the secret court and defied her nation's laws."

"Yes, but it's Satan*."

"Think of it this way. If a TurtleShroomer defected and spilled state secrets to an enemy, what's she done?"


"What is the punishment for treason?"

"Death. Or life in prison."

"Exactly. -and has TurtleShroom done this?"

"Every time we catch them."

"Has TurtleShroom ever assassinated a man?"


There was a pause.

"You get it, Tsar Maven. A nation defending its sovereignty and state secrets is always legitimate, even when done extra-judicially, assuming extradition is not honored. Even when that nation is the demon seed of Adolph Hitler himself, the nation has a responsibility to its preservation and its people."

"You are right, I was honestly thinking the same thing. We cannot condemn a nation for eliminating a known, actual traitor... even if the kids didn't deserve it."

"Indeed. I spoke to Tsar Grigory earlier, and he agreed."

"Satan is a huge threat to us and to the reputation of Christ's Bride. God knows that Satan has tried to send their Waynes** down here.

"In my lifetime as a general and a Fascist Servant, I understand the importance of authority and the unfortunate necessity of violence to protect the state. We simply cannot condemn killing a traitor."

"Only the kids?"

"Only the kids."

"Contact the bureaucracy. -and furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed."

"I too consider that Carthage must be destroyed."



The Great Bountiful Empire of the United Turtles, Mushrooms, and Men of TurtleShroom, while certainly mourning the death of the innocents, cannot outright condemn an assassination of a creature subject to that nation's law of treason.

Indeed, almost every nation condemning Qassadia's brazen assassination has ordered the deaths of their own traitors and have killed men in foreign nations. Everyone bashing this is willingly whitewashing their own sins to condemn the sins of the demon seed of Hell On Earth. We are better to be truthful than hypocrites.

Neutralizing traitors is necessary to the security of even the freest states, and it should not be treated as anything else.

This said, we nonetheless condemn the unnecessary and visible brutality of this assassination and, in particular, point to the intentional execution innocent children for the sexual sins and betrayal of their mother, as legitimate proof of the irrefutable fact that Qassadia is a depraved and wicked realm.

We call upon all the free nations of Nationstates to join TurtleShroom in her noble embargo against all Qassadian products and Qassadian entry, up to and until they either abolish slavery, transition to serfdom, or at the very least, punish slavers that rape, consume, torture, or brutalize their "property".

One day, the captive, neutered "church" enchained by the Qassadian state and her Slave Power will be freed.

Furthermore, we consider that Carthage must be destroyed.

God have mercy on us all,

* = TurtleShroom casually uses "Satan" to refer to Qassadia. This is not a reference to the Prince of Darkness himself.

** = TurtleShroomers call the Qassadian covert agents "Waynes", referring to Bruce Wayne, and related to their "Batman" logo. They sometimes call them "Batman" when singular.
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Postby The Reformed American Republic » Tue Jan 12, 2021 6:22 pm

American Government Issues Formal Condemnation of Qassadia.

By James Redfield | The Boston Chronicle | January 12, 2020

President Joe Bower and the American State Department have issued a joint statement today condemning the government of Qassadia not only for the assassination, but for its medieval and backwards societal policies. The President was quoted as saying "Under no circumstances should anyone risk executions merely for their sexuality, nor should children be murdered for the supposed 'crimes' of their parents. Qassadia's interpretation of Christianity is a perversion of the faith that me and my fellow Christians believe in." The Defense Ministry has also expressed concerns at the growing military buildup in the region, especially the deliberately provocative military exercises.

The Legislative Assembly has also voted 355-83 to enact stringent economic sanctions on Qassadia, a country that was until recently not viewed with any serious concern. Under the newly passed Freedom for Qassadians act, no American company may buy or sell weapons to Qassadia, and all American bank accounts belonging to powerful Qassadians are frozen. This signifies a partial change in the The Reformed American Republic's foreign policy which tended to ignore transgressions of other nations in situations where it was not involved and usually maintaining a commitment to neutrality. Supporters of the change are claiming that Human Rights are under siege and are in need of a strong defender, while critics allege that such stances would lead to the continuation of the disasters that were the "regime change" wars. Some isolationists are now going as far to appeal to the Grand Senate to annul the new law. Regardless of your stance on this, it is no secret that History is being made, one way or another.

Washington, DC.
"And why do you want us to intervene in this?" asked Senate Chancellor and Prime Minister Gabriel Williams after listening to a complaint about the new law from a group of dissenting Assemblymen for twenty straight minutes. "From what I can gather, the Legislative Assembly has the right to sanction other countries, or intervene. I see no reason to call a meeting to overturn this." She heard it all, from vague claims that it is unconstitutional, to claims about neocons regaining power, and she had heard enough. The Grand Senate is a largely ceremonial body and shouldn't overturn laws at will and certainly not on the behalf of Qassadia of all places. After listening to a few more complains, she declared that the Senate will not revoke the law, and that the sanctions remain, because ''We are a democracy, not an aristocracy. Do not hope for the rise of an oligarchy within this august body because your side lost. Your request for a hearing is denied and the sanctions will stand.''
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Postby Qassadia » Wed Jan 13, 2021 1:12 pm


General Staff Headquarters building

Relena sat back in her chair as she stared at the flat hologram in front of her person down below, illuminated by a projector that reflected off the ceiling thanks to specially designed mirrors and several back-up illumination lights that helped in producing the image of what was an unbelievably accurate map of the Holy Kingdom and its surrounding immediate region including the peripheries of the neighboring region of the South Pacific that Krillin bordered to its south and west.

The Empress looked on as the words of Marshal Igor Sergeyev pre-occupied her mind with his applications of defense plans that would be activated once open hostilities were concluded to be unavoidable. He pointed out the positions of conventional formations from the battalion to the Division level. The map was currently switched out of its ''zoom-in'' option as it displayed several lines and pointers on different spots of the Cassadian homeland, the red pointers indicating simulated enemy amphibious landings and airborne desants.

'' enemy invasion of our home island would be preceded by a saturation barrage of cruise missile strikes on strategic air defense, RADAR, airbases along with strategic equipment and ammunition storage sites, military bases, vital economic and infrastructure arteries and other objects including everything similar of that sort. Which would then be, proceeded by a prolonged high-pitch aerial campaign to wrangle air-superiority from our Air Force by destroying our conventional air force bases, and further suppressing our combat aircraft taking off from our DUAFBs (deep underground air bases). Furthermore, according to a conclusive assessment based on a high percentage of our simulations, it is highly likely that belligerent forces are going to utilize tactical nuclear weapons to obliterate our forward coastal defenses, conventional formations, and ASM missile batteries.''

The Empress inclined in her chair, her head resting on her arms as she watched the screen display simulated Cassadian and enemy formations, positions, and movements; on land, sea, and air.

''But that would invite a reciprocal response from us by invoking our own nuclear deterrent?'' Asked, the curious Empress.

''If they were rational, they would not, then again such nations would not have even declared war on us, had they not have such infantile statesmen and leadership; raised on childish Marvel movies.'' A voice called from among the assembled line of highly decorated officers. That utterance was of Baron Lukov who sat to the Empress Right, with only the Grand Admiral of the Navy, Schneizel Doenitz, who instinctively moved his chair backward, so as the two can better address each other.

The Empress Looked on at the Baron, who was in his thirty-eight year, a man who displayed great physical fitness with eyes and expression that gave off wisdom and experience that few attained only that it was masked behind his soft-spoken voice and lightly humored face.

