Army of Freedom Medals Ceremony

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Army of Freedom Medals Ceremony

Postby New Waldensia » Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:43 am

Later today (hopefully), the Army of Freedom will be holding an awards ceremony, decorating worthy veterans with various medals for their performance, bravery, service, survival and sacrifice during N-Day².

All are welcome to attend this event as we decorate those who are so deserving of our gratitude.

The following medals will be pinned:
    Medal of Honor (for valorous service and distinction)
    Radioactive Heart (100%-75% radiation)
    High Command Medal
    Defense Medal (for prominent shielders)
    Night Crew Medal
    Assault on PUWA
    WASP Attack Medal
    Anti-Communist Raids Medal (for nuking Communist factions)
    Syberian Barrage Survivor Medal
    Service Medal

Head of Intelligence of the
Federation of Conservative Nations

Previous FCN offices held: President, Secretary of Internal Affairs, Secretary of War, Secretary of Interior and Defense, WA Delegate and Interregional Diplomat
IC WA Diplomat Josiah Garrett
Author of GA #414 (Freedom to Seek Medical Care) and GA #456 (Freedom to Seek Medical Care II)

N-Day² Army of Freedom Medals:
High Command, Radioactive Heart, Defense, Service

Z-Day6 Army of Freedom Medals: Medal of Honor, High Command, Physician, Service

N-Day³ Army of Freedom Medals: Medal of Honor, Radioactive Heart, High Command, Heavy Hitter, Anti-Communist, Service

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