The Continuing... [XENOX ONLY]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Postby Ko4land » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:36 am

Mister Ko4 was first to say the magnificent words of wisdom, he got on the podium of speeching speech and said:
-Hello and welcome to meet of all nations of xenoxian mastering place.
all clap hands of mighty ko4 say that.
-Mister Ko4 welcomes everyone and wants to trade, big trade will be made, with the nation of Skywing. Many potatoes and cabbages will be traded with Skywing in return for weapons and technology as well as a lot of meat. Second of ko4 trades will be with the nation of Icewraith Industries. They will recieve a lot of many trade big ships with fish. in return ko4land is wanting icewrathian foods.
Last of ko4 say is that Bai Marin will be go with those ships, they will also refuel near korderoko.
Thanks all for the attention !
- Mister Ko4 sat down and gave word to other people.

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Postby Gergania » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:13 pm

Queen Gergana XXX accepts the offer, the slavyan ships can stay for as long as they want. Under one condition-each day Great Slavyania must pay a staying fee of 15,596,194 gergans (that's like 10 million NS dollars).
All praise Queen Gergana XXX!!!

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Postby MADEKISTAN » Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:10 pm

The Annihilator
drawing provide chechilistan 'zawoe

Who Rupert? Was where what is Rupert the ANNIHILATOR? Not nobody known, any person breed of dog, eye white and persh sacred yellow. Eyes glow yellow under camo mask mascarade. Rupert is ordinary no, man. Approved by Kebapjic General and Minister Pendril men of nation. Double Triple Madurlak is himself the melon Murgav Tikwa Ti kowa make love air bubble burst balloon. The leader know this man, Murgav Tikva is friend his. Apico. Slavyaniya. Aspartanlox. Magic.

Ruper was born in condition form, diamond under pressure. Elite soldier the best of most of Madekistan he is been and create mutant strange weird thing virus. RUper was Rupert. He is train combat in sambo, MMA, boxing, jiu jitsu, karate, judo, systema and many more a lot practices. Ruper can lift 500lbs pure steel KRUPP NAGALOWENJE. Horse over head and his strenght no other match on earth. Can survive gunshots 20 and live alive, lift a horse under up over the head with no sweat break. Can eat badger poison and run naked on the cold at the freeze and survive with problem minimal, no problem. BAROLOPS

Rupert can drink 5 liters can glass of japanese buzuki no problem, no man. Powerful, best. Mutant best. Rupert kill 300 robot in carreer as test subject, best achievement ever made and create. Beaten in formal combat man of every culture, including chech, ko4, madyak, pylgrim negro, bush mexican, 6opar man, shtech, volfak, shtork, apchoch, shlyoster, bashkuli, potatomen, a Turk, Syrians, russians, slavs, skywings, and a Deepwater Jew. Can breath hold ten minutes of under water.

Rupert ability to run 20 miles unguide and no aid, only leg proportion propellent. Can feel pain no, no emotion. Only anger. Can see Rupert 3 miles with no lense.

Rupert know all answer and education formal of world, train by chech man the famous human Steven Seagall. Also from Chuck Norris and Dolf Luvendorf. Such is unescape kurwa BAROLOPS

Rupert eat every known animal species, drink blood and hunt polar bear in North. He fought pack of wolf and kill bison with self hand. Caucasian! Evaporate!

Rupert is integrate the IQ of 220, can use weapon of any nation arsenal with precise use, no stop is Rupert.

Rupert is formal guardian of the Double-Triple Trojno Dvojnij MADURLAMAN Madurlak. The leader is big plan have for the loyal dog that is RUPERT THE ANNIHILATOR.


Rupert sit with eye cold as tiger black womb raider. In night is rapist stare, can melt even metal to cold substance. Next to left is him with Double Triple the Madyak Madjakian Madekistanskowye, Madurlak, Him son the Maddy Maddy Prince ALFA Mado, guardians of him is Akhmail and Boniface. No easy, they best. Only best of most is Rupert The Annihilator.