''Not unwise, I do care if you enlighten us more on this perspective of yours, Your Grace,'' Igor demanded of him politely, with shallow sincerity of his courteous address at Lukov. This made the Baron turn to the Empress, unspokenly asking from Her Majesty if he should go on. The nod of Relena cleared it for him.

''Well then, most-respected Marshal. What I was trying to say is that it has been quite clearly made for us that most of this rabble that our motherland stares down their threats are not of exactly the sound type. Much less astute than the kind of diplomats well versed in realpolitik back in the days of the Cold War.'' The Baron said.

''And what are you trying to allude to Sir Lukov. Keep in mind your decorum is nothing if it lacks practical experience.'' Sergeyev retorted frowningly upon the Baron.

Lukov shrugged it off with a laugh, that intermittent, uncomfortable high-pitched chuckles that made men shiver with discomfort or cause children to cry.

''Oh really now, respectable Marshal. I may have dropped out from the Pavelburg Officer's Collge; probably because I was more concerned with fighting for my country, back then when the Ejks were storming over the border into New Carthage like a tsunami, while my fellow officer-aspirant buddies were taught how to use a fork and a knife...

''UGH - I will not have you tarnish the good name of the officer corp.'' A voice cried out from among the assembled officers who stood up from his chair in outrage, not content with hearing the baron's seething remarks.

''That's enough!'' Relena's voice cracked through the rising tensions like a lightning bolt. Her hands clenched into fists banged on the table with a thump, which rocked a piece of china filled with tea next to her out of balance, the tea spilling over slightly on her right sleeve. The Empress then turned to Lukov, and back again to the Marshal. All were mummed to attention.

''Marshal Sergeyev, I respect you, I really do. But you and your officers' high-minded attitude is not going to bring about to us anything possible. It is humility and the ability to consider our own weaknesses and how we can learn to work around them. Only then, are we going to get our nation through this crisis unscathed.'' Relena remarked with an intense tone like fire. This woman of Royal blood, so gentle, so delicate whose dreams were to be a simple Princess bestrode to a Prince charming, was reigning-in men in uniform, some of whom had decades in the service. The fact that many of them were old enough to not be the Empress's father, but even grandfather was not lost on the Peacekraft.

On the contrary, Relena held them in such high regard for their generation-long services, but even then so often there would come a time when they would need to reconsider their ways. They had to, not for their sake - the entire Kingdom was at stake after all.

''I think the Baron has some very legitimate opinions on this matter. His rank being mere First Lieutenant has nothing to do with this, and even if it is. It is nothing but petty cleaving on the part of your officers.'' Relena opinionated, maintaining her frowny gaze at the Marshal. He sighed, before nodding.

Relena shifted her eyes back at the Baron. Not even needing to say it herself that he was cleared to continue with laying his case.'' I am grateful Your Majesty.'' Lukov said with brotherly affection in his tone.

''Now - as I was saying. Our enemies are vain in that regard in that they think they can roll over us like those decentralized or failed states that their coalition is so used to stomp over.'' Baron told the small company-worth of officers and the Empress of course. All listened intently, however, bitter some in the crowd were at the lowly aristocrat's insult.'' An example being the Princely Confederation of Delvian States. The Czar railroaded a steady stream of threats on the Diet to have each of the state's individual states agree to abolish slavery.''

The Baron paused, glancing for a moment all around him.''Despite some of the more upstanding Princes and Princesses who still had some Christian sense of righteousness in them, the Czar nevertheless prevailed. Naturally, several states led by their sovereigns rose and seceded from the Confederation. This rebellion was led by this Princess, Nadalya Brod - and from what I read up about this was that she united them in a coalition.'' Lukov continued,'' the war ground to a stalemate, and so, the Czar enlisted the aid of the Allied Kingdom of New Edom.'' At this, frowns were stiffened, on some officers' lips teeth gritted together, at the mention of those nude heretics.

Lukov on the inside felt joy, his opinion was shared by a few prominent and powerful after all.'' And to the surprise of...absolutely no one. Princess Nadalya and her state's army lost. Her allies having to abandon her even when they had the opportunity to lend reinforcements and push back this woman general, Felicity Romain, who was in charge of the war effort.'' The Baron wryly cussed the emphasis on the word before ''general'' being as sharp as a knife and full of hate.

The junior-ranking aristocrat still had words in him to say, he went on,'' The Princely Coalition had several times the number of tanks, artillery frontline soldiers over the combine Czar and Edomite forces. They had ships and aircraft that were equal in quantity to the Czar-Edomite coalition.'' The Baron said, giving a basic description of both orders of battle. He turned to one and the other sides, giving his Empress and fellow officers that ever-so inquiring, collected look.

He looked forward, gazing down on the flat, angled hologram map that displayed a whole multitude of military maneuvers.''Yet they lost, not by the skin of their teeth. I mean terribly bad, as their military leadership demonstrated blunder after blunder, both tactical and strategic by allowing their forces to sit idly at their positions where they were at the start of the war, rather than go on the offensive.'' The Baron said, looking to both his left and the right. Looking back at Marshal Igor Sergeyev, he clasped his hands on the table.

''Perhaps the good Marshal shall enlighten further Her Majesty as to what other fatal follies the Delvians committed that led to their defeat.'' The young Aristocrat proposed in that ever so soft-spoken manner to the highest-ranking military man in the Kingdom. Sergeyev hummed an approving nod.

''Certainly,'' The Marshal agreed, then continued,'' The factors that led to the effective defeat of the Princely coalition are manifold, but they can be reduced to several reasons. One is that for some strange and dumbfoundingly bizarre reason was that they did not unite their respective Armed Forces' commands into a single entity which would have united each of their frontlines with the Czarist forces who would be forced to redistribute their formations throughout the line; stretching their resources to a point where they would be unable to mount effective offensive operations on the territories of the Princely Coalition - even with superior leadership.''

''Indeed. I think that might as well explain it because the ''Princely Coalition'' believed themselves that they on their own can face down the Czar's onslaught on their own. Maybe never before having heard the tried-and-true wisdom of ''one war at a time''. The aristocrat of Junior rank said,'' Maybe because they were too busy holding swinger parties or, simping for their mistresses, as the youngsters like to say these days - not that the Edomites are any better. The Baron added, to the chuckles of officers in the room, very much in tune to comprehending the kind of ignorance Punchev was talking about. Relena, however, felt sadness in her heart, the Edomite Queen, Mara whom she met at this Winter Ball last year was such a cheerful, jolly and happy soul.

''Yes, but what actually can be learned from this?'' Another office asked, from the assembly.'' It is not like we have a disunified and decentralized command structure.''

Lukov dropped a laugh, before moving on saying thus'' No in certain ways we are, with the kind of thinking that has gripped this central neural link of the Armed Forces - the General Staff. Why? Because complacency kills, that is why! We as of right now are thinking that this will come to pass; maybe yes maybe not, but with the kind of regimes we are dealing with I am afraid to say that this to me is looking increasingly unlikely.'' Punchev's voice beamed with intensity under his breath,'' We cannot simply just hold a 2-week live-fire wargame and just move on thinking this is enough. No, what we need is to maintain a high-level combat readiness throughout the next quarter of a year. Furthermore, we need to prepare our plans to recalibrate our entire economy to a war footing in the case that war is inevitable.''

