Second Best Test was First?

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Second Best Test was First?

Postby Evrigenis » Tue Sep 29, 2020 1:13 am

As one half of Second Best Test, I wrote about my subjective experience during NDay in this dispatch. But many of you may still be wondering how two players managed to make the top ten with only 25 puppets in the faction and have a special leaderboard in which we are first. I hope this will answer some of your questions.

Noahs Second Country and y0 collaboration
How much did you two plan in advance?
Zero plans were made for a true card farmer alliance, even though more than a couple jokes were made to that effect.

How did Noah and you coordinate?
Discord DMs. I am fairly certain we are the only top ten faction in NS history to have used this mode of communication (as opposed to superfactions pinging players in a server or being an individual with many puppets).

Isn't 9003 the other owner of Big Farma?
Yes, but I decided to join Noah impromptu on my own accord. 9003's involvement in SBT can be captured in full by the statement "222 nukes were sent our way."

What's with the number jokes?
As it's in Noah's Second Country's forum signature, 2 is jokingly trademarked by him. On Discord, forums, and various other NS-related sites, I go by borromeanWhyKnot or y0. I also own zero and my XKI puppet is M0bius Strip with a zero.

N Day Strategy
How did you pull off getting so many strikes?
Roughly 300 of my and Noah's puppets were distributed between six factions for the sole purpose of creating targets for nations in SBT to attack them. We each had an additional 400 puppets in the Augustin Alliance and An Alliance of Potatoes, respectively, that served as the sources for additional nukes/shields.

What was the labour division?
We had two basic roles: 0) moving puppets to the target faction (yNaught, 2222222, 0000000, 2 Haxx0rs, Never en0ugh 2 do, brrrrrrrrrrr) and shielding SBT and 1) targeting/nuking the puppet faction and keeping an eye out for when to switch. Alternation between these roles was mostly dictated by captchtas. Other tasks included talking to our respective factions and other players to keep it alive.

How were breaks managed?
A DM and a thumbs up emoji.

What was your tech setup?
Both Noah and I are card farmers, and we have a fairly standardized suite to manage puppet switching (Firefox containers + containerize). From there we diverged a little bit, with Noah using spreadsheets, and me using modified versions of Racoda's HTML generated site and Somyrion's keybinds. At one point or another, I tried out August's and drehtisch's puppet management systems and incorporated their ideas into what became my setup.

If Noah Second Country has anything to add to this, he is welcome, and if you want to ask more questions, we'll be happy to answer them.

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Postby Free Las Pinas » Tue Sep 29, 2020 1:19 am

Will you be making a comeback?
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Postby Noahs Second Country » Tue Sep 29, 2020 1:54 am

I just like how completely uncoordinated this effort was. I farmed ~5000 points earlier in N-day before receiving a random DM and then we worked together from there.

The general strategy was:

Stock up nukes/shields inside of a larger faction

Dump a ton of puppets in random factions

Move the initial puppets to nuke the other ones from Second Best Test

Move the puppets out of Second Best Test to avoid massive numbers of targets on our puppets.

It's very slow and not the most efficient but it's the only way to avoid the wrath of everyone else.

Free Las Pinas wrote:Will you be making a comeback?

I'd love to see this on a larger scale and done for a full N-day. Cards Cult next time??? ;)

At the same time, I was preoccupied doing things for PA so my time was split, and the megafaction experience was a more chaotic sort of fun. Depends on how I'm feeling next year, I guess.
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Postby Minoa » Tue Sep 29, 2020 10:16 am

I think that explains how puppets in N-Day got so much prominence this year. :p

Yes, I know they done it before, but I think it is the first time it has had some serious discussion.
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Postby Evrigenis » Tue Sep 29, 2020 8:33 pm

Free Las Pinas wrote:Will you be making a comeback?

If a "comeback" means Noah plus
Noahs Second Country wrote:a random DM
from me, probably not.

If "you" means a
Noahs Second Country wrote:Cards Cult next time??? ;)

I'd love to see that especially since, like Noah, I was doing things for the AA and the idea didn't occur to me until there were less than 9 hours left until the end of the event. Who knows what an organized card farmer faction could do for the full 24...
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