Madurlakowsky enter car on stadium and clap 3 and in 5 times with hand, shimmy the head of the scrotums he wear, menacing ballsack belt.
-Hello one every here thats there, and welcome to meeting. Dvojno Trojnij MAduralkcho glad to be is here being a pleasure kurwewie, churlopstwo great. Prince Mado ensure peace between region and Luccis is okay, the giggle eleven of twelve girls nude. He is best son I have born. Why is the MADURLA MAN HERE?! laugh the funny testicle of the Madurlak.
-Is so not only reason, is do and so. We rebuild army, make strong. Navy is priority. Got donation nation already, have 300 ships (old and new adds the Madurlak pleasuring). This is escort in bad waters ships of trade to allies. We propose ally contract of no the other than the Slavyaniya and Skywing and Icewraith. The return of BOS is ensure secure and no bad thing happen to BOS. We send off them from coast to Icewraith. Joseph is good that? - smile the DVOJNO-DOUBLE TRIPLE DVOJNO TROJNI MADURLAKANSKI PREZIDENTTTT, MADURLAK!!!

Clap all in room laughing and happy, not know big nuclear is ensure. Prince Mado speak about peace and vegan, people in Madekistan protest. Rojal familija is do good job, parliament is no, claim the Mado beauty prince of Henry. Be it so, we is prove other. People will be have the good condition of life. Is number 2 priority after army. Thanks.

That is end of Madekistan post and speech, thank and all for great read.
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quickly rundown

Postby Chechilistan » Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:57 pm

'WHATS THE LIKE THE SITUATION KURWAS???" answer asks the Dolf Luvendorf...
Prashut answer call of phone,
-Sir, yes sir!
-What's happenigns! ask The Bashtata Unice, - Is you to capture the Joseph?!
Scratch head on Prashut, him is look at Kvadrut. Kvadrut spectate the hotel from high building top. "Enemy troop guards are the icerat man, we must abort."
Prashut nods.
"We must aborts! " him proclaim to radiostation on the Bashtata and Dolf and The Major Generallos.
-KURWA NO TURNING BACK PICKIE, you PICKIE! start is shout Zeplochka, him is anger, plan is ruin. But nooo...
"WE MUST ABORT OR START IS GLOBAL WARS!" tells on the station Prashut. Kvadrut nods.
Kvadurt is hold the binoclas with hand strong as mother birth him was given, 5 o clock shadow and night is the day. Him is spectate and report in thic voice:
"I see slav and the aspartan, icepeoples toos are theres. Skywimgn and other too, impossible. Aborts."

Prashut say this is to belove General Koplan Zeplchka.s ZEPLOCHKA SHOUT BUT CALM IS BY THE DOLF LUVENDORF
-Calm down kibritko, is fine all zaabwenish... No need to start wars yet hehehehe. Joseph is to live. For nows. So is say also the Mister Chcech. No worth risk is woar with the Slav and Aspartan and THE SKYWIGNS! Abort missiona.

"Roger is froger, end is call" end is call PRashut. Mission for Joseph abduct is aborted, canceled, endedt.

Night is blaze and cold is days, meeting continue. Had were the concer to Cheching Of A Dawn and the famed izbaplniten, izpalnitel the artist Mirko. Him sang very nice excellent song to leaders. All impres by range of singer. The nhave striptease show by hottest chech womanser, bes in WORLD. Eating, party, parade, tank, all. No fun is left in room, only fart from tasty te foods. CHEDCH BATTLE MEATBLASS MAIN COARSE ARE. The battle meatballs legendar, such estwestwo no seen anywhere. In time hard, they fbring the spirit of the soldaters up. Shtech major Prahutka is agree. Him is charge of security, everything go is as planned was been. ehehehe.

Here is also timetable:
Start: 8:30
Chech of a Dawn concert: 9:30
Singer Mirko: 11
DIners: 12:10
Small lightshow 12:30
Party Stripers 13:00
Ko4land Mister Ko4 Master first wisdom words speech
Madekistan leader Dvojno Trojnij Madurlamans speechs
Mister the Tzar King President Mister Chech 434 speecher
Bai Marin rap party buzludja, also has metal
Bai Marin speaks for war and peace and fish and other, speech
Joseph of Icewraths speech
The Orzhoy of Slavlands Smërt speeks
Goran SImeonob speach
Aspartanlox Mike Kekman speech
Golemiqt Yus magic tricks show
Ko4 kazachok dancing
Shtech showcase of combat sssystem
Rey Mysterio and Carl Johnson of shOpar speaks
Shinuck delegate speechs
Final closing speech is of the Oïshat president of Pruch

Closing ceremonials: Giga dancing bear, bashkuli and ko4 show + metal band play and fireworks, pyromancie and jet flyby (10:30 at nights)

Smile is the Mister Chech, is ready to give a speech, Synyster intention is behind all but is smile with mask of decept on. Behind him eager is await the brother cheches Mister Ko4es, the Big Yus and Bai Marin, along with General Zeplochka and Prince Maddy Mado Madurlakian.