The Baron further went on,'' Our honorable German friends are no longer around to train and command our war machine for us. Their contribution to the development of our Kingdom's institutions, military, and the abandonment of dangerous foolhardy mentalities cannot be overstated. Neither can our triumph over Albarazil back in '79 - the late venerable Admiral Karl Doenitz laid out and succeeded in implementing one of the most ambitious amphibious landing operations. Overshadowing even D-Day in the kind of logistics and the distance and conditions our officers had to contend with.'' The Baron, took a sip of water, before moving on,'' The Americans had to cross a channel. We Cassadians had to cross an ocean.''

Relena, looked down, glaring at the woodwork of the table, sighing,'' The honorable Baron is right. We cannot treat the tensions like something that shall die down on its own. We must show resolve, we must show boldness.''

The words of Relena made Punchev's heart be filled with pride. Truly she was finally becoming the woman he had mentored all those years ago.

''We need to raise our Strategic Readiness Alert to level 3. I want all current active formations throughout the Kingdom fully mobilized and ready for combat deployment.'' The Empress commanded, as her subordinates wrote it all down to be prepared to move further down the chain of command. Lukov in the meanwhile looked on with delight.

''Colonel-General Kiriyev..'' Relena called out for the commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces, a big-boned man with a dad bod who was seated two chairs away from her on the left,'' I want a nuclear test to be planned, prepared and organized to be carried out by the middle of the month.''

''It shall be done, as you command Your Majesty.'' The officer half-bowed in his chair.

'' But Your Majesty, excuse me, but our forces have not carried out a nuclear test since 1992. We can't just organize and plan for all of this in just a week.'' The Marshal of the Armed Forces interjected.

Lukov shook his head.'' It is our duty to obey what Her Majesty commands, as her most trusted servants. If she wants it done in a week, we'll do it in a week.'' The Baron retorted, all the while giving the Marshal a scolding look.

'' Marshal, I think I have been very clear and succinct in my orders. Or have you failed to gather what I was saying? '' Relena scoldingly remarked at the Marshal who had to give up on his objections.

'' Good. Well, most honored gentlemen. I have been most honored by your most wise counsel in regards to these most unpredictable current matters. For that I am thankful.'' The Empress stood up, which caused all the others to stand up to attention, as she set forth towards the door with Baron Punchev Lukov in tow. Strolling through the halls of reinforced concrete towards an elevator that would lead up towards the first ground level of the building of the General Staff Headquarters of the Kingdom's military.

''So Relena, have you considered my proposed pick that shall bear the honor of receiving your hand in marriage?'' Asked the Baron ever so nicely.

The Empress could not look at him, instead, she continued to stare at the elevator's doors.

'' I sense something unpleasant here. So, how did the courtship meeting went?'' The man of short stature asked, with a cold expression with one that could actually set in a frosty atmosphere all around.

''No I-I, the meeting went well. Jajace was an upstanding man of character.''

'' And so, will you take his hand in marriage or not? '' The Baron asked, who know gently made the young woman before him to face him eye-to-eye.'' I know this is not a light decision Relena, I really do. But you have to take into account that you need an heir; the Marquise is someone who will not interfere with your affairs. He is a man of the Legion.''

''You promise?''

The Baron took it in, breathing in,'' The Legion has always existed to protect the Crown; to protect your family. The Legion does not cultivate such meddlesome conspiracies, the Legion destroys them.''

What Relena did next...startled him, but in a good way as her arms wrapped around Lukov's body into a tight hug.

'' Then in that case...My answer would be yes.''

“All men are NOT created equal! Some are born smarter, or more beautiful, or with parents of greater status. Some, by contrast, are born of weak body or mind, or with few, if any, talents. All men are different! Yes, the very existence of man is discriminatory. That’s why there are wars, violence, and unrest.”Emperor Charles (VII) Von Peacecraft

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Postby Mervay » Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:14 pm

January 14th
Asteria, Mervay
Royal Office of the Prime Minister of Mervay

The Office of the Premier; also known as the Litton Palace, home of the chief of government of the nation and it's family, it was also it's place of work out of the royal parliament which was located a few streets from the palace. Inside of it, there was an certain room where an certain discussion was happening between six important members of the government, even so this was supposed to be their time to rest as important celebrations were happening across the city and the nation, the two weeks famous masquerade carnival; this event was always important in Mervayan History and Culture and has been celebrated for a thousand years, it was also the reason whatever they agree won't be able to be approved by an parliamentary act but rather by a Royal Decree shall Her Majesty agree to it, but even so; she wanted to make sure to find a consensus in order to make the act happen when parliament resumes their duties. As such the members present in the office of the premier were the necessary ones for this meeting in that grand office: The Prime Minister himself, Edward Vianna; Her Royal Majesty of Mervay, Callista IV; Her Majesty's Chancellor, Jessica Dileva; The Speaker of the House of Royals, Rosaline De La Croix; The Speaker of the House of the People, Mariano Cortier and Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition Leader, Celina Von Eyl, leader of the Social Democratic Labourists and Labourists; the largest opposition party in Mervay.

It was clear that shall the act has to be rewiewed, the queen wanted it to pass with an massive majority between the Liberals and the Social Democratic Labourists. There has been examples of this being done, but those present in the room knew Her Majesty's Powers in the constitution meant she could pass it without any support should the case be an emergency; which in this case was more of an international scandal that could make use of such decree, however considering the situation could continue worsening and shall it grab further attention of the government; they would need to the parliament to call an emergency meeting for such an worst case scenario and the unity symbol of the SDL supporting it, this last part more under plans of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor.

"I appreciate all of you to coming for this important meeting Her Majesty just ordered." The Prime Minister spoke, calm, yet in a serious manner as the topic deserved even if everyone had thoughts about joining the festivities outside. Work always called and in this case it was the nation.

Lady Von Eyl nodded as she put down her tea in the table after sipping it, smiling politely to the Premier and the rest of the requested guests by the woman that was at the end of the table, looking at everyone present in a cold, but polite way as she waited for the introductions to end while in order to advance to the order of this emergency meeting.

"It is always a pleasure and honour to accomplish Her Majesty's wishes, Prime Minister." Sir Cortier spoke in name of the two speakers, Rosaline nodding in affirmation he spoke for the two of them, she had always been a woman that spoke when she deemed necessary.

"Now that it seems we're all here considering the three of us had been the last ones to come considering the chancellor has been with both of you completely before we made our presence, may we begin with the order of this emergency meeting?" Lady Von Eyl asked while glaring at Her Majesty and the Chancellor now.

The Queen in turn motioned to Lady Dileva to make her briefing in the Cassadian Situation to which in turn she got up and presented to all members an series of files regarding the situation and the Royal Decree that was wished to be implemented for the situation to begin with; as soon as the Parliamentary Members looked at it, they would find themselves with an extensive package of sanctions against key members of the Cassadian State and the nation itself. In fact, the package was very complete in all aspects that certainly was done for quite a while now; to which before the Chancellor could make her briefing, the Speaker of the Upper House spoke.

"Considering the entire extension and list of the package, I must believe that this was done in anticipation for today's emergency meeting if I'am right?" Lady De La Croix asked with an frown of interest as Her Majesty nodded in consideration.

"Correct, ever since the attack in Palmyrion happened and the fact that the one targeted was an LGBT Political Activist and Dissident of Cassadia, it is clear that they had a hand on the assassination and terrorist attack." Her Majesty explained to the female speaker, the sanctions would also remain in place completely without any consideration of lifting them up as the other target of them was to help to destroy the institution that was yet alive in that nation, the institution of slavery. An crime against humanity that has been hated by Mervay since ancient times; it was included in the reasons to the sanctions that were presented in the list of reasons for them.

After that, Chancellor Dileva was able to brief the present members about the situation, going on from the condemnations from the Amistad Nations to non and those from Cassadia itself, to which the members saw it as an ironic one which has no way to be sustained, but an expected response to the international backlash nonetheless by them; to the most recent situation being the massive mobilization for war excercises from part of the culprits or possible culprits if you want to give the benefit of the doubt, if there is any doubt. The entire situation became one the government wanted to keep an eye on and would watch if it went south.

After the entire conversation regarding the situation ended completely, Celina decided to make a question to the Prime Minister and the Queen regarding the situation. As such she cleared her throat and glared at the woman in front of her and asked in a calm fashion.

"If I may ask to both of you; Your Majesty, Prime Minister; what is the reason for the parliamentary representatives, or rather, could you confirm us our suspcions regarding the possibility of an emergency session in both chambers and the fact it might needed as a show of unity, that the party I'm representing votes in favour of whatever law is presented by the government regarding the Cassadian Situation out of the soon to be signed Royal Decree?" It was clear this question has been in the mind of the SDL Leader and that while the Liberal Party had the majority in both chambers to approve the project, they certainly needed or rather, the queen wanted this project to pass with both parties supporting it for the absolute majority as both important parties would be able to show unity in this situation if it all went worse and Mervay would get itself involved even further.

Meanwhile the heads of the nation kept themselves quiet, knowing well this question was to be done sooner or later; as such they just decided to go with their answers already done. The Prime Minister getting the first words.

"Why Indeed, Lady Von Eyl. This has been agreed by Her Majesty and I to get all of you for these reasons, Chancellor Dileva has also been one of the organizers of this meeting as soon as she updated us in the Cassadian Situation." Vianna spoke calmly at her while he sipped his tea in a small pause before continue. "As soon as we are done with this meeting, I will require that both speakers arrange for all representatives to either an emergency session to discuss the Cassadian Situation and our involvement should we see that the situation is developing for the worse." That was the main explanation regarding Vianna's answer to the entire topic, of course; there was still Her Majesty's response, which would see her taking her role of an arbiter between the two. The blonde haired young woman glared at the presents before giving her answer in her reasoning.

"As you may know, Lady Von Eyl; A situation like this one will require coordination and, in this situation; shall Mervay be involved in a worst case scenario regarding the confrontation between Cassadia and the Amistad Forces, we must be ready for the worse if either side blinks first." It was clear where was this going, should Mervay find itself involving deeper into the situation; it will require that both largest parties came to an agreement as a sign of unity rather than because they lacked seats; and that's where she came in. Her Majesty was the mediator between them, yet she also had a hand in the sanctions and condemnations per wish and under her capabilities; but she was out of this part, the negogiation between the SDL and the Liberals should they get into an situation of offensive conflict. It was clear the Prime Minister and the Chancellor had their part here, the woman they swore loyalty to was their mediator per constitutional law and moral conviction; she wouldn't be involved in the talks between the three, but she would offer advice to them if they found themselves on a dead-end, they knew she had a say as their arbiter and was to be kept informed of the talks as stipulated by the constitution, after all she wasn't a figurehead, but the one they had to answer being from one party or the other.

"I believe we should discuss this further, I'am right; Celina?" Those were the words of the chancellor. It was clear this talk might take a while...

Her Majesty's Government
Gouvernement de Sa Majesté
Il governo di Sua Maestà

Under the decree declared and signed by Her Most Royal Majesty of the Kingdom of Mervay, Callista IV. The Kingdom of Mervay condemns the recent terrorist attack perpetrated by The Holy Kingdom of Cassadia against the Royal Palmyrian Commonwealth and the act of murdering an political dissident because of them having spoken against the government of the former nation. Mervay stands in solidarity with the affected nation and offers it's condolences to the victims of such poor vile attack commited by the slaver nation; our nation cannot stand this attrocity, which is the final straw to our government, as such. The Kingdom of Mervay has enacted into function a series of sanctions against The Holy Kingdom of Cassadia and it's government officials; Her Majesty's Government will keep it's focus in the situation and will respond in the necessary manners required.

Signed by
-Her Most Royal Majesty of Mervay, Callista IV
-The Right Honourable Prime Minister of Mervay, Edward Vianna
-Her Majesty's Chancellor, Jessica Dileva

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Postby Qassadia » Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:49 am

12th January
Undisclosed Training Polygon
Northern Cassadia

“Have your 3rd and 5th Mechanized Battalion advance through the plain from the north-west. Have Captain Alek get a tank element of his M-09s to engage them from the east at a distance - we'll have motorized infantry advance forward in the center to relieve pressure off the flanks,” said a raw, well-built officer by the name of Zorstka. “Major Sasha, you are to execute your designated fire missions on my command.”

The artillery commander hardly had a huge force grouping of 155mm M198s, self-propelled 155mm M109A5s, and 175mm M107s. His artillery pieces taken in would be of combined numerical strength reaching about 5 batteries, including an air defense battery. These last were placed on standby in case the higher-up ordered for the OPFOR simulation ordered for a flight of low-flying attack helicopters or attack fighters to strafe his formation. His target was locations of fixed defenses—bunkers and entrenchments—around a model urban terrain that resembled a city. Hitting those would ideally pin them down and enable the armored vehicles to advance in.

Neat lines of great gun barrels were elevated. The artillery had stenciled on the words such as GLORY OF THE KINGDOM, RELENA, DEATH TO SODOMITES. The M107 raised their long snouts from their carriages as the crews calibrated the canons at their recently radioed fire-mission coordinates them out and towards the enemy position. The gunnery officers checked their field laptops for the coordination of fire from the Sky Eagle drones they were connected to.

The air shook suddenly; the dust seemed to hang stunned, as the artillery guns roared their enormous shells towards the bunkers and rockets howled from their boxes like streaks of fire from heaven. Beneath their terrible trails, six main columns including flank elements of armored vehicles moved forward. One was mostly of the infantry-carrying FV432 personnel carriers, the other formation from the east consisted of a newly fielded batch of M-09 tanks. Commanders and drivers were alertly looking through periscopes and watching their screens for alarm warnings or proximity warnings of simulated enemy missiles, rockets, or other attacks. Captain Lucas’ D Company was instructed to be ready to take cover and dismount troops to deal with the MILES-simulated enemy units still in well-defended positions.

Brigadier-General Amal Zorstka had determined that each of his six mechanized infantry battalions could fight independently if need be. The key thing, he felt, was to keep his troops moving. He was privately rather anxious about this; none of his three battalion commanders had been never tested in actual combat as battalion commanders, though there were NCOs that had seen action at platoon and company level back in the Millenium War. They were superbly trained, although then again, there was much more to be desired from conscripts than of professional soldiers who served in the service for a dozen years or even decades compared to a conscript who only did just three years.

South Sche'gori Sea
3rd ACSG (Aircraft Carrier Strike Group)

HMS Marianne (John F. Kennedy class)

The Cassadian Fleet moved through the waters in different shapes and sizes of ships. The broad span of the carrier, the smooth, yet blocky shapes of the blue-water ships of heavy corvettes and frigates, the curious knives of the destroyers and its escorts-destroyers, the spear points of the arsenal ships, the old-fashioned superstructures and bows of the support vessels. Hidden beneath the icy waters were the submarines, far ahead, quietly scouting.