"Hellos everyones!" start him epic call Mr. Chech 434 greatest cheches leader. "WE are gather here todays, chechishtas, cheches and chechilishtas, spermonian and of other clan and species, factions and etcetral. We arre gather with ko4 brother, pruch fighter new nation republic peoples, our brother the pruches too, the madyaks faithful aidful people brothers, the malakko4es, the bashkuls and other major ethnicites. But most is important, we is gather with friend of all nation superpowers. For diplomatic ties. Like Icewarth, Great Slabania, Skywing and many more fortunate. Me is ahappy. So is MR Ko4 brother, him is to bpee himself from happy. We not is only celebrate the Unital and coming christmas holiday, we is want to establish ties. WE, the Chech-Ko4ilistan. So is such the names of ko4-chech 434 union. Epic name, me knows" utter chech with beard on mouth and tear in eyes, mOther Ko4-434iza is spectate. So is Steven Segall, him is proud of the Mister Chech. Continue be chech Mister, "We want trade, we want ally. No more blood ehehehe, only trade. Such is the will of the chech nation and the ko4es. SO now is time for other to speaks, glad to be here hope you is having time fantastico. Bye good."

And is step off box who make him taller, step off podium too. Bends down to respect show and sit.

Out of caratcter: merry Late Christams alls. And new Happy new eyars. This is in past, event is 3 days last and end on 12th Decembers. (december 9 all arrive, december 10 all party, december 11 showcase and diplomatics, december 12theth is speeches and party of end of meeting. All is excellent).

After all is end posts about this meeting, we is continue in present time (it start from january 11th 2019), thanks.
Dova checha sa kravni na redin
-King President Mr Chech
Theres ones were this greating land called Chechilistan, these one lands of one prosperity and alot might
the land's of the chech, for its is sacred and soiled in cheching blood
home of many subchech speicies, magical place for the peoples,
the beauty of Chechilistans lying on the everywhere
Military, powerfull, now in warring
Times worrying, will strong
Chechilistan will overcome
Chechilistan will serve
Long life Chechilistan!

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Postby Icewraith Industries » Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:52 pm

After each speech Joseph would scribble notes down on a piece of paper, for him to brainstorm over. After thinking for a moment and then scribbling down some key topics, he walked up to the podium to give his speech.

"Ladies and gentleman, great leaders of great nations. Icewraith Industries and it's people would like to extend a hand of openness to the nations of the world; as well as the leaders at this event here today... We aim to be a role model to all nations everywhere, to show the world of the utopian standards that we have set for our own people.

To Mister Ko4, although we already have a booming fishing industry the gesture of trade is a welcome one. Perhaps we can strike up a different deal, such as Iceian food (and maybe weapons/technology) for natural resources from Ko4 (metals/gases/uranium. etc). We would also like to propose an Iceian/ko4 Neutrality treaty of: Free trade, non-aggression and an embassy (in the Technocracy).

In fact, let me offer that to every leader here on behalf of our Aufseher and our people.

Icewraith Industries offers free trade between nations, without tariffs or protectionist laws. We offer a neutrality, to legally restrict and avoid future conflict or war between our nations. We also offer a strengthening of diplomatic relations and potential of trade; through an ambassador to be housed in our nation's Technocracy.

In regards to the Black Operations Service... *his tone of voice becomes irritated* they are traitors to our nation, those people have betrayed the very qualities of the Iceian people and soured our reputation. We thank Madekistan for returning them so they may undergo rehabilitation. I would like to thank you all for listening my speech and hope that you consider the proposal that Icewraith Industries has offered your nation; benefiting us all *gesturing to all the world leaders*."

OOC: Also thank you Chech for not attempting to take away a character crucial to my lore. But please talk to me next time if you're considering doing something like that again, so we can decide how to RP it.
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Icewraith Industries
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Saskia and her Technocracy are dedicated to the Security and advancement of her country and people

Praise Saskia Aufseher


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