Royal Navy standard tactics were about fanning out escort vessels to protect the ships that packed the punch for offensives. The carriers and arsenal ships launched the real punch--barrages of missiles and fighter planes and suicide drone craft to batter an enemy at range. Rear-Admiral Dan Kolov liked to describe this as being like the ancient Sche'gori cavalry tactic of using first javelins and bolas, then bows to strike at enemies in a hit and run, keeping distance, maintaining initiative, wearing them down for the big attack of a mass of hooves of the legendary cavalry that laid waste to Cassadia in those ancient times. "No different from hunting an animal. Flush them, big or small, keep them at the range, kill them at range, then move in to finish them off."

A lover of fine cigars and good meals, Dan tried to set a good example of keeping fit on his ships. As he jogged around the flight deck, with ear protectors on but staying alert to areas where dangerous work was taking place, he thought of the King's orders.

All around bustled work. Deck force moving fuel lines, a forklift, siren going off and lights flashing, an F-14D fighter rising from the decks below, a helicopter returning from patrol, another preparing for takeoff. He went to the hatch of a companionway and then to the CIC to receive reports. No one had buzzed him, things were all to the good so far...

Dan Kolov was a middle-aged man with whitening hair appearing in otherwise very dark brown hair, craggy of face, bulky by body type naturally, he ruthlessly exercised to avoid the corpulence his father and uncles had succumbed to, and even the slightest amount of time too long behind a desk thickened his waist. He knew he would have little time for such exercise soon; he would be mostly in the bridge, the control tower, and CIC and would start drinking sugary tea and coffee to stay alert, would eat the food easiest to hand, and would start to get fat again. Such was his sacrifice for the Empress, God, and Country...

And duty would have him returned to the bridge not even half-an-hour later. The frantic rushing of an aide having had caught up to him to give him the news that his presence was urgently needed at the bridge. Not even bothering to don on his field officer uniform, that new shiny digital-camo BDU with the dark, light, and moderate blue pattern. Eventually climbing up the catwalk stairs to the bridge as sailors stopped to give proper salutes, as per protocol when not on combat duty.

Entering the bridge, he was greeted by the most normal-looking of sights Kolov had stumbled on. The technicians and instrument operators that controlled the ship's many systems were dutifully at their screens until he saw his Deputy, as if he had frozen looking at the entrance and expecting him to enter. Though with an anxious look on his face, he marched to him as the Rear Admiral entered, meeting him halfway, before handing over to him a sheet of paper.

''What the hell is all this commotion for, I thought we ran through all operational procedures and exercises?''

''It is not that sir, we just got a message back from Central Command - it was issued so, by the Empress herself,'' Said the deputy.

'' What!?'' Snapped Kolov, snatching the communique from his junior's hands before reading through it himself. His face turned to that of shock, his eyes wide at this sudden turn of events. He stood silent for a good number of minutes, not saying a word.

''Dam...alright, send word to all ships to have their protocols and anti-fallout measures up and ready at once. We only have a few days to do this. And have a general signal alert for all shipping to leave the Exclusion Zone, within the prescribed time period - NOW MOVE IT, BACK TO WORK.'' The Admiral barked as all his subordinates scurried back to their current tasks and stations

“All men are NOT created equal! Some are born smarter, or more beautiful, or with parents of greater status. Some, by contrast, are born of weak body or mind, or with few, if any, talents. All men are different! Yes, the very existence of man is discriminatory. That’s why there are wars, violence, and unrest.”Emperor Charles (VII) Von Peacecraft

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Issued By The Crown-Government of The Holy Kingdom of Cassadia and the Royal Strategic Forces Aerospace Command
General Communique To The International Marritime Organization of The World Assembly

Esteemed Secretary,

We have wired this communication to your venerable organization to notify you about the activity of a strategic caliber. On January 16th, at 5:30 PM EST, the Strategic Rocket Forces will carry out an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile test that will involve the detonation of an air-bust strategic device of 50 Mgt. The missile, Minvtavar IV will fly on a pre-determined trajectory into the South Sche'gori Sea and will be designated location 8.7832° S, 124.5085° W, which is approximately 6,781 kilometers from our southern shore. CEP is 100 meters approximate. Therefore, to protect our international partners, we have established an exclusionary zone, 1000 kilometers in radius from the point of detonation, to prevent any adverse effects or fatalities from the blast.

The Exclusion Zone shall be overseen by the 3rd Aircraft Carrier Strike Group as well as certain elements from the 4th ACSG, who have already broadcasted an alert signal for all shipping traffic in the area to leave the exclusion zone as soon as possible as well as deny entry to any ships not, notified about the current alert. Thus we ask that you cooperate with us on this task be carried out with the most well-intentioned precautions in mind.

Her Imperial Majesty Empress Relena (I) Von Peacekraft
Royal Prime-Secretary Sir Volodymur Zelensky
Commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces, Colonel-General Voroshilov Kiriyev
Royal Secretary of Transport Iohan Malushev
Royal Secretary of Energy Lepi Andreyov

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“All men are NOT created equal! Some are born smarter, or more beautiful, or with parents of greater status. Some, by contrast, are born of weak body or mind, or with few, if any, talents. All men are different! Yes, the very existence of man is discriminatory. That’s why there are wars, violence, and unrest.”Emperor Charles (VII) Von Peacecraft

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Postby Reorganisieren Reichregierung » Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:25 am

I see wars, horrid wars,
And the Tiber foaming with much blood

Virgil, "Aeneid"

A hall of the Führerpalast. This enormous building was not meant as a dwelling, but as a monument to inspire awe, reverence and a hint of fear in the onlooker.

Normally, His Majesty the German Kaiser would have liked to meet his advisots at his residence, the Stadtschloss Berlin.

However, the gargantuan Führerpalast was simply better as a headquarters. Designed by Speer for Hitler to impress upon the viewer how small he was in comparison, the red granite and marble building was perfect for hardening against attack and the placement of comms equipment and workspaces, especially when the attached building intended to serve as the Reich Chancellery was incorporated into the palace and the Reich Chancellery itself moved to the similar building on the other side of the Great Square, which was right beside the old Reichstag. Of all the offical residences, the Führer Palace was much better equipped to serve as a command center, especially if one considered the enormous bunker underneath.

At the moment, Kaiser was lounging in his seat as the German foreign minister Hans-Jürgen Graf Schwerin von Krosigk was droning on and on about the nations big and small aligned against Cassadia, and how it was best for Germany to remain in splendid isolation. Out of the corner of his eye, the Kaiser casually observed his economics minister Alexander Hugenberg ask a servant to refill an impressive nautilus-shell cup with wine, while the defense minister, the retired field marshal Kurt von Seekt, was nodding every now and then.

"Almost every diplomatic response to Cassadia's alleged actions has been negative to date. While our nations have had some history, there is no denying the potential coalition against Cassadia is impressive, and not to mention we would be diplomatically isolated if we openly support Cassadia. Regardless of the treasonous and sinful nature of the victim, the fact that children died alone is going to make our position hard to defend, not to mention the fact that Cassadia is a slaver state. Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting we join in with the bleating of the sheep. I am simply aying that Germany would be best served by remaining in splendid Isolation."

On the opposite side of the table of the esteemed foreign minister, the interior minister Joachim Meinheimer, who has been quite restive, spoke. "Listen to yourself! You are terrified of the bleating of the sheep. Why does the protests of the hollow men bother you so much anyway? Don't you know a trillion zeroes added up still equals zero?"

Krosigk responded rather cooly. "These hollow men are the deadliest foe we have ever encountered. These are the revolutionaries of nothingness, fighting to bring about a utopia of meaninglessness by force. If I remember correctly, even Stalin found the likes of them so repugnant he sent as many of them as possible to the gulags, where they thankfully died. However, not all of these creatures were under his power to begin with, and their ideas festered in the United States. Soon enough, their intellectual grandchildren brought hell to Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. I do not want Germany to become like Libya, and I would not risk that happening." It was obvious Krosgik was speaking of the neoconservatives - In Germany, neoconservatives were believed to be the intellectual heirs of Trotskyism, an especially aggressive strain of Marxism.

The pensive Seeckt spoke in support of Krosigk. "Herr Krosigk has a point. Forgive me if I do not trust that our combat prowess combined with that of Cassadia, Langenia and possibly Bolrieg, will be sufficient to overwhelm a growing coalition, especially since we have some inkling of the military capacities of Palmyrion and a few other nations during the Galadon operation. I say this will be a close fight that would consume more of our energies than I am comfortable with."

Meinheimer, trying to keep his cool, spoke rather sharply. "Look at these exemplary Prussian statesmen tuck their tails in the face of the Great Satan Weimar System that bestrides the world like the Colossus of Rhodes. When the Great Reset comes, and our sovereignty is to be abolished, would you simply surrender? I for one would prefer to die fighting! We should take the ooportunity to stand up against the rising tide of imperialism and tell the unipolar world that this ends now!" Some ministers looked outraged, while others spoke in approval.

Seeckt in turn rebuked Meinheimer rather harshly. "I am trying to buy time for Germany to build strength and prevent that from happening. I want to preserve our strength and to look for allies who would not bring war to our doorstep, even inadvertedly. Yes, the Cassadians were wholly justified in rubbing out a traitor and a sinner. That does not mean we have to leap into the fray without thinking about the long run. Rashness is how we lost the last world war, to the eternal disgrace of our nation. Don't believe me - ask the man who this palace was intended for. We would do well to avoid this nasty business and instead simply stick to the precepts of Janus Doctrine - offer the olive branch to all while forging our swords in the dark of the night away from prying eyes."

Before this heated argument could devolve into a screaming match, the Kaiser spoke. "Gentlemen, both your positions have merits. On one hand, all this diplomatic tension will burst and lead to war, a war I would rather have Germany stay out of. On the other hand, someone should block the path of these warmongers. I propose a compromise of sorts - we provide the Cassadians some measure of support covertly, and we make a few statements condemning the warmongers. We do no more than this unless our hand is forced."

The only reply from the assembled ministers was "Jawohl, Euer Majestät!

Im Auftrag auf Seine Kaiserliche und Königliche Majestät, Der Großdeutsches Kaiser




His Imperial and Royal Majesty and the Reorganized Reich Government of the Greater Germanic Reich of the German Nation are in full support of your proud nation's struggle against the unipolar world dominated by managerial elites of an imperialist bent, who wish to impose their tyranny on the rest of the world by force and deceit.

The German Reich stands with Cassadia on the matter of the former judge Gagireyeva, who has violated her duty to God, nation and history with her treasonous actions. We do not believe in the lying brood of vipers currently dominating world affairs who believe they have the right to judge other nations for their sins and pass down any sentence they see fit, especially if they are in the habit of inventing sins to attribute to other nations they desperately want to destroy for the mere crime of resisting their diktats and refusing to align with their horrid designs for humanity.

If needed be, the German Reich is willing to provide Cassadia with resources of a financial or technical nature that it would not be able to acquire without some difficulty given the current circumstances through discreet channels.

With German regards,

Hans-Günther Graf Schwerin von Krosigk,
Reichsminister des Auswärtigen

On behalf of His Majesty Wilhelm III von Hohenzollern,
Kaiser von Deutschland und König von Preußen
Führer des Großdeutsches Reiches
Führer der Nation
Führer aller Germanen


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Legislative Council, Minato, British Kawa

“Now that today’s work is out of the way” Prime Minister Itai said to the house, “we in the government have a series of announcements to make. As I am sure, you are all aware of the recent events in Palmyrion, where the agents of the slave state of Cassidia has illegally take action against dissidents against the Cassidian state who have sought refuge in Palmyrion. The Government has decided to voice its opposition to such a blatant breach of Palmyrionian sovereignity by Cassidia. Hence, we shall enact an Order in Council, under the authority of Her Majesty the Queen, to increase vigilance against foreign agents acting against dissidents currently seeking asylum in Bengal. We request the support of this council regarding this matter. And now, I would like to give the floor to the Right Honourable Leader of our coalition partner.”

“Thank you very much.” Said Cecil Lau, leader of the Social Democratic Party “First of all, I would like to thank the Right Honourable Prime Minister for standing up against slavery, and upholding our commitments to the Amstad Declaration, and for her government’s guarantee of security to asylum seekers in British Kawa. To show our opposition to the vile acts of Cassidia, we in the SDP would like to announce a bipartisan bill that will finally recognize LGBT relationships with the government and courts able to register civil unions once our proposed bill is passed. Many of the SDP constituents are a part of the LGBT community, and might think that we aren’t going too far by not outright legalising marriages. But me, and many others in our coalition believe that this is one step to the right path, rather than leaving the issue in a legal grey area as we have done since 1991.”

While most of the members showed their approval to the motion and the proposal with appropriate parliamentary conduct. The National Reorganisation League which seeked to separate Bengal from the mother realm of Britain, the Crown and leave and Commonwealth, and which was the public front of the military dictatorship that ran the country with sheer authoritarianism and brutality stayed put for a while until the applause died down.
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Postby Marquesan » Fri Jan 15, 2021 8:21 am

FAN.78 Class Submarine "Foudroyant"
SM-CGM Interregional Trade Route Patrol
South Sche'gori Sea, Krillin
620 Kilometers SSW of Krasnov RN Shipyards
Local Time: 1855 Hours

"Capitan, I have a large, organic marine contact, bearing one eight one at twenty thousand meters on our depth, sounds like a blue whale."

"Roger, sonar. Conn, come to starboard, two degrees. Let's steer well clear. No active pings please, Sonar."

Both responded in unison. "Oui, Capitan."

Capitan Colbert stood with his feet apart and his arms folded behind his back at the center of the submarine's bridge. Surrounding him, the walls were paneled with displays of every kind, from readouts showing the status of the gas-cooled reactor and pumpjet drive to the statuses of the torpedo rooms, the primary sonar readout showing the tracks of the ships on the surface it was the Foudroyant's job to escort, and the blue whale swimming gently along their track, who seemed to be headed for the warmer waters closer to Cassadia to feed. A tiny adjustment of the directional fins at the rear of the submarine saw it adjust its track just a hair. A few minutes later, the submarine passed harmlessly past the blue whale, traveling at 40 kilometers per hour, roughly twice the speed it was swimming at. The whale, startled, sang out, its high pitched song echoed throughout the submarine, and Colbert smiled, closing his eyes for a moment as he enjoyed the reverberating cry of the giant animal, roughly a third the size of the submarine, traveling at two hundred meters depth. On the surface, four large freighters towed four NBC.994-class battlecruisers destined for the Cassadian Royal Navy. The quiet World Ocean separating Gholgoth and far away Krillin had few threats, but the Marquesan government insisted that the fueled nuclear reactors aboard the unarmed and skeleton-crewed warships be guarded during transport, and so the Strix-class boats of 1220 Lance, an Eel's Bed squadron based in Gholgoth's Sea of Ashes had taken up the duty to see the mostly completed warships home to Krasnov for outfitting.

"These are quiet waters. I'm glad we got to hear that out here." Colbert said as he reached for his mug of red tea, taking a thoughtful sip. "I'm going to retire for the evening. Sergent Ricard, you have the bridge."

As Capitan Colbert began to move, the rest of the bridge crew stood, turned to face him and saluted. He returned the salute as he walked through the narrow door separating the bridge from the captain's quarters, closing the bulkhead door behind himself. Ricard moved from his former position at the conn to the Capitan's Station at the center of the bridge and Sergent Seignelay took his place in a perfectly fluid movement the crew had practiced a hundred times. Ricard reached for the microphone button, and depressed it gently. In front of him, a green light clicked on beneath his microphone, relaying his voice on the Public Address system across the ship. He leaned forward into the microphone, and spoke. "Nineteen Hundred Hours, Sergent Ricard has the bridge. Estimated distance to Krasnov, six hundred kilometers." He clicked the microphone button off, and stood straight. Glancing between the sonar screen and the reactor readout, he nodded softly to himself.

All quiet.
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Postby Qassadia » Fri Jan 15, 2021 4:44 pm

Royal Palace of Carthage

Empress Relena Von Peacekraft never allowed herself to forget who she was and who God was. She had been an Empress over a Kingdom for over a quarter of her life now and never forgot that either. In the Orthodox Church, there was a certain degree of what looked like penance, but it wasn’t. You did go with deep submissive repentance for some sacraments, and that one was the sacrament of confession. She had knelt earlier the morning of her Cabinet, dressed in all black from soles of her feet to her head before the good palace chaplain alongside a nun to confess her wickedness. “I was the one who signed off on the assassination of Adloprovna Gazgireyeva, whose flame of sin engulfed her children,” she said solemnly, “ The day before yesterday I agreed to an airstrike that is to use Soman chemical munitions on a mountain border village in New Carthage…that is to be carried out today.”

She had done many awful wicked things as Empress, and no doubt she would do many more until the Lord summons her before Him to answer for her earthly sins. Was there any difference between her and the endless legion of enemies that desired confusion and ruin for her reign? Oh yes, there was little save for her Christian moral virtue. She knew where her limits were and knew how to compensate for them. Many of those that opposed the Holy Kingdom, even before she was born, seemed to be living in a fantasy on how they'll bring about the ideology of the Rule by the Mob and have it be imposed as the highest authority in the land. Not aware that the Holy Kingdom was but a nation and a multitude of people that only respected the Iron Laws of the Fist and the Sword. Besides bringing about an apostate secular creed that would have the Church and its teachings be cast out of both state and society. Yet these people not like those often lost in their dreams, on the contrary, such men lived to die for their cause knowing very well their rebellions in a sense were vain and suicidal at best, for there were many people, men, self-appointed Kings and lords who raised the banner of rebellion, for which seditious treasonous crime they were hung, drawn and quartered.

Relena however admitted to that deep within her the jealousy she bore for their however passionate conviction and suicidal passion - she confessed this sin to her confessor too.

An air of thick silence set in the palace chapel. Not even a squeak of an utterance was heard until the voice of an elderly priest was heard behind the wooden wall that separated the penitent from the confessor. A voice to whom Relena had confessed to since she was but a bold little girl that had taken her first Communion.

"I absolve you of your sins, My Child. As such, I prescribe unto you the penitence of mortifying your flesh ten times.'' Was the voice behind the curtain. Relena accepted this with ever pious-meekness bowed head in submissiveness. Though what she could not wrap her head around why the chaplain was becoming colder and colder in his attitude and voice toward her.

No doubt, for my sins are great, the Empress believed. With that, she dusted off the garment off her skirt as she strode out of the palace's chapel, and into the opulently decorated corridors towards her usual Royal duties of statecraft that always required her attention.

West Off Drainorv
Undisclosed Location

A line of vehicles of great size moved through a gravel-paved path that cut through the snow-covered trees. In that convoy were regular vehicles as well, those being IVECO LMVs that rumbled forward in pace with the convoy, the blocky small towers of unmanned M2 weapon stations rotated to the side, through which optics gunner operators scanned the treeline thanks to RWS's intensifier and thermal optics. IVECOs were driving in lines, each on both of their respective flanks - with an additional security element of specialized infantry detachment from the GRB was attached for security efforts of this special task force to protect Cassadia's nuclear deterrent. Of course, one had to always consider the possibility that an infiltrator team would sneak past the security perimeters, thus were in an opportunity to lay waste on one of Cassadia's ''treasured sword''.

The convoy would drive for another kilometer before arriving at a spacious opening in between the forests. The support vehicles needed for the functioning of the launcher sped up as they broke off their formations as they came to a stop. Personnel disembarked from several trucks as they rushed across the flat meadow, their tasks pre-determined and memorized, setting up cables and guiding vehicles into positions close, yet far enough from the blast after which they installed snow camouflage netting over the vehicles.

Back at the boxy command post, towed by a MAN truck, technicians were hard at work as they activated the ICBM launcher's system. Now that they had completed their task, their commanding officer ordered for them to go through deployment protocols. This process by design did not take long, as the launch ramp quickly elevated to be pointing at the sky until it locked into a final position, having completed all necessary tasks at hand the technicians scurried away back to their vehicles, after which they withdrew at the edge of the tree line.

The command was transmitted, notifying all support and maintenance elements to clear away off the launch pad with the launch of the Minvtavar IV now imminent, as a countdown began to be read over the intercom. All were on edge, this was a nuclear weapon after all. Looking on with eager anticipation, they witnessed as the rocket was about to be fired off towards its intended destination - as the countdown more than indicated.





The Minvtavar missile shot off almost instantaneously with the rocket's thrusters leaving a trail of smoke in its wake, the awesome speed of the rocket rapidly gaining altitude was thanks to recent innovations made in rocket propulsion technology that allowed for Cassadia's ''treasured sword'' a greater reach. Furthermore, rumors circulated that its prestigious research military institutes were near a breakthrough in finally completing a hypersonic glide vehicle capable of delivering payloads anywhere in the world against which no current or near-future strategic air-defense systems had any countermeasures against.

Exclusion Zone
Point of Detonation

A thousand kilometers away, the armada that was the 2nd Fleet, had been ordered further back with orders to stop any potential traffic from entering the exclusion zone, and thankfully there were none. Back at the HMS Marriane, Rear Admiral Kolov glanced occasionally at his watch as he started on a single spot across on the horizon. He nor any of his men under his command needed to be worried about radiation; so long as they kept themselves inside the ship.

He was not the only one who was witnessing this eagerly expected event. Back at the palace of Carthage, the Empress of the Holy Kingdom stood behind her desk as she gazed at a large TV monitor linked to a blocky military laptop that broadcasted a live image of an ocean expanse. The camera in question was located on one of the decks of one of the ships from the 2nd Fleet.

Time passed as an announcement came in that notified all the personnel of the estimated time left until the ICBM reached over its target and detonated. This moment finally coming, at last, all were on the edge of their seats as they looked on with wonder witnessing a sliver of a neat line of light moving across the frame as it reached a point in the middle of the screen before engulfing itself in a blaze of flashing light. In a lightning instant, this spark became a blinding all-encompassing light as the explosion created an ear-piercing blast however far off it was observed until it rose over the horizon like a mushroom cloud. The aftermath effect of the blast that came afterward in the form of a blast wave shook the great grey vessels, even the aircraft carrier. Though thankfully none of the waves made a vessel to capsize over.

Back at the Palace, there was jubilation at this great triumph.
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Postby New Visayan Islands » Fri Jan 15, 2021 6:10 pm

Dr. George Andrew I. Larida, PhD (Chemistry)
Visayan Embassy to the Royal Palmyrian Commonwealth, 103 Royal Avenue, Aragon, District of Corazon, Palmyrion
January 13th, AD 2021
1521 PHT

"Alright, team: how do we approach this?" Larida spoke to the leader of a five-man cell that came with the last group of the Visayan Mission. The Embassy's Science Attaché was the VIA Chief of Station; the cell had come as part of the Visayan plan to lend further assistance to the Palmyrian investigation into the Gazgireyeva Bombing.
"I think the conclusion that Cassadia had a hand in the killing is obvious enough that I suspect any investigation is intended to determine the extent of Cassadia's influence," the leader said. "That the official denial was made with an explicit shot at Amistad signatories just drives the point home: all suspicion is on them, and they don't want those eyes poking around."
"I read the official denial," the lone analyst added. "The explicit naming of Amistad signatories as anti-international law is, quite frankly, laughable coming from a slaver state. Amistad, as everyone in this room knows, emphasizes how serious a breach of international law slavery is: the first principle in the declaration alone explicitly treats slavers as the hostes humani generis that they are."
"Very well, Jarvis," Larida said. "Now, how do we position you for assistance..." The discussion continued until a plan to position the cell where they can assist the Palmyrian investigation was made.

Martin A. Cajes, MS (Biology)
Visayan Confederation Assembly Hall
January 14th, AD 2021
0617 PHT

Martin had just arrived from his apartment not far from the Assembly Hall. The young man was an Assemblyman from the Province of Negros; he came in via motorcycle, his bodyguard following him, to the usual nods from security. It was early enough that he could either cross the street for takeout or have breakfast delivered to his desk with no noticeable difference; choosing the latter as he went straight to his desk, he wondered what the next item on the agenda would be.
As soon as he made it to his desk, he set up his laptop and accessed the House intranet. Security keys were entered as part of a protocol that emerged after an attempt to hack into the House of Assemblymen was stopped in 2014; knowing that he would have to surrender them the following day as the House adjourned meant that he had to make every moment count.
And he did; while eating the delivered food, Cajes drafted an email that, once sent, would influence the Assembly's decision on the issue of Cassadia.

TO: -All_Assemblymen-
FR: Martin Cajes (
RE: Cassadia

It is clear that this latest action by the slaver bastards of Cassadia is a declaration that it is willing to wage war against our friends in Palmyrion. That as Amistad signatories we are already at war with slaver states means there is no need for any formal declaration; we shall stand by Palmyrion today, even as the shadow of war looms over the horizon, just as we stood by her in the Galadon Campaign.

It has also come to the knowledge of this august body that Cassadia is testing an ICBM, presumably to send the massage that they are not to be messed with. Let us not mince words: this test is their idea of flexing their muscles, their way of telling anyone that would rather see them hang from the yardarm like the outlaws that they are that they're not going down quietly.

But that's it: just because they won't go down quietly doesn't meant they're not going down at all. They will go down, one way or the other. Totalitarianism can only sustain itself for so long before pressure from without and within combine to end it, and when that happens, it is up to us to embrace the emancipated and work with them to forge a new future, a future where no one group is denied a voice in society. Let us support every effort to see this bright future through.

Sincerely yours,
Martin Cajes, MS (Biology)
Assemblyman of the Sixth Seat for Negros (LP)
Joined the ranks of Moderation in the wee hours of the morning of September 19th, AD 2020.
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Postby TURTLESHROOM II » Sat Jan 16, 2021 11:31 am

{ OOC: In case you are wondering, this little dialog is intended to show the contrast of the TS royals to the Empress of Qassadia. }

The news of the Qassadian nuclear test mildly surprised the TurtleShroomers, but it wasn't that big of a deal. TS had two parts of the Nuclear Triad for a reason.

"I had no idea that Qassadia was a new-cue-ler state." Tsar Outtacountry mused to himself, while a young, human servant was finishing polishing his shell.

"Dude, everyone's a new-cue-ler state."

The servant spoke freely and without reservation to his Tsar, as was the expected custom in the Tsar's court, and in the administration of every TurtleShroomian ruler for the past four centuries, even before TS was a thing. Nonetheless, the servant realized his informality and blushed slightly.

"Uhh, sorry for the informality, Your Most Sober Majesty."

"No problem, Mister Ulyssess! Y'all are always free to speak to your servant, but your servant does ask that you mind your traditions."

An Emperor speaking to his servant on a first-name basis, honoring his titles, was part of the job. A Tsar was expected to be honorable and kind to his palace staff.

"Of course, my Tsar!"

Ulyssess, the servant in question, finished the waxing job. He held up a mirror to show the Tsar his handiwork.

"Mister Ulyssess, you are the best daggum shell polisher this side of the continent! Your servant looks beautiful! Your servant could never find a shell polisher like this back when he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs!"

"Thank you, Tsar Maven!"

Maven made a lipless smile and looked back at Ulyssess, clearly pleased. Everyone in the palace referred to their Tsars on a first-name basis. Decorum expected them to honor titles and manners of address, but even the white-tie dress code didn't hold back the compassion the Tsars were expected to have for their court.

"Mister Ulyssess, if your servant may ask a question? Y'all have long been your servant's friend and confidante, and you got your clearance no problem."

"Of course, my Tsar."

"What would you do in this position?"

"Me? Ain't it obvious?"

Both of them smiled at once.

"It's high time we reveal what we've been up to since the Tsaos came a-marching home."

They then spoke in unison.

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CM wrote:Have I reached peak enlightened centrism yet? I'm getting chills just thinking about taking an actual position.

Proctopeo wrote:anarcho-von habsburgism

The Selkie wrote:"Tengri's balls, [do] boys really never grow up?!"
Nuroblav wrote:On the contrary! Seize the means of ROBOT ARMS!
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With 2020 AD ending, TS continues 0 Wuhan Pneumonia cases streak -|- Imagination Animals abandons Cartoonite invasion, Crossoverian economy collapses, ending war -|- TurtleShroom continues uncovering new Civil War casualties

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Postby TURTLESHROOM II » Sat Jan 16, 2021 11:37 am

I wrote a cute little filler piece that was intended to contrast the Tsars' court with the Qassadian Empress' court. You can find it here.

Meanwhile, I have yet to receive a response to my initial post.
Jesus loves you and died for you!
CM wrote:Have I reached peak enlightened centrism yet? I'm getting chills just thinking about taking an actual position.

Proctopeo wrote:anarcho-von habsburgism

The Selkie wrote:"Tengri's balls, [do] boys really never grow up?!"
Nuroblav wrote:On the contrary! Seize the means of ROBOT ARMS!
News ticker (updated 12/3/2020 AD):

With 2020 AD ending, TS continues 0 Wuhan Pneumonia cases streak -|- Imagination Animals abandons Cartoonite invasion, Crossoverian economy collapses, ending war -|- TurtleShroom continues uncovering new Civil War casualties